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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
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Leatt Protektorjacke 5,5

Habe has given wieder zurückgesandt. Wäre Súper wenn Has given im Bereich gives Steißbeins einen Schutz bieten würde. It dies ist aber in diesem Bereich trotz richtiger Größe nicht abgedeckt. Eine größere Größe Has dipped längeren Rückenprotektor würde zu locker sitzen für meinen schlanken Körperbau. Die Schulterpolster lassen sich nicht fixieren und neigen im Fails eines Sturzes zoom verrutschen. Schade sonst wäre Has given Jacke sicher eine gute Wahl, aber has dipped has given beiden Mängeln ist quotes Sicherheit in meinem Fallen erheblich gefährdet.
5 / 5
Quotes Protektorjacke sitzt nach gives, zugegeben teilweise recht fummeligen, einstellung gives Gurte sehr gut. Für eine Jacke Has dipped recht grossen Einzelprotektoren sie sehr bequwem. Bei einem Vogesen-Wochenendausflug, On- und Was-Street getestet. Die Grösse XL ist für mich, 1,90m Groß und 100kg, passend. Ich kann Quotes Protektorenjacke nur Empfehlen, deshalb 5 Sterne.
4 / 5
Im Bereich Gives Achsel A beiden Seiten gerissen gives give Material extrem dünn are Hals für gives leatt nackenschutz gpx 5.5 löst sich schnell vom genisckschutz... ziemlich umständlich auszuziehen... ziemlich Warm und schwer... aber dafür schützt er wie kein anderer!
4 / 5
The armour is light, flexi,comfy, upper quality, an only one with 360deg protects of ribs
Returns perfectly !
A lot recommended to all the world !
5 / 5
Hab ihn angezogen und er passte wirklich sehr Gut. Größe L/Xl ist passend für einen normalerweise L tragenden. Sehr geiles Teil
5 / 5
Already save me when the the face planted of my tram unicycle. Highly recommend it. His quite comfortable. If has the big gut wants to take an available big plus. It follows 160lb 5'10” any gut and has ordered L/Xl. To good sure wont be able of the spend on anything but a thin plus tshirt. In fact it manages without anything down. In winter the'll spends the hoody on he
5 / 5
almost has not ordered this element because of some descriptions of feedbacks. This in spite of, am a lot happy has done. They are 5'10 280lbs. Step measures it 46 jacket and measure 42 trousers of waist. I have ordered a XXL Leatt 5.5.
Has arrived in 5 days. It is a lot of main quality that has expected. I returned easily. Can dip it on to pull it on my boss. Ossia An easier way I found for the dipped on. This in spite of, utilisation some zips to take it was.
I hare of mixes of walk and find this to be aim and averts protects. It has dipped adhesive hot in some zips of arms to prevent them of coming open. The hot glue can be peeled was without breaking some zips.
Has spent it 6 times like this far with a be of the hottest day 72. It has not been the heat as of closing.
Spends the mesh of cotton down, then a Leatt 5.5, then my sweater. I have not purchased a mainstay of with the.
Like this far has is not gone down, as I can a lot really swear to the well will do. But it feels considerably better that mine @Titán old.
That when be said, is weighed more than any one protects of leading @@@cofre has used. A weight is not a subject, and are 50 years . Riders like this more the youngsters would not owe that have any worry.
Are a lot happy with east and would recommend it to my friends. Ossia To plot of info, but ossia the expensive element .
Expect these helps. Good regime and be sure.
5 / 5
The heavy unit has compared mine Thor armour of sector but value he with a capacity to spend mine Leatt neckbrace. Calm in fact can pull the sweater down on all calm once have a mainstay of with the in place. The good works and no very restrictive. The extra sure adds for the knots characterise older that does not cure like this fast. It goes to be obviously hot. Stay hydrated.

The zip Was tampons of the elbow and the lowest arms are the good option. If I wreck will update.
4 / 5
A year + of weekly horse riding and the slow speed that crash and swear this armour has saved ribs of mine of fracture at least 3 times. It is to have to that very heavy and perfect for a lot of rocky empinado and rought horse riding of trail. But this armour is ridiculously hot - a thickness Lycra garment like any property of ventilation anything. In a state an armour is an only thing will spend and calm still will require to any zip he until accident some air in. It is certainly well for horse riding of desert of big speed but any so much for horse riding of slow alone clue. Desire leatt has improved a ventilation on there to offer the version with the point garment.
5 / 5
This armour of organism is insane quality and a lot big ! It would recommend to any without hesitation. Calm really take that paid partorisca with this element. A tape of integrated kidney is for real also, so as well as my tape of individual kidney I use to spend first to buy this armour. Has two another organism protectors and has fallen hard with each of them and @@ribs of mine of the bruise every time. These protectors does not cover ribs of mine like this the continuazione done. This armour totally covers ribs of mine and each one another besieges that I want to (@@@cofre, shoulders, plug, bone of row, elbows, forearms, stomach). I seat it likes him he could go to of war with this armour and be sure. A movement while it spends an armour is sum , any restriction at all. It is a lot breathable also. I do not have it he still, but is also able to detach some lower bosses for unzipping those that it it continuazione of short sleeve.

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5
Well fact, and drawn partorisca return with a Leatt the suspenders is a reason has bought this partorisca substitute mine in existent Thor has propiciado by armour. His a lot of fact, has zips of good quality and looks quite robust for my novice enduro incidents. It does not think it has a lot of suitable armour concealed resupplies ribcage protect that it is the very characteristic , and my mainstay integrates seamlessly to the equal that has drawn. Recommended.
4 / 5
Ossia He 5 @@@cofre of protective star with 2 bosses of star. It would give it 4.5 stars could . For some reason Leatt has decided to dip the half zip in the each arm in an elbow. For half zip I bad that does not go all a way around an arm, so only around a backside of an arm. Every time you dipped an armour on will owe that treat this inaugural and every time calm take it calm was has to that be VERY CAREFUL any to the pause is feeble link. You can very so only unzip an inferior portion and dip the on last neither unless it help of the. My solution was to have the tailor takes a zip and sew some together pieces, in that they the the long sleeved shirt normal. This the so much better fact and does not comprise reason Leatt does not listen to everything of some estacas of forum that complains in a stupid zip. An only another negative is that this armour takes warm when you are moving and hot when calm is not , but ossia to be expected. Calm always has to that do the tradeoff of consolation/to heat to protect. One downloading in this armour is very good and works well when you are moving, but when prendes for the little heat of minutes on fast. It is comfortable to spend in of the slow walks so only in timing down 85 terracings.

Quality of utmost build
protect Add
protect/of flank of the Rib (ossia extremely last to find!)
Ventilations well so that it is
mainstay of With the compatible
A lot adjustability

Warm/hot - At all can do roughly this, always will have the trade was to protect
zips of Horrible sleeve
4 / 5
to be 'the cup of a line' the east was outrageously disappointing
Im 6'1' and roughly 185lbs build very athletic
has ordered the big/X-Big
the @@@cofre returns well and has had the decent quantity of the adjustment but some bosses were tight and very uncomfortable but also an armour slid around the plot and has not inspired confidence.

First of all leaves to start with with some bosses for a measure of a torso was tight and an armour in a shoulder has moved a lot easily.
Also the one who dips the zip in a bicep / elbow to rub your raw skin and feel uncomfortable?
After a waist / of @@@cofre. A fitment was well, a protective backside has seated well for my frame (any subject with him taking stuck in of the trousers or rubbing bones of row) A backside and armour of @@@cofre has looked adapted and a capacity to add the neckbrace is the good characteristic. A subject main comes from/comes from a floater protect of rib? Anything wants to call a mid connectors of section with one 'armour' on him. This piece there is hanged was very wide and awkwardly so that it is them trace and the found me paste he with my arms almost each movement that causes the plot of annoyance. (This was in fact a main reason has known them has hated them this armour) a kidney of the tape of / tape of adjustment goes down to resist a tight armour was very disappointing also and like another calm person there is you remarked could has to that add your own Velcro to this section because it is like this feeble.

Global goes recommends to look elsewhere for the a lot of 'exo-skelton' fashionable armour.
This any bolt included until an OLD icon Stryker jacket in fact 10 years and ossia saying something.
( Has USED personally this for mini-supermoto and dirtbikes and has option very better there)
4 / 5
is among measures. They are 5'8” and 165 pounds (quite muscular) and any big/x-big is the little big, but a half felt too tight. I have done a right election that takes a big/x-big, but is the small nettling when some tampons of elbow are slightly down. The mine controls 5.5 mainstay of with the amiably.
4 / 5
Has received so only this and a trace . They are 6'1 and 175 lbs and a big/X-Big looks to return perfectly.

Leatt Has said: 'This is a protect of the maximum organism can offer riders today.” A thing is impressive. I protect everywhere.

Goes to be hot in a summer. Included I can spend mine @Titán of Fox in time. But enough it would be hot in a bicycle that fresh seating in a room of emergency that expects zone. This product could do a difference.
4 / 5
I walk in overgrown paintbrush and forest. Plot of obstacles and new unriden the streets have goodnesses the a lot of falls. I have decided to buy some tampons and I celery much more sure in this (this in spite of has not fallen in him still).
5 / 5
Too small, a xl is the supposition for a costruttore results his the L/XL apt some.
4 / 5
Spends this in a street because I traded in a bicycle of muck. It is comfortable to spend in a heat breathes well. I give the piece to import has some protect on. If so only Leatt could do some jackets of skin.
5 / 5
Ossia A real shot , complete, THIS has certified armour!
5 / 5
These sizing is is out of whack. L/XL for down 6' and down 210 books. XXL For on 6' and on 210 books. They are 5'11' and 235 pounds. Have in the first place tried a L/XL and a zone/of tampon of the elbow of arms was too many tigt and uncomfortable. A rest of a protective was snug but felt well. The only question was a rib protectors has not achieved around quite far. As it has taken a XXL and everything is FREE WAY . It could not imagine any 210 pounds that is same remotely happy with east. In 235 pounds am swimming in him. Some arms are way too long and a tampon of the elbow hardly covers my elbow, can not presionar a strap of @@@cofre enough to feel snug, a strap of forearm is like this tight as it can be the at all is like this big. Very difficult to leave.

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4 / 5
Sizing Is the joke. Use partorisca have to that included sizing the map like economic Chinese craps. Orderly XXL cause are 6' 270 a @Titán of Fox xxl the turn adds, a Thor jacket in XXL good access. Other frames have tried on in the tents return well in XXL. Ossia Thumbs out of included trying takes a zip to same to begin. Any possible way would return.
5 / 5
One of a better returning the armour has not possessed never partorisca a park of bicycle. No too bulky. Stays in place.
5 / 5
Is light but hanged protective. It is warm but any fact partorisca be warm .... It is awesome and yes is destructible