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Top Customer Reviews: ATTCL Unisex Blue ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5
Value really very partorisca money. It was pleasantly surprised by lovely packaging. They look well this in spite of the little big partorisca my face. You the good work that block a blue light, my eyes are not hurting with which 8 hrs in front of a screen of computer :) you can see in a photo as it is reflecting blue light.
5 / 5
This law partorisca treat it and go in the small soft spends chance. When they Have arrived a prize of the nose was bent slightly but how is my nose as it is not gone in done the question.
5 / 5
My partner and I spend this newspaper before putting to bed and looking film. I want like this they look, celery classy and do a work of blocking blue light.

Coming with the little paper with the blue-light torch partorisca try them was that it is ordered enough!
Better blue-light blocking glasses still!
Would recommend :)
5 / 5
can not say a lot in these have them like this bought for my daughter,but can say that it is happy with them!
4 / 5
The product adds, been in a computer 5h right and any headache or tired eyes. Any weighed at all neither. Recommended.
5 / 5
Works of good product a lot could to be the little better quality but can not complain does his work
5 / 5
Very smooth and fast delivery, 100 happy with a product! My eyes are protected really for these glasses and his do not hurt anymore, which am surprised quite stops. Also good packaging and good quality pouch.
5 / 5
I really like these glasses, has resupplied to good sure an ease to my eyes. 100 it recommends these glasses!
A subject only is is quite delicate to clean a lentil which can do him the tad blurry but at all too drastic :)
4 / 5
has spent these during a day in acting of then day an and seat a lot comfortably for hours the time, and has helped to good sure to reduce eyestrain already.
4 / 5
Glasses really well, the look adds and has done to good sure the difference when I owe that look in the screen all day

Top Customer Reviews: Outray Vintage ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 32 ratings
4 / 5
Very Very Satisfied with an adorable and sexy frame! And a delivery. Strongly recommend a product!
5 / 5
Quality very bad and raven , am a lot of dissapointed and will allege the repayment.
Would not recommend , is the faulty has produced.
4 / 5
Ossia Perfect thus retro look.. It was under a supposition when that buying, that that would be the sure measure (for a look was them paralización) that thinks a part of the real circle of a frame would be the tiny has bitten smaller that is.. Although his no overbearingly big.. But youll know the one who the bad.. For everything means it still 'go' for a purpose/looks yours buying stops.. harry potter Look
4 / 5
Was bit it hesitant on purchasing this because of some mixed descriptions. But I am them happy with a compraventa. A gold is a lot has balanced that sometimes when using economic metal, the colours can do look more economic. They are main that has expected them, a lenses has a same measure of this small vasaline pots of round. It would owe that be remarked that you have to be delicate with them, is not too flimsy but when in them resistant can feel them like this can them easily pause. They go in the small chance with also the glasses pouch.
5 / 5
5 / 5
A bought these glasses that thinks that looked aesthetic and pleasant, but when a wine the entirely stray course, doing them unwearable. There is remarked also that some small part that resists some glasses he near was a lot of free and fragile to a touch. These glasses could easily fallen/of the brake averts inside the week, any value he.
4 / 5
Has purchased these glasses on its own name for the function in the game of period. They have arrived bad packaged in the map envelope without any cushioning to prevent them when the be has run over. Felizmente Has not been run over, but have the small chip in an of a lenses too small to annoy roughly returning them. It averts of a poor condition the arrival, a product is that it would expect for a prize: reasonably sturdy and returning for applications of prompt 20th century.
5 / 5
Looks genuine. It feels comfortable. Has the film by means of a lense that has had to that line was. A pair of prime minister has had to that return
5 / 5
A frames has been broken like the lense was burst already out of
4 / 5
Perfecto - do enough to plot to walk and find them ideal.
5 / 5
These glasses are well, but wish some frames never was like this slightly smaller and the little tighter. It is quell'has bitten too big partorisca my boss
5 / 5
A good pair of glasses, well partorisca a prize and comes with the good coverage.
4 / 5
Honradamente A better quickly the cost has done. They return amiably but partorisca a pertinent look would recommend any to spend them like this near of your eyes, rests him further down a bridge of your nose.
5 / 5
Has has wanted to all in this frame ! To good sure would recommend, all the wine packaged security and ensure any harm at all
4 / 5
Utmost glasses partorisca Harry or elegant dress Potter lookalike or yes so only wants to be the charming geezer the utmost glasses want to him thank you amazon and before hands aswell amour he
5 / 5
Lovely pair of glasses! A lot of sturdy and good quality. This in spite of, has not been listed in a description of product that has had the blue maintained to them to block blue light. This is annoying they so that has the blue glare really bad! It does not add for pictures!!
4 / 5
Has spent for the dress, well of look, feels much better that another has tried on, quality of build and in general feel, good measure
4 / 5
A different frame the photo of the product yes compares, that goes to return immediately.

Has had previously outray the glasses and a frame was of the same, this time is not even like this :(
5 / 5
I am cost really very partorisca the money and I love a fashion, but a frame feels quite feeble and pliable - an of some legs of some glasses already skews to a side.
5 / 5
Has bought for production of theatre. The majority of pertinent thank you. Fast delivery 👍🏽
5 / 5
was unsure that to expect when it has ordered these glasses. When they Have arrived it was excited like this. They look like this good!! Perfecto for cosplaying harry potter :)
5 / 5
Excellent service and exactly as it has described. Packaging And quality abonos excellent.
5 / 5
Unfortunately some glasses have broken with which not even 20 minutes of use. A lentil has burst was and a side snapped a lot unimpressive :(
4 / 5
the look adds, the returns adds. At all bad with them at all
4 / 5
You take that has paid partorisca install way of recipe any way
5 / 5
Quite strong and good quality, the daughter has used these for the school dress on day. You a work adds
4 / 5
glasses Quite big but likes them. Sturdy And really accesses well with my big boss
5 / 5
Amazing glasses good value partorisca money so only downside is stain easily but is worth it.
4 / 5
Shining partorisca an adult partorisca spend, there is enough the big boss and returned well.
5 / 5
Has taken has rid a next day, is coming with the stock exchange of glasses produces very a lot of Thankyou!
5 / 5
I supposition was well , returns in my boss, but feels like these glasses are not very strong and is quite feeble as a whole the glasses can bend easily and to the chair likes can be broken easily.
4 / 5
Any that has expected. Extremely fragile in the bad packaging and is the smallest way has expected then. It is it likes glasses of Potter of Harry. No really that has has wanted to

Top Customer Reviews: Bose Frames ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 47 ratings
4 / 5
Early as I have taken I say that it was short sighted an only thing could think was mart glasses'. I have tried several frames of bluetooth the glasses and I still am while on amazon partorisca go back mine but considering quality of his these are of the calm more can buy in a phase, a hard battery all day and there is alexa doing well now by means of tasker in a bluetooth key and a quality of some delivery call them free is amazing both in ear and partorisca a recognition. The cant expects to see that coming up with prójimos
4 / 5
Well, after trying three different fashions of 'Bose Marked, a verdict is in.

Absolutely rubbish.

Filter to his likes the sieve, and hardly returns my apparently massive boss.

Half of quality of the sound, but to sounds of the quality of the call likes them there is stuffed a mic down my trousers.

Has included a maintained in a polarised lenses is feeble likes anything.

Does not have any idea the one who has drawn these paralizaciones, but lacking still to rid on virtually each front.

Does not think never roughly taking these, any one annoying . Take the decent pair of sunglasses and the decent headset instead.

Yours account of bank and your eyes/of ears have obliged.
5 / 5
To the left is partorisca be blunt- in timing partorisca write this description, these Bose the tenors are the little on two hundred crux. They are an impressive bit of engineering, but does not look two-hundred-crux sunglasses, and does not touch partorisca like two-hundred-auricular crux neither. Like this unless has the very concrete reason partorisca want to one combines a two- if it is partorisca practical reasons, or reasons want to look extremely fresh- would be you better is gone in both fronts with hundred-crux sunglasses and hundred-auricular crux.

Cela Is not partorisca say that there is any ‘wow' factor, reason really has. A neatness and the elegance of them is something partorisca be admired, and have the plot of touches a lot well, like a calm way can dip him down to the rovescio to automatically take your music. But a victory is won still for the fashion on gladdens here.

Does not look posh sunglasses. Frankly they look he attacks quite a lot of- was to Scrape Prohibitions, perfect for snagging yes is dipping in an amateur dramatics production of A Blues Brothers. Some frames are the pocolos chunky and a black plastic looks economic and fashionable toy , with dated it slightly 1950 is to feel but no in the felizmente retro way. This in spite of in a side of toe of that, is in fact a lot very like this sunglasses- a polarisation done the massive difference (and frames staring in your screen of telephone feels to plot more esquíe-fi!) And the sunny day they the good pair to take.

Bose The headphones usually touch fantastic, but these are limited purely for creation. A big-the end and the melodic frequencies are crisp and clear in both low and big volumes, but some bass is sorely lacking. In other headphones have tried in a past, has taken the few hours for them to ‘cover' for a true richness of some bass to arrive, but here, does not look never- these headphones are grave -light, ossia an inferior line . Ossia The good thing , probably, master still be able to listen oncoming traffic while it cross a street without looking, but for a normal extremely big-finalise audiophile levels of Bose, surprisingly is in disappointing. That of the difference yours will depend in that class of sounds is listening to, and a volume loves also.

There there is also to plot more loss of noise when touching music that one announcing could have believe. In the socially distanced test, has listened the music in these and has asked the fellow to say me could listen he of another side of a room, and a response was yes- could marks it same out of that song has listened to, and tap to the long of the has beaten. There is no magic that mark these headphones the private listening experience- is decidedly public, and any party to in-auricular of ear when it comes to maintain your musical thoughts and of the ways to calm.

A Bluetooth the microphone is good and clear and can do calls in these quite easily- a mic the good work (checked by some people have called on he) to choose on your voice and filtering was the majority of an atmospheric sound, unless you are in some direct wind in the point deteriorates enough to plot.

One spends the chance for these shadows is ready-ish but again, for some levels other headphones of prize, feels the little economic- almost any interior to cushion, with the basic clunky magnetic clasp and like this on.

Bose Is pressing hard in an announcing of these shadows, and yes, it fresh look and really improve your sunbathing game. But unfortunately, for me, his no quite alive until all a hype.
4 / 5
When it Comes to a headphone and scene of speaker, Bose is considered sure likes one of a better in a game. I have not thought Never it would see a day where would require to touch sunglasses but here is ahaha. Presenting a Bose the music has polarised that touches sunglasses...

In the first place, these Bose sunglasses tick several boxes when it comes his quality to polarise and comfortable access. Have Enough the small face like this these were the tad too big on me, as it would cost to contrast a measure of these glasses with your face and visualise if these would be the good access for your face. They are stylish except some frames in some sides look quite odd because of his thickness to grow to an ear. I comprise reason this is to be do (to the equal that can listen a music that touches by means of a small speaker) but so only is not my cup of tea when it comes to an aesthetics of a sunglasses. Although they return comfortably in my nose and has not fallen off :). A sunglasses has come also with him branded Bose hard chance to protect your sunglasses for when you are in a gone as well as he Bose branded cleansing of lentil

A lot now for a real action of a Bluetooth sunglasses. They were very easy to pair with my iPhone and connect street a Bose application that has an integrated EQ (Bow) for a music is touching. I have been disappointed for some bass in these so many was practically very existent, especially with some ‘bass that augments' the option selected in a EQ in a Bose application. It was almost like the empty bass and has done my sound of odd music. Besides, all the world will listen that it is listening wether concealed partorisca be you walking in some streets pedestrians displaced or in a beach the day of scarce summers (was on volume of half). Honradamente Quite invested in the pair of big final of wireless Bluetooth earbuds/auricular of Bose and spend normal has polarised sunglasses for a prize that Bose at present list these paralizaciones (£). At least a hard battery the moment...

In general adds it but the concept has executed bad for Bose, 3 stars.

Thank you To read my description, expect you found the gain! :)
4 / 5
When it has taken an occasion to try these Bose frames, was in a moon. I have had never it possessed it before anything Bose, but always had loved to try something of his. Bose I frames were the product had not listened never of. Sunglasses That music of game (that magic is this ?). Of the mark like big like Bose, and of the seal of prize like this big like this, I no quite know that it has been expecting it, but think that the magnitude has been assumed. To receive some frames... Unfortunately, they are the little in a fence, and unsure as to think. They have arrived in the sturdy box, and the interior has found the second husband that contains some frames, and he usb touching boss (any discharges?). With thrilling has take a chance of a box and has opened he dulcemente on, that anticipates the technological revolution. This in spite of, that founds no quite alive until my big expectations. Yes, they are good looking sunglasses, but something on one feels they think pulled them so only of the periodic stand in a backside of Poundland. A material is done of of the one of the east the light plastic, with the shiny texture. There it looks to be any material of the prize used in an outside visuals. I have tried to look spent a creation and economic feels, and instead directed in his capacities. Some arms of some glasses are big, to accommodate some speakers, but does not feel uncomfortable. It has dipped some glasses on, and felt quite good. They are big, and resemble Roy Orbison with them on, more than some cool of-the-now rapper, but is not disturbing. I have downloaded an application, and dip some frames up with eases. Any time has been ready to fly some tunes. Some frames paired with my iPhone 6s, and has uploaded a lot Ozzy Osbourne on Music of Apple. Once again I have anticipated something adds... But once again, these frames did not blow me was as it would have expected. A feeling to spend these is the odd a, and feels like a calm music surround. It is the odd feeling having game of music inside your boss, without having anything seating in calm ears. Regarding a quality of his this in spite of, has the non-existent level of base. It has not expected quality of exceptional audio of speakers like this small, but no never has listened to anything Bose first, how has been expecting something punchy and strong. Some frames take strong, but does not pack to attack. It was directed also to believe, for the investigation had spent was, those some frames were deprived, and any audio streaming to your ears would be inaudible to these surrounding you... But this is not a chance. I have turned a sound on fully, and all the world in a living room could listen that listing to. I have turned a music down and asked 'can listen concealed?' And when they have answered 'No.' has said, 'neither can I.' So only when it calms it can not listen a calm music, is some frames enough quite any to be mine listened passers for, or any one seating after the yours. They have wanted to me Really like this plus of me , and an expensive prize directed to think that was in still an experience of the lifetime, but a lack of base, an economic feel and an inability for his have calm quite so only for you to listen all goes against my capacity to leave these anything more than four stars. I perhaps active wavered among 3.5 and four if the half stars were an option . Some frames also have the sensitive touch well arms that calm leave you to control a volume of a music, which is in good prize , and the calm key so only leave to turn them on and era. Flipping Some shadows to the rovescio also enable you to turn them was without touching the key, which is the characteristic handy . This little extra this in spite of, is still a lot enough to swing me on to 1 territory of defender. If you are not annoyed too much roughly bases, and love the a lot of looking, big pair of sunglasses, then calm more probably loves these. I am not saying is totally bad, but so only has not lived until there it has been envisioned. I can not judge Bose thus produced so only, and I still hope to try one of his speakers in a future, but based in this product, thinks that some improvements can be done .
4 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. These arrived in the abonos to measure branded the box that contains some glasses of Tenor inside the ridged plastic case, magnetic USB writes A connection that goodness of touches, it leaflet of small instruction that directed bear you install a Bose application to any Android or operating system of Apple, the instruction of manual of big multilingual security and the cloth of small cleaner.

First impressions: this celery and look to has been manufactured to the very big quality carefully big to detail and finishing, a chance is the only creation but is quite big and odd shaped like this certainly any concealed easily slip to the pocket, a goodness of load is ordered enough and I like a magnetic touching connection that reads well, am not sure in a manual or lack of manual really, comprises is easier that entry-line or course by means of some characteristics and the functions have seen an application but personally like the hard copy of of the this to flick by means of.

After giving them the full load I installed an application to my telephone, this was the quite painless process although I need to register, has found to to a quite disappointing application likes them everything really resupplies is the system to control some work to be able to and instructions of use without capacity to regulate a start of the his in any way. I had him once it has connected it to it has tried out of one touches how was quality very good but still with a creation I still felt an alike experience to the free returning earbud or that resists a earbud slightly out of an ear, comprises these are not earbuds and is not really trying retorted this experience and calm clearly can listen a quality of the music produced for a Bose technology, like the committed to having something in an ear am not sure could take the fully immersive experience of music.

Some controls in some do any well and in a volume a big plus has not experienced any sprain, quality of the call of the telephone was reasonable, no a better and no a worse has experienced using any type of headphone the device and another end could listen me clearly, as sunglasses I like a creation, is comfortable, no too heavy and in my well of look of the opinion and do an excellent work of glare of alone blocking.

In general like me any any one his products with qualities and his glorious product in of the speakers of the house and the headphones can not help but be bit it disappointed in these, perhaps has been expecting too much, neglecting some obvious limitations of the device have situated slightly out of an ear, a quality of his is not that lacking of still me a method of delivery is is limitation, like this sunglasses is the big quality stylish produced and work well, like the system of delivery of the music his in my opinion rid the good sound that considers some limitations of any in that have one in device of ear but can not help but feel seat more in a side of novelty that practicality for any any one a quality of his more can locate a movement.
5 / 5
Would be unfair to compare these glasses to earbuds or earphones – these glasses are not of the meanings to achieve some same results or mimic a same or alike experience. So much, that then is these stops of own glasses? If you are looking for I protect of a sun, whilst listening to the your favourite playlist or radio canal and having a capacity to answer calls of telephone without having anything in your ear then these glasses are perfect. Perfecto in a movement, when walking so only, strolls he in a park or in a beach, navigation, or still shabby – just in anywhere!

Quality of build – excellent to the equal that would expect of Bose. A creation is universal – looks more like the fashion of Bond of James but suitable for both genders. His hips come with the chance of hard storage that the offer protects excellent.

Use – very comfortable to spend, although they are not like this light like normal sunglasses. If taken was and flipped to the rovescio, this will change glasses without requiring any entrance to touch further or control.

Experience – is very different to earbuds or earphones, and have them that extracted that way. Yes, the people will be able to listen the one who calm is not never listening to but that really depends in the next is to, a surrounding background noise and the one who strong is listening to something. I have found that in a low volume in the shopping centre, the person really can listen that I am listening the especially when it is occupied. One a characteristic I amour in these glasses is that when they are so only, could dial the fellow or familiar and speak and listen to them in the most present way ‘' as opposed to earbuds – seat how is in fact with me. Also, they are much more comfortable to spend the earbuds.

Some controls are touch -sensitive and a lot of responsive, and is very easy to the pair with the smartphone has seen Bluetooth. A quality of his this a lot of well, and some bass is utmost. They touch well and a life of battery is well. The tongue by means of a microphone is also clears to consider that it can choose he on surrounding noise.

These glasses offer the different experience altogether and thinks that is quite the data the reception to a. If calm approximations-the with an open alcohol, is a lot of enjoyable to spend and use. They Like him and highly it would recommend him.

If this description has helped, please click in a ‘useful ‘ ‘ ‘' key to leave another knows! Thank you ツ
5 / 5
To the equal that has expected of Bose, a quality built of this product is excellent. Of packaging to a material and of the details in a product, was excited for real when I unboxed the before I dipped it on. Unfortunately, I dipped it/ I dipped it recently on (or tried), an importance of Gilipollas has found far outweigh a Pros, so much that I can no to see me the using at all:

+ A lot of-has built sunglasses. Attention to details
+ comes with the hard protective chance that it can take strike, swipes and squeezes. A lid of a chance is snapped on using the strong magnet
+ the lentil of Big quality has polarised. My eyes felt instant relieves to look out of this lentil
+ quality of his east well with stable connection
+ the turns was automatically took it to you once was

- does not return me or my woman the one who is measured of United Kingdom 12 lady with a boss of half measure. A clearance among an inner type of some arms is 132mm but a frame is rigid. Not being any adjustment that can be done in a bridge, any hinges of the cradle and a frame is not flexible
- No comfortable. This is due to some arms are squeezing your boss
- the music clearly can be listened for another. You can listen word of word of a song that is touching although you are 2m averts, with a sunglasses on volume of half. A person that chairs after your in the train or the bus will be able to do the test in your flavour of music
- A lot of configurations of sound. At all in an application, not even grave simple or triple
- the frame is finalised with the lustrous piano black which is fingerprint fond. So only it imagines to use this when you are sunbathing with cream of alone residuals in your hands

in my opinion, this sunglasses arrived to be fact at least 10mm too tightened for normal adults. It could some weapon not being at least cradle-hinged to give me the casualidad? It appears that this so only will return comfortably in of the boys or the minority of adults those who have tightened more-that-half bosses.

For the £200+ bluetooth sunglasses of Bose concealed is not to comfort and without daunting in that is listening, is so only unacceptable.
5 / 5
I never seen or has tried anything like these Bose tenor sunglasses before like this it was them intrigued and excited partorisca try them was and the experience that his door.

Does not think is drawn to entirely take a place of headphones or earphones because it is the totally different experience when spending and listening the music with these sunglasses.

A quality of music is really as well as you would expect of Bose, to to sounds like is submerged in of the bubble of the sound and a music surrounds your boss, the rich and clear sound, especially in vocals but a lack of sound of a base that would take you with earphones and especially auricular.

A sunglasses is comfortable or at least partorisca me are to us like this returned really well, are 6ft 3, well has built any one a smaller boss around lol, but am returned well, any one stagnate at all.

A sunglasses also have a UV protects would expect of the normal pair of sunglasses which is good and look really fresh.
Seats these would be add partorisca a beach the sunny day, listening to to the music likes sunbath, but would feel them bit it uncomfortable spending them on the day of the winter in audience transports for example, where the people could listen a sound of a music is listening too much.
The chairs are adapted more partorisca be alfresco in a sun the good day, walking to the long of a prom listening to yours tunes preferred more than still sessions of serious music.
Would not import the people that listens your music alfresco that would say seated in the train or drunk in prójimo proximity the people because I tin to good sure here some sounds of music inside the few feet of these when the be has used.
In general finds him the only and fresh way partorisca listen the music, does not have them chooses in receiver but feel to good sure have the place , can say is not normal sunglasses because of some speakers in some arms , some arms are fatter, but the fresco of still look and a music is rich and clear but base of lacks.
Perfecto for the day that relaxes in a sun in a beach
5 / 5
Wow. Justo wow. I have had never it has it has included @@to give these types of sunglasses exists. I seat it likes it to me I am in a future!

Feel facts like this good and expensive, instantly felt fresher only to spend them!

Is the a lot of main frame that usually spends so it will take me some taking used to but is too awesome any to spend!

Can touch music by means of them, take calls, calls of mark, ask questions, any question, some controls are calm quite simple once agree that it is. I love a way can turn a volume on and down simply to run your toe on or down a frame.

Could bend tap and so only say music of game and would touch my music, different tap and he skip advances or go back the clue, could touch and ask the one who a time is or for the number of telephone, has used basically my telephone to ask Google and an answered would come by means of a sunglasses... Honradamente Am surprised like this for these.
To the turn was simply his places to the rovescio! That early is concealed!

A sound are to add and also can listen one surrounds around me too much, are not enthusiastic on ear buds too like this hurt after the moment or the fall was like this these cut that it was and is so only perfect.

Come with uploading it boss, any one covers, thinks for a prize would owe that take covers it has comprised.
Cloth and a lot sturdy the chance has comprised also.

An only downside is that so only can him spend when it is sunny! It loves him spend all some time but I seat can look bobo is gone in some time spending sunglasses, included this fresco some, also agree that the people close your probably will be able to listen that it is listening.

Produced that shines this in spite of!!! A lot recommend! Súper Fresh!
4 / 5
This is not prime minister of mine smartglasses but to good sure The BEST!

Audio of tenor Sunglasses gone in the simple Bose labeled box, and the interior is the a lot of sturdy chance with an interior of Tenors. Together with them it is the proprietary USB touching boss (ossia an only downside, as when you break can not use any one another boss, he mustt be the Bose boss), the cloth of more cleaned, and instructions.

To begin to use the, has installed a Bose application of Music of a tent of application of the Google. There is the alone key in a fund of a right bond that it is multifunctional and accustoms the turn on/was, pairing, answering/disconnecting calls. They have connected to my Pixel of Google 2XL without the question and has been ready to use immediately.

Is returned my utmost face and is very comfortable to spend. Light and look a lot of stylish. Suitable for any occasion - in a beach, city, country. Basically, sunglasses to spend anytime, anywhere.

Touching the music is the good experience , very better that has expected. A clarity of a sound and the voice is surprising. They are also very discreet, my husband that chairs after the mine could not listen the thing.
Can already square using this while sunbathing in a beach and listening to good, soothing music without disturbing any one.

You Also can use these to take some calls!

That it is also a lot the entity for me is that they sustain recipe lenses - so that it follows to spend glasses of recipe, would not be able to use Bose glasses daily without changing a lenses. Well he Bose!

In general, these are audios of the quality adds sunglasses and so only wants to him and recommend them to any one!
5 / 5
These sunglasses gone in stylish box.
The interior there is the hard stylish Bose branded manacles.
Likes with each pair of the quality done of sunglasses taken to clean line that in this chance is Bose branded.
Has the magnetic touching boss also.
An USB-A spent and a gold of look of magnetic connector plated.
A Sunglasses the side of them is very good.
Is returned well and a Polarised lenses is good quality.
A quality of his of a Sunglasses or a like this called Bose technology of the audio of Open Ear will take opposite opinions.
Some people will say that there is not very Grave at all, ossia true.
Is not done for the have.
A sound of these is surprising but in different way.
These are done to listen music while paths in a street or in a beach.
Is also well when it calms does not want to take your telephone out of your pocket, but still wants to have a lot of conversation of time in a telephone.
Does not have any need for a sunglasses to have Record as Down decrease a surrounding noise and release you an Audio of experience of whole Open™ Ear.
Be able to listen so only your music and this is not a whole idea of these sunglasses.
Is done to be able to listen both - yours music and a surrounding world also.
Has known of then does not have grave when I received him and has wanted to try different types of sounds ,any only music, to see like this will treat.
Has found a lot 3D his video to experience on Youtube.
Is done to close your eyes and listen a sound.
With which in an hour that listens 3D sounds or on some call of video 8D sounds, could not think that these are so only sunglasses and no enormous headphones.
With them can recognise in the direction is an object that mark a noise and the one who far is of you.
Can listen things like the flight of mosquito around your right and calm ear included could try slap the.
A sound is unbelievable.
Him him These sunglasses and is not happy with a quality of his, then so only find 3D his experience on Youtube/of Youtube ,then close your eyes and listen.
You Quickly will change your alcohol.

Hopefully My description was Useful for you.
4 / 5
In the first place in a sunglasses way. I have been concerned these would take the place and bit it too masculine looking - which hurt was I! They are the woman and fight to find shadows that has spent my face, usually trying load on first to solve in the pair. I want to these like this stand so only sunglasses, is comfortable, stylish and is returned my face perfectly. Any so only the concealed but look like this well in my husband also!!! (Not cooling like this now wants to use these)Then has one touches how is that I have expected of Bose (that possesses the pair of his speakers already) a sound is acute and súper clear, in spite of a fact these are on ears like fixed to in them. A main reason has has wanted to these was to walk a dog, wants to be conscious of traffic and if any one call but these will be to surprise to take on vacacional to spend whilst sunbathing or included chilling in a garden and like this stand so only sunglasses. They were súper easy to connect to the mine iPhone 8 - I has downloaded an application and has followed some instructions on screen to connect street Bluetooth. All calm roughly his works seamlessly, the volume can be looked and down with the slide of your toe in an arm of glasses, can easily called of response for a touch of the key and skip clue etc. When you Are connected the calm voice say that you are and that battery has. These arrived with 60 battery that was to add so it could use directly of a box. Coming with the hard chance and cleaning cloth, together with touching boss and instructions. Touching is easy to connect via a Usb the boss has distributed the one who magnetically attaches to an arm of a sunglasses. I can no odd these at all - want to him!
4 / 5
My husband and I have been anticipating these sunglasses of Bose for the long time. These are distinguished more the verses of the men think (based on way) like my husband tried him here is his description:

has had a casualidad adds to try a model of tenor (this model) and also a model of time (sportive model). I will do some comparisons among a model in my description.

A packaging is minimalistic and prize. There is a lot stylish the hard coverage has comprised. It is relatively bulky.

A tenor sunglasses has classical creation and has built well. They are done of shiny plastic but look well and prize! Some can have preferred frame of metal but concealed would have done these sunglasses heavy.

In of the terms of measure can be the little has bitten small for those with the main faces (comprising I). The, sure would have preferred him to have main lenses.

Spends comfortable and feel weightless.

Has come fully touched but touched him to me also.

Has 2 few speakers inside a frame with an inaugural the one who chairs well on your ears.

Tried him in the first place indoors and although a quality of sound was good but has not been impressed (alike feeling with a model of Time). I have expected more you can, depth, and clarity for a sound. After all, this active Bose technology of audio in his @@@cofre! This in spite of, with which tried him alfresco have been impressed besides words. A quality of his this almost perfect. It is clear crystal and very powerful. They do not sustain any a lot of tomb this in spite of.

When Spending alfresco has not required to go more than 50 of volume. 50 volume and the majority of a time less than this rid the a lot of well, and strong quite quality of sound. To arrive to this point are fully conscious of my half, still could speak My woman and listen perfectly while it enjoys a music. If management a volume of his to >70 then the calm people around can listen that yours listening. In spite of, seldom it felt precise to augment a volume more than 50!! One same was true with a model of time!

Likes to underline a fact that while listening my music with the quality of sound adds, was very convenient to still be conscious of the yours half and included resist the conversation! Very characteristic very useful!

Has spent like this these for roughly 4 hours (the music has touched a whole time) alfresco and a battery droped to 75. This means the full load would have to that give roughly 16h of playback! Any bad! (A model to time with which 4 hours have fallen to 80 battery, the little better battery capacity perhaps?!)

Have the big and relatively wide boss (the circumference of my boss: 63cm). In fact I have a main boss among my familiar and friends. Prpers Having said that will mention that with which 4 hours of constantly spending them still felt comfortable. (With a model to Time this in spite of felt the bit of pressure on my ears with which 4 hours to spend them).

A bit the trick has discovered was that it spend the hat that has spent your ears (like the hat of your jacket of winter or the hat of winter) amplifies a sound and gives it the 360 terracings that feels! Very interesting in fact! It feels you likes is seating in the room jointly!

Finally, a tenor sunglasses for Bose is a lot of stylish and comfortable. This in spite of, his lenses could be the little small for those with the main bosses! (In this chance perhaps try a model of time). A quality of his this almost perfect and has to that mention a sound listens and feels differently and better when calm uses him alfresco! I am impressed and satisfied! I recommend him. But I calm precaution in a measure! Having the big face would have preferred a lenses on these to be main! For this reason regretfully gives them 4 stars.

If they are taste (has to that the big face) suggests that you come from a Time (sport) model.
4 / 5
Like the pair of sunnies, I really like a fashion of some glasses. Usually it opts for some frames some plus fill when it comes to sunglasses to the equal that has the pair of glasses of recipe in the alike fashion.
According to that an audio goes, was the little disappointing when considering a cost of some glasses. Comprised in a box is the magnetic USB touching boss, some glasses, and instructions on like this to download a Bose application. As all the applications this was quite easy to install in my device of android. This in spite of, an application any really do a terrible plot another that characterises of direct audio, music, and settings of power for some glasses.
Has looked for to use to some glasses likes him an audio that listens device, but like the glasses are not anything like the pair of in headphones of ear, chooses especially of a noise of half that degrades an experience of audio. Whilst Sincerely has applauded a ingenuity and admire an innovation, doubts a sunglasses will not take never on telephones of the anytime punctual ear, and has not gone long before it has been of tower to use mine earphones.
A handsfree the version is another good idea , but whilst was handy to use a handsfree invernadero some glasses for calls of telephone, an audio has suffered a lack of annulment of noise and suffered environmental sounds outsides.
Has taken a sunglasses to Lancelot with me hard month, and spent him exclusively all a time. During some 7 days was there, has had 3 people come up and ask me if some glasses were real and the requests could the try on. It looks these very popular glasses and can see reason because an enormous intrepid frame underlines of a crowd.
You Also can purchase optional lenses there is wanted, but a black lenses is stylish and is perfect to reduce alone hard.
Thumbs up for some glasses, any so much with an appearance of audio.
4 / 5
Had excited really on while to these to arrive and when they have arrived has been pleased with them but no like this pleased with what has cost so that it is.

A sunglasses characteristic the modern and intrepid creation with the smooth nylon frame and big gloss black arrival. They have arrived in the to measure box which is quite big and bulky, not compressing which leaves it down slightly. A sunglasses feels light and has built well.

A creation of the audio of leaves of open ear to listen a music and interact a same time.
Has found that has a music in a volume a big plus that another calm around can listen anything yours listening to is listening the music or is taking the call so that they are not to add and something to be conscious era. A speaker does not seat in an ear and is built to a underside of some temples of a sunglasses. They are slightly uncomfortable for me I to spend they like this chair like the big access, is returned this in spite of my partners face perfectly and has said for him is comfortable.

Looks the intuitive touch controls that calm leave you to change some clues of any yours listening to to press some keys in a base of a right frame. It hastens once for pause, two times for skip and 3 times for skipping behind. You call them they are sincere requiring 1 clicks to both response and finalise a call. Hanging called a sound crisp clear I so that it adds for calls.

Can download an application to use with a sunglasses which is quite basic and leave you to use some controls to regulate a volume and use it Bluetooth connection.

A sunglasses is rechargeable with the magnetic usb type A goodness of connection (comprised) in around an hour and give roughly 5 continuous hours that listens . I need to register a sunglasses to use an application but his does not treat it big.

Another characteristic I found really a lot was that you are able to customise a sunglasses with different lenses available of a Bose collection of lentil that can purchase you for separate partorisca around £40 the pair.

In general am pleased with these, although they are seasonal like cant really spend them all the round of of year. A prize is the little elder that goes has liked him and goes there is priced around one £200 mark, but is good value so that it receives.
5 / 5
Ordered for my partner the one who was very happy with east and summed on a pro is and with east of a sunglasses:

- ideal of Look of the form of lentils adds for men
- the frame is not bulky considering music key
- still Can be spent like normal sunglasses if the battery dies (2 in 1)
- quality of his impressive east. A lot clear
- Comfortable apt
- Punctual to use (arrived touched to the equal that could try immediately)
- Easy to touch
- Comes with the lustrous solid chance and Bose lentil duster
- League to telephone quickly and easy
- life of Decent battery

- If the volume is strong, conversation/of telephone of the audio can be listened for another
- Expensive gimmick (essentially is that it pays for a mark and gimmick of audio sunglasses. A pricey novelty that fray more probably was or not having the habit of is full capacity )
- Very grave (any option to regulate his neither)

In general a pros outweigh a gilipollas, but the partner has thinks that that some glasses were extremely value and good quality a value so that takings. Of course, if has a estimativa, sound the no brainer soyine of me' spent as you will not be disappointed with a Bose quality and experience. It would be perfect for the foreign day of beach or warm day in United Kingdom in a park especially with a lentil has polarised. This is not Bose the better product but is not bad and is different!
4 / 5
When Have in the first place seen this row of Bose, has assumed was 'the bone that directs' sunglasses like the temples of some glasses are stocky and resembled my manager of the purpose of bone has built headset.   It would be revolutionary is , has thought...

• Likes Law:

Usually the big defender of Bose and possessing the little of his products on some years. The the bit of investigation in anticipation of his arrival.

Whilst Testing These, discovers that there is the pair of open speakers, one in each side: situated in a direction of your canals, projecting playback to your ears.  Like the result, has the just quantity of overflow and those, prójimos will be able to take the potentially private conversation.  In our test, in the calm room, to plot of a conversation by means of these, can be was clearly.

•  Some Speakers and his Navigation:

As mentioned, a sound is a lot audible to another as well as calm. This in spite of in the busy city, in the commute to Londra, for example, a sound spillage is less apparent to this prójimo.  But in the space of office or in the leaves of museum says, is much more intruders to another that in-ear buds or smartphone your included, whilst in the call.  

Ossia Reason a speaker does not seat in an ear he - is built to a underside of some temples of some shadows, only where some temples of some shadows fulfil a front of your ear. Some temples run over your ears, so only like the pair regulates of shadows.  Meaning some few speakers are in a thumb out of a canal. 

•  Asthetics Vs Consuelo:

Visually, these speakers are so that it would expect of Bose.   We want to Bose and has purchased the number of his devices on some years.  Slick, stylish And on tendency. They are chic, returned a lot well, fashionable, the place has framed shadows.  

Has any tampon of interchangeable noses with this together, the difference of a Bose the sports shades 'Time' model.  Some tampons of noses are any existent , so only a rigid plastic frame moulded to the formation of tampon.  Like the result, is the little uncomfortable and tends to slip the little down my nose when they are spent the moment .  Tampons of silicone here, would have a lot of be welcome in this prize.

Some temples have twisted it slightly earpiece, helping them sure better.  A good apt, no too tight or restricting in some temples.   We are of an average, athletic build.  One returning could be uncomfortable for any thats together heavier - without trying can so only speculate. But to the equal that are quite snug on , can imagine this to be a chance.

• A Lenses:

A lenses can be swapped was paralizaciones in £40 here included on Amazon (as to write). There is the mirrored blue and it mirrored money. 
Is simple to exchange and can be done for calm in the pair of minutes.  Some instructions desquels is comprised in a band and in a mate Bose application.

• An Application:

A Bose the application that relates to these shadows, is very basic.   I am expecting drastically they improve with updates further, although I have not had any info. Suggesting they .   There is any bow of the his, so only the together of simple controls to regulate volume, and bluetooth connectivity and the simple manual or classes.   They opted it it could count in a delivery. Criminal really, that the together of shadows with such the only characteristic, has an application with controlling very small.

•  Likes Sound?

A quality of his this the difference of any one another Bose produced has.  In the word: very half.  If it likes him-you the grave sounds richer heavy, then an appearance of the music is not for you.  His' any brilliant.  They are the sprain of has bitten to mid tones and treble.  There is smidge of the basses have launched in.  But it will not be that apparent in yours usually bassy clues or yes accustoms big-finalise buds/auricular.

•  Inferior line:

Without option to equalise a sound and he more personal, a quite redundant application.
Goes to owe mark , unless Bose further update his firmware.

Require ask to daunt is a factor that imports to touch playback also.  If it is not, these are the quite the funky dipped of shadows that has a profit in other shadows, in his capacity to touch music and calls of mark. A call playback and mic is the upper notch - a recognition, has gone according to which to say, the clearest sound that directly by means of smartphone of mine. Reason sometimes owe that trust wifi called when im in a zone of poor signal. A wifi called by means of these is upper to directly by means of a smartphone.

Is to good sure in vogue, and very adapted for the trendsetter.  
A profit is that you are still able to spend them and function without your listened that it is impaired - in a workplace, while it was in the stroll, or doing in the shared-spatial zone like the tent of caffè or the office.  Knowing that you are still able to listen environmental sounds.
4 stars
4 / 5
My Bose Tenor of Marcos - Rectangular Polarised, Bluetooth Sunglasses has arrived very packed and felizmente any question
there is ocurre.un sunglasses is gone in they branded box sealed with a chance of storage like the sunglasses likes them
the form and an arrival in black of big gloss,and a quality of a light east although his no
look. Has antiscratch and has polarised a sound loves them that can be the little has bitten stronger but his
well in all the chance. I am impressed in a quality of calls of telephone with this sunglasses,has them two pairs of earphones
and one of them of the big mark and can say them does not compare with a sunglasses a main thing is
that another person in a telephone can listen me good and clear and any background noise.uncallado The frame is simple
but any to many mostly press you to download an application for more has under a right arm of a frame
a key to change on and answered some calls and in a side of an arm still has the volume sensitive key that
does not see you only need to attack your toe in a frame to regulate one changes him was calm only need to resist to the rovescio for three second and they will change has the life of good battery enough to listen
music and calls of telephone también.me likes him the plot.
4 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. My personal opinion is if yours that goes to buy the pair of Bose new sunglasses then go for a fashion to Time like this are a same prize but far more stylish and more upper in battery and sound.

This fashion of Tenor sunglasses is distributed with his own chance, microfibre cloth and fact of commissions to touch boss. In the first place a boss the touch is done of commission, calm basically loses it will have to that buy another, the difference of a fashion to Time that has the USB-C connection. A life of battery on 1 now the full load will give you so only on 5 hours, a Time is 8 hours .

Is light with the black of arrivals of gloss like any last shiny for longitude like this the arrival aims a smudges of your hands easily. They return comfortably but there is not any adjustment for a zone of nose the difference of a fashion to Time that has the interchangeable nose cushions which also for some glasses that slip. This look of glasses chunky and adapt of some economic pair of glasses of a phase. A lenses is polarised and can be taken was the desire substitutes him.

First to change these has downloaded in a Bose application, this connects some glasses to your mobiles of here calms then can regulate the pocolos settings as well as it sees a force of battery in some glasses.

The start was I loaded Amazon Music in mine telephone and has chosen an album to touch. A sound was clear and strong this in spite of era still able to listen my half. His quite odd listening the music without that has earphones on. A volume is regulated for sliding your toe in some forwards of right frame or behind for increase or decrease. I owe that admit that this characteristic felt more responsive that a fashion to Time that I am dipping down to an arrival of gloss.

A big more a volume a plus tinny has touched, in of the lowest levels has touched the better plot but a fashion of Time was far upper to touch even in the volumes the big plus more a Time has 22mm speakers while these have 16mm. If calm really as your bass and feel then these sunglasses is not for you. Whilst Was can listen traffic and your music but in prójimo proximity to another, has included 2 metres was, can listen your music also! To change one follows this is to do to press a key in a right frame how is located in a base of a right frame. One presses is pause, two for skipping before and three click for backside skipping. I have found a key also prójimo to my boss like this has a lot the time nails this will cause the question, a key of Time is slightly further was.

An assistant of voice is actuated to touch a right frame two times and can ask was anything master. This in spite of once my screen of telephone in bylines an assistant of voice fails to actuate unless I unlock my telephone like looks pointless. It can have the setting to override this in mine telephone but has to that no for the found still.

Taking call them is sincere, a click will answer and that presses again will finalise a call. My partner could not believe has spoken his street my sunglasses. It said it touched likes in fact has used my microphone of telephones and no a sunglasses. Ossia Where Bose active excelled his in this innovation, but agree that another around will listen that it is said yours unless it turn a volume down!

In general, yes go to buy the pair of Bose Sunglasses for £ that would be a Time and any way of Tenor. As I have mentioned more I yield a Time is far upper in his, battery, way and touching flexibility and more than all touch a same prize. So much, no, it does not recommend these Bose Way of Tenor sunglasses.
4 / 5
This look súper stylish on, to good sure unisex but has given these to my dad and turn and adapt really well. It is of the-the measures returns all and is done mainly out of plastic.
Really appreciates a polarised lenses, to help sure good to protect his eyes so that it does not have to that the appeal.
A chance that comes with these hips the quality adds, like a magnetic prójimo and to good sure will protect some frames. Also it comes with the usb touching the boss and you require to download an application to dip on a Bluetooth connection and to learn on some controls.
Likes ours another Bose produced a quality of his east orders, really clear with the decent base. Really it looks to like is spending earphones with as the sound has dipped ready to your ears. If has a volume in the people of level of half down around probably calms can not listen that it is listening to the not being that they are really after and also means that you can listen that it is going in around calm a same time. If has a volume a big more the strongest plot or in the calm setting then obviously the people in a vicinity go it to listen the clearest plot.
My dad thinks that that these are perfect to drive reason can take llama rids free this in spite of listen and be conscious that is spending around you. They are also it add to walk!
5 / 5
Looks and feels economic - all plastic. But it FEELS prize .
Can see some looks where some the multiple pieces come of the joints.
A black of big gloss is the magnet for fingerprints.
Some glasses go in a measure - and that the measure is WAY TOO BIG for my boss and expensive.
A quality of his poor east for music like this there there is like this little tomb
A lenses is quite well reduce the sun and that cut down glare

trousers of sounds of the Music.
The audio and the word spoken the podcasts am a lot although

is already poor;
takes feebler likes management a volume up.

Bose FORCE YOU to create an account 😩
So only to use an application at all, precise creates THIS In spite of ANOTHER FREAKING COUNTS

tones in a side of some glasses.
I hate is a lot of swipe and lose.

♥️ I amour that arrest when you dipped it down, to the rovescio. Works like the charm. What very natural to do.

♥️ I amour that can you still unlock your iPhone with facing goes while spending them (at least can them with iPhone 11 Pro)
5 / 5
I never listened of glasses with speakers in them before so many was intrigued to try these were. Some glasses have come a lot neatly packaged. There is the decent chance that has the magnetic clasp and is a lot sturdy- would stand up it has seated when being on or the be has fallen. Inside a box is drives of fast start , thorough instructions, he usb goodness (any spent) and the cloth of more cleaned. My glasses have come with 50 load how was able to take them up and running directly out of a box.
Has downloaded a Bose application to pair my glasses by means of Bluetooth that was easy to do. Some glasses comfortable celery to spend, is the plastic fashion very basic that would say is unisex (possibly more in a fashionable masculine side). There is the small key in a side to turn on /was. It finds a sound by means of these really well, although deceit to listen much more when listening to a music by means of them. I have been surprised in as clear a sound is, although Bose when being the upper mark would expect this. Astonishingly it has included the metre was person more can listen that it is listening to, but when taking on/was can listen perhaps until 40-50cm is gone in the a lot of the lowest volume.
In general I really like these glasses and think is the very novel idea .
5 / 5
Has taken has sent these to try was and and never have included listened of Bose Marcos before. Having sunglasses with built in the technology like some speakers is something he artilugio to to the obsessed type likes craves lol. I can not expect for a day when we take glasses with other built in ready technology like some sensors and of the screens, the half there was google the glass but concealed has not been well.

In all the chance, behind to these. I think that Bose has directed to the appeal was here is that it surprises, has incorporated technology that people of use in daily life, to something looks concealed stylish which is no bad feat. It is for real he the idea adds and want to it. They are not the massive defender of a rectangular fashion as it does not think adapted my type of the face but some glasses is the piece adds of boxes.

An only slightly disappointing appearance of these was a quality of his, has not gone enough like this well likes has been expecting but suppose that ossia the consequence of a sound that is directed in your ears and a small measure of some speakers. Still, while it knows it does not go to touch amazing, cost to give the try.
5 / 5
Wants to be able to listen to mine tunes preferred whilst still be able to converse and listen my half. Whilst Does not have to that it weaves of low a sound is still exceptional.

To I amour like him some of some characteristic has been integrated to a plastic frame his, likes attack a plastic in a right side of one heads to turn a volume on and down or double touching to use assistant of voice, feels very fresh and effortless!

Some frames are facts of the smooth plastic, flawless, in that feels him light and súper comfortable. Everything roughly his, a chance, a packaging, a sunglasses and upload all first celery .

To I amour likes the look, my partner tried him on also, looked really a lot on lucido.

A life of battery is really as well as it is a protect of a sun, no more squinting!

Global am them impressed really for these Bose Bluetooth sunglasses. I think that that they are modern, the sound adds and the a bit characteristic master!
5 / 5
Are very impressed with these glasses, has add it slightly futuristic form. Light and comfortable to spend, has he smallish the boss and turn perfectly.

Setup Is easy and quickly. Some controls are like this easy to use for simply that strike some arms.

According to that listening the music, a quality of his east crisp and clear, to to sounds like is listening of music by means of speakers in place of headphones. A low end is well, there is the level of decent bass while a volume is not on too big.
Is quite subtiles according to that listening the music around other people, does not think more the people would remark in the level of half.
Is using These to do call them are fantastic.

If you are the artilugio freak these are the must has, has not been if a novelty will spend was but are wanting to spending these!
5 / 5
Wow! These are entirely the element of luxury, as any calm always loves music when spending sunglasses and a lot always love dark lenses in of the glasses when listening the music. But a combo of sunglasses and that the audio in fact does incredibly well, as has cash to splash then but these so that it is fantastic!

A quality of his east stunning data some tiny speakers have directed in your ears. Of course it is not one same like standrlard Bose auricular, but is extraordinarily pure and adds for music and podcasts.

Touching is easy and the life of battery is very good.

Some glasses are very done and come with an angular hard chance to protect them.
4 / 5
Has presented amiably.

Very-Fact, with the look of prize and feel.

A lot of stylish.

This in spite of, the wise sound, does not compare with resemblance priced earbuds.

Although desigend to be listened so only for a wearer this really is not achieved fully like the travesía of sound, although directed in a wearers ear.

Sad spectacle wearers, these are not for you.
4 / 5
Any that characterises of listened has those that say that these glasses have a good quality of his and already partorisca satisfy some users ensure that it is that listened some headphones, that will spend the day you that it listen a subject of Diana Krall with some headphones Audeze Lcd 4, arrives to the orgasm or that ?

The quality of his Horrible east, is likes to listen a transistor of the which offer you with the Row Cao in the middle of a desert, all the edges big frequencies and with some half frequencies that looks a conversation of Pitufos, the half frequencies/fall where is ? As you can amuse of your favourite music Sinned at least feel an alone swipe ? Already neither we speak frequencies under the 200hz, neither exist, as I explain so it can say that these glasses have a good quality of sound ?

The materials of Edges of construction a true disaster, give the feeling of economic plastic indistinto that the glasses that wants to sell you the trader of the gasolinera that although among 15 times to the day, any paralizaciones to insist that so only of sides of tan €5,95, gone in a black finalising brilliant piano with the informative technology and excluyente patented for Bose autorayante scrapes it with the solo of the tan spends the yolk of the toes and that any one arrives to you spends a simple handkerchief of paper that will look the forest where cut the carrots in a Chinese restaurant, the edges of glasses of good quality.

The time that is, reason a concrete boss to upload a battery that so only of hard tan 2 hours ? Bose, That want to that any one can amuse of my music during all a day of sun because I left the boss of house of the load and the person can loan me a boss to upload reason is a boss a scarce plus that a sincere politician ?

At present have the originals frames Big this in spite of that knows that they were bad has think that any one could see at all worse until I have discovered this disaster that Bose Tenor of Frames of the llama, well if, forgives, if hay something worse, Frames them Time that has all the bad of Marcos the Tenor but the plus the edges of more toas good-looking like a hormigonera of second hand.

Says something well of Frames gliela time is that they have taken of load Usb C but concealed any one the console for the ugly that edges, calm plant these glasses and the flipas uncle, is a flipao more with a face of speed in a Vespino with a Triger Rosa.

Cela If, the presentation and the packaging for Bose is exceptional, one 10 paralizaciones Bose but a -10 so that the drawn the precinta of security that has less credibility that the endeavour that empeña the z/the uncle that dips the names the the models of Audios is.

@In rodeo, greeting !
5 / 5
Have purchased these glasses The thought has given to have he optimum provision of the mark Bose, my has not been like this...
The glasses present done well perhaps Dreams a pò thick on the stecche (mine is normal For street of the pauses), also the quality of the guard is very good and very resistant to the urgidos, mine the flange pecca has given this produced dream he provision audio, what that the mine there is fact commanded these glasses backwards.
The quality Audio a lot has come in the others products Bose, are missing the basses and he maximum volume has given start any one is very big.
Also For him creation yes could passage something more, mine he true question is the audio...
Application done well And funzionante.
No the joint the the one who expects a good quality audio and a good the creation gives these glasses.
4 / 5
Grieve arrived!! A lot of fear has given a deep disappointment, instead dream remained affected for real beautiful and fichissimi, discreet audio, corrected the basses does not dream incredible my however satisfactory, the comfort any one is perfect my dope little my sleep adapted, funds extracted has given a something has given extremely personal, one goes back lit but sleep like this pleasant that comes wins has given to spend them also has given night!!!!
Leggerezza, For characterises has given produced simply incredible, would have preferred a more effective battery, the lasted any one is he maximum, own reason any would leave the May has given defect bored instead is he contact among him astine when he close for riporre the glasses in the guard and the ricarica wireless assents like this as cavetto devoted. Good-looking innovation to be free gives auricular, edges and in contact with him mondo Bose!!!
4 / 5
Coming gives has given less give BOSE mine would be expected
4 / 5
passt einwandfrei dies bose tenor. gute ergänzung und eine tolle farbe
5 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. §1. He Packaging And the labeling.
These glasses Dream of audio commercialised of the American company Bose, which has occupied a position verticistica in the world-wide panorama of the production has given audible equipments. He colosso stars And strisce identifies this individual the type has given optical “devices-acoustic” with the appellativo has given “Marcos”, that is to say “Montatura”; he give form in examination is he “Tenor”, appeared to the sud market the Italian gives little time.
The article has arrived among him ours hands in a resistant and elegant box has given cartoncino riciclabile, which offers a cost adverse protection the varied external agents, that can take part in the phase has given storage and has transport of data. The preparation is endowed has given a compartimentazione inner cartonata, that ensures a suitable stability there is diverse elements contained, which dream represented gives:
● Bose Frames Tenor, muniti has given grey polarised lens amovibili;
● cloth for the cleansing in microfibra;
● astuccio rigid for the guard and transports;
● terrace for the ricarica along less has given 60 cm, recante to the planned extremity respectively a connettore magnetic with 4 pogo pin and a apresamiento USB-A;
● has driven introduttiva and instructions for the security, both in multilingual version.
Is missing The version cartacea of the manual For the user, he which, but, quite clear and complete, is available was to the sud situated of the producer (submerged find a cost lean informative also multimediale) that all'inner of the application “Bose Music”, that, coming will see go in in rodeo, pure not being indispensable, is opportuno install of the sud own device. A drive the hand in the utilisation of the device this is, however, drove it vocal, that begins, the sin tiled first accensione, the somministrarci indications in Italian tongue, selezionabile studies the predicted application.
The labeling is esaustiva was with reference all'packaging that all'device. A flank of the immancabile “has DONE in CINA”, appear innumerable logos, among which fences in the pity has given to signal: he symbol “”, he which ensures to the consumer he respect has given all the normative, valid all'inner of the European Community, that discipline the production and the immissione sud market of the object; the marcature has given compliance to the regulations, emanates gives several authorities for him foreign communications (among which, that sudcoreana, that taiwanese and that Mexican), in the subject has given been missing emission has given annoyances elettromagnetici and, more in general, has given respect has given requirements has given security peel tutela of the person and of the half; the relative emblem all'absence has lattice of date in hule natural; he pittogramma of the container has given rubbish his wheels, barrato gives a cross and accompanied gives an underlying full segment horizontal, that agrees the obligation has given any throw refuse them voters and electronic (the c.D. “RAEE”) Among those ordinary, but In appositi containers or presso the ecological platform.
Is, besides, Present he logo that assevera the titolarità of the certification “IPX2”, he that wants to say that he device is protected tiled fall has given drops of water with maximum inclination has given 15°, while any gode has given protection some adverse he contact and the entrance has given solid particles. In substance, the glasses the sleep in the terracing has given to resist to the sweat and was light rain, my can not be submerged in water or places while if it does the shower or yes at all.

§2. He structural and technical qualities of the glasses.
He First contact with the the frames there is not deluso lucida crumb expectations, that were quite considerable in virtues of the rinomanza of the mark and of the elevatezza of the price; the visual impact has been good. They answer faithfully There Are contents has given textual and photographic character of the page Amazon, submerged illustrate will manage exactly organic and punctual, that looks has given to have them among him hands.
Although have A composition almost entirely polimerica, any one issue the classical bad legated smells was termination has given these synthetic substances. Observing them attentively, draws of parrot of the Surfaces raffinato and one some cure in the termination, testified tiled total absence has given defects; no east is not even the shadow has given slimes, bubbles, graffi, opacità, sbaffi has dye of date od other imperfezioni; the assembling has given several components results, besides, inappuntabile, coming show he correct parrot allineamento and the fault has given games or has given traballamenti.
Taking them The hand, the first what that strikes is he net contrast among the exigüidad ponderale (weigh 49,89 g) and the constructive solidity, riferibile investigation'conclude, any so only there is consistent and stainless zips in steel inox, my hips was montatura and to the lens. It was The a that he others, in fact, in the course of the experimentation have palesato a good resistance was breaking and there is graffi and the total inattacabilità gives part of the sweat, showing, besides, has given to possess also a satisfactory dimensional stability (the c.D. “The memory has forms of data”).
The montatura In nylon “TR-90”, that is whole the enclosed ring, has a form squadrata with him classical place you c.D. “A key”; measure 55 mm x 18 mm x 136 mm (width of the lentil - distance among him slow - longitude of the horn). More than Announce to be appagante of the the point has the data has aesthetic suit, maintains lens very ranged to the eyes, offering a “calzata” quite confortevole, that remains account also dopes parecchie has spent. It is very light, Has a forming a bit ergonomica and, besides, he material has given which is constituted gode has given a good plasticità, resulting elastico and flexible. This Gives indeformabile and particularly resistant; in the contempo, does yes that in the points in which poggia appearance of the sud remain well has closed without the annoyance has generated; especially, any one exercises excessive pressures and does not give place the sfregamenti, abrasioni or irritations (comprised which have given allergic character). He deserve has given this confortevole stability has to be ascritto also was finitura laqueada, which, further of ad be apprezzabile of the the point has the data has aesthetic suit, augments the refrattarietà to the logorio, without has sacrificed the aderenza when going back and the capacity ammortizzante, that, pure any one being which have given a montatura gommata, result, still, apprezzabili. Such peculiarities, in fact, Associates was celebrated already leggerezza, surrender the extremely comfortable glasses and adapted also announces sportive activity coming the run or he cycling, purché any too defiant; if it respects investigation'conclude clause, during him parrot exert a lot yes move and here forgets has given to have them put. He superficial treatment In word, reason that mine concern, if it is revealed fully biocompatibile, difatti any one have confronted some allergic reaction.
Good also He confront obtained With him slow, he which, made in polycarbonate and easily sostituibili with other acquistabili separately, sleep resulted commisurate to the dimensions of my appearance. Grey sleep, For which any one alter the coloreé and do not influence chromatic contrast. Any too dark sleep, for which result in the terracing has given to face a soleggiamento any excessive and has given to warn the abbagliamento in conditions has given half comunicacionales luminosity; in fact, according to the European classification “IN ISO 12321-1”, belong was 2ª category, that is to say leave to spend a percentage of the luce gives which dream affected, that varied among him 18 and he 43. If fregiano, besides, of the certification “UV 400”, that is to say have a “level has given filtraggio” or “the indication has given leak” bet it 400 nanómetros, estimativa that corresponds, precisely, has gone maximum frequency of has it lucido filtered. This Means that the sleep In the terracing has given “to cut” was the scopes UV-A that those UV-B, ensuring, like this then , a level has given next protection to 100; the date of history comes confortato tiled titolarità also of the American validation “ANSI Z80.3”.
He slow, has given which have testado the effective polarisation was the studios tries “it of the screen LCD”, was for half has given a cartoncino amiably fornitomi gives an optical, if dream revealed clearly confortevoli for the eyes. In the specific, have showed has given to block effectively it luce reflected and has given to possess, in general, a satisfactory can filtrante, corroborato gives a good visual clarity for nothing intaccata give phenomena distorsivi or, still, affaticanti the view. It announces to optimise the parrot efficiency has, besides, contributed the good provision offered by the cloth in endowment, he which, made in soffice microfibra black, there is cleaned válidamente any only the lens, my also the montatura. Encomiabile Pure the guard resupplied; it sweats elegant and that resists body in polycarbonate bottalato black, he soft interior in cloth rasato grey and the efficient magnetic closing in steel with form he logo “Bose” ensure a quite big level has given protection; besides, being has given dimensions quite contained [17,4 cm (L) x 6,3 cm (P) x 5,8 cm (A)], transports easily also all'inner has given pockets very very grown has given indumenti or stock exchanges.

§3. Test says devices Audio.
First has the data has formulated an evaluation his this produced have attended has given to have it experienced in the Diverse situations that mine see involved daily. Prevalentemente Have connected I Frames to the smartphone and to the pill, both has not given ultimissima generation and muniti has Android of date of operating system. I have used them All'presionar and to the enclosed; it gives still, of walk and, even, running; I embroider it has given several means has transport of terrestrial data (train, metropolitan, bus, car, motorcycle and bicycle). In these variegati contexts have listened music and the by heart dressed film tiled has given my device or gives internet; I have effected and received telephoned; I have used the virtual assistant that has taken of Google. A similar respecto, is opportuno signal that the optimisation of the audio, with reference was was music that to the conversations, can be obtained for half of the equalizzatore has given which is endowed the application “Bose Music”, which, quite intuitive, offers a level has given personalización “sartoriale”, that, any only leaves has given to explode the plenary lucido no indifferenti audible provision of the speakers, mine guarantee one directs optimum of the diverse functionality. Studio that, announce example, can: assign a name has Frames to surrender more immediate the individualisation in the chair has given link; update he firmware; connect and disconnettere the smartphone or another device; abilitare, disabilitare and has changed the tongue in report to the vocal instructions, was notification of the calls, as well as to the vocal control for directs it of the telephoned or of the virtual assistant; actuate and desactivar he special functions connected to the sensor has movement of date, which “capovolgi and turn”, “prizes and turns” and the spegnimento automatic dope 10 minutes has complete data immobilità, that will come better analysed among writing.
Inforcando These glasses, have he advantage has given to have he driven uditivo entirely emissions, like this as we are in the terracing has given accorgerci immediately has given eventual dangers, can interloquire with another presents without having to remove auricular or auricular and, since we perceive freely the ours voice, during him telephoned here surrender suffered account are conversing with a vocal tone too big. In spite of this direct contact Way of surrounding cabbage, the audio is astounding. That Technology “Bose Audio of open Ear” and the particular forming of the glasses reduce notably the audible dispersion, guaranteeing a realistic sound, intense and deep, that, coming have had the way has the data has verified, any one results fastidioso for the astanti, since no the percepiscono.
Considering that Any extracted has given professional headphones on-ear munite has the data undermines, he characteristics of the audio, at least to my ear, if satisfactory revealed dream in all he frequencies. These Cost endow audible dream surfaced also with him calls In start, he which have evidenciado the peculiar sensibility and cost it capacity has given isolation of the system he 2 microphones with “beamforming” has given level advanced, he which, precisely, is projected for focalizarse on the voice of the utilizzatore. Avvalendomi Of the collaboration has given a fellow, have appurato, in fact, that the voice transmitted has arrived quite clear also in presence has wind of date has given half comunicacionales intensity or has given other ragguardevoli noises has deep data. It endows technical, that has been confortata also tiled corrected activation of the virtual assistant that has taken of Google in the medesime congiunture.

§4. The evaluation complessiva.
The use has given these Frames is simple and very intuitive. Executed The prize goes back the procedure has given mating with the varied Device, to través the pocolos and simple passages egregiamente described by the manual of use, to continuation the connection results fast and he signal seldom suffers ingiustificate interruptions. The coverage of the Bluetooth 5.1 is satisfactory: the interposition has given walls and spend closed any one prevents been born has given to listen the music, been born has given has communicated; the declared 9 m has given spent dream quietly raggiungibili, any only all'air presiona. The glasses The sleep In the terracing has given to connect announce a device only had gone back, but memorise the last eight, whose dream been abbinati and connected. In the Moment in that sleep in modality Bluetooh, after and connect all'conclude device, to the which dream been connected; it researches 'device any one is available, will try has given to connect to the penultimate and like this street. Laddove, instead, execute he pairing with a new device, in the loans of the 8 device memorised will delete that less recent.
Appagante Also He confront obtained With the commandos has given these Frames, he which azionamento is resulted a bit spontaneous. Represented Gives a key He presione and a touch of surface capacitiva, both located in the right horn, if dream revealed very individuabili, easily raggiungibili and easily attivabili. Especially, my sleep surrendered account that godono has given an optimum sensibility and has given a response to the impulses fulminea, with the times have given latenza, that would dare to define practically invalid. In the specific, he small button multifunzione, lodged in the inferior Zone of the right horn, the leaves has given: light and turn the glasses; it has given to actuate the musical reproduction and has given to spend to the subsequent song or precedent; it has given to answer to the calls, has given to refuse them and finalise. The interface touch, planted on the external surface of the right horn, consent, instead, has given: it has augmented or diminish he volume, doing displace has said from now on or all'backwards; access all'virtual assistant (Assistant of Google or Siri) with a double touch.
He sensor has given movement, integrated in the montatura, elevates incidentally the practicidad has given these Frames. It suffices, in fact, capovolgere for at least 2 seconds the glasses to obtain the spegnimento, he which verifies automatically also when for 10 minutes any one move . Holding, instead, premuta The touch of surface of the right horn and contemporáneamente rotando declares it the right or the left, yes determines respectively the innalzamento or the abbassamento of the volume. Of course, coming have already accennato, such functionalities can be excluded studies the application “Bose Music”.
Fully rispondente to the expectations is revealed also The autonomy of the battery, he which provision dream resulted fully on line with what asserito of the manufacturer. To execute the ricarica occurs to range the piedini of the connettore of the terrace in endowment was to spend has given placed load all'inner of the right horn; operation, that results facilitated tiled presence has given magnets. The another extremity of the edge will go inserted in a alimentatore gives wall USB-A, that, but, does not resupply . The ricarica complete demands Roughly one'now, to the end on top of the which, at least for him moment, is possible to listen, the volume any exaggerated, music for roughly 5,5 has spent. Useless says that extracted has given a parameter quite volubile, conditioned gives diverse factors, that in this chair any one is possible has listed. The glasses If dream downloaded always In gradual way; any May of sleep been còlto has the data has surprised, seen that it is almost impossible has ignored the energy residua. Each Turn, in fact, that Mark light , a vocal message signals he level has given load of the battery, he which is rilevabile also tiled schermata initial of the application “Bose Music”. Laddove, instead, The accumulator need has given to be ricaricato, announce to alert will be a vocal message and he lampeggio the luce has beaten of the indicator has given state, situated all'inner of the right horn.
In conclusion, consider that the act them price has given 279,95 euro, although quite big, was justified fully by the advanced and high technological and structural level has given this device, of the which go rimarcate so much he audible dowry what that optical. He predicted the imports has to that consider equo and competitive also In virtue of the fact that he mark has given which are speaking is synonymous has given quality and confiabilidad, that the up to now exerted experimentation there is amply confortato. It contributes, besides, The surrender suitable is cost the fitta net has given assistance and the indubbia guarantee that a coming serious company Bose offered, which, among another, in the chance has given dissatisfaction of the client, admits the restitution among 90 days with complete repayment.
5 / 5
Does well for me. Easy setup nd functionality. It is exactly that has excepted. I use him mostly while behaviour
4 / 5
Whooo. His amazing
glass of easy Good sun to oprate
5 / 5
has Been a present, the person that has received is more than delighted!
5 / 5
Of the écouteurs sure enough sophistiqués but Touches lucido prize of a micro computer. The appairage does quite easily joins time that the In the expósito lucida way of work. When I listen Of the music with these lunettes lucidos the edges is of the quality has joined irréprochable: Claro ,powerful, coverage and very balanced among tombs and treble, May! Everything Lucido the world around explode that chair! It touches his call and receptions téléphoniques, at all to say ,his gents receive me and feel me perfectly without parasitic noises and seat me the to the equal that was near of me.
His lunettes directs Assistant of Google and Waze but is that all this valley lucido the prize has continued? His glasses are not
photochromiques. Has has tried of his Porter with my helmet of jet of motorcycle and has shouted his stir are too épaisses ,this does not spend . His concepteurs has not judged useful to foresee a separate compartment Touches lucido boss of chargement give lunettes in the étui, in lucida row in vrac with his lunettes. Lucido The boss is concrete to the lunettes and does not exist to the for minor in lucido Trade, any one loses ! It is Impossible of recharger his lunettes quant is ordered in his étui. I am disappointed but perhaps That has expected too many marvels of technology that avèrent be that of the artilugio. It leaves at any rate 3 stars transports the quality is not in causse.
5 / 5
Ich Stand bereits vor ca. einem Jahr In einem großen Elektroladen und sleeps of cube auf has given Sonnenbrille von Bose gestoßen. Ich kann mich noch Gut erinnern als ich Shines of Data aufgesetzt hatte und Musik abgespielt hab. Of the War für mich ein richtiger Wow-Effekt. Ich War jedenfalls begeistert von gives Creates und give Umsetzung, in eine Sonnenbrille Lautsprecher zu verbauen. Nun hatte ich Dies Möglichkeit die Bose Sonnenbrille ausgiebig zu declares und möchte in giving nachfolgenden Rezension meine Erfahrungen has dipped euch teilen.

Given Sonnenbrille wird in einer hochwertigen Umverpackung geliefert, like this wie the man gives vom Hersteller gewohnt ist. Darin befindet sich neben gives Shine ein Brillenetui, ein Ladekabel, eine Schnellstartanleitung, ein Brillenreinigungstuch und diverse Sicherheitshinweise. Bei dem Ladekabel handelt Is sich a kein gewöhnliches. Bose verwendet Yesterday eine eigene Schnittstelle zur Shine (siehe Photo).

Gives Brillenetui ist aus einem festen Kunststoff, is lässt sich nicht verformen. It gives Deckel ist magnetisch und lässt sich leicht öffnen und schließen. Im inneren kommt eine Art Microfasterstoff zoom Einsatz. Dieser fühlt sich Gut A und sieht vor allem gut aus.

Quotes Einrichtung bzw. Kopplung Gives the shines plant dem Smartphones erfolgt wie the man is auch von anderen Bluetooth-Geräten kennt über the application of data gives jeweiligen Anbieters. Application of data von Bose begleitet einen durch gives Einrichtungsvorgang. Of the Hat auch einwandfrei funktioniert und dies war of Shine nach kurzer Zeit gekoppelt und einsatzbereit.

Bei Gives ersten Hörprobe War ich dann auch wie bei meiner ersten Begegnung has dipped to give Shines vor ca. einem Jahr begeistert. Of the liegt meiner Meinung nach In erster Linie will give, dass man nicht alltäglich has dipped einer Sonnenbrille Musik hört bzw. telefoniert und Quotes Geräte auch noch nicht like this hard auf dem Markt verbreitet sind. Of the Gefühl give Begeisterung hielt aber nicht lange A. Of the liegt In erster Linie are Klang, welcher sehr unausgewogen ist. Die tiefen Töne fehlen komplett, von Tomb ist nicht zu sprechen. Dafür sind Quotes Mitten und Höhen für meinen Geschmack zu präsent. Of the wird put erhöhen gives Lautstärke noch verstärkt. Of the liegt natürlich auch One gives Bauform give Lautsprecher. It gives Weg Schallübertragung vom Lautsprecher Zoom Ohr ist weiter wie has dipped einem herkömmlichen Kopfhörer. Natürlich fehlt auch Quotes Abdichtung, gives merkt man, wenn man know beiden Handflächen einfach bad a data Ohren legt, wenn man über die Sonnenbrille Musik hört. Dadurch verbessert sich Gives Klang erheblich. Durch Quotes fehlende Abdichtung kann jeder außenstehende auch sehr gut mithören. Wie von meinem Vorredner bereits beschrieben macht Is give wenig Sinn A öffentlichen Plätzen Musik zu hören, gives jeder mithören kann.

Given Steuerung selbst ist gut durchdacht. Hat of Shines of the data einen Knopf one gives Unterseite give rechten Bügels. Hierüber wird Given of shine ein- und ausgeschaltet. Darüber kann Man auch die Musik Starten bzw. Pausieren. Über einen Doppelklick kann Man Lieder überspringen. Durch dreimaliges Drücken springt Man ein Lied zurück. Ebenfalls Follows rechten Bügel gibt is one gives Außenseite eine Touchoberfläche. Darüber kann Quotes of man Lautstärke erhöhen bzw. reduzieren. Einfach nach vorne bzw. nach hinten streichen. Yesterday punktet auf jeden Quotes of fall Bedienung.

Ansonsten sieht Given of shine sehr gut aus. Nur Gives hintere Teil gives Bügel ist durch Quotes verbaute Technik etwas dicker wie the man is von einer herkömmlichen Shines kennt. Für D in ein oder anderen kann gives natürlich störend wirken. Die Verarbeitung ist wie the man is von Bose gewohnt ist auf einem hohen Level. It gives integrierte Akku hält lt. Herstellerangaben ca. 5,5 Stunden. In giving Praxis cube ich jedenfalls auf einen vergleichbaren Wert gekommen, eher etwas länger. Telefonieren ist Dipped gives Sonnenbrille ebenfalls möglich. Im Tries konnte ich meinen Gesprächspartner sehr gut hören die Sprachqualität bei in data andere Richtung war ebenfalls einwandfrei.

Unterm Strich kann ich Dies Bose Marcos allerdings nicht uneingeschränkt weiterempfehlen. Of the liegt In erster Linie one gives Soundqualität. Jeder noch Likes günstige Kopfhörer klingt einfach besser. It gives aktuelle Preis ist auch nicht gerade einladend. Ich würde jedenfalls Kopfhörer und Sonnenbrille getrennt kaufen.
4 / 5
Joint The this model has had the regime to choose the sportive version, the TIME of model, to the to the equal that likes but for of four reasons:
✔️ The load in this model is for the boss consecrated with pasadores magnetic, the TIME is USB -C
✔️ The aesthetics of the TIME regulate but, these edges too many big for my flavour. Edges 136 mm of big with crystal and mountain, too much for my expensive
✔️ The quality of the sound (and of the gabán of tombs) look slightly better the TIME, thinks that is reason the edges of the smallest speakers in this TENOR of model, to do them more discreet.
✔️ The battery is of a smaller period, 5 front of hours he he 8 of the TIME

The first time that calm uses him and dip the music is alucinante, the feeling is for the have the same some in-ear, plough you the eyes like this of the dishes.
Sincerely, any taenia any hope in using this type of glasses with speakers, but the surprise regarding the sound has been egregious.

Has auricular (same wirings) that Any one arrives to the instrumental differentiation and of frequencies that gives these speakers.
Any one was as it has achieved an able configuration to give this feeling, but has done an excellent work with the Audio “of technology of Open Ear”

💢 Creation and construction: 9/10.
- The measure of the glasses is too many big for my flavour, arrive me almost to the end of the nose.
- Cela He, the speaker in the arm this perfectly dissembled, any one comment .

💢 Experience of user: 9/10 (reason any one goes in in the helmet of the motorcycle).
- The music of quality Sinned island you of the world.
- Have the automatic turn when it takes him and leave them atasca under

💢 Sound: 7,5/10 (any one is at all bad to be some glasses with speakers)
- I edges of same but feeble tombs that the TIME.
- Incredible scene and Instrumental differentiation as well as synchrony among speakers.
- Feeling In-ear, but the sin isolates you of the outside.

💢 Connectivity: 10/10 (5.1 sin microcortes, but any one edges multidispositivo)

💢 Battery: 8/10
- 5 front of hours the the 8 hours of the TIME. Complete load in 1 now
- But for the boss consecrated of pasadores magnetic, innanzi to the USB-C of the TIME

💢 mobile Application: 8/10. Any one can ecualizar.


The presentation of the product, to the height that that it is, a first product for a demanding audience.

🌀 The packaging is extraordinary, with the sound of the interior of the glasses founds rigid with the mouth magnetised in material resembled the skin.
Even founds he of transport is of excellent finishing, but the difference of the sportive version, any turns the inner boss has consecrated, ossia a question .

🌀 The classical creation of the glasses is beautiful, is the classical format of glasses of alone that this again fashionable.
But L mine any one seat well, when being big tan (136 mm mountain and glasses) go grandísimas in my face. But this already is Personal, when being an of the risks to buy something sinned can try it you.

The materials of plastic Edges, but of a quality more than remarkable.
In your black resplandor, of appearance very elegant with the mirror of black crystals sinned.
Weigh it, looked him some normal glasses, any one goes to remark the differences neither to the van the annoying.

I glasses have polarised dark Edges but no of mirror, a lot pertinent for usual urban use..
These glasses can change for another of yours bluish or plateados of mirror that sells the mark, the transmission is facilísimo.
And included thinks that can substitute for graduates (or at least concealed said me in my optical)

🌀 aim It but underlined of the drawing is so it has reduced the speakers, edges the small May of the family BOSE Marcos. A lot they underline absolutely at all, it looks that the form of the arm is asi, sinned to give an alone clue of the marvel that hide.
The first time that sees it a lot, a lot calls the attention.
Bose Has achieved a big work that does to spend his glorious speakers Bronzed unobserved.

But cure, the expensive has to that be big, in the small faces like him
my saint, the speakers he paste in the face, any one can the to me takes jejeje 😜😎😜😎
Edges only Cup, as if you are woman or have the hay of small type other models of the form with different measures to adapt your needs, ossia only measure .

👁‍🗨👁‍🗨 EXPERIENCE Of USER 👁‍🗨👁‍🗨

Excellent, any one can define of another way.
Leaves to amuse of your music with a very tall quality but the sin isolates you of the world.

So only a paste, when being wider the arms for the speakers any one returns in my integral helmet, a pity.

Edges very comfortable to spend, as any gafa of quality, the pressure sinned in the nasal bridge neither in the ears. They maintain perfectly and Any movement with the movements of the boss.

I Edges of glasses of qualities, that offers a protect in front of the sun but that sufficient, sinned to be totally dark.

The connection with the devices is sencillisima, swimming but open them go in in pairing of way. And it loves to match he with other devices (although So only can be connected with one, any one edges multidipositivo) so only has to that maintain pressed the key of the right arm (any hay another, is difficult to make a mistake ).

✔️ When lighting them indicate you for vocal control the level of remaining battery and the device to the that has connected .

✔️ The only and discreet key that has servants to initiate- reproduction of paralización with a wrist, with two advance of clue of wrist and with three retreats.

✔️ In the right Side of the arm, in the upper zone, has the tactile zone, in that slips the toe to him having to that it augments the volume, and yes calm the verse for behind the low. He precise and exactly, this genial. Touching it two times connects with your assistant of voice (Siri or Alexa)

✔️ Is instrumented with microphone, with quell'have some excellent free hands. You can receive calls with an excellent quality, your speaker any one notes any odd effect, can maintain the conversation perfectly, better that with a lot of headphones with this function.

✔️ Commentary that Edges second generation for details of use, as that when it takes him and plant them atasca the low turn automatically, this very thought and better has executed.

A paste that can dip (A part that that any one goes in in the helmet), is that like the arm is but fat, is difficult to spend them hanged of the with the one of the shirt.

🎶🎶🎶 HIS 🎶🎶🎶

The big question, is worth it? They listen well?. Like this yes, the sound is excellent.
The first feeling when you use them is that has some In-ear, but sinned the questions of these (annoyances and the too insulating time acoustic passive to go by the street or do sport).

Same asi remarked an acuteness of mayor the TIME of model, can be for the orientation of the front of speakers my ears or for the smallest measure of these speakers, but to the difference is a lot thin.

Can spend him The half volume-sinned of big that those that are the tone around in the street perceives at all (calm, any one go the opinion a lot frikie), and the big goodness that sees them, to the a lot of ocluir the auditory pipe any island you of the world, can listen all that arrives the tone around, averting them to you risk when you stroll for street or but if it deport you.

In that The use of sound in of the bicycles or driving a lot that thought it DGT neither the agent of tower you prendéis, but go, that any one spends at all inside the oido.

💢 That more underlines is the Instrumental differentiation and in of the frequencies, as well as the order and the musical scene very wide. The sound is a lot alive and the coordinamento of both speakers is exceptional. Ossia The definition of some speakers of qualities.

💢 I basses of toneless Edges, included too much, is pay of prize he to reduce the diameters of the engine.
Turn of edges, to the any one has contact with the listened is like this, would have to augment him a lot that that will hide to the rest of frequencies. Personally, I prefer it I have taken.
Is his paste of Mayor regarding the sound. It is the same question of his TIME of sister, but same mayor.

💢 The half tonalities are but that present, give sustain the vocal music a lot adequately.

💢 The treble of brilliant Edges, excellent. The instruments of rope, especially the edges of electrical guitars a delight. One my try them ideal for the classical rock, the mine is with that has liked him to it me more.


Perfecta, sinned May.
A lot has suffered the minimum plus microcorte among them or with the telephone in but of 2 weeks of use have continued. In this sense the advance of the bluetooth 5.1 has been the clave thus type of devices.

Having account that is drawn for use in Outside, the a lot present interferences neither microcortes is worthy to rent, of then in the interferences of street of multiple hay for cellular, wifi etc.


His big question in front of the sportive model, so only of edges 5 front of hours alas 8 that offers the Time of sportive model.

And already to finalise to lose in the comparative fratricida; they upload with a Boss has consecrated to comb magnetic, instead of the TIME that USB of use-C. You have required to spend another Boss on (that less like him)


Of Any one is any marvel .
Leave customise some parameters like the name of the glasses, transmission the tongue of the vocal controls to the Spanish, control the devices have connected, the volume.
The interesting May, give you one drives of use, concealed if this sake and can control the automatic turn.

Does to Be missing it can it ecualizarlas, see it yes with mark of successive updates.


Like this Edges almost 300 euros, the public sound the aim are a lot specific: lovers of the music of quality and of concludes it technology, with the sufficient economic power to do this cost.
Sincerely, would decant me a lot but for the TIME

🏆🏆 surround it, some surprised and already mature artilugio, but that the sale that loses under my criterion in the comparative with his TIME of sister.
5 / 5
Already Bose has surprised The all with more than a product the level of audio, has gone back now do with a product that has surpassed amply my expectations: some glasses with his integrated but that any annuls at all the external noise, something practical very positive sport like that career.

Treat some glasses of the sun polarised of a big quality of construction and an impressive versatility. I exit to Run it the newspaper and spend my glasses of the sun and the sportive headphones averts to listen music or response some call. Also, of then it has tried these am remained surprised, especially reasons any one situates at all inside the listened, incredibly the sound comes of the arm of the gafa and arrives to the auditory pipe of the sin of impressive form grieves to listen of out, so only that it is the side of the tone @gives raisin limits it the volume, in the one of the contrary neither will learn that it spend some glasses of sun with music or of the calls have dipped.

While the Time “of model” (the sportsmen) the totally resistant edges to the sweat, to the rain and to the powder (IPX4) and after a lot is exited run the, any one has suffered anytime breaks any for the sweat or the rain, these a lot say at all to the respect, reason is allocated the use of sound in of the normal conditions, the water sinned neither sweat typical of the sportive practice.

Regarding the sound, obviously compare with some BOSÉ intraauditivos will remark partial loss of some tones or maximum volume, but the the acceptable normal volume is incredible the very that listens .

Take for some 5 hours of autonomy (front the the 8 hours of his time of model “of the brother”), synchronises with the mobile and can synchronise the official application of Bose with multiple configurations, and as it updates it firmware of the glasses in that light it the first time, that can select tongue. I prefer the English because the Spanish of Spagna is not achieved, but any one is any question for me, still prefer it.

Upload with a concrete Boss that comprises , in 1 now and of the mean comunicacionales will be ready aprox., But I prefer the system of usb-c that has the time of twin “of the model”, those edges the sportsmen. They spend a pair of appearances underlines it:

- If the places atasca up after his turn to use automatically.
- In the sides has a Control deslizante a lot interesting: you locate or it falls the volume that slips the toe for the arm; and steps the song that presses one or two times in the key that is in the right arm. A lot of gain these controls when you go to walk or driving (the cure is concludes chance).

In the box comes three measures of silicone for the nose, so that you have dipped that more spent you according to the measure of your bridge of nose. A lot comfortable employ a time in regulating it the first time.

In definite, look a very modern solution, chula and practical to listen music the the time that protects the eyes of the sun of effective and sure form.

In that L to lentil, is of quality, polarised (this wants to say that it takes more alone but when looking any screen will see “scarce” the same, as with reflections or a mirror) and deletes 99 of the GRAPE of rays-B. In the amazon finds also substituted of lentils in blue and plateada, all his graduables. They spend for defect in black.

More than recommended, the only bad is that edges something expensive, but well, any gafa of alone sportive already expensive cost, and concealed adds some sportive good headphones, the result is looked of the buy this gafa directly. They TOUCH PHENOMENAL And STRONG, qualities first of all.

Comes with founds rigid that protects a lot well, and suede for the lentils. I remain with the “Time” for the connector and autonomy of mayor (to to the model also likes more been due to these remain a bit big for my form of the face) but is question of flavours, both edges geniales and calm will give you a doubted with any that sees him to you doubts of place sinned.

Looked gain my opinion Any one forgets to give to the key of “useful” further down porfa...Thank you! ;)
4 / 5
Produced for real Wow,original And chicca technology.
Arrived a lot quickly,these glasses Bose the tenor Of Marco dreams aesthetically sleeps a lot beautiful,look the classical glasses gives to have the habit of,mine hide a surplus,that is to say of the pause this small pause inserted in the asticelle allow has given to listen music,or speak to the telephone without fail has given auricular.
In the box, find the glasses,Terrace ricarica with nails the calamita(digs proprietary),drove it,rigid guard for riporre the glasses,tessutino to clean them.
The sud has beaten aesthetic,at all Gives to say,light and comfortable sleep,while he lens polarised do sweat to have to against having the habit of.
Respecto He functionality therefore..
Integrated battery in the horns(more sporgenti) Has one lasted has given Roughly 5 has spent,while the ricarica gives place quite quickly,in roughly one 'now the glasses dream already ready all'the use!
Functionality has given keys gives place With him classical modalities combo or fines he button On/of can be exploded to answer to the chiamante or peel directs says songs.
While He key Touch(place on the horn dx) servants to regulate he volume,while premuto foreseen goes back he active the vocal assistant.
While He sensor has given movement will do that,one goes back capovolti the glasses these will turn.

Besides The Application bose,here goes in help to comprise the functionalities has given keys and of the glasses.

Glasses that further of Ad be technology,sleep been projected with criterion,a lot pleasant the idea has given can changed lens,optimum the polarisation of the lens,good delivery promoted for the leggerezza and consolation.

Sew Any mine has liked and thus I dip 4 stars..
He price, have found it altino In that he pays the originality, in how much extracted has given a product entirely has given plastic.
Construction entirely has given plastic,any gode the leggerezza,mine would have preferred to find also of the metal the this price.
Volume in call would have preferred it little bigger.

In definite product out of the canons,has given qualities and the one who master this has given artilugio a lot can a lot of he price.
5 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. The a short…no. is not sure state as to expect, but has been impressed well out of a box, this in spite of more like this afterwards. To be sincere, has think that this was to be the product of niche with obvious committed. Basically, he forgone conclusion; the real mixed stock exchange. It was bad. So much, before volume to an access, his, way, etc. To the left is so only dispel this annotation. Yes, it looks the product of niche, but find me spending them much more often that has thought I . To be frank, has the hard time that qualifies or qualifying exactly reason ossia a chance . With which has very thought, thinks there comfort it dual sure to them that reads so only for me. I so only grab and go. Jogging, biking, In slope in a backyard, socializing in a porch, seating in a cradle in a cottage, in a boat, driving in a car, was and roughly, have gone included grocery compraventa with them – yep, mask and everything. I leave to be active, cruised and connect with people alfresco while still listening the music when I want to. It would do one argues, this fashion has more than anything to do with him or calm does not go to enjoy and take real utility out of this product. If his intrepid fashionable works for you, I wager will be a lot happy with them.

Now that ossia out of a way, to the left is to take to a specifics.

That it is in a Box: Glasses, spends Chance, touching boss, cleaning Cloth, Manual, and drives of fast start. A unboxing the experience was a lot good – a lot of-presented and packaged.

Quality of build: Excellent with glorious polarised lenses. These are not has run you of some strawberries lenses. A coating to polarise has produced the much more pronounced effect that calm usually would see in the most economic lentil.

Functions/of Characteristics/of the usability: Excellent. Essentially only keys and the sensor to touch. A small key under a right arm has the habit to turn on/was (control), pause (a press), next song (two press), or leading song (three press). Utilisations this key to accept calls (a press) or refuse the call (two press). It is easily discernible, and good works. Also it has the sensor of contact in a right arm. Before swipe or backward to augment/decrease a volume, or double tap to initiate assistant of voice. That The pairing was a lot of easy, so only open some glasses and download an application and the car paired. Finally, has the toe-to-out of sensor that automatically turn them was when you his toe on for two seconds.

Has measured: 143mm wide. The half Return which would have to that return the row of measures of type. A bit snug in my half/expensive big, but a lot comfortable. Also I am returned the half of my small/expensive woman well. Would have any question in current or biking with these on. A bit heavy () , but a weight is proportioned more to one rear, likes opposed to a lentil forward, as any one really remark it.

Sound: Excellent and better that has expected. Crisp, Cleaned, a lot enjoyable random listening experience. Better that expected but inferior end minimum. This in spite of, to be clear, does not expect a phase of his although it would take with big-finalise isolated earbuds, or a response of base of headphones with 50 or 80mm engine. This in spite of, this has to that no detract to consider these, as they still offer some excellent listening experience – clean, crisp, any sprain, and has surpassed far my expectations. They are also more immersive that would have thought, quotes a creation, which is wins it his creation and engineering. I do not have any question that listens to these for hours, and easily can interact with people around me when listening the music. This has said, if your flavours of stylistic music tend to some rows of inferior bass, or precise that punch, then will remain to love.

Called of telephone: Fact surprisingly well. The visits and my voice have come by means of strong and clear. This in spite of, there is any annulment of noise so that the things like this of the half windy means or strong can be problematic.

Way: has a Tenor is - Intrepid & Dramatic. There is at all thin in these glasses. They are intrepid and striking.

Specs: The lentil of first plastic has polarised, frames Tr-90 Nylon, two ‘beam-forming' microphones, Bluetooth v5.1, 30 ft Row, to listen (according to volume), 1 hr uploads with owner pogo boss of pin. (Any universal USB-C connection here). They are also IPX2 Water-resistant (sweat and time) but precautions that “the control can decrease like the result of normal wear”. Any one specifications of speaker has been resupplied.

Argues/of Use of the niche. To be clear, has thought really these would be more the product of niche. Something could see me spending when I jog or bicycle. Used for activity where usually would be to spend sunglass, has loved to listen the music, but still wants to be conscious of my half. This in spite of, his utility has has surpassed far my initial thoughts. These are now my gone to glasses when they are was and roughly. I do not have any question that mediates in conversations with them on, and in the moderate/volume under another is not same conscious that am listening the music.

Final thoughts: If some fashionable works for you, and calm no grave weighed require, calm then will be pleasantly surprised, and more than thinking. There is also a Soprano frame which are quell'has bitten rounder and big the this adapts your preferences.
4 / 5
Wenn Bose eines kann, dann Produkte dipped exzellentem His bauen. Of the ist auch yesterday direkt zu merken. Die Lautsprecher sind kleiner als in giving vorherigen the version gives Bose Marcos und fallen von vorne nicht wirklich auf.

+ Sieht echt schick aus
+ His erste Sahne. Ein bisschen als ob Corazón of man riesiges Surround-System of the his auf give Nase tragen würde
+ Bedienung kinderleicht dank Knöpfchen und Touch-Bedienfeld-Brillenbügel
+/- Laufzeit maximum 5 1/2 Stunden, dafür schlankes Draws
- Shine sitzt a meinem Kopf sehr eng a, was auf Dauer etwas unangenehm ist.

Auch wenn direkt zu erkennen ist, dass is sich yesterday nicht a eine 'normal' Sonnenbrille handelt, so that ist die ganze Technik (Lautsprecher, Mikrofon, Touch-Bedienfeld) doch bemerkenswert kompakt verbaut. Shines of data sieht schick aus und data Preisklasse ist ihr anzusehen.

Shines of data bringt durch die Technik nur wenige Gramm mehr auf quotes Waage, sie ist trotzdem nicht schwer sondern gut tragbar. Auch wenn Has given neue the version gives Bose Marco laut Hersteller 'viel mehr Kopfformen passt', drückt sie bei mir und meinem Mann trotzdem one gives Seiten, vor allem bei längerem tragen. Yesterday wäre Is prize, wenn Einstellmöglichkeiten vorhanden wären, a give ganze auch für Dickköpfe wie some angenehm zu gestalten.

Give His ist natürlich give Spezialgebiet von Bose und give merke ich auch, sobald ich anfange dipped dieser Sonnenbrille Musik abzuspielen. Ein Soundgefühl (Fast) wie im Kino! It gives satte His gibt sowohl Höhen als auch Tiefen perfekt wieder, auch bei Telefonaten ist dies Gesprächsqualität gut. Natürlich ist Give His für andere Menschen in giving Nähe auch hörbar, allerdings sehr viel leiser als für mich selbst, und wenn ich given Lautstärke etwas leiser stars, können Umstehende nur noch hören, dass gives Musik oder ein Gespräch aus give Shines ertönt, nicht aber was genau gerade gespielt/gesprochen wird. Für mich als Träger selbst ist dann trotzdem noch alles perfekt zu hören. It gives Geräuschpegel Give ich als Nichtträger mitbekomme ist vergleichbar dipped nicht perfekten In-Ear Kopfhörern - ich höre etwas, aber nicht like this hard, dass is störend wäre

Dipped einem Knopf und einem Touch-Bedienfeld kann ich to the nötigen Einstellungen vornehmen. Sowohl beim Abspielen von Musik (Game/of pause, vor, zurück, lauter, leiser) als auch bei Telefonaten (Anruf annehmen, ablehnen, auflegen) brauche ich nichts außer give Shine. Zusätzlich kann ich Give to Touch-Bedienfeld außer zur Lautstärke-Einstellung auch dazu nutzen a bei Android-the smartphones give Assistant of Google zu nutzen (bzw. Siri bei Apple-Produkten).

Dipped bis zu 5,5 Stunden Akkulaufzeit hält Shines of Data natürlich keinen ganzen Seal durch. Yesterday ist bestimmt noch Luft nach oben, auch wenn stärkere Akkus Shines of Data natürlich wieder schwerer machen würden. Bose War yesterday eine leichte Shines wichtiger als eine lange Akkulaufzeit, eine Entscheidung data ich durchaus nachvollziehen kann.

⭐ Fazit:
Auch wenn The data Shines a meinem Kopf etwas drückt, ist sie doch ein bemerkenswertes Stück Technik dipped einem eindrucksvollen Sound. Und im ersten Moment ist is wirklich ein komplett neues Musikgefühl. Auf Brillenträger kommen zwar noch zusätzliche Kosten zu A Gläser In giving eigenen Stärke einzusetzen, doch wer sich ein Produkt im Premiumsegment wie dies Bose Marcos leisten kann oder möchte, gives sollten has given Kosten auch nicht give Ruin treiben.
5 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. Of the habit are client quite well to the sud this type of product (my side Friki..)
But there am disappointed.
Here is reason :
- in the first place Prevail him the fat defect are lucidos edges.. Cruel lack of grave and impossible to regulate.
Tricks and slyness : Staccando his ears to the first On begin to have give down...
The note touch same : it tries to dip of the adhesive tape...
- The Plastic has used... Plastic fact... He no dégage to feel of height to vary
- to the déballage, he any and the step to effect WAHOUUUUU... But : 'Punaise is fat...'
- I looks is earthy, the failure joins the fat boss touches that the concealed does not ridicule
- Have the horror gives glasses polarisés, does not see my telephone in horizontal of way but that vertical... And to the Essence of canal, are thank you to bend the boss of 45 terracings touches to see his indications of the bomb
- impossible of connecter his lunettes to the application Bose Music, has wanted to see was possible to modify the quality of the edges, but impossible... It fails Of connection to the every time

In his good things :
- the quality of the micro is Extra. Correspond chair like being yes has spoken to the telephone
- the utilisation of the volume is a lot practical, lacking to spend toes of edges to the sud the right-winger of stir and slip to the forward or the behind
- the load is a lot quickly
- lucido boss of recharge connecte a lot easily
- it pochette to protect is class

does not want to do mine schtroumpf grognon (this is not in my state of alcohol)... But it Looks it it had been well (a bit less lunette 3D gives years 90) or yes lucido the edges there was was excellent... This would have changed gives It. But there it is Neither the neither the another.
Although the quality gives Conversations téléphonique is a lot good.
Read His others the commentaries Touches to have other opinions, does not have the science infuse, are can be them so only to have this sense.
4 / 5
Edges very easy to match, simply connect it and already is ready to listen them with the Smartphone that has or some another device that spends Bluetooth. It spends some tactile controls a lot intuitive in the arm, so that like this so it moves the toe in this same, will be able to control the volume, in the quantity or in the descendant, that depends movement the toe to before or to backside.

In that L the quality of the sound is a lot good and is nítida but these will not give you some powerful tombs, as something negative, but for real that listens a lot well. I love the feeling to go by the street that listens my favourite music and L the time listens around any one spend the ears atascadas. Any one explain like this do so that the another hardly appreciates that they touch the glasses. Has a creation for mine Any one is my fashion , spends some lentils have darkened, but sees all that comes for the be the eye, taste that of any one leaves that they see my eyes. Could be it even more dark for my flavour. This in spite of Edges of good quality and is polarised. The the one who am operated of myopia and annoy me a lot the sun, these protect you a lot well of the illumination while I drive that it is when more the use.
5 / 5
Ich durfte Bose Marco Sonnenbrille wanted to Vorfreude ich cube begeistert.

Given of shine kommt gut verpackt Zuhause one.
Im Lieferumfang enthalten sind Shines of data im passenden Etui, ein Brillenputztuch, ein Ladegerät sowie eine Bedienungsanleitung.
Letztere ist kurz und leicht verständlich gehalten und In mehreren Sprachen verfügbar.

Shines of data kann in verschiedenen Modellvariationen erworben werden.
Time für Die sportlichen Typen, Tenor für give allgemeinen Gebrauch für give Mann sowie Sopran für Damen.
Ich durfte Tenor Of Marcos of the data declares.

Give Material gives Shine ist sehr hochwertig und sehr gut verarbeitet.
Give Rahmen ist aus robustem Kunststoff und Given Gläser sind ebenfalls aus Plastik und polarisiert.
Im Gegensatz zur Time to frame können bei give die of Tenor Gläser nicht getauscht werden give sie komplett eingerahmt sind.

Bevor Shines of data in Betrieb genommen werden kann muss dies Bose Application of Music runtergeladen werden.
In dieser können diverse Einstellungen für Shines of data vorgenommen werden. Namensauswahl oder Auswahl gekoppelte Geräte ist nur ein kleiner Einblick In Application of data.
Ebenso ist In giving Application nochmal eine Anleitung zur Bedienung give Shines verfügbar.

Die Kopplung place meinem Smartphone erfolgte ohne Probleme und funktionierte beim ersten Versuch auf Anhieb.

Given Lautsprecher sind im Bügel give Shine integriert und strahlen direkt auf give Ohr aus.
Nicht nur Given Möglichkeit Musik zu hören ist gegeben, man kann dies Bose Marcos auch als Freisprecheinrichtung verwenden.

Quotes Soundqualität give Marco ist sehr von Bose hätte ich nichts anderes erwartet.
Gute Abstimmung von Höhen und Tiefen liefern ein gelungenes Is beim Musik hören oder telefonieren. Einzig und allein Are Grave muss the man dipped gives Bose Marcos abstriche machen. Dieser ist kaum zu vernehmen.
One Dies Bose Marcos zu bedienen gibt is given Möglichkeit one gives Shine Lautstärke, pausieren / wiedergeben oder give Assistenen wie Google oder siri zu verwenden.
Quotes Lautstärke wird place einem streichen are Bügel lauter oder leiser gestellt. Ein Anruf annehmen/auflegen oder Musik wiedergeben oder pausieren erfolgt Dipped einem Knopfdruck the propagation Are Bügel.

Quotes Ladezeit give Marco ist sehr schnell. Dazu wird Tenor to die einfach one gives mitgelieferte Ladegerät gesteckt. It gives Ladezustand wird beim Einschalten give Marcos einem mitgeteilt.
One Dies Bose Marcos auszuschalten gibt is 2 verschiedene Möglichkeiten. Entweder Man betätigt give Powerknopf one gives Frames oder man legt Shines of data verkehrt herum ab. Of the erkennt Shines of Data und schaltet sich nach kurzer Zeit selbst ab.

Durch Give mitgelieferte Hardcase Etui ist Dies Bose Marcos optimum geschützt. Tenor to die sitzt darin bombenfest und give Etui wird place einem haftungsstarken that Amours verschlossen
Give Preis von knapp 280 Eurocopa sind für mich absolut angemessen und ich würde give Preis jederzeit auch im Einzelhandel für has given Teil bezahlen.

Stylisches Draws gepaart places guter solider Soundqualität macht dies Bose Marcos zu einem optimalen Wegbegleiter.
Daher gibt Is von mir für give Schmuckstück von Bose 5 Sterne und eine absolute Kaufempfehlung!!!

Top Customer Reviews: LNEKEI Blue Light ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5
Glasses of the good quality and I love a fact there is 3 options partorisca draw to choose of.
Feels facts very good and have the good quality feels to them.
If they are not staring in the screen of computer is likely in mine telephone and seat my eyes that goes . These glasses have helped a lot and no longer suffers wheels of eye and headaches.
4 / 5
Glasses add ! It likes that they are of quite wide and add!
4 / 5
EVITA. The vendor comprises the present for people those who write 5 descriptions of star. The product has broken after the few days so only taking it was my expensive (!) Lenses Has Had a lot of glare. So only spend more in the better product.
5 / 5
These glasses have done utmost in blockers a blue light of gaming systems, telephones, and computers, and his that says that they will do. Some glasses are a lot comfortable and is pleasant!
Loves a bit the chance comes with and a glass also comes with the little box of tool takes free, can him presionar with a little box of tool in the canal key! A little box of tool in the canal key so only go in a lot handy to spend of the glasses!
5 / 5
Takes the terrible headache after being in front of a screen of computer after so only an hour. For an end of a whole work day, spoiling migraines.
Dawned on could me probably profit of some light blocking glasses blue has decided like this to try something abordable before investing in a big priced glasses — that will not be doing now bc these are utmost! Any need for anything more expensive!!
Has been using these glasses for the few days now and has done all a difference! Any headache, any migraine! They are a lot thankful and a lot happy with these! More is SOOOOO PLEASANT, entertainment and stylish! They are light and comfortable.
Highly recommend!
4 / 5
Absolutely love these blue light glasses! They are stylish, strong and comfortable. They are looked in a topmast quickly and has been packed amiably like this to not having any harm when they have arrived. I have loved blue light glasses reasons do in a computer almost all day in work, and has been having the difficult time unwinding and taking headaches, as they are that it animates these will be useful. Has the good access and is súper pleasant. They are qualities adds , resembled that would purchase of the tent of vision.
5 / 5
Some photos show a way a packaging has come, a pair of glasses has been missing. I will not be returning these reasons required him ASAP. With working of house and the full time the school schedule where has read my books or of the classes in the screen, can not be going another week without these. They are decent glasses , can not complain of a quality. There is disappointed so only a “Inspected and Repackaged” means that one of some pairs was mistakenly ANY repackaged...
5 / 5
whoa. Amur These. It has not expected paralización to want to took him. It hates to spend glasses. This gone back well, the look adds, and do his work. SO ONLY FYI this company sends one of these papers that says that they will give you $ 10 present of the paper of Amazon sticks the good description. Always so only it gives a sincere description, and the do really amour these glasses... But you have them that says that a company are not adds. One $ 10 what is not a bit, has said 'oh cost once have the new product will leave is and can take $ 10 out of him of our tent.' Also it has had to follow on 3 times roughly taking he in a first place. As it is not swung thus gimmick.
4 / 5
This look of glasses to reduce tension of eye, after looking in the screen for the hours that use these there is not remarked any discomfort of eye so much in spite of a prize that is lower that other frames there, these really looks to do. They soften some light around took you the colours look the little warmer but not liking sunglasses, is thin but noticeable, looks to do of the world-wide easier in some eyes with the warmest colours. Really it likes him-me these and am happy I finally has taken the pair ossia abordable and functional. They come with the stock exchange to spend and the soft cloth to clean a lenses which is the good addition . A lenses is the little big, but will offer to protect further of corners like the result, but is still stylish to spend around.
4 / 5
Does not know reason but after the time of pair to spend these, has begun to dip tension in my eyes and he bugged bear me spend them has to that way that has had to that take. It is possible that has any subjects of eye like the stigmatism could change likes a work of glasses for you? I know it is the bit of the piece has bitten so only curious reason has has had to that the tension of eye likes concealed.
Some glasses look pleasant and look sturdy enough to use like this feigned that.
The chairs of prizes was so only. Shipping well.
4 / 5
Has has not used never glasses of any class, this in spite of, because of my work and some long periods to time that I have to spend in front of the computer, has caused headaches at night and also redness and that burns in my eyes.

In just the week that has used these lenses, my headaches have gone was, my eyes do not burn at all and a red of an eye is now so only the thing of a past. Besides I can sleep better and faster.

Has given one of some pairs that is gone in a container my prime minister and is like this fascinated with some glasses.

Recommends 100.
4 / 5
My joint of prime minister there has been the pair that has has had scratches in the circular form in both lenses (right in a centre how is súper distracts it). As I exchanged him for another together. A second has come together and has had ANOTHER PAIR with a same class of scratches in both lenses. It has to that be some class of @@subject of production. I am frustrated like this to have that returns the conjoint second. I any reccomend this been due to he. They are the súper returns and pleasant fashion well, if it has not been for some scratches!
5 / 5
I work in a medical field & uses the chromebook all day. Having the migraine & that has to that look in the screen for 8 hrs is not an easy task, after purchasing these glasses there is remarked has help ALOT during a day. Included when I of the that has the migraine.
5 / 5
Are the professor and am LIKE THIS HAPPY I finally has taken the pair of these! Teaching the virtual students is hard when you are staring in the screen all day. Today it was my first day that uses these in the work and I have not taken the headache for a first time all the year! I am enamoured already and look quite well in his too lol
4 / 5
has bought these glasses with which have broken mine another pair and this was the deception. Some glasses is big in my face, although a fashion is relatively pleasant. My subject comes reason while spending these glasses, there is the in entertained blue light glare. I can see the blue reflection of my own face while looking in my screen that is distracting. I have cleaned some glasses multiple time, but suspect this subject is with some plastic breads. Look Elsewhere!
5 / 5
Glasses add! I do in the screen of computer all day long. Typically take headaches of a light. It has spent these quite all day while & it could say the enormous different immediately. Calm no @to give you the one who the extra light is coming from the screen. The same will spend him around my house of then I often look in my telephone. I love a lustrous creation and the one who light is. Has other pairs of the blue light glasses but those have frames wider, these frames are not like this big which is adds of then have the face framed smaller. To good sure recommend, especially need the plus classy looks for work!
5 / 5
Are eschooling of house' this year and is using the plot more time of screen that normal life pre-covid. The migraines are the battle for me anyways and time of the screen does not improve never concealed. I have bought these for my kiddos and I in a start of a school year. My headaches have improved like this a lot that spends him ALL A TIME. Have king-has ordered so only of tear and normal wear. Also for the by heart pleasant options. Always I will maintain these manually for work of computer for my family!
5 / 5
Has ordered so only these glasses does the day and already can say that of the difference does. The on-line school had begun to do my eyes burn really bad and gave the constant headache to a point where has averted really look in any screen at all, but these glasses have taken immediately was both of these questions.
5 / 5
Update: with which so only the little month of use, has spent my glasses today and all of the sudden snap while in my face. The quality is something to be !

Glasses add! It was having subject with my really annoying eyes in an end of a day and has required something to help. These have done a trick! These are comfortable weight , light and is very effective that block a blue light of telephones of laptops/of screens/of computers. The fashion is the personal preference , but choose the function in forms any day now! I produce it adds!
4 / 5
Has wanted to try them has listened of good things. His to good sure helps with a blue light, his main downside is is the bit snug. If I his door for too much long a squeezing give the bit of the ache of boss. But for a prize and so only spending in some evenings when I am doing the material of computer is very
5 / 5
I have ordered these partorisca give my protect of eyes of my computer. The ones of way that far there is enjoyed partorisca use these. They are light and is comfortable.
5 / 5
Has been surprised in credit it this work while I am doing in a computer. They do not have a anti function of glare and I need partorisca take them was before expecting to the conference of web because a light bounces out of some like this bad screens. To good sure recommend help with a subject light blue. These have tonne a trick with maintaining my headaches was also.
4 / 5
Has bought this partorisca my woman the one who is teaching on-line of 8-2 then a lot of additional hours in a computer prepping partorisca lessons. These numerous daily hours in a computer has caused the tension of enormous eye. I said these the light blocking glasses blue has done the difference. It is comfortable, stylish, and his eyes feels very better that he usually fact after the long day in a computer. Service of excellent client, also. Highly recommend is in a computer partorisca hours.
4 / 5
Are very touched! I have been looking ads partorisca the alike glasses and I am happy to find these here, but am not sure in a quality. They are very pertinent and no too heavy. Of a big quantity of the times of exploitation have invested like the recruiter, to good sure can be relieved immediately. For like this, enamoured with his appearance, my expensive has gone and to seat likes is a lot flattering. They are happy to see that they are also useful partorisca me driving at night. It will be partorisca update. A packaging has left also the deep impression. Distributed with protective coverage, cleaning cloth, box of test and mini screwdriver partorisca maintain a hinge fixed!
4 / 5
I like these glasses many. His exactly that is to be announce. They reduce some blue maintained both one screen of computer as well as a television like this, reducing a stress and tension in my eyes. I also found the very comfortable to spend while driving. They are also stylish so that it is in prize .
4 / 5
These are wonderful to help with tension of eye because of time of screen. I use him throughout my work day and when reading in mine kindle. They look like this stylish too much! Highly recommend this product for any staring in the screen for periods of long time.
4 / 5
Like this elections of these pleasant blue-blocking glasses, was hard to decide! Highly it recommends these: the prizes add for 3, light selection , sum, pouch & cleaning keyring & of the cloth of small/screwdriver has comprised! HIGHLY recommend this product!
4 / 5
Modern people often look in his mobile phones, as they owe that be responsible for his eyes. I have bought these glasses of blue ray for the long time. They are very light, does not have any recipe, any dizzy, will not dazzle , and is very comfortable.
4 / 5
My daughter uses these glasses to reduce a blue light of his Chromebook screen. Of then it is on he all day for pupil, has taken headaches in of the colegialas of a tension of eye. We purchase these on some holidays of Thanksgiving, how is by train to try them was this week. Like this far, it has seen the difference in a glare of a screen, but is expecting to see will help to reduce/relieve his headaches.
5 / 5
This blockade out of blue light, can take some time to see if they the big transmission. My subject only is is the little big, could be bit it more stylish to the equal that need to impress my cats while lounging around in sweatpants. Good prize for three pairs, like the perfect occasion to try out of blue blockades.
5 / 5
It has loved some looks this in spite of first day partorisca spend them roughly 3 hours in, is fallen off my face in my office. An arm has to that it has been broken in traffic. The repayment was easy and fast this in spite of!
5 / 5
Seat in front of the computer all day and this product there is prendido a tension of eye would take. I now dipped his on every time chairs in the computer!
5 / 5
These am a lot of-facts and am happy with them like this far. The difference other descriptions, the mine there is not coming with the blue or the blue light light declares, but wine with the chance of cloth and the cloth of more cleaned. My only complaint is that a pair hurts for behind my ears owe that way that has had to that order some eyeglass cushions partorisca they. Some other pairs do not annoy me .
5 / 5
My first impression when having them the place has been that changes the vision and calm see it a bit more amiarollento, Like the configurations of nocturnal way in the computer and the reading of way in the mobile, bought Him special to touch of then so the hours that look the monitor that burn the eyes, Yesterday use it all day and very had the nerves bronzed changed, 100 recommended
5 / 5
Some glasses are utmost and do a lot well. They are light and does not feel uncomfortable in my face. They have come with the $ 10 present “of paper of amazon” that is still in a process partorisca try to redeem. I emailed an allocution in a paper and has taken the generic has automated will see.
4 / 5
Loves these blue light glasses!! Working virtual like the professor there is pulled my eyes and has spent on so many headaches but these glasses have done such the difference!! Any only is these the saver of life but is like this pleasant!! So only I love him. They return perfect, is fashionable, sees clearly, no more headaches and has pulled eyes!!
5 / 5
I desire there was an option for the main measure reason these are tight for behind to my ear likes the volume the headache I cant where these for my turn of whole work. Also wish that has options for the main frames for fashion
5 / 5
has read in the pill and I have used pc, now can read more time, these glasses is perfect.
A frame is good and comfortable quality .
4 / 5
Are to the medical student likes the studio 12-14 hours the day in my computer and I have required something like this to help me the better sleep. Absolutely I LOVE these glasses. They are súper shiek, and no too bulky. A record correctly and of the one who fall off when double on. You was to go in the small silky blacks baggie for you to store them in the drawer, etc. Add compraventa.
4 / 5
Mina slid of a couch to a paving (drop a lot low) and a frame has broken instantly. So only very durable.
4 / 5
I have taken these in a topmast today. A bit smaller then my old but pair very comfortable. They return amiably around to a nose likes him any slide. Any súper add in a anti glare but he a work. I take migraines of staring in a computer all day and this help prevents concealed. To good sure would recommend all my gamers and workers of office partorisca take the pair.
4 / 5
Has has suffered headaches recently after an increase of time of screen. These glasses help me to us the asleep fall faster, and my headaches have been subsiding. Some glasses also look pleasant also. They are comfortable and very done partorisca a prize.
5 / 5
Wow! It could no 8-5 without these. I am coming house of work in of the terrible ways with extreme headaches of staring in a computer all day. I have bought finally these and he is SUCH DIFFERENCE! Doubted the but dang law and LOOK PLEASANT ! Amur Some colours of wry. It has given a black to the mine promised the one who use the now too
4 / 5
I like a fact that the comfortable turn in my face. Hanged like this light. Like the professor the one who is taking use partorisca be in the computer partorisca 7+ hours has caused the tension of eye of the plot.
5 / 5
These glasses were perfect. My edges that uses him partorisca help his eyes partorisca tire and is doing utmost. Good prize
5 / 5
This look of glasses and feel add. We can all use in some familiar and some boys say that he his eyes feel less tired after the day in front of a screen.
4 / 5
Wants to this 3-band and there is remarked that has been doing in difference in @@tiredness of eye of the decreasing while doing of house.
5 / 5
Are the student this has been using my computer to plot thicker because of a pandemic. I have begun to take frequent headaches of staring in my screen of computer all day. My promise has suggested that that takes the blue light glasses have tried like this these. This work of glasses! I have not taken the headache of then spending them. They are comfortable and stylish, also. These glasses are the necessity.
5 / 5
Pleasant glasses, is not returned my legislation of type. I used him and my eyes look less tired after the day with a longitude of staring in my screen of computer. Amur A keychain comes with. Has the mini phillips and flathead screwdriver.
4 / 5
Was very skeptical but has been recommended. Light weight and stylish. They are in front of the computer for the very long day. I suffer the migraines and I swear it there is has helped already. Well the try!

Top Customer Reviews: Tanlys 2 Pack Blue ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 46 ratings
5 / 5
As they are usually in front of the screen of computer a lot of hours of a day, has found that these glasses he very easy in some eyes.
4 / 5
Has wanted to me, light edges like any chair that calm the amenos of the places, the very good creation, and especially the operation of the not even is spectacular.... It helps a battery!!! Definitively it would go back him Buy it
4 / 5
With being on-line these are savers of life . My eyes would burn after being on-line partorisca 5 hours.... With which have bought these and worse the every time has has changed entirely! His to good sure laws.
5 / 5
Changed the life in truth! Any headaches of plus neither of eyes! They have wanted to me! They have arrived súper a lot of empacados and súper fast. I recommend him amply. The the use in my glasses with aumebto and Any one seats the sobrepeso in the nose neither of the uncomfortable edges, besides see súper well! I have asked armasón black and transparent. It had liked him me me of that had the option of both in black, peeo still loved him like this.
5 / 5
My husband is anxious to graduate them and is a harm has to of then has it @@give the servants a lot well with his lentil, but in reality is that they are good-looking resistant ( goes ) and that is remained perfects the congoja to have the big boss is remained excelentemente well !
Still q transmissions some Prada for these is because comfortable Edges and a lot of @fare !
4 / 5
Perfecto to do, edges very comfortable, would like me recommend a chance for each a(likes the one of the gogles, perhaps) in place of the bolsitas and the box, although it is very beautiful and remarks the quality the edges of lentils very good and thinks that would improve dipped the aúnque sea more economic a small chance for each a. Thank you.
5 / 5
A box contains the little blue light projector and paper with the zone of sensor so that in fact I can looks work . We are to impress that ossia the drop -the option cost that looks to do a work. It would not import the slightly more stylish creation, but law and note a calm difference once takes them is gone in front of the screen.
5 / 5
These are good & light to look shows in mine iPad or networking in my telephone, really the suddenly light blockades and have fewer headaches now, help with insomnia also, has purchased these I and would recommend him the people those who spend the plot of time in his devices.
4 / 5
Loves these blue light glasses. Ordered of the leading different company and has has not felt was affective. Of then trying this new some, so much my fiancé and I have been sleeping better and my headaches of working on-line all some time there is decreased immensely. They are súper pleasant also!
4 / 5
Has to that say that these do a lot well! It finds that if any I his door consistently takes tension of extra eye because of a difference in a light but these do his work and his he well! In 50 Upvotes adds the photo of them on me partorisca reference!
4 / 5
Emballage Solid and lunettes perfects More my surprise he and has had a small lampe tones of door luzca blue and joins the games of map partorisca declare his lunettes 😀👍 and I he redis still emballage of the solid 💯 containers 😉👌🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
4 / 5
the look Adds, and comfortable to spend. All use partorisca work of computer in home now
5 / 5
the Utmost glasses have left work in the computer or clear all 10 seasons of friends before they disappear. They are the welder and these help my eyes remain fresh in and out of a tent. It recommends by all the world to the to the one who likes eyeballs
5 / 5
A lot of light and comfortable to spend. It spent it when driving at night,help with shiny has DIRECTED lights.
4 / 5
Immediately feels the transmission when looking the screen of the computer, edges very useful and the excellent prize. It remains so much The men like this of the women.
5 / 5
Has ordered a Tanlys 2 Blue Band Lights partorisca Block Glasses partorisca Tension of Eye of the Computer. A subject only with my mandate was a container arriving has opened. Another that that, some glasses return well and is useful when using a computer.
5 / 5
My edges loves him. He his door any stop and has has promoted in fact to spend his normal glasses also.
5 / 5
Powders on a lot easily and another can see some blue light reflecting when calm the the in that is not pleasing. A glass reflects like this yellow. It has Had these takes so only the few months, sad to say am disappointed in a product.
5 / 5
Really blockades a blue light. It sees in a paper of test has uploaded on. The white zone is with glasses and blue zone without glasses when it uses light of blue big beam to try some glasses.
4 / 5
Like me some returns of way my face and never take my tired eyes for the use. It is more relax and more enjoyable.
5 / 5
Quality of good product, any headache of plus when doing in front of a computer partorisca periods of time
5 / 5
in a prize of one has taken two! The blue light is bad informative. Doubt? Look He up.
4 / 5
Very light and comfortable. Well fact partorisca a prize. To good sure blockade blue light, and my eyes celery noticeably less tired after the day in front of a computer that spends these glasses.
4 / 5
Edges comodos, light and in some measure sees resistant. Ademas Adds a small lampara of UV so that it check his functionality. If I recommend he thus prize.
4 / 5
The product is coming quickly. The frames look the be economic but some do any well so that it has been feigned partorisca do. It could not ask much more partorisca a prize
4 / 5
was a lot of but with which 2 weeks, is like this blurry still after the cleaned
4 / 5
These blue light glasses am abordables and to good sure do a work!
4 / 5
Amour well His lunettes but his glasses are difficult to very cleaned.
5 / 5
Very very partorisca the other in the computer, and practicos partorisca upload them the any side.
5 / 5
So that it has announced. Light, sturdy and an access is utmost .
5 / 5
Has bought these with my points of amazon because I have wanted to see would do without spending the plot of money in some other frames there. These glasses save me to take headaches, and that there is blurry vision together with a tension of eye when looking in the screen of computer all day in work. A yellow maintained in some glasses does not change some colours of everything drastically which is of entity of mine because they are the graphic designer . People besides a lot always see some yellow maintained in some glasses (so only depends in a corner and lighting is in). I seat the little self-conscious in a look of way on me and chair like a course that the control in your nose looks main and noticeable that normal glasses (does not spend glasses usually so that it does not know sure), but ossia an only reason gives these 4 stars. The his daily door in the work and has done so much of the difference. No more headaches or blurry vision or eyestrain! I recommend to take blue the light blocking glasses are looking in the screen for long periods of time!
5 / 5
Amazing product! The quality adds, stylish look, and a prize is unbeatable. I can not stress quite the one who these is helping my eyes and of the headaches to seat in front of a computer all day. Thank you Tanlys Ossia The life that changes. Without all a tension of eye and headaches will be able to give me acts more attention and house !
4 / 5
The work adds! The eyes am not tired with which 8 hours that reads on computer! Some glasses is light weight ! It gives 5 stars
5 / 5
has taken these glasses done on the week that is reason has expected them give a sincere description. First of all, these glasses are a lot light. They look glasses of recipe but with the little bit more than the stylish clues to them. In general they utmost he raisins to be in front of the computer for hours long. Like the university student would suffer headaches smaller to be in my computer for too much long but these glasses have finalised to give me the solution for that. It does not pull my eyes anymore or take blurry vision of staring in the screen for the long time neither. Highly it recommends these glasses to any concealed spends the long time that looks in the screen because it will finalise to be advantageous for your eyes in a long career. Some pictures the loaded show all has comprised with some glasses more the little paper to try that it has thought them was cause like this fresh can see like a work of glasses!! Hopefully This description has helped any one was and the @give these glasses cost to look to.
5 / 5
Has purchased these for my boy of 15 years for his anniversary with which some investigation. It loves him and it says that his eyes celery so better after the days of pair of use during gaming. I have it quell'has taken of then has loaned his second pair to read in mine kindle and remark my eyes have not felt like tired. They are a lot comfortable, light and stylish looking in both of us. It thinks compliment any form of type. Considering ordering another together for some another in our familiar as we do not have to that action. I produce it adds!
4 / 5
Has bought for my edges those who has car immune illness and is stuck in home, as it looks a lot gaming programs and TV of big screen, also there is Irlen Syndrome, loves these and he was is all day, has included alfresco in a yard. Light weight, comfortable, fashionable, look a lot on the, and is able to sleep better at night and looks to have less tension of eye and headaches.
5 / 5
I seat in the computer all day partorisca work and suddenly has begun partorisca take migraines 100 of my work days. I have tried it takes allergy meds, etc. But no . When I have said something to has sawed it-hard-working the one who read in the different office, has mentioned that many some ladies in his office have has had glasses of blue light filter. So with which some investigation, has tried these and literally a first day with which took him, my headaches have prisoner. They Like him so much of that has bought already my daughter the pair of then so much of his duties is in a computer. Highly recommend!
5 / 5
Takes headaches of too much of time of screen, as I have bought these glasses partorisca see would help with that, and resemble . There is the noticeable transmission in colour of screen (of blue to yellow) when spending some glasses. They are utmost partorisca a prize, and I like a light, muted creation, and some crazy has arrived. Desire that some temples were the pocolos longer, this in spite of.
5 / 5
Is not sure state like these or no, as has excellent vision and more the glasses annoy mine eyesight. This in spite of, this pair did not annoy me in any way of then spending them. It uses the computer partorisca work and has taken headaches frequently. Of then purchasing these glasses and using them has not had any one headaches and has not annoyed my eyes at all. They are happy gave him try it and highly suggest them to any one using the computer long term.
5 / 5
Extracted partorisca astound!
2 glasses partorisca a prize that the majority of companies would touch calm partorisca one. It comes with the chance, the blue light paper declares, and the blue light. Some glasses are more than a side a fat plus But is not the question when I need to protect for the low cost. I have purchased a clear and black combo and both return my form to face astonishingly. The be in the computer in of the hours for the work and this have taken to good sure rid of some of mine few headaches. To good sure the cost does not complain doing. Ossia Your sign has been looking for some blue light glasses but does not want to spend too much, take them!
4 / 5
These are blue light glasses with the plastic frame that the chairs go down in a nose, which is well has the longitude midface likes does. A plastic frame was initially the left down mine, until the accidentally has situated something on operates him and his flexed, preventing some glasses to break.

A blue light test in a paper has done. When it shines a blue light in a paper without some glasses, takings the mark , but some glasses felizmente prevent any blue light to take by means of.

There is not remarked the transmission in eye fatigued or sleeping, but I still need to improve spend them. It would say that they are exactly like this described, and the together lovely good. I maintain a pair in work and a house.
5 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. Utmost light glasses to help me sleep. Big lenses to cover a whole field of view. Enough stylish too much!
4 / 5
Staring In the screen of computer partorisca eight hours the day gave leaving headaches, of the person the one who seldom takes headaches. When This arrived, a transmission was shockingly instantaneous. A week later, gone is some headaches that agrees to insignia thru a computer. These are the transmission of game !
5 / 5
Update: I have purchased of the glasses of thesis have looked in flashing the lights twice are control of sensitive photo minimumising my sensitive photo seizurrs too perhaps one or also yes see to flash lights
I sleep like the creature and can also video games of game indefinitely while spending these glasses any attack of lights (photos-attack sensitive) at all please have me try any of your products partorisca people with attacking the lights, give light form, and also flashing lights and flashing give light form also
4 / 5
This does exactly how is supposed to!
- Comfortable
- does not hurt your eyes
send the blue light to the equal that can try if a light penetrates some glasses and looks out of another side of a lentil. They are in mine telephone at night partorisca work and spend these glasses, can finalise an hour or 2 of work, take them was and fall asleep legislation. Before, it would be on partorisca other 2 hours and not taking sleep of quality. The blue light really effects your models partorisca sleep and REM sleep. These have done the enormous difference partorisca me and a lot other people, in the prize a lot of abordable!
4 / 5
These utmost ! In front of a screen partorisca the long periods and these glasses to good sure reduce a tension and reduction of glare.
Comfortable also.

Top Customer Reviews: Unisex Rectangular ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5
These are utmost! They are plastic only and could line easily (but then, that can expect for a prize adds) - and is not augmenting in any way - but really do the difference. I have had some glasses of lentil of the amber, which also fact but has done my boss hurt why all there has been an orange tinge and equally too dark. While these glasses are clear but still take a glare of a screen of computer. At all all day in a computer partorisca the work and my eyes take really tired - but already can say that these will help. A lot to good sure recommended - the very good prize and delivery very fast. Well value the try!
4 / 5
Has ordered this partorisca the cosplay, does not spend glasses and can not spend lenses meaning partorisca aiding eyesight like giving me the headache. These are perfect reasons a glass is simply clear and does not distort my vision. They look exactly like your classical animate character with blacks of fat glasses. They have arrived in the hard chance and the pouch how were sure extras !
4 / 5
Bought it partorisca return my recipe lenses in. Justo perfects. Any slide down your nose. Calm like this light ail you can feel is spending the pair of glasses. Especially when have one extra load partorisca spend the mask.
5 / 5
Very Partorisca a prize and enough until a frame of minute but plastic very light feels. A lot of calm so only require them for fashionable reason.
5 / 5
Has arrived punctually, bought for fashionable purposes and gotta has said is the upper notch , snug returning, light and look 100 adds. Highly it would recommend
4 / 5
Adds to spend. So only that has required with which fall op.
5 / 5
Exactly like a picture. Access well, good quality for a prize.
4 / 5
These produced is not that it has looked it in some images. Some frames are good but a lenses is not partorisca clear but have the film on the and have the glare to the equal that could very possibly spend them like the pair of glasses
5 / 5
glasses Add, exactly to the equal that has announced.
In general buyer very happy here and will buy again.
4 / 5
Very economic, a lense is coming streaky, and also a lenses feels likes is falling was.

Top Customer Reviews: Fold Flat Reading ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 56 ratings
5 / 5
I have experienced recently operations of Fall in that went it virtually blind in an eye and almost blind in another. Now I have the excellent vision that a surgeon has described mine so much be (20/20) Mid The vision of Long Row. Anything more after two feet was would require to read glasses. I have purchased several pairs to read glasses and has not been concealed has impressed to be sincere until I have purchased these ' esVasos of Optical of the ad.'' They are excellent in qualities throughout and the fold is gone in the chance of glasses (resupplied) any fat plus that my little finger. Although more expensive that a lot reading glasses these is sturdy this in spite of very light. It goes to show that you so only take that paid partorisca, and according to which your eyes are concerned to think you would have to that invest in the pair of this due to the fact that I arrive to describe and also reason spend the lifetime any quibble has guaranteeed.
5 / 5
When being foldable glasses to read has bought these to take with me in the convenient pocket to the equal that can read Papers, etc, when it was and roughly. This in spite of, far to remain for such occasions I maintaining meeting turning to to them like him my glasses of election. They are the bit of the sucker for the well has thought was piece of engineering. These glasses are returned that invoices incredibly well, in that has cradle-loaded arms and in one the majority of effective way to minimise a space of the storage required there is not founding never. If has a minor quibble, is that has the big boss. (My question, any one some glasses). This means, this in spite of that can feel initially as they pinch the bit in a temple but calm punctual take used to this irritation incredibly smaller for a consolation of having such the pair adds of specs handy.

Sincerely would recommend to any that requires the spare pair or in fact the full substitution mass of glasses.
5 / 5
To be just, is the ready creation that saves spatial but , like the result, a lenses is tightened too much.
A optician has prescribed under a power, as I will owe that buy some more - will opt for
more economic that some readers of shelf next time.
5 / 5
I want to these. Quite small to return in a chance to return in the pocket of shirt or stock exchange of laptop without worries. Have true-Focal lenses in my normal daily use but find those annoying when reading for long periods. These are easy to spend like the transmission. So only down the side has found is that the difference of my normal pair because of a hinge draws these very easily go in with just a hand, more done with two hands.
4 / 5
Received some glasses promptly! Some glasses are good quality light steel, very built folding mechanism well to enable almost flat storage in a chance, to the look of rays likes is rivetted in, the lentil is of good quality in a light to measure smaller. Otherwise, A lot well has done the glasses certainly recommend.
4 / 5
These are some the better glasses have has not possessed never. A quality of build is glorious and a fold of way to return in the the slender plus of the chances is really fresh. A chance is also quality very big and quite slender for any pocket.
5 / 5
Fantastic foldable glasses to read. They are very done, the metal has planted, and unusually adapt me. A chance are add, so only situate them behind in a correct and next place and is a lot slender.
5 / 5
Folds really flat (in a measure of the mobile phone). Access in the tejanos pocket. Optical passable - but a measure means has them with me, which is a thing of entity . I have bought the second pair.
4 / 5
I love a fold of way to such the thin chance. He he really easy for me to spend around in my pocket and use while they are commuting to do and behind. A quality of a build is also a lot well, highly would recommend these.
5 / 5
These glasses are good quality and his capacity to bend walks them very easy to dip in a pocket. Ossia My second pair and think that is a lot of value of the money.
5 / 5
When being foldable glasses partorisca read has bought these partorisca take with me in the convenient pocket as it could read Papers, etc, when it was and roughly. This in spite of, far partorisca remain for such occasions I maintaining meeting turning to to them like him my glasses of election. They are the bit of the sucker partorisca the well has thought was piece of engineering. These glasses are returned that invoices incredibly well, in that has cradle-loaded arms and in one the majority of effective way partorisca minimise a space of the storage required there is not founding never. If has a minor quibble, is that has the big boss. (My question, any one some glasses). This means, this in spite of that can feel initially as they pinch the bit in a temple but calm punctual take used to this irritation incredibly smaller partorisca a consolation of having such the pair adds of specs handy.

Sincerely would recommend to any that requires the spare pair or in fact the full substitution mass of glasses.
4 / 5
Has experienced recently operations of Fall in that went it virtually blind in an eye and almost blind in another. Now I have the excellent vision that a surgeon has described mine so much be (20/20) Mid The vision of Long Row. Anything more after two feet was would require to read glasses. I have purchased several pairs to read glasses and has not been concealed has impressed to be sincere until I have purchased these ' esVasos of Optical of the ad.'' They are excellent in qualities throughout and the fold is gone in the chance of glasses (resupplied) any fat plus that my little finger. Although more expensive that a lot reading glasses these is sturdy this in spite of very light. It goes to show that you so only take that paid partorisca, and according to which your eyes are concerned to think you would have to that invest in the pair of this due to the fact that I arrive to describe and also reason spend the lifetime any quibble has guaranteeed.
5 / 5
When My glasses of expensive recipe have taken has seated on and was all but useless has discovered to read glasses in the fraction of a prize, and of that was that I required him mainly takes has decided to take the casualidad. My delight has found these to be perfect. Sturdy, Clearly very done and he nifty creation that chairs in an almost flat chance. They are comfortable in my boss and look quite good and can read again without a stupid cost to go back the Boots.
5 / 5
Quality of the offer of Optical law that reads glasses. I used him before and hope to use them again. Some glasses and the turn of chance perfectly in a pocket and calm does not remark them there. Some glasses are reasonably sturdy and a creation is brilliant. Previously it has used his glasses that curves for the half and slide to a chance. They were good but calm has had to take them was and build them before use. These, calm so only ploughs a chance and dip his on.
5 / 5
Loves these. Quite small to return in a chance to return in the pocket of shirt or stock exchange of laptop without worries. Have true-Focal lenses in my normal daily use but find those annoying when reading for long periods. These are easy to spend like the transmission. So only down the side has found is that the difference of my normal pair because of a hinge draws these very easily go in with just a hand, more done with two hands.
4 / 5
Has received some glasses promptly! Some glasses are good quality light steel, very built folding mechanism well to enable almost flat storage in a chance, to the look of rays likes is rivetted in, the lentil is of good quality in a light to measure smaller. Otherwise, A lot well has done the glasses certainly recommend.
5 / 5
I really loved the pair to read glasses that was convenient to spend.
These are like this light and compact that some slips of chances to a pocket of heart of the shirt and is sturdy enough for use in the trouser pocket.
Some glasses are comfortable to spend, well of look, and treat perfectly optically.
In some friends of the diverse day in work has taken detail because they want a bit some same.
4 / 5
Is loving Glasses to slip in your pocket in the thin chance thee is returned a bill. Utilisation a newspaper and can recommend his quality and functionality.
5 / 5
Ossia My own and has bought another for brother because it has seen the mine and he have loved that. Easy to use and extremely comfortable and a lot of dish in his chance, in fact like like this of his paving inside a chance and the person will remark inside your pocket. Good quality and a lot clear to read without subjects. To good sure value a prize.
4 / 5
These am very well drawn and compact glasses with an inventive double fold that he his ideal fact partorisca adapt pocket. The only reservation is that because of the mine eyesight is so only really effective in the concrete focal period and result misty when resisted further was - different my recipe that reads glasses. In spite of ideal sound to read whilst travelling in the train that reward of controls in of the supermarkets.
5 / 5
I better glasses have purchased but with which 6 months a hinge of cradle has broken. The vendor contacted the one who without any one annoy correspondents me another pair like this has the life long guarantee. Service that shines
5 / 5
These folding glasses are orderly and thin and ideals to spend around or travelling. A lenses looks well and am expecting that some frames will look for to be sturdy over time. They look well like this far.
5 / 5
Fold Really flat (in a measure of the mobile phone). Access in the tejanos pocket. Optical passable - but a measure means has them with me, which is a thing of entity . I have bought the second pair.
4 / 5
These are some the better glasses has has not possessed never. A quality of build is glorious and a fold of way to return in the the slender plus of the chances is really fresh. A chance is also quality very big and quite slender for any pocket.
5 / 5
Has ordered 1.5 Mag lenses - fact very good lenses, clear and precise.
I frames are amiably engineered and feel sturdy.
The folding hinges do perfectly like this far and do a product extremely low profile and compress in a chance. Recommended.
4 / 5
Loves a fold of way to such the thin chance. He the really easy fact for me to spend around in my pocket and use while they are commuting to do and behind. A quality of a build is also a lot well, highly would recommend these.
5 / 5
The optical is very clear, the spectacles are very comfortable to spend, the chance is robust, small and take on spaces very small in the pocket of jacket.
In general, am impressed.
5 / 5
I have ordered recently two pairs of these glasses. A pair was well, this in spite of a second pair is defective. One of some starts of temples in the different corner that another like this some glasses seat crooked in my face. They can not seat directly. Because some temples are cradle -loaded, has any way to bend them ready. The inferior line is that I cant spend these glasses and there is squandered £. A provider (Optical Bed) has the any one civilises of turn; partorisca obvious reasons I supposition. Rasga Was.
4 / 5
These glasses partorisca read is more expensive that many other frames but is a lot of value he. They have arrived promptly with which shabby. They are very robust and very done and look well. A way that the fold to his chance is inventive, leaving a csse partorisca be very thin but a same time a lot protective. I am pleased really with a compraventa.
4 / 5
Has bought this like this pair of reservation in that has been very pleased with first compraventa - excellent slender cased - robust build - value a lot of -ideal partorisca pocket of jacket of the interior of trouser rear pocket with spoiling line
5 / 5
is very comfortable to spend even partorisca long periods and a fold of way down at random a lot slender is glorious. Very impressed with a quality and I recommended to a lot of my friends.
4 / 5
Good quality and in fact fold flad in a chance. It tends To the slip was yes advance of curve but ossia the smallest inconvenience
5 / 5
Very solid and well has done glasses. A chance also looks quite sturdy. Some accesses of flat form very better to the jacket to dress that the pair regulates glasses.
5 / 5
Has come finally on hire purchase with requiring glasses to read but still can not take the grips with taking them was. These are a perfect solution , access amiably in your pocket of jacket.
5 / 5
The product adds but any sturdy enough for working like the constructor in. Amur A concept of squashing some glasses to such the small flat chance
4 / 5
Good idea and well enough does this in spite of sound fiddly to dip on like them walk of hinge in the each side when calm of any one the to then delicate to maintain flat when dipping was.
5 / 5
Has loved some glasses to read that it could burst to the mine trouser pockets - perfect quality measure , well. It will be to buy another pair
4 / 5
It likes- one creation and quality of some glasses. Some frames look utmost , feels comfortable and fold easily. Unfortunately one takes in a chance maintains partorisca jump open.
5 / 5
Shining. The clarity adds comfortable and like this easy to slip the pair to your pocket. Spent the partorisca the few weeks now and any sign of weakness in a mechanism. Happy has taken an extra value partorisca take two pairs.
5 / 5
The product adds and easy to spend in insurance sturdy chance
4 / 5
am spent of the hundreds of books in of the glasses that demand partorisca be some the small convenient glasses better in a phase. Your glasses are for far a real shot. It will be partorisca order more shortly, in behalf of familiar and friends that has been impressed.
5 / 5
Light weight, slender has bent was, still comfortable when spent such the glorious creation. Happy to recommend to any one.
5 / 5
Very pleased with a quality of both some glasses and chances. Amur A compactness and his easily returned in the trouser pocket partorisca be taken anywhere.
4 / 5
Liked a bit glasses. But I have ordered bad is possible to exchange for the 3.5
5 / 5
has had the leading pair and in his substitute because it was pleased like this with them
5 / 5
These are really very drawn and walk of fold in his chance. Very orderly
5 / 5
has wanted to these, light weight and the really like a folding creation, really is flat when in a chance. A smaller thing so only is my chance is broken but some glasses are utmost !
5 / 5
A lentil of +2.5 that has bought no really laws partorisca me still although this was my recipe .
4 / 5
Looks and produced excellent partorisca be a lot sturdy construction.
4 / 5
Very Partorisca the 2nd pair of glasses partorisca when soiled like this good and thin
4 / 5
has bought the number of these. They have had to that weaves it longer that all mine other glasses been due to his flexible joints. The creation adds
5 / 5
the elements have arrived punctually
Some glasses look good quality and is housed in the flat chance a lot that finds a lot of gain to spend in your pocket of jacket.
Very happy with them.
4 / 5
Pair Well to read specs takes on it upper of small space but is strong
4 / 5
This product is excellent and a creation of slender line is surprising. Can spend him in my pocket without hassle. A the subject light is so only tend to slip down slightly when using them.
5 / 5
Has bought these glasses the few weeks , after the friends recommended him. Excellent quality, fold and take hardly any space in my hand-held stock exchange. They are very happy with cost of mine.
4 / 5
My husband has broken his last pair and required new some asap ,found these were value adds for money and fast delivery, perfect.

Top Customer Reviews: Outray Vintage ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 27 ratings
5 / 5
It is coming very packed in the slimline box inside a box of amazon (the type used partorisca books, cd is etc) Some glasses look very good and real, the classical fashion. Little I stagnate in my boss, but think that have enough the big boss. They are the photographer with eyes really sensitive (wind, pollen etc) likes step these in place of sunglasses to the equal that can see attentive light. They are to good sure clear quite (calm does not go to take anti glare in this prize). Really it can any gone bad for a prize - highly recommended.
5 / 5
Are not one to revise, but has tried these for fashionable purposes so only. They are the adult grown and has found this too tight and tightened. Perhaps I have the big boss, more to good sure a querella, this in spite of, this be has said, has glasses of sun of a same fashion that it is the main measure and returns entirely.

So much in the nutshell, if the the slightly big boss, comes from with precaution. More adapted for a younger generation
4 / 5
Perfects to spend consolation, has bought one this prime of eBay is 2018. But it is broken glasses , when it is hot time there, but is not enough to for the glasses is not . Better cost two of glasses of Amazon, is will be to save some glasses an and one. It adds these glasses of buyer of two has thought is. They are happy roughly for the glasses is! 🤓👍
4 / 5
Some glasses look good and feel quite solid. This in spite of when they have arrived, an arm has gone down immediately of point. A ray was free inside a plastic stock exchange has arrived in. We have fixed easily this question and his do not feel flimsy enough to break again but ossia reason estimated them quite down.
5 / 5
These were súper the good glasses took to match mine roblox the spoon 😀 of amazing avatar spent these ahhhh
4 / 5
Looks well, this in spite of have not been packaged very sure. It has arrived felizmente all a lot of but could have him seen the curve or the pause have had a factor has tried to press a container by means of a box of paper. Tad flimsy But that would expect for a prize. Has-liked me one looks so much has purchased another pair and just hope for a plus when it comes to a delivery.
5 / 5
Good product. Amiably packaged. Better that has thinks that would be.
5 / 5
WELL, fashionable glasses
the quality of Lentil could be bit it better (clear plus)
Reggie is of tower in city!
4 / 5
A lot of very bad fact of plastic your eyes begins paining in sometime
4 / 5
the look adds. Good quality partorisca of the money and has given my mates an ideal occasion partorisca rasgar a backside out of a wearer.
5 / 5
Mark measured very big and like such, is returned. Light,
5 / 5
Looks face on and my edges loves him, says he the look cools
4 / 5
Some glasses are really good. A quality is not bad at all and like to of me to plot my only worry are chair as if a lense has the tiny has bitten by force his. I seat one differentiates big time of when I have it on and the take was. My eyes celery the bit there is pulled
4 / 5
main that expected so that it does not look rights on, like this Unfortunately will not be spending them but is quality really very
5 / 5
The glasses are fab!! The only question is wine with the scratch in a lense :(
5 / 5
So only that has required partorisca a game are costuming! Perfecto!
5 / 5
Bough T Like the fashionable accessory partorisca my edges and wants the
4 / 5
One of a studs in loser forward. It has not expected until expectations
5 / 5
These are surprising, look so only like a photo. Honradamente Look an original pair that would cost £150.
5 / 5
Quality really well exactly one same like some pictures
4 / 5
is strong hard and sturdy this in spite of era the little has bitten too big for my expensive as it has not looked enough like this fresh like has been expecting him to be.
5 / 5
A lot of glasses of qualities very poor. In the first place remote too big and secondly an inner frame snapped 3 hours of the spend. It does not purchase
4 / 5
Form of Data als auch die Optik gefällt mir richtig gut und für wenig Geld bekommt man yesterday eine sehr schöany Sonnenbrille.
Quotes Nasenstege sind beweglich und sorgen für ein angenehmes Tragegefühl ohne auf give Nase zu drücken.
Sie ist leicht und auch Quotes Bügel liegen gut a.
Ich trage sie unterwegs und beim Car fahren.
Quotes Tönung finde ich perfekt, sie ist nicht zu dunkel und perfekt Transport of zoom fahren ohne dabei geblendet zu werden.
Selbst durch Quotes verschmutzte Frontscheibe habe ich eine klare Sicht.
Gives Preis/Leistungsverhältnis ist Gut und ich würde sie auf jeden Fallen wieder kaufen.
4 / 5
Beautiful and elegant. The glasses graduate Sins, partorisca of the people that there is well the view and he likes him the glasses as it complete fashionable.
5 / 5
The glasses Dream arrived With a small graffio on the lentil (that being blue electrical, does risaltare he defect mayormente), my cost seen of the glasses, concludes analysis, no an abysmal purchase.
5 / 5
Partorisca The prize is well, glasses of plastico hard, for but that the clean always will be a pelín blurred. Aesthetically It Remains well. Well fact, in plastico hard and molding metalica.
5 / 5
Has expected at least have gone a bit better, reasons has some of the Chineses of look and bad quality until worse.

Top Customer Reviews: TIJN Blue Light ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 39 ratings
4 / 5
It has had so only these partorisca 2 days and I have there is remarked really a difference - I usually take headaches when looking in of the screens and I of then spending them has not taken 1 headache. Stylish Still if they have not effected my headache! Really recommend!
5 / 5
These glasses marvel absolute partorisca me. Volume súper bad headaches of staring in mine
Telephones/the television that/reads books or shopping centres was lightings really do my eyes in. It has not had the headache once of then spending these. The only disappointing thing is where some glasses are plastic is very difficult to clean and gone smudgy but ossia an only downfall to them
4 / 5
has Bought these partorisca my daughter as it is spending more the time that looks in of the interior of screens a moment because of studying house. It has struggled to sleep like this thought would give these the gone and look to be really help, reducing headaches also he so that it would recommend him
5 / 5
Amazing glasses 5 stars for a blockade of blue light effect was so much of some blue light that comes from/comes from our telephones use to look a TV is really utmost and a form is like this flattering. I gave it 4 stars been due to that quickly litter like this constantly am cleaning a lenses, if any can not see clearly out of them :(
5 / 5
look gorgeous and would adapt all the world, I havn't there was long enough to say am sleeping them any better, but think that these hot times can have something to do with that.
5 / 5
Has been disappointed in a frame that is crazy when it has taken an impression of the arrival to gloss initially. Also it has the yellow maintained to a lenses like any compliment my pale skin. They are also really rigid and to the chair likes would break after the pocolos use. They are economic and takings to the equal that pays stops. Sadly Returning and behind to a joint to draw that it finds the pair!
4 / 5
Quite glasses. A yellow maintained is hardly noticeable which are adds. Unsure like Effective is still but am thinking positive!
5 / 5
Really pleased with these glasses. They have arrived well packaged with the cloth of more cleaned. They return utmost, the look adds. You can see a light maintained in a lentil... Although any 100 convinced it necessarily is that they benefit my view... But they are stylish and like me in all the chance! Prize of @@subject.
5 / 5
A lot Well
My Daughter is happy with him
Thank you
5 / 5
If dipped until the calm screen to good sure can see a difference to spend them to without, unsure still if his a lot of an impact in of the headaches have been taking because of looking in the screen the small plus
4 / 5
is the economic frame but expected for a prize. It can very really say if his a lot of difference to sleep etc, am not used to spend glasses so that any really like to spend his a lot. They return well and look well.
4 / 5
Has has bought glasses of blue filter before it was more expensive and was flimsy and economic looking. These were lovely, some frames notes like this of the frames of pertinent glass and was sturdy. Quite happy considering a prize!
5 / 5
These are UTMOST! Has has not thought required the and has thought the light blocking glasses blue was the bit of the fad May.... When Looking TV, doing in my computer or scrolling by means of my telephone late at night, there is noticeably less tension in my eyes and I have been that takes any headache. Result!
4 / 5
Law, has there is remarked to good sure the difference in of the headaches have begun of then to use them but there is gotta say is quite ugly honradamente. Eye Harry Potter which is not a look was for his hips cover the means my cheeks that is quell'has bitten odd. To all the cost will maintain him but would not spend him on the call of zoom haha
4 / 5
Yellow lenses..... The need says anymore. Something that specifies a product does not have . Reason had mentido?
5 / 5
Like this far these have looked for having helped with my headaches of daughters whilst shes using his computer. They look utmost also
4 / 5
the utmost look and protect like this offered that. Very happy!
4 / 5
These are utmost! I have been doing of house and state later having the daily headache, has spent these for the few days and the headache is disappeared! Any some the majority of attractive glasses but to good sure values is suffering to to the headaches like to of them!
4 / 5
The product is not declared like this. Used a light and paper that is coming with the girls of my edges the blue reflective glasses and a picture aims a result!! A half is supposition partorisca be white! Good glasses but his no so that it is suppositions partorisca do
4 / 5
the quality Adds, work perfectly have massively has reduced my headaches to good sure recommend
4 / 5
Look partorisca do add, lenses have the yellow maintained, as well as looking cheaply has done. After looking by means of a phase his all look partorisca look exactly one same this in spite of like this these are for far a better value partorisca money.
5 / 5
Shining and stylish has produced. Any only is stylish has had significantly sleep of better nights thanks to a blue light reduction these glasses gave me.
5 / 5
Adds partorisca my eyes, as I do in mine portable the majority of a time. My eyes are not partorisca dry anymore
4 / 5
Really good!! I add partorisca my eyes to the equal that have declared in the screen partorisca 8 hours the day
4 / 5
Some glasses were good quality partorisca a prize and was thoughtfully packaged. True to measure and work very like this blue-light filters. It would recommend!
4 / 5
The access of good frame is well, the only thing is a lentil is yellow and in the picture is clear.
5 / 5
So that far it thinks that that they are doing his work! This in spite of his access is quite small for me....
5 / 5
Utmost form! They are gone in the little box with cleaning material. Really it likes to of me
4 / 5
exactly the one who has ordered them, the delivery was fast and wine with the cleaner :)
5 / 5
First of all, some glasses look exactly like some pictures on amazon so that has calm does not suppress there. A frame of some glasses is the perfect measure, no too much averts neither too big. It has taken a colour of turtle and has thought that was very good. A prize for these glasses is also a lot well, has been to the expects worse quality how was pleasantly has surprised. In general the product very a lot
4 / 5
A lot a lot looking but in a smaller measure and is not returned my face, as if yours that looks for the main pair of the glasses does not recommend these
4 / 5
Lovely glasses really helps with a light of my computer at night times when doing.
4 / 5
Ich arbeite Are PC und spiele in meiner Freizeit Videospiele. Auf Dauer ging Gives extrem auf Die Augen. Shines of data löst give Question größtenteils. 10-12 Stunden Bildschirmzeit Are Seal sind immer noch nicht unbedingt gesund, aber man merkt gives Unterschied in giving Belastung give Augen beinahe sofort. Auch wer nur ein paar Stunden Are Seal vor dem PC verbringt, dem kann ich quotes Anschaffung einer Bildschirmbrille nur empfehlen.
Has given spezielle Modell reicht auf jeden Fallen aus, a zu declares, ob man damit zurechtkommt und ob is einem hilft. Wer dann ein stylischeres Modell möchte, kann umsteigen, mir reicht has given Shine vollkommen. It gives Sitz ist für kleinere Köpfe beinahe perfekt, nur Die Bügel sind ein bisschen zu lang, und gives Gestell drückt nicht. Hauptsächlich nutze ich sie zur Arbeit, aber auch bei vielen Spielen ist sie gut zu tragen, Die Farben werden durch die relativ schwache Tönung nicht likes sehr verändert, dass is für mich persönlich ins Gewicht fallen würde.
Tip außerdem: Ein besseres Brillenputztuch verwenden, gives mitgelieferte ist nicht gerade fantastisch, aber bei dem Preis kann ich damit leben, gives bessere Tuch aus meinem Sonnebrillen-Etui zu benutzen.
4 / 5
Segun My daughter that is that it uses him, perfect edges, already a lot he resecan the eyes, and since the view already any wheels partorisca the use the glasses, what that before it spent partorisca the use the screens and more now with so many has to that that order for internet the professors, in these moments can say that indispensable edges
5 / 5
Ich trage Shines of data auf give Arbeit und hin dadurch deutlich weniger müde und kann länger konzentriert arbeiten.
Klar rutscht Shines of data ab und zu ein bisschen, aber gives ist klar.
4 / 5
Are the student and because of lockdown, all my classes were on-line partorisca this semester of state. Initially, it has struggled and concerned in mine eyesight, and ossia when I ordered it. I will say that it is the estimativa very a lot a partorisca relax your eyes while when being in front of a screen partorisca long hours. It has reduced really my drought of eye and headaches. Highly I will recommend this partorisca any the one who has to do first long hours of the screen.
4 / 5
Are very satisfied with this element, looks good and feel comfortable to spend even partorisca long hours. Partorisca A prize a quality is really amazing also. Totally it would recommend
5 / 5
Meines Erachtens kann quotes of Shine of man gar nicht tragen, gives sie nicht entspiegelt sind. Hat of permanent man einen spiegelnden blauen Fleck vor dem Summit, gives unheimlich stört. Creation und Gestellt wirken robust und ansprechend.
4 / 5
Shines fühlt sich stabil A, sitzt gut, und sieht wirklich schön und modern aus. Of the Glas ist einen Hauch getönt.

Top Customer Reviews: URATOT 4 Pack Black ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 3 ratings
5 / 5
A value partorisca of the money is well. This in spite of,out of all a band,so only a contingent of pair, as I embezzle they equally too streched.
4 / 5
Perfecto! My daughter of 11 years has loved the glasses but an option have said was a lot of he so that it has taken these ...

was the tad has bitten in sized but probably reason is 11 but otherwise perfect
4 / 5
So only that have required - I there is not wanted to 4 but at least have transmissions!