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1 first Fire TV Stick 4K Max | streaming device, Wi-Fi 6, Alexa Voice Remote (includes TV controls) Fire TV Stick 4K Max | streaming device, Wi-Fi 6, Alexa Voice Remote (includes TV controls) Amazon
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2 Fire TV Stick Lite with Alexa Voice Remote Lite (no TV controls) | HD streaming device Fire TV Stick Lite with Alexa Voice Remote Lite (no TV controls) | HD streaming device Amazon
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3 best Google Chromecast - Cast to your TV in HD, Android Streaming Stick - Stream YouTube, Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime and So Much More on your TV Google Chromecast - Cast to your TV in HD, Android Streaming Stick - Stream YouTube, Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime and So Much More on your TV Google
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4 Fire TV Stick 4K Max International Version | streaming device, Wi-Fi 6, Alexa Voice Remote Fire TV Stick 4K Max International Version | streaming device, Wi-Fi 6, Alexa Voice Remote Amazon
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5 STRONG Leap-S1 Smart Box Android TV Streaming Media Player, 4K Ultra HD Streaming Device with Google Voice Assistant, Built-In Netflix Disney+ Prime Video, WiFi 5 with Bluetooth 4.2 STRONG Leap-S1 Smart Box Android TV Streaming Media Player, 4K Ultra HD Streaming Device with Google Voice Assistant, Built-In Netflix Disney+ Prime Video, WiFi 5 with Bluetooth 4.2 Strong
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6 Android 10.0 TV Box, 4GB RAM 64GB ROM Allwinner H616 Quad-Core 64-bit ARM Cortex-A53 Android Box with 2.4GHz/5.0GHz WiFi 10/100M Ethernet, Support H.265/3D/6K Ultra HD/BT 5.0/HDMI 2.0 Smart TV Box Android 10.0 TV Box, 4GB RAM 64GB ROM Allwinner H616 Quad-Core 64-bit ARM Cortex-A53 Android Box with 2.4GHz/5.0GHz WiFi 10/100M Ethernet, Support H.265/3D/6K Ultra HD/BT 5.0/HDMI 2.0 Smart TV Box Adikao
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7 Android 10.0 TV Box,X96 Mini 2021 Upgraded Version X96Q 2GB RAM 16GB ROM Smart TV Box Allwinner H313 Quad Core Support 4K 3D Set Top Box X96 Mini Wifi Home Media Player Android 10.0 TV Box,X96 Mini 2021 Upgraded Version X96Q 2GB RAM 16GB ROM Smart TV Box Allwinner H313 Quad Core Support 4K 3D Set Top Box X96 Mini Wifi Home Media Player Zedo
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8 Wireless HDMI Display Adapter for Streaming | 4k Transmitter and Receiver, Streaming Client Compatible with Chromecast, for i-Phone/iPad/Android/iOS/Windows/PC to HD TV/Monitor/Projector Wireless HDMI Display Adapter for Streaming | 4k Transmitter and Receiver, Streaming Client Compatible with Chromecast, for i-Phone/iPad/Android/iOS/Windows/PC to HD TV/Monitor/Projector 27 Elements
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9 GT King Android 9.0 TV Box Bee-link 4GB/64GB Amlogic S922X WIFI 6 Core Voice Remote control 4K UHD USB3.0 HDMI 2.1 HDCP 2.2 SPDIF AV interface with BT4.1 WiFi 2.4+5.8GHz GT King Android 9.0 TV Box Bee-link 4GB/64GB Amlogic S922X WIFI 6 Core Voice Remote control 4K UHD USB3.0 HDMI 2.1 HDCP 2.2 SPDIF AV interface with BT4.1 WiFi 2.4+5.8GHz Zedo
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10 Android 9.0 TV Box, TUREWELL Android Box RK3318 Quad-core 2GB RAM 16GB ROM Support Dual WiFi 2.4GHz/5GHz/3D/4K/H.265 Smart TV Box Android 9.0 TV Box, TUREWELL Android Box RK3318 Quad-core 2GB RAM 16GB ROM Support Dual WiFi 2.4GHz/5GHz/3D/4K/H.265 Smart TV Box TUREWELL
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Top Customer Reviews: Fire TV Stick 4K ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 8 ratings
4 / 5
Have Almost has had all the versions of claves of television of the Fire except a Cube. After having them has used calm so only take used to his papers and interface and cant be annoyed to learn when you buy the new TV is so only covers one of these in.
Which there is remarked is the clave of television of the Fire always will be stuck in an Android of underlying base INCLUDED same version although a frontend actions a same skin. Few Examples:
Clave of television of the Fire - 2nd Gene (2016-2019) - Shoot you 5 (Android 5.1)
television of Fire - 3rd Gene (2017) - Shoot you 6 (Android 7.1)
FireTV Clave 4K (2018) - Shoot you 6 (Android 7.1)
Clave of television of the Fire Lite - 1st Gene (2020)- Shoot you 7 (Android 9)
FireTV Clave 4K Max (2021) - Shoot you 7 (Android 9)

To the equal that can see from above list FireTV Clave 4K was foreseen for a upgrade. The versions of new android will resupply better 3rd application of party sustains. For example I have used application of mouse that left to use a TV of far Fire to move cursor around a screen to keys of click. This left to use several android APK is not drawn to Shoot you interface (Hik-connect, ready control, CCTV, applications). Any to mention newer is faster also.

Has Portal of Facebook that also careers in bases of android YOU and I always found his a lot of faster interface and responsive that all a leading Fire claves of television. You Clicas in Netflix application and inside an instant is in, something I never experienced in a pre-2020 TV of Claves of Fire. A new FireTV clave 4K Max is to good sure nippier when moving around some papers.

Fund and profits of television to Shoot you and interface of applicable user to all the ecosystem of television of the Fire:
I originally bought to an ecosystem of Google to a point where has refused to buy anything with Alexa in likes a bell of Coverage. We are then be to resupply with the FireTV clave with the connection of television of new Heaven in our house vacacional in Indian. I dipped it/ I dipped It on so only for a sake of him and has fallen enamoured with him. I will list some of his profits,

1. Nizza sized Far, sustains full functions, comprising Alexa with the key (Alexa is not listening all a time)
2. The far controller controls a TV is on/has been with selection of source and control of volume with a built in infrared.
3. An interface is zappy, intuitive and simple.
4. State using for years, never seen the lag incident or reason further.
5. Better that the ready interface of your TV. (I own/has possessed 4K - Samsung, LG, Toshiba, Odder/ Sony the TV of Android is)
6. The supports to several applications likes them the amazon Of first Video, Netflix, the Informative heaven, etc., In 4K and more can be downloaded of built in tent.
7. Based was android to the equal that can side-upload diverse unsupported applications also,
one. Utilisation Hik-Connect to see all mine 4K Hikvision the widespread cameras by means of two countries.
b. Utilisation Synology IN THE APPLICATIONS - DS Video, DS Photos to see my personal video and library of photo.
c. Applications of television of installed IP, concealed to leave you to see 1000 is canals of alive view. It follows Youtube for instructions.
D. It smiles Toggle APK (Google of investigation) leaves to change to way of mouse. Useful for 'unsupported' applications of android.
8. The difference of another Ready TV is a TV of the fire receives the calm regular updates so much can be sure took more the applications sustain given.
9. It will breathe new life in yours no punctual television old is. We have had the 44' Samsung TV of Plasma that dips unused for on 10 years and with this clave of television of the Fire, work as it marks it new TV!

Has purchased now and clave of television of the installed fire for all a TV has access to, comprising an in my place of work. His like this small, can spend he with you and the use to give access your personalised entertainment in of the hotels, put of relative, etc., Without that has to that share your signals in the TV is not possessed by you.

Mostly prefer to take this clave of television of the Fire 4K model like opposed to one any 4k 3rd just gene to be future test. Still although a backside-Android of final You the version is different among a no-4K (Sees. 5.X) And 4K model (Sees. 6.X), they is equal and look one same. I find a 4K Max model to be bit it faster in unsupported applications but works so only well for some regular applications.
Agrees to use a Power of adapter of original distributed USB for action of full speed. It has used another adapter of USB and discovered it lag or stutter while touching HEVC or some HD or 4K video. You see any one all sockets of USB can still rid to all the cost that a focuses said!
4 / 5
In short, adds it streaming device, for a prize and functionality, can not be beaten.

My Clave of television of the Fire 4K Max has arrived today and substitutes a Clave of television to Shoot that shines 4K, which has very treated well of then 2018. Before eye in some improvements, here is the fast prime minister thus new to the Clave of television of the Fire.
A Clave of television of the Fire 4K Max is a cup in a row of Amazon streamers. He yours television the ready TV, or does your television loans included readier! Calm leave you to access your services of on-line TV, likes First Video, Netflix, Disney+, BritBox, BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, 4oD, My5 and like this on, there is much more. Calm also take applications, services of music, games and so much more.

If already taken the Clave of television of the Fire 4K and is thinking in a upgrade, one that follows would be necessary to assist you. Some contents are some same likes 4K clave, which is a Clave of television of the Fire , HDMI adapter, boss of USB, battery, adapter to be able to and the pair of leaflets. You can buy a ethernet adapter for separate (those use and works well with this new device). Visually, An only difference is a far, which has more keys and is 1-2mm shorter and 2.ºchero Of g that a leading model. Some four keys of application in some far is a lot of responsive ( take First Video , Netflix, Disney+ and Music of Amazon). If you subscribe to all these services, likes I , is a lot useful. His utility obviously will diminish if you do not subscribe to everything of some services. Alexa In these new far looks faster and more responsive, a blue key really underlines. A key of television alive will not take used a lot in my house, but is the useful characteristic , if some augments to offer in election of canal.
During installation, was able to select an installation 'personal' of a Fire to exist Clave of television has possessed, which was the goodness adds , installing some applications, but the manual sign required-ins for each application. Some updates of software are gone in well, which can not say for some far, as it has to that update the while later and one selects the key then results unresponsive, which scared that an update there was terminal state, but the pertinent function returned after the pocolos small. When Installed, will remark that a TV of Fire 4K Max is the well has bitten faster that a 4K Clave. Changing among the applications is faster, with some keys of application in some far, is instant ! There is 2GB of RAM and the fastest processor in a 4K Max. An old 4K Clave steamed a lot well, these builds of new version on that, with the applications that is far more responsive. Utilisation an application to see photo and video in mine IN The the walk and is this zone that a profit of action is more noticeable.
An interface is so only in a same, albeit a software is the different version . Having WiFi 6 is handy, as this instruments calm for your subject current or future (as already declared, uses a ethernet boss, as it has not tried a WiFi).
Some settings contain some characteristic useful, likes Audio and Diagnostic of Video, HDR can be turned was and a capacity to use PCM (for the oldest TV is), Dolby More Digital and Dolby Digital. Ossia A consideration of entity , as one of the mine old 4K the claves would cause lip-syn questions if it has not been dipped the PCM in an older TV in a cookery.

Has Alexa has controlled camera, which left to try a Picture-in-characteristic of Picture (the semi-detached photograph). Ossia The characteristic useful , with a voice commands 'Alexa, maximiza camera', 'Alexa, transmission to full screen', 'Alexa, picture of waste-in-picture' giving you control, together with the long press of a key to house that of the a manual control of a camera.

Has to that it weaves the upgrade partorisca, that comprises Netflix taking the impulse with Dolby Atmos the support and a port of USB can sustain external storage. A better reason for me, is an action augmented and agility of this TV of Fire. When A Clave of television of the Fire 4K launched, has substituted everything of my TV of leading Fire is with him, how was such the jump in action. This round of time, has both action and imagine concealed has been updated. I said that I will not be upgrading everything of my TV is this round of time, but knows will finalise to substitute all in the near future!
5 / 5
Looked advances thus 4K MAX model. Arrived today dipped on easy, pulls all leading application automatically to the east a. Just need to open each application and register in individually but any need to download like this applications of the downloads of the yes calm car had before. First user to time then precise download.
Differentiates of quality any one different that give form of 3 years 2018 revises.
Inner memory still 8gb like old model, only processor now slightly faster according to documentation , of 1.7 g fences in arrives 1.8 ghz, faster that the normal person will not see a difference.
Any one the value that extra of paid like this there any a lot of upgrade.
Can take almost 40 economic model and take same result.
Also boss to be able to still a lot short, still require extra of long boss to be purchased for separate or take adapter to be able to that feeds of TV.
So only change these models the far control has keys of shortcut for Amazon first or Netflix as very comprised in prize. Like this if no in of monthly payment partorisca firm extra some useless keys.

In general any value for upgrade like inner memory still 8gb and speed of processor so only 0.1 faster that 3 years 4K model. Disappointed better takes the most economic model normal.
4 / 5
To good sure fulfils my expectation.
Can feel a difference and bit it snappier and more refine the system likes compared to the mine old 4k estaca the one who the the way has bought behind 2019.
Some does not say any difference but if your firestick/the enthusiastic TV clearly can see a difference.
5 / 5
Upgraded Of a 1st Generation 4k clave. Noticeable Improvements of action, upgraded version of Android together with support for Dolby Atmos in Netflix.

Has lost this in spite of Disney+ Dolby Atmos sustains that has had with a leading version. Hopefully An update will solve it punctual like all some other applications are doing well and relieving my Dolby Atmos setup without a subject. It will take 5 once Disney+ has his Atmos the fixed support
4 / 5
has purchased recently a clave of fire 4K max and has linked my accounts of his first Amazon and an Amazon the first application so only touches 1080p sms any 4K.

This in spite of Netflix and Youtube/of Youtube (using a clave of fire) game 4K.

Originally has bought this for an only purpose to be able to touch first video in 4K nad failure to do like this.

The multiple has tried troubleshoots eats:
Unplugging/replugging ports of TV
doing sure is plugged to the big speed hdmi port that sustains 4K
doing sure some settings of resolution in my TV and clave of the fire and the application of Amazon is dipped to 4K
doing sure my speed of internet is on 15mbps
Testing with multiple films that sustains 4K
5 / 5
ive been moment to this upgrade for well to the long of the his very better year that a normal 4k firestick his no sluggish a bit awake state last night while his to be rid today has been them excited to take ive state using a normal 4k firestick really am happy with him an only thing has changed them was a key of voice to a mic key of an old a the didnt like a blue key in a new far so much has used them a one of the mine old firestick far much better now
4 / 5
A new 4K has been required partorisca sometime. I produce add 🔥

Top Customer Reviews: Fire TV Stick Lite ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5
I possess a forward no-4k model, and ossia the very better experience. In the first place it was, it is faster that claves of leading fire. No more paper lag. The things are smoother and faster in general. An interface of user is snappier and more responsive everywhere, the difference of a Clave partorisca Shoot older, which occasionally lag. It is crisp and clear, and intuitive to operate - and near-up is the piece of cake.

If you are by train partorisca ask you if an elderly or technophobic the person can manage a setup process, a response is yes. A onscreen drives calm objective by means of everything, and would have to that be easy partorisca any partorisca follow, included if it does not consider you technology savvy. And in of the terms of a physical hardware, there is so only like 2 no: 1) it connects one Takes the source partorisca be able to 2) Covers a Clave in any open HDMI port, which will find in a backside or side of your TV.

Also, If you are by train partorisca ask you if a Clave of television of the Fire (with controls of television) calms suitable more. It would say that it is the preferably personal question . A Clave of television of the Fire Lite the version does not sustain Dolby Atmos the audio and Alexa have comprised Far Voice Lite does not have can or keys of volume. Personally, a Lite the version is very partorisca me so that has another far which control the volume and key to be able to of the mine television and does not have the soundbar. This in spite of, would recommend any with different devices has connected to his TV likes soundbars partorisca buy a Clave of television of the Fire (with controls of television) the version like this would leave you partorisca control all all immediately, this in spite of is slightly main in pricing compared to the east a.

Finally Yes is by train partorisca ask you if a Lite the version is the gimmick or costs it to him, a response is: it costs it, reason is like them has spent was all a bit kinks and points partorisca hurt to take an user to the his content chosen like this quickly like this possible. All some few improvements in of the terms of a function/of speed, and a upgraded Alexa far with a key “of drive” new that take directly to your video does a Lite version the like partorisca use.
Need of amazon partorisca maintain on a good work. This Lite the clave is the solid product and an excellent upgrade (partorisca those in the estimativa) of a leading model. Hope These helps!
5 / 5
UPDATE - NOW the TV is sustained fully in a Clave of television of the Fire Lite of 15th Dec 2020. Also works with BBC iPlayer.

A Clave of television of the Fire Lite has has arrived finally!

Already have a 4K version partorisca use of house, which is excellent, but has bought a Lite version partorisca use out of a house in ours campervan.

In of the terms of measure, a unit is the little smaller, which is well. A far neither has some controls of volume or an out of key, control like this need a volume of your far TV. Ossia Roughly he in of the terms of physical appearance.

Under a hood, sustains video in 1080p Full HD (HDR, HDR 10, HDR10+, HLG). For the audio does not sustain Dolby Atmos, as unless really I need this, calm will not lose it . You take Dolby More Digital this in spite of (sees a photo I addition).

Finally, according to Amazon, takes 50 more can, and has to that say that it is quite slick to use. Downloads of application and installs is also really quickly, although ossia partly addicted the WiFi action.

Like this now have the election of three TV of Claves of Fire, likes to choose among them?

Well, The sum he on, if the the 4K TV and access to 4K contained, considers a 4K version (although has any 2020 model)...
If any one the 4K, but need to control your volume of television or soundbar, goes for a TV of Fire of Clave of new Amazon 2020...
For all more a TV to Shoot Lite will do a lot amiably for only £30. I saw it also like this down like this £, it likes slope while the offers.

HDMI-CEC Work really well with a Clave of television of the Fire Lite and my Panasonic TV. It is enabled in a device for incumplimiento, but enabling he in a television leave you to use a far TV to control everything in a Clave of television of the Fire. It is like this more convenient that requiring two remotes!

If you have not used a CEC characteristic first, well enable and it trying in your TV. Each costruttore has the different name for CEC and here is the cast for some main frames:

Panasonic: it has seen Link
Samsung: Anynet+
LG: SimpLink
Sony: Bravia Link / Sync
Acute: Aquos Link
Toshiba: -Link / Regza Link

In general, am impressed really with a Clave of television of the Fire Lite. Like this far like this good and takes the solid of rock 5 stars of me.

Gives the graces to read and has found this useful description, would appreciate the thumbs up :)
5 / 5
All the functionality is quickly and responsive to the equal that would expect so it can not be faulted to the respect.

This in spite of, if, taste, can uploads of lateralmente some additional Applications to the yours Firestick, which are not linked your Account of Amazon, could see that an icon / of image for an Application does not look in your cast of Applications and calm instead take the 'greyed was' box. An Application will install and calm very once plough it, but an obvious visual for failure in your screen of house and My casts of Applications and took the little of them, will have to guess quell'application is opening. Example pictured.

This television to Shoot Lite is Version , probably update of attack, and this does not spend (in my experience) with forward YOU in a 4k Clave for example how is version .

Has tried uninstalling and reinstalling and resets of Factory but is still some same. It can this be the 'glitch' with a late plus YOU, Version 7, this precise fijamente?
5 / 5
Already have a fire a clave of expensive plus in our main TV that loves.
Ours second TV doesnt sustain Brit Box us so many decide in another clave of fire but opted for this version like his enough bit it more economic.
An only difference is three keys in a far. A capacity to turn a TV was and regulate a volume. Weve Has not used Never these keys in all the chance as so only use one some in a TV far how was the no brainer to go for a more economic option.
I claves of fire are like this easy to dip up and use.
Covers a little unit to one of the your tvs usb ports, propiciadas some hands. I change TV on, selects clave of fire and follow a onscreen instructions.
Sustains all one takes on canals more Netflix ,Brit Box, Disney, a continuous cast in.
Interface really good and neither will update your TV to the loan an or update your already ready TV has to that it does not sustain of the sure applications.
Certainly would recommend this version for prize, facilitated of use and the experience of utmost viewing.
5 / 5
Has each generation of clave excepts a 4k and is everything still in strong disposal, has included a G1. I use him for everything, first video, Netflix, britbox and all a mainstream applications like iplayer but I also sideload any application of amazon like KODI. I have had absolutely any question that uploads some applications (goes pic) and his all uploaded with his icons. His quickly and am very impressed with a speed of this clave.

Has uploaded in this order. Byline in with Amazon, goes to settings and enable applications of sources ignored and ADB debugging in some options of developer. Then it has uploaded a mainstream applications of a tent of amazon and then the side has uploaded mine other applications. Everything does without question less than 30 mins.

If, like another reviewer struggles you with ashes of icons then Google the. It is not the new question and there are countless places with helping on regarding the order was.

Regarding a clave really recommends it. I do not have any need for 4k (because of 720p eyes), the never use some keys of television in mine others controls and have any need for dolby atmos. My only flu would be some tugs of the prize has paid less for my last clave looked full that this lite version. Any way, ossia a better streaming device around - buy he without dreading if disappointment.
5 / 5
Likes to take this occasion to amend my initial description how was the little last on amazon any in that has a the player that is now be to order and has has downloaded now this audition my family of amazon of artilugios is now all singing and dances a lot thanks to a lovely lady the one who has taken a time the coverage me and take the things have dipped order
4 / 5
Glorious product, easy to dip up and use with the enormous quantity of applications and free canals.
The half comunicacionales of the house is also fast and 100 of confidence with a Plex application, has downloaded directly of Amazon and any need the fiddle roughly with options of developer etc.

Tip: Although an use of far control has comprised RF (radio frequency) in place of an usual GONE (infra-red), your television / universal far will do with television to Shoot if your telly has a CEC (Control of Electronic of the Consumer) function (this can be renamed in your box, likes valley googling).
4 / 5
Has Had one and all have taken was bit it this says HDMI 1 and ossia. Not trying load, any amazon. The amazon substituted and according to a still one same.
I services of client is useless. State that tries to take his to help me classify. They have said that would telephone but has maintained to say could no.
On cat for 2 hours this in spite of any far plus and displaced 8 different client people of service to the equal that maintain to change his by means of a cat!
Like 3 different firestic lites later and has maintained to say to substitute it. It has spoken to a manager in an end like the transmission in of the assistants of the service of the client was winding arrive me. It has not been until we try to find the solution that has read a small bit in a box that has said uk can have subjects with him. It has not listened Never that before. In all the chance looks sure TV the frames are not compatible. And my TV is not old or the economic mark neither. Coming to the decision to the just repayment and I so only will take to the normal firestick already have.
4 / 5
Has more economic no-frames of amazon there and a prize is enormous for a hard reality that the amazon so only is obtaining more than yours daunt. It produces so only it does with an account of amazon, which will require to believe and he obligates you partorisca add the method of payment. It has said of another way, is forced to be attached to the amazon yes so only is looking to use to the to something likes Netflix. Clearly your options to daunt has gone once calm byline these T&C is.
5 / 5
Seldom shows T/V but with some nights that draw in and a current situation felt could owe! For like this, for £30 decided to update my eight old year Sony Bravia KDL Model that no longer has had an energy or qualified to sustain iPlayer, Tube etc. Installation, has taken 15 minutes less, very easy. Then, some updates of then manufacture loaded, and a fence has done his progress by means of a screen and 'Wallah' my TV has been transformed! Quality of picture and his, brilliant. Still it will not be looking a lot of TV, but for ' Tube' will be adds. The past good money and 'Alexa' also a lot of gain when you are looking for something especially. Highly recommended.
5 / 5
I have not given any stars partorisca Alexa integration, partorisca a simple reason that did not use it. It can not be annoyed with all this newfangled material of control of the voice. It is for this that have been with a Lite version in a first place - reason paid partorisca stirs it of the bells and the whistles do not go partorisca use?

Regarding a rest, this in spite of, does not have any complaint. It was very simple and sincere to dip up and use. A clave is drawn covers it to the spare HDMI port in a TV, but would not return been due to covers he in an adjacent port. They have left felizmente for this eventuality to comprise the short HDMI goodness of extension, and this has done a trick.

With which concealed, all have has had to that it was to follow some on-instructions of screen for the link to the mine wi-fi and then my streaming accounts. This was slightly that eats time to the equal that has to that enter all has joined several signals and of the codes of permission, but once is the fact is fact and can look to the content of my heart.

A quality of fine picture and has not had any question. Looking Netflix and Amazon the First shows street a clave of Fire is an improvement to look street Virgo, reason does not have any frame-incompatibility of tax, as any motion judder.

If the program remains in pause for too much long a screen revert to the slideshow of photos, but pressing one 'Or-turn' the key will take you behind to a resume option.

Regarding a far, is much smaller and lighter that those for my TV, Blue-ray, etc., But some controls are simple and intuitive. My only minor quibble is that using an on/down/the right/keys have left to look for travers the papers can do my toe the plague of bit (and yes, concealed would not spend with Alexa, but then my throat could take sore!)

Given his small measure and cheapness this artilugio way of punches on his weight and I have no hesitation in the recommend. (And yes, iPlayer and BritBox is in fact available!)
4 / 5
Together easy up. Works perfectly. Already I have the TV of loan but has has wanted to this for some extra applications and things that has not been available in my interface of TV of the loan. I can control my volume of TV and on/was function with my like this first echo, can change the canals or the applications that use so much a firestick the far voice or my echo, and also can control a firestick with my TV far. Like this although my boys direct to lose one or this in spite of a lot of remotes still have full control on all the functions.
5 / 5
Has bought this for my week of edges or go and guess the one who his packed in!! Not doing at all angry is the understatement
the Bad people that money of paid to take this!

Are looks of fearful amazon partorisca have to that it weaves of dodgy has produced now.
5 / 5
Has bought this reason a far working decree old and a new version is purportedly more powerful.
Unfortunately a BBC iplayer the application is unavailable still download, how is behind my clave of old fire.
4 / 5
The installation has taken 5 minutes, discharges in, sign in the the yours the internet and everything is well. First, Netflix, Youtube, iPlayer - all concealed in the tiny clave, more Alexa in a far is the utmost characteristic. Only downside is prendes partorisca more than 3 calm minutes sign you was - beautiful frustrating when you take the call or something and any way of the disable according to which can say, more he dosent always say you if the film is comprised with your prime minister until you clique on he - still highly recommended.
4 / 5
Rid and installed any question and a product looked utmost this in spite of a next day my dog/TRex has found a far and have it entirely destroy so that not even it has directed it to look anything still. It looked here for the far substitution but unfortunately could not see one this there is matched a clave of fire Lite. I have loved the clave of pertinent fire an and no a universal one but an only Amazon an I could find was almost a same prize like the clave of new fire lite. Any sure reason to the amazon can any the far substitution in the prize he reasonable plus. While in mine new lite now but could require find a far is adapted indestructible cage of circle.
4 / 5
A device significantly falls short of a description announced of simply of discharge and of game and simple to dip up and use. The tentativas numerous have been done with him superfast broadband connection attentively that follows all the instructions and a device will not go besides unable to update inclusos after following on-line support and comprising resets of factory. These looks of device to have defective, a useable software.
4 / 5
Has been struggling on with a clave of television of original Fire for the moment. Increasingly, state taking slower to cruised, freezings and maintains buffering still although my telephone aims the speed of download of 55mbps in wi-fi in a same room.
This new version, in spite of him when being level of entrance , is surprising in comparison. Any more 5 according to lag when pressing some keys or frames of ice creams during happy sees. An experience is so that it would owe that be. Still automatically it has connected my account and wi-fi when I turned it in the first place on.
5 / 5
Has bought so only this reason could not upload Britbox in my older version of Fire of Amazon and is to good sure a lot like this good. As another there is remarked, a handset is almost impossible to take to, like this absolutely unfit for any the one who can be less-abled or ancient - an old version of a handset was easy to open and now dread to change some batteries. Mine another big flu is that when I leave a firestick in standby the often loses a sound as I maintain that it has to that unplug and king spent he in to take a sound behind, which extremely is annoying. I have very preferred my old model that has not given me never many the questions. Please tries new versions thoroughly in of the first futures to go them was to verify can be used easily for everything of your clients and that do like this has to that! Thank you,
4 / 5
has been vaguely that plans to substitute ours ageing YouView box for the moment, and when I have seen an offer in a Clave of television of the Fire, thought that it would give it the gone. It was the little nervous that it could be underpowered ( is very small) and that one using Wifi more than the boss of coverage could result in action poor also.

I needn't has concerned . Where Our YouView the box often had looked slow and unresponsive a FireStick is snappy, and a modern interface does to explore some available options the breeze. There is support for all one of entity 'in questions' players (comprising Plex, which is another wins for me). I do not have remarked any significant lag related to use Wifi any (although ours issue and a FireStick is less than the metre averts).

An only downside compared to a YouView the box is an inability to record and/or take normal TV, but this was the characteristic he very there is seldom has used ... And to take on the TV is redundant unless you are that it wants to build the collection more than simply looks once.

So much, a YouView the box is now state unplugged and am not looking behind!
4 / 5
It has received so only 2 Amazon lite firesticks partorisca substitute the mine that ages 1gene the claves there looks partorisca be the question a inbuilt virus
in there icons of the product broken partorisca side loaded applications in a start on page, has been in utube and a lot lite firestick have this question so only when the amazon dips an update was partorisca solve this question will be them partorisca send his backside, Going in so only of game of the Amazon with your loyal clients Reg
4 / 5
Like him streaming works of good clave: easy to dip up and use, good action, good row of applications.

This in spite of...

Be warned that the amazon extracted this like the compulsory advertising vehicle, with his interface of user that prioritises that loves yours to press like this opposed to that it wants to receive it. His later update (20/12/2020) this worse closing to allocate even more spatial and priority to this with, like this far to the equal that can see, any mechanism to take ads of poster and esponsored contained' (ie rubbish any healthy the person would not want never) short to cut an operating system.

Of of the east is something that pays it to you for me finds such unacceptable behaviour.
4 / 5
Is a lot the value that agrees Rule 1 ... Reason ossia a one will use you a plus .
Does not have like this very FREE to look programs / of films to the equal that would imagine. A concept of a clave of Fire is surprising .. And you break without the regional emphasis in the English perfect queens a far voice will do adds.
My first clave of fire is lasted around 5 or 6 month there is prendido then law, an on-line support is very a lot of (I supposes is so that there is often has used that it has to that be) tip the mine has discovered was faulty like this offered me he FOC exchange which is lasted the far plus 8 month (so only besides his odd guarantee concealed is not he) ... As I have bought the new one in the so many was able to complete one looking of the series was gone in to ... As his new , no longer controls a volume etc but his well.
But enjoy it while hard calm reason once change it was , an a lot of afterwards ,in fact practically every time the calm transmission on will say you lost it the connection of Coverage and calm will require to revert still Govern 1 ... The transmission is gone in a wall then behind on again... A Firestick has been around quite long now to having spent out of his teething questions , but this would mean that calm would not require to BUY the substitution of Amazon ... The sound wins wins Produced for Amazon and hours of frustration for an user . No spent never another ... Yes of course I in 13 times of month so only after my guarantee expíra .
5 / 5
Has purchased this for use with mine Viewsonic M1+ Projector. It dipped it up in a first TV (downloaded Netflix, iPlayer, first Video, etc) and signed in the varied accounts - very easy to do, can use the browser in your telephone. Currents all perfectly, inc Netflix. It comes with it covers rule and boss of USB but projector of mine is portable, as tried plugging the short micros USB to boss of USB to an USB 1 socket (5v, 1 amp exited). Works perfectly - this firetv the clave requires 5V, 900 milliampes. Like this now portable - will be able to look Netflix external in ours 100” screen! Asking can connect to G4 signal of a telephone if out of wi-fi: if yes, it will update this description.

Only 1080p but ossia sufficient thus projector. Picture very clear, any stutters in his (in stereo) and, to use a boss of USB, totally portable. Please note - a boss of USB has not done when plugged my TV but concealed can be the @subject to dip , also a TV is roughly 6 years. It would think more modern TVs is exited a nescessary can of the socket of USB, which means a less hole of discharges has required!

Very pleased - especially in the cost of £ in BF bandage....
4 / 5
Has found a Fire sticks quite easy to install, except a control of voice of Alexa far. This still has not done and the chair does not have quite time to go his all again. A remote fact at the beginning except a control of voice. Prpers Having had to unplug he of some hands in one signals, I then expósito has has had to that king-install he of a start with signals etc. In this point, has given up in a far by means of lack of time but will go back his later that has looked at all some on-line instructions. Excellent picture this in spite of and can use he with a far own TV for a be of time.
4 / 5
Has ordered a clave of television of Fire of Amazon lite for mother-in-law of mine, the one who is not too technology savvy. This was a perfect decision . It finds it really easy to use and an integration of voice is surprising. It is not never it has had to take on television before, this in spite of all need to do is to press a key of microphone and ask a precise show.

Further of an integration of voice, a system of paper is also easy to comprise. It is simplistic but fast. Programs, films or other open applications and work instantly. A quality of an image and the sound is fantastic.

This can even more that Disney of the game, as it is enabled a mother-in-law for the look in our account.

Highly recommended. It is like this easy to dip up and operate for simply plugging in a HDMI connector and hooking a supply to be able to of the his USB of a television or street a comprised usb adapter.
4 / 5
Has bought this to temporarily substitute my box of television of the Apple. Whilst The difference of big prize differentiates some two products, has been disappointed for a clunky the controls when compared the Apple, a lack of applications (the apple there is Now television further of a some have on Amazon).
HAS Has a lot of glitches when a Clave of the fire has not answered and left to go to a Screen of House, declaring the subject of coverage, this is resulted in the hard rest of a device (unplugging he), this in spite of a Point of Echo has after seated to a television still when be connected to an internet together with mine other devices also.
Has been also disappointed for some advertisings in a Screen of House, any helped with a clunky the controls has has has selected advertising when have has has loved applications and content.

So much for £29, this is not bad, so only direct your expectations have used to the others to upper products likes him to him to them the apple and the TV of Apple. The more save £10 and of the one who buy one £39 version like the majority of controls of television can do a device and an on was / keys / of volume also (Sony Bravia here). And they can any one, is too of the hassle to have two remotes?
4 / 5
The smoothest careers and faster that the oldest models but no happy with a fact does not go to standby a lot well. That I bad for that is, when I turn a TV was for a night and gone back his a next day, a clave to shoot often will not go back on. Volume neither the blue screen with 'any signal', the black screen plan to the equal that is sleeping but will not go back on or once has taken the full screen of tatic'. I owe that unplug a boss of power for the min and beginning again which can be the ache with him stuck for behind a TV.
Also, while some the far looks almost identical, a rear door for a battery is the different to draw which feels a lot of flimsy, any returned like this well and has some acute flanges.
Had paid more for him, could return it but after choosing up in the prize reduces does not look value he.
4 / 5
When I edges has taken was a PS4 has been to devastate so it would not be able to look Cousins or Netflix anymore. I have said to buy the Clave of Fire. We have done without knowing anything roughly that! More buy never. No too pricey, easy to install and works like the sleep. Highly recommend for those of knots with older TVs concealed does not have automatic access to Iplayer, Netflix and very other elections add.
5 / 5
Has has had now four he four different amazon claves of fire and his all after the moment a lot included begins up has left so only anything more utter utter the rubbish does not repeat no !!!!!!!! Waste your money on buying a product
5 / 5
Handy HDMI streaming Device partorisca use with a HD TV, but could does not take partorisca do with my VGA monitor, also found there was his of cinema of quality of street of poor echo WiFi.

Using with a monitor of OLD PC found it would not agree a 720p VGA resolution of video & defaulted has retreated to 1080p when I have changed of a monitor. A characteristic of resolution of video of car has not looked partorisca do properly with VGA. I have used partorisca have any question with my old 1st Clave of Gene of television of the Fire. In an end has had to that exchange out of my old Dell monitor for the Samsung 24” HD television that good works.

Also a WiFi the bandwidth in these looks of model to be has has limited compared to a 4K version, a picture is well with 1080p film but a sound of cinema has seen WiFi was a lot down has bitten imposed and terrible quality (next closing right to a WiFi subject on 5GHz) To the equal that would recommend any 4K Clave of television of the Fire, or use an Ethernet of television of Fire of Adapter of Amazon he wishes the setup his of cinema with a device of echo.
4 / 5
Was in special offer and our old one has begun to touch on(probably programmed to do that), as I have thought adds. Wrong..... Tour was when I master, loses signal with a wifi subject in wins. When Management a TV was any(the clave of fire)has turned on again unless calm creates unplugs he of a wait to be able to 10 seconds then covers he behind in again. I have tried to speak to any roughly the but say my STD the code is not recognised so that it will not call you . Tests an on-line cat and is terrible that BT so that it is bad. Like the sound that goes back. A worse thing is a service of the client is sooooo bad to I seat likes to leave the annoying prime sells a terrible is your flagship then that gives any help of the bad eggs.
5 / 5
Less than two weeks afterwards purchase some far and the clave of fire there is prendido to communicate. Without being able to manoeuvre a screen is impossible to go to settings to reestablish a device. Ironically I have bought this fire sticks to to substitute one that exists one that also this but was out of guarantee. In spite of trying all suggested in of the forums a clave to shoot any king-pair. Like the contact a vendor more than turn or exchange a product but this looks ridiculously has complicated on Amazon. Any one has impressed!
5 / 5
A clave of fire is easy to install spent so only in the television has seen a HDMI goodness and propiciadas some hands. A clave of fire will update his software to ensure is to update fully. Calm then can add several applications to a clave for following one in instructions of screen. You will require the pill or computer to verify your accounts but another that that it is quite easy to dip up. The majority of applications is available for free but some will require to paid to see.
A picture is a lot well although on some applications has light reduction to in quality. In general it would recommend it calm so that of the the variety of row adds things to look and a control of the voice of Alexa is the useful tool to have although you will require to sustain regarding the use correctly.
5 / 5
Iplayer And ITV hub now available.

Has bought this to use in mine motorhome and has found that it is the big improvement in of the leading models. Works well with the a lot of limited Wifi signal and like this far has not had any of some for that has taken with my older firetv 4k clave. Simple and intuitive interface.
5 / 5
Has changed of television of Apple (1st gene) to Shoot of the amazon Sticks like this had new applications, like BritBox and Disney+, that could not locate TV of Apple unless we AirPlay, which was the bit of the faff (and has maintained to fall while prendemos). So only 4th TV of gene of Apple calm leave you to add applications, which was £150, as this looked the most economic alternative .

This in spite of, has not been like this economic to the equal that have thought! For the start, requires to buy the boss of USB more along, as we use the projector (any one the television) which was too far out of one covers, like this for a sake of an extra 10cm, requires to pay £10 for another boss. Then, to my horror, has found a Clave of Fire of the Amazon does not have any audio outlet! I guess ossia well are using with the TV, but with the projector, will require to buy a HDMI Audio splitter, which was another £20.

Took it once working (now with load of bosses - ugh) a screen of paper is horrible, and takes several clicks to take to that would be the much wiser homepage of some diverse applications. I really a lot like this, and the desire had stuck to to join me television of old Apple, that - this in spite of out quotes - was in better plot to use, excepts that it has to that airplay Disney+. So only it does not compare to device of television of the Apple, or included one Now clave of television (to the equal that has taken FREE with my account, but no longer am subscribing). I suggest that to the amazon considers to give this free clave to First members. Otherwise, the desire had not annoyed.

Has very better streaming devices there.
4 / 5
Surprising once dipped up. It can turn your basic TV to the half comunicacionales full desk.. A more bit can use yours both investigation and things of current likes netflix, Youtube and much more.

Helped it personally so much my parents.
My amazing mamma reason he any partorisca! My dad of no.. Reason is blind and has subject of mobilities, diabetes etc like this need alot of help!!! Ossia Perfect reason can look for via voice!
Yes will take some taking used to, but any class of independence is the positive and so only concealed.

Possibly a more estimated element has bought of here.. I took it a do one.

Can be thought, ' will be difficult'. But so only like anything new takes time.
Is very simple, has had once several lessons! Any calm fright accident was some transmission is good and ossia the growth is more.
Will not complain this compraventa!!

I hope has helped in some way.
Navidad happy all the world. It maintains to go.
Will give support.

All an amour familiarised these!!
To the equal that are voices has controlled.. My dad of does not love these when being that it is blind and has subject of mobilities.
Take some taking used to but there there is so only a key to press for the control of voice and calm was to go! It is taking there and help with the bit of independence that is so only positive for people with needs!
Honradamente Could not estimate this big plus.. Shabby still mine better.. I have bought three as 't says will not be of tower for more reason I .
4 / 5
WELL, as we buy this to look a rugby of autumn internationals any otherwise available - but has had several pauses in a transmission, perhaps because of buffering, any sure - a picture would freeze, the blue circle looked - when the motion is returned, was poor definition , blurred. In general, need of coverage a lot to be has has wished compared the BT and HEAVEN, and no easy to discover coverage. Probably we require to explore more, but no that satisfied.
5 / 5
Alive in a country and have transmissions so only lines that bad - until any pull his toe was, the broadband is horribly slow - maximum 2.6 mbps. Firestick Installed simply using wifi and current a lot of albeit in of the levels definiton. - Almost It has SEEN It 3 series of Man in a Big Castle now.... Rewind And ff is quell'has bitten slow but in general everything is watchable in this speed and the connection wired that has for my heaven Q the box is not required.

To good sure the real prize especially yes already First the
4 / 5
my initial description of this product is ossia is súper easy to dip on, everything is a lot of packaged and a product is well has thought was. setup Was simple to achieve. An only thing that confused initially was a hdmi has required an adapter dongle to have the habit to take a socket/of discharges to return correctly. It has Thought all hdmi the sockets/of discharges are regular but obviously a lot - this is to treat in some instructions in all the chance, and has caused at all but the pair of seconds of puzzlement reasons a unit didnt access to a hdmi socket of a TV. 5 second later all was well, so only use a dongle adapter this is to distribute.
The clave was already conscious of mine the.D. And it has done the update of software immediately. As it has taken access to an internet has them no the clue. Part of a setup (later on) so only involves to add one issues signal to a clave, which is praise to use a onscreen keyboard and a far control.
The compartment of the battery of the far control is a better ive never seen, a creation is sturdy and good works.
alexa Does so only fines to use a microphone in a far. Press and maintain pressed a alexa key and speak your program of favourite TV and up comes !
Tin a lot honradamente give this amazon streaming device anything another that 100 mark like the description.
5 stars !
4 / 5
It Likes him a lot another in some forums of Amazon there is remarked that a device not being able to on the state of sleep without cycling a transmission of power in a wall. Quite a lot of rubbish really that has to create me and physically change an adapter was/on again for the take to do. It has tried all some far keys included a voice and at all fix this. Obviously a subject with a current firesticks, my old never used to do this but alas concealed died after the pair of use of years. It will not be in the substitute neither contacting support of Amazon. Jeff naughty!
4 / 5
The works of Alex well and a picture is well, but a free far chair in my hand, does not feel solid at all.
A device is good but has had the constant question of him not turning on and does not resemble always answer to a far, like meeting that has to that take a boss was, attended abit, then dipped the backside in still he to do, at the beginning has not been like this bad but now has to that every time love the sample is annoying. It would return it but I have bought he by means of any & can not be annoyed with a hassle ... I so only really taken the to look Disney more & a thing of application further of the discovery but he does not look to have a discovery a.
4 / 5
Has bought this to augment an old Toshiba Ready TV that has had a lot the time there is prendido of then run iPlayer and has not had never the plot of streaming support of application in all the chance. A rest of a TV is still perfectly very like this interesting adding better Ready support.
Like this far am happy with a support of application of television of Fire, all have installed looks to do well, of services of byline to free service and also DLNA support.
Has tried Alexa the small to find the programs and work, but to be sincere I are not concealed has annoyed roughly recognition of voice.
An only niggle am having is sometimes after powering on a television and the clave there is any picture in a HDMI gone in in spite of a television that recognises the clave of television of the Fire is connected. I owe that cycle a usb has beaten to reboot a clave. And then everything is well. It suspects this can be the question with a television and when he syncs with HDMI entrances.
5 / 5
Master is turned my normal TV to the ready television that except £100 is!!! Bought reason have loved Disney+ and Discover+ both like this easy the current!!! I am not imported technically but this was like this easy to dip on literally plugged in and has downloaded some applications have loved!!!! A recognition of voice is brilliant also am able to press a key and ‘speak' my election!! Alexa Law like the sleep @subjects too much so only has is sometimes Alexa, my echo and kindle the fire is all competing to answer!!! To good sure would recommend for any that loves a bit new canals but not requiring or able to update to the state of a TV of art so only still!! Also able to unplug and TV of transmission mid show without subjects that helps when ready for the bed but a show has not finalised!!
4 / 5
There is no @to @give has had still to 1st generation FireTv Clave wich has begun to perceive on first to die. This new version is better way and faster. Some far works and is easier that use. Works well with Alexa averts of an application has called ViKi. When I Take work, but when I want to resume a video Alexa does not recognise a mandate for this application but I guess do not actuate a lot to do with a functionality of this FireTv.
4 / 5
Has bought the FireStick simply for My5 that has had prisoner doing in my ready TV. It had used Prime of Amazon in mine Ipad and streamed the to my television but a FireStick now mitigates a need to do east.
A unit was very easy to dip up and links my First account and this open on the new world of programs how has been attributes more advantageous . Now fulfilling uses a FireStick for the majority of our programs, in that has found the wealth of work is like One Prejudices Watchman, Goliat and Spoils which are everything big-the program of unavailable quality in terrestrial TV.
Alexa Is the useful addition , leaving you to ask to find categories of particular program or simply a time of days.

With the bit of fiddling, has directed also to take Italian TV to use the VPN application. The sound bit it pedantic in his use but at least can take an informative and the little program of Ray without a need for the dish of satellite.

Costing less than £20 (some pocolos treated of Black Friday) can not complain he so that it is used daily and resupplies far more options to see given a lacklustre offerings of many terrestrial TVs canal.
4 / 5
The element arrived - A lot of packaged. It covers to HDMI port and powered of USB in a TV.
Software of interior that Updates according to
wants to use your account to exist & Coverage ?
The installed updates. Those applications want. Downloaded and installed
Disney+ Login & PW - and was to go.
Outstandingly Easy, and everything for £
5 / 5
has purchased the pair of claves to shoot previously and am generally happy with them (the far control for one of them the failure and I has had to use mobile application to control a clave). Unfortunately a late one more has purchased apparently has some failures/defectives like produced clicking noise and flashing screen each pocolos small. My disappointment, has contacted a provider and has informed a defective, an automatic response says that the substitution will be mine sent without additional load. This in spite of afterwards the time of week, still at all spends. I have looked for to go in touch with the priest of client saws on-line cat, but has been launched the page of on-line help without alone human response. It is really the bad experience.
5 / 5
Like Ridiculous that a product that is done specifically for the video of his own company streaming waste of service to touch this video of one take to go and any quantities of tweaking, changing settings, rebooting and that career by means of the on-line forums that looks for a ball of non-existent money will fix it. Like the user of echo of long time are them sorely disappointed in Amazon to leave clients down with such the buggy has produced. My intention was to buy two more for TVs in my house, but that certainly will not spend now. I am looking in my echos as well as I have loved an integrated system.
5 / 5
Was skeptical in Firestick, but decided to go still to him likes my excellent Sony streaming blue the player of ray had added any applications of plus with which two years of property and BBC iplayer and applications of Youtube sometimes would go that they lose for months in finals.

Like this when my BBC iplayer the application is missing, has decided to go for Firestick. A description of the product does not clear that a level of entrance Firestick does not require you to have Alexa - a last what loves is to have that speaks to HAVE he -instead, a far has the control of voice (calm does not have to that the directed likes Alexa, which would have note really bobo- or has seen perhaps the one who HAL9000 done in '2001' also time....) Which is quite well, saves the plot of keying in a remote when looking for.

Setup Was a lot of and easy, any question. I can now I Prevail of current, Netflix and free content of Youtube, Ted Habladurías, My5, C4 (comprising Walter), ITV hub (any that will not use never he), BBC iplayer, Music of Amazon (any free, part of prime minister, but is calm REALLY ANNOYING so that the the once open , calm can not close a d the sewing was- is one same in my PC) and there is a lot another free content, which is quite good. There is very other applications can take, but of course some of them have to that pay sub costs, which is quite so only partorisca to to the material likes them Disney More.

Has to that say, this in spite of, that a quality of current is nowhere approaches like this very so much by means of my sony BD player (miraculously, a missing BBC iplayer the application has reappeared once would dip on a firestick). A lot common have the digital flange slightly hard that it is better in some contexts (canals of look of Youtube more 'alive') while the films and the TV are not like this smooth as by means of my BD player. This in spite of, well can be that a firestick is streaming in 4K UHD, which my TV is not to dip on partorisca- east reflects it of 13 years with glorious deep blacks and looks close to surprise when I touch 4K restored blurays by means of him- the same lookss adds with a lot of old Dvd, of my player upscales him. Looking in 'Jurassic Parco' in First in a UHD, there is a bit very hard digital flanges to my eyes, less like this he I that run this by means of a BD player while streaming a HD version by means of a BD looks more. A real bluray the disk is more than everything, likes the suspect is a fact my TV is not 4K.

In general, would say that this has been the compraventa very achieved for £30, but I common closing Netflix, Prime and Iplayer by means of my Sony BD like the quality of picture is far upper. When I Owe that upgrade to the 4k ready TV, will be interested to see like the fire extracted, but for a moment, mine reflect old looks a subject with a BD player and good disks.

Top Customer Reviews: Google Chromecast - ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5
It is looked forward to partorisca use the Chromecast to easily of video of clock, shows of television and films of the mine portable my TV. A setup has taken small, and was able to video of current of the Google Chrome tab in mine portable my TV very easily. So much, that is a question ? A question was that it was the little TOO EASY. A pair of hours later, my WiFi was it of short connection. Sometimes, I can go back to mine WiFi connection partorisca forget a coverage, then logging behind in with a signal, as I have tried this was. I have opened a WiFi settings in mine portable and, partorisca some reason, each one WiFi the connection in a street has been listed MORE my Chromecast (listed so much ‘TV of Living room'). It has not been ensured, how was an open street partorisca share my WiFi connection without the signal. I do not have any idea like a Chromecast dips up like an open, free WiFi port partorisca my own WiFi the connection without any signal has required. Quickly I unplugged a Chromecast and plugged he behind in with which the pocolos small - some same open WiFi the coverage has on burst again. There is unplugged he partorisca well now, and my WiFi the connection has been restored in an hour with which. I have looked for this in an internet, and apparently ossia the subject common . Has not founding the solution still. I do not have any idea the one who a Chromecast has done to the mine WiFi connection. I do not go partorisca use a Chromecast anymore.
4 / 5
Has ordered at the beginning a MPIO a (ASIN: B081R48WPG), which, when I received it, could not take to do (still with which two hours), how is returned he partorisca the repayment. Then I have ordered it is a (the Google official Chromecast a) and could not be more different. A TV recognised it immediately, has Houses like this done of Google. Some instructions were clear and precise and all has done exactly like manual has described. Five minutes after installing, already has launched my TV. Any one annoy that goes partorisca any of some alternative - is everything in a same prize in all chance - just take this one and you will be surprised the one who easy is partorisca dip up. BTW, Although distributed with discharges he of USB and boss, I plugged mine directly to a socket of Television USB partorisca be able to.
4 / 5
Has purchased this product partorisca substitute a HDMI connection of boss of the mine portable my TV. A result was abysmal. It averts of a fact an enclosed setup instructions partorisca connect win it 10 laptop was non-existent and has taken ages partorisca discover on third places of web of the party, some results of finals was the disaster rendering a screen of television unusable like the working solution partorisca still of operations of SIMPLE PC. The resolution of screen was poor and a travesía of the mouse there has been an incredibly along lag, any cured partorisca retard or asking some settings, which is resulted in massively overshoot and general clicking in of the icons and links frequently actuating the unwanted adjacent link. Enough simply this is not an acceptable substitution for a HDMI the boss and I will be to return a device as 'unfit for purpose'. I am surprised that such the poor solution does not have to that it never has come to stage. Ossia The toy to look film etc. streamed Of the telephone and is absolutely unsuitable for use with Windows 10 applications of PC.
5 / 5
Has bought for my TV of daughters in his room. It does not have the television loans like this uses chromecast the current of his mobile phone the TV. Near easy on and laws to treat it
4 / 5
Exactly that has required to launch in my TV a Oculus VR first of a same device of diferent frames and any 🙏
4 / 5
is good device , can connect any device to a TV for Youtube,Netflix or of any one beats to program that launches the TV and is the work for example is looking Youtube/of Youtube of your telephone in television with another , but decide look something more but calm can no to interrupt them, then calms so only has to that gone back of a Wi-Fi of your telephone, then a device is disconnected of a TV, but a Youtube/of Youtube remains operational and then restart a Wi-Fi and continue looking Youtube/of Youtube in yours telephone while they look Youtube /of Youtube of TV.
Ossia Fantastic.
5 / 5
Enough the together delicate arrives still so that they are technology savvy. He no with the heaven goes application that is disappointing. If you want to add the MacBook will owe that it downloads chrome like to be conscious is the longitude winded has dipped up. Calm also will require the gmail accounts and as and other users want to add. It could be obvious to some but these facts have meant any a lot of frustrating the hours that dipped a thing on but for £30 is the good shot to do yours changes TV the loan a.
4 / 5
Has changed his after Xiaomi My Box how has died after the week of use and Xiaomi the support was useless. Chromecast The works perfect for me, quality of the audio and the slightly better video that Xiaomi and the connection is less glitchy that my box. My only worry is that I can not control levels of volume in my telephone when connected the chromecast like this keys of the controls of the audio regulate volume in chromecast.
5 / 5
Ossia Ours second Chromecast - this time for the TV of chamber.

Has used the pair of alike devices but has gone back to a Chromecast as easier that dip on, better HD quality of picture and more than confidence. Paid bit it more but costs it. Setup Using the house of Google is quite sincere these days. So only it takes delicate has insufficient HDMI ports in yours television and the transmission of some type is required.

Uses the Chromecast for BTSports (APPLICATION in the mobile) or film in our house IN THE using VLC (in the mobile or the Windows 10 laptop). The life is easier now that embroiders of Microsoft (version of the latest chromium) fully sustains these few devices.

So many, unusually for me - any complaint!
5 / 5
This element arrived in 9am this morning. It is now 12:30 this in spite of have not directed to take an application of House of the Google to see a Google Chromecast.

Our clave of the fire of the Amazon has been connected and on and that careers downwards 10 minutes.

There is little to any on-line help - Google of street, or an application. Some instructions that is coming with a device is abysmal (simply say spent he in and download an application). If I have not directed to connect this device in a next pair to hours will be to go back the google.

Need of Google to organise the line of help of pertinent client attended any to hang on to this nightmarish device for more than the day.

UPDATE: I sent it behind how we were unable of the take to do :(
4 / 5
On first use the felizmente has launched my Ready TV of the chrome browser. Next time tried it to them announced ource any recognised' Google does not resupply any help. So much the have the device concealed - love launcher of your PC - is totally useless. Undoubtedly it has the solution (although rebooting is not he) and can be readier that find the But of the that assumes it all the falls neatly partorisca plant.... Later.... Although the have a current version updated of Chrome is resulted his to build that has the failure (any shared with users) this prevents partorisca launch. If has this question of download of precise connection google canary. Work with that.
4 / 5
Ossia My second chromecast , has ordered this partorisca my mamma so that it can look Iplayer and mine of action netflix account during lockdown . It has directed partorisca install it entirely in his own and is almost 80 ( is isolating so that it could not help) . Any complaint there and looks to be that his very like this far. I am surprised included after all these years a prize there is no to touch to lose still value he if I can not justify buying it newssmart TV for occasional streaming. Also really handy as it enjoys to look in of the photos of his telephone in a big TV. Calm also can take he of room to the yes calm room of any cost more than one. Happy like this far.
4 / 5
Has been promoted to buy this for the member familiarised, as my TV is quite old (for today of levels), and does not have ‘of the punctual' capacity. Disappointingly, My TV does not have the usb space to be able to a Chromecast, which would have enabled a same installation faster. In spite of, it was to arrive and doing in the subject of small, as I have had has downloaded already an application of House of the Google previously to receive a device. A device is ordered like this, is hid entirely for behind a together, which is a lot of entity of mine. The things owe that be orderly and orderly, with all installed has hid. It is it adds to be able to look things in a screen of television, more than in my iPad. Thoroughly Recommended!!!
5 / 5
This is to take to be one of some worse pieces of boxes have has not bought never. Google Surpasses his own low levels with east. He constantly buffers and am speaking each 10 to 15 seconds. Mina wifi pursue in 60mbps, a unit is not in prójimo proximity the TV this in spite of him still buffers. Utilisation the Samsung telephones. As the one who am concerned Google has lost all the credibility.
4 / 5
Our television any Prompt fill the space of concrete measure in the unit of wall and has dreaded that try to find another READY TV to upgrade the to still current Netflix, etc. Find this device and was sceptical like this to like this would do. This in spite of, is simply brilliant! Had at all basically bad with our slightly outdated TV, as when being able to use this to transform an use of the way without that has to that disburse varied pounds of the hundred for the new TV is excellent. Thoroughly Recommend.
4 / 5
Originally has taken one for my promise to the equal that could Prepare of current and Netflix his fashionable television older. Has has had to that previously connect on his laptop that was the ache. It loved it so much I then has bought myslef a reason has the SkyQ and he SkyQ mini box but my BT account of the sport so only to the left has it to me on a TV. More than paying BT another £6 the month for the second licence I now common of a BT Application of Sport in mine iPad my second TV with a SkyQ mini. Absolutely brilliant.
4 / 5
Mainly use this to Youtube launch to a television like six able to create the row of things to look, brilliant when I love row on the load of tutorials.
Is súper easy to install and calm give you the step by step drive in that to do when in a screen of television once there is plugged he in. Has these on all a TVs in a house more than using devices that has Youtube/of Youtube installed like him so only so easier that launch of the yours telephone and have more than an able person to launch as a whole the family can share.
4 / 5
Has bought this reason so only could not take mine Oculus Investigations VR headset to launch my iPhone properly. It was LIKE THIS choppy and has maintained disconnecting. It has not been well.

Does not have some television loans later, has he Panasonic this is to be buy the few years done. Neither I have . It would read on roughly 5GHz when being a connection of better internet to use and Chromecast Ultra when being a better to buy to launch VR headsets.

Has not Loved to spend that a lot neither has loved to take it casualidad in some options of the most economic fusion available, as I have bought is one, to at least give mine headset he casualidad so only to be connected to the mark-appointed , after the connect A lot easily to an application of House of the Google, has been launching mine VR headset to a TV without any drop in connection anything and an audio/of picture is so only in the second behind the that a player in fact is seeing.

With which plugging a Chromecast to a backside of the mine television and it dipping up with an application, have gone to a paper to share in my Investigation and soyould' selected. I gave the cast of where could launch to and my TV was already there. After selecting it and clickiing 'Next', my screen of television has begun to aim a headset view.

This, obviously, works with other things that requires Chromecast, but I so only required to take mine headset fusion.

An utmost characteristic is that you can select to launch of any device of compatible/application and, if a TV is not already on, can arrive and fusion to start with. Also I any precise to open an application of the house of the Google selects launched of wherever am able to. An application of the house of the Google of the some few options that could be you can use he disconnect needs to, but has not required to open or use it has dipped of a Chromecast up.

Felizmente, my experience has been the very one, as has no hesitation in fully recommending it.
4 / 5
Tin a lot really the commentary has to that no for the dipped on top of closing my TV will go back yours when on & those careers
5 / 5
These basic Chromecast requires a HDMI port and usually can be powered of the port of USB, but comes with the adapter to be able to. This means is possible to 'upgrade' the no-ready, HD-ready TV the ready TV, has resupplied has the reasonable WiFi signal of @subject of yours Internet. You owe that use a mobile application for the control, so it needs the smartphone with WiFi also. He any 4K/UHD. I need a device an expensive plus for that.
5 / 5
I have finalised partorisca buy 2 of these. A prime minister done partorisca 9 weeks. One 2nd has not done at all. A 'helped on-line has culprit 1) my connection of internet 2) my device (telephone or pill) and finally my TV
If it is my neighbour on, because a prime minister a fact partorisca 9 weeks? It will not annoy with him again.
5 / 5
Has purchased this he so that it was able the current and film of the clock by means of an old TV has had.
The work adds, easy to use and easy the setup.

Sadly has not been able to use he with my projector, likes Chromecast has not sustained a start of resolution of a projector, which is reason I has used he with my TV instead.
Another thing there is remarked is a device runs the little heat sometimes, but say that ossia well.

In general would recommend.
4 / 5
Chromecast Does a lot well with all my mobile devices without failure, these abonos but no reasons has bought the. When Launching or mirroring of chrome browser in pc, this in spite of, has until the second of lag that the frames that use a smile approaches impossible to use. By means of the pocola researches and of the interactions with another chromecast the users finds that, in my opinion, a question of lag does not come from/comes from a pc or wireless coverage but is the limitation of device of a chromecast. An experience with telephone or the pill is quite positive, but using with my pc leave me with disappointment and frustration.
4 / 5
BUYER BEWARE - this device no with the Samsung Galaxy Tab4 SM-T230 to to the pill likes them to them the operating system is Android and need to be at least 6.0 for a chromecast device to do. This means that I neither owe that buy the smartphone with at least Android 6.0 or the new pill ( I thinks could take an on Amazon partorisca in £65 with Android 10.0) or so only consign a device to a man-drawer and the forget. Probably it would be more just economic state to buy a loan of TV of economic plus in some sales of New Year. A lot disappointed. Oh , And he so only works with smartphones or pills.
5 / 5
Has not taken really. A prime minister one there is prendido to do and has broken a usb walk in my TV. A walk there is prendido only law. A chromecast no anywhere with which way that is a subject has not been in a TV. It has taken the substitution and has not been a lot neither. Very slow. Any good connection to a TV, like this slow. No the good row of applications neither.
I then has taken a clave of fire of the amazon, has had to buy an adapter for the use in a wall then like chromecast had destroyed a usb of a TV. They are like this appreciated changed it. Unfortunately it does not recommend .
5 / 5
Is really be impressed with a Chromecast. I have bought this that could touch GCN+ of the mine telephone to the mine television and work perfectly. I have it quell'has used besides he with Youtube and Photo of Google without @@subject. You will require the one of leftover HDMI port in yours television and any one the socket of discharge or to spare usb port to power a device. An application of the house of the Google is required in a desire of device the current of, i.et. Telephone, pill, etc. Dips- has on taken three tentativas and was slow to choose on a WiFi. Resetting A telephone has ordered this was this in spite of and has been always quickly to do of then. I have been using he of a telephone of Android and my woman of his iPhone. A second user just needs to install application of House of the Google and then one first person can share a device with them without together further-has on required. A woman has a lot of state impressed with him which think is always the sign of the compraventa well.
4 / 5
Common of good quality of Oculus, has the delay but with receiver his no an end of a world-wide
4 / 5
My understanding was that it could use this to connect my pill to a street dipped television bluetooth and Youtube of control - Netflix - Britbox etc of my keyboard of pill. It is more expensive that some the alike devices and I have has thought paid for the better product. In fact it has paid for thr privilege to resupply Google with personal information so that it could aim announce. Well a cost of advertising is already factored in the side of any products that buys so that they are not that it pays for him two times. When I plugged he in him also has changed was some of a TVs characteristic. It is for googlophiles so only.
5 / 5
Has bought this like the substitution when my old chromecast there is prendido to do last week and the one who the waste complete of money, will not connect the coverage or the 'google Marie' the application has tried ten or twelve times has used each clue to shoot of the available question, one some of Google were useless, there is taken on a 6hrs to take place on finally and then he one 'Update' that meant the no longer has done ...His so only any picture, Google blames a same TV although Firestic and DVD PLAYER SO MUCH work!, ....Quell'Idiot has renewed a chromecast?
4 / 5
The quality of picture is utmost when I have connected he with my oculus the investigation was very easy to install and easy to use once dipped on
4 / 5
Having originally has purchased an alternative device, am wanted with east. I made a mistake to buy the response produced of type and well, takings which pays stops. It was the nightmare to try and place up and no that add in an end, as I have on data and has bought a Chromecast. It has taken as to take it up and that career and work like the sleep.
Is debating Yes to buy a real thing or the alternative cockroach, pls calms the favour and spend a bit those that extra books!
5 / 5
Has not gone really sure that has bought, has several Roku marries of devices and has assumed that this would be a lot one same but is not . All this does according to which can say is yours the telephone mirror that it is well for applications like this of the cameras of security that you can not locate a Roku but ossia roughly that.

Conclusion, so only buy the Roku or the clave of Fire.
4 / 5
Really device very small now can take now television to launch of the mine android the TV. Excellent picture in place of hdmi boss of laptop the TV, which has image of date of poor quality. Near delicate on, but help read that you disconnect a chromecast discharges, and leave was for 1 minute, and, or press a key of devices for 25 according to him refreshes and king impulses and has done then. Very pleased to be now looking F1 and football. I have purchased the seperate boss of power of USB cut that it can of an USB of backside of television and works well, and prevents unsightly boss to be able the dangling down of television on wall. Your television this in spite of has to that be able to distribute quite can of USB.
5 / 5
Mina has recommended of my daughter. Easy to install and the use saws the application has downloaded. Need HDMI socket and source to be able the - USB in the TV will do - or separate 3 USB to nail covers it has resupplied. Basically image of mirrors on computers ( in my chance to Pill) and scrollings the TV. Quality of better picture in television that on Compressed.
4 / 5
Has not liked Him a fact could so only common has seen the calm applications thought you so only could go in any web of place in yours ipad or telephone? Or I have lost perhaps something here. Any way has the laptop and although annoying, attaching a HDMI the better and more easy boss. Also it founds to annoy the to install like some on here, has not been to clear at all, included after erm Googling. They are sure he well for another but did not like me that it has to that it downloads more than applications. Envoy behind. No for me.
4 / 5
To be sincere has loved this produced reason my TV is not quite recent to launch on he the applications and I do not have Disney+. As I have bought that. He perfectly a work to launch my content of telephone in a TV. But it has not been , he suddenly disconnected and has tried now of all a way to reinstall the and has linked he with a WiFi and my telephone but looks to be for a ingeeneer! Still havnt Find the way, ossia far to be very intuitive at all.
Some looks of famous competitor much easier to use.
5 / 5
Has bought this to solve a subject has had with the projector and Netflix and any sound.

Was easy to install and has solved a question with a projector.

Has used it of then in mine television and used it to launch my photos of mine iPhone to a TV.

Also the take holidays and connected it to a TV in ours cottage without any subjects. It was easy to dip until my TV when we return.

Has solved a subject for me and has resupplied other uses like this £30 very past
5 / 5
has loved common services and of the sure applications my TV of mine iPad and this Chromecast is a perfect mate. Any @@subject and the installation processes a lot quickly in a start. Works a lot well and the quality of picture is always clear. Compact and easy to store. Value a prize. Highly recommend.
4 / 5
Incredible product, and like this easy to setup.

Has used this to launch of my telephone of Android, and do like this easily. Setup Is foolproof with just the pocolos very easy, has included a product that applies the updates was simple. So only follow some steps and was to go. Like this simple and works incredibly well. Going to use it mainly for Netflix fusion of the mine telephone and Youtube, excellent quality, excellent video playback, and his excellent. A lot I last to find failure to be sincere.

Linked that to Chrome in my Apple Mac, and again - seamless and like this easy.

I products add and highly recommended.
4 / 5
Totally useless. Struggled to dip up in ours WiFi, has taken several tentativas and the pair of hours. Then when finally installed the would not launch anything of any of our telephones. It is gone through everything in a troubleshooting 3 times, and trawled an internet for responses, but at all has done. The the suspect probably needs the very strong WiFi signal to do.
Sends behind and has taken the Roku Expresses instead, which perfectly, was quickly to dip on, finds our WiFi immediately, and currents and launches any question.
To the equal that averts the Chromecast, take it Roku instead!
5 / 5
Better buy a unbranded a pleasure miracast because any all services of video can be seen in chromecast. I have been using chromecast partorisca 1 year. This year my mamma has begun partorisca look video of random places and when I have asked reasons is not using a chromecast has said no sometimes. With my technology of 30 experience of years, has @to @give Chromecast has blocked sure places of working. I have bought the HDMI Auricular (miracast) so only now, which is more economic then chromecast and will do the better work.
5 / 5
Has done my TV of ready cookery. Easy product partorisca install in television, need a HDMI socket. My question has taken an installed Application. I have used Cat of Help of the Google and took it done but there is taken on an hour to the equal that has had to that reboot several times. To good sure the value that , such the useful characteristic to have in my TV of cookery.
5 / 5
Has bitten glitchy But well when it operates. Installed to Samsung punctual television model quite new. Easy to dip up. So only frustrating fallen out of the plot esp when using paralización oculus. It looks better when launching of telephone.
4 / 5
This has transformed my options to see.
Streaming Of Youtube or law of Amazon first wonderfully

This in spite of when seeing Salvation Rey the films that touch in mine portable, there is remarked stuttering in quality of video, more than the quality of the sound touches no in sync sometimes.

The Perhaps this model can not give sustain a volume of data. If ossia of yours entity, perhaps consider an expensive plus Ultra 4k offered of model
5 / 5
£30 is far more economic that spending £@@@100s in upgrading that is the perfectly pertinent TV . Maintaining can take Netflix, Youtube and a full on-line service of a rule Freeview canals in some old but working TV. Very pleased. It is the bit of the ache that has to that use a 'telephone to launch some programs, but is not the dealbreaker and works perfectly well.
5 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. Excellent!!! It is discharge and game in his own with his own bosses for HDMI for a device, also comes with the discharges of United Kingdom regulate. Without digital signal where the alive ossia the God sends and has to that compraventa for any with the half decent wifi. iiJust Excellent! Big quality, all has required has comprised yes calms already there is wifi. Any necessary Digital TV for one changes the one who dipped up with advertising and pay it lisence to possess the television lol is not lawful and one civilises knows this and he so only can be there and say at all but frames for the tactic to harass sum the people those who are ignorant to some illegalities of the television that authorises and his tactic of harasses. Simply answer a register of door with the camera for your account doorstep and to the career likes a bit the weasels is. So only you tube a reaction cideoa of these bullies
5 / 5
was a lot quickly and easy to dip this thing up with pill of mine of android (pocolos small, comprising update, and does not have a terracing to compute advanced). Works a lot well the launch BBC iPlayer and such to our no punctual TV. Picture of excellent quality and no streaming subject in our broadband of edge. I have connected the small (android) devices to a chromecast, so that it can be used included when an owner of a telephone/of the pill is not home. I have not tried connecting a laptop still. Some pictures and description in a page of product a lot really shows this, but a chromecast need to be plugged to the source to be able to. In my chance, I plugged he to a TV usb the port but that fails that you will require the socket to be able to.
5 / 5
This device so only can be controlled invernadero telephone it ,as if a person in a house with a telephone place until a TV is television . That the injustice of rubbish with the good old fashioned far control. Sad I really a lot like this live so only ,any good has the family. It imagines to be annoyed to change a television all a time ! Sad has not been that the people use this product.
4 / 5
Had been eyeing arrives to take it Chromecast partorisca some time, and has taken finally one submerges when we subscribe to Disney+ without any device the current the to a TV.

To be sincere, work exactly to the equal that has to that. There are a lot of applications can use to to launch to your screen and a quality of picture is of sound. The controls in a telephone are intuitive and is not that it has to that arrest and spend on the UI to dip subtitles or options of transmission.
4 / 5
Has been using chromecast for the long time now mainly partorisca netflix and streaming services. We buy the new one he so that it could use an old plus one with the portable monitor upstairs.

Ossia The better creation that give form of leading clave. Also it likes that you are of able to launch your screen that is a a prevails addition to the equal that can use my TV like the monitor for pill of mine of android.

Top Customer Reviews: Fire TV Stick 4K ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 7 ratings
4 / 5
It is fresh but plz add Funimation application partorisca ireland thx
4 / 5
A lot disappointed as it does not rid 4K same resolution although it is connected to the 4K television and the connection of stable internet of 1Gb.

A quality of video of Netflix or PrimeVideo the installed applications in a TV is much more acute for this go it partorisca return.

Looks that there is the bug that cause 'the Clave of television of the Fire 4K Max partorisca change down to 1080p'. Google That uses these words keys and there is the discussion roughly that; I can not dip link he of web of place in a description of commentary.
4 / 5
Has taken partorisca netflix and exploring an internet in a TV. While netflix is doing well, an experience partorisca explore is a worse has has not had never. It is probably a far and a way he navigates that renders an absolutely useless device
4 / 5
A really solid device. This version there is WiFi 6 which is ideal data my subject has the WiFi 6 start. The common is and the abonos UI.
5 / 5
The product is very very good and does exactly which want stops. But a question massively is concealed partorisca owe battery partorisca change every day. Any lie, every day.
4 / 5
Delicia like this easy to setup and very smooth playback Amur he
5 / 5
Could not use old stereo system partorisca touch like this with older Firestick likes investigation Bluetooth speaker .

Top Customer Reviews: STRONG Leap-S1 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 6 ratings
5 / 5
Ossia A box of TV of excellent loan with the really easy user friendly interface that has all our bylines in one situate. Really easy to dip up and use and good value partorisca money! Highly it would recommend!!
4 / 5
These functions of product like the decent OTT 4K streamer.

An only thing partorisca be conscious of does not sustain Dolby Vision.

Setup / TV of Android / of quality of the common tent of application is in pair with another streamers.
4 / 5
So only that has looked for, well the good piece done of boxes very pleased.
5 / 5
This was fantastic during some holidays to the equal that have had like this more partorisca look and literally saved enormous familiarised rows. Simple to dip up and good quality. Brill Partorisca Look Youtube and load of the available applications with Googleplay.
4 / 5
Fantastic product the really love this box in the prize adds
4 / 5
im no an a lot of partorisca descriptions and when it has purchased them this element is them gone in partorisca blind so there is has not had descriptions or questions partorisca help me, a main reason has been them takes was a google certification that the averages has the genuine playstore and google assisting as well as another google has certified characteristic.

Moving on a praise has required them a box of android partorisca the concrete reason and alot of some clones didnt sustain a material has them has wanted this ticked all some boxes and was although his only 2gb of the ram is still enough the fast little box

each person there is there own needs for a box of android but if yours simply streaming or touching a game of odd android for a his prize in a specs aint bad and would say them his value he.

Top Customer Reviews: Android 10.0 TV ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 8 ratings
4 / 5
This box is underperforming for far and is like this slow to upload and download. Taken partorisca age partorisca jump by means of pages and taking the things done on that. You cant download the majority of some applications of google in this box, not even the Cleanest application, while my older box outperformed this box and is very better that this one. If you do not have the patience very still considers partorisca buy this box, goes partorisca the expensive plus an and a calm at least can download simple the majority of usable applications on android. Ive Sends behind and has asked the repayment and take my older box.
5 / 5
Has purchased two of these and work like the firestick but more smoother and has been also has surprised that a far distributed navigated well. I have purchased Rii far and this does well with this product. Netflix Amazon And power other applications that comprises the games do perfectly. I have purchased two different boxes and has had to that send them behind but this device was a better of a lot.
5 / 5
For a prize this to well little box. I have directed to install streaming software in the and managed it all a lot well. An usual software like Netflix, BBC iPlayer all does perfectly. Beginning read some complaints in a controller but is perfectly well, only need to seeds clear line of view . You trace the options are good and the quality of build is exactly that would expect of the light , the costs of box down.

In general, this little box of estimativa can open on your viewing and streaming world.
5 / 5
Has has taken now rid of this device, has struggled to run anything, constantly freezing / prendiendo. After speaking to a The expert, there is me advised that this has been able to probably be because a version of Android10 has been able to probably be the copy and no genuine. I can not try this, but has has bought now the new box (different mark) and work well, as it is not error of user!
4 / 5
Has bought this to simply run the monitor with video of the CCTV that the camera and he can any one although a lot well. I go to try to find another use for him, perhaps the doorstop or something but seriously spend more money and avert these cpu is and go for the S905x3 or main with at least 4gb ram.
5 / 5
A straming the quality is well , but some Applications arent , there is netflix/Prime , didnt there is disney+ or BBC iplayer has had to that be installed with a apk, the user of half house will struggle

the way some applications are showed on screen is very big , and some time his no obvious to the equal that to cruised

has taken to a phase annoyed so much , has ordered another ROKU expresses
4 / 5
the box is very slow to answer to a far and a far has subject to do with some applications .
The ages to take google game to do or same load
that the the require to do

the any recomend this like your box of main TV likes so only partorisca retard
5 / 5
All have has wanted to was to look of some canals of European sports. This box was the economic way to do that. At all fact and when he all that has downloaded was porn . I have broken he with the hammer and launched some pieces in a cube.

Top Customer Reviews: Wireless HDMI ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 9 ratings
4 / 5
Ossia The swipe has been concealed does not have any a lot of compatibility.

A resolution of a fusion is poor, a setup more uncomfortable that the incumplimiento Chromecast and is not doing directly with to to the diverse applications like to them Youtube.

Ossia Use this partorisca launch your screen of telephone and then ploughs it several applications. It thought it that it has bought a real Chromecast as there is disappointed. It will be partorisca return and buying an official Chromecast (which is in fact more economic).
4 / 5
A product is some absolute waste of money, sure can mirror your screen, but can a lot of anything more with him and mirroring is any help wants to something more with your device.
4 / 5
Any subject like hard has tried this artilugio would not launch my iPad to a ready TV. I gave it it sent it on behind.
Some instructions were tiny and hard to read, the illustrations have not been to clear.
5 / 5
Has think that bought the chromecast, a product a lot included sustains anything alleges to. So only it could take audio mirroring to do, any video, any Netflix or Youtube/of Youtube or first Video. Included Airplay In mine iPhone or iPad does not operate. It is roughly like this useful like the weight of paper, and probably so only has reduced a security of your coverage of house. No SHABBY.
4 / 5
The box aims an image of the Google chromecast ultra but ossia the swipe was version , no a product of official of Google.
5 / 5
Absolutely rubbish, the box aims an image of the Google chromecast ultra but ossia the swipe was version , no a product of official of Google.
Not returning for purpose, total waste of money
4 / 5
Ossia the with, does not touch it . Really the desire would read some descriptions. The amazon… like the turn pleases?
5 / 5
Is expecting the Google Chromecast, is not , and he no behave likes one. Although it declares this in an end of a description of product, is a lot of misleading.
5 / 5
Would owe that be upfront with buyers and say them one covers to be able to is not comprised, useless without one.