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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 5 ratings
5 / 5
Has-liked me a work and has bought he partorisca my personnel that listens to like
5 / 5
So that they love this work (taste ), of the new register goes partorisca be always a thrilling chance. The Thais is perhaps Massenet the majority of ravishingly beautiful work, but in has composed two of his the majority of defiant functions - Thai, which requires the gorgeous lyric plenary/pushed soprano voice, with upper Ds, trills, frequent excursions the voices of @@@cofre, and one adds finesse in shaping the vocal line - and Athanael, to wide variable function of baritone, also requiring add timbral beauty and nuance, but alternating with significant heft in his frequent frenzied explosions. Both work also require attractive singers with considerable acting capacities a history is to convince at all.

This is not the bad register exactly, but that considers that Renacida Fleming and Thomas Hampson has registered he in his primes behind in 1997, there there is so only any way any of some goodnesses can compete here, any interpretatively or vocally. To take an example of one of a exacting the requirements have mentioned on - of the famous big D is emitted of Thai' mirror air, and then in an end, a short C and Ds exits no like this properly note operatic sustained, but squeeked straight tones... To a discharge that is class of impressive that Chandos has released these notes of an alive register without patching them. I do not want to be too cruel in listing another failings, like this ossia in an absolute the majority of difficult category of vocal writing, but there is abundance other works that this fine mould could sing superbly well. And there is the plot that is very very sung here, is so only that in some moments of exaltation more order, where Massenet requires something miraculous, so only is not never quite rid...
5 / 5
A good-looking selection for the late soprano. A lot of goodbye, Erin Mur... It sings now in Heaven like calm here on Tierra.
4 / 5
'Thai' is one of Massenet' the finest works, with his usual fashion for sense and orchestral colour of dramatic balance, and here, everything in this register is captivating. Some two goodnesses have voices that is in his point for this material, and both give his much more (which is saying the plot, of Erin Mur and Joshua Hopkins is singers of glorious work the one who consistently underlines any production is in). Sometimes actions of the works of Massenet can look superficial and slick, but in this register there is genuine emotional heft in writing. A whole mould is excellent, and Gentleman Andrew Davis pacing of a work always finds one something sweet. An Orchestra of Symphony of Toronto, one all too underrated near, tries that it can be with one much more. Toronto Mendelssohn the heart is glorious. Beside a Fleming/Hampson register, ossia a way to go with 'Thai.'
5 / 5
Wonderful mould, manager and excellent orchestra. A sound has registered is very vibrant.

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 7 ratings
5 / 5
It had been looking and while partorisca the esolo' recordiing of Ramon in a lot of years. My first introduction to this voice of wine of wonderful tenor, all these years done, in the CD of Musicals mainly comprising History lateralmente West. It was attacked immediately for a quality and bell. Ramon has found flange later in the Mozartian acts - but at all more could finds. I have lost perhaps something - has lost like this was.

Imagines my pleasant surprise when suddenly United Kingdom of Amazon has spent this album of work arias my attention- I experience without takes! They like him all the Mexicans and singers of Latin America a warm differential bell rich is there. Control out of an air'and the usual history...' Especially but all the clues are recommended highly.
4 / 5
Loin of the overexposure mediática give ténors of comparable notoriety, Ramon Vargas spends this in spite of has joined that shines career, the pair has demanded his theatres and his more prestigious institutions : Festival of Salzburgo, Stairs, Covent Garden, Wiener Staatsoper, PRAISE, Work of Parigi, ...
His functions to the sud to the equal that sustains his career rappèlent those of a Pavarotti or of a Gedda, of then like this last is appreciated particularly in Greens or Puccini ( Riccardo , lucido Duque of Mantua, Rodolfo, ...) But also in Lucido repertoire mozartien (of the that interprets his functions of Idoménée, of Tamino or of Gentleman Ottavio) and he he the bel Sings that he the a lot of practised at the beginning of his career, first of his very run voice more, with Rossini, Donizetti and Bellini. The glorious edges éclectisme leaves partorisca face equally his French repertoires (Werther, Faust, Hofmann) and Russian (Eugene Oneguin).
His musical Formation, that debuted in Messico afterwards consolidates to the Work of state of Vienna, is not in good sure foreigner to the impressive variety of repertoire of edges, he éclectisme that is to join tradition strongly anchored in this establishment.
Some present looks partorisca do evolve his verse of career gives the functions a bit heavier, facing Gentleman Carlos (in French and in Italian), Cavaradossi, without this in spite of goes until the works of “spintos”, Radames or Calaf example of pair, that any correspondent to his half essentially lyric.

Ramon Vargas possesses the Mediterranean voice “has joined”, to the hot bell and ensoleillé, powerful and homogène to the sud the together of widespread edges, especially in records the tomb and médium that is of the good-looking sonority has joined. His treble, projected with a lot of resplandor and of value, coto plenitud, rondeur and quality of bell. But He ténor practical also the Art of the nuance, any that gives any impression of monolithisme in the work of his half, variant his games of intensities partorisca dip to the service of the expression, that does not fall never neither in the mièvrerie, neither in the histrionisme.

Like this in Puccini or in his Airs “véristes” of this register, the flange of edges is dépourvu give “scories” that finds sometimes in another ténors: no of sanglots or of overburdens expressive in Ramon Vargas, but a sincere commitment, joins dramatic intensity that has spent lucido text and the music without investigation of effects.

In Greens, gathers Gives essential qualities : the power of the phrasé, he maitrise give nuances, controls of the ”the vocal”impact, with the work to good escient partorisca be able to joined that the pair elsewhere does not look never outrepasser his vocal possibilities of the singer.

Ramon Vargas shows also all the talent of edges in lucido French repertoire (Werther, Faust), where to elegance of the phrasé, his half-dyed and the value ( a “ Salvation, purple chaste and pure ”, has concluded the full voice, to the way of a Björling, clue of a progressive turn to the nuance pianissimo) accompanies of the pronunciation has joined to good satisfactory insurance.

Give limit that Exists sure enough, but when he ténor the class gives work that is his truth siens. “Any sleep”, sung here like says-same (in interviews he that enciphers with lucido disk), games partorisca do like, lack of the resplandor solar that (so only?) It has known And place Pavarotti. But Ramon Vargas, elder today of 54 years, spends his career of way a lot of lucide, humble in some type, averting his works that any correspondent to his half, those leaves partorisca conserve give vocal qualities that maintains entirely the plan of prime minister among his ténors.

To the Program of this CD, one 'perception' so only of repertoire of edges! :
Puccini : Escondita Harmony', 'And lucevan he stars' (Tosca)
'Any sleep' (Turandot)
Ponchielli : 'Heaven and sea' (Gioconda)
Cilea : 'And he usual history of the shepherd' (The arlesiana)
Green : 'Or hell! Amelia that!….Heaven pietoso' (Simon Boccanegra)
'Night!….It perpetuates night' (I planned Foscari)
Boïto : 'Of the fields, of the meadows', 'Arrived the sud spends extreme' (Mefistofele)
Gounod : esalut, purple chaste and pure' (Faust)
Massenet : esason wake me' (Werther)
Berlioz : 'the immense character' (He Damnation of Faust)
4 / 5
This recital of studio ( 2012 ), to alternate give airs of Italians and French composers, without idea very clear-cut. The Best ( the 2 Greens, Cilea and Ponchielli ) bordee pause ( Gounod and Massenet ). It would have loved a better program built with giving the less air registered ( the assistance has lived fearsome ! ). The voice of R. VARGAS any lacking quality but the composition give work them resembles time of rodeo.
5 / 5
4 / 5
Ramon Vargas is without the doubt one of mine the majority of favourite tenors in a phase today and has been paralizaciones almost two decades. I that the point to add each emission has registered new for him my collection and has not been never disappointed in that I listens. It has treated some arias like this superbly that finds other tenors to be so less than satisfying after having Vargas' interpretation partorisca enjoy. This emission more recent, this in spite of, does not illustrate a hallmarks of his art simply reason some selections are, for one the majority of part, out of his fach. Extracted here with finesse, clears to comprise of a text, communicative expression, etc. But a repertory is not appropriate to the his sweet, essentially lyric tenor. While admirably it sings some selections of Mefistofele, The arlesiana, Foscari and Turandot, has one that feels that it is doing far to hard to produce some results. There is not any ease to a flange, any genuine heft or pushed has pressed. It takes a point by means of for volume in place of the pointed expressive vowel technician. In some arias where could take the phase more piano (the Coarse selections, Turandot, Simon Boccanegra) appealed to sheer volume and pressed to do an effect. In another hand, has found a Werther piece Vargas more looked that I want to. Excellent phrasing and the dynamic differential during a piece exhibits his considerable talent. In general the good disk to listen but any this instills in me the desire to listen in some functions in a house of work.
5 / 5
Any 'pet' singer of good old grannies the one who have eyes so only in some youngsters and of the appeals, one the Mexican tenor adds Ramon Vargas is the living vocal miracle in one was when the trade of the producers looks for voices, trade for art in his productions of work.
Vargas, for one, has not been underrated, thank God.
He sung in of the upper houses for more than 1.5 decades, in of the big houses for almost 3. It concealed a lot in fact it achieves estardom' to spend yielding it imposiciones in these houses has to that to a large extent to changed (and a bit depraved) flavours of some audiences.
Vargas is the true artist ; it sings elegantly, work impeccably in a possible dramatic flavour better.
Hate an operatic defender of the mine the one who waste to 'listen' to Vargas simply reasons is not like this a lot looking Vittorio. Ossia sheer insanity This has confused to listen with looking.
And although you look, M. Vargas is always dramatically alerts on phase and true work to some characters portray.
Am listening to his prime minister Donizetti album together with this the majority of emission of only recent. An empty of the time is a lot of-nigh two decades, this in spite of listen a lot of pocolos, if at all, 'decrease' vocal in this start last.
Which can ossia himself this man is not the living vocal miracle?
In this album last, Vargas sings Greens like this Green seldom is sung when be - in the true bel sings way.
I under no circumstances belittle one adds Italian Verdian to to tenors like Corelli, of Monk, if I give each one that like this of of them the album of him so only would bet that I can not listen to a whole CD in a goes. A lot he like this paralización Vargas. There is something like this purely musical and moving in his flange that you simply does not love paralización.
Shabby Vargas' exited - is all the value for money, sure. Calm will not be disappointed, if the be Mozart, Green, Gounod, Massenet, Bizet, Donizetti, Bellini, Rossini, Puccini...
In short, one the majority of versatile 'all avert' tenor, that follows a footsteps of the Nicolai Gedda and Francisco Araiza.
4 / 5
Vargas' phase and early registers the actions have excited, but actions more recent has been bland. As it has not expected such the register refinado and this level of expresion and nuance. Bravo Ramón!

Top Customer Reviews: Massenet: Don ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 8 ratings
5 / 5
With this subject, everything of some works in a cannon accepted of the works of Massenet have been registered except 'Baco'  and has included that has been due to still to be treaty in July 2020 until a Covid the crisis has directed his annulment. ( 'The Glorious'or a lot' can not be registered like the orchestral parts are missing. 'Panurge' And 'Ariane' has not been registered commercially but can be obtained on CD of web of places of specialist and also listened on Youtube. )

'The gentleman Ceases of Bazan' was Massenet' first work of full period and was generally very received in his first action in 1872 but is so only state announces thirteen nights. Some the orchestral parts have been lost in the fire in an Exit them Favart in 1887 and Massenet has reconstructed a work a following year. Some worries of the gentleman of history Ceases the one who is condemned to be hanged to have struggled the duel in Saint Week to save the boy, Lazarille, of a brutality of the military captain. Ladies Cesar is visited in prison for Gentleman Jose of Santarem the one who is enamoured with a Queen. She, this in spite of, will not take the lover unless a King can be tried has been unfaithful his. A King is enamoured with a singer callejero beautiful Maritana but can not approach his been due to his decrease of social canal. The plan of Gentleman Jose is to marry Maritana to the gentleman Ceases a first hour of his execution. Now that it is the countess, a king will be able to do advances to the his and, when a Queen results conscious of the infidelity of a King, Gentleman Jose will be free to take like his lover. All the classes of complications ensue when he transpires that Lazarille has takes some balls of some muskets that was to be used in the execution of Ladies Cesar but some finals of history felizmente for all except Ladies Jose.

To the equal that would expect of the work written for a Work-Comic, 'the gentleman Ceases of Bazan' is not by means of has composed. Some the diverse musical numbers are separated for the dialogue spoken, has ignored here. Although a booklet that comes with some disks alleges that a work 'already refects Massenet' characteristic mature fashion' this is in the quite superficial level.  There is the just quantity of 'local colour', some of a music that looks forward to a music of famous ballet of 'Lucido Cid'. A 'Jota Aragonese' is quoted in a signal ( CD 1 Clues 3, 59 dry ). A 'Entr'law Sevillana'  in a start of Law 3 has been registered for Richard Bonyge a lot of years and is the point underlined although it is even more effective in the version for coloratura soprano and orchestra. ( It listens to Sumí Jo on Youtube. ) You will listen vanamente, this in spite of, for an add sweeping melodies that was to surface in the next work of Massenet, 'Lucido Rey of Lahore', in the first place produced in a Work in 1877. It can have the few suggestions of Massenet is characteristically melodic way has flowed, for example in a recurring melody, in the first place listened like the alone of horn in an inaugural but, in general, 'the gentleman Ceases of Bazan' is the world-wide out of soyluego', 'Thai' or 'Werther'. 

Am not sure if this action is totally complete of then James Harding in his biography of Massenet mentions a 'air of ballet', also used in a escenes Picturesque', which is not comprised here. Ossia The harm how is the memorable tune.  

Ossia The good action . It is reasonably very sung although Thomas Bettinger so that Rey Charles touches pulled for a big tessitura of his part and can not produce a honeyed tones of a lyric tenor some French, the create which is now, sadly, almost extinct. His introductory air ( CD 1, Follows 3 ) disappoints like this done his Cavatina of Law 3 ( CD 2, Follows 3 ). Another principals also is bent to sacrifice legated phrasing in an altar of characterisation. Elsa Dreisig like this Maritana is excellent, this in spite of, and his mellifluous duet with Marion Lebegue ( like Lazarille ) is the point underlined  ( CD 2, Follows 7 ) how is Lebegue is rendition of a lovely Berceuse ( CD 1, Follows 8 ) although, ideally, the plus bequeathed the approximation would have been preferable. Other points have underlined to comprise the solo of the gentleman Ceases in an end of a scene of pair ( CD 1, Follows 11 ) ( the restarted of a melody of horn of an inaugural ), Maritana Idyll ( CD 2, Follows 2 ) and a duet for Maritana and the gentleman Ceases in an end of Law 3 ( CD 2, Follows 5 ).  Although calm so only has to that listen to registers of comic of work of a @@@1950s to listen that I fail here, this action has abundance of life ( so much an orchestra and a heart are in his toes throughout ) and 'the gentleman Ceases of Bazan', which had not been treated for almost the century when it has been revived in 2016, will be required listening take all the defenders of the composer whose extraordinary and vital character has last state has recognised.

A lot of libretto is resupplied. Instead, an action of a work is described, clue for clue.
5 / 5
Thinks that this 20 works of Massenet available on CD or vinyl, and have all 20. Gentleman Cezar is full of vitality in the splendid register, in my opinion. If so only Naxos had comprised an English translation of a libretto! Ah Well, we have to be appreciated so that has, as in all more in life. They are Massenet to the sure maniacs likes them-will have bought me already this. Thoroughly Recommended!
4 / 5
A lot well listen the first adventure of Massenet operates it, and a praise one in that. A altogether the delicious records; well sung and has touched; his well. CDs Arrived to the equal that has planned; excellent service.
4 / 5
Wins' know this - but like to him the French work give tries it he so that it is tuneful, a lot of orchestrated and superbly treaty and has registered!
5 / 5
If you are the Massenet enthusiastic , or in fact lover of French work in general, does not lose this together.
A prompt, and thinks in big leaves work ignored, full of the tunes add, a Sevilliana Entr'do that it opens disk 2 was an only thing of a work that was already mine familiarised.
Ossia The spirited action under Romano, with launched and the mine orchestra ignored, another that Laurent very experienced Naouri the one who sings a function of title. Some of a flange is not world-wide class, but that hardly subjects in the work that is like this easy to listen too much.
An action, which comprises is based to the production staged recent has been very taken in his excellent for Naxos.
Ossia Still another enterprising emission of this company, and is a lot well value a modest prize.
4 / 5
Lucida Felicidad to discover the work joined of the that In has not known that some have extracted, always was him.
Does genial, the partition of pair joined has to do good-looking flown fault give interpreters of those who has resulted lucido the evident pleasure and that are to join quality very big, to start with pair Laurent NAOURI, the all in respect of the alcohol of the work all contributing the modern light joined in him phrasé. It joins attainment and a happiness!!!
5 / 5
A seriousness bémol to this parution that satisfies this in spite of join lacune : sure enough no longer it is admissible of days of knots to suppress his récitatifs spoken !! The same crew there was already évi' likewise with 'The Siren' of Auber ! Every time it treats of redécouvertes absolute of the never has touched works before. It joins Part of the alcohol of these works spends pair these récitatifs ! It amputates them it creates of the Pure disparate : in économise a CD ? It would amputate it His récitatifs of Carmen, Manon, The Daughter of the Régiment, To Hélène Good-looking, big-duke of Gerolstein, Mignon, Lakmé, He Postillon of Lonjumeau, Medea (Querubines) ... ? Of the happy Widower, Paid of the smile .... It touches to convince the author of this piètre initiative, fail- the cast ?
4 / 5
Jules Massenet was the composer of French work of entity of a 19th century and prompt 20th century. A favourite with an audience but more the critics were lukewarm. It has Had the fashion that was elegant. His precise music of the managers and of the strong singer to do his Works come alive. His works have covered all the forms of musical fashions that has been used during his lifetime.
Dead to Cease of the Gentleman Bazan was his first work of entity. It has aimed a promise of the brilliant future in a world of Work. It is a lot of fact and some singers give it his everything. Reason was an early work , gave it to 4 indication of star. Naxos Has done the fine work. This company is registering operettas and scarce works. Maintaining have an occasion to listen works that we so only read roughly in of the books.
If you are the defender of Jules Massenet, ossia the must has in your collection of Work. The I has the majority of his works on CD. It was the composer adds that it would have to that be honored more. Some houses of the work of entity would owe that treat more than just a level two or three ossia breakings of some visas of regular works around a world. Massenet has composed in the variety of fashions that requires to listen more.

Top Customer Reviews: Beniamino Gigli - ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 4 ratings
4 / 5
My father was a die of the work and his favourite tenor was Gigli. For this have on grown with him and he can be biased but in my opinion was sure arias his voice was like this the sweet has done cry - he both of us.
Has the little of the his 78s a duquel has done in Inghilterra with the full heart. This was a second register of Any Sleep that has purchased, a prime minister a be for Jussi Bjorling (sad ossia misspelt)

This disk is is not quite old to having listened, calm promise that you are in still the air is is one of one all the time greats.
4 / 5
On some years have listened Gigli, of course. He a bit those that the years have looked for to take the character air and the partner has copied some clues of Gigli and has expected has helped. He , but has lost a disk. His funerals was, sadly, has resisted recently and Gigli has been touched. It was beautiful, for this this compraventa.
4 / 5
To good sure a voice more orders never! This voice, the god given , is that of some angels-unsurpassed.
4 / 5
This the fact of good register. Gigli Is some the utmost tenors whose voices this in spite of powerful could be like this lyrical and sweet like an Irish tenor. The Blessed was for the listen so only in of the registers.

Top Customer Reviews: Natalie Dessay - ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 3 ratings
5 / 5
Natalie Dessay in this continuous album the delight and surprised for his glorious action of operatic French arias. An apparent ease with that execute
some of one the majority of difficult and complexes coloratura the passages conceals of the rigorous
deep to coach and discipline which is a foundation of his art. His rendition of some of one has treated seldom works of Massenet, Offenbach, Thomas, Boiseldieu and Rossini is the refreshing addition to an operatic rule
repertoire. I recommend this wholehearted album to all the one who have no closings
the result familiarised with this unmatchable virtuoso.
4 / 5
Is that it always says! Five star with this singer! Dessay HAS the glorious voice! I have discovered the few years , when a National Radio has touched one of his records his old plus. Like this intrigued was I for a quality of his voice that could not resist and call them until asking a name of a singer. I have not had any idea the one who is! I have been and it has bought a record. I have bought all his records. They are always while to the new CD to the equal that can listen his art. Recently, it was partorisca dread that no more Dessay would come to a phase, as partorisca speak! A question in his vocal agreements and an operation owe that the experience left with an impression that has gone an end! It was the Grenoble Airport, that imports my subject own, and has bought the magazine of classical music. Marvel of marvels, there is! A page forward! A big smile in his beautiful face and an informative. The with thrilling expected for a new CD and was first in row LOL! I confess! It was reason further nervous until taking house! But then, all the fears have been swept was! A voice is unblemished! It is perfect! An ease with some big notes, an impression that is like this easy to sing like this (perhaps could do one same lol). While I listen to the his I are dumbfounded. You can do he for hours. Sometimes that it remain in an air on and on. It does not take never it hold. All a arias is glorious, of course. One can so only profit of the French singer. My point of view is that it is included better that before, but that usually spends to all the singers when they move on with life. They know more, the better law, and is no longer boys. Crown Dessay, partorisca all that well, is exited the winner in this subject. So only it can be the good person . Tip in his voice. Have to that be, in general, happy! So only that the way can in peace partorisca import to sentence some to the melodic lines likes them to them the fact. Calm like this record. It is not partorisca like 'here is my good-looking voice , listen his trace and down!' This is music! Has one. It is mine . Taking yours :-)!
4 / 5
Natalie Dessay In this continuous album the delight and surprised for his glorious action of operatic French arias. An apparent ease with that execute
some of one the majority of difficult and complexes coloratura the passages conceals of the rigorous
deep to coach and discipline which is a foundation of his art. His rendition of some of one has treated seldom works of Massenet, Offenbach, Thomas, Boiseldieu and Rossini is the refreshing addition to an operatic rule
repertoire. I recommend this wholehearted album to all the one who have no closings
the result familiarised with this unmatchable virtuoso.

Top Customer Reviews: Caruso, Gigli & ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 2 ratings
5 / 5
Enjoyed a lot. The good value and all some songs were utmost. Behind the background memories have spent. It advise any partorisca buy this element
4 / 5
is lovely to listen this prompt register, particularly of Caruso. It is possible to listen a remarkable quality of Caruso voice, which is previously underlying state for too hiss and crackle.