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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 5 ratings
4 / 5
Pros: Colour and excellent detail partorisca 4K HDR film. Fantastic far control. Calm. Optical and eArc connections of available audio. Compact and a lot ready little unit. WiFi Connectivity.

Gilipollas. The needs that Plants a lot require to ensure alignment of perfect picture he so that has any turn of lentil. LG Can a lot at present be update (confirmed with LG) to the equal that to to some applications likes them to them Disney More can not be installed to the equal that are incompatible with this older version. An official brightness the indication is probably the pocola optimistic and really need the very dark room partorisca benefit. Any upscaling of 1080p content which sometimes can look soft. A different inbuilt ways of picture all look washed neither was or far too vivid to my eye another that a incumplimiento ‘way of level.

In general this little little projector is perfect partorisca my needs, but can no partorisca you given some limitations. I have had a highland optimum point has varied exactly with an upper centre of my screen but still then can not take the millimetro-alignment of perfect picture because of a lack of characteristic of tower of the lentils. It surrounds my TV of Apple by means of the Denon x6700h amp which upscales 1080p contained and bad does not have to that use a inbuilt BEAR YOU look content, as it has not taken to concern in a YOU a lot of when being pas compatible with increasing numbers of applications, or a lack of inbuilt upscaling.

Loves the economic 4K projector for the dark room and can live with his limitations then can recommend this unit, this in spite of feign confidence a inbuilt applications (a lot of the new applications are incompatible with some projectors YOU), turn of lentil of the need for alignment of picture, has the plot of environmental light in your room, or feign look the plot of 1080p or the contained low can wants to consider the different option.
5 / 5
For a money, would expect better. There is zero turn of lentil, calm basically has to that the line on directly with a wall is beaming too much. It would say that it is more for the tall trace, otherwise really would not annoy with east a. The zoom is minimum, as it does to situate a beamer was uncomfortable. There is does not go in-. He cant chair in the table in front of you (unless your room is 30ft+ in the measure and your sofa is in the rear wall. The acuteness is well, the quality of picture is good but the blacks are ashes and has washed was and any I annoying look still he with any class of light/natural light, is the dim projector. The level of noise is boarder line, included with heat. If it was more brilliant, has had the zoom of the tower of/generous lentil am sure more the people would buy it. An operating system/smarts is well. There is Netflix, prime, Plex, Disney+. It does not have TV of Apple, or any one United Kingdom takes-up. Save your money and buy something more.
4 / 5
My setup: Source: LG HU70LS, Mountain: Onkron K3A, His Main: LG SK9Y soundbar, His Backside: LG SPK8-S, Screen: Calm black wall with has painted 16:9 screen of proportion in Dulux Grey Steel 2 calm. Connection: 8K able 10m HDMI boss of projector the soundbar.

This trace of precise unit to an exact centre of a screen, so that has any turn of lentil - I has chosen to locate this in a rear wall, which is appx of a screen. The room is appx 4m x . It would advise to spend the time that traces a unit like attentive like possible so that any keystone the correction is required.

Here is a negatives has found:
1) the screen can not be uniformly directed reason yes direct the
hoards and half then an inferior third is slightly out of home, and vice versa. I assume this is due to a quality of a lentil.
2) can not choose a region I alive (Ireland) like the responses of units with “unable to upload agreements of user” for any applications. As I owe region to change to United Kingdom, and lose access to local applications
like me RTE Player. Sounds like a LG subject of server, still that pause this with them.
3) is not really suitable for daytime/external viewing because of half brightness levels but changing the picture the way helps 'vivid' the little. So only treat likes the projector for has darkened of rooms.
4) Some black levels are GOOD but could be better, here the ash/of screen to measure will help.
5) A “setting of picture” of the way of sport has done footballs
look strobing Ovni. Horrible.
6) Shows of application of Disney in tent of content but wont course because of a version of software in a unit.

And some positive:
1) the quality of Picture is B+, a lot well, with natural colour, any effect of rainbow, and contrast decent. 4K The picture is impressive.
2) HDR Adds perhaps 10 extra brightness and while it is not for ODORARE level of television HDR is certainly better that no in that has a lot of HDR at all.
3) Noise of partidário of the Unit is not too intrusive, listens in of the really calm moments but he is not in entertained ours.
4) Using “way of game” for sport (football) and augmenting a brightness and contrast a trick – some footballs of look of the footballs now!
5) A lot familiar friendly because of a built in of to to the applications like First, Youtube, Rakuten of television. Using Disney application has seen Chromecast Ultra for now, until it is to update.
5) Integration with LG sound: one presses of a LG backlit far turns on/of a projector that in
the active turn a SK9Y soundbar and behind surrounds, how is very simple to use. Everything does via an only far projector.

@In rodeo, would say that a lack of attentive that directs is a big plus letdown here, and this direct to conclude that a unit has received is overpriced, and well appx £1000. This in spite of, if has a patience to with the diverse accuracy a unit and can forgive a @@subject to direct (which is so only really noticeable in of the credits) then can be happy with him. In general I am quite happy.

3 stars -- loses the star to direct, loses half star for prize, loses half star for outdated software.
4 / 5
There would be it given 5 and maintain it, but a keystone has not done properly, the house has been blurry. The desire done the zone has done would have enjoyed this LG projector. A far is really good. 2 star that loses because of fact 2 reason. A quality of picture is crisp but is dark. The turn fixed now will be to try to look alternative to this projector. Has the failure something for this is returned. Nebula 4k max Or sonicview 4k p748 hmm
4 / 5
the Good picture but is impossible the mountain of ceiling because a boss is for too short

Top Customer Reviews: LG HU85LS 4K UHD ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 6 ratings
4 / 5
This projector is fantastic but there is the pocolos signal minor like this short just fall of the 5 product of star in my perspective. Here it is a good and a bad as I see it.

A good:
- quality of Stunning picture
- Quite lumens to manage some environmental light
- Good speakers (like the projectors go in all the chance)
- life of Incredible bulb
- characteristic Ready
- Portable
- A lot of options to plant
- Car Keystone (adds feigns use like the portable projector)
- the time of Far response is snappy

A bad:
- Any BBC iPlayer or Amazon first Video (as of 29th September 2019 in United Kingdom in all the chance), obviously can take around this to buy the Clave of television/of the Fire, but then want to that calm also can buy a HU80KG (any ready version) and some extra cash.
- Any 3D Sustain
- no extracted well for the brilliant half
- Measure, is the bit of chunky what and no like this portable to the equal that have thought ( has adds some pictures afterwards to 4 pints of tins for stairs)
- No Horizontal turn and any 4 corner keystone how is a besides economic chance LG projectors. ( You feign in that traces this thing suggests that taken your times and the mark take your placing is something on)
- Far no lit (this is not the transmission of game, but something the expect of the far projector)
- Any support for exFAT system of file, so only NTFS and FAT32, so he wants to transfer the file of half comunicacionales digital on 4GB when flashing walk and yours the mac the user probably will require to purchase Paragon.
- A bit Noisy when situated horizontally unless I dip Way to Echo to maximum. This is not really the question for me like this I so only sport of film / of the clock in the, but perhaps the bit more than concerning yes wants to do presentation.
- In my delay of opinion is the small to a lot still FPS games, but would be a lot of stops more than people (there perhaps some settings can tweak here this in spite of, will update can the find in a future)

@In the rodeo is an amazing projector , would recommend that calm purchases it so that there is at all more enough like him in in some terms of loans 4k projectors around this point of interior of prize a moment. I know he enough the pocolos aim bad, but can live with everything of them.
5 / 5
Does a lot still in 'of the conditions read'.
Ready is really well of calm does not need another device to launch of, included connected to the IN The and could common of that.
4 / 5
Fantastic 4K Projector
Like this well has bought the 4K Ultra HD Blue-Ray to take a better out of him.
Externally This LG CineBeam Laser4K the projector is different for creation.
Looking less than the squashed rectangular box with the lentil in a front - is 18 thumbs [46cm] big with the lid that contains the mirror that projects an image.
When A lid is closed is really discreet.
Is a lot portable and has the rotatable boss for transport.
Is not the projector of short launches - so that the place in a room is the consideration.
Take to 150 thumb 16:9 picture of proportion on 4 metres were.
Require the big quite wall, the big quite ceiling and the longitude quite room.
Am spent the while using this prevails writing the description to see if a wow the wears of factor were.
He no.
After the week has moved one 46 Pioneers of thumb Kuro TV out of a room.
Cela Has given a wall learns like the screen.
Same amazing picture in the coffins wall with bluray has contained.
A week later we swapped out of a bluray player for a upscaling and 4K UHD player.
With 4K HD ultra the disks locate another notch.
And for games and content animate ossia immense.
Still in that looks Transmission more and more buy the PS4Pro - his on some games this in spite of and a transmission is surprising in this projector.
A manual and the information distributed for LG is minimum and a place of web scant.
A projector is 4K UHD resolution.
Sustains HDR and has different settings for different sources - films, games etc.
Some built in LG the software sustains Game of television of the United Kingdom - Netflix - Youtube and iPlayer among another.
A “magic “ “ “” far is the friendly user to the terracing and the majority of some controls is accessible is technology savvy in some measure.
Of the rests of Projector down a bit for a connectivity and has built sounds to accuse.
Will connect wirelessly to LG Soundbars but could not try concealed.
Take that you are buying this projector is also probably considering the he all AV Auricular to maintain connections down and take the full row of some options of has spent later.
For a projector takes 2 HDMI gone in, 2 USB, 1 digital optics. 1 LAN And 1 start of audio.
A built in the speaker is a lot basic.
LGs I looks of has thought to be that you will use HDMI 1 - changing to HDMI 2 has a lot deep in a paper.
Another nods to use the he all AV auricular - a HDMI connection and one changing in a receiver.
A projector has connected my coverage in wifi really easily but streaming was poor with some web applications have comprised.
This improved with the connection wired to a projector and has improved even more when connected to the coverage there is enabled bluray player.

In general can does not be missing some images have produced of this projector with the good source and ideally would build the cinema to house around that. Work in daylight - will find you to you drawing some curtains.
Has taken the travesía to my centre of city and verified out of a TVs and averts of upper of a swimming of technology of the SMELL of row approaches. More, when a projector is not in calm does not have the enormous black mirror in your room - is really discreet and has moved easily.
Like the standalone lack of the device of some characteristics touches to accuse and connectivity and although a house and work of zoom well a keystone the options mean that a projector really the fullest works on to a surface of projection. He no that well in the corner for example. Images of still amazing quality.
4 / 5
Has had experience quite mixed with this - a projector is very heavy and big. Like this free when being the way is the bit of ache, like this calm generally will have the big projector among spectator and a wall (as obviously it can not seat one for behind calm projector).

The mountain of ceiling would be the quite serious operation , would require to have groups it quite weighed for the dipped on, and would be quite obtrusive.

In a side besides, a quality of picture is a lot good.

Could see that this would be the really good element for the small room for clubs etc, does not think is particularly practical for use of house.
4 / 5
Was bit it nervous when this arrived to the equal that has zero knowledge in these cars and has concerned any one same was regarding the dipped up.

Could not be more easy state.

And saint smokes a quality is surprising. The ones of the that possesses the TV in all the chance, as to have ossia the alcohol that blows.

A wall of the decent measure and the room is advantageous. A sound are also adds, but yes used in the room then the speakers the big plus would be better.

Really impressed in general. I think that that it is probably value of the money although would have anything for the compare to.
5 / 5
To say that this projector is stunning is in fact something of a understatement. A picture is crisp and brilliant, a neighbour up is easy likes twisted, and a unit is light without feeling in a slightest has bitten economic (which is not ). I have tried he in mine living room, which certainly is not a lot big, but certainly feels could use this in of the clubs, pubs, schools etc. Like the powerful projector. A inbuilt quality of his this a lot of well for a house, but I hook he until the speaker for the main rooms.