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Top Customer Reviews: LSRL Garden ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 7 ratings
5 / 5
Relatively calm crusher. Has has directed stir until 40mm without any questions of first order. Shredded Wets That the conventional crusher of the partner would not touch an adjustable leaf is gone in a lot handy. Produced the coarse yard approx 2cm in period like this he love the fine bed then this is not partorisca you.
The only negative minor is that a drum is not easily accessible in chance of jams. Any that has required to.
4 / 5
The initial unit has been rid punctually but was faulty , the crew of technical support has sent the substitution in 3 days and a unit is excellent , manages stir big as well as read of leaf really well and works constantly partorisca hours without on heating - produced adds with the technical service adds partorisca the behind up . Thoroughly Recommend
4 / 5
crusher of Excellent garden. It has not had any description partorisca this produced when experience but has thought would give it the gone. Happy has done. He shredded 36m cube of fence of laurel that comprises stir until 35mm, has taken has blocked occasionally with some leaves but so only slid a box was and pull a blockage was. A main thing is partorisca dip an empty in a leaf properly partorisca ensure all the volume shredded to the good measure that is done easily with a boss in a side. In general the good and very calm cost when those careers.
4 / 5
Is spent an hour or more than gathers this crusher/chipper, plugged in, likes title, has blown one 13 amp fusible in both is covers it own and one arises protective. As has message for hire to a provider partorisca fix a transmission. Shame how was so that it looks forward to use the. 😞
5 / 5
A solid crusher a lot very this in spite of some the operative instructions could have been the easiest plot partorisca comprise had been written by any with the better knowledge of an English tongue.
4 / 5
Very impressed with product. Easy to gather, calm engine, soild build.
Used it continuous partorisca 2 days to shred 60 fence of feet. Any question. I probably a lot shred anything main that 3 centimetres. To good sure would recommend
5 / 5
liked some characteristic of security of this element although I have required help as it was weighed partorisca me when being disabled although once it had dipped the outside in mine spilt was easy to use thank you very much

Top Customer Reviews: Bosch Garden ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5
Ossia The diagrams adds and highly would recommend it but has wanted to write the description to detail that he well and that does not do like this well.
Has has had so only this car for the pair of the weeks but I am deliberately has tried he with numerous different materials to see like this has treated it.

The material of garden has fed to a car:

Birch, ash, stir of apple until 45mm
has managed these stir brilliantly, without any hesitation.
Note: you stir them big are essentially sliced and run over, like finishings with (p. p.ej.) The 45mmx5mm ask where a piece is intact but fractured (almost like the concertina) - does not take forest chippings likes this compraventa in of the stock exchanges of a centre of garden. (Ossia Of entity to know is expecting to produce this type of chippings)
the image has attached

birch more Petit, beech, ash, stir of privet, vines, 5-10mm
has managed also these stir really well.
Note: you stir them smaller are cut to 15mm-50mm period, some am also be to run over (lengthways) for virtue to be by means of cutter.
The images have attached

Hard (woody) herbs
has tried a schemes on herb of wind of the New Zealand that has the sections go down hard and grassier upper sections.
He shred some woodier bits to 25mm-50mm the period but some bits some green plus was cut so only to 100mm-150mm period - this in spite of ossia still very better to dip in a compost heap that in his natural state.
The image has attached

Flag irises
A lot especially achieved, he 'harm' and stab a irises but his essentially remained intact.

The mapea that the bands boxes
This was the real revelation to the equal that want to recycle like this map like possible and use in mine hotbin composter.
He Short and bend a map to the form that access to a space of final (roughly 100mmx30mm) some hands of crusher have ordered 10-15mm pieces of map - perfect for composting. (The just mark sure there is any staple in some boxes)
the image has attached


A (a lot) a lot
diagrams Very easy to use.
Easy to move around. ( It is quell'has bitten upper weighed -so precise exerts some cure)
Manage all woody material can feed his without any hesitation.
Has not blocked never and only estácoronado' the pair to time when an end of stirs it big had turned and has presented a oversized appearance to some leaves. (A rovescio fast and start-on again has seen a continuous crusher every time)
is not particularly strong but quite strong and I glasses of wear, gloves and defenders of ear out of good practice.

A bad
is not particularly quickly, like being prepared to spend time with your crusher (but in my opinion he more than frames on partorisca east for his relentless action)
that Come from to have that has weighed greenery (irises) has not gone especially achieved ( says that it mix your materials, p. p.ej. You stir and greenery he shred greenery - but does not know any the one who has mixed battery of waste of garden lying around to do this)
Some jaws are not particularly wide, as that feeds to plot of privet cuttings and the corridors of the his vine was has bitten tedious, like this need take stir lateralmente of stir main to feed to a car - like this loppers is the must
(I supposes a width of jaw has limited is to take the users that feeds in the plot of big waste immediately - as the knots of course could )

In general, the a lot, a lot, good car, this in spite of, looks more adapted to woody waste more than green waste.
Any economic but the good money spent in my opinion and I am seldom be like this pleased with the compraventa.
5 / 5
Recently shouted some canopies of several conifers, and has bought this crusher to treat all some stir have take: 3 big battery of them. I have added 2 pictures. Interior roughly 2 hours, has turned the battery of stir like a first picture to a battery of chippings in a second picture. Has has managed stir until a 45mm limit, and easy to clear when he jams. Big basket to take a chippings, easy to take and empty. First time used it but like this far like this good.
5 / 5
Has bought this to bed some stir them thin have cut down of the mine fence of rear garden every year in planting that has to do it the career of tip... In almost £200 I thought it would be good quality and has trusted a Bosch the frames for this quality likes them all another box has bought of Bosch has been antibala.

Approx 15 use of the month and a thing has has died entirely... Ossia So only 4 a lot of fence trimming and his side me £40 value of leaves in that then also, of only look to remain acute partorisca in stir them of dozen in the each side!

Can take my rear fence trimmed and some stir have take for the company of local gardening partorisca in £60 as I am not in fact very better was to take all my toil that the fact I and now has to that take a busted crusher to a tip to kick! If you are considering taking an of these, the imports of bears spend for leaves a lot quickly and is not economic to substitute any in £20 the pop.

A crusher has been of working well a minute to suddenly rattling and then a whole thing has begun to smoke (worryingly of then was in the big stock exchange of forest!) And odorato of tram in of the llamas.
5 / 5
Is the solidly the products have built, but has the pair of things would owe that know before you invest in this product.

1. A 40mm maximum diameter spec is one frankly there was mentido. Try feed anything main that 30mm, and to to the grimace likes them the engine grinds for the take. 20mm Is his row has favoured, would say.

2. If, it likes , rings to feed of him of stir them 30mm and on, be prepared to have the blunt leaf a lot, a lot quickly. I have used a car for a first time yesterday, has fill around 4 stock exchanges of bed and prendido when have @to @give a brota was already significantly blunter that when I have begun.

3. It is not so only you stir big that a Bosch does not like . Anything too small or 'twiggy' only movement by means of a car untouched, leaving calm with stirs it of unshredded twigs in your bed.

4. When A car takes jammed (and trust me, he ) ploughing is extremely tedious. In place of latches or to close, Bosch has dipped in discharges he of ray that has to that you patiently unscrew and then the ray has retreated on to continue.

Quite disappointed to be sincere, and seriously considering that it goes in to touch with Amazon to see yes can return this tool.
4 / 5
Sadly The delivery has been retarded and when a crusher arrived it finally tried to be defective and like this returned to Amazon. A substitution has arrived next day .
To be sincere no quite that has expected, is calm but a lot slow grinding on a no insignificant battery of the waste of garden am accruing. It has been expecting the grinder of big speed (likes to appoint disturb the cutter involves), which this to good sure is not . It grinds Effectively but clearly it prefers claves and until 45mm dipped more than brotas, which he a lot of rib like this well; it is also the small frustrating that it has to that constantly empty a box of hopper. Also a never tried designer the wheel he anywhere like this file lateralmente near and topples on in a first occasion. In general he that says in a box albeit painstakingly dulcemente. I buy it again, probably no.
4 / 5
Has arrived (With the wheel broken but has ignored that.) It has coincided with the drought and the poor health and has not been used for some time. I have tried now. This produces No a work (very suspicious in your positive critiques). Weeds, Both blockade dried and just fresco. At least each one that 5 minutes have had to that dismantle to clear blockage. It has taken 2 hours to direct a tray of chip, which has not been a lot very at all (any suitable for immediate mulching). Die up with him maintaining. It is seating in a cochera so only while any one will take it era. No after the repayment but felizmente transmission for one which in fact works. To the amazon is impossible to speak with. Please help. Now they are saying for the give the indication of star likes 1 a lot really represents that chair.
4 / 5
Was to buy to crusher of essence of the centre of local garden, but although has the big garden (purportedly roughly 1/3rd of an acre), access to a backside of a property is very tightened and could not find the car of essence that would take around a side of a house. As I have purchased this he almost done 2 years now and is for real be in amazing. I neither shred green material and dip a start in a compost cube, or, another time, spilt material woodier (cotoneaster, main, carp, laurel etc) stir and twigs and dip a start directly in an earth (around some shrubs) like the bed, enough like bark of forest that can buy you of the centre of garden. A scheme all says and so only maintains to go and that goes. On roughly 2 occasions on 2 years of regular use, his device of protects has cut in where I have inserted stirs it that it was so only too much for him: so only take a car and then dipped he to reverse and take a oversized material. This car is far upper to the device the economic plus has possessed several years and later discarded. How it is quite tightened, always move a car around a garden attentively and with two hands! Also it would recommend gloves to manage some materials and especially protect of eye of the wear, is so only the subject of first time of the twig of bramble or round of alike transmissions like cariche a hopper.
5 / 5
Really any one has impressed. First use was to shred the 15mm dipped - broke it on GOOD but a shreddings was so only a right measure to clog to and jam a leaf, and like the assembly of leaf is conical then some pieces are result jammed really closely. The only resolution was to take a hopper, to access a cup of an assembly of leaf and manually apresamiento out of some pieces. Then to the hopper has retreated on, turn on in brief to turn a leaf to have access of more than him, take a hopper, ... Repeated several times. Every time a continuous hopper in and was to to sounds like goes to break, as of plastic is quite cruddy. A inbuilt to the hopper could be useful sure situations , but a lot would prefer it was able to take the cube or trug down.

Ossia The car a lot of type , and there is generally good descriptions, but does not stand up his, in mine dress.
5 / 5
Has bought this has required like this to clear to plot of shrubs for a part of a garden. I have wanted really a Bosch AXT25TC so it was estimated highly esp in That? This in spite of, was overkill and expensive so that it has required, more there is taken on cup of the plot of room.

Has finalised to solve thus model. It was very easy to gather and it beginning that it use. For you stir and small twigs until 10mm diameter, this was a lot. Although estimated to 40mm, found that struggled with anything fatter that 20mm day. With some stir, he shred the properly. With another, would see raisin of whole leaves by means of. Very odd.

One of a main bugbears is that an interior of jam of canal up. There are hooks any side for you to attach the stock exchange. It uses the stock exchange of reusable but same garden then, can be fiddly to ensure is dipped up. Included then, I need to jiggle a stock exchange from time to time or waste backlog to a crusher, that heads to the jam.

The most cleaned and the interview is quite easy. It is essentially the leaf of alike spinning to the lawnmower inner of leaf. Material for light duties, ossia a lot of ( has used mine almost weekly for roughly 3-4 month and decrees) but for anything more, look in a AXT25TC.
4 / 5
Does exactly that says in one has beaten! Derrumbado To ten conifer of feet and varied another tree cuttings and prunings in the pair of hours directly out of a box. Like another reviewers has mentioned, calm once takes used to a quantity can manage the time a work results the doddle, I bung the on the pair of the time but so only takes the subject of seconds to release some upper and clear some cutters. My only critiques very light would be that a start fallen in a fund of a car is so only around 12 thumbs of a paving and like this limit a measure of the boxes or the stock exchange that collects a clippings and precise maintains import to regularly the maintain clear. In general touch the Bosch Powertool and he certainly bolt until his name. His a more bit of the money are spent in a garden in the good while.
5 / 5
To the left initiate me with an only negative. On it rids one of some wheels have been broken (a lot resembled one of some photos partorisca exist in some descriptions). In planting to send it behind and taking it substituted, I easily found the wheel of on-line substitution partorisca in £15, and Amazon more than compensated the transmission. The experience adds of Service of Client of the Amazon.

In that used quell'other smaller crushers, which was slowly in disposal, constantly clogging on, and the leaves that blunts quite easily; this Bosch the car is the revelation. They are really happy has paid an extra for a Yard of Turbine. My neighbour has a more economic drum cutting equivalent, and also speaks highly of him, but think a TC give you a flange in of stir them main. His gives support felizmente with stir until some have announced 45mm. If you can take he in a hopper, can munch the. A resultant shredded the material done law adds around trees.

Is quite calm that I can run he partorisca in an hour without a feeling am annoying some neighbours, and is well to use he without protecting of ear in my experience.

A bit those that tips roughly use....
Is doing With brown material, or small leaved brotas evergreen would not owe that have any questions with clogging. A leading description mentions that a leaf looks the clog when it has dipped stir big by means of. Ossia True, but does not affect is cutting action . Some bits have stored in a leaf will release him and go to the failure. If tests and plant a lot green leafy material by means of, he clog up. If has the plot of leafy material, leave it to dry was for the first week of shredding, and this will do yours yours life easy plus.

A leaf is located to a front of a car, which means a box does not fill on a centre. From time to time, appeal a box was, the give the sobresalto to flatten a shreddings, and will require to empty the less often.

If a do one clog with leafy material, tries to dip some stir by means of. This can often attractive by means of some of some leaves that clear a blockage. If it concealed he no a better way to take blockages is to pull out of a hopper and achieve down and the discharge was (with gloves!) A blockage of around a leaf. This taken on the minute and is faster that that takes a cup of a car.

Would not doubt to recommend this loves an effective, easy to use car.
4 / 5
Has had two of these cars; a prime minister one has been purchased in May 2015 and wine with to 2 guarantee of year that the May expired 2017. It has done well until it has broken down in 2016 - an engine would begin but then one there is prendido after the pocolos like this - I thinks another reviewers has had alike questions? Bosch Has SUBSTITUTED quickly a faulty unit FOC with the new mark an although a substitution was still @@@subject to an original guarantee until May 2017.

This substitution again has done WELL but has then broken down so only the few weeks - has suffered exactly a same failure like original unit. This in spite of, of then was now out of guarantee, Bosch loved to pay £100 for has fixed it.

Sadly, Having has had now two unit that both have suffered a same type of failure, would look that this creation of product suffers the generic failure in his creation and/or manufacture and consistently has lost all the confidence in him. It was for like this reluctant to pay the reparation bills this was well for the half a prize of mark-new unit and still would leave me with a risk of the 'third' future failure because of same type of failure?

Stops has taken so much a decision the piece a unit and, some the next times want to a bit shredding, simply will assume the crusher of our tent for hire of local crew instead.
5 / 5
A lot well for munching on claves and stir small, big herbs , hard (p. p.ej. miscanthus) And still big, hard real fern (which does not rot down in mine compost cubes otherwise). I also uses for woodier herbaceous roots like big phlox, helenium and aster, while they are not to wet.
He Clog of leaves he on, is quite quickly and easy to clear of down, if you are careful and wise.
Surprisingly calm. I do not seat any need to spend defenders of ear
Some leaves attractive some longer pieces by means of well, without pressing
Easy to move around a garden

This type of the leaf is not to possess for lush greenery but is ideal for garden along , the woodiest waste. Any easy to feed in short fence trimmings.

Has to that use a box of collection (which is the characteristic of security , as it prevents people that dipped his hand to a whirling leaves). A shreddings battery up in a half a lot the first time of a box is full, then backup to a car. I kick A side of a box from time to time, to solve some contents. No the big question, but the bit to annoy and the supposition can break a box a day!

Recommends to look in Fred the web of place of a Nave if together precise in that class of crusher is more for a class of the waste of garden have.
5 / 5
Before the cost has taken enough the moment trawling by means of a cast of descriptions, it commentary that more than one looked considerably disturbed with appearances of an action of this car. This in spite of my terracing / of age of sympathetic of appearances of human psychology / an use of telltale words and phrasing to the equal that has indicated the terracing of juvenility and from time to time testiness, all left to assume that Mssrs Bosch and has Sawed would have tried and has perfected anything has dipped his name to .... As I have purchased and it has employed a car and has been unqualifiedly has impressed. Of course I have not tried to the ram adds chunks of forest to his oriface, any stuffing he with too wet fodder, or another no-the clearly indicated knots in some users' manual - that suspects some of some negative-reviewers had done. As they are more than happy to resupply the glowing and supportive description (in a faint hope that can rewarded by the free new model, was there to be a roughly time in a future... ) But here I prank!
Had impressed particularly with as LIGHT a turn of whole car-was-to be, and the one who manoeuverable. I can it does not recommend more highly.
4 / 5
Has been using this now for roughly 1.5 hours any stop. There is any jammed, delayed or there is prendido.
The trick is, to take your time, does not force 537 stir down in a goes, if it stirs it looks it will take stuck, he probably . He easily chipped stir of 35mm, but yes try chips 5 x 15mm stir... His gunna failure.
I power of tools to use all day, like this far, this is doing well!
5 / 5
My garden is under the canopy of trees of oak. Some acorns of drop of trees of oak, leaves, twigs, and stir.

This crusher will not cut or shred acorns.
This crusher will not cut or shred only leaves.
This crusher shred twigs.
This crusher shred stir.

My garden has flanges of plants and shrubs.

These clogs of crusher-on shredding wet or only humid material soft.
This crusher shred roots of shrub and stir in leaf or no.
This crusher shred long dry herb and dry soft material.

A Crusher he.
A rotating drum of integral leaves a lot removable that can not be User-stressed will be expensive to substitute.
A drum of leaves rotates relatively dulcemente and will not dull or harm easily.
Accusing shredded material more than a swipe progressively has reduced a material to bed more final.
A shedder is unstoppable with material that is able to shred, and attractive-in and shreds roots and places quickly.
A crusher is easily manoeuvrable in spite of his weight and is easy to operate.
4 / 5
A leading model has used the cog system of leaf of the cylinder that, while it has not produced such finals debris, was very better in my opinion. A rotating cog dew a material to a car. A rotating brota in this model this no. again more A 'pusher' resupplied to press a material to a car is after the useless is trying feeds simply say 25mm stir of forests. I write this after using some time of diverse diagrams. What follows it is that it has written sooner, before it is resulted entirely dissatisfaction with a product. A transmission to the cutter of the leaf done this model quite 'fierce' when compared with my sooner AXT 2200 which there has been the cog cutter/of roller. This in spite of produce more final debris - until him jams! A plastic shielding on one feeds calm mean can not see that it is spending or cleaned was to feed island easily - when it is unplugged of course. A boss is not like this substantial to the equal that in mine leading but probably pertinent model for external use. Hopefully Some diagrams will not take jammed (he , sees sooner) if he I the suspect will be difficult to order a question ( was difficult, sees sooner!) An old cog fixes it can not be been like this acute but at least one could do sure one feeds is gone in a right place and the roller could be revoked has had the question. The time will say in report the action ( has, has update my description) this in spite of I'm sorry would be very better one could see one feeds and think that prefer a quite less 'full on' shredding/crushing mechanism of a model an old plus. Now that has used a car I description of update. It will give woody material support but any softer garden debris, easily jams. A whole car is less robust of my leading model, especially some wheels are a lot of flimsy. A lot disappointed in a car, no alive until Bosch reputation for good products.
4 / 5
Behind in a '80s, when our amour was new, would not have believed never that 30 odd years later would be pleased when my husband gave to crusher of garden like the present of anniversary of the pair, but has to declare me delighted. It is exactly the one who a promotional blurb has said; surprisingly calm, very easy to use, and highly effective. It is also very sure to use, and is clear that to the plot of time has gone to plan quell'appearance. They are writing this in September, as some leaves are still in some trees, and has to that say that an ideal phase would be to face one a lot long, very big, Hawthorn fences in that has been treating in a winter and then vacuum on some leaves with mine Stihl garden vac which pulverise his, but must of need. As this is treating a lot of efficiently with vast quantities of materials. I usually tools of power of garden of hate, as I disturbed a noise, but ossia a lot of inoffensive, and with protecting of the modest ear is well.
To the equal that has said, an appearance of security is brilliant. An only thing would say to the look was paralizaciones is stir a lot long suddenly taking an unexpected turn and whacking calm in a side of a boss (I tongue of bitter experience)
Like this, in general, the idyll among different cook, and am appreciated for that!
5 / 5
A good:
His calms partorisca to crusher. His reasonably powerful. It packs it Was amiably. It pulls material in enough of well.
A bad.
He wasnt regulated how has arrived. Some the conical leaves cut against the sacrificial flat of aluminium. It has cut WELL in a wide end of a cone but material that spends a leaf in a small end of a cone is coming by means of slightly run over and not cutting up. The adjustment is simple... But regulating eats is gone in a dish of aluminium. I have had to it weaves of shavings of aluminium before it was that short to the to anything likes correctly by means of of a whole leaf. (Before adjustment 50 of a material is coming by means of the long sale is that it looked it had been concerned by the small dog).
Once his setup his pertinent. Short things to 1-2' period in a whole. But some pieces are still 6-7 thumbs long after shredding.
His particularly bad in chopping until material likes to vine and to bramble. Which is the shame to the equal that have has wanted to do the bed of those. If any material takes presented to some leaves anything less than vertical tends to be cut to much more of pieces that is not to run over and like this wont compost or read good.
A cutting cone is also prone to clogging with even slightly humid material. This can be cleared for the turn was and poking roughly with the clave. But this is annoying.
Like this basically his no quite which had expected partorisca. Extracted WELL with some things... His so only a lot uniformly well. And in this prize has signals quite bad to find me when being quite disappointed in general. Desire I hadnt bought it.
5 / 5
Has bought this crusher in February 2017, like the mine is now 6 month out of guarantee.

Used it 2-3 times the year, and has looked for to use the today. Some starts of engine, then run out of the pair of as later.

Some investigation aims that ossia the very common question , and is caused to spend to a very soft graphite paintbrushes in an electrical engine.

According to looks, Bosch has interrupted some paintbrushes like the spare part (in the cost of £5-8), and is now so only available like the assembly of full engine, costing almost so it likes crusher of whole substitution. One brushes them looks to be the no-standars measure, and there is not founding still a lot this would return.

Disappointing - is probably has had so only 12-15 use of hours in totals, and now looks as if I will be forced the piece he, everything for a sake of the a lot minor part that Bosch has (deliberately?) It has interrupted.
4 / 5
Experience 3 Part 2016, has broken down 26 run 2018. Of course, a guarantee is 2 years ! It is it announces roughly 5 second and then ran of car was. Exploring, Sees ossia the very common failure , this in spite of any look partorisca have a response. Previously the pause-down, was very happy with him. It is calm-ish and easily gobbles his way by means of some twigs and bracken has offered. A half cube-stock exchange of chips that remain after devouring the garden clipped trees, the fences and the shrubs is easy to situate of. So many, because do Bosch the products have such the history partorisca break so only with which has guaranteeed? A unit looks very built but, like this usual, Bosch take too ready partorisca his with sensors and yard-outs and pauses. I buy again? Probably - has no real competition in a prize. Calm has it that considers partorisca be the £200, 2 year consumable more than the possession. As there is disappointed. Contacted Bosch the service and they have quoted £100 partorisca the turn to esee costs reparation'. They have had any base of knowledge or joint. A Centre of worse Service has found.
4 / 5
When the unpacked had the small without importance piece of the black plastic broken was. A first use was with mixed garden prunings and has taken stuck and has had to that be pressed dulcemente by means of. I have then tried the arce again cut dips roughly a diameter of thumb and he also jammed when it has taken to a wider part leafy. I repacked the and sent it behind. It has substituted the Bosch 2200HP AXT which would not have had any question with these things. This model this old plus keenly has pulled things by means of different this new model.
5 / 5
This was the substitution for a ATX 25D calm crusher that has taken up. (Bosch Decided it had been 'opened', like the guarantee was at all.) In any case, it has been it bit it fed up with that easily a cog-mechanism of type jammed, how has been for an economic plus 2200 crusher. It is a lot of manoeuvrable, and extremely easy to release if he jam. So only undo a chunky @black of @@knob manually, and promote a superstructure was. My only reservation is that some leaves are resulted bit it blunter quite quickly, although it has not fed particularly material thickness in, like this now stirs it of half will surface like the combination of chip and the long thin whippy band. The leaves are available in a coverage, which boasts means that substituting them is the DIY works. On everything, would recommend this like the good compraventa.
4 / 5
Are disappointed with this product. It does not think that a hype and a solid leaf well of the extra cash. I have had the economic plus DIY tends years of fast crusher in fact diverse that has done like this well. I treated finally to the Qualcast slow crusher that they are adds for chomping on woody material but no like this well for green material.
Am augmenting my composting and has has wanted to something concealed would take a green material like this a bit has researched on-line and this car has come of the hands down one has revised more.
On first use I place some green material in and inside the very short time that in the first place go a brota had dulled, a start fallen has maintained jamming and the smoke has catered/is come from a rotating disk where jammed the material rubbed against a rotating disk.
Has turned a leaf and has reduced a material to thin woody claves that has the few leaves on. Some falls to begin still frequently the jams and a leaf is taking dulls a lot quickly.
Has used this two times now and can say that a creation of a start fallen is tightened too much, blocking a flow of debris which then retreated up around a disk to turn.
Has produced of the fine chips that it is good but sadly can not recommend this device for green material. If it love rib on the twigs and stir them leafy also can go for some slow cars.
Will continue to look for something concealed will cut my compost until the pulp end...
4 / 5
Has bought this last autumn so only first of an almost continuous rain has begun so that it has not had never the occasion for the use, has been dipped in a nave until this weekend, has thought the give the gone while a sun has shined. I have struggled to take it to do, an engine has wanted to go but has had a supply of the his intermittent power; has then decree altogether.
Has verified a fuse, this was VERY there is remarked this in spite of that any one had gathered the partly had cut by means of an alive boss that enters of the discharges, any question I yard of a piece to offend of boss and has done a connection again.
Has decided to research inner, when being an engineer this was any question for me, has had tip a brota was for security and a behind has been to research a transmission. It is the @@@knob simple to that like him contacts of management with the micro transmission (pos 1), then is supposition to do contact with the transmission the big plus (pos 2), which is an on/was transmission. A flimsy inner of the plastic crowbar does not have any his forces and also a transmission was the little rigid. I have tried the few things to give more leverage to a flimsy crowbar but still has not done. As I taped an on/was to change he so that it is permanently on, with which first calm contact of mark with a micro transmission (pos 1). To turn of a car so only will use the socket changed in my boss to be able to.
Hope This helps another, but is covered probably in a guarantee which know there is void now. Happy days.
4 / 5
BUT some needs of boxes of the collection emptying frequently compared to the mine old 2200AXT concealed has not had an integral box. If it calms no empty quickly a shredded the material is scooped up for a cutter and stops further the be the material has accused. More than the question with material softer of woody but there is always shredded all to dip in a compost heap. It is expensive and owe a need of cutter that the substitutes is for the half a cost of a car although you DIY the. No like this calm like my old car this is lasted 10 years (also Bosch) first to die - I,m in disposal to try and the reparation. Retrospectively probably it would have bought a substitution directed for mine 2200AXT instead and saved £100.
5 / 5
Surprisingly light which is paralizaciones handy moving around but feels flimsy and some wheels snapped is gone in a first day - the substitution separates received but has had to that jump by means of like this hoops to take them.

In a side besides a unit there is shredded stir small well. A leaf has two sides like this when one is blunt, rounds of calm only transmission. Like the result, has fill 5 green wheelie cubes before I have required to buy another.

Leaves of sides of substitution £25 launcher the, as has a grinder of corner or something, is much more economic just to stress them calm.

Dares in importing yours local joint will quote to take was rubbishes of garden - I has been quoted £45. So you are looking in the out of exercise, considers that like an option.

Has found was very stops stir until 15mm. Further that the regularly jams - and the empire like the leaf takes blunter. Twigs And brotas no really pause down well. Evita hardwood.

A subsequent bed are adds for an earth -although use with the nitrogen fertilizante has based in a first pair of the years that plant with him (will not contribute anything until it begins to break down). Well weed suppressant.

Sure has the big container to stick down the, Tubs of law of Gorilla well.

Conclusion - disappointed in a quality of build, certainly has not felt to like has taken any profit to buy the Bosch produces this time. But in general he a work and am pleased with him.
4 / 5
Has possessed an economic plus bosch axt2200 before but when it has failed after a lot of years to use decided to upgrade.

Surprisingly, in spite of an extra cost, this crusher a lot shred like this quickly like the most economic model that has the a lot of faster spinning leaf.

This version dulcemente runs over stir a same time as in them cutting. The Very seldom jams on but have to stir of push in in a right corner for a turbine to grab the.

Is much calmer that a axt2200 too which has required new leaves in the regular base.

I look that while a leaf of the turbine in this model is meant to last the long time, when finally it goes to blunt the leaf of substitution is almost like this expensive likes crusher he.

In general, am happy with this model this calm plus in spite of a slower speed. So only appearance a hard leaf.

A prize is reduced regularly to £300 and my description is based in this prize. It would not pay more.
5 / 5
This has substituted the forward Bosch crusher that has had (the controls snapped on he after roughly 10 years).
Much more powerful that a model an old plus and to plot easier that use, with some controls of key of the push and integrated chipping collector. This does not resemble clog so when the the green leaves that goes in and if he , some orders of era of punctual plunger. They need of it stirs to be helped to the long of sometimes for that has to that press down as they do not take pulled by means of in the to same way likes them to them the system of edge of the ray in mine last model but then again he a lot of jam anywhere approximations so neither.
Although probably two times as much as a model a small plus, ossia a lot of value of the money yes has to that it weaves of work or regulate hipping to do
5 / 5
An excellent crusher him them quell'quite the few shrubs and big quantities of materials to shred.

Stir short with big diameter.
Once fed dips it 'attractive' he all a way in.
Quite enjoyable to use
calm has compared the others crushers.
Is ideal for shredding something like the big budleia shrub or fence of privet.
A shredded the material taking on less space and can be composted (the right mix die)
Once you manual of the instruction read and put on corrected (quite easy to dip on) acts a lot well, Hardly ever jams and works by means of big battery to stuff quickly.

Thing quite big in your nave
A shredded the material is not súper well. If you shred stirs it of tree, would not advise dipping in regulating compost heap.


Very happy with compraventa. Any required for gardens, but has cut to plot of shrubs and woody perennials, this will do gardening more fun
5 / 5
First impressions, very heavy and uncomfortable to manoeuvre. Few wheels and quite upper-heavy. This in spite of, once situates is adds. Chomped By means of all have pressed in - a lot quickly and in satisfactory. Any question like this far with jamming or clogging. Good Big hopper for choppings. A result of final is to good sure more 'chopped' that 'chipped' or eshredded'. It sees photo. Any one sure that a lot he compost - could be better of the use in streets. @In rodeo - the good way to treat dipped etc too fat the shred.
[Late plus] has bought this car to treat heavy material that my crusher of the leaf would not manage . He this brilliantly. As I say on, a result of final is quell'has bitten coarse for composting(some stir very thin are so only chopped to 6' period), as I have had an idea to run a 'choppings' by means of my old crusher. Sucedido - A material raisin for lightning-fast - to hopper-full less than the minute without jamming or blocking. Pre-chopped, As it has to that. A result of final is the stock exchange of really a lot shreddings perfect for a compost cube. As any pension of a crusher to owe light.
[6 report of month] Still going really a lot of - just done the enormous heap of berberis, with the really difficult mix of fat and thin roots. Managed the brilliantly, and a lot fast. A car pulls a material by means of him, which with a lot spiny the material is the help adds . It schemes of garden I better there is never has bought !
4 / 5
A prime minister an I bought of the amazon had broken plastic parts and also has done odd noise. The parts of heavy metal have surrounded of economic decayed plastics that look to be that it breaks on contact.

Like this order according to a - and is to come fraction again! Now with the wheel broken. Usually Bosch has good quality obviously - my leading Bosch the crusher done for years... - But something is bad this time. I have decided any to buy the appliances and the main tools of Amazon anymore. The turn of the main element is nightmare. Impossible to achieve Amazon.
5 / 5
He exactly that yours another 5 star that estimativas reviewers has declared. They are in accordance with one write the one who thought it could do with the hule goes solid overlaid the some wheels. Some the plastic wheels are has declared like this so only he tad too small & chooses up in the each swipe when a crusher is moved, which can be the small trying has an uneven surface purchased it down this crusher of my experience of the mine own Bosch fences in trimmer, more of course, all some five descriptions of launches on here. Like this Bosch the state is main purpose is shredding stir of tree, any shredding plants. It manages all launch in without work. Has wins it ravening for work. Deliberately it does not surpass you stir on 40mm in. Width, but does not doubt a Bosch limits of neighbours of 45mm., it Is fulfilled with aplomb. NOW, SECURITY! Bosch Recommends to spend ear mufflers & glasses. I consider it concealed 'the minimum'. IF it LIKES, has the chainsaw of the HELMET of FULL SECURITY of the user WITH DEFENDERS of EAR & of will AIM of TYPE, USES It! It can look the bit bobo, but when to diet of stirs by means of sometimes rotates, will not take to bad slap in a face of his fronds! A AXT 25 TC is the quite weighed piece of boxes, as I have been surprised that an engine of delivery has spent he of a backside of the his van estacionada in a street & has situated the only inside my walk! I have me advised takes to unpack it where has had to that the left the & then goes the his new house. Well Consulting, especially have for behind questions; but reason has not used the stock exchange trolley he, founds a lot of puzzling, to say a less! If a Crusher tries like this durable on to some years likes him the mine Bosch Cutter/of Stir of Albero of Fence, will be the happy client , in fact.
5 / 5
Has been using this in a garden for the while now. I have found that it is excellent for stir, but no like this well for the smallest / materials softer. The thinnest twigs are likely to spend entirely without being shredded. These thinner twigs have the tendency to block a start fallen and if any one cleared regularly will result in shredded material backing on and finally cause a car to take. Besides, whilst one 'hopper' has been drawn with stir in alcohols and is to help well to prevent plant too big to be gone through half of a crusher, found that a lot restrictive when trying shred the battery of twigs and brotas - smaller, lighter material - that has done a process quite frustrating, long and laborious.
5 / 5
I bougth this last year, and gave it heavy use - clearing to 1/4 plot almost entirely covered in brambles and overgrown shrubs. Has has has surpassed expectations - but the few points to advise for good results:
1. It does not leave fatter prunings ( cm) partorisca gone dry and woody first of shredding - like this this will do an a lot of harder work for a crusher and cause a leaf to go blunt more quickly.
2. I have dipped claves very thin by means of joint with the few fatter claves like this will help a crusher cut them more reliably (a bit those that the thin claves tend to rush by means of, cut so only in the pocolos places).
3. Deja stir with wet leaves to dry first of shredding (or a clog of crusher - can clear this easily, but is to disturb it .
4. If some fights of crusher with the fattest claves or presses him by means of leaving lengthwise, they the leaves can be take blunt - turn or the transmission. (One' leaf that is not a lot acute still can do WELL with the half thickness, green prunings, but fight or fail with fat claves , woody, and so only give thin claves the pocolos ran.)
5. When that Buys the leaf of substitution, be conscious that brotas that it is much more economic that some 'officials' leaves of substitution of Bosch can be of the thinnest metal, which can struggle more with some difficult (fat plus, woodier) claves, and the result blunts more quickly.
5 / 5
This unit is like this security-conscious that is essentially unusable. When he a outlet the falls is not quite big, behind like this material on and clogs a shredding zone, that causes the yard-was. Then it takes an age to unscrew an upper to leave one to clear a blockage. With which little more than the year a security cutout triggers after the pocolos second, with the car cleared and at all when be fed in. I see that another has had this question: still among that was quite lucky to have arrive while a unit was guaranteeed under a lot of has had a same failure recur.

Am going back the bonfires -- a manual of instruction will do the good firelighter.
4 / 5
Has bought a newer version of one 2200 reason had been a lot happy with an old a, now 10 years and has reconstructed fact three years but so only failed spectacularly and will not be repairable. Like this calm will not know like a model an old plus work if you have not used a before it will be pointless to compare a two. This characterises this new plus is a lot noisy and has the powerful cutting leaf, which hasten to add is sure of prying toes. He and fights with some materials. Any short twig well reason to the short twig can for-spend a leaf. 40mm I stir are cut fiercely but once one stirs has results quite short to fall horizontally to a cutting chamber can be taken under a leaf and jam a mechanism. It does not think a brota will last long because he rotates too fast and will take blunt quickly. I have used this for the week and a cutting leaf will owe that be changed punctual. He no run in reverse, which would have thought can unblock a wheel of cutter. Sad Bosch, but can not recommend this!
4 / 5
My recommended brother that takes this type of crusher and, in that researched that the furthest, this one looked to have some better descriptions and I spent state disappointed. Some flanges in our garden were quite overgrown when we have moved in and gradually has been trimming things behind to leave more level of earth that plants. This crusher there is enabled to compost/situate enormous quantities of materials that otherwise has been trailered to a tip like an immense time and saver of energy. If you have dipped too material soft in a hopper can block but is quite easy to clear and he revelation compared with an old fashionable crusher had been using for years. My only critique is that it can be prone to toppling on when they are by train of the movement around a garden like wheels is quite near near. A brilliant product in the another respect.
5 / 5
Can does not be missing a car, which looks robust, very drawn, easy to use, light enough to move around, and the just prize. But reason on the earth does not resupply the stock exchange to collect? I see that you can spend the a lot small crux that buys a pleasure the no very big-extra of quality, but is thoroughly uncomfortable without one, as one finalises fussing roughly extending out of discharges of plásticoes.
Is shredding young, thin, whippy the roots tend to take a lot the times thin shreds (perhaps are thumbs long) more than chip. I guess it concealed it is WELL.
5 / 5
Has bought this to substitute a Atco Calm Crusher that there is prendido finally do after around 14 years. On paper and because of advances in technology a Bosch would owe that be far better. As Disappointed are. To be just he shred but any as well as a Atco. A Atco self has fed to pull stir etc in, a hopper in a Bosch looks to prevent this. It is difficult to manouver and feels quite 'tippy'. A cube of plastic collection is difficult to take while a stock exchange in a Atco was simple and effective. Also appearance this will be the toneless point , calm can not use a crusher without a cube, there looks to be the magnetic transmission. Included some delivery the cord and his arrangements of storage are poor. Reason not using the boss of Hule more than a rigid pvc? I feign to neither modify some arrangements of storage of the boss or perhaps so only cut a boss and have the short row.
5 / 5
This has looked for to be like this a lot that has has ordered so only the second partorisca my sister-in-law the one who helped shred the mass of stir of our big tree this morning. It loves his gardening and has wanted to see that a lot a Bosch was. It has reduced some stir to the fine bed in in an hour without stressing to a car there is remarked at all. It is very powerful.

The better characteristic of a car, perhaps, averts of the his can, is some attractive of way some stir by means of still you, like this massively reducing an endeavour to press them. Directly-ish stir them were easier, of course, and any of the ours was more adds that roughly 30mm in diameter but his all is spent for with ease. When it has had a lot of leaves or of stir them smaller, more than the alone pole, has broken neither these was or pruned his with secateurs first, or pressed him simply by means of with a plastic paddle this comes with a car. This does really done and all the classes of bushy the material has spent so only for with ease.

All-in-all, was almost postponed for some some descriptions of star. Well - I does not know the spent in these chances but has based in this morning experience, ossia the one of truth in the first place-classify, car of garden very useful. Well fact Bosch!
4 / 5
Fantastic crusher. Originally it could not decide on yes to take the economic version or this. They are like this happy am spent the little more and has taken a Bosch. It is to add and manages like this well. We use it to us more weekends for roughly 3 to 4 hours the time and he does not struggle at all. He shred forest, the leaves and the material have wetted also. To good sure recommends to take this without the doubt. It saves so much space in some cubes and in the hips use a bed to bark a garden!
5 / 5
In almost £400 this is not the economic bit of boxes but much more economic that opts of essence. Annoyingly, Likes very other descriptions have read, is to come broken. A harm was the piece of plastic snapped of these helps maintain an orderly boss but could not be annoyed the sending behind as it has not affected a workings of a car. It would blame a costruttore thus this in spite of more than a vendor or courier like this among the Bosch box of map without cushioning at all and is the heavy piece of boxes.... It would owe that have at least some protect for traffic. A schemes is not an easy plus to manoeuvre with two plastic wheels small and is upper has weighed. If it wobbles lateralmente near when you come from the wheel he. On to a positive bit, is excellent in his work. It has taken roughly 4 hours to create 4 x stock exchanges of tonne of forest chippings for bed. If it love the chipper for stir 1cm upto 4cm then ossia for you. If you want crusher for the material the small plus then forgets it, can not manage material smaller and certainly very a lot well with leafy material. More to use when any leaf in some stir.
4 / 5
Felled The tree and dip the majority of him (except a big, fashion to shoot split them records go down of some stir main) by means of of the this. Also dipped roughly 10 cubic metres of fence by means of him.

He the work adds of chomping by means of metres of stir, pulling them in and in those cut the down to at all.

Takes to plot of tendiente. Included a big agricultural chippers take the fair has bitten of tendiente. As no attended to clear on the felled tree in 20 minutes, or like an aside more is doing, likes hedgetrimming. It thinks more like this of the hours or the day, so only for a shredding.

BUT, with some work, will turn the good small garden of stir to the pocolas a lot of smaller battery of woodchips.

Fights with the wettest materials, likes shrubs a lot leafy and stir upper. But it is quell'has bitten strategic, maintaining some stir woodier around, can the feed in with which a leafy material, and will clear .

Hardly ever jams, unless you are really that presses that it can return his.

A mechanism that car of emphasis (where so only presionarlo @@@knob still stress he) is quite fresh. Be sure any for presionar a @@@knob bad when gathering this in spite of, or will squander some of a mark of the calm new leaves grieves to direct it on.

Dare in importing that buying the trailer and taking some stir to the consultor of dump could be more suitable for you. It depends in that precise, and likes to love work, I supposition.
5 / 5
There there is probably the type of twig that these bosses of what. If has these twigs of the unicorn then the suspect will love this car. If, I like him, of yours stir and the twigs are to differ dimensions, goes to achieve probably a following:

- requires the net was once each few stir
- require you to ray in rear near, with the mechanism that regularly takes blocked for calm sawdust as soon as you plough it on
- chunders to the stop with stir them he dense plus that marshmallow
- will last, in my experience, 4-5 hours before some burns of engine was totally and calm has to that take avert and the estaca has retreated

Now am not saying he no shred some types of stir, but has this real skill to touch that it shaves to the bark was and clogging a quite small start hole. You will remark the gradual reduction in start, and finally he spit sawdust behind in your face. Cela, ladies and gentlemen, is when it calms would be necessary transmission was and is spent 5 minutes unclogging. You take the class of 1/2 proportion to clean to run time, like being prepared to dip averts 50 times more than calm usually .

Oh, A last what, the good regime that takes some wheels on.
5 / 5
Far more expensive that more crushers, but works extremely well, efficiently and quietly. It is the boon when being self diet , and no longer has to that maintain pressing material down. Any jam have on, up to now, although once whilst shredding trre stir, has required help to press down some leave concealed has refused to do by means of. Mina, he wheels much easier fully dipped on, that when it is blocked down partorisca stowage, when it tends to wobble to plot. An only reason the marked that down, is, for a prize is paying, reason is not some wheels have done of metal? Ossia The very heavy unit , and when my order has arrived , one of some wheels have been broken to bit. All regulate to Amazon, the substitution has arrived interior two days. But I am concerned that with which the fair has bitten of use, some the plastic wheels will begin to break, because of a weight of unit. The time will say
4 / 5
is enough to crusher well but has left down for enough the yard believed-was mechanism. A coverage to some leaves are resisted in the place for the @plastic of @@knob has attached to the threaded ray. These rays to the die to receive with the transmission to trip so that when a ray is screwed in tight a unit can be changed on. This in spite of in my car, after any a lot of use, a die / of ray is past result so that a ray no longer involves and pode any ray in enough of tight to actuate a transmission of travesía. This means a unit will not turn on. I can be able to fix this for king-that cut an edge in a die but his not going to be easy. A really simple idea that it would be necessary he well but some materials have used possibly bit it too economic - would have to that be the hardest steel or something. Disappointing.
5 / 5
Crusher Very powerful. It has to that it weaves of hedging and trees in my garden, like this often require to shred big quantities of waste of woody garden to do one the majority of my green recycle cubes or law of product for composting. That once would take me the whole day to shred now takes so only the pair of hours. This car is the enormous time -saver. It is easy to use and once a cube is full, is easy to empty. A crusher is easy the broken to the battery of stir and cuttings still shredding, then behind to a backside of my cochera when I am finalised with him.

My only real flu is that it is hard to say when a cube is full to the equal that can finalise with the battery of shredded the forest that the falls was when you takes a too full cube. This in spite of, ossia the subject smaller and certainly would recommend this crusher of garden.
5 / 5
Has required to shred the big quantity of waste of garden. This is not a car for the do. He no shred, so only chews. He jams often and precise emptying frequently because of a imperfectly shredded the material that backs until some cutters.
4 / 5
Has lived with to the crusher has bought of Homebase partorisca roughly 20 years, bought for £140, so only like this one. An old a constantly jammed and was impossible to maintain clear, both ends of his gut. It was also slow, has left some stir by means of unscathed, and in better has left another cut but has connected still.

That he revelation this Bosch to crusher this! It is quickly, really quickly, and pulverised dipped down to a consistency of the crusher of paper of yard of cross, something an old a has not done never.

Has has finalised so only shredding some stir of following:

A big Buddlea
One very big Mahonia, cut well for behind
Chamaecyparis cuttings
Two fruiting trees, to cherry to flower and the apple of crab, taking was 2m of growth of his last hard plum in 3m height.
Yew Stir.
A stagshorn sumach, cut well behind.

A crusher has the data endures everything of of the this, finally jamming in a yew, but this is to be solve to turn the @@@knob and that take a whole cup and front, that exposes a jammed on needles, which has taken the minute to paintbrush was.

After all this, a brota still is that short keenly. I have listened these leaves blunt easily, but there is at all like this far, and ossia my big shred of a year. If a leaf blunts, so only the revoke, or try the stressing. A new some costs among £20-30. I think a a pointed in a container is bad, for a way, a correct one is more rectangular with four has stressed flanges, he so that has two cutting shots for revolution.

A lot of niggles? Well, has some five variants of one 2200, all requiring different leaves, in a Bosch put. There look to be two disjoiht put to register your guarantee. And finally, an on/was the mechanism is one the majority of odd has not seen never, and a lot always laws; if ossia the failure , can require return the.

But, compares this with a cost of huring any to fo the, or the skip, and he more than paying his way.

Ossia That? More buy, for a way.

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5 / 5
Well produced but the containers arrive troué, box entirely dépareillé and truth a lot of Bandage.

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4 / 5
He exactly as it says in a box to good sure need two people to dip near
4 / 5
Ossia the duty of half a lot of chipper.
A wheelbase mean can take he by means of the access the small plus but is upper weighed and are wary when towing with my quad because my earth is uneven.
Would like me be able to extend a wheelbase and probably will modify it to do it more stable that return my needs.
5 / 5
Sturdy Schemes well initiates built, easy and access everything around
4 / 5
Robust powerful car. He a good work and there is rid quickly. It would owe that last the long time.
4 / 5
Has bought this to substitute the small plus that age a lot Hyundai chipper this was a lot of to the toil likes has maintained jamming and a lot slow in accusing. It was one with the small falls for some stir and on another for a material of paintbrush. It was the little sceptical roughly ordering this so that has has has limited descriptions and of the video in a coverage. Well a Hyundai has arrived a next day and was easy to gather and after fill with the oil has on shot almost immediately and would be was to do a following day. WOW, it Is roughly 5-10 fast times that his predecessor and an enormous battery of cuttings has taken the a lot of 28 minutes to clear and chopped his way by means of the variety of products and never took jammed and was able to launch a material some distance. I have then used a following day and was again surprised and very impressed with an action and consumption of fuel. Thoroughly it would recommend any with the big garden or looking in shredding in the commercial stairs.