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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5
I have wanted to learn to write with Mavis the beacon done a lot of years so that I this in spite of would buy this for my daughter of 8 years to try.
Was really that looks forward to verifies has been like this was a lot of disappointed when he no in mine Mac.
Want to uses it will have to that buy the walk of disk for my laptop and the keyboard also (as built in keyboard of the laptop is not really suitable for learning to write on)
says it will do in the Mac in a front of a box and in a description of the amazon but he have not done on mine. :(
4 / 5
Has bought this for my girls to learn to write, both active MacBooks. This software in spite of aiming a Mac logo in a front does not upload in the Mac book, any Air or Pro. A CD there is so only two files a duquel is one .exe Lima (for Windows) which obviously will not upload without installation further, another east a career of car file.
And further the one who still CD of the use is to install software, and there is not any application in a Tent of Application for digital download.
Ossia The complete waste of money for any Mac user. No shabby
5 / 5
the product was a lot of packaged and in perfect condition. The works add my girls
5 / 5
I like a program BUT he there is not coming with one drives of user (this characteristic no ) and one drives of user is student of necessary mine to do his lessons. Cela Me Very happy! BUT a program is fresh and student really likes. The only reason has not given 5 star is reason NEED that it drive of user.
5 / 5
Update our Mac to a newer version and says that some needs of developer to update a program and he will not open . Still although a description has said that read with Mac 10 version or later.
5 / 5
Has wanted to teach my girls as to write properly in a keyboard. This program are to add but some lessons move too quickly for a group of age, my girls are 7 and 9.
4 / 5
Looks any one another program of regular writing. But like-me a fact that calm points the together of hands in the keyboard in a real screen so that your girl can follow to the long of better. An only question am having is my keyboard. Ossia Clearly for an adult and I will require the keyboard he small plus to take my boy to really the work is. This is been his only complaint , that can not take to some tones. Like this external of that, is well, boring, but good.
4 / 5
Ossia The software adds ! It is the fun and easy way to teach boys to write
5 / 5
A compraventa there is had a glitch because of wrong wording in a description that a vendor fixed with an email. Some law of CD well, this in spite of; it looks to be that fault of the workbook concealed has not been never has mentioned. There is not had to that time to look his further.
4 / 5
Still has not received this element. It has been it has ordered & paid partorisca in May .... Now here it is 2 month later & still does not have it ... :-(

Top Customer Reviews: Encyclopaedia ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 6 ratings
4 / 5
I have been the defender of an electronic version of a EB in fact a lot of years, possessing a 1997, 1998 and 2000 versions (as well as a 1997 version of paper). I upgraded to a EB2003 like 2000 version no of the low Windows XP.
A content of a EB is unsurpassed. At all it says down it affects it conceal.
This in spite of, like the leading commentator mentions some serious failures with a capacity to access this content. Punctual but the little. (I am running the Plenary to install of a version of DVD in the PC).
1. A estatistics' the tab partorisca pieces of lack of country, in spite of being heralded in some instructions - tatistical information (demography, governmental information, etc) is available with pieces in nations.' Simply it is not . Similar data seldom looks in an organism of a piece how is, probably, supposition partorisca be accessed by means of a tab of statistician. Hundreds of pages of essential national, and comparative, the looks of data partorisca be missing. There is not wanted Never know a population of France, a PBI of one to Ucraina, or details of an Australian term of office? Calm will not find them here. Perhaps it is missing something, but does not think so - looks the simple product .
2. A lot it links simply it does not act. I perhaps finalised to be miserable with my sample...
3. A functionality of investigation is very poor, and very worse that leading versions. Simply it does not return some pieces want to, still calms like this knows is in there. It researches 'John a Baptist' and a piece titled 'John a Baptist' go in cast 77 or 111 in a cast of results like utilisations quotes or no. This piece easily could be found that it use an alphabetic cast of pieces, but has looked for something concealed has not been a piece in his own legislation, calm then can find an investigation results more unhelpful. Also it calms it can not look for an indication and has opened once a calm piece can not look for inner he.
4. Maps, the images and the video am not scalable. In mine 1024x768 resolution more so only fill less than neighbourhood of a screen. Sometimes much less.
5. Some the EUA disctionary / thesaurus is resupplied, no a Oxford some of leading editions likes them EB2000.
Is an extremely economic product these days and a content, when/yes calm find it, is for real excellent. Any @@subject - I still tin a lot really the recommend.
4 / 5
Be in accordance with a lot of some commentaries down: basically, a content is as to any and easily surpasses Encarta. This in spite of, a Java the interface is like this clumsy and unorthodox, that seldom can be annoyed to access some pieces. Down £40, a DVD obviously does more felt that one £1000 has printed place, but given a tiresome interface, calm more than likely find you printing was a lot of some pieces love works.
5 / 5
Well, So only the short note posted with sigh it big! To say that British there is still for the take well. Which is the shame of a quantity of information textuelle and a power of some collaborators remains like this to any one.
But this promises to be pitched in three levels. It is not . Omtting Some sentences and shortening the paragraphs any the plus friendly user and giving the reception to product for the youngest users.
An interface remains uncomfortable. Once a subject has been found an element opens the window has centred was small which have to that be rearranged to see correctly. The windows Remains opened and is has lost easily. While a question that has to minimise it a window of investigation to see a piece has been deleted, one 2003 process is hardly better.
An explore alphabetically the option simply has not done, with just 15 scrolling of subjects down 'A . Surely have it more, but this strategy will not find them .
There is purportedly the dictionary in this together but there is no apparent way to define words directly of a text. It is all @subject to underline, the short, opening a dictionary,and finally pasting.
An investigation organsier is clumsy also. If your girl is ready enought to organise the pictures that use this tool then has any business using to encyclopaedia of the girls in a first place.
Like this want British is detailed, verbose, intricate quaintly has dated to write way, goes partorisca east and use a British Library. If you are thinking to take something yours the girls can use too much, can do very better with Encarta.
4 / 5
Have the 9 old year and 11 year. It ail of the hours of internets looks for his duties with so the time squandered in useless or inapplicable web-put.
This C.D Rom has meant quickly looks for some subjects, and for boys a seperate encylopedias the half can print was information of them both and use an information to write utmost projects.
Some link to an internet also means to take web of places relevent to his groups to age so it does not have to that spend the ages that looks for travers of the useless places.
Ossia A better value C.D Rom has bought. It is really interesting for adults of knots those who are trying desperately to maintain up with our boys!
Included can him the update of an internet likes more out of dating encylopedias.
Has an equivalent of 32 volumes (adult) more primary and senior encyclopaedias, more the dictionary, thesaurus and lines of time.
A MUST to help some boys with his duties.
4 / 5
Having has USED PREVIOUSLY an on-line version of an Encyclopaedia Britanica, was anxious for a new retail emission to exit. I have been pleased with a general content of an encyclopaedia, and was surprised enough to find very detailed and attentive information in a lot of @@subject which other encyclopaedias could not resupply. I found it easy and user-friendly to use, and to the equal that are the student , has found some resources have contained inside the quite invaluable. The this in spite of draws a line when you touch to lose to multimedia content. Unfortunately, it was impressed at all with a type neither quality of a multimedia content resupplied, and this was a bit of the big disappointment. I have found an annual and world-wide atlases quite enjoyable this in spite of. Another disadvantage of an encyclopaedia is that some of some definitions resupplied is difficult to comprise; I mean, test and look on a definition of a word 'Tinnitus'. Compared with his competitor of entity Encarta, is definately more informative and authorotative, but Encarta definately dips more life in the the pieces of him with some really stunning multimedia content.
5 / 5
An upper product. British Rid the one who another encylopaedia is no, illustrates well there is rid signals with excellent map and other clips of means comunicacionales etc. A compraventa real, this encylopaedia also comprises the description of a year 2001, and all of the his contraversy, he this with remarkable detail, and his signal that considers September 11th mark this historically the value that has. A encylopaedia is detailed extremely but concise when necessary, is adapted also for the number of groups of different age, for this doing it appealing. Enjoy this product!

Top Customer Reviews: Let's Discover the ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 3 ratings
5 / 5
A bit dissappointed in a way some works of software. His very slow and no too intuitive to use, but 3 year to the glorious daughter likes them to them the touch the.
4 / 5
Wonderful piece of the software for real kids friendly and clearly drawn with the boys import like this opposed to for a crew / of adult of developers, interaction of instant, not expecting around partorisca stuff partorisca spend that like this often directs the boredom and lack of interest with boys

My daughter 3 and edges 4 has chosen this up in of the moments, and his first piece of software of computer, maintained him glued to a screen partorisca hours, with a lot of pocolos help required of me, was in fact adds partorisca look them of the distance in fact solving the together puzzles, so only concerns perhaps some tantrums when precise a pc calms or decide enoughs enough for a day

A sound of the map and the animations are glorious, one produces rests to defy and still is able to promote development and success of reward, without resultant frustating to use, and shouted some levels to match your own childs the capacity has seen the interface of ready age, where yours the girl creates his own only character in a start, and enter his date of birth (can require help of adult), around that a level of content is generated for them

Very friendly and interface of simplistic user the fact so easier for alcohol and of the small hands to come the grip with

recomend this to any, and whilst some other titles in a row can be activities very alike wise I follows to guess some subjects still will help to promote and maintain my attention of the own girls and I certainly will be to add them his increasing collection
5 / 5
My little one has begun to touch on this in 18 month. It is now almost 3 and has one the majority of control of incredible mouse and loves the touch is. It is able to comprise all some directions given of some characters and can find his own way around all some games and different parts. Ossia So only an amazing, entertainment and educational introduction to use computer and teaching control of mouse. I have been recommended the and can also fully the recommend to another!