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It is quality really bad .. It has broken! And it is it is returned also.. They are the measure of United Kingdom 10! And very yellow and fat canal - no elegant. No own partorisca dance of belly or treating. Disappointed ☚ī¸
4 / 5
was has bitten has confused like this to that way would owe that dip the on at the beginning then imagined it once was and took it has broken on-_- ... With which roughly 15 minutes partorisca struggle to animal-join some link and took it on quite scared to move. But it has looked that the surprises on say to like mine self. I recommend it... Yes or perhaps another mark. Rodeo.. It is economic and good to look in. I suppose that you take that paid for
4 / 5
is quite fat and very yellow, to at all likes in of a picture at all.
4 / 5
Pleasant, A bit uncomfortable with the Cream protettivo mine is very