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1 first Logitech M185 Wireless Mouse USB for PC Windows, Mac and Linux, Grey with Ambidextrous Design Logitech M185 Wireless Mouse USB for PC Windows, Mac and Linux, Grey with Ambidextrous Design Logitech
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2 Logitech MK270 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo for Windows, 2.4 GHz Wireless, Compact Wireless Mouse, 8 Multimedia & Shortcut Keys, 2-Year Battery Life, PC/Laptop, QWERTY UK Layout - Black Logitech MK270 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo for Windows, 2.4 GHz Wireless, Compact Wireless Mouse, 8 Multimedia & Shortcut Keys, 2-Year Battery Life, PC/Laptop, QWERTY UK Layout - Black Logitech
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3 best AmazonBasics 3-Button USB Optical Mouse Black AmazonBasics 3-Button USB Optical Mouse Black AmazonBasics
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4 Logitech K120 Wired Business Keyboard for Windows or Linux, USB Plug-and-Play, Full-Size, Spill Resistant, Curved Space Bar, PC/Laptop, QWERTY UK Layout - Black Logitech K120 Wired Business Keyboard for Windows or Linux, USB Plug-and-Play, Full-Size, Spill Resistant, Curved Space Bar, PC/Laptop, QWERTY UK Layout - Black Logitech
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5 Wireless Mouse,【Slim & Noiseless】Patuoxun 2.4G USB PC Laptop Computer Cordless Mice with Nano Receiver,1600 DPI Mouse,Home&Office for Windows Mac Linux Vista Macbook - Super Energy Saving,Black Wireless Mouse,【Slim & Noiseless】Patuoxun 2.4G USB PC Laptop Computer Cordless Mice with Nano Receiver,1600 DPI Mouse,Home&Office for Windows Mac Linux Vista Macbook - Super Energy Saving,Black PATUOXUN
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6 [Updated Version] Wireless Mouse, Patuoxun 2.4G USB Wireless Mice PC Laptop Computer Cordless Mouse with 6 Buttons, 2400 DPI 5 Adjustment Levels for Windows Mac Linux - Super Energy Saving, Black [Updated Version] Wireless Mouse, Patuoxun 2.4G USB Wireless Mice PC Laptop Computer Cordless Mouse with 6 Buttons, 2400 DPI 5 Adjustment Levels for Windows Mac Linux - Super Energy Saving, Black PATUOXUN
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7 Logitech B100 Wired USB Mouse, 3-Buttons, Optical Tracking, Ambidextrous PC / Mac / Laptop - Black Logitech B100 Wired USB Mouse, 3-Buttons, Optical Tracking, Ambidextrous PC / Mac / Laptop - Black Logitech
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8 TECKNET Pro S2 High Performance Wired USB Mouse, 6 Buttons, upto 2000dpi TECKNET Pro S2 High Performance Wired USB Mouse, 6 Buttons, upto 2000dpi TECKNET
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9 Anker AK-UBA 2.4G Wireless Vertical Ergonomic Optical Mouse, 800 / 1200 /1600 DPI, 5 Buttons for Laptop, Desktop, PC, Macbook - Black Anker AK-UBA 2.4G Wireless Vertical Ergonomic Optical Mouse, 800 / 1200 /1600 DPI, 5 Buttons for Laptop, Desktop, PC, Macbook - Black Anker
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10 TECKNET L G101 Mouse Mat Gaming, 320 x 250 x 3 mm, Non-Slip Rubber Base, Compatible with Laser and Optical Mice TECKNET L G101 Mouse Mat Gaming, 320 x 250 x 3 mm, Non-Slip Rubber Base, Compatible with Laser and Optical Mice TECKNET
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Top Customer Reviews: Logitech M185 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 8 ratings
4 / 5 by Jacquelynn
Colour: RedStyle: M185 As I have purchased this partorisca leave me partorisca do whilst subject of travesas. Unfortunately unpacking and pulling was seal partorisca a battery an element has not done. I verified it everything, has substituted a battery but the a lot of avail. Big disappointment!!

In all the chance, like the element was relatively economic has directed partorisca survive with the mouse wired partorisca a period of my travesa. LIKE reason do not contact Amazon?? Well, I have been ordering enough the few things lately with Amazon and has has niggling subjects with the majority of them and the amazon have been utmost in resolution in the each one and each chance and for a sake of has decided to take this one in a chin.

UPDATES like this today, so only on two weeks I of orders an element, looked in a mouse and checked on-line another has had alike subjects. Had some video of YOUTUBE/YOUTUBE/YOUTUBE/YOUTUBE/YOUTUBE/YOUTUBE/YOUTUBE/YOUTUBE/YOUTUBE/YOUTUBE/YOUTUBE/YOUTUBE/YOUTUBE/YOUTUBE/YOUTUBE/YOUTUBE/YOUTUBE/YOUTUBE/YOUTUBE/YOUTUBE/YOUTUBE/YOUTUBE/YOUTUBE/YOUTUBE/YOUTUBE/YOUTUBE/YOUTUBE/YOUTUBE/YOUTUBE/YOUTUBE/YOUTUBE/YOUTUBE/YOUTUBE/YOUTUBE/YOUTUBE/YOUTUBE/YOUTUBE/YOUTUBE/YOUTUBE/YOUTUBE/YOUTUBE/YOUTUBE/YOUTUBE/YOUTUBE/YOUTUBE/YOUTUBE/YOUTUBE/YOUTUBE/YOUTUBE/YOUTUBE/YOUTUBE/YOUTUBE/YOUTUBE/YOUTUBE/YOUTUBE/YOUTUBE/YOUTUBE/YOUTUBE/YOUTUBE/YOUTUBE/YOUTUBE/YOUTUBE/YOUTUBE/YOUTUBE utmost and I mine dismantled quickly, has had the little fiddle around and there is remarked one of some clips of boss have had to come of his mountain. With which pressing this for ensures it has dipped a mouse joints retreated and he maintaining works!!!!! For I do not go to complain and happy has directed for the take to do
5 / 5 by Teena
Colour: RedStyle: M185 Can any gone bad with Logitech produced in my experience, and this wireless mouse is no different. I have had the little of these on some last 5 years, each forwards a when be substituted like the result of the mine own clumsiness! There is the reason maintains partorisca go back to these!

A time the ees has possessed Logitech wireless mice, the ees has does not have to that never substitute a battery, and ossia with heavy use , daily (sometimes 12 hours the day) and any when changing never was.

One of these has been maintained in my stock exchange of laptop and taken everywhere with me partorisca around 18 month. You have fallen, clashed, attacked, this in spite of shots like this do when new.

Has found always these partorisca be 'spent and game ' devices, installing they inside seconds of plugging in a receiver of USB dongle, without any entrance required of me.

A subject only has had with one was when he has been fallen to the hard paving of the big office. An impact was quite to break one of a plastic retainers for a wheel of roll. A bit those that small that takes a mouse averts and hot gluing a piece broken behind to plant, and all was a lot!

Has attacked some stars of an indication of durability thus product because of the subject small with a coverage of battery the ees has had with some last two mice. A coverage does not resemble 'click' to plant. He slides to situate like this normal, but he no the enclosed clip to the equal that have to that. I think that that this is due to a plastic 'the traffic sells of plastic like island a battery when packed, and then need be take previously to use of product. It is quite fat, and therefore possibly distorts a plastic of a coverage of battery over time.

With all this in alcohol, still would order another without hesitation as and when my current mouse fulfils it definite death in some hands of my heavy activities. Absolutely it loves that!
5 / 5 by Graciela
Colour: BlueStyle: M185 has an older version of this very same mouse (but the plastic ash any blue!). A new plus one there is much more acute moulding lines and lines your hand. Some sounds of the newest mice tinnier, a movement is not like this smooth and a click of key touches economic and tacky.

Has bought always Logitech Smiled reason am cost that extra of paid partorisca, but now am not like this sure.

Still, has worse mice there. Perhaps I will owe that buy my next mouse to the real tent and the try first of the buy.
5 / 5 by Klara
Colour: GreyStyle: it Smiles This fact like the mouse partorisca roughly 3 weeks, now some flies of cursor during my screen, jumping for a part to another. I have changed a battery 3 times, any transmission. This is not the setting, no the speed of adjustment of travesa, ossia hyperspace disappear of a location and only look in another, a mouse unusable, the half has to that buy another mouse, and east times no Logitech!
5 / 5 by Bess
Colour: GreyStyle: it Smiles there is has received so only my substitution partorisca a prime minister an I has bought last week. This is to be return (or will be partorisca grieve a courier arrives - now five days)- in all if a reason am returning a prime minister an east because when it is eswitched on' - tiny transmission in a base of a soyouse', a light does not light , for like this because of poor eyesight and any when being pas able to see clearly a 'on/was' key in a base, has not been if a mouse is in fact on or era. My woman uses the soyicrosoft' wireless smile in his portable and has had one same one for years without any question - so they are I doing something wrong - has to that light to aim on or was done like this a soyicrosoft' smiled. Otherwise, Was easy discharges he in, work immediately, and escome' well in a hand. You appreciate any one comment other users.
5 / 5 by Dortha
Colour: GreyStyle: you have smiled utilisations the mouse of computer like the mouse of computer, a lot you? But after the day has had to that disconnect the and work of an interior trackpad in mine 2018 Macbook Pro Mohave reason on day two, a mouse there is prendido to do usually, particularly a key of sinister click, and has maintained to send web pages of Safari to a cast to read in place of inaugural his, and very other rarities and irregularities occured. I have downloaded a Logitech software thus mouse but he have done any difference. For a time when properly I liked them really, but with of urgent work to do in this car, can not squander time on that. Deadling With his odd behaviour have cost almost the day of time. Harm. Any commentaries of you Logitech?
4 / 5 by Zachariah
Colour: RedStyle: M185 has had the M185 partorisca almost 4 years now and he always done really really well! His small, but no too small and a precision and that manages his really good. Work with just a battery that last 1 year and he is really comfortable to operate. I have had another mouses before, more expensive some, concealed in an end of a day will cause me a bit ache in my hand, and this a never he. Really ergonomic! Like this now, with which more than 4 years of use, 8 hours the day, a right tone of one smiles has begun having some subjects, that means that it still does well but need the hardest press to do. I guess some muck could be causes some questions . As I have ordered so only 2 more M185 is, one for me and one for my woman, and only law superbly! A a subject, is a number of form of serial down one smiles that it does not match a number of serial in a container!!?!? Ossia Very odd... Or touch the Logitech error in a line of production, or is the counterfeit has smiled...
5 / 5 by Liz
Colour: RedStyle: M185 has Bought this has changes like this wanted out of a black/ash M185 smiles that it is coming with my Logitech MK270 mouse and together wireless keyboard, for one with has bitten it by heart.

Unfortunately, included although a mouse is a same model likes one in a container has bought, does not connect with a receiver of USB.

After the bit of googling, results that it is the bit of the loner and is purely partorisca plugging to the laptop to save that it uses a tampon to follow.

Has read that it is compatible with a Logitech unifying auricular of USB but I cant confirmation that personally.

Is still the very small and handy mouse for only use with my laptop.

Gave it so only 4 stars because it is has bitten it scratchy has used in the office of forest without the foreigner of mouse. No the enormous question like my black/ash a fact one same but can be has bitten nettle.

Top Customer Reviews: Logitech MK270 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 by Heriberto
Way: the keyboard and The Smile has been forced partorisca take the new keyboard when my old one has given finally on a ghost with which some too many bits of seeds / of sesame of the toast / pistachio has fallen among some tones. It have had he for several years without questions, to a discharge there was the big shiny bit in a Spatial bar of use.
In that had it flawless action of Logitech keyboards, has ordered is one, which looks of a number of model to be a upgrade to the mine old a.
Well Is flipping brilliant. Lovely smooth action, good creation, and some gains upgrades like an on/was transmission in a cup of a coverage,and the indicator of Lock to Cover them the one who an old version has has not had. It can no hires too highly really. An economic of confidence wifi keyboard that begin up with minimum endeavour.
Am looking forward to a lot of happy years with my new warhorse now that of the old one has been dipped was the pasture... Can see it it is gone in a paddock, his Discharge Closes to blow in a wind.
Regarding a mouse, well that it can it says averts of a fact that the fact of an out of and continuous do and has to that well sure is the good and faithful mate to a keyboard.
4 / 5 by Socorro
Way: the keyboard and The Smile have stuck with Logitech after my excellent MX keyboard and the mouse have given finally on a ghost. A keyboard was a more has not had never, and has been disappointed partorisca find Logitech no longer has done the keyboard with a wheel of integrated roll in an accident the brilliant addition!

A MK270 is excellent value partorisca money, and one that unifies' the connection is brilliant: the small device that atasquemos to the port of USB, and calm was partorisca go. This in spite of, I the plot partorisca write, and has been disappointed the one who economic and plasticky a keyboard was when he has arrived. A mouse is one same: any would want to use every day.

In an end am returned a MK270 unused, and has been partorisca an expensive plus MK710 (sees separate description). A MK270 is perfect to love the mouse of basic/keyboard combo, and does not have big expectations. If calm the plot of work of keyboard, suggests that the pass bit it more partorisca the better experience.
4 / 5 by Kitty
Way: Keyboard and Smile A word key of container and estimativa well of mouse. It maintains your orderly office and wire free. A hard battery partorisca always -- I does not think has substituted the once in some last 6 months (although certainly ossia with relatively of light use.)

A mouse is light-hanged and feels the little flimsy, but is quite precise. A keyboard is the little noisy, but perfectly acceptable for the container in this row of price. Sleeve-up was the breeze- spent-in a Bluetooth adapter to the USB and this does instantly, included in a BIOS paper, without the engine has required.

An ideal way to finalise of the rigs of estimativa.

Has found this useful description, please click 'he' - thank you :-)
5 / 5 by Khalilah
Way: Keyboard and Smile very impressed with this together.

The keyboard feels very better that would have expected them. The tones have the abonos feels to them. Good measure, on and was transmissions on, tones of means comunicacionales on some tones of function. The value adds partorisca that cost. I have taken 77wpm on 10fastfingers which is one same like the take with my K95 with MX browns.

The mouse is decent. It feels the bit in a smaller measure the one who are them well with like this of has them the smallest delivery, and he the most compact fact in general, but people with to the main hands could not liking. It is also quite light, which again could be a lot or bad. You keep well.

Like this dipped on very easy. Plugged In a usb dongle and has done instantly, has thought them the d has to that his pair in bluetooth or something.

My main reason to buy is this to have for my TV like this can them use my PC my easy plus while no in my office. I have had the economic wireless keyboard with touchpad that the used but is the ache .

To good sure would recommend is looking for the cockroach of wireless box,
5 / 5 by Tamiko
Way: Keyboard and laws of Mouse well, any question like this far.
An only question is a dongle is like this small, easily can be misplaced when any plugged to the mine portable.
Usually any device - a laptop or a mouse has the groove or the compartment partorisca a dongle partorisca return in.
This has any one.
Is for this that have had to that take was some stars.

31 AUG 2018
Good.... Revising my feedback.
A whole plot there is prendido working.
A dongle does not recognise any one a mouse or keyboard more.
Been by means of endless rounds of troubleshooting, changing battery, downloading unifies software, that tries reconfiguring some two devices.... At all it acts. Tried changing portable also....
Is so only three pieces of junk now.
Any happy.
As taking other three stars.
A product has the REALLY short life.
4 / 5 by Myron
Way: Keyboard and Smile That can say it in these elements. If calm require them calm to buy them. It likes Logitech as they are of good quality without the hefty price. I disturbed Some mice of flat & keyboards in laptops. I have not taken the plot of patience partorisca all that on & down, side to movement of toe of the side & a trying in fact to 'click' to an element that has with the laptops so much prefer the mouse of pertinent & keyboard. Also any one a class of person the one who takes his laptop partorisca bed with them, any partorisca balance them on my knees. It likes him-me mine mice & of keyboards in the hard surface partorisca use these Logitech elements. Obviously it does not import using toes with my telephone or with my iPad. But when being the typist partorisca touch those who has learnt partorisca write in some antiquated chairs up & beg Underwood really do like the mouse of pertinent & keyboard.
4 / 5 by Micheline
Way: the keyboard and The Smile have required partorisca substitute my old Logitech keyboard as have spilt some juice on that. Like this never an element has been rid promptly. A nano the receiver is very small and in a lid of boxes like the first recoveries to launch a box was! First impressions were that both mice and the keyboard are very light, flimsy to some. It dips up it was sincere, he all has done immediately without a need to download engine or software.
A keyboard is well and, whilst no like this as well as my old a, all concealed I need. One smiles, this in spite of, has found noisy and difficult (I rests rid but concealed is not usually the question), some looks of cursor partorisca have the alcohol of the his own sometimes and control of precision I found partorisca be does not add , in fact have so only reverted to the mine old Logitech wireless mouse RX 650.
Guesses ossia the value partorisca money, estimativa combo and yes adapted an user will depend in that have the habit partorisca use.
4 / 5 by Larita
Way: the keyboard and The Smile have had Logitech keyboards in some pasts and found the partorisca be very of confidence. This keyboard is not of confidence at all, maintains partorisca fail to answer which is a lot nettling. It take the keyboard of substitution but there is a same question. I have tried plugging a receiver of USB to ports of different USB and has used also the boss of extension of the USB . I have downloaded an engine a late plus and software of Logitech but a question has persisted. Like this ossia a second keyboard with exactly a question still marvel me there is the bad batch or defect to draw with these keyboards. I am returned this mouse /of keyboard and plugged my old Logitech K260 keyboard behind in that well of law.
5 / 5 by Marylin
Way: the keyboard and The Smile have squandered the pair of hours before finding the Logitech dipped partorisca sustain to this effect and that finds that in fact it does in 1 USB2.0 Port my laptop has.
Has required the substitution partorisca my forward K270 combo, which was lasted well partorisca on 5 years and has had the USB partorisca Unify nano-auricular and has done very low Win7 Pro x64 USB3.0 put you.

A two keyboard and the hardware of mouse is different. A together forward so much has orange spear that unifies in a focus and a no. of together new
A product IDs is different also.

On the this, some of some tones of keyboard that comprises ALT is sticky the one who the causes lost keystrokes. It can run in, but it suspects a quality is lower.
Looks impossible to be sure desquels writes is buying, perhaps a version to unify is interrupted?
4 / 5 by Tracey
Way: Keyboard and Smile As you are looking for some peripherals... And more than likely overwhelmed for a phase fill of cockroaches and big frames chinese competitors. Well it looks no further ossia a estimativa better smiled of place/of wireless keyboard in a phase.

In the first place of Logitech has been around the time has begun, knows like this partorisca do the keyboards and certainly know thier the way around smiles he also. I have tried so many keyboards in this row of price and has been disappointed, but this looks partorisca redeem some faith and partorisca the low keyboard 20 I am very impressed to say a less.

the leaves that begins with a keyboard. Very light, has some his curve but the quality of global build looks quite well for a price. It has full numerical tampon to a legislation and some keys of handy control by means of a cup to consolation that has found it to do adds with windows 10 directly out of a box. After writing with this keyboard has to that say that I am very impressed, some tones have the bit of the click to them for the feedback and I have found writing very fast and attentive.

I has the big hands like this the mouse is the little in a small side for me but I found it still to be comfortable with a
claw hand-held place of the type, the connectivity was easy discharge , so only in a usb and both do both immediately. A quality of the build of this mouse looks decent but to good sure a lot something loves launch if your accidents of computers ! Some keys are a lot of responsive and clicky and a lot especially a sensor is very attentive in the tampon of mouse and lag has not been the question at all.

This compact, light and simple looking smile and neighbour of the keyboard is to good sure value a price and yes is in a lookout ossia something to good sure would recommend.

Top Customer Reviews: AmazonBasics ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 by Jerald
Measure: 1-PackPattern: So only Like the gamer, finally the pauses smile it perhaps the little faster that a normal user and like utilisation a PC the plot, more collected also. Thought, well, is the simple mouse , will not be special; they are personally state surprised like his contoured form and measure and that a lot of laws. It has done very partorisca daily use of a lot of hours, so only recently that develops the failure and concealed can be the heavy use been due to or he 9 year-old computer that is substituted And so only in the game with the paper of map any adapted for an old PC. This in spite of, have changed he for another am using but this has connected my Ready TV and another to this PC and any question. (Macizo clicking (gamers Will know that I bad) means has spent something was but is still usable. And to top it all was, am pleased like this with this mouse and reason have had to the few years so only and calm always would owe that have the still spare mouse rid, has bought another half dozen or more! Tried they all does and there is him boxed was the paralizacin when required. We cost me to us 5 or 6 and a price is trace the little of then, but would recommend him, they a work and is the pleasure to use, for the basic mouse, work. If you are the gamer and love the real gaming smiled, then this is not for you, but are the gamer and does not have any question lol. So much, an election is yours .

With which three years, any pause or the questions and I have another reservation but up to now, any one has required. I am surprised they has lasted like this well, included with some quantities of clicks owe that do in gaming, which can be punish on smiled of the computer and other frames am lasted so only the few years the time in better.

Has bought this in in July 2013 and is in September 2016 and when I took him
4 / 5 by Telma
Measure: 1-PackPattern: So only Bought like the present partorisca my partner of 84 years to to those who likes him the surf! After his mouse of leading computer has begun partorisca touch up has ordered quickly this mouse and has had pound partorisca direct his. His a lot of simple but one his a lot ergonomic form and in his words 'comfortable to use'. It likes a slightly touch/of of the hule of the silicone feels concealed gives some extra grip when into use and informs that it is responsive to his actions. Partorisca Go the esquiring the new laptop' to so only that need the new mouse this Basic Amazon the mouse is returned a brief again partorisca down five pounds!
4 / 5 by Vania
Measure: 1-PackPattern: Only Ergonomic and the health fails.
Hurts partorisca use it. It hurts All a time now.

Has developed ache of chronic wrist of this mouse - a question that is that it is so only too small to return in my hand like my hand has to that be resisted awkwardly poised partorisca use it, this has directed to the ache of chronic bad wrist. In mine old mouse my hand seats rested and in a right measure - in this one is cramped and uncomfortable - is entirely different.

has measured of mouse Corrected = your hand-held rests comfortably and chairs on some outlines of a mouse.
Bad Measured of mouse = your hand has to that 'poise' on one smiles - this heads to questions with an organism.

Goes partorisca give stars it so that it follows that it goes partorisca have to that discard one smiles/s and mark of compraventa new some of the most normal measure, and reason the one who knows those that weeks or months this ache goes partorisca last now. I think that that this mouse has been drawn partorisca be economic and abordable partorisca use minimum materials and in the smallest stairs that normal but unfortunately in so much doing has this fatal defect (unless calm perhaps the ones of the small hands)
4 / 5 by Britt
Measure: 1-PackPattern: I have been So only looking for the substitution directed partorisca my Microsoft now defunct Mouse of Optical Wheel partorisca some time. Tried a lot of mouse, some relatively expensive but any one has approached up to now.
This mouse, although a lot slightly in a small side ticks each one another box partorisca me.
His extremely light weight like this easy to quickly partorisca manoeuvre on some screens and does not cause any tension / of toe of the wrist.
Laws well in my office of forest.
His attentive and does not jump or flicker in a screen.
His sper calm without annoyingly noises of strong click.
All the keys that comprises a need of minimum wheel (and I bad minimum) pressure to click. There is grieve any control anything. If using smiled he all day 7 days for week then this really is the must has characteristic.
A wheel of roll is easy to use and again does not have any control.
I use AutoCAD and need to fast of entrance and with accuracy, quickly darting in a screen and choosing a smile on himself required partorisca move place on office. This light and attentive mouse is absolutely perfect for my needs.
His hips an economic plus of all some mice have purchased.

Has taken clashes was feet like this plastics are fallen off with which 1.5 years
5 / 5 by Shakia
Measure: 1-PackPattern: So only Taken I this partorisca Navidad last year, after my old mouse 'died' (any, does not have the cat, lol). I have used the mouse with my laptop/s partorisca years, and he maintaining would find it difficult and disturb it partorisca use a touchpad, which in my experience often fails after any too long in all the chance.
This a this value adds , and act a lot of traight out of a box' - no fiddling roughly or the technology knows-to the equal that has required. I access my hand a lot comfortably.
Thank you 'Amazon Basics', am happy to recommend.
5 / 5 by Clint
Measure: 1-PackPattern: So only It Bite dubious roughly buying an electrical element like this economic, this in spite of, in the arrival feels sturdy , in fact ive paid more partorisca plasticy feeling some previously !
Like this far like this well, he his , sound the mouse of USB directed, as any wireless, but ossia the one who there are them wanted.
Laws to treat it and well of the money ... Shopping again !!
4 / 5 by Shelley
Measure: 1-PackPattern: Only Mine in existent wire fence Logitech has smiled, which have had partorisca the pair of years, still works but a connection of USB and boss where connects there is taking bit it free likes one smiles sometimes goes is gone in a half of me doing something unless I wedge something under a connection of USB for the create on top of the bit and then goes back on again. Still, ossia the hassle and has decided to buy the substitution (and maintain a Logitech a pleasure the essirve') and has ordered the wireless Tecknet a. BIG DECEPTION! Cela Looked and felt WELL but has not done at all, any subject that the times have tried to do do! So much, I then decided for the turn and take the repayment issued but has looked for smiles it decent wire fence on here concealed has not been overpriced and on-fiddly but that only fact and has done a basics well. I have decided to order this Amazon Basics one which, of some mainly positive critics, looked to return a bill and that they could go wrong with the mouse wired quite sincere? He not doing AT ALL is that it can go wrong! I have taken he out of his basics box, all has excited that read well, plugged he in and .. AT ALL. There is remarked that a connection of USB was a lot of I slightly free in a point of USB in mine portable so that it move around a lot slightly when I touched it and tried king-the inserting. Still, at all spent in spite of diverse test. So much, for behind the east has gone also and the repayment has been issued. THIS In spite of, have-liked me one feels and creation of this mouse so much that has ordered the substitution, while that a fact - and does. Hooray! I love it!! It is amiably sized, quite slender, has the lovely soft touch with the silky smooth feel and do a lot of smoothly. It is a subject absolute also. They are like this happy with him!
4 / 5 by Nisha
Measure: 1-PackPattern: So only it has 2 laptops it. But, a tampon of mouse there is prendido to the law is one , an old plus, but my preferred. All I need was is one. But it is rendered useless for a mousepad not doing . After spending hours, trying mine CV and upload it on another lappy, has decided to try and see if the separate mouse would do my old faithful work again. Ordered the evening of Saturday, and arrive time of lunch of the Monday. And now Old Faithful works the sleep. Just need partorisca take to a habit partorisca use one smiles again!
Some smiled is simple, basic and economic, but feels comfortable into use. I have been using he partorisca rest a lappy in an arm of a chair, and of the smiles in lap of mine, which is so only comfortable partorisca me. Works equally well in a chair.
4 / 5 by Rosalee
Measure: 1-PackPattern: So only he not having give this computer mouses can fail after the pair of years was a computer , any one smiles so it has read other commentaries that considers partorisca take Happy has done and the one who do not comment never has read .....Marcos full partorisca dip me this little beauty, very pleased with him 't knows and are not the Gamer but taking used will see but interior a moment, are the Happy Bunny !!
5 / 5 by Bao
Measure: 1-PackPattern: So only This looks the mouse of confidence very done, but the meeting is the bit in a small side partorisca my hand (perhaps too down?). It have preferred the slightly main a. Of here so only 4 stars.
In that said the one who, thinks it probably would be perfect partorisca any with the smallest hands.
I keys and the wheel are positive and responsive; that follows is very attentive in matt of mouse and in shiny desk. It does not know in gaming because they are not the gamer.
Has connected to the mine Windows 10 PC of House without interruption in place of an old Logitech mouse.
Advantage along good.
So only bit it smaller that earth.

Top Customer Reviews: Logitech K120 Wired ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 by
Way: Keyboard Ossia the lovely keyboard adds without all some bells and whistles. I have required the keyboard of substitution partorisca the member of personnel in our office the one who is the writer and writes the PLOT each day.

This keyboard was a compraventa perfect partorisca this requirement. It is not too strong, as it does not disturb of the mates those who are seating near. Although calm would be likely to pay bit it more partorisca the keyboard that was calmer calm required the partorisca be.

Is light and has the good to feel in some tones. Whilst Is light the closing feels perfectly durable and has any subject with being writing on partorisca 9 hours the day.

A boss is long enough to wire around a monitor and down a backside of an office to a computer. Some other economic keyboards have the boss I really cut that he his useless fact for the majority of office setups. This keyboard was perfect in this department.

Logitech Me Proud once again and there is rid the sturdy keyboard that does a work, in the price adds.
4 / 5 by
Way: the keyboard has bought recently the build done partorisca commission gaming PC and has required the keyboard partorisca use it. I have not been fussed roughly having of the 'bells and whistle' of gaming keyboards with some lights. So many, these works of keyboard perfectly so that I require it to do. Excellent partorisca general use, is leaves of ergonomic creation partorisca easy-to-use without causing stress in some joints after prolonged use. The price adds, produced of the quality adds.
5 / 5 by
Way: the keyboard has Spent this keyboard partorisca business reasons and when I have taken expect it would take that it has spent it says that it is the Or.K. Keyboard but when I in the first place unboxed the could not help but look that some tones are in Japanese and also a spatial bar is not one same likes picture so that it is partorisca say dud advertising and has to warn you the types do not buy the keyboard of this company is announced falsely and is not one same like that is to describe eats
4 / 5 by
Way: Keyboard This is not the elegant keyboard, and has no multimedia tones, but is also less than the held. You can take similarly it price keyboards with additional keys, but if I do not want to him the use is extra so only clutters.

An organism is quite solid to seat walk in the office or table, and some feet of paralizacin of hule he in slippery. Some tones have the decent to feel and probably that takes called 'positive action'. Some keyboards in this price celery really economic, but ossia very enough to direct the satisfaction more than 'because buy the economic keyboard?'.

Would say to love the no-frills keyboard, does not spend more than east.
5 / 5 by
Way: the keyboard has bought this partorisca substitute the K120 keyboard that was the pair of the old years. Still doing well, but taking the little grotty. A keyboard of substitution, although a number of same model (K120) has the entirely different feels. Some tones have the very hard end of travesa and feel 'clacky'.

Does not like Me in of absolute.

Logitech Changes a creation or manufacture of his keyboards, at least would owe that change a number of model. I will be partorisca buy another keyboard (and needless partorisca say, is not the Logitech).
5 / 5 by
Way: the keyboard had expected Logitec would do the decent keyboard. Has has used keyboards and smile before done by them and always be impressed but in of the look of recent years partorisca be doing more partorisca a phase of estimativa that you cant expect compare to the element of price but now these models of estimativa is no longer really presupposed and so only any value of the money. This keyboard that comprises the nave cost the whopping partorisca the very produced fact cheaply. A keyboard was that annoying partorisca use, some tones noisey and worse of all has taken little indication that any tone had registered your keystroke unless there is depressed a key fully like this in no way has been of any use partorisca write. The cant commentary on durability as it is them returned a same day to the equal that was rid but expects it to them will do until calm breaks it the pieces against to wall or something. HORRIBLE PRODUCT. Pure JUNK. To to Rubbishes likes them thins would not owe that take by means of a QA of process. It remembers it conceal ! Guaranteeed of total Quality. Now his all cheep tacky craps to be imported ossia so only not returning for use. AVERT THIS KEYBOARD To all the cost. I'ts like this bad I follows to go back to the keyboard of Microsoft economic with the Sinister hand-held Turn Tom sticky ! A Logitec is THAT BAD !
4 / 5 by
Way: the keyboard there is wanted like this keyboard but will be to return he - again.
In the first place one am returned why a spatial bar was slightly free and wobbly.
This in spite of this question was present in a substitution how is so only the general of bad creation - a same question is present in one Enters key.

A substitution there has been a worse same question that some of some tones in a sinister side of a keyboard rattled when you used them. Other tones to a legislation were a lot.

Is paying slightly more for a Logitech the name but that takes any better quality.
Thinks Logitech need to dip order his creation and control of quality, likes keyboard of the most economic confidence now am writing on is better that a K120.
4 / 5 by
Way: the keyboard has purchased a Logitech Keyboard K120 partorisca Business partorisca use with my computer of main tower after the resemblance Logitech the keyboard has suffered harm when emotional house. It does not use he partorisca business but has used this mark partorisca wired produced partorisca some time and has treated always well. This keyboard has the creation of Realm Joined rule in the plastic black casing. Some tones are easy to use, although it does not have a seat rounded soft good likes some in mine portable or in an old Logitech keyboard - no sure because it has opted partorisca a creation of flange more right! As with the newest keyboards, has the usb returning partorisca connect to a computer - I expected partorisca one with an old round that returns like this still prefer them the clogging on my limited usb space, but means it can be used with any hardware with the regulate usb space.

This is not one the majority of comfortable keyboard has used, but is light, access partorisca purpose and would have to that last awhile.
5 / 5 by
Way: the keyboard am spent the little while it tries to find the decent economic keyboard partorisca substitute my broken one, and has solved is. Partorisca The little in 7, am very impressed for a quality! A tactile feedback is excellent, a sound is a lot well, and in general a keyboard is the piece adds . Construction of solid feeling, and the very good measure. I have it that there is remarked in fact that it is quell'has bitten easier that write that my leading keyboard that it was entirely flat, like an integrated keyboard in the laptop. My speed partorisca write has has augmented certainly the little bit, but concealed has not been that have aimed paralizaciones! In general, so only very happy with this keyboard.
4 / 5 by
Way: to to the Keyboard likes more than the users today do not have any a lot of needs partorisca the usually use the pill or my telephone. This in spite of has some works where the desk is useful. When My wireless logitech the keyboard has died has opted partorisca substitute he with the corded Logitech K120. I any one need any how elegant or basic keyboard is everything requires. This returns one is GOOD but at all elegant. If has a complaint is that be any 'played in a quite dead seat and of forest. No the question for me like this the majority of my desk the writing is work but yes calm the plot to write in home look for something more.

Top Customer Reviews: Wireless ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 by Shella
Colour: Black This mouse is excellent value partorisca money. It feels a lot well in a hand, almost like this as well as my apple magic mouse. I have bought this for my again purchased notebook as they are not enthusiastic in tampons of clue. A mouse has connected immediately with a comprised dongle which returns neatly inside a mouse when any required. It is powered for 2 x AAA battery. I have had much more expensive mice in some pasts and this mouse is up there with one the majority of expensive some in qualities and action. To good sure recommend this mouse.
5 / 5 by Rima
Colour: Black Bought this after reading the descriptions and I can say has not been disappointed.

A mouse is far upper of one some does years with the ball down.

Ossia Lustrous with the soft feels, an extra added of not listening that clicking all a time is fantastic.
A function added is able of the turn was when not using like this calm does not rub some batteries out of

Any subject with connecting to a laptop, once an USB has been inserted connected it almost instantly.

Has this to use with my laptop and access amiably in a stock exchange of laptop.
4 / 5 by Celia
Colour: Black Very happy with this - looks the mouse that could have you has paid 35+ paralizaciones .. I have had an old plus but alike mouse that it was plasticky and bit it rough.. These some looks slick.. The clicks and the roller celery dampened and good quality - the scrolling is less jerky .. They are happy bought it.. They are an user of Apple the one who has been also forced partorisca use the PC by means of work .. As anything can use with a PC that the frames seats less like the PC are adds with me.. And these helps of mice! ... Shopping without hesitation.... Utilisation with both a PC & Mac book, any question. Once it likes-I use it to me something I worry roughly leaving to somewhere etc have bought like this the second like the transmission. ( It has substituted so only a two AAA battery in 10 months of daily use like any question there)
4 / 5 by Eva
Colour: Black Starts a box on Mint of Linux 19 without configuring or the pairing covers necessary , so only in and work. Quality of build Really well with the black surface kills smooth. The keys clican, so only very quietly, as you take tactile feedback. The wheel feels well with just a right quantity of control among lines of roll. The key down goes of the roll gives three levels of points/of sensibilities for thumb, without that has to that go to any settings on PC. It slips it adds in matt of mouse of the cloth or office of forest and looks equally home in both in of the terms of responsiveness. Any mark or writing in the, to the to the equal that likes, is so only of him stylish black of wireless mouse that the good looks and good works. Good value for money, has seen looked for three times so much. Recommended.
4 / 5 by Tamar
Colour: Black Like this far like this well, everything is perfect. Calm, smooth, responsive. An odd thing is is using 2 AAA battery.
Is quite slender, eats.. No for people those who require smiles it the fattest, obviously.
Now this thing spends a test of time will maintain some 5 stars that estimativa. If no.. Boing!
4 / 5 by Hyo
Colour: Black This mouse is brilliant so only . I have bought 2, both doing in prjimo proximity among laptop and PC without interference among them. If any used for while it changes was to conserve life of battery. A bit key of push on ameno of the smiles behind the life. A bit usb dongle connects a mouse to a computer. Simple. Any installation of software has required.
4 / 5 by Catheryn
Colour: Black is been the long time (a very long time) has used of the wireless / wireless mouse, but was obviously carred' for the poor experience (life and answered poor of short battery). This little gem a lot so only quashes any worries of a past, but is probably a smile has used better (as far!)

Like this, has taken partorisca look for the mouse of substitution, like the transmission to the mine setup has meant that in common bosses (and hiding bosses) so only has not been the practical option. Also it likes to have liberty of abundance of movement, without any worries of the bosses that takes taken / snagged; like an obvious response was partorisca look in the wireless / wireless option pertinent.

Now, before I have taken one submerges in the 'all some bells and whistle' option (knowing of then can steps some serious money on configuration 'gaming' devices), has done so only the skim by means of better descriptions. Yes, I have been then paste with the wave of doubt (scepticism?) When I have seen a price (to the equal that can something this economic alive until a work?) Well, it Has arrived, dipped that on (without fuss at all) and really are that it thinks that that desire would move to this mouse the fact of long time.

Setup Is very simple. It covers only calm in a Bluetooth dongle yours car ( is neatly tucked inside a compartment of battery of a mouse, has to use this for travesa). You have burst the pair of 'EA' battery to a mouse (apresamiento remarks that his both oriented a same way, with matching terminals in a same end). You flick a transmission (on/was), he look and, well, there was at all has required more do...

The movement of mouse is aforado of mine in existent setup, as I have had at all to change. Some actions of the key and the wheel of roll is also something on.

Is the movement the light plus , the good plus (the lowest profile) form, comfortable and well, the joy to use. Yes, I am pleased enough with him.

A esatin' the arrival chooses on toe-printed, but like this far has died easy to dry / clean (calm will not find any recommendations roughly eating eaten in the computer in some instructions).

The value adds, very done and felizmente will take another.
4 / 5 by Taisha
Colour: the black has loved that. I have it quell'has used always the wireless mouse (and has had to that use a tampon to be still in a computer) but with which 6 years of faithful use, gives way a fine day. I have ordered this one and he have come a next day. I love it even more that my forward a. Like this silent and ergonomic. And a way of sleep is fantastic - took the day to take used to clicking a mouse to wake it on, but love an idea of not squandering can of battery while it is not into use. Excellent value for money. Strongly recommended.
4 / 5 by Sunday
Colour: Black I likes concealed is very thin, has small hands, is simple and enough. Good quality for the low price. Sometimes I owe that click two times, but perhaps is mine the fault of old computer. I looove that a clikc the key any any one touch, likes I not annoying of the people around me with a click of click of constant click. It connects like this like this incredibly easy with my laptop, as they are sper happy with cost of mine. And it is incredible light weight .
5 / 5 by Charmain
Colour: Economic Black, small, but no like this small regarding the that annoying partorisca resist, responsive and comfortable to use with my laptop. It does not locate terribly well with tampons of clue, find them annoying and tiresome; this little mouse is the perfect solution . A lot handy that a receiver is stored in a compartment of battery. Good company partorisca treat, has sent partorisca follow it on topmast partorisca verify all was a lot of and in that adapt me that all his products spend a 18guarantee of month. That more can want to? It was happy to use them again.

Top Customer Reviews: [Updated Version] ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 by Enedina
Colour: Red I had been that looks for the decent quality wireless mouse partorisca the while which would be compatible with my MacBook Pro and has found this inventive product on Amazon. I owe that say that this mouse is magic and is the sleep partorisca use! It was sper easy to dip up and work wonderfully well with my MacBook Pro. Ergonomically Speaking, a mouse is fantastic, very built and merit of the upper frames like his like this comfortable to use and feels appreciated in your hand as I move it around. Also a handy little CPI the key is the brilliant addition to the equal that can change a scrolling and speed of navigation simply for the touch of the key the one who the calm lights so that it press it how is well! So only a last what, a characteristic to save of the can is another excellent appearance of this mouse to the equal that saves power of the battery and one smile immediately goes back to the calm working life once moves sweats any be into use partorisca the period of time. In general I am loving this magic mouse and I am wanted to that has chosen this character an and for a calm price can not go wrong people. Appearance my helps of description! It acclaims all the world!
5 / 5 by Elfreda
Colour: the churn Adds Black and works perfectly! It is a second wireless mouse has had of this mark. Infact An only reason has spent the 2nd smiled is why thought that it had lost my prime minister an and ossia the few old years ! Initially I smile wireless purchased partorisca my cup of lap likes the tampon of mouse has maintained partorisca freeze and this looked partorisca have the swipe on effect with and the screen that freezings and buffering..... Of those use this mouse is my computer does more smoothly. Very easy to use. More bluetooth to usb port, 1 EA battery in mouse and turn on. Elected on immediately.
4 / 5 by Keneth
This has been some smiles that it could he, any subject a surface, has included the t shirt, law. Life of low excellent battery normal daily use. It goes of good scrolling and now. Less than the year and suddenly the function of scrolling has gone barmy, partorisca do invernadero a wheel but of the works when you press wheel partorisca open some fines function of roll of the direction then begins partorisca do with a wheel again but like the wheels exited you behind up that has has moved so only partorisca down!!! Still although has has not experienced never this before have in the air changed different around the roll has done. In desperation opened it on ( has used partorisca build trackball systems ) like all know that powder bunnies is attracted to mouse. It has had no fluffies around a wheel of roll or some sensors and all solder the points were full like an only conclusion can come to this that one of a sensor focused that read a movement of a wheel is resulted faulty which is not very partorisca fall the year of use!
A sad and frustrating final to that quell'was one of a mouse of the function/of price has better possessed worse timing partorisca my christmas ready..

This mouse is in a side a small plus, period 10 cm and 7 cm in is wider, like this with the smallest hands find it more comfortable that use. A right side of a mouse has his light texture while an accident is smooth. Still although I am very there is rid uses a mouse with my left to the equal that finds that I am using my little finger in a front/has retreated the keys or I have to that twist my hand partorisca use another toe.
When I have dipped a battery in me has thought no so that it has not been the averages blinded for some concentrated optic but atleast in east a there is no the visible light but one smile still does well.
A DPI key of lights of adjustment when you move a mouse, if the calm movement slightly flashes 3 times have thought a flashes was a visual indication of a DPI setting but with which experimenting is so only that . Some instructions are extremely basic and any information comprised and useful roughly dipping a DPI, partorisca this I has had to that go back to an information of product on Amazon, in an of some pictures of product say you roughly dipping it on a CPI ??.
Press a key to dip a DPI a key will flash to indicate the one who that dips a mouse is in
800 flashes is once--1200 flashes is two times--1600 flashes is three times--2000 flashes is four times--2400 flashes is five times.
4 / 5 by Mavis
Colour: Black has taken the new laptop and has wanted to smile it wireless to substitute my very old wired a (a Logitech has spent in 2001!) And ossia very better. It is smaller that has thought that that it is a lot of reason a picture has done looks enormous, but returns neatly in your palmera and of the movements easily. I so only uses for gaming, especially reasons have required a wheel of roll for zooming in the pair of the games and ossia faultless. It is ordered that some propiciado by USB to some subordinated of then absolutely would lose without this characteristic.

Laws of bondadosos of far was also when an USB is plugged in too much, which have discovered when my little brother took it and messed around without me knowing, sending my cursor haywire! Very happy has not opted for any of some expensive options could find, ossia absolutely perfect and there is any need to spend more in my opinion
4 / 5 by Sherika
Colour: Black has used this partorisca the year with the house of laptop. It is the decent mouse , responsive attentive and easy to use. A global quality of his arrival is really good. Some tampons in those slips could be bit it better.
Has has purchased so only the second a for the laptop of work of my woman.
4 / 5 by Verlie
Colour: Black Works perfectly. This is to use in the recorder security more than the computer, in a last is possible to upload engine and software of the management yes is necessary while in my chance has to that emulate the mouse of USB rule without any assistance of additional software and he that!

Also in my application a recorder security is in a house loft and a mouse is in a living room, some works of mice perfectly in this distance that quantity to roughly 7m, with a step of wireless signal by means of two plasterboard ceilings and the paving of forest!

In this price can any gone bad!
5 / 5 by Shantel
Colour: Black My wireless mouse suddenly died after the years of use. You are an USB sender that overheated. I have sent partorisca this device like the stop-empty until it can find something better but I any precise to buy anything more, reason he all I need.
I plugged in an USB sender, which is tiny, has inserted a EA the battery and he have on shot instantly.
Is quite small but access in my hand amiably. It can be to small for those with big hands.

Thus curious, work with Windows 10.

Thoroughly Recommended.
4 / 5 by Woodrow
Colour: Black Likes another has informed, a wheel of roll is erratic and sometimes sends an opposite signal; meaning you can be move for down the page and all of the sudden some jumps of page on partorisca any reason. Moving partorisca down also sometimes jumps the page or like this partorisca any reason. You do not recommend .
5 / 5 by Verdie
Colour: Black Of those substitutes my old desks with laptop an only real question has had is frustration of prolonged use for a touchpad. It has dyspraxia, like the coordinamento of old hand-held eye is a bit... erratic In time. With east is no longer the question and can use a laptop partorisca while master without subject.

Some accesses of mice comfortably in my hand, and the difference of a touchpad is not too responsive to my movements. It is not sluggish or inaccurate neither, like this ossia at all critiques it, but like any the one who has on grown used partorisca use the mouse, answers exactly as it have to that and a cursor does not go the flight was screen in a slightest twitch of my toe, which a touchpad has the tendency partorisca do.

I suspect a receiver of wireless USB that the plugged to an end of laptop is likely to go that it loses in somepoint unless you are careful, of then is a) small and b) unassuming looking like this sure mark partorisca store he in a spatial feigned in a mouse when calm is not quell'using.
5 / 5 by Lynne
Colour: Black I recently put on the computer down partorisca my familiar to use during a day if his never required partorisca use it, partorisca this I has had already the wireless keyboard but my mouse has been broken.

- HAS the very easy system partorisca discover the one who dpi the setting is on by means of a quantity of flashes a light concentrated gives was, ossia extremely useful like the plot of a time loses a legislation dpi setting and can do not finding again
- Works really well partorisca maintain your hand in an easy place without the appeal
- A connection has had with a computer that was on 3 metres was perfect, without taking and facts like being smiled edge
- A mouse is really easy to move in of the surfaces and feels natural

- I always try and list the little gilipollas in my descriptions but this so only could direct come up with one, this would be that a battery so only takes 1 EA, are still partorisca he partorisca run was but assumes would not compare in life of battery to the mouse with 2 battery

Finally was although I have decided to take the economic mouse partorisca the provisional solution am very impressed with some results and will be partorisca maintain the. A price and a quality of a product this something validates each penny

Top Customer Reviews: Logitech B100 Wired ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 19 ratings
4 / 5 by Adeline
Way: it Smiles B100Pattern: Only Durable, Of confidence.

Which more is there partorisca say in this product? Well, thank you partorisca ask, will say you.

Partorisca Date this mouse has survived a lot of abuse, each alone death in Counterstrike to a AWPER on Powder II is superseded for an usual ritual partorisca launch my mouse by means of a room in the anger blind and there is still partorisca shatter once, leaving me partorisca repeat a crushing cycle partorisca be killed by the Russian boy that touches in the coal powered toaster again and again, if so only my Ego was like this durable like this mouse my life would be less unfulfilled and devoid of any moments partorisca redeem.
5 / 5 by Jonell
Way: it Smiles B100Pattern: I have required so only the mouse of PC partorisca substitute another concealed had begun behaving strangely. It finds my wireless some only work partorisca the day or two in rechargeable batteries, probably because they are low voltage that no-rechargeables, and that it has to change like this he often volume quite annoying. I have chosen this Logitech smiled for his boss along and reason a period of boss has been declared in a description. (Reason a lot they ALL gives this detail of entity?). This mouse was in the price of subject and have a lot of be happy with him for a month is been into use.
5 / 5 by Leonarda
Way: it Smiles B100Pattern: I have bought so only two smile in the times still the GustanI wasn&39;t sure which would be more own partorisca me. Some mice have bought was this 'Logitech B100 Optical USB Ambidextrous Mouse' and a Microsoft Has Basic Optical smile - Black (Business Packaging). Here it is that I fact of them when that gives him the test:

Physically both mice are after identical in measure. This in spite of, a Logitech in fact feels smaller in a hand - I thinks this feeling is caused reason a Logitech has pronounce it 'hump' as it splits of his creation, and that only looks partorisca do seat smaller. Also a Logitech has smiled doesn&39;t has sculpted sides, while one smiles of Microsoft done. In general a mouse of chairs of Microsoft much more comfortably in a hand. In these respects have preferred a mouse of Microsoft, so only chairs that bit it better.

Period of boss: Logitech &61; 69-70 Microsoft of thumbs &61; 71-72 thumbs. Difficult to do a period of exact boss because of a kinks in some bosses. In any case a period of the boss for both mice is quite pertinent.

Connectors: Logitech Is USB and any PS/2 adapter has distributed. Microsoft Is USB but comes with an adapter for use with PS/2 sockets. Microsoft A winner here.

Keys of mice: Logitech is silent when clicking some keys. Microsoft Gives the soft but audible click, to the to the equal that likes. Logitech Has smiled doesn&39;t really resupply tactile feedback when some keys of mice are clicked, a smile of Microsoft , thinks because of a positive clicking action. Like this on it balances far prefer a mouse of Microsoft partorisca east.

Visits of Wheel of the mouse and Roll: Logitech has had the a lot clear ratchet action, to the to the equal that likes. Microsoft has had also the ratchet but he wasn&39;t like this clearly defined like Logitech has smiled. Like this on balance thus prefer a Logitech has smiled.

Click of Wheel of the mouse and Roll: 'Click and Roll' is able to click down a wheel of mouse and, once ossia fact , the web page can be scrolled for emotional some smiled (ladies&39;t has to that turn a wheel). It goes of Microsoft is clickable and gives audible and tactile feedback well that this is to be do. Logitech The wheel is also clickable but, as some keys of mice, has no audible and tactile feedback real. Like this here a mouse of Microsoft is a winner .

Accuracy to Follow: Logitech didn&39;t follows particularly well in a shiny surface (short of office) I use. Mostly it keep well so only occasionally touch that follows looked to go of the bit, that heads to the small quantity of confusion and frustration. ( I tried it on the different surface - black - and follow perfectly.) It smiles of Microsoft has followed a lot very at all times in a shiny surface I usually use. Like the clear better action of a mouse of Microsoft.

Tampons of mice: (A bit tampons that slide in a surface a mouse is used on.) Logitech Four tampons circulate small that has looked could spend a lot quickly. Tampons of Microsoft much bigger and bit it fatter - has looked would last longer that a Logitech tampons. Microsoft The clear winner in this bookmark.

So much, in general, has thought a mouse of Microsoft a clear winner that to the left my preferences for as the functions of mice. He&39;s the basic mouse but he extracted a lot - pleased with him. (A Logitech the mouse is now in storage for use of emergency when some starts of mice of the Microsoft to fail, that soul no for the few years this in spite of.)

Expects these helps. :0)
4 / 5 by Ara
Way: it Smiles B100Pattern: So only it has the resemblance looking Logitech has smiled that do fault takes 10 years more.
Then a wheel of centre there is prendido partorisca do. As I have bought a B100 partorisca substitute.
Ossia The value partorisca produced of money, which will try, am sure partorisca be the one of confidence and long durable mouse.
Also have the wireless mouse but prefer a type wired. When Using the desk PC. Reason spend the battery to an equation.
5 / 5 by Ileen
Way: it Smiles B100Pattern: I have maintained so only take interference with my Bluetooth Logitech K380 keyboard and Bluetooth smiled combo, as I have bought this like an interim fijamente.

A mouse is basic, with just some two normal keys, and a clickable goes of roll, and a cord is good and long (in the metre).

In general am happy with this mouse. It does like this said, and at all more.

Covers it and the game has done utmost with Windows 10, and work with Raspbian in my Raspberry Pi (like appearances).
5 / 5 by Ming
Way: it Smiles B100Pattern: Alone Congratulations to the east,to good sure,smiles it better there is never has used : has quotes new life to my elderly Dell Inspiron, now 8 years this in spite of in strong disposal,thanks to new SSD and RECENT WORD.
Recommends to all the one who still prefers a control has improved resupplied by the mouse of good quality.
Seats pleasantly under a hand and for a price can not be faulted.
5 / 5 by Chet
Way: it Smiles B100Pattern: I have bought So only this mouse two times now. A prime minister a lasted partorisca years.

I amour like comfortable and this light and simple.
Seat adds in a hand. A look of simplistic black creation adds and matches my laptop well.

Is a perfect weight . It is the price adds and the quality adds.
A lot of some expensive mice that has possessed in a past has failed after the year and has not been value of the money. This hard type partorisca always and preforms like this as well as the 40 mouse...
5 / 5 by Catrice
Way: it Smiles B100Pattern: so only it was in need partorisca the mouse of simple USB (partorisca use of general computer - I does not want to speak for users to be able to or gamers) like plumped for east a, to a large extent swung to exist bookmarks/marcadors and descriptions already in this place. Really sincere, simple piece of hardware but does not feel economic or that lacking of in quality for such the price of subject. If they never are in needs of another mouse then would not doubt to order another of these.
4 / 5 by Susanna
Way: it Smiles B100Pattern: So only My mouse preferred, fences in any one.

Has been using these partorisca aeons and will continue to use his while they are has done. Eye partorisca break a boss where enters a casing each pair of the years but a consistently low price means the substitution is not a subject.

Rueda of pause of precise roll in before a ratchet achieves a right level of clickiness.
4 / 5 by Brunilda
Way: it Smiles B100Pattern: So only I AMUR The LOGIC of PRODUCT
4 / 5 by Joana
The disorder roughly dipping on PCs and Portable and sometimes when I am doing with utility among a BIOS and Windows I smile of cable of need because there, has any support of USB. Ossia Where this mouse comes to the his own. Recommended
4 / 5 by Tyrell
Produces Excellent, easy the setup, comfortable in a hand and smooth to use. The keys of click are a lot positive the done for easy working.
5 / 5 by Marline
Like a last an I has bought the work adds for the few months have then headed gone bad. Any one creates because but will not be taking this type again.
4 / 5 by Bula
Any really wants to dip the people was that those come from this mouse, but mine squeaked, yes really do. It was it returned but has had an error and did not head to. They are sure some costruttrici would have treated my turn responsibly yes has had. The law well averts of that.
4 / 5 by Chantelle
A wheel of the roll is not like this responsive like appearances of Logitech and frankly the little wonky but a rest of some works of good mouse and partorisca £ has to that cut the those pocolos slack on manufacture.

Would not buy such the basic product next time.
5 / 5 by Elfriede
Has had the Logitech smiled for years and was very happy with him there is like this opted for one same when an old one there is prendido to do, there is not very a lot one can say in the mouse but is doing well. This in spite of, would like to mention that this mouse is smaller that a Logitech the use has smiled to do so has the calm big hand then will find this too small mouse.
5 / 5 by Lucretia
An excellent Mouse for a PC, easy to use, ambidextrously likes described, quite sturdy, the good longitude-ish boss of roughly 5 feet covers it to your computer, possibly bit it also yearn the laptop, or, tabletop device, but, chooses consistently, is economic, merry and any question.
5 / 5 by Madonna
This element has substituted the expensive plus mini-mouse with retractable boss that is lasted so only the few months. Trying, if more the evidence is required these days , this money, an abstract concept, much more of things - or the people come to this...
On with a description of product. One and the main half time that of the substitutes of element, my partner could not locate with this Logitec the device that complains that some legislations and the sinister clicks were too many sensitive. Now it has my búnquer subject of industrial optical @mouse nuclear rule in black of @@subject of the government.
For me he a work really well, feels well in a hand to a point where for the majority of a time is presence is invisible. A smaller defect so only of subjective view is a wheel to follow or wheel of thumb, what rotary-umee-bob, anything loves it call, felt the little imprecise. But again, any complaint on functionality. Happy of the recommend!
5 / 5 by Donn
One wheel of the roll in this mouse is quell'has bitten rigid and does not turn that well, but for a prize ossia smiles it quite decent .
He that is supposition to do and is easy to install - discharges you so only he in and installs some engine automatically.

Top Customer Reviews: TECKNET Pro S2 High ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 by Christie
Colour: Grey I has received this little gem today and can like this far say that I am very pleased.

A mouse is the little smaller that has expected, but still access comfortably in my big hand. Among the a lot of packaged, any-boxes of atrocities with the together simple of instructions and registration to guarantee info (which took 5 mins to follow) - a lot of and easy. Any engine has been required to install this; he so only works.

Some smiled has figure that has not seen amply elsewhere, like the DPI transmission partorisca slow cursor and fast movements. I have tried this when gaming and does the charm. There is also advance and rear keys in a side that am sure I will enjoy to use when exploring a grandson the little more.

Rests partorisca line my boss to the equal that to reason these costs less than 10. I have purchased the rival mice in some have spent that almost it is cost 3 times like this more but has felt to to 10 times likes less than comfortable.

A lot on you Tecknet!
5 / 5 by Joseph
Colour: Grey I has bought TeckNet has produced in some pasts and found the to any so only be built well, but represent the value adds partorisca money. A TeckNet Pro S2 is any exception. TeckNet Pro S2 Mouse of the big action of USB Wired, 6 Keys, upto 2000dpi comes the bubble wrapped and securely packaged in the simple brown, frustration free box together with basic instructions partorisca take you up and that career. In reality it calms simply it covers this to the yours usb port and all the just works. Some controls are explained clearly in a manual. One smiles is comfortable to resist and is quite light. If it has had any downside at all to a mouse was a weight , but when apresamientos count it all more, and a price, is hard to complain. There are two keys in a legislation lateralmente hand-held of a mouse that is inside comfortable achieve of your thumb. Clicking These will move to send and behind among web pages when you are exploring, which is the really useful shortcut to have in your yolks. On a mouse is the wheel of regular roll that has the soft touch that the so much comfortable fact and grippy to use. For behind a wheel of roll is the key that change a sensibility of a mouse. It looks to have two settings, but tend to use it on a less sensitive of a two for general every day uses. Some works of mice admirably a lot on quite any type of surface, or launcher by heart in him. An inferior line is, if you are after the main basic legislation usb mouse, will find it hard to beat a TeckNet Pro S2 for characteristic and for prices.
4 / 5 by Katherina
Colour: Grey This mouse is probably one the majority of comfortable has used; and I have very used can the-say you!

A hand of course chairs in a mouse with a thumb and the little finger that chairs comfortably in a moulded recesses lateralmente. A recess of thumb has the no-the arrivals to slip concealed resupplies the positive control of a mouse. A result is an user not requiring to grip a mouse but more drives to a point of use.

An indication and the middle fingers require any conscious navigation when a hand is situated on to a mouse. Again, of course they seat on some functional keys. A small movement to a legislation for an indication of toe finds a wheel of roll, an action duquel is smooth but still offering the measured' movement among detents.

Pressing down in a wheel of roll actuates a car-characteristic of scrolling, a speed duquel is determined by a distance an indicator is moved vertically out of one on-image of screen of an on/down arrows.

So much a little finger and the chair of thumb comfortably in a moulded recesses in some sides of a mouse. A recess of thumb has the no-the arrivals to slip concealed resupplies confidence and definite control of a mouse when navigating anywhere around a screen. Also inside a recess of thumb is two keys that leaves an user cruise it behind to leading screens, particularly when using a browser of internet. This saves clicking in a backside and arrows of before in some upper left of a screen. This characteristic is not the enormous thing for me personally but am sure was considered the lovely characteristic to that at length cruised an internet.

Has to that admit that a transmission on a wheel of the roll is not the showstopper for me there is like this failed for the take to do anything. Apparently it leaves an user to change a DPI of 100 to 200. I am not sure the one who this half! Forgive my ignorance.

All-in-all this is the product adds of TECKNET' and in a price below has paid, am impressed extremely with his creation and functional value.
5 / 5 by Tennie
Colour: Grey Partorisca 7 ossia the good comfy little smiles that you act a lot of (the legislations rid for a way!), Any subject that use he in the Mac or in my links of Steam and pocola what of boxes of television of Android. Game and discharges so only.

Feels solid, click of good keys and a actuation the force required partorisca he to click is quite normal.

Mouse very small global and quite happy with him!
5 / 5 by Malorie
Colour: Grey band Petit with the very ensured mouse in the bouble plastic stock exchange!

A box contains manual of user.
A smile there is roughly boss long (which is spare).
A mouse has 6 keys:
) has Left key of click
) key of Right click
) wheel of Roll
) DPI key of transmission (A DPI, or points for thumb, transmission in the mouse of your computer enable you partorisca regulate the sensibility of a mouse to the indicator the fast or more slow plus speed)
) key of Before
) Backward key

Of the smiles on once connected is ready partorisca go,any installation of engine has required.

Also a time of response of a mouse(when it moves) is instant in a screen, does not have any delay among a movement of a cursor and a movement of calm delivery!

Returns perfectly to a palmera and in both sides has material of hule partorisca good grip.
A creation of a mouse is perfect!
Totally recommends it!TeckNet Pro S2 Mouse of the big action of USB Wired, 6 Keys, upto 2000dpi
4 / 5 by Doyle
Colour: Grey I has bought this TeckNet has smiled wired partorisca substitute one smiles old that is spending was. I have bought this mouse based in some characteristic and descriptions, unfortunately prompt complained partorisca buy the. A mouse was far too small and light partorisca me, as it likes to feel a mouse whilst are by train partorisca the use. It seats it likes me that has not had never the smile under my hand, as it can not take used his. I have found some two keys in a sinister side have maintained to line against my thumb like the place of these keys was bad, more does not have any need for these extra keys. A main question is one smiles has maintained to freeze and no , included although it was cable of smile in mine Windows 7 computer. There is not any software as it was simply covers-and-game, like the mouse would owe that it reads, but maintain to do for the pocolos second then prendiendo. Because of a be of mouse faulty, am returned he for the repayment and has bought the best and slightly smile more expensive that the different company. Alot Business look to be doing his smaller mice but with more and more keys. Partorisca To to the some people like to of them, loves it smile the elder with less than keys, and one which is not faulty.
4 / 5 by Shaunte
Colour: Grey To my eyes, at least, some images in a show partorisca list that this mouse has the eskirt' partorisca rest one this thumb on and also an another side partorisca rest one east 'pinky' toe, partorisca the take tugging in a foreigner of mouse. In fact, this is not really a chance like the skirts do not stick was so as pointed in some images of product - in fact, hardly at all. For it is returned so much like this thumb and pinky the rests were a concrete reason bought it.

Also, a mouse is smaller that has expected, more as the mouse of laptop, although some dimensions are aimed in a listing so that it does not have any defence in that a!

In that said that all concealed, partorisca some brief times have tried some smiles was a lot. A click feels and the noises are compatible, a wheel of roll feels correctly and is looking for the smallish, the value adds cable of smile then looks no further!

Can not comprise reason there is not more smiled with thumb and pinky rests of toe... I go partorisca try the vertical mouse afterwards!
4 / 5 by Mindy
Colour: Grey PROS:
Lustrous creation
Instant setup (any annoying engine partorisca install)
Behind and keys of before in a side (partorisca consolation)
Wire fence (because they are not the big defender of wireless peripherals and that often have subjects)
Adjustable DPI using an opportunely situated key under a wheel of mouse
period of boss of USB Well, any subject with being used in the big office

A tad small for big hands, but this is not the big question and I have regulated inside a day

Ossia the solid mouse , is five stars was the pocola main in my hand but in general does well, has not had any subjects with him in of the terms of the latency or the stuttering and I to good sure spent of TeckNet in a future.
5 / 5 by Codi
Colour: Grey (Please note Teknet refunded my compraventa instead partorisca my description)
was a lot pleasantly has surprised that my mouse has arrived so only four days with which have ordered there is like this thought would come from Cina! It is Chinese fact and a lot plainly packaged, this in spite of is very packed and comes complete with manual and guaranteeed - the guarantee of two document of years (any 18 month for Amazon), again the pleasant surprise regarding a price I suspect the common of the people simply would buy another / when it goes.
Am running Windows 10 and so only plugged he in ... Any question and work exactly to the equal that has described. I have used he partorisca general web surfing as well as entrance of database and propagation-sheeting to the equal that was ideal partorisca office and use of general house.
Is sensitive and all a work of keys to the equal that has required. L has used the foreigner of mouse and aim found the best to use a mouse directs in a surface of my office - has small tampons in a fund of a mouse that has taken in a foreigner, like better fact without. A grip is comfortable to do with in my hand of measure of the half and a wheel and keys of characteristic of course return where calm require them. The NOTE is drawn partorisca right-handers! I have read another roughly has measured commentaries - I thinks that is partorisca say abundance quite big for laptop or desk use.
A 56 thumb (142cm) the boss was abundance long enough for my desk pc but the value that control for suitability before it buys - I could not see this has listed on Amazon.
In general this looks the very a lot of product drawn and fact, and an appeal to a buyer has to that be in some characteristics have compared to other offerings another more expensive. Ossia The subject smiles it wire fence and am enjoying the using. I am impressed to see that Teknet also do the wireless version for almost a price although it has preferred.
4 / 5 by Lavonia
Colour: Grey Quite comfortable in a hand, this economic mouse are adds like the mouse of backup or to stick in your stock exchange of portable this in spite of feels the little plastic and economic especially where some keys and the boss am concerned. The days use it was comfortable and attentive whilst a wheel of roll resupplies some minimum feedback among turns. A capacity to change a DPI in an upper key is the good characteristic this in spite of when increase DPI in of the games was hard to find a better setting - neither no quite sensitive or too sensitive - this in spite of like this the mouse is not pitched like this when being the gaming has smiled, is DPI the settings are even more that pertinent for tasks of regular computing. For those with half the big hands, can find a main organism of one smiles is not quite long quite (the does not have the massive hands but my toes looked the little too far on some flanges of some keys) whilst some keys lateralmente in an inner thumb although quite big does not feel in enough a right place. It is the good mouse but personally given an election probably would opt for a Wireless Mouse, TeckNet Classical which is similarly priced and has the much more comfortable seat his (if ossia, having the boss is not the factor to decide for calm) -

Top Customer Reviews: Anker AK-UBA 2.4G ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 by Armandina
Measure: Wireless has Begun having my hand and the wrist that takes sore with which he , As it spends enormous quantity of my time in the computer or another (work or video games personal projects) is the big fear , I swapped my mouse of work with this reason the where spends the majority of my time (8 and half hours) and has not had an ache in my wrist of then.

The people in an office say feels odd but does not remark anymore (had the the year now) and took so only the few moments (as) partorisca take used his, was the pair of days before there is prendido swipe he on that moves my hand around. Works so only like the normal mouse but your hand is turn to the majority of natural place. It thinks roughly it dip your hands am gone in front of calm with you elbows for your side, which the way rids that partorisca be? Now think of as resist the normal mouse.

A 3 dpi the setting are partorisca add and match an economic gaming mouses, there is gamed once in the when it take was a lot of a lot of subject. But you big to gaming clave with your gaming smiled partorisca gaming and this partorisca other things that that does.
The life of battery is orders I taking the pair of the months that use he 8 and of the half hours 5 day the week. There is an on/was transmissions in the May honradamente does not use it never, can down after the little min of any use and calm so only require to click any key partorisca the take that goes again.
So only encase any one asks does the something down he partorisca a Bluetooth when any into use.

The has not begun to aim even ware the year later. I love this thing and would buy it again in the heart has beaten.
5 / 5 by Mckenzie
Measure: Wireless Unfortunately with which almost 4 month of use I so only can not locate with this mouse. It is the shame because it returns my hand perfectly ( is a first ergonomic mouse had tried). A rear key was in a something perfect and has had the good easy touch. But some the main questions have looked for to be related to a wireless connectivity. From time to time an indicator would stutter by means of a desk. In fact a movement of the indicator has not felt never entirely smooth, he doing hard to be precise. Not to impose you the one who DPI has had plant to or that speed of mouse I near in of the Windows. So only it does not seat right.

A mouse is far too light. I do not comprise a tendency with doing smiled like light like possible - surely with some hold these leaves to control more final? I also found that that owes click a mouse for the take to wake on begun to result annoying - there is not any indication is awake or slept until tests and the use.

The one of then had been substituted with the Microsoft Sculpt Smiled Ergonomic, which has to prjimo-perfect quantity of control.
4 / 5 by Candie
Measure: Wireless can not recommend this enough, is the transmission of life for people those who do in a computer all day, and does not say that slightly. For ever lame questions of wrist, buying supports and all this jazz. With which take this , no the piece more question of wrist. I use it every day and seat like him that has not been using my wrists at all. Calm would not think never so only having your vertical wrists would do such the difference, but does.

A thing - would recommend also taking an of a squishy tampons of support of the wrist, otherwise your bones of wrist will be to rest in an office, which is not ideal. I am not a lot expensive and a two complete each one which as another perfectly. So only taking an of these tampons of the aspic really no at all.

For some people those who find this hard plus to take used to that I ( has taken his immediately), will require to defy your ideas roughly like the mouse would owe that be. It requires more concentration to find it and dip your hand around the, but then, the hand-held navigation is the averages a point of ergonomic drawing. Take an extra second or like this to imagine out of that is doing, cost the. It seats to like it was easy to move he - press he softly with an open hand and slips, any need the grip last at all. One of some main questions with trad the mice is that crash to an unnatural claw dipped to maintain your grip on him.

Will say that it has preferred it the battery of L ines. AAA? Really? This day and age...? I have bought rechargeable AAAs, although it conceal is not necessary - some old batteries more economic that Poundland is lasted ages in this mouse.
5 / 5 by Song
Measure: Wireless I so only can not express the one who thankful I are that any one has invented these and also that this one sells partorisca such an excellent price. I have done always around computer and has not had never any subjects with my wrists at all. I have then begun the new work that was 100 work of the computer and all have changed.
Partorisca me Also does overtime so many could be do 10-12 days of now in the computer. My wrist has begun partorisca feel 'feeble' and could anything of grip very a lot of - as my steering wheel. Always it seats better in a start of a next day as I have not thought a lot he. Then it takes partorisca feel better and has had constantly the toneless, numbing feeling in my hand and wrist. Starts the overcompensate with my sinister hand, bad affects my daily life.
Like I googled and discovered in a vertical mouse. Fast look on Amazon and this one is coming up like the link sponsored, but because of a low price and the excellent descriptions bought it. Delivery of next day, the Sunday also.

Has been using this for the month now but honradamente can say felt a very first day of difference. It takes the pocolos small to take used when resisting but now is according to character . First to try this I has been stressed extremely that tries to do although an ache. Has has had to that a point where cried in a thought of the house of the walk would owe that leave the work there is wanted to because it lose to feel in my hand.

Would advise that it buy one of these to all the cost of has subject of wrist - reason attended until you are in ache. All can say is for a price that have taken to lose?
5 / 5 by Taren
Measure: Wireless A smile is not appropriate partorisca question of wrist. Some main keys ('sinister' & 'right') requires considerable perhaps as it directs also of more than question in a thumb. In another hand some extra keys (main and backward) is near a thumb, which direct the a lot of press accidentelle on him. My endeavour partorisca avert that it press him direct of more than endeavour in my thumb and wrist. In general -of a start partorisca use this mouse has developed more ache in my wrist and thumb (the ache was a reason partorisca buy he).
Is not partorisca clear the mine in those base leaves partorisca say that a mouse is 'ergonomic'. It is not .

UPDATE: that Follows my low evaluation Anker sent another mouse (partorisca free) in those some subjects have mentioned on is solved and is very better partorisca my questions/of thumb of the wrist.
A model is: it Smiles Wireless, Anker Ergonomic USB Wireless Vertical Mouse with 3 Adjustable DPI Levels 800 / 1200 / 1600 and Controls lateralmente. After using this concrete model my wrist and the ache of thumb is reduced - although any one has deleted.
4 / 5 by Deandrea
Measure: Wireless has had the subject painful with my wrist and hand and the fellow recommended this mouse. I think that that they are enamorando with him! Absolutely any question that takes it partorisca do, seats wonderfully tactile in my hand and after my old, normal but smile very old, movement like the sleep. It moves with the precision adds, which is well, can does not be missing he. It can have given 5 stars but smile it slightly smaller could have been the fir of has bitten easier my small plus reservation which are not tiny, but the little less than means. A very small hand could struggle. This in spite of, this past 2 days convinced me that the a mouse is here partorisca remain , and the pair of days more and measures it will not be a subject! A foreigner of new mouse with the support of wrist was an excellent partner.
4 / 5 by Thomas
Measure: Wireless An idea to resist the vertical mouse like the palmera hand-held will not take stressed is a lot good. But a question with this mouse is a texture of the surface of the mouse is too smooth to resist and has to them that resist my thumb and indication of toe closely against a mouse like any skirt of my hand when movement around in a tampon of mouse. In this chance, seat my hand is stressed more than resisting it horizontally.
A second question with a mouse is a place of key of click of upper mouse (sinister click) is too far out of an inferior key. It does not cause question when you resist a mouse horizontally of your indication and the middle fingers can situate 'forms You easily. But when you resist one smiles vertically, an indication of toe has to that constantly movement until click a key of mouse that is unconfortable and easily that wheels .
Has tried a mouse partorisca pair of days, has decided does not be suitable partorisca me, returned and transmission behind to the mine old logitech M705.
5 / 5 by Bertie
Measure: Wireless can see like some people could have taken but no well partorisca me.
Pros- Is quite big (although still very quite big enough for my freakish hands). It smiles left and well the clicks are well, Solid build. Attentive In following. Any need the foreigner of mouse.
Gilipollas.- I does not like a vertical place. It feels you like is resisting a mouse 'in' yours delivery, more than resting your hand 'on' a mouse. For me this does to use a mouse for long periods more tiring that the regular mouse. This question is exacerbated when pressing some keys of mice; Reason one smiles is not lying walk in an office, for 'press' the key, your toe has to that apply lateral force, which moves a mouse lateralmente. The counteract this yours the thumb has to that resupply an opposite force in another side of a mouse. A upshot of of the this is that, for press a lot of some keys, calm essentially has to that queeze' a mouse among your thumb and of the toes, which is the plot more endeavour that pressing down in the key of traditional mouse with your toe. (Particularly a key of half mouse that it is quite rigid)
thinks that this mouse could be of use for any the one who any one in fact uses one smiles all the a lot. If your primary application is soyicrosoft Office' or alike, where calm mostly keyboard of use, then can be well for you. But they are the CG Animator, as it uses one smiles to plot (particularly a key of half mouse for Maya navigation), like an extra endeavour has required to press some keys and a instability has caused of one lateralmente the force in some keys done a creation of the vertical mouse fundamentally unsuitable for my needs
4 / 5 by Roselle
Measure: good Wireless Works, but to be the five product to star this would require to be slightly more whole in creation; a corner requires your wrist and forearm to be slightly sustaining on to an accident, which find is not a perfect place to take wrist and hand-held tension. Still, it is far more natural and comfortable that the smile regulates for long use; given an election ossia the very a lot priced alternative to some more expensive options. Occasionally some drops of wireless signal out of mid-movement, I just need to spend it more afterwards to a receiver of USB to restore movement of smooth cursor; has a receiver of USB plugged to the port in a front of a computer that is under an office and my left ( is one of these curvy offices so that it does not have the plot of election in a subject), a signal would cut out of the plot when a receiver of USB was plugged in a backside of a computer.
5 / 5 by Dimple
Measure: expensive Wireless Accident he, does not buy one of these unless you are in a unfortunate dipped partorisca require one.
This dips Anker in the first place partorisca aim options-has limited-consumers with devices that any one:
A- has not been thoroughly tried
B- was utmost creations, ruined for principle of committee or the 'first looks' approximation.

Am thinking B, reason a quality of build is otherwise stunning, especially in this point of price!

Tries to close the door of a flange a prjimo more a hinge, is toil . Ossia The one who clicking feels.

In the investigation partorisca have clean lines that joins up, Anker has opted partorisca go with the alone piece of flexible plastic partorisca Right/click Accident. This has any give until in a thumb and the half of one 'hinge'
A 'centrical vertical colum' extend too far behind to a zone among your thumb and forefinger also, like this still with hands of adult viriles, is awkard to the click approaches a softer course.

The short long history, your thumb uspenders' to counter a force slightly and begins to cause questions after the moment.
(And ossia with me changing to smile regulate from time to time to give my hand the pause)

A browser has retreated/advance the keys also celery tacked on in some last small and take some acrobatics to operate, but at least when being difficult to the click his mark to accidentally of click.

There has like this well with this mouse:
-adds that it follows, some of some better was
-slip the tampons down are sper easy to clean and really very adhered to a base
-the ages of hard alone battery
-arrive it plastic feels gorgeous to a touch
- has the little low battery light down some keys/of before behind.
-The scrolling are add, feels really a lot
-perfect weight

In any phase, can very really see like this is to be lose in the product the one who otherwise easily one has used more in some last 30 years. And ossia the bell to look that something is really a lot well in Anker.

Top Customer Reviews: TECKNET L G101 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 by Nila
The cost has checked looked for the tampon of the new mouse of a product has used partorisca roughly the year, the Perixx foreign, was degraded strongly and no longer own partorisca my needs. They are happy to inform that a TeckNet the equivalent is far better in a lot of ways!

Some cushions of smile is in fact really good to look in. A hule weaves in those some rests of mice is a by heart black appeal deep, and a colour is totally included - something concealed has been the question with leading products has tried. A stitching in a side is mostly same and is the wonderful innovation, as it means some flanges do not take spent likes in the regular foreigner. I also like a solid of logo white that shows 'TeckNet' also - is not fussy and does not require partorisca be, resupplying contrast he by heart well.

In of the terms partorisca use some cushions of mouse , my Perixx the slips of mouse wonderfully in some materials and enables attentive gaming and use of work. I want like a stitching also resupplies the tangible physical barrier where some flanges of a foreign are, the meaning is easy to relieve without looking. A measure is also brilliant, this in spite of possibly bite it big is in the smallest office - the felizmente returned adjacent to the laptop without questions, this in spite of. Felizmente, also remains entirely still still during heavy use, at least in my office of forest.

A smaller flu is that after opening a kill, has had the quite strong smell (to good sure related to as the hule has been treated) which is quite heady! This is to fix easily, this in spite of, to leave a product for an open window for around 30 minutes. Odora Totally a lot now, and can not expect use the more.
5 / 5 by Trinidad
The cost has verified My leading gaming foreign of Anke has been spent. Expsito Is partorisca kill and decided partorisca give it the gone partorisca the such low price. It results very validate he. First of all, A foreigner is gone in a envelope-like brown container(the frustration has certified free container). It gives I protect it adds of harm. It likes- one simple creation of a foreigner with just the simple but beautiful 'TechNet' logo on that.

A measure of a foreign is so only perfect. No too big or too small for me. I want to one feels of a surface of this mouse kills as almost it feels likes is touching silk. It is like this smooth. This frictionless the surface is done of material of cloth of big quality. Stitched The flange gives protects adds of shabby. And Thanks to his hule no slippery base, is remained still in my office during gaming time or use of daily work. A hule feels no economic at all. Good work in that.

In of the terms of gaming experience, has tried he with my gaming smiled in of the games like LOL, PUBG and CS: it GOES. A foreigner extracted astonishingly utmost. Attentive response, the sensibility adds, comfortable using it, etc.. Anything some frames of luxury resupply, these mates give you everything.

Requires the gaming foreign, this one would be the start adds for you. For a big quality, low price, 18 guarantee of month, value each penny. Highly recommended.
4 / 5 by Ruthanne
Partorisca Purchase verified has Liked him:
- Flat and minimum band posting like this more environmental friendly
- material of Cloth without-to to the slip likes him the material of hule in a fund

- the Strong smell when new

Before things in the first place, does not use this like the gaming foreign. Utilisation this purely one the smooth surface partorisca my wireless mice so that has a tacky feeling over time. Has this partorisca two of mine mice that is a logitech action mx and normal bluetooth has smiled.

A foreigner of good quality is looking for economic and produced of quality (which any usually comes like the container!). Highly recommended.

Estimativas During description:

Please the click Yes finds this revises gain :)
5 / 5 by Sherrie
The cost checked In front of everything has to them that say like this impressed the era that directly out of this packaging this foreigner was entirely flat and ready partorisca use. A reason mentions them ossia has possessed them much more expensive mousemats this is to arrive has trace or (purportedly) flat-packed but has taken an absolute age partorisca take some corners partorisca dip slowly. No such subjects here at all.
A quality is exceptional also. Strong, perfectly stitched the flanges mean this has to that also last the long time while a main zone of a foreign is finely the cloth woven and sper smooth. My optical mouse so only slips on that. One bases of the hule sticks to my office without giving anything.
In general the a lot lacking tin is partorisca kill and in this price, reason any one wants to pay more for the far products more inferior? Recommended without hesitation.
4 / 5 by Alina
The cost checked Partorisca a past year or has to that way that be using the gel mousepad with the surface of plastic mouse has based, this in spite of a surface of the plastic mouse has not been a better partorisca my wireless mouse, and felt more comfortable with my wrist in my office in planting to use a gel tampon of wrist, as I have decided to change to the plan mousepad.

Has purchased east a 32cm x 25smiled of tampon of cm of TeckNet partorisca some reasons on and because of a fact has had the wireless TeckNet mouse for the number of years (sees link down) which are to add and extremely very built, a foreigner of mouse is resulted to be another compraventa adds types.

Links to the mine TeckNet has wireless smile:
Has Wireless smile,TeckNet Smiled of Wireless Optical Action with 8 Keys(2 Programmable), 2000DPI, 3 Adjustable Levels,Nano Auricular of USB for PC, Portable, Microsoft Pro, House & of Office

ships dish so that there is not unfolding/solving period whilst a tampon straightens was, can use it calm as soon as I receive it.

A tampon is big quality , with the surface of the cloth and the base of hule durable has joined joint perfectly with the stitched flange to the long of some flanges. I can not see it is spending it it was anytime punctual.

With a transmission of the tampon of smooth plastic mouse to this cloth layered one there is slightly more embrague/of control, for this find I that has to that move one smiles more, but there is remedied this to look a DPI settings in mine mouse, and the sound adds again.

In general, the economic mouse adds to kill like a work easily, would recommend.
4 / 5 by Sherron
The cost has verified This foreigner of mouse was partorisca substitute my tatty the old round one this there has been the other of wrist. The although it take partorisca bet in a without a rest, but this was like this big could do not resisting. I have ordered in fact a big and is abundance quite big, much bigger that the regular foreigner. They are not the gamer but so only like one feels of the foreigner of mouse more than in an office of forest. Like this matt is big means my wrist is resting in a comfy foreign more than hard table.

The wise action of course is well, smiles no skip or anything. Some flanges have arrived amiably likes in the coverage. I have not tried washing or drying clean still, and of course can not comment in a durability of something has has bought so only.

In general, is has pleased extremely!
4 / 5 by Bronwyn
The cost has verified Ossia smiles it matt really good. It is much bigger that the normal foreigner (32wide cm), while it guesses ossia partorisca gaming finds it gain like utilisation two screens and means can cruised my desk without a lot of lifting of the smiles behind to a start of a foreigner of mouse partorisca continue scrolling.
Quality of build - look really well, a strong no-bases of hule of the slip sincerely does not slip in my office of glass and some flanges of a surface of cloth is stitched to a foreigner of mouse while the majority of normal mats has a cloth partorisca surface glued to a base and after the while it begins to peel was and results partorisca nettle and unusable.
Downsides - Has any support of wrist. If you prefer that it characterises partorisca kill (p. p.ej. With the gel embezzle of wrist) then this is not a foreign partorisca you. This in spite of, the die that can be flat trace or maintained and is lighter that to foreigner without the support of wrist is ideal to spend around in your stock exchange of travesa of laptop .
Please note that has received this product in the discount partorisca a unbiased description, this in spite of my positive impressions of this product really is genuine.
5 / 5 by Emmaline
The cost checked The one who a foreigner of amazing mouse partorisca a price. Partorisca Begin a measure of 320x250mm is perfect partorisca my needs and resupplies the good big surface partorisca do with. Some material celery of quality a lot well, a surface is smooth, some the calm flanges are amiably whipped and a hule that has retreated stops a lot slippage when that uses the mouse in a foreigner. A TeckNet the frames in ashes read is simple, no in your face and printed in an inferior legislation of a foreigner.

My slips of mouse by means of a surface of one kills and am finding some smiles operates very better that it using directly in an office. I have tried a waterproof claim and am pleased partorisca say this account to water so only of a foreigner. Included dipping a kills directly under the tap to run, a surface of a bone is remained calm dry, so only a whipped the flanges am wet result.

A foreigner has been distributed in frustration-free packing, basically the brown envelope. But it was in packaged for Amazon in the boxes of map how was a lot of too big. Perhaps reason one brown envelope has been labelled with 'does not bend', am not sure reason because I have bent and has gone one kills and always returns his original form.

The round on this description, for a money ossia a foreigner of amazing mouse that will not disappoint any user.
4 / 5 by Mckinley
The cost verified has purchased numerous TekNet elements on some years of mice partorisca Write of USB C bosses, and this foreigner of mouse was so only a type had been looking for. Having has purchased already a big plus XXL measure (900x450x3mm) and having canal of numerous work with separate mice, has opted instead partorisca a small plus a to complete another.

Which am remarked in these is that they are done of the fat and durable cloth that overlays the no-slip base which seats flush in my office. I have had other mats of mice that has been done of the foam and that tended partorisca fray in some flanges but these some any, and has been using a XXL kills of then May 2017 now.

Another thing adds is that a quality of some mats so many with many of TekNet is other elements in fact, is far better that one would expect given a price relatively down seal.

You Really can any gone bad with east.
5 / 5 by Viola
The cost verified has been surprised in a measure of this foreigner of mouse partorisca a price, his a lot of-has done also! I have used my gaming smiled with east and a foreigner does not move once, included when the things take frantic at stake. A material is good and a fact that is cleaned easily is in price also.

Extremely comfortable to use (still partorisca long periods of gaming time) and is constantly in a place correcta.un stitching around a flange are also adds partorisca take the surface ensures quickly in following movements partorisca my mouse,creating compatible with water-resistant cloth that can easily without worry. I have not had any one other questions with him at all.

To good sure would recommend this product! Partorisca Such the good quality has produced is still a lot of abordable, which calm always you amenos the surprised.