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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 7 ratings
4 / 5
As I have tried this produces in detail and has to that say his one of one the majority of effective, light, gain and convenient artilugio partorisca my ps5 the system has found in a phase.
Like that goes of more than detail, Entirely drained a battery in my controller partorisca try a speed in that he recharges and has taken to full load behind inside an hour (much faster that other produced)
In of the terms of aesthetics is ps5 colours and is also a form of a ps5, in planting to underline like the sore thumb.
A system of exposure is very simple and this in spite of like this compliments all roughly that! Red partorisca the Blue touch partorisca simple legislation has touched?
Going back to the consolation has 2 inner bosses have separated partorisca adapt some needs of the yours upload put you, as well as when being small bosses so many can be ordered and has directed.
My global evaluation of this docking the canal is ' has has surpassed expectations' very very drawn and touches well with eases of use and the simple to see exposed. Also a cost is surprisingly down partorisca the produced the one who compliments a ps5 like this entirely, highly would recommend this product partorisca any the one who has the ps5 controller!
5 / 5
A controller that touches the cradle is the really handy piece of boxes partorisca do sure that the yours the controllers are always ready partorisca go and ossia a better one has used in PS5 like this far.

Shares a fashion of an official PS5 touching cradle, with the stylish black and white creation that resembles a system, whilst retains it a functionality of Oivo sooner touching jump as it could touch via USB more than requiring to use spent he of hands. Different some third frames of party, Oivo the mark in this cradle is stylish and thin and does not look out of place joint the official Sony components. Also it touches quickly, with the fully touched inner of load 2 hours.

A bit those that other things that there is wanted...

1) Comes with two options for USB that touches, any one the USB directed-C connection to connect to a front of a PS5, or discharges he of dual USB that leaves it to connect a backside of a system. Of course, any option also can be connected to discharges he of USB. I love versatility so that it is to say the big plus for me.

2) One has directed lights in a front (to the equal that in a first picture) can be turned on/was, like this calm can maintain it looking quite minimalistic he prefers. Ossia Often the bugbear of mine like this really pleased with this option. Also it likes that of a picture is clearly a PS5 controller and no the random generic controller how is sometimes a chance.

3) does not require any extra dongles to connect to some ports of USB and some controllers seat directly on that. One less what to lose is always the good thing jn my book.

Honradamente, can does not recommend quite - is looking for the PS5 touching the cradle then really can any gone bad with this fantastic product of OIVO games!
5 / 5
Does well like this far touch my controllers. Dressed a creation of a ps5.

A cradle does not sustain some controllers that well like this yes is moved has attacked was some controllers will fall era. So only the bosses up.

Also takes two of one regulates it usb space in a backside of a console, so he loves those for something more (headset dongle etc) could be the breaker of extracted. There is the only usb c to usb c this in spite of like this if not to impose you this boss in a front can touch in this way but does not look like this cleaned.

Obviously does not have to that it uploads of a console but calm still need two rule usb the available spaces to somewhere and a goodness is not that long.

Global good value with the pair of limitations like any quite 5 star
5 / 5
He exactly that says in one has beaten. One load is súper fast, has had 1 bar in my controller, the fast transmission and topped it on any time at all! A look is súper lustrous, and the perfectly together chair to a PS5 with his piece of aim and black centre of external poster. More some the light indicators of cariche are both gains and the look adds!

A unit is compact, as it will not take on too spatial in yours stand of television or office. It is easy to have was all a time, and can be plugged in anywhere has seen the USB. It is easy to click a controller to, doing it the very of confidence gaming partner! Calm never run out of touching again.

Likes it has said, one load is quickly, and in a past has been tired of any official touching for his security. A longer test probably required to fully judge it, but certainly like this far feel me sure. A unit feels robust, and of the big quality. And I concealed I seat to like a product goes to be sure.

A light negative, but my toddler has attacked a stand of television and disconnected a controller of a cradle slightly that breaks a connection to one load. A light of indicator signals this immediately, and is easy to click he behind to plant. As you know... So only be careful with toddlers 😂

is looking for the cradle to touch to use with your PS5, certainly can recommend this PS5 quickly upload of Oivo Games.
5 / 5
Of a moment takes out of a box feels like the product of prize, any so only a cradle but a braided usb the boss is the good touch ! When Dipping on, a cradle is announced covers it to a front or for behind a Playstation 5 using a usb the bosses resupplies in of the boxes. Personally it uses my Samsung telephones to upload to ensure his uploading against all the time .

A port in a backside is very robust the difference other third cradles of party.

If I do not love it constantly on when plugged in, can be resulted of a transmission in a backside.

An appearance to touch works almost identically to an official cradle, always was when a controller is touched with an indication to touch in a front.

After having he for some times so only can say does so only a figure an official cradle does like this minutely better. I find it slightly easier that seat a controller in an official cradle but for a difference of prize is the just trade was!

For the most thorough description, control out of my video in my Canal of Youtube (AlexCh11Gaming)
4 / 5
in that Has has not had never the PS5 before (obviously!), I am not sure state that class to touch the canal would require for some controllers, as I have taken to bet is. They are very pleased has done.

Touch some controllers quite quickly and indicates that the controller is uploaded against any time.

With my PS4 the controllers have has had to that physically 'clicks' the in the cradle to control so it has known was on uploads, with a PS5 is quell'has bitten more 'released as it could be magnetic, as I order of has to that wiggle his roughly until a light to the touch comes on. Ossia My only flu with a product.
4 / 5
Like this the controller uploads is perfect in my opinion, and I better suspicion that a offical PS5 cradle.

Colour of device and lighting is the party adds for a PS5 .

Having Some indicators by heart (red to touch, blue for touched) is really useful.
Can attach the rear USB and will operate while PS5 is in way of rest.

Once the controllers are touched some transmissions of the device was..

That it can say - his well.......

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5
So only landed in mine doorstep opened it up and looks another he still another travesía to an office of estaca. Absolutely terrible looks it has been printed in economic Plain A4 any depth or opacity to some colours. It is so only a lot morally right to be selling such substandard sakes,. It averts this I doubt I so only taken miserable. You can buy sticky for behind inkjet vinyl and the one who the way would be like this more economic resupplying the the printer
5 / 5
Touches clean PS4 with drying before hand and credit of paper to use to help stick it down. Stickers partorisca some upper and the fund is slightly smaller, as will have empty black all a way around (can not say with a spiderman a). A front some stickers on are lapping a power and eject keys like this needs he 1mm trim.
Some cushions a GOOD east, not annoying with a sticker of light bar, his small and rubbish of looks. A boss some have three slits on the like this easy to wrap around.

Basically partorisca £ the good east looks and some boys are happy.
4 / 5
Is not that it has been expecting. I assumed it it would be the vinyl has based, perhaps there is not reading a description properly when I have ordered. It does not match properly when applying all some different sides.

Some stickers of controller are the bit of the ache partorisca take legislation without creasing the little time, but peel was easily immediately partorisca leave you partorisca fix it. I expect that they exit like this easily when it comes around partorisca take them. They are paper based to the equal that will spend was quickly.

In general, is WELL, but no brilliant and suppose no of the that has been expecting; a prize reflects concealed. My boys were happy with him this in spite of and suppose that ossia the one who @@subject.
4 / 5
Like the order of some pictures goes. Upper sticker, reason two parts? It is not a correct measure that leaves the empty to the long of some means and has chosen to leave an empty in a rear end of a console how is less visable (can see a black line of an aim on and a Fifa spent of game. Yianni And another car customisors take the vinyl in values the PLOT more than of the this and among the circle. Reason could any one an upper sticker be like this one and gone more than bent when packaged.

Some three band could have been better drawn to go around some corners so it can see, there is the fine line in the each (empty blacks like black console). For this have used some of an excess wrap concealed remained and pieces of cut of tiny half thumb to close on empty.

Quite easy to wrap, the heat applied in some corners to help one wraps goes around some curves. It would be to 5 description yes was better deigned and if an upper sticker was to measure.
5 / 5
Looks effective and I like a colour. Had some subjects. Has a slender version of a console but some stickers have sent was in two pieces for a cup of a console. It concealed it is not the subject of entity likes still looks of good. It peels In of the places and has to that be place behind situating occasionally but has had another first skin of this one of the different provider that has done a same thing but in fact to the worse terracing. I have had the plot of contact and help of a provider of this element. They are exited of his way to contact me and the mark sure are satisfied and have the occasion the feedback to them. I have been fantastic!
5 / 5
Does not return exactly to a PS4 or some controllers. The instructions are terrible. I thoroughly cleaned and degreased everything with braking more cleaned first to stick them on, but the few months down a line was all beginning the paralizaciones peel was. Any recommended. My edges said 'the dad so only can peel all of becasue rubbishes of looks '
5 / 5
AVERTS....... Bought for my fiancé Looked well for the day until a following morning has despertador up and no longer has stuck . This sticker would be good if a playstation wasnt be it used but because of light heat of a console so only bubbles on and begin him peel was. Any happy with compraventa.
5 / 5
Has bought this for the PS4 pro, is not returned an upper at all, has had to dip the piece down a half to fill in an empty that already is beginning to the impulse was (3 days after the dipped on, out of boxes into use for less than a day.) And it has had still diverse around some flanges. It has not annoyed with a controller one have of then. Extremely in disappointing. It is not fooled for some vendors Photoshop skills. If I besiege had like this endeavour to his product like his advertising, would be adds. Sorely There is disappointed reason looks descriptions that has used to be good.
5 / 5
Has used the few skins in a bast. Several different people and subjects, my last a that hard so only on two first years of felt them has loved them the transmission. This a resemblance in a surface to be GOOD.

Once the peeled some vinyls for a placing, does not have to note like this robust, and has not looked to want to stick too well. In spite of all some surfaces that is prepped and dry and the free powder.

There is there was so only the few weeks and his already so only peeling was. I will buy another skin but no east an or this company. If calm so only the love provisional then the buy but the will not be buying is one or another of this company again.
5 / 5
Some pictures are misleading 3d-renders. A transaction of compraventa was smooth, but a quality of a skin is really down. A sticker on a PS4 Pro is in two part, which poden or can any annoying but is not obvious of a pics when I purchase.
Some stickers in a front and the sides go in three part, and fulfil in some corners at the head of a PS4 Pro. These corners are angled and slightly rounded, that cause some stickers to peel slightly in one the majority of visible part of a console. No the good or professional look. Some stickers forward were cut bad, has had the misalignment in a half on all three advance of stickers (as if a cutting leaf 'jumped' the little during a yard) which was also a lot noticeable still of the few feet were. I have finalised to peel these were, looked a lot of DYI and economic.

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 12 ratings
5 / 5
I have bought this accessory With the Idea has given to play with Playstation Far in transfer or in the partorisca the lunch so only first has given to discover that it is impossible to do it without wifi. Comuqnue... The accessory is perfect For him Dualshock 4 my obviously loses has given ergonomia in the moment in that it telephones has a weight of entity. I For example have an iPhone 11 Pro Max that has a discreet weight like this as it was long tired. Optimum however For some session has given game the brief prime has given to go the sleep, always has given any have directly TV and Playstation in camera!
4 / 5
Ich War auf gives Suche nach einer Handyhalterung für gives PS4 Controller und habe has given yesterday gewählt. Offensichtlich bieten auf Amazon mehrere Verkäufer Gives gleiche oder sehr ähnliche Produkte a. Ich habe mich für Has given Halterung yesterday entschieden, weil sie zoom Zeitpunkt gives Kaufs place knapp 8 data of Euros Günstigste war.

Quotes Anbringung gives Halterung are Controllers ging relativ flott. Man muss yesterday are Anfang ein wenig Kraft aufbringen und etwas fester drücken, damit gives ganze einrastet. Aber dann hält Is auch sehr sicher und fest. Die Halterung wieder abzumontieren könnte jedoch schwieriger heart, gives habe ich nicht probiert.

Gives Handy lässt sich dann einfach einrasten und wird gut gehalten. Außerdem lässt sich Quotes Neigung give Halters bzw. Of the the smartphones dipped partorisca give Drehreglern links und rechts gut einstellen. They are PS4-Controllers sind natürlich to the Tasten und Anschlüsse weiterhin gut zugänglich.

Insgesamt Cube ich sehr zufrieden, zumal gives Preis mehr als günstig ist. Of the Ganze macht einen sehr stabilen Eindruck und is wackelt nichts. Für mich ergibt Gives zusammen the place gives Retroarch Application eine perfekte mobile Retro-Spiele-Konsole. Aber auch für andere Spiele auf dem Smartphone wird Gives sicher gut geeignet heart.
4 / 5
Seit Android 10 funktioniert gives ps4 controller nativ über Bluetooth und For Kabel. Ich daddel oft ps4 Touches far oder Spiele wie GTA Saint City/of Addiction of Andreas auf dem Smartphone. Schnell abnehmbar vom Controller bzw. Vom Smartphone. Die Kloppmechanismen sind solid und stabil auf dem Controller. Klare 5 Sterne für Die Verarbeitung und dem angerufenen Preis.
4 / 5
Pro :
1. Passt Súper genau One gives ps4 Controller. Keine störenden oder scharfen Kanten.
2. Einfache Handhabung und schnelle Installation. Handy ist einfach ein- und auszubauen. It gives Winkel wird has dipped beidseitiger Schraube eingestellt, Gives innen noch eine Verzahnung installiert ist, rutscht gives nichts hin oder him.

Against : 1. abhängig vom Handy, befindet sich im Bereich gives Haltebügel give Powerschalter Gives Mobiltelefon. Dafür ist keine Aussparung vorgesehen, muss Man also bissl kreativ werden.

Fazit : Preis und Leistung passen. It has dipped etwas Schaumstoff lässt sich Gives einzige against einfach beheben.
5 / 5
Is passt wie angegossen. Jedoch sind viele Smartphone heutzutage recht schwer, weshalb gives Nachteil Gives baulich bedingten, recht unangenehmen Schwerpunkts zoom Tragen kommt. Of the Produkt funktioniert dennoch einwandfrei, Dipping date ging problemlos, is lässt sich in verschiedenen Winkeln arretieren, wirkt stabil, blockiert keine Tasten und wiegt selbst fast nichts. Für längere Gaming-Sessions sollte give verwendete Gerät aber nicht zu schwer heart.
5 / 5
Has produced Of the quality Touches lucido prize, changes the life of the cloud Gaming, One the house when the TV is taking, connecté to the Wi-fi, lucida comforts offered is appreciable, his sessions are not éprouvantes, owing to a quite interesting balance of the together. It sustains of the telephone lucido blockade suffisament touches included can move without risking to fall. The molette of inclinaison is sufficiently effective Games that telephones to embezzle in the place chosen.
Very satisfied Of the cost, touches lucido moment.
5 / 5
A product has arrived next day . Access in PS4 controller to the equal that has expected. I have used he with my Samsung S8, unfortunately could not try PS far game like my telephone does not have Android 10. Still I need to try with games of Android.

A big more a more weighed telephone a setup will be, long gaming the sessions can be difficult.
5 / 5
Optimum materials For a product that am using every day and no still present any sign has wear of date!
4 / 5
...Absence of boss OTG in the box.
If any one bends of Clip well and my telephone that is to weigh (240gr) and imponente, maintains well in place.
5 / 5
Schwer zu befestigen dadurch hält Is aber Gut aber die Halterung fürs Handy also wo the man gives Handy dann fest macht kippt leicht nach hinten
5 / 5
Ossia at all that has received! I have received it Gives it Attaches game gâchette!!!!😡😡😡
4 / 5
Does like this feigned, May...

A clasp that print around a class of controller of blockades a key of Options. Of this key is not súper “pressable” partorisca begin with, so only the most difficult fact.

A controller clasp is also incompatible with the cradle partorisca touch and has to that be take to return a controller in a cradle properly. Both a micro usb touching port and a port of the extension in a controller is accessible, but a usb is notoriously faulty when it comes partorisca touch (this in spite of, look well when requiring to pair a controller to a console), and no the cord this'll covers to a port of extension.

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Rating: 5 out of 5 with 2 ratings
5 / 5
Some of some pieces lateralmente have not been a right period as it does not go all a way around in some sides, and neither matches up with to the to cup like them to them the aims in a picture. A side there is matched, and another any a lot of @@subject that the way turned it. But still I love it and it goes partorisca be traces in a wall in the way some deserts a lot really be noticeable like this im well with that!
5 / 5
When Have in the first place received this element was excited enough roughly the , but was hard to dip all some stickers on when I have not been to cut properly to return exactly a way has to that. Also inside the month for has begun it to peel is gone in some flanges without inclusos when be touched , would not recommend ...