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4 / 5
I have installed a Netatmo thermostat partorisca substitute the Honeywell thermostat maquinal with four bosses. A Netatmo the manual is confusing in his description of like this partorisca wire up in this situation. I need to identify some two bosses that control a boiler and heating of system. So there it is to four bosses likes him to him the mine an earth and the neutral bosses are not used and would have to that be bent behind and insulated with plastic tape. It marks the power sure is turned was before inaugural on and doing in a wiring. Some two remaining bosses would owe that be some alive to feed of a boiler and the alive backside have changed to a boiler. In an old fashioned thermostat maquinal the physical transmission is actuated when a thermostat reports hot this active a circuit partorisca heat of the boiler. An alive in the boss would owe that be connected to an upper Netatmo the connector and an alive boss have changed to a subordinated Netatmo connector.

A reason key partorisca install a Netatmo is partorisca improve control of a system partorisca heat of the house and hopefully save some cash in going like this. An old mechanical thermostat and place of time of on has heated the time is well but does not predict one the majority of effective time partorisca turn a heating was and on reacts but does not learn . A Netatmo learns a insulation held of your house, uses external temperature partorisca predict an effective on was time. As you would owe that do sure that a forecast to heat is enabled in an application - takes the few weeks partorisca learn, while if a thermostat is installed outside of the temperatures of house of the period of winter can be acceptable partorisca the majority of a day and night but require explosions of occasional boiler partorisca top up in of the coldest periods. Partorisca Do this I place a incumplimiento time of points of manuals beside 30 minutes more than a incumplimiento 3 hours. Then it takes the tad chilly uses an application partorisca augment a temperature required partorisca the impulse in heat. Then I have a temperature has planned dipped under this heat required so that a Netatmo does not ask inessential heating. A heating graphs is very useful - a black curve tip a temperature of inner house, an orange line a preset the temperature and some oranges of vertical bars indicate some periods of burn of the boiler. In winter I increase a preset temperature, in this chance a black curve will be under an orange line when there it is the need to heat .
My relay is plugged in the socket of wall in bylines to an Apple Expresses WiFi and league in 72Mbs, a relay is roughly 20 feet of a Netatmo and has the robust WiFi connection that is solid of rock. A setup in an iPad or iPhone was very easy, WiFi signals and stettings is read automatically for an application - in some synchronises the code is showed for a Netatmo this is scanned for an iPhone to do the sure connection - is the twelve code of figure , the test of hack would say. The heating has connected once can be controlled saw Marries of Apple and Siri controls of voices remotely.

Update: My boiler has developed the failure and Netatmo sent to to an email likes him the heat the temperature does not have to that you augment them - thank you Netatmo was able to reset my boiler and a wifey has not had the cold shower.
4 / 5
Has a netatmo ready thermostat and 10 loan Thermostatic Valves of Radiator in my house.
The installation was easy, has taken so only my old thermostat of a wall and has attached a new a, has connected a radio/WiFi adapter to some hands and was quite was the some races.
Then connect a TRVs, and create rooms (I has the living room of slowly opened big with 4 TRVs and a thermostat, so that it was a room , and 4 chambers, and 2 Hallways,
My understanding was that when one of some rooms have been turned on would ask heat of a boulder without a room of the main thermostat that requires to be turned on, this has not been the done, has been confused and fallido reason thought that it had spent £700 on something concealed any that has loved, but this was when I the small researching and has discovered that need to expect until 48 hours for a TRVs to update to a late plus firmware.... Once ossia fact , law exactly to the equal that has expected.
4 / 5
No like this elegant likes Nest or Hive, but the stylish and practical alternative. When being able to override a the program to heat of far is in fact far more useful that could imagine!

To to The Amazon does not like for the mention, but in fact does like this well with of the house of Google likes done with Alexa. So much control of the voice of your heating is like this simple as saying soyake he warner', or eset a heating to 19'.

Netatmo Has tried to do this easy pleasure to DIY install like this possible, with a hardware for the number of options of installation in a box (and he decor plan to disguise any places where the people have painted previously around programmers and old thermostats). For one the majority to separate this is to achieve (if the little wasteful).

A downside of of the this is that, to try to be all the things to all the men, installation on one that exists box of difficult recessed wall. If they have not considered never this possibility, or so only thought esod the', does not know . But it has meant that has has had to that traces it to the transmission blanking plan, as this was an only way could cover a hole, as my claves of the unit of the relay was at least 50mm of a wall, and looks the sore thumb. As you can see in my pictures, have of then does on the plastic coverage to disguise a unsightly empty, but frankly still looks the bit manky, and would like me see an adapter for the dish of transmission regulates has comprised with a thermostat, or at least available fact like the accessory of United Kingdom.

That niggle averts that I want to perfectly, without fuss, and resupplies to the interest there is anticipated to to the characteristic likes them the thermostat learns a idiosyncracies of of your installation.

Has SAVED me any money? Although an application tries test a lot last to convince me there is, can not see that it has done it to it to him a lot of difference in a real world. I have had already it dipped it well ready my program to heat on some last 10 years, and maintenances the next eye in my use of energy of week the week. It is to reason that my heating is on like this a lot of (or like this little) to the equal that has been always this time of year. I owe that say this in spite of, take the lovely smug feeling every time I manually gone back of a heating, and has to that be save the pocolos pence . Any one a lot of penies, but the little this in spite of! That time would take to still these pocolos pence cover a cost of compraventa (the mine was £90) is any one is supposition . So much, unless has the system without like this like this it basic thermostat, would ignore some claims of the money that saves like this hyperbole, and base your compraventa in some practical appearances of the punctual thermostat in the wise prize.

In general, then, has a lot hesitation recommend this device like next phase in home heating control so that they love ready control without all some complications.
5 / 5
An only downside of of the this is a screen - will take that out of a first way. It is not that limiting this in spite of like this usually uses my telephone of the control in all the chance.

Once dipped on, with which approx. 7 days offered me the new setting (of more with the accuracy controls a heating) - the one who the difference. First of this setting, has done like this it thermostat quite basic (and asked is side of the money so only to be able to change my heating on and of remotely - some transmissions were big - until 3°C - so that it has not done any one the adjustment for some radiators in fact of the mine heats retained after heating or that has taken the sure time to take a room until temperature). Now, some transmissions are down (less than 0.1°C) and a boiler is on for the shortest periods (more often, but in general less time). Ossia That have paid stops. Smiley Type!

Dipping up is quite easy - I wired he in the no aimed way in a book (hard wire fence a relay to a timer - basically a relay connects some black and ashes of bosses when a thermostat is on, as I have connected an ash to live and a black to change a boiler - if I do not know like this law of the things would not try this this in spite of).
4 / 5
Works quite easy to wire on a relay to a boiler that was able to be changed on and was manually. Quite easy to link a portable thermostat to a box of relay. Tried all a troubleshooting tips in a web of place and forums but could not take an application to find a relay. He sure one issues so only transmitted on etc. essentially has no programmable or far function without application controls like this reluctantly has on data and is returned an element. This element has been recommended reason! They owe that it has had it the better experience that me. Quite disappointed and has annoyed at the same time has squandered!
5 / 5
Has not done of then has taken in spite of the installation that the simple looks. Contacted Netatmo support and has received the response 9 days later asking information further. Effectively uninstalled to to a device likes him the request and has has resupplied pictures etc on 15/10/17 this in spite of has not listened anymore. Maintaining 28/10/2017. Like the things are the waste of £130. Very disappointing. First time am remained down ordering on Amazon. Happy to rescind this description if some tentativas of company to assist me with this
4 / 5
Update ; Upgraded of a stars to 4 stars. Netatmo The support has directed to solve my question to update a software in Relay of mine and now does like this expected. I can control temperature of individual room with some valves of Loan of Radiator (for application, manually or street Alexa) or can use a Thermostat.

A subject has had was a signal among a relay and that the thermostat has not gone quite strong ( was 3 bars ) to download updates. Once I emailed Netatmo support, found the very useful and responsive (A lot of - there is sometimes he lag of the pair of hours likes I;m guessing is in Indian to somewhere - but answered and has fixed my subject; so that it is the plus for them !!)

My joint to that east to buy :

- Install a relay and thermostat like prójimo near like possible and near of the your Wifi subject (Thermostat of mine has been wired, my mobile of relay - so much was able to move a relay to within of 6 feet of a Thermostat and @Subject. This will help to resupply the quite radio signal strong on 868Mhz to transmit an update

- If it does not see Priority of ECHO and Priority of the consolation listed under Operative Way; I need to take up to date firmware in yours Relay and Thermostat (to the equal that of mid Seven 18 - has them Sees 69 of firmware in Thermostat of mine and version 189 in relay of mine. It uses an Application to Sustain of Client of the email to ask them to press the new update to some devices.

-Give time to solve in. A firmware the distribution takes time, can arrive on-prejudice - like this attended for some updates to arrive.
5 / 5
He that master, easy to use, much more economic that competitors. My transmissions of schedule of manacles it week the week so that it is to say the perfect solution for me. I spend the pocolos small that regulates time to heat the Sunday and that he for a week. Netatmo Has done the good work with this the ones of thermostat an option to only substitute a thermostat to exist, or have he in a wireless room. I have substituted the thermostat, resupplies to plot of information, on-line video and included an email address that if your bosses do not match a configuration in an email of his literature the photo of your bosses and they will say you which some to use. I have been this in spite of while 2 week and any one have had a response, I Googled other thermostats and he was. If you go for a free when being the wireless option there is the rear piece like calm does not have to that buy to to the stand likes with of a nest. For a setup an application no in android, has has had to that he by means of the computer, but is a lot now. Works well with house of Google and echo.
5 / 5
Has ordered this by means of deals of Black Friday. Have has wanted the mine of substitute old thermostat (IMIT TA2) .
Has has had difficulty with installation and has had to call the technician because of a fact that the wiring was odd at least in a house. As all has done an opposite way that normal. (. If a wiring of house was normal, could be simply directly advances to do an installation so only.)

The old thermostat has used 3 bosses, alive 220v, the alive and neutral transmission. I have substituted an old thermostat in a wall with relay and have a netatmo thermostat in living room , work perfectly..

Main reasosn for one substitutes was
-the old thermostat has not done correctly- done like an on/was transmission. The small light was always on, how was a electrovalve and a boiler.
-Has loved to have a thermostat in living room and no in a corridor
-has has wanted to remotely control it (by means of wifi) regarding the turn on before the arrive home so much to find the warm house when arriving.

The other , PID and other futures are not like this critics for me and just good to have . Like this far like this well, work so that it has expected.

So only to add 2 notes by other users that could in an internet for information for his compraventa future

1. It is not a lot clear (of some manuals of installation) and precise look for in some forums to discover that any one can substitute his old thermostat (ie in a corridor ) with a relay and have a thermostat that floating here and there ( work with battery in all the chance).
Supposes that a lot of people comprise instructions that has to install a relay he in room of boiler or to somewhere together.
This is not always some looks of chance..

2. In a netatmo the forum that considers a thermostat, when any one asks some information -consulting for a substitution/of installation of old thermostat, when netatmo the support sees the 3 boss he the old thermostat always sends a consultor and a emai that an installation is not compatible with touching of the a consultor to use an extra relay 220v.
Can say that this is not always a chance. . I have had 3 bosses but one was netral (mainly use to turn in a small light in old thermostat). I have not required the relay to do an installation

3. The support is so only a lot there. They do not answer some emails. It had sent email to netatmo previously to a compraventa , sent him photo to verify compatibility , the support contacted when it has had subjects with installation (which finally was the question of house and a lot of tetatmo is).
His response of topmast has automated is that we are to occupy this time, and will look punctual to a question when we find some time to treat you.
Is so only insane. ( It looks that I am like this sure for his product that so only does not give the st if any one can does not do and need some extra help)
Harm, this thing to sustain his fact of the free new sales sure.

Give 5 stars for a product (of then he that has wanted to them). If in some neighbouring future stops that reads like this expected, could go back to revise
For his support , would give him to them 1 star, but know, is that they free bandage. While these works of the what and any one have required his help are them well,
4 / 5
has won some abonos in acting has paid like this less still partorisca east. But it is certainly value a full prize. It Timer of boiler of mine-the clock has broken down and a company had quoted me £200 to repair it! While this was the averages a prize and he upgraded my system to esmartness.' The installation was easy (reason likes DIY and of my system has required so only it thermostat of substitution- an of some three phases of installation). Calm neither can follow a manual or look an on-line video. Both are clear and useful. My installation has taken the little more along reason have lost one of some tiny rays, as be careful! Once it is complete this in spite of, looks ordered and does the sleep. Still I am learning the system of schedule of an application of telephone. Like this far, like this good. Absolutely I love it!
4 / 5
It was very excited partorisca receive my Netatmo thermostat like this appearance partorisca do all am wanted of the digitally controlled thermostat. An installation of both a hardware and the software was relatively painless, but the questions for me have begun when trying an again installed device.

A boiler wouldnt changes on. Any one imports that I , could not take a boiler to start with on again without unplugging a device and bypassing some connections of thermostat inside a boiler. More than assuming the faulty produced and return it, has tried to solve a @@subject directly to look for a Netatmo forums. I have assumed I owe that it has done it something wrong, and this would be a better place to start with to see the one who another ad of the users done, and like these questions where solved. If you are interested to purchase at present is, goes to his web of place. Opened another now same window and look for 'netatmo forum of lean' and see some pages on 'attaching a thermostat to a boiler' and will see an extremely big number of estacas without responses. These are all the people with questions, and person in Netatmo has answered. At the same time to write is, has estacas 3 months without responses. After seeing is, has discovered quickly that included those with mine the questions looked had not been helped, at least any with a be of the information there is showed publicly.

With which this, has tried telephone him. I think that that it is of entity for any product like this to have the support of telephone lines so will have those much less the literate computer that I with subjects. There is not any number. If it love support, an only thing can do is email him. That spends when you email him?

'Been due to an unexpectedly big number of emails, our time of response is slightly longer that usual. We feel a lot in of the this and ensure you that is doing our best to answer like this collected how was possible.'

These looks to be that it results the way of the company to say 'was woefully understaffed, and will take yours when we take yours'.

Five days later take the response of them, and his of course only questions in that boiler take, etc. A gas engineer the one who is returned a thermostat is now 5 days gone, as his until me partorisca treat this. After the brief cat with an engineer in a telephone, sending Netatmo the email detailed with all an information and more. They take a manual of boiler of the PDF , photo of a wiring of interior, and the long cast of all has tried.

Seven days later still have any response. I resend my leading email. Any response.

12 days later sends another, more irate email, which again takes any response.

Now in a half of winter, are the little fed up with a situation. I call Amazon directly partorisca complain and inform them of Netatmo fails like the business to resupply a lot afterwards available support for his product. It is it has said obviously I can return a product, and in an end decides to have the second a has sent was mine, to discover if one produces has received was faulty. Ossia That quickly the things can be ordered in a telephone. I have had a new thermostat with me inner 12 hours, and has been returned shortly after the this.

Unfortunately, take a subject same . I then some plus tries, again to verify has done at all bad. After an hour of tinkering, discovers that a boss of a box of relay to a boiler that is distributed for Netatmo is faulty. Inside a insulated boss, has had the pause in a boss, prendiendo a signal that goes down a boss. Prpers Having solved a subject (which would be likely to has been solved a lot quickly with a right knowledge of a product of the crew of competent support) I box on one spare and the send behind the amazon.

His only now that takes my response of Netatmo, in the correspondent sweats my long email with all an information has loved the month previously. The volume has asked an exact same three questions as we ask me to us a first time as if they never beds any of mine emails.

Moral Of a history:
buys this and have questions, returns it and take another. A product is well, but of the one who expect any to help calm with him. Of the one who Annoy with his crew of support, is useless and calm probably freezing in your house long before they are able to help you.

Of then having the working device, can inform a law of thermostat adds, any question so much of closing. He that is to announce to do that there is it prendido me partorisca the give 1 star for this experience.
4 / 5
Whilst Was the sceptic of has bitten of this thermostat versus some of him is competitor, has looked for to be the good investment. The installation has not been that directly advances, partially because of a lack of any details in some booklets of instructions ( has the forum where can ask you the questions but he have looked for to be bit it useless), and partially down to have an external oil has fed combi boiler.

Once all has been wired in correctly (remembers to triple control everything!) I have tried to dip a connection until an internet to a part of relay of this thermostat that use an application of the android but he have maintained to take stuck in the loop that updates a firmware. I have decided to try using an iPad Pro to dip it on instead, and all has done well, and has been able to reconnect that use an application of Android of a firmware has update.

A part of application is quite simple to use but is quite powerful to the equal that learns like your heats to house up and cools down. This process takes approx. 2 weeks but in a moment operates to the along lateralmente that any to program you never place. A course of a thermostat that the lives in a house is in fact quite ordered also, and has one And-screen of Ink, which means that the battery would have to last the moment. I can quite recommend this product.
5 / 5
1 - didnt Need any one bosses to a subject
2 - didnt need any one bosses for some real 'front-finalise' device
3 - that connects an application was really sincere - fool-test
4 - an application is really ready - has included history of temperatures
5 - the security looks quite decent - notification when logons is done new devices etc.
6 - extendable - wont uses It, but potentially could come handy a day - can be connected to ready thermostats also.

At all partorisca complain although the really try hard. The prize was quite decent, one installs was easy - took it done for amazon also.
4 / 5
Ossia Prime minister of mine ready thermostat and yes is the to anything likes, master returned of the calm and calm wants to be it a lot and easy. This thermostat is everything of those.

The wiring is a lot simple, connects some blue and brown bosses to an alive and neutral supply to a boiler (Gone back a tin was yours boiler !!). This can be any in a boiler he or in a spur melted if the. A rest two, an ash and the black connects to some terminals where yours the thermostat connects to. If any one calm already the, would have to have the small piece of bosses to connect terminals of thesis. If you are not sure, google yours boiler and look for to something Likes ' Boss of Link' or 'Connection of Thermostat'. You have found once these, disconnect a link or bosses of thermostat and install some ashes of bosses and of the blacks. These bosses are not the ADDICTED POLARITY, as it can not wire these a round of wrong way. It does not concern , ossia a lot easy to return.

The wise connectivity, has not had any @subject with Wi-Fi, a subject is at least 30 metres was (his the long history) and have full signal. I found it easier that connect a relay has comprised to one has comprised also spent of three pins and discharges he in prójimo to a subject. This leave all some details of Wi-Fi and firmware updates to be installed for you. An application is a lot very too much. It takes a hassle out of a relay dips up.

Heating wise, once takes cold, a boiler comes on. His like this simple as it concealed. I connected it to Alexa, IFTTT and Samsung Smarthings. A reason has chosen this in the nest is Google recent decision to take third connectivity of party of his devices.

Further that, has not seen any one save of sides of entities in my heating, concealed probably will take time.

In general then, are the enormous defender . It looks well, it is a lot easy to apt and has some integrations add. I have paid £100 for him, which the mine was the subject . Looking to add some more Netatmo the elements afterwards thinks!
5 / 5
Has bought this based in some descriptions. The @fontanero was bit it dubious so it has had never find this product before. The new boiler have returned and has substituted one that exists the thermostat and the controller wired but has has wanted a Netatmo thermostat to be wireless. Returned to an Ideal gen2 vogue boiler. Really like this easy to wire and shot on a first boiler time on tries. It has followed then some instructions to connect a wireless thermostat to a relay/sender without questions. The application has downloaded to Ipad and connected to thermostat by means of housing WiFi and place on our 7 schedule of day. The plumber has impressed well!! Pair of tips. It ensures six near of a relay sender when dipping on a wireless thermostat and that have connection to WiFi in this zone also. Highly it would recommend this product for prize, facilitated of connection and an application also.
5 / 5
This was my foray to IOT and in that has it now in still the month highly can recommends.

Has the Danfoss irradiates the thermostat controlled and system of hot water so that it tries to follow some diagrams to cable was the waste of time and didnt loves it link directly to a boiler. If has the multimeter and the logical way to exit the signal takes correspondent when some triggers of old thermostat ht boiler, then was the doddle and having exited exactly like this to connect he in work extracted he in a box to cross, no a boiler. It has meant also that an old Thermostat can be maintained in chance of any questions, So only agree to take a battery is was as we forget a night, that does a good and warm house while Netamo has thought at all .

Has seen some complaints on some instructions of installation, but in spite of my initial frustrations, (a day!), I think It unfair as heating the systems in houses are a lot varied, but also simple, like this hard for any after provider to stage to resupply drives of full installation for each chance. One the majority of the what of entity to agree is one that the relay is the relay - so that it is the transmission so only connects a circuit by means of some ashes of bosses and of the blacks. Like the boss has to that the living being and another has to that it link tot he boiler. If you can maintain that simple main in importing sound the simple to install without touching a boiler.

The packaging is resembled this founds onn a eraly iPod - Glorious has thought obviously in a unboxing experience - bit it extravagant of his so only the thermostat. A his Thermostat self is the pleasant minalmistic simple exposure to change manually. A calm web application say roughly his level of battery and also his radio and wifi connectivity.

Taking a Thermostat to pair with him that the relay is his simplicity self - while a relay has can, then with him the next thermostat, to a relay that adds some batteries and he still a lot quickly. Calm then can take a thermostat further was, (of upstairs to down in our chance).

In of the terms of both an android and Ios application, work perfectly. A web application is a lot good and in fact resupplies given in that a lot yours house is in of the terms of efficiency - so it resupplies some the material east well and when coming you to sell a prime minister 7-8 days has created his own algorithm. A thing to look in a web application dips up is that you can dip an intelligence in the number of the different ways that comprises to say the to take an external temperature of a local forecast... The orderly characteristic

An only downside and touch the really smaller a, some rays have distributed to locate a relay is rubbishes ! Oh Has of the client for email has taken the week to go back, reason the time had ordered quell'has been and has had arrives and that careers.

Of then dipping this in, has added the welcome camera that integrates amiably in a web. Installation and taking it going has not gone enough like this smooth (has taken 2 days!), But his gold.

Like this in general, he loves the ready thermostat that can control you remotely, ossia good container .
4 / 5
Has purchased two ready thermostats to control my heating in two places. Orderly creation but the connection with Alexa or House was frustratingly difficult. The technical support was patient and gain with a first installation when it could not take a boiler of central heating to link with a thermostat of room. This in spite of, once dipped on, is the way adds to control , monitor and change a temperature remotely. I particularly like a capacity of the augment first to return house. Netatmo The emails link it to access the energy of a month that saves graphs that will look for to interest during a upcoming month of Winter. It has to that well sure some savings will pay for a thermostat and, with the additional valves planned to regulate individual zones of a house, even more the savings would owe that be facts .
5 / 5
Has had an old thermostat of 3 bosses that no correctly (sees photo to wire). I have substituted a thermostat partorisca wire an alive and a start of boiler to a Netatmo (any polarity) and insulator of a Neutral boss and tucking the backside to a wall (of then all has been used partorisca was to be able to him inner of small heater an old thermostat to augment his accuracy - not doing fault any function with a Netatmo).
Once a Netatmo the thermostat has been wired on and plugged in and a power has behind turned on, one and-exposed of the paper has on shot and some sensors have begun to acclimate to a hallway.
Finally, now is the one who real temperature a hallway is in, and can dip the temperature has wished consistently. In an old mechanical thermostat, so only would turn a boiler on yes has been dipped to the very big temperature.
An application is quite basic in of the terms of functionalities, has everything would expect, but at all more than some minimum coffins. For example, has no obvious way to close some controls of temperature. A graphs are add, in that give you the view detailed. You can easily dipped a temperature of anywhere that is.
A fantastic product, is by train to save me the fortune because work, and integrates with my ready telephone.
4 / 5
Is to good sure one of one the majority of stylish thermostat in a phase. I bought it to upgrade mine fine-thermostat of zone, like an installation was quite easy and there is not had to that spend for a cabling with a boiler, and there is not had to that ask a support of client for him. Although I am not highly competent with DIY and any to the electrician has described, but has directed the installed the I that uses his instructions resupplied in a box. A reason am not using likes the main controller is so only reason does not control a hot water. Otherwise Would have liked me in from everywhere in my house so only because it looks fabulous in a wall.
An interface of user is simple both in a device and an application. So only like some conventional thermostat, can program it to adapt your routine but now can control remotely and by means of HomeKit and Alexa. And have a capacity of the transmission 'was', whilst more other ready thermostats are 'always-on' type. But ossia according to your in pleasant.
One the majority of annoying part is while you restart your subject of internet maintains to fall of a coverage and calm will owe that reset a wifi dipping in this device again. Although one issues restarts does not spend often, but so only is annoying that it has to that spend monde every time. Otherwise, Is the lovely box and I grabbed he in the subject good of £80 something.
5 / 5
Loves this thermostat. Sure, has the simplistic creation and can not have all some bells and whistles of some of some mark some the plus populate but I consider that to be the very good thing. These Netatmo thermostats epitomise an expression 'less is more'.

Does not consider Me to be the DIY expert for any half but installation of these is like this simple has had mine on and that careers in 15-20 minutes. Different some of another mark' loans of thermostats where has to that neither be happy with fiddling with bosses in your boiler and finding the location for his relay (or anything is calling he), or call in the professional, if has the simple 2-wire dipped-arrive taste , these are súper easy to install:

1. Tour of some hands.
2. Calm takes old thermostat
3. It connects some bosses to a Netatmo thermostat
4. Sure he in a wall with some discharge and rays
5. It covers in a Netatmo relays
6. It configures via an application in smartphone your
7. Attended the pocolos small for a relay to connect to a thermostat
8. Configure the schedule for following some aims
9. Optionally, Game around with other settings in an application or HomeKit (is using iOS)
10. 9. Dipped your feet on and enjoy a heat, the caffè and two shortbread cookies... Well, well, ossia optional also.

Seriously this in spite of, as the one who am concerned, the ready houses would have to that be like this self-installable and self-configurable as possible, otherwise, is not like this ready. Thank you Netatmo To do this thing of installation like this easy. Now I have two arrives and that careers in my house.
4 / 5
Drawn for Philippe Hard, says. A man the one who has done the (very beautiful) lemon squeezer concealed does not take juice. An alike ethos pervades this product and an application have associated. My old timer there has been the key partorisca dip a heat on partorisca an hour with one presses. With east a, has to toggle a thermostat in ½°C for press until finally it jumps the life. Opened an application and calm basically has to that do a same thing in a screen - I has finalised partorisca create a 'always on' and 'always was' time partorisca reduce a number of taps to 6 or so many. Then an application looks a lot of swish with dials and all but so only leave you partorisca dip a time to a next plus 15 minutes. My heating is quite noisy as so only love it on 5 minutes before I wake up. Hard! - If that uses an application or street the web page.
More seriously, if a relay loses can, then all the settings of connection have gone and has to that setup a wifi of scratch (I thinks agrees a last schedule but concealed is all) . Like this it wants to turn your heating on when it lands in an airport, calms appearances has not had the diving of power in your holidays. Or if your plumber loves turn a tin was to do in a boiler, has to be there to king-enter a wifi code before they can change a heating on for the try.
In a side besides, is one of some offerings some economic plus. DIY The installation is any question neither in spite of one says look in a box. 2 bosses were the connection of thermostat for a boiler, 2 bosses in stops can (ideally of a boiler to the equal that are isolated together).
But in general would spend more the money with which time on something less angering.
4 / 5
This mine of discharges of the description Netatmo controls to heat. Has 20 ready valves further of a thermostat and relay. I have been using these of then late 2017. Also I have 5 Netatmo produced of time and 2 Netatmo cameras of security.

has frequent subjects. The support is no longer well. I am considering the turn to old thermo-valves maquinales.

am technical as directed to install a thermostat reasonably easily. The setting on valves is very easy. The setting on the schedule is very laborious. In general it marries, some needs of central relay to be situated attentively for radio contact with all the valves and a thermostat. A system is limited to 20 valves and 10 zones (the valves owe that be grouped together has 10 valves more).

Normal use
Once installed and when it operates, some works of good system. It is really well control each radiator. The mine is dipped to do a more comfortable house and delete something cold that the good. Some valves eat battery (2xAA for valve).

I always have a subject. I have reduced frequent substitution of battery to once the year for radiator to use battery of lithium of big quality. Two faulty the valves have been substituted for Netatmo, has had to pay to substitute two more, has another two which require substitution (out of the total of 24 in 3 years of late 2017). When The valves was missing then remain opened that resulted in of the very hot rooms. A Netatmo server that control an Application fails occasionally (this has did not cause me never the subject serious).

Saves of energy
there is not remarked the significant saving. My system is dipped partorisca consolation and he the well. This in spite of, any paid for him in of the savings.

Subject of entity
My woman the hate because has frequent subjects. A system requires much more interviews that old thermostatic valves. Has has has had to that entirely reinstall all some valves twice. Last night a relay there is prendido to speak to a thermostat with which 3 years, has had any response to sustain questions. The support has used to be a lot and resupplied the ease of useful cat but is now email so only and a lot slow (because of the big volume of emails etc).

Now are that it considers uninstalling a whole system.
5 / 5
Has been the defender of Netatmo has produced for the moment - I already possess a canal of time and product of camera of the security that continuous do so only well with which 3 years of property To the equal that have decided to add a product of thermostat to a stable. In general a do one a lot well: I especially like a fact that integrates with a Netatmo form of external time so that when has prejudices it particularly cold, will change in a heating sooner to leave more time for a house to cover.
Has some critiques this in spite of. A wiring for a relay is quite easy but Netatmo distribute the double sided sticky tampon to fix a relay to a wall afterwards to a boiler. A tampon is quite small and in fact would not benefit to be any big plus like electrical connector that connects to a backside of a relay is proud of a backside of a relay, meaning that you so only have a zone of surface of a connector (perhaps 2cm x 4cm) that contact of frames with a wall.
Quotes a proximity of a relay to a boiler, is perhaps a radiant heat of a boiler that softens a glue of a sticky tampon that means that before long some drops of relay of a wall. A second sticky tampon has bought for separate of the stationery the tent there has been a same effect and he looks the shame to take a tape of Gorilla to ensure the fixed company. It would owe that say that in this point Netatmo left him down with that is obviously the failure of drawing - an after-thought in that.
Some works of Application of the Smartphone amiably; but it would be useful for you, a reader, to know that more than going to a paper to see a temperature graph, can simply rotate a telephone the landscape. Any obvious of an application!
Another that this, would recommend a product.
5 / 5
After the years to struggle with the no-ready wireless Drayton the far thermostat that the person has comprised like this to use, has bitten a ball and some investigation to controls of modern heating. I have loved the simple-to-system of use without current byline, native HomeKit integration, manual overrides for when an Internet is touching up and an option to develop our investment in the date he late plus with extra controllers. In an end has chosen Netatmo thermostat, which is to good sure one of a better looking options in a phase (a happy coincidence).

Directs to install some main hub without any questions at all - the sincere substitution for an old Drayton - and he immediately interfaced with our Vaillant combi the boiler how was fellow of infancy . One and-screen of ink in a portable thermostat does not drain some fast battery and a real thermostat hub for a boiler is wired in him so that has no tinkering required after an initial installation. There is an option to ray a blockade of controller of portable thermostat to the wall but I quite as be able of the spend around, is quite attractive to seat for the clock and part of look of a decor. One of a quirks of a creation is that you can customise some aims artilugios with some resupplied has has painted stickers (the stock art uses orange but can go green, blue, yellow or the leave the aim prefers ) to match your room. It is the pleasant gimmick still although some the real colours are quite subtiles.

A bit those that the weeks have spent of then and am not been cold for now of then - finally, are controls of our heating! A Netatmo application (also accessible street a web of place, opportunely) registers all in detail calm so much can follow your use of boiler and take like this familiar with the questions to heat of your house to the equal that loves. If any one calms concern, is so only a click to do the warmest things/colder. You can plan the cure of the each day independently and override a schedule with the provisional impulse is feeling particularly chilly. Apple HomeKit the support is smooth and easy to dip up. Originally it has planned on using HomeKit in his own but a Netatmo the application is remained around for fast access to everything of some registers to heat and nerdy details. It is the solid piece of software.

Had concerned initially roughly sustain to read other descriptions but one a time have required to contact Netatmo the support has seen Twitter was courteous and gave the fast response in English fluid. Some valves of loan of radiator (TRVs) optionally can install to take control more final that yours room of heating-for-the room come with the together of adapters that spent to be unsuitable for our radiators, and because of a daft estaca-Brexit regulate of VAT of the United Kingdom was difficult to obtain some the extra adapters require of a continent. Any question - Netatmo ordered was and has has ordered so only another batch of some valves to dip on a rest of a house for ready heating. I am satisfied that this was a better punctual thermostat for my needs.
5 / 5
MODIFICATION: Once a relay is hardwired to a boiler some works of product to the equal that has to that with disruption very small. If has a unit of thermostat wired to a boiler, th issues down will persist. Works well unless you possess the refrigerator, to microwave, that the TV or your house is done bricks . Everything of these interfere with a connection among a relay and a thermostat, included when situated 2m averts. The majority of annoyingly, when a connection has lost some fires of boiler on and the heating is in full, in a half of state. Complaint not spending bit it more in the better product
4 / 5
there has been it Netatmo loan of thermostat for almost three years, and am like this happy I has it. The control of temperature is very precise: it learns an action of your boiler and house, and inside the pair of the paste of weeks has has programmed temperatures precisely and exactly as it timed. When being able to dip say 18C in 8am and 19C in 6pm and have these times & the temperatures have fulfilled perfectly anything an external temperature is the revelation. A result is the big reduction in of to to the bills likes them to them the heat is controlled like this precisely and at all is squandered.

When being able to control your thermostat for application or same voice (I Google of use Marie) is like this convenient. A bit cold law? WELL Thermostat closely of the Google to 18. Any I still need to open my eyes. Gone in vacacional and forgotten to turn a heating was? A bit those that taps in an application. Love a good house and animate when you return? Opened an application the few hours before arrived behind and annul was Way.

Returning was very easy; with the little guidance of Youtube I so only required to ensure two bosses to mine Worcester-Bosche the unit of control of the boiler. Dipping on a thermostat, relay (the wireless device has connected to a boiler) and the application was simplicity he.
5 / 5
When Have wake on the pair of time in the cold house been due to mine Siemens old the wireless thermostat that touches on, has been now of the substitutes. I have loved to go esmart' to the equal that has researched all some current offerings. For me, a Netatmo has underlined for his simplicity to draw and a fact that is not quite like this ready like another. It does not follow yours each movement... Something would not be happy roughly. All wants to know in the registration is an email address and signal that is well. You can give an application he postcode for purpose of the times but calm do not owe that .

Does really well. An application of telephone is easy to use but a place of web is the little easier to cruised seeing in the PC the big plus controls like this more the elements are aimed in a screen to house immediately. If you want to undermine deeper to some papers then there are plots more settings to touch with. Dipping up and the operation has been covered elsewhere so that it will not go in his again, but will mention the pair of points that is arisen a day of installation that some can find gains.

1) On mine, a small behind stuffing that spends some 240V hands and the bosses of transmission was extremely tight when a unit of relay has been pressed his. So much so that it was almost impossible to take it once on. I have solved this for slightly when finalising a plastic 'grab hooks' with to small file.

2) Asked like him behave after the yard to be able to (boiler of mine for a way is the Worcester Bosch combi). So after changing some hands out of moment and then on again, there is remarked that so only can seat there entirely died for several minutes. I have thought at the beginning if this does not go back on without human intervention then a whole purpose of him is swipe. But felizmente he always gone back the life, but a do one like this looks to vary, like the patience is required.

There is showed an application to the mate to do that it has purchased then some hips. It is also happy with him. I buy another? To good sure.
5 / 5
Has taken two of these I so that has two zones in my house. I thought that it that it would be able to connect a two thermostat to 1 relay but discharges of needs of the looks he in some two relays.

Once his the on some wall a setup is quite directly advances to use a netatmo application.

A subject only is that it is supposition to be compatible with HomeKit but one 8 code of figure is nowhere to be seen and any way of the recover. I will be to contact Netatmo in that.

Another that that, thinks that saves on heating cost simply reason can turn a heating of remotely for example if you are not home and then the turn on 20 minutes before arrivals.

Modification: the service of client is really bad, has taken ages for them to answer and when they copy/pasted a response. Still looking for mine HomeKit 8 code to imagine
5 / 5
has had 3 or 4 thermostats different loans (in different tenanted the properties have possessed, comprising Nest of Google Punctual (Gene 3), Heatmiser etc and has found a Netatmo loan of thermostat for far one the majority of configurable (and easy to do that) with comprehensible informing of use.
Now have three of these in three different properties (Leicester, Birmingham & Nottingham) and am able to remotely use of view, temperatures and life of battery! Also I can amend schedules down to a time the impulse is enabled ( has dipped he for 25 minutes btw!). One the real trace backs the thermostat is not touchscreen but the simple rocker-type (on/down) with all some more intricate transmissions able to be regulated invernadero an application or on PC.
4 / 5
His the good-looking piece of boxes, well together place, and looks stylish - his only the shame that an implementation is not also has thought was as it would owe that be, and like the result, no for me.

Possesses the 4 bedroomed it bungalow and boiler of mine is situated in my cochera in an arrival, and unfortunately a signal of valves of radiators for radiators of half mine will not achieve to a relay that is for a boiler. Netatmo The response was to move a relay to a half of a house, and then extend some bosses behind to boiler of mine - which is not really the solution.

Would have think that that some valves of radiator would have used technology to signal so it has done likes confidence he for each another so as to ensure that some signals of some radiators plus very far has taken to a relay. Shame! It suspects that this will be the question with any largish house, which is crazy likes these are so only some people those who will be to look to micromanage his use of energy.
4 / 5
I have purchased this partorisca substitute the mine that exists a lot of-ready wireless thermostat.

My decision the compraventa was go in east and a Tado system but has been partorisca east an on prize like Tado cost on 300 comprising installation. Whilst Netatmo HAS some have agreed installers in his web of place my local plumber touched 50 crux and has said was relatively painless to do.

In of the terms of installation you essentiallly have two boxes, a relay, which is wired to a boiler, and a thermostat he, which is battery has operated. A relay also connects to a WiFi in a house the difference of Tado and Hive, which require some additional hub has connected to a subject. This can not be a subject for everything but I already have the Phillips Boos Hub like this ideally has not loved this in spite of another hub.

Once wired on (but first to connect to issue etc) this basically acts like the no-ready wireless thermostat, so that although you it the low internet will not lose control of your heating.

A setup the process is easy and can be done of your telephone. Once ossia fact , calm then can take to program schedules to heat etc. HomeKit setup Was also the doddle, an only downside is that HomeKit works in incriments of 1 terracing Celsius like opposed to 0.5 in a Netatmo application. Ossia Also compatible with House of Google and has been linked up with my speaker of House of the Google (also works with Alexa but can not comment in setup process).

A thermostat is highly programmable and can also dipped the on way that learns (resembled Nest but any quite one same) what time takes to heat your house. A zone where is clearly behind competition (Tado) is that no active geofencing but all the things have considered, this was £99 installation besides whereeas Tado the thermostat more box of wireless extension was £278 installation besides.

A system has facilitated future expansion like calm also can add valves of thermostats and ready radiator further.

In general thinks that this thermostat offers excellent value for money and to good sure would recommend for any the one who is looking for the able ready thermostat but does not want to be joined to an ecosystem/of Nest of the Hive.
5 / 5
The installation was easier that expected although I have had the wireless thermostat previously which has helped with a wiring. If has your booklet of instruction of the boiler any the one who can wire spent that can do.

I difficulty to attack that tries sync a relay to the mine WiFi. My boiler is located in a outhouse and for one reasons it would not resist the connection. The emailed technical support and has taken any response this in spite of a subject has been solved when I manually synced a relay for plugging a relay to my computer and that runs a sync program. My tip would be any syncing the subject of relay goes thus manual method.

Has taken the response of technical support the month later cheerfully asking has had still any subjects! They have recognised a question 'unprecedented' has had but has had the subject real technician he of state returned far more collected. Ossia Reason can does not give 5 stars, some needs of technical support to be more immediate.

The thermostat and the application are excellent. A real treat these ready thermostats is an application of telephone and UI. Compared to a Drayton has substituted that have required to take a manual was to change anything is poles averts. Easy to dip on top of the time and an on-line portal gives insightful information together with some reports of monthly use. After the week and the half to use a device has indicated has had the personalised algorithm dips on based in analysis of what time my house takes to heat up and as it retains hot.

Reason Netatmo in tado, hive or nest? For me it has been it is cost. It has taken a netatmo when it was £109. A Hive exits that it loses because of any in that has an algorithm that calculates the one who some needs of boiler to shoot, is so only the elegant scheduler. A nest is more afterwards in my alcohol but I could not justify an extra cost and similarly partorisca tado.

That a netatmo the lacks is geolocation . After the use of month I in fact thinks would use it like this he factor in unplanned travesías out of a house. I can not see reason this can not be added in the update of the software and this would do even more competitive against nest or tado.

A subject has found is row. Connection of the relay the thermostat is radio street that means a thermostat will not extend in mine living room. Any subject of entity for me like this bolt in a cookery but the row can be the consideration for some according to location of boiler. I do not know reason can not use a WiFi if a radio signal is not enough?

In general am impressed. Ossia My first winter in my house as I have not given enough to measure savings of the efficiency but I fully expect it will resupply savings and the warmest house.
4 / 5
Has is returned so only this to my edges and the system of central heating of his woman. It has Had one that exists Potterton / Honeywell thermostat of wall. All has been well, averts of a rear box for an old stat no really adapting a Netatmo, but the ways and the half has been found.

Returning a Netatmo to a thermostat to exist is really easy.
- Discharges in a Netatmo Wi-Fi connects box to the prójimo main outlet;
- gone back of a power of boiler;
- take a stat has spent;
- photograph a wiring ( can email this releases the Netatmo the one who answered inside an hour that explains that it boss goes where - service of fantastic client!);
- Take an old stat;
- apt a Netatmo rear box;
- spatial of a unneeded neutral boss;
- connect a two has has changed bosses to a Netatmo terminal;
- apt a coverage forward;
- install an application
- connect the WiFi and place on the Netatmo counts.
- hey The loan has the “system” of ready heating.
- Fantastic.

Will treat a lovely pair to two Netatmo thermostatic valves of radiator when some leaves of estimativa. I have read they are surprising and well it can it believes.
5 / 5
Has purchased Netatmo to the equal that have required the thermostat that can control boilers with voltage of line (240v). This little thermostat is quite easy to dip on, has him for different ways to dip it up according to your phase, and certainly does well with voltage of line.

That founds really disappointing is that an application / of the product does not come with Geofencing ( Boiler to turn on when house, the boiler of tower was when leaving house). They say that it can be dipped up using IFTTT which have tried found that this in spite of a lot of temperamental - IFTTT TRANSMISSION of location of the use like the trigger ( Leaving zone of house). If, this in spite of, your telephone is slept during this transmission can not cause a IFTTT application and once wake arrive and is already out of a zone a IFTTT does not relieve that (so only relieves TRANSMISSION of a zone like opposed to verify that zone is in and then doing consistently). Sounds like the subject small but really so only because of this I am considering that it changes again - the question are am not sure to that this in spite of!
5 / 5
The sound adds it stat, some instructions are the pocolos poor, but his on-line support are adds.

Has taken the pair partorisca time to connect a stat to my telephone, then my internet, then an application will walk calm by means of the different times are in and to to a time would like, and believes them learns of there of that.

Me gustanuno The way can connect it the alexia and place he for voice, although some of some characteristic arnt there partorisca alexia, but in this chance can use your telephone. Have Recently has taken an echo of amazon, and wanting to all some devices that can connect them his, and this one does a lot well.
5 / 5
My boiler is in a loft of the 2 history mid terrace 1930 house has built. A relay afterwards to some fights of boiler to achieve some radiators in a paving of earth. A Netatmo the application does not look to leave for independent alteration of temperature of thermostat of the radiator another that in the provisional base, each radiator has to that be regulated manually, which to be just is not too arduous but was the hassle to balance. His very when being able to regulate the temperatures have seen alexa this in spite of sure! And of course Siri with an apple homekit work very too much.
4 / 5
Please be careful when buying this device (or a lot another Netatmo produced)- a product is excellent. It installs simply and it controls your heating - an application is fast (Much faster that Hive and simpler that use - I has used both) Some questions begin when your product to do for any reason - has any line téléphonique to call and has to that really hunt for some details of contact. Calm once begin this indictment touch it takes on the week for them to contact you and then each transmission of email takes roughly 4/5 days to answer. Where The majority of provider when something breaks (agrees calm does not have any heating) so only substitute an element - expect a lot of questions (run of a process of delay) and has covered once this can take said calm installed quell'wrongly in some small way and for this have invalidated a guarantee. It was the big defender of Netatmo and has bought a lot of his produced on some last five years. But having a crew of unsuitable technical support - this will be a last product will not buy never --- Please be warned Netatmo has utmost products but does not expect any support goes calm bad is totally for your account.
5 / 5
A very useful device.
Mur With wifi easily.
Easy to install
uses with Alexa when house and telephone of application to use when it was.
Tendency graphs very useful
can see some alleges roughly reducing the costs of energy are justified while taken a question to take the opinion of an information has resupplied.
The prize is trace recently but still represent the good value has compared to another
4 / 5
service of non-existent Client to the equal that in this base a product is not the value that shabby. With which so only 15 month some two units have purchased is not doing and both some screens have gone spatial and is any responsive has changed the batteries and the client have contacted then service that you so only can contact on-line. They have taken the week to answer and was any help at all. Some the same times have purchased these have purchased also that the alike thermostat has called wiser Drayton ready thermostat and although a together initial up was the service of has bitten of the delicate client was excellent and has taken all arrive and that careers. These thermostats continue to do now and has had any question to the equal that will opt to experience these in place of netatmo. It has taken fooled for some descriptions in a netatmo ready thermostat but when some questions begin you can very big to any one.
5 / 5
Looks good and a incumplimiento 3hr period for the manual setting of temperature is convenient. Unfortunately, like another reviewers tongue, his thermostat is slightly was.

Am seeing the +/-1 variance of terracing that means it often does not come on like this collected to the equal that has to that.

Besides, Alexa sustains is quite basic, without way to ask the one who a temperature is dipped at present to.

Update: Alexa order to ask the one who a temperature has been at present dipped to has been added.
4 / 5
A thermostat in my house has not been never wired on partorisca some reason, taking can well, but some bosses partorisca control to a boiler is not never installed state. This has meant to bear turn in our heating has had to that turn a @@@knob directly in a boiler he, the wait until a house felt tibia then turn a @@@knob was again. This was the terrible way to do likes the house always was heated of of cold and also result too hot that has meant to spend the fortune in gas.

My in fact left Father know on a Netatmo with which having an installed he and after touching with his for the while I have decided that it was perfect for my needs. I have done sure to read descriptions and also looked some video on Youtube to do sure was compatible with my system.

The installation was the breeze and took 10 minutes less. My only question was a wifi the connection but I have fixed this to install the wifi extend in a room of approximations of utilities to a boiler. I think a wifi in a form is a lot of week and need the good strong signal to communicate with 'the cloud' - A thermostat will do without wifi but you wont be able to control he of your telephone, pill or PC, neither be able to use some plans to heat.

Once was all arrive and running was able to dip a schedule to heat in mine telephone and this was that. A heating comes on and goes was when it has to that and take updates from time to time asking wants to change anything that is in fact the good characteristic. A portable screen has been installed in the wall in our room familiarised but in the hardly go near he because of an easy to use application in our telephones.

Has not used an out of home looks still like this wont commentary on him.

In general touch the easy to install and easy to use thermostat, does not have has complicated characteristic or characteristic extras that pays you partorisca but never use, so only the one who calm loves it.
5 / 5
Thermostat Well but Netatmo client sevices leave the plot to be wished infact there department of the technical service no in United Kingdom
4 / 5
has to that begin to say are an electrician and has had the wireless stat installed by mine undertaken with the transmission of boiler, he always overshot a temperature closely, was to crap basically.
A Netamo was for like this easy for me to install, so only install a relay in place of an original 'device of transmissive' alive,boss to change behind to a programmer and a neutral connection and your fact with a wiring.
Is returned your stat to a wall and follow a neighbour on instructions.
The mine that is an old '30 is' the house with solid wall has given a wireless the few questions but a hallway was where has loved the like this finally the boss of conference and synced.
Then dipped on your time and time in an application and you am done.
To to An only addition would like to see would be like this objective some outsides temp would be to register this also partorisca enable you to see the one who your use is to an outside temp at the same time, but otherwise the piece adds of boxes!
4 / 5
Looked in other descriptions and You Tube video and found easy to install. Our thermostat of the room there is so only be Two wire which has done easy. Easy to dip schedules. Leading programmable room stat. It was fiddly to dip.
This can change via application of telephone a lot easily.
Has said to heat closely of Alexa to 20, she and netatmo answered immediately.
Adds when it acuesta or leaving house to easily of temperature of transmission. When we Exit an evening has turned down a heat. Then using the telephone heat has augmented roughly 15 first minutes to return house a lot warm.
Really pleased with element. It would recommend. A lot of control More adds them in your heating.
Like this easy to use.
4 / 5
Has begun was well, the integrations with the house of Google is good settings , different for different types of day, IFTTT integration all well.

... I have changed then a WiFi and ossia apparently the bad idea. I have tried all some manuals, forums, troubleshooting drive them and the services of client owe that offered... Netatmo Together? ' You have to that be patient, takes the slow time in reconnect, so only maintain in him'.... ' I have been in him for the total of on 4 hours' ... 'yeah, Clave in him' ... Like this aggravating, his reset of the factory is not quite factory resety enough for mine in pleasant.
5 / 5
Has had this into use for 2 years now, but in a past 2-3 weeks is resulting increasingly difficult to connect to. I have tried multiple time to king bequeaths, which will do for the short while but then tip disconnects. I have tried new battery in a thermostat, king kicking a relay, rebooting my wifi hub, king that installs an application, everything to any avail.
If this continues, I cube he and movement to the something more.
5 / 5
5 product of stars. He exactly that says in one has beaten. They are not an electrician (although handy with electrical material) and found very easy of the install I with an assistance of a Netamo Forum.

The only inconvenience for me was that with which pairing a device with the application of house of the apple, a Netamo the application has begun to fail. In an end of a day has had to that choose among using House of Apple (like this when being able to give commanded the Siri to change a temperature in my house) or work with Netamo application.
4 / 5
Has found this very easy to install with a goodness distributed and so only two bosses to connect to a boiler. If has reasonable mechanic/diy knowledge and can isolate has beaten your boiler, would have to take no more than 5 minutes.
Then simply download an application and connect and is on and that careers.
A heating graphs is useful to maximiza efficiency.
Very simple to use and like this far entirely of confidence.
Does not have Alexa and has not required the technology sustains so it can not value these.
Works of device with apple HomeKit but has found a netatamo application to be remote more useful.
Produced excellent.
5 / 5
My old mechanical thermostat was had a good time is more and had been looking in the thermostats loans for the moment. I do not want to paid for the plot of functionality I never use, likes geofencing, turning in airs to condition etc... As this looked a better election .

My old thermostat there has been 4 bosses and Netatmo has answered my surgery inside the day sayingvwhich boss to use. The installation has taken roughly 25mins and different the majority of technology compraventa, has in first place tried. One transports of exposure rotates and has decided that has preferred a horizontal of exposure.

An application is very intuitive to use and there has been collected my schedule and the temperatures bet up. No more than it tries to press & attractive some few pins in mine old timer for me ! Some premiers few days were a lot the swipe & loses with the little chilly tomorrow and one a lot sweaty one. But once a adaptive the program has begun to do is sew some results have been in amazing. A temperature is exactly where loves it, when I love it and is stable to within ( something mine the old thermostat could any never take near of )

is early days still to see yes saves like this the money likes alleged ( I are sceptical in this ) But An ease of use, flexibility and the excellent control of a temperature costs of the money. It is quell'has bitten intoxicated to verify a temperature of inner while they are was, but that the novelty early will spend era. Alexa Use is quell'has bitten limited and again the novelty that has spent was quickly. Now my schedule and the temperatures have been refined, is quite apt & forgets.
5 / 5
Has purchased of Amazon when in Cyber offered of Monday. It is HomeKit Edition.

The installation was súper easy , was the little fearful like boiler of mine there is on 10 year, but all has been smoothly. The instructions have comprised with the thermostat was sufficient. All has been covered yes comes the wiring and setup with Netatmo application.

A smaller thing so only would mention... Netatmo Recommends to install relay at least 30 cm out of a boiler (or any metallic objects).. To do that, would have to resupply adapter of the longest boiler. I have finalised to dip relay less than 30 cm of boiler, felizmente like this far has not had any questions with the relay that fallen of one wireless. It could spend of the like this metallic objects absorb radio waves and worsen WiFi reception. (If the questions will arrive will have to that consider lengthening bosses to relay or extending mine WiFi reception with any WiFi boosters)... Like this far like this very this in spite of.

Adding to HomeKit is easy also, although I cant exit like this to dip on scenes with him. They are all dips up but he no behave a way has to that (in my opinion) . If it is my failure will change description to 5 stars .

Using an application is sum , súper easy to use. Simplistic creation - which is goodness for me. Thermostat of mine follows to learn the way but I already know it will save me money (perhaps any one has announced &62;30... But he to good sure wins)

has taken the time to choose a thermostat and created has done a right election. Simple creation, HomeKit integration, far control, done of time of commission, it thermostat that learns algorithms , valves of radiator (hopefully available punctual)...

Happy Netatmo proprietary of Thermostat.

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4 / 5
In the moment of orders he, the piece has presented was a together complete, with hide, lampe and connecteur, but so only has received hides in plastic, useless without embezzling.