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1 first Logitech G703 LIGHTSPEED Wireless Gaming Mouse, HERO 25K Sensor, 25,600 DPI, RGB, Adjustable Weights, 6 Programmable Buttons, Long Battery Life, POWERPLAY-compatible, PC/Mac - Black Logitech G703 LIGHTSPEED Wireless Gaming Mouse, HERO 25K Sensor, 25,600 DPI, RGB, Adjustable Weights, 6 Programmable Buttons, Long Battery Life, POWERPLAY-compatible, PC/Mac - Black Logitech G
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2 Logitech G PRO X SUPERLIGHT Wireless Gaming Mouse, HERO 25K Sensor, Ultra-light with 63g, 5 Programmable Buttons, 70 hours Battery Life, Zero Additive PTFE Feet, PC/Mac - White Logitech G PRO X SUPERLIGHT Wireless Gaming Mouse, HERO 25K Sensor, Ultra-light with 63g, 5 Programmable Buttons, 70 hours Battery Life, Zero Additive PTFE Feet, PC/Mac - White Logitech G
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3 best Logitech G PRO X SUPERLIGHT Wireless Gaming Mouse, HERO 25K Sensor, Ultra-light with 63g, 5 Programmable Buttons, 70 hours Battery Life, Zero Additive PTFE Feet, PC/Mac - Black Logitech G PRO X SUPERLIGHT Wireless Gaming Mouse, HERO 25K Sensor, Ultra-light with 63g, 5 Programmable Buttons, 70 hours Battery Life, Zero Additive PTFE Feet, PC/Mac - Black Logitech G
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4 Logitech MX Master Wireless Mouse, Bluetooth or 2.4 GHz with USB Unifying Mini-Receiver, 1000 DPI Any Surface Laser Tracking, 5-Buttons, Amazon version, PC / Mac / Laptop - Graphite Black Logitech MX Master Wireless Mouse, Bluetooth or 2.4 GHz with USB Unifying Mini-Receiver, 1000 DPI Any Surface Laser Tracking, 5-Buttons, Amazon version, PC / Mac / Laptop - Graphite Black Logitech
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5 Logitech G305 LIGHTSPEED Wireless Gaming Mouse, HERO 12K Sensor, 12,000 DPI, Lightweight, 6 Programmable Buttons, 250h Battery Life, On-Board Memory, PC/Mac - Black Logitech G305 LIGHTSPEED Wireless Gaming Mouse, HERO 12K Sensor, 12,000 DPI, Lightweight, 6 Programmable Buttons, 250h Battery Life, On-Board Memory, PC/Mac - Black Logitech G
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6 Logitech G300s Wired Gaming Mouse, 2,5K Sensor, 2,500 DPI, RGB, Lightweight, 9 Programmable Controls, On-Board Memory, Compatible with PC/Mac - Black Logitech G300s Wired Gaming Mouse, 2,5K Sensor, 2,500 DPI, RGB, Lightweight, 9 Programmable Controls, On-Board Memory, Compatible with PC/Mac - Black Logitech G
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7 Logitech G502 HERO Special Edition High-Performance Wired Gaming Mouse, 25K HERO Sensor, 25600 DPI, RGB, Adjustable Weight, 11 Programmable Buttons, PC/Mac - Black and White Logitech G502 HERO Special Edition High-Performance Wired Gaming Mouse, 25K HERO Sensor, 25600 DPI, RGB, Adjustable Weight, 11 Programmable Buttons, PC/Mac - Black and White Logitech G
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8 Logitech G403 HERO gaming mouse with HERO 25K DPI sensor, LIGHTSYNC RGB, light weight of 87g and optional 10g weight, PC/Mac - black Logitech G403 HERO gaming mouse with HERO 25K DPI sensor, LIGHTSYNC RGB, light weight of 87g and optional 10g weight, PC/Mac - black Logitech G
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9 Logitech G903 LIGHTSPEED Wireless Gaming Mouse, HERO 25K Sensor, 25,600 DPI, RGB, Lightweight, Programmable Buttons, 140h Battery Life, POWERPLAY-compatible, Ambidextrous, PC/Mac - Black Logitech G903 LIGHTSPEED Wireless Gaming Mouse, HERO 25K Sensor, 25,600 DPI, RGB, Lightweight, Programmable Buttons, 140h Battery Life, POWERPLAY-compatible, Ambidextrous, PC/Mac - Black Logitech G
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10 Logitech G PRO Wireless Gaming Mouse, HERO 25K Sensor, 25,600 DPI, RGB, Ultra Lightweight, 4-8 Programmable Buttons, Long Battery Life, POWERPLAY-compatible, Built for esports, PC/Mac - Black Logitech G PRO Wireless Gaming Mouse, HERO 25K Sensor, 25,600 DPI, RGB, Ultra Lightweight, 4-8 Programmable Buttons, Long Battery Life, POWERPLAY-compatible, Built for esports, PC/Mac - Black Logitech G
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Top Customer Reviews: Logitech G703 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 42 ratings
4 / 5
Ossia An amazing mouse , but does not want to repeat the one who other 5 descriptions of star have said already.

A 1 star of me is why....

- I has in the first place bought this mouse has used, 'to the equal that new', and has had the empty manufacture concealed has affected a scrollwheel. The repayment has had to he.
- My second compraventa was well for the few months, and then a key of right mouse has begun to do up. He repeatedly click a click of mouse same legislation although it resisted it to them down. It has taken the substitution . You can google this like the subject common with these/Logitech smiled to look for 'Logitech question of Double Click'
- My mate of house has bought this mouse after my recommendation and he have has had to that the turn because it has had subjects with a wheel to go also.
- My substitution of mouse (Tercero of this mouse/Fourth those count my housemate is) has developed a same question but more severely and in a key of sinister mouse in place of a legislation. It has taken the repayment because I am now a lot in stock.

Has not been that it is up with this batch of the mice but he hurts that a QA or the manufacture sucks like this bad that 4 out of 4 mouse has sent my house there has been the defect of manufacture.

Likes -play it to you, then take these mice, reasons if work, is damn well.
4 / 5
His the mouse adds.
Has come from/come from one 403 likes done his exactly some the same frames perfects for me.
A dongle is good and one hard load the long time, Some very attentive sensors and spaces you of office will look very orderly.

But gave abundance of subjects.
A software was a worse part .
Took roughly 20 reinstall to take Logitech hub and hunting down individual engine to uninstall so only to take a the mouse to be recognised like this could them regulate all a DPI is and keys to the mine together usual up.
This looks to be the subject common to the equal that has abundance of the question that the shoots sticks to drive calm by means of one of some 100 subjects some engine/of software can create.

Another @@subject has had them was some keys when being the multiple time registered when that resists it down which is an absolute nightmare . Apparently ( to read on-line) ossia also the subject very common with this mouse and raisin to the little of some keys. Any one creates the one who a cause is, the mine of amazon has substituted easily and this one has no real subjects here.

give me a goodness in of the games?
Are still way more comfortable touching in mine mouse wired and something allways so only feels the bit was with a wireless mouse, Im any insurance that is.

Thinks wireless a lot of all of the extra money?
Can snatch this up for treats it sure. But the probably wont be substituting mine when it goes.

Tries era. His no bad.
His to good sure different
5 / 5
This mouse are adds to be like this responsive that forgets that his wireless while also when being very very built and astonishingly comfortable. His in a side a small plus but with enough the hump pronounced for a palmera. I comfort it it is always subjective but I so that it found it far very better to resist that my forward gaming has smiled. A rubberised sides and crazy the cup of arrival is sum for sweaty hands that was one of my main complaints with a Zowie EC2. A Logitech the software is easy to use and discreet with the settings have saved in a mouse like calm does not need never the use after an initial setup if it does not love.

In-the game so much has had far a lot of dropoff in aiming compared to the mine leading mouse to the equal that assumes sound doing the good work that follows wise.

In comparison to some the majority of recent mice has used:
Logitech G502 - G703 the form is more comfortable some keys of thumb are easier that use
Zowie EC2 - crazy the surface is infinitely better, the wheel of roll is very better and a whole mouse is more solidly built

A wireless appearance is a lot of liberating with second looks a lot drawback thanks to several developers of generations for Logitech.

In general highly recommends this mouse to any the one who loves upgrade to the wireless gaming mouse and prioritises consolation on having 11+ keys
5 / 5
Good weight, and decent sensor. This in spite of, seat ossia overpriced against alternative that comprises a Logitech G305 that has life of better battery but no RGB costing around 1/3 of a prize, i.et. Roughly more 60 economic. This in spite of, are not the defender of a form of a Logitech G703 and has has had to that the turn like the result like the grips lateralmente felt bit it sticky/no-slip rubberised and a cup was too much big for mine in pleasant how is resulted slightly uncomfortable when using for him gaming session. The personal preference is a Razer Mamba Wireless Optical like the form is probably a better for an ergonomic mouse although slightly heavier - this usually sells partorisca around £65 to £70 like this around 20 economic more. If a Logitech G703 the hero was more economic that would take the 4-star he so that there is at all bad with him and the form of a mouse is very personal
4 / 5
has has thought always wireless mouses would be the ache to treat because of latency of entrance and life of the battery but this mouse there is neither questions.
Takes 60 hours of life of battery with all a RGB has changed was and there is no perceivable latency at all, in fact feels more responsive as I am not tugging the boss more!
Logitech Nailed it!
5 / 5
Has chosen on a G703 to use jointly with a Powerplay the induction that box of touches beside the G413 keyboard of Carbon. They are more the strategy and RPG characterises these days that it shooter player to the equal that will leave commentaries on the accuracy to this plus has described, but has found a G703 to be an excellent and responsive device that once returned with a Powerplay puck any need never be touched or plugged in excepting firmware updates.


To control a RGB in a mouse or leave it to agree his settings of sensibilities, precise use Logitech G-Hub software, and this software is not Well. Sometimes it refuses to do at all, sometimes he no sync a mouse RGB to some other devices. ( I have while found until a Powerplay the matt and the keyboard has uploaded his settings to light first to change a smile on to help the little with east.) Worse, this in spite of, is a fact that is possible for G-Hub to fail updating he and to do like this like this spectacularly that it can it the you a lot of king-install or a-install a software. A tool of scrolling likes CCleaner can expunge the sufficiently to king-install, but ossia material of the hour interested of Logitech.

Same with these questions an usability, quality of build and comfort it of this mouse the the device of 5 stars. Has docked the star for some subjects of software, which have persisted for more than the year in time of description.
4 / 5
Has required an on-board programmable wireless mouse for Nvidia the shield and this was a more economic option. Although he a work, there is a bit downsides:
- Quality: the materials are half. The worse thing is a wheel . Has a typical economic mechanism found besides mouses, where a half key dips under one of some shrubs of an iron. Regarding the press has to that press for a part in planting to press down a wheel. Horrible cheapy.
- The BOSS Is A PROPIETARY MINI-USB. Calm can not program a mouse you free a boss!!
- Has caused some BSODs in mine pc... Lacking
has had another option would be returned (and has found also this thing of boss after a window to return that.. I will try any to lose a boss.)
4 / 5
Was compraventa around for the mouse for the month or like this after mine corsair M65 has begun glitching was on me. Like this always they are trepidatious when buying the technology like always done my investigation but that spooked me partorisca this mouse was a 'some wireless' and am happy to inform that it is in fact 100 lag free. It does not have a sensor of the NEW HERO but I would be stumped would be able to say a difference among that and a LIGHTSPEED sensor.
Ossia The mouse for people that prefers grip of palmera in claw. It would say my last Corsair the mouse was among palmera and claw and a G703 is so only so more comfy, an ergonomics is sum and some smiled is like this light!. One uploads in a mouse are add, touched it once to 100 purchased it of then and at present am seating in 33 to the equal that speak. One smiles goes to standby way to if it does not relieve any movement to conserve battery like calm does not have to that concern roughly accidentally leaving it on in prejudices. A RGB the elements are utmost, some colours are really full and a software of the the tonne of options to add your own mandates to a mouse.
In general, has bought this on sale mouse partorisca around £50 and retrospectively has paid felizmente more for him. It was like this happy with him has bought he by other bosses of technology christmas.
5 / 5
Been using paralizaciones east FPS and On-line gaming (COD Warzone, ENDOWS 2, NMS, Overwatch etc) and has a lot of state impressed with this mouse.

Can not see any lag and havent there is remarked the decrease in action with mine gaming, having any boss really does free on my movement and I love a fact can so only covers he in boss of street to recharge this in spite of raisin in gaming

So only while his wireless lightspeed keyboard to touch to lose in prize and certainly will be upgrading
5 / 5
the desire could reembolsa this but some smiled feels utmost. This in spite of so only some keys of mice to do at random time, at least two times each days of pair, has to legit hunt of fight and touch a fast of mouse and box of laws to expect again. To arrive to this point are them more probably going back to mine Zowie the cause is of confidence. I can 100 it says this mouse is not of confidence of my same experience although has a G a late plus-Hub update and updates of product. These needs to be fixed, this is not the mouse of low end or any meaning to be..
5 / 5
Shining! So better that a G305 and relatively calm too included compared to the mine M590.
Has the small hands and he felt the little has bitten big at the beginning but after the pair of days am loving an extra precision. A RGB is the touch of flesh but probably the battery has squandered so only as I can does not see when you are using a mouse!
Use Piper on Linux partorisca control some lights and secondary keys. Good works.
5 / 5
Smiled Ergonomic Wireless BETTER in a phase! Like a gpro in the action so only has bitten more weighed in 95 grams while a gpro is 80 grams prefer a g403 the calm forms will not complain that it takes this mouse. All some keys and keys lateralmente a lot of responsive and clicky. Súper The attentive only flu is pressing down a wheel of roll requires too much do too much you accidentally run a same time sometimes
5 / 5
the mouse is responsive, and all the keys have the good click to them. It is comfortable to use in the prolonged period for time, and is a right weight for the gaming smiled also. Like this far any complaint with life of battery neither.
4 / 5
This mouse is enough for games. The software is easy to use and can regulate dpi to the to anything likes. I have pressed a DPI key for accident the little time but is not bothersome. If anything, can take a DPI no in a software to relieve this subject.

In of the terms of ergonomics, has the quite big jump approaches a half backside-ish. It does not annoy me , but it hurts the hand of my brother. My hands are slightly main that his so it considers your hand-held measure also. Has a lot rubberised grooves of consolation also. I have seen my increase of aim. Absolutely that loves my time with this mouse.
4 / 5
Has taken this to substitute rival of series of old steel 310 when it has died.
Like this far can not remark any disadvantage for the wireless and hard use in last 4-5 days of several hours of day to be able to of the use.
His no like this width like my old mouse, which partorisca me has not been like this comfortable but will live with him
5 / 5
has BROKEN WITH WHICH A bit those that MONTHS!

After only the little month has had to buy the new mouse. My gameplay has taken quite bad and has thinks that has been. Until it has broken entirely. My right click spam and at stake he disorder on my accuracy and be I really annoying.
Right clicks usually pause owed to the wear and the tear but I have had has had so only this for the few months.

Has had now this for the few months are unable of the turn.
5 / 5
Averts of a software that is aweful at least can dip on then the save to one smiles then uninstall the. Knife in another calm hand does not take lighting effects without having a software on and a software constantly uses an internet in a fund. At least with east a software of the rubbish so only is annoying a day takes a mouse .
4 / 5
The hard battery long: 1-3 weeks.
Adjustable weights.
Cariche While used with boss, 100 in perhaps 1-2 hours.
A tad big, sure mark to measure your hand properly.

HAS available optional wireless touching mousepad.

The right click there has been the odd sound a first hundred of click, has solved then.
4 / 5
Has taken this of the warehouse of tried of the amazon, side me grieve to anything likes them 20 of pounds, and im impacted in just like those surprised this thing is, zero that follows or questions of delay, a hard battery for 20+ hours of any game of paralización,also one touching is like this fast. His honradamente a better mouse ive has not had never!
5 / 5
The works of sensor adds on almost everything. An application is the bit of the ache to use, but calm once is dipped on, the law adds
5 / 5
It smiles add partorisca gaming, has used MX master 2s
Previously, but this was in a heavy side.
The life of battery is surprising also.
To good sure value of the money
5 / 5
Ossia now a second 703 ive broght now. Prime minister a has run them in the issuse with bending clicking all a time and could does not take partorisca take and now to the day my wheel of roll has given so only on working. Sadly I like a Logoitech the produced but ossia to coach to do me wants to go with the diffrent frames for my new mouse.
4 / 5
Has fantastic smile for palmera and of the big hands grippers. Weight a lot his also. Talent very happy he like this far.
5 / 5
A life of battery could be the little has bitten longer for the wireless lights, as well as little heavy compared to a glorious model or. As well as rgb would have to that be more compatible when wireless. The boss would not owe that be braided. This in spite of, very good and the mouse cleaned has the good to feel still grip of palmera and gaming. This in spite of can be the little big for people with small hands.
5 / 5
Amazing mouse, would not go back never wired again! World-wide brtillaintly. Any delay, and touch it each one that 3 or 4 days, and use until 8 hours the day gaming.
4 / 5
The look of mouse adds, in amazing and light sensor this in spite of a hump digs to your hands and he the uncomfortable fact after the few hours.
4 / 5
The good boy has begun partorisca enjoy it well before Navidad. Rid quickly. Any question like this far.
5 / 5
A software is a main ache . It feels he bit it small in a hand. Accuracy really good and battery
5 / 5
taste everything to do with of a his mouse adds for daily work and partorisca gaming could be useful to have more the keys on have taken gaming but súper responsive and easy to change DPI settings in a fly.
5 / 5
It has been cost while it has done, but with which 4 month a click there is prendido partorisca do. It results sound the subject really common. Logitech The support is worse that useless like this at present does not know can take them the substitution.
5 / 5
Absolutely amazing mouse, has begun was with out with a version wired and has done then a upgrade to this. Everything roughly is perfect
5 / 5
his the mouse a lot - a fact that a key of sinister mouse fails, Logitech process partorisca guarantee side, this in spite of ossia according to the smile has has had to that a micro the transmission fracasada inside a first year
4 / 5
the action Adds, long durable battery. Built in rechargeable the battery is the utmost characteristic .
4 / 5
Good mouse, well feel. Had the question with him not answering but I so only dipped a usb in the different port and he have done so that the must has been my pc
4 / 5
A brilliant mouse, with good ergonomics partorisca my hand and the light weight that the fact adds partorisca long use.
Could comprise grips that take my have the question with a hump but each one which so to the his own
4 / 5
love a mouse but he is so only double-clicking all a time now and has used them a mouse partorisca 3 month now, the one who the joke
4 / 5
I have taken this after taking the repayment in the faulty G703 (scrollwheel @@subject). A life of battery is roughly 3x better, and a subject of the wheel of the roll has gone.
5 / 5
Some black product has filtered to a light space in a wheel, another that that am quite happy with him
4 / 5
Looks very pleased and has said would recommend to his fellow
4 / 5
So only does not seat right with me for some reason but is the good mouse.
5 / 5
That can say! Big quality like usual, use for Csgo has smiled adds.
4 / 5
A battery kinda drains quickly, but otherwise is a lot of value he.

Top Customer Reviews: Logitech G PRO X ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5
A literally hard battery 2 weeks and cariche in 30 minutes. Bloody amazing. SOOO LIGHT and so only the mouse adds. Initially it felt economic compared to mine another mouse, but thats because his 35.ºchero Of g, generally the most weighed things celery more first, but ossia certainly quality without feeling as the a lot. Súper Attentive and slips like the charm, ive has had he partorisca the few months now and 0 questions, if any questions, his be with a G HUB software more than any subjects of mice. A DPI the key would have been I adds, but while im not touching his apex the marvel partorisca use!
5 / 5
My initial impressions like this far is that absolutely I love this mouse and is one of some better mice have not used never, has included to beat my preferred old Deathadder Elite!

Has arrived safely and comes very good packaged and presented in the prize that looks retail box, resembled a box of expensive smartphone with a unboxing the feeling bit it more special that so only your usual mouse.

Ossia For far one smiles a lighter has not used never, there there is basically any one his weight all and is like a Superleggera supercar of mouse of computer, has included a wheel of mouse is empty to help maintain a weight down. His like this easy to move around thanks to a PTFE the feet and I take @tiredness @of delivery very small partorisca the use has included afterwards has has extended sessions.

Because of a weight has been expecting some plásticoes to feel bit it economic but could not have been worse, each appearance of one smiles has the look of prize and feel his, some keys all good celery to use and a mousewheel is perfectly setup and attentive, something the plot of fight of mouse to take legislation.

Coming from to wire fence Deathadder the crazy looks for me to say but in fact seat this wireless mouse is not so only faster but more attentive, a Lightspeed the technology is surprising. The consistency takes big valuing round in the variety of different fps games, mainly BFV which is my preferred and some of some shots of sniper there is pulled was with this mouse sincerely impresses me, the chair really has connected his more than something so only am tugging round in the tampon.

For such the light mouse a life of battery is brilliant, the full load is lasted almost a whole month that use for more than 8 hours the day, and when it runs was touches time very same while still using it I so that they are more than happy with a life of battery!

Any subject with a G Hub software but at all too much to say averts to do well, offers the plot of customisation likes fulfilled of key, macros, and settings of sensibility, and his easy to use.

In general, can not shout enough praise in this mouse and his for real the fantastic peripheral. For gaming or the general computer uses his perfect and for far and was one smiles better there is never has used. If you prefer big sized, the light and calm mice have not been still convinced by the wireless technology then highly recommends to give this Pro X Superlight tries it. Easily value a plenary five stars and then some, the work adds Logitech!!
5 / 5
Usually the favours smile it the heaviest how was the bit has concerned that this G Pro X Superlight would feel so only too light and flimsy.

First impressions are well. A measure is well, I as it smiles it the big but still although this one is quite slender the still chairs a lot comfortably in my hand.
Is two keys lateralmente fall amiably under my thumb, and all the keys are responsive. It excepts For a key of wheel that has the a lot of thinner click his, and feels the bit has died. A wheel is a lot this in spite of, with some control and noticeable indents.

My only flu and he the bug are a texture of a mouse. It is like this smooth as to be slippery in time. A lot it would prefer roughly his grip any side where your thumb and rest of toes. If you owe that it stimulates for any reason then requires the hardest grip that necessary thus hanged .
And in this weight ... Really I can not comprise like this it has directed it to pack everything in, and reduce the weight like this still has an element that feels sturdy. It does not creak or flex at all, very impressive.

Use him is very precise, responsive and attentive. He stop them with him is dongle with ease and any need for extra software unless I want to reprogram some keys. For gaming perhaps the few extra keys could have good state but concealed all have has added hanged, and this thing is really roughly lightness.

Has to that say that I seat a prize is quell'has bitten big, sure is the mouse of big quality , but another the one who is lightness really there is at all extra to offer for a prize. And there is a slippery feels @@subject for me.

On all this in spite of yes love the wireless mouse for gaming (or day-to-use of day) which is light then looks no further.
4 / 5
These lives of mice until his name. Ossia One smiles a lighter has not used never, very smooth to use and has the well seat his. Reviewing Of the female perspective a mouse is the little big for the smallest hands, has the wrist sustains as it can not use with to him likes behind a paste of of mouse a support - this would not be a subject with the main hands. They are still able to use one smiles quite comfortably this in spite of would prefer the few centimetres of a period. An aim is good and cleaned and the looks adds. One smiles has not taken long to upload against everything. A small booklet that among a box gives two link of web of place, one for some instructions of PDF (which do not give a lot much more info that that it is in a container) and an application to regulate some settings for a mouse that is súper clear and easy to comprise. Calm also will require this application to the equal that can say that that uploads yours mouse has. I have used one smiles all day on and was and one full load has gone down only peel 5-7 which have been impressed stops. It likes that it can dip it you of some keys in a side to several controls. An also left application is dipped a DPI speed of 100 to 25600. A fund of one smiles can be adapted to comprise the circulate cushion which will do an operation of a same mouse smoother. In general I am impressed enough, so only a sizing see like a @@subject that goes forward so much, goes to be that it uses the mouse for long periods particularly when gaming, precise that lean of wrist or calm goes to be in still the hell of the plot of questions down a street.
5 / 5
Is really be impressed with this wireless gaming mouse. My brother dipped it one is no in his gaming PC and I have been using he for work of map and both think that that it is really good.

A subject is my brother has run to era if his PC has closed down suddenly (usually after fiddling roughly with windows and of the updates and material) a DPI the resets and has to that go thru a together integer on indictment again to his place of mice have preferred for gaming.

Both are has bitten it iffy with a goodness to touch, some fronts in looks has bitten it flimsy and ossia the bit to concern like any insurance to the equal that to if a snaps era. But it averts of this time to touch is quite decent and some cariche hard for ages. Has both state it using and there is still to require to king-the like this impressed touch with that.

A mouse is very very light thou, his is not very a lot his weight that was has bitten he jarring like this the earth the mouse with the bit of his weight when using he for work of map. To to The My brother him him like this thou like this do his gaming of the time of reaction is quell'has bitten faster in general when touching his on-line and to the games of PC likes him Walked of Of Estrella and create murderous.

Really Liked Me this mouse in general and a white colour agrees my PC really amiably. I think that that ossia the really decent gaming smiled for the begin one is to attribute of fun to do with calm so much can dip he until your settings of own has preferred mice.
4 / 5
Has to that it weaves to love in this gaming smiled, but is not without subjects.

Out of a box a mouse hanged under a declared 63g, but concealed is without adding a clave comprised in grips. I recommend to attach some grips for the most pleasant experience. Ossia Is an only superlight mouse that does not have the creation of honeycomb, which is the massive plus . It looks sleeker and feels better. A solid frame also leaves a mouse to have the main feet for the upper slips.

This mouse has a sensor has improved, but an original was like this extremely although I can not say any difference. A resolution is far he more adds that any possibly could love.

A clickers is glorious after diverse use of day. In spite of Logitech that has done some adjustments goes to be there he nagging doubts to the equal that to the that of the new clickers will be to like after widespread use. He a exceptionally seal of big prize more difficult that resist.

Another light annoyance is that this mouse requires micro USB that touches. It is not to utmost inconvenience of the load so only will last more people to the long of the week. A boss to touch is has comprised.

This gaming the mouse is my upper recommendation can resist a cost of him.
4 / 5
Although any mainly uses this still mouse gaming, has been too impressed with everything of his characteristic. It is highly ergonomic because of the his shaping and does not take annoying to grip for long periods of time. His life of battery is surprising. It was concerned initially in this I so that has the habit of smile with the batteries but I so only owe that touch one smiles once the month how is the good engaged for a weight of 63 grams. Has the quality of good build also. At the same time of description, a mouse is £97. Although it is in better plot that it economic plus, £10-£20 has smiled, chair that can take you mouse of alike quality for around one £50 mark. Also like this I smile to do by means of Bluetooth, like this ossia the characteristic desirable for a lot. But it would recommend this mouse to any miser gamers or users of general computer.
5 / 5
Has Had this mouse partorisca roughly 3 weeks now and very impressed with. Easy bequeaths it to a laptop/of computer, comes with the receiver of small USB once he plugged in apresamiento only 3-6 as to be recognised and then ready to use. Some keys are smooth and silent, cursor very precise, a lot-very light with his 63g entirely and easy to move in any direction any my tired arm. It feels stable and sturdy manually. There is two additional thumb keys that is a lot handy while exploring (Leading/Backside) or while writing code. These uses of mouse he bult in rechargeable battery.

- Slides smoothly In any surface
- life of Long battery
- Light weight (63g)
- minimalistic creation
- prize of reasonable prize


highly would recommend this mouse to any, for gamers of still surfers of daily internet also.
4 / 5
This GPRO X Wireless gaming mouse unboxes with a mouse, and down is the boss and a receiver. Calm also will take to sticker, some grips and the cloth to dry a mouse with. Some grips can be stuck in a side and some keys as well as it covers he of substitution.

Honradamente On choosing this up could does not believe was real. His like this incredibly light, in fact feels to like would have to that be of illegal. The jokes averts to seat likes there is not any interior of battery of the this but his just that the knots have drawn!

A boss is drawn calm so much can covers a boss to your computer and then a receiver in an end but if your battery does not run never calms was can quickly so only unplug a receiver and then covers a boss directly to a mouse. A number of time with an older mouse my battery is has died mid play it and I have been struggling to find a separate boss covers it on, this solves one @subjects immediately.

To do a mouse súper light, will not find a lot RGB lighting in the but has one has DIRECTED incidcator in a cup of a mouse to aim you DPI. One covers can be burst to a underside of a mouse to add extra smoothness require the. It could he test was but tbh am very impressed with just like a mouse is out of a box. It is very comfortable to resist and can jump until an insane 25k + DPI.
A life of battery would have to last around 70 hours so much abundance to time to use first to require to touch.

Yoill Need to take a logitech software to setup a mouse and customise some keys as well as your DPI levels.

Are very impressed with gaming in this mouse, can easily jump of the sniping setup to an assault setup in a fly and a smoothness in a fund is insane. A lightness of a mouse is so only unreal whilst still when being comfortable like east. You can say logitech has thought really in his base of user when drawing east.

More and more that everything for me is the one who easy is to jump of wire fence to wireless without faffing around

Very impressed and probably a better gaming smiled ive used. Highly highly recommend
4 / 5
First of all, when they say superlight, really bad superlight. My word ossia one smiles incredibly light , weighing in in just 63 grams. When Have in the first place taken he out of a box has assumed would require to dip some batteries in or something like this felt like this light - but no, already comprises it rechargeable battery that demand to offer 80+ hours of use among load (is coming pre-has against loaded 50 btw) and is good to go immediately. One smiles feels incredible to use, with absolutely any one tugs or the endeavour has required to do these movements of fine engine have required for precision gaming.

Inside a box, beside one smiles takings the wireless dongle, he dongle boss of extension (as lightspeed technology to reduce functions of latency of the entrance more in prójimo proximity to a mouse) that also will touch your mouse, the substitution magnetic disk that explosions to a underside of a mouse, the cloth of more cleaned, Logitech sticker of G and one drives of usual fast start and technical spec docs. Also it has included it is the together of rubberised stickers of texture - personally really loves one feels of a regular texture of a mouse, but so that it likes bit it more 'grip' has thinks that some stickers are the really good touch .

A thing of entity to remark - ossia the professional and-the level of sport gaming smiled and to take one the majority of out he you really need to install a Logitech G Hub software. If it covers so only calm a smile in and go, the windows will install engine of the regular mouse and he will do a lot that any one another wireless mouse - this in spite of, install a G Hub then take access to all the classes of extra characteristics, likes to save for-profiles of mice of the game, dipping done to commission DPI sensibility and remapping income of mice - please see mine screenshots to see that I am speaking roughly here.

In general, an amazing feat of engineering to create something like this able and like this light and feels like the a lot of product of prize so that it takes his gaming seriously.

Top Customer Reviews: Logitech G PRO X ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 9 ratings
4 / 5
This smiles it for real fantastic. It is incredibly light and somehow directed partorisca do my light Model forward Or the looks have weighed. A hard battery the long time and a form is well. It had thought the would not be too enthusiastic in a form but feels very good. Has delivery quite small and returns perfectly (I tends to use the yolk or claw fashion of grip). An only downside is an archaic micro USB that spend of touches more than the modern USBC a. This feels likes has been done they so that it can offer a version improved in a futuer to try people to upgrade again. For this reason marked it four stars more than five for global indication. A so only another improvement could sugges would be to comprise bluetooth connectivity also (any in place of) an adapter has consecrated. I say this reason a mouse is like this light that would do it the mouse of portable laptop adds like this the difference of another gaming smiled this one has very thin and normal styling. It is an expensive mouse but the chair has achieved final-game with him.
5 / 5
Has begun double clicking with which 4 month rendering the useless. Really light and feels quality. It comes with some tape of grip for a otherwise softens the mouse has peeled.

The form was bit it hard to take used to afterwards use a G305 but has taken them has used his finally.

I amour this thing but the tin a lot reccomend he because of a double clicking subject. Finalised return the.

One smiles that costs the triple figures really would not owe that break with which 4 months. So much for Logitech doing smiled of prize.
5 / 5
Like the ees has had this mouse for the month or two to arrive to this point and kinda has forgotten has the battery. It is it has required only touch once or two times !

While the whose uses my gaming PC SO MUCH during a day , mostly evenings , am them blown still is gone in how long a battery is lasted.

On, a boss to touch the leaves maintain to use in a very scarce phase is down this in spite of using it. He looks was well.

Whose Need to speak a lot roughly ' is light... Duh'

A tape of grip is the good touch but the messed on a bit and a glue has begun to do a sticky thumb after the month... But I have peeled of that a piece and is well. Ossia Literally an only negative thing has to them that say and , for a record, the any one included knows is coming with tape of the grip in all if so much it is like 'Release it sprinkles has taken them with mine icecream was all Red but the prefer a blue colour' - something additional and unexpected was so only 3/4 Perfecto. 😅

Of the one who has LEFT that dips six state, a mouse and everything is utmost , loves it and 100 reccomend.
5 / 5
Extremely light and one smiles extremely a lot that would expect to consider a hefty prize. The life of battery is incredible. Has has had to that has touched it roughly 3 times have begun of then use a mouse, like this around 2 month. One smiles has a life of incredible battery. I have used he for roughly 8-12 hours the day in meso and usually forget to turn of the smiles was at night.

A mouse takes some time to take used to been due to this the light and especially depends in the smile has used previously.

One alternating the recommendation would give is a Glorious Or wireless Model that is hanged alike , slightly less expensive. An only question has had with a Glorious was some holes in an organism that swung my decision.

A thing a G Pro Wireless Superlight has been missing of compared to a no superlight the variant is a lack of ergonomics. This mouse is comfortable to use with both hands but there are fewer functionalities likes 2 of some keys of the mice essentially will be useless for you to the left-handeds there.

In general the mouse adds and is has had to that splash out of the plot of money for the mouse of quality this would be mine to choose :)
4 / 5
Really obliging smile been due to his sure form. I can easily claw the. It likes-me the transmission among east and mine finalmouse starlight. Sometimes I well of game with east and sometimes the the better game with starlight. This mouse has my respect because of the his holeless creation whilst retaining his structural integrity and quality. The keys lateralmente tend to feel soft but because of my fashion of gameplay, is not like this bad. It sews it to like the signal was is that, a smile does not have keys lateralmente as well as a G pro wireless original that it can steer were. They are a lot rid so that it does not pose the treat big. To conclude, ossia the phenomenal mouse for gaming, this in spite of, has to be serious like the prize for this tool is quite big.
5 / 5
For a prize a Superlight QC would have to that be better. Rattily Click and pre-travesía in keys lateralmente. Any on all the copies but expect return the little look for the perfect copy. Another that that the upper mouse with the universal form that apt is more.
4 / 5
HAS the form of the cylinder and is not well for my hand , maby is doing for you.
5 / 5
My edges has been moment to buy this for the few months now like this he the very happy boy
5 / 5
smiled Adds for gaming, the life of battery is sum, to the ergonomics could be the little better for hand-held access, would like me see it superlight 502

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 52 ratings
4 / 5
I have expected the month before writing my description partorisca take the pertinent use of a mouse. This is to base in the Mac-perspective of user.
Partorisca The years have sworn in a Magic Mouse and after a Magic Trackpad 2 that was it always my primary external peripheral. Have doubted partorisca long time partorisca buy a MX Master 2S, but all the world in youtube recommended the and has decided to give comes from it. They are like this happy has done.

- Add customisation - almost each key can be dipped to run the mandates of different keyboard have based in the application has used. There is the very good implementation of a Mac YOU commanded (to use so only a key where some rests of thumb) likes Control of Mission, Show Desk, the application Exposes, transmission fullscreen applications/desktops (sees semi-detached screenshot)
- life of battery very good (I taking several weeks of use)
- very comfortable (precise some taking used to afterwards a Magic Mouse, but a lot so much)
- a lot of sliding in my office without need for mousepad (the Magic Mouse 2 is very worse to the respect)
- described to quickly of transmission among 3 devices to press a small key under a mouse
- software to flow to go of a screen of a computer to another is addition adds (although he lags the bit for pocolos second, as it is not to like have external monitor plugged in, but does one same - go to a flange of a screen and calm is on to a prójimo a)

GILIPOLLAS (a bit nitpicking)
- a career is not like this smooth like Magic Mouse' capacitive surface, but still one of a better in the smiles regulate with the wheel
- any percentage of battery in a Logi application, not even in a Mac bluetooth icon of paper
- USB of need-C, am tired of this Micro-USB
- can not dip a wheel of roll of the side to run keystroke orders
- can not export settings of a Logi application and import them on another computer
- the easiest layers that a Magic Mouse and is harder that clean

usually would estimate this in 4.5 stars, but if a gilipollas is solved (or at least the averages of them), is the true 5-spear-has produced.

Click 'useful' this helped in any way :)
4 / 5
has bought like this this reason are the enthusiast of mouse of the PC of classes. And they are always in a hunting for a better mouse in a world!

Available in three colours, Black/Gold, Aim, and a one has been paralización , Half night Teal. This mouse has the total of seven keys, all desquels is programmable to download a Logitech software. A software calls Logitech Options and is available of his web of place. In a software, as well as programming keys, can change a speed of indicadora. And ossia roughly that.
This is not the gaming smiled this in spite of, like this of course does not have any light in the to change a colour of etc and a DPI of an indicator is so only 200 – 4000 and these so only can be place in a increment of 50.
Ossia Very this in spite of for users more professional. But it do not give you a lot of info that mark this is to dip at present to, so only has the slider. Ossia.

I keys to program was like this easy to the equal that have to that be. For each key takes the selection of functions that can select you of, or can create the macro. This was quite easy to do.

A mouse has two ways to connect to your PC. It comes with the wireless auricular USB, and also there is Bluetooth built in. But you would have to that know that YOURS PC has to that have 'Bluetooth Technology of Low Energy' for him to do. My PC any except my laptop , for this my PC has a receiver of USB plugged in and my laptop so only connects street Bluetooth. Both does a lot well could add. One smile before time of league Every time without delays. You can also pair this mouse with until three devices. There is the key in a fund can press to toggle by means of some three profiles of the device when required, more in this late plus. It has included they can have creations of different key for each.

A rest of thumb is also the key he like this with Logitech is other MX models. Pressing this will leave you to see all some applications have run at the same time. A lot handy. But of course this can be reprogrammed also. A zone of thumb has the rubberised coating that feels quite well in a thumb but I will say has preferred an Action MX grip of thumb to this one eats does more grip.
A rubberised stops to describe so it fulfils a backside and cup of this mouse. Here it turns to the material plastic that has the light calm coating that chair WELL when a palmera is resting in the and like this far does not look to do me sweat while using it, which is always it plus.

A far side where your pinky the rests of toe is also rubberised partorisca consolation. This does lifting one smiles all a much easier the difference of his sooner G602 gaming smiled.

A side of the thumb of a mouse has the wheel of scrolling of the side and two keys. I owe that say a placing of these keys could be better state has thought was. They look to have squashed joint them. Material he in fact better there was so only a key any side of a wheel of roll.
There is reprogrammed these keys to be to court and to paste likes-me to plot of management of file in my systems of computers like this use quell'acts all a time.

A wheel of the scrolling of the side is of the good-looking quality. It can go this wheel all day to the equal that want a smoothness of him. Unfortunately ossia where my amour for this wheel dies the death. A rubberised the grip in a wheel attracts powder and small debris. Once something is stuck inner a grip is a lot hard of the take. Also I no really often have the reason to go lateralmente really. It looks the bit of the novelty. Unless it use spreadsheets to plot. There is a lot informative this in spite of. You can reprogramme the. Calm does not have options like this a lot of with this this in spite of. For example you cant attribute the macro to this wheel. But that it was to select one 'page behind and send' option. This means when I go for up goes the forwards of page and when I go for down goes behind. This could look the little odd at the beginning but has taken has used his surprisingly quickly.

A wheel of main vertical roll has a 'free-turn' function MX users have the habit of. For incumplimiento a key on a wheel involves and emissions some train of a wheel. In this way if yours looking by means of the document along or web page, can press this key to disengage some train and a wheel will turn freely, leaving you to move for down or on extremely quickly. I personally decided to change this key to esave', and then enable a esmartShift' option in a software. This means that some train will remain engaged in a wheel. But I give a wheel moves it acute remarks this and automatically change a wheel the way of free transfer. He then king-involve a train afterwards takes. And this does really well! I love this characteristic. And you can included dipped a sensibility of of the this.

A lot That characteristic that really sold this mouse of mine was a system of FLOW. Enabling This in a software mean can tug an indicator of mouse to a flange of a screen on you PC and he then looks in a screen of the your Laptop. It is quite handy often utilisations your laptop in your office of PC a same time while using YOURS PC. Calm in this way can use so only a mouse for some two computers and astonishingly can included files of copy of one to another. You press copy in your PC for example, then move your mouse to your screen of laptop and paste of click. Whallah! Unfortunately it calms it can not tug and files of drop but concealed is not the big question.

Like this in general this mouse is impressive in of the sure ways and the left down in another. I seat one smiles precise more keys. One or two more on liking a G602, and one or two more Or so only he reconfigure to plant of key in a side. A wheel of thumb, although the good novelty, precise has options more programmable to be useful.

A measure and to the ergonomics of a mouse is good and would not say any a lot of improvement is required there. But one feels of him could be better. Some looks of battery to be amazing. I had it so only on 2 month and I have touched it so only once he of then type of a box. An indicator of battery was on two lights when I opened it and is was still on two lights with which on 2 use of weeks. It boasts until 70 days of use among the cariche and he looks to be that it says a truth.
That are to add this in spite of is is distributed with the boss of USB that can it cover to a front of a mouse for the touch and continue the use while you do. Brill!

Another quickly mentions also is a technology of laser of dark field that it is glorious. This mouse will do in clear glass still while it is the minimum of 4mm often. And a row of this mouse is 10m.

Would like of go my version of video of this description then directs YT and paste one that follows his box of investigation:


Also, if this was useful to please click one 'He' key down like this then will know has helped any one :)
4 / 5
A second my hand has touched a smile felt it: A thumb has to that straddle/chair in a key of before while you want to use a mouse and there is no real way around the unless has the small Or calm thumb is one of a bit those that concealed does not involve his thumb when that uses the mouse. A feeling of him annoying and especially go to a legislation. It can take used his over time but is the shame .

Have a MX Master where a fwd/the horizontals of chair of rear keys, has attached goes it of thumb. Looking in a fwd/rear keys in a mx3 am not sure where more could him take place but anywhere would have been better that under a thumb. Reason was Logitech is an only some concealed done a wheel of thumb so much person more for the compare to. It is also he values that it comment that a wheel of thumb is now in his own little recess on fwd/back and for the precise access to impulse your thumb so as to lose a fwd/rear keys. Personally, this celery likes defects to draw.

Is a lot of subtiles. A main transmission when being the light enlargement of an organism under your indication of toe that has the effect of butterfly in a rest of your hand-held place. If yours that comes from/comes from an original mx probably would say there is not really a lot noticeable improvement.

The quality/feels:
feels bit it economic and abundance of leaves to be wished. A Mx3 the material agreed of a alcantara use of material of Microsoft in his keyboards of laptop/of book of surface. It is not to soften, lustrous or sexy like an original MX and retains hot of your palmera.

Value for money:
the no. Thinks that the point of better prize would be in £

thoughts of Cierra:
He goes to release the new/upgraded version of a MX Master the few years after an original owe that be improved noticeably to the his predecessor(s). A Logitech the software is good but touch a real physical device that dread the majority of and where Logitech looks for having lost his way.
4 / 5
Has bought one 'AMZ' variant of this MX Master, with an additional profit of 40 cyber monday saving, to substitute the very used Action MX which had developed a 'link' intermittent @subject with his usb-only unifying device.

Had bought an original MX Master the year or like this fact, to use with the new iMac, and found the very easy to setup, using bluetooth, a lot responsive, and infinitely more comfortable that one Smiles of atrocious Apple. Also it has the best rechargeable inner battery, using regulates it mini-usb boss.

This 'AMZ' the variant is exactly one same, some looks of difference to be so only in an a lot of simpler packaging, for 10 prize more rule down. I need to download one 'Logitech Opted' software, yes wants to change some of the characteristic of a mouse. I have changed so only a wheel to go to one 'freewheeling' way, a rest is well for me. Compared to an older Action MX, finds a MX Master that lighter that has bitten, and more comfortable that use for long periods.
5 / 5
Has had it Logitech MX Action for the years and is the state has launched carelessly my stock exchange of laptop and has travelled a world without the cure. Used and abused for hours in finals, has fallen out of offices (seating & when be), is like him trusty old Volvo, so only continuous go! Before that has had a wire fence MX-518!

In fact, has not had never anything wrong with mine Logitech smiled, has decided always so only to upgrade to a prójimo on-line.

For the short period, first to buy a MX Master 2S, has had a MX Master. As it was sure he goes to be the good mouse of an out. A 2S has the much more life of battery and 4000dpi vs 1600dpi. Also it has some software perks which leave you to use multiple computers like links desktops. Quite fresh taste the just quantity of work of server and the video that modifies.

Lose a colour to bronze this in spite of!

Can not recommend this mouse enough, is one of some better devices in a phase, feels adds to resist for hours in finals and no your hand-held ache or sweat. It is drawn fantastically (for legislation has rid people!) And it feels like the product of quality.

Laws with just roughly anything with bluetooth or using an USB resupplied dongle.

Some go celery of sound, some keys resupply the good feedback and slips smoothly! Works in just in any surface also.

Will not complain it .
4 / 5
This mouse is for real the pleasure to use - while you are right-handed!

A wheel of the roll of free wheel is revelation for any the one who is work involves scrolling by means of long pages of code of computer all day, so only the give the strong flick and he instantly unlocks of some 'notch' usual to release-wheeling, asking / down whole pages any time.

Neither has expected a key of gesture to be like this useful like east! Incumplimiento The settings are hastens down to aim all the ploughed of applications to leave quickly changing among applications (was as pressing 'Windows Tab & Key' in of the Windows), but the resist down and smiled to tug down to minimise all and show desk ( has also pre-has has configured gestures for sinister, rights and on). All a defaults is useful, but using a software has downloaded can configure all some keys and of the gestures to do almost anything! That he revelation!

A wheel of thumb feels quality , there is the little his control of then feels quite amiably heavy, but think that this gives control More adds them. Unfortunately I do not owe that go lateralmente too often, but yes calms would be necessary to find it a lot that satisfies to use!

In general is the a lot of comfy mouse partorisca to to the people like to of them with slightly of the main hands, although it was not that much smaller-there is rid the people would locate with him! It is one smiles an elder I'v has not possessed never. I love a rest of thumb (comprising a key of gesture) and a way a whole mouse (the usual 2 keys of mice at least) slants down to to him some legislations likes him to him the better ergonomic mouse. My only flu is that there is nowhere to rest your coverage and the little fingers yes use your prime minister and middle fingers to operate some usual 2 keys of mice! So only they owe class of dangle down on the one hand, never like this slightly uncomfortably. If utilisations your middle finger to operate a wheel of roll and your right ring finger to operate a key of right mouse is more comfortable, but would have liked me the dint or of something to rest my coverage and little fingers.

Considering a quality and everything of some other profits of this mouse a complaint is the relatively smaller a, but one concealed me lame the giving a plenary 5 stars.

In general is the pleasure to use and has used so only never cheapish smiled first of calm almost certainly not complaining upgrading to this beast!
5 / 5
Has chosen this up for 40 pounds during Cyber Monday, but has been that loves this mouse for month and could any one quite justify a 80 pound RRP. In hindsight, while they are in a moon on 50 savings, has to has bought it so only. I comfort it wise is perfect, does not have to that the too big hands, probably on means for the man, but this mouse just accesses like the glove. I have been that runs the mouse that cost 16 pounds in 2013, and has been reluctant to change reason so only can not look to find anything like this comfy, ossia equally as or more, and a more first feels and the hanged the better fact also. Bluetooth Has done perfectly, and a characteristic of Fast Transmission has done one same changing of the Windows desks the laptops of Apple almost instantly. Following is necessary and some keys utmost celery. The wine has touched, but will be to the touch bit it at night and that go what time this hard, any one has had any subjects still this in spite of. A wheel of roll is something will take used to, this in spite of the very different of anything has used before, stronger also. A wheel of the thumb was invaluable mine like an editor of video, leaving me to thicket a timeline with that, in that he the the breeze. No really gestures of use in the windows but a key of gesture has been useful in a Macbook. In general, so only it takes it it has been that asks , the looks adds, feels adds, and the law adds, which more can loves.
4 / 5
Has been considering purchasing a MX Master for the moment to the equal that uses my PC for variety of things with the mix of productivity and occaisional FPS and RPG gaming. I have seen a AMZ (Amazon) version of a Logitech MX smiled for a subject absolute the Black Friday/Cyber treats of Monday and simply could not resist.

A version of Amazon of a product among the small carboard box with simply a basics inner to take you up and that careers. It likes a lot it produce of these days does not come with any software to the equal that downloads precise he manually. Felizmente With Windows 10 one 'Logitech Opted' the software installed automatically. This in spite of, like other people have signalled out of a software a lot is that lacking of in 'of the Options'.

Finds a place of some keys of thumb too far behind for me to comfortably use them so I am likely will not use those. Some applications I use for productivity, i.et. Visual studio and PowerShell the studio will not benefit any a lot of a wheel of roll of the thumb. It can see these creators to content that Season to use produced probably profit of him quite strongly this in spite of. I thought that it that it can possible repurpose a wheel of thumb to resupply another functionality but unfortunately a Logitech the software of Options of the a lot of of the few options to has chosen of.

Has used a mouse for the few days and whilst really like me some few elements of him, really is the terrible mouse for any class of FPS or RPG gaming. It does not use any a lot of other keys of mice when I touch games, so only a regular left, right and half + a wheel sufficed for me. This in spite of, a speed to follow of this mouse is very slow, included in full speed, and occaisionally some jumps of better when moving a lot of dulcemente which is also the question for games.

Has not bought this mouse for gaming, in fact, far of him, but has done that little I game that touch does a lot of frustrating and for this does not think is a right mouse for me.

- A AMZ 'Amazon' the version is value adds for money
- quality of Decent build
- life of Excellent battery
- Both Bluetooth and Logitech unifying connectivities of receiver
- Can be connected to mulitple devices
- the ratchet/goes of the mouse of Free transfer is the utmost characteristic
- Works on quite any one surfaces

- is to good sure ANY for gaming likes speed of indicadora is far too slow for gaming, included in max speed and occaisionally jumps roughly when moving a lot of dulcemente
- the place of keys of thumb his difficult fact to use for my hands
- the key of Half mouse can be difficult to press without actuating a movement of wheel
- configuration Very limited the available options with one 'Logitech Opted' software
- nowhere on/inside a mouse to store a Logitech unifying auricular to the equal that could be easily be misplaced
- Any cradle to touch like this need to be connected with the advantage of USB to touch
4 / 5
tl;dr - no annoying upgrading

In comparison to Logitech Action MX, a MX Master 2S:
- Offer the less ergonomic hand dipped, feels smaller that Action MX, a heel of my hand there is little sustains
- keys / of Before Behind it is situated included worse, is tiny, and would have to that be where a wheel is located (this in spite of, also am using behind the like this to advance and to zoom like him backward on Action MX but this does a lot well for me)
- the concept of wheel of the roll of MX Master is better in theory, but practically less comfortable, clunky, strong and less precise
- I has used low acceleration and the little on speed of half (SetPoint) with Action MX (precision for slow movements, fine-control compatible for flicks); MX Master 2S is neither (also) slow or (also) quickly, could not imagine out of has balanced it well of works for everything, likes does a lot well for Action MX.
- I click are too hard and too many strong, put of the key of the thumb is also the little was and too heavy. And I use keyboard maquinal MX Brown all day.
- A look of new software 'a lot of' but is essentially he pointless and functional downgrade of an old SetPoint

So to the equal that has loved to substitute my two Action MXs after using this model of then type, the things of use likes him bluetooth, changing devices, while for even more precision, a MX Master 2S is the no-go for me. I can so only speculate that many the positive critiques are less-frequent or the smile less has experienced the users and his so only do not know the one who his missing was on. Logitech - Try again with MX Master 3S - good regime.
4 / 5
Likes cliche to the equal that touches, ossia one of some mice of better computer have has not had never a pleasure to use.

An ergonomics is surprising and possess for any with the Half to measure of Big glove. A profile of organism is quite empinado, as any with particularly the small hands could begin to take @@tiredness in his wrist and forearm quite quickly. Some keys are fantastically recessed with an organism and have smooth actions.

To conserve can manually can turn of the smiles was, as well as transmission among one of three has connected Bluetooth devices. It comes with the regulate Logitech wireless dongle, but work so only well with a built in Bluetooth that computers more modern come instrumented with, which is to add if the ports of USB are in yours prime!

When Leagues to the calm computer also takes an option to install some Logitech the software of management to fine tunes a mouse. Calm essentially give you total control in a DPI, smooth scrolling and although it loves one run half-wheel to feel as it ratchet (feels some clicks like wheels) or feel like the flywheel (smooth-like this-scrolling of silk that spends on easily).

In general, he loves the sturdy, comfortable mouse that is not done of ridiculously material economic, Ossia a one for you!
4 / 5
tl;dr - No annoying upgrading

In comparison to Logitech Action MX, a MX Master 2S:
- Offer the less ergonomic hand dipped, feels smaller that Action MX, a heel of my hand there is little sustains
- keys / of Before Behind it is situated included worse, is tiny, and would have to that be where a wheel is located (this in spite of, also am using behind the like this to advance and to zoom like him backward on Action MX but this does a lot well for me)
- the concept of wheel of the roll of MX Master is better in theory, but practically less comfortable, clunky, strong and less precise
- I has used low acceleration and the little on speed of half (SetPoint) with Action MX (precision for slow movements, fine-control compatible for flicks); MX Master 2S is neither (also) slow or (also) quickly, could not imagine out of has balanced it well of works for everything, likes does a lot well for Action MX.
- I click are too hard and too many strong, put of the key of the thumb is also the little was and too heavy. And I use keyboard maquinal MX Brown all day.
- A look of new software 'a lot of' but is essentially he pointless and functional downgrade of an old SetPoint

So to the equal that has loved to substitute my two Action MXs after using this model of then type, the things of use likes him bluetooth, changing devices, while for even more precision, a MX Master 2S is the no-go for me. I can so only speculate that many the positive critiques are less-frequent or the smile less has experienced the users and his so only do not know the one who his missing was on. Logitech - Try again with MX Master 3S - good regime.
5 / 5
Like this cliche to the equal that touches, ossia one of some mice of better computer have has not had never a pleasure to use.

An ergonomics is surprising and possess for any with the Half to measure of Big glove. A profile of organism is quite empinado, as any with particularly the small hands could begin to take @@tiredness in his wrist and forearm quite quickly. Some keys are fantastically recessed with an organism and have smooth actions.

To conserve can manually can turn of the smiles was, as well as transmission among one of three has connected Bluetooth devices. It comes with the regulate Logitech wireless dongle, but work so only well with a built in Bluetooth that computers more modern come instrumented with, which is to add if the ports of USB are in yours prime!

When Leagues to the calm computer also takes an option to install some Logitech the software of management to fine tunes a mouse. Calm essentially give you total control in a DPI, smooth scrolling and although it loves one run half-wheel to feel as it ratchet (feels some clicks like wheels) or feel like the flywheel (smooth-like this-scrolling of silk that spends on easily).

In general, he loves the sturdy, comfortable mouse that is not done of ridiculously material economic, Ossia a one for you!
4 / 5
I can not think that it has been them partorisca something prime and found my self with something this bad (partorisca this prize).
First of all with which 1.5 smile of month bluetooth connectivity with MBP 2018 has begun partorisca be totally unstable.
And secondly with which one 1st month the already could see of 1 metre was some stains in a mouse. Has a white version and already in some something where remain of toes in both sides, a colour has changed. A colour has changed with which 1 month in the £91 mouse... Thank you Logitech.. Goodbye Of goodbye Of me too much.
4 / 5
This is not the description paid for any piece of an imagination. I know a place is infested with descriptions of fake but please does not refuse this like this one. If has 2 computer, mac/pc pc/pc etc This thing will revolutionise your workflow.

Ossia One of one the majority of amazing product has has not bought never. His software has called 'flows' has blown literally my alcohol. His spent like this synergy in mine workflow among my MacBook Pro and PC can very included imagine. You can easily copies and things of paste by means of 2 computers. You can use these mice among a two in such the seamless the way would be impacted. This product has put Logitech in the new light for me. There is like this the innovation is.

Goes to write the description detailed in a future with which used it the moment. One smiles also feels incredible, build very solid and the work adds in my office of forest without the foreigner. Very comfortable also.

Recommends that calm try it was, if to any one likes to you calm easily can return. I thought it that it was gimmicky, Immediately retracted this has thought after the use.
4 / 5
Uses a mouse for tasks of productivities, half use 10 hours for day.

Has purchased is looking for the comfortable plus, better quality and more functional daily mouse. This mouse has fulfilled my expectations.

Using a Logitech software of Options, which looks very constant (updates approx each one that 2 weeks), some tones are animal-programmable. Personally it uses half click a lot frequently and has programmed one of some keys lateralmente partorisca east, noticably reducing @@tiredness in my toes.

When I infinity has tried to the first scrolling did not like. This in spite of, after giving it the gone for the few hours can not believe has taken for without him for like this long! It is to add when being able to soften roll (skill in of the settings) and quickly and with accuracy cruised web pages of endless scrolling. Now it averts to go back to mouse of conventional scrolling where possible likes run he of infinity is far faster and more comfortable that use.

For incumplimiento a 'gesture' key, for behind a wheel of roll, is the toggle career of infinity. It has dipped one turns of infinity to a key of the thumb in a base likes to fulfil east is a less comfortable key to use (requires the push more than the gripping motion) and a less function used in a mouse for me.

Has found an ideal of configurations of following key:
click of key of the Gesture - seen of task
mouse of movement & of key of Gesture on - volume on
smiled of movement & of key of Gesture down - volume down
mouse of movement & of key of Gesture to the sinister - the browser has retreated
smiled of movement & of key of Gesture new good Email

Some keys are like this customisable anything yours the task and the use will be able to configure a mouse for comfortable and functional use.

A life of the battery of a mouse is excellent and hard the same month with 10 hours for use of computer of the day. A battery can be touched whilst one smiles into use, using a resupplied micro advantage of USB. It remarks that one smiles so only can be touched using a micro port of USB and so only sustains connectivity of wireless data via Bluetooth or Logitech unifying auricular.

Ergonomically A mouse has the light corner in that for the comfortable creation. Personally, I require that bite more like this put rotation my indication of toe in a sinister click and middle finger in accident to leave my wrist to be more relaxed. A mouse is still very comfortable when used has taken.

In general, so much a hardware and the software is excellent. I have considered to go to smile it the most economic or the Logitech trackball smiled for ergonomic profits, but have any remorse in choosing this mouse.
4 / 5
MODIFICATION: A variant/by heart of the White ash has bought is a lot of result discoloured with which uses extended in the middle of clean office (doing like the Developer of Web) to the equal that has decided gone back the to purchase a variant/of Black Graphite.

A product is excellent. One of a better-smiled-of class for both work & gaming. A diagram/to aim by heart the ash has chosen access in perfectly with my Book of Surface 2 and was a reason purchased it. It averts of a 'toggleable' scrolling of ratchet that is quite strong that annoying my mates, does not have any complaint in a mouse in of him.

A bundled software (Logitech Options) is also quite well, with the vast row of different options to customise your experience that augment his versatility for a variety of users. This in spite of, a functionality of the cooked update to a program is extremely aggressive. It was in a 'zone' in acting another day and each pocolos small, has had my train of has thought has broken for Logitech the options that inform of the update of software. Result like this frequent and so that it distracts that I have not had any election but to cause an update and follow a wizard of installation.

A notification for boot is appropriate perfectly, Logitech. Failing that, reason any developing functionality of automatic update for a program if in the now current is like this critical yours?
5 / 5
Wants this mouse. Simply place, he all could love the mouse to do (calm once the take working...) & It is the pleasure to use like have big hands. Also I want no prpers that it has to that create of my bed when looking the film in a PC or exploring a web, one reasons especially can any never go back to the conjoint wire fence-on again. The life of battery is is really good and of course reacts brilliantly accelerate wise. The wise prize has taken this for £42 in an attempt of Amazon, as it can a lot of he same lack a prize how is a lot of value that.

Although I credit this mouse is could do not giving 5 for a reason of entity - there is absolutely woeful wireless connection out of a box, which he all but redundant because of a lag the caused (tried in several PC is). It has been about to the turn and found this little beauty (linked down) which fixed my question instantly. It have to that be mandatorily comprised in the each mandate, but at least exists (although it was necessary does not have to that ).

One another smaller flu is that he no at all until it download a software for him (although you connect a mouse invernadero USB), as it marks sure maintain cable of smile if a need arises where has to that toallita humid and reinstall a software again (create, is not the entertainment that has to that try and download a software that use so only a keyboard to cruised logitech put web....).
5 / 5
I work in architecture and run my own studio, like the good mouse partorisca CAD / BIM the software is essential. I have used the Magic Mouse in fact a lot of years, but has looked for something perhaps bit it better for my hand-held / wrist.
A wheel of roll in a Logitech MX Master 2S that has received was disturbed. You press a wheel of advances of roll, partorisca zoom in / roll. The majority of a time, has taken partorisca grieve my toe (attentively) was, a wheel would go behind in an opposite direction, looking the rebalance he, and consistently undoing a roll / of zoom that I so only fact.
Has to that be remarked that has the way to dip to a wheel likes clique as it moves, which find quite noisy (I am not used his), and also tiring when doing in CAD. I prefer 'free wheeling', but a lack to balance done a mouse unusable for me. I have looked for this on-line concrete term, and there looks to be other people with the alike question.
Like the note lateralmente, I also found a key that is under a rest of thumb cushions very difficult to press, although the the supposition has to that be or would be accidentally pressing it all a time. There is remarked this a lot early on, when dipping a smile on, but that so only there is not me deterred like this I any precise of the cariche of orders of key. But a wheel of unbalanced roll is complete it no-judge of start.
Is surprising reason these starts of mouse in a cup of a lot of casts of description for creative professionals (which is that the mine sold ) and is sure to say is not one the majority of economic in of the terms of sides! It is taking correspondent behind for the full repayment.
4 / 5
Laws on computers 9 hours the day. Needless To say, my work comes with a lot of aches and of the aches in some calm places have known no never has had. I especially struggled with wrist and ache of palmera. To the palmera hurt partorisca rub in an office while it moves my mouse around. As I have been and I bought I smile it that appoint a better mouse in a world for technology geeks. Well, it was not that it marks this like this special mouse but for me this mouse is the saver of life because it deletes my wrist and ache of palmera! My hand-held rests on he in the a lot of comfy the way and does not rub in an office. For this reason so only adapted that it is a better mouse in a world-wide and strongly recommend it to all the workers of office.
5 / 5
I already posted the description detailed in a MX Anywhere like this more than king-writing everything, here is a same description that outlines roughly differences among a Master 2s and Anywhere 2s. My verdicts for both is some same;


the product adds. Really I do not comprise folks that marks this down reason is apparently too small or light ... It is the MOUSE of TRAVESÍA and announced like such.

To the ergonomics Adds, quality of build and functionality/of software.

I use so that a Master 2S and this for business 4k the video that modifies. A Master is substantially main and better steps a whole day in the canal. The action of click is slightly more in bylines and a wheel to go/raster action he tad more precise but so only further of the direct comparison is too much big for travesía. This portable version is well for the few hours the time, any question and I have big hands. A Master also has a half click like this look to lose in a Anywhere but took all of the minute to take used to a key in the, really is any hardship. A Anywhere has the majority of a functionality of a Master but fault of a key of rest of/programmable thumb and physical side scroller. This in spite of, also has a function of roll of the side by means of a wheel of main roll that is glorious to modify lines of time.

Some have commented in a wheel to go that free chair in a Anywhere ... It is not . That has to that agree is some works of wheel of the roll in four directions. In some Master laws in two. It feels smooth and require into use in both mice.

I Windows of use 10 Pro in the Dell XPS 2019 and has not had any subject with bluetooth connectivity or latency. - I tin a lot vouch partorisca Mac.

Both were almost £100 when it has launched. Whilst Would not call the £60 economic mouse , use some available functions for creation and modifying work, these mice are sleeps of creators and has not seen anything better.

Highly Recommended
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5 / 5
has loved to love this mouse, especially after paying £87 for him. Unfortunately a MX Master 3 mouse is so only well. A level of customisation is impressive and feels excellent in a hand. This in spite of have it lag in a wheel to go the one who renders one smiles that it frustrates. While the new page is presented takes the few turns of a wheel to go before it answers, then take it up and shoots a page on or down. Raisin when the street has connected bluetooth and a receiver to unify.

Has found that turns a mouse was and then on again will take rid of a lag for the moment but inevitably returns so that it finds am turning a smile on and was constantly.

Is this value of mouse around £100? No in your life. Also Logitech the support of client is cut at all of atrocious like any subjects and calm is for your account to look for travers of the on-line forums, etc.
4 / 5
Are an user of Apple of Magic Mouse, but after all some the good descriptions have read in this mouse, and still after one discount on he after Logitech has released a MX Master S2, has done finally a decision to buy and the try was. Chico, knows has lost to plot, reason this mouse is to good sure one smiles better one can buy for productivity. A way your rest of palmera in a MX Master, will not take never clashes to use smile it again, is drawn perfectly to be used for long periods of time.

Some the extra keys there is also can be customised by means of a Logitech software that cane be installed in your MacBook or PC, which will augment your productivity and saves time to change among applications etc.

A key of roll is another amazing piece of technology, has some class of 'train' that it can be transmissions to the yours to to that likes to press of the key. It can be place to fast of roll or in the most attentive scrolling, according to your needs.

Can not recommend this mouse enough! I can say that I will not use never my Apple Magic mouse again :/
5 / 5
If it love the mouse that is shaped partorisca consolation, has multiple keys partorisca control extra and is both bluetooth or 2.4, then calms will not find the better smile that this - each key (averts of right/click accident) can be king-mapped partorisca be any function, comprising programs of inaugural/applications, as some the extra keys result incredibly useful.
An only 'downside' is that a main wheel does not have the rocker, but instead has the second turns in a side, as you accustom mecer a wheel to a side, then takes the little has bitten partorisca use to take used to a method of new control.

Partorisca A upsides, his far outshine any possible detriments, with some life of MONTHS of long battery (and means month), a precision, connectivity to 3 possible devices, a consolation of use, and a ratchet/moves it free in a wheel is the joy partorisca use .

On some years have tried a lot of different mice, and ossia for far one the majority of comfortable, a smooth plus and has a life of incredible battery!
Can not recommend this mouse highly enough!!!
5 / 5
One smiles a lot ergonomic - apt is perfectly in my half sized hand. Some keys (sinister/legislations) is a lot of responsive with the good feels.
has 2/3 extra keys. For behind a side-turn-of the roll is the '2 key' element for backside and advances thru pages. More discreet and easy to lose is a key under a thumb-embezzle. This can be programmed to do a lot of number of things. I maintain my half of simple software as it has not installed a logitech software. As I can not speak for an use of these keys, but can say that they are achieved easily and responsive.
Some hate it but love a 'flywheel' roll - is one of some main reasons has stuck with Logitech (to possess a m500). Previously it has 'free wheel' those transfers for ages and of the rolls by means of a lot of pages of web/of documents etc. Or roll 'normal', with the 'click' the answered notched like wheels a wheel. With this MX Master, some rests 'normal' to go notched, but if you flick a wheel in this way he 'unlocks' and transfers. Tap a wheel again and he 'locks' again like this stops of scrolling. A lot ready and gain. Press a key for behind a wheel of roll and goes to 'always free' fast and frictionless transfer - how is where has it 90 of a time.
RUN lateralmente
uses for web dev and graphic drawing, likes side-run quell'was also of entity. Sadly One smiles the fall bit it short here. A wheel of the thumb does not project far and finds my thumb simply slips on he - does not turn at all. I need the 'pinch', as it finalises clicking a sinister key when I do not want to . Or I have to that move my thumb behind and 'inner of point for' to obtain a lot of compraventa in a wheel - very uncomfortable, he doing easier just to go back the combinations/of mice of the keyboard. If one run lateralmente there is had the 'free flywheel' that dips this mouse would be perfect.
For the sensibility is a lot of the good - works in any surface to the equal that promises. When being wireless a DPI will not be never astounding, but is quite attentive for me and adjustable without additional software.
I amour that can touch it while into use, as any down-time. Any one has had the along, but are 3 days on a tone.
volume the receiver for wireless. Unfortunately nowhere to store it. Mina another Logitech has the empty to maintain it sure. Now I have the tiny component and nowhere for the dipped.
Am using bluetooth to the MAC. It connects before time and has had a lot of @@subject, any drop-outs. A the small point is that a manual said to press a 'connect' key - but there is not one. So only the turn on and league in his own.
Can connect to 3 devices, with the key to cycle by means of some devices in a base of a mouse.
Ossia the very comfortable mouse am very happy with. A little work in a side-run that and lame 5 stars. It is not the gaming smiled, any quite a lot of keys, but is a lot the designers or 'all day in a PCratón 'present'.
5 / 5
...Although they are the defender of Logitech has to that say that I am disappointed with this Bluetooth has smiled.

Returns a hand-held COST and some characteristics will adapt some and no another - concealed is to be expected.

Quality of looks to build to be A lot and whilst can use a mouse whilst also touching does not think am experiencing this claim: 'Until 40 days of power in alone load; you can take quite can for the full day of use in only 4 minutes, without downtime while recharging'.

To the equal that has declared: soyulti-pairing of device - pair until three different devices to easily of transmission by means of computer with a touch of the key; a MX MASTER PC the mouse is both Bluetooth and unifying the compatible receiver' would be a lot if, has had of course the receiver to unify reason do not take one with this mouse.

And, for now, my main complaint. When Beginning my computer has to that attended for several seconds after the Windows 10 has finalised uploading any es@tart-ups' duquel, probably, a Bluetooth the connection is a last. A mouse is 'inactive' for around 20 seconds after the Windows has uploaded to a point where need a mouse to enable me to enter my signal and complete uploading my desk. My forward Logitech smiled, an old wireless a, was active during one es@tart-arrive' process.

For me ossia the backward a lot and almost certainly goes of him and buy another mouse of Wi-Fi that undoes a whole point of Bluetooth IMHO.


Well, has tried to live with him but I have gone back to the wireless mouse that the cost extracted adds less and the work extracted adds better.
5 / 5
Ossia The description to designate longer , has purchased them this mouse behind in November 2018 and by means of my long time with him this there is easily result one of mine Peripheral of favourite productivity.
The moment situates this in your hand an ergonomic creation with a rest of thumb and wheel of scrolling of the side together with an alike advance and the rear key adds the level of functionality and consolation that the no longer can live without. A level to comfort when scrolling lateralmente by means of video timelines and level of customisation volume with logitechs the leaves of software for each key, gesture to run the mandate of keyboard of the together and quickly transmission among desktops and the applications is fantastic.
HAS life of excellent battery with an indicator looked in a side of one smiles this in spite of the never seldom has to that concern roughly touching it and once fully touched will last the very long time.
The adaptive goes of the roll is the touch a lot well when scrolling by means of web pages or long documents with clicks of precision to click or hyper fast scrolling,
the slips of mouse easily and has the a lot of that satisfies and quality of build of his prize, can be connected to your PC or of the devices by means of a Receiver of USB comprised or Bluetoothed directly to a device with a capacity to quickly of transmission among three devices with a key have looked down one smiles
highly would recommend like this do the addition adds to any productivity setup.
5 / 5
His really has done well:
Any subject of consolation
Excellent battery and easy USB C touching
the software Adds customisation
the number Adds controls of hardware
Abonos logitech software to use by means of multiple YOU seamlessly.
A quality of the details dipped is very a lot

This in spite of,
the key of gesture can be hard to click sometimes
A key has customised a lot always laws in a software
A lot totally done for gaming (but would have to that know that first to buy)
Touch the prize empinado for any of like this day to profit of day.
5 / 5
Are upgrading of the SteelSeries WOW Smiled of Cataclysm, which was the wire fence MMO smiled, of then does not touch games or was MMO anymore and begin to result faulty has thought them the d upgrade, and the imagined the d upgrade to the wireless mouse of a technology is coming the long way in a past few years. (The photo has comprised afterwards to mine old mouse)

And oh the boy is coming the very long way , the agree my first wireless mouse was the dell a, and agrees them to touch the games on are like this bad, could see and feel an entrance lag, and that the mouse honradamente dipped have been me wireless peripheral for ever, but has listened the plot of good material in a technology logitech uses in his mouses like this spent behind some hope for me, and this mouse there is solidified that hope in concrete reason is surprising and honradamente can very included say is wireless.

Has taken this an on some other wireless mice have reasons is more the rich characteristic and looks more comfortable in a hand, has the wheel of roll in a side, which partorisca be sincere would be useless for more than people, but for me help reason the draw in photoshop and is well for scrolling lateralmente by means of a cloth, an only downside to a wheel of the roll in a side is that a backside and keys lateralmente of the first is in the very uncomfortable and difficult place to press ,and is small joint and joint like calm find you paste neither one wrong one or both, now this does not annoy me also like me does not use him often, but imagine is something can very easily take used also.

Likes says sooner, can very included say is the wireless mouse , is like this responsive and has no lag at all, any that a human eye can see in all the chance, if calm registered it and place he in súper slow me then was likely to see, but wants to touch FPS the games totally can and would have any disadvantage against the people that the touch with mouse wired.

Also, would have to mention a wheel of roll has two ways, and the the find hard to explain but will try my best, a way is that run he of wheel of the traditional mouse where maintains to feel tactile swipes to the equal that are scrolling , and another takes a feedback and the calm fact so much can turn to a wheel likes calm is turning the wheel of prize, goes insanely quickly, the does not see an application where this would be useful, but has seen any one says it would be good for documents of scrolling of long but the calm word can so only slick in a side dondequiera be like this in my opinion that would not be the very good use chance, but hey have could find you that súper useful, the so only a lot

In general ossia so only the wireless mouse adds and really recommend it, has the prize adds, a quality of build is surprising, a life of battery is surprising, ive state using he for 5 days that maintains (Roughly 8 hours the day) and is still in of the full bars! And like this the mentioned more yield an only downside can see if some keys lateralmente that are small and uncomfortable.

10/10 Highly Recommended.

Has found this informative or useful description pleases to mark likes such, really would appreciate it. Thank you - Brandon
4 / 5
love this mouse - is to good sure one the majority of comfortable mouse , precise , agile has has not used never. I can it does not be missing he, until it breaks. It is the known failure that a mechanism of wheel of fast roll dislodges and renders an absolutely useless course. I have bought 2 of these mice and a same thing is spent to them both. I have followed a YTue tutorial of the fix and there is glued a mech to do work again, but maintains to do a same thing. Reason can a lot Logitech mark this mouse so that has the wheel of roll rule that reads and rests to do?? They know a failure there is but still those that way.

If this was the £20 has smiled, could comprise a quality of poor build, but in £70+ is the joke . The better must Logitech
5 / 5
has decided to take one submerges and take a MX Master with which some deliberation and long investigation. Honradamente Can say that ossia for far one smiles better there is never has used. For context, a mouse is into use daily in my place to do where use Photoshop, AutoCAD, SketchUp, Vray among another software of drawing (PC). A construction and the material celery big quality and an user the programmable keys am very useful especially when fines tasking to the equal that can be program concrete fact. An ergonomics is sum , a life of battery is more than pertinent and a sensor incredibly responsive. Not to describe me like the user to be able to but would say has dipped a MX Master by means of his very recently and like this far am very impressed.
A pair more the worthy points of your consideration. This mouse could feel too big in of the smallest hands, my female mate complains when you use it. Has the a lot of touching but click a lot audible as no for any the one who loves it smile silent. Explode a now less expensive MX Master regarding a work of half user superbly and is identical besides characteristic to a current and more expensive plus MX Master 2S as it will appeal to the demographic niche of the users has interested in a technology of Flow.
5 / 5
Has taken this to substitute a keyboard of container and OLD LADY of mouse. The times have moved on and some the old boxes was bit it slow.
This new mouse is surprising, an ergonomics is sum , returns amiably in a hand, the keys are all in a right place with easy of use. A wheel of roller is the little odd to begin, he clicas moves dulcemente, but the turn and results the free wheel whizzing down a page, then as if for magic for and reverts the clicky way. The software was easy to install, and good works. You can dip profiles for some keys to do differently inside the together of applications, utmost took the characteristic facts of commission likes use in of to to the things like Photoshop.
Life of battery like this far is excellent, aiming almost any sign of depletion. Some three ways in a fund are utmost and he easily swappable among my desk and portable.
COAST A new version has smiled without wall, but in reality calm really require it!
Is value of the money? Well utilisations smile it the plot then yes sure, if ossia the second chair in the stock exchange a then perhaps look in his other models for better value.
5 / 5
Been using logitech smiled for the good number of action of years MX in work, g502 for gaming PC and a M720 for laptop. An aggressive powersave characteristic of a m720 do frustrating to use and was the too small to be comfortable for all day use, so that be looking for the substitution for the moment. The prize was well with a AMZ (amazon) version and looks to be a real shot produced full.

Works of mice well in linux (bluetooth paired) but without logitech software your stuck with any one resupplies, like your unable to software-disable one transports hyper-characteristic of roll. Transmissions of key of physical hardware among hyperscroll in & transports-transmissions. Tecla of gesture (thumb down) apparently doesnt work without a logitech software but the have any needs for him like this any question for me.

A lot of comfy to use (like my performanceMX) and the ees any worry roughly the when be one all-the smiled-of day.

Unifying reciever doesnt have the space of storage in a mouse and is to come attached to an interior of some inaugural flaps in a box like this easily lost if yours very specifically looking for it.

Some allege a forward/has retreated keys arent that very situated and difficult to use. Adapted in a navigation but didnt find them uncomfortable or uncomfortable and uses him to them the plot for advance of browser/has retreated.
5 / 5
State using logitech smiled partorisca the good number of action of years MX in work, g502 partorisca gaming PC and a M720 partorisca laptop. An aggressive powersave characteristic of a m720 do frustrating partorisca use and was the too small to be comfortable partorisca all day use, so that be looking for the substitution for the moment. The prize was well with a AMZ (amazon) version and looks partorisca be a real shot produced full.

Works of mice well in linux (bluetooth paired) but without logitech software your stuck with any one resupplies, like your unable to software-disable one transports hyper-characteristic of roll. Transmissions of key of physical hardware go in hyperscroll in & transports-transmissions. Tecla of gesture (thumb down) apparently doesnt work without a logitech software but the have any needs for him like this any question for me.

A lot of comfy to use (like my performanceMX) and the ees any worry roughly the when be one all-the smiled-of day.

Unifying reciever doesnt has the space of storage in a mouse and is to come attached to an interior of some inaugural flaps in a box like this easily lost if yours a lot specifically looking for it.

Some allege a forward/has retreated keys arent that very situated and difficult to use. Adapted in a navigation but didnt find them uncomfortable or uncomfortable and uses him to them the plot for advance of browser/has retreated.
4 / 5
Has an original MX Master that the used for years felizmente with my old plus unibody macbook pro, when it has taken them a bar of touch macbook pro has had to them take the using reason using an adapter to unify by means of any class of USB-C adapter or hub has created lag.

Like this has thought them, well... It is time the perhaps up to date, and has taken a ossia directly connects street bluetooth, will have fixed surely he for now. Well, yeah... It is still terrible. There is the noticeable stutter when doing basic tasks with a mouse, and any of some settings by means of a Logitech the software or the preferences of system can help included the soften the little.

Using a receiver to unify, of then is USB -An is almost impossible, as using he by means of any class of hub cause the noticeable lag. And (and the am not sure is so only a unit the ees taken, or everything of them) a bluetooth the connection is quite terrible and the drops am gone in my Macbook Pro and my promise MacBook Air.

In of the terms of a real mouse, has it noticeably does more courts, the meaning does not sustain a fund of your palmera to a wrist like an old plus a , a result is to odd 'hand of Dolphin' arrived of of then has to it do to be able to actuate some keys and keys lateralmente.
5 / 5
Has bought and has used Logitech smiled and keyboards for the years and am sad to say ossia a first time has been disappointed in an of his products.

At the beginning looks looks to be a lot resembled an original MX Action but in a hand feels totally different and no for a better sadly. One of some points keys for me is that one smiles returns a period of a hand andallows the little bit of a heel of a hand to rest at the end of a mouse. In a AMZ this in spite of some ergonomics have been changed so that some accesses of whole mice in your hand - if you cupped your hand and inverted go one smiles would seat flush with a heel of your hand basically. It is not 100 easy to explain!

A main another @@subject is that it is the noisy little critter - some clicks of mice are positive and have the terracing adds of travesía but is accompanied with a 'click' almighty that it is a lot down normal circumstances this in spite of when you are gaming in any shooter the fashionable game quickly will annoy a cat/of partner/of promise/of dog of woman with a CLICK of CLICK of endless CLICK!

Will maintain in him for the while more along but will have to that judge a point where is a woman or a mouse...
4 / 5
Like Logitech signalling devices. Has a lot of his mice and trackballs. This mouse does a lot well. It likes him-me some extra keys in the and a wheel to go that is especially able to change he that runs free to notched are adds. When being able to connect to the multiple devices is the utmost characteristic , has a distributed wireless dongle has attached to my desk PC and I also have it paired in bluetooth to the mine portable - prints it in a key in some inferior transmissions among them. Having the transmission of the power in a fund is useful also, when being able to the transmission is was is handy so much to dip he in a stock exchange of laptop, and during cleaning.
A measure of him is comfortable in my hand, although there it have it nowhere for my two smaller toes to really go. Some keys are quell'has bitten strong also, the transmissions the calm plus would do east the better product.
5 / 5
Has bought a sinister hand-held mouse in a picture so only on done two years, is exactly a same model and this description is of this mouse but also comparing it against a new one had rid another day. Sticking them side for the calm side would not expect a sinister mouse to be on two years with in mesos 7 hours the day for on 500 use of days. But here it is, my daily engine that the almost new looks. Some clicks of key celery like this cleaned and precise like new a, a wheel of excellent roll is still my preferred of any mouse, and one that follows is still on point. It has been in and out of my stock exchange of work in the daily base for on two years and so only has the few swipes and scrapes to aim for him... They are quite the user to be able to and this has been of confidence for both work and personal use with a way that change. It is included he has survived the pocolas fallen to spend and height of table and has not broken. A life of battery is extraordinary, with well in the use of month without a need to touch and never inconvenient when it runs was with a boss to touch never that far it go. Any concealed loves the life of confidence, long, endurance racer of the smile ossia a perfect one for you. Has has had to that so only buy another in some same sales although I no the precise . I can not imagine when finalising the long day in work without RSI reason this mouse is built well.
5 / 5
GLORIOUS smile! But then really it have to that be for a prize..

Has has had always Microsoft together desk and more recently an ergonomic sculpt dipped the one who the esees has had for 3 years. A keyboard is PERFECTO ! I can not find another costruttore that does the compact but leave/to to ergonomic keyboard like (Logitech of the offerings are waay too bulky for me). This in spite of one smiles is not a lot very built and has failed on me.

Like this decided to substitute with this one that has has possessed already a MX Anywhere 2 cellular mouse.

THIS one east the no on a rest! Access perfectly in a hand (if the little bulky) but a bulk adds to one feels of quality. The place of key is perfect and happy to see the difference of a MX Anywhere 2 - a wheel of mouse Is clickable so much can use he for half-click! WOOOHOOO!!

A concept of a flow of motion are to add - but could do not taking to do (likely cortafuego question but the'll faces that another time).

In general - I highly recommend it.
4 / 5
Is spent to plot partorisca time mulling in this compraventa, together with the new keyboard and trackpad for my new Mac Mini (2018).

Moving of wired the devices concern me to knots the little. An only wireless device has had before it was an old Apple trackpad which has has required battery that has required to substitute quite often and in an end arrest only to connect anymore to the equal that has had to change.

This mouse is a lot comfortable but more importantly customisable. I have programmed already concrete actions for Final Yard Pro and Logical that already is asking workflow. It is sold really but comfortable in a hand and like this far has not required touching for the week, included although I always forget for the transmission was.

Am tending to leave one turns-wheel in 'freewheel' way that marks that it takes around really quickly but his abonos to have an option for the transmission behind to the setting of ratchet for fine scrolling.

Is not economic for the mouse but some works of the software so only is and in general to the interesting investment likes , is spending of a lot of hours in your computer.
4 / 5
With which 4 month, using he with the 2010 mac pro and a comprised dongle - cursor of mouse jitters erratically accross a screen - no worthy of one £60 the paid for him.

Has substituted to wire fence £12 logitech has smiled that goes used for 5+ years - like this probably go back to this! His the shame they of the that the version wired like im using on 1x usb socket for a dongle and have the longitude usb boss plugged to a mouse of my supply of universal power - as his wire fence in all the chance!

Will stick with wired mouses and probably avert logitech wireless mices.

Ive Also dipped one smiles directly on mine 2010 macpro gone back - do well, as it has to that be a receiver isnt quite strong. Shame his cant to the just build in the option wired like this im loosing he usb port in all the chance, looks crazy any to have the option wired...
4 / 5
This mouse are adds. It resists really well in a hand, has the quantity adds keys and functionalities and is planning use he to do relates the things thoroughly recommends it. If calm this in spite of are looking to the calm game then can be better adapted to the different fashionable mouse.

A battery is insane. I have used he for the all day daily weeks to the equal that have work and any one required for the touch. When I Need to touch his quite quickly too much. If you have travelled to the plot thinks that would take some really good use out of him.

My flu is a car turn free looks to have. Whilst Is a lot easy to take used his can be has bitten to annoy and think that it would prefer an old fashionable click to involve/ disengage. This click is still there but that it could find had any way to change a car involves era.

The outrage concealed although it still recommend a mouse. It is quell'has bitten pricey but would not want to use anything more.
5 / 5
A smile adds. I have purchased 6-7 I has smiled on some years that tries to find some better one to use for daily work. Utilisation Excel for 50 of a day and decided to invest the little more in the something of quality that so only a rule £10 smiled can take. It take this for me so only down £40 to the equal that was a time to jump in and spend more than having never in the mouse.
This has paid was... A hard battery (7 days of use of now) roughly 3 month in one load and touching is a lot simple also.

Some the extra keys are useful how is a horizonal roll. I want to this and take to plot of use in spreadsheets goin together side, but the desires was the little more refined to the equal that finds a sie turn any like this free scrolling like upper a.

Moving to a wheel of upper roll. I want a fredom volume with course that quickly that movements on and down pages like this quickly, in Free way, but calm then the the little more the control when has a second way that feel like him rachet click to the equal that move for up and down. Mina this was a bit dissapointment. Theo the whole mouse feels big quality , but a wheel of upper roll. It feels the little lose and looks his no of a same level of quality likes all more. Some keys are all a lot good and the clicks are positive and some keys a lot of rattle or movement. No celery to lose and takings the positive click every time.

Ossia Still the good compraventa real for some prizes and a quality. Still although they are dissapointed in a general feels of a wheel of upper roll, he no detract of some laws in fact excellently and a general feels is of big quality.

Spent again... Perhaps any for £80 to the equal that was an original prize .... But for £40-£50 he I .
5 / 5
Has has had now this roughly 2 month. It is a smile has better had for far., Luz, attentive, precise and with adding batery life (3 weeks in one load, all day uses of office). It is also a prime minister Logitech has smiled the ees has possessed with software that reads and doesnt things of pause (a good plus). Hilights Partorisca me Is a adaptive goes of roll (clicking in the way of free transfer when flicked) like navigation partorisca document the breeze and the súper comfy grip. And life of brilliant battery. Negatives? It is useless the remain rid and a boss the touch is USB Micro B and is HORRIBLE to attach and to seat likes goes partorisca break (all USB Micro B boss kinda feels like this but ossia worse because of a overhang it doing hard the cleanly insert).

Highly recomended (the Leading mice have possessed. Action MX, MX Revolution, TOPS Intellimouse Optical, the Wireless LADY 3000)
5 / 5
Looked to take the new mouse like my economic wireless one has bought the few years behind have begun to give on on me. After the few years of battering roughly, wheel of wheel not doing , and really that it has to that press down in this sinister click.. I have decided to be time for the new a.
Has thought initially £60 for the mouse was also. I have bought a leading version the while behind like present he in the member familiarised and they highly recommended the. And they are I happy...
Any one in fact prpers give a full potential of this mouse until I have downloaded a software for Windows and there is the plot more this opens up.
I use so that the desk and portable, a desk in home, then a laptop to go other zones of a work/to house etc. A receiver to unify stays in some desks gone back and has a distance of excellent connection that my old mouse could not manage, can easily common my desk the screen to another TV is and use of the mark of one smiles down! With a bluetooth has described no longer require worry roughly spending a mini dongle for use with a laptop and so only with the push of the key, a mouse will change on to a laptop. Bluetooth The connection is a lot quickly, any lag this in spite of can use a software of PC to configure a mouse in bluetooth.
Of the smiles act really done in any surface, cookery worktop, forest, skin, has included some discharges of bed!
The life of battery looks excellent like this far, has does not have to that still the touch and looks to have wine with around 50 battery. A global creation of a mouse has a lot of be a lot has thought roughly, one feels in a hand when using does to use my PC the better experience and the quality have built is excellent. If I am sincere.. £60 well it is spent!
4 / 5

- Extraordinary customisation - quite each one that taking can be dipped to run to the differential console orders committed in the application has used. There is the decent use of a Mac YOU commanded (to use so only one takes where some rests of thumb, for example, Control of Mission, Show Desk, the application Exposes, transmission fullscreen zones/of work of the applications (sees capture of the semi-detached screen)

- awesome life of battery (I taking the averages the month of use)

- for real to to that likes (precise of some resultant habituado to afterwards a Magic Mouse, this in spite of any one really)

- pleasant sliding around my zone of work without a requirement for mousepad (the Magic Mouse 2 is the besides regrettable plot in such way)

- described to quickly of transmission among 3 artilugios to express a bit take down one smile

- the current that program to go of a screen of a PC to another is an incredible expansion (in spite of a fact that the slacks the piece for few moments, as the ones of aversion an external screen has connected, still does an equivalent - go to a flange of a screen and calm is on to a following a)

GILIPOLLAS (a bit to critique)

- a parchment is not like this smooth like Magic Mouse' capacitive surface, still a same time for real exceptional in a normal mouse with the wheel

- any tax of battery in a Logi application, not even in a Mac Bluetooth symbol of paper

- USB of need-C, am burned is gone in this Micro-USB

- can not dip a wheel of parchment of the side to run keystroke orders

- can not trade settings of a Logi application and import them on another PC

- taking messy simpler that a Magic Mouse and is harder that clean

generally would estimate this in 4.5 stars, this in spite of in a chance that a gilipollas is solved (or if at all more the averages of them), is the genuine 5-spear-element.
4 / 5
Can no odd this mouse at all!

Highly attentive movement in both some wheels of roll and better rule.
Returns my good hand and is comfortable, can see it not returning other villages but for me is perfect.
Looks a lot good and an ash of colour is especially aesthetically pleasing.
A key to act down to control to exchange on to another paired the device is seamless and the work adds. It can flick among my desk and portable any question.

Always be the type to buy £15 mouse and insiemi of keyboard and laugh in the people that pay big money for these things. Now I have the keyboard maquinal adds and this mouse and mine 8+ hours the day the in the computer is much more comfortable.
4 / 5
Has had a MX Anywhere partorisca roughly 5 years that has a lot of be of confidence until last week. So much time to change and has taken this MX Master instead.
A MX Master is the main plot that my forward but the mouse close comfortable in a hand. Well rid so only this in spite of. Connecting has died easy (if you RTFM on-line) and download a software a late plus. It comes with the receiver like this now have the transmission for another PC or portable. It does not touch AAA games so many can a lot really the commentary on is gaming the capacity but work well for games like a sims or dungeons 3.
Does not like Me a wheel of roll of the click but is easy to change to normal scrolling; it depends in yours mousing skills that to use.
Has a version of Amazon but so only reason is more economic that another version. It is the class of bronzy basic with black a rest. It likes-me a rest of thumb but some keys/of before behind it is the bit oddly situated more another wheel of roll for emotional the page horizontally. A gimmick perhaps to the equal that can no to see me the using a lot.
Has not taken a newer version like my PC does not have the C still connector USB.
Logitech Does crew very of confidence these days to the equal that have been using smiled and the solar powered keyboard for years without questions. I guess volume that stops of has paid; @the @@lash is gone in the one who can resupply is my mantra.
5 / 5
Expected to substitute the 12 old year Logitech wireless mouse that has had the battery surfaces fracasadas and plastic that is sticky result.

In RRP of £90? It do not see value - but in £60 ossia smile add - comfortable (for right rid person), life of long battery, runs on more surfaces without ‘jumping' (my primary flu with the most economic devices).

No really the mouse of measure of the travesía, but uses it to go in and fulfilled and to travel he so that it improves my productivity.

A number of file of dossiers of perspective / of dossiers of time of manager accidentally movement of a location to another has been reduced of several times for day (using travesía the wireless mouse more economic) to at all (still).

No the ‘gamer' as it can not comment here. Not using a function to transfer among computer as it can not comment is. Transmission some smiles among the computers and this does well.
4 / 5
Although they are the member of a program of Vine, this was the compraventa personal .
Liked always Logitech of smiled and wireless keyboards and when a M705 that had been using each newspaper for several years has begun to fail, has looked for a current substitution and decided in a Logitech MX Master. It was the good election .
The connection is for the Receiver to Unify or Bluetooth. I am using a Receiver to Unify, which also controls my Logitech keyboard of Job. Like a keyboard, a smile can be connected to until three computer, selected by the transmission in a fund.
Returns a hand perfectly and moving around the document or the picture is a lot smooth and attentive; some functions of wheel fantastically.
A characteristic I really likes is that has the rechargeable battery, with the full load has said to give six hours the operation of day for forty days. A Logitech the software of Options gives the opinion of low battery.
Was a lot of disappointed to find had any one drives of user. Considering a prize and the functionality of this device thinks that ossia the serious omission . They are an user experienced and has been using Logitech Options for some time, but this in spite of, am not sure like some works of wheel of the thumb.
5 / 5
Chooses this for my laptop likes tampon of the roll and the keys are slow to use. This mouse done my laptop like this easier and faster that use. Looked on Google for a better model to choose that it spends of longitude some descriptions. A MX Master 2S is often always in to the 1st place likes him the mouse of better laptop to buy. I have not loved the gaming has smiled so only a partorisca web and general use that explores. It is easy to dip up and can use a wireless dongle or your laptops it bluetooth to pair of the smiles up. In a box is the boss to touch of decent quality but any stock exchange or chance to transport a mouse in me so that it have to commanded a to the equal that take fallen the to good sure pause. It looks expensive but would have to that be worth it like this has to that last the few years atleast.
An only complaint is some stickers in a base of a mouse. There is 4 of them and one 2 smaller some are not stuck in the recta and the frames look economic but hopefully is not the question at all.
Will update the week or two and to the sinister know like this are trace with him.
Using it on the new Corsair MM300 half sized foreign of mouse that is inner of half prize a moment.
Was to look for a MX 2S manacles of mouse now ; )
4 / 5
can not speak roughly is action like the gaming smiled reason I any game in the PC but in of the terms of productivities can confirm this mouse is extremely well. It is creation is a lot has thought was and ergonomic. It feels comfortable in your hand that leave to use he for long hours without @@tiredness. In fact it does to do in your PC/Mac/Portable less laborious and more effective.

A mouse has an accompanying application that leaves for glorious customisation. You can attribute keys in a mouse to spend out of several mandates eg. Volume on, control of mission (Mac), roll of page, bar of open investigation, the launch applications etc. there are a lot of options to choose of and can personalise the to return like works. You can save your configurations/of settings and change a mouse among 3 different PC/laptop with the press of the key.

A smile among 3 colours, Teal, Blacks and Aims. I have had an aim a but unfortunately was flown. Only calm so much is conscious is not the brilliant aim but more than an out of-white. Now I have a black one which is not the black of the jet but I would say more than an extremely dark ash with emphasis spatial ashes. It is look really good and complete a new Mac mini (spatial ash) amiably. Has life of good battery and when it die it can be touched and used with a usb boss plugged in.

Has the few things that stop this mouse to be absolutely perfect. A bit those that the time is lost bluetooth the connection and I have has had to that reconnect to again in a bluetooth frame. Utilisation the Mac and would have wanted it yes a logitech the application is coming with the indicator of battery that could be installed in a bar of main paper of MacOS. No really the big shot but I desire avenges with type of USB C in place of micro USB. In spite of all this, still would give it 5 star is that well. Hope This helps your decision of compraventa.
4 / 5
Has bought this to use in an office to help take some bosses of my office. It feels well in a hand and can cycle among a lot of devices easily. It is heavy quite this in spite of, mine another mouse is G502 without weight.

A thing there is remarked this in spite of is that a bluetooth the connectivity is quite poor (the distance is good) when it comes to a movement of real cursor on-screen. When you Move one smiles a lot dulcemente he skips pixel. I have tried this in a lot of and up to date cars all engine to see can fix this, my mate also has one same one and is always be a way there too much. One fijamente is to use a wireless USB has comprised reciever instead, this improves it a lot, but is expeciting this to be like this responsive like the G500s or G502 then does not buy he - a that follows simply is not like this resonsive. I also steer the clear do a lot of bondadoso of work of final drawing where the precise clicks are necessary.

For his portability and prize, ossia the mouse adds with characteristic handy like automatic hyper-roll and rear keys that marks this treats it worthy. Test and take on the sale can , spends the little time the year!

Top Customer Reviews: Logitech G305 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 49 ratings
4 / 5
I have purchased this mouse a day of emissions partorisca expect for some magic and the boy rid. If you are concerned that it could take some latency in the mouse wired then does not concern like light speed the wireless technology is like this quickly calm a lot included be able to say. Included a new G Pro Wireless is the one who a pros is wanting to and this uses a same wireless technology.

A form is sum and easy the grip although the people with the main hands could find it the little small partorisca me with half sized the book finds his add for grip of palmera.

A life of battery is awesome has has had to that still not changing a EA but 30 days of half use is each one which as successful and would not expect anything less than 2 weeks if no more calm use he all day partorisca gaming.

Loves the most detailed description in this product or some tips or reducing a same weight further then control out of my canal of Youtube a URL is in mine biological.
5 / 5
Already possesses a Logitech G Pro and his more economic version a G203. They are glorious agile mice and weigh so only 85g.
A G305 uses a same shell like this an only difference can see is the slightly smaller dpi key.

A G pro uses the variant of a Avago 3360 sensor that is a better in a phase at present. A G305 uses a sensor of NEW HERO and second that it can say extracted one same. I have averted always wireless mice because of two subjects. In the first place they can suffer lag and secondly some battery the too weighed for gaming - I as of the light mice. After touching with this mouse can find any lag - a mouse looks like this responsive like my G Pro. This is due to a Lightspeed technology Logitech has been developing some last few years.

Regarding a weight ossia where a sensor of NEW HERO goes in. Although extracted like this he 3360 is much more effective power. This means powering he with replaceable EA the battery results feasible. Logitech Says a EA the hard battery roughly 250 hours. This in spite of ossia in gaming way. If calm dipped that to low power for desk the use will last for nine month says Logitech.

A mouse is drawn for a EA battery and comes with the Duracell. This in spite of Energiser the lithiums are lighter and last longer. I have gone one gives a no further and use the AAA Energiser Lithium in the AAA to EA conversor. This maintains a weight down to roughly 85same g to the equal that G Pro and also improves a balance slightly.

A mouse uses a Logitech continuazione of software that thinks is a better has. It has dipped my dpi etc then change it to 'onboard way' as an inner memory retains some settings. A receiver is the small USB dongle. The mine is plugged in enough near of a mouse and to the equal that have said that that has any subject with lag or latency. This in spite of Logitech also resupply a goodness of need of extension takes a more next receiver to a mouse.

Some keys celery some same as G Pro. Accident and use of the legislations of main keys Logitech cradle tensioning system that resulted in of the fast clicks , light. The keys lateralmente are well and a wheel of roll has the quite strong click.

@In rodeo ossia the breakthrough produced in my opinion. Extracted like this smile it wire fence and hanged one same. This in spite of has a consolation of not requiring an annoying boss that maintains snagging in a tampon or office. I think that that a prize is ridiculous - I thinks one smiles still would be good value in double a prize. An only downside is a lack of bling. There is no RGB lights on this to save life of battery and maintain a weight down. For serious gamers like me this does not import .

Expects this help
5 / 5
has bought this mouse together with the logitech wireless keyboard for my mobile workstation. So only I have 3x ports of USB. One is taken up with my spacemouse, and the expected that a mouse and a keyboard would take an another, leaving the transmission for clave/by heart of the telephone/licence of floating software etc.

My bad because of not reading a documentation properly the supposition, but this mouse Is not COMPATIBLE WITH The RECEIVER to UNIFY. Ossia The question for me like this are them by train of the turn in favour of another logitech has produced that is.

Another question has them is that it does not feel like the product of prize. Work well with his consecrated dongle and is a lot responsive on all the surfaces, but is strong and twangy and feels VERY ECONOMIC, which is not , has included a mechanism of wheel feels rubbishes IMO.
4 / 5
Would say that an action is comparable to a Logitech G Pro and Razer Mamba Wireless Optical. This in spite of, has a life of better battery of a lot of but no RGB lighting. The data is 1/3 of a prize of a G Pro Wireless and less than half a prize of a Razer, is to good sure one the lovely majority for money. Action of a wireless is one same like any upper final mouse wired how is the no brainer if your estimativa is £50 or down, and no precise RGB lighting. It surrounds this with the adapter of the battery of then shabby (as using AAA and lighter of smile) and there is not had to that change a battery still (roughly 2 or 3 month). It is the smallest plot that a G Pro Wireless and Razer. Utilisation this more with my gaming portable in a gone that in my main PC this in spite of
5 / 5
Like the headline has said, has had this mouse partorisca around the month now. A battery is still in an original battery and aims any sign to retard down, in spite of a fact I use this mouse partorisca around 6-12 hours the day in meso. A life of the battery so only does east the spectacular wireless mouse that way of punches on his group of prize.

In of the terms of one smiles, is extremely sensitive because of a sensor of hero and comes with the connector of small USB to connect to your device and the engine install automatically. There is any logitech software with east, which has been disappointed slightly for reason this bad is stuck with preset DPI settings by means of a key in a half of one smiles this in spite of there is around 5 which cover to vary terracings of sensibilities to the equal that have directed to find mine something ideal quite quickly. You can a lot of rebind some keys of mice of the side the different functions this in spite of which is the shame . Imposed of response of a mouse in general is quite perfect, would not remark a difference among east and the wire fence of smile and has had any subject with other devices that interferes with him.

The quality of build is calm so that it would expect, quite plasticy and swimming of individual. Any RGB which am happy roughly and saves in this life of battery.

A reason partorisca to 4 star in place of 5 is reason with a EA would beat a mouse is weighed extremely. If it likes that it characterises of of what then 100 this mouse is for you but originally has used this in my lap seated in a sofa but a mouse have maintained to fall off one kills altogether because of weight. I have moved of then behind to my office like this this is not a @@subject but has annoyed. This can be offset a bit to use an adapter to use the AAA in place of EA battery, the available information on Youtube for this just investigation a model of a mouse.

In general, logitech is an extremely good company for mouse and in spite of possessing several mice of them in a past, any active did not fail me never. These punches of mice well on his group of prize in of the terms of characteristic and some only real downsides is a battery that hard ages in all the chance, a lack of customisable keys/DPI and lack of RGB (if ossia the downside at all, for me is not ).

Highly recommended.

MODIFY: Three month in, any transmission of battery this in spite of like this with daily use for around 5-6 hours in mesos. I have it quell'has discovered so only that it can you to it use Logitech gaming software to change a DPI and remap some keys yes desire, his fully sustained now. I do not have any complaint averts of a weight and a fact that a logo of G of the money in a mouse is beginning to spend was. Some images are 3 months of use.
4 / 5
For a prize can not ask much more.
A quality of build looks decent. It had read that a wheel of mouse felt cockroach previously to the cost is, this in spite of feels like this as well as any one another smile has used before. The majority of some keys feels well in a mouse, this in spite of some keys lateralmente on is quite small and less tactile that would have liked me (of any one has used to of the keys lateralmente main).
My leading mouse was a death adder how is considered enough the big mouse, like this emotional to this mouse considerably smaller was odd at the beginning , but has taken quickly has used his.
A wireless function is excellent, 1ms the delay is not noticeable and same when in endurance way a delay has augmented is a lot quickly taken used to.
A life of battery is around 10 in action big days that is well, but for me I cycle among big action, endurance and was when they are gaming, using he for productivity or any when using . This will augment it life of same battery further.
A software is the little has bitten buggy but usable.
Global excellent mouse, highly recommended. But, you want to something slightly main, but also pursue in of the batteries (therefore having to that much more life of battery that smiled more wireless), has the keys lateralmente main... To good sure would go for a g603 partorisca around £15 more.
4 / 5
Used SteelSeries Sensei in spite of a fact to to that did not like his erratic of sensibility when no in the tampon of mouse and a fact that has been he wired. I have tried several wireless mice never of the wireless mice am available result he roughly done 10 years and has finalised always return them. I have had now this G305 of then June 2018, and has not touched Sensei. This one east a keeper.

I like an accuracy of an optical sensor, one in a fly dpi capacity of adjustment, life of long battery (bought in June 2018, left it on always, and has not changed a still battery), he behind/advance of the keys, wheel of roll (does not like me one of a found in MX serious), slightly small-ish measure that reads for grip of mine, and no LEDs flashing around in an organism.

Would have been it well to have a bluetooth the connection built-in. But this could interrupt an accuracy and a stable connection that there is now has seen an USB dongle. Logitech MX Anywhere 2 And MX Master has suffered a bluetooth subject of connection with mine mac the computers and I have finalised to return both. For like this, a lack of bluetooth the option is hardly a subject @of mine.

Ossia A one that would buy on and on while Logitech would maintain to produce the. Highly recommended.
5 / 5
Like this after buying a GPW was totally hooked in wireless(hooked 😂) has used a g wired pro for my main for age, have gone to a GPW so only because of some descriptions adds has taken, but so only could not take used to a form, has better aimed with a g wired pro. DAMN BOSS!!!!! It yearned One wireless!

A thought of this mouse that is plants like this economic have been (perhaps subjects of qualities) and powered for the battery, this was so only the any one no for me!

That it can say it, this mouse is brilliant! A form of a g wired pro and wireless!!! I can aim like this well with this mouse!

Have Enough each mouse this is to exit in a past 2 years. GPW, G Wired pro, heroes 16k g pro, fk2, fk1, ec1-a, ec2-a, ec2-b, deathadder, g502, Final mouse ULP, RKPOE, rival 310, nixeus revel access, g403 and more.

Ossia One smiles better has not used never, is not postponed for an economic prize.

A thing has said, takes any lithium AAA and EA to AAA adapater or use any foil of has beaten, door down a weight of a mouse to around 85g - can the to you goes down further taken one the upper dish was the around 77g.
4 / 5
There is wanted always go wireless but has been postponed for latency, Logitech the latest incarnations look for having solved this.

Has used it AAA the EA adapter and lithium AAA battery to take a weight down considerably, doing it more like a G Pro Wireless for the fraction of a prize and any of some subjects (M1+M2 the key that takes).
4 / 5
I have loved the wireless gaming mouse and has had good experience before, has found this in spite of this £40 has smiled extremely economic feeling.
Comprises that a prize is reflected mainly a time of response and that it is wireless, this in spite of when I have taken he out of a box felt economic, was instantly disappointed, that looks for to ignore an economic to feel of him has decided to give the the gone. It is possibly the good mouse, but when have @to @give very the same offers to the touch has decided gone back the.

If you are the random gamer also could solve for one of this £15 smile like calm will not remark any difference, is looking for something over time of quality and answered good also, I so only skip this mouse all hover and go for a next step arrives or the different mark.
5 / 5
Obviously ossia an amazon revise like some subjective following words and my opinion so only, writes that reason that are roughly to write is a result of the personal experience and I know many will disagree with one or two things.

Wants to begin to say the this is one of mine mice preferred to date, love a form of a shell, a measure extracted my very small hands amiably and when being wireless with latency to note wire fence is the enormous plus .

That the be has said the pocolas reason I deduct a star. In the first place it has gone no it likes me to him a form of some keys lateralmente. It assumes it is shaped angled like this to resupply the ledge to assist with choosing on a mouse? It finds that to be totally unnecessary, I any need the ledge to choose on this mouse can choose it on perfectly well without a need for the keys lateralmente uncomfortable.

Honradamente Can say disturbed an implementation of some keys quite the plot in fact. They are not the defender of Logitech cradle tensioning click that resulted in almost a lot of pretravel. This m1 and m2 far too easy to actuate, perhaps ossia useful in mobas where spamming is necessary? I do not see like this it is useful in fps games. It would take a m1,m2 on literally any one another mouse I own in these, and this comprises even a g403, another Logitech smiled. At least they have the little pretravel. Some keys lateralmente in another hand has way too pretravel and feel soft.
Turns of roll and dpi the key is both adds this in spite of.

Regarding a tweaks, will be to take out of some cradles of a m1, m2 transmissions. You are this will fix a question without pretravel of then I already this in a past with a g203. Also I will be sanding down some two keys lateralmente to flatten his, this will do him much more comfortable to press! Finally I will be modding some keys lateralmente to reduce a pretravel. Desire Logitech his all these transmissions but perhaps is not demanded by other people like this those who knows.

In the perfect world perhaps will release an iteration of this mouse with a ultralight shell and slightly the main feet. :)
4 / 5
For a prize (or any prize) ossia the fantastic mouse . A quality of build, feels and the accuracy is everything excellent and some keys celery well when clicking. Changing DPi in a fly is effortless and really useful when using he partorisca AutoCAD & Revives containers to draw. Some the additional keys are easily customizable has seen a downloadable software also.

Any drop outs with wireless connectivity like this far and a mouse is a lot of responsive. I do not see reason calms would not require never pay more the stops to the mouse like all is here state nailed. An aesthetic is very simple and generic but My hand is on he the majority of a time likes lack of the lights etc. are not the worry for me.

A suggestion to do sinister mice with some keys of additional function how is impossible to use these additional keys that is the lefty. Some the upper frames look shy out of this which is the shame .
5 / 5
Has bought this mouse after the bit of investigation and finding has a sensor of the hero and a wireless latency is brilliant. I can confirm a wireless is like this as well as it has announced.

With a mouse takes the battery (which is lasting really a lot), the prorroga of USB, which is extremely useful how is quite long, and instructions.

Have installed a mouse and immediately installed a Logitech software. This are has been has discovered one smiles is in way of echo for incumplimiento. Transmission this the action. I seat this would have to that be a incumplimiento how is the gaming has smiled. No the start adds.

A setup was easy. Has 400, 800 and 1600 already setup. Trying the pocolos play have found that, in some settings was like my mouse wired leading, a latency is no different but an accuracy is worse. Noticeably so much. My mouse with the hyperx pulsefire core. Prize still like this one.

Going down a DPI and the increasing sensibility has taken this mouse behind in a game but is the shame has has had to that that. I love the wireless mouse and in mine estimativa ossia that goes to have. A wireless liberty is worth it.

Maintains to verify to see if my boss is taking taken first to agree does not have one. It is odd but loves that. In of the terms of appearance some smiles are adds. One feels and weigh it are adds. Some clicks are strong. The keys lateralmente require the push in bylines and is also strong. Quite strong to be listened by means of the mic. This does not change gaming the action but I prefer calmer.

In general am pleased really with a mouse. The desire has had the estimativa the big plus to take a next mouse arrives but for a prize is a wireless mouse everywhere well .
4 / 5
Although this is to mean to be gaming the mouse has required some programmable extra keys for a 3D @@@modeling software. More economic some usually have not had some programmable extra keys.
As I am not after state gaming action are them well with only EA battery in endurance way that is meant to last for 9 month. Otherwise Would have gone with G603 that can take two AAs and is slightly main. This mouse is to somewhere in mid row of measure. Compared to the mine leading Logitech MX518 is smaller but still a lot (the time will say still comfy after the longest time). The weight is so only perfect for me with only EA. Some keys lateralmente are situated well but found a click is too deep - the clicks with which approx. 1mm How is the plot . Active preffered answered of the fastest click but hopefully will take used his.
The quality looks a lot well, the clicks of main key are in the side the strong but easy plus to press. The wheel presses so only well, good scrolling but has had the habit of smoother that MX518. I have changed a DPI key to bend click (handy).
In general, im happy the a lot of spash was 70still crux g603 likewise in a endurance the way has time of perfect response for me. For some types with desks PC takes boss of extension as you can take a receiver directly in your office to minimise some times of response owe that have any subjects (a bit of the people have think that that it is to touch, any is not ).
5 / 5
Knows a G Pro the wireless looks that tries but love a creation of an original G pro. OSSIA The MOUSE . Some clicks are even more crispy. A sensor is calm perfections would not remark he into use of the real time has compared to a sensor of hero of new review in a g pro wireless. The only defects are a battery that cause some low plus means to be heavier which could annoy easy fijamente is to use the AAA battery with the conversor to EA or some tinfoil or so only the battery of lithium. Also a lack of grip imo is another calm defect easily can find the grips takes little crux in aliexpress so only look for g203 or g pro the grips and he would have to that come up as has a turn to form still perfectly marks so only sure touch an old g pro no a new an entirely different form.
5 / 5
Has tried the plot of gaming smiled on some years, but any one there is rid that has promised & I inevitably reverted to the mine old, trusty TeckNet smiled to regulate. I touch Thunder of War (Aircraft) the plot, & has struggled to find the mouse that can precisely & seamlessly. A G305, this in spite of, is exemplary to line to follow smoothly. Usually it uses an aluminium gaming matt of mouse (photo), as this has helped always with everything of some another smile has used. A G305 is like this well that The hips can follow a lot well in the foreigner of mouse of the cloth also.

Returns my hand well, although it would have liked him to be of the little elder so that my hand wraps around more comfortably. This in spite of, ossia the small niggle, like following frames of action up for any subjects of the smallest consolation.

Has read descriptions that state that this mouse can disconnect he randomly. The mine can do is, but any when it has changed on before it initiates on. Some works of receiver of the USB more is plugged to one of your PC Motherboard ports of USB, no the hub. Felizmente, Logitech distributes the boss of small extension to leave you to use the port of PC, as you can situate a receiver in the decent place approaches a mouse (photo).

The weight is well: there is the small key to change answered of speed (handy for war-gaming), & an on-was transmission in a underside of a mouse, which is the little difficult to use if you fingernails is short. Some four small tampons down some smiles give it an almost frictionless movement, if in the foreigner of cloth or an aluminium a.

Some keys/of mouse Sinister Legislation am drawn also very still gaming. No too sensitive, but no too chunky neither. It can be a lot of frustrating with war sims he volume for behind an opponent; press a sinister key & finds your aim has moved reason some keys cause your hand to slightly move a point to aim (any well in 400+mph when the the opponent in your mercy & loses one has shot!)

Like this, yes, like this smile the plot. Suitable so only well & will use for a foreseeable future.

4 / 5
Logitech G305 Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse, Sensor of HERO, 12,000 DPI, Luz

After a lot of years my old Logitech the death of wireless mouse ( was a lot on 10 years).
To the equal that has bought another Logitech

the desire has had a lot
One that follows lag is good but any where near like this down like my old Logitech mouse .

Some keys of the mice often owe that be pressed several times for the click to register

This the fact that annoying to use for the internet that explores and useless for gaming.

Have the economic (£5) tecknet smiled follows to use for gaming now ..His soooo much more responsive that this modern Logitech.

Has not been where a Lightspeed bit in a name of product comes from/comes from but surely does not apply to one that follows lag or key actuation to the equal that are woeful.

In £30 this mouse is validate very poor and worse work that my cheapo £5 has smiled has taken like the transmission.

Very impressed at all.
4 / 5
Very sure reason this has the listed separate, but this listing was much more economic in time of compraventa. I have tried a G603, but for my chance of use (in a couch) was bit it too big and too wide in a backside.. Really like a G305 although his small, light, and has the really in satisfactory sinister click and right. A wheel of mouse has the I surca down a half, which the fact cost it slightly concave. This feels really good and a scrolling is in his point. The keys lateralmente good celery also. Very happy with cost of mine and can recommend it.
4 / 5
Like this has bought them this mouse reason one of some transmissions in mine main mouse have been bad, this mouse was the logitech g903 and significantly more expensive that this so that it goes with logitech again was the hard decision that knows transmissions to use that that can fail in this way and is change very economic (duplicate clicking subject), one smiles sincerely is coming until 2 years but certainly was nowhere approach his indication of press of the transmission of 50 millions. This in spite of... Before that was the fantastic mouse , flawless wireless signal and the glorious sensor that follows, with east in alcohol has been them with the g305.

That takes here is the a lot of bells and whistles gaming smiled but his didnt skimp on quality where the really @@subject, like this calm of the that takes the elegant arrival in a mouse, any RGB lighting and any to to good small touches likes him to him the wheel of infinite but course the calm takes a better sensor in a phase right now, the life of fantastic battery and the súper light, quickly gaming tool.

Was very tried to take a logitech g pro wireless but the people recommended the give this tries it, a g pro wireless is massively more expensive and offers the rechargeable battery with the long life aswell like these transmissions that last 50 million clicks ( he some same likes some this has broken in mine g903) and hanged 80 grams, which is súper light for the rechargeable wireless smile. The thing is, launch the lithium EA battery in this mouse and you finalise with the wireless mouse that hanged around 85 grams, the battery that will last around 250 into use constant hours and a same wireless technology that mark a g pro like this very still a lot down the averages a prize, on that his more pleasant form that a g903 still gaming. Really the so only can give upper frames here considering a prize, so only attended has them better regime with some transmissions.

My smaller complaints so only are, some keys lateralmente celery a lot slightly soft, less tactile feeling that my g903 and of the main 2 keys are the pocolos strong, a g903 the keys feel more refined and calm but this comes with the side besides also and ossia some keys feel more positive, knows exactly when you have done that click wheras questioned them has had the click in time with a g903.

Like this yeh, really quite impressed.
5 / 5
I have been that uses several forms of a Razer Naga of then 2012. A Naga is the smile adds partorisca touch MMOs, RTS, MOBA etc and partorisca every day the tasks is also a lot - I found me using some macros partorisca do enough the little time. This in spite of, is to good sure any one a better sensor in a phase and a form of a mouse is the little width and the little big. Some keys of the thumb in a side is also quite easily pressed for deception.

Found touching MMOs and MOBAs far less in recent time and beginning more the FPS or other genders that does not require the plot of hotkeying. After doing A lot of investigation and looking in rocketninja cup/of descriptions 40 this mouse looked to be the option really adds for me and am happy to say has chosen wisely!

A wireless are absolutely adds, if it has not been for a fact that has no the physical cord that the starts of a mouse could swears was corded. Any question with entrance lag or dead zones or anything of a class.

A sensor of Hero is probably a better in a phase right now and is a still a ossia in a much more expensive G PRO has smiled.

Is the small mouse with enough the low profile, particularly compared to the mine Naga. Utilisation the claw the grip and east matches my hand-held measure for claw grip a lot amiably. It is light, especially considering has a EA the battery that chairs in there too much. This one smiles very easy to move around for both precise and big turns.

Can not comment on life of battery to arrive to this point ( has there is not running my first battery has died still) but given an interest of life of 1xAA battery (goes for ion of lithium!) Any really seat is side that pays almost £100 extra for a rechargable G PRO. A factor of form, sensor and wireless is everything exactly one same to the equal that unless there is Logitech wireless touching mousepad to agree a G PRO, create a G305 to be a better option for far.

This mouse has has substituted now my faithful Naga (which I still use for MMO/MOBA) like my main mouse and I thoroughly recommend this mouse for general use and for FPS games.
5 / 5
Like any with hands quite long, has found this mouse to be bit it too short at the beginning, but once my grip has regulated to a measure ( has moved to this mouse of the SteelSeries Rival 310) felt quite well. A mouse is very light, compared to the mine old mouse (mentioned on), and can be does included lighter for 3D has printed mods, and using different battery. One smiles feels the little behind-heavy, but ossia down to the that arrived of battery to use. A sensor of hero is incredible, any only because of his accuracy, but also because of this consumption of low power . I add compraventa everywhere!
5 / 5
Two stars because it is quickly. But ossia everything . Has small hands and he so only on access, but fault of a consolation of the smile the elder. A key lateralmente rear is quite easy to achieve, but can not achieve an advance of key without twisting some toes that otherwise rest in a L and R click. A wheel has big and a lot well has has defined bloodlettings that the averages that with which in an hour to use my toe is sore. Worse of everything: it is strong! All the mice have the light click, but in east a a his strong and acute east. Among a strong click and a sore toe ossia one of some worse mice have not bought never.
5 / 5
Did not have It long enough of for life of battery to impact me still, this in spite of uses it very thick for has has extended periods of time and has not had to change a battery of a a wine with. The life of battery is well in this mouse.

Same with durability, j can not say still but feels sturdy.
Predict Is grip to spend was after 2 years to use perhaps more.

When I swapped of a zowie EC1-A to this, was in accident in that has taken it quickly has used his. It is incredibly comfortable for claw grip and is usable with palmera, this in spite of averts to take this prefers grip of palmera.
Facilitated of the use also will be a bit subjective, but a software at least can be spoken roughly, well, any a lot of to speak roughly. It is well.
4 / 5
After the years to use tampons of clue and trackballs because of spatial of the office limited is finally state persuaded to revert behind to use the mouse. This has required to learn like this to use the smile almost of scratch and while it was there, going back to FPS gaming. With which some tutorials on dipping on the mouse that use CS: it GOES finally it was able to dial in some settings that adapted one more. Now several months in, love a liberty of the wireless mouse. I have not required to use the battery of lithium to reduce a weight but I know that the option is available. Also like the no professional gamer has changed the way of action was, this offers much more life of the battery and I am remarked a lot diminishment in action at all but perhaps another ? In general when I am forced to use more the computer and I take the control of the his mouse @gives the one who the good ergonomic setup has created on its own name and then agrees this mouse cost less than the third of a prize of the mine last trackball. Ossia A exceptionally good value for product of money that feels very built and extracted well in prize that surprised the combination that is scarce in today of phase.
4 / 5
Ossia A mouse loves. This does not have to that do with being the gamer or no. Of the smiles done a movement of cursor when you move a mouse, included slightly. I use it on the cloth to subject where other mice have frustrated. With east, was able to augment acceleration because you can be precise when moving dulcemente. A measure and the weight is perfect. Some people buy a AAA adapter of battery to do it lighter, will do that also. There is the pleasant crazy has arrived his. The keys are good to press, has left/well is quite clicky, no too soft or hard to press but correctly. The wheel is soft and silent, how is clicking the. It gives a right quantity of control. A mouse exited of a box, 3 keys, sensibilities/of acceleration that/the investigations register anything, on Linux, and there is not any need to fiddle with software that does not come for Linux, so only to add useless extra keys.
5 / 5
Awesome Has smiled !! It was the little sceptical roughly going wireless for the mouse but after using it all my reservations have gone. There is no lag at all and once a boss has gone calm @to give the one who the ache a boss was !! Gaming Wise I mainly touch FPS games.
Life of the looks of battery to be add, are in a same battery on 2 month later. If utilisations a EA battery of the lithium also can do one smiles slightly lighter. You take the normal EA the battery but my joint would be to grab the band of lithiums together with a mouse.
5 / 5
A sensor is fantastic and can very really say is the wireless mouse , but a quality of build is so only abysmal. Perhaps it has taken one of the poor batch, but a coverage of the plastic battery in the mine is already free after so only take the little time and he creaks quite bad when it rests my bellow of toes a smile 1 & 2 keys.
Other subjects are a woeful mousefeet, is not perfectly to slowly like him contact some frames of the mice with to the foreign is so only in some flanges of some feet and a PTFE the leaves of qualities to plot to be wished.
I keys lateralmente are also very soft, some of some worse that has found in any one smile that has tried like this far and one smiles 1 & 2 keys while feeling quite well when actuated, is very noisy.
4 / 5
Last start with a packaging, is gone in the good simple Little box the one who included a Logitech smiled and some instructions. A lot of slick in creation.

Some instructions where very simple easy to follow explain like this to install some engine and explaining some different components of a mouse.

Some smiled is very good and cleaned I amour a simplicity and a material feels well in my hand and is comfortable to resist.

Slips amiably to the long of the mine mouse cushions very smooth and light that help precisely in gaming. Some clicks solid celery.

Can download a Logitech software on there put web that leaves direct one smiles that has to that it weaves of customisable options like refresh prices of a mouse, dpi settings, macros for a mouse and other settings.

A mouse takes the EA battery that last the very a lot the times time the mine has not run out of closing!

Gaming With this mouse there is no lag his precise with aiming and movement. A wireless connection is always solid.

This mouse is the good cost for any in a gaming sector or so only for the general good mouse.

Highly recommend this to any the one who needs the new mouse and is looking for quality and precision.
5 / 5
Modify: My key of sinister mouse is now entirely useless to the equal that have has has had to that remap like this uses a key of right mouse instead, which well, but would have to that have has has had to that do east..... And so only to add that Logitech has ignored my question for help or joint in this product - will not buy never another Logitech has produced.

Originally has written the description thus produced and gave it 3 stars because although it was well, has not been adds. This in spite of, of then, all has changed. This mouse is PLAGUED with a subject of the double click dreaded and has found a number of misclicks I game there is vastly augmented, included to a point where can be touch Hearthstone, that tugs another paper or an action to plant and he suddenly launched it fireball for my account paper because a key there is disengaged while tugging it, or in other games that has involved a need to click and tug to open the box of dialogue and a key disengage and more than inaugural a box of dialogue, only attacks of car with a unit am controlling.

Has has not used never this for anything particularly that hastes - the bit of Borderlands and Hearthstone and the little another diverse game to differ gender and quantity of entrance of mouse, but swimming concealed would not exert never like this pressure in a mouse that would cause it harm. A simple truth is that this mouse can have a seal of prize of product of prize (certainly a lot as much as the professional mouse) calms still would expect it to treat as well as the most economic mark that can take it you for half a prize, simply, he no.

Another question is like a variable DPI the settings will maintain resetting they each hour or like this, to a point where he setup for movement of the precision suddenly can result shoot by means of a screen in the billion of miles an hour, and has installed fully all a software, has followed all some drive and saved all my settings to take touched of of a macizo sensitive presets..... This in spite of like this his still gone back.

In short, are like this disappointed thus produced. I bought it at the same time, I have paid £, and I am sure that is to be announce like this when being in plot more, by heart would say almost £100 because memory to think was the shot adds. Considering now, like a prize of base is £, think that it could have been lied to in an original prize, but ossia my failure finally. Save your money and buy something more economic with less characteristic that you a lot in fact need, so only will add to some things that can go wrong.
5 / 5
So much it has looked for them the wireless mouse and a cost of a rechargeable some were the pocolos too like this am them perfectly happy with my G502, but this G305 is awesome, the has not expected any a lot of a wireless while gaming but is absolutely perfect, has had them a subject, when the in the first place dipped the on the plugged a wireless receiver in a backside of my Desk and has had the plot partorisca stutter at stake, has moved them auricular to a cup of my chance that clearly can be seen for a mouse and now does perfectly, his so only like have smile it wire fence, the,m seriously impressed with the well is, produced excellent.
5 / 5
Upgraded Of the B100 to this gorgeous has smiled. I have used Razer, SteelSeries, Corsair and the Zowies and this one floats my boat. When in gaming the way almost can see a difference in latency among that and saving to be able to. Near the impossible. Unimaginable upgrade Of the mine B100. Especially of then it has the replaceable HP7 and the power excepts way. Just alcohol MB4 and MB5 likes of rests your big thumb in a side. It recommends for people with hand-held period of 18cm or longer. Any short plus and could have difficulty crabbing the. Like this always, for mice, HIGHLY recommends to visit Jump of Rocket Ninja on Youtube. Zy Is a better-unbiased sauce for practice and directly-to-the-descriptions of mice of the point. It is also calm compared to some mice and MB1, MB2 the clicks touch different, but at all near offputting.

Modify: first-never the electrical device has used this hard longer that has announced. The lithium energised -11 hours the day of use in big power and low way and has not lost the alone bar that comes until four month. I am beginning to think is broken.

MODIFY: it is on two bars now this in spite of to change a battery.
UPDATE: it is taking to the something likes him to him seven month now this in spite of two bars of battery.

26/October/2019 UPDATE: An alcaline cell has run finally has been with Logitech reading of program two bars have left.
5 / 5
A mouse is quite small. It is difficult to imagine the one who big a mouse is based in numbers in description. This in spite of still although it belongs among the smallest mouse, thanks to the traditional form is quite comfortable still in meso sized hand viril. All some controllers are in correct place as I do not seat the need to have the main smile. The mouse is quite light and can be included lighter using EA->AAA adapter and AAA battery in place of EA. That comes to sensor and responsiveness, very ossia to join different for a prize... Has the feeling like a mouse has been wire fence, but without some tugs of boss. Simply said, a latency is really a lot recognizable.
4 / 5
A mouse is one of some wireless mice more priced and does not have all a RGB atrocity this in spite of a unit has received always disconnects at least 5x for day, sometimes the turns was entirely when go them, has believed whenever this has been due to a battery that is down but has been by means of at least 5 battery and he does not look to solve a subject of disconnection. Raisin frequently when gaming and cause me to lose in the plot of games as they are stationary for 2 according to whilst my mouse reconnects and spazzes to an opposite corner of a screen.

A form is sum and personally uses the G533 headset of Logitech to the equal that are the big defender of wireless, this in spite of no longer can use this mouse and will be reverting to a subordinated, brick to house G502 HERO.


Once again another Logitech out of 5 I has had is the useless result because of a skates disintegrated with which less than 5 month of use.
4 / 5
I couldnt not buying this mouse for a prize, and has not been dissappointed at all, ossia a lot of neighbour in spec to a g-pro which is considerably more expensive.

Has been that uses a mouse for the month and now has pride of place in my desk, touches mainly twitch shooters in a level advanced and could does not be missing he at all, this has substituted the smile wired that it has paid them in £90 paralizaciones and his now gathering powder. I can not see/feel any latency at all, his attentive and a lack of boss the fact the present total to use.

A handy tip - buy a lithium-battery of ion for him, is much lighter of the alcaline batteries and one smile the plot has balanced more.

Has to that to other tricks there likes him to him the use the AAA battery with EA adapters and 3d press honeycombed the poster has retreated to spend down a weight but the think his has balanced perfectly a way is, but there is the big community there modding this mouse.

So only the buy, calm will not be dissappointed.
4 / 5
Has purchased this mouse a day of emissions to expect for some magic and the boy rid. If you are concerned that it could take some latency in the mouse wired then does not concern like light speed the wireless technology is like this quickly calm a lot included be able to say. Included a new G Pro Wireless is the one who a pros is wanting to and this uses a same wireless technology.

A form is sum and easy the grip although the people with the main hands could find it the little small for me with half sized the book finds his add for grip of palmera.

A life of battery is awesome has has had to that still not changing a EA but 30 days of half use is each one which as successful and would not expect anything less than 2 weeks if no more calm use he all day for gaming.

Loves the most detailed description in this product or some tips or reducing a same weight further then control out of my canal of Youtube a URL is in mine biological.
4 / 5
Loves a wireless technology. It is literally like this quickly like this having it wired to choose a big way. In a low way is still really responsive. Extremely happy with this mouse how is more economic that some another this has a technology to be competitive. So only use a big way for the competitive and calm games takes a lot of life of battery. It is the must there is really for any reason come up with. Calm will not complain . Resupplying calm does not have massive hands. Has the half hands perhaps bit it wide but the wise period is perfect.
5 / 5
Has bought this device to improve my gaming the quality but was the wrong decision. It does not feel comfortable in your hand. I am not comparing he with expensive G Pro the products but precise improvement. I have faced also with a subject. One of some keys in a side no properly and was obvious that it was the failure maquinal but a service of client has said that it is a subject of software. A lot they was to know his products. In general, has very different gaming mouses there and does not go with east a.
4 / 5
Has seen this has revised in Tips of Technology of Linus, where his definite recommendation was to take out of a battery and use the EA to AAA convertor.

I deceided to try this based in a prize. It has done like this well that the esees has bought two, one for home, one for work. A mouse is comfortable to use, keeps well in the variety of surfaces. Has a sensor of Hero in him as well as Logitechs ligthstream technology. In general I smile it very good.

AAA There is substantially less battery so it calms a conversion, recommends them be disciplined and it turning was with which use.
4 / 5
Had read the few descriptions in a G305 has compared with a G Pro and wireless king/wired.

Is like this handy any to have the bosses that career by means of an office. Like Logitech active has alleged correctly a time of response is like this as well as I smile it wire fence. As I am very pleased with this compraventa. You can reduce a weight of one smiles the little to exchange a comprised EA battery for the AAA, said, battery of lithium and using a EA-AAA adapter (those pence of cost). A G Pro does not look an economic option in light that well that the results of modification!
5 / 5
Amazing mouse, everything can say;
has an amazing sensor with feet of amazing mouse that the good slips and easily, better clicks that a pro, (which is something has required partorisca do on) also light and has a life of AMAZING battery, has used he partorisca around 2-3 weeks, with the pocolas-multiple hours each day, and has not lost 1 bar of load (out of one 5 has said that that has) and that the on way of action, which is one of some ways that can select love better action and better precision, or love the life of the longest battery. Also like this usually Logitech the software is easy to use, and global Logitech impressed again.
5 / 5
Has used the plot of mouse a lot well my time that touches FPS the games but this mouse is at present my cup chooses.

Sensor 4/5: A sensor of Hero in this mouse there has been the descriptions add and can not say disagree. I do not have remarked the tangible difference follows among this mouse and one 3360 east in mine Revel, Venator and G502. Has Has some subject this in spite of and one that follows occasionally feels laggy and stutters. This spends seldom but enough for him to be noticeable and perhaps quite that was in the lan probably would choose my Venator or Revel so only for an extra reliability.

Forms 4/5: I really like a form of this mouse, is simple and no too big different the majority of mouse these days. This means it would have to that return more the villages rids quite well, although you are concerned there is the plot of the places can take managers for your handsize, for example RocketJumpNinja in youtube.

Hanged 3/5:In 80-85g as quell'use of use of the battery and has chosen use a coverage (I , imo forms >a bit those that g is) this mouse is not light. This has said my Revel is 85g is and concealed is not accounting for a boss like this the mouse really is not too bad. If you are looking for the light mouse concealed is not súper overpriced would go for a Ninox Venator.
otherwise This mouse really would not owe that be too weighed for you.

Another 5/5: This mouse has a main standout 'another' characteristic, is wireless. In an end of a day a wireless is a mian selling point here and do a lot well. It has not been seamless and I definately reccomend the patient with Logitech original 'Logitech Gaming Software' more than a new plus 'GHub' that is pressing for this mouse and some of the his another flagship has smiled. A new software has caused the plot of bugs to forget DPI settings mid game to randomly chaining polling imposed etc etc, an original software is súper stable this in spite of and Logitech the wireless technology is known to be a better in a biz. If you are looking to take the mouse for a future now, and not looking to break your bank, ossia for real an only real option and probably calms will not complain it .
4 / 5
Ossia My first time that shabby and using a wireless product for my gaming PC. They are very impressed with an action of this mouse, does not feel wireless into use and honradamente feels like this acute and attentive like my old mouse. A sensor is is point of attentive pin in my opinion and feels a lot of responsive. It comes with the wireless usb and 1 EA battery that is declared the last 160 hours of gaming. One smiles feels well in a hand and has the a lot of his weight. It is in a side a small plus of mouse but honradamente some frames of good weights on partorisca east. In general I am very happy with cost of mine, work well and has not had any question like this far, adds of Logitech.
4 / 5
Am using this purely like the mouse/of office of the work (any gaming). It looks gamers the improvement smiled of quality. Some legislations and the sinister clicks are glorious - very light and crisp, this in spite of probably bit it stronger that half. One smiles feels extremely attentive, slips a lot easily, and can customise and save DPI in any of 50 until 12,000 - does not smile of the office regulates can offer the characteristic has taken. It is wonderfully light, especially with the battery of lithium. Calm also can use he without a coverage of the battery and he have included lighter and further down-profile. The value adds in a prize has reduced current. One smiles no vertical has used better.
5 / 5
Although I took the little while to take used to one feels of the wireless mouse (has no @to @give that has compensated for some tugs of boss) are now the plenary converts to wireless mice.

Has used wireless mice before (Razer Orochi and an another can not agree a name of) and his hated but honradamente can say love this mouse, any one transfers was, any sensor glitches and a life of battery is glorious.

I mostly touch CS: it GOES (MG2-DMG like this which have been touching, as they are in no way a power) but calculate this mouse is damn prójimo perfect.
4 / 5
Very material:
More the never had partorisca gaming, responsive and for my quite big hand, is perfect (any that is big, his good height of rear ridge and width, more planting of keys lateralmente the thumb).
Has changed probably 30 smile in the period along partorisca time to find the legislation a. It looks that this simple looking and smile quite priced is a better of them everything for me. The life of battery is excellent, as announced (better still use rechargeable battery, for the lowest sides)
Bad material:
has Taken was a star, key like this well has begun partorisca act bad with which 1 year. I have substituted one changes like a work. (omron The transmission estimated partorisca 10M click... I owe that it has been it clicking in my sleep also)
Substituted that with 50M transmission has estimated.
Amur Logitech ..But have subjects with transmissions. Also I have G935 headset that has had to them take averts to fix on/was transmission.

The really feels like robust build, still would recommend.
Esperanza helps
4 / 5
in that Has it upgraded of a wireless mouse rule, ossia the miles was. Any only partorisca gaming but daily use. A speed and life of frames of the easiest accuracy. Light and perfect for my small to half sized hand. As some keys.

An only negative is that it looks to be the magnet to powder that wall with the bit of sweat results sticky and hard to clean in some keys lateralmente and main wheel. For like this 4 stars
4 / 5
Although it is the fantastic mouse has found has the somehow uncomfortable form for my hand. Has small hands and quite wide with short toes. Coming from the Corsair Harpoon has found this difficult mouse to resist, with my toe a lot properly that achieves a wheel of roll and some sides to rounded and class of slippery.
Has has had to that the the turn and the arrival that use he G502 instead, which although main and heavier that 305 access perfectly in my hand.
The sensor adds and that follows, pertinent weight, and with a wireless option felt really sad of the turn.
5 / 5
Increadibly Economic feels, if I have received likes the present would think that has paid held it for him. Also he not having @@give that so only has 12000 dpi. Not going to spend for a hassle of the turn, but yes has had an election to choose smiled again would select a HP x4000 again, which I previously possessed until his wheel of roll has spent was, because it costs the averages a prize, but has 16000 dpi, looks and feels to better plot and is lasted for 3-4 years.
4 / 5
A G305 Logitech the smile really is excellent for a prize and the worthy substitution want to go the free boss. It is comfortable, some keys are good and clicky, a wheel of roll has the good grip and a thumb have operated the keys are very situated. The accuracy also looks to be a lot well, and there looks to be any discernible lag at all - like ‘speed will read the connection does really well.

Estimated it 4 starts partorisca gaming as it does not have any a lot of additional key, as it will adapt FPS gamers more than MMO gamers.

Estimated it 4 starts partorisca ergonomics as it does not have the other of thumb, which have has discovered so only has used to plot in mine leading mouse.

An on two subjects are not a mouses lack for any half, so only my preferences.

Estimated it 5 stars for accuracy because, well, is very attentive!

Top Customer Reviews: Logitech G300s ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5
It smiles it adds, it is lasted roughly 3 years of regular use, which is WAY LONGER of the mine Razer has done. A macro the tones are situated amiably like this like this any partorisca take pressed accidentally and has the comfortable form. It is the little in a light (and slightly economic feeling) side, but Is the mouse partorisca estimate to be just.

Really to the left is down is a boss is not braided. My mouse has finalised partorisca die reason a boss frayed legislation where a boss fulfils a usb moulding. I am not heavy rid or rough with anything I suitable for any half. I guess 3 years is the decent lifespan partorisca the gaming has smiled, but still volume peeved when it has to that launch something has been to be due to an easily averted creation defect. Included a súper the economic mice on here have braided bosses, as really it would owe that be the consideration .

Inferior line: it has taken the plot of use out of this mouse and feels well for the option of estimativa. It would not buy another this in spite of purely reason a boss regulates frayed. If they have released the new model with a creation of same key, but with the braided boss would buy another without the doubt.
4 / 5
Like the developer of software and no the gamer, uses this mouse all day, every day, and can say that this mouse is excellent. It is it has left also rid and find a comfortable mouse to use. Having 3 profiles that am able to configure some keys for my day-to-requirements of the day done this idea for my work and a fact some profiles are tent in a smile quite that in a PC means can transport among PC with easy and without a need to configure a mouse in the each computer I use. (Just need to install a software of support).

A colour that luzca of transmissions in a side of a mouse is the good touch, leaving the easy visual chance of your profile has selected current. ( You can select the different colour for each profile).

My only critique would be that it thinks it would be better been he 2 of some keys was in the each side of a mouse, a lot like Microsoft now interrupted Intelli-the Optical mouse.
4 / 5
Has purchased this mouse that thinks it would be the good improvement in mine basic SteelSeries the injustice was the. So only it smiles sent randomly commanded to my PC and has has pressed keys the has not pressed never. Tried using he for the few hours and then so only the packed was and his seated in my cupboard. That the complete waste of money!
4 / 5
Has bought this mouse 4 or 5 month ago and again a lot recently as it wires to return to a mouse is resulted fraction and has maintained disconnecting one smiles often during game of game but no in desk. It has taken the moment to find the one who a question was. They are not it has surprised resulted that broken with quell'I has dipped he by means of. The quality of build is well averts of a boss with which month of use. I have bought one same one again how was extremely happy with a prime minister an and did not like me learning of some placings of key in the different model. It competes well with much more the expensive mice and I am very happy with him enough to king-the buy after the few months. The keys utmost celery and is easy to take to.
5 / 5
Smile a lot well, this in spite of for my system has the subject smaller, more with a software then one smiles this in spite of
Like the mouse has his own profile and a software 'Logitech Gaming Software' leave you to dip on different profiles for software etc. This in spite of masters some few profiles of software on, (for me) has to that open on a LGS window he to take a mouse to recognise software, a 'Run this program when the windows begins' did not kick a mouse of way of profile of the mouse the way of profile of the software. I have had another subject with LGS also when it comes am game that any ultilize any Illumnation characteristic, reason when I disabled an option for a concrete software he, in a prójimo reboot he reverted for behind it specfic dipping and at all more. As I so only the disabled games that illumination to control altogether like looked to fix this like this he no revert behind with which. I wish a software was 100 free of bugs like this but has taken now to a routine of inaugural on LGS of a paper to start with when register in. One smiles uses macro tones, but supports Mouse1-5 (That believes is the one who the windows so only recognises in all the chance) to the equal that can do a bit other 4 keys do another macros, or dip everything of them to anything want to, or so only leave Mouse1-3, anything precise. Work well to the respect. There are 8 colours to choose of when it comes the illumination this in spite of, Aim, Yellow, Magenta, Red, Blue Green , Light Light, Blue and Black (That resembles so only be 'was'), and can dip 3 profiles of way (using the key to change among them) to leave for more than macros for this application. I use it personally partorisca ffxiv, chrome and iTunes with a incumplimiento be of profile for when they are not in these applications. Unbinding Class of Transmission of the way of handicapped person some 3 profiles of way for application, although I have had to that copy each key to the each one like this of some profiles of the way of then has not required extra macros. LGS Also leave you to dip cement DPI settings for a DPI changing yes require multiple options partorisca east. It would be a lot if some profiles of application left you to you to dip DPI for application but can does not have everything.
5 / 5
Very satisfied! I have been reluctant to spend quite this a lot for the Logitech gaming smiled reason the mouse is the mouse , well? Well, no, it is not . I am pleased really with this mouse. He so only works. Any glitches. Any question. And I am pleased especially with a Logitech software that program a smile - ossia so only 100 better times the one who that take with any of these mice this economic plus.

My only worry is that this mouse is not a big plus and I generally prefers rat-sized to mouse-sized. Down to ask me if it does not have to that it has spent that little it has bitten more to take the smile the elder in Logitech gaming family!

To good sure would recommend this mouse this in spite of for all the world excepts those with hands very big.
5 / 5
Looks a lot of
shaped to give some sustain the thumb and little finger
good texture
has created keys

Overpriced so that he
Petit adapted for women or of the young girls
the keys could be situated better
time of the response of the key is poor
bad software

My questions with this mouse.
Has bought like the mouse to estimate to substitute my backside on
This mouse looks good but any value a prize, is looking to buy this for use of term along, would recommend to spend more than way that is to say so only the model of estimativa.
To be sincere has the mouse to estimate rebranded like this vitsing on amazon with only 5 keys that is like this good and do fault like the mouse of backup for years.
At stake can not attribute keys unless it change out of using a memory of mouse, otherwise is not recognised and owe the tones of bindings dipped in the then dipped game a corresponding tone in a logitech software; which left that it asks that it is a point of him memory.
Has had issues with a time of response in clicking this to a press not registering , has dipped this down the latency by heart but the results has not been a response is still one same.
Can dip some commands up in a software but his limited and can not register at stake, a register is more office-has based work so only the tones records does not choose on right click or accident.
Like this to do the mandate some precise actions join the tones then press to do to register.
Has not tried that credit a register and works to the equal that have lost interest like those use this mouse and will not see any a lot of use.

Sadly Has the most economic smile there concealed is so only better no frills but do a work well, this one east the dissapointment.
5 / 5
Has purchased this dies his drop in pricing to £15. In this prize would say that ossia a compraventa excellent . A quality of build is glorious and an enormous variety of keys are sure do this ideal for gaming, although it uses him to program. Measure-wise would call this half/small - perfect for me, this in spite of can be too small for some.

Like the accident-hander the finding smiles it which access well is the ache, but a ambidextrous creation of of the east his ideal fact. An only downside is that maps/of before behind to some two keys in some have left of a mouse, and of the pocola researches some keys in a right map to the combination key like opposed to the click of mouse (at least on Linux). It has Had his be joined to the click of mouse would be much easier for me to retorted a behaviour of some sinister keys, but am sure with the little perseverance is possible the remap him.
5 / 5
Has received this produces punctually. It is coming amiably packaged in the small box how was the good touch because of people overpacking some elements. This mouse is light, is small- I has had small mouses but that one is too small for my hand-held measure. And yes, raisin S measure for the gloves and is too free sometimes. Ossia The disadvantage for me. This mouse is the normal mouse with extra keys. It would not classify it likes the gaming has smiled. I mean a work but is too small for gaming and a placing of key is uncomfortable. This mouse is more for the boys that learns like this to use computer in my opinion.
5 / 5
Has possessed an original G300 behind in 2013, how was the economic mouse that the lefty like me could use quite easily. First of fast to today, my left-handed Razer Naga has broken recently, and have me like this found in need of the fast substitution. I have broken out of an old G300 and felt extremely economic, some clicks of key were unsatisfying, a macro the clicks of key were feeble, and a wheel of roll has been broken that.

So much for the fast substitution, has bought a G300S. Functionally, it Is exactly one same likes G300. 4 Macro keys and 2 half keys. That is different is a quality of build. A G300 the plastic shell felt very economic, attracted a lot of oils of your hand, and could feel a seams of a plastic shell that rubs to the long of the each one another like this you gripped a mouse. A G300S has the rubberised the plastic for which does not attract of the oils of your hand, and does not feel economic to resist in any of a G300 afforementioned ways . Some clicks of the main key does not feel very tactile but to good sure feel better that a G300. A Macro the keys are way of better way that an old some, is much more tactile while one some in a G300 felt to like you pressed then the treacle. They are not some better for tactility still but is the improvement of entity in a G300.

- Economic
- Good sensor that clue a lot
- quality of Good build, any ‘súper prevails' except very this in spite of
- Logitech' macro the software is simply a better

- no of wheel of the Roll is not very tactile, and have the plot of ‘rubbery control to feel
- the mouse is very small, can not be palmera gripped with mine 19x11cm hands, claw the grip is my only recommendation
- When it stimulate on a mouse, a sensor emits the acute red light which is quell'has bitten unpleasant to look in
5 / 5
I have been using this partorisca four years and on some years are developed the number of subjects. A subject @of prime minister was with a software and of the wine after only the year, where one smiles periodically entirely loses everything of some tasks partorisca everything of some keys in some current preset. As this comprises a key partorisca change presets (and has included a sinister mouse and right keys of those is customisable), would mean would have to that spent in the different mouse to included open a software and dip his again. Calm can not save the library of presets neither so much would owe that agree some keys had assigned, also. Ossia The real nightmare when it would go in partorisca spend countless more time on some years. I have had to that maintain an old trusty dell smiled in standby at all times.

A @second @subject has had was some smiles would lose sensibilities while it resists down the key that resulted in you tugging images/of files/of text/of windows etc to places where calm does not love him , and when being unable to properly of text to signal underlined to copy. This also can be the worry to daunt with programs that calm leave you to tug/drop to upload images. This subject would not go went by and has not been that for the fix, but of the which have bed any one is uncommon with Logitech mouse.

A third subject is that with which the years of pair of use, a texture of honeycomb in some sides of a mouse is exited where my rest of toes to leave the thumb and pinky-shaped mould in any side. He no any difference to those some works of the mice but he looks terrible.

A last and subject more recent is with one has DIRECTED lights. Some the light stays have DIRECTED yellow on at all times while plugged maintaining. A result is has the preset together with a magenta by heart, a mouse will show red, chooses cyan quell'will show green, and choose the aim quell'will show yellow, and like the result some only colours can use to distinguish a three presets now that exposure properly in a software is yellow, green and red.

Has a lot of upsides is that it is quite economic for the 'gaming' smiled and is not like this unnecessarily big likes some of some another, but among a prime minister and according to this subject @of mouse is basically unusable thus point and yes is looking for the mouse that will last can does not recommend.
5 / 5
First impressions after the few hours of use: work well for 3rd person gaming and MMOs I game. I have not tried in FPS this in spite of.

Has thought at the beginning that a G4-G7 the keys in any side would turn my experience to the misclicking hell because they are on, but now thinks that is a lot of where is. Enough it would have a G4 and G5 keys in a side to the equal that could maintain use my thumb to the equal that have done always, but will take used his suppose.

Some smiled feels very small in my hand and I do not think that is a lot ergonomic, reason can not rest a palmera of my hand like on more than bulky mouses. While it does not direct the discomfort, ossia another thing could has to that take used to.

For uses others the gaming, has found of sometimes seat like this patchy like the wireless mouse, is not very attentive and a lot always signal where loves it to, and for the mouse wired this would have to that be the better plot . It could maintain this a for the moment until I can find something better, but in the first place to the left is to go the one who hard time.
4 / 5
Please see notes of my description:

&62; lighting
&62; grip of hule
&62; sensor of confidence

&62; economic texture, the questionable durability
&62; his of the half click is strong and that shines to touch
&62; the sinister click feels soft
&62; the wheel of roll will jump on sometimes


A good mouse with customisable LEDs. A sensor is of confidence and good for FPS games. A good mouse for lefties because of ambidextrous creation. Any subject with a measure of mouse, measure quite normal for the mouse. One tightened draw which have stops of mixed feelings. Measure resembled a Corsair Katar mouse.
4 / 5
Fantastic smile, perfect for gaming. This mouse is configured with a Logitech Gaming Software, this leaves you in any detection of use of Automatic game' so that the different profiles can be place for individual applications. This leaves a 'G' keys to be attributed the particular functions. One smiles also looks one on board memory so that you can save profiles directly to a mouse, leaving you to have a same experience that use different computers. A calm software leave to dip different colours to match your setup. One smiles has the light to feel and has found that it is a perfect measure to use . A boss is long enough for him to be the boss has directed. In general ossia the very good mouse and a lot priced so that volume. To good sure the value that considers.
4 / 5
Has been that uses this mouse daily for a past 2-3 years. It has resisted on adding, and is very comfortable for my sinister hand, although your hand can vary. It is it adds to have 6 programmable keys extras, and some locations are very convenient. You can very really press them accidentally, this in spite of is very easy to achieve. As the one who can say, keeps well and has no noticable latency. He so only supports until 2500 DPI which is the bummer, but think that is acceptable data a prize. The subject only is a function of the half click is result unreliable in some point, as I have programmed one of a half macro keys to be half-click. I have not taken it signals it was this in spite of, given an age and prize of this mouse. A lot recommended, especially partorisca left-handed gamers or any the one who need 6 macro tones.
5 / 5
Has bought this mouse that looks for something to game with, and some the additional keys looked quite appealing mine, this in spite of a subject main has with a mouse is that it is very small

has delivery quite big, and has had to that use the claw fashionable grip to be able of the use at all. Trying rest my toes in a sinister mouse and well the keys would be sufficient weight to press some keys, as no an option, and although it was, some other keys in a mouse would be unusable.

Is the shame , there is at all inherently bad in a mouse, would be adds for boys and of the people with small hands, so only has not done at all for me
5 / 5
Like this, can be used for accident handers also, but a navigation of some keys takes the bit to take used to them so that it is in a cup of a mouse in place of a side. Another that that it is the very gaming smiled for a money. You can dip a light colour by means of Logitech software that is fresh.
4 / 5
This mouse are to add love the mouse that disconnects when too much it is that it goes in, and doesnt king connects to force you manually unplugs and replug in an USB every time you flick your mouse quickly

Ive has had two of these mice and his both have done a same same question with versions and different hardware of a software W10 and 7.

Does not recommend simply beacuse he disconnects for any reason sometimes without even that touches a mouse,
1/10 . My ps2 the better mouse
5 / 5
No the bad mouse.

Taken the little while to take used to some keys / of before behind that is on but now have, does not think there would be him anywhere more.

Ossia A smaller version (the S in an end) and thinks that it would have to that it has gone for a big plus a but ossia personal preference .

So only downside is that like an option to turn of a FOCUSED like my edges sees it and tries the grab the all a time!
5 / 5
Likes(d) an idea of some extra keys has situated as they are, in place of an usual fashion where his in a side to be used by a thumb. This creation of key is that signalled for the buy, this in spite of is way to small! (Perhaps thats the one who a s stands partorisca, if it is I desire had known that first to buy).

Averts of that keeps well, and some 2 keys any side of some sinister and right keys operates it without a need to download/install any software/of engine, regarding another two, for behind a wheel to go so only 1 of those begin of a box, he cycles by means of a dpi settings (the back a) another (front) swimming without software/of engine, which do not go to download and the test there is wanted to so only an extra 4 in all the chance.

Like this is an adult with hands of half measure I any reccomend this, if it was mais50% long and 25 width more and main would be it ideal!
5 / 5
It has taken it it accustomed his after -5 minutes! It was partorisca buy the corsair M45, but in my experience Corsair the products are not everything is broken until being, goes partorisca creation more than ergonomics pssshhhht.

Pros: The row adds of DPI, the wheel of Roll is in bylines, 5 customizable keys, good software, the keys comfortable celery and click well, the click left and right well, material of test of good sweat in some sides, good weight, feels adds in a mousepad, work well in a tabletop, EAST FOCUSED changeable!!! The looks add!!!
Gilipollas: It has bitten plasticky, the quality of Build is good but owe lustrous material around a G that is resulted the magnet partorisca fingerprints, does not annoy me this in spite of...
4 / 5
Prize, software, no. Of keys

like the plot of modern mice looks for partorisca be drawn so only partorisca people with small hands pocolas if any look of mice partorisca be ergonomically drawn partorisca a person with the main hand there needs to be the little more period to an organism of mouse and a rear appearance a bit main and main partorisca those with the main hands.
5 / 5
Like this to smiles likes him to him the present has said was small and has thinks that that my hands are small and that are still the girl this would return me and has done yes!

Although a Focused partorisca some turns of reason was, thinks that ossia the subject of the software and I can has to that reinstall he again. But of this I thinks that that it deserves 4 stars!
5 / 5
Keeps well, quality of excellent build. Substituted an old version (G300), as it has failed with which 6 years of hard service. Ossia A lot looked, which is the good thing in my opinion. Note, has taken the 'Logicool' branded version, which is a Chinese distribution of Logitech. This is not a lot different except a name in a box, as it has not been the question partorisca me, but something partorisca remark. Very pleased with this compraventa!
5 / 5
Quite disappointing, an application comes with to change the colours and the speed of one smiles etc, does not love work. It does not recognise my mouse. Also, whilst is plugged in, sometimes the turns was, doing gaming a lot of frustrating. I have verified with mine another mouse to see yes was my computer and is not . Quite annoyed and would recommend other products on this to be sincere.
5 / 5
Are the massive defender of Logitech artilugios this in spite of this mouse was terrible!

Creaks And does not reflect Logitech quality of usual big build

A mouse is adapted so that has small to half sized book
4 / 5
One smiles done a lot well that it is geared to gaming. Felizmente Does not have some annoying keys in a side! The works soften with good illumination. It downloads a Logitech gaming software for configuration and customisation options or that has done and discharges so only he in and the use! Still I have any clue as to game with the keyboard and the mouse but looks well in my office!!
4 / 5
Look to Look of the look squanders your money does not buy it was a worest smiled never, Itb no after so only 2 month, use this mouse 2-3 times in week.
5 / 5
Has has had to that return it with which have opened and has used bit it. A measure was awkwardly small, the quality of build was flimsy also. The keys feels different of the mine another logitech has smiled.
4 / 5
Feels comfortable, this in spite of a placing of some extra keys will take the moment to take used to still me. This mouse has the very big impulse of distance, as taking notes before shopping for fps gaming.
4 / 5
Amazing. This mouse has the good simple software partorisca control dpi. One smiles has the good ergonomic draw which returns well. It is quell'has bitten small but is not the question. The lights are the good touch . Some works of the mice a lot takes light gaming and productivities.
5 / 5
Run bad-manufacture of wheel and implementation, unpacking a new Amazon Sarl commanded. A mousewheel in mine G300S feels as if his blocked by the piece of coal and lights crunchy noises on turning it. His no fun partorisca the use. [ Update - A crunchy the coal feels of a wheel wherell has gone almost with which 1 week of use ]. A forward G300 the model is lasted 1 year, then a left mosue the key has broken. Hopefully A key of click of the hard sinister mouse longer that the year in this G300S. Like this far, everything well.
5 / 5
A lot well has smile drawn , comfortable. A bit in a small side, well for half-sized hands.
Highly modifiable, but no adjustable weights. Precise and of confidence.
5 / 5
A lot of fussy with gaming soyhielo' except this really is perfect. I add it feels, the grip adds and the a lot of his hanged his light but any to light. You can change some colours of one lighting with a software adds. The lights also can be attributed to the touches of game how is quite fresh. It can not recommend this enough.
4 / 5
Ossia The mouse adds ... It has Had subject odd where the smiled randomly would change to onboard memory this was intermittent failure and has thought them was a subject with a Logitech COMMENTARIES of software at the same time this g300 in question has been used every day for the years there has been the rough life but has to say it is lasted well.. It has Loved a creation with some upper keys has them has had to that so only take another
4 / 5
When I have taken was a box a mouse felt slightly economic and flimsy, a plastic boss doesnt helps this, the outrage is a mouse is smaller that has expected, and felt that annoying at the beginning in my big hands, has taken has used his quite quickly this in spite of and now feels more natural. A LEDs is not like this brilliant to the equal that would like but is not of the question, some works of good software and in general is the smile adds for a prize.
5 / 5
No the bad mouse for every day uses and touching games.
Subtracts rid and returns a lot manually. Abundance of preset and customisable keys
does not use the mousemat and slips well in my office of forest any question.
4 / 5
Are quite sure a mouse is awesome, but has not been for me (personal preference, because of being the leftie and having the big hand),
of here reason has given anchors it he 4-stars to estimate because of a quality of a product.

In general still would recommend Logitech (I has a G13, G15 and speakers of them), but this mouse so only 'has not been to be'. :(
4 / 5
Has had this mouse partorisca around the month now and really loves it. It has taken the little while to take used to some keys, but now that I have him the habit of, is like this, like this useful; I have it quell'has begun included try use some non-existent extra keys in of the normal mice, which any exactly does well... A mouse is good and weighty, so only a right measure and is very comfortable to use. It feels sturdy and a lot of fact and a software which can be downloaded for free in a Logitech put web, is very easy to use, leaving for easy customisation of a mouse. This in spite of, a boss hangs of a flange of my office the one who half pulls it one smiles behind, out of weaves it to me of a time, which can be nettle am using a mouse intermittently.

+ Done well, comfortable, looks a lot of

- A prize
4 / 5
He perhaps the good mouse for any with the smallest hands, but finds it far too cramped and too easy the accidently takes some keys in some outsides of some Sinister keys and main Rights
5 / 5
Bought 2 of these on sale partorisca me and my edges and wants to him to us. It has to that mention of delivery of the big these can be too small but is perfect for my hands of creature.
4 / 5
Deliberated For the long time in the mouse to take, reading all some descriptions, but very happy that has bought is one. I find it very comfortable, and an accompanying program the very simple fact to regulate among dpi and other settings ( beats dpi change via some keys in a mouse). There it went it the few months now and any sign of any wear and tear in a boss of mouse, in spite of my flange of office that is the tad jagged. Very good.
5 / 5
Has smiled adds, enough the lighter of has bitten that a Corsair M65 that the substituted, but prefers a form and planting of some keys in a G300.

Ossia A same exact mouse like G300, just recoloured.
4 / 5
Remaining rid this was the solution adds for a estimativa conscious gamer, especially for those with the smallest hands. Some grips lateralmente of the hule is comfortable if the bit of the magnet of muck and would have preferred an all the arrival kills likes the gloss surrounds frames easily.

A software leaves it down as it is not an easy plus to use, has built so only in support partorisca vetrilo the voice and is nigh impossible to attribute controls of volume to a wheel of roll of the mouse, a UI is also has weighed has used in the exposure that is not 1080.
5 / 5
Is light, attentive, the doddle to install and unbelievable value for a product. Highly recommend!
5 / 5
Apparently is in amazing. The edges loves the reason is ambidextrous, and how is lefty ossia the besides big point .

Looks to do WELL, very done, no the bad prize. If it love the decent gaming has smiled without spending the fortune ossia the a lot of one to go stops.
5 / 5
Has used this mouse for less than 20 hours and key of the sinister click no anymore.
4 / 5
Has bought this for my woman the one who was having question of wrist and was says is his comfortable in any hand.
4 / 5
HAS 2 of these maintaining. I love it. Súper Softens to move around and light. One of a better gaming smile them could have
5 / 5
Ossia mine 3 th the time that use a same mouse . It is perfect for me.

Top Customer Reviews: Logitech G502 HERO ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 59 ratings
5 / 5
You can see all add in this mouse in the plot other descriptions.
Here is a bad. A wheel of roll is fragile. I have had two of these, a prime minister has had to that Amazon and a key of lock of the roll (that for a wheel of free wheeling and is uncontrollable) has not done. Logitech The support was to add and sent the substitution. A substitution is lasted roughly 11 first month of a wheel of roll there is prendido to register on screen, in of the web of places or games. Could ask him for another substitution, but decided to leave go and so only use my old Fireglider optical.
5 / 5
This is to be copy of the description I posted in this mouse

uses this mouse with the xim the apex that leave to use mouse and keyboard in consolations


With which unboxing the in the first place the looks looks the mouse of RAT with his jagged flanges, the look bit it smaller that mine old perrix mx3100

has delivery very big so that finding smiled he ossia the perfect access is to struggle

When I took it in the first place was of the seats of box bit it rattly when it has shaken that that has not touched well, a rattle has catered/is come from a wheel of roll, this mouse has 2 options of wheel neither free wheel where some transfers of wheel of the mouse untill arrest him or calms that can dip to a click regulates when turned

turns of Free wheel for age that does not think would be good for pubg, perhaps for scrolling by means of big documents yeah

A mouse comes with the box of weight to try was but Tbh remarks no real difference with them in or out of

With which have pressed a key in a mouse partorisca enable a click in a wheel a rattle mostly losing but was still slightly there

A measure of one smiles is not big but is not small is says is around a half, slightly too small for my hands like my pinky and rung the tugs of toe by means of my foreigner of cloth of series of steel but is no biggy of my hands are big and am used his

Any one has had any cramping of a hand or anything so that it can not be that small

First what I fact was load on a Logitech gaming software to verify a dpi settings and Hz, for incumplimiento a max dpi the level is around 2500 and 1000hz

My only dpi the setting is 12k and 1000hz

When calm in the first place uploads on a mark of software sure a selector is dipped to embroider it by heart when doing transmissions

Of then never changes dpi when touching changed it to so only have 1 dpi profile for this can use one of a dpi keys of adjustment in mine setup (more later)

lighting can be easily changed to 'breathe' or just stay illuminated, like the mine to breathes by means of one paints which can all be personalised

All dpi and hz the settings have saved to in memory of joint, of any transmission dpi I reset a dpi+ the key to the tone has shot so only that it is not used

Plugged he in the xim the apex and all was a lot like this I originally dipped the on like this

Move for up - of d tampon on
Move for down - of d tampon down
2 sinister thumb keys - LB and RB
key of Alone thumb - LB
press of Map of Roll
has Left tilt - swim
Right tilt - shooting way

An accident tilt and right tilt has not felt never well, and a lot always registers also sometimes when I have pressed a course she for the map also registers the tilt which has not been a lot good

has take a tilt settings and dip swim to a dpi+ key and my meds has been dipped to the yours T

After all has run well

Gameplay the help Adds, also had changed alot of mine place a same time like this all was still quite new, has touched all day yesterday with some new settings and G502 and is to the good sure smiles adds to touch with

the precision and the movement is a lot well, has forgotten to mention you also can aforar a mouse the different surfaces, wether done the difference or any one I still a lot he aforándolo to the mine foreign of cloth of series of steel


I day is to good sure the compraventa adds and would recommend it , is not too expensive but is not in an economic side neither, loves to progress your xim use and is looking for the smile adds to take the G502

Saveable memory
the place of Good key on
the sensor Adds
Decent prize
says does macros that can be save to a mouse but I did not try

Rattly when it has shaken especially when a mouse is dipped the free wheel
Tilt dipping no a better
A 2 sinister thumb the keys feel likes would have to that be moved advances slightly but so only can be my hands
Braiding in a boss is far too tight as it already is in the hablador to leave but concealed easily can be fijamente but looking by means of Google is the common failure Logitech would owe that fix
4 / 5
has spent this like this splits of the sale of amazon and sweats the mouse the ees has had my eye on for some time, unfortunately has not been to pay one £70-£80 rrp but when a sale has come around was happy with a prize has paid.

I swapped out of my Mionix the beaver smiled for a G502 and has the noticeable differentiates in quality. A beaver generally feels better in a hand and I has been disappointed initially with as the G502 felt. This in spite of, the ees has continued with a logitec because of just like configurable this and in general (for a prize I paid) thinks that ossia the good a Mionix is better.

Still would contest that £60-£80 for a G502 is way too much money (of the perspective of quality) but take the treat a lot of (less than £40 taste ) and his a lot of value he.
4 / 5
Has smiled adds for gaming.
HAS braided boss
Comes with the weight can add to a mouse to specifically adapt your preference.
Logitech Gaming The software can be installed to customise a colour of a mouse as well as remap some keys.
Excellent Gaming smiled and quality a lot well for a prize.
4 / 5
Has had a G500 for years and loved it absolutely, recently in CSGO has begun this in spite of having subject with a cursor of mouse a lot that follows ingame there is like this finalised to buy this newer mouse to the equal that have wanted so that near of a G500 like possible. This in spite of when a mouse has arrived there is a subject same, as it has begun to spend for PC and all my settings. It results had the stupid option in CSGO concealed disabled result had. This in spite of in a very short quantity of time has had a smile has had is enamoured already, an ergonomics of some sinister keys and the legislations does your toes return perfectly, this in spite of slightly smaller that some original G500, something that loses one feels of this mouse is surprising, so only negative has found are accidentally paste a key of thumb of the front quite often and a surface of the grip to touch exerts the texture is not like this good to resist like original G500.

In general an amazing mouse bought out of my own stupidity and failed to the turn am enamoured like this.
5 / 5
Has ordered this mouse reason has been has estimated one of a better gaming mouses in a phase, an accuracy in this mouse is surprising a quality of build is brilliant and if on it offers 100 recommends it but so only has small hands.. Personally it does not think my hand is big perhaps is so only the small mouse eather the way has begun to take accident in a half of my hand has thought at the beginning that it was just incident but with which 4 or 5 day is to feel quite that annoying touch play and losing has used again my razer dead adder and chairs like such the relief feeling resembled when taken your boots was after the long day could feel my hand that extends was has bitten odd but after going back and advance among a g502 a death adder and m65 Pro can say his to good sure a g502 mouses measure or draw concealed is by train to cause of the questions like this the think go to return he for the repayment how is the plot of money to spend in the smile especially when they are behind the razer after only the few days 😔...

Averts of a small measure is the way of better fantastic mouse that a razer dead adder or corsair m65 pro, one 6 waigts in inferior the like this weighed fact like the brick likes I tuck went him averts of 2 but a fund of one smiles still lined in some cushions of mouse have finalised like this to take all a waigts this has solved a lining the just desire had done the the little elder some keys some wide plus ...
4 / 5
Would say that ossia the good mouse . It is hard to find has smile weighed these days and has included this one there is matched so only a weight of the mine leading mouse (MX-2000) after adding some weights. One that follows the looks in the point averts scarce occasions and there is the good quantity of customisation possible by means of a Logitech Gaming software. Some keys celery well and have the good click without feeling spongy but a short two additional keys are hard to use in of the games. One smile returns in my good hand but is quite big that means that I need the prefer the small mouse, light this probably is not for you.

Has one of flu of entity with this mouse and is a wheel of roll. You can unlock the to leave it to be free spinning, and while this is entertaining it seldom servants the purpose. That this characteristic feels likes there is this in spite of is involved one feels of a wheel of roll. Each swipe in way of the normal roll so only feels bad and still can lose the rolls are going a lot of dulcemente. On that, a wheel to go tilt the functions are like this bad, requiring the quite heavy push and feeling quite without importance. So only it finds a wheel of roll learns terrible to use and ossia something to consider yes calms basically anything external of gaming (the web that explores, work of productivity etc).

In general, would recommend this mouse, but like all would have to that look the others options and do your election has based on exactly that would require out of the mouse.
5 / 5
Fantastic to to the little beast so only likes is of predecessors.
Feels well manually, all the keys are right where calm require them, robust and clicky.
Glorious that follows with 0 acceleration.

A BAD: so only I can find one with that has some his weight for a lot of .
A Macro the option is available to arrive-of the way of Neighbouring can create the macro and use it calm so that desire with a BAD quirk.
Him him The macro like fastclick and want mouse to repeat a macro while the tone is resisted down you will be forced to use version of software for odder for reason of knots.
Has used Razer Mamba 2012 in a past and there is not any question repeating a macro while using On-storage of same Joint if you have not had an installed software, as any one really is reason Logitech has been with this like this included his data of own old software endures to repeat macros arrive-of Way of Joint.

Logitech, If calm never read this pleases mark macro repeats available with On-of Chip of Joint and please mark G502 WIRELESS HEROINE, means this sensor is eating so less than the would be like this easy for the battery to maintain bolt for enough the moment.
4 / 5
Sensor of new hero
the looks of cord to be to plot the hardest
All some good quality of some forwards G502 (Creation, programmable keys, wheel of roll, key of sniper, etc)

his of wheel of the Mouse (nit has chosen, at all too bad, so only comparing to another Logitech smiled has used)
side of Emotional mouse to fast lateralmente, can listen some movement (so only could be a wheel of mouse)
A creation is is quite fantastic, any one sure on some grooves inside a mouse, initially seats acute against my hand but I seat like has taken has used his/ goes era.
5 / 5
My criteria for my new mouse was some following:
A mark has established,
Fully configurable keys,
10+ keys.

This mouse has paste really one something sweet for me on prize, quality and consolation.
A course a harder that a whole process configured it to my needs. For all the world, as it has weighed a mouse is and that DPI love your mouse is a lot subjective. A G502 really done his best to accommodate personal preference.

Easy to configure
A lot clicky keys
Love a wheel of roll and toggle
Cools 'G-move' option to bend your options of key

join them to Him run it lateralmente has configured to anything more, a lot easy for them to be paste
'key of Objective' the little further out of my hand that would have liked me but so only for of the little mm, no the subject big

am happy to give this product 5/5. Such the good mouse!
4 / 5
Has spent this like this splits of the sale of amazon and sweats the mouse the ees has had my eye on for some time, unfortunately has not been to pay one £70-£80 rrp but when a sale has come around was happy with a prize has paid.

I swapped out of my Mionix the beaver smiled for a G502 and has the noticeable differentiates in quality. A beaver generally feels better in a hand and I has been disappointed initially with as the G502 felt. This in spite of, the ees has continued with a logitec because of just like configurable this and in general (for a prize I paid) thinks that ossia the good a Mionix is better.

Still would contest that £60-£80 for a G502 is way too much money (of the perspective of quality) but take the treat a lot of (less than £40 taste ) and his a lot of value he.
5 / 5
This is to be copy of the description I posted in this mouse

uses this mouse with the xim the apex that leave to use mouse and keyboard in consolations


With which unboxing the in the first place the looks looks the mouse of RAT with his jagged flanges, the look bit it smaller that mine old perrix mx3100

has delivery very big so that finding smiled he ossia the perfect access is to struggle

When I took it in the first place was a box felt bit it rattly when it has shaken that that has not touched well, a rattle has catered/is come from a wheel of roll, this mouse has 2 options of wheel neither free wheel where some transfers of wheel of the mouse untill arrest him or calms that can dip to a click regulates when turned

turns of Free wheel for age that does not think would be good for pubg, perhaps for scrolling by means of big documents yeah

A mouse comes with the box of weight to try was but Tbh remarks no real difference with them in or out of

With which have pressed a key in a mouse partorisca enable a click in a wheel a rattle mostly losing but was still slightly there

A measure of one smiles is not big but is not small is says is around a half, slightly too small for my hands like my pinky and rung the tugs of toe by means of my foreigner of cloth of series of steel but is no biggy of my hands are big and am used his

Any one has had any cramping of a hand or anything so that it can not be that small

First what I fact was load on a Logitech gaming software to verify a dpi settings and Hz, for incumplimiento a max dpi the level is around 2500 and 1000hz

My only dpi the setting is 12k and 1000hz

When calm in the first place uploads on a mark of software sure a selector is dipped to embroider it by heart when doing transmissions

Of then never changes dpi when touching changed it to so only have 1 dpi profile for this can use one of a dpi keys of adjustment in mine setup (more later)

lighting can be easily changed to 'breathe' or just stay illuminated, like the mine to breathes by means of one paints which can all be personalised

All dpi and hz the settings have saved to in memory of joint, of any transmission dpi I reset a dpi+ the key to the tone has shot so only that it is not used

Plugged he in the xim the apex and all was a lot like this I originally dipped the on like this

Move for up - of d tampon on
Move for down - of d tampon down
2 sinister thumb keys - LB and RB
key of Alone thumb - LB
press of Map of Roll
has Left tilt - swim
Right tilt - shooting way

An accident tilt and right tilt has not felt never well, and a lot always registers also sometimes when I have pressed a course she for the map also would register the tilt which has not been a lot good

has take a tilt settings and dip swim to a dpi+ key and my meds has been dipped to the yours T

After all has run well

Gameplay the help Adds, also had changed alot of mine place a same time like this all was still quite new, has touched all day yesterday with some new settings and G502 and is to the good sure smiles adds to touch with

the precision and the movement is a lot well, has forgotten to mention you also can aforar a mouse the different surfaces, wether done the difference or any one I still a lot he aforándolo to the mine foreign of cloth of series of steel


I day is to good sure the compraventa adds and would recommend it , is not too expensive but is not in an economic side neither, loves to progress your xim use and is looking for the smile adds to take the G502

Saveable memory
the place of Good key on
the sensor Adds
Decent prize
says does macros that can be save to a mouse but I did not try

Rattly when it has shaken especially when a mouse is dipped the free wheel
Tilt dipping no a better
A 2 sinister thumb the keys feel likes would have to that be moved advances slightly but so only can be my hands
Braiding in a boss is far too tight as it already is in the hablador to leave but concealed easily can be fijamente but looking by means of Google is the common failure Logitech would owe that fix
4 / 5
Smiled Adds for gaming.
HAS braided boss
Comes with the weight can add to a mouse to specifically adapt your preference.
Logitech Gaming The software can be installed to customise a colour of a mouse as well as remap some keys.
Excellent Gaming smiled and quality a lot well for a prize.
4 / 5
A g502 wireless lightspeed is craps has used he for 5 minutes has decided to return for the repayment so only feels horrible no good for competitive gaming how is impossible to use a mouse without pressing a key in a side because it is down your thumb likes literally and is really of sensitive.. Terrible creation a dpi the keys are also bloody terrible was 99 of everything gaming the use of the smile some upper keys for dpi logitech dipped the key of level of the battery, reason does not know is totally useless I so only found the terrible..
4 / 5
Has had a G500 for years and loved it absolutely, recently in CSGO has begun this in spite of having subject with a cursor of mouse a lot that follows ingame there is like this finalised to buy this newer mouse to the equal that have wanted so that near of a G500 like possible. This in spite of when a mouse has arrived has had a subject same, as it has begun to spend for PC and all my settings. It results had the stupid option in CSGO concealed disabled result had. This in spite of in a very short quantity of time has had a smile has had is enamoured already, an ergonomics of some sinister keys and the legislations does your toes return perfectly, this in spite of slightly smaller that some original G500, something that loses one feels of this mouse is surprising, so only negative has found are accidentally paste a key of thumb of the front quite often and a surface of the grip to touch exerts the texture is not like this good to resist like original G500.

In general an amazing mouse bought out of my own stupidity and failed to the turn am enamoured like this.
4 / 5
Has been using Logitech smiled of my prime minister MX510, almost done 20 years. When A MX518 is exited, has bought 4 of them and has been using them never of then. Last month and while in mine last MX518, has decided that has been now of investigation his substitution and all signalled in a G502 Hero.
All looked adds out of a box, a creation of key are add, a software (G-hub) is well, albeit unnecessarily more complicated that his predecessor (Logitech Gaming Software) that a MX518 and my wireless headset is using.
And then I clicked in a wheel of roll. As I Can be you the leader in gaming mouse for decades and disorder on something like this simple, like this bad?
My disappointment can be attributed to two subjects:
1) A grip of a wheel is terrible. In way of the free spinning is not a subject, but calm does not want to use in this way. It is too fast and the paralización needs a wheel. But in his normal way, find me clicking a wheel of mouse in my endeavour to go he with quite a lot of grip on that. That door to a main ache
2) Clicking a wheel. First of all, sound likes it to me I am hammering my office. In comparison, a wheel of mouse in a MX518 which is a lot afterwards his, sounds and feels exactly one same likes L-R click of mice: soft and calm. This to some sounds likes him calm is lifting it pen of metal a thumb of the surface of yours office and then leaving it drop. Double that (yes, is equally strong when a half/of the wheel is released with which pressing). The people that dream in a together room in my room of PC, complains in this sound to attack.
Further of a terribly strong clicking sound, is like this last that scrolling of arrival once on or down and sometimes left or right, when so only am trying half-click the new tab in my browser.

Has known that a wheel of mouse in a G502 the hero was like this bad actuated, would not have bought this...
5 / 5
WELL, has had enough of this mouse:
- strong roll and bulky wheel, wiggles likes hell and is a noisy plus in any smile NEVER. Going of this to the economic chinese £10 mouse is the enormous improvement in consolation
- battery last the week. You are kidding me? I have had £3 I smile of Cina that last in AAA battery for months
- extraordinarily IN SENSITIVE keys DURING The PLACE, that will be you clicking accidentally at least 30 of a time
- and last but much less, a subject of double click dreads that all the world knows roughly. It wants to resist this bar of roll for the longest click or has spent that rifle of sniper? Well, the forget. Going to have it grab he again and again, reason this piece of emissions of art and registers the second click instead.

An only good thing can say is is a lot of-ish for my main hand. Ossia.
In general, would give these 0 stars could . Reason? Reason has an audacity to touch in £100 for him and suggest clean your own contacts to solve a subject of double click. THAT? You are KIDDING ME? Payment £120 to clean contacts?
Calms the favour. It DOES not BUY this just for a marketing and creation. Take the £30 smiles that access your hand. Ossia.
4 / 5
Any one happy with this will be to go back to corsair the mouse has had for 5 years have not had never the subject, has thought them this was to suppose to be a better mouse or one of a better, well after looking on-line looks these Omron the transmissions are not well, and when it has left them clicks an entrance is registered but maintains clicking until the emission and listen a click, which it shouldnt be doing... Some works of right click to the equal that has to that press down and listen a click and he registers in a pc and fact.T Click again or register the entrance until libertas and listen a click, a sinister mouse is entirely buggered.... A lot sad.. Felizmente Amazon 12 guarantee of month im that goes for the transmission to the different mark, whose waste your money..

Has had a corsair m65 pro for 4-5 years and has broken so only when it has taken a lot old and was a key of thumb of the side that has broken any one some sinister or right clicks
5 / 5
Fantastic to to the little beast so only likes is of predecessors.
Feels well manually, all the keys are right where calm require them, robust and clicky.
Glorious that follows with 0 acceleration.

A BAD: so only I can find one with that has some his weight for a lot of .
A Macro the option is available to arrive-of the way of Neighbouring can create the macro and use it calm so that desire with a BAD quirk.
Him him The macro like fastclick and want mouse to repeat a macro while the tone is resisted down you will be forced to use version of software for odder for reason of knots.
Has used Razer Mamba 2012 in a past and has not had any question that repeats a macro while using On-storage of same Joint if you have not had an installed software, as any one really is reason Logitech has been with this like this included his data of own old software endures to repeat macros arrive-of Way of Joint.

Logitech, If calm never read this pleases mark macro repeats available with On-of Chip of Joint and please mark G502 WIRELESS HEROINE, means this sensor is eating so less than the would be like this easy for the battery to maintain bolt for enough the moment.
5 / 5
It would say that ossia the good mouse . It is hard to find has smile weighed these days and has included this one there is matched so only a weight of the mine leading mouse (MX-2000) after adding some weights. One that follows the looks in the point averts scarce occasions and there is the good quantity of customisation possible by means of a Logitech Gaming software. Some keys celery well and have the good click without feeling spongy but a short two additional keys are hard to use in of the games. One smiles returns in my good hand but is quite big that means that I need the prefer the small mouse, light this probably is not for you.

Has one of flu of entity with this mouse and is a wheel of roll. You can unlock the to leave it to be free spinning, and while this is entertaining it seldom servants the purpose. That this characteristic feels likes there is this in spite of is involved one feels of a wheel of roll. Each swipe in way of the normal roll so only feels bad and included can lose the rolls are going a lot of dulcemente. On that, a wheel to go tilt the functions are like this bad, requiring the quite heavy push and feeling quite without importance. So only it finds a wheel of roll learns terrible to use and ossia something to consider yes calms basically anything external of gaming (the web that explores, work of productivity etc).

In general, would recommend this mouse, but like all would have to that look the others options and do your election has based on exactly that would require out of the mouse.
4 / 5
My leading mouse was the G602 but after the numerous drops in a paving had broken one of some keys lateralmente like this decided has been now of the upgrade. It has been for a wireless G502 still although it was expensive the thought would be the very up in quality ... The bad was.

One smiles in general is a lot feeling very economic , compared to a 602 which is the a lot of smile to feel of the prize , one 502 feels like the economic toy.
A wheel of the roll in 502 is TERRIBLE ... His like this strong and rigid , so only feels horrible when scrolling. Again compared to a 602 which is quite and smooth but attentive , a 502 wheel again feels like this bad. I found REQUIRING to exchange the way of roll of the infinity as it could not stick a noise and like sense while so only exploring the web page.

Oh And has found when moving a cursor for a part of a screen to another , sometimes so only randomly goes back to where has begun of. Bonkers For the mouse that cost more than £100

An only good thing is that his rechargeable and im so only that tries to find something to justify a prize to arrive to this point like this again compared to a 602 which last me month with 2 EA battery , a rechargeable in the to 502 look likes wont of last too long first to require that it touches again.

Has decided his to good sure any value of the money like the sound that goes back. I cant spend me to maintain the mouse that feels like this economic any when my leading mouse was like this better. As so only I will take the new 602. Some lights in a 502 am good I supposition.
5 / 5
In the bed those comment like this positive in this mouse, has been ready for loves it. I have been using my faithful mx518 of then 2007, until a key of before there is prendido to do the few days does. As I have bought so much a G502 Hero (wire fence) for £27 and a G402 for £18 (black friday, adds to time), in the bed quell'awesome things roughly the both.

I skip mentioning all some good things already know in this mouse (G502 Hero) - I is in accordance with some positive critiques, with 2 exceptions:
- This mouse is little. It has it that resists almost as if they are grabbing the pinch of rooms - fun as it concealed can be, has not taken never clashes to use my old mouse, while I being supported by a G502 after small in an hour. Because of an uncomfortable measure of a mouse, neither can use a rear key (G4) while it resists some smiles in my hand, reason some arrivals of key to seat more afterwards to my palmera more than my thumb. I owe always move my hand around this pocola what to be able to find an a lot of rear key required (i.et. G4) And click he. A DPI the key is practically invisible, has to stimulate my hand of one smiles totally and on duty mine to direct the look where a key is, click he, then grab one smiles again.
- A roll - while it was impressed like this for him at the beginning, maintains to cause one horizontal roll in place of a half click (in both free way and lock of roll). It finds that I owe an unusual quantity to force the one of fact the take to half click and a lot horizontally run - ossia a lot disproportionate that easily each one other clicks of key - I, (to the equal that am sure more other people also) certainly use a half click (i.et. Closing the tab in chrome) more often that it use horizontal ran (also the majority of any content seen in the laptop/of PC/telephone/anything connects this mouse to, is vertical). It finds that I have to that dodge this horizontal roll 'characteristic' so only to try and operate the mouse to the equal that has feigned. I love an idea to be able to also to go horizontally and can be a lot of gain in the handful of situations, but so only does not seat like an execution with a G502 was the success.

Has has tried also the razer deathadder in a past, which was comfortable to use and a form was a lot. In general the meh smiled, more has failed interior 2-3 month, like this behind to the mine mx518 was.
A G402 is much more comfortable to use of then is the touch the big plus that a G502 Hero - some keys are almost in a right place. But it does not have keys like this a lot of, does not have it elegant course neither all some bells and whistles one 502 .

Am not impressed by any of them to be sincere, thinks that near, a G402 and a G502 almost do the good mouse.
Bought him of then both paralizaciones less than that neither of them usually costs, will maintain an open alcohol and give them both some time of plus. But it has had it it has paid £60+ for a G502 mini hero, would be to pursue a type of delivery down a street to take it behind. A G402 is more usable, but still a lot to the equal that has expected paralizaciones in the mouse, with which 12 years of 'progressive development'.
5 / 5
My criteria for my new mouse was some following:
A mark has established,
Fully configurable keys,
10+ keys.

This mouse has paste really one something sweet for me on prize, quality and consolation.
A course a harder that a whole process configured it to my needs. For all the world, as it has weighed a mouse is and that DPI love your mouse is very subjective. A G502 really done his best to accommodate personal preference.

Easy to configure
A lot clicky keys
Love a wheel of roll and toggle
Cools 'G-move' option to bend your options of key

join them to Him run it lateralmente has configured to anything more, very easy for them to be paste
'key of Objective' the little further out of my hand that would have liked me but so only for of the little mm, no the subject big

am happy to give this product 5/5. Such the good mouse!
5 / 5
Sensor of new hero
the looks of cord to be to plot the hardest
All some good qualities of some forwards G502 (Creation, programmable keys, wheel of roll, key of sniper, etc)

his of wheel of the Mouse (nit has chosen, at all too bad, so only comparing to another Logitech smiled has used)
side of Emotional mouse to fast lateralmente, can listen some movement (so only could be a wheel of mouse)
A creation is is quite fantastic, any sure on some grooves inside a mouse, initially felt acute against my hand but I seat like has taken has used his/ has been was.
4 / 5
Was the little rasgado spend this a lot of money in smiling it so only in the spent quell'roughly in £25 in mine old Tecknet gaming the mouse and this have survived almost 15years of abuses. This in spite of, Tecknet is now cheaply built as well as economic likes substitution Tecknet the mouse has tried. I have gone with a highlu has rented G502 hero after reading a lot of descriptions and am like this far very impressed. All the utmost programmable keys that use an interface of windows (The difference of Technet) and although a G502 the looks would bite your hand was was to try and touches, is surprisingly comfortable and some keys all look to be a lot has thought is gone in his placing.
5 Stars everything around another that a wheel of mouse where so only gives 4 Stars. Ossia Reason does not have to that the surface of hule likes them to them another has used and looks quite slippery when trying utilizarprpers to go. Pulling a wheel to calm with your class of looks of the toe of good but trying girarprpers out of you my toe tends to slip the bit and so much is quell'has bitten annoying (Any that uses a wheel to go that a lot and can be dipped the 'free-wheel' to the equal that can turn he without any control).
I toyed with an idea to take a wireless version but in two times a prize and a fact that the wireless mouse in fact tends to PASTE a wall launches it to him has decided to stick with the teathered / wired one.
5 / 5
Has has wanted a G502 the version wired and has known no Logitech had released the wireless version. I have it quell'has had always bad experience with the wireless devices but I have seen the video on Youtube (LinusTechTips) where has taken people to try a difference among a wire fence and wireless G502s after using them.

He plugged a boss of USB in a wireless as they do not remark a difference. My surprise, some people have chosen any wireless on wired and has had any one the version thought that has used.

Has no lag or delay when that uses this mouse. A life of same battery with RGB on are to add and a speed to touch is very fast. It is quite pricey but after using this mouse can say that well of the money.

Has found a mouse to be very light which are to add but was too light for me. Has come felizmente with weights that could add. In the chance has confused where one 4 hanged of the gram goes, among a puck.

HAS 11 keys that can program you and DPI tower of until 16,000. My ideal DPI is roughly 2000 to 2400 that am them more comfortable with. To good sure would recommend this especially is taste of the that now is beginning to hate bosses.
4 / 5
This wired G502 has been bought like the substitution for him G602 wireless smile that had failed (but now have the substitutes of guarantee). I have imagined one 502 would be more than confidence that that uses a wireless version. Has fewer programmable keys that one 602 but still enough to offer all an essential shortcut click I need to do with my usual applications. It could not be enough for gaming this in spite of. One smiles comes with the together of weight that can be installed to a base to regulate one feels of a thing but I am no to found them gain. It feels he bit it plasticky in a hand and he rattles he shaken, this in spite of return a lot of (I has big hands). Some transfers of wheel to go weighed freely when I have required that it is well, but uses the key maquinal to toggle among free transfer and indented transfer. I have listened that the mechanism can fail - and is located also in a place expects to find an upper key (next right to a wheel) to the equal that maintain to paste he in error. An USB that connects the boss has the good braided arrival and is long enough to achieve a backside of my PC to turn located under my office, but having the boss snaking by means of your office is the bit of the plague when you accustom use the wireless mouse. I have used this 502 for some months now and yes, taste, but of a quite economic feels means loses 1 star in mine estimativa.
5 / 5
Like him gamer and YouTuber has used to plot of Mouse on some years. This in spite of, this has to that be worse for me personally.

In the first place is very difficult to in fact grip a mouse for lifting, included without any one has added hanged a mouse am hanged considerably that resists in a backside. Meaning when tentativa and impulse one smiles a backside of some stays of mice in foreigner of mine of mouse, because of some smooth sides is near impossible to take the good grip to impulse a mouse.. Doing this quickly in the gaming the session is so only not going to spend.

An attacker and the rear keys in a side are too big, also hamper a lifting of a mouse.

Unfortunately will owe that return this mouse, as it is not to return for a purpose in that I bought it.. And ossia for gaming. If I can it does not stimulate a mouse of one kills to quickly reposition then a mouse is no good for gaming.

Also an impulse was the distance is not configurable in a Logitech program, meaning lifting even so only a front of one smiles on causing the espasm' of movement on screen. My current mouse has the configurable the impulse was distance that has very dipped down. The meaning does not interact with a surface until roughly 1mm was, reducing and almost that deletes that esmerluza' the volume like the mouse involves with a surface.

Has expected more than Logitech, an option to add the weights me assume one smiles would have been light and at least still. With a mouse that is on duty heavy, so only the fact smiles it very uncomfortable to use.

Ossia My own opinion and another can locate well with this mouse, this in spite of all one there is on says remained with a mouse that is very flat and soften with small space to take my thumb among a base of a mouse and some keys/of before behind so only the impossible next fact to impulse easily.
4 / 5
In just on 2 month, a skates in this mouse is already like this spent down that a chequered the fund of one smiles now scrapes by means of a tampon of mouse.

Has been using the Logitech G440 Gaming Tampon of the mouse and this would not owe that be spending.

Draw and the atrocious creation of one skates has turned this £130 smile to the piece of junk in literally 9 weeks.
5 / 5
Amur This mouse, but Logitech is by train partorisca force partorisca use his g-hub the software and is terrible compared to an old lgs program. If lgs is partorisca update to order this mouse then would be quite perfect for me. But I can not locate with a buggy unintuitive g-hub software

has sent the very well corsair smiled behind before because it is software has not been like this very like this lgs. But I am sincere g -hub is worse that a corsair software. As I do not go to be too fussed roughly jumping ship of Logitech all there the mice that goes forward so only sustains logitech g-hub and any lgs

MODIFICATION seriously am thinking roughly that returns this mouse, a g-hub the software is terrible, the whose confidences a mouse that use this software, his randomly changing dpi and profiles, has turned of extras dpi settings, cant looks to take touched of of a turn dpi dipping this in spite of, and has had so only a profile and he still fricken transmissions, now some the up to date softwares and all my settings have gone, wth
5 / 5
Sadly has had several subjects with mine to the equal that is going back. To start with a wheel to go when one 'clicker' for this enabled in my unit frequently skip any one go quite quickly which looks can be the defect in a creation, for this the mine is going back.
Besides like any with the main hands a mouse is so only bit it too small and an uncomfortable grip. There is nowhere to rest your pinky toe to the equal that need to be the little wider that it is to accomodate partorisca east. Ossia Of course the subject very personal. Unworthy is a rest of thumb the zone is way too small for me also, forces my thumb to an odd place that resulted in constantly resting in some keys and means I cant grip of the smiles very at all.

A third and the subject end is that some feet of mice, wow is terrible. They are unbearably scratchy / draggy has compared to the mine old Rival 300.

Needless To say, because of one the fault of wheel of the roll, and some other subjects, the sound that goes back and there is gona behind to the mine Rival 300 for now.
5 / 5
I amour Logitech has smiled always good quality and more than confidence. This one is no different.
Has has liked him always his key that can do a wheel to go freewheel so much is easy the zip on and down the pages etc. have not seen this in any one another mouse (not saying other companies do not have this, has seen so only a lot he)

I mostly gaming and was the bit has concerned on going wireless and a partner lag. Honradamente Can say that I have not remarked any lag and this does like this as well as any wire fence Logitech gaming has smiled has used in a past. Utilisation this jointly with Logitech Powerplay wireless touching tampon of mouse and maintains my mouse touched without that has to that dip a mouse in the cradle or attach to the goodness to touch.
Usual, easy to use software and has associated has directed the programs come with him or calms that can download.
4 / 5
This mouse is one the majority of comfortable mouse there is not dipping never in my hand, absolutely love a key of wheel of the roll the one who leaves a roll to turn freely which is satisfying while Facebook of informative scrolling feeds ... And another web of places. Has a perfect quantity of keys for games I game ( FPS/RPG ) and brilliant accuracy. Some lights in one smiles is not that it distracts and soothing to an eye. A software comes with the variety of options to adapt a mouse to your preferences, mostly uses a profile arrives with in of the settings of factory. A weight of a mouse feels perfect when adding all some changeable weights have resupplied. A hule textured the grips he a lot that satisfies to resist around your thumb. A magnetic grip to resist one the inferior dish on was the surprise more than clip yours but utmost rule!
My only downside is unfortunately the VERY big question that a click of right mouse is in plot more rigid and feels flimsy compared with a sinister click and does more than the thud noise that the click like other keys, sometimes has to that animal-situate my hand to one something uncomfortable for the press down harder for him to click... That the uncomfortable fact to snipe in FPS games, sadly am not sure that the times can tolerate this I so that it can has to that substitute this mouse in the near future. 5 For a mouse in general but 2 because of an odd right click.
5 / 5
When gaming, The precision is of the importance adds for me. In the situation of the real times can not resupply to lose the shot (FPS games) and so that it ensures that I can do was crucial.

A weight added and some settings of low sensibility am extraordinary. With which months of practice, has regulated my memory of muscle to a weight and sensibility.

Excellent optimisation with considerations to this.

Has been using some keys enough bit it. I have found a capacity to rotate among DPI settings easily quite useful. As it has changed among functions of character, a mobility/of precision (looking around) transmission of question, when being able to regulate in the look of the moment is well.

Some only defects have with east is quite smaller, this in spite of thus I reward perhaps a lot necessarily acceptable.

A quality of a boss. A lot of reviewers has informed that with which some use some edges around an agreement tend to... untwist. Exposing an interior of black boss.

Has there is not founding personally this @@subject - still. But ossia certainly one of few things to consider.

RGB. A lot pc the enthusiasts are drawn to RGB setups together with matching RGB crew.

Law? Yes.

Personally does not feel to like a RGB the logo is enough to aim of this RGB crew. Cela And some three lines in a side (indicating DPI setting) that a lot frequently was out of synch. My logo could be transitioning of red (the orange) to yellow while some three lines are slagging behind and arrivals to turn red.

Is not that noticeable, any if you are not prendiendo his attention. But I launched it was the little. Now that I remark it, he he the bug bit it to me. It would comprise if it has not gone fully synched with mine another RGB crew, but for a mouse to not being synch with is so only pleasant.

This in spite of, so that well, loves it. Some practical applications of him far outweighs a minor esthetic inconveniences. It is gaming smiled, no a better, but to good sure one of them!
5 / 5
TL;Dr. - The sum on, an extra weight was the big prize leaving me to augment sensibility, but some keys lateralmente are too easy to press accidentally.
Have come to this mouse of the Logitech G303, which was a ultra the light mouse and was too easy for me shake he down pressure. With this mouse was able to create my sensibility for 100mhz and clash it up in-touch the little too much for also using two of some weights. Any real complaint roughly anything more excepts I look I accidentally press some keys lateralmente All the time! Has does not have to that Never @@subject with one 303 as no material are... So much, it does not know I will be to stick with him long-designate still. Oh, I any really like one 'gamer' looks, one 303 was a lot of sleeker, aesthetically. I thought that it that it would buy it like this the look populate.
5 / 5
This mouse fulfils the majority of my expectations. I am not using he for gaming, has has wanted to something with programmable keys, macros and the wheel of selectable free scrolling with angular moment well for studio/of work.

Spends to plot to time navigating interminably the web of places and the long documents have to that way that has wanted to smile he with the wheel of roll of control of zero. I have directed to take this one to turn for 24 seconds with some hard flick! Quell'Concealed can do not impress but gave the macizo grin. The incremental way gives notch in bylines and attentive for control of notch. A way is changeable with a key for behind a wheel in planting to press down in a wheel like other mice. A hastens of wheel (aka half key) also can be attributed the function to the equal that can one sinister and right wheel tilt presses. For incumplimiento a press of wheel involves car way of roll. It likes to have the election in my methods of navigation.

Has been enjoying a rest of thumb, my leading mouse there has not been one and I have known has not required one. But, now I am thinking to my little finger has neglected. Perhaps. This mouse could be improved to add the other of little finger to another side. Ossia The a lot of-to-have more than the bad point this in spite of.

Are add having the mouse with adjustable weight, has does not have to that never first that. It finds help to locate clickable objects with better accuracy in of the settings of big sensibility.

With one turns of the z/of the zeros holds the way has involved a wheel occasionally can move fractionally pending of the movements of forceful mouse that do a movement of page. To good sure will move attack of the down acute smiles yours hard surface. I any this but is the regular thing for you then resists in alcohol.

A mouse adds for my needs. I will update this description if anything changes...
4 / 5
Has bought this mouse 5 month ago but the quite suddenly begun to bend click in a right click and accident the few days done and a lot quickly results unusable. When you Resist right click for example, a mouse will press and depress a right click quickly, but there is the 50/50 casualidad he wont recognise a click at all. It would owe that say that this mouse is fantastic in action and ergonomics, well on until it is dies.
And seriously, perhaps seven times out of ten compraventa one of these Logitech smiled, will be d eh d inside the year. Then again, calm perhaps will take the in one hundred and will last for 10 years, I quite so only touch a lottery to be sincere.

Ossia One @subjects the enormous number of G5xx proprietary of the mice have had on some years, provisional fixed is available in an internet but they am quite fiddly and well, provisional. .
One east to dip some plastic in a transmission inside a mouse to take static electricity to cause a transmission, another is to take a little copper cradle of inside a transmission and neither clean a oxidization in a cradle or never like this slightly change a form of a cradle to change a point of contact slightly, effectively cleaning a oxidization of a point of contact.

A no-invasivas but extremely provisional fix and also the very easy test to try that has this question to draw;
Breathes air down some keys a humidity ENTIRELY will fix a question, but so only for small, ten if your lucky, but your wheel to go now no properly for the minute or like this, is quite odd. I have tried this before I have included looked on-line for more with a question to the equal that has thinks that that something is to be stick under a right click (this also spends with sinister click this in spite of, could not have something under both keys a same time?!?), But so only it begins to touch on again small later, a sinister click is also bad, a wheel to go weirdness (this SO ONLY spends after your breathe air to a mouse and he will begin to do again quite quickly) and a fact I multiple people found to allege a same thing esatta and allege his a warm humid air breathes to a transmission that stops a static electricity of quickly causing a key when yours in fact in the resistant.

According to that it can say all a gaming smiled in a Logitech the line there has been this subject unresolved of entity in a last decade or more, he more probably arrive in yours marks new mouse inside the year. They are while to Logitech support to answer reason a period of the turn in the amazon has finalised 4 month ago but am sure Logitech will substitute mine 5 old month G502, some people have had ON MEANS Some substitutions of DOZEN and HIS ALL FINALISE, usually inside months.

Have the big number of Logitech the elements and is all the very good quality but, DOES not BUY A LOGITECH GAMING MOUSE. Only no the, look in an internet for a question of double click and will see has repeated chance of this question partorisca to the long of the decade.
Would recommend all another Logitech elements, so only buy the different mouse or be prepared to take multiple substitutions of Logitech, does not have any idea that the time will take to order the mine was still. . .
5 / 5
Before we begin, am them intoxicated to mine pc, in the all a time and the at present am trying learns like this to touch type. Utilisation excel spreadsheets to do my accounts of company and has loved to smile it that it could it runs it left and right also. I he very there is almost be for a logitech mx master like some descriptions looks to surprise, but the are not enthusiastic on smiled of battery and keyboards (are them also the wannabee gamer - but very bad in him! - For this subject of latency - possibly).
A mouse is very comfortable in my hand, a wheel of roll is taking a bit taking used to, the at present prefer a motion of free wheel likes notchy feels is too hard in my opinion. Be 45 years, still exiting some different ways and keys for customisations - did not take the memory adds (me a lot a mouse).
Loves a RGB, my boys and grandkids loves it too much!
I like an idea of some weights in a base, although still without them there is add feels. A G502 really feels likes is going to last, which is one of some reason has been them for him logitech one.
A so only downside the interior a moment is a placing of key, especially some keys of thumb, the think because of the mine leading mouse and a location of some attacker and rear keys are them having the question that suitable, also when the in the first place dipped my hand in a mouse maintains them to paste a DPI key of tower.
This mouse is more expensive that any one the has not used never before that (the usually buy keyboard and smile combos for this class of prize!). I promised that when the taking to grips with this mouse and the mine touch that writes will treat me to them to the mechanic RGB keyboard also. But global would recommend it to them, has tried them also he in the first tent of the purchased of Amazon which is probably bit it cheeky.
4 / 5
Adds gaming mouse. A lot of responsive and have all a trinkets has required to do the first person shooter, mmo etc exciting.

Also to use likes him my mouse of work - frames to change among windows, deleting tabs etc. Operates It rid without using a keyboard. Of course these options owe that be addd manually, but a software is a lot the friendly user (I has the Corsair M65 also, and a Logitech the software is definately better in my opinion). Some options to take and add hanged in of the different ways also helps with balancing a mouse to your desire.

An only downfalls is that a wheel of the scrolling is not a lot definiative - give it muddled feeling when scrolling. And when being metal-bodied, can slip sometimes is on-jealous with your speed of scrolling. One that follows are also adds, but pode disorder-up in of the sure surfaces (he skipped in the surface of forest, while mine M65 any) - of course this question can be mitigated using the a lot of mousemat (to the equal that has to that).

In general, the a lot of pricey, but peripheral very lovely for both a half PC worker and gamer.
5 / 5
Bought this earring of black Friday. I have had this in mine wishlist previously to of the this. I have moved of a Razer Deathadder 2013, which do fault well, but has had has begun partorisca give up. It has been it has bitten he dubious that a mouse would be a lot very been due to a prize, but has been impressed. Much more it has impressed that a Razer that was originally bend a prize.

One feels of a mouse are add, and a fact can add the weights is included better.

Some additional keys are the big help also, but in a flipside of of the this, some keys are hard to take used to initially. Some are thin and situated in of the uncomfortable places to achieve. Sometimes, calm find that goes to press one of these keys and accidentally has left clicking instead. Once your memory of muscle begins to kick in, can do has spent these subjects.

Would recommend this mouse, is looking for the very gaming smiled, but a lot that want to overspend.
4 / 5
Where Begins?
1. A wheel of mouse is extremely cheaply has done. He wiggles around the plot and is extremely uncomfortable to press down. Also each roll requires the plot of movmentcompared to other mice. It is obnoxiously strong when scrolling. A key to unlock a wheel is a point a big plus in a mouse like this while you are scrolling will rub a underside of your toe in this key and is a lot nettling.
2. A mouse is weirdly heavy. Has an option to add more hanged but reason a hell any one wants to concealed? Calm to good sure could take used his but sad no for me.
3. A clicking feels horrible and sometimes my clicks so only any record .
4. A placing of extra key is very uncomfortable. As I have said that a key of the lock of the wheel is very uncomfortable. A forward the extra click in a the sinister side is too he far advances although has long toes. A key of thumb is very easy the accidently press. Has has had to that the maintain unbound reason have maintained the paste he with my thumb. It is right where yours the thumb of course rests like this when you grip a mouse for the choose up is forced to press a key or awkwardly bend your thumb for the avert.
5. A right side of a mouse has this flange has inflated that it is supposition to be ergonomic but done a slip of mouse out of my hand everytime chose it up.

A mouse has good options in of the terms of dpi, profiles and bows. It is the shame that one of a bit those that mouses that has these a lot of keys (concealed is not in the model of grille) is so that it has done bad.
5 / 5
Uses this like this splits of the mine gaming setup. Also I have the Logitech (G910) keyboard and a G502 the mouse uses a same software to control one lighting, how is well that it is all integrated in a place.

Some smiled is surprising. You take quality of fantastic build with levels of the excellent production of the big company likes Logitech. I have it that has not had never a subject with a reliability or build of mine G502 mouse. It is adaptable and comes with the weight the calm balance so much can change a weight of one smiles also, if you like him to him these customisations. :P

A technician specs of a mouse is incredibly impressive and is competitive level. They are better way that your half mouse and a DPI is customisable as its own for each gamer need, if they like them to him the fast or more slow movement more attentive aiming.

A number of the keys in a smile also the incredibly handy fact. A G502 is incredibly populate for fortnite players with a lot of people that adds the build controls everything to a mouse so that they can have capacities of excellent edifice that use so only some keys in a mouse, whilst still having other options to change among arms, or anything controls chooses to program each stops of key.

In short: it is an excellent gaming smiled and a lot of gamer would be happy of the have. It is customisable, big spec, of confidence and has controllable that luzca that all the world loves.

Like the gamer I I highly recommend a G502 :)
4 / 5
When it has said that the rock has solid smile I bad to the equal that feels in my hand. It returns perfectly and meeting in the resistant properly. While with my Logitech G5 tended to resist my hand was the. It would control with tips of toe, which think is nick-appointed 'claw' holding.

All the keys are inner achieves.

My drawback in the, is that when a wheel of roll is in free-roll, then a wheel can rattle. Any lateralmente movement, these stops, resulted in a wheel rattling. Quite easy to resist toe for the half mouse this in spite of as orders to do in all the chance when exploring. Or use a setting of wheel to go more rigid, which in fact does scrolling the strong how is class of ratchety.
5 / 5
Was really that looks forward to to take a Logitech G502 Lightspeed Wireless smile, this in spite of less than the month has has had to that the turn.

Unfortunately ossia another new Logitech the mouse built with a poor quality Omron transmissions for some keys. If you do not know the one who this half has the fast google partorisca Omron the transmissions and you will find abundance of people with subjects. The desire had read on has bitten it more first.

With which roughly 3 weeks to possess a mouse, now, when that resists a key of right mouse down (i.et. To aim in FPS games) sometimes will order of has duplicated the click without a be of the key has released. This does to touch with rifles with zoomed the impossible discharges and also subjects of cause in any applications or of the games where precise resists down a key. It is affected my right key but can affect any of some keys in the mouse that use these Omron transmissions.

For the gaming smiled ossia totally unusable and of the QA the perspective is also really unacceptable to the equal that have decided gone back the.

This description could have been very different and there would be to be some praises of Lightpseed wireless, PowerPlay, Heroes 16K sensor, life of ergonomics and decent battery etc. But everything of the without sense east results when one smiles failure to do in the fundamental level, which is able to resist the key of mouse down!

Sad Logitech but ossia the really poor show .
5 / 5
- Very attentive
- Good global quality
- Beautiful decent partorisca consolation
- Wireless touching (using a powerplay tampon)
- the slender small/chairs in some palmeras/of hands
- A wheel of roll feels/ touches the little economic


My fellow old one wireless G700s has begun to aim his age, in spite of him still doing well, has begun to develop fault of sensibility, as it thought it has been now of sacked. A G700s was a still absolute sleep consolation, like the substitution was to be the hard election .

Of in brief that uses a still mouse gaming, is quite solid. It is very attentive, decently has built partorisca consolation and good quality. This in spite of, is quell'has bitten more slender that a G700s, which is taking the bit to time to take used to, as I will see like the find after the week or two.

A pocola what there is remarked, a roll feels the little that the economic sounds have compared to mine G700s. I mean, they are not that saying will fall off or pause, but for a prize is paying, you bondadoso to expect the wheel of solid roll.

Does not have big hands, is probably smaller that half, but these looks of mouse to seat quite small in palmeras of mine/of hands. So many, if has big hands, probably would not recommend this, like this ASUS ROG Spatha would be the better option, if you have wanted to smile he with ergonomics looked in this row of prize.

Some weeks of next coming/days will say will stick with east, or go for something more. This in spite of, want to one wireless touching with a Powerplay tampon (YAY any battery of plus or bosses), as it will give it whirl.

After the few weeks, has taken really use to this mouse. Chronometer required so only to regulate. It will be to maintain east!
4 / 5
Has has had to that the send behind.

Has touched takes the averages the day and could not exit that it was bad. It has to that wire fence G502 and every time has behind changed to a corded the version has begun to touch significantly better. There is remarked finally that a lightspeed the version there has been more embrague in a foreigner of mouse and has slipped slightly notchily. I have had the most next look and some seeds it tampon of slips of the circle in a backside (around a hole of battery) probably has taken and has looked almost has peeled is gone in one of some flanges of corner.

Is the shame , reason want a G502 and a shaved was 10g of weight was something is looked forward to.

Does not think I confidence that orders another now, perhaps QC will improve after the moment?
5 / 5
Could write the longitude-winded the description likes a lot of another on some positive of this mouse - and believe me, there is a lot.

This in spite of, has a question that can not be prevented, and ossia a notorious double clicking subject. Finally after regular use, some starts of key of sinister mice the grotto and calm then find that it is broken neither was, or click of fold for simply pressing once. There is something seriously bad in this mouse, and like this sad how is for me to say, ossia the macizo letdown partorisca otherwise the mouse adds. Sad time.
5 / 5
Has bought this to upgrade of the Razer Cat 3 mouse. It had been meaning to upgrade he for years likes Cat 3 has not been add - was too wide and struggled with to plot of mine another program. A G520 has taken to the plot of good descriptions has taken like this one submerges. The desire there has been no.

Still all some failures of a Rat 3, is light and attentive. Now, they are not really that says that a G520 is not attentive like such but is weighed so it is unwieldy and, this in spite of well an optical is, is very difficult to manoeuvre such the mouse weighed precisely. I have bought the drop-embrague mousing surface to try to do one smiles more wieldy and this helped but there there is so only too much of him to fully reduce a embrague.

Has stuck with this mouse for the few months in an expectation that finally would take used his, but has given finally up in the and gave it to the partner. I have it quell'has bought now he Kone Roccat Pure which is the light , precise and has all some keys that requires.
4 / 5
Comfortable at the beginning, but after using for 2+hrs my little finger is hurting. Has thinks that that this mouse would be too big, has thinks that has had small hands, but my leading mouse that has used for 7+years this in spite of doing, still comfortable (but there is wanted really go wireless). It sees pics of my hand in both this product in leading mouse has used, excuses for a soiled mouse but to the equal that have said that that has possessed he for 7 years and has used daily and any failure. My little finger is extended slightly was the oldest smile more than tucked under my ring finger that is reason hurt after hours of pair, has taken perhaps use to the mine another smiles like this hopefully will adapt. The looks of accuracy well, good to be able to change dpi easily.

A manual was useless, 'please read instructions attentively first to use' then comes from with just pictures. Still it has not been that a dongle is partorisca, is that for use with a mouse to touch tampon? (Which plan on taking but in £5 more than a mouse in timing to write is not to value he). Felizmente With which I plugged that thinks is a correct element to a backside of mine pc after the few windows of second 10 has done the one who precise and is doing well, comprising flashing RGB.

One a thing has not thought would like me is of a wheel to go when you can press a half key and he moves freely, but after the use, wow.

Will maintain this has update a better have beaten.
4 / 5
I have been always the enormous defender of expensive wireless gaming mouse, specifically razer some! I have seen this in offers partorisca £29 in blackfriday and the partner has mentioned also that a sensor of hero that these new models have is a better in any smile like this has thought them the d gives it the gone! It maintains in alcohol the ees has had a razer mamba wirless (the with a cradle partorisca touch) and the ees has had also a razer mamba 2018 edition, and oh my god, grieve has taken them to a fps breaking(csgo), there are them remarked the enormous difference follows, one smiles so only feels so more precise and any partorisca mention returns in my hand like the sleep, in £28 this was some absolute FLIES , the d be more than happy that pays a RRP partorisca this mouse, sounds and look his in a side an economic plus of the quality of build has compared to the mine old razer mouse but he outperforms any mouse the ees has tried before, well validates he! If the see an on sale wireless version then the'll without the doubt snatches it up!
4 / 5
Like this paralización fps, his too used by some of some better gamers in twitch.

When My edges has loved his pc, has loved this mouse.

Like an adult, felt too thin for me at the beginning, has required them smiles it the widest. But after the marathon of bad mouse of several costruttrici big of corsair to razer. It has given up and it has bought a newer version of a g502 reason was a so only an amazon has sold at the same time.

Looks a dpi of a heero of a proteus the spectre is useless, yes uses of same power more than 4000 dpi yours the god, 8k and can see by means of time. An original g502 was the 12,000 dpi smiled, 16,000 is so only useless marketing overkill.

The one who a current hero 502 has in a last is better braiding, more profiles and he .

Can buy a model an old more more economic, he.


wow Is this so only such the good mouse, some the extra keys are fantastic, to all the cost of a game and have such the good solid click in some sides like this-good like sinister and right click (the sound has accepted generally a sinister click and right feels well, while a rest is more clunky, but a lot in this chance). Some weights are utmost, his smile it more weighed in general but so only feel fantastic once your hand regulates his aswell like logtitech software so only when being like this easy to use.

Of the that Takes a new plus HUB the software is terrible, his well to sync yours lighting but when a software of base gives better control in of the macros/options of key, dpi and on-board so only any value he, especially like this the ones of the one who possess more than 1 logitech produced anymore.

His the solid mouse, calm whose remorse and wow is that infinite roll adictivo.
5 / 5
Having has POSSESSED ALREADY a version wired of a G502 has known that it was in still here. It smiles it adds for gaming and work of office. This mouse take used for my whole business day and then for the majority of an evening when I game.

The life of battery is in better plot that has expected. Imagined would last it perhaps 2 days that is done for him abonos 12-14 hours the day but I usually go around 5 days among cariche against those prices.

I weights are different to a version wired but still do a work amiably.

Has there is remarked occasionally a notorious duplicated the subjects of clicks concealed affect some of a G502s, but weirdly this is so only be in mine portable of work (where G Hub is not installed). Also one another thing the note is that you have to that G to use Hub with this mouse (unfortunately). LGS Does not choose It up. G Hub so only a lot that loves not buying this mouse, with all honesty. But some smiled is fantastic.
4 / 5
Has loved mine Roccat Tyon. Sadly His software there is not wanted to Windows 10. As I have bought the Roccat Nyth, whos software whilst Win10 friendly, has caused the random key presses. Not cooling. A shame how was a comfiest smiled has has not resisted never.

To the equal that has chosen this G502. It would owe that it has taken it this an in the first place, but has has wanted to Roccat yours of tower so that it did not consider it. Whilst This mouse does not have a tone of Tour (leaving secondary bindings to the each key) has quite a lot of keys to cover a basics. Calm also can reasociar a esniper' key in any one another compulsory. It is the little premium far for my thumb to achieve without the transmission of grip this in spite of, as it prefers the grip of palmera. Claw grippers Has less than the question.

I like one turns of wheel of the keys to turn left and rights. I have him a lot of expósitos handy in of the games like Battlefield and Blackout. I can quickly nudge my wheel of mouse to a legislation to spend on a map without that has to that take my sinister hand out of some tones of movement. There is some game in this wheel this in spite of, as he rattles slightly with right/movements accidents quickly.

A mouse is in plot comfier that looks, but is the a lot slender mouse . Suelo smiled it the widest, as I am finding my hand-held aches after an hour whilst regulate his. This spends in the each transmissions of mouse so that it will spend punctual.

Some transmissions of wheel to smile it amiably among free-wheeling and the movement notched. Have felizmente He this the transmission maquinal. They have used voters actuation in a MX master work has smiled, which is prone the failure. These looks of the implementation maquinal much more robust. The time will say I supposition. A movement notched is reasurringly rigid. Any calm accidentally move it, although it would have preferred the flange of hule to a wheel in place of the metal slightly that slips one.

A software is flawless. Click in the key, dipped the one who does. Simple, intuitive, and works. Marcos upper. Changing to to to other settings likes him-the light the effects and DPI the settings is also easy to imagine was.

A minor downsides to this mouse does not deserve any frames was as they do not cause any questions. It is all just aestheitc preference. Has has had questions of zeros in gaming with which have adapted to a creation of new key after Roccat. They are any one founds to lose all an extra Roccat keys neither. Perhaps sometimes less it is more.
4 / 5
Has given this element 5/5 stars.
After unboxing can find it some pocolos mice he and the small container with some weights. You can dip any quantity of weight to the equal that want for your desire. A Logitech RGB Sync works like the charm. You can have 5 DPI settings that can change you any time with a mouse binded key. And calm also can join almost anything to almost any keys.
A free wheeling function of a scrollwheel a lot entertaining but does not have any useful purpose. It returns very good same in mine small(ish) palmera and when my partner has tried he with his huuuuge to the palmera felt it confrontable in a same way.

Ossia The solid rock gaming mouse for the decent prize.

after using he for roughly 12 month a right click has begun to be no really responsive. If I clicked has had the 50/50 casualidad to register it. Now it is included harder reason yes registers a right click does not resist it . I have tried to contact logitech service of client multiple time without success, so only has taken has has automated emails behind. With which 6 months to try has given up in the and will launch to a cube. Has multiple logitech produced (G933, G920, G502, G213, G413) but probably will not buy more than them. His support is rubbishes although 99 of his product is a bit well.
4 / 5
One smiles his self are adds. Sound the solid has bitten of boxes, ossia ergonomic with adjustable weight. They are not the competitive gamer neither the expert of mouse. Like this cant really converged much more in a hardware another that yes, his smiled he well.

A big downside for me is software .
For me at least, LGHUB need to open with windows to same to respect DPI (sensibilities), has left so only macros. Ive Has listened some people say that these settings are stored in a mouse and calm a lot they was requires LGHUB installed, but this does not look to be a chance for me. LGHUB Also has the tendency to fail firmware updates, and also totally his brick self requiring it reinstall each one that 20 or so the time ploughs an application.
This poor software apresamiento that would be the 5 smile to star down to an easy 3 star.

Ive Has possessed this mouse 9 month now, on 2 PCs and 3 windows installs with 0 signs of improvement or bug fijamente. Included my mouse of OLD RAT has had support of better software...
4 / 5
Ossia The really big action mouse, especially partorisca gaming. In general one smiles better has not possessed never partorisca gaming. A delay of entrance in wireless is non-existent, and has solved the big question was having with entrances not registering quite quickly with the wireless mouse forward. It is a lot ergonomic, my wrist feels sustained, is 'weighed' for him gaming smiled, but in 114g I personally no to import .

A GHub the software is very better that more produced, easily can attribute keys and change DPI and polling tax. I leave mine on 600 DPI, 1000Hz with a FOCUSED on, and take roughly 48hrs out of one uploads of full battery.

Now for a critique: these costs in double compared to a version wired, and honradamente I discharges in a boss to touch while gaming does not remark it at all. This me question an extra cost for wireless is justified.

Another thing that bugs me roughly this mouse is some slips /of feet . They are terrible. They are noticeably abbrasive in some subordinated and this causes to plot of embrague unwanted with a tampon of mouse, that does a mouse feels sticky/rigid to move. I imagine this will feel worse for low DPI gamers. Ossia An only critique has for a product he, the new slips is economic, but was £8 substitutions add to some already big sides of a mouse...
4 / 5
Left preface this with a fact I really like this Logitech produced. I love mine G613 Wireless keyboard. I love mine G920 running wheel, master wired of mine G502 and would love this wireless G502 May...

Has bought a prompt this year and after the month has developed a subject where a right click would not resist down and he flicker on and era. He promptly is gone in the drawer and I have changed behind my version wired for the few months until I have decided that that has loved the the fully wireless office again, as I have tried to return this to Logitech but send me the pre-writing waffle any related to a @@subject and said for the send behind to a perfectionist.

Has decided to take another after the tonnes of investigation (and knowing this is the subject common but perhaps was miserable?) And after trying the different mouse for several genders of game. As I have bought another of these of the different retailer as it loved it on a day, and am complaining retrying this mouse. This has developed a same failure in a sinister click less than two weeks.

I amour like a mouse feels and is brilliant when it operates, but these subjects are ridiculous. They are not the fallen or treated it rough in any way, form or form - only look to break any time at all and unless really it resists a key of the down hard mouse how is unrealistic in my opinion, does not have any option but to return the second mouse and consider other frames that goes forward.
4 / 5
Very good and sensitive gaming mouse. The notice has used to the sensor of laser will take time to regulate calm.
The mouse is a lot ergonomic this in spite of yes are using tampon of mouse with support of the wrist at the beginning could feel that annoying for the use.

Has had to that go down my indication to two stars. Unfortunately it is another mouse that is subject developing of double click. It is use omron transmissions that apparently is very sensitive to dry air (!?) idk If his true. This in spite of sure there is doubleclick question. After Razer Deathadder (2 years), MadCatz Rat 6 (1 year) and now this Logitech (6 month) firmly believes does subject enormous with omron the transmissions and I would not recommend any mouse with them embroiders it.
5 / 5
Ossia A third G502 that has possessed, some other 2 continue to do except there is wanted really a wireless version and I has not been disappointed. One feels and looks is one same like my forward G502 this and there the weight for me is perfect, I to the equal that to to the heavy mouse likes does not touch of any a lot of FPS games. It has dipped a brightness to 50 and like this far using he for roughly 12 weeks now and has touched it so only two times, use for roughly 3-4 hours the day so much for one the majority of hardcore gamer a life of the battery will not disappoint .

Now for one the majority of question of entity - wireless vs wired honradamente any difference among one 2 and yes really want to can run you this mouse wired.

Likes a G502 smiled, of weight to draw etc then will not be disappointed with a wireless jump. A defect in this mouse as it does not affect me but could affect is some weights go under a battery that half use a game to be able to puck a mouse will be 10.ºchero Of g as you cant dipped some weights in

Top Customer Reviews: Logitech G403 HERO ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 42 ratings
5 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. Before I go to because it does not recommend this mouse, would like me go some of some positive. It feels he adds partorisca my hand-held measure (9x18) using grip/of yolk of the palmera and I am not founding never a lot of uncomfort during my experience that use a mouse. A software was easy to install/use, and fully could customise a lot of things inside to a program so only like him DPI, Polling imposed, RGB, etc. A braided boss has not caused any subjects, and was so it has had the hule a. And finally, some primary and secondary clicks of a mouse were satisfing and of confidence, and there is not founding any double clicking subject during my experience of this mouse.

A subject with this mouse and is reason am returning is because of some keys lateralmente. When Libertas your toe of some keys lateralmente, a whole mouse vibrates of some cradles in some keys that extremely is that they distract whislt gaming. It is entirely unacceptable that the mouse that usually costs £ to feel like the economic low quality toy. I have asked around and apparently ossia entirely normal and calm so only has to that 'the treat'. A video in this description demonstates the one who a subject is, but a lot entirely justifies to to a question likes can not register that a smile feels likes emission my toe of a key lateralmente s. I have read that a leading model (the G403 any hero) has had a subject same exact. It is impacting that Logitech did not direct it when creating this new model.

Another reason because it has decided to return that it is reason a wheel of the mouse sometimes does not register when scrolling. I noticied that the turn he dulcemente around, registers so only before some clicks of wheel to plant. When gaming, there is remarked that sometimes my transfers to change to the secondary elements have not answered, as I have had to that appeal to use keybinds to prevent this to spend in a heat of gaming experiences.

Very disappointing.
5 / 5
Likes: - Very crazy arrival in a cup with the light rubberized arrived in some sides.
- Feels ergonomic for my small-half sized hands.
- There is enough the simple aesthetics with extra keys in a side, together with the key has consecrated to change among dpi settings.
- Slides Very good and easily.
-A braided boss is the good touch and does not tug down a mouse.

Aversions: - Only comes with the 10g hanged removable, which poden still not being weighed enough for some people.
- Some sides of a mouse can result greasy quite easily.
- A braided boss is quell'has bitten too much long in my opinion but ossia the @@subject preferably really.
4 / 5
Has bought this mouse in a 22nd of August and like this far a mouse has a lot of be a lot and well, has adapted his quite quickly and loves it. I have used a Razer Deathadder Chroma partorisca roughly 4 years until I have decided to change to this. Easily I can say that I love this mouse the plot more, a sensor are add, a form and feel is a lot of comfy still claw or grip of the yolk and I will be to buy more Logitech gaming smiled in some sure futures. In chances any one is interested I uses this still mouse CS: it GOES and another fps shooter games.
5 / 5
Produced very good and am finding is much easier to game with. Hand-held measure; meso-big (grip of palmera for gaming).

Has bought this like the substitution my Razer DeathAdder V2 which has broken literally inside the month of use, opportunely outwith a window of turn, and is upper in the each way. Some clicks are crisp and reagents and has any feel of the 'empty' among a rest of toe/of click of mouse and an interior of transmission. A software is a lot the friendly user, also. They are happy with a compraventa and the desire had bought this instead done the month.
4 / 5
A mouse is comfortable, but heavier that the one who a product spec said (without additional weight). If utilisations your wrist to move the plot, can cause ache of long term.

A click of inferior/roll meso is the very hard press and cause double click quite often.

A Logitech the application is the ache , any optimised well, loss of the register of click has caused each 10 second or so many and delay to register. Uninstall An application and everything is well.

Then with the no quite apt for the product of purpose has tried repayment. It was hell although sostenimiento of the amazon was súper well and useful. As I have decided to use that it likes him the mouse of office.

Any value a prize, Logitech m100 or Mx master 2s or Steelseries kana v2 is better products. Enough it disappoints it
4 / 5
are not any a lot of the gamer, and has required so only the decent mouse without too much of the gamer aesthetic - I really can not be garish RGB, and odd Gundam-like this of the creations. Has plot of faith in Logitech like a lot of of his products me do fault well. This mouse there is a bit RGB characteristic, but easily disabled. One smiles can be weighted with the disk of metal has comprised, and the clicks of key are satisfyingly definite. Very happy.
5 / 5
This mouse was a lot of while it is lasted, but a GHUB the software leaves it down. I have not been able to use one smiles properly for the pair of weeks. I have tried everything to solve some subjects is having, but a GHUB the software no longer relieves it . Also occasionally it has to that follow subjects.

Thinks that would have to that open on GHUB software to an audience, and leave users to maintain a software. It is clear that any one has assumed to build GHUB has done the poor work. In all the chance, ossia mine £44 down a drain.
4 / 5
Can does not be missing a quality of this mouse, a main thing is that calm adapt you. So much control your hand-held measure and see the one who calm access and likes ergo of smile, can any gone bad with east a. The clicks are well, the keys lateralmente are good and slips amiably. Moved of ambi smiled the ergo, but my preferred new is a Glorious Model D, is much lighter of a G403 and one forms perfect turn.
4 / 5
Logitech Never cease to surprise with his products. Has come from/come from the Corsair Scimitar MMO has smiled that has had to that like 2-3 years. Going of that to ossia likes Night and day. Another that a lack of extra keys (Averts some two keys lateralmente) For a prize goes to take the comfortable and smooth experience. G Hub has improved to good sure and instantly has recognised my mouse.

Something will say quell'Ergonomics of impacts is a fact that this mouse he quite fat on where some rests of the palmera and he take me to us the week or like this to take use when resisting. It likes Scimitar has had before the quite thinner on where some rests of palmera.

In general, for a prize has paid 20 out of declared because of purchasing an of a Warehouse of Amazon. Ossia Like this value he, is crazy.
5 / 5
A physical mouse is really well once take some configurations want. This in spite of, a software thats supposition to help ossia a worse has not seen never. Changing a DPI the key is hell , changing some colours for a RGB is an absolute nightmare, and finding a right software is also the ache in an ass. Besides it suggests to delete a dpi profiles unless you insisit on changing sensibility during your game accidentally.
5 / 5
It has developed double clicking subject inside the year. Logitech Support of the only client fobbed was! They are suggesting that I some software troubleshooting and yes concealed no the law would owe that ask Amazon partorisca help. And here it is partorisca quote they: 'If a subject persists afterwards completing troubleshooting no, please achieve was to your point of compraventa with a bill of compraventa.'
5 / 5
Has used Razer Deathhadder for the moment first to change to this so that it follows partorisca compare this with Razer. Some measures are a lot of smilir, one but a celery partorisca astound, perhaps newness cause this but partorisca low felt the users is a lot of
5 / 5
Of the good comfy smiled - have biggish the hands and feels really good to use personally.

Any complaint like this far after using for the few weeks, lighting the good looks and one changing of a DPI the settings feels well of the mine upgrade of the £10 mouse.

Has Had the subject smaller with a tone of roll in a half, but once unplugged and replugged was a lot?

A boss is good and some smiled does not feel plasticy or profits like this big low quality there aesthetically and feel wise.
5 / 5
Ossia A second Logitech mouse of mine that has begun double-clicking, with which googling for some time, has @to @give that ossia the subject common and strongly suggests to look elsewhere for the mouse.
5 / 5
Has had three of these now, I work of home have like this state used to act a day and gaming in some evenings. Each one which so only one develops a same failure. When that Resists a key of sinister mouse in place of consistently that it remain down, he intermittently register as if you lifted your toe, when calm no.

A lot annoying when you finalise to copy the to somewhere calm files any has wanted to him to him, or when touching Order and Conquer for the chance and that tries to tug and select unit.
4 / 5
First of all, well until had used them he for the few weeks then has begun so only go was and on repeatedly, and now the cant the turn causes a esVentana of the towers are spent, the one who the shocker!

No annoying buying this peice to crap, works for the few weeks then dies in calm now the cant return it and take my money behind.. absolutley Raging and enough frankly mortified
5 / 5
liked this mouse in a start before it has broken, has had good ergonomics and was generally the smiles add and loyal but then on done the month a sinister click and well has begun to not doing properly, has tried this in diverse other computers but he have had still a same question to the equal that have had to take the new a so it does not buy this product recommends Razer DeathAdder v2 that feels and works very better and does not have clicking @@subject
4 / 5
smiles Really good. Plugged In and has done. You move a mouse and a bit indicator in movements of screen. He so only works.
5 / 5
Everything in a mouse are adds averts of a fact that finds a sinister mouse and right keys quite sensitive.
5 / 5
This mouse are adds. An only downside is that a key in a side can be the bit of the ache to achieve from time to time but the outrage concealed well has done.
5 / 5
I add partorisca manage, hanged and attentive.
This in spite of, has taken the substitution because it has begun partorisca bend click of the swimming and could them does not use properly. A substitution 'has broken 'in a same but much more punctual way.

:When I clicked once a mouse has registered 2 click.
4 / 5
The title says it everything, has had this mouse of novemeber last year and so only recently a click of sinister mouse MB1 has begun acting odd and double clicking randomly when that resists down MB1.
5 / 5
Serial Too sensitive the number in boxes is different to a an on has smiled.
4 / 5
A lot comfortable, time of fast response and visually appealing. After changing of the a lot of different shaped has smiled this one is like this comfortable that has taken less than the day partorisca acclimate his. As any the one who uses the mouse partorisca roughly 8 hours+ the day highly would recommend it. It is it likes the most robust death adder!
4 / 5
My edges wasnt happy, has bitten desperate partorisca mouse, has has had to that already waut the wee partorisca commanded,
has received Logitech G402 a lot of G403, But gave it the gone because of school work in his pc, x
5 / 5
smiled Adds without subjects. The boss is good and long how is a lot of andd feels a lot comfortable to use with a lot of DPI settings and or can dip ur fact typical of commissioning some or like this
4 / 5
An only thing the to of to the that likes is that of you pc is recieving can, (still when pc is was) and move one smiles a rgb will turn on. But all more is absolutely perfect.
4 / 5
I really like his creation, his simplistic the one who thinks them is of entity. His a lot of responsive and adds for gaming. A boss of a same mouse although his braided his still a lot well, probably better that the boss of normal mouse.
4 / 5
It uses this mouse partorisca touch minecraft. It is it adds. It tugs click really easily partorisca god bridging and is the really good form in your hand. To good sure would recommend.
5 / 5
Has bought this in a g502 because any precise 8 keys, could not be happier. Has the big hands and he returns perfect.
4 / 5
Has Had the rival of series of the steel 300 before this, but a g403 is so only slightly main and returns my better hand. A sinister click and right is really good and some keys lateralmente are well. In general, to good sure recommends
5 / 5
Fantastic mouse partorisca people those who prefer smiles it the smallest. A sensor in him is fantastic and a software are adds to
5 / 5
A mouse are partorisca add and a perfect mouse partorisca me. It returns my good hand and a RGB are adds! It would recommend this like the gaming has smiled!
4 / 5
Has smiled adds partorisca multiple use, of course this mouse is perfect partorisca gaming
5 / 5
It smiles partorisca add all precise . The software adds with Logitech also.
4 / 5
Is the gd smiled partorisca use and he perfectly am returned my hand. It recommends to use in the tampon of hard mouse, gives the better accuracy compares with a soft type
5 / 5
…..And it thinks that that it is fantastic partorisca gaming, so that'll do for me!
5 / 5
Has smiled the comfortable feeling really adds his, with which 2 month develops double clicking subject like any one really value of the money
4 / 5
Good mouse but sometimes the mouse takes crazy click and Also bend with which few days
4 / 5
flavour the one who attentive and soften one smiles is while touching FPS games
4 / 5
This G403 the hero is the light upgrade in a G403. I am to go in of a point of the PC gamer but that has has not used previously an original G403.


A 16k the sensor is quite regulate by means of well gaming smiled, but basically means answered instantly to your hand-held movement - that sees and react to, work consistently, without lag or transmissions. To experience to use a mouse, ossia true. It is a lot on point with reaction.

Ergonomic creation - return palmera yours that it has to that, based in a resting 'claw' form your hand-held frames when relaxed. It would say that it is state drawn in the hand viril, as gaming mouses traditionally is the little elder that smiled of regular computer, and ossia any exception .

Material - the crazy plastic black, this does well to repel grime and sweat and all another nasties. Has sides of hule for grip, these are to good useful insurances.

Can add more hanged to a mouse to take an inferior weight and adding resist - see the magnet. It is an easy and effective way to take a legislation of weight.

Likes all a lot gaming lights of hardware, a red lighting shows in a wheel of roll and a logo of G.

In of the terms to draw, is really upped is the game has compared to another gaming has smiled. They can look a lot of 'gamey' takes to one likes of Razer or still forward Logitech has smiled. At least this one could be used in an office and he blend well, and a RGB the colours are not tacky the fixed colours FOCUSED but good and smooth and flowing, is a class to light that it looks of the money paid for him.

Braided boss, good and long, a lot flexible and no among a way. Calm this in spite of can remark is there; it could be a subject . It wired to Smile generally have any question that split a speed of the game and of course hardly ever experience dropout, but the payoff that can go in it a way and he is not to use like this smooth like the really good wireless a.


Comes with G Hub, which is the really simple and versatile software to customise some keys, never any one questions with him and is works and has flowed so only, likes all the software would owe that be.


So that it is entirely new to gaming smiled - has to see him to the has bitten like him the controllers of consoles. Those have been drawn so until similar point that he the entirely pertinent, effective, and comfortable for gaming. One of some profits of PC gaming is that you can customise your setup has spent of way this to your own desires, but also that a reason for all these jazzy to to extra likes him the key and of the placings of ergonomic forms is that gaming requires them, equally if no more like this on PC that in of the consoles. It could feel odd in this first transmission of the mouse of computer regulates to an ergonomic a, but is likes use a wonky xbox controller in a symmetrical PS4 one - the yours delivery so only takes used his and calm @give reason and how is drawn that way. (Mostly reason calms does not take to clash like this quickly.)


I really estimate it. It is going in to the point of good prize, around half by other models of the alike spec, and a Logitech G Hub really sells for me, how is guaranteed to do with another peripheral, and another Logitech peripheral so many has been far add also. Calm really can have it be part of the personalised, has built place of hardware and he all efficiently.
5 / 5
Logitech Produces some of some peripherals of BETTER PC in mine dress, especially when it comes to mouse. A G403 the hero is drawn specifically for gaming. It is wired for low latency and has to that crazy-big sensibility of until 16k DPI.

In practical, a mouse feels súper responsive, and is comfortable in a hand also. I have touched the bit of a Portal of classical game to try it was and is the joy to use , to good sure feels better with controlling more need that my regular mouse.

Has characteristic additional like some programmable keys (handy) and RGB lighting effects (does not concern thus).

In general is the solid gaming mouse of a costruttore of better mouse there.

Top Customer Reviews: Logitech G903 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 43 ratings
4 / 5
I have seen the informative multiple mark G903 mouse in eBay partorisca only £70, has decided this in spite of take this a partorisca £120 partorisca one reasons; life of battery. It would say in of the terms partorisca follow marginally prefers a PMW3366 as it looks partorisca have never like this slightly less drift and acceleration, this in spite of a difference is insignificant and a prójimo 5x the jump in the life of battery is cost easily he partorisca me. With my old G900, found me that it has to touch once or two times weekly. I have possessed this a partorisca almost the month and is still on 40 battery!

An only thing would say is that they look for having substituted a gunmetal ashes of emphasis of a G900 with black of just level, which looks slightly less first. I do not know reason have decided to do that it is, but this in spite of is still I adds it looking has smiled.
4 / 5
Has bought this mouse specifically reason like him like looked, of a life of battery has alleged was excellent and has had onboard memeory.

Has has had now this mouse for on 4 month, he using at least 8 hours the day, mainly for work. I can testify that Ghub, a software used thus mouse, is one less intuitive and buggy the bits of software have used. Because of this I used it once to dip one smiles up in a start and once again recently. I have decided to try and use it again because it has taken them any where next to a life of the battery alleged and thought it the value that sees if his some settings. After an hour that tries to take a still his start of software there is remarked has given a life of the battery expected of 25 hours. Looking more in frame them has them @to @give that it had spent it. The max dpi was 12k and would have to that it has been 16k. That has had mine the state has sent was a model an old plus . Obviously fallido the there is not remarked in a start because now the have little recourse.

Averts of an on the also find an uncomfortable mouse to resist. Theres Any hule at all to the equal that feels slippery, remained with a fund of a mouse that is calm quite big of the that feels likes one smiles conected your hand.

In a side besides has excellent that follows and answered fast and compatible time. A fast dpi the transmissions is useful and has options of good configuration. The clicks are so only a right level of not annoying but there.

In general this compraventa has been an expensive and same deception without the wrong element that is sent for soyistake' the would not recommend it . I seat this mouse is overated for reviewers that of the that in fact has to that I use it all day, instead home in some numbers.
4 / 5
I like an idea of a Powerplay system and has bought this and a Powerplay Foreign to substitute the mine that ages Madkatz ( 7 Keyboard) 9 setup. This class of accident me partorisca feel a cost was reasonable but is not like this he still expensive still although it has taken 33 of RRP for both elements.

Still, compared to that have paid like new original estimate of a Madkatz the train is reasonably quite priced to justify my impulse that spends. (I am not Never state faces enough to say his indoors that am spent in this setup) also has the plot to do to match the 9. (Or 7) and a Madcatz solid mousemat. In fact I am impressed enough although a system of weight is far inferior to a . Serious a DPI is very better and a software, in general, is better. Where Wins is life of battery A life of battery was to say even this in spite of me self upgraded some cells to 4 times an original power. Maintaining I need to see so only I any need never to concern in that again like me often swapped to a corded 7 touching or arrest it acting has has extended periods

A quality of the build is not like this as well as I have expected but concealed can be due to a light plastic feels this in spite of in that had it the habit of the mouse of solid metal framed. Neither it has an adjustable flexibility of a MadCatz (Saitek) train

goes to take probably the lightspeed compatible keyboard now, this in spite of, will give is to kill and smile the good week of hard use before I commit to this.

Software and lights Abonos
life of Battery
Upper until 16000 DPI
the measure Kills

Bland black any elegant red option etc. In this point of prize, would expect more election.
Controls and programmability can live until the . 9/7 But a jury is is gone in that one.
To the build does not feel upper of a row

Any hand-held/adjustments of the palmera
the system of weight is 10gms or swimming concealed goes to take some taking used to.
Still too money so that it is.
4 / 5
Logitech Is rubbishes. All his products owe that be faulty in some way. When I Press Half Key - Sinister Tilt is pressed also reason has Left / Right Tilt is like this easy to press.
4 / 5
Has received this mouse yesterday and has felt immediately surprised, more gaming smiled the ees never used and can;and it says it is not wire fence. An only @@subject has had them was has had no MMB click. It has actuated but it has had any feel or his to use MMB and has thought them this can;t be a lot like this ordered the substitution and received it so only now and behold has the tactical to feel and his now to MMB clicking. Like prime minister of mine was faulty like this any the one who has ordered one of these if your MMB feels like the telephone of screen of the touch without click, feeling or his have to that uselessness.
4 / 5
Has decided to take the new mouse and the wireless one in this (I has the young Kitten and the moving bosses have taken has attacked often in the corded smiled), Like this after taking the different more economic one this has done well, but was so only bit it too much in a side a light plus that finds comfortable to use the wise weight I (after a lot of looking around) has decided to give a LogiTech G903 try it.

And has to that say that suitable precise adds, A mouse is the perfect access (for my hand-held measure), and a weight has comprised optional for a mouse, the fact an ideal weight so that it prefers. It does not have any one @subjects that follows the movements in diverse different mouse cushions that I have tried, Work a lot he so only used in an office, and the movement has followed also a lot has used in the surface of glass.

A sinister mouse and well the keys answer well and have the 'click' well to them, I This in spite of finds a click of key of half mouse to be bit it difficult to use in time (but concealed so only could be subject of user), some 2 keys lateralmente are in the good location and is easy to use (I am a lot rid like these keys are in a sinister side of a mouse for me, This in spite of remain user of mouse of the hand, some smiled comes with 2 keys that can dip you to a right side of a mouse. Like the good setup for any legislation or to the left has to that rid users).

The life of battery is sum in a mouse, uses one smiles to plot during a day (gaming\the web that explores) and resembles free roughly 1 load for day, can see a level of load of battery of mouse in a G Hub software.

This in spite of a G Hub the software has caused the subject serious for me and has had to be uninstalled.
So that never reason with an installed software and yes has had Discord running, I always free sound in my system (the be touching play, looking youtube or another streaming services), could vary in time for the pocolos small to the few first hours of this subject are past, This in spite of have joined the canal of voice in Discord and was to look the video of Youtube then touch it instantly prendería acting, A PC reboot was required always to take his backside.

If the no run discord has not had never any subjects of the his, This in spite of of then I Discord to use when touching play, the subjects are spent often, A G Hub the software has the 'Integration of Discord' that for some reason would cause his still to take working. And of a so only fix was the neither any to use Discord or take a G Hub software, a software of mouse has taken uninstalled.

A subject only with taking a software of the mouse yes has any fast way to see a level of load of the battery (but calms that can see on one 3 green has has DIRECTED shots in a mouse, and once a battery takes to 15 level of load is suppositions to turn red), And of course calm I free hips a capacity to change a RGB colour in a LogiTech logo. As he so only the careers in him is incumplimiento settings of cycle of the colour. Admitted ossia class of the moot point like this of then when have a mouse in your calm hand can not see a RGB colours in all the chance. A transmission in a mouse to change of a RGB the material would have been well.
Likes RGB the light release you the bit of life of battery, and is class of pointless that has it on when you will not see a light 99 of a time.

Like him 4/5 Bookmark, While it would estimate one smiles in 5/5 , he looses the point for some subjects a software has caused.
4 / 5
Feels like the mouse of quality. It is light but comes with an extra weight if ossia your preference .

The movement is excellent and a lot of responsive when in wireless.

A boss to touch is braided and no rigid as yes you are touching while using it, has abundance to give and will not affect your movement. A FOCUSED is gimmicky die you can does not see when your hand is by train of the discharge. The wise measure, has the big hands and he return me perfectly. Has come from/come from an Action MX mouse and ossia almost identical in measure.

Am not sure a lot £130 but is certainly the mouse of prize.
5 / 5
Has had previously he Razer Lancehand Edition of Tournament, which was quite decent still perfect condition with which 3 use of years! Although a Razer Synapse software and flexibility for definite control for ambidextrous the users were outdated. As I have decided to upgrade to this.

For far a mouse has better used after trying he for the week!! Although I listen some users say that that has bit it too plastic and a no returned form well, in my opinion, an utility and the flexibility of him these gilipollas null and void.

Are mainly the-the user rid, as to be able to dip commanded and macros to do quell'I require it to do for applications/of games or work equally thanks to as the friendly user a GHUB is, am very pleased with some results of him.

Life of the battery has not had to try like this I bough a matching PowerPlay for the all seamless to speak. Slowly in that taken a Series of G TKL Wireless to match!

To WELL has to that RID users, calm would be likely to find the better mouse to returned your hand-held form is uncomfortable.

To the the accident has RID users, seeing he so that has a lot little a lot done to the left rid Gaming smiled - especially wireless some - I strongly would recommend and estimate this so it smiles it better there is for knots lefties. ANY to MENTION there is not ANY BOSS!!

An only downside, which is unanimous of knots reviewers, but for me especially, was a prize like this more than importing first to purchase in joining it to him to impulse likes
4 / 5
has taken mine G903 with of a lot of emotion like the present navideño to me hard year. We have had some better of the together time for a prójimo little month, grinding by means of the games and he me invest besides far logitech crew like the result of him.

Then one prejudices fateful has been attacked has gone by incident and has fallen less than the metre to an earth to laminate flooring and has there is prendido of then law. Any light, does not register in my PC and for this the waste of my money.

Some falls has not been hard or with particular force and for a prize of a mouse would expect it to be able to take the swipe or two if the needs are which indicates mine that is missing of a quality of a lot of another smiles there.

Answered of logitech was to contact a perfectionist this in spite of to the amazon has no easy way to do this of then this is to be purchase on done six month.

Lamentably will owe that save up and go for the different mark after time which is the shame like real mouse he when doing is one of a More there are them never has used.
5 / 5
After doing to plot of investigation in different wireless mouses has decided spent a G903 and the boy has not been disappointed. A time of the response of this mouse is fantastic and for me is really comfortable in my hand, more a wheel of roll is really smooth. A mouse is also really light although you prefer smiles it the heaviest, there is the weight in a box that can dip you in a mouse for the heaviest. For me this in spite of a weight is perfect. Finally a life of battery is insane, has had a mouse partorisca to the long of the week this in spite of has not required for the touch still.
4 / 5
Battery of hard fantastic mouse partorisca two month among recharging is answered of flawless instant not tugging falling was am pleased like this has purchased this mouse Logitech adds partorisca stuff which is solid rock thank you Logitech for the fantastic product like this used partorisca gaming and work of office all and the plot more with the paper of comprehensible settings can configure this mouse to the your content of hearts. Five stars
5 / 5
Fantastic mouse. A bit in an expensive side but a wireless mouse I better there is never has had. Nizza And ergonomic. A life of battery is fantastic to the equal that have had a mouse for me so only under the month and feels brilliant. A life of the battery lasted for 18 days personally with means to heavy use and touching of 0-100 has taken 2 hours 15 mins. I have listened the plot in a G903 double clicking the question and I have bought a sure that agrees a mouse (-£15) to the equal that can take the substitution spends mine. As it would be wary of of the this, but personally the has not spent mine still. Have Still to find the with to the this mouse. 5 stars.
5 / 5
I Amour gaming and this mouse is on my expectations, the keys are not in a way, and also changeable, all plastic and to any hule likes wont rub was, a battery am them blown was with what time last in the alone load, and a big key controls a wheel of mouse accelerates so that has 2 settings, some other two keys are partorisca dpi control, also a boss has one adopts like this when or need of the touch or take adopt was and discharges in only uses a space partorisca usb, and last but much less can add the weight inside the for the do heaver prefer it to him. I A lot usually write descriptions but has been them surprised in a quality and has taken so only 2 days to take mine by means of prime minister.
5 / 5
Good mouse but unfortunately can them does not connect to the mine old k800 the keyboard that unifies,this means has to them that it uses two headphones in mine portable and concealed is not well for me.
I chosed to send it behind and has bought them a new Logitech MX Master 3.
4 / 5
Has to that say that this is to smile really very partorisca gaming but so only for 3 month.!!
Now im taking subject of double click
4 / 5
first wireless mouse has used and for a prize really is worth it for me, very comfortable and an adjustable weight is well. Paired With a wireless touching the tampon of mouse is surprising having the wireless mouse without when finalising never battery.
5 / 5
Awesome gaming Has smiled. Very easy to configure with Logitech software.
A period of battery surprised really.
This battery of mouse was in 60 when I have begun to use. Any uploaded against everything, with which 2 weeks that the touch to games likes him Destiny 2, Vermintide 2, PoE for at least 4 of hours the day, a battery seated in 22.
4 / 5
Previously has used the g602 but has thought was bit it too big, this one returns perfectly and is very comfortable to use. It feels a lot of responsive without the delay and a battery is lasting for ever still with some lights on, to good sure would recommend
5 / 5
Good mouse, slightly annoying this in spite of that (although very seldom) has moments where one smile resembles no emotional/click for the moment a lot brief (likes meso the second)
4 / 5
has smiled Very good but hopefully in a future would be heavy less
5 / 5
State using this partorisca the few months now and has to that say his one smiled has used better! The life of battery is incredible! Easy to use and place up and calm does not leave you never down
5 / 5
Likes: all or expect of the upper quality gaming mouse.
With: The form of a mouse will take at least a whole week of constant use partorisca take familiar with him.
5 / 5
Enjoys to touch Call of the modern duty warfare with smiling a lot handy 👌 abonos lighting effects in the too 😉
4 / 5
the hard battery the very long time, the keys lateralmente celery sturdy enough. The software is well. In general an excellent mouse.
4 / 5
Was so only 12k sensor any like this announced misleadingly.
5 / 5
Amazing mouse, value each penny! The life of battery is insane, touches it once each one that 3 weeks-months!
4 / 5
Beware! I have bought this and a Lightspeed foreign partorisca go with him and while they do very together and maintain one smiles has touched everything of some questions has found is due to a mouse.
Has very used writes both claw grip and grip of palmera but like Logitech is coming up with this form is further me. Partorisca Say is one the majority of the uncomfortable mouse has not used never is not on stressing it. Some sides are slippy and dificult partorisca resist, does not have any thumb or pinky rest but included worse is a form of a right click and main accident they in fact clave was has spent an organism of a mouse the one who the hardest fact partorisca resist without clicking him. Also reason a legislation one this like this sensitive if a toe afterwards to the yours pinky as well as the paintbrush, he enacts the. Partorisca Use a mouse without causing the serious harm my hand has had to that stick the tampon to foam to a side for my thumb and the spent double of that to a rhs so only so much can resist a mouse with the light terracing of consolation and still then concealed no fixed a question of sensibility of a right click. Logitech Would owe that be embarrassed in a creation of this mouse and some tones of prize for him.
5 / 5
An incredible wireless mouse. They are not the enormous gamer but has thinks that would take the upper quality wireless mouse more than does to do with another estimativa jobbie this will spend was inside the pair of month.

That it can say, this feels incredible in a hand. Have Relatively big hands and found the a lot of comfortable. It is incredibly responsive, hardlys amazing data a fact that could spell it a difference among winner an on-line party and that loses.

A packaging to the equal that would expect is glorious map , big box with pastic inlay and everything fully recyclable. You take a mouse , the boss to touch, a wireless dongle, has some coverages of alternative key as well as some documentation and free sticker. A dongle has the socket of USB in an external end like the passthrough like this can plugin a boss to touch, good touch.

The uses do well, feels comfortable and answered well. I have used to modify some photos in Photoshop and has answered well the intricate work. It has done well on almost any surface tried it on like any subject with any mats of offices or odd mice. As you would expect an engine is not so only another engine of mouse, leaves for some a lot intricate settings and has has saved profiles of as well as some tasks manually.

A better bit is a wheel , love the freewheeling goes of mouse, this mouse can change among entirely freewheeling and lose the closed down and tight with click among each movement. Glorious touch in a creation.

He, is a lot expensive and some could see like the waste of money but spend more than few hours in your PC would have to that consider the mouse like the bed, need something of quality very big in the stay of mandate is. One smiles of the poor quality could direct the serious RSI or exaggerate arthitis, any scrimp on something will be to use for now with which now.
5 / 5
♦ Contained & of Boxes of the introduction ♦

has varied use Logitech mouses in a past, comprising an of some older versions of this model and is always happy state with a consolation and the quality spend to a table and this a does not disappoint .

Of a 'G900' the 'G903' and a 'G903 LIGHTSPEED' a creation does not have very changed, but to be sincere does not think precise a lot of changing he so that it was adds of a first version and still returns a lot amiably in your hand when into use; some the main differences are some inner specifications , likes compatibility to use beside a 'POWERPLAY' foreign of a 'G903' model and a 'G903 LIGHTSPEED' having an impulse of global action with the sensor the current plus for extra responsiveness and life of battery.

A box is list and has all snugly inner has packed. Some contents are:
• G903 LIGHTSPEED has smiled.
• USB - Micro USB with durable braided boss.
• Marie that contains: 10weight of g, USB Dongle & customisable keys lateralmente.
• Instruction the document / of manual level & ticker of G.

♦ Sleeve-Up & In-Use ♦

Him him a lot already, install a 'Logitech G Hub'; one links can be found in a side of a box, calm alternatively can do the fast interent investigation. If has an old 'Logitech Gaming Software', ensures ossia uninstalled first. If you have been using a leading software and has had already profiles for you Logitech devices, will relieve him and give you an option to import them on.

A 'Logitech G Hub' is the bit adds of software that calm leave you the quickly of transmission among your Logitech peripheral (i.et: it Smiles, keyboard & headset), customises some settings to that want the partorisca be, changing the colours that & light the effects that & level of control of battery as well as updating firmware.

Has several ways to use a mouse (whichever the way chosen, some needs of mice to be changed on, this is to locate in a base):
1) Wired: it links a mouse to your computer has seen a boss of USB has comprised.
2) Wireless (1): With a boss of USB has inserted to your computer, connect a micro fine of USB to an adapter. Press a sync key that am so only under a key of power in a base of a mouse.
3) Wireless (2): you can take a wireless USB dongle of an adapter for the most discreet approximation and insert he to your computer. It follows some same steps like this on to connect.

If at the beginning a smile does not look to be working, time of leaves for your computer to automatically download some engine. Another reason could be (when quell'using wirelessly) because of a fact does not have any power of battery, likes the use has seen a boss until it has touched properly.

So only like a 'G900', loves having a versatility of the mouse that the offer so much has opted wire fences and wireless. When I am using a mouse in my desk PC, always uses an option wired that it also uploads on a mouse; then when change to the laptop, I so only disconnect a boss of USB and use a wireless dongle.

Like this declared in a start, I amour to the equal that feels like the ergonomics of a mouse is simple fantastic; it is súper light and robust, the more there is enough the few things can regulate to the yours to to that likes, eats:
• A wheel of roll can flow free with or without any embrague in the click of the key.
• DPI Is has regulated easily. You can dip a row loves and quickly street to change some keys in a mouse.
• Continuing from above, has like this customisable options to choose of, meaning you can tailor a mouse to your requirements.
• I keys lateralmente are magnetically attached for easy customization: it calms that can have he so that has any one keys lateralmente, so only a a side or both!

So only like some leading models, personally there is not remarked any difference in action when changing of wire fence to wireless use.

♦ Final thoughts ♦

Obviously opinions of the villages in this product will vary like any one another produced, especially when it comes to different levels of gamers. The I classify to like the random user, gamer & editor when it comes to use of PC and I simply love it.

Loves a model a late plus, then a 'G903 LIGHTSPEED' is a one wants to go for (at the same time of description); if you want to save some money, then a leading model 'G903' is still available and in the side the low plus, so only do the comparison of fast specification to see the model is adapted more for your needs.

In general, the product of upper quality.
5 / 5
My edges is of the big gamer, a lot me. Usually it uses the Razer gaming smiled, which is really happy with. In fact, it is like this happy with then was in fact reluctant to try this Logitech G903. Any one thick the boys say does not love game with the new artilugio!

In the first place, a look of mouse adds, really well, feels well in a hand and is reassuringly weighty, really feels like the good quality, expensive element.

A thing really of the entity in the wireless mouse is a life of battery. It is a lot well, it would have to take around 24 load of hours until precise to zap the again, which would have to last the a lot of few days, that depends of course in a quantity of gaming do. Reason this also comes with lights, can turn these was and basically bend a life of battery. I guess it likes more gamers, of my edges has had all some lights on, but turned him then was, is the value of good novelty , but there comes the point where the life of battery is more than entity that looks. It is also he values to signal it was that ossia to touch quickly and does not take too long - less than an hour in meso - for the spend behind to 100 load.

DPI The adjustment is impressive and a mouse is immensely responsive, which is of entity for gamers like my edges. A software that comes with a mouse is a lot good and is easy to change some settings to adapt your flavour, and a calm game at present is touching. There is also some profiles of personnel of user/closely if to any one like him tinkering too down a hood.

He, this mouse is hellishly expensive, but according to my edges cost each penny and there is now ditched his Razer.

5 / 5
After my last experience to be die one of a new row of Logitech gaming mouse, was really while a subject of software has been solved. Felizmente Is and a software correctly recognises forward Logitech applications that is has substituted. The Installed and has recognised a G903 without @@subject. In a G-Hub application, has found all some typical settings that would expect for the gaming has smiled. It has chosen on my old G603 and has emigrated any one profiles have had tent in the too.
Will come directly to a point of reason are quell'has bitten clashed with the give 5 stars. An effect to light - Lightsync! Reason??? Ossia The mouse . With the flashing coloreado has DIRECTED. One smiles! And a FOCUSED is down yours the palmera when calm resist it. So that it is a point ! Yes, it can change all the classes of settings with him but then ! I know they are old but hopefully are not an only one has confused? I am not reducing an indication because it does not affect a way some works of mice.
A mouse is phenomenal. One on complexity of a G603 has been substituted by an a lot of simpler key setup. Like this simple that I am happy to to use likes of the day-to-mouse of day also. Thanks to a capacity to change a configuration of key, is ambidextrous. If you are returned all some keys lateralmente or so only a some precise is your call.
Gaming Wise, Was the little impacted, has improved in fact my game. They are not an enormous gamer has used to be but choosing Doom 4 like the declare, has found one smiles there is enhanced my capacities somehow. I found it too lite out of a box to the equal that am returned a weight has distributed. As He the better fact for gaming is hard the pinpoint. No spent to a DPI, improving marketing of the accuracy but one fixed of key coupled with the creation of mine of looks of the most vital mouse. Again, it is like this comfortable to use that I have to that it is by train to to use likes him to him the substitution for my MX Master!
A claw grip vs querella of the grip of the palmera is quell'has bitten null and void for me. It likes him-me both and has used both ways for prolonged periods without subjects with claw.
Life of battery he incredible. After the full load, in that used that he for 6 hours gaming and the day of work, has said that has 96 remaining! Ossia So only crazy.
Thinks, for me, takes a crown like better mouse around, that substitutes a MX Master. It is quell'has bitten impacted to do that statement. It is the gaming smiled after all and so only is not suppositions to be these abonos like one all rounder! Th G603 Was the smile adds but will not take never used again whilst ossia around.
A prize is the little watering of eye but yes is something uses the plot of, this product is worth it.
5 / 5
Has been using the G903 partorisca quite the while now, and has had any question with him at all. In of the terms of look and feel, this new model is identical, with an only real difference when being life of the battery improved and has augmented DPI row, as I dipped it on the computer of my woman how is a gamer in a house.

Has a lot of options to customise this mouse. It likes I any need any a lot of extra functions have covered on keys lateralmente. My woman has maintained some keys in a side to use for some class of macro sew in World-wide of Warcraft, to adapt his own preferences. Both of opted to dip an extra weight in a mouse. Basically, you can dip he until adapting your own needs.

An only thing would have changed in an old G903 was a life of battery. Any that has been it to him the question, but the longest life is always better. If a power take a lot down, takings the light to look red and so only takes the second or two covers it he in.

Matches a Logitech keyboard and headset that a Lady has and a Logitech Hub the software can have the habit to customise everything of them. Personally I am happy with just using it like this regime of a box, but then are not the gamer. .

Still can not see a point of a illuminated logo that colour of transmissions, but always will be hid by your hand, but he no any harm and some people like this class of what. WELL, as it uses the bit of juice, but apparently can be turned was annoyed can be.

For me ossia probably unnecessary, but taste. For the serious gamer like my more the averages a lot each penny.
4 / 5
There is the 31 habit of year to touch games of computers, mostly strategy and FPS, in the row of cars of PC and consoles the mobiles and included any one careers in the Mac (any one a lot). They are always state impressed of a solid start of Logitech accesorias and this new more 'gamer' cement subbrand has the row of characteristics that is quite showy the garner an and-the sports that follows but also contain some imagine which are in fact useful. First of of the this is the experience of the client adds of unboxing the installation and a software that comes with him - gone is some days to be baffled for the engine or that requires to negotiate with each game - a lot of to some the majority of useful characteristics likes them the speed dipped / of indicadora of the resolution can be done of one smiles. Secondly It Is a lot customizable physically, which could be handy still lefties as well as those with particularly small / big hands. Tercero has the tonne of useful (and customizable) keys, and isolates sound the like to use. In fact it has alternated this one with the second (more anodyne) Logi smiled to do so only to mix on my harm of repetitive tension, but this one is also quite small that to use likes him my mouse of travesía. For quickly that augments a speed of indicadora can use it on the smallest surface for work like the table of train. In general, the piece adds of the yes calm boxes can resupply it.
4 / 5
On some years have tried several wireless mice and his all have failed partorisca impress me. All caused subjects with a signal that is feeble and and the one who gamers hate 'laggy'. Any gaming value of mouse his salt can very active lag - delay among entrance and response of a cursor. Like this when I have received a Logitech was sceptical. I have had already the collection of good wire fence gaming mouse and already has concerned that this Logitech the mouse would be to like some wireless mice forwards.

First impressions after unboxing was that a mouse has been missing of an usual gaming smiled 'go faster' stipes. Any reall flashy colours or snazy colours, another that the flashing Logitech symbol of G. A mouse was the black colour kills and there is enough the simple creation.

Resisted it then and a creation was comfortable to resist and has had the good feels roughly that. One smiles even without a weight that can be added felt correctly. A wheel is the little also 'clicky' for mine in pleasant and mark too much noise in my opinion. It can be estáarrendado' for súper fast movements for clicking the key but that resulted in the plot less finesse when that uses a mouse .

Some keys have the abonos intuitive feel when clicked.

Now a test of sour - that has done a work of mouse wirelessly. One smiles comes with the upload boss that to the folds on also likes them to them the adapter for a receiver. Sure enough this calm mean can use a mouse as I smile it need wired to.

Has a receiver in an end of a boss of USB fixed to my office of computer. This means a receiver is less than 40 cms out of a mouse. A reception is fantastic the resulted in any annoying disconnection or blocking of a signal that like this never. When Touching to to the games like to them the call to Have that has not had any one smiles lag at all. Ossia Fantastic and immediately me amour a liberty of having the wireless mouse can trust.

The wise sensibility a mouse has in a fly DPI settings which can be regulated for clicking on two keys in some smiles. I find one smiles typically very sensitive ( I like this way) and 100 attentive when used with my gaming foreign.

Has some subjects with a mouse like this far and ossia a Logitech Software. I have downloaded a Logitech Gaming Software and like this far can not establish like this to regulate some settings in some keys of mice or regulate a colour of a light. In spite of being directed to download it on a Logitech put web a smile does not look to look in some papers of software. These needs to be dipped order for Logitech. I give the reception in any joint on regarding the take to do properly like manual does not explain like a software would owe that look in practical.

Life of the battery so much is far state very good. I have been using a smile now partorisca to the long of the week and has had any noticeable drop in faculty at all.

In general adds he gaming smiled but the little has left down for a software.
5 / 5
This is surprising!!!! It has taken this for my partner how is the big gamer and loves it! So much so that I have struggled to take out of a computer. It says that that has perfect grip for his hand, which does to use he partorisca gaming so better and easier that that uses his regular mouse. Has like this characteristic and are not 100 insurance yes is imagined the all was still. The wine with the different magnetic weights calm so much can regulate a mouse to your level of own consolation, which has loved!

Like this far, this has the life of significant battery. It is been using it constantly and there is has not had to recharge the like this of him. This in spite of, comes with the boss to recharge the, as you do not go to be prendido for too much long.
5 / 5
Stunning piece of boxes of Logitech, this version of a G903 is a upgrade of 2017 east, which has won PCGamer Smiled of a Year, in that has it finally has broken a fatal defect of wireless mice - was the rubbishes has compared the wire fence some. A Lightspeed ameno A Sensor of Hero to game, life of the battery improved and - so that they love - the hanged the light plus, and so that no, a capacity of the congoja down with magnets.

Like his predecessor, comes with 11 additional keys partorisca macros, shortcuts, quickly jumping to your horse, instrumenting a flamethrower or anything more personally prefer use your stops of extra keys. For me it is emotes, transmissions of the dress and a llama-launched of the canal of 5 movements combo, but is everything different.

One smiles simply feels well. It is hard to dip the words so only the one who abonos chair 'good', is so only that feeling when the mouse is in his point, and is the pertinent extension of your arm and your brain and calm no longer require to think a lot roughly that. His smooth that slips and absolutely frames of time of perfect response for some excellent gaming experience. It can be configured for sinister and right-handed use, also.

Alleges 140 hours of cariche. I owe that any to dip to a test still. Calm also can touches wirelessly in the Powerplay kill which is the nifty contrives.

And like all eSports nerds need, comes with a customisable light exposure.

Really impressed with east. It is said to be 'the better calm mouse can buy', and although I have had Razer and smiled of the beach of the Turtle has loved, would have to has spent.
5 / 5
This mouse is fantastic but almost has not directed to program he because of some instructions and a software has said to the uses has a question of atrocious connectivity.

Has tried takes in an hour to use a gamer software of system that dictate it in some instructions to use but he have maintained to say any relieved although my pc (window 10) relieved it and although it has done!

To the equal that has given so only on trying that and has gone to a Logitech place and found another application, a G hub to the equal that has said also act partorisca gamer the mice have done!!

As the other is all fabulous, and a level of elections and programmable keys to dip elections or doing your own macros is incredible. I am blown has gone by a speed that calm once attribute the key to for example open an application, is quite instant once put.

A mouse comes with the election of weight prefers smiled heavier, boss to touch or for acting likes the row extends for a dongle, and extra keys for a mouse and blanking keys although any like you to them those.

Has the wheel more than trackball and this can be been supported by notchy noisy method of use or smooth and silent.

An election of the colour of an exposure can be together does in a colour or continuous changing and therefore can be done partorisca match your elections by heart.

A personalised profile can be used or a mouse will do so it is but recommend a software and a personalised method as already there is speeder on my use of computer.

Am not touching games at present to the equal that has the plot of another work I need to do has done except the pair of macros which are helping with that and to the equal that have said more the harvest in fact does to open the programs the fast plus that usual and no only because of only that owes click the key already to the discharge but some responses of computers instantly and for example the office has opened usually takes roughly two times like this long to upload now takes less than the same as with chrome browser.

I wonderful smiles and am very pleased with him.
5 / 5
This mouse is like this well, really can feel a quality in a creation when quell'using and has included so only unboxing the. It feels luxurious and given a prize signals that ossia the characteristic a lot of chair of entity.

Comes amiably packaged in the box, which comprises the separate chance for some accessories, comprising keys to add to some sides and the transmissions was, he doing fully customisable and able to do for both sinister and right hands. Given a form of one smiles this in spite of, would suggest partorisca stick to me some specifically done for the lefts has rid the people remain rid to the equal that has the diving in a sinister side for ease of clicking the keys for legislations has rid people. This in spite of, his still the good characteristic to have.

Comprises the 10weight of g that can add you to a mouse to do seat more weighted, has opted partorisca east and the sense he so better.

My favourite characteristic of this mouse is a capacity to easily change a sensibility and that is still in the, he doing easy to adapt the different class of games of First person shooters likes Overwatch, to build to games likes him Minecraft. A lovely characteristic and a which also will be useful when it comes to the video and the photo that edits for me!

In general am very happy with a mouse, have still to require the recharge that. But it has to that well sure it will be to annoy when required to, essentially this mouse will result the smile wired again unless taken a special mouse cushions which maintains has touched. Something concealed would be really useful and logitech would have to that consider sell joint them like the container discounted for new users!

Another niggle is desire some smiled was the little wider to the equal that has fat and big hands and his no like this widths like my old mouse, but still loves it... Also the desire has had more lighting creation in the I so that it follows the RGB lover and would have loved more than just a logitech logo on that. But these pocolos niggles does not impact a quality and use of a mouse.
4 / 5
Has had a leading model of of the this for some time. This one adds inductive touching (with to special foreigner) and weigh it removable in a fund. This looks for the be.

All more ossia good rests - some utmost keys, a row of options for sinister and rights and a precise sensor. Unfortunately some bad rests too - an unusual boss, a complete lack of USB dongle storage (which is for the lose so it could be gone in a space of weight) and an occasional habit to forget some tasks of key when in wireless until plugged in again.

A port of weight adds at all for me. A mouse is balanced superbly in all the chance and can not say a lot of difference with and without him. In mine dress would have been better to use this for a dongle storage but in all the chance.

The software always adds customisation a lot but heavy rest. It looks it @@subject that software of the crew of the game is in engineered.

Lighting is very thin, enough so only a logo and he handful of another leds - not going to light a room with east a.

A glorious mouse, so only thinks has lost the few occasions in this upgrade. Perhaps next time,
5 / 5
am spent for a lot of gaming smiled (mouses?) In a past, but there is always steered clear of a wireless type because of an apparently irrational faith that would have some class of the noticeable lag that would be it enough to take me killed in of the games.

Well, With this little beauty, any so much. So only I can declare that consider LIKES The BEST gaming smiled has has not possessed never. If something is to spend to the east a, would buy another.

While it is perfect for me, in some interests of fairness owe the point out of this ergonomics can be VERY SUBJECTIVE. In a past has bought some has estimated highly elements, so only to discover practical that has not been well for my hand at all, to a discharge that looked (mine) to has been drawn partorisca aliens with his thumb in a half of his hand. This is not an economic mouse, as it would recommend that calm seriously is considering, would have to try visit the tent of PC to see/test a real element - or at least, study some photos on attentively to see to looks likes them to them something could live with.

With quell'a caveat, would recommend this without other reservations.
4 / 5
Excellent little gaming the mouse and he can be touched up and has used wirelessly or can leave it plugged in and use it wired . More can be used directly out of a box without questions , dipped up is easy but a need of instructions to be the little has bitten more descriptive and easier that comprise yes loves or need to use them , if any so only can go to a Logitech put web and take some street of full instructions a g903 page of product . Calm also can update any engine by means of a Logitech g903 page of product and downloads a g903 application for your computer or the laptop then can reconfigure likes it or update of any engine by means of this application also .

A mouse is easy to use and is a lot of fact and is the very fast mouse and súper smooth , this mouse is used in the gamer portable to the equal that need to be quite fast and responsive .

Recommend on wire fence very normal gamer smiled , he the , his portable plus and neither requires any battery is and is fully rechargeable . One smiles also comes with weight and of the extra keys so that it can customise it more .
4 / 5
Like this smile to plot.

A life of battery is massive. Calm will not concern you never roughly the turn of battery while gaming.

Is comfortable into use. Has the creation of flexible key, of any keys lateralmente, 2 in some lefts or rights, or 2 in both sides.

Some keys are highly responsive and fully programmable.

I game the variety of games, comprising strategy and fps. Ossia Quite flexible to do with both.

I just desire that could attribute you all 4 keys to a side, ie the double stack in an accident. This would do this perfect. Also it would prefer some keys lateralmente to be the little smaller. But those are smaller quibbles.

Require the mouse of big action partorisca gaming, then this would have to that be near of a cup of your cast, especially yes calms already possess another logitech box. Has has not had never the mouse of the series of the G fails. Expensive but value he.
4 / 5
Quality of build Really big and thought by means of product and presentation of Logitech.
One smiles entirely looks a business and has the response and accuracy that the almost in horrible.
In a box takes the mouse and an extra container that contains an optional weight, the goodness to touch and dongle.
There is also some pieces lateralmente of the substitution.
Everything in this quality of silts of the mouse.
A LG the logo is RGB enabled and cycles by means of transmissions by heart and glows.
A wheel is really free emotional and each key is positive.
Have hands quite big [measures of glove 9] and can achieve each key easily enough.
For the wireless mouse this has a tax of works and answered amazing well in the each surface tried it on consecrated gaming foreign to simple white melamine.

Top Customer Reviews: Logitech G PRO ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5
If you have seen a scene in Harry Potter when Harry resists his wand partorisca a first time and the light shone in lucido... It felt exactly he likes that
5 / 5
Amazing mouse, is enamoured... Until 4 month down a line suddenly has begun double-clicking on roughly 30-50 of my clicks. Ossia Obviously the enormous question partorisca gaming, looking for, honradamente anything uses stops.

This looks partorisca be fault of hardware, as I have tried entirely resetting my software and engine partorisca a mouse, as well as one on-memory of joint. I have it quell'has tried also use the in multiple computers.

If it has not been partorisca this subject would give it 5, but durable 4 month before some transmissions begin partorisca fail? Inexcusable. I some looking for in a subject, and of course.. It is one of these good questions known the calm person say roughly. It is apparently a lot uncommon anything.
4 / 5
So that there is enough has possessed each wire fence gaming smiled, and was a lot of reluctant to use the wireless gaming mouse and has has not used never an up to now.

My daily engine has been a G wired pro and there is thoroughly enjoyed it! After seeing the pair of the descriptions of this Mouse have thinks that would give the gone.

That it can say but amazing! A form is ambidextrous with keys of thumb in some lefts and rights, which can take neither one and have the flat surface instead which is brilliant. Some clicks are good and crisp, the wheel of roll is also to the point and a life of battery is crazy abonos

the mouse is surprising, and apt A lot of people, but with which uses widespread, could not aim as well as with a g pro, reason I claw grip a mouse, a measure an elder of a pro wireless hampered my aim, still are that it gives this mouse 5/5 to the equal that will be an upper election for more than people.
5 / 5

Has come from/come from to use Razer DeathAdder Elite and forward DeathAdder mouse for a past 10 years. Previously to this I there has been a MX518, which was lightyears at the head of his time - the prize for him was bit it a lot - but has has wanted to something for FPS gaming, which is something has been doing of then 2003.

Has been for a G Pro as wireless was the tad out of my estimativa.

Honradamente, Absolutely loved with this mouse and highly, highly recommend it to any the one who is with which precision, response and light.

is not really shaped a way a photo the look done, at least does not feel in this way neither. It is quite slender, there is med-hands of the small measure and ossia something on. Utilisation the mix of claw and grip of palmera, like this which continuous to do. Some accesses of mice amiably in my hand, although some keys lateralmente are the pocolos more for behind quell'I earth, but ossia personal preference .

Luz but sturdy. I sometimes grip quite closely, and does not feel to like the go to run over which are adds. Some keys are good and responsive, perhaps too responsive, I sometimes to to click accidentally likes him has had the habit of a actuation others smiles that they are the little main.

Because of him when being light, feels like this responsive. If has has not used never the smile the heaviest will be impacted in like this sensitive will feel he with one same DPi and settings of sensibility. I have had to go down my DPI the touvh to do seat familiar.

to Leisure likes. It is in fact insane.

So to the equal that loves Razer produced, has something in this mouse the one who conjoint he on anything has used more.

Highly would recommend :)

Update: the key of Half Mouse has begun to touch on him around done 2 month. Like this basically 5 month with daily use, roughly 3-4 hours the day.

Still the mouse adds but this has was was. To buy another.

Recommends now? Sure, but always it would give the bosses on my experience. Shame.
4 / 5
Feels like the form very resembled a Zowie FK2 but lighter and more returning to a palmera with the big plus, arch longer equally (any like this empinado like G403 in a backside this in spite of, as any sudden drop), amiably weighted click, excellent responsiveness (the wireless technology feels like this good or better at stake that any wire fence gaming the mouse has tried) and a battery and that follows the action is upper drawer for today of levels. It goes of the roll is also excellent with satisfying, points of clear-cut movement - but honradamente does not concern me on that also (looks a lot resembled a G Pro goes wire fence, if these helps). Lighting is a lot of - just a logo with a today regulate RGB the cycle/breathes/etc options, there is also the plot of discharge to move keys around for the game to the left there is rid, etc. In general the container adds and a form of the action and the better mouse has tried.

Use the hybrid claw/grip of the yolk and the hands are around 18cm (bases to touch) x 9cm (by means of pinky the thumb with toes all touching).

Has smile liked me: CROWN Intelli 1.1, Logitech MX518 (lose babe), SteelSeries Sensei (the form was utmost, sensor very so much), SteelSeries Rival (original version), Razer DeathAdder (also width for my hands), Zowie EC2-A, Zowie FK2, Logitech G303 and Logitech G Pro.

To the Things do not like on a mouse? A prize, although well it can be worth it.

Other subjects? A quickstart offered to drive some bondadosos-of-clear diagrams of as the setup a mouse and then link to the product concrete zone of Logitech put of own support, which redirect you to a generic support homepage... Absolutely useless. I have had a lot of questions on like this to take a better action of a wireless technology and that ensures my setup was corrected, when being some first time have trusted wireless for gaming, and has had to look elsewhere to find some responses.
5 / 5
I game for a lot of hours the day and this mouse leave me to do that with consolation. They are a fps player.
A mouse there is so objective positive that marks this the must buys for any enthusiast gamer.

- Is very light. 80g.
- A life of hard battery for just to the long of the week for me. Probably it uses my PC at least 65 hours the week... And he then key
in an hour or less.
- I keys are well and work perfectly with options for m4/m5 in both sinister side and right of a mouse.
- An of some better sensors in a phase.
- RGB Logo, worry you for that.

An only possible downsides consideration a form of a mouse, which is subjective. Considering me, had been looking for the light, ambidextrous smiled for the while now. I have used a gpro, g203, g305, g303 daedalus apex, g903, deathadder, ec2a, fk2. And while I can have better aimed with only forms like a g303 in a long career, a gpro wireless is a perfect mix/blend among consolation and action in my opinion.
4 / 5
Has directed to take discount it of this product but maintain in alcohol, is in good sure values that seal of prize.

To the equal that Feels?
In the first place was, the chair adds and very smooth. It has not been that have directed to incorporate that feeling without him when being slippy in a grip but work perfectly! My hand has regulated to like this feels a lot quickly and is the perfect measure has small the hands of means, and is one of these people that there is sweaty the palmeras then do not concern , calm still will have the strong grip in a mouse.

Uploads of battery?
Like the description has said, bolt until these specifications and yes in fact disable some lights then will last longer. I have touched roughly 7 hours of Sinister 4 Deaths 2 with the full load and he still has 94 left of battery (with lights on).

Is Responsive?
He! A lot of responsive, some clicks utmost celery and a sensor is glorious and does not look to result of any one. I have tried to do this deliberately but the a lot of avail.

I also can confirm, this batch does not have one loses clicking subject that Logitech had in a launch of this mouse, as it does not concern !

Finally, recommends this in any prize!
4 / 5
Absolutely smile fantastic. Ossia My second wireless mouse and has had at all but question with a prime minister (a Naga) and has gone back then to boss for the moment. When My Corsair the mouse has begun to the touch has on thought that would try this mouse to the equal that inform has been full stop and has touched like wireless was finally the free question.

Setup Was simple, one of the mine characteristic favourite is calm once has created the profile for a mouse (dpi, hotkeys, lighting) that can upload to a onboard memory and then never launch a software again, this are adds in an age where each software of peripheral needs in a background using resorted of system.

The simply connects once covers you in a tiny usb dongle, any hassle there. A mouse is a lot slender to the equal that can see pictures, is not one of these some with thumb and pinky rests, but is more than comfortable and this the fact very VERY LIGHT the one who coupled with a lack of bosses means totally frictionless control of mouse. Im The enormous defender!

An action of click is well. A wheel of mouse is very soft, any big clunks in a wheel. Some keys lateralmente are easy to take to in a sinister side (for rightys) and can direct both keys the little has bitten awkwardly in a right side. Utilisation these paralizaciones in push of game to speak and perhaps some class of the key of paper has used smaller. If any one calm loves him use takings the magnetic key really well cover which bursts on in place of a key, which so only the attractive era.

Has had to give the negative would be it that a mouse could have done with one or two keys more, perhaps in a side or still in a cup, especially to the equal that have come from/come from a MMO smiled fashionable.

In general are really chuffed with a mouse. It is not economic, at all, but does not have any remorses of buyer at all which would be necessary to say you that that adds is. I will update a description in 6 more than month with the well is doing then to.
5 / 5
Honradamente Is the perfect mouse for me, although my sinister and right key is quell'has bitten free, so only quite so that they will scrape against each another because an empty among them is too many small. Hyper X puslefire arises rgb has had a subject same and has asked all the world-wide the one who has possessed some defective copies to send them behind in still the product massively takes. They have fixed a @@subject the month later and has given behind some new copies free of the tones thinks. Logitech Is the company adds that he one of some better products like such forget in 130 produced is disappointing. I go to return my mouse and purchase something more for a be to time while some batches some new plus goes era.
4 / 5
This is not one smiles a more economic in a phase but is certainly value of the money and here is reason. If it love the control of full detailed description out of my biological for my Canal of Youtube where has done one in-description of depth

CREATION - is state created for LogitechG hand the one who have collaborated with eSports Pro is and Youtubers to create that says is a perfect eSports has smiled. A creation is sleeked with the good curve, the symmetrical sides that leaves so sinister and well has to that rid players to benefit of a form. A global creation is thin with an only RGB be in a backside that luzca a Logo of G.

ACTION - A lot of that can say a new Hero 16k the sensor is sublimate and both that follows and can efficiently. I have had a G903, Hyperflux Mamba, G305 & Corsair Dark Core and in my opinion, a G Pro Wireless is certainly in a cup of a class that give any reason to complain or feel a wifi is not treating as well as I smile it wire fence.
WEIGH – Wow that can have it said that this thing feels súper the light and this is not the surprise dates goes in in 80grams. If it love the light wireless mouse then ossia a a to take. If you take a key and USB dongle can the to you low to 77grams.

QUALITY - A mouse is built for plastic and has any hule in some sides to the equal that could expect. This for me the fact slightly slipper that the smile more, especially with a tapered flanges. A coating has used is smooth but in my opinion is too slippery, so it needs the grip he harder that smile of mouse.

Would BEAT – This has been that surprised with well on two weeks if no the month to use first to require for the touch. Also it can be used in combination with a game to be able to that touches mousepad if any included wants to has to that cover he in still the touch. Time of the load of usual USB is roughly 1to2hs for the full load. A battery can not be changed how is integrated.

MEASURED – A mouse is the meso -sized mouse with one same measured throughout and.G a width in a backside, the front and the sides are inner very alike 4mm.

KEYS – This utmost celery with the good short press and the click in some has left & right keys. A side one can down blanked was and yes used has the very short press that leaves for the fast press and the z/the spongy zero feels.

CONNECTIVITY – No Bluetooth but can use the USB Dongle which is slender with only roughly 1mm sticking was. There is also the boss of USB for when precise touch or yes calms that wants to use wired.

SOFTWARE – This uses a Logitech container of software of the G and inner this, fully can customise a mouse of the like the key loves that the turning of a RGB logo. A software also resupplies the alive state if a state of battery that is well.

IN THE BOX - A box comprises the habit 2m boss of USB of hule soft to touch, USB blocks the manual and key of spatial. An USB dongle is located and stored under a key inside a mouse.

CONCLUSION - is looking for a awesome wireless smile that it can resist is adapted against a cup wired to smile them then looks no further like this G Pro Wireless is here. If you are concerned roughly like slippy this mouse is or is in a estimativa tighter then control out of a Logitech G305 Gaming has smiled.
4 / 5
I have had a MX Master and a revised MX Master gold edition (or any elegant name has called he)... Both have used a Logitech unifying auricular and was mostly adds. But annoyingly would be gone in severe lags occasionally, to a point where would be flinging one smiles around that tries to take something partorisca spend and would ignore the half my entrance and suddenly moves to somewhere entirely different. It would read that a sensor in a G PRO was significantly better and can 100 testifies that ossia a chance . Having used it now partorisca on 6 weeks, has not had the only lag occurrence, and a precision is excellent also. A software that comes with a calm mouse leave partorisca customise a colour of a 'G' in a unit, as well as it changes a DPI and save profiles to a mouse. Calm also leave you partorisca see a level of load. If I have had to that choose out of the negative in a mouse is that one uploads any last quite while a MX Master (probably the combination of a sensor and lighting options), but is not one @subjects at all to the equal that has used can be wired whilst tone. A boss has distributed has the 'prong' to firmly attach it to a mouse so that it does not have any risk of a connection that comes free mid movement.

Also - him him to to the main hands the taste to of them, be conscious that this will feel small in your hand (inserts/inserts joke here). But you will take used his. It is also very light. But again - I need something heavier and fleshier in your hand, this can not be a right mouse for you. If you can adapt his, is fantastic.

In general would say that it is my mouse preferred never.
4 / 5
Are the heavy gaming the user and I have been looking for the perfect of mine 4 old years zowie fk2, has tried on 10 has smiled on some past years and has found today my peace.

Very light and perfect form.
4 / 5
Am spent 10 years that touch Contador-Attack professionally and would have laughed had said would be me use the wireless mouse .

On some years (prime of mine) has used Logitech has smiled, beginning with a MX510, then a MX518 partorisca a lot, a lot of years. With which these all has died, if calm used them will know that I bad, moved to Zowie, and to be just and to give them credit, a Zowie the line is excellent. But I never for real found the mouse that felt well with which concealed. A FK2 of Zowie was a next plus. First of fast to now and am like this happy this mouse exists, obviously a cost is quite the swipe in your stock exchange, but an ease of any in that has the cord, while having a same action as it smiles it to the wire fence is just value he, never again uses the smile wired can that to him help.

Grieve the owe touch, perhaps once the week? And utilisation my PC daily, for hours and of the hours. More, so only takes so only down 2 hours (if I king-called) to touch of 0-100 while also when being able to use one smiles at the same time with a cord plugged in obviously.

Absolutely recommend this mouse if you are in a fence, Well an extra charges that those that dips roughly. A creation of mouse is also excellent, while the preference feels to surprise in my hand and is the perfect form and the looks adds.
5 / 5
ive Has tried 2 copies of this mouse, some people look rave roughly the May thinks so only does not want to admit squandered in the £100 in the defective mouse, yes is the very well ambidextrous the mouse but he can has to that it weaves of defects, a copy has had to that touch keys when both pressed (subject common) touches the defect to draw in the mouse of this prize, some keys of double substitution clicked (another subject common).
-A calm coating neither the amour or the hate have not been the defender and unless I have had the sweat in my hands has not to found it grippy
-A form is good but at all a lot comfy have big hands this in spite of prefers a G203/305 to the equal that can in fact grab something
-Finally in my experience a wireless is not like this very so much wire fence, this could be because it has to that the plot of wireless activity approaches a PC (wifi the subject has connected the TV, telephones, PS4) but in benchmark tries I reliably has taken anywhere of 20-50ms has added the time has compared to the mouse wired, has tried in of the different days the multiple time and this was always compatible, ive has read elsewhere that this does not have to that the import but these were so only my findings, likes mark of him the one who calm .
5 / 5
Action and insane accuracy. If you doubted latency of wireless/action then no, this mouse is perfect in these appearances. If you blindfolded any while using a smile would not be able to say that his wireless based on action so only. Bought the roughly done the month and touched it so only three times. When you Change some lights am gone in some options take it whopping 63 hours but ossia 63 hours of gaming time because I can change it was when his a lot into use. An impulse was the distance is perfect for more than surfaces. That has surprised to join me the majority is an accuracy of sensor because this thing does not turn never was. A good thing in wireless is that not being any one tugs of boss in any direction like any movement vertically or horizontally is very compatible. I touch to plot of competitive fps games and highly would recommend any those who is serious roughly the partorisca give this mouse the gone.
5 / 5
Has been the Razer user of a Lachesis in 2007, and has decided to change to Logitech this year. Really happy has done like this the mouse is awesome.

Has had wireless mice partorisca at least 5 years, and there is not remarked any subjects of the latency with this mouse has compared to wire fences or another wireless gaming mice.

One lighting is meh, but are not a RGB given.

A mouse is light and a lot of responsive. I do not lose a capacity to dip answered of transmission like my old Razer Mamba wireless, likes dipped in this mouse he well for me.

A quality of build is well, and has used this for the few months without subjects. It is so only so only beginning to aim a resplandor of wear around a thumb and indication of toe.

A New Logitech G Hub the software is terrible and bloated, as it would avert it and use an old version. Some first versions of a software has not chosen on this mouse, but I (and boasts another) has informed one smiles has been missing and comprised it.

Have Also upgraded the to a game to be able to, which is brilliant. Work on and of a powerplay with a form, but like this is the different product will not cover this.

In general, the better smile there is never has used.
5 / 5
This mouse is very impressive. I have thought of then it was wireless would have it the light delay but if anything feels more responsive that any mouse wired has possessed, and has possessed to plot of gaming mouse. It is súper light and does not sacrifice looks or durability to achieve such the light weight. The life of battery is also phenomenal with a FOCUSED is turned on. A form also returns my hand a lot amiably like the mouse is tightened. A lot well for FPS games

Modify: A right click has looked for to be faulty interior 2 month. It has had to that go down an indication.

UPDATE: Taken the new one and he appears has sent the second hand a... Also it has the faulty click like this the go to return he for the new one and is still faulty then the give up in Logitech. Has has had only subjects in a G Pro wireless and a G Pro. No another Logitech the mouse there has been subjects for me but these two...
4 / 5
Has bought this for the fellow and say that ossia the smile adds that it is really easy to use. In a technical side has a lot of the durable main keys (upto 50 millions presses) this requires any endeavour to press down, concealed is does not have to that press some keys down very remote to actuate the action of click that has a prize added to leave click a lot quickly a lot easily. This action of click is adjustable also, but was perfect out of a box for my partner.

HAS the flexible boss that easily curves and tends any to go in a way when emotional one smiles around. Still it has a glowing, syncronised DIRECTED lights that younger gamers tend to appreciate but these of course can be changed was has required .

Ossia Also ambidextrous, as my fellow rest rid. There are two keys lateralmente in a sinister hand-held side of a mouse, keys of thumb for rights handers and pressed with some toes for accidents handers, for incumplimientos insiemi to back and keys of before for your browser of the web but these can be configured to do the variety of things or included disabled if I do not want to him use or find go in a way.

My partner is the female and says while it is a perfect measure for his, would be unsuitable for any with hands very big and that this mouse is the joy to use for prolific gamers.

Regarding compatability, as well as doing in of the Windows 7 or later, macOS or later, this also does so only a lot on Linux directly out of a box. My uses of fellow Ubuntu Linux and utmost. Logitech Does not resupply his mouse configuation application for Linux, but has the application of Linux that does a same work has called Piper (which is an interface of graphic user ) and libratbag, which joint to leave you to configure all some keys, transmission a DPI, refresh tax and dip a FOCUSED lights models/of animation of the colour as well as it turns him on and was etc. While using Linux. There is PPA that the frames updates fully automatic once installed, google 'libratbag and piper' stops more than info.
5 / 5
Adds ergonomic gaming smiled for some professionals. It appears one of some levels some big plus for professionals, which are:

- Big-tier sensor [HERO 16K]
- Light [Ultralight]
- Programmable keys [Four, two in the each side]
- Stable, attentive and fast.

Think that this mouse is mainly for people with small hands, but is not like this bad on its own name, which would consider - hands of measure of the half. An only noticeable the question with this would be ways of grip. With the main mice, can comfortably game with fashion of palmera, but is going with the smallest mouse, this would force you to touch with claw-way. For me, it is not the question to the equal that has class-of regulated to this fashionable type already, but has touched with fashion of palmera for the long time, would suggest to look for an alternative. My recommendation would be a G502 Lightspeed.

Complains very real in this mouse would be a profile saves. There is remarked that when transfer of mine Logitech software, he resets of mine dpi settings to incumplimiento, which can find the little annoying.

In general, ossia the election adds for people those who are looking for touch competitively.
4 / 5
Yes, when it operates is the good mouse . If a receiver takes fraction, included by means of wear and tear, Logitech the response is 'buy the new one'. They do not offer any class of pays or free reparation service, will not substitute a receiver, will not give you very bondadoso of upgrade option, paid or otherwise. When I costs of mice in £100 one is quite poor. Any never be buying another Logitech produced, if it will take the business that value and cure for his clients.
4 / 5
This thing is the £130 has smiled, when I have said to a Lady has loved the £130 smiled has said 'calm sure ossia the one who calm really want to' likes was 11

Been the mouse adds, a life of battery is surprising and are the heavy user (especially after a lunch navideña has had)
moving of the Logitech g400s to this has not seen the vast improvement in my game of game but there is improvement, does not think would go back to the mouse wired for election. A RGB can be very brilliant but easily can be turned down / is gone in a software has comprised.

Like this now coming to because sound a star was when being perfect, sound a software and one a lot concrete @@subject this is to spend mine perhaps 7 times in 2 month and concealed is not connecting with a software in bootup, one smiles still does well so only does not connect to a software that means your profile does not upload and his backside to be incumplimiento. Like this wrong dpi and forgets your RGB the options that leave to have the box as you unplug and king covers a receiver of USB.

Bobo Logitech, builds one smiles better concealed is not never be fact and then (partially) the ruins with software inserts/inserts slow applause meme
4 / 5
has possessed previously a G903 the mouse but he have suffered with some subjects of double clicks how is common question with Logitech mouse and keyboards, ossia when a click is registered likes two click, this usually spends around a 2 mark of year like my mouse before this has done one same. So much with quell'import when purchasing thinks 2 years of life and unfortunately thus G of mouse PRO is built a lot economic, feels economic, included where connect an USB to touch a mouse feels more economic that a G903 as you paranoid when pressing a boss in thinking goes to bend something or break something.
A simple truth is this mouse is a lot of overpriced, an only thing that goes partorisca east a DPI and that a lot of laws for gaming or canal of work, but the one who hard time, dread any while a G903....
5 / 5
For 9/10 people, this mouse is perfect. A consolation is surprising, a sensor is surprising, a modularity is surprising, a life of battery is surprising. If has any doubts for wireless technology then this mouse will change your alcohol.

A 80weight of g is also the a lot of selling point of a mouse - honradamente, when I in the first place unboxed a mouse, looked in a box for the battery because I have not thought that the light was ( has come from/come from the 110sonreíde g). When being able to freely manouvre the anywhere is points of just prize.

Has 20 cm x 10 hands of cm and I can easily and comfortably claw grip a mouse. When Tentativa the grip of palmera he (which is not my fashion of the grip preferred), my toes overhang quite the bit, as him him of the big hands and prefer the grip of palmera perhaps this is not a mouse for you.

Some pictures have attached to aim a mouse of two corners and also the comparison after my HyperX Pulsefire Arises.
4 / 5
Had been contemplating that it buys this mouse partorisca roughly 2 month and has been postponed mainly because of a prize.

Initially all a mouses has used them previously where razer devices, like a copperhead and dead adder and dead adder elite, This in spite of that has maintained constantly annoy a living hell out of me was that some grips lateralmente of the hule in a death adders would fall off with which 1-2 years like this the decided to invest in the mouse that has any grips of hule in a side.

Ossia My first wireless mouse that has possessed and was skeptical at the beginning because the work of home, and with which have finalised acts the generally spend the majority of my time in a PC that touches fps shooters or looking films to the equal that are in the PC roughly 16 hours the day.

Has not had any question with a Logitech G Hub the software has this in spite of expósito the required to regulate a DPI to the dipping the low plus that the previously used with razer smiled, the so only can assume this is to be due to a sensor of upper hero.

Has a brightness still RGB constantly on plant to 70 and has had to that touch this the supposition probably less than 6 to time of then 12th Dec , When I need to touch his súper fast the there is not timed but his around 45 minutes or less.

A current battery is by train to last me 57hours.

Am not sure of what time a sleep of inactivity is the supposition roughly 10minutes or like this, as it will conserve battery if you have not used one smiles for the moment, but calm as soon as I move one smiles his instantly use-able.

A so only a thing that severely annoy me, is that when it turns them my PC of some rests of mouse on and reasons can not relieve that it is not to use reason a PC is was does not go the 'autosleep way' thinks an only way around this would be to go my BIOS and the turn was Can the USB whilst turned was. I will try this and hopefully work!

Adds he on this in spite of, would say that a mouse is like this comfortable in my hand like Deathadder, a click of the wheel of the roll is the more solid and calm plot that in a razer. I think that that a prize was has bitten it empinado in £115 for this so only 4 stars owe that this down to £100 the'd said does not doubt and buy and the d gives it 5 stars.
5 / 5
Mainly has taken this like this I really really really tired of bosses, entanglement and a weight of a boss to the equal that moves my arm around.

This has solved all my subjects, a life of battery is really long and a sensor is really precise.

Would be the prize if some keys lateralmente were removable (I only use some lateralmente sinister keys) and was more equal in some feet of mice (the feet of Rear mouse are equal, but a front has the small ridge still pull some feet of mice was in a side so only and can feel a rarity when emotional one smiles left and right in a part at the head of one smiles - any one takes a ridge or add another in a right side also for the do more equal like a suggestion of improvement. ( I has quite some sensitive hands)

A delay of entrance has to that be very little, feels one same like the boss.

I prizes would be to add adjustment of liftoff distance and modification of X/And coordinates.

Estimates this mouse 9 out of 10.
4 / 5
£130 For the smiles is the plot of money, obviously with this I has been expecting the mouse of prize. This mouse is well, does not take me bad, but to the good sure seat could be the less than £100 smile with a quality in him. Some two clicks have movement Very lateral, with just the tiny bit of pressure will move whilst touching. Some clicks also rub together often when touching, doing FPS the games where owe the absolutely horrible ADS occasionally.

These are not some questions some big plus, but of the £130 has smiled, this would not owe that be spending. Some clicks are also quite hard in comparison to other mice, this in spite of ossia so only the personal thing.

Another that these smaller questions, a mouse is well, the life of battery adds and add for FPS games, but honradamente expected more. If you want to one smiles simply for his weight, would suggest to look for the smile wired like a Glorious Model again released Or, which is almost 1/3rd of a G Pro the estimativa Wireless and much lighter.
5 / 5
Has not been that it is, but this mouse is almost perfect of an ergonomic point of view. My only desire would be partorisca to to the weight likes in a Logitech G500, as of the mouse is almost weightless. I add for dexterity and agility when navigating one YOU/gaming, but the difficult fact to signal in of the small elements in a screen.

Any of this warrant that loses the star in my eyes this in spite of, and this mouse is so only incredible value for a money. That is while to? It buys it now and grace your hands with some soft, smooth, and weightless the experience offered for a G Pro Wireless (Assume to write your documentation of product Logitech? Beautiful please? lol)
5 / 5
Remarked the sound to shake in a mouse the little month with which shabby, has thought at all of him, but now there looks to be a subject with a sensor a lot that follows properly, use the cushions of black mouse so much colour isnt a subject, but feels jittery and unresponsive same with a wireless dongle be in front of a mouse, and when the do the long swipes with one smiles grieves movement in of the games, included this in spite of the game in enough the big sense, such the shame like this was my mouse preferred that ive has possessed. Reading on-line looks alot other people have has has had questions also like this ive has had to that change of 5 description of star of a product to the 1 star.
4 / 5
Exceptional mouse. Prpers Having traded on my g602 smiled, is not sure state that was to be different, but has deserved for the treat like this this in spite of reason no.

This mouse is incredibly light and has balanced. Extremely attentive and responsive, but unline another big dpi smile them there is no jitter when a mouse is still.

Are in no way the pro gamer, but this mouse certainly the most fun fact. It is comfortable, and a weight really relieves a tension. Using like my primary office and smiled of game and could not estimate the wireless mouse any elder.
5 / 5
Razer Smiled: start of Transmissions to die in the year to use
Zowie has smiled: start of Transmissions to die in roughly 2 years to use
These mice: start of Transmissions to die in roughly 8 months to use

Now expect some transmissions of a mouse the use to die, I work in my pc and game in my pc, of Shooters the ARPG is so that it is to say normal. That the no attended is the mice of this cost to break like this like this quickly compared to other frames.

If yours has concerned roughly longevity that does not take this, otherwise, the enjoy while you can. I am smiled adds averts of that.
4 / 5
A sensor of HERO has the very big impulse-was distance (LOD), which means some continuous smiles follow your movement when the calm strike was a tampon of mouse, this means your movements partorisca aim while it attacks and he the fact unusable partorisca me in before-person shooters. Logitech The leading laser left to 'tune your surface', goes down it a LOD but a sensor of the HERO does not have this characteristic. A question is worse fact in hard cushions that spends partorisca use. If it touch with the low sensitive and impulse of a tampon of the mouse often would avert this mouse.
5 / 5
Is the smile adds and like this on, but has not beaten really my leading mouse logitech G903 to be sincere.
In reality would say is not in any better way yes would speak roughly precision in of the games or consolation for your hand. It is not bad but lacking keys for fast dpi transmission, emission of roll gain. I have had to that attach two extra keys for dpi transmission in another side of a mouse, which is not really comfortable, but durable. Any impressed afterall.
4 / 5
No longer has to that worry in my breaking of boss after the few months or the boss of sliding mouse around in a table. It is also he adds has small hands, as it is not the particularly big smile.

I games of game like CSGO, and in of the terms of my aim there was any difference has compared to the mouse wired. But have more liberty to move one smiles around without some class of control of some bosses of mice, especially is quite long.

An only with can think of this that can it to it feel slippery when calm in the first place use it, but has adapted enough easily and is not the question anymore.

Very happy with cost of mine; well a prize.
4 / 5
Well, Like this deliberately has left to create the description for the few weeks with which has taken my mouse so only to take feel he for him and experience with some different uses of this mouse. Coming from the PC gamer of 5+ years, can say that this mouse is the addition adds to yours peripheral are looking to take to shooters, RPG games, or so only anything concealed requires fast strafing and that strikes with a mouse. A fact that is wireless is insanely liberating of then has used to use the wire fence of smile fixed (Final Mouse 2015 edition) like his very practical when surfing a web and then changing until competitive gaming.


Some keys and the wheel of roll is all exceptional quality in a build and is done of final plastic with very light indents in a Sinister Click and Right Click partorisca of more pressure answered sensitive (adds for tap of precision that shoots for FPS games) and also takes of this extra has bitten to build on the pressure in a toe touches that I have experienced personally when using mine another mouse; I call on an upper but personally seats that each few helps of characteristic here.


there is experimented with some keys lateralmente that is very easy to install, transmission and/or substitute- simply slip your fingernail under a elongated leaves of a key and the explosions was. Calm clearly can see where some keys vary indicated by a creation of empty and some dishes of pressure that a slide of keys to and clicks seamlessly!


So that they tend to map to plot of the keys to his bows of mouse, installing a G pro HUB, which would say is quintessential (reason because it does not want to customise your mouse and map the to your in pleasant?) It can control all your management of page, work of windows and included join macros to some calm keys so many can have the fully spec'd were smiled with 4 keys lateralmente if you so much desire, this also can be used for bows in of the games (although to the plot of games tends to so only leave and follow some basic principles of having your primary functions that LMB, RMB, MMB, Scrollwheel and two keys lateralmente but yes touch heavy MMOs or RPG the games where has a lot of bows that you pode independently the map can feel very comfortable with 4 keys lateralmente sure! ;))


One of some the majority of characteristics of the entity of this mouse is a lifespan of him so that it is the wireless mouse and requires to be touched. In the first place, a half lifespan of this mouse when touching with east is estimated in around 72-76 value of hours of use with a RGB and has DIRECTED the characteristic has turned was. Personally I game with a RGB the characteristic has turned was and so only have the DIRECTED indicating mine DPI and has directed in fact to take roughly 80 roughly first hours of precise touch up.


When touching with all RGB and has DIRECTED the characteristic enabled you to you can realistically hope for roughly 60 hours or like this of compatible use as felt reason his plus can that has the habit of work. Again, it is until you and your intent.


touching time crowbar in in there and roughly 2 hours of compatible load, there is also an option to touch while it touches a mouse; of course this means that one smiles will touch the little slower but is possible of the take to 100 while still using it, import of just bear that will be you to convert a mouse to the mouse wired thus period as it does not try these MLG transfers of mice by means of a tampon of mouse!


In general a mouse has the weight adds, is entirely ergonomic and will be ideal for any with half sized hands, so that favour claw/ claw grips of yolk this mouse is ideal for you but calm can do the work is the user of mouse of grip of palmera - just be conscious that will lose some precision in your yolks has owed more than pressure in some keys of your toes.

69/10 For me personally, this mouse are adds for enough anything, Logitech has been full to send with this mouse and is pulled by means of. Oh And it is light to the equal that sees to be feeling how is easily clicking is gone in any one is!
5 / 5
Life of good battery - when using a smile all day, I only need for the touch once each one that 3 or 4 days.

One this 2 keys in the each side. One 2 in a sinister hand-held side of a mouse, has smiled 4 and 5, can be achieved for your right thumb (if you are a lot rid). A two in a right side of one smiles can be achieved for your ring finger and pinky. If any one want to accidentally any of some keys lateralmente, is resisted in with the small magnet and can be the explosion was and substituted with the expanded' key that the frames softens to a form of a mouse, and will not depress or click when the pressure is applied to a zone.

Comes with the boss of extension of the USB and the micro USB upper USB-An adapter so that podes discharges in a receiver of USB on your office in place of for behind the where could take poor signal or have a lot of interference of the bosses that the career glielo approaches to him.
4 / 5
Has received one smiles yesterday, is coming inner 3-4 days that is súper still fast where the alive.

My leading mouse was the Rival of Series of the Steel 300, enough to to the big mouse like has to them that main delivery and the also prefer abit of weights. I have been in esports partorisca around 17 years and of class of mine self like the big tier fps player.

A Logitech G Pro wireless is smaller that a rival 300 and lighter, a form is different to the usual right mouse rid like his drawn to be ambidextrous. It has taken roughly 4 mins to setup with downloading a Logitech G Hub has comprised. They are directly be to a game after dipping mine 400dpi and felt comfortable with one smiles immediately, this never usually spends when the buy the new mouse (the ees has had the small).

Has struggled the little bit with a key lateralmente so only reason a form is quell'has bitten different to a rival but after an hour was good and any subject.

The profit of having wireless is crazy but one the majority of the what of entity is when touching you entirely forget to have the wireless mouse perfect work and any entrance lag or anything
4 / 5
I of the that usually writes too many descriptions unless I am impressed enough with the product, in this chance can say with my hand on heart that ossia the product adds .

Uses this to touch CSGO and after the long time that the paralizaciones been due to a prize has given finally in and took it. There is zero delay using this and feels very light in a hand and ossia the hard statement to do that it considers to have each light mouse there is, glorious, xtrfy m4, etc. His very balanced for which I of the that feels a weight is to an end of one smiles that it has been them concerned roughly.
My game of game has improved noticeably of then using this in mine faceit games, that goes with 18 avg calms until 22.
An only downside to this mouse is a prize and I also found a coating to be slightly too smooth for mine in pleasant so that it has taken a hotline grips of game that is perfect.
In general a lot recommends to purchase this mouse!
5 / 5
Perhaps a prize is the little big, perhaps the G rule pro of 2016 would be like this good but so that it is, has done touching games the breeze. Any one @subjects a tax of frame, slips a place to another seamlessly.

Light feeling and very solid, the recommend this mouse to any one.
4 / 5
Has substituted mine Corsair M65 after an accident-the click has failed. Mainly it touches FPS games in my PC and this thing is PERFECTA. Súper Attentive and light. Highly recommended.
5 / 5
That can say? It is one of a more mouses there. In the first place, I have purchased a product before 3 month. And for these 3 months, can say master that. But it has had the defect of entity with the majority of a Logitech mouses and ossia a wheel of roll .
Has had on 100 Logitech mouses in mine gaming carrier but almost all the world has had to that subject. A wheel to go any register of stop or stop of key of half mouse that read. I have expected this mouse to resist reasonably good but has not expected to break that fast. I am using a key of half mouse to plot and a wheel to go when I am touching WOW, PUBG, Tarkov,CS:. As has the suggestion in Logitech. PLEASE DO The PRÓJIMO PRO SMILED WITH KEY of GOOD HALF MOUSE And WHEEL of ROLL. Of course, I have had the substitution, but when I have contacted Logitech has had to that expect to the long of the time of week so only to be said that has had to that contact Amazon instead. And they were utmost, with awesome the service of client resupplied with the substitution so only on 3 days my new mouse was with me.
In general of the smiles add but again a weak spot is a wheel of roll and key of half mouse.
5 / 5
A mouse is excellent. Unfortunately, some characteristic of wireless drawing a lot of defects, like this multiple keypresses, comprising a esar' keypress, and soyouse 1' keypress - these frequently register like this double keystrokes because of poor grounding. Support of client via Logitech is also lackluster, and does not offer to substitute faulty hardware.

When Some laws of hardware correctly, a mouse is incredible. Pinpoint Accuracy in minimum latency. Unfortunately, this piece of hardware tries a lot of investigation is first application of the wireless instruments are applicable in daily life.
5 / 5
Has had a G-Pro Wireless for around 5/6 month now and thought it probably would be the good time to revise a mouse as has the good to feel for him & has experienced he for the moment.

Ossia For far one smiles better there is never has used. Previously before I have decided to finally purchase this mouse, was a lot of hesitant because of listening quell'gone in of cause of wireless mouse lag has compared to wired the mice and this was a main factor that take me of finally going wireless. I have then seen a G Pro Wireless on Amazon and has maintained he in my basket for the few weeks until I have decided to give that it tries it & if it did not like, so only for the turn.

My initial thoughts to resist a mouse was that it was surprised really with as light one smiles in fact was, he considering has had the built-in the battery & was lighter that mine leading mouse (G403) a bit impacted. It is extremely comfortable to resist, which use it usually around 7-8 hours the day. Some keys good celery & to good sure does not feel economic & I really likes that a DPI the key is situated in a subordinated far out of click accidentels.

A battery in this mouse is probably as impressed to join me the majority of like this far. I will touch a mouse partorisca roughly 20-30 minutes once each one that 9 or 10 days. With which around 6 months of use, a battery has not degraded in a slightest and is doing like this as well as it was on day a. I have it quell'has tried also a row of a device and he have done of down, in an opposite side of my house.

A subject only has has had to that done with a mouse was that in an a lot of the start has begun to take accidents after use along, perhaps so only resisted it awkwardly but has been was shortly after that and has not experienced any accidents of then. To good sure would recommend this mouse to it estimativa the good experience while gaming or generally using the pc for a long quantity to time & personally, would not go back the wire fence.
5 / 5
This mouse when it operates is incredible, really can a lot of lacking.

Ossia A third mouse are for to take like first two have the stuttering right-clicks that has issued occasionally when that resists it down which will cause questions when gaming. Both mice have had to that suffer this and this question are had a good time inside a month to purchase both times for this suspicion that are shipping refurbs.

Are by train of the give A plus tries and then am moving me to a Razer the Definite viper that it is almost like this good.
5 / 5
My mx518 has died, with which a lot of years of use and he so that it has taken this for the substitute, has had any technology of the mouse of the idea had improved so much, silky smooth, the free latency and looks quite well too much. My only 2 annoyance is that I didnt know a mx518 had been king released with a sensor still these uses, has had I known would have bought that instead so only to maintain a form has had the habit of. And secondly, a software, logitech gaming hub, is the bit craps and causes a still mouse stutter occasionally, this in spite of yes install an old plus logitech gaming software (I follows to use ) some subjects disappear, this really would owe that it has been bundled with to to a mouse likes less than the technology has bent the users poden any never @give a cause of a stuttering and would be unhappy with a mouse like the result.
4 / 5
This mouse is lasted 3 days. I have changed a DPI midgame and a mouse has launched the hissy apt and took on the life of the his own. A cursor would move in the alone direction for him. I have tried uninstalling all the engine, changed usb port etc and much more.

Has tried logitech the support but a response is abysmal. They are the big defender of logitech produced but beware of east a, especially for a prize!
4 / 5
Better mouse in a phase

Like this light and comfortable a lot noticeable the delay like another wireless mouse has but has has subject of production, are at present in mine third some early versions have had subjects of the double click and the use gave it finally the sticky L or R mouse.

Is the shame has has had to that the like this @@subject to the equal that have used more logitech the mice and ossia of the only one has had the questions with.

Current model 1918
4 / 5
has bought this mouse to substitute my broken razer deathadder pro. This mouse is upper in almost each way. It is consolation is surprising. I have been the razer user for years but decided to change frames been due to the recommendation of the partner. I can not speak for a longevity of this mouse, but will update this description in a prójimo little month regarding a durability.
4 / 5
Does my life so easier. That the mouse, can very really compare to the alike mice but he have done my gaming like this better.

A mouse is perfect for FPS, light, and loves the concealed is wireless of a boss doesnt go in a way. All feels more precise, works of software a lot also.

Can not find the failure, battery last for ever. Value of the money
4 / 5
Good mouse, light support , well partorisca powerplay touching, the sensor adds but everything leaves down for crappy OMRON transmissions. A microswitches in this mouse lasted 10 cups of the days before that craps was and pair-clicking. Ossia A lot COMMON for OMRON transmissions and somehow especially with Logitech mouse.

Loves it smile that it will last it to it and no under any circumstance wants to spend for a RMA, of the that annoy with east.
4 / 5
The key of half mouse has begun to register double clicks with which 1 year of use, which firmly augmented in account in a last 1-2 month. Researching this subject on-line resembles uncover the dark history of this mouse, with another informing alike experiences. I am not sure if this is to relate to a prompt-ish batch, as I have purchased this in January 2019 (could be be manufacture a lot of prompter this in spite of).

Has shouted This with Logitech the one who has said that it would have to that create he with Amazon, the one who declares would have to that create this with Logitech, and round and around go. Appearance Logitech to order it is gone in a long career, like this ossia one smiles extremely expensive , and would not owe that be behaving in this way with which 1 year of sweet use.