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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 5 ratings
5 / 5
Read some other descriptions before buying. If you are looking for the point and shoot this is not partorisca you.
Pictures a lot dark and like another has said that a finder of view offers an approximation in better, like expósito has squandered film very expensive. It has given up and it has bought a Instax 90 lunar.
4 / 5
Economic and good works. It is quell'has bitten different other cameras of instant, requires basic knowledge partorisca photograph to operate it.
5 / 5
Has bought this partorisca the 14th anniversary of my daughter as it looks one in thing of the tendency now is photograph of instant, the ape like the things goes in circles. Prpers Having read several on-line descriptions that comprises the professional opinions have been partorisca Lomography Camera of Loin of Instant more than a Fujifilm Mini 8. How it is partorisca the adolescent with the short attention has turned one £70 asking prize partorisca this easy to use, cameras of the gratification of the instant looked reasonable. I say easy to use but a viewfinder resists any report to an image has taken. There is characteristic of basic zoom in this camera but resists any appearance although a viewfinder. It is basically the useless plastic window. Some controls are clunky, that worry partorisca use (economic transmissions) and ineffective.
This in spite of uses is incredibly lacklustre, chunky economic plastic and takes terrible photographs. Has some photographs to experience like this have tried personally a camera under several conditions and of the settings. A flash is down-powered in inner group/wide use still in selfie shots he white outs / overexposes. In the external use that use available light (pertinent shots and a lot of writings in mine DSLR) some images are black starts / underexposed. Any all the shots were failures but that has spent for 3 x 10 has has shot bands quite partorisca conclude a Loin is no good. Included this WELL the shots are all blurred - likes Polaroids of one 70 east but 40 years on at all has changed the wise quality. It can be that there is miserable state and has received the faulty that the camera but I have had enough of the daughter disappointed.
Is returned the Amazon partorisca the repayment and my daughter now is deciding on yes partorisca try a Mini 8 / another Instax camera of type or the digital point and shoot. It is which would choose but is his present of anniversary .
Has has comprised the setting of 4 typical images has taken in a Loin in my description to the equal that can do your own test. FYI The way of images used of Car, way of Car with risarcimento of exposure and Daylight (flashes was) settings.
4 / 5
Has been broken when arrived. It has had to send behind partorisca repayment, which partorisca be just, was a lot quickly.
5 / 5
Really wonderful little camera - but no the sincere a.
Please does not buy this camera (or any camera of equivalent) and the compare to the digital a - his the skill obtains and some cameras are limited in that that can do, and for this will take different results of the digital camera :)
has taken this little camera vacacional to Budapest and has had the explosion - out of some 50 shots have taken 34 is exited worthy to maintain - has taken also pictures 'pertinent' with some telephone to aim a family, as well as a polaroids. Having a polaroid done a travesía like this more thrilling and really done think me '' in that I has photographed. My partner and I swapped a camera and is like this wonderful looking some shots develop to something calm active partorisca always.
Sincere downsides of a camera:
1. It does not do a lot well with artificial light, has tried to take the picture of our room of hostel at night with abundance (according to my eyesight) of light but a pic is exited BLACK, has taken a same picture esatta in a morning with the bit of natural and light morning and was PERFECTO.
2. With prójimo-ups, a viewfinder is wrong - when photographing the elements close on an element has loved to direct on can be the miles to some have left in a picture has compared to that has looked in a viewfinder, his so only like a camera is drawn - is well and will take some taking used to, but tripped me on a first time. A viewfinder is perfect partorisca another no-next on shots.
3. Sometimes a camera does not turn on when you toe a transmission and takes the pair partorisca try the take on again (1 minute of fiddling but if yours has shot is the sensitive times can be it too late). Any sure if ossia so only my camera or is the subject general. Some transmissions are also has bitten he clunky.

In general ossia the camera partorisca creative people - is not the point and shot but learning to master your camera and do things a lot of frescos with him is a lot of value a 16 has has failed shots.
The photographs of equivalents is an excellent hobby and money of costs partorisca maintain on - but that the hobby is free? If it spans that ossia the fun creative outlet that will disappoint in time, and still loves - then go advance and he! :)

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 9 ratings
4 / 5
It produces that it would have to that He and has arrived more collects that a date of the delivery expected
4 / 5
a product has broken after the pictures of pair and wasnt able to add another film in. This was partorisca suppose to be able to king use.
5 / 5
At the beginning was partorisca add- but after trying the reload the, has broken entirely and cant be fixed. They are súper bummed
4 / 5
ordered it reason was a more next thing could find to the camera used in the scene of a film Shaun of a dead person. A characteristic of the prize partorisca this camera was a colored helar that slide in a flash leaving filter by heart different to expose a pics differently. If you want to see a camera in action, researches it on tube partorisca these words keys.
Film of importing tone shaun of some dead persons
5 / 5
when it has received them my container a product already had been opened and rasgado in both ends
4 / 5
liked really justvwhen Of I reload the film could take like 5 or like this pictures then a film would go behind to a canister to the equal that have ruined the pocolos circulate
4 / 5
does not buy this product. It is basically the disposable reason will break with which yours first round of photo when you have dipped the new film in. More economic to so only buy the regulate disposable. Or so only buy the point and he shoot would be the best partorisca a long career.
5 / 5
Beautiful and compact. Like this described, the pictures are really good considering a product
4 / 5
a container has come very good packaged, the did not use it still but am them very existed !

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 6 ratings
4 / 5
In spite of his be 10 exposures have left in a film that a camera is coming with, would not advance . I thought that it that it had done something I bad have so it takes out of a film and has tried the reload the and a film has taken stuck in 10 exposures again when it was reloading the and would not move spent the. I have used a lot of cameras of films and at all like this has not spent never mine before
4 / 5
A film will not advance when the 'picture' is goring, a flashes no neither
5 / 5
am excited like this partorisca take these have developed! Such the fun thing partorisca have! Some filters by heart is the fun addition and will update with like this this results
5 / 5
has Dipped 2 circles of films by means of him, broken after a second a. I have fallen perhaps 4 feet, and one has spent for behind open and ruined all an interior of film. Take the point used and pushes instead, will last you much more. A film comes with this súper fresh this in spite of and can and would be necessary to buy it on his own.
4 / 5
Has not comprised like partorisca use a flash at the beginning, and has not developed a film still, but like this far like this good.
5 / 5
Loves this product! Easy to use and there is no quite taken a transmission to develop my film but is surprising that ossia reloadable. Highly recommend.

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 2 ratings
5 / 5
Bought the like this present in the woman done 4 month.
Has fallen absolutely enamoured with polaroid done of the years with a mini instax. Width instax is the drug.

Done of the photos grupal and the scenic shots entirely feasible. Some characteristic manual apresamiento the moment partorisca take used to (approx 10-15 shots partorisca take the good grip in some controls and of the exposures). A far (also laws like the coverage of lentil) is the transmission of game.

Manual house requires constant adapting and occasional swipe and lose. But entirely it validates he.
A partner has shot my pair with east. Good-looking pictures of him.
Highly recommended partorisca those with interest in of control them manual and of the scenic shots with polaroids. Any recommended partorisca prime time polaroid users.
4 / 5
If you hanker behind partorisca a nostalgia of an instant pic, then ossia a camera partorisca you! This version is styled the reference a Polaroid SX-70 an iconic 'camera of will hold of a last century.
Is big and chunky, comfortable to spend and control. A weight partorisca satisfy, when a film is uploaded.
Ossia Really the camera partorisca a 'enthusiast' partorisca experience with. A camera comes with several extras lenses partorisca take wide shots and next shots, (although I have found a wide lentil virtually indistinguishable of a lentil is returned, and has had clave of terrible lentil). There is has painted also the filters partorisca a flash and the quota pocola what that the segments a bit have shot so many can create multiple images in some same pic.
Has been disappointed there is not coming with the strap, and taken some taking used to. Has waisted film because I have forgotten partorisca direct (that it has been it spoilt for point and pushes DLSR is) and has shot an interior of my stock exchange of camera because I have forgotten partorisca the transmission was!
In almost £1 has shot it a pics is not economic (more economic if the compraventa wholesale) but in general a charm of this camera more than frames up for him.
Thinks that is better that some cameras of MINT because it uses a film a wide plus and is considerably more economic, but yes dipped this in a 'so only edging the too expensive' really.
But is A lot of entertainment .

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 6 ratings
5 / 5
It has after broken so only 7 photo have been to take - key wont click or take photo. Incredibly disappointed reason bought it to them partorisca minimise waste, and now the needs to buy the integer of new camera.
5 / 5
Are having like this entertainment with this camera. So only agree, ossia essentially he tpy to camera like him some photos will be the pocolos disappointing once is developed. But it is the camera adds of is taking partorisca photograph of film and loves test was before it buy a camera of type of vintage.
5 / 5
Can a lot of reload with film. Has another camera to film like this this is not my first time. The film does not take when that tries to upload. It can not close rear flap with seeds films uploaded. No shabby! So only take disposable cameras of a tent of drug. Much less of the waste of time and money.
5 / 5
Wants to be able to have the reusable camera ossia still right abordable in purse of mine. A quality of picture is fantastic and a B&W the film is to good sure my preferred like this far
5 / 5
has bought this camera and when I have tried use one the flashes no . It has said also that to be refunded would require to return a new element and unused. This obviously is not possible reason have had to that open and use a camera to imagine was no .
4 / 5
Has taken likes the present for small brother that loves it take disposable photo of camera with fellow- I has wanted to have one with an effect although it has been releasable and loves it!

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 3 ratings
5 / 5
I am not used to 110 film certainly but some photos were quite spatial. Calm perhaps could take decent photos the time but am not bent to squander more money on film and developing whilst taking used his. Without the real controls suppose that it would have to that it has expected east the backsides!. In general very disappointing.
4 / 5
I didnt takes mine although amazon like this at the same time has had NO Stock as it has taken them this of Lomography on day of emission.
Likes unfortunitly the cant revises a vendor.
And has had to them have this to compleat my collection of aim.

A lot Like this camera..... In the first place his tiny!!! And the bad tiny his roughly 1/4 of a measure of a mini and has to that be his small. It will return to the main pocket and access in smallish stock exchanges ( there are them tryied both ) is quell'has bitten big once a transport behind is on.
PLEASE REMARK this camera SO ONLY USES 110 FILM, can take 110 of lomography, when it has taken them this calm so only could take orca ( black and aim )
but now can take Tiger ( colour ) and the brill Peacock ( ossia the turq the by heart blue film ) and thinks them there now doing the lomocrome ( lived )
but no sure if a blue and to the purple where limited edtions but look in lomography put of web and yours see all some 110 films spend.
The lenses is tiny and easy to change transmission like an aim f+ some with the click to close them on.
This camera doesnt has a lot of settings less then a mini, theres ANY APPLICATION that dips at all so only he shutter accelerates that in a fund of a camera
this setting is b ( for long expos ) or n ( for normal 1/10000 of the dry or something like this lol )
the shutter is the small round knobel in a legislation lateralmente hand-held of a lentil that you so only press down on.
The camera his self comes with the storage retreated in the, ossia the simple black ( or that does not paint calm never the )
this has to that be take first of the use is like the name suggests the storage behind, need to slide a lock on while it resists this in attractive on and a behind will exit, calm then precise place in a transport of film for behind the east is again like the name suggests the one who control and moves a film, in a trans back theres is the clear square plastic this opens until a legislation, film to plant to a carrier then close a yours the plastic place listens the calm click then knows his enclosed, then situate this whole carrier ( with film ) in a same way to the equal that have taken of a storage behind and lock in place .In a subordinated left of this carrier of film is the winder wind this on to a first frame and your loan to go. This little gem also has the pc snyc port ( please the NOTE is new to this type to photograph ossia at all to do with the PC is a precise connection uses the flash with this camera, will require the pc sync boss like a hama a has revised them or use of desire lomographys fritz a bitz flash you will require a box of adapter, this in spite of have taken one the sardine DIY this is coming with all some parts have required thus)
SO ONLY with this 110 type of film can change mid circle ( will lose one has shot this in spite of ) ossia reason so only one shot thats in a lentil is exposed a rest of a film is in eirther a side any exposure canniester or an exposed side of a canniester. You can change lenses without loss.
This camera does not have ANY STRAP although there is fittings for one ( has taken them lomography hand-held strap in the blue peacock as it matches my camera the also have all my aim is in this colour with all a hand to match straps and chances like the amour a look of these serious and loved them to all look some same )
the transport has retreated also has the mountain of ray in a subordinated ossia for a fritz a bitz arm of adapter ( ossia the headline )

measured of a camera
with the storage has retreated on 1.8 big thumbs for 2.8 wide thumbs ( ossia with side lugs for strap )
with transporting behind 1.8 big thumbs for 3.3 wide thumbs ( with lugs )
barrel of lentil with 12mm the lentil is 0.6 thumbs
each lentil is 0.8 thumbs for 0.8 thumbs

very like this whats in a box
the creature of Aim 110 ( with the storage behind returned )
12mm lentil of wide corner ( this is to return also to a camera )
24mm lentil ( ossia a lentil thats in a box )
transport to film retreated
two discharge of lentil
a poster of product
a guarantee that vaild so only in japan ( I has any idea because his in the each products of loin has them )

likes ALL the LOIN has PRODUCED PLESE VERIFY ALL The PACKAGING is is reason hide to the to all your extras likes him to him to them cover of lentil in a packing
in this band a transport behind and cover them of the lentil is in a box of long file has painted thats in a front of a packaging
in general lovely little sister of creature to both another aim is calm want to him like me me ossia a lot the value that takes
or yes so only like the loin 110 his camera adds
5 / 5
has bought them this camera and so only has taken a film has gone back ALL SPATIAL.

Follows further pissed was.