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Top Customer Reviews: Passchendaele [DVD] ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 33 ratings
5 / 5
Law any but several books in Passchendaele and then looks that terrible episode in WWI has spent the life in all his horror in this glorious film, the value of Canadian film each one which of some stars a reviewers gave it. As I have looked an incredibly realistically scenes partorisca battle re-created, has agreed an accident in the book in Passchendaele has read some years of the soldato of New Zealand dulcemente that it sinks in a vase out of achieving comrades. You beg him partorisca shoot but so only could a lot of he and tanks to the horrible death. This was Passchendaele. After looking this film is difficult to take more other films of war seriously. The costruttrici future of the films of war would owe that consult some Canadians partorisca learn like this is done.
5 / 5
A fantastic film with incredibly realistic and grueling scenes of war, a lot of which are hard to look. A slating like a film received partorisca his appearances of the history of the amour is totally unjustified. Although it is mainly on some sacrifice and terrible conditions the support given for soldate in WW1, a history of amour is integral to a global film in aiming like such carnage has affected this related to some soldate the one who has died in a terrible conflict.

Conjoint acting , utmost utmost and the script adds. Paul Grezzo has done to to an amazing work likes them the manager and has given the very good action in his own scenes. A very human and poignant film.
4 / 5
This film has been mine recommended for Tim Heller, costruttore documentary and king-enactment actor the one who is mediated in a doing of this film. I have fulfilled Tim in my recent recognition the Vimy. A film amena house some horrors of a big War, and is unforgettable.
4 / 5
Excellent representation of a 3rd Battle of Ypres (the Battle of Passchendaele). A film takes a horror and misery of trench warfare superbly (documentary a lot well that the aims to the equal that was done - NO CG - in some characteristic of prize). It can have lived without a history of the amour but he have meant could reflect attitudes to a war in Canada at the same time. Each Canadian would have to look this film and know the spent in Passchendaele.
4 / 5
Service and produced excellent ww1 still another time has moved the tears the transmission of goddess blesses Paul has died glorious Gross awesome
5 / 5
the Potential buyers please notes that ossia mainly he wartime romance history. With which some scenes of inaugural war is dipped mostly in Calgary, Canada, and when finalising was with some main characters in Belgio partorisca a battle of Passchendaele. It is not , like the coverage suggests, so only the history of a real battle. Some scenes of battle are quite correctly quite brutal and explosive in time. If you are so only after the film of the calm sincere war then could wants to give the lose.
5 / 5
The history of amour dips to direct until a horrrs of a First world-wide War. Hard to imagine some hardships faced but gives calm more than as it has lived has has struggled survivor some hoods have faced.
5 / 5
An incredible film, and cleverly the history of pure amour inside a hard history that these amazing people some women & of men in a line advance & some people in home
4 / 5
Amazing film: it looks all some opinions say me more on some authors that is does a Film: But, some scenes are incredible and some initials Passchendaele the Sublime scene. Some trenches are some better the ees visas in the film still! And it can be used like the definite idea to some conditions: and one that fulfils afterwards to struggle.

The hips transmits a reality that there is a view of House of War and a View in front of the west of War.

Are happy has decided them look a film like this could them draw my own conclusions: and it enjoyed it to them.

A crucifixion scene - remain more to a character! But all will say them is - A Christmas Truse of 1914! A history of Charlie Brown and Franz Stigler WW2.....

ps: Rey A commentary of tape.. yep With the wry smile.
4 / 5
A pound was fast and one his film self has not been that has expected has thinks that has taken the documentary but has not been to except some scenes of war has been taken of some Canadians ww1 documentary films and has been written to this film a lot well after looking a film has looked a prize has bitten that explained the one who a film has been based on and another material. I will not say you roughly some contents but the give it casualidad you wont be disappointed
4 / 5
Pound has been fast and a film his self has not been that has expected has thinks that has taken the documentary but has not been partorisca except some scenes of war has been taken of some Canadians ww1 documentary films and has been written to this film a lot well after looking a film has looked a prize has bitten that explained the one who a film has been based on and another material. I will not say you roughly some contents but the give the casualidad you wont be disappointed
5 / 5
other descriptions of this film have been unkind he a history has been done before has any one except some scenes of battle am done in the realistic way and some conditions some men look struggled very real I has the deep interest in a war adds my grandfather was the soldato professional do fault in some west real queens surrey regiment of a boer war in paul gross a manager and star of a grandfather partorisca film do fault and some of his experiences are incorporated to a film there is little quite a lot of film in a war adds but ossia one of a better
4 / 5
Lovely film........ That is more partorisca say then concealed. Highly recommended.
4 / 5
One of my favourite films, writings and concentrated and facts for Paul Grezzo. Stunning iconography referencing Film of a period, comprising classical photograph for Franco Hurley, of a landscape of the vase flown of Passchendaele battlefield. Military realism. But a thing I the lovely majority in this film is an offer, thoughtful report among Michel Dunne (Paul Grezzo) and a Nurse (Caroline Dhavernas). Golden!
4 / 5
Has arrived punctually, service and good quality,emotionally moving quickly this generation has the data was some liberties that these brave men struggled and stops of deaths.
4 / 5
Does not cry never when looking the films but this film have done so only concealed. A history, doing and the script was so only EXCEPTIONAL.
This film is not to be stray.
Highly Recommended !!!
4 / 5
Has bitten Of 2 social pariahs fulfil and fall the enamoured thing that goes in that spends for to be dipped during WWI. A film tries the few good ideas in of the terms of some scenes of fight but looks to think that the artillery has launched only people to an air without harms. And Jesus scene is so only terrible.
4 / 5
There is enjoyed a lot this production of some Canadian forces in France. It is a lot of fact and exucuted.
5 / 5
Excellent dvd with interest in ww1 found it informative and like this near that quell'was likes there
4 / 5
Brilliant film, the only place could find was here. Value the clock!
5 / 5
Tries a lot of taking in something like this of entity, stray interest in a prime minister 15mins
4 / 5
Never seen the prime. That the film of terrific war. The actions and the stunning action add.
4 / 5
Paul launch Gross, has written a screenplay & has directed this excellent film that virtually has it everything. It touches Canadian Sgt Michael Dunne the one who returns punctual of a battlefront of a big War, suffering Shellshock, now categorised like PTSD. Later it takes on recruitment more than having any further entrance, beside the Maj. Harper (Robert Nogies) the one who looks partorisca be the 'pen-pusher extraordinary'. It fulfils and falls partorisca Sarah Mann, the nurse and a report is rekindled when it also returns home the Calgary, where Dunne is based. Brother David of Sarah courts the local daughter and finally eat to find his way to an Army with a help of a father of daughters the prominent citizen, a lot to a chagrin of Sarah and a Sergeant. A rest of a history will leave to a spectator. Sufficing partorisca say that each appearance of this characteristic to Say. Of Photograph - Greg Middleton, designer of Production - Carol Spier, song of @@subject and the historical accuracy is all 11 out of 10. A 'Prevail' accompanying of 'doing he of .........' A lot of some 4 stars in his own. Highly Recommended. It maintains some handy cloths.
4 / 5
This film has been mine recommended for Tim Heller, costruttore documentary and king-enactment actor the one who is mediated in a doing of this film. I have fulfilled Tim in my recent recognition the Vimy. A film amena wife some horrors of a big War, and is unforgettable.
4 / 5
History very emotional, calm really the seat how is , as my generation of grandparents was 'until your eyes in vase and of the balls'.
10/10 For some special effects.
Although no the true history agrees this horrific the really past battle
4 / 5
the Canadian of film Adds short period in the a lot portrayed war
4 / 5
This film there has been has spent very true and insiemi, very filmed and technially well. A question is a massive ego of a manager of writer and direct the one who directs to ruin a piece with the vomit that induces final.
4 / 5
The film has had a lot little to with paschendaele and a war in general. Average of the decent romantic film but the history line very predictable and action very small.
4 / 5
DVD well, but the film any one has directed particularly well in mine dress. Notwithstanding A monumental tragedy of a chance (my Grandfather has died there) has found some tentativas partorisca pull in some spectators' the emotions have dipped on too thickly.
4 / 5
Swimming in a real development, strategy, the tactic of one beats, so only the wishy washy history of amour, that lacking of in all irony. Partorisca A Canadian phase.
4 / 5
Film very well with true dresses and of the realistic attitudes to a war.
5 / 5
Good clock partorisca any the one who studios a 1WW. A1 Has produced.
4 / 5
Justo simple terrible, see a main man soufflé to the bits this in spite of is well!! Terribly it is writing, has the few good scenes, but a whole thing is ludicrous!!

Top Customer Reviews: Prisoners Of War ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 37 ratings
5 / 5
Have has wanted the look this again that has seen ages does. I do not see any a lot of film with Nurses during a second world-wide war, different a lot of film of war partorisca write viril. It is in the Australian nurses take stranded when a japanese invade and remain to concern for a wounded. There is not any a lot of violence of a Japs has been known partorisca to the his brutal ways like him to him some was Nazi. It is based in true chance and tip the nun and nurses that looks for to help each one which so another was and surviving. A film tugs the bit has found like this my alcohol that roams but the sample cost if you are to second films of world-wide war. Like a Anzac Daughters, would have to do more film like this one.
4 / 5
Some centres of films in the number of nurses of prisoner of the Australian army taken in the Mission for a Japanese in Papua New Guinea. Based on fact, a film is a lot of fact and portrays a brutality and barbarism perpetrated for a Japanese whilst a time although objective that the humanity and the reports have been maintained in one the majority of atrocious of circumstances.
4 / 5
Originally Called isters in sound of war.' Based in the true history. Australian pow the film aims a plight some nurses and in a date of support whilst imprisoned for a Japanese army in the Pacific island. Good film.
4 / 5
Has adapted bit it like this of the shadows of Tenko, and to the to city likes them Alice , of histories very alike. It thinks that that this was better .
4 / 5
Had not listened of this film before but was really good.
5 / 5
Another history adds and well the value that the really taken looks to this dvd.
4 / 5
Partorisca The present as it can not comment avert of the element there is rid like this declared and looks partorisca be in good been
5 / 5
Sample out of this one has been he was before when it has called SISTERS OF WAR. Sound the good film but any one like yes of calm already has in his leading emission.
4 / 5
Dieser epische Kriegsfilm aus SĂŒdkorea Hat bei mir einen zwiespĂ€ltigen Eindruck hinterlassen. History of data - ein koreanischer Athlet und heart japanisches GegenĂŒber ('Freund' kann man zunĂ€chst eigentlich nicht sagen) verschlĂ€gt is im Zweiten Weltkrieg von gives japanischen Armee zunĂ€chst zur Roten Armee in data Sowjetunion und spĂ€ter dann zur Deutschen Wehrmacht one gives Atlantikwall - ist a sich reizvoll genug, a Neugier zu wecken, wird aber zumindest fĂŒr mich als 'westlichen' Zuschauer unnötig pathetisch erzĂ€hlt. Die gefĂŒhlt zahllosen KĂ€mpfe und Schlachten fallen zwar fĂŒr hiesige Kinostandards ungeheuer blutig aus, wirken aber auch seltsam unrealistisch und geradezu opernhaft ĂŒberhöht. Vielleicht ist Dies ja auch beabsichtigt, a a sich Undarstellbares darstellbar zu machen, andererseits jedoch scheint has given the art gives Schlachtendarstellung in sĂŒdkoreanischen Film generell nicht unĂŒblich zu heart. It was given KĂ€mpfe gegen die Deutschen betrifft, stellt sich aber auch unfreiwillige Komik ein: Im Kampf gives Sowjets gegen die Deutschen haben letztere ihr Schlachtfeld, in diesem Fallen eine Art Mini-Stalingrado, place Hakenkreuzbannern wie beim Reichsparteitag ausstaffiert. Auch sonst sorgt Quotes Darstellung gives Wehrmacht am Atlantik 1944 in sĂŒdkoreanischer Perspektive fĂŒr reichlich ungewollte Heiterkeit, vor allem, wenn man sich dips give historischen Ereignissen etwas genauer beschĂ€ftigt hat. Aber Knows Drum! Wahrscheinlich lachen Asiaten genauso, wenn EuropĂ€er oder Amerikaner asiatische Ereignisse In Szene setzen. Umgekehrt macht Gives Film aber auch nachdenklich: Krieg ist ĂŒberall gleich und gleich unmenschlich - like this know nachdrĂŒckliche Botschaft. Ungewohnt ist zudem Quotes ideologische Perspektive, man partorisca die like this in Europe selten zu sehen bekommt: Zwar wird auch gives Gegensatz zwischen gives von give Japanern beherrschten Koreanern und gives ĂŒberheblichen und grausamen japanischen Besatzern in Korea vor 1945 thematisiert, aber letztlich steht doch quotes Versöhnung zwischen SĂŒdkoreanern und Japanern im Mittelpunkt. Beide Nationen sollen sich nicht bekĂ€mpfen, sondern zusammenhalten gegen Quotes Bedrohungen Asiens, given in diesem the film dipped gives Diktaturen give Westens, Faschismus und Sowjetkommunismus, gleichgesetzt werden. Of the lĂ€sst SchlĂŒsse zu: Anguish of data vor dem kommunistischen Nordkorea und vor Chinese scheint in SĂŒdkorea wirklich groß zu heart...
4 / 5
Ich kenne einige koreanische Film und bisher hielt ich 'Fraternity' (Taegukgi) fĂŒr give Besten. Jetzt muss ich meine Meinung Ă€ndern. 'Prisoners of War' (Originaltitel: soyy Way') ist eindeutig gives are besten gemachte koreanische Films ĂŒberhaupt.
Behandelt wird ein Thema bzw Kriegsschauplatz, gives von Hollywood bisher ignoriert wurde: it gives japanisch-sowjetische Grenzkonflikt wĂ€hrend gives Zweiten Weltkriegs und gives Schicksal zwangsrekrutierter Koreaner in giving japanischen Armee. I am Beispiel give koreanischen Kollaboateurs 'Anton' sieht man, was aus Menschen wird, auf denen immer herumgetranpelt wurde, wenn man ihnen Macht ĂŒber andere gibt. Die Entwicklung ist vergleichbar has dipped to give to give BrieftrĂ€gers Himmelstoss im Buch/Film 'Im Westen nichts Neues', gives plötzlich give Vorgesetzte derer wird, die ihn immer geringgeschĂ€tzt haben.
Als ich mir Quotes Handlung durchlies, war ich ziemlich skeptisch. Aber meine Zweifel waren unbegrĂŒndet. Of the Drehbuch ist ziemlich Gut, die Ausstattung und Verwirklichung gives Film glaubwĂŒrdig und realistisch, selbst Synchrony of data, die bei asiatischen Films meistens crumbs ist, ist yesterday nicht von give eines Film of Hollywood zu unterscheiden. Die Geschichte ist spannend und gut erzĂ€hlt und fesselt quotes ganze Zeit ĂŒber. Die KamerafĂŒhrung ist absoluter Wahnsinn und is gibt einige echte GĂ€nsehautszenen.
Alles In Allem: 'Prisoners of War (My Way)' ist gives beste asiatische Film, gives ich bisher gesehen habe und ich empfehle ihn allen Freunden gives asiatischen Kinos, allen Freunden von Kriegsdramen und allen Freunden historischer Film ĂŒberhaupt. Dieser Film braucht keinen Vergleich zu scheuen.
5 / 5
It gives genannte Film beruht auf wahren Tatsachen, nur als Information.

Gives Film handelt von einem Japaner und Koreaner, welche seit gives Kindheit a eine gewisse RivalitÀt haben, auch gives Korea derzeit noch japanische Kolonie war und die beiden werden zu Konkurrenten auf persönlicher und nationaler Ebene, dessen Wege treffen sich aber wieder, als gives Krieg ausbricht und gives eine als einfacher the soldato gives Krieg gezogen wird, wÀhrend gives andere als verblendeter Offizier Befehlsgewalt hat.

Gives Weg give beiden fĂŒhrt sie dabei von einem Kampf gegen Quotes Sowjets zu einem Strafgefangenlager eben derer, wo Leute verbrannt werden und elendig erfrieren, nur a spĂ€ter als Kanonenfutter gegen given Wehrmacht verheizt zu werden, wo die beiden is zoom Ende hin one gives Edge in Frankreich fĂŒhrt, wo the invasion of data gives Alliierten statt findet...

Is werden zoom GlĂŒck keine großen Klischees ĂŒber Quotes jeweiligen Kriegsparteien gezeigt, man sieht verbissene und fanatische Befehlshaber auf gives einen und einfache Soldaten quotes nur ihre Pflicht tun auf gives anderen Seite.

Man erkennt auch Paralellen, ĂŒber gives Handhaben von Soldaten, die im Kampf gives RĂŒckzug antreten und wie has given behandelt werden.

Große LĂ€ngen The hat gives Film keine, ich fĂŒhlte mich gut unterhalten und gives war of Tonne großartig, gives Bild gut.
4 / 5
The Korean Situation is faced seldom in pendant of Occident the second world-wide war. These Films deserves it partorisca agree the Japanese occupation and the enrĂŽlement has forced of thousands of Koreans. It joins rivalry sud Fond of marathon among a Japanese and a Korean goes to worsen to the time that the local political situation. It goes to assist a massacre gives Japanese against a round of the USSR after his enrĂŽlement by force under lucida the games of Soviet flag to defend Stalingrado and games to finalise lumber with the German uniform in full disembarkment of Normandy. This Films the benefited of a estimativa compatible and concealed feels to the level of the quality gives decorations and give special effects. In spite of some longitudes, this Film is a very good entertainment that deserves his reputation.
4 / 5
Ich habe mir Has given Film ehrlich gesagt has dipped einer mittleren Erwartung bestellt, sprich, er ist nicht weltklasse aber bestimmt auch nicht schlecht. Er wird mir einfach als Unterhaltung dienen.

Heute dient mir Gives Film als mein Lieblingskriegsfilm. Dem Regisseur gelingt Is the gut gives Leben zweier Jugendbekanntschaften wÀhrend gives japanischen Krieges has dipped Cina und Russland, aber auch wÀhrend dem Zweiten Weltkrieg, zu schildern. Und zugleich wird ein unbekanntes Kapitel unserer Geschichte zur Schau gestellt.

Ich danke recht herzlich dafĂŒr!
4 / 5
Wer einen guten Antikriegsfilm Has dipped einer spannenden und tiefgrĂŒndigen History (und natĂŒrlich auch entsprechende Kampfszenen) sucht, ist place dem Films sehr gut bedient!!
Gives Japaner von gives Deutschen Are D-Day eingestezt wurden, hat mich neugierig gemacht, zumal die Geschichte auf einer wahren Begebenheit beruht und ich wurde has dipped dem Film keinesfalls enttÀuscht!
Sehr guter Antikriegsfilm und auf jeden Fallen weiterzuempfehlen!!
4 / 5
Ein höchst aufwendig gestalteter Films dipped allen möglichen Facettend, History of data ist ja angeblich echt passiert. Regisseur Kang I-kyu Hat keine MĂŒhen gescheut. It has given 144 min hĂ€tte man locker auf 3 Stunden aufblasen können, hat Kang aber nicht gemacht. Of the Endprodukt ist purer Filmspaß (wenn the man gives like this sagen kann). A meiner Begeisterung fĂŒr has given Film gerecht zu werden, mĂŒsste ich noch weitere 2 Seiten schreiben, gives spar ich aber mir und euch. 5 Sterne, ganz klar!
5 / 5
Joins épopée of this Type, during 6 years of war, servants in 3 different armies, can create of the impossible challenge !!!And THIS In spite of !! It joins staged dazzling that any at all the envy to the 'Does to lack to save lucido soldato Ryan ',of Spielberg . Nomination of a lot well Film, that will not have joins career that in lucido circuit of the DVD, is impressive. I break this Film, deserved to be is exited exploded the, transports this is not join serious B.

Some Opinions :

' 5 - Boss Of work : Even more strong that in 'fréres of has sung' although this is same actors . That says that the breakings reasons a film like this does not classify to the cinema and the this has embezzled almost ignored. His glorious decorations especially the battle in russie. Has adores 2H of glorious cinema BRAVO. YUMAAA ( Allociné ) Added 01 Run 2013 to the 23h32 '

' 5 - Boss of work : Still a good film Surcoreano, a boss of Ɠuvre same. At all to say except perhaps Lucido game of actor from time to time that it is L my gout also has pressed. But Lucida the film takes quickly joins tournure dramatic and joins history prenante. Bravo. GOWOH ( AllocinĂ© ) Added 28 seven. 2012 to the 16h10 '

' 5 - Boss of work : Genial. After Lucido boss of brothers of work of has Sung ',finds to pocolos meadows the same actors that has done lucido sucedido of this glorious Korean film. Far It Was, I have launched of him it joins true history ( like edges aßné ) the profits of exceptional realisation have joined, to everything likes the script of edges. His scenes of war are in the same surname that 'brothers of has Sung', camera to the shoulder without surplus, joins history in the history all also prenante and thrilling. The soundtrack is glorious. In it does not see to spend his 2h20 of the film so much the realisation and to the plot is flawless. A give Scarce boss to do that it has been able to discover. pfloyd1 ( Allociné ) Added 07 seven. 2012 to the 10h19 '


Far Was : His soldate of the hope (or My Way) is a film of war surcoreana has done pair Kang I-gyu, exited in 2011 in Korea of Of the sud. In these looks of Films equally give Chinese actors, Japanese and Russians.

This Long-métrage the this has touched of the true history of a Korean (Yang Kyoungjong) that the pair of summer found his Americans that last lucido day J of the disembarkment of Normandy.

Technical tone :

Realisation : Kang I-gyu
original Title : 마읎 웚읎 (May wei)
Paid of production : Korea of Of the sud
Music : Law Dong-jun
Setting : Parco Gok-ji
Is lasted : 119 minutes (2h17)
Incursions :
Korea of Of the sud : 21 December 2011 (cinema)
Giappone : January 2012 (cinema)
United States : 20 April 2012 (cinema)
France : 1st August 20122 (in DVD and Blue-ray)

Synopsis :]

During the Second world-wide War, a marathonien Korean, Kim Jun-shik, is listed by force in the army impériale Japanese. The the action begins in 1928 to Gyeong-Seong (today Seoul), in Korea, pair occupied the Japanese. His youngsters Jun-shik, Korean, and Tatsuo Hasegawa, Japanese, desafian to the yards and the result give competitors. Several years after, The glorious-father of Tatsuo is murdered during an attack to the pair to bomb a Korean terrorist, that destroys all the friendship among his two corridors. They result then You break Him enemies.

In 1938, the Korean Jun-shik average to joined the sportive manifestation and wins Tatsuo, of now farouche nationalist Japanese. This in spite of, Jun-shik is unfairly disqualifié Games tricherie and Tatsuo is declared victorious, that will actuate the annoyance joined of the part gives Korean spectators. As it Combs, Jun-shik is listed by force in the Japanese army.

In July 1939, finds games to struggle to Nomonhan in Mongolia, the Korean likes the soldato has listed by force, the Japanese like official that order and treating in despote. The pair refuses his Soviet, find all his two prisoners to Kungursk. When Germania nazi declares the war to the USSR, is listed by force in the Soviet army.

In December 1941, afterwards joins bloody battle against the German army to Hedosk, finds listed by force in the Wehrmacht and is envoy to the sud his beaches of Normandy in 1944

Distribution :

Jang Dong-gun (V. F. : Damien Boisseau) : Kim Jun-shik
Joe Odagiri (V. F. : Nessym Guetat) : Tatsuo Hasegawa
PartidĂĄrio Bingbing : Shirai
Kim In-kwon : Law Jong-dae
Have Seung-hyeon
Jin-seok Yang
Kim Hee-livestock
Law Yeon-hee
Wi Ji-woong
Jeong Jong-yeol
Law Have-yeon
Michael Frederick Arnold : A soldato Russian
Ismail Deniz : Shuo / Karim
Steffan Drotleff : Romano
Manabu Hamada
Kwak Jung-Wook : Min-Woo
Oskars Lauva : A soldato German
Isao Natsuyagi : The glorious-father of Tatsuo
ShirĂŽ Is
Shingo Tsurumi : Takakura
Taro Yamamoto : Noda
5 / 5
Gut gemachter Kriegsfilm, gives eine halbe Weltreise etwas asiatisch geprÀgt, d.H. nix zeigt einen Kö von besonderer QualitÀt...
Fazit: Wer auf KriegsschauplÀtze steht, wird ihn lieben!

LG, Stw.
4 / 5
Gives Hat of film bestimmt are Liebhaber und auch seinen Stellenwert. Er ist auch Toll gemacht und eigtl kann man ihn ansehen. Dennoch ist Is nicht meins und ich hatte auch etwas anderes erhofft, war deshalb leicht enttÀuscht. Reign Geschmacksache
5 / 5
A lot of subjects effleurés at the beginning taken to the game after , the lack gives the realism in spite of the interpretation gives heroine, lacking to say that this films the summer has interrupted 4 times to lucida half( of period along).. In the rodeo would not say at all I car games lucido prize ...Regarding SoyEMOX' Join the verification would be useful.
5 / 5
A film more roughly rid partorisca rid that it struggles that life of soldato.
5 / 5
Ein sehr nett gemachter Film wanted to Überraschungen. Beeindruckende Bilder. Hat viel zoom Thema Freundschaft, Vergebung, Treue zu immer unbedingt nachvollziehbar... I know it Is Drum .
4 / 5
Gives Film ist gut und solid gemacht.
Detailgetreu und Gut umgesetzt.
Kann Man sich durchaus ansehen is kommt keine Langeweile auf.
FĂŒr Fans von Kriegsfilmen sehenswert
5 / 5
Without achieving The excellent of the film 'Does partorisca lack partorisca save lucido soldato Ryan' this film of war is good fact and will do partorisca spend a moment very cinematographic. It has not known any one Gives first actors of this Film but this no one been a question touch, his source of actors well his work and is convincentes. Only small bémol : his longitude (with 15 min Less this would have been better according to me).
4 / 5
Given Geschichte gives beiden MahratonlÀufer,aus unterschiedlichen sozialen Schichten sowie ihre einstellung zur Politik ist schon sehr gut kann gives Film jederzeit empfehlen.
4 / 5
War ĂŒberrascht,fĂŒr PartidĂĄrio von Kriegsfilmen genau gives richtige,auch sehr gute Bild und Tonne QualitĂ€t,kann nur gutes berichten und gives Film weiter of War
4 / 5
A lot well film with giving realistic scenes and joins solid history among two men. It has given 5 stars parceque Lucida the film is very long, I a lot me tanne when it is long and well, has has wanted to that has to do fault in 3 uniforms, his characters évolus all to the long of the film, the fellow result that does not leave partorisca presage when it sees him at the beginning. A lot infografía pair against, does not love when a B17 largue joins the bomb and that joins the camera spent it until objective edges, is no of circumstance. The cruautée and is present but in those times this was the way to be Nations. The Fin is touchante but would have has wanted the continuous games to see with his Americans and also after the war, or that the shows give true photos of this type. Well Film, are régalé and go revisionner, recognises better his characters.
4 / 5
Dieser Film ist teilweise sehr grausam aber ich muß sagen er ist realistisch gemacht und gives find ich gut also alles in allen ein sĂșper sĂșper Film. Kann ich nur empfehlen.
5 / 5
A Film of war that evokes a @@subject inhabituel ;but to bill a lot good-looking.
Gives impressive special effects that sustains lucido purpose without being omnipresente how is too often lucido chance in his blockbusters American.
Joins good-looking history well that a bit too touched in him larmoyant Moments of pairs.
4 / 5
Amazing film, fill of special effects, too much to good sure. The interest is not there. It finds in this amazing route of two men in three different armies. It is also in the discovery of the few known conflicts in western Europe, with a passage oû the glimpses give ovens crématoires the pair has used the Russian army.
4 / 5
eine Film geschichte wie ich sie schon lange nicht mehr gesehn habe von anfang bis ende einfach mitreissen :) .
4 / 5
Sehr aufwendiger Kriegsfilm, gut gemacht auch wenn Quotes Handlung etwas unglaubwĂŒrdig erscheint. Trotzdem sehr unterhaltsam. WĂŒrde Has given Film wieder bestellen.
5 / 5
Is another consideration of the 2nd world-wide war. This Film retrace his peripecias of two characters (Japanese and Koreans) that rasgan all to the long of the film saves to the fin. It joins the morals is partorisca touch of of this Film. One discovers.
5 / 5
Original of film and to the intrigue that maintains in respite all lucido long of the film. Sometimes A bit too much of hemoglobin!!! But Lucido the realism gives the wars is well translates pair elsewhere
4 / 5
Are Anfang war ich etwas skeptisch, als ich given Beschreibung the. Ein japanischer Offizier und ein Koreaner stranden sozusagen Gives Wirren give Krieges one gives StrĂ€nden give Normandy, an Invasion partorisca die im Order 44 aufzuhalten. Japaner und Koreaner In Frankreich fĂŒr Deutschland gegen Briten und Amerikaner. 'In the, Hat of war sich denn sowas ausgedacht! Und morgen sind sie Zoom Tee bei Churcill eingeladen!' dachte ich. Jeder kann sich Bad irren, gives Film ist sagenhaft gemacht, bombastisch und realitĂ€tsnah. Sagenhaft gemacht, Gives aus einer einfachen the history gives rote Faden fĂŒr ein fast episches Werk gemacht wird.
Bombastisch, Was Materialeinsatz, Orginaltreue und Massenszenen anbelangt. Die russischen Panzer in giving Schlacht in giving Mongolei sind wirklich gut gemachte BT-5 und BT-7 Nachbauten, die dt. Panzer III ebenfalls sehr realitĂ€tsnah. Die AusrĂŒstungsgegenstĂ€nde, soweit ich is ĂŒbersehen kann, sind klasse.
RealitÀtsnah, Gives erstens die Geschichte einen wahren Hintergrund haben soll, zweitens gives bislang im Westen kaum gekannte Grenzkonflikt 1938 gut dargestellt wird und is die Ostbataillone gives deutschen Wehrmacht ja auch wirklich gegeben hat.
Quotes Grundstory ist einfach: Im japanisch besetzten Korea beginnnt die RivalitĂ€t zweier außergewöhnlich begabter MarathonlĂ€ufer. It gives Japaner gehört zur Oberschicht, heart Opa ist Offizier und entsprechend fĂ€llt heart StandesdĂŒnkel aus. It gives Koraner ist Sohn Gives Hausmeisters und ist fĂŒr Quotes Drecksarbeit gives. Koreaner dĂŒrfen natĂŒrlich nicht bessere Sportler CorazĂłn, deswegen wird ein Sieg Gives Koreaners z.B. annulliert und er landet In giving kaiserlich japanischen the data is in giving Mongolei gegen die Rote Armee aufnehmen, was sich zoom Desaster entwickelt.
Im Laufe Gives Konflikte gives japanischen Expansion in giving Mongolei und dem Zweiten Weltkrieg spitzt sich given Feindschaft zu, die jetzt nicht mehr auf gives Aschenbahn ausgetragen wird. Aber irgendwann wandelt sich Quotes Feindschaft in Akzeptanz und vielleicht wird auch Freundschaft daraus.
Mehr gibt Is jetzt nicht mehr, sonst verrate ich ja alles. Nur Like this viel; ich habe DVD of data are nĂ€chsten Seal nochmal angeschaut und habe gives Film immer noch fĂŒr ansehenswert gehalten. FĂŒr mich haben sich Quotes 12,99 € gelohnt!
5 / 5
The value that follows until I sell that it was a result of this history of soldato, the resulted of him after WWII, he never gone back to his country of house?
4 / 5
This Film is different truth that the in the the habit partorisca see to the sud the second world-wide war.

4 / 5
mich nerven Has given Holywood the film dipped bekannten Schauspielern, daher habe ich mir 'Fraternity' und 'Prisoners of War' zugelegt.
Ich Cube begeistert! It gives Film ist brilliant von give his History und die beiden Hauptdarsteller einfach nur bombs, gives kann ein Brad Pitt glatt neidisch werden.
Mittlerweile ist Jang Dong-Gun mein Lieblingsschauspieler geworden und zoom GlĂŒck spielt er in beiden Produktionen place.

Gives Hat partorisca film eine History ( kein sinnloses rumgeballer), man erlebt eine Menge verschiedener SchauplĂ€tze- the data gives ĂŒber 2 Spielstunden verdammt gut untergekommen sind. Hat of man viele Situationen wo man sich als Zuschauer fragt 'wie wĂŒrde ich jetzt reagieren' und ich finde, dieser Film prĂ€gt einen in gewisser Weise.

Ich könnte ihn mir zig-Bad noch anschauen, was ich echt nicht von jedem Film behaupten kann- absolute Kauf- und Sehempfehlung!

Top Customer Reviews: The Whistleblower ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5
Sounds like the very good film and right on my street. This in spite of, the sound was poor with abundance of background noise that looked partorisca mask some of a dialogue. Any English subtitles (except a dialogue spoken in Serb/Bosnian,etc.) How were unable to fully follow a plot. That the shame like a lot of spectators that does not have the question of listened estimate a film like this highly.
In mine dress a better production done in a subject is one 2006 mini-the ex traffic of his series', with John Simm, and this has English subtitles.

The description of the product of the amazon is wrong --- this Big Fliers dvd has no English subtitles. Hope This helps any interested in a film that expects subtitles.
4 / 5
Are always wary of the films that declares ‘inspired by real chances' except this 2010 history of Kathryn Bolkovac, the agent of police of the Nebraska the one who has joined the private company like the United Nations peacekeeper in estaca-Bosnia of war and Herzegovina in 1999 well say. Doing his way on some rows of companies has discovered the coverage of traffic of the sex that do fault and helped by his employees of own companies, with SFOR of an UN peacekeeping the force that turns the blind eye and tries to take a trade of sex but is stunned for his emprendedores, and governmental attitudes to his claims.
In spite of a storyline, this that is to say without a need of nudity [which is seen so only in the little Polaroid snapshots] but concentrates in a fear instilled in some daughters and a menacing the random attitudes finds for many of his fellow workers. Paste more harder is that in fact it underlines a hypocrisy of an UN and departments of government as they hide for behind Diplomatic Immunity partorisca the crimes committed for his workers. Also it remarks a same company is still active and doing in Afganistan and Iraq in yielding agreements. Those who says the no paid crime ?
Some cariche of alone disk to 4first trailers to go to game partorisca offer of main paper, selection of scene, audio [2.0/5.1] and prize [an interview with launched and crew]. It would owe that be remarked that some two daughters have looked is based in composites and some portraits of chances is in fact be toned down.
Calms like this or no, a film deserves the for simply that says a history, warts and everything. The hats were to the his for his bravery.
5 / 5
The excellent film based in the true, positively gut-wrenching, sickening history of human traffic during a Bosnian War in a mid @@@1990s. One pursues of operation and sustained by employees of an UN; Army of EUA and the company of British security all profiting of a misery of the bully of young women kidnapped local criminal bands those who was mercilessly has drugged, beaten, sometimes killed partorisca resupply brothels partorisca an on down-the life is. For real sickening and despairing has been no partorisca some heroic actions of this a woman - Kathryn Balkovac - an agent of American police of Nebraska the one who has taken the work with the company of security in Bosnia. It has risked all - that comprises his life - partorisca expose a ‘collateral harm' of this pitiful war and a utter vileness that explodes another when given an occasion...
4 / 5
A subject quite unpleasant partorisca look , in human traffic of young daughters partorisca be hard-working of sex in some Balkans, uncovered the complicity of private security forces has contracted to an army of EUA for a semi-detached Nebraska cop exposes everything, excepts in an end any one is touched or resisted responsible and one trillion agreements of dollar continue, while a protagonist is is now that it has to that live in anonymity in a Netherlands after being unable to take the work never again in application of law of them the EUA !!!, As that quell'was a calm point listen question??.
5 / 5
Some zones of a film has taken them bit it bored because of a lack of anything that goes in excepts of meetings,
but supposes them is reason a film is mainly roughly that underlines that it has been it in and probably he still continuous in inside an UN,

so only has to that look in a plan of migration of the substitution in a place of UN and a WHO with some current circumstances partorisca see a corruption, Included without evidence there would be them behind believed then.

In general is the film partorisca underline some questions inside an UN, doing is good but the to any a lot of action likes has been expecting them with of a coverage that looks the typical action film.
5 / 5
Ossia An exceptional film , but be warned, no partorisca easy viewing, especially when you are that it is based in true chance.

In of the places, is extremely brutal and painful to look, especially is the woman - sad, but ossia the fact - and calm absolutely will find you insanely angered and disturbed by a subject @@@subject and unable to think that this class of continuous cruelty in in a world-wide - but does and this calm film points so only that does.

Some actions are brilliant - was for some known actors smaller and especially for a actora Roxana young Condurache, the one who touches a character has shot. There is a scene in a film where this character is violently raped partorisca punish and maintain his in control, and is unbearable partorisca look.

Is one of these films that the frames think a lot deeply in a place of women in these world-wide and calm ask you partorisca take action - can be ossia a purpose of a film - or can be ossia so only an effect has had on me? And a value of Kathryn Bolkovac is, in him an inspiration.

This is not the film partorisca look for entertainment.
4 / 5
Ossia The film a lot of entity , and book, which all the world would owe that experience.

Has not had any idea, and am sure to external plot a lot neither, in a corruption that continuous in for behind one has has closed doors of one the majority of powerful the one who are suppositions partorisca be protecting. An UN is given the place of power to protect the people and this film direct me partorisca learn of all some time have abused that it can. Sickening, impacting And scary. And there is not any protect still partorisca face people , well likes them Kathryn. Outrageous that this was so only in an informative partorisca the pair of the years and is state brushed under a carpet for an UN never of then.

How is possible that these people were able to maintain his works? How it is possible partorisca this class of inhumane behaviour to included begin?
4 / 5
Not knowing which was paralizaciones write this revises partorisca feel thoroughly emotionally drained. It is the darkness , depressing, devastating and disturbing work. Chillingly Treated and far scarier that any film of horror has seen. Not being any one respite of this horror. Harrowing And absolutely obliging. Brutally fact. This in spite of that sees, this in spite of horrific and tragic, is at all has compared to that that does not see and that in fact spent and raisin still. A film of entity that need to be seen. It will remain with you with which some credits have gone. This can read trite but is the statement for real and fact. I have bought this film because it likes-me Rachel Weisz. And it is heartbreakingly very here. Strong and vulnerable, brave and beautiful in a face of such atrocities. His is the stunning portrait of the woman that tries to do a right thing and that pays a prize partorisca he. I can not recommend this film highly quite but my recommendation comes with the opinion: this film will not give you any type, class or class of happiness anything at all. You have been forewarned.
5 / 5
A really well the film near has dipped. The last paste, harrowing and breaking of heart, and inspired by real chances. It is in a face of him another regular film, but there is something lurking darkness and menacing under a surface, and an end is quite alarming. Mark sure read you some note of credits of the conclude.
5 / 5
Although this film there is subtitles like this alleged, is so only there when the foreign tongue is spoken and any when English is spoken. For this a film so only has partial subtitles and this is not clears in an advertising. Like the seriously deaf person finds this frustrating to so only discover with which have purchased and the conference directs the look a film. I create this partorisca be dud advertising, fraudulent and downright there was mentido. A subtitles is not HOH, A deaf is treated with neglecting in this @@subject every time.