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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 9 ratings
4 / 5
SΓΊper Partorisca Promote an imagination. Easy to use for the youngest girls but with the capacity besides advanced projects so that it takes older. Both mine edges are spent of the hours that touch around with east. Well value each penny. Highly you recommend.
4 / 5
Has bought this partorisca the quite a lot of technology-savvy and sure 13 year the one who has interested to result really a animator. Perhaps so only you are the bit 'also cool for pupil' but hate a packaging (says was too babyish) but has thought was software quite decent - although it say that there is the bit of the question that takes it to recognise sure cameras.
5 / 5
This container is ideal for all these (old & youngster!) The one who love mark and enjoy animate films. All precise is the camera of video or, much more economic but equally effective, the webcam. I have purchased the perfectly pertinent webcam in Ebay for the few books. You can animate the solid objects that movement, yard of paper outs, drawings or plastecine models (likes Morph). A software is easy to use and rewarding the results are almost arrive extra has facilitated to try is filming of period of the time. It has dipped on the tray of cress seeds in wool of wet cotton with the light and a camera, leaving it on the weekend when out of house. An image has been taken each hour and a resultant film was brilliant- was although it say it to me!
There is more sophistcated the available containers but ' Can Animate' is the introduction adds.
4 / 5
Was the christmas present for 11 year- a softwear are add , easy to upload , directly advances to use and beginning immediately. They had used looked in the school project , which probabaly has helped; taking so only the pocolos small to dip up with adult very small the entrance has required , then on with production of animation shorts. You are bought together with web of boos cam , law very together.
5 / 5
Ossia A excelent has produced, any on its own name but for my edges of 12 years. It is having without the fun end that does his imagination come the life. There is has sent so only the fudge fences in by means of a table unwrap his self and state eaten.
Ensures is logged on like administrator to upload to your computer.
Is runnung in a mac book.
4 / 5
This element is a worse software has them has not had never a misfortune to buy, does not detect any cameras, so only a webcam of computer, impossible to use, waste of money, has to partially lid of next laptop to way that the webcam can choose on elements to animate, the useless instructions, the recommend this software, never in the million years, can animate them would be necessary to declare it only works with grainy webcam of computer and at all more, if any there can take these rubbishes to do please to say me the one who
5 / 5
Ossia the useless piece of software,
Hard to do and comprise and basically has not done for me,
his rubbish!

Whose Waste Your time, EVITA
5 / 5
can animate them will not recognise my new mark microsoft life cam cinema hd webcam. Any help of his web of place and absolutly any instruction. Waste of money. It does not buy this product!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
4 / 5
II Can Animate (PC/Mac) was unable to take this product to do with my hp pavillion slimline pc and that uses my camera of video sony to several offices of the help and any one could find the now is seating in a box.

Top Customer Reviews: Kudlian Software I ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 2 ratings
5 / 5
This software is really well, uses it partorisca do prognosis of time.

A question is does not sustain 1080p camera

is still a lot
5 / 5
Another product adds of kudlian the one who also can animate. It develops an imagination. The game of function adds - feign be the presenter of time, sport or commentator of informative journalist for example.