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1 first NOCO GENIUS1UK, 1-Amp Fully-Automatic Smart Charger, 6V And 12V Battery Charging Units, Battery Maintainer, Trickle… NOCO GENIUS1UK, 1-Amp Fully-Automatic Smart Charger, 6V And 12V Battery Charging Units, Battery Maintainer, Trickle… NOCO
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2 NOCO GENIUS2UK, 2-Amp Fully-Automatic Smart Charger, 6V And 12V Battery Charging Units, Battery Maintainer, Trickle… NOCO GENIUS2UK, 2-Amp Fully-Automatic Smart Charger, 6V And 12V Battery Charging Units, Battery Maintainer, Trickle… NOCO
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3 best ZBLighting Dual 4.2A USB Car Charger Socket Waterproof Power Car Power Charger Socket Outlet 4.2A Fast Charge Car… ZBLighting Dual 4.2A USB Car Charger Socket Waterproof Power Car Power Charger Socket Outlet 4.2A Fast Charge Car… ZBLighting
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4 MOTOPOWER MP0609EA-UK 3.1Amp Waterproof Motorcycle Dual USB Charger with Fused SAE Ring Terminal Cable Harness MOTOPOWER MP0609EA-UK 3.1Amp Waterproof Motorcycle Dual USB Charger with Fused SAE Ring Terminal Cable Harness MOTOPOWER
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5 Oxford EL572 Oximiser 900 - 888 45 Year Anniversary Edition Battery Charger *2017* Version - UK Model - 2 Year Warranty Oxford EL572 Oximiser 900 - 888 45 Year Anniversary Edition Battery Charger *2017* Version - UK Model - 2 Year Warranty Oxford
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6 NOCO GENIUS2X2, 4-Amp (2-Amp Per Bank) Fully-Automatic Smart, 6V And 12V Battery Charging Units, Battery Maintainer… NOCO GENIUS2X2, 4-Amp (2-Amp Per Bank) Fully-Automatic Smart, 6V And 12V Battery Charging Units, Battery Maintainer… NOCO
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7 Dual USB Socket Charger, Motorcycle Charger Socket Waterproof Motorbike Handlebar Power Quick Charge 3.0 USB Charger… Dual USB Socket Charger, Motorcycle Charger Socket Waterproof Motorbike Handlebar Power Quick Charge 3.0 USB Charger… Dual
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8 OXFORD USB 2.1Amp Fused Power Charging kit for Motorbike Motorcycle Scooter etc EL114 OXFORD USB 2.1Amp Fused Power Charging kit for Motorbike Motorcycle Scooter etc EL114 OXFORD
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9 WOOSTAR Motorcycle Speed Controller 24V 250W Replacement for Electrical Scooter E Bike Bicycle Tricycle Brush WOOSTAR Motorcycle Speed Controller 24V 250W Replacement for Electrical Scooter E Bike Bicycle Tricycle Brush WOOSTAR
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10 NOCO Introducing GENIUS2, 2-Amp Fully-Automatic Smart, 6V and 12V Charger, Maintainer, and Battery Desulfator with… NOCO Introducing GENIUS2, 2-Amp Fully-Automatic Smart, 6V and 12V Charger, Maintainer, and Battery Desulfator with… NOCO
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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5
Tried this uploads on 2 cars, both with only has downloaded partially the batteries and he have failed partorisca touch them both, in spite of following the instructions of a costruttore. It is returned he partorisca the repayment.
5 / 5
Petit And compress with easy to comprise instructions .... He exactly that says in a box . Excellent value partorisca money ..... Well you impress it.... reccomend To friends a family :)
4 / 5
using it partorisca touch the battery on bounces while any when the be has not used. Works as it have to that 😁
4 / 5
has bought this elsewhere for this his no the description has checked.

A device is presented a lot well, a packaging is big quality .

A device is compact and bands some characteristic will require partorisca the trickle uploads.

Some clips whilst small have the plot of gripping forces like any probably partorisca slip the terminal of battery.

Abundance of period in some bosses yes are relatively close when it can outlet, this in spite of no attended partorisca run this of a far end of your cochera and on a go.

Some clips can be unscrewed that leaves calm with one or connectors of the coverage yes wants to form the permanent connector.

Has this has connected to the battery of motorcycle and there is quite a lot of boss the street he well and orderly.

A light focused so only indicates the one who a state is of a battery and the one who one load is doing roughly that.

So that ask , this does not jump to start with the battery. He simply the key and does not touch the battery to plan to one turning your engine in of the minutes takes hours. This is to draw to dulcemente tops a battery up.

This has been key for me of then buying has has heated grips in my bicycle.

Would recommend this like opposed of more economic decides on amazon. A fact a bulk of some chairs of device in some frames of socket of the material of the much more orderly discharges
5 / 5
Breaking Value partorisca money when you think of a row of battery writes this can maintain. Bought to trickle-touch the motorcycle in the LiFePo4 but also partorisca bend up and maintain another vehicle in the acid sealed. Obviously in 1An indication ossia really so only he trickle load, so he is with which something partorisca touch the battery of low to plenary in the short like spatial like possible, chooses one of a big plus has has estimated versions, but for me need this was perfect and so more economic that an equivalent Optimate.

Some useful facts that has not been obvious until it arrives, this could help some people do not squander money in of the additional accessories :
- comes with 2 metres of boss like your needs of battery to be inner 2-and-a-has bitten metres of the socket of wall
- in an end of this boss is the Noco-proprietary connector
- A unit then comes with some clips of crocodile that spent in the this connector (in the short additional section of boss) the clip directly in the battery
- loves last-wire a unit to the motorcycle, some clips of crocodile comprise eyelet terminal so many can unscrew some clips of crocodile, and rests with terminals of simple coverage to ray to the battery seeds-permanently. So you are looking to buy this for the bicycle, has any need to buy any adapter of additional/boss is happy with this arrangement.
- The selection of the type of battery is manual for the simple key-press, these cycles around some 3 options (convential 12v advantage, 12v AGM, 12v Lithium). 6v and force -the options of cariche are initiated with key along-presses.
4 / 5
Really well little upload. As another there is remarked this is not for the upload the quickly take some yours would beat of juice in the haste. If I need that then look in another NOCO is that it can press some big plus amps.
This in spite of, likes , of calm only precise upload it that it can it he trickle touch your battery behind until 100 the day or like this then looks no further. Súper Easy to use, packaging really a lot of (any that ossia a lot of entity but really is the amiably drawn box :) , it is also the compact device as well as it takes on almost any space of storage when any into use.

Has bought this uploads so it is everything on lock-down in United Kingdom in a moment and our cars have not moved or begun for +- 4 weeks. I have it quell'has finalised only touch so much ours car battery; one is the 30 Ah and another he 45Ah.
Like this, included although NOCO said 'until 30Ah' he still laws for the main batteries. A 45Ah a quite flat era - when I connected it on one load has DIRECTED pulsed red for the good 6/7 hours that suggests was quite the long way down 75. This in spite of, interior 17 hours some CONCENTRATED had turned green solid that half is now in 100
A 30Ah the battery has taken roughly 7 hours to turn green (but this has not been like this plan likes 45Ah)

in all the chance, highly recommend this load.
4 / 5
Has bought this elsewhere for this his no the description has checked.

A device is presented a lot well, a packaging is big quality .

A device is compact and bands some characteristic will require for the trickle uploads.

Some clips whilst small have the plot of gripping forces like any probably to slip the terminal of battery.

Abundance of period in some bosses yes are relatively close when it can outlet, this in spite of no attended to run this of a far end of your cochera and on a go.

Some clips can be unscrewed that leaves calm with one or connectors of the coverage yes wants to form the permanent connector.

Has this has connected to the battery of motorcycle and there is quite a lot of boss the street he well and orderly.

A light focused so only indicates the one who a state is of a battery and the one who one load is doing roughly that.

So that ask , this does not jump to start with the battery. He simply the key and does not touch the battery to plan to one turning your engine in of the minutes takes hours. This is to draw to dulcemente tops a battery up.

This has been key for me of then buying has has heated grips in my bicycle.

Would recommend to this likes opposed of more economic decides on amazon. A fact a bulk of some chairs of device in some frames of socket of the material of the much more orderly discharges
4 / 5
A Genuis 1 for Noco is Noco the smallest entrance-level ready battery maintainer & load. A Character 1 can touch 12V advantage-sour, AGM and battery of type of the Lithium as well as 6V advantage-battery of acids. One load is the loan uploads, and has built in the figure of automatic security that the help protects and optimise touching to augment a longevity and reliability of a battery. One load can relieve a temperature of a battery and automictically compensates to touch speed to ensure a battery a lot of overheat or down-load in of the conditions of different temperature. Also it can relieve sulfation and stratification of acid inside a battery and regulate one touching to help of-sulfate and repair a battery. A unit also will maintain battery when touching is complete to any overcharge his, but maintain a battery there is topped up by means of trickle touching.

A packaging is really well & very first for the product like this, especially considering his Noco battery of the level of the entry uploads. Inside a box all is has presented amiably. You take the 55period of boss of cm with battery clamps with integrated eyelets, one uploads with the 217period of cord of cm that has an interchangeable connector that can have the habit to connect different types of Noco battery clamps, and the very written user manual. Some frames of whole container for the idea of present adds, and can easily king-use a box and maintain it to store a unit in whilst a lot into use.

A Genuis 1 has five touching ways and he standby way. Some ships of units in standby way and requires a correct touching way to be selected in the first place first to touch will begin, but after the way has been selected one load has the built in car way by heart that will return to a last way to upload automatically. It is advised to do everything of some correct connections to a battery in the first place before plugging a unit to the power of 3 socket of pins. Some five different ways am 12V, 12V AGM, 12V Lithium, 6V and Way by force. 6V way and the way by force require to resist down a key of way for any 3 – 5 seconds to actuate, as they are advanced more touching ways that the full attention of an user before they will be selected. A three 12V ways are quite self-explanatory and accustoms touch some concrete types of 12V battery that comprises advantage-sour, AGM and battery of Lithium. 6V way is feigned to touch battery of acid of the advantage so only, and the way by force is to recover entirely trays/of dead battery with the voltage the low plus that 1V. A FOCUSED is in a unit has different corresponding colours to help identify some ways to touch, and a centre has DIRECTED will indicate when a battery is has touched fully.

In of the terms to touch speeds, these cariche goes to take some time to touch battery because has the relatively down amperage indication and throughput. According to several factors like a condition, measure and current load of some batteries, touching can take several hours to same the day. These produced are feigned more for users those who so only could have one to two small cars with small 12V battery that loves him touch each pair of month and does not require a fast plus that speed of touches. If I need more touching speed, compatibility and characteristic, Noco offers the row of products of Characters that comprises a Character 2, 5 and 10.

In general, yes love the small, simple battery and of confidence the load can not go far injustice with this product. Whilst Is not one the majority of powerful load that it can take you for a money, certainly has everything of a security more than characteristic entity that you generally would find on more expensive car battery final elder chargers. If you have found some photos & this useful description, please consider clicking in an useful key down, help was!
5 / 5
Has purchased this like the trickle uploads.. Really ossia everything is a lot of stops.. It is the a lot of trickle upload.. Good quality, compresses etc.
For pertinent touching boss for a 10A model.. It take the decent sized the car battery touched in the few hours... A 1A model will take days..
Also think that well spend of the extra money in a model a big plus..
Has the separate AEG upload and the start to jump NOCO model as I am instrumented..
If so only love a car battery uploads looks elsewhere for the model the big plus...
4 / 5
Has tried this uploads on 2 cars, both with only has downloaded partially the batteries and he have failed to touch them both, in spite of following the instructions of a costruttore. It is returned he for the repayment.
5 / 5
My last NOCO cahrger laster 6 years before it die like this chosen on this small NOCO Character 1 like the substitution the trickle touches my motorcycle in a cochera. Near easy on and easy to use.
4 / 5
Excellent value for the interview of money uploads leaves in whilst one the car is not when the be has used maintains a fully touched battery very impressed with him .
5 / 5
Easy to use and done a work. But in 1 amp is very slow. Like this returned but has bought one 5 amp version instead. Value of the extra money.
5 / 5
Easy to use, and work for battery main need , so only to remain longer for the full load to take place.
5 / 5
Easy partorisca use . This was my better accessories partorisca my bicycle
5 / 5
Punctual delivery. He a work is drawn partorisca do a lot well. Very pleased with this product.
4 / 5
using it partorisca touch the battery on bounces while any when the be has not used. Works to the equal that was necessary 😁
4 / 5
C load is distributed in the branded box together with advantages, the guarantee of 3 years and some very written instructions. It is the compact to upload more adapted partorisca maintain load of battery and condition more than touching of slowly but other models in a NOCO offered of row of the CHARACTER the fast plus that touches. It looks solidly fact with a ABS organism that is estimated with IP65 Ingress protect although how is plugged directly in the socket of hands. While a product is drawn in some the USA is manufactured in Cina.

Some advantages have distributed partorisca have both clips have jumped substantial and integrated terminals partorisca the most permanent connection. I have used these in mine classical Suzuki motorcycle so that so only need to connect one uploads with his connector under a chair. One load is compact and has of the discharges of United Kingdom integrated in an organism together with the generous advantage. An advantage to connect can add the far plus 55cm.

Ossia The loan uploads suitable for both advantage of touch-sour, AGM, and car of lithium and other batteries of vehicle or maintaining his uploads. Has the key of way in a front but also relieves a type of battery as well as yes it is 6 or 12 volts and a state of his uploads. Correctly it identifies to to my motorcycle likes 6Of V and touched it the full capacity. It can remain on without fear of overcharging like rule a current has distributed.

C load is ideal to maintain the battery there is topped on and conditioned in the classical car or motorcycle or for anything concealed is not used regularly like the walk in mower or van of camp and is compact but surprisingly has looked well. If the touch needs the calm flat batteries probably precise considers cariche he with the current delivery more utmost but to maintain load or topping on this one is the good solution .
4 / 5
NOCO GENIUS1UK, 1-Amp Fully-Automatic Ready, 6V and 12V Load, Maintainer, and Battery Desulfator with Risarcimento of Temperature.

Ossia Such the good battery load, I like a small measure.
One touching is very precise, he no overcharge like the integrated thermal sensor relieves a temperature and changes one uploads to delete on touching in of the hot climates and down touching in of the cold climates.
Is very easy to use, everything is spent he in and then connect the battery, select a way to touch required and ossia, your battery is on uploads.
This noco the battery of character uploads is compatible with all the types of vehicles of bicycles of engine the tractors.
Has the automobile this is 20vyears old and when it is cold the, the battery can be temperamental, use this for the touch and of the touch his no touched on, transports it has begun before time!
This uploads also relieves sulfation and stratification of acid and restores stray action for starts of the strongest engine and life of long battery.
Ossia One uploads of better battery has not used never, so better that a chunky of the uses before.
Can highly reccomed this battery uploads, is a lot of value of the money.
4 / 5
Ossia The fantastic piece of the boxes yes know that it is feigned use is and have cause for such the upload.
Too many People are not that they have read a full description, uses and capacities. This is not for the upload that it touch on your flat car battery at night. For the precise look in something more pertinent. Instead, ossia apter so that own vehicles as you bounced, motorcycles, cars in the storage etc concealed the rests without use regulate to maintain an into use good battery. A first example is a motorcyclist the one who dips his bicycle up for a winter. It covers this pocola load in, connects to a battery and he softly, softly maintain a battery in touching upper form. One same goes for the main batteries in of the vehicles like the automobiles concealed is garaged for long periods.
An electronic is this is to allege to be very sure with overburdening/protects of load. I seat sure in a knowledge that this is to draw specifically for such the purpose and money, the time and the cost has been invested to these purposeful uses and is not the big start load this would be unsafe to leave unattended for long periods. They are happy to leave the battery on uploads for long periods to time to use this device but in a cochera. It does not use external or in a rain.
Full 5 stars.
5 / 5
My sample of a Noco Character 1United Kingdom 6V/12V 1Amp is the automatic load very drawn that it does not cook the battery, but still the spend to condition and the full load he - if at all possible. This Loan uploads behind the gravel likes the battery approaches a correct state of load, and will not leave a battery the overheat or overcharge.

Is drawn for the row of the technologies that comprises Advantage resupplied-types of Acid and BMS Lithium. A measure to aim suggested is until 30Ah, but more the people will be to use the in battery smaller to achieve the reasonable king-time of load.

A suffix of United Kingdom means work on 240V and has the 13to Of the discharges likes the part of an organism.

HAS a resupplied of indicator LEDs to aim a state of a battery and upload; Load, three 12V Ways, 6V Way, Standby, On-error of voltage, error of Bad Battery, the error of Polarity Revoked.

Changes to be it the way is much lighter of the comparable linear supply, and also grieve still soul take in a tax of full load. A plastic chance sealed only claims to be IP60 but looks to be beer and splash resistant. Obviously because of a 13Some pins of discharges is for indoors use so only.

Obvious ways to connect to a battery comprises any for an advantage of the adapter distributed (55cm along) final in an usual clamps or for one with ray-in eyelets , any one has comprised. Each one that like this of this propiciado by alternatives to a captive advantage (217cm along) of one load, and a distributed clamp the advantage has a automotive 2Amp mini-fusible of leaf in the waterproof headline in a positive line. Some advantages have spent of protective coverage to maintain out of wet and muck and corrosion when any into use.

Other options of connection comprise the no-has melted 3m advantage of long extension , or an easy way in the the battery has seen a OBDII advantage of connector possibly for use with the solar upload inside a car ( has used this with a Noco BLSolar2 like an occasional upper-on, unfortunately a solar no longer available).

Is possible to dip one uploads ways for a correct type of battery. Please READ some comprehensible instructions on some different Ways to prevent harm, especially in the type of Lithium. Ossia Especially pertinent when in a way by force that tries to wake on the battery this is to go down to zero volts. One of some better ways to destroy a lot rechargeable the battery is the overcharge the, and several mechanisms can kick in all desquels is irreversible.

One sequence the touch is well has thought was, and one load controls a voltage of battery among wrist of current to decide that it progress it far by means of a sequence. This means that a time to touch always will be longer that a simple 1Amp for 10 implication of now in the paving 10Ah battery, in fact once a battery achieves the reasonable percentage of plenary one uploads behind a tax to prevent an overheating of battery, and finally bosses to the way to condition. One load can remain connected all a time to maintain a battery that hangs long periods of disuse, but so only if some delivery the power is available.

Into use, before time with the battery, or with the different battery of last time of use.
1. It connects one uploads to a first battery.
2. It connects some hands, and one uploads chairs there, any in Standby (small Standby has DIRECTED lit) or indicating his agreed last recently used way, and while the instructions.
3. Press a key of Way to step by means of some six available elections to a a more appropriate for this battery, and the pair of the seconds after a last press believes an instruction of new Way and begins to distribute current. It is possible to give one any round everything by means of a sequence by means of Standby and begin again if the deception has been done.
4. It Likes him the work by means of a normal sequence one big Load has DIRECTED will light, blinking red at the beginning until 75, then blinking green and finally lit in firm when a battery is full.
5. Disconnect Some delivery
6. Disconnect A battery.
7. If there is the question with a battery one load gives on immediately and flashes an Orange Error has DIRECTED, and all another LEDs also.

Uses again, with a battery touches more recently.
1. It connects one uploads to a first battery.
2. It connects some hands, and one uploads chairs there indicating his agreed more the way has used recently, and attended the pocolos second to change it to a way.
3. If not being any one changes to a way, after a time of wait was automatically begins to touch a battery in a way has indicated.
4. It Likes him the work by means of a normal sequence one big Load has DIRECTED will light, blinking red at the beginning until 75, then blinking green and finally lit in firm when a battery is full.
5. Disconnect Some delivery
6. Disconnect A battery.

Touching the time is the function of like this big a battery is and that has downloaded deeply is. Some instructions offer the table that indicates how long for the wait could take for some different combinations of battery sãs to achieve full load of 50 point of start.

A leaflet of instruction is comprehensible, but tiny with 5.5 impression of point (Reason? It is paper that expensive?), And I say that everything requires to know, as well as offering a lot of cautionary together of Security. It is also available on-line.

While trying has controlled some terminals of battery with an oscilloscope to see the one who big a voltage has been, and in my sample maintains down enough to be sure he directly connected to one in-situ car or battery of motorcycle. Already I have an old plus Noco and use a eyelet the direct terminal bolted to a battery of a infrequently the vehicle used for fast and sure connection.

This has ordered little upload is the a lot of 'a. Thank you Vine.
4 / 5
A GENIUS1UK for NOCO is the load of small portable battery for 6 Volt and 12 battery of Volt and is estimated in 1 Amp – has the model the big plus, a GENIUS2UK, which is alike but estimated in 2 Amp. C load is drawn in some the EUA and facts in Cina – alleges to be adapted to touch all the types of battery but with big some taking longer that do like this of plans. A capacity of small car battery half starts in around 45Ah, but to compare NOCO models some states of costruttore: “the GENIUS1 can touch the 100 amp-battery of now, but is a time of long load if a battery has died entirely. For example, a GENIUS1 would take roughly 76-hours to recharge the dead battery. For comparison, a GENIUS2 would be 37-hours, a GENIUS5 would be 15-hours and a GENIUS10 would be 7-hours”.

Ossia The loans of battery to upload ossia simple to use – cover so only he in, connect your battery, select the way of load, and it beginning that touches; it is fully-automatic with the sensor of temperature for year-round use. A NOCO GENIUS1UK is at present around thirty-five pounds of Amazon, doing it mid-prize, with the alike models that begins downwards twenty pounds. This in spite of, ossia the very done product that has some ready characteristics and do like this expected – even in of the main batteries. Four stars for value in a current prize – would have to that he with your own battery but he can take the slow time in fully touch the entirely flat a.
4 / 5
Incredibly compress 6 V and 12 V battery uploads. All some work to the touch is cured automatically of for one uploads once correctly connected to the battery. As you would expect partorisca the loan uploads like this can relieve when calm connects to a round of wrong way if you are quite bobo to do this deception. He felizmente load six and 12 V battery of all the different types although it has tried it so only in the 12 V AGM car battery in mine BMW. It is an ideal way to top on your battery during some months of winter where sometimes suffer more drain that usual especially for the people that do travesías short. Alternatively it has the car of the project or something concealed is not to run very thick this does the solution adds for unattended interview. It can remain on 24 seven and can entirely monitor and maintain a condition of perfect battery. It does not look to take hot at all whilst condition my battery to the equal that has complete confidence in him. I also like a fact that a boss has the connection in a half to the equal that can connect some terminals of the battery then without accidents connects a boss to one uploads in a movement.
4 / 5
In the first place this is not the fast to upload and secondly yes have the battery of acid has directed that it is by train to approach his final of life this is not goi g to be the worker of miracle but yes wants to maintain the battery that is @@subject to down out of temperatures and is not when be driven enough to sustain his uploads then this could be that it is looking for?
Has distributed with a unit to upload returned to some three discharges of pin, has your first prize, any find a thing that you left in a paving or has tried the wedge under an open hat. You could house this in the box of test of the external time and trail some advantages under a hat and potentially has included the neighbour is necessary? dulcemente The build up uploads, prevents overcharging and distribute the trickle the load where required. Ossia Exactly that require for the automobile this is to drive so only the few months of a year. Good favour long, has melted protected and different touching cycles for technologies of battery very different and voltages. It has purchased the most economic units in some pasts but no of this quality. Some advantages and the clips are robust and a unit has all a necessary security markings.
5 / 5
Ossia The trickle uploads to dulcemente touches the row of the batteries that comprises the lithium and the cell have wetted. For the batteries of the cell wetted an option to upload against 6v as well as in 12v.

A box is extremely compact. You take to upload it and interchangeable connector that propiciada some hands with around the boss of two period of metres. A 50battery+ of cm clamp link of boss to this and firmly attaches to positive terminals and respective negations.

This boss will not leave you to jump-begin the automobile - a lot of unless it attended for several hours for a battery to be touched. That is to maintain the load of battery or dulcemente augment this load. As such does well.

Negatives, Well you really need to maintain some instructions to imagine out of that way to touch to use, and will require to be able to say a difference among the lithium and battery of wet cell. Some indicators in an upload is not particularly intuitive.

In general although the decent product. Four stars.
5 / 5
Has had Character chargers before and so only can say that I have been 50/50 satisfied with them.
Also have all the death with which around 2 years to use which did not impress me. It has to that 3 guarantee of year in his May in mine another I simply could not be annoyed faffing around to take them exchanged have gone back like this to the mine another older chargers.
Has has wanted to this one to maintain and touching battery of acid of the advantage sealed of some types have used in of the alarms of intruders and battery behind up UPS for computer like this more UPS inner float chargers tends to not conditioning some batteries .
For this takes a battery was and the situate on uploads with unit like a GENIUS1UK.
Laws with a battery but has taken 3 days (!) To touch the 12V 7A/H like opposed to a supposition 6 hours.
With another battery of a same type and qualified simply does not look to do at all.
Are a lot of unimpressed of then he simply a lot that says that it has to that neither as and when it have to that.
4 / 5
Has the plot of technical data in a description of product that any continuous in my boss or is irrelevant my situation.
I alive in an of the sud of Inghilterra which do not owe that the extremes of temperatures. The a lot of travesías short, like this precise to touch occasionally in winter (using can in of the lights and wipers).
Has used to top on the low battery (i.et. Failing to turn on engine) but no the totally flat battery.
Only touching the 12v
I amour a capacity to leave on like this means can touch at night and any to concern .
Simple death to use. The clips Of crocodile resist well to some terminals.
Like this is one of the row of chargers, checks another to see if the better access for your need, p. p.ej. Faster touching. Has another NOCO, which give me the control of progress for % me so that it can see like this is doing - to which like (but of raisin more the time in my edges is that with me, like the second load is the boon).
5 / 5
Handy Pocola load of car battery/maintainer for owners of vehicle that does not use his very thick cars, or a lot of travesías short, which for him so much could suffer load of low battery or flat batteries like the result. This little artilugio fully can touch he of slowly or can help upper on the low battery and maintains it there is topped up.

In my chance there was insufficient load in my battery to start with on my car, this device has touched fully he in around 3 days that is a very long time but he so only uses the trickle uploads. Another negative is that reason there are a lot of ways is useful to maintain control of to some instructions the pleasure any to dip a device to a wrong way.

But using it could not be simpler, easy to store like his a lot of compact and has interchangeable connectors that is also a lot handy. In general he a work!
5 / 5
Has tried this on 2 different battery. A car battery that was a lot down and Harley Davidson battery of motorcycle that was also a lot down.
Has left one uploads for 24 hours in a car battery this was still any one has touched.
Connected it then to walk of mine Harley Davidson battery with which roughly 5-6 hours was able to begin a bicycle without @@subject.
Go to suggest that this little 1 amp upload is adapted more the small batteries a lot really has adapted the car batteries. There is qualified main chargers has aimed to some main batteries.
Are happy with this product and will purchase some accessories to leave connected on to a battery for him to be able to touch both motorcycles of mine without that have to that take some batteries every time.
5 / 5
Ossia The add small to upload, law with more than the types of battery likes him Gel, there is enhanced flooded, AGM (6 and 12V) and lithium (6V). It comes amiably packaged with good clear instructions.

How is so only he 1Amp upload is aimed in of the smallest batteries for motorcycles etc, but work with the main batteries, so only takes to plot longer that touch.

I hook of use he until my car battery this in spite of stops the maintain touched to the equal that car does not take used very thick, he a work perfectly. Some clips are good and take firmly and changing among some different functions is the simple a roll of key. Big Very CONCENTRATED to say you when it is touching and when it is full etc.

In general, the simple, adds little upload.
4 / 5
This unit is a lot compact and small. There is the number of ways for phases of different battery. I took it like this behind up in chance a 12v battery in drains of mine of Tesla again and was that it animates would give it quite juice to take a car behind the life in this chance like a main battery then can take on recharging a plan fully. Felizmente, has not had to face this phase again still, but other descriptions suggest that it can not be until a work yes spends. I will update this description comes up. That certainly can do is to leave you to touch at night the battery that can been in the car languishing in the cochera for the few months. I think that that it is a costruttore main intent for east a.
5 / 5
Wants to maintain your automobile of occasional use useable without tear and unnecessary wear weekly ossia the good solution for inner use. It identifies a type of battery and his condition and trickle load consistently. It is drawn to be slow but sure and can leave so only and has left he his does. It is in no way the judge of jump of the start or something has drawn to be used in a street but is highly versatile and can be used with lithium and battery of advantage of acid in 6 and 12 configurations of volt. Like this if not to impose you while 3 days (like that upload of the part has) the car battery is doable. It comes with comprehensible instructions.
5 / 5
Ossia The add small to upload, law with more than types of battery like Gel, there is enhanced flooded, AGM (6 and 12V) and lithium (6V). It comes amiably packaged with good clear instructions.

How is so only he 1Amp the load is aimed in of the smallest batteries for motorcycles etc, but work with the main batteries, so only takes the longest plot to touch.

I hook of use he until my car battery this in spite of stops the maintain touched like car does not take used a lot of thickness, he a work perfectly. Some clips are good and take firmly and changing among some different functions is the simple a roll of key. Big Very CONCENTRATED to say you when it is touching and when it is full etc.

In general, the simple, adds little upload.
4 / 5
This unit is a lot compact and small. There is the number of ways for phases of different battery. I took it like this behind up in chance a 12v battery in mine drains of Tesla again and was that it animates would give it quite juice to take a car behind the life in this chance like a main battery then can take on recharging a plan fully. Felizmente, has not had to face this phase again still, but other descriptions suggest that it can not be until a work yes spends. I will update this description comes up. That certainly can do is to leave you to touch at night the battery that can been in the car languishing in the cochera for the few months. I think that that it is a costruttore main intent for east a.
4 / 5
Yes, his taken the desulfator also!!! Yeah Has bet the averages of is taking a Google ? Ailing save you one annoying his to recover feeble battery to save a cost to buy new There!
Has had the pair of Noco battery chargers in a past and has been the model is in a more economic end of some stairs, but that, in this chance, is the good thing reason his quite small to be easily transportable!
In only 8.7 x 10.2 x 17.1 cm he almost returned in your pocket!
Another more is that it touch 12V and 6V ..As it touches battery of motorcycle also...
Down £35 the subject total!
5 / 5
This has the a lot compact creation, and is has done strongly.

All some functions are very easy to use. Some indicators are attentive and say you all precise to know.

That can be used for cars, lawnmowers or the electrical elements smaller.

A trickle the load can help extend a life of the oldest batteries, has included some the look to be has exhausted entirely. Trickle Works to upload well with the number of elements; a thing is not the jump begins the car, but can trickle touch the car battery at night.

To upload he in this row of prize, very impressive.
4 / 5
A loan uploads for car battery. I did not imagine it steps of long that this an on another of a costruttore still another which accelerate to charge of full/recovery.. The short long history, your car battery is beginning to touch on, thinks that has died. Calm take and attach to this and he can (any guaranteed) augments a potential of cycle behind to approach new. My battery has not been died but gave it the gone and a battery is treating a lot of - will use it on battery very future that it is in his way was and the use to touch one this is exhausted. Good product and cost good..
4 / 5
This device is to maintain the batteries there is topped up in faculties.
Need to be plugged to the socket partorisca wall to do.
Need to be prepared to spend 6-12 hours that touch (amply variable according to a state of a battery) but be prepared for a longitude haul, this is not the 10min does.
Like this, if your poised for everything concealed, is the nifty device, quite compact.
My only flu is a box , with the little more the endeavour could have drawn a box bit it more sturdy with the pertinent cup and this could have had the habit of tent he afterwards.
5 / 5
An element is extremely a lot of packaged and is handy to touch your car battery of some hands

quell'has tried already in mine A5 the car battery concealed has not been begun for on three month, and a battery was totally flat in beginning.

This judge of start has been connected to a battery in 5 seconds, and touched for the few hours. I can say that a car and bust of battery the life immediately, the total success.

Easy to use and has characteristic of security in situating the disconnect.

A very little upload.
5 / 5
Has done for New, has arrived a lot of packaged.
Comes with manual of instructions and 1,8 boss of metres. With an adapter, results 3,8 metres, more then pertinent.
Looks and feels plásticoes durable , hard has done.
Simple to use, but agree that if your car is not doing, will not touch a battery with speed...
If the the cochera to maintain a car, ossia the good option , leaving one load touches your battery of cars all night...
4 / 5
This at present is that it touches the dead car battery. Of the which have read in these very useful devices, of then taking is one, the mine is the very slow trickle-upload. As it was not when our battery finally will be ready. But it is plugged in, and looks to be working. I eat... We will see. I can be of tower partorisca amend my description as and when one complete load.
5 / 5
An element is extremely a lot of packaged and is handy to touch your car battery of some hands

has tried it already in mine A5 the car battery concealed has not been begun partorisca on three month, and a battery was totally flat in beginning.

This judge of start has been connected to a battery in 5 seconds, and touched partorisca the few hours. I can say that a car and bust of battery the life immediately, the total success.

Easy to use and has characteristic of security in situating the disconnect.

A very little upload.
5 / 5
Has done for New, has arrived a lot of packaged.
Comes with manual of instructions and 1,8 boss of metres. With an adapter, results 3,8 metres, more then pertinent.
Looks and feels plásticoes durable , hard has done.
Simple to use, but agree that if your car is not doing, will not touch a battery with speed...
If the the cochera partorisca maintain a car, ossia the good option , leaving one load touches your battery of cars all night...
5 / 5
This at present is that it touches the dead car battery. Of the which have read in these very useful devices, of then taking is one, the mine is the very slow trickle-upload. As it was not when our battery finally will be ready. But it is plugged in, and looks partorisca be working. I eat... We will see. I can be of tower partorisca amend my description as and when one complete load.
4 / 5
Very easy to use. Directly it advances partorisca comprise.
Ossia The element of upper quality .
Touches my entirely flat battery at night.
5 / 5
Really easy to use, so only the connect, discharges he in and dip a way. Ossia To good sure better partorisca people with the cochera to the equal that need to be plugged like this into use and a minimum touching the time is 3 hours . Enough I compress like this easy to the tent was.
5 / 5
C load is measure adds and extremely easy to use. It is effective and advantages to the full load but is quite slow. I need to be plugged in when touching. In spite of a slowness would recommend so that it is highly effective.
5 / 5
Handy upload And easily stowed in a boot how is quite compact. No really for the quickly fix when faced with to to the flat battery likes to take an age to touch but if the time is not one @subjects then this will take there slow but in firm.
5 / 5
Has touched the paving daewoo nuance (6v thinks them) battery and has taken enough the few hours, but facts very a lot of - no overheat or anything.
4 / 5
The load of decent car battery.
Wee Has bitten pricey But he a work..
Any bad.

Top Customer Reviews: NOCO GENIUS2UK, ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 46 ratings
5 / 5
im The defender of noco has produced of then I seen a type jumpstarting 20 cars that had been seating partorisca the year in Alaska with a noco jumpstarter,as it could the little box all this start of cars? So many after the recommendation of the biker in Germania has bought enough has not been the long box has required the start of jump with the dead battery after a bicycle was lieing for the moment,sure enough first press of a judge of start and some roars of bicycle the life, As when I seen this noco on sale load and of the mine old halfords the load was in his last leg has been for a noco. It is to add like this touches battery that is all but dead, my battery has aimed 05 of life so only in him, as it has paste a way of reparation with which 20 minutes is then be to touch the box of way has paste 80 is then be to tickle the box of way has achieved 100 . Calm tip in colored lights a progress, thinking it was perhaps the dud reading has dipped a battery in,sure enough on roars an engine. NOCO Is the brilliant mark and has read revises of as the people think there the rubbishes but I think so only can any reads him properly as there is never never has not had never any questions with them,as if yours the biker like to take this boyo will not leave you down and is adds for a car woman also,+ has a NOCO judge to jump to start with so it does not like to be stuck and maintain of him in a boot and never state stuck still,and ossia a sincere description folks.
5 / 5
I amour this Battery maintainer. My car has not moved for some last four months been due to one tops virus. I have gone back of vietnam and cambodia in an end of February and has been self that island with my family for some last four months. When I have looked for to begin my car for a first time in an end of this time would not begin still when I recharged the and has tried a next day. After reading the description in this NOCO CHARACTER 2 I thought it is cost to try it. Any concealed or take the new battery partorisca around £230. They are like this happy has bought a NOCO as it has not touched so only my battery repaired it also. Any one having some same questions would advise them to buy this . I produce it adds.
5 / 5
Has the cup of a row CRV, but because of the have been still roughly 11 weeks with the battery of small use leave down when it was compraventa . The jump has begun car to take house.
Has thinks that has had a wrong model to the equal that has has to that the very weighed battery for the diesel, but coupled this on and left for 24 hrs, and he behaved perfectly. Battery now behind the normal. Brilliant invention. I add to know that I can maintain this into use .
4 / 5
A lot the unit has built amiably to touch the row of types of battery with indication of level of load. The goodness of jumper can remain attached to terminals of battery. The connector has built in indicator of level of the load. Slow for full load of slowly but ideal for touch of fleet. My battery is located in boot and is not easy to access but to leave the goodness of jumper has attached marks that connects to upload simple when it has required.
Department of help responsive and useful.
4 / 5
Good and has touched fully mine 40AH AGM auxiliary battery in the few hours. It can touch big ie 60AH battery but takes the little while longer. Utmost cost. I recommend.
5 / 5
Could not take mine 66 plan Golf R to start with, has thought a battery was almost dead but has had signs of life in a pinch.
A battery was a EFB and a level 12v that touches the way was adapted.
Although it has taken roughly 16 hours to complete a plenary touching process a car has begun immediately...
After doing some investigation on reason this can spend (travesías short, beginning/to stop etc) will use this regularly of here on.
4 / 5
More than pleased, give you selection of battery, also a state of your battery, and when it is has touched fully.
5 / 5
Very easy to use with clear instructions. I have taken behind in a street quite efficiently. To reassert alike info elsewhere, this device has to that be connected to some hands - is not entirely portable. It maintains one in your house.
4 / 5
A lot of packaged And a lot the element does well. Works like this simply and does exactly that it would have to do it.
Has had other frames in some pasts but is Noco all a way now.
4 / 5
My battery of the leisure of a caravan was totally flat. This unit, once dipped on, has taken 50hrs the recharge but saved that it has to that substitute a battery.
5 / 5
Ideal piece of boxes especially with automobile any when being pas used in a lockdown. Very easy to use . Simple operation. Still it revives the dead battery with a way by force.
No an economic plus but we value of the money.
4 / 5
Are add, has the very long boss as I do not owe that take a goodness of extension was.
Is small and the law adds
5 / 5
Upload very easy to use and has restored my car battery a lot well. The batteries of big capacity have taken the bit of time but well currency he.
5 / 5
There is rid in good time and in good order,work well and easy to use.
5 / 5
Laws partorisca treat it. He that says in one has beaten! Perfecto partorisca me.
5 / 5
Laws in Car Battery. I have had the quite dead battery, has taken he out of a car. Bear in importing has taken 3 whole day to me fully uploads 100.
4 / 5
Now, in the first place of of the this is to estimate in 40Ah the battery like the a lot of main battery could present the challenge. If the main battery is walk like proverbial has the casualidad well a blurb concealed says it can deep recharge could not do like this concealed requires to plot more oomph.

This in spite of, if you the big battery is near of full load or very a lot down touches then this in a much less the maintain and the spend behind perhaps the level the low plus of load.

For the smallest batteries - typical in the motorcycle - ossia brilliant.

Has used this to pull for behind the battery of small bicycle that, whilst a lot entirely has died was almost DONA and has directed to take some for behind his life. It can not beat physics of course and so only so can be achieved but can spend behind the life an almost died while a battery is small.

Tend to use this like the maintainer in an of my motorcycles and for that is perfect. It is 'intelligent' like this hopefully will not break my battery or the boil and like this far ossia a chance .

In general the small battery a lot well upload/maintainer.
5 / 5
Partorisca Read other descriptions of this was them the pocolos apprehensive, my lawnmower pursues on is system of the own battery and all the world has said thats really the one who this is stops... But, if you are patient and does not import while to the few days he trickle touch the car battery. It comprises all some connectors to and has included the blockade partorisca mount to maintain to somewhere sure, included can add connectors of accessory so that the multiple cars can use this without that has to that take on and of some terminals of battery. If I need the fast booster then take the main unit but partorisca interview of term along that touches of the automobile then is perfect.
5 / 5
That can say that I am impressed really with this battery uploads is certainly good and orderly compared with mine uploads old . And like any concealed is not to has imported technically is a lot easy to use ,so only attach it to some discharges of battery selects a way wants to and leave a rest to one uploads he he everything for you . In any trace of instructions to 40 AH and says 15 hours for the full load but he will change main AH battery any question but he will take longer, I the 60AH the battery will take 23 hours so that it is something to agree .How it is really well done and excellent quality am sure will last in fact a lot of years to come
4 / 5
Now that the majority of us there is the variety of 6 and 12batteries of volt of diverse types to direct this little, but the powerful unit is the godsend. It comes with group he highland, the good period of goodness, and clips of crocodile.
This unit comes from/comes from the costruttore very known and tried to touch the crew and his use would owe that lengthen a life of your batteries with him is electronic control of a process.
5 / 5
Ossia Having the habit of maintains an urban commuting motorcycle. It has had the habit to maintain the battery of a bicycle at night, that ensures the full load for a morning commute with headlights. Clear instructions and looks really a lot of fact, a cry of container discover 'quality' of a packaging, the instructions to a celery of of the this. All the clips and the necessary goodnesses have resupplied. Very impressed.
5 / 5
NOCO Genius2UK The battery Uploads and maintainer

4 That Tones?

In that looked he in some of some other descriptions have left takes in this product, is remained the little has confused. Some say that a recommendation of use in of the batteries of 40Ah or less renders the useless for more than cars and a lot of other vehicles. Another has looked in a has has answered questions and visas that ossia so only the recommendation and that one uploads still can be used. I have used one uploads in the vehicle with the 60Ah battery of goodness of acid and can confirm work perfectly well. My neighbour is the mechanic and has tried this device, as we have done with products looked in the car battery next tray. It has touched a 60Ah in around 25 hours, could be marginally state faster but did not look it at night.

This product is the small and orderly plastic box with the 3 discharges partorisca Nail that has to that be plugged in to use one load, does not resist any power in the bank to use later. A goodness is so only down 2m long like an extension can be required according to a location of a battery and is still in situ or has takes. Some bosses and clamps look sturdy quite and would have to that last the long time has looked . A device is a lot of uncomplicated with the alone key to select the type of battery is touched and has has DIRECTED indicators to aim level of load. A groups to mount comprised and help to tie to maintain an orderly and orderly unit.

Is suitable for a full row of 6V-12V battery and although I did not use it external to touch a car battery, does not see any reason for him a lot to do a work admirably. These produced has to that 3 guarantee of year like this NOCO is obviously sure that will last 5 minutes more also.

In general these looks of product and feels quality and has done to try well. I owe that confess that NOCO could be the little clearer with his listing of this product and explain exactly that one load is able further of this that has to that trawl by means of questions of clients for this information. £ It looks the reasonable prize that considers some other available options.

4 / 5
This was like the sleep that comes true for causes it to me was simple to packed well. It has touched a car battery and also my woman is that could use to touch some of his crew of gardening. Maintained the that happy. This really ready upload is a lot handy to have and comes useful partorisca to plot of artilugios around a house.
Would say that it is value for money like a lot of artilugios in today to need house that touches and each one which as having different voltages. Good piece of boxes to possess.
5 / 5
This is not for the car battery, well can be has the battery down 40Ah that the majority is not and certainly any one has technology to start with of the stop. It is WELL for motorcycles with the smallest batteries. A product info in a Amnazon the page is misleading how is pictured with big battery.

Have it NOCO upload for my car and has treated well. This one is well form my motorcycle and especially to the equal that have is returned previously a eyelet in some terminals to a NOCO socket. For me I can so only it covers directly in and maintain load. There is not a lot a lot of to say another that maintains one uploads in my Bicycle. I have used to have a Oxford glimpsed to upload, but when left on for month the time, a battery has used to die. Like pardon if I do not trust of the cariche of interview, prefers to disconnect a battery that leaves he more than the month.

Ossia The good compact unit with groups he of wall, can touch the row of small battery, but to the equal that have said, loves something for the automobile on 500cc will be to require something bit it fleshier
5 / 5
has to that it weaves to like in this device. In the first place it is a lot small, how is easy to spend and tent. A capacity compares with recharge of basically flat is also a lot useful, a lot chargers a lot this (although I have not been able to try this for obvious reasons). And it is the good option to sustain both 6V and other types of battery, like Gel and Lithium-ion. A support indicated in a listing for 40Ah the batteries is the pocolos misleading, of then is to upload it doing until the maximum of 5 Amps. For this would have to that sustain enough any measure of battery, albeit taking the much more time to touch battery of the main capacity. To try this, tried it on the dual mine 120Ah campervan battery, like this effectively a same capacity like him 240Ah model. My system is trickle touched of the small solar poster, how was in the state relatively is. One load aimed it initially like this flat, and suspect ossia reason is drawn for models of the smallest capacity, but he quickly corrected to almost full, and then uploaded against around 2 amps ( has dipped the metre of watt in the to measure a start that was around 23 watts - see photo) for the pocolos small until it has informed he so that there is fully has touched.

The wise prize would say that ossia decent value , comparable to the mine big and heavy desk upload, but in the compact unit that that can be maintained in a vehicle.
5 / 5
A GENIUS2UK for NOCO is the load of small portable battery for 6 Volt and 12 battery of Volt and is estimated in 2 Amp – has the model he small plus, a GENIUS1UK, which is alike but estimated in 1 Amp. C load is drawn in some the EUA and facts in Cina – alleges to be suitable for battery until 40Ah. A capacity of small car battery half starts in around 45Ah has meant that theoretically this uploads does not be suitable for more automotive battery – this in spite of, the main batteries can be touched, so only takes more with a longitude to do like this. Some states of costruttore: “he 40 amp-the hours is the recommendation . It can touch battery with the main capacities, but took more lens in recharge. For example, he 60 amp-now automotive the battery takes roughly 23-hours to recharge with the GENIUS2”.

Ossia The loans of battery to upload ossia simple to use – just connects your battery, select the way of load, and it beginning that touches; it is fully-automatic with the sensor of temperature for year-round use. A NOCO GENIUS2UK is at present around fifty pounds of the amazon that the fact one of some very available models expensive plus like this beginning of devices downwards twenty pounds. This in spite of, ossia the very done product that has some ready characteristics and do like this expected – even in general battery that 40Ah. Four stars for value in a current prize – would have to that he with your own battery but he can take the slow time in fully touch the plan a big plus that 40Ah.
4 / 5
He a bit the years have ordered one of an automatic main start chargers partorisca my car and motorcycle. A main question was that a voltage of battery has taken too much down then would not touch . This result in the mine that has to soyodify' mine 12modem of supply of volt partorisca force a big voltage in the pair of days before some cariche automatic would do his thing.

Has decided to order this uploads reason although so only has the relatively low start, has the way by force the one who half if some drops of voltage down in your battery then still will try for the touch. Also having to that only trickle battery of cariche like the time of the slow load is not the question. Has both the motorcycle and car of sport that so only take used during some warmer months so that it is to say perfect for that.

If the the need to touch the car battery relatively quickly or so only have the vehicle that use the battery of the big capacity then sees for one of some to start with main models likes whilst anchors it will touch it, a time of load could be longer that requires.
4 / 5
C load/maintainer is ideal for motorcycles, quads and transport very small. It will touch battery to start with main but any if you are in the haste. It has touched a battery of flat motorcycle in roughly 3 hours and has relieved that another was unrecoverable with a DIRECTED aiming ‘error of bad battery'. I have known for advanced that a second battery would not touch , there is wanted to so only verify that one load would relieve it. It has connected now to mine cruiser, maintaining a battery conditioned to the equal that am a lot the just time biker, as I do not want to risk breaking a battery some months some cold plus.

Would owe that have more first information of calm buy it on an Ah. Because of his limitations think that that it is quell'has bitten pricey. I do not love attended 24 hours or longer for my car battery to touch.
5 / 5
That mine to appeal roughly this product was that small was and for this a possibility to be able to leave he in a car (although I need to be connected covers he of hands to do). It is the tiny compact element and among the compact box to match. A boss of one covers to a unit the touch is 182cm long, a unit is less than 10cm long, and a boss is then 142cm to the X-connect port. A second boss with a X-connect spent is 55cm and final with a clamp fines for a battery. Each one that like this of a X-connect covers it/port has a removable coverage integrated to ensure a connection is maintained clean and drought. A cabling bad has abundance of cabling to be able to achieve your battery. Also it comes with group he highland plastic with the velcro upper- Ive reread some instructions and am not totally sure the one who this is partorisca, has has balanced so only a pacck whilst that touches a car.
Can be used in the variety of ways of as well as yours would beat- 12V, 12V AGM, 12V lithium and 6V. Also it has the way by force to touch battery that has less than 1V rest and can fail to touch with normal chargers. These works of way for 5 minutes to begin to touch and he then reverts the way of normal load. Of as that the measure of battery can take until 15 hours to touch. A state of instructions for maxima 40Ah batteires, although I am not sure partially can touch the main battery. He doesnt state in a that lists that his limited to 40Ah that I feels is quell'has bitten misleasding. Has the very simple CONCENTRATED light aiming 25,50,75 and 100 load and way to interview once has touched fully. There is also four lights of picture for messages of simple error that is explained simply in a manual.
4 / 5
Have bounce it narrow with four 110Ah AGM battery of leisure that I periodically amena wife to fully recharge.

I already possess a predecessor to this load, a Character G1100UK, and although it is not one uploads of fast plus in a world, work a lot well. Although it is estimated so only in , is not failed never to touch one of a 110Ah battery, although it takes a better part of 18 hours yes are quite has downloaded well.

I also have three CTEK chargers which are exited main that a Noco and of course take proportionally less time to touch some batteries.

A new Character 2 load has been offered to try was here is certainly the no on a G1100 and so much is far state very impressed with him. It sees the listings of the amazon for a spec. It is the chunkier element, but like this very built like prompt model, and with the slightly big 2 amp exited, bit it faster also.

Comes with the period of good goodness (entrance and start), clips of decent crocodile, groups he of wall (the goodness knows reason calms would require it this in spite of) and comprehensible instructions (although it is not complicated).

In spite of looking in other descriptions, will touch big battery, so only takes the long time. If you are in the haste, spent one of a big more amperage models, but if time of the, this one will be well.

For a prize, thinks that is good value . They are very pleased with him and happy of the recommend yours.
4 / 5
Well, has not had never the element of Vine that was required more is looked to the time in a cast. I have had the very big-quality VARTA battery in my car, this there was so only 2 years. I have left my car with the partner, while I am abroad state, the one who his WORD whilst was. I have left oil and a filter for a service of oil in a boot of a car. Whilst Was was my fellow a service but failed to close a boot properly how is the very heavy lid . This error has run a battery down to at all. It was jump -headed, but in a prójimo few weeks, a time of the battery fracasada with which time. I took it to the specialist of battery the one who said has required the trickle uploads, as it initiates of jump and the long career, would not touch a battery properly. This week this little beauty has come my way has seen a cast of the vine and all can say is that he a work perfectly.

This element is easy to use and attach, A diagnostic has DIRECTED has aimed that a battery there is virtually be any one load has left in him. I have left a battery hooked on at night and for a next morning, all was A lot. Has clips of crocodile and other connectors for battery of motorcycle. It is small and versatile and would have to that fulfil virtually all your needs with the switchable touching way until to 12V load. Some instructions are distant a lot of comprehensible and the fast look in his place of web would owe that solve any unclear subject.

In general ossia the add to upload and highly recommends it.
4 / 5
There is rid for Real topmast in an Amazon branded box.

Had surprised initially of a compact measure of this unit to touch . It is so only on you are thumbs in period , as it could something this small possibly touch the car battery ?

Some propiciado by unit to some hands ,
has two clamps and directs concealed attaches to some terminals of battery . When Management a calm unit on selects the way to touch and so only leave a battery to touch .

My edges has the landscaping subject and is using he for his Mowers ( with which in the first place trying it was in his Motocross battery of bicycle ) . It has said ' it is the nifty bit of boxes ,he a work has been meant to and when the touch needs the laws of battery ! '

Has another characteristic to of the east upload that comprises desulfation , ( not being tried) would imagine that it will inform me yes and when it uses this .

In just low £50 his quite expensive when calm consider you can take produced looked for less than means this prize . This in spite of reason he his , if has of the cash to spare could try be the good investment for any with more than a battery to maintain .
5 / 5
To the equal that have mentioned in mine another recent description of a Character 1, has had the little Character chargers over time and has to that say that has ALL has failed totally after the pair of years.
A Character 2 is to good sure faster that a Character , takes less animate into use and comes with the highland clip for screwing a thing to a wall or bank.
HAS the favours of hands like opposed to be the wallwart creation like a character 1as you are not restrained to be anchored to any hands socket .
Like a Character 1 a supposition that touches the times are the bit was.
For a 8A AGM battery (the types I mostly use) has found has taken more after 8 hours that some have declared 3 was although a battery has not gone totally flat.
These chargers the work but is not my favourite mark there, in that had it several failures in just the pair of years with his other models.
So only will owe that see that a lot these treat over time.
4 / 5
A last noco has had was the ion of the solution of lithium has based, like this initially on taking this to revise has been confused that asks like this has touched it the, but then a penny has fallen, has to be afterwards to discharges he of hands for east a, is the battery uploads no the judge of jump of start! Although, it is the moot point really, while you are in home when have the flat battery.
Thinks some judges of the jump of start is probably more useful for motorists but is the class of battery of the leisure of person or have 6v battery for some reason (scooters, golf thing, I supposition?) Ossia Perfect to both load and upper up with.
Is quite basic this in spite of, does not have any control at all really, is trusting in that knows that it is doing and am not sure that in fact fact, prints it one uploads the desulphate or that?
A work, and does not have any sulphated battery, does not think so in all the chance!
5 / 5
As well as I want to which compact this pocola load is and has purchased the Noco upload in a past this is coming with the different annexes that enable me to permanently connect to the mine jetski as it can be the interview uploads for when they are not quell'using. A battery has is Number of Part: YB30CL-B
Voltage: 12v
Capacity: 30Ah
CCA Indication (IN): 300A
Period: 168mm
Width: 132mm
Height: 192mm
This touched it perfectly in good time.
For the purpose to try connected that to the 60ah car battery and left it at night. Has wake on a next morning and has not gone fully has touched. I then disconnected the and has gone back to my original plan for the use on mine 30ah battery.
Would be the little unbalanced that pays almost £50 to upload he without permanent annexes. If it is coming with them would have 5 stars.
5 / 5
An element is extremely a lot of packaged and is handy to touch your car battery of some delivery

has tried it already in mine A5 the car battery concealed has not been begun for on three month, and a battery was totally flat in beginning.

This judge of start has been connected to a battery in 5 seconds, and touched for the few hours. I can say that a car and bust of battery the life immediately, the total success.

Easy to use and has characteristic of security in situating the disconnect.

A very little upload.
5 / 5
Utilisation this partorisca touch a battery in my walk in mower. A battery is trace in of the years and tends partorisca lose cariche especially on winter. It has dipped this uploads in the and to the sinister trace with a work that the without any difficulty. It is it is much more versatile that need with a capacity to touch the row of types of different battery. This means that partorisca my purposes is probably more expensive that necessary, but ossia the reflection of my use limited of him - no his versatility.
5 / 5
A battery adds partorisca upload,
has a capacity to touch 12v level, ion of lithium or AGM batteries,
simply hook on and then press a key of click partorisca select a type of battery.
A boss is the good period and a clamps can be disconnected of a unit of touch securely and without accidents.
Touching the speed is sufficient of of the this is the trickle uploads/the conditioner was impressed enough.
HAS the indicator of load of the battery that objective one state to upload also
5 / 5
Compared with mine uploads of old car battery, ossia a lot compact and lustrous. It feels a lot of fact and is easy to operate. Some the multiple options offer looked bewildering at the beginning, but some instructions are clear, is quite 'spent and go'. It is not particularly quickly, especially for capacity main car battery, neither is economic. But he a work and a small measure the very convenient fact to store when any into use.
5 / 5
Has comprised bad that has taken here and there is has discovered now that it does not be suitable for battery more car, which is everything would require stops. This in spite of, in that gave it the to father-in-law of mine, am said that it is good work for the smallest batteries, as some some use for his quad bicycle and his walk-in mower. It is also quite enamoured with a esmart' characteristic and loves the one who simple is to use.
5 / 5
Is estimated for battery until 40Ah - that excludes a majority of car battery.

Certainly still can be used in of the car batteries and so only will take more with a longitude of his touch.

But reason buy this when has abundance of another chargers in a phase that is able to do a same work but less than time.

Expensive so that it is.
5 / 5
One load is very orderly and compact and some goodnesses are abundance long. One load was easy to use and an exposure of state is very clear. There is a prize added of groups he highland (resupplied) calms that wants to fix to the wall or @@@cofre of tool.

Any question or any subjects with touching my car battery, am them happy with this element.
5 / 5
Adds little battery uploads. Work in of the main batteries, but will take more with a longitude to touch (to the equal that would expect).

Perfects for motorcycles, lawnmowers etc - will take them up and that careers again.

Simple to use - you so only require the socket of next power.
5 / 5
Ossia The add the loan uploads. The quality adds, of confidence and easy to use. Very impressed.
5 / 5
If in fact I need the 40Ah load, this are adds. I have used the leading generation of these NOCO ready chargers for years, and is the hassle-free way to touch a AGM or battery of goodness of acid.

This in spite of, is estimated so only until 40Ah. I have not known never the car battery that small. This is not clears in a description at all, like this calm easily could purchase this has thought is taking treats it well, so only to finds does not be suitable for your battery at all.

Suspicious this would do for the vehicle he small plus (a quad bicycle perhaps) but ossia quite the phase of niche. It would owe that be clear that this is not one uploads for you if you are a car user meso , but can not find anything concealed mentions this in a description at the same time of description.
5 / 5
Misleading Information of product. The information of amazon declares that ossia suitable for all the types of car battery. There is not any indication that this product is so only suitable for battery until 40Ah. This in spite of, when the product arrives it then declares on box that it is for 'UNTIL 40Ah'. Like this now a lot disappointed reason my battery of vehicle is 60Ah, as not taking full potential. It feels deceived.

Top Customer Reviews: ZBLighting Dual ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 5 ratings
4 / 5
The cost has verified Very intermittent, didnt 99 of a time, returned partorisca the repayment.
4 / 5
The cost checked has Bought partorisca substitute my lighter socket, access well with the bit of sanding but the look adds! Almost as it was meant to come with a car.
5 / 5
Bought a lot these in some pasts and these are well. Coming with connectors that is well.
5 / 5
Very intermittent, didnt 99 of a time, returned partorisca the repayment.
4 / 5
Has bought partorisca substitute my lighter socket, access well with the bit of sanding but the look adds! Almost as it was meant to come with a car.

Top Customer Reviews: MOTOPOWER ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 4 ratings
5 / 5
The cost has verified Early Reviewer Rewards (That is this ? ) Elements very good
4 / 5
Work, he a work but is quite chunky. Some coverages for some connectors he uncomfortable to run some bosses down a frame.
He a work, no a better looking.
4 / 5
Has produced of good quality in the just prize. Punctual delivery.
4 / 5
Has taken the little time to install but the looks was installed by a costruttore for a time had finalised. I have included dipped the little BMW the logo in one covers raincoat to add authenticity. The works cost like this far.

Top Customer Reviews: Oxford EL572 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 39 ratings
5 / 5
Like the buyer of this product would like me the signal was that this does not comprise Croc clips partorisca just clipping to the battery. It comes with connectors of coverage partorisca the yours would beat of permanent connection. These trails of advantage was in discharges shroud that it is a lot of flimsy and fragile. When I took It it go a box has had to that straighten some pins was like the pins viriles was both misaligned, so much so that one covers would not joint up with one covers female. A bit crappy in my opinion like this is not that it goes the last a lot of seasons. In the side besides thinks that is doing his work, but are so only disappointed in a quality of the build of one covers.
5 / 5
If you can remake a boss crimps ossia the good product , has left down for has gathered bad connectors. If they had used the good quality that crimps plier this would be glorious. A nails has fallen was and a crimps had run over some still clips retain another boss had not been griped for a crimp and there is pulled was. I have had the alike question with Oxford grips, a harm has gathered the connectors have left a connector to melt. C load was to substitute an old plus Oxford upload that it has seen it a lot of service of years but if yours using this in the cochera humid a joint of circuit is susceptible the corrosion. Some ACF50 sprayed the interior would help to prevent this.
5 / 5
Bought this to maintain my battery of motorcycle that was quite down on can. Basically it does not act , a light concentrated in the screen has done once or two times there is prendido then. A digital screen has said sometimes was full, but if you replugged he in the say was empty. Entirely useless. A whole structure was economic as it was not to like has received went it.
Am returned interior 48 hours and amazon refunded immediately that it was in prize . I have it quell'has bought of a CHARACTER G1100UK for the little crux more and am very impressed with a quality.
To good sure not recommending a Oxford so it is useless but would recommend a CHARACTER G1100UK.
5 / 5
Nizza Has bitten of boxes. Load well and voltage of battery of the shows and amps while touching. It has thought that it has had the question with my battery that touches in a bicycle, but upload the shows aims increase in voltage when revving
So only downsides - the boss of discharges is quell'has bitten short - pins in a need of connectors to be manually realigned almost every time I use he - bit it flimsy but yes is careful would not owe that be the question
4 / 5
is that it is. A power down uploading to maintain the battery.
May. It has been distributed with one covers of EU. Minus A star.
And a connector partorisca plugging the yours the motorcycle is terrible. Reason has been changed ftom a leading creation to this terrible connector? Some last times have seen this connector has used wa in the nicad the car battery in a 80 east and was known to be terrible then.
5 / 5
Has has had so only this for the few days but plugged he in and work, his exposure declares to maintain he like this has to that like this in general the product adds for a money, the quality of build is that it expect but only chairs there like any worry in that. An advantage to upload to the bicycle is too short like another have declared like this has ordered a 3m ext advantage a same time like my discharges is in another side of cochera the bicycle. Oxford Really would owe that direct this like his so only the way to win money but in general am happy.
4 / 5
Good works. One load is slightly economic built, a chance and the screen are of poor qualty the plastic and a 12 advantage of volt is quite courts, as some needs of bicycle to be inner few feet of the socket to be able to I thought it also would come with groups he highland of the wall, this has said that that has extended some advantages have directed to fix to a wall. It likes- one information in a screen and a rear light is the good idea.
He a good work and is ready in appearance.
4 / 5
Brilliant piece of boxes. My bicycle has had already an advantage returned like the doddle for the take up and that careers. Because of the serious accident last year I only walk occasionally now so much is ideal for mine other bicycles also. At present maintaining mine 08 zzr1400 topped up likes inmovilizar calm a battery on winter, no more!
5 / 5
Points to read of the z/of the zero has located a cabling and found a fuse in a boss that connects to a not doing for the happy buyer.
5 / 5
I have bought usually Optimate chargers but for a prize of this unit I thiught would give it the gone. The desire had not annoyed. A boss snapped (the little period there is) in a centre, he haphazardly tin-on when it feels to like, then today of this past (sees image in description). Have Optimate chargers Ten old times concealed not having never this. It is state binned with which too many reparations surrender the no-returnable.
5 / 5
Use in the CRF450x, said that the juice is dipping in and maintains my battery there is topped up in a bicycle flattens is battery that careers the headlight because of the tiny stator. Shining
4 / 5
has bought usually Optimate chargers but for a prize of this unit I thiught would give it the gone. The desire had not annoyed. A boss snapped (the little period there is) in a centre, he haphazardly tin-on when it feels to like, then today of this past (sees image in description). Has Optimate chargers ten old times concealed not having never this. It is state binned with which too many reparations surrender he no-returnable.
5 / 5
Small compact device. Easy to return permanent connects to both bicycles. Then his spent so only and game. Condition of battery of the control and load as it has required.
Only negative point with of the this load is a fact that both some advantage of hands and the advantages of cariche am very short to the equal that unless I took of the advantages of extension or able to have bicycles wedged near of the no ideal sockets.
4 / 5
These produced comes unfortunately with some very poor connectors ... Has 2 of them and both suffer a same question .... I have had to that buy aftermarket connectors (+/- £ each one which as) to do do ... Some advantages are also quite short to touch the battery of motorcycle.
4 / 5
Disappointing is lasted so only 7 month. Begun on a bicycle and a battery was flat. Envoy behind for the repayment. A lot disappointed.
4 / 5
Súper Simple to use, has done perfectly. Abordable, a lot compact, and he looks was well!
4 / 5
Used it so only once, but has done perfectly for my battery of motorcycle. It indicates a state quite amiably
4 / 5
the works well maintain my bicycle has touched. Everything is walk he without concerning roughly forces of battery. Recommend all bikers to have one.
4 / 5
Has had to that purchase the new to upload with which age and wear and tara in mine old a. Fantastic product the only question is some bosses is the tad short in this model.
4 / 5
Utter Rubbish, the battery in the bicycle was down, 11.6 amps, plugged this junk in and any exposure on screen, any one can at all in units. Account of dead tap, 1 week after the windows of returns had closed. You do not buy never again. May also money of burn. Unfortunately it has to that have 1 star partorisca be estimated.
4 / 5
Compact and done a work well, quite info in a clear screen to see that it is going in.
4 / 5
A lot well, third one of these that has, stop to have to that that buys cycles of engine.
5 / 5
This was the substitution for one has had for the years does for the treat
5 / 5
Has bought this to maintain my battery of motorcycle that was quite down on can. Basically it does not act , a light concentrated in the screen has done once or two times there is prendido then. A digital screen has said sometimes was full, but if you replugged he in the say was empty. Entirely useless. A whole structure was economic as it was not to like has received went it.
Am returned interior 48 hours and amazon refunded immediately that it was in prize . I have it quell'has bought of a CHARACTER G1100UK for the little crux more and am very impressed with a quality.
To good sure not recommending a Oxford so it is useless but would recommend a CHARACTER G1100UK.
5 / 5
Can remake a boss crimps ossia the good product , has left down for has gathered bad connectors. If they had used the good quality that crimps plier this would be glorious. A nails has fallen was and a crimps had run over some still clips retain another boss had not been griped for a crimp and there is pulled was. I have had the alike question with Oxford grips, a harm has gathered the connectors have left a connector to melt. C load was to substitute an old plus Oxford upload that it has seen it a lot of service of years but if yours using this in the cochera humid a joint of circuit is susceptible the corrosion. Some ACF50 sprayed the interior would help to prevent this.
5 / 5
The well has bitten of boxes. Load well and voltage of battery of the shows and amps while touching. It has thought that it has had the question with my battery that touches in a bicycle, but upload the shows aims increase in voltage when revving
So only downsides - the boss of discharges is quell'has bitten short - pins in a need of connectors to be manually realigned almost every time I use he - bit it flimsy but yes is careful would not owe that be the question
5 / 5
Does not have any clip! Now I owe that order of the some place more and expect other 2 weeks for delivery. Already weeks of boy partorisca east. My battery will be degraded before volume he casualidad to touch .
Reason any one marks to list clear that one load is incomplete?? What spends to be to so only comprise some clips?
4 / 5
Well of law. One load is slightly economic built, a chance and the screen are of poor qualty the plastic and a 12 advantage of volt is quite courts, as some needs of bicycle to be inner few feet of the socket to be able to I thought it also would come with groups he highland of the wall, this has said that that has extended some advantages have directed to fix to a wall. It likes- one information in a screen and a rear light is the good idea.
He a good work and is ready in appearance.
4 / 5
Aimed to read of the z/of the zero has located a cabling and found a fuse in a boss that connects to a not doing for the happy buyer.
5 / 5
Excellent highly would recommend vendor and produced
4 / 5
A product has done well partorisca last winter, so only tried partorisca the use again and does not turn on, has not been fallen or fraction, so only seated in the draw in my house.
4 / 5
No like this solid built like my old Optimate there has been partorisca the years but do like this described and a voltage and the current exposure is much more informative that so only an indicator of health has DIRECTED
4 / 5
No like this solid built like my old Optimate has had partorisca the years but do like this described and a voltage and the current exposure is much more informative that so only an indicator of health has DIRECTED
5 / 5
Does exactly that says in a box! Ordered my battery was!
5 / 5
Has bought this the substitution partorisca my old battery maintainer, really pleased with him, that says.
5 / 5
Does like this feigned - although the advantages are short, extends has required
5 / 5
His difficult east to judge there was it so only the pair of month. It is easy to dip on a subject only has had is that there is at all partorisca the hang with.
4 / 5
The product adds. He that is supposition partorisca do without questions
4 / 5
Although I have bought this the moment has not required partorisca use it until today. It has taken he out of a box and is the 2 discharges partorisca nail on that??? Quell'Use is concealed ?

Top Customer Reviews: NOCO GENIUS2X2, ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5
It marks any bone roughly that.. Ossia The Load of Intelligent Ready luxury partorisca Automobile, Motorcycle, Caravans & anything more than this ilk that types of varied uses of chemist of 12 & 6 Volt battery.
Some starts of qualities in an external packaging and continuous interior & throughout.. You are instantly the conscious something well, special & the yard on a rest.. Quality of silts, action & of characteristics partorisca match.
In a box takes a compact unit he, 110mm W X 130mm L x 50mm H, this can be trace of wall in cochera, or in the protective raincoat & theftproof enclosure, with some DIY work, to external wall of the yours go.. Or used likes portable standalone load. It comes with 2 rays & rawplugs also.

In some other inner boxes, will find the United Kingdom 3covers of goodness to nail partorisca be able to.. & Each one another combination of some goodnesses of power of the worlds, there was etc! Another box contains 2 insiemi of type of crocodile of the quality connecters partorisca attach to terminals of battery, any economic some neither.. It covers of thickness a lot sheathed/insulated in plastic (Possibly ABS TYPE like main unit.. His no state.) Another very characteristic that is to actuate is a 'inline fusible' of one 'leaf' common car type in a Red+ goodness of a connection of crocodile. All these goodnesses, Units, Extension of Boss of Clip & of Crocodile the boss has spent in closing waterproof connectors, also with discharge of focus partorisca when in the no semi-detached storage & . Calm also will find 2 insiemi of 10ft bosses of extension. One 25 crocodile of Bosses of Thumb of the clip when semi-detached to some permanent starts of measure of unit 38' in everything.
This unit has 2 start has controlled banks, as you can touch 2 battery of any voltage & partorisca write independently of the each one another a same time. Any type of chemist also, Acid/of Football of the Goodness, AGM & Lithium 12v. With 6 volt provisto partorisca too much. When being the fully list to upload, also can remain permanently connected partorisca maintain trickle battery of cariche, automatically will relieve a condition of battery. As you see of description.. Temp Control, reverse polarity, bad battery, the voltage that warns the indicators are there.

That it is all that wants to know this in spite of, yes see a spec', but that it is likes into use! Damn Well! I have touched mine 2 car battery, 56ah & 60ah - ( forgets that it says in manual of Instruction, escopas Until 40 amp now batts' . I began it it was like an Electrician of Car, This will touch battery of any Amp Now! A Big one more Ah, a slow plus in fully of load! Too Amps 'Fast Chargers' reduce a life of battery! ) - 1 battery has had, around 25, another around 35 load. Touched both initially to plenary in around 6h & 6h:43 mins, has directed the indicators say you a progress, for Colour, Solid & Pulsing, So only one 3rd concentrated will change to Orange. Then it spends for a process & of interview of the Optimisation to finalise that it touches.
There looks to be the conflict of info (or lack of) among a Manual of Instruction & A description of the website estada of the indicator FOCUSED. In a solid Green .. Indicator (any mentioned on page of Amazon.) , & Flashing Meaning. Mina 56ah (2 years) is finally be of pulsing Green to Solid. Another batt (6 years) is remained in slow pulsing for 8 more hours, never solid!
Does not import like any way a battery was fully 100 touched in any state!

A key in the control of way is easy to use, short press to cycle 12 v types, press 3 seconds to enter 6v, press 5 seconds to upload by force for the detection/of low voltage has died battery .. Of out place, way of press for 5 seconds, indicators to Write all flash, selects correct batt way of type, & will force to touch the voltage under/dead battery for 5 mins.

Ossia An Excellent to Upload & Maintainer in every aspect & function.. If you are in a phase for one, calm will not go wrong in choosing is one, also see they he 4 bank a (This has to that be a Bentley of Chargers Then!) Has the big car/Me collection of Bicycle.. Looks Robust & Quality.. With all some precise characteristics of the modern state of an art uploads.. Quite Big in some the EUA, believes them.
Has uploaded some vineyard & of photo.. Esperanza finds that useful
4 / 5
A Noco Character 2x2 Ready Upload has sophisticated methods to ensure the variety of 12V and 6V battery in of the technologies resupplied can be touched, maintained and has conditioned. Although almost (but no quite) fully automatic, also assumes an user has some common sense and will read some instructions. A Az blurb is up with accuracy.

A 10ft goodness of extension to some discharges of battery together with latching the clips and some connections are the resistant water. These goodnesses are compatible with earlier Noco systems, how was able to covers it to a goodness has connected permanently to some terminals of a battery in my car.

Some hands are connected for the regular figure-8 connector so he one of some four different hands plugged direct distributed does not return , then there is joined to be something generally available that does. A goodness of United Kingdom there has been a correct fashion of 13Some discharges, and has been returned with a correct 3Amp fusible.

One load has the pair of notch in a side to leave one to locate it on a wall or to somewhere convenient to a car battery(ies). Taking a bit animate lying walk in the shelf, the approximations of small zone some indicators that is roughly 18°C on environmental while I have verified on that. It would be slightly trace fresher in the vertical surface with airflow.

One uploads looks to be test of beer, but a figure-8 hands the connection is not ; as any one quell'external has any risk of rain or puddles etc.

has tried a canal in the good car battery this has been sleeping for the fortnight of a last walk, that loses for the half an Ampere-now the day (28my dark current) maintaining to to systems like him some close and burglar of the alarm etc. has left another canal in standby. I have controlled also a consumption to be able the hands to see that one load has done in fact, and has been impressed for like this tries imposed different to value a condition of a first battery to settle down to do a work. As it progresses some taxes have used in some sequences of tests and cariche are regulated to adapt, gradually reducing until in an end is using almost zero of some hands and so only a green light is on.

A main consumption was , which exits on to a battery, slightly more than a suggested 2Amps in a a canal. For a time was happy with a battery a current was less than the tenth of a Amp, and any time a battery augments of external temperature more than for the half the terracing C on environmental.

The source of a manual is quell'has bitten small, reading help of glasses, but all an information some needs is in there and is has presented clearly. It is of entity to read an information of security, reason with some combinations is possible to try to win Darwin Ricompensa and ignore some lights of opinions and force one uploads to a unsafe way in the faulty battery or in a wrong type of battery. If it love touch The-battery of ion, so only can give support those having a System of Management of inner Battery (BMS).
5 / 5
Can say that ossia the load of big quality a moment ploughs a packaging. It comes with you cover him and the goodnesses for multiple of the international socket writes as it would owe that do quite anywhere travesías. Also it comes with two clip of goodness of crocodile and two extensions to touch two battery immediately. A unit can be trace in the wall that uses one has has resupplied rays although has no rawl spent. A unit of base is quite small and compress in 4 thumbs for 5 thumbs (10 cm x 13 cm) and is very solid.
With some extensions are returned, each together of the clips of battery extends 13 foot (so only down 4 metres) of a unit of base. Some clips of the crocodile is not an economic class, is solid, slightly weighty and covers it there is lined. Has the car, the van and the motorcycle that does not have very used because of a current pandemic situation to the equal that require regular touching. I can touch two of them immediately and has included so only leave one load has attached permanently and will condition a battery and maintains it has touched.
C load will touch enough any type of battery of acid of the goodness, AGM battery (the type used in of the cars/to start with of the stop) and Lithium-battery of Ion (comprising phosphate of iron of the Lithium) and comprising 6 goodness of battery of volt of acids. An only restriction I expósita is with battery of type of the Lithium, said 'for use in of the batteries with Systems of Management of the Battery (BMS) so only'.
Ossia The trickle upload so that it will take hours for your battery to touch, as that precise load.
Probably one the majority of difficult part to use this load is identifying that type of battery your vehicle has. There is the way for battery of Acid of the Goodness, comprising Gel Battery but another way partorisca AGM (Foreigner of Absorbent Glass) battery, a generally used type on transports/to start with of the stop, this in spite of can be used in of the cars that is not partorisca take/beginning like this need to verify and another way for battery of Lithium. There is the security built in for 6 battery of volt, need to resist a key of way down for 3 seconds. There is also the security for touch to force dead battery, precise resist a key of way down for 5 seconds.
A good touch is that each together of the clips of battery has a inline melt which have underlined in a picture. A fuse is the 5 fusible volt of car type but offer some protect of the short. It notes that has to that you always is returned a first red clip and a second of black clip when that connects a battery, excepts on some very old (probably vintage for now) transports that has had a polarity around another way.
The wise security, one load has lights to say you have taken an injustice of polarity , if a voltage of a battery is the then selected elder, if a battery is 'bad' or if a unit on is heating.
If you are happy using uploads it concealed is not simplistic, this load will touch enough any battery of vehicle, will touch 2 battery immediately, can remain connected to condition a battery, has risarcimento thermal to the equal that uses an environmental temperature to do sure your battery a lot on uploads or down uploads and a blurb also said 'automatically relieves battery sulfation and stratification of acid to restore action of stray battery' except a leaflet that comes with him does not mention concealed.
4 / 5
A Noco character 2 x2 the battery uploads is the a lot of instrumented little unit. In 2amps for start, is probably better adapted to the smallest batteries likes found in of the motorcycles, but felizmente would touch the main batteries but obviously would take the longest plot. It possesses the plot of motorcycles, how is ideal for my own use to the equal that can touch two of my battery of bicycles immediately. I used it on 12v sour of goodness, 12 gel fill and 6v battery of acid of the goodness and has done perfectly at any rate , has included to spend behind the life an old battery that has thinks that that it would have to situate of. Among him stylish box, with four different hands goodnesses for phases of different country, two insiemi of goodness of clip of the crocodile, and two 3m goodness of extension, with discharge of waterproof connection, as I can leave an external unit to touch battery. A manual of user comes with translations for on 30 tongues, like this obviously aimed in the by all the world phase! A unit is simple to use and generally will recognise a type of battery has connected, but has to that select manually when touching 6v likes incumplimiento to 12of v when it is turned in the first place on. Some lights in an exposure will aim a state of load, and when fully touched, automatically will go to the interview that the calm touches so that it can leave it has connected all a time. Tho Only light negative could find with one load, is that in planting to comprise 4 different hands goodnesses, three duquel I never use, he state more than a goodness to comprise the short goodness with eyelets that could have connected permanently to a battery, and leave a battery in a vehicle with some accessible goodnesses for the interview that touches. You can unbolt some clips of crocodile of some goodnesses, but there is then has lost a place of some goodnesses to touch, like this calm then is of tower to perceive so only a battery the time. You can purchase these directs for separate, but think that one dips would have to that it has been comprised, like the majority another mark comprises him on compraventa initial. It possesses another battery of motorcycle chargers frames like Optimate and Ctek, but this one looks to be better quality, and has has has touched battery behind some have died that some another not even would recognise. In general although it has a lot of state impressed with this stylish little upload.
4 / 5
A NOCO Character 2x2 bank beat the load is to fly it and one everything in a product to touch or maintaining battery. It is always a subject when some battery causes the question and some transports does not begin . Ossia To fly he of the product!

Has used mainly stops:
the battery that touches, Trickle touching to recharge a battery and battery desulfating for battery of acid of the goodness.

A main unit comes with two banks, each one that like this of 2 amperes that help in touching two vehicles to the time like them to them cars of touch, motorcycles, trucks etc. Very Characteristic.

A voltage has offered is 6V for battery of acid of the goodness and 12V for battery of ion of the lithium!

One the majority of characteristic that the imports roughly is that it could be used consistently to some conditions of time likes them inbuilt the thermal sensor rule a overcharging in hot time and undercharging in cold time that it is a lot that imports in effective doing of some batteries.

Relieves some cariche of battery down to 1 volt and a way by force has the habit of battery to upload down 1 volt.

What good roughly touching is that he no overcharge some same batteries when it is plugged for long quantity partorisca time that it resupplies longevity and sure use for some batteries.

4 universal bosses and is covers him is resupplied the one who just fantastic, easily portable and facts of robust material.

Two clamps is resupplied. So only I have the question that a clamps does not take some terminals of battery properly and maintain intact.

Comes with a manual of user of use of sure entity, the prize could be better! But in general it is athe the battery uploads all the world has to that have surely!
5 / 5
Ossia Come packed in an appeal of retail box, and the instructions have comprised, 2 insiemi of clamps, bosses of extension, spent of power for each possible type of socket, as well as the rays takes partorisca wall the trace chooses . That more could ask?

Setup Is exactly to the equal that would expect, and taking the batteries that that the touch could not be easier. Like Uses of boxes clamps, can be easily and securely attached to any fashion of battery, and that has the trace of wall in a cochera means does not have to that that never look for, is always the interior achieves of discharges he and some cars, and the bosses do not owe that be run and has left partorisca hang by means of a paving. Any worry roughly the when being external / in a cochera humid neither, likes the house is solid and waterproof.

Once connected on, and after remaining in prejudices, both of my car battery have been touched, with one uploads then in his now automatically. Term along, suspect this load will see by means of a rest of a lockdown and winter without prpers that has to that concern on that it has to that leave in an emergency. I have possessed to plot of trickle chargers in a past, but this one is clearly the yard on and absolutely would trust it.

Frankly there is at all the value that complains roughly here. Like the battery uploads to leave a lot little to be wished. A fact that is like this very built and versatile means probably will be a last battery uploads does not need never buy. To good sure recommended!
5 / 5
Has had already he NOCO the character so only uploads in fact a lot of years and is always be my taken to upload to resurrect the battery or maintaining battery in upper condition.

This in spite of increasingly because of some grandchildren that roams a garden in 12v vehicles, overtime to maintain them has touched.

A NOCO Character 2x2 is perfect for the number of reasons:
- can touch two battery independently a same time
- comes with two insiemi of 10ft bosses and rays partorisca wall trace, how is now permanently locates behind near of the socket to be able to and can achieve the majority of a cochera.
- Is like this easy to use, so only press some keys of independent way to choose some types of different battery
- the Independent exposures indicate of the state to touch of the each one of battery.

An only downside of this upload is that so only comes with just two insiemi of battery clamps and any one some connectors of coverage that you used to take also. It is odd calm of then take adapters to be able to take all the different countries. Calm this in spite of can buy a eyelet connectors partorisca in £12.

A fact that regulates a tax to touch based in an environmental temperature is character , especially in cold time.

One that surprises to upload would have to that give years of service.

Hopefully You Expósito this useful description 👍
5 / 5
This Noco Character 2X2 is a perfect addition in my house. Like the result of me not using transport too often, and no in that has the cochera has to that it weaves of questions with the battery, especially in timing colder. And this sure weaves it to me of time, and money any need of EA. In general it is an amazing to upload with the variety of functions in a bit device.
Comes with 4 different types of EU of sockets, United Kingdom etc. Which is a lot thoughtful especially partorisca travelling to somewhere in a Ue. 2 rays to locate this device that I supposition would be a lot of gain in a cochera. 2 pairs of clamps to touch and 2 pairs of bosses of extension for these clamps. That done one touching quite easy like calm does not require to concern like this to dip two cars near of a device, like this clamps could achieve a battery. A big plus so that. The use is extremely simple likes hs so only of two keys. Recognition so only in one load and choose it beat precise touch and whats the. An indicator aims the level that it would beat has touched. Besides, it protects the battery and extend his lifetime which is really of entity and again will help to save money. His really good device to have in any house to the equal that can touch almost everything.
5 / 5
Like this likes them go is gone in our caravan in time is necessary to ensure our battery are maintained in good condition. With this NOCO GENIUS2X2, 4 (2-Amp For Bank) Fully-Automatic Ready, 6V and 12V Load, Maintainer the found that really useful and give me piece of alcohol.

In the first place has to them that say all is very a lot of packaged. Of an external map to an interior cushioned and well has boxed accessories - has to them that say a quality is extremely big and the time has been taken to protect an interior of products.
After a quality of some materials has used in one load and the accessories is again very big and ossia a lot of noticable when operating.

One load is extremely the cast likes the has not seen never one with 2 touching of the ports do not import never a fact that can have you several batteries that uploads against a same time (of 6v or 12v) and when be maintained a same time - just brilliant.
Have it trickle the battery uploads at present this in spite of this maintainer done a work of a lot of products in some same and would recommend them this in the heartbeat.

Is appointed a Character and the be in accordance with a name
4 / 5
having the quite old vehicle still, my car never beginning in a frosty morning, is almost the data to leave a first house of careers escoles in the crazy pinch with goodness of jumper while 2 cars were still house . This box means does not require to concern roughly having a 2nd vehicle anymore.
A very necessary addition and date the reception to the toolshed/mancave/cochera. It was extremely a lot of packaged and comprises so more than has been expecting – a hubby is a lot seriously impressed with a whole box.

Mur mountable Is ideal to have he in a situate – I will not go in and on roughly regarding the use bc technically is not my zone of expertise and further of those some instructions give the explanation detailed in an easy to read and comprise formed. That can confirm is that ossia the product of the quality of a time begins unpackaging (any still used with a sweet time) but will not be a lot the time and these will do the enormous difference to these mornings of cold winter.
4 / 5
Has the pair of cars that does not use very often and for this require partorisca maintain trickle has touched. This duel uploads is substituting two separate chargers which I at present use.

One of some vehicles neglected and a battery has taken like this flat that one that exists chargers has had simply a lot recharge a battery, has been for spear a battery was but this load has directed partorisca begin the touching I so that it follows that it animates the could not require substituting!

Are very impressed with a quality of this product, comprises quite everything by all the world variac. To cover like this can be used as a whole, has bosses of long extension for some bosses to touch like this calm in fact can locate one uploads in a wall and have some bosses achieve on to your car. There is of course two of everything in to a box also like them two battery can be uploaded against once, and can be two different types .

Another really good touch in an in fuse of line in a positive terminal connector.

Highly recommend this product!
4 / 5
Has the motorcycle each one that like this so that it is to say a perfect way to ensure some batteries in both are maintained in pouring upper condition. Goodness of decent period to achieve more than a vehicle - can also uploads and maintain two different types of battery a same time - for example he 6V and he 12V or the lithium and the acid of goodness etc. Some clips of crocodile are a lot of fact and take the good grip. It is súper compress consider his capacities, is roughly a same measure like the conditioner of battery of regular motorcycle. It does not come with goodness of the permanent annex but he covers to the connector of another mark that was already in a bicycle, and is so only in the held to buy a NOCO branded some. It is the must has piece of boxes for automobile and owners of bicycle, especially possess vehicles that you does not use all the round of year. Well value of the money.
4 / 5
Wow, This battery is incredible. Has all want to and needs. In a box takes a real battery , battery clamps (2) + integrated eyelets , boss of extension, 2x self touching rays, and 4 different discharge - write One, C, G and I. The battery has 4 different ways of 6 volt to 12 volt that is glorious to the equal that can choose your own preference when touching. Calm points like touched a battery is of low (red colour) to full (green colour). For the battery a measure is brilliant, small, but no too small, very convenient for travesías. A battery can touch 2 different things a same time. An only thing that thinks me was that you take so only 2 battery clamps but any connector, but his no the big question that knows the one who lovely amd adds this battery is.
5 / 5
Amazing NOCO Upload.

This noco uploads can touch 2 battery a same time.

Comes with rays to wall to locate. I installed it on a wall of my cochera and thanks to a 3m bosses, could achieve the majority of a cochera.

Is enough to use. You can choose different types of battery the recharge and automatically rule a speed according to a temperature (how is perfect during winter). A monitor also indicates a state of the each battery.

Comes with all the types to cover electrical, as it can be used by all the world.

A clamps has integrated eyelets, to be attached directly to a terminal.

Thinks that ossia the tool that all the world would owe that have home.
4 / 5
This give the peace adds of import having this in chance of the car emergency, can spend you car battery for behind a dead person. We have had some terrible regime with cars in of the recent years like this this will be the god sends are sure.

Easy to return on on yours wall of cocheras, and can touch until two battery in one go.

Has not had casualidad for the use (or am sincere my husband has not had casualidad for the use this in spite of has) but is clearly the piece of big final of crew that will help to maintain the better cure of our vehicles and sure mark ours the battery remain sãs.
This is not so only your course of a judge of mill of battery the load exited is a battery advanced maintainer this can help extend your life of battery.
5 / 5
Has bought this uploads like this has varied it battery that is used for electrical fence and sometimes take left on to long and is the down for normal upload and the pair was allocated for piece to the equal that could no to take them to touch . The ones of way that far has directed it to save a AGM and one directs battery of acid that struggled to take touched . Both are now behind in service and doing well very impressed that a reparation that dips the battery of the goodness spent behind the life and a AGM so only could take to 10v to jump he of another battery in mine uploads old . Place AGM dipping on and left it days of the enemy varied until the green light has come on and has been back on fences in for 3 weeks now and doing well . Very happy
4 / 5
C load is the addition adds our cochera!
Is gone in his box, with covering international multiple, and to be sincere, is a first time that receives something with so much discharge, more some bosses, a main organism, and also some rays to attach it to a wall!
Are absolutely adds, easy to use and can touch multiple elements immediately, averting overcharging leave plugged!
Has to that be sincere, and has asked my husband the one who is one a manager for our cochera, for the install and to explain mine to the equal that to do he in chance a car or a bicycle will not begin , but is like this practical in any case and a lot compact to be that it is.
5 / 5
Very simple and easy to dip up and use. Simple to follow the instructions are comprised, but his quite simple to take your boss around. An element is to have to that very heavy and instantly can say his access for the different purpose some of this Chinese of half prize some can take! Arrived in the a lot of stylish strong box and has comprised was all some adapters have required for the take all dip up and functional. Automatic scrolling of 6 to 12 volts does what so easier, any fiddling roughly simply discharges and use. Any I same say this element is expensive to be sincere, value each penny and has to them that well sure will last a lot of years!
5 / 5
Thanks the goodness has not had to use this battery uploads still but iot certainly is reassuring to have he home. It will save the plot of money - especially on winter with an older car. It looks very easy to use and some instructions are clear. It is good to have peace of alcohol to know that my help of need of car battery - I then have this artilugio to rid.
4 / 5
Ossia The really a lot of packaged and well has drawn. I am not very technical and was bit it daunted by him, but some instructions are very easy to follow and is easy to use. Ossia Useful to have in a cochera and a fact that regulates to a temperature is the utmost characteristic , especially to the equal that are by train of the maintain external.
4 / 5
Ossia Easily one better load has has not possessed never. As any the one who normal battery and marine tones that it is able to touch one of the each one a same time is fantastic. I want to which compact a unit is and the one who robust and well has built is.
5 / 5
💡HE MARK >>is An American mark he which the main field has given activity is own the realisation has given caricabatterie intelligent. He produced object of my opinion, Coming correctly give back on the preparation, is drawn-projected in the EUA and assemblato in Cina. The one who but The mine there is rasserenato a lot, and convinced like this as I announce to use it on the battery of my tourism, is he done that any extracted has given a generalista, the mine has given a skilled producer in this the typology has given devices.

☑️ A THING DO FAULT And COME EUA >>is according to one indispensable accessory, that in practices partorisca do lacking the maintain the battery always in good conditions, averting was fastidiosos inconvenienti, the ad come example has embezzled the feet and have to run of the elettrauto, that lengthen the life was of the battery. The utilisation is very simple, also for those come me that have little dimestichezza, and is sufficient in practising insert he caricabatterie in the common and select he voltaggio has given ricarica wished (the base was characteristic of the battery gives ricaricare), and he game is done. Chronometer has given ricarica variable sleep, and inevitably bequeathed to the type-state has given battery gives ricaricare, however say that in 14-15 has spent yes attains completed it a complete cycle. Sleep however present has given has directed, one has given which goes back fijamente announces operation completed, so the utilizzatore further of the connect-scollegare the cables and attend, has to for real passage little, is in fact practically all automated.

✅ The VERSION Some PLANNED CANALS >>is an of the peculiarities of the product, in practices with a device only is possible ricaricare or maintain in load very planned battery contemporáneamente. It is a characteristic gives Any subestimar, any so much for the ricarica, because sure enough it is difficult that was born he requirement his planned battery contemporáneamente, the one who enough for him maintenance has given load, typical situation announces example of the seasons invernali, submerged ojalá scooter and ciclomotori any one use for long periods and can like this as be born the requirement.

🔘 HE CHARACTERISTIC >>have it already grossomodo said that it is a device has good data level, however further of the attain the upload-maintain in load planned battery, is endowed also has given a thermal sensor, that in practices adapted the ricarica in the base was external temperature revealed, averting situations has given potential overburdens that they could rovinare the battery. I have appreciated particularly The presence of the certification IP6X (entirely hermetical The powders and smokes), that my consent has given maneggiare and riporre he produced in cochera without passage too if I litter it and similari. Here dream A series has given other functions, the ad come example that has given ricarica forced, that attains launched it “ his” a battery entirely downloads, or the detection and remoción of the sour stratification, like this as it is as I joined has given devices seeds-professionals more complete that here dream of the sud market. Joint In such sense has given to read carefully complete it and very done has driven all'use it multilingua (present also in Italian) that it is very a lot of gain the first utilisations and does to comprise very what himself can passage and come do it.

❌ WHAT IS MISSING >>one saves In which riporre he produced when any into use, any that it was indispensable, also because majority have said is certificate IP6X, but since extracted has given a first product, and he price any one is confirms it, stona a pò he fact that a lot here was, me he would be expected.

🛃 CONCLUSIONS >>undoubtedly A product has given quality, has seen servants something has effective data, and can allow it to you, any valley surely the pity. At all Which see with him old caricatore gives pocket tens has given euro that had first, that are suitable the sound has given another level. Joint purchase It, any one will remain delusi.
5 / 5
§1. The motives of the option.
Dreams A passionate has motorcycle of date and Car of period, that use enough has given rado the cause has given cogenti limits was circulation, whose, for environmental motives, sleep soggette in the city has submerged alive. In the Pocket occasions In which it could use, my understood often has given to have to renounce the cause of the battery downloads. For him the investigation averted'inconvenient, that in reality find also cabbage my modern scooter, when I restart it dope the pause invernale, time does have purchased a normal caricabatteria. Time of cabbage, but, my sleep surrendered history that researches'device my consent has given to maintain the accumulators always charges, my no very prevent he danneggiamento. For the history motivates have decided has given to order this the device has given Chinese manufacture, commercialised by the American company NOCO, he which, any only is in the terracing has given ricaricare the battery and the maintain load, my also has given to solve the questions of the “stratification” and “of the solfatazione”, that inevitably verify the followed has given an irregular utilisation protratto in the time. Quell'Economy of the present treatment no my consent has given dilungarmi on the planned predicted phenomena; my limit, therefore, say it that both augment artificially the tension of the circuit presiona of the battery, doing it has seeded load also when it is not it. I close this initial parenthesis, adding that I have chosen The version the planned banchi has given load, in what, especially in the months has given colds, sovente yes presents the requirement has given to have to put in sixth planned battery contemporáneamente.

§2. He Packaging And the labeling.
The “special “” caricabatteria has arrived among Him ours hands In an elegant preparation, constituted gives box and “controscatola” has given cartoncino, wrapped gives a film protettivo termosaldato. To the inner sweat, carefully stabilised gives a compartimentazione in foam poliuretanica and cardboard, find:
● he device;
● 4 diverse cables has given diet, which, all gifted has given a connettore bipolar female gives innestare in the male present in the inferior zone of the device, finish with different plug (raffigurate in the page Amazon): that European the planned poles, that American the planned poles, that British the three poles and that Australian the three poles;
● 2 cables has given connection was battery, each munito has given a fusibile gives 10 A for scongiurare he risk has given short circuit, that finish with ojetes integrated, on the which dream avvitati the morsetti “a crocodile, which, like this then , sleep also sostituibili;
● 2 prolunghe gives 3 m, to extend he link among him device and the accumulator;
● 2 bolts autofilettanti for the eventual fissaggio look it of the device;
● he manual of the instructions (also) in Italian.
Characterises has Packaging of date employed, my trial, guarantees an effective scanning against urgidos, vibrations, compressions and other external agents, that can take part in the phase has transport of data and has given storage.
The labeling, clear and esaustiva, comprises a serious has given symbols that dream impressi so that on the packaging what device of the sud. It numbers of high Parrot Any leaves of mine has given to examine them all, my soffermo, therefore, so only his some that reputo more notable. It compares, first of all, the marcatura “”, that guarantees to the consumer the compliance the all the normative, valid all'inner of the European Community, that discipline the production and the immissione sud market of the object. It does He look With this he symbol afferente was American certification “FCC”, that assevera the been missing emission has given annoyances elettromagnetici. A these planned emblems adds that of the validation “IP6X”, which assevera the complete protection against the entrance has given powder, sand and any one the body has had the habit of has given small dimensions, my has not given liquids. Have, afterwards, A logo constituted gives planned square, the in the another, he which specific the belonging has given this device to the devices has given the class seconded, that is to say those gifted has given “double isolation”, that is to say projected in the accounts of way gives not requiring the connection of the mass quell'buried, for which he only guasto any one can has caused a contact of the utilizzatore with dangerous tensions. History peculiarity explains reason, coming will see better to continuation, was well of the terrace has given link used in our Country find a normal European plug the planned poles in place of the most frequent Schuko (that, coming know, there is link has the data sotterrato). Any one lacking, finally, the emblem of the container has given rubbish his wheels, barrato gives a cross and accompanied gives an underlying full bar horizontal, that agrees the obligation has given any throw refuse them voters and electronic (the c.D. “RAEE”) Among those ordinary, but In appositi containers or presso the ecological platform.
This sostanzioso corredo Informative comes incidentally enriched by the manual of use, he which resupplies, form quite intelligibile, all he necessary indications for him consumer, included which afferenti was guarantee and was compatibility elettromagnetica of the product.

§3. He structural characteristics.
One goes back stir the packaging, the device results fully rispondente there are textual and photographic contents of the page Amazon. It surfaces immediately it sweated it constructive solidity, riconducibile first of all announces a compatible to involve polimerico has dye of black date, that racchiude the planned distinct banchi has given load and that, in terms has given resistance and durevolezza, there is well little gives invidiare announces a carcasa metallica. He dimensions contained (13,2 x 11,3 x 4,7 cm) any one do a quite compact instrument, that, thank you also to the weight of sweat any excessive (roughly 500 g), results simple gives to move and transport. A mobility that comes agevolata, will manage direct or indiretta, also gives other peculiarities that characterise he device. It prevails among these, the presence in the inferior zone has given 4 gommini, which, endowed has particular data aderenza, allow has given to lean it establemente dondequiera. Have afterwards An along the edge has given diet amovibile has given Roughly 190 cm, that, coming have anticipated, arrivals with a common European plug the planned poles (technically said “CEE 7/16” or “CEI 23-5”). Investigation'conclude, the difference of the plug Schuko, is compatible with the súper big majority has given took electrical presents in the edifices, for which a lot demands the interposition has given a adattatore. A similar respecto, giova puntualizar that, also laddove decides has given to fix he caricabatteria was wall for half of the bolts in endowment, the leeway remains, however, wide, he link among device and battery can give place also the remarkable distance. It gives each one has given banchi has given load, that dream attacked the all'another, fuoriesce, in fact, a fragment has given the edge has given roughly 34 cm, that arrive with a connettore bipolar female, that here offers several options. We can decide it has given to connect directly it digs endowed has given morsetti gives to attack was battery, he which, along 55 cm, finalises precisely with a connettore bipolar male: or, laddove this longitude complessiva has given roughly 90 cm any sufficed, can interpose among the planned fragments anzidetti an or foreseen of the prolunghe in endowment, that measure each 3 m. He producing, in fact, resupplies A prolunghe has given each the bank has given load, my at all vieta has given to use them both for the same, seen that to the extremes here dream a connettore bipolar female and a male. In substance, like this then , any one is sufficient a longitude has given 3,90 m, if it can arrive but he 6,90 m, that can be incidentally increased, purchasing other prolunghe, commercialised tiled NOCO.

§4. The utilisation.
A turn read he clear and synthetic instructions, he caricabatterie is very simple to give used. For each one has data planned banchi has given load has seen is an only key, he which, thank you was sweated frontal position, is easily individuabile and easily raggiungibile, for which was the accensione that he passage gives a modality all'another result a bit fast. The surface rugosa that connotes Count button ensure a cost aderenza, that does not leave simple azionamento, had to also was sweated good sensibility. The optimum functionality has given this key comes, besides, enfatizzata of the immediatezza of the response to the impulse of sweat, which is contrassegnata gives a time has given latenza, that would dare to define impercettibile.
He signpost is quite Complete and quite intuitive, in what it is characterised gives a serious has given has directed, that signal the accensione, the modality has given caricamento prescelta, the state has given load of the battery, as well as eventual questions has given operation (tension of the too big accumulator, battery any funzionante, polarity invested, temperature too big or too low). In correspondence has given each one has given these spies this is a apposito pittogramma, that does not give intuitive the function.
The belonging announces a club has given vehicles of period the mine has the way of dates has given saggiare he potentiality has given investigation'device, that, agree, for each the bank has a common has given ricarica has given 2 An and a power has given start has given 30 W. You grieve it is it has extended the voice that had has given a caricabatteria In the terracing has given to absolve also to the functions has given desolfatore have received a miriade has given required has given loan, to the which have, but, adhered the way my, ossia doing me hand the battery gives “to revive”. Like this doing, have testado The efficiency of the device with each the type has given battery was the 6 that he 12 V: humid, geles, without maintenance, EFB, AGM, football/of football, to the lithium, etc.; among another, no my sleep limited to the accumulators for creation, mine, with the bondadosa collaboration has given some conoscente, have tried it also with some “a deep cycle”, which that has given a photovoltaic installation, has given one receives the motorised wheels and has given a lavapavimenti. I have ascertained that, like this Coming give in the manual, the instrument is in the terracing has given to upload entirely would beat final he 40 Ah and has given to maintain in load also which have given upper capacity. Equally veritieri Dream resulted I Time have given ricarica indicated, that for the battery gives 12, 24 and 40 Ah have appurato sure enough be has given 4,5, 9 and 15 has spent.
Any one have omesso has the data has used any of is them available modalities, with each of the which have obtained results prevalentemente positive. That, but, Gives which dream remained literally fascinado has been the “Force”, with which dream attained the ricaricare accumulators, whose initial tension of the accumulator was exactly low (inferior ad 1 V) gives not attaining ad be relieved of the device.
My sleep surrendered history that the intelligent “attribute” Thus caricabatteria is of the all appropriate. He Device, in fact, interactúa constantly with the battery, adapting constantly the common erogata to the momentaneo been has given load of the accumulator. In the execute this constant calibration, the instrument HAS history, thank you announce an integrated thermal sensor, also of the fluctuations of the temperature, preventing in such way that the common issued was excessive in the chance has climate of date a lot of broth or insufficient in the hypothesis rovescio. The for real thrilling thing, but, is that, during these phases, the device relieves also eventual episodes has given stratification of the acid and has given solfatazione, that caters the ad has deleted without that here it was need of the intervention of the utilizzatore. This The system has given automatic reparation the mine there is allowed has given the battery has recovered old, inutilizzate, damaged, stratificate or solfatate, that constituted the endowment would originate has given vehicles of period.
Thank you The all these operations that he device executes has given incumplimiento, was battery has arrived constantly the just the dose has given load. This Any only averts that it damage , my consent also has given to leave it constantly connected all'device without some danger, dates the pure presence of the system “antiscintilla”. In such way, will be ensured he maintenance of the load and, besides, the instrument will continue the monitor the accumulator, guaranteeing sweated it constant stabilisation and optimisation.

§5. He final considerations.
The apprezzabile estimativa constructive and he ragguardevole functional luggage, technologically evolved the mine has simple data utilisation, celebrated in the lines that precede, justify, as me, fully he price has given 126,45 euro, whose at present commercialises the article. Ad ulterior suffragazione of the equity has given the import of history has seen is, perdipiù, he recognition gives part of the manufacturer has given a conventional “guarantee” has given three years, that goes ad add was legal “guarantee” biennale, attivabile in the confrontations of the rivenditore.
5 / 5
Have ordered this product to través has programmed Has vine of date of free Testing of Amazon.
Have other caricabatterie economic Mine, in spite of these exert correctly he Parrot work, hardly have seen the preparation has given this double caricabatterie have the pill has given to have used always has given toys.
Has not seen boredom enumerating he content of the box, seen that any had alleged it already was present a video has given unpacking, expecting that it has seen can be useful.
He caricabatterie is very built also in the minimum details ( even The box there is imbottiture In hule feather to protect he produced ) and the cables dream all has given abundant diameter.
He manualetto multilingual Comprises an Italian version esaustiva and wonderfully translated.
This family has given caricabatterie is thought To be able to to be mounted semipermanentemente of the sud vehicle: in the preparation will note the presence has planned given bolts and of the sud caricabatterie will note lucido planned generous scanalature lateral to insert them.
He caricabatterie the leaves has given settare separately the parameters For each one has planned data canals in ways the history gives to obtain the best directs of the the planned battery whose will want to abbinarlo ( have a camp with double battery have found an ideal product...).
Have had The way has the data has declared the function 'Force' and confirm that it works: I have uploaded a battery totally downloads my loaned attention the only forced the ricarica he caricabatterie bypassa all he securities... Like this as Any one can allow you he luxury has given to invest for error the planned cables.
Personally Any one have installed it below to the cofano of the car because it uses it was for this that for him automobiles has given my father and my mother and for the motorcycle of mine there is first canal settato for the my car and he according to the 'gone back' in function of the vehicle.
For the moment in which I write presents it opinion he produced proposes the roughly ciento twenty-six euro, a price that find on low for the quality of the ( double ) produced ( only the cables resupplied in the container has seen would cost svariate tens has given euros purchased separately ) understand that no all are had the spend one enciphers simile for a 'double produced' mine have a double battery has seen joint has given seriously take in consideration the purchase.
For what mine concerns this product is promoted the full votes with has given so much lode and academic kiss, any for real satisfied sleep!
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The article has arrived in an optimum preparation has given rigid cardboard, the sound there is since here it dreams he characteristics of the product, while, to the inner sweat, in scompartimenti very organised, have found:

1 GENIUS2X2 NOCO Caricabatterie and mantenitore has given load
4 Cables has given diet (EU, IN The, United Kingdom, AUt) gives 1,9 m
2 Cables the pinza for lucida long battery 55cm
2 Cables has given extension gives 3m
2 Bolts autofilettanti for fissaggio look it
1 Manual has given multilingual instructions (Italian tongue compressed)

This GENIUS2X2 is a caricatore and mantenitore has given load for the battery gives 6V and 12V, is endowed has given 2 banchi gives 2An each one.
Coming give specific, is adapted to upload battery with final capacity the 40 Amp/now and is projected also for him maintenance has given the battery has given all he dimensions.
Goes well For all the types has given battery the sour lead, comprrese lucido Wet, the gel, MF, Football, EFB and AGM gives 6V and 12V, incidentally to the the battery to the lithium gives 12V (LiFeP04).
He Exposure is quite clear and clean easily why has an optimum coating in plastic that covers also the keys has given control isolating them totally gives eventual powder and sporcizia.
I keys has sleep of order of the data 2, one for each bank and presionándolos more goes back, spent gives a modality all'another. Thank you Has has DIRECTED exposed presents of the sud understands clearly he corrected operation of the caricabatterie, he modality has given utilisation selected, the state has given avanzamento of the ricarica and eventual errors.

He modality has given utilisation dream 6 for both banchi, Standby, 12V, 12V AGM, 12V Lithium, 6V, Modality Forces.
1) Standby: he caricatore does not resupply the energy was battery and funziina in modality has given energetic saving consummating a minimum has given common electrical tiled arrested person, in this modality lights one has Directed Orange.
2) 12V: This modality the leaves has given to upload battery Wet Cell, Gel Cell, there is Enhanced Flooded, Interview-Free and to the football, when it is active, exposed to the sud lights one has directed target that has lit the written 12V.
3) 12V AGM: This modality uploads precisely lucida battery AGM gives 12V and when it is active, one has directed target has lit this function.
4) 12V Lithium: This modality, ricarica lucida the battery gives 12V to the ions has lithium of date, comprised lucido lithium of battery-iron-phosphate. It goes used exclusively with gifted battery has given the system has the data directs of the battery (BMS). When it is active lights one has Directed blue.
5) 6V: This modality ricarica lucida battery Wet Cell, Gel Cell, there is Enhanced Flooded, Interview-Free and to the football gives 6Volt, one has directed target indicates that history function is active.
6) Modality Forces: This modality uploads lucida battery with low tension, inferior the 1Volt, acts for 5 valid minutes and afterwards the turn was ricarica level of the modality selected.

He caricabatterie Has a terracing has given protection IP60, this wants to says that it is protected totally tiled powder mine any is waterproof, in fact, in the avvertenze, advises has given scollegarlo accidentally had to wet during the utilisation and has given partorisca conserve he in places asciutti because the humidity can damage he produced.
Dopes The utilisation can clean with a cloth, possibly that it does not release pelucchi.
He manual has given instructions is a lot clear and explains very Coming to use he caricabatterie, perhaps the only what that is missing in the preparation is a guard has transport of data, would have been comfortable, also the the preparation is however has given quality and is useful for riporlo to the inner sweat to dope the utilisation.

DIMENSIONS: Height 11cm X Width 13cm x Depth 5cm

Tiled my experience, can says that it is a caricabatterie simple gives to use and quite sure, the mine there is allowed has given ricaricare the battery of mine utilitaria and of the motorcycle without some question and without overheatings, there is exerted sweats work in effective way. Considering the optimum cure of the preparation, the cables resupplied in endowment, the quality has given material and the robustezza has given which is fact, diverse functions has given ricarica and maintenance and the efficiency of the sweat utilisation, is surely a caricabatterie cost, any among the most economic, seen that is endowed has given 2 banchi, my surely posiziona among the best.
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At all more ví the creation of the box for faeces was an Idea that the quality of the carrier was the be exceptional.
In my chance this carrier is Ideal to the equal that has motorcycle and car.
Of the principle of the Pandemia of the COVID- 19 has had so much the motorcycle like the car prisoner during 4 month and although it began him from time to time the batteries have suffered enough and although they were quite new, remarked that there is deteriorated a bit for this have decided to purchase this type of carrier.

Out of the box, form, has a battery of information of the content.
Once has opened the box finds with the very protected carrier with goleada and alcolchado of foam.
The accessories and the Bosses go in other two independent boxes.
Can find 4 types of boss of diet of that depends of the country can be diverse.
On the other hand have two games of pinzas (positive-negative) of 0,5 metres of longitude each one which and two alargadores of some 3 metres of longitude also each one which.
The pairs go in with a lot of sweetness and have a Clip so that any one release accidentally.
The pinzas have a good operation and Any too much hardness.
I Bosses to edges very rigid likes him another, edges very flexible and of qualities.
Can anchor he in the wall of the cochera and like this will have it The hand while we require it to us.
In general the quality is excellent.
First to dip our battery Uploads has to that cerciorarnos well of the way to upload that gives support to select the pertinent way among the varied options that offered this carrier.
Will be able to upload two battery L the same time with diverse characteristic.
The box contains a Manual of instructions in several tongues where indicates likes use the and the time to upload that depends the battery.
This bank of load will restore the batteries that relieves the sulfatación and the sour stratification that recovers the stray show for a strong start of the Engine and the mayor lasted of our battery.
I doubts sinned, a carrier that will augment the life of our batteries and will optimise his show sinned overburdened.
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The first feeling is of quality for the four sides of then he Packing well and incredibly very protected in accordance with the quality of the product.

In the box comes the adapter on the one hand with 2 rays roscachapas to fix he in any surface and after coming other two boxes of bosses. One of them is of adapters of Red for the majority of country. They come you cover to write The (Amsterdam mainly) , type c (the leaves of mayor of Europe) , g of type (United Kingdom) and type l (Asia). And in the another box amena alargadores for both apresamientos and pinzas of contact . The alargadores have a longitude of some 3 metres and the boss of the pinzas something more than half metre , is longitude that any one has had to transport the heavy batteries of the vehicle or work until the point of load.

This carrier is indicated for battery of 6V and 12V the intensity of 4 A. It averts of the automatic way has other six ways to upload that depends of the type of battery. All his for battery of until 40 amperes. For battery besides amperaje is better to use the automatic way.

Regarding the time of load attaches in the photos a representative table. Logically it depends the measure of the battery and the depth of download. Logically the temperature also affects L the time of load but this Noco multibank has risarcimento thermal to regulate automatically the profile and maximizar the load.
I bosses is very simple although the Ideal is to follow the book of instructions . In the The frontal poster has two indicators that is for each one of the batteries that can upload. Has an indicator has DIRECTED that the través of the colours indicates the level to upload that has the battery. Both first red Edges were of 25 50 the third dips in orange and is one 75 and when it arrives in the chamber dips in green and would be the leaves of complete load he of this moment when it directed it green blinks slowly is that it is optimising the battery .

One have-liked me entirely this piece of then is a device that use usually in mine caravan. I spend several batteries and touch me upload them usually
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With the arrival of the cold this uploads battery create own was he maximum .. For the moment Dream remained piacevolmente struck by the packaging , each the breakings have sweated is confezionata separately and in way impeccabile , the same preparation has has given to suppose you soft to protect he device of the urgidos involontari , for real professional .

All'gone in of the preparation obviously if it finds he uploads battery , 2 cables with pinze 2 cables for prolunga , 4 electrical cables with varied attack pill the Italian .

He uploads battery is projected For ricaricare very 2 battery in mine consecutive way separately . Each Raisin comes settata ( personalised ) seconded It of the battery gives ricaricare . This uploads battery Has the capacity has given to maintain cariche For an along period lucido battery was without overburden a lot of danneggiamenti .
Has the function has given autoregolarsi The seconded of the atmospheric temperature for has not created overheatings and overburden, any if active the morsetti any sleep been dipped in correct way , has a ricarica slow for ricaricare in way continued and the along time .

On the scocca Main Of the caricatore has the door 1 and he spends it 2 ( mode1 mode2) has submerged give the diverse models and the vattaggi has battery of date that if they can have and impostare

12V AGM: lucida battery lead AGM dream munite to the inner parrot has given a system has given recombination has gas of date ,present sleep of the plates in the edge has given glass that absorb and maintain the acid.
12V LITHIUM: it would beat the lithium
6V: battery motorini

Being a load would beat funzionante the common results a po uncomfortable in the wife the expensive battery cilecca out of house a lot having has given common electrical . Surely adapted For the lovers of the Camp that can have availabilities has given common during him rests .
Regarding him price has given €146,45 find it satisfied all'same object and was crowd has given accessories that sprains to the inner sweat .. With this load would beat A lot will have more need has given to call he near to initiate yours car or he yours motorino .
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Give NOCO GENIUS2X2 ist ein intelligent Ladegerät dipped 4 für 6V und 12V Bleiakkus (Motorrad-und Autobatterien), 12V AGM und 12V Lithium-Ionen Batterien.

Was to give Besondere a diesem Gerät ist: Neben give intelligenten Ladeelektronik für unterschiedliche Akkutypen können zwei Akkus unabhängig voneinander geladen werden. Die beiliegenden Verlängerungen sorgen dafür, dass die Batterien bis über 7 Metre weit auseinander stehen können.

Give Ladegerät selbst ist sehr kompakt und findet überall einen Platz. Sogar eine Wandbefestigung ist möglich.

Is kommt aufwendig verpackt In einem bunten Karton dipped sehr viel Zubehör: Anschlusskabel für deutsches, britisches und noch zwei andere Stromnetze, Schrauben für given Wandbefestigung, 2x Anschlusskabel für die Batterien place Krokoklemmen,, 2x Verlängerungskabel und ein gutes Handbuch.
Sleeps wird auch erklärt, warum Is einen speziellen Modus für Read-Ionen-Akkus-gibt: it has given Akkus besitzen nämlich ihre eigene Ladeelektronik.
Eine 12 Volt AGM-Battery hingegen benötigt eine Ladespannung von bis zu 14,8 Volt. Of the ist für eine Stndr-Starterbatteie viel zu hoch. Andererseits kann eine AGM-Battery dadurch Like this schneller geladen werden.
Dann gibt Is noch einen speziellen 'Wiederbelebungs'-Modus, place dem man versuchen kann, komplett 'tote' Akkus, die weniger als 1 Volt liefern, zu reaktivieren. Normalerweise geht Give Ladegerät bei dieser geringen Spannung von einer nicht vorhandenen Battery aus und startet give Ladevorgang erst gar nicht.

Is können zwei Batterien unterschiedlichen Typs unabhängig voneinander geladen werden. Nach dem Aufladen schaltet Give Ladegerät auf Erhaltungsladung one. It gives Ladevorgang kann mittels avenges LEDs überwacht werden und zeigt Damage Ladezustand (bis 25, bis 50, bis 75 und über 75) one.

Ich habe versucht, eine ältere Autobatterie wiederzubeleben. Dazu hatte ich Give Ladegerät 48 Stunden in Betrieb. aber Give Ladevorgang ist Denies über 25 (eine DIRECTED) hinaus gekommen. Like this weiß ich aber wenigstens, dass the battery dates definitiv hinüber ist und ich sie bedenkenlos entsorgen kann.

Was mich ein bisschen stört:
Quotes ausländischen Netzkabel werde ich wohl denies brauchen. Die hätte man sich sparen können, gives sie unnötig Kosten verursachen und bei give Entsorgung die Umwelt belasten. Auch Dipped einer einfacheren Verpackung hätte Man Kosten sparen und give Verkaufspreis niedriger halten können.

Auf Grund Give place weit über 100 Eurocopa doch sehr hohen Preises scheue ich mich, yesterday die vollen 5 Sterne zu vergeben, obwohl give Gerät a sich wirklich sehr gut ist.
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Treat of the new carrier of battery NOCO CHARACTER 2X2. The Main goodness is that it is a double bank of load, that can upload 2 battery at the same time, with a total intensity of 4 amperes (2 amperes for bank) and that it is totally automatic.

HAS 5 ways of operation, everything leaves to upload battery of until 40 AH.

- Way 1: 12V, for battery of humid cell, cell of gel, electrolito clear it advanced, the interview sinned and of football that goes the 12 volts (the objective prime minister focused).
- Way 2: 12V for battery AGM (according to aiming focused)
- Way 3: 12v to upload battery of lithium and phosphate of iron and lithium. (Tercero Focused)
- Way 4: like the first way, but for battery of 6V. (Fourth Focused)
- Way 5: it is the way to be able to, leaves to upload battery with a tension of 1V -in this way is special and requires direct supervision-.

As I already say, is totally automatic, suffices to connect the pinzas of the bank, select the type of battery of load and controls so only the cycles of cariche, he regulating that it depends factors like the external temperature, the temperature of the battery/of instrument, the real state of the battery and he still is able to reduce harms for crystallisation and sulfatación inner, recovering part of the capacity.

Has been able to recover battery of motorcycle that totally had died -eye, while physically the battery is well, ossia, that any one is the physically has communicated glasses the inner level-

In general very happy with the carrier, remarks the quality in all the details and the only the launched in the failure is that it could upload battery further of 40AH, but is something that specifies clearly in the characteristic of the crew and is a compraventa glorious.

Attach also Video in that sees the easy that is to use he with a battery that had fried and that has uploaded perfectly.
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Ich muss vorausschicken, dass ich bereits Gives kleinen 'Noco' seit über einem Jahr im Einsatz habe, also so only und dipped 1A, gives habe ich meistens zur Erhaltungsladung unserer Motorradbatterien verwendet. Nun Also give große Bruder - und was soll ich sagen: Ich cube hin und weg! Alles Was mir are kleinen schon gefallen hat, ist yesterday etwas größer, stärker und x2 !
Zunächst War ich etwas geschockt - give Teil kommt in einer Laughed-Schachtel und given ist schwer auch noch, dabei war gerade die Kleinheit gives, was mir are 1st Noco like this imponiert hat. Aber Gives Rätsel ist schnell gelöst, is sind einfach dermaßen viel Kabel dabei (für to the möglichen Strom-Anschlussnormen und die Ladekabel place Klammern), gives braucht einfach Platz! Of the Ladegerät selbst ist nicht riesig, passt gerade noch like this in eine Hand. It is kann, wenn the man is z.B. dauerhaft In giving Cochera installieren , place 2 Schrauben one gives Wand befestigt werden.
Quotes Kabel selbst haben ein súper Clip-System, gives is erlaubt to the Teillängen beliebig zu kombinieren, is gibt auch unterschiedliche Aufsätze nachzukaufen, wenn the man gives braucht, also z.B. Verlängerungskabel, Ösenanschluss Etc. Dipped dabei ist Gives gebräuchlichste Endstück has dipped partorisca give Klammern, almost give Klassiker. Clips to die halten die Kabel bombenfest zusammen und sind dennoch leicht zu lösen - wirklich gut und durchdacht! Dabei sind To the Enden noch has dipped einer Schutzkappe gegen Staub und Feuchtigkeit versehen für Quotes Lagerung give Kabel.
Zur Ladeelektronik gibt Is nur eines zu sagen: Spitze! Sie 'tastet' sich One gives Ladestrom heran (gives kann the man are V/A-Metre súper verfolgen), erkennt kaputte Batterien, gives habe ich extra getestet und ändert bei Kälte gives Ladeverhalten, denn gerade auf kalte Batterien sollte man nicht dumpf has dipped dem vollen Ladestrom einhämmern, gives hat a.) keinen Sinn und macht b.) eher The battery given kaputt. Habe Gives getestet, indem ich given selbe Battery mehrfach angeschlossen, dazwischen aber im Tiefkühlfach gelagert habe. I am Ende macht gives Gerät sogar noch eine Art 'Optimierung', spannend anzusehen.

Ergebnis: Ein wirklich klasse Ladegerät und meiner Meinung nach jeden Cent wert, yesterday investiert Man in echte Qualität. Dazu gibt Is Kabellänge satt und Option of data auf beliebige Erweiterung. Und Gives für 2 Batterien gleichzeitig. Cube begeistert und lade meine Bewertung has dipped 5 Sternen auf!
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NOCO GENIUS2X2 Carrier Of battery of two banks of 6 and 12 volts.

At all more unpack already @give you that it is a product of quality, and that the vendor wants to create this first impression because he really the this.

Comes with several Bosses to connect the the red electrica, possibly for all the countries. It comprises two Bosses to connect ours battery, each one which with two pinzas and with other bosses that do of alargador. He also ameno two rays for anchors it L to wall, but any one comes the cornamusas.

GENIUS2X2 Can upload two battery L the time of 6 and 12 volts, any so only can upload but that also does interview and improves the health of the batteries. Work with all the type of battery of ploma-sour and of iónes of lithium, comprising the batteries have flooded, of geles and AGM, as well as marine battery and of deep cycle. Has a capacity of 4 amperes (2 amperes for Bank).

Has to that a thermal Sensor that modifies the load in functions of the means of temperature to avert overburdened in of the warm climates and subcargas in of the cold climates.

This carrier is able to resurrect the batteries exhausted of until So only 1 volt. Also it can upload manually the batteries exhausted I 0 volts by means of the new Way by force. Depending of the time that maintains pressed the Way of key, will use one or another configuration for the varied types of battery that required to upload. The device will show two independent screens, one for each battery that is uploading.

If Any one uses our car or motorcycle for long periods of time, is possible that the precise battery be loaded or a good interview, and the person of east work will do it better that our NOCO GENIUS2X2.
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Haben Sie auch ein Transport oder Motorrad, gives während give kalten Jahreszeit in giving Cochera bleibt? Dann kennen Sie Gives Question ja. The battery dates entlädt sich fröhlich vor sich hin, as daß schon weit vor dem Frühling kein Saft mehr gives ist. Abhilfe schafft ein Batterieladegerät, Gives wie has given yesterday auch die Funktion gives Erhaltungsladung hat. Ich finde übrigens, daß ein anständiges Ladegerät In jede gut sortierte Cochera gehört, unabhänig davon, ob man ein Fahrzeug für längere Zeit stillegt oder nicht. Also, of this ist ein Doppel-Ladegerät, gives also bis zu zwei Batterien gleichzeitig has dipped Strom versorgen kann, auch wenn is sich hierbei a unterschiedliche Batterietypen handelt. It is kommt place 4 verschiedenen Netzkabeln für internationalen Einsatz (man denke years Wohnmobil!), darunter natürlich auch dem bei some benutzten Eurostecker. Desweiteren Kabel Has dipped Batterieklemmen, Die etwa 90 Zentimeter lang sind. Auch A Verlängerungskabel the hat gives Hersteller gedacht, und man erhält noch zwei Kabel to drei Metern Länge dazu, like daß gives Ladegerät auch weiter von gives Battery entfernt aufgestellt werden kann. Die Inbetriebnahme ist denkbar einfach: Klemmen dipped gives Battery verbinden, jetzt Netzstecker einstecken und for Ein-Knopf-Bedienung auswählen, welche Art von Battery angeschlossen ist (12V, 6V, LiIon usw.). It gives Ladevorgang beginnt und gives Ladestatus ist A einem sehr deutlichen farbigen Exposure ablesbar. Ist The battery dates voll geladen, kann gives Gerät zwecks Erhaltungsladung angeschlossen bleiben und Ihre Batterien ohne weiteres Zutun über gives Winter retten. Besonders interessant fand ich Damage sogenannten 'Force'-Modus, gives dazu dienen soll, auch Batterien has dipped Null Restspannung wieder Leben einzuhauchen. Wunder darf Man freilich auch hiervon nicht erwarten. Mein Versuch, eine Battery wiederzubeleben, Die sich yesterday über Jahre hinweg 'totgestanden' hatte, schlug fehl. Aber ich denke, daß dieser Modus auch eher dafür gedacht ist, Batterien auf Quotes Sprünge zu helfen, die erst kürzlich ihre Restspannung verloren hatten, also z.B. wenn wirklich Zoom Frühjahrsbeginn Battery the heart Given read sollte. Unterm Strich ein tolles, professionelles Gerät, Gives wie gesagt m.et. In keiner gut sortierten Cochera fehlen sollte.
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👉 Extraordinary caricabatterie of the NOCO, optimum Mark seen that have possessed already a caricabatterie only has given this mark.

👉 He Noco Character 2x2 is perfect for a series has given motives:
- Is possible to upload planned battery in independent way at the same time
- resupplies with near foreseen has given cables gives 3 m and bolts for him setting look it, in fact have installed it permanently near the the prey has given common and can achieve the main breakings of the cochera.
- Is like this Simple to give used, suffices presionar the buttons has given independent modalities to choose the diverse types has given
battery gives ricaricare.
- I independent exposure indicate the state has given load has given each battery.
- He fact that regulate The speed has given ricarica the base was half of temperature is genial, especially when it does cold.

👉 Dream very struck Tiled quality has given this produced, comprises practically all he variants has given electrical plug used in all he mondo, like this as it can be used the global level, here long dream cables has given prolunga for the cables has given ricarica in the way gives can sure enough trace caricabatterie on the wall and have the cables to the final was your car. Here dream Of course Foreseen has given everything in the box also in way that planned battery can be loaded contemporáneamente, and can be planned diverse types.

👉 He caricabatterie resupplies In a preparation súper, coming already written before dream included a sack has given cables CA for diverse countries, like this come cables has given ricarica based his clip for each canal and prolunghe for each canal. He Clip of the battery sleeps súper fresh, in what it is possible staccare undermines the clip tiled and use it come a terminal ad ring for the permanent installation on the battery.

👉 Dopes to have stuck he caricabatterie The both lucida battery in the conditions more cariche, he graphic sweeps has spent quickly all'green indication entirely uploads to dope have examined the parrot been. I promote it green indicates the modality has given maintenance, that is pleasant and simple gives divisar. He lights has given additional error For
has indicated conditions of the battery dreams for real good-looking , in fact in a lot of models has given caricabatterie has seen is simply a spy lampeggiante for any one the type has given conditions has given error, mine these shows to the equal that is he question in way much clearer.

👉 He my Vote Thus produced is gives 5 stars, he deserves for real all, are speaking has given a product the cup has given gamma.

👉In annex was opinion have inserted of the photos of the product, expect that it was sufficient to describe ancore better he articulate it in question.

👉 Expect that The my experience with this product can be useful to the others users.
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habe mir has given Ladegerät besorgt gives ich ein kleines Wohnmobil has dipped vorne normaler Bleibatterie und hinten für gives Wohnbereich eine LiFeYPo4 verbaut habe. Nun kann ich über Gives Winter immer schön beide Batterien gleichzeitig are Leben erhalten.
Außerdem habe ich noch ein altes Motorrad Gives place einer 6V Battery ausgerüstet ist, welche ich nun auch aufladen kann.

Gives mitgelieferte Ladekabel zu gives einzelnen Batterien hin (is sind 2 Verlängerungskabel zu I 3m dabei) ist auch lang genug a data Entfernung gives Wohnraumbatterie zur vorderen Starterbatterie überbrücken zu können.

Somit kann ich nun beide unterschiedlichen Batterien (Blei und Lithium) über Give the winter dipped nur einem Ladegeät access halten, gives kann sonst kein anderes mir bekanntes Ladegerät, außer man kauft has given doppelt.

Speziell noch Bad zur Ladestärke von 2A pro Ausgang, has given ist für Batterien bis 40Ah geeignet, man of hat größere Batterien sollten has given besser place einem Ladegerät höherer Leistung geladen werden. Of this wohl hauptsächlich aufgrund gives Dauer gives Ladevorganges.
Eine Erhaltungsladung, oder auch Teilaufladung durch has given Lader ist aber trotzdem für to the Batteriegrößen möglich, d.H. It has given dürfen ruhig 240Ah oder mehr haben.

Habe auch eimal testweise probiert meine alten Motorradbatterien wieder zu beleben, leider ohne Erfolg, Batterien sollen defekt heart.
Ich habe Dies dipped meinem Modellbaulader überprüft has dipped dem ich sonst immer quotes Problemfälle behandelt habe, auch has given schaffte keine Wiederbelung mehr. Von daher denke ich Gives Given Batterien nun wirklich unrettbar hinüber sind. It gives wird sich gives Schrottie freuen ;).

Gives Baterieladegerät bekommt von mir 5 Sterne wegen seiner Vielseitigkeit und Ausstattung, -was mir allerdings fehlt ist eine kleine Pockets wo the man gives Ladegerät und gives Zubehör unterbringen kann. Habe noch eine Tall Fototasche, denke Die werde ich dazu umwidmen.


4 / 5

Big bel product of the NOCO in the terracing has given to upload battery d 12 and 6 V coming sleep which have given car and motorino my no only, also which smaller mine with a procedure gives expert for those who there is manualità with these machineries. Máximo has given votes all'clear interface and has given very simple utilisation whose explanation is racchiusa in 2 half pages in has driven it all'utilisation. He produced in the complex sweat is more suitable Announces a professional use given the quality and uses he double that any one can passage. He Cochera is plant ideal submerged dip it hanged to the swipes of wall he ours the bank has given work. It needs obviously it has given an access All common electrical.

Renewal my elogi to the product that have testado his planned battery contemporáneamente and there is done this that owed a time almost gives record. A battery gives 12V has given a'automobile and one gives 6V of the scooter used gives more has given 1 year like this as quite scariche, ricaricate in a night (here will have dipped any more has given 4 past) to the plenary and has to that it says that it felt in has driven it of the scooter more scattante gives a day announce another. I say that it is A professional product poichè the leaves has given to upload In speeds and in quantities battery that instead privately a loaded turn, leaves he produced in the dimenticatoio for months. In round-up explodes better to continue potentiality used for work also seen the costs that dreams always well spent.
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Very good carrier double of battery of the mark NOCO. Any one had posed me never the fact that existed it a product to the equal that east, but left gratamente has surprised.

Comes very very presented, in a box of good quality, as well as the carrier in yes, and in some compartments that divides the bosses that come. Very practical and comfortable.

Any one is the usual to have a carrier of battery of car, but is really useful, of then for example in quarantine my own car has left to start with, and was for the battery, if it had arrived for the have this product, any one had arrived concealed me. For this have installed he in my cochera for my two cars.

This carrier of battery do fault for cars and of the motorcycles, has two banks with capacities of 4 amperes. It is very simple to use, of then is totally automatic. They connect the pinzas L the battery of the car and selects the way of load.

Relieves the sulfatación and the sour stratification and leaves to recover the show that has lost of the battery, so that I begin it car better and the battery resists more time until it was necessary of the transmission.

Is a really useful product. Of then I have it I am much calmer, of then if some car does not go the use, the leave place and forget me, in that ensure me that goes for the continue do when he require it.
5 / 5

Goes the gone by signals to do the description the plus ameno:

To the equal that dips the subtitulo, is the to opinion likes them the vine of of client.
The presentation is very good. Produced in a packed a lot well, showy, all orderly, etc. A lot well.
The produced and accessories rebosa abonos finalised. Everything is very very fixed, and gives a feeling of solidity and robustness of 10. We go all hanged, any hay crujidos, etc Dictate It phenomenal.
Has had a car prendió long, like this the invention came that that neither has painted. It has done and it has begun the car. It is phenomenal can revive a battery with a device like this and Any together duty two cars and begin with that already know.
Door several Bosses, so much to upload the battery, regarding the connect the the red. Deep raisin to spend them a point.
Will say that that knows that I spend this maintaining in the car, give me a plus of the tranquility seen the good that reads and the gain that is.
Is very easy to use, another thing the very big favour. It is to connect the pinzas, dipped the way uploads and fly it.
Spends thermal Sensor and changes the cariche to adapt it. Incredible.
Resumiendo For me, is an option of compraventa very good. It is a product where calm @gives you of what is something really good.

Expects that the do fault you partorisca help this Description!

A Health
5 / 5
Carrier double of battery of the mark NOCO. Never we had tried before this mark and yes that has surprised gratamente.

Is truth that a carrier of battery Any one is something that all the world there is home for general norm. But also it is true that among some and another in the family has cars and of the motorcycles and some Edges but ancient, the arrival of battery to feel and carrier of battery like east of NOCO, turn an indispensable for all the family.

This carrier of battery do fault like this for cars regarding motorcycles, has two banks with capacities of 4 amperes (two each one which) and the best of everything is the easy to use that it is. Any person, likes I, knowledges of big sin of maquinales, will be able of the question of use sinned of then is totally automatic, calm so only has to that connect the carrier and select the way of load.

Also leaves to relieve the sulfatación and to sour stratification and recover the show that has lost of the battery, so that I begin it car better and the battery last May.

Thinks that is a product with a very good quality and Fence in it so much for experts in mechanics regarding people that requires to repair his house of battery of fast and easy form, the sin has to that attend the main mechanic each one which little.
4 / 5
Five stars For me synonymous sleep has given a good product in ratio especially was quality offered, certainly does not mean that this was he better caricabatteria or mantenitore has given load of the world, mine in report was quality and to the double canal has given load are speaking surely has given an optimum purchase.

Lucida Battery suffer a lot the inattività, coming alas have been able to has ascertained in these months has given lockdown, this problem generates understood the those that coming me use little the motorcycle or the automobile or ojalá reason leave it has closed for long terms has given time especially with the antifurto inserted. For any speak afterwards has given this period of the year with the arrival of the cold season, lucida temperature that go down, lucida the battery has given our means risentono notably also this phenomenon. In practical passage of clothes at least one goes back it year he reestablish of the battery or, better still, used mantenitore has given load.

This accessory Leaves: it has given to maintain he battery In optimum conditions, any remain May he feet and lengthens incidentally the life of the battery. Thank you All'opportunity has given Vine of Amazon have had the possibility has given to know this product, in spite of any one had used in spent a very economic and essential, this instead results simple, functional and has given optimum quality. Have posizionato and testado He caricabatteria All'inner of the the box has submerged incidentally to the cars and the motorcycle rest also he ciclomotore has given my son.

He caricabatterie is projected And commercialised tiled NOCO American company founded in the 1914, specialised in caricabatterie has big data quality, avviatori has given emergency, solar signposts and devices has given portable diet, as well as a vast gamma has given produced and accessories for battery. He produced is Has big data fascia, the remarks already tiled preparation, looks that has given a jewel anziché a caricabatteria, of the sud retro of the product is printed he Mark , like this as it answers to the characteristics has given European security.

The longitude has data Planned cables is has given 3 mt., instead Regarding the longitude of the pinze with the poles (Red +, Black -) is has given roughly 55 cm. Regarding I link it it was common electrical has seen sleep in endowment very 4 cables, mine surely we will use only that with the attack EU, roughly 160 cm for the attack was common electrical.

He main characteristics has given this caricabatterie sleep:
• DOUBLE CANAL: he utility has given this product Especially is the possibility has given to be able to it has used in contemporary his planned battery. Like this as In the chance has given more means no east is need has given to purchase planned produced, he double canal has given load gives 2A (4An entirely) the leaves has given ricaricarle or maintain in load simultaneously.
• MAINTENANCE OF THE LOAD: Servants further that I announce to lengthen the life to the battery and averts ugly surprised when it restarts the car and/or the motorcycle dopes an along the period has given rest, for example dope he holidays was, he maintain in perfect efficiency uploads it of the battery.
• RICARICA SLOW (Trickle): this function ricarica he battery slowly, this can be left below uploads the time indeterminato. He caricabatteria will give was maximum load without May go In sovraccarica. Generally the common has given ricarica is Roughly a tenth of the capacity of the battery.
• DESOLFATORE: This function Do fault the no far created or at least limit the creation of the oxide on the irons all'inner of the battery, to través has given micro impulses has given common.
• THERMAL SENSOR: He caricabatteria Has an integrated thermal sensor that relieves the external temperature and modify the ricarica to the Well has the data has averted overburdens in conditions has given climate torrido and vice versa he under charge in conditions has given cold climate.
• VERSATILITY: He pinze In endowment in endowment dream endowed has given profiles the ojete rimovibili (suffices svitare the quickly all'inner of the pinza), in this way is possible he fissaggio permanent of the accessory on the battery: He diameter is has given 6mm like this as it occurs has verified it lucido quickly of the battery results compatible with this forum.

The utilisation is very simple and intuitive, suffices insert he caricabatteria in the common and select, study key WAY, he voltaggio has given load of the battery 6V (generates for the ciclomotori or scooter) and 12V (for lucida motorcycle or he cars). He button the WAY has to that be held premuto for 3 seconds to actuate the modality wished. In the Part dream frontal presents has directed them that indicate the state has given load (the four in the top, in the inferior leaves here dream other four and indicate: CONCENTRATED red has given error has given sovratensione, CONCENTRATED has given battery difettosa, CONCENTRATED has given polarity rovescio and has DIRECTED that has lit when he caricabatterie is in modality Dream.

In the phase has given ricarica of the battery prepares three lights lampeggiano basic to the state of the ricarica, when the battery is load to 100 has lit fourth has directed has given green of dye. To upload the battery of the car, entirely downloads, is necessary to attend at least 12/14 has spent, this data can base them several to the type have given ricarica and to the ampere of the battery. That of mine The transport gives 55A quite a lot of download has been ricaricata without questions in a nottata, in spite of the producing house advises has given ricaricare final battery the 40° any one have had any difficulty, this means that it attains the ricaricare quietly almost all lucida present battery of the sud market. During him I use he caricabatteria does not issue any the type has given noise and remains tiepido, also with the uses has given both canals. He produced is certificate IP6X: Totally protected against the access of the powder. All'inner of the preparation is presents a libretto of instructions multilingua compressed the Italian, very simple and intuitive munito has given numerous images.

TOGETHER USEFUL: When ricaricate A battery ENTIRELY DOWNLOADS, allocate a lot of attention the connect the cables in exact way and any invest the polarity (in the chance has given error he caricabatteria any one attains the establish the polarity, my solo in this if), the function has given blockade like this as a lot of himself acciona and this could engage in way irremediable uses it and the integrity of the battery. During the phase has given uploads any one is necessary scollegare the morsetti tiled battery, my fate attention the has not used contemporáneamente the accessories of the tourism (radio, caricatori USB, accendisigari, etc.).

In substance this product is simple to give used, very projected and made with materials has given optimum quality, surely is a product of confidence and dark. State looking for a caricabatterie or mantenitore has given load has big data fascia @fare a seri thought, this is one has given better presents of the sud market. For the moment of the opinion he price is has given € 126,45 (September 2020), give always this data because it thinks that it was among the most important factors for has determined the evaluation complessiva of the product. Amazon 10 And lode, coming to the usual, the sending has arrived less 48 has spent. Have questions Gives to put me Any esitate the ask.
5 / 5
It is very very presented and poised, goes in a very apparent box and very packed in his cajitas corresponding, door the carrier in his own compartment and very saved his bosses, partorisca avert unwanted breakings.
HAS four types of discharge, three that partorisca our country any servants, but covers it European has it and perfectly partorisca use it here in Spagna, has one with a longitude of almost two metres, any one is bad.
Door the pinzas corresponding to upload two battery, taste that of the bosses go in the tips and that it has to that connect to the carrier comes with some atascas so that any one breaks and maintain the quality and the prolonged use, door each one atasca a clip that facilitates to open he the mouth and also so that it maintains very enclosed, the bosses of the pinzas edges quite long, measure three metres.
HAS an easy operation and can follow the instructions that Spanish gone in, explaining simply that the use can give and that well the operation, follow the instructions, any one has questions for the use and the sake.
Is a very useful and practical device, calm can save he in the strong box of the vehicle, occupying little and can save you of a failure or unexpected download in the battery, has operation very good and is simple to use. Has a very long guarantee, for three years.
4 / 5
Für meinen täglichen Weg zur arbeit benötige ich kein Transport. Daher steht mein Transports nur rum, genauso wie ein Roller. A nicht ständig Batterien zukaufen, hängen has given a zwie Ladegeräten. Auch von NOCO.
Beim NOCO Character 2x2 bekommt man 2 Geräte in einem, die unabhängig von einander Regelbar sind. Of the Gerät ist recht kompakt und sehr einfach zu bedienen.
Ich frag mich nur für wen ist Gives Gerät? Wer sollte sich Gives kaufen? Für mich würde Is passen. Ich hab eh schon fest eingebaute Ladegeräte und benutze auch immer zwei. Sollte ich ein Mobile benötigen hab ich auch noch welche. Aber wenn ich mich Has dipped einem Kombigerät einschränke, dann möchte ich wenigstens Geld sparen. Aktuell kostet Gives Einzelgerät (NOCO Character 2) yesterday bei Amazon €58. Of the doppelte yesterday kostet €115. Wieso sollte ich Has dipped einem Gerät Likes einschränken wenn ich zoom gleichen Preis zwei einzelne bekomme und somit viel flexibler cube? It has dipped einzelnen Geräten kann ich Gives Stromverbrauch von gives einen Baterie messen Was immer nachgladen wird. Bei dem doppelten geht Gives nicht sobalt 2 Batterien angeschlossen sind. Oder Gives Abstand zwischen Batterien, sollte dieser zu groß heart muss dips Give Verlängerunskabel von NOCO verlängert werden. It gives kauf ich has dipped lieber 2 Geräte.

Gives Gerät ist Gut und is funktioniert auch, aber schränkt einen zu sehr ein. Lieber 2 Geräte Fast zoom gleichen Preis kaufen. It gives Man of hat mehr davon.
5 / 5
A that any lucido there is petado a battery during the confinement? Reason The a lot of known with east to be prendido so the times have left to do a lot of battery for any use, with this carrier any one will have this question because it can recover any battery of 1 volt further of having a very interesting system that is desulfatador for when they are quite broken, but besides can upload two battery the the time, my chance is that my father-in-law the battery there is exhausted and a battery that has had to that has spent sin to use of an electrical car of 6 v of my daughter also has been exhausted, as with the carrier has been able of the connect so much the the time and recovered them incredibly.
Comes very very presented and with Bosses of connection for all the outrage of bosses of regions alargadores in the chance requires him and have the furthest battery and two pairs of pinzas that eye, presiona of the pleasant so that any one release diving.
His operation is simple although it recommends to read the instructions of that depend of the type of battery has to choose a way or another
4 / 5
When I belong To the old and calm school still saves in a corner a carrier of battery that has weighed a tonne because it was of metallic discharge with a clock that after being all prejudices it uploading the needle has had the regime is gone in in the green and calm zone finds you with something like this. Calm simply remain you hallucinated.

Came to like net to the toe. With this history of the confinement the motorcycle has spent almost a year during that so only had used the to do some commissions in of the very short starts and does the weeks has said that nanai, that yes has wanted the begin stepped strong the crowbar of start (and regime that mine spends it). It has thought to buy an informative when I have had the occasion to do with this device.

Has begun to Hallucinate it when it takes he of the box. Little time had seen a packaging bronzed and Tans of cure very drawn to protect the contained.

And the contained is spectacular.
Treat two carrier in an Alone device, with two starts and two joints of the entirely independent information. In a start can be upload a battery desquelles require the interview that adds the water distilled when failure and in the another is exited a battery of lithium of last generation. Incredible.

Inner all the necessary to connect both ports (ossia both carrier) at the same time or connect another battery while an already spends moment uploading or has finalised already to upload and so only maintains the battery in optimo been of load. Cloth.
Two games of pinzas strong and humedales in copper, two prolongadores of three metres each one that leave a distance besides four metres among the carrier and the batteries. Everything of an impressive appearance.
Both games of pinzas incorporate a Fuse in the boss of the positive. Security.
In the chance go far of travesía and calm love the to you raisin has four games of connectors I the red trams:
Write An usual in Giappone and big part of Amsterdam.
Type C usual in Europe – Asia and Amsterdam of the sud.
Type I usual in Australia - Cina and Argentina.
Type usual G in United Kingdom – Ireland and Malaysia.

If the battery has died has a possibility to force the load in now has presionado the key of way, eye with this reason his own description leaves it clear, forces the load the battery that loses the control of the devices of security that incorporates the device. (Personally I think that I will not use never this function) first to risk prefers to give he for dead person and buy another.

If Any one has died once has connected the pinzas to the battery and leagues the carrier, his place is of wait (like the TVs when we turn to us with the control). Pressing the key of calm way can stroll you for the different models of battery to select the corrected, in those calm leaves he in the elected in a pair of second begin for the upload.
Upload four types of battery.
Of 12V with the interview and the cells sifts sinned. (Desquelles Adds the water distilled when they are something empty)
Of 12V sinned glimpsed but especially with separate cells (AGM)
Of 12V but of lithium.
Of 6V

The prime minister that sees is like the first segment to upload that corresponds to 25 of the load begins the blink, is uploading. When it Surpasses 25 of the load directed it blinked it the rests fixed and lit and that begins the blink is the following, the corresponding to 50 of the load and like this successively until the three premiers are fixed and lit in red.
Then begins The blink the last, this of the green colour and that corresponds to 100 of the load.
When The battery is uploaded to 100 turn the three red rests and so only has lit the greens that blinks until remaining fijamente, according to the manual optimising the load. If calm leave it has connected L the battery of when in when it blinks during some seconds, supposes that optimising the load.
According to the Manual if the cochera own and wants to maintain the battery always in the full calm form so only has to that connect this device. It is like this it was the load , will fill the limit and will maintain it the limit during all the time that calms connected it. It chulo, no?
Lastima That the majority of the mortal Any one has this regime and has had to that locate the battery to the paving to be able to him load.

Already is, all perfect?
As No, also can find paste. Until the Ferrari spends a battery of seasons sinned to win a championship of formula 1.
For me the first is that of then is intelligent could be it a bit more and be able to relieve the type of battery. Especially among both first. The first of 12V and the second also of 12V but with the initials AGM.
All looks to indicate that AGM the reference done The interview of battery sinned and with separate cells.
The question is that also the batteries of Hay interviews sinned and with cells “very separate” .
Has suffered mine that tries to discover if the mine Was AGM or no. to start with the manual of the motorcycle speaks of a different battery which spent of factory but although it comes sealed and a letrerito where date you clearly that you will not have it , in any place of then sea AGM. I have looked for and I have looked for and I have found so only other models of the same manufacturer and so only in a chance has spoken of technology AGM. But Sin concealed it left to be me sure that the another also was.

Has begun Uploads he in the first place (that any one is of separate cells) with which three hours that blinks the prime minister has directed sin to spend to the second there is prendido the load and began it again with the second option, ossia with AGM and the the four hours has lit directed it green, according to the reading done with the multimeter now has 12V and a bit more.
Ojala Make a mistake-me but look me that a lot they will find with the same question and am missing a bit that Any one could unify these two elections that upload so that it has to do fault for both models. Cela Or that the norms oblige L the costruttrici of battery give it this data in his characteristic. Complicated.
Confuse a battery of acid with one of lithium look more complicated and almost am sure that those inform that Edges of lithium. But the doubt among the first and the second still the have.

Another paste is that as it has found information for Internet to upload the battery of a powerful car has launched three days that uploads. It gives that thinks. Claro that the one of my motorcycle is so only of 6 are.

I that knows is that now me the battery is uploaded and neither Hay that forgets that the data of battery and when they die for real hay a lot carrier that resurrects them.

When doing this commentary ignore the prize that will have this carrier but also will have account that this costruttore still has carrier for an alone battery that the sure edges more economic and also is in Amazon.
But for his quality has it clear, when any one knows that offers him the a lot of of my edges will offer a cacharro of these, the winter will be hard and the start strolls he with motorcycle or transport look that we will take some time.
The finishing, the accessories and the quality is indisputable... At least that is my opinion .

Expect that the photos and the video can help, the video has been done when the battery already was uploaded and after the leave some few hours. Also exploding to try the carrier according to reason had uploaded he with the prime minister. For this Headed to van that the lights bronzed quickly. So only he the process but the battery already was uploaded.
He Require a carrier of battery thinks in this mark, in my opinion for real that is worth it.
Are engreído that all those that do commentaries the to knots with the intention to help The the another the better estimate the he compraventa can interest. An useful vote or a critique of commentary helps The sabre fences in the pity that continue when doing or no. leaves sabre if our commentaries do fault for something.
4 / 5
The creation is North American, but the manufacture is china , with a lot of good level of manufacture and of materials. His appearance and hanged (something more than two Kilos) already project a feeling gives solidity. The byline NOCO has a reputation consolidated in this type of products, can verify that his row is mjy width, and this together with the opinions of the clients confirm it Exc of his pieces.
Like hanged enough, if there is besides cochera big or own the best is for the fix to still wall (is prepared thus).
Accompany two Bosses of 55 cms. With pinzas to connect the device L the batteries, a boss with spent European type of 1,9 m. Of Longitude (another 3 with types to cover different any one do fault to swim), and 2 alargadores.
Included has a thermal Sensor for ajustrar the upload it he condicoiones of environmental temperature.
The operation, the show and the edges of provision a lot well, and servants for a diverse type of models of battery.
5 / 5
Noco Character 2 x2 is a caricatore and mantenitore has given load.
Diferentemente Of the another model Incorporates Planned distinct unit, allowing has given to connect planned battery, also has data a lot of voltaggio.
For each battery can impostare one has programmed different, load or maintenance, independent gives what is impostato on the another unit.

Can be impostate 5 modality has given different load:
- 12V
- 12V AGM: for battery 12V has given type AGM (Foreigner of Glass Absorto)
- 12V LITHIUM: for battery 12V to the ions has given lithium
- 6V
- way by force: for it forced it load in case that that tension was to having given the below has given 1V

Nominalmente each unit eroga 2V.
Noco Declares that it is possible to upload Battery With final capacity The 40 Ah.

He dimensions sleeps compatte.
Body of the sud Of the caricatore present sleep Planned ojetes for the eventual fissaggio to wall. Planned bolts the sleep comprises in the preparation.

Extracted has given a product has given optimum bill, was regarding the materials used that he finiture.
Each connettore is endowed A cappuccio To prevent to the soiled has given to accrue.
For what irrelevant on the quality of the product, also he packaging is very cured.
Obviously So only an use continued in the time will allow has given to give a complete trial.

In the preparation present dream Planned connettori with pinze and planned prolunghe gives 3 metres.
Any sleep comprised connettori announce ojete that allow has given to connect in fast way he caricatore was battery.
This accessory is advised The the one who owe uses of passage continuativo of the caricatore or in the the chance has given access difficoltoso have poles of the battery.

Way by force. [Control & of press for 5 second]
the way by force leaves one uploads to manually begins to touch when the voltage of a battery has connected is too down to be relieved. If the voltage of battery is too down for one uploads to relieve, press and resist a key of way for 5 seconds to actuate Way by force, then select a pertinent way. All the available ways will flash. Once the way of load is selected, a Way to Upload FOCUSED and Touch FOCUSED will alternate among each another, indicating the way by force is active. With which five (5) small one load will return to an operation of detection and the cariche normal of low voltage will be reactivated.
5 / 5
Für Give Motorrad und Die beiden Kleinwagen haben wir für längere Standzeiten und give Winter ein einfaches Batterieladegerät.

Gerade für Give Motorrad ist is sehr lästig, dass hierfür immer given Sitzbank abgenommen werden muss. Die Schrauben sitzen tief unter dem Polster, wodurch die Sitzbank gequetscht werden muss.

Has given Ladestation für zwei Batterien beinhaltet im has Dipped Adapterkabel, the permanent data one gives jeweiligen Batterien angeschlossen werden können. Genial!

Nun muss ich lediglich noch Give Sozius abnehmen, gives durch ein Schloss entriegelt werden kann. Dann wird Give Adapter angeschlossen und give Ladevorgang kann beginnen.

Ein weiterer Vorteil ist, dass Die Ladestation fest one gives Wand montiert werden kann. Ähnlich wie beim Elektrofahrzeug haben wir nun immer eine zentrale Anlaufstelle.

Give Preis ist zwar hoch, jedoch macht Give Produkt, die Verpackung und give Zubehör einen sehr wertigen Eindruck.

Ich kann Give Produkt bis zu diesem Zeitpunkt uneingeschränkt weiterempfehlen. Meine Motorrad Presione ist jedenfalls begeistert. :)

Sollte meine Rezension weitergeholfen haben, würde ich mich über ein 'Nützlich' sehr freuen.
4 / 5
This avveniristico The system has given load polifacético
there is aroused the admiration has given friends and relative
we he use To upload and hold in maintenance
was the motorcycle
was he SUV that especially of winter come little used
is possible to upload each generates has given battery ...Lead To the gel-without maintenance-to the ions has given lithium
has the possibility has given Far restart a battery
entirely quell'buried ( that a lot it have he irons deformate or paste but)
he uploads battery is entirely automatic and among another
rule the tension has given load in function has given
half of temperature ( avert overheatings)
situation and real state of the battery
that say ..We are satisfied And advise it a lot
he description of the vendor is corrected and punctual
will consider gains these together
has seen appreciate
5 / 5
Nun, wozu braucht man als ‚Normalsterblicher‘ ein Ladegerät, place dem gleichzeitig zwei Batterien aufladen kann? Zuerst Bad fällt mir ein KFZ-Schrauber ein, aber auch für give Privatgebrauch könnte give Gerät von Nutzen heart, insbesondere wenn the diverse man more Bondadoso/Enkel hat, denn dips has given kommen automatisch eine Vielzahl von ständig aufzuladenden Fahrzeugen in allen Form.
Quotes Verarbeitung give Character ist durchweg wertig, gives Zubehör ist mehr als ausreichend. Klasse sind insbesondere Quotes 3-Metre-Verlängerungen für given Klemmanschlüsse.
Im Grunde funktioniert Give Produkt wirklich einfach: Batterietyp voreinstellen und the geht Is. Läuft sauber und reibungslos, keine wie immer auch gearteten Abbrüche und to the getesteten Batterien waren recht schnell wieder einsatzbereit. Klar, Gives liegt natürlich immer are jeweiligen Entladungszustand.
Give Preis könnte sicherlich a einiges kundenfreundlicher Corazón, irgendwie bekommt give Wettbewerb Give ja auch hin. Und deren Produkte sind sicherlich auch nicht wesentlich schlechter als Has given yesterday. Aus diesem Grunde gibt Is einen Stern Abzug, avenges bleiben übrig.
5 / 5
Split suffered cabbage say you that this A lot is he usual caricatore/mantenitore Chinese has given low quality, coming any one see in transferring often (and too much...), this is produced Gives an American company with so many years to the backs has given experience and know-that.
Dream remained impressed Fin of the opening of the preparation, gives read understands already has since type and estimativa was he produced, very cured, in the minimum details, looks has given to open a product Apple.
This product Has a peculiarity, is in the terracing has given ricaricare end to 2 battery many simultaneously, being the format gives planned character 2 dipped together, thus he produced llama '2x2', this the consent has given to install he 'character' all'inner of the own car of boxes and ricaricare or maintain lucida the battery has given own means.
Ricarica Each The type has given battery, gives 6 and 12v, agm, gel, lead level, lithium...
Comodísima Function, (can guarantee it to you thanks to the crumb experiences pregresse, A battery that goes down too much has given voltaggio hardly restarts...) I have given ricarica forced under him tope Minimum and has given desolfatazione, that the consent has given 'regenerate', that is to say go the stir the oxides that form his anodo and catodo all'inner of the battery with him spend of the years, and give in optimum state has given health.
All'inner of the box, gives to come see in the photos of crumb this is the any accessory, of the cables for each the type has given plug (of the world almost!), spending for the double endowment has given prolunghe and morsettiere necessary for him double the row has given caricabatterie.
The version give me tried is the 2x2, like this as declared for ricaricare as a lot a battery 12v 40ah in roughly 15 has spent, and maintain any battery 6 and 12v.
Has seen joint the purchase The enclosed eyes, I he use for ricaricare lucida battery of my car to season SPL, without questions !

Top Customer Reviews: Dual USB Socket ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 6 ratings
5 / 5
Die Steckdose funktioniert zunächst wie erwartet und ist auch sehr zügig eingetroffen.
Gives Querschnitt give Kabel ist auffallend gering, Is funktioniert aber alles.
The setting put die Kabelbindern ist möglich, aber bei häufiger Nutzung nicht zu empfehlen.
Eine Knows gibt Is jedoch zu beachten:
Quotes Steckdose verbraucht - auch ohne Verbraucher und wenn gives Schalter auf '0' steht - ein bisschen energy.
Bei Tagestouren oder mehreren Fahrten Pro Woche ist Gives kein Question, nach 3 Wochen Standzeit ist meine CBF1000 dipped neuer Battery aber nicht mehr gestartet. Ich habe daraufhin The battery given nachgeladen und die Steckdose place einem separatem Schalter versehen, jetzt habe ich keine Probleme mehr. (Eine Messung bestätigte mir dass Quotes Steckdose gives Auslöser war)
Fazit: Für gelegentlichen Einsatz absolut zu empfehlen.
4 / 5
Klein und leicht anzubringen am Motorroller, Funktioniert und ist Pracktisch.
Nachteil: Seitlich The war are USB Eingang ein teil gives Kunststoffkante schon Abgebrochen und quotes Verschlusskappe läst sich nicht Wasserdicht aufsetzen,nach wenigen Sekunden rutscht quotes Abdeckkappe runter. Muss deshalb USB Of data Steckdose im Handschuhfach oder unter quotes Sitzbank ins Helmfach ein Bauen. Deshalb Punktabzug
5 / 5
Betreibe Quotes Buchse in meinem Car, hab is one gives Zigaretten Anschluss geklemmt und betreibe über gives 1A Anschluss meine Dashcam. Alles wunderbar. Ist sogar noch ein Anschluss für frei und mein Zigarettenanzünder hätte ich nun auch wieder frei.

Habe bei mir Quotes Kappe abgemacht, gives is auf Wasserdichtheit nicht ankommt.

Cube zufrieden
4 / 5
Kann ich bis jetzt nur gutes bestätigen. Ist wasserdicht und calló Was is soll, nämlich Handy und Ships laden. Dankeschön
4 / 5
Artikel ist leider nicht für Gives Ausseneinsatz geeignet, was aber eigentlich heart Sinn und Zweck heart sollte. Musste Given Buchse nach 100km ersetzen gives kaputt. Ausserdem fällt Gives Gehäuse direkt auseinander wenn the man is nur schräg anschaut. Ich würde Quotes nicht wieder bestellen!
5 / 5
Funktioniert einwandfrei

Place kein Question

Top Customer Reviews: OXFORD USB 2.1Amp ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 6 ratings
4 / 5
I have had this returned to the Yamaha mt125 (2018) and like this punctual was in the believe it has drawn also has beaten to the point where my bomb of fuel and injector of the fuel has not done and a bicycle randomly die and when it was on he would do a bicycle quite jerky. And lame grieve a question there is prendido has verified also my battery and he was in 14v like the battery has not been a @@subject
4 / 5
has Bought to to this likes him to him the brick of power for my telephone of bicycles uploads has died. Installed the in the BMW G650GS and interior 3 days a bicycle has struggled to start with. Also it comes with the short goodnesses that bad that is not possible to disconnect a brick of some goodnesses to be able to when no in used to the equal that has to that down chair fairings. A blockade is very big and a coverage of USB is lasted everything of 30 seconds to the equal that has broken of a first time of the discharges has been takes.
5 / 5
Fantastic bit of boxes, my only flu is a usb the course does not have the coverage for his connector like a course of boss , is purely the downside for my concrete use to maintain a connector of USB under my chair when any when being pas used but another that that, work perfectly
5 / 5
goodness to Be able to could be longer the majority of the batteries of motorcycle am located mid to ships likes them usb the socket is located on or battery very together. All a lot well if the access is easy. But work
4 / 5
has possessed partorisca to the long of the year now takes used alot. It will be to buy more when I take more bicycles
4 / 5
An element has to that be connected and disconnected each use or he drains a dead battery when not using also one covers is lasted so only a sail has broken of

Top Customer Reviews: WOOSTAR Motorcycle ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 36 ratings
5 / 5
Posted By means of letterbox with the thud. Any that says. Wrong wiring, this has the 3 boss lcd speedo, lap, time,etc dipped up and an extra of alone black boss,also yellow n bosses of blue engine very thin and normal pair of thickness with covering different on 4 insiemi of extra bosses, expects that this felt.
5 / 5
Gives power to a throttle but no an engine I swapped goodness partorisca direct so that it knows concealed is well a yellow and blue engine the goodnesses are not taking beat like this an engine no except there is can that goes to a throttle
5 / 5
a work exactly. To him the focus of connector was odd but is exited easily.
4 / 5
Excellent a lot of value a cost!!
Could do with more than focus.
5 / 5
Not doing on Knife e300. Any one drives of user or anything. It focuses in a device in Chinese.
5 / 5
Unfortunately has not been able to the use has feigned like this :(
4 / 5
Perfecto am running 62v the battery is on this in my quad works really a lot of
4 / 5
The works add,has done well in xtreme 360 24v 500W 65 scooter of tooth. Easy installs,the torsion and the speed is excellent. It thanks service of client partorisca all your help. My boy now loves his scooter.
5 / 5
Is not an element has ordered some diagrams to cable has extra connection I need a one this has been orderly need to return and substitute with pertinent element
5 / 5
has Bought the controller WOOSTAR 48v 1000w done 2 days. I locate to try he with his respective fuses and connections (faston). It turns each some metres, hot the bosses of diet of the engine (azúl and yellow), edges all the new pieces. 'Accelerator, tone of contact, engine, sensors of braked'.
Pd: Any arrival the one of the by heart black image.
5 / 5
Does well.
Too any one having subject with him a lot of outputting has beaten to boss of engine. You owe that add the transmission to a 'the power in firm' of the bosses. This can be any rule on was transmission.
4 / 5
Arrives ahead of time. It is perfect is almost has adapted L the perfection still when being another device another small plus
4 / 5
When I have opened the box of the product was arañado and a course in side has bent looks that has been used for this has been the turn spends for the try
5 / 5
Work perfectly, Work of edges. Manufacture of ideal Games of bicycle or trottinette electrical.
5 / 5
Overvoltaged A knife 250w engine to 36v as I have bought this controller partorisca this purpose. The better way that a stock controller especially loves a variable throttle. It takes the little warm but no too warm. I have then decided to upgrade an engine of 250watt to 350still watt more the power and the speed and the controller takes that enough very too much. Taking warmer that before but no hot at all. Please notes that this 36v 800controller of the watt is not waterproof because of any silicone around the like this the mark sure is in the dry enclosure to prevent harm to a controller. Easy to wire on, the Blue boss is positive to engine, yellow is negative to engine. It will buy again in future.
5 / 5
Has purchased two of these for the project of house. Neither one of them is coming with the diagram of boss of some discharge. I have done with controllers looked in a past, like this with some times have imagined was the one who each discharges was ( there are stickers in some discharge that calm say you that of the discharges belongs to) With which had it all hooked until my system, of the discharges of the engine will not distribute a pertinent voltage. My multimeter will not choose on any voltage to the equal that regulate my throttle. This in spite of a blue boss the earth gives +21v and a white boss the earth gives +6v. I think that he something wrong with a start to some discharges of engine. Both mine walks have this same effect. As I neither have this hooked on wrong or this product is for the different type of application that would have to be better labeled.
5 / 5
Has bought a tram quad and a controller has broken inside the day.
Any help or support of red engines. We love me To us so only to buy the new controller in $ 70.
In $ 13 this was amazing value .

This does not sustain a three speed of limiter to synchronise that a one in a quad , but another that that has been the simple substitution and some boys have been rasgando on a muck never of then.
5 / 5
Looks to be working to the equal that has feigned. I have run to a subject where my exposure focused in mine throttle is remained illuminated still with my tone has takes. This throttle has been operating perfect with other forms of a same mark. It has taken the second to something he, any in a factory flipped some goodnesses in a 'the power in bylines' (discharges+of blue red boss) once goodness of transmission in these discharges some turns of screen have directed was with tones now. I have read the few questions and of the descriptions with this subject same. Ossia One fixed. 😎👍🏻
4 / 5
Wired This to the modified MX350 Knife. I have had to some significant soldering for the take to be spent n game for a bicycle. Has does not love anything to be hard wired. It does not cover it only turn so that it has had to change them all was. A throttle was an only delicate part of an original is 4 prong and this one was 3. Another that a significant alteration for him to do, short like the charm. Thank you.
4 / 5
Update; 6/12 still it is that it resists on, taking quite hott with which 20 mins of use in my bicycle setup. I am running the 750wMotor&36v12ah I hope does not fail prematurely because of heat. But like this far like this good 😊

A lot that has spent he of brakes, front and discharges of rear lights. The controller is not in English but inform to some pictures for pertinent wiring. Will have time to try it was this weekend and the mark sure does properly.
4 / 5
Working adds in scooter of mine. Pressing the 24 volt 500 engine of watt to 36 volts! Easy to hook up. Doesnt Takes too hot mine of same pressing 200lbs in mine Rad2Go scooter! I have taken some bosses for throttle out of connector and soldato some bosses for the better connection that so only the crimp! It does not want to lose connection in that!
4 / 5
This controller is exited to be able to add and useful starts.

Sustains lights of brake, transmission to be able to, indicator of state of the power. So only desires could select a start to be able the lights to the equal that am running 36V and a light start is in 36v also. But at all he buck the conversor can not manage.
5 / 5
These instructions of needs of the element: Diagram in an organism of a controller aims 6 spent( in Chineses ) but a controller has 8 discharge that exited of him, so only 2 is labeled. Some shows of on-line picture so only 6 discharge.
4 / 5
Has bought this part to upgrade mine E200 scooter. I run this controller of the Ryobi 40v battery and he 350engine of watt. It looks to be that it resists on well. Any subject like this far.
5 / 5
Is side optimised to a tee. It is that I have paid stops... It is resupplied entertainment adds and has not failed on me still like this I cant say anything bad roughly that. So only it does not look inner!
4 / 5
Im Sure is the good product . Im In a process of hooking a controler on top of this time
This in spite of the complaint has them is all a info in a controller is in chinese. Looking by means of a box has arrived in thete is at all concealed says the one who each connecter is stops.
4 / 5
Does so only for the little moment, then any throttle the response is lost, or start to be able to. Total rubbishes. It receives some stars for the service of client adds.
5 / 5
This 36 Controller of law of Volt and do a lot well !
In fact am running he in 40 V and that it wants to take more they !
Like this far there is at all but good things to say in this unit to the equal that would say fellow to buy .
4 / 5
Has done for roughly 2 hours then there is headed smokeing and has not done more like this has to them that order another has verified them everything in a scooter is well and his only in current in an original 36v battery that is a lot of like this bad box
5 / 5
As it Can I take my throttle partorisca do, 3 bosses that is exited this controller but have 4 bosses.
5 / 5
Has connected all the bosses appropriately and has purchased included it 2nd throttle with swimming and begin tones. Lame voltage the throttle but any response to any engines has connected also. The explanation or am returning
5 / 5
has Ordered 36v 500w controller, expected -15 amps.
With my battery pulls 21 amps which is -750w.
Taking bit it warm but my little 350w the engine takes hotter.
Extracted well partorisca a prize.
4 / 5
Really would want to has comprised the wiring has combined the little I found in an internet partorisca wire this correctly.
4 / 5
Has tried a form of controller partorisca my Knife E300 serious And-Scooter im upgrading with the new engine and everything near, they all check was and no the question at all partorisca the bed.
5 / 5
Some laws of controller adds in 750w the engine brushed.
The instructions would be the prize . :)
4 / 5
This product has done perfectly with another throttle to overvolt my Knife of edges and 200 to 36 volts. It has installed easily and it has managed all he and his prime minister have launched in him. lol

Top Customer Reviews: NOCO Introducing ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5
Has two cars and go it car. My minivan (05 Deep), which occupies a cochera, had not been driven of a start of a pandemic, and his battery had died basically.

Reason does of home all the round of year, my van does not take driven the plot at all, and an often given battery during long cold waves during a winter.

Has the Noco booster, which has been invaluable when my battery dies, but a cycle partorisca touch and dying can not be very partorisca a battery, as I have opted partorisca a Noco Genius2.

Had considered the Offer of Battery also, which listen are add, but that go taste already liked Noco, has decided to give has shot it to him.

A Noco Genius2 is like this easy likes to take to use. Calm basically burst your open hood and connect some terminals. I need to know the one who bondadoso of the battery has (ossia a shortcoming of a manual, would say) but calm once connected it, will touch your battery until it is full and load while it relieves that a battery needs the little more juice.

A Genius2 there is LEDs partorisca leave is that uploads your battery has, and a model FOCUSED (solid or blinking) say a progress.

I slowly in that taken the plot of use out of the this, especially during some winters.
5 / 5
This substitutes the Offer of Battery More than used partorisca years. A Noco the device has a goodness of also touching 6V battery to the equal that creates more options. These devices maintain battery and die quite time, will touch the low battery (1-2 days). The difference of the conventional battery uploads this battery maintainers active circuitry to revive the bad battery has downloaded. Utilisation these devices to maintain battery in instruments of park in a winter, so as some battery have cariche full to start with a crew and in instruments in storage of winter, to maximice a life of some batteries and avert a cost of early substitution. A circuitry so only will begin to touch if a device has connected correctly to a battery (red to positive, black to negative or earth). A Noco Character 2 is small, a lot done with the durable plastic chance and now maintenances in a wheel to spare well of a car.
4 / 5
Can upload battery further of the 40Ah that specify, so only will take more time, then yes calm require it for car boy the half is a good option for the mntto of the battery. If they require he for big cars, vans, vehicles of cariche (in vehicles of fin with battery really big) any one would recommend it so it would owe that leave the vehicle or uses of battery of sin for several days while has the carrier has connected. The Boss of AC in together with the ones of the pinzas or the alligators is, creates, the sufficient long like this to use in a cochera with an electrical contact at the side of the vehicle. The function of Espar' given be automatic during the cycle to upload reason for the daughters of battery create to do fault, of the contrary would recommend to go by the Character of option 10. His construction is solid and Remarkable in quality, has compared the others the options of the warehouse is more expensive but yes researches a bit marks of respect percataran that has a solid positive opinion of númerosos Users in United States. I recommend it amply.
5 / 5
Is produced well, but since it uploads in 4 hours, and has spent the 4 hours have had to research in several parts because it has been still in the prime minister cuadrito of 4.

Left it after more time and load in 30 hours until it is remained the pure cuadrito green prisoner.

Recommends the, but would have to that be more concrete in the period of load, for this does not give 5 stars.
4 / 5
Already arrives and already uploads the mine would beat, I edges of instructions very simple and go in several tongues. The device in is very small, edges around 14 cm. With the Boss of diet of 180, and the boss that goes the the pinzas of 140 cm aprox. The pinzas can dip and take (Any reason). Besides, it comes with a fuse in the bosses of the pinzas (in the red boss), that has to that it help for when has a short for accident.
Another thing the Commentaries that is quickly. Has a chevy viejito, and his battery is relatively regulate. It was downloaded, and any one was has broken, and the load less than 25 to 100 in around 4 hours. With which this maintains in the way glimpsed, that is so that it does not download . The Material and the construction sees well. They are happy, and in the measure, look very small in reality. Of Boss, already all has connected, edges around 4m. I look sufficient. Happy with the product.
4 / 5
A pandemic the situation have doing of home now. I do not drive my SUV like this so it has used to and can sleep unused in a cochera for days. And utilisation the, is for the fast walk the tents and any a lot of time quite a lot of walks to fully touch a battery. Once it has had to use my laptop booster like the battery has taken too feeble over time and wants to avert this situation as it shortens the life of a battery. A Noco uploads is a better thing prójima to maintain a battery in tip forms upper and of mine SUV is in a cochera at all times, is the a lot sheltered zone . Pop a hood, connects to a battery and goes to do. I do not owe that worry in the battery of mine car anymore. I any one need some models some big plus with faster touching. So only one can leave on at night to maintain a battery has touched. A cabling is quite long he so that it is easy to achieve the power outlet. A eyelets is part of a clamps to the equal that has an option of the permanent install for fast connecting (something am considering). It has taken at night to fully touch a battery how is so only 2amps, but are not in the haste.
Once touching is fact, a Noco changes the way of interview. Until it has taken a Noco, has not had any idea the one who the desulfator was or that battery sulfation was included the thing. Has has had to that google the. It looks he likes does produced there that it can it to it kill your battery if any used properly, but also can do better when used properly. It has said of another way,, requires expert hands. But like this far some descriptions were all positive for a Noco Genius2. I did not have it long enough to judge any way, but am sustaining for the confidence. Like this far a battery has been treating so only well and does not have to that me worry roughly draining it.
Will not take the star partorisca east, but REALLY DESIRE Noco would distribute to spend the pouch likes with his booster bands. Some bosses are long and can result the tangled disorder in a drawer. Coming on, Noco. It is not the big cost to dip it pouch in a box.
4 / 5
A Genius2 has been shipped and has arrived quickly, and like another reviewer mentioned, a packaging was glorious, and has indicated the product of quality, and after the little use of days, looks to be the product of big quality and do a lot well to this point.

My three old year 70Ah AGM the battery has been still in reasonably of good condition, but does not drive every day and had remarked a voltage has not gone enough that it would have to be it, and travesías a short I mark is not sufficient of the maintains has touched fully. After the few days with a Genius2, a voltage of battery is of tower to the reading of full load, stable and hopefully will remain like this. It is the very good but expensive battery and I hope to take to plot more years out of him.

Has not installed permanently to arrive to this point, so only clipped in some clips of alligator and plugged in a ac cord - very simple.
5 / 5
This product is exactly that declares. It has done an amazing work to touch stirs it diverse of battery. Be sure to look that first selection to touch so only any battery. I have touched the complete death AGM battery that would not resist never his uploads. Now it resists his uploads and the be has used frequently, as it has saved a battery. It would recommend this product to any one looking for adds it trickle upload. Well value of the money! Thank you.
4 / 5
Fantastically packaged And the quality of a unit is excellent. It comes with the very little group that can be fastened to the wall to maintain one uploads out of a way. I am using this unit to maintain my car which have maintained in storage in a winter. I have had he hooked on and ready to go inside minutes. So only it wishes that a boss has distributed was the plus along how is the little tight achieving a receptacle. I will order his 10' boss of extension in a future this in spite of.
4 / 5
Has required this the little time now in a winter with pinch of mine cam apparently eating arrives can of battery at night in a cold. Clip On, discharges in and to the left goes. It takes the moment of his the small unit but I have no really required to go anywhere when it has been has required. My only complaint is that some clips do not return well in my terminals of battery but concealed is not NOCO subject. I can invest in a GC008 and attach it on a battery long term for the easiest connections. In my battery of motorcycle to maintain in a winter, some utmost clips.
5 / 5
It is easy to connect that it follows the instructions, connect the a lot of apresamiento common. I have used an extension although it does not recommend it and any one has had question. I have believed at the beginning that any fact how is lasted several hours sinned partorisca dare of the prime minister has Directed but has decided to leave the all night and already in the morning was uploaded entirely. I have tried it begins the and has done the question Sinned.
Afterwards is in his page has revised the time of load and partorisca a battery of SUV Edges 30 hours although in the instructivo since it is less .
Recommends patience and for the another am very satisfied with the cost.
5 / 5
Has received one uploads done 3 weeks, but owing to dreading so that it has not been anything in an automobile has scared partorisca the use. This in spite of, likes him to him the lock-down and a winter is by train partorisca approach , has decided to give has shot!
Is in fact súper easy to hook he on (any spark or anything). I am not sure state in my type of battery ( has tried the google the but has not taken any results that requires) I figure selects a wrong way one load will have some indication of error focused. It has touched enough quickly except it has taken stuck in a last green focused for much more. I have contacted a support. A support is more useful. I gave one in-explanation of depth to the equal that have known that is gone in and a focused has turned finally a the solid green focused (completed).
C load is súper easy to use and really handy this time. With an excellent support, has no hesitation for the recommend.
5 / 5
Of then does not take often my Car this last time (any one a begun to three recoveries). A garagiste Join me advised this product. And this Súper well. More than tracas. It is installed Of permanent way. If the battery downloads chargeur he recharge immediately without having need to do was how was. When the subjects of volume take chargeur place to the sud my battery and recognition is touched.
4 / 5
Has Had the car battery that had died for 4 month. I have used a way by force that dips to start with one that touches as then automatically continued in a rule to touch way after several minutes. With which one at night touching, my battery fully does again.

Solid of products and always can have the habit to maintain the load in of the calm cars do not drive daily.
5 / 5
Some cars will be easier then another to find the pertinent installs location.
Installed this in mine 2010 Camaro SS (any one the plot of zones of flat surface in this bay of engine , but squeezed he in well).
The works like my battery have touched all year long without @@subject.

Needs another is that it would take again.
4 / 5
These few things live until a hype; has thinks that that a prize was the little big but after the use, well each penny.
Has thought my two smaller paralleled the batteries have been shot until I left them up and dip a Noco in the each one a, and has restored his uploads. Paid for him of me not requiring compraventa two new battery 👍
4 / 5
A course A harder found the place in a truck for the install. Once I , has attached some groups and has slipped a device in. Have takes some clips of alligator and has attached some bosses directly to some bosses of battery. It has taken the moment to edge a cord of power to where has has wanted to he in a front of a truck. A battery was down 25, but has touched fully in just the few hours.
5 / 5
Has bought he in Nov 2020. I have installed he in my cochera and used it immediately with which received it. It is form is small and has the modern form, taste. He no any question. They are sure he is useful to the battle of my vehicle because perhaps it will aim his goodness long time with which. Has thinks that that it is useful and the recommend yours.
4 / 5
Good and functional quality-I uses it to maintain the battery of boat has stored touched during a time of winter. It is in a battery for a whole winter without the question at all. A result, the battery sã well for a start of a boating season. Utilisation another a short on my battery of vehicle when it is not used a lot. It looks mine , are to be corrected, those helps to extend a life of a battery.
4 / 5
Has bought this for my deep cycle marine battery that use for the trolling engine, touching quickly like this far any question,

A more utmost worry is that a material is plastic economic , the desire was the little main quality for a prize.
4 / 5
One slow load but ossia that there is wanted. Too much roughly 24 hrs to recharge the fully drained battery. It will be excellent to maintain load on on nights of winter very cold
5 / 5
Quite practical and simple to use, the load of a battery of question of motorcycle sinned.
5 / 5
Any included know these am existed. My car battery has maintained to exit because of any of a lot of behaviour. It has used booster bosses with mine another car, but has imagined has to that have the better way. Ossia And calm in fact can see a level of battery.
5 / 5
Arrives a lot very empacado the packaging is of first, his a lot compact presentation and sees beautiful, peerooo his leaves of operation a lot wish it, has 3 days with the connected the battery of cart of 12 volts. And nomas Any one load, and neither warns (that supposes would have to that he) that the battery this harm, the light has directed he of battery and since this uploading but of has directed he of 25 any one raisin, before this has dipped in green has directed he of complete load but has not been real, total that mine any one me and studios he for his turn. Healths.
5 / 5
This maintainer the works add and very easy to use. It touches my battery fully and no longer has to that take a car for 20 walks of small so that it saves in gas and help a half. Fully it would recommend this maintainer
4 / 5
is works and of the CONCENTRATED is very a lot of leaving me the visually controls a state of battery of far era.
A boss is quell'has bitten short like an extension is required further of chance. Also, a clamps could be stronger.
4 / 5
BEWARE AUSSIES. These produced DOES not HAVE An AUSTRALIAN to COVER ELECTRICAL!! Sold for Amazon AUS this in spite of a “International Version” mean can any one covers he and and touch anything. Nizza That paperweight of looks this in spite of.
4 / 5
Has bought this trickle upload to touch on a battery in mine van, but results a amperage is too down, as it has had to that return to take the model the big plus for felizmente touch a car. Too bad this the model the economic plus has not been able to do a work.
5 / 5
The alternator of my old car has been broken the Saturday and has had to that expect box Monday for the substitute. I have taken loaned the battery uploads of my partner. One same a, easy to use. Fact perfectly. So much, I have decided that buys one in chance I need he again later (on sale) reason now doing of house and does not drive a car like this often.
4 / 5
This aparatito is a marvel. It uploads two battery of automobile, one that has downloaded and one that had died totally. For the first use the normal way and in a bit those that the hours has been uploaded, allies concealed left it a bit those that hours more than way that has optimised the useful life of the battery. For the second, uses the way by force, and although it has taken some 24 hours, the battery is turn of the inframundo.
Recommend to 100.
4 / 5
Little I owe that say in this carrier. Simply, work a lot well, is of confidence and with creation a lot compact

uses It partorisca upload the battery of my motorcycle and my car when it is necessary

100 recommended - Good compraventa!
5 / 5
Of a packaging wraps all a way to a product, the costruttore has drawn and has built all perfectly.
Does like this described.
No longer produces complete in a phase that Noco east.
4 / 5
This small bijoux is grandement appreciated, the transports maintains the load of my motorcycle and to the equal that can save enormously of money that saves my battery that cost the skin gives buttocks more long and is compatible lithium 👍
5 / 5
is magic and fixed some recent but dead plus UPS batteries (around 1 volt). I have had some UPS battery that the could not fix, but has had his useful life the decade.
4 / 5
Has debated among the booster or upload it, decided to go with this upload so it thinks that is more useful. It has taken 2 days to fully touch my empty battery and everything is a lot now.
4 / 5
Likes that I can touch all some batteries in an out of parks without a fear of overcharging. This uploads often restores battery averting a need of substitution.
4 / 5
Adds small to upload, tip one state to touch exactly, and maintains one uploads of a battery in a winter. Has a lot these chargers, and would buy him again.
4 / 5
Has the convertible Loans Fortwo which is my car of woman of state. A battery is under a paving lateralmente of the engine. Ossia The way adds to maintain a battery been supported by a terminal connector (GC002) to a battery as we do not have to that maintain pulling on a paving to change a battery.
4 / 5
Has bought the economic plus a (Gooloo) but has failed on first use how is returned. This one was more expensive, but has done well. Saved bear me buy the new battery!
5 / 5
Has used he during lockdown reason has not driven my car frequently. I have wished I had it when I have been in mine last holidays but now are all the place for next time!
5 / 5
A Noco 2 is súper easy to use. Both my motorcycle and transports it has not gone very when be used partorisca a past 3 month and some batteries had died. Not even the judge of the jump of start was quite to do work. I have touched both would beat for until the full load and he like new. Still it uploads of control and work so only well. It produces really good. Recommended
4 / 5
When loncompre was in promo, and drspues of a time finds it same but economic, jajaja ironic, the form to use is simple is, but if any one knows at all of battery of the cars perhaps find you in a situacion, another thing is that hay another verciones better to upload yours would beat of car, so only informed well
4 / 5
This little beast is really compact and done a work. I have attached it permanently to a battery of cars for fast touching during month of winter
4 / 5
was easy to install and has been doing well like this far. A battery had died and has taken the pair of days to touch but took it touched and has been to maintain way of then.
4 / 5
The work adds. Easy to store well and compact. Has the pair of GB40 unit also. Highly recommend a Noco line of booster/chargers😎
4 / 5
Are but that satisfies with this carrier. Has several indicators to show different state of the batteries. Ademas That can upload different types of battery and Multiple voltage. For the prize, is the best that goes the encontar in the warehouse. Those that sell I those edges to reward a lot of basicos and with low quality materials.
4 / 5
That is to do partorisca. I add little upload. Hardwired He to a car so that the battery will not go to walk never in winter again.
5 / 5
Very solid treating has produced. It is an absolutely produced of must to have him the vehicle that calms does not use in the daily base.
5 / 5
Very easy to use. Good works. The utilisation to maintain car, truck, boot and RV battery. So only it wishes it has bought them one 5 amp model because when the battery has died totally like leave a light of dome on for 3 days takes long time to touch and recondition a battery.
4 / 5
Maintains my battery Of the pendant of motorcycle has uploaded the entreposage ,many detail types of the sud of battery (AGM) guarantee and besides fast delivery.