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Top Customer Reviews: Demon Slayer - ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 16 ratings
5 / 5
Estaciona 1 of this series finalised with out the heroes that joint the train partorisca initiate his next mission (and will require partorisca look the to comprise a full context of this film but judging thus sucedido of office of the box , he stnads was is suitable right).
Tanjiro, His Twins of Demon cursed Nezko and other mates, comprising a awesome professional Fiery Demon Slayer crew until protecting the passengers of a Train of several Demons. One the majority of prominent of these insiemi of Demons on the diagram partorisca dip some Heroes to the deep slumber and kill in his sleep.
Now Tanjiro and his mates owe that trust his talents, coaching and included sacrifice the guarentee victory by means of a night.
The one who the results is some emotional, adventure of the action packed with pieces of immense and spectacular animation joint.
Certainly, a pacing can be dipped but thinks that will depend the one who comfortable is with a tropes and dipping established in a show. Like the @@subject in fact, after a climax partorisca manage a main villain, some other looks of villain with almost indication very leading another that an existence of some Rows of Demon. Perhaps more than the buildup was necessary but suppose that it does for the most thrilling climax to ask that it would spend afterwards.
Speaking duquel, an end of this film was awesome.

If yours that anticipates a next delivery to these serious or so only love the fun time with soul without context, then ossia a film for you.
5 / 5
Hmmm, just Class of the long episode. Mina 14yr the old daughter and I enjoyed it but has been disappointed with that pocola a history has been covered in him. It has left much more it questions that answered and while I appreciate that he layers in still season two has not covered quite IMO. So only 3 still although I love a franchise
4 / 5
Our adolescent grandchildren have asked this film and thoroughly enjoyed ( precise be an animate defender) to good sure any to a flavour of some parents or the grandparents 🤣 in that has said that a picture and the quality of sound was excellent .
5 / 5
Really well film which return a storyline.

Probably roughly 20 mins also long - but also can see reason has loved a final battle in a film more than a film. So only it felt the bit disjointed.
5 / 5
Excellent and easy quality to download. The prize adds. Very pleased
4 / 5
has Looked all some episodes now this returns perfectly and the brilliant film
4 / 5
I so only really demon of amour slayer like this thats reason the looked and to good sure my favourite animate film and im no like this sure the one who the hate the so only wish another pillar was there to help rengoku .
4 / 5
We rent this film as we live some serious and in the has not been disappointed highly would recommend to look
5 / 5
film Really a lot there are them enjoyed an ape bot was sad in some sad bits and an animation was spectacular
4 / 5
are the enormous defender of demon slayer and a film was the clock adds to a series. I can not expect for season 2 partorisca begin!
5 / 5
ILLUSTRATION And BRILLIANT HISTORY, any the one who is not partorisca animate like this film and a serious
5 / 5
A history, yessss. Some effects of the his, yessssss. An animation, YESSS. Upper tier 👌🏽❤️
4 / 5
the Excellent film there is enjoyed a lot of. This in spite of English subs is not doing.
5 / 5
It does not offer a film in sub, the only rubbishes baptises, I so only @@give after spending £10 in a HD version =(
So only stick to soul streaming places partorisca soul in a future.
5 / 5
Are the enormous defender of a boss and this was faithful to this arch. For real, a film was both entertaining and breathtaking especially with his animation. Both sub or baptise, a film was to good sure that shines especially with his characters
4 / 5
has seen this film in of the cinemas and really enjoyed the. It looked prologue partorisca look a version has baptised of then, and bolt up.

Top Customer Reviews: Disney's Encanto ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 7 ratings
5 / 5
I literally read a chapter of 100 years of solitude (GG Márquez) with some yellow butterflies a day before that looks this film. If it had known this film was plagiarizing Colombias novel more famous would not have looked it never. Utter Rubbish!
4 / 5
A film is well. It thinks this in spite of that a quite overcrowded visuals has benefited a lot of worlds 3D version. Those evasions 2nd watchers, obviously, is a fact that to see a film in 3D all more spatial taking or 'air' around the, doing a visuals less 'nervy'.
The depth/of perspective is the very useful phenomenon in a realm of perception. One same goes for a music that comes with him. The person in his right alcohol would want to listen the plan soundscape like opposed to surround his in his cinemas.
4K Is the little improvement in 2nd, but never like this dramatic (an improvement) as full 3D (active shutter).
4 / 5
A young daughter in Columbia, an only one without powers in his familiar full of the people with the different magic presents has to that save his family. An entertainment, the animate fantasy animated musical with music for Lino Manuel Miranda, ossia the solid and enjoyable endeavour of Disney Any surprise like such but some songs are enjoyable, and is very animate and amusing with the goodness of mussel of good voice for Stephanie Beatriz.
5 / 5
These films taken for surprise for as beautiful, captivating and this emotional . I did not think it it would finalise to look the like this a lot of time to the equal that has. A music is incredible, a visuals is gorgeous and a storyline, well, needless to say the one who my boy and I enjoyed it and seen the the minimum of 10 times now. It is going directly my punctual collection to the equal that exits on DVD.
5 / 5
Has seen he for 'released using Cineworld unlimited paper.
Swimming of individual. Dissapointing storyline. Odd writing , bad, uninspiring. It feels hasty, forced by the date of caducity, artificially created, likes written by the adolescent in the lap during to 20 pause of minute of school recess.
Good music this in spite of. Tottaly Different world.
Take the soundtrack instead.
4 / 5
Love a visual iconography, a fact there is no obvious villain, a music is catchy.. All the round, one of the mine favs
5 / 5
good film, looked it on superscreen, looks and sounds to surprise in dolby atmos,would have to surprised to look on 4k likes sound the film coloreada, superscreen is better that 4k sound very better

Top Customer Reviews: Doctor Who - The ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5
Some Episodes:

Ossia to good sure Doctor The one who in his the majority of enjoyable, freewheeling and entertainment! Tom Bakers is (averts of cut it for real ailing and OTT scene in 'Nightmare of Eden' leaves 4) on forms partorisca these episodes, that dominates a proceedings with talent, way and charisma, and is matched perfectly for Lalla Ward playful new incarnation of Romana, the one who spends extracted adds of an action in these histories. A duet is accompanied for the succession of the actors of glorious guest likes him Julian Glover, Catherine Schell, Myra Frances, Geoffrey Bayldon and Graham Crowden, the one who all one the majority of his casualidad partorisca look in a series. It is probably he bit it too allegro partorisca some of a plus earnest defenders there, those who would prefer a quite dreary and cold (but visually stunning) Estaciona 18 to this, but, for me, this was a last for real watchable and near accessible of The one who episodes for enough some time, and some spectators of some times looked to adapt. Still after a ITV the strike was on (which had left a series to obtain indications of until 16.1 millions for 'Cities of death') around 9-10 million spectators still to a large extent stuck around, something that certainly has not spent a following year...

A Box has Dipped :

is that maintaining expect of a responsible crew, enough simply the masterclass in recovery of television and presentation that dips all another series of television emissions - without exception - the shame! One has restored look of episodes and his far more stunning that 4:3 proportion 625 line 2' videotapes has the legislation to be! A quality of picture is acute, some stable and vibrant colours, and a crisp pleasant the sound is also more than pertinent. This is topped for a fact that two of some histories there is enhanced 5.1 surrounds options of his, with 'Destiny of a Daleks' that has no only some May two has enhanced soundtracks! Amazing!!!! It is the shame that one wonderful 'City of death' has not been the candidate for one 5.1 treatment to the equal that would want to having listened Dudley the amazing bookmark of Simpson partorisca east in a version enhanced, but can not have all suppose! Because of the lack of elements of original film for some other histories, is so only a fairy of final of abandoned season' these profits that has HD scrollings of the his 16mm sequences of the film and I have to that admit that I am looking forward to in last seeing a episodic version of this animation-the history has completed. A new CGI effects for 'Nightmare of Eden' a lot enhance this a lot underrated history, a The one who swansong for Oscar winning writer, Bob Panettiere late. His final interview here with Matthew Sweet is brilliant, and is the shame that his talents have not been used by a incoming instruments of production.

In general then the container to notch upper, with far too many extras to underline here - go and verify them was! - Superbly Presented in the typically lavishly chance to slip illustrated and accompanied by the meticulously researched booklet. I can not recommend this highly quite and person, unless seriously they are that they are missing of the sense of humour, would not complain never that buys this emission!

Exited and take it now!!!!
4 / 5
Writing this description of a season he, likes boxset is not still has released. Tom wonderful Baker and equally wonderful Lalla Ward in five histories, more Shada, a never completed history at the same time because of action of Strike, with some animate to lose parts. Some find these seasons bit it too bobo, this in spite of like this a second history, City of death, the extremely sinister. ANY all the world is favourite year of a show, to a large extent because of a OTT comedy in a last history, Some Horns of Nimon, which partorisca want to. Those some aims of parks is a variety of Doctor That when it use the selection of different writers, different today when a eshowrunner' looks to write practically everything of them giving too constant of the feel and little variety in a fashion. Here we follow some good days of the producer, writer, and editor of script. Considering Douglas Adams, has mixed feelings. I have loved some histories has write, but thinks no a show like the integer the plot of favours with some of his influence. But ossia all classical esal' Doctor That, the difference of that looking a first female Doctor touched for Jodie Whittaker the one who now lovingly informs to like this of Doctor Karen. Daleks And Davros no in his better, but is certainly in him! It likes him everything of these insiemi, am looking forward to some special characteristics. I have loved so only go in the first good description. Will have other genuine defenders that give the slightly less positive on view, and ossia quite so only. He his bed. But it is likely that the character sure will give stars it description to the equal that look to do for each classical emission. I am looking forward to another complete season, and expect you all enjoy.
4 / 5
To 6th season of Tom Bakers in a function of a Doctor always looks to go in for like this the insult and the clave ask me . Yes a tone of this season is more humorous that leading seasons, but for me this does not mean that some histories are rubbishes been due to he. In fact three of the histories of this season are to good sure in mine favourite of a Fourth Doctor.
'A Creature of a Hole' well can have a embarrassingly bad Erato creature, but in spite of this atrocious piece of monster draws a history is brilliant. Myra Frances really lights a history tremendously like bitchy and unbalanced Lady Adrasta. And there is a place of excellent action in of Geoffrey Bayldon also, the sound adds to see such the classy the actor that time of actions of screen with Tom Bakers. Also some insiemi of the jungle in this history is to good sure a much more a never directed show to portray on screen. It gives a history such the strong hot look and true look annoyed , so only in a slime of sweat of Tom Bakers in some insiemi of jungle.
'Nightmare of Eden' has some typical elements of the history that is so only marred for the little annoying niggles. East times a history is woefully overlit. A Mandrels no well in the an Albero navideño hard likes to insiemi light of studio, but when in a has has darkened insiemi of Eden conjoint and a zone of the subject unstable of a two has clashed ships is excellent, and included creepy. And Tom infamous Bakers OTT soyY arms, legs of Mina' the scene is perhaps the little too stupid. But in spite of these pocolos qualms and the a lot turbulent production this history is still a lot entertaining in fact, and some the special effects have updated thus stunning Blue the edition of Ray helps a history any end. And I can be one of some only people any to be annoyed for Tryst emphasis bobo also.
ome Horns of Nimon' is very a lot to to the pantomime likes in of his presentation but is also a lot of enjoyable like the history. Graham Crowden Is lovably OTT and rediculous like you Soldeed. His cries of 'Gentleman Nimon, the gentleman is I, Soldeed!' It is hilarious in an extreme. It likes-me a fact that this history really gives Lalla Ward a casualidad to shine like Roman also. And there is a sublime interpreter among all a stagey been mad about here and ossia to John Bailey likes Sezom. A really touching little action that in some ways is in odds with all other appearances of a history. But this history I still amour so much and think looks stonking in these new Blue sets of Ray.
My history to link feeble only wise in this season is an opener , 'Destiny of a Daleks' contains the few good elements, but also some impressive periods that I cant is at all. A short of one loans when being a stupid exclamation of a Doctor to a Daleks to 'Try trace on with which ' when several histories have aimed before the Daleks can take roughly easily. But even more jarring that ossia a scripting of the actions of a Doctor in leaving a Daleks to murder two poor slaves before cries stop to them. Ossia Is such the foul period in that a character of a Doctor has to that and is always state likes. That is included worse is that one of some slaves killed is the woman also. Absolutely I have hated this writing and for this reason this history is still mine classical serial less preferred of all the times. And also a woefully transmissions of way to incapacitate a Movellans is rubbishes also. Hardly it thinks a Daleks would be in a umpasse with robot that can be attack like this easily so only for rasgar of his bands to be able to. I can see reason Terry Nation was a lot of disturbed with that has been done his original writing of this history. A history is the very very disappointing dalek history in fact. And David still poor Gooderson likes Davros Im sad to say is Michael Wisher.
'City of death' this in spite of is belter of the history and surely a cream of this season. Julian Glover is sublimate likes Account Scarlioni and Tom Chadbon is like this brilliant like the happy fist Duggan. A humour in this history is done perfectly, in that does not ruin but in fact complete some far moments more dramatic that a history. In fact It Leaves Three has one of some the majority of ghastly climax of a career of whole classical era. And a well of use of the history of his Parisian that dips how is awesome to see on screen. For this history a local really works and gives a history the brilliant flavour that impulses a whole production. Catherine Schell too many frames for the beguiling and a lot diverting Countess.
So that it averts of a woeful Dalek opener, absolutely love this season of a show. And that in an absolutely awesome labyrinth of extra? Well Like this they are not never you sublimate. Documentary master on all the appearances of a show and a content in this neighbour is incredible and extremely enjoyable in fact. In all these insiemi have been blown has gone by a gorgeous and awesome the subjects have got obsessed with in some extras. Like this goodies, enough to do a lot of Doctor The one who fan saliva uncontrollably! I can not recommend this dips highly enough. This in spite of another gorgeous edition to a Doctor The one who blue row of ray. Literally they are chomping in a bit for a prójimo a. Yeah As 'Destiny of a Daleks' avert, this season was like this enjoyable and awesome for me. Showed still again because one was classical of a show was for far and was a better career of a series. This season is delicious, humorous but still with enough of excellent work regarding the do still again easily the winner and he standout piece of Doctor The one who history.
5 / 5
Ossia A second box in the row, with which Sylvester McCoy is concealed is coming with some trays of disk almost unglued of a fund of a box. I am spending for some disks now, a volume of material is overwhelming to say a less, but that immediately spoilt my joy in inaugural this on, and submerging to some content and wonderful episodes of inner figure. They are doing these boxes in some economic now? A seal of the prize certainly has not fallen. But this never spent with any of the mine leading 8 'Collection' boxes. Such the shame, master every time one of these among a topmast.
4 / 5
Parco 17, groaned with a memory of this season, a one that precedes an arrival of JNT producership. One tends to agree that an unbalanced more than that to has liked him to it, and images of some tired Nimon and a unspeakable appearance of a creature of a hole was more than entity in my alcohol. Battered Daleks (Which have thought always has adapted that history), as improving now, and a brilliant City of death has looked for to be the pertinent decoy. But it was Shada this has sold he for me and am very happy has done. Yes, it has had a Mandrills of Nightmare of Eden, but has been contained inside the quite good history that has treated some hard subjects.

After all these years, has found a estaciona has had more than goes for him that against that. Yes, Tom was out of control and a humour there is a bit state eclipsed a work, but there was still enough to maintain me invested in some histories. It is a lacking juxtaposition in fact, him some noises of the cartoon of absurd comic likes TARDIS the dysfunctions in one finalise of a spectre against a deadly serious dismissal of Tryst in an end of Nightmare... The value that shabby.
5 / 5
A season of two half really with some signals underlined when being Cities of death and Shada, although any of some other histories is any less than means.
Shada Was of course never transsmitted at the same time because of being any completed because of action of strike in a BBC. A version in this neighbour boxed has effective animation to cover the scenes disappeared and work.
Some of some histories have more extra that another but has to that be said there looks to be to plot of some DVDES emissions of around done the decade (Bob Panettiere looked quite frail in a new documentary and in fact died to an end of 2021).
A esar a sofa' the pieces look the paving of has bitten and some of some participants are quell'has bitten boring (I follows to guess roughly nomination some the big plus could not be persuaded to look during a pandemic?).
Am buying these has boxed conjoint as it collector to all the cost but would say that this was on half in of the terms of some histories if any one some extras.
5 / 5
Very sure if ossia common to all the disks but I look to have any video in the middle of some extras, is audio so only- Have of then was that it can require update your blue players of ray firmware to see some extras.

Like this to a season, is one of mine favourite like this is when I in the first place begun regularly looking Doctor That, with one of a City of better histories of death. Also a show-the corridor at the same time was Douglas Adams. Any sure the one who the new spectator would react, but was amused to rewatch with fond memories this in spite of being entertained.
5 / 5
Another collection adds, considered to one of the better seasons of Tom, some imagines to see tongue for them in this period. Like this always superbly packaged and that the booklet adds in there too much. Hours of extras, to the entertainment adds.

Perhaps a BBC could ask these emissions? It would be good to see 4 of of the this the year at least!
4 / 5
This edition of collectors of Doctor the one who season 17 in blue the ray is very presented and is the must has for any doctor the one who fan.

Parco 17 is packed with adds advance of the histories of doctor, one of mine favourite is “destiny of a daleks”. More take tones of extras to look.

A lot of value of the money and I highly recommend it.
5 / 5


Top Customer Reviews: The Transformers: ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 4 ratings
5 / 5
A 4k UHD the scrolling looks spectacular and a sound is improved
This in spite of, and is so only the subject small, is when a film was king-released in a cinema a scene when we see Daniel and Hotrod to the peach has been blurred accidentally was. And this is to be spend on on to this 4k version.

In a version of United Kingdom of an Edition has limited 4K book partorisca Armour plate neither takes some 6 papers, a poster and a book that is instead in the big boxed dip which is available elsewhere, partorisca an American version that takes this extra is with a book of steel in the small envelope inner. Has thinks that that we take him to us have seen like this the description in youtube that objective that was it inside a book of steel, but concealed is not a chance, but there is wanted to so only a film as I have not gone also has annoyed. I am not sure if that has been missing of my version, but does not love a hassle of service of client of Amazons.
4 / 5
My husband is the enormous life -defender with a longitude of Transformers and has loved this film has seen of then he in of the cinemas like the little boy (and already possesses, likes, 3 ruddy versions of him). But like more things in fact a lot of moons, visually, thinks that is begun to the aim is age (in of the recent years mainly).

That the be has said...

Has said that felt like this near to see he by means of some eyes of the boy again as it will not feel never when looking this in 4K, when be blown has gone by that crisp and quota this films once again looks.

A happy man-boy in fact!
4 / 5
One of my favourite films and is looked forward to this for some time. This in spite of has been disappointed deeply for him. I have seen cleaner of versions in 1080p. Really I want to recommend but it can any one and think that the defenders of Transformers have been courts has changed of this edition of anniversary. Shame in Hasbro.
4 / 5
This description is for a 1986 film and a 4K Blue-ray.

A year is 2005 … Paralizaciones millennia, a heroic Autobots, directed for Optimus the prime has been in sound of war with a bad Megatron and his Decepticons on control of his planet of house of Cybertron. This in spite of, a threat even more order – Unicron the colossal converting planet that devours everything in his street – is beginning legislation for Cybertron. An only hope is a Autobot Matrix of Leadership. A Autobots be able to save they and his world of house in time?

One 80 is produced some of some the majority of classical franchises that still exist today and some transformers is one of a big plus that will not go never was, and will thrill defenders in fact a lot of years to come! Some Transformative animate film of 1986 is one of a better looking the films animated still today with amazing illustrations and of the thrilling characters want to those who endlessly battles each one that like this, this film this in spite of era one first history to break a mould and be slightly controversial to kill characters keys and adding a lot of emotion and depth to a strong box of history of the Transformers, plug tingling in the each way this films still is order looking with the good 4K frames that looks coloreados and a sound are adds! A classical soundtrack and a lot talented incidents of actors of the voice in a film, if any one the already seen the then touch the must compraventa, the bit adds of the history animated here.

One Blue-the ray has add it 4K picture and sound.
One Blue-the ray has a logo of factory of the Cry as I assume some characteristic is some still likes version of EUA.
The characteristic is of sound with the commentary, trailer, something of television, period of characteristic storyboards, the long documentary in a doing of a film (46mins) a lot another featurettes and has has deleted scenes (38mins)
4K Region of FREE disk ABC, Blue-region of ray B. In common time 85mins. 1986.
Film of English tongue. Subtitles English, English SDH, Spanish.

Buys a version of edition has limited taken the chance of Hard boxes well with 6 art-papers, poster and book.

Top Customer Reviews: Kakegurui - Season ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 2 ratings
5 / 5
Ossia The serious adds , 2nd part is was now also, further of Myethos and releasing figures together with a series of book.. Question: Sentai has changed his creation of chance and this title, Tamako Phase. It says calm to Want to you, and My Adolescent of Romantic Comedy SNAFU the climax is among one some have bought in a creation of new chance, after a prime minister or second scratches of look of use. After governing was subject of player and all other possibilities, some only commonality among some fractions the disks is some new Sentai chances. I want to say that it is Wrong to Choose on Daughters in the Dungeon? Estaciona 3 was around a last of some emissions of sure chances, like the very recent transmission. Be Warned.
4 / 5
Awesome Alma has taken to a boss behind in 2016 and has been moment to a day this series would be in Blue ray in some the EUA! Control out of another series “Kakegurui Twin”. Mary Satome is better daughter!!!