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1 first Noise Cancelling Headphones with CVC 8.0 Microphone, Bluetooth Headphones Over Ear, BT 5.0, 35H Playtime, Fast Charge, Comfortable Fit Foldable Wired Wireless Headphones for Home Office Class Travel Noise Cancelling Headphones with CVC 8.0 Microphone, Bluetooth Headphones Over Ear, BT 5.0, 35H Playtime, Fast Charge, Comfortable Fit Foldable Wired Wireless Headphones for Home Office Class Travel Vividtone
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2 Besreath Active Noise Cancelling Headphones, Bluetooth5.0 Headphones with 35H Playtime, Fast Charge, Hi-fi Bass, Memory Foam Over Ear Headset with cVc8.0 Mic for Home Office, Online Study, Travel Besreath Active Noise Cancelling Headphones, Bluetooth5.0 Headphones with 35H Playtime, Fast Charge, Hi-fi Bass, Memory Foam Over Ear Headset with cVc8.0 Mic for Home Office, Online Study, Travel Besreath
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3 best Noise Cancelling Headphones, Fast Charge, 45Hrs Over Ear Bluetooth Headphones, Wireless Headphones with Microphone, Stereo Sound for TV PC Phone, Foldable Headphone Wired for Travel Home office Noise Cancelling Headphones, Fast Charge, 45Hrs Over Ear Bluetooth Headphones, Wireless Headphones with Microphone, Stereo Sound for TV PC Phone, Foldable Headphone Wired for Travel Home office Vividtone
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4 Anker Soundcore Life Q20 Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling Headphones, Wireless Over Ear Bluetooth Headphones, 40H Playtime, Hi-Res Audio, Deep Bass, Memory Foam Ear Cups, for Travel, Home Office Anker Soundcore Life Q20 Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling Headphones, Wireless Over Ear Bluetooth Headphones, 40H Playtime, Hi-Res Audio, Deep Bass, Memory Foam Ear Cups, for Travel, Home Office Soundcore
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5 Noise Cancelling Headphones - ANC Over-Ear Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 Headphones with Microphone, Lightweight Headset, 30H Playtime, Ergonomic Protein Leather Earpads for Home, Office, Indoor, Outdoor Noise Cancelling Headphones - ANC Over-Ear Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 Headphones with Microphone, Lightweight Headset, 30H Playtime, Ergonomic Protein Leather Earpads for Home, Office, Indoor, Outdoor FENSOL
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6 Sony WH-XB900N Extra Bass Noise Cancelling Wireless Bluetooth Headphones with Mic, 30 Hours Battery Life and Quick Charge - Optimized For Google Assistant and Alexa – Blue Sony WH-XB900N Extra Bass Noise Cancelling Wireless Bluetooth Headphones with Mic, 30 Hours Battery Life and Quick Charge - Optimized For Google Assistant and Alexa – Blue Sony
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7 Philips Wireless Headphones TAPH805BK/00 Bluetooth Headphones (Bluetooth, Active Noise Cancelling, 30 Hours Battery Life, Hi-Res Audio, Microphone, Google Assistant, Quick Charging Feature) Black Philips Wireless Headphones TAPH805BK/00 Bluetooth Headphones (Bluetooth, Active Noise Cancelling, 30 Hours Battery Life, Hi-Res Audio, Microphone, Google Assistant, Quick Charging Feature) Black Philips Audio
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8 PowerLocus Active Noise Cancelling Headphones, Bluetooth Over-Ear Headphones with Noise Reduction, 70Hrs Playtime, Wireless Headphones, Hi-Fi Deep Bass, Foldable with Microphone for Phones/Laptops/PC PowerLocus Active Noise Cancelling Headphones, Bluetooth Over-Ear Headphones with Noise Reduction, 70Hrs Playtime, Wireless Headphones, Hi-Fi Deep Bass, Foldable with Microphone for Phones/Laptops/PC PowerLocus
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9 Tribit Bluetooth Headphones with Mic, Wireless Headphones over Ear with Bluetooth 5.2, HiFi Sound with Deep Bass, Type-C lightening Fast charge, 34H Playtime, CVC8.0 Noise Cancelling Mic, Black Tribit Bluetooth Headphones with Mic, Wireless Headphones over Ear with Bluetooth 5.2, HiFi Sound with Deep Bass, Type-C lightening Fast charge, 34H Playtime, CVC8.0 Noise Cancelling Mic, Black Tribit
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10 Sony WH-CH710N Noise Cancelling Wireless Headphones with 35 hours Battery Life, Quick Charge, Built-in Mic and Voice Assistant - Black Sony WH-CH710N Noise Cancelling Wireless Headphones with 35 hours Battery Life, Quick Charge, Built-in Mic and Voice Assistant - Black Sony
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Top Customer Reviews: Noise Cancelling ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 1 ratings
4 / 5
Pros: The sound is clear; foldable & rotating; comfortable; battery; it comprises the microphone and 3mm option; abordable; stylish.

Gilipollas: Not annulling noise. Clearly it could listen my neighbour that spends the aspirador so only one same, without any noticeable transmission. A ANC the function so only adds the bit of volume and sweet white noise, like this really any annulment of active sound here.

The Hips 'cooks' a yes past ear partorisca more than an hour.

And, different in an announced pics, ossia the banded MPOW device, spending the big MPOW logo in both sides.

Top Customer Reviews: Besreath Active ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 6 ratings
5 / 5
Has the difficulties of sensory pasts been due to be autistic as it has looked for some headphones that would offer annulment of noise whilst also leaving me to listen the music when I want to, this receiver both, spent really well, would recommend 100
5 / 5
These are my first test of the noise that annuls auricular. Usually I ear of defender of wear, as these were the refreshing transmission. They do not block it it was all the noise, or has to that to a same technology likes a bit the noise that annuls auricular. A noise that annuls the option mostly looks to be the key of white noise, (which is certainly quite muffles an external world well.) Some headphones is a lot of comfy, and a wireless function work a lot well. They are able to walk to the different rooms to a device am connected to without any transmission in audio. Some ears are a lot of comfy, does not dip pressure in your boss. This in spite of, mine a flu with these is that they press in a cup of my boss slightly, which after the times can be incredibly uncomfortable. Has the tense bad zone there this in spite of, as it could not be like this bad for another.

In general these am a lot well for a prize. I recommend him. A quality of his east well, and is comfy. They are the little prone to slip your boss this in spite of, as it does not spend while headbanging the music of heavy metal.
5 / 5
You bondadosos to hurt my ears after prpers prpers spend. They could be softer, and they a lot easily returned in an ear. Noise of light lining in a fund, although the good firt the time compraventa and upgrade of regular headphones.
5 / 5
Has taken these for just in £19 pounds in the recent special offer.
Has not expected a mpow frames. Have earbuds Of a costruttore same and is utmost.
Headphone Touches the quality is well, but the noise that annuls is quite poor (I has has had to that well sure has turned on !) But still it could listen background noise.
For £19 has to that no grumble.
4 / 5
Has ordered these they so that it was in the offers and some descriptions have looked for likes it was the good product. Unfortunately they were defective like any sound could be listened by a right part. It is returned for the repayment!!
5 / 5
Produced excellent very pleased with cost of mine, a quality of build is perfect and a sound is surprising a noise cancelation is decent, could spend these all day to the equal that are a lot comfortable and snug in your ears are not the big.

Top Customer Reviews: Anker Soundcore ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5
I have taken these with 20 discounts (links to Amazon) of a Anker email - as his value that signs up with them partorisca see yes can take one discount before buying. First of all, they touch good and a NC the effective looks. The the side-for-try lateralmente vs the pair of Sony wh-1000xm3 (which are some regular better-shabby/partorisca win of prizes and sides £270). A Anker/Soundcore Q20 stack on well. A Sonys has bit it more depth/his full plus and is stronger, but is 7x a prize. Like this far in a house these are perfectly respectable and yes calms can take him for £40, brilliant. Good access, the controls are easy, and there is base he-way of impulse. Negatives - Could be stronger, and a pouch is obviously any one protects is travelling calm so much can require to estimate for the hard-peel also. The looks of battery very like this far. Also it will try a NC in the plan and update! It REMARKS - the photo is in a hard chance has bought partorisca £6, is not resupplied in a band. NB The now returned chance how was terrible quality ! Any compraventa esecret Rain' wife!!
Has the UPDATE has used these in the pair of flights and a NC was effective (perhaps a lot quite like this as well as Sonys but any side for side as it can not be sure). A level of sound was well to look TV downloaded still when taking was and engines in full throttle! Comfortable to spend also and possibly breathes bit it better that a Sonys. Also used in a intercity the train and was very good. His the shame that Anker does not resupply the chance of hard shell as they have done with a leading model, as pouch resupplied is quite pointless and offers any one protects. I have contacted Anker to see if they a chance like an accessory and gain!

So much, May 2020 update. These still are mecer with the life of battery adds and very solid Bluetooth connection. For music, in a house, side for side then a Sonys win hands down, to join different. But for film/of TV and travelling for £40 these are amazing value .
5 / 5
Ossia My second go to revise these headphones.

Has bought initially several headphones to compare and decide in my new pair of ANC auricular, in that lost that my original Taotronics Bh22 in an airport. I have loved the very up in of the terms of ANC qualities and consolation. It has taken these Ankers and a 2019 version of BH22 a same time. Whilst A Ankers was better that a TT, has found that a ANC was bit it too sensitive in leader to noise of the wind and the inner sound choose on subjects. I have finalised to return them both and decided to spend much more money in Bose QC35 - there went him arrests the week but has not been concealed impressed with them at all especially for a money, and a pressure to feel of the cabin has taken me to us return too much. But that the experience have also does to think again in a Ankers. In a moment Anker service of client touches gone in and has finalised to give his another casualidad.

Has found that a ANC in a Ankers is in fact a lot that remote for behind a Bose (and to good sure better that TT). Obviously it depends that calm uses it, but has found that in mine commute in Subterranean of Londra, so much a Bose and a Ankers left it some of some big pitched sounds. A Bose probably bit it better and take the bit more than low humming noises, but a Ankers is quite that impresses especially to the equal that are almost £200 more economic! Has takes neither 100 of a noise like calm still listen perhaps l5-10. An annulment of hybrid noise in these with outside and inner mics (a difference of entity vs the majority another economic ANC auricular) acts well in my opinion. More has the main boss, to plot of some more economic headphones in a £50 ish the row of prize is so only far too small. With a Ankers has spare room and can bend a tape to return me has included better as I am not too tight. I have found some tampons in fact more comfortable that a Bose, a lot looked the Sony 1000xm3.
An initial complaint has had roughly noise of wind pickup, I also experienced with a Bose. A difference with a Bose is that has an application with an option to turn ANC down. But with a Ankers you simply can change a ANC was with the key, which is much easier that an application, and still with ANC of a passive isolation of some cups of ear does very good to take to plot of some annoying sounds.
Turning a ANC was also take a question has had with feedback of some cups when those fast / of career to walk. A ANC is simply very sensitive - so it maintains that in alcohol. But it is not the subject big for me.
A life of battery is orders also. Also it likes that Anker has on come with of an original creation and paint which is very dark to calm ash likes opposed to the plot other models on Amazon that all look of the lustrous same blacks economic.
My only real flus is that the desire was less bulky, and that a sound is directed too much in mids and lows - likes of the bases will like you these, but would not use him for the critic that listens house (which is well, has my Terracings for that).
But a consolation, ANC and the general quality has not beaten can be thus prize in my opinion. More, Anker the service of client is exceptional. They are happy to recommend them.
5 / 5
Mina has received so only today and one first impression is some receiver is really comfy! Some tampons are súper soft and does not dip too much force in your boss and of the ears. A quality of build is also adds and in bylines.

A quality of his east bit it difficult to justify to to interior a moment likes him the pair of headphones that has received looks to have question with a volume. Usually when I listen the music in headphones has seen my iPhone I only need to dip a volume to around 50-60. This in spite of, in a Soundcore Q20 has to that dip a volume to 100 to take a same quantity of start of sound. I have tried to connect to the mine portable and a question still persists. I have tried also to rest some headphones but does not solve a question.

Hope Anker will read this commentary and resupply joint in this question.

2 Stars for now as I will not be able to listen to them without dipping a volume to 100.

------Update on 2019-08-22------
has done a test of his street to the & Bluetooth connection and a Soundcore Q20 brilliant of sounds for his prize. A NC is also very decent and so only creates minimum “pressure” when it is on. I have had the pocolos other headphones that is in alike prize and In general a Soundcore Q20 is a better touching and auricular more comfortable.

Anker Is resupplying excellent support in a subject of volume. Service of brilliant client.
5 / 5
Does not like Me leaving of negative critic but, after trying all another half, the chair is deserved.

Like these headphones are in fact really good. And for £40 I would say is quite priced. This description is more roughly likes anker has managed the failure that one produces.

Like reason a negative critique.... Well, the looks of mine to be faulty. Randomly They Produce the thump of strong base that is not related at all to that is to touch by means of them at the same time.

Has been buying anker for years and has has had to that so only use his service of client once the while behind. It has been it adds... Sadly This time was terrible.

Still comprise a lovely little paper saying to has sawed touches them if you are not happy, so only now does not look to concern many.

Will not go in too much but suffice to say jump by means of hoops. They love escáneres of bills, copies of mandates and real photographs of a product. Then it love to pay on front for surpassed of guarantee and then, calm guessed it, scanner and test of email of surpassed and cost that his then processes like the repayment.

So only does not look to have a cure of same client has built his mark on and my worry is that they are resulted some same like all other vendors to import on amazon. Shame.
4 / 5
Has bought these headphones like the substitution for a Soundcore spatial NC which have broken so only 3 month with which shabby. I owe that say I a lot of prefer them. A quality of his so much this utmost (I are not an expert in that but sound of mine excellent mine), is more comfortable (ie very comfortable to spend tend to forget that spending you the ), a noise that annuls the technology is good (I uses him in bus and in of the libraries and grieve to listen anything concealed is spending around me) and is easy to pair with my iPhone (pairing of next instant). New an easily hard battery the full day.

In general a compraventa excellent in a point of excellent prize with all some bells and whistles that can find it you in headphones more expensive. Anker He again!
5 / 5
These headphones are quite good but comparing them to a MPOW H12s, the fall bit it short specifically for three reasons. Prizes, volume, quality of his

A ANC in both is basically identical mine, his both have left in and his blocked of the same. Quality of his these comparable hips with a Ankers having the 'touch' more noise, although a H12s can be eq'd to touch one same. Subject of prime minister @of the mine with these is that they are to good sure in an end a lower in the terms of volume have compared to other wireless headphones have listened to. It is not that they are calm, but according to an user or a type of music listens to, will have any headroom yes is listening to the song ossia calm, or want to really feel a ooomph in an of your favourite clues.

That it is more, these in fact distort quite easily near max the volume that listens the grave heavy music. Kendrick Lamar Is 'DNA' causes these headphones to garble was although a sound is in a calmer end. It could take a H12s to do one same but ossia in the ear that the level of hammer like any one would have to that be listen in. Easy sprain coupled with the low volume that normal and some questions begin to locate.

The tomb on the way is the gimmick and his of towers to the humbling disorder, any value he at all. Reason is announced like the characteristic? The god knows.

3 stars given a prize has paid for them ( is returned this in spite of) of £36 odd, 2 stars a unfortunate the soul pays full prize for these (at the same time £51). To be just, this description is writing in the negative tone simply reason a MPOW H12s exist and has been able to compare both side for side.

Still, does not recommend these simply because of a H12s existence.
4 / 5
For a prize has paid for these (eith the good, 35 crux) follows more than happy with them. They are included probably value a prize of full entrance. They are not in the pair with Bose or Sony NC the headphones but do well and touch decent.

+ Consuelo adds, have abonos big cushy earcups east focuses very same in my big ears.
+ Some keys are decent and easy to locate
+ Bluetooth the pairing done without a lot issues
+ boss and jack so that you can use him need wired to ( probably uploads of still need?)
+ Has come with the vinyl spends stock exchange

- USB micros-B touching connector
- Kinda chunky draws that the does not fold on this small
- the noise that Annuls has the light fund hiss during silence, does not have any idea if this is to expect like these is premiers of mine NC headphones
- moves around the plot (i.et. Walk around my plan) with a NC on sometimes done some odd chirping the noises when there it is any sound /of music on. Any one a lot of noticeable but bit it odd.
4 / 5
Luz and comfortable, these headphones are perfect in this prize for more than users. My initial impression was that a plastic felt quite economic, but take a film and spending them am coming to appreciate that ossia so only reason is light of sound , and that they are in fact quite attractive.
For comparison against more produced of prize (like a QC35), the selection of audio could be better and a profile of the his very grave east-first of heavy/ (still without a comical “BassBoost”), but the quality of general audio is well.
A ANC I a lot enjoy: although it adds some white noise in an absence of any background noise, when cooking or travelling etc fully take a noise of engines or another continuous noise, whilst leaving some voices of people that tries to speak your quite clear. The life of battery is exemplary.
So only would ask that it goes forward for an option to substitute some tampons, which have been some first parts to spend down in Bose partorisci.
UPDATE: having has tried now these in the pocolos new settings, a ANC is not effective so that all where a background noise is “bassy” — a BART is quite screechy and a ANC the terrible work in this context.
5 / 5
Is my first pair of the noise that annuls the headphones and am pleased enough in general May...
1) Some keys all celery quite some same how is extremely last to agree or start of the that the keys are the one who just to touch, as I maintain to press one wrong some for deception and has to that maintain taking them on and has gone to find and press a legislation some.
2) An annulment of the noise usually does marvels (I uses him on my newspaper commute) but can add noise if you are already enmedio calm as it can require to toggle annulment of noise on and has gone according to a situation
3) A sound is the little walk and does not have very wide stereo sifts

So that has abundance of room for improvement!

REMARCE: I previously complained in low volume and there is has received of the pair of substitution of Anker with details of number of identical/model/etc but is much stronger to the equal that am now much happier and has revised my description consistently, comprising adding the star.
4 / 5
To the equal that are sadly disappointed with these headphones (the Anker Soundcore Life Q20). It was very excited to take them like the descriptions have surprised.

Mainly has taken these headphones for his active noise that annuls qualified. Now all active annulling the headphones add the bit of static in a fund (any sure reason) to the equal that has been expecting this the bit, but sadly this pair is terrible. A moment transmissions in an active noise that annuls, one static is extremely strong, so only in a worse of any active noise that annuls headphone has has not used never. It is annoying and I can not be he partorisca very long. Ossia My fourth pair of the active noise that annuls the headphones and I use on flights. These are worse was that some wire fences Lidls pair that has bought in 2007 for the few books! It is the real shame reason some headphones is on-way of ear and his otherwise do the really good work of blocker was noise with (ironically) a noise that annuls turned was. So only to be sure, has done included the test against mine another noise that reduces auricular (all aimed in a photo) and has confirmed that these are one is quite sad.

Averts of this subject, some auricular is well. They are extremely comfortable with lovely cushioned earcups, a quality of his when used without the noise that annuls is quite well, and a life of battery is for real amazing (I has any idea that the time has had to but to seat likes for ever).

Another downsides - some keys are quell'has bitten hard to say avert and there is a mandate of annoying voice when you change settings (p. p.ej. ANNULMENT of NOISE - ON!') Which could do without. There have it also any chance of storage (so only the economic useless flimsy stock exchange to draw that offers any protect). The quality of build is quell'has bitten like this-like this, am not sure will last years but no terrible neither and will not fall aside quickly.

An another aim - a quality of the microphone for calls is quite bad - touch to the another person likes calm is speaking of inside the tunnel. Ossia Unfortunately pair for a course with estimating bluetooth auricular, as although these are bad is no worse that a lot another. To good sure does not take these for calls of work, but would be so only in GOOD for occasional social calls.
4 / 5
Near partorisca add of headphones. A NC entirely flooded out of a sound of the creature partorisca shout in the plan partorisca me. They are extremely comfortable also. A an and the only reason have fallen clashes is partorisca a simple reason that thinks it could be stronger. Perhaps it is so only me but material a stronger setting is not all this strong.
5 / 5
A quality of his in these simply is in amazing. I have read several first descriptions to order these, and took him in the sale in all the chance, as it took him paralizaciones in £45. A lot of descriptions will use a sentence 'partorisca a prize, these are utmost' indicating is good but no utmost. To the left clear me: These are auricular utmost . A quality of his fantastic east. It can reproduce music a lot calm and strong clues equally well. There is the way of impulse of the bass but almost does not require it never. A quality of his east orders without him.

A thing roughly the annulment of noise is that it is not supposition to be like this calm like the monastery and take all external noise. A point is to reduce an external noise to the equal that can listen the music comfortably without that has to that ram a volume all a way up. Ossia Like these do. When first I plant his on in my office has been surprised in a reduction in same background noise without the music that touches. It annuls to the something the like 90 of a chatter and bustles of an office. Like the result, was able to listen in the volume that to the sinister all a crystal of music clears without being too strong partorisca consolation. I have tried this with a lot of calm music and of thin music (mostly soundtracks) this has calm and strong sections, where usually would require to regulate a volume while touching in any one another set. Here I can listen a music perfectly all a time.

Has some drawbacks. The noise of wind is often wrongly annulled, that heads to (oddly) whistles he of wind in a headset. This in spite of think that that ossia a subject with several frames. There it has any one a lot in feedback to a telephone. A headset speaks a level to be able to on can up. Besides in a Bluetooth the frame informs a level of battery to a next plus 20 (rounded down). It looks to be Androin so only this in spite of. IPHONE does not look to do east. It means it it touched it fully in brief exposed 100 then transmission to 80. This in spite of a life of battery is really impressive, and a neighbour comes with the passive jack boss like this included died some headphones still can do yes plugged to the source. Also I have found initially some of some taps, double taps, and a lot the time touches the small confusing. It would recommend the decent spending if also. A stock exchange comes with him is not a better, although it is better that at all and has the handy inner pouch for some bosses. Also oddly a Q10 USB of the model used-C but ossia micro-USB. No the enormous question, so only odd.
4 / 5
Has ordered these on 8th Feb 2020, received him on 12th Feb. has paid £ at the same time to order. When Tried in home, has been blown has gone by a quality of his - was exactly like other users had described. This in spite of, when I have begun to spend his in a bus to/of work, has found has done extremely strong explosions and crackles every time a bus has been in the swipe or there was included a smaller vibration. Some explosions was like this strong hurt my ears, and the mark that listens to the almost impossible music. The some research and found a subject (experienced by other users) apparently relates to the failure with a characteristic of annulment of the noise. I have turned this was and found one those explosions is disappeared immediately. I turned it behind on and it is returned. East ruins a the majority of characteristic of entity of some headphones, and like such has had to contact Anker support of client. Clearly they are not an only client the one who there has been this question, as I will update in planned course.
4 / 5
To start with with, has has not possessed never the besides big neighbour in a boss earphones always preferring buds etc (albeit has had a classical orange walkman some behind in a 80 east). I have purchased this because of a sudden need to do of home, and also a requirement to flood out of some noises of a house, pets, the partner that read them etc etc. would read a cup regulates 10 headphones of 2020 casts etc like the majority of us these days. Sony In the first place, Bose to somewhere in a mix. They are the hard data Bose defender, but some the odd negative commentaries dipped me was and for £300 I beloved perfection, and some elements of key of the touch of a Sony is dipped have been (I are not the technophobe, so only prefers a real key. In all the chance, as declared, are not the big defender of 'Beat' as it has not loved to spend the fortune. I have read that a Soundcore the headphones were estimated highly in a sub £100 department, as I have bought some. The quality of build is that it would expect for a money. Really quite well it would say, but plasticky, any Bosey or Sony'esque but does not feign to be. I do not want to assigned, but in my opinion, a quality of his this absolutely excellent. It would adapt that it is the little in a bassy side, but, concealed to offend you, uses the graphic bow or suchlike and the dial was. Still with the basses augment was err in a side of bassy. The noise that annuls is well, no longer can listen the pets that line, my partner that writes, is the voice can not delete, but, an encapsulation of some headphones is like this very hardly note any others touch at all once some music is touching. The packaging is A1 that it was the good surprise for a money. It comes with 2 bosses, spend it stock exchange and of the instructions. They fold Amiably to leave easy transport. They are supremely comfortable. It could him spend the whole day with relieving that I 100 could not say roughly pods of ear. For a record, I rock of game and circle, metal, environmental, dance, house, Indian, orchestral, acoustic. All has reproduced a lot well.
4 / 5
After breaking my AKG auricular, has tried my mates' saint grail Sony and Bose the noise that annuls the insiemi have known like this the one who a better possible action was, and the place hunted for the one of then would do almost also for the fraction of a prize. These are! I rave in these headphones. They are soyy the skin is glowing my harvest is flourishing my life is vastly improved, thank you Anker' the level adds.

SOUND. Him him Like all Anker of mark, a quality of his this really good. No, it is not quite like this full or rich how is in a Sonys that will dip you behind £300+, but for the together of headphones has taken for £40 is unbelievable. A noise that annuls good works to annul out of sounds of big frequency (beeping, voice), although he still left in of the lowest tones. It can be turned was easily if any one calm the precise. It is the godsend in a morning to block out of a squealing drive of tube and alert of telephone beeps for the calm plus commute.

STIMULATES of BASSES. An impulse of basses is the fun but probably characteristic unnecessary. I use it occasionally to do acoustic or electronica the clues touch the bit 'the full plus'.

CONNECTIVITY. They have connected easily to mine telephone and the laptop on in the first place tries (my old headphones have refused to connect to mine macbook) and continuous do like this automatically now when the twist on.

QUALITY of BUILD. Celery less sturdy that insiemi really expensive, of course. But they are not flimsy, a plastic feels well, and a quality of global build is quite good. Some keys have the click to satisfy and does not go to take clogged he leaves some headphones that chair in a gunk in a fund of your stock exchange.

Has SEEN of BATTERY. It averts of a prize, another key selling point for these have compared to quite all other headphones is a battery . A life of battery is frankly wizardry. This last like this long can not agree when hard touched him and use them every day. A claim that can the to you touch for five minutes to take four hours of use is entirely some – amazing when they have died and has to that leave for work in dec.

CONSUELO. They are the small present with the small boss, and more headphone the look of costruttrici to think that all the world has a boss of same measure like him 6'2' man. My last pair of the main prize-auricular of the point was somehow simultaneously too free that would fall off , and has seated how were really sore. Desperately I have loved the pair that could dip on and almost forget past. These are returned entirely a bill. They are totally on-ear, some cushions are like this soft, does not find to take too hot, no my glasses undermine to my boss, and still with which 6 hours of the door hardly can him feel.

TLDR. These turn me to a Anker evangelist. Calm does not go to find more comfortable, better built, better touching auricular with the life of the longest battery that these for less than £180, has left so only for one tiny the prize signals this retail in.
4 / 5
Has been excited to receive these afterwards read descriptions. The nave was fast and a headpones was a lot of packaged. My first use of them walking to a train headed out of adding, was like this comfortable would forget you to you spent him. Then POP. I have thought the era has has shot! The big pop macizo out of them. I thought it that it could be it the once was continued like this to spend them but one that bursts continued when walking. Sometimes it was when stepping of the kerb. I tried him with NC has turned was and any pop to the equal that touches the NC subject. I have verified other descriptions and the people have had alike subjects. I am returning and hope to purchase them again. I will update my description when the receive the new pair.
5 / 5
Now so only am giving these stars have based in a quality this kick was in comparison to the together of Bose. I have chosen these up for only £38 in treating he of black Friday, like this for a prize, certainly deserves to five star. These are not Bose but does not feign to be. They are the good quality headphone, comfortable to spend for hours and have a lot Bluetooth connectivity. A midrange and the treble are clear and bass of quantity resupplied. Again, for a orice- certainly a lot something to complain roughly.
would be a capacity of volume and the noise that annuls. They are of listened poorer (but a lot enough to warrant helps) that half. Has these in maximum volume, which is sufficient but, when he corker the song comes on-would like me to crank he on has bitten it more. Regarding a noise that annuls 😂, a lot poor. I can not say it is changed on or was and certainly still can listen background noise (still with my ears). This could indicate these am a lot of faulty, or so only the tentativa poor in this characteristic. He this annoying for a orice- at all. Neither I seat an impulse to return because of these smaller discrepancies. If you are the pertinent quality audiophile, spends this has bitten more. This in spite of, are more than happy with cost of mine.
5 / 5
Amazing ... I have averted on ear / in receiver of ear to the equal that has thinks that would be to a lot of hassle , measure , controls ... Pfft.
Found in the uncomfortable ear to the equal that has has researched substitutions ...Descriptions for these was a lot of and I like a Anker frames as it has thought would give these the gone ... Like this happy has done .
The sound is surprising , the noise that annuls the one who fiancées ... Súper Comfortable (has fallen included slept with them on ... It does not judge Me ... And I a still touched music when have despertador ...)
Some keys in a side are intuitive , this was the big worry for me but I can find a first right key time every time because of his creation and a creation of sure keys .
Have Still to take the call in these so many I can not comment in this side of things ... Neither I use him for súper long periods as it can not comment in a life of battery (although given the one who awesome is can use him more and more )
In general am impressed on for these ... Has thinks that that they were too economic to rid that it has loved it ... Nope Has taken the subject , can not imagine quell'extra could take of the pair of headphones
5 / 5
My mate recommended this mine. It was dubious because of a low prize but was tried bad. These are excellent. Quality of his brilliant east, has the impulse of bases in some headphones that is glorious and does not result distorted when you direct it on. A noise that annuls is well. I bought him like this I fly enough to plot and sometimes in noisy aircraft to the equal that have has wanted to something to help annul out of some engines this in spite of like this listen that I am looking. I did not try him it has been it likes that still but I am sure they will do a work. I have had the together of the beaten wireless on ear nc the receiver and would say that these am like this very so much, if any one better. Some beaten has used to hurt my ears with which in an hour but like this far these are still like this comfy like this when first I plant his on. The excellent headphones in the prize adds, like this happy bought him and my mate recommended him.
5 / 5
These are my first noise -annulling the headphones and am impressed enough. I used him in a half of office and fall out of the plot of a background noise. It was class to think would block all was - calm still listen some people that speaks in a background this in spite of. It is not necessarily the bad thing requires to be able to take your attention.

Quality of his this a lot of too. Some works of function of impulse of grave well, but would be a lot has agreed is last setting . It begins to distort the bit in of the main volumes yes listen to stuff that Skrillex but less than mine little Bose auricular.
4 / 5
So only it wants to add an update
Like this, several months to enjoyable the property of this receiver has begun to experience some recharging subject. I have contacted Anker/ Soundcore Services of Client and was simply fantastic. We ask me to us to return one has affected auricular, but has received once the new pair has been issued and my cost of surpassed refunded. All very fast and the communication was excellent. I have purchased the number of Anker has produced now and will continue to do like this.

Has purchased the number of Anker the products and has been always of the decent quality. It was intrigued for some good descriptions for these headphones, unfortunately is action a lot half for both qualities of his and volume. Well packed, and second looks a lot too different to Bose for qualities of build, i.et. All the plásticoes decent has used, but so only does not touch a lot very at all - shame.

UPDATE (3-Oct-2019)..... I am wanted to to say that that follows my description, and turn of these headphones to Amazon, Anker has taken a proactive action to contact me and asking would like to receive and revise an up to date version of this model. I have it quell'has had now these takes approx. The week. A subject of volume is fixed to good sure, and whilst these will not be never too strong, there there is certainly an improvement. This in spite of, there is still an odd characteristic with an action of audio. Whilst A quality is perfectly acceptable for a prize; there is the a lot of 'the bass send' element to a presentation, to the turn of signal 'behind' a triple and mid-row - this spends irrespective of ANC and/ or some looks+ of Bass to be actuated/ deactivated. The noise that annuls in his own legislation is again quite acceptable for his prize. In general, these am a lot well for his point of prize, would be wrong to compare them with any Bose or Sony offerings..... Thank you Anker...
5 / 5
These are seriously comfortable - and a noise that annuls is adds.
Quality of his this really well too much.
The life of battery is really good ( announces 40hrs life of battery - has had -30hrs first of a battery warns it taking low)

expected to use this like the headset for use in work (with Squads of Microsoft, Skype, Webex, etc)
So only the negative point is that a mic is poor - Ive there has been a lot of feedback of people to say touch enough, or that my voice is breaking up. I have had to that repeat in a majority of calls has been on swithing to these.

Of my point of view a mic is not a lot enough is according to him for work.
This in spite of will not be returning these - instead will maintain him to listen to musci/podcasts/audiobooks when travelling - is ideal for that.
5 / 5
These headphones are extremely comfortable and have the fantastic soundstage, the noise that annuls the characteristic is not compatible to a technology used for headphones that is 5 expensive times.
Also would like me to highly rents Anker of crew of support, was a lot of gain with a subject has had with this product and correspondent out of the substitution that reads as it has expected. It is among some experiences of better client have had! As well as when being a lot of responsive compared to another
5 / 5
are any expert/of the his of the music but these touch good mine.
Does not have any idea like a noise that annuls works, but does. It is like this magic.
Does not use It generally. When I dipped It on and it has blocked out of a noise of partidário electrical.
Some looks of battery to last for ever. It could you do not say how long exactly, it likes I his crown on when it says that calm has seen the voice in your boss when a battery is big/average /down.
A noise that annuls probably impacts in a life of battery. But I know no how much.
Is quite big. Well, main that I usually use. But comfortable.
Is not particularly strong. But any I generally uses him in of the half noisy means.
His the shame one spends the stock exchange is not the hard chance. Some offers of the stock exchange pocolos protects.
Has bought these whilst in offers. The this in spite of thinks that that a full prize is the still value that has paid.
5 / 5
TLDR: I have bought these on sale partorisca around £38. They are to fly he in this prize and I felizmente would pay a RRP. Very happy with them. If it has not been for some economic keys would have expected him to sell for more than double i.et. Around £100.

Clearly these are presupposed the active noise that annuls (ANC) auricular but wow. They are not a audiophile but have the pocolos insiemi of the headphones that comprises much more expensive on ear BT AKG (without ANC) and a Q20 is resulted my daily headphones.

A ANC law incredibly a lot - I does not have more expensive BOSE etc to compete with, but law for me. I find a Q20s very comfortable to spend (the difference of a AKGs that hurt after the pair of hours of use). That does not know is if the parts are replaceable in a Q20 like me a bit the tampons of ear are in a AKGs.

There is not timed a life of battery but has had to that much more that a 10hr life of mine AKGs. Also really it likes that it comprises the mini Jack to the equal that of calm has not limited the BT connection that I fiund a lot of gain likes BT in my PC is trousers and stutters endlessly. I do not have any one @subjects at all with BT connectivity in my Pixel of Google of the Android 2XL A Q20 connects to my telephone a lot quickly, a row is excellent and does not take any stuttering or drop outs.

A microphone also does a lot well. I have been using these headphones in place of mine jabra headset partorisca called of conference (certainly so only never in the calm office) and do a lot well. I have asked feedback on quality of audio and has had any complaint and any question to repeat I.

Have the pair of flus,

1) some keys in some auricular (particularly a power and And on/was) feels economic. They do not have good positive,solic, clicks, but have release it, almost wobbly, and feeling very economic when clicked. Of the one who Take bad, perfectly, so only feel like this liw quality.

2) Ossia a lot much smaller, and very subjective, but would have preferred if some beat bent/swivelled another way, or both ways. It is so only the smallest annoyance driven by that has taken used to with a AKGs.

Is like this well am considering buying another together for my boys
4 / 5
will begin this description to say has won the pair of Bowers and Wilkins PX - as the benchmark. First to buy those, has listened to a lot of Bose and Sony auricular first to do my decision.

Like these B&W the receiver is done fantastically, incredible touching, and works of art - a lot of something has has wanted to 'lob' in rucksack of mine in of the weekends were. Neither they fold so it takes on upper of afair bit of room. They are my 'house' auricular and the treat them well. You take my point - I has required some more economic headphones would not cry roughly the marked the those pocolos. Those who are the kidding? I have wanted to more technology...

In all the chance, ossia where these go in - economic ANC auricular wireless of the mark has trusted.

And rid in the each account.

Estimativas - An absolute fly
quality of his - Ridiculously a lot of - well, any B&W Quality, but right up there to be totally sincere. It has been expecting thing of sound of Anker but these have has surpassed expectations. Very clear, good detail, utmost bass out of a box, and a immersive experience.
Microphone - I use these in of the squads and Skype, and on called of telephone, and no A PERSON has done the negative commentary roughly listening me.
ANC - No quite like this well likes B&W but am fussy and doing direct comparisons. In my newspaper commute in a train, this blockade out of a deep noise of some clues any question, and 95 of some people that converged in a train. In the plan, reduce a sound of some engines 90 also. Dreamy. And a will not go there.
Build - Quality A lot well, the bit 'plasticy' but then is done of plásticoes...
Consuelo - Is included on?! Like this comfy, is for real utmost.
Life of battery - Every time turns him on says 'big battery' - I swears is broken. The joke - do well, but seriously, always is expecting them to say 'half of battery' but to seat likes FOR EVER until they fall the notch.

Bassup - I enjoys my bass, but east ruins a quality of his global in my opinion.
Keys - his 'look' bit it economic, but is solidly has done.
Lights - I desire could turn some blue lights and of the greens was, but then can no to see them so that it is not the subject enormous, I jsut does not think is necessary.
Micro-USB - Any @subjects at all, but would be very was USB -C

Finally, thes eare amazing, and easily would resist his suitable for two times a prize! Compared to the mine B&W is not QUITE up there on quality of his or ANC, but the would not expect them to be - but htey is not far was! All day consolation, bends on like this small to the equal that would expect of on has beaten of ear, the life of battery adds, and good and robust. A perfect addition in any auditor of music! Recommended!!
5 / 5
Has bought these to a large extent for an annulment of noise and are quite disappointed. 90 of exclusion of looks of noise to be in a physicist headset he, some cups of ear are soft and cushion a lot on some ears, and his grieves them the place there is the sense of calm.

A noise that annuls probably so only adds 10 reduction of noise in just spending a headsets. This in spite of the background sound is still audible. For example if my woman is speaking to my girls in a same room. It knows it is speaking, so only I can not listen that it is saying. It concealed still it is that it distracts for me, in a current climate (doing of house) has expected his entirely the blockades was to touch he so that it could direct.

A noise that annuls has 2 odd subjects. It presents the light background static, and the light varying whirring the sound to the bit likes some leaves of the helicopter. It is less obvious in of the big volumes, but yes listen the music in the mid to low volume, or listen the music that is calm, acoustic, or has pauses or of the empty, then will be apparent.

Some headphones is quality of decent build, an optional goodness is decent and would have to that last. I find him light and comfortable to spend for has has extended periods (4-6 hours). Has the quite big boss and they return without being tight or 'clamping'.

Quality of his decent east, but the little dull in a half. More than any one another pair of headphones has had finds these have spent really some music and a lot another. Anything would describe like this acute and crisp finds the little muddy and muted in a half, anything the heavy or more noisy bass, grungy, or with to plot that goes in tends to touch better.

For £40 is a lot well, for £100-150 would have been disappointed.
4 / 5
Was happy with a global quality of a product but I have obtained some headphones in concrete for use with the television and thus purpose there was the question. I measure the difference of synchrony from among 10-40 ms among a content of audio of some headphones and a screen of television. This could be regulated partorisca in a television or Youview the box has seen settings of global synchrony but then is an inconvenience to change behind when not using auricular. Practice this well can be the television-related bluetooth question like opposed to the headphone bluetooth question to the equal that have remarked that when streaming audio of the pc in the place of a TV there was sometimes any question of synchrony.

One another slightly expect it annoying of some headphones was a incumplimiento=on operation of a characteristic of annulment of the noise. I have found that an isolation of the passive noise of some headphones was a lot of and therfore for my purposes see any general reason to employ one can sapping anc but this is to involve automatically for incumplimiento while some headphones are first powered on turn like this precise was every time use them. Consistently, probably it would be better state was with an economic plus Q10 model of this standpoint. This in spite of, my conclusion of active researched several descriptions of a Q10s and Q20s was that it would be happier with a basic sound of a Q20s and to the respect has not been disappointed.

Although it was clearly a chance that when used in the way wired a sound has not been like this as well as it concealed of the pair of has consecrated AKG wired auricular this was so only the test of the comparison the GustanI, and probably any more buying these, any usually the use in the way wired. In bluetooth the way was very happy with a quality of sound has compared to an old pair of wireless headphones.

Has found a row of usable inner transmission of stops to be more afterwards to 10 more than 15m so it has found a signal that pauses on on 10m has had a wall to mediate.

Bluetooth The pairing has presented absolutely any question how was able to connect to the variety of telephone of devices, pc, pill, TVs with fuss very small another that a chance of usual initial device.
4 / 5
Eat... Already it possesses some Sennheiser BT the noise that annuls auricular, but has loved the economic pair to spare like this behind on (and that would leave work, where would use them to listen to some cold was music whilst acting and blocking out of a noise of my mates).

Initially tried in Mansun are ' so only can disappoint or', Chemical Brothers 'gone' and Portishead is 'box of glory (alive)'.
Highs Is very clear. Mids Is well. But some bass is quell'has bitten overcooked (and ossia without using a function of impulse of the bass).
Like this, to good sure any for serious audiophiles, but this in spite of quite good and good for 90 of people.
I row some bass like worse that a Sennheisers, but a mids/highs that well likes Sennheisers.
In general quite good and well inside expectations for <£50 headphones.
MODIFICATION: after the day has used to some bass and does not find it the subject enormous.

Annulment of noise:
Well... It was surprised enough. Has the place grieves some headphones on, felt an atmosphere around go died (averts of the little muffled chatter and some faint clicking of keyboards of mates).
Some headphones have done the a lot of of the better work of the noise that annuls that I have expected for his prize (and is at least the same to mine expensive plus Sennheisers - possibly better - when used in a half of office).
Will update a description /when volume to take alfresco and in public transport (although I expect him to effectively the cut was engine and noise of wind, as they entirely cut out of an air of noisy office with).

Quality of build:
A lot some plásticoes feel bit it economic... No a worse, but to good sure very first. It would treat him with care.
In that said the one who, look quite very - the reasonably discreet and tasteful creation (which can not be said in the plot of headphones in a more economic end of a phase.
A cushioning in a earcups... A lot of people have rented the one who soft is. I owe that say that they felt he bit it too squidgy and looked to be missing of a structure of an expensive plus Sennheisers. This has said, felt quite comfortable out of a box and resupply to focus reasonable around an ear. Like this very for now, but the only time will say that well spend.

is coming with the manual. Inside the minute had changed the in the paired with my laptop for a first time. Fast and easy.
A noise that annuls key and key to be able to is in some have left earcup, while one +, - and multifunction the keys are in some legislations earcup.
All well.

In general, would say that these are auricular very decent.
But in <£50 they offer exceptional value for all the action of round in his, the noise that annuls and consolation. Recommended.

coming with the pouch which looks well to protect them of muck/of sand/of the water when it was and roughly, but any to protect structural (but a lot necessarily expect the hard chance in this point of prize).

MODIFY: If using some headphones for skype called, can require turn a noise that annuls was - with a NC has turned in some users in another end of a call could no to listen me properly.
4 / 5
Thanks to technology my description the average writing has taken deleted when it is returned for the arrival was.
Sufficed to say this headphone for a prize is very good. I have used the Hidisz AP80 and has listened the songs for of the Archive of Sweat, Jonsi out of Sigur Ros, Dexter History, Mew and A Comet is Coming. I have used MSEB settings that adapted more than a EQ. On everything follows a quality of his and a spacing was excellent. Soundstage Is not enormous but is done bit it better to use the Sonneteer. The response of basses was quite fast and some clues have had the noticeably good sub noise.
ANC Is quite good and has been tried on Airbus A330, Boeing 737-800, Boeing 787-8,-9, and rear row in the 787-10. I have not expected a lot but clicking on after taken was was quite the pleasant experience altogether. A downside was that it has had it an effect in a byline of his and a headset has not done in a IFE in a house of the flight when changed on but this was down to use the alone pin more than an adapter.
Precise quell'headset for use in of the plans? It does not love a IEM? No master peels was paralización Bose or B&Or and love the bit of the subject? These could be that it loves.
5 / 5
Thanks to technology my description the average writing has taken deleted when it is returned partorisca the arrival was.
Has sufficed partorisca say this headphone partorisca a prize is very good. I have used the Hidisz AP80 and has listened the songs for of the Archive of Sweat, Jonsi out of Sigur Ros, Dexter History, Mew and A Comet is Coming. I have used MSEB settings that adapted more than a EQ. On everything follows a quality of his and a spacing was excellent. Soundstage Is not enormous but is done bit it better to use the Sonneteer. The response of basses was quite fast and some clues have had the noticeably good sub noise.
ANC Is quite good and has been tried on Airbus A330, Boeing 737-800, Boeing 787-8,-9, and rear row in the 787-10. I have not expected a lot but clicking on after taken was was quite the pleasant experience altogether. A downside was that it has had it an effect in a byline of his and a headset has not done in a IFE in a house of the flight when changed on but this was down to use the alone pin more than an adapter.
Needs the headset for use in of the plans? It does not love a IEM? No master peels was paralización Bose or B&Or and love the bit of the subject? These could be that it loves.
4 / 5
Really love a sound these produce his utmost but after having them on a better part of a day and trying/trying them on my television my PC and my mobile and wireless wire fence. I can see reason the people complain in a volume that is limited when listening in Bluetooth sounds like this calm. It has not been it touches the characteristic of security to protect your ears but sweats the little in a side down I like the bit of row in a volume, touched them fully and turn a volume until 100 and looks to do them game in around 70 of a normal volume on more auricular. It has bitten Of the defect of entity in a unit but then again has not expected any one a lot for £40 crux a lot faulting a quality and consolation of some auricular although they are glorious but ossia something concealed precise to order for the future models remain me the little disappointed in a mark to be the grave sincere up resembles muffle a sound but a subject of volume takes him to be perfect. In another hand in a PC plugged to the speakers are well but took was a whole point of them when being wireless this in spite of almost close to be perfect. Shame
5 / 5
has Received these recently and was very surprised so that it can take you for your money.
At present have Studio of Beaten 3 portability of paralizaciones, reliabilities of connection (iphone user) and there adds NC but a profile of the his in these is muddy and bored according to the music has touched.
A Q20 is in another hand has the most animated sound with stupid quantities of basses and noise but also has a lot of mids and treble. Obviously EQ settings in yours telephone or another device can be changed for your own flavour. A BassUp the function is overkill and more for the people to to those who likes them to them the bit of on kill, no for me and now the rests were been due to some already thump and utmost bass.
Now to a NC, a quality of his when on it is reduced and a volume of the beaten can the trail was but any when stationary, confusing. Shame a NC can not be configured to be Is gone in to Be able to On.
Another that that, £50 well is spent.
And the mine has come to shrink wrapped without subjects of volume (Ankerdirect) of Amazon.
4 / 5
Am returned some Sony XM3 is (a pair of £230 headphones with NC) for these. For a value these are some -matched and unbeatable but come with some annoying subjects and that take the good pair is looked to the lucky diving .

Will jump to some first subjects and then speak my global opinion afterwards.

1. Defects of units - can take you the pair with the 'low volume' @@subject the one who anker the claims was the bad batch and allege is no longer a subject with the newest units. You will see the plot of some descriptions some old plus and some the descriptions the new plus complains of of the this, the'll explain bit it later like this to reason.

Another defect is if taken the newest unit with a volume a strong plus, your pair can emit strong penetrating crackling noises in of the main volumes when you are moving around. I have had to return the pair had bought for my Christmas of dad because his crackled so much in the each light movement and more the volumes hurt our ears - was the real shame . When finally I took the good unit, has think that had state saved with this @@subject but in fact looks to spend the mine also in max volume and in of the sure songs. As I assume it is the defect by means of all the models, so only depends the one who bad is... Any one sure he is a subject with the interior of free boss or soldering? Any one sure yes will worsen over time.

2. If you are by train to buy them, the mark sure is both SOLD FOR and SHIPPED FOR amazon. The amazon always will sell mark the new units sealed a lot @@subject that. They do not send returns. I had it it has bought it in fact the pair that has been on sale and SOLD FOR Anker but shipped for Amazon as old for Anker' a has been on sale while a esviejo for amazon' a has not been. Well I have received the client returns concealed has not been sealed, clearly had been opened and used for more and for the cup was has had a subject of low volume how was an older unit . Apparantly Third stock of rests of party to be returned and be shipped behind was to the new client in spite of being announced as 'New'.

3. Control of the digital volume and the entrances are BUGGY/GLITCHY - When have in the first place connected these to one of my devices, was able to control a volume in a device And a headset they, a control of volume in a device and some keys in some headphones were synced.
After connecting them to the few different devices this volume sync among some headphones/of device am missing so only. Now when tentativa and turn a volume on using my telephone or my mac absolutely at all... I am forced to control a volume that use some keys of volume of the headphones which can be a lot of frustrating in some situations.

To the equal that has done, but because of some bug/glitch with some headphones that the function to do after the moment. An only way of the take that again it is the unpair of all the devices and reset some headphones. Unfortunately it has any way to apply some class of firmware update to some headphones to solve this :(

3. Any one automatically connect behind until a last device has been connected to when they are to wake of sleep or has turned on. Well You - for the second then disconnect again. - ANOTHER BUG!

3. They can be the lil has bitten creaky (sometimes) and other times are totally well. They are so only nit-choosing llegarprpers to this point.


So much to my global impressions. They are the FANTASTIC touching, feeling, pair very built of headphones with the decent noise that annuls in the low prize can all are in accordance with. If takings likes he of half decent pair has done and can live with a bit finnicky the bugs/issues then this calms well!

A sound is absolutely fantastic, that resists the imports are no audiophile - but touch wise was hard pressed to choose the winner among these and one £230 Sony XM3 is. They have touched slightly different, but the mine has not been the difference of quality was so only the light difference. Funnily To enough I liked him in fact of a sound of a Ankers more.
Some BASS is quite damn good and in pair with a Sonys - or have thought like this until I have discovered as to turn in a 'BassUP' the characteristic where has taken literally soufflé/shaken-arrive 6ft by means of a room. With BASSUP there is enabled has broken a Sony XM3 is same with his bow dipped the crank on some bass.
Now these do not announce like this when being compatible with 50 different audio of big final supposition codecs, but unless you are some engineer of his the one who trusts these professionals codecs for your career - then will not remark any difference or frankly has cured.

Consuelo - is fantastic also, some cups of ear to foam by heart is A lot cushioned and fat, much more-so many that some expensive Sonys. Now you are picky in sweaty ears etc... Not Being able to like you concealed. They are the a lot of sweaty the person but did not annoy me in a slightest - is so only súper comfortable.

Quality of build - is all plastic but still feel sturdy and weighty. Also they fold on like this it would expect the most expensive pair of big final to with an ear-hoard rotating to leave for the flattest container when dipped in your rucksack! Of this-you to you the little soft smooth pouch for them that is well, but no a lot protective for shoving in the z/in the rucksack. It would have been well to have the chance but in a prize has been he can not complain!

Annulment of noise - Now are not that it goes to the lie like them to them some of these reviewers and rent a NC like this when being like this well eat Sony XM3 is or QC35 is reason are not - but is bad? No. Of hell An annulment of noise is quite damn decent and a fact still has annulment of noise in the £30-40 pair of headphones is fantastic.

In general - These headphones cost me £39, has to way that be down like this £25 and is at present priced in £. For comparison My Sony XM3 is or QC35 is was in 200-300 row and for me to return them and choose these and habladuría roughly his when being comparable is just dice.

IF felizmente volume the good pair without subjects then these you do fault A lot WELL can dip avert some annoying small bugs and defects (with a crackling I mentioned)

Anker is usually the mark I confidence and amour, and this product has an occasion to be another his-house be in poster. But they have fallen a wheel the little on these with some subjects of control of bugs and poor quality. But it averts him these are the fantastic must -buy pair of headphones.

If you are not a audiophile, but love the good that look of sounds of the headphones in the estimativa price you cant concurrido with. Then these are one of the - calm whose imports to dip up with some subjects and expecting you has taken the good pair!
5 / 5
The headphones are the really subjective err. . . Well @@@subject. A quality of his this meso in my opinion but he have touched mine too muddy. You would owe that know that has the habit to listen of more neutral touching auricular this in spite of. I can comprise reason to the people like a quality of audio in these this in spite of. The people would owe that know this annulment of the his on anything down in £200 generally is not a lot good to a point that you so only any one require it . It would contest that one the majority of the what of entity is apt. I need the good access to be able to listen a soundscape any pair of headphones resupplies. These are not me returned a lot well, was uncomfortable ( has to that have the odd boss). A breaker of extracted for me was so only an arrival felt really economic. I have purchased £20 headphones that felt solider that these. It tries him for calm, if they do not like you returns him inner a period of repayment. It does not destroy a packaging when you plough it (experience).
5 / 5
In general is a lot good.
The quality of build is well, but when they are by train to use them the law there is few sounds of plastic crack but at all to disturb.
The active noise that annuls work really good. Can compare him to the mine Sony in ear Wf1000xm3. A anker is quell'has bitten better but perhaps because of him the passive noise adds that it annuls.
But enmedio noisy like the full factory of the cars has operated to air all some noises take reduced but the one who the looks is quite disturbing hiss. To solve this question there is taped some microphones and a hiss has gone. 👍
Quality of sound.
Is better with ANC was.
In general is a lot a lot good but require the bit of EQ for my flavour. An impulse of basses is everything on some bass. A rest is dominated and in a fund of a lot of powerful but surprisingly grave cleaned. He so only the bass that with a right song can be a lot of pleasent, but for normal listening the prefer his more balanced.
The life of battery is surprising.
Used him for two days for 12 now the day with anc on and has left still 60 of battery.
Is a lot comfortable, likes two lovely pillows that has spent my ears with his pleasant and relaxing quietness.
Is a lot easy to use. All some keys are in planting a lot comfortable and is a lot intuitive.
5 / 5
Does not have any subject with as this function.
The sound is well, Bluetooth the connectivity is well. The life of battery is decent. I think that that 40 hours could have been the piece this in spite of.

Has the few complaints. A green light to indicate that ANC is changed on, remains on permanently. A light to be able the transmission of wins was after the pocolos second but a ANC the no. is not the question to an user, but for any one behind could you be. It is a lot brilliant.

Has looks to be to plot to creak, which I thinknis a plastic an economic plus.

My main complaint is consolation . They are not a less has bitten comfortable. With which roughly 15 minutes result a lot uncomfortable. There it looks to be minimum cushioning inside a dud skin, are constantly that it has to that regulate or take them was for the pocolos small.

With everything east says, is quite decent for a prize.
5 / 5
Has purchased this after seeing the number of descriptions and in general would adapt that these are some value adds ANC auricular that would dip enough the little £200 more unit the shame.

These are comfortable to spend longer commutes, and a connectivity is of confidence, the life of battery is long, although there is has not tried for real an annex 40 hrs declared in a listing.

Will say that a noise that annuls, although well, does not block was everything. There is also crackles and feedback when a ANC is on and go in swipes or of the rough surfaces in the train/of bus/of/car van. This can take enough distracts it and has directed mine changing of a ANC to solve he - this obviously negates a point of some headphones, but that expects of the together of headphones less than £40!!
4 / 5
Where Begins. It receives today, perhaps the hour that listens. Faith of to beggars like these can be £40. His absolutely in amazing. They are clear, covers all the no muddy frequencies at all and a phase of his and stereo the selection is stunning. Have Far too many headphones a bit costing five times a prize of these and these underline . It can not comment in NC like any one has tried concealed but have a Sony XM2 and touch wise really a lot a lot to choose. These are some the majority of the comfortable receiver has not spent never. Light but like this well has done. Some cups of ear like this soft also. Calm hardly would know you there went him on. The wise row. It has been upstairs to rent, the never fallen sound once. Honradamente Think you will not find the interior @@subject better a moment. They look utmost in a boss. Any one will know to have the pair of £40 headphones on. I trust!!
5 / 5
Has received so only these yesterday, but enough wants to him. It would owe that begin to say that it was the adolescent in a 90s, like this possibly my sense of the quality of music is the little askance (listening to vinyl with which too many snakebites and the black does not give one a musical recognition of the engineer of the his). Ossia Also my first pair of the noise that annuls auricular, as there is at all to compare them to, but gosh, master him. I bought him mainly to use with beaten binaural to direct while I am doing (young boys in a house, likes quota of background noise) and is perfect. They are really comfortable, the blockade was the majority of noise, and a quality of his look something on mine (but, likes says, that was?). I seat much more relaxed and focussed whilst in that uses him - feel bereft when I have to take him was again! To to The Bit likes to go back to a surface, after having been submarine for the moment. A prize is also extremely well, that considers a quality of build - certainly does not feel economic! It is also the good characteristic that has to that the to the left know what battery remains when calm turns them on. It will update yes suddenly we fail me, but like this far, I am a lot happy.
4 / 5
It likes to buy once and buy right but £300+ partorisca the pair of headphones was really dipping me was that head to we partorisca look to the insiemi more economic. I have bought a lot of produced of Anker and be impressed like this after looking in some positive critiques partorisca these headphones, has decided to invest. I owe that admit that it has not expected any a lot of the but WOW, these sincerely blow me was, quality of his fantastic east together with adding Bluetooth row, life of long battery and all day consolation. An only downside is a noise that annuls, work but in the turn under a power and quality of a sound - but hey is down £50 and the included have this characteristic is prevails adds .

A main point thinks to the description is a quality of his so that it is to say that I was interested to learn more first committing to buy. In the first place some cups of the strike of ear was the majority of background noise, a lot like the pair of defenders of good ear. When in normal headphone the way can listen all backing papers in of the songs and all a small sound effects in of the films, produced the very powerful sound with a lot of volume in the a lot of the mix has balanced well of low, mid and big. Sincerely a lot of pleasurable to listen to and simply blow me was.

This in spite of has to that have the downside to this auricular summer such the subject... Sound a noise that annuls characteristic. This would have to that be taken like a prize added and no the downside. He a work in muting some of a sound when mowing a gram, using saw electrical etc but for the generals that listens it so only goes down a quality of a sound also and to be sincere that has been waiting for a sound to be like stops less than £50!

Give the gone, will be pleasantly surprised - thank you Anker.
5 / 5
I any a lot of descriptions, usually so only if the product is poor quality etc. This in spite of, has to be said that these Q10 is is quite that surprises to consider a prize. The active noise that Annuls looks to be quite decent, short down environmental noise for roughly 90/95. Quality of his this very good and with a +setting of Basses is well, although it is the little space of has bitten according to a music is touching. Power/uploads looks very like this far, although I did not have him long enough to included touch them still!! Connecting to devices (MacBook Pro and iPhone X) was an easy a process of key. An only negative is that unless it is connected to the mine iPhone I can not say what uploads has left. A MacBook Pro (2017 Bar to Touch version) does not show remaining load. This in spite of when turned some headphones in a headphone vocally say you what load is remaining so that no the subject big. When Connected to an iPhone X aims that remains the load in a place still would see telephone and AirPod load etc.

In an integer these are a lot of value a prize, is looking for Bluetooth the headphones try this first prime minister to spend two times or three times the quantity in other frames. Well a Anker!!
4 / 5
Decided to take the pair of ANC Bluetooth auricular after trying a Bose Quietcomfort 35 (Serious II) that my edges has bought the few months does. A Bose beat him was certainly excellent - but then in around £250 his ought to be. I have imagined that he ought to be possible to take the majority of a profit of a Bose produced partorisca to plot less cash.

Has researched a lot of insiemi different in around one £40-£80 row, read all some descriptions, etc. In an end, these Anker the units have had the good descriptions and I have had to weaves of good experiences with Anker produced previously (bands of battery, touching bosses, Qi chargers, etc.) To the equal that has taken one submerges. I have not been disappointed.

In the little in £40 (with which discounts), these are to good sure in a more economic end of a 'economic' pricing stairs. But no of some stairs of quality. A ANC is extraordinarily a lot - almost like this well like Bose system IMHO. I tried him on the train and in an office - both were excellent. An apt/consolation is in the pair with a Bose - snug but no too tight. Quality of his this very a lot of (although not annoying with an impulse of basses!). A quality of his of a Bose the units is to good better insurances - but no for the million miles. And certainly any for £200+.

Essentially, has one 80/20 rule to touch here. You take 80 (or more) of a profit of headphones of upper final in 20 (or less) of a prize. A mate to act request me roughly the and has asked as it has paid this in spite of for them (with which had listened to them). It has estimated around £200. It has said enough. In this prize, has to take fraction, so only will buy the new pair!

Update after a month: If anything, a quality of sound has improved further with which uses quite regular and some headphones there is bedded-in.
4 / 5
Thinks that these are probably a better bang for a buck auricular in a phase - the challenge is that podes turn very just in a noise that annuls without touching any music. There is hissing the noise produced when a ANC is on and taking to frustrate after the pair of minutes.

Has has discovered also that MacBook control of the volume does not change a level of volume for a headphone. I need to be fact of a headphone.

Quality of his absolutely is that it surprises, and included better a ANC is on. A headphone also offers bases up but more maintained was. It would be included better state if some headphones have offered transparent way.

Final verdict: quality of the his amazing, access really comfortable, but a ANC is a reason has bought this headphone and a hissing the calm sound he for me. A MacBook the characteristic of volume is smaller but annoying loves volume of transmission with fast reaction.
4 / 5
Like this with another reviewers here, has in the first place had the subjects with some Headphones have been sent so it has had some odd in brilliant sound when a Noise Cancelation has been turned on but are immensely happy to say that all has taken was an email to Anker absolutely is that it surprises and crew of service of useful client with a number of serial of my Headphones and the picture and his promptly sent me it new pair of Headphones those who there has been a lot @subject anything.

Some Headphones is absolutely incredible for a row of prize is cost. They are a lot very comfortable, the utmost sound with his clear and grave utmost. A quality has built also is that it surprises for a row of the prize and they come with the good pouch and some necessary bosses. You would be very hard-pressed to find better headphones for a row of prize of these headphones. I have bought Anker produced before and did not disappoint me at all, in amazing products of qualities.

Long, will be to pay other frames more for his has has recognised names and of the logos that more qualities. These Anker the headphones owe absolutely at all to well-has recognised mark there. They are very happy with a compraventa for a quantity of money has paid.

Once again, the big big cry to Anker service of exemplary client.
4 / 5
Good action in general, and for a prize can not complain, am very happy with this product, has tried another Sony auricular, his quality of sound was better of course, but is cost 4 times more.

Like this looked for the prize of quality of/good party, and with which s long investigation, can say that for the regular music that listens and calls, has founded that this product to be the reasonable election

Battery last for weeks of occasional listening and calls of regular telephone, has been using these headphones for on 3 months and has has had to that so only recharged for 2 or 3 times, and has not been reason have run was load.

And Anker the support of client is really strong in United Kingdom.

Possess a lot of Anker produced of waterproof speaker to banks to be able to, his products are a lot of engineered and levels of big quality so that it has not expected less than this receiver.
5 / 5
I really like these headphones, a prize are to add and takings his quite good quality and well enough the noise that annuls. But I am not sure it is reason my model is the defect but when you move your boss quickly or he same walks strongly with the noise that annuls calm on take to plot of static nosie in your ear. This means to use these for any class of exercise would be pointless. But yes it calms so only it wants to use these to listen the music in home is utmost.
4 / 5
Some headphones are utmost touching , in an amazing prize , a noise that annuls the setting done of the marvels , and highly would recommend them while it calms does not spend glasses . I spend glasses almost 24/7 and these headphones press against the very closely that cause alot of discomfort, does not import the adjustment I mark to a tape , unless I he quite free that the almost fallen of the mine begin which is not ideal .
5 / 5
Has read load of 5 descriptions of different websites in these headphones (ironic I knows, but I never descriptions of Amazon of the confidence) and has decided these were for me.

The start was, was quite perfect. Had the light pressure-feel when using a noise that annuls for a first time, to the bit likes to be underwater, but this did not annoy me. It was glorious any to be able to listen a traffic and general hubbub of Londra centrical. I devour podcasts in the fast tax - and there is enjoyed especially any in in front of ramp on a volume when when being in of the lights of traffic.

Was so only after his touch for a first time ( has quickly @@give was terrible in draining a battery to forget to turn some headphones was) that has begun to listen the odd noise. When The train hurtled displaced, or when I have taken the step it heavy plus in a pavement, some auricular emit the brief screeching sound, the momentary blip. It is quite painful in some ears, and has begun to dread it, walking the little more softly like any to cause this odd shunting noise.

With which is spent a too much time , has decided that has required to return these. Perhaps so only it took it faulty pair - but if no, this looks the defect of entity in a creation. I imagine it is in dysfunction with a function that annuls noise (perhaps is that it tries to counter a background noise?), But any way can not be that alive in constant fear of this painful screeching noise (yes will forgive a hyperbole).

Hopefully Is the out of - but fearful can not recommend this based in this defect.
4 / 5
Has tried three noice annulling auricular around this row of prize and a Anker ticked a lot of boxes. A quality of his good east but quite bassy, a ANC is good and does not change a music that another in this proce the point has done clearly. This in spite of, some tampons have done always my ears súper hot and has had the horrible chemical smell. (Those looks to improve so that the time has been in - but still does not have to that for odorare like that!) This in spite of, a breaker to treat has been concealed that I mark it plastic was like this moving your eyebrow was quite to cause them to creak and was like this annoy for me! I am returned these and has been for a Sony WH-900N in the finalises likes to swim in this row of prize was quite well enough for me. These were the very well try this in spite of and slope to plot less. If you could it can dip on wth a creaking is not the together bad! Update Feb 2020 - Anker sent the together free for description; after trying them for the while they have not looked to creak at all. Perhaps there is impoved some materials. Like this previously declared, is really well for a prize.

Top Customer Reviews: Sony WH-XB900N ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5
I have been in the travesía long among wireless headphones to find the one of then I in fact amour. With these Sony XB900 is , have arrived finally in my fate. It has had one 1000' 3 is before. No very comfortable and a sound was too neutral for my ears partorisca enjoy, included with adjustments to an application. Tried the majority of estimativa auricular wireless : Bluedio, Mpow and has included later Edifier ( which are very good considering a prize) This in spite of, some frames of estimativa was exactly concealed. Economic and a lot always allegro. A XB900 is is very comfortable to spend for long periods of time. Any points of pressure on my receding boss and any discomfort with some tampons of ear ( A 1000' 3 is is not like this big or like this comfortable. Yes, it has taken the little sweat of some tampons, but has taken that of Denons tampons of skin of skin of agnelli in a D7200 (Wire fences) in all the chance. An annulment of noise perfects, flooding was almost everything. A control of the his environmental also is the good touch that reads reasonably very too much. With a Sony application, has found a better setting for my personal flavours is a brilliant characteristic. This door out of a mids and highs in the very detailed way whilst still giving me a solid, but any tomb has inflated that likes. Controls very better in his that one 1000'3 east. Using Poweramp application in my telephone, has dipped my bow to the V form that adapted well. The swipe lateralmente/ on and down commands something to do on. The only flu is that it calms does not take at random likes one 1000'3 east, but has bought the second hand a (place of known auction ;-) for one 1000'3 is which incidentally, a XB900 apt in perfectly, sees photo. It does not know roughly life of battery still, but will update in the latest phase. I owe that admit that it was dubious on some positive critiques of Vine freeloaders, but is corrected. Im The buyer checked and if I have not been happy, would leave the people know. I am loved absolutely with these and in last my travesía is on, but a music begins!
4 / 5
To create the worthy upgrade in a MDR-XB950N1 is, Sony has has had to that so only USB of embrace-C, smarten on some looks and update some codes of wireless audio to sustain aptX HD and LDAC.
Unfortunately, Sony decided to take an on-key of Impulse of Basses to joint in favour of the option of the paper sotterrata in his application of mate (hopefully will maintain the smartphone has connected prójimo while the transmission needs this setting). Some bass was downright disappointing until I have installed an application.
You also decided to take all the keys of control of the mean comunicacionales in favour of the flakey system of touch of gesture, concealed to require you to slide your toes by means of some rough sandpaper-like surface of a right cup. Any quantity of the noise that annuls so that his to transfer directly to your ears.
Has maintained an on/was key, felizmente, but has added the 'habit' key in any transmission among ways of voice of annulment (useful) or to actuate one of two ready assistants. Surely person but the amazon and The Google have asked Sony to squander a so only another key some headphones have in this characteristic?
One uncomfortable artificial touching returns of English voice in this receiver of a XB950 is. Surely they could have assumed any to speak one 5 or like this sentences without touching likes is reading a script behind the tip of gun.
A chair partorisca cushion quite soft that a foam feels likes rests of a pleather. The mine quickly has covered ears during using even in a room of air has conditioned.
A quality of build feels looked, a sound is clear, and his undoubtably the better look in normal human-shaped the bosses that one 950 is has done, but has gone to value really a loss of characteristics that was perfectly as well as they were?

Oh And beware of an instant '£30 was' tactical, mysterious £9 of good and the riadas of Vine have paid practically descriptions. There it has no quite here the warrant one £120 'upgrade' in a predecessor.
5 / 5
An appearance of some headphones is too many shiny which is the one who the has not expected , a measure of some headphones is surprisingly small compared to the mine old more xb n1s, am hesitant in a quality of some extra bass right now.

The better characteristic in these headphones is a Characteristic of Fast Attention, is tried already quite useful when the friends want to say something my and I no longer owe that take of some headphones to do that.

Has any key tomb more separated for the turn on and was likes before, calm now has to that use an application to do that now, the controls the touch is sincere but can be inaccurate when trying cruised some controls, still am trying take used to them.

Has the bit of the evasions of sound has compared to a xb N1s has used to have, am not sure but think that it has to that do with a way is drawn now especially with an on some cups of ear.

The type of USB c boss that is to be comprise, a period is the joke honradamente, was laughably small has there was felizmente the boss to spare around and has used that instead.

Are unable to listen calls when the receipt, am unable to find the solution to this question at present, a voice is distorted and down, any sure if any one has a subject same as me or some way to fix a subject.

I bass honradamente is surprising, used him for more than the week and he is taken the moment for them to burn in but touch utmost now especially with some music of big quality.

Will add more to this description in the aim.
5 / 5
Contrast to all some descriptions of means comunicacionales and listening to both at length first to purchase, liked a sound of a XB900n more than XM3. In the first place it has graver, which prefer, and although some bass was bit it free at the beginning presionar on enough amiably when burned in. Also it prefers EQ in a telephone more than a Sony application, as this maintains an upper LDAC codec at stake, which finally student bluetooth more afterwards to the quality wired. Now they touch fabulous, with mids & highs any masked at all the difference of leading versions of a XB row. Besides, a global sound somehow so only touches this has bitten more clearer of a XM3, perhaps reason had less than a noise that annuls gimmickry of a XM3 that goes in a way of a sound. This can not compete with a NC of a XM3 this in spite of, like this yes need concealed buys him. Has less need or desire to be totally cut out of my half, but a XB900n run of quite only for my purposes.

These retain a touch adds and environmental gestures of a XM3s this in spite of. The quality of build looks good but tend to abuse my headphones so that the time will say, the shame Sony was bit it economic not distributing the hard chance especially for a prize. I comfort it it is well, some sweat of ears bit it afterwards to to time likes more in of ears.

Like this far does not complain spent of mine.
5 / 5
I so only has taken these and that comes from/to come from wired XB was sceptical can maintain a quality of the his because of
a) frequency of the main of minimum response when in Bluetooth way
b) annulment of noise trickery would distort a sound
But like this far am impressed
- a quality of sound matches that of the mine reference
- annulment of noise a lot really loves in fact does
- comfort it are to add like this expected of a XB row
- I finally have wireless option, and there is any anxiety of battery, last long quite and has USB-C like my like this convenient telephone to touch
An annoying thing so only is number of Vine reviewers the one who took him for free and is extending worthless biased copies of descriptions and paste other elements, as it could calm trusts him?
4 / 5
Comfortable and decent build quality.
A lot muffled sound. You owe that constantly game with eq to do touch decent. In general his very disappointing quality. Faults any textures. The base is a lot muddy also. I have bought on sale for 129 and does not touch better that £20 headphones. I am surprised those who is these people that says that it touches adds.
The annulment of noise is very limited. In mine a day to use it has blocked 80 pc his of train and 50pc of tube. Has has not blocked rumbling his or chatter anything. Action like this half there too much.
Does not recommend this produces anything.
4 / 5
While they are them well with annulment of Noise, soung quality and life of battery that done for the give 3 stars is that cushions of the ear is not very comfortable, also after an hour to use them the ears begin to sweat. That never spent with Sony WH-H900 and Sony WH-CH700N. Could use him for several hours during my travesías, and does not annoy me never. While this model, when being upper to this mentioned in a lot of ways, lack of a consolation of simple user.
4 / 5
I originally has had a Anker Soundcore Life 2 headphones until my partner snaffled his of me with which has purchased the new telephone without the headphone jack, so a new year has decided to buy some headphones that has thought would be the very up in of the terms of qualities. Or have thought like this. When I Have pulled an element out of a box has been surprised for as the light was (always to prize), but has not been fond of a type of plastic has personally - used felt economic.

I installed a Sony application of Headphones and has connected my headphones & of telephone without @@subject and was able to dip on some headphones inside the minute or so much. But to the equal that have begun to use the, has found my first defect that imports - a capacitive earcup. Striking to change the clue or a volume is generally well but to start with/the music of stop is paste seriously & loses. I think that that it has taken 30 successful tax when touching partorisca take or begin my music. An only thing that for real done consistently was one spends of audio-by means of when you have situated your whole hand in a cup.

An audio is, to be just, very good. The difference of a Ankers which there has been muddy mids, a Sony the headphones have done well by means of a row, with or without impulse of low. An application also wants to beep to plot when I move around, which create to be due to it to him that signal that it is changing ways. I have had to turn of notification because it was too annoying.

Returning to do after a Christmas and pause of new year, has directed to use it like this feigns to the day-to-basic of day: commuting with the mix to walk at the side some trains and busy streets; I have been impacted in like this poor a noise that annuls era. It could listen everything; traffic, noises of train, that pause and all more besides felt taste has not gone included spending auricular. Included manually dipping a ANC in an application to the pure noise that annuls done little difference. A worse appearance of all this in spite of era the one who this element has been affected for wind. If calm find you walking with the wind of calm rigid cross grieves can listen your own music. It has bitten Of the waste of this audio well has mentioned on.

Has tried he for the pair more days, then nabbed my old Ankers of my promise to compare and wine to a conclusion that a Sonys really is like this bad to the equal that have thought. As they are returned and has purchased a new more Anker receiver for less than means a prize.

- Light
- audio A lot

- Economic feeling material
- Capacitive the touch can be paste & loses
- ANC is really poor
- Strongly affected for wind to cross
5 / 5
Absolutely loves these!! The quality adds and fresh creation. It feels really comfy on and can spend him for the long time without feeling any discomfort. Quality of his this class ! It would read the east of on-line descriptions has said that some tomb is too much in these he so that it was the little concerned in that but am not sure reason this that is to say like really loves of a record in his, does not feel to like too much mine, perhaps personal preference. But any calm way easily can regulate a EQ in a Sony application so it has found a incumplimiento the neighbour is too grave is has regulated easily. But for me a sound is surprising in these! For a prize these am flipping utmost and does not think calm will find the better pair for a prize. You take to plot for your money and a noise that annuls the works add also. Some controls to touch in a cup of right ear is fun and easy to use. Easy Bluetooth connection my iPhone and MacBook. It was to save up for a WH1000mx3 but was so only outta estimativa so they are taste and can not resupply of an extra £100+ for them, will not be disappointed with these some. These are my first pair of Sony is and the leading headphones have had was skullcandy emotion and ITx7s like this these are the macizos upgrade for me and well value of the money.
4 / 5
Leading to use these have used roughly in ear bluetooth earphones that cost in £35 have wanted to him but after using my headphones more in home has taken used to the heaviest bass and has loved that experience in work and in a gone. It was initially he bit it cautious to spend the decent whack of cash in the headphones but am like this happy has done reason do not have the alone negative thing to say roughly him.

These are an only noise annulling auricular has used like this can no to compare them to another in this consideration but is really interesting likes blockade out of/muffle external noises, I work with the cars and he really done the difference, he a lot magically change all but he drastically the reduced.

A sound is brilliant for me, listening to mostly of the grave heavy music has bass cranked all a way on and does not look never to be distorted or wrong touching, is utmost for hip hop, drum n bass and music of dance. Listened to the fair has bitten of classical also and that touch well, sure can be missing some note subtiles would go in more mid the row has directed the receiver but these are well. Especially used jointly with a sony headphone the application can change all the street your telephone!

The life of battery is surprising, the heavy use will take me by means of the week sometimes so only shy of the week, touching apresamiento upto 6 hours for the plenaries touch which is not one @subjects at all for me. USB C touching also which is the plus of entity .

Looks And feel is all something on does not feel economic anywhere and a tampon to touch in a earcup is wonderful, leaving pause of game with the double tap of your toe, skip with the volume to attack up for emotional on and down. Also the fresh characteristic is situating your hand in a right ear will go down your music and the noise that annuls will amplify an outside to the equal that can listen speak. So only like your control your hand your ear to listen better, is to add it little characteristic.

Highly recommend these and one of some compraventa better has done.
4 / 5
First things in the first place, has been rid in packaging of good big quality
to the equal that closes
of course some auricular he, the usb type c boss, one to the boss, an information of unit and last but any less the velvet there is lined partorisca spend pouch.

Some headphones look for partorisca be built with aluminium of big note and the plastic texture that gives them prevails feels. Although his in a slightly heavy and bulky side a headset is defintely promising when it comes the quality of audio and
the noise that annuls.
In that tried that these partorisca a past month can say this noise that annuls is point and averts especially partorisca this row of prize.

Some Headphones looks the usb type c port , the key of power an indication focused as well as key which can be mapped to any one a anc function, google or alexa function
by means of his mobile application. All some the physical keys are located in a sinister side of a headset while a right side looks the touch has controlled pannel which recognises
gestures concretise in any controls a volume or skip clues.

A quality of build has been enhanced further with his decision partorisca use the fat skin that cushions partorisca extra consolation.
Left to say you this was the decision adds . An use of fat skin
cushioning left partorisca use some headphones in long periods of time with absolutely any discomfort.
A skin cushoning has been used in an upper and both tampons of ear of a headset
and although they looked partorisca see chunky has created so only a right level of consolation partorisca listen music
and film of clock.

The headphones can be regulated with a swivel mechanism that leaves it the swivel
behind and fourth so that I can situate him down in the surface.

An application leave to remap a key done partorisca commission partorisca actuate any alexa or a google that has taken of voice.
4 / 5
Has been toying with a XM3s partorisca enough along but really like my bass to the equal that has thinks that would give these the gone. Some bass is there in spadefuls. The Big and his in your face. His no skullcandy levels of crusher but the big. From time to time almost it can be too but you have asked tomb. You sacrifice the bit of clarity in mids, any reason his be flooded has gone by some tomb he so only isnt there in a first place.

Sony Resupplies an application that calm leave you tweak a sound, modification some bass etc but comes with the take. To be able to use it has to that it change of better quality the stable connection. I really annoying. An inclusion of use of the his environmental for cupping yours hand in a side is the good touch in this point of prize.

Where These headphones have suffered one the majority of still me was a noise annulling and a earcups. A noise that annuls is quite poor and almost would be acceptable has not been for a earcups. A earcups is comfy quite but hot on excessively to a hat to signal my ears have sweated to a point that has had waters to run down a side of my boss. Has has not had never this with any one another auricular before.
4 / 5
In general these headphones are not that utmost. The annulment of the yes calm noise can calls concealed no really laws unless it turn your music until a max. An environmental sound is the characteristic very this in spite of. For a prize these so only are not the value would go for the most economic pair sure. A thing I commend Sony partorisca in this chance is a life of battery his quite impressive to spend 6+ hours that listens the music constantly this in spite of has 100 battery has left.
5 / 5
First impression was utmost, has used a NC in a house and has been impressed as it has helped to reduce a background noise. But after the short while, there has been climatised to a level of the his and a NC looked to like it has not gone there. It would inform a NC likes reduction of noise, any annulment. An expensive plus Sony WH-1000 XM3 is to have the best annulling function, but is well in £100 more. Still any sure well a further tonne.

A quality of his this in spite of is in amazing. Claro, crisp and with DSEE, the some code of the his add. Some the additional bass in this model is fantastic... If it likes him- the gravels to you. It does not distort a global experience, enhances some follows concealed has some tones some deep more very calm included know is there. The connectivity is orders also, can walk around my paving has built solid and not taking any Bluetooth the drop was, leaving me to leave a telephone in a room whilst prendiendo, changing clue and has included to ask Google to like the song on Spotify without that has to that touch my telephone.

The life of battery is as to any, am like this habituado to another Bluetooth the devices that quotes after the few days, that has spent to upload he with me. Any need anymore. I have directed two travesías in Londra and another to Manchester this in spite of has 50 battery has left. It has not been that, but it does not go to question some Of the ones of battery.

In general, these headphones are the delight . A NC is not a better, but this issues quickly doors in the comparison when you listen a sound, use an in fact easy gesture controls (does not comprise reason the people say that it is complicated like this) and a consolation this offer. There was on for hours the time and any ache of ear etc.

More the probably have these for a next pair to years, but more probably go back the Sony when I require another pair are sure the little time of years, still will be some better.
4 / 5
Here is all some reasons he so only merit 2 or 3 stars:

Any @subject to the equal that configures some settings to join still lack of mid and clarity of upper row. Still with which 4 weeks could not take on that muffled and dull a sound is. It guesses it is perfect all is listens the music of Cochera but if you do not have perfect listening you can struggle to listen tongue with present of background noise. Ossia unfortunate To the equal that has required to use them for television. Seriously, if yours has listened is only fair , calm does not love these headphones if the clarity of tongue is of yours entity.

Lack of Multipoint Bluetooth - Now, recognises that it would not owe that expect this class of functionality of headphones in this row of prize but Sony misled bear me think that had it workaround to achieve east. There is, but he so only works for Anderoid telephones. Like this if your headphones are wirelessly connected to the your laptop and your iphone begin him the coverage is forced to disconnect of one and reconnect to another. If it could have achieved seamless multipoint changing among my laptop and mine iphone then I data these headphones 5 Stars and forget all roughly is another shortcomings. Some auricular this in spite of would have to that achieve switchable connectivities among a iphone and any class of player of music, that comprises the TV.

His Synching - No significant delay among headphones and my USB of PC but a lot noticeable the delay when connected the TV. And for some lacking reason an empire of latency when looking First street of film an Amazon Firestick. This this in spite of could be due to one in-USB of television built and perhaps would require to invest in the USB of quality sender for my TV.

BUGS- When using an in-Alexa has built application, does not listen some premiers 0.5 seconds of the responses of Alexa. I have thought now that this was the question with Alexa so only but has discovered that it is one same when using text to software of tongue in my PC. Calm so only begin to listen a sentence of start after a first syllable. It is that a headphone the engine takes the averages the second or like this to answer to a sound that receives. I ask if any more is having this question?

Another bug this has developed recently is that a Control of the his Environmental consecrated the key is unpredictable result . When in the first place it has taken some headphones was the short press in a key to actuate or deactivate the, now could take very a lot the time presses before it answers.

A Noise that Annuls is swimming to rave roughly. They REDUCE (in no way hort was') to things likes them a hum of your defender of PC or the noisy refrigerator and to some extend street and noise of the aircraft that tall fly, mostly stabilise sounds of low frequency.

Finally, to That LIKES on these headphones: I want absolutely EVERYTHING in a creation and the one who comfortable is. If it could find the pair of headphones with any multipoint blootooth this was like this ergonomic and brilliantly together place like these Sonys then would buy him. Unfortunately, some auricular more afterwards in my diverse prize concealed resupplies this a Multipoint the functionality is some receiver of Surface of the Microsoft that looks quite ugly in comparison.
5 / 5
Has had to return a Jabra elite 85h inside the few days of compraventas, like this usual hassle free returns with Amazon. On paper a Jabra was the data of better election that there is bluetooth 5.0 and multipoint connection. This in spite of a Jabra is was defective with him crackling the sound was and on, a speaker not doing intermittently, and Jabra the poor support in informant so only by means of emails. A Jabra is does not have product a lot mid row and big is if you maxed out of some bass, and addiction-extracted. A volume was poor also. Of here in a front of sound was unsuitable although a semence the external texture was so only, and has had on detection of ear. A Sony in another hand can not owe well the texture, but he outperforms a Jabra in all the orders - consoles and sound. A bluetooth 4.2 no the difference. It sustains LDAC if your telephone fact. A function of grave clear calm leave to augment a mids and highs in a bow, any sprain - Sony knows that it is doing. A DSEE enhances some low quality currents. They are lighter that a Jabra is, of here more comfortable with prolonged use. Annulment of noise in pair with a Jabra, and a lot well for a prize. If it is quality of his is focussed on, then go for a Sony. A Sonys' is like the Japanese car! A delivery has taken longer that usual.
5 / 5
A quality of his glorious east! Calm literally seat to like is seating in the subwoofer ! Noise cancelation are adds ! Some controls to the touch is in my opinion a better idea never.

I bass is crazyyyyyy and can do has included stronger using sony the application where can customise you a sound and the to his likes calm is in a club, sand, room jointly or in yours gf the house of the mamma and much more!

Previously to buy decided among this model and he JBL some but honradamente the mate buys SONY and calm will not complain it .

Listens to all the classes of music and when using and changing a customisation the application of interior can take a better quality never - mid row, big and down like cmon mate this material are adds. Sony The application included can enhance a quality of your music.

There is siri / alexa or any one builds in but does not use any of this so you can very really say anything that interests roughly mates.

You Still can take 360 sound but calm requires to send pictures of ears your so many can analyse he for you. Until near.

The connection is súper strong -->is stronger then Ronnie Coleman squatting 800lbs. Any joke.

Chair and is comfortable in me mate of boss - shake your boss like crazy still will be there it calm paste with baseeeeeeeeeee

Utmost on, the mate so only takes him.
4 / 5
Is looking for Some headphones of light weights that it is quite portable, the little has bitten weighed in some bass and have the decent level of noise cancelation then these headphones are for you.

A quality of build of a product does not feel like this first as I estimate but thats reason an external house is plastic of the bit it more mobile like the headphones are fiarly the light weight has compared to some.

A mate of software for setup some headphones and take a better action out of him read like the breeze and calm is setup in the subject further of seconds with a the consecrated google and alexa the fullest key intergration does a bit even more practical headphones in some gone.

A quality of his global of some headphones is exceptionally well for a row of same prize when the volume is near of max, some tones and the tone are clear and some bass in those produced in fact resupplies the good diving to an user and island to plot of some other sounds. Some works of annulment of the noise fialry a lot this in spite of, attended listen some noise in a background when not listening the music, assumes ossia for reasons of security when it was and roughly.

In general the good pair of quality headpohnes that highly would recommend to friends and family.
4 / 5
Has chosen to this on liking a bit auricular of general use to walk around especially to and of work. In the first place these are in general utmost headphones. It would not say to have the very quite a lot of ear to call I a audiophile, but a quality of mine of order of sounds to touch especially in of the clues with base likes them rap ect which is a lot of punchy. I listen to the big row of the music that comprises classical, rock, motown the pop and the sound consistently adds. Some auricular light done celery and a lot well, with NFC the pairing that does a whole process very simple. Calm absolutely will require a Sony application to customise several settings in some headphones, and although it appears an automated for incumplimiento to regulate annulment of noise to your half has loved to block all the noise constantly like this turned this characteristic was. You can remap a main key to assistant of voice in an option of annulment of noise of car and to yours likes will love transmission of east in an application, although using an assistant can loves tinker in yours telephone to prevent a bit of the sounds of annoying notification to touch by means of some headphones. An only negative with an annulment of the noise for me is that they do not look to be like this effective in Youtube or looking content of the video where can listen traffic, while when using Spotify or applications of the blockades of music was sounds extremely well. The life of battery is sum, and to say use them for Youtube/of Youtube and music around 2-4 hours the day that can take you remaining battery to press a key to be able to once. Controls of the cup of the ear is sum and very easy to use, and a gesture to take his to situate your hand in a legislation earcup is sincerely useful when any for calm for the question or you run to any one.

In general know the people always prefer an expensive plus M3 is, and is a audiophile you likley enjoy some profits owe that offered. But yes it calms so only love utmost headphones, with noise really well the annulment so that it feels is the very reasonable prize (especially likes bassier of music) then will not go wrong with these. The better headphones have had still.
4 / 5
Ahhhh Sony, My costruttore preferred, always the product of quality any one @subjects that. Deep boundless bass that compliments a mids and highs, ossia the die the s the quality sony byline of sound. Some say too bassy, I of the that finds that at all, is a product of extra bass and he no lost too much far to some lower frequencies, but so only enough to give you that the club at night feels. It could revise these when being in my boss sony so only mic fall each product they , as it could be easy to take complacent would say, well....

A flu has is that some falls of annulment of the short good noise that would expect in this row of prize, is clear does not love sale to go in some toes of an expensive plus xm3000 is, and there is toned down an action a bit. Which is a lot these is more economic ofcourse but there is toned the down too much, also such the point that does not compete with to beat them older likes him a sennheiser is. Which is the shame because all more on these, creation, consolation, the usability is near his old plus more expensive sibling.

Sure a frame is fact of the slightly grained plastic more economic but for me these things look fresher that a xm3 is of those who have a terrible god jut is gone in a fund of a earpiece, is so only directly and minimum. Fresco sony logos in each side of a tape, Alexa and google support of assistant, quality of excellent call.

A sound is not for all the types of music, no adapted to say, classical or jazz, but I guessing concealed is not an audience of aim. Yeah Is for dance and hip hop lovers, says that they can accept hd codecs, perhaps im spoilt but he doesnt mine of look quite clear but then again am comparing with far gives beats more expensive.

Look heres One extracted, loves entertainment, perfectly formed excellently engineered produced in the row of prize that access the majority of pockets then you cant go bad, is not audiophile quality of level but is the punchy and house of his entertainment, has the explosion with these on way that calm say you a history so only taken in and enjoy in, oh yeah adds for gaming also, so only a right quantity of zing and pop for these explosions. It has bitten Of the enclosed soundstage this in spite of but yeah am taking complicated up in mine own headphone boss here.

Sony Yours my concealed.

Paz out of my lovely description that reads villages, enjoy your product!
4 / 5
These Sony auricular any dissapoint. A sound is quality a lot well , as expected of Sony, does not think some bass is too many, is correctly partorisca me, and a creation is fresh in a Blue colour.
An application is a lot of gain to dip ready a sound to your flavour but I think already touch utmost out of a box although a Brilliant setting is a lot of (in an application). You can also dipped on Alexa or assistant of Google that is the a lot of characteristic .
A noise that annuls help partorisca the calmest noises like kettles and air purifiers how is meant too much but does not expect it partorisca block out of the voice or a TV like them a lot really helps with this unless it fly some headphones on volume.

A boss the touch is quell'has bitten short but another that that they are the pair adds of headphones like this far with the good soft stock exchange and the option wired partorisca when has has run out of battery. A life of the looks of battery like will last of too much.
5 / 5
Partorisca A prize of these headphones is really good. They are really comfy and light. There is utmost bass and also can use an application to EQ the down (or on) if it is not your thing. A Noise that annuls is very partorisca noise of low end but any so much for big final. An environmental noise is surprising especially when calm dipped that to direct on voice like calm listen them clear likes day.

Has has had to that sendy first pair behind as I have had the buzzing in an accident earcup like looks to be the subject common but a substitution some do not have it like this far. Ossia Reason has taken clashes was like this really would not owe that be that it spends with a prize is paying for these.

Would say that unless you are a audiophile or that loves a better NQ then these are the pair adds of headphones for a prize, so only does sure yours any buzz.

MODIFICATION: A second also begun pair buzzing which is the real shame . I will maintain him like this it is a typical Bluetooth 'buzzing' that you can not listen has music touching but is really annoying and a lot something attentive in a prize these headphones are.
5 / 5
Has paid approx £130 for these. They touch fantastic, has possessed more for miles. All some the calm bass will not want never. They are comfy, the life of battery is sum, bends amiably and some wireless is effortless. As following picky the commentaries are in this context:
the noise that annuls noticeably dulls his outside, but is still there in of the calm songs. A character of these has beaten to be the difficult fact to crimps up in the big rear chair. The his spends for age, cos love a sound, but finally my ears take heats. Some controls of touch can be hard to locate. I need an application to dip on a sound properly, but is a lot for ever after calm he. They come with the cuts usbC boss. It does not launch that it has been taste , is not ubiquitous still!
Is spending Decent cash in headphones, precise know this small material. But for everything concealed, also touch utmost and is easy to use. I love him.
4 / 5
Has not spent never in £100 in headphones before, as these are my first big end pertinent headphones. A quality of his this besides stunning and the songs have listened to before, the entirely different sound in such main quality! Now I can listen the music of basses without sprain aswell 👌 has decided these in beaten and bose how were both out of my estimativa and like travesía alot, any really want to 'flashy' auricular on show. But these are to good utmost insurance to start with, as so only enjoy to listen the music while travelling and does not love a heavy noise in a fund. A sound that annuls is not bad also. No a better. But good. To good sure happy with this compraventa! :) It has taken a 2 guarantee of year of amazon for the extra £20! Like this fully protected 👌
5 / 5
the mate has complicated Unnecessarily application, noise very poor annuls it and his mediocre.

If your happy with half-in-quality of his of the class but is buying mainly for a noise that annuls then go to buy Studio of Beaten 3 instead (is not the snob until his aces tried - you will not beat his noise that annuls, is insanely a lot).

These Sony is feels economic, does not comprise the good chance and does not resupply any form of the effective noise that annuls that it could relieve, another that a naturalidad dampening that has sponges in your ears. With some Beaten, a ANC is like this well has to that stimulate went him my ears whilst vacuuming to verify a vacuum has not run out of battery to the equal that can does not listen that it runs.
4 / 5
The hard battery the good 40hrs, the sound that annuls no bad, can dip your hand in a a earphone the here any noise yes has required. NFC Ties directly to mine samsung telephone. Quality of his this really well like you to them some extra bass. It was able to connect to my TV also without questions. Tampon to touch work really well. It would recommend for a prize. One 360 his also done the difference is signed until one of some applications of music this comprises amazon hd music.
4 / 5
The pair Adds of headphones for a prize. A quality of his east orders with an application that resupplies a capacity to dynamically settings to change to give a sound to adapt a music or show. It resupplies multiple settings for the noise that annuls, control of his environmental and normal way. Control of the his environmental are adds for calls of telephone where can listen you a surrounding but also your call.

Rid called of free telephone have his add with almost all be of the background noise there is annulled was.

Would recommend these headphones, comparing to a next level arrives pair, these are value adds for money with only the light improvement in quality of his in a WH-1000MX3.
5 / 5
M maintenances to base of the busy urban street, my paving vibrates with spending vehicles. Has partying, singing nocturnal neighbours. I slip in these beauties and he hush down in my existence. A difference is like this enjoyable.
A consolation of some cup can be taken for has admitted. Absolutely soft and reassuring included with which three hours that spends.
A depth and richness of a sound is satisfying. Some bass is brilliant.
There is so only a drawback, has any key of extra bass for swift transmission. Instead, there is an application for quality of the his personalised. To good sure would buy another version with the key of basses. If it likes ASMR of video, these are entertainment for that. I quite easily fall asleep spending these. A gorgeous envelope of sounds. Highly recommended.
5 / 5
Really Like me these. Very simple to dip up and use. An application has some good functionality, as be able to dip settings of annulment of different noise to the equal that are walking , seating or in public transport. An annulment of the noise also does a lot well. There is noticeable difference when it is on and era. Of course, at all it will delete all external noise. They are relatively comfortable. I have found an hour or like this to be a maximum before requiring the pause, but does not have any headphones that has a lot of be better that that for me. A quality of his east really a lot well, and a microphone also does a lot well. It is the bit of the ache that change among different bluetooth devices, and he always incumplimiento to a last used one, but is not that big of the extracted. Calm so only has to that agree to change bluetooth is gone in a last device before connecting to the new a. In general, I am very pleased with them.
5 / 5
Some headphones have looked for to be in fact better that has expected. Some bass like some people are complaining like this when being too much, and is has the most neutral ear, can be regulated of an application. So only it likes having to that an option to have some extra bass master. I want to all the classes of music, of classical, work, jazz, rock to rap, pop and podcasts. Some headphones so only do the splendid work. Has another Sony MDR-10RBT auricular that has been using for some last 4 years and I still love. It is the empty very big in term of quality of his and characteristic among them in favour of a Sony WH-900N grave extras. I have not gone totally blown has gone by some 360 characteristic but is still add to have in a telephone, can develop the flavour for him.
5 / 5
I have bought these whilst in to the offers & really likes them-him. I use him partorisca connect to the mine telephone whilst doing of the house & can choose on call them & converse quite comfortably. His on feedback & of telephone of the visits has been utmost. His has found well can easily walk in other rooms without spending a telephone without any crackling. Active hooked He until my laptop, iPod & of telephone.
Has bitten peaved This in spite of that has had to buy you the chance of headphones likes some extra - the hard chance would have to that be resupplied with this based on prize.
4 / 5
I annoyingly has lost that have considered to be some better headphones I never possessed - a Sony MDR-1000X - like this decided that has had to substitute them with a same type. A WH-XB1000N is a substitution directed, but could no to resupply them, how has been for these in a hope that was the pertinent substitution of then was in offers. It results it is not so only the pertinent substitution, is far upper. Happy to see USB-C this time, some bass in a song almost has blown my ears was and calm to good sure can remark a difference of sound. It has expected it would not complain a lot that goes for a next version on, but there are zero remorses. A WH-XB1000N the must is absolute monsters . But in all the chance, very happy with this upgrade and me forget everything in mine stupidity in losing my old some.
4 / 5
The short long history:

Quality of the his Half
the Half noise that Annuls
A lot Mic
the battery Adds
Poor value for money

You to good sure can buy a lot of more economic headphones with alike capacities.

No like this sure reason any compare these with WH-1000X M3 some! Yeah, The prize could be £100 less but really any one value the to annoy with these; if you are in it doubts it to to him it likes it was, so only go for M3 of some!
Has tried to do the saving but is returned these and has taken a M3' election.
4 / 5
Has bought this in the black friday sale to try was on-auricular of boss so much in-ear some were quite uncomfortable to spend for long periods of time. Ossia Perfect for flights and of the sessions of long studio. An annulment of the noise also does really well, perfect for commuting. It is also very comfortable to have on for hours the time and I really appreciate a quality for a point of prize. Some controls to touch to plot of the sense and I have has not had never a subject with bluetooth connectivity. Downloaded a sony application for the better experience and his really done listening the music so more enjoyable. Highly it would recommend.
4 / 5
Has bought these headphones during quarantine when my neighbours have decided to have a lot strong raves during a whole day.

Are very happy with these headphones. They are comfortable to spend (I usually where the partorisca several hours the time), the life of battery adds (so only has to that the touch perhaps once the week), and have quality of his add. With a noise that annuls there is remarked that they are quite well in blockers out of environmental noise, but the voices can sometimes still come by means of. Included still, these headphones are relatively economic so that takings - to good sure would recommend.
5 / 5
Adds, but ANC is quite bad. Hardly it annuls it was background noise , the be aerial, bus or noises of street, worse that those in fraction of a prize. ANC Is unusable in of the half outside means reason one breaks a tinier will cause noises of strong wind that is audible in some headphones that ruins an experience of music. Like this practically, a ANC is so only usable for half interiors means when some levels of his sound down. Otherwise He any one a lot in of the terms of the annulment and he sometimes done other same noises stronger that is.

This in spite of, his and the quality of build is sum; any complaint of entity. There is the subject smaller with audio this in spite of: he sometimes produced a bit of the big pitched noise (any very strong) when any one means comunicacionales is touching (same when his environmental and ANC is was). It is not audible when it means it comunicacionales is touching.

A life of battery is glorious. Hard more than announced (for now, at least). Touching is ridiculouslu slow although (5V = 1W) and taken roughly 6 hours for the full load.

The quality of signal is well. I have had some interferences where Raisin of the economic no. same receiver in both ways, LDAC and SBC. My telephone is in Galaxy S9 so that it would not be necessary to be due to a telephone and does not spend with mine Anker wireless earbuds.

If I can not find this partorisca less than £90, is not to value he. So that I have paid (£128), ossia at all validates he. You would be better was with some stop plus very economic, or included a Sennheiser BT NC for £70-80. In general I am satisfied with an audio and support of application, but ANC is quite useless.
5 / 5
I m expert but sounds awesome. Often it listens to hip hop today and has thought this would do a lot of final like this down is often a lot enough in headphones. These rocks.
Word of sensatez, he a bit the bass is punchy but can dip ready he in an application EQ. I have found a incumplimiento setting (slowly) to return my flavour. Tried NTM - mine Benz and some voices are insane and the tomb is crazy whilst when being in his point. He s likes finally when being able to listen to the line of basses or low respite, he s run of a magic.
Folk The music touches lovely and jazz also.

The value that dips in yours shortlist
5 / 5
has Bought this a day xm4 has been released. I have had to think two times the really noise of need to notch upper annuls it. Decided to have the gone with east of then is Amazon and can return it am them unhappy. Some bass are cleaned like this. A sound is like this well likes Xm3 (compared he with my partner is). Yes this feels plasticy but does not look one. It is like this light that it can remain he in your boss for long period. Damn Compraventa Good this was. Sony Has done an amazing work that creates mid-auricular of row and aiming concrete audience. We no really needs to spend £350 for new technologies when we can find decent, almost some Headphones of same quality in a phase.
4 / 5
Has Had these roughly 2 months now and a life of battery is very good. I used him around 2 hours the day in time and is lasted the until pair of weeks the time.
A quality of his and bases he in mine dress is point and averts.
Coming with the stock exchange to store and transport them in.
An only downside is a pathetically short touching goodness. (250mmish) To the equal that has purchased the plus along a. It has not done touching time and longer.
4 / 5
Has bought these that a upgrade has been lill wheels at the beginning with a prize but to the amazon was an economic plus in a has arrived has downloaded them an application and that they can am them very happy with a sound a noise that annuls is the utmost grave extras likes of yours grave that is, which the do to bluetooth any question and the life of battery is really well highly recommend that it download an application to dip them until a way likes your record add and is very comfortable for long periods of time.
4 / 5
Has facilitated partorisca dip on,
quality of his,
A noise that annuls qualified,
One feels and consolation partorisca spend some headphones of long periods,
life of Battery,
Bluetooth row,
Looks and styling,
Prize ( has paid £ in deals but felizmente would pay full prize partorisca these)

A tampon partorisca touch to control volume/skip follows etc is not like this well keys like this physical.
4 / 5
Weaves of fun, taste, of byline of his this very enough for random listening, more have an application for the transmission or fact especially yours commission, comfort it without glasses is WELL, with my glasses muh. ANC, GOOD SPECTACULAR SWIMMING, there is Bluetooth 4.2 solid connection well that time of touches, for the full load that will take almost are hours

Download of authorship, ' has paid for this I', any during has treated he of lightning or full prize
5 / 5
These are not sustained for Sony PS4 for Bluetooth, and take at least two tentativas for my Sony Bravia TV to discover. His well with mine (version of android 9) telephone.
When Connected via bluetooth, has the calm big tone ringing in a sinister ear, and is noticeable slope of the calm moments when listening to something.
4 / 5
Auricular Fantastic, very comfortable and the sound adds, has expected more the bass that considers a Ch700n has had before the but is not bad at all and for a shot has taken are very satisfied.

Here is my full description vs my leading CH700N.

-Much more comfortable.
-Type C, any need for the different boss already the the smartphone that use a.
-More detailed and a lot his clear plus, the bass does not destroy other frequencies.
-Better bass, has said has expected initially more, but really all have required to do is to create a volume to feel a rumbling lol.
-The annulment of noise is very better but any to a level of a 1000XM3s, has the majority of a 1000XM3s characteristic, as they gave it to him the same level of annulment of noise, will destroy his sales.

-Less life of battery, I supposition been due to some bass.
-A CH700N is quell'has bitten stronger, can really hurt your ear you crank a volume up.
-I likes some controls of new touch, but accidentally can execute the wrong order.

In general am very happy with mu compraventa, and really recommends a XB900Ns, especially yes go on sale, is totally value of the money.
5 / 5
Has looked for the pair of headphones to substitute my bose of the years of the costs done and found these and decided to go for them,
there is of then underline some bass but also have a lot well general start.

Found him to be the vast improvement like the majority of new technology is this in spite of a tomb looks the overpower alot of songs especially accoustic music.

In general would recommend for a lover of basses but would like of listens to the softest music or audiobooks look elsewhere.
5 / 5
The noise that annuls takes to to constant noise likes him the washed the cars, boiling kettles and ovens of defender, anything with the constant dron, but traffic and tongue, whilst noticeably calmer is still audible.
Quality of his east orders, some say too bassey, but with the bit of adjustment, take the good balance and now am remarking the grave stain that has not listened properly before, likes in of the queens of some ages of the bones in a turn when being an example of a cup of my boss.
Wise console, could spend these for ever and often have the nap in a sofa whilst listening the music without discomfort, but as mentioned by some, your ears can take tibiae in them.
Some gestures unexpectedly are characteristic orderly and one touching some legislations earphone with your palmera to turn was the noise that annuls and quieting a music feels quite swish.
5 / 5
Will begin with some positive... A quality of his of some headphones is utmost and some tomb when listening to the music is excellent. Also they look for to be built to the very big level.

This in spite of, like this leading reviewers has mentioned, really result very uncomfortable to spend. I have found that with which so only 10 minutes, my ears would result very hot. Also they tend to press quite hard to some ears.

Has bought these with an intention that has comfortable receiver for flights, this in spite of these obviously would be very uncomfortable for any travesía any plus along that the averages an hour.

Although no like this expensive likes some another Sony or Bose models, has expected the better plot for a prize.

Can not recommend these headphones.
5 / 5
The noise that annuls could be better. But life of battery & of the quality of build is surprising. I love these headphones. Any sure yes to blame my telephone or some headphones for sometimes delicate Bluetooth connecting but well one 1 in 10 times I need to take the second look.
5 / 5
Thinks that will be to stick with this row of now onward. Quality of his add, very comfortable, life of good battery.

You Any amour or hate some controls of gesture of the hand and I love, is easy to agree, any sure reason any one would have questions.

I also like a control to take annulment of the noise in brief is speaking with any one. Calm so only besiege 3 toes in a right side, and stops of annulment of the noise until it takes your toes were. A lot of responsive and really note a difference.

5 / 5
Some headphones are excellent! In him mid row ish the prize takes enough to plot. Really comfy. I used him on a train today, the noise that annuls has not been to perfect, but could not listen a lot. As he a work. It could mainly he muffled listen a voice in that is well to listen was for stops I supposition. An action the strike is handy for quickly skipping the song. But I found it it concealed having hood of mine up can cause some clues to take and skip. Perhaps I will try the hat. One hard load like this long! Some instructions were the little bit unclear, is just pictures . As to take siri/ google precise resist a half down, I still need to imagine has answered calls. Other descriptions me to nervous knots to buy them have said so they are bad. But I have not had the question of first order with them still. A sound is really good. Take an application ossia like this fun, can change where a sound is coming from. Calm like can do to of a sound of the his likes is calm behind etc! This was in fact mine main prime minister compraventa with my first control of has paid! How it was like this hyped to buy with my money has won! And there is not disappointed. Obviously it could not take some upper upper frames, ossia one the next plus could find to something concealed is that I am looking for!!!

Top Customer Reviews: Philips Wireless ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5
WELL, this one is exited so only of nowhere and offered some characteristic of prize (except USB C & Application) further of half a prize of some big guns.

Here is my thoughts:

A packaging is well, with some prize feels his, calm also takes the shell/of house of hard door average that looks really well with a dotted bloodletting during the, thinks that a chance looks better that all a headphone the chance at present possesses partorisca comprise Sony1000xm3.

in a box, take the to boss [REASON? Phillips REASON?], I Can comprise a smaller measure but to the the boss is not like this common as although calm easily can compraventa, am quite sure to have bosses more than leftover that hangs around your house that some bosses.
Also take the micro boss of USB to touch a headphone [USB C would have been adds but in a prize, is so only in forgivable].

Headphone Quality of build:
A headphone Offered some looks and feels of the really expensive headphone, a prize-Or-the metre is probably in 95 lol. One first creation has taken my attention been due to some curves looks so only, at all looks it at present although you can say some designers in Philips is spent some time that study a Sony 1000xM3, his still directed to do a Ph805 the only look in his own legislations.

A colour says black but has the 2 colour of your effect, as any freakout when you unbox yours.
An arch high has the greenish maintained to a black colour, and then some cups of ear have the abonos rough-textured black colour.
A headphone also has cushioned cups of ear (Probably Skin of Protein) which feels comfortable mine . Also it has it a lot of cushioning in an upper arch to avert ache of longitude hrs uses. A clamping the force is sweet in mine bald 😄 boss and ears, thinks that is well, this in spite of, are the bit of ache Of entity like my ache that takes the tope is quite big.

A headphone folds up in the good compact form to easily spend it around, some cups of ear swivel averts so it has loved the plan dipped in the table. Some headphones resupply to focus really well around an ear to block out of environmental noise.
In max the volumes can take some losses of audio so any calm approximation can listen your music, this in spite of, a focus of some cups of ear is quite well like this calm will not require to look a too strong volume in all the chance.

Characteristic and functionality:
Ossia where this headphone taken the swipe of entity. In the first place it is one 2 -way joystick for skipping advance of clues and behind, also has the clickable the key in a place of centre has used like this on/was key and fines-key of function.
This key uses the mechanism of cradle and am not sure that the time will resist, this in spite of thinking roughly the I a lot often skip to clues likes him the key of the slide there will be any a lot of use, but a key of the place of the centre has the bit of fiddle to with press of accuracy he down. (The half accidents have lost he here).
Thinks that would have to that it has gone for regular keys for a multifunction.

A down as of the paste is an ease to change in a control of the his environmental. This so only can be accessed to jump 2 sequential Ways to touch a poster to touch once to change on and.Tap of g once>>ANC ON, tap again >ANC WAS, tap again>his Environmental ON, tap again and some starts of cycle on.
Thinks that is GOOD to have this function to touch to change ANC ON and WAS but also that adds a way of his environmental to a half of paper has to that cycle by means of 2 ways to take there, this attacks a whole purpose of raisin of fast audio by means of, as to listen your half calm quickly will owe that so only take of some headphones.
Could has given the hips the control of gesture so only like a Sony to Situate the palmera in a cup of ear to temporarily cause an environmental sound. (Lost another half star here)

ANC does like this has to that, blockades out of noise of the low frequency when changed ON although his action can not compete with a Sony 1000xm3. There is remarked also that turning a ANC ON gives a Music promote it, bass of increases of the paste of volume bit it deeper, really could call a ANC key a Xtra key of basses. Well, this really does not import that a lot of mine.

A poster the touch is so only in a right ear, also does like this has to that responsive and good. Situating your palmera in an ear-the cup will cause your assistant of smartphone like Siri or google assistant.
Attacking up and down controls a volume, and ossia so only roughly that.

Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity is awesome, enough regulate now, the bond of signal is well, any pauses of signal of having your telephone in your pocket or in the stock exchange.
He partorisci so only to a device the time, I kinda wished it paired to 2 devices immediately, this in spite of, a provision of the connection of boss is given always the reception to calm so much can quickly transmission among several devices with connection of boss.

The automatically agrees last device connected and pair on once be able to you ON.
An audio sync has been closed on, likes lip sync in the films and The Youtube was utmost without noticeable Lag.

Ciao-Rey Audio:
is not fooled for a Salvation-king sticker in a box, does not sustain it on Bluetooth to the connection so only likes Sony1000xm3 , this in spite of, Philips alleges it can playback of salvation king files of the quality in the connection wired, as it maintains that the import is looking for Salvation Rey playback in Bluetooth.

Quality of sound:
A headphone extracted quite good. Some bass are augmented slightly he paste really well and a mid-the row is very clear like this vocals really underline and has listened clearly.
The big frequency is good but lack of the bit of crispiness, again some headphones are dipped ready to be more balanced and in favour of a lows and some mids.
In of the big volumes and in of the basses-the heavy songs could listen some engine that loses control the bit, no in the bad way but certainly entering a fatiguing sole.
Has 2 ways to take touched of of a sprain yes loves jam in a max volume. 1, Mark sure has to that focus good around your ears so that a sound does not filter was, otherwise, a ANC will begin the disorder with a song, 2. Recognition down a volume roughly 2 click or simply transmission of a ANC.

Thinks roughly 2 click down of a max volume and a headphone recovers clear composure.
Goes quite strong in fact quite strong for me.
Likes a Sony 1000XM3 of quality of his stock then will be happy with this headphone.

Now, of course, a Sony is one all-around very better headphone to have both in characteristics and functionalities and in a ANC the department is another level on, but Yes so only is looking for the headphone that also big level of quality of build of the prize, quality of his, with decent ANC, life of long battery to touch music and looking Netflix, and does not want to spend two times of the money then these am utmost alternative especially for a point of prize. Like this far like this well, it loves it and it can look spent a bit those that control quirks then highly can recommend this.

Expects these helps!
5 / 5
Ossia After 24 use of hours, the element bought for my self and any lumbered with.

After reading a limited revises is there poised state to accept that this very touched auricular but no quite like this as well as Bose or Sony, but concealed no mater reason a prize was better.
Agreement? Yes and No.

He- is not like this well so that the noise that annuls like upper final, the small quantity of noise can be listened (according to the frequency is), are an electronic engineer that there is enough the bit of crew approach to me that noise of partidário of the frames (essentially near white noise) and for one the majority of me cant listens it, this in spite of from time to time take some pause by means of.

A lot of - is like this as well as Bose and Sony. A reproduction of his east so only like this well has balanced. There is no in thrilling zones in a row - especially a base, he so only book and does not lose has beaten the. A mid the row is the little flattish but has to that agree these am not upper final £500 more auricular, for a prize is so only simply remarkable work , fantastic of Phillips engineers.

Has spent that a control the touch is fiddly, but does not dip me era. It would be very one of some keys could be king-used to close control to touch or the key have consecrated.

Him him Your headphones have connected to your telephone, am happy to inform that can use you Alexa for assistant of voice as well as Google like some versions of the newest android leave you to choose your assistant of voice. Headphones also laws with Cortana in of the windows.
A microphone are adds to choose on your same voice when that breaks a lot quietly, calm so only has to that be careful calm does not find like shouter

If these extras few decibels of noise annul the quality is required, then spend another £100 on something more, this in spite of require fantastic touching auricular with the decent noise that annuls and the fantastic prize goes no further
5 / 5
has bitten of backstory. These were my together prime minister of wireless on-auricular of ear. There was fact meticulous investigation for devices looked inside this row of prize, and solved in this based in on-line descriptions, opinions of friends and comparing specifications. I finally solved in a Phillips PH805, and has anticipated has arrived with justifiable emotion.

Like pleasing comprise my considerable disappointment when I say that I have directed to find @@subject with some three characteristic more than entity that any together of headphones would owe that have. I complain this compraventa and, in some measure, a time am spent to research for the earth in this product likes winning.
There is pros, and deserve to be recognised.

- In the first place, the excellent look. At all in a product looks economic. It is stylish, and a folding ear-the telephones are the good touch to a compact creation.

- A hard battery while some states of description. 15 mins Of the load will yield around 5-6 hours

- An in-the microphone has built is reasonably clear for telephone-the on-line/voice called-cat.

- A quality of his good east and can manage the big-volume with second looks any sprain.

Would say that, if this was yours first pair of on-of wireless auricular ear, and has had little experience with products looked to compare, could to good sure very worse for a prize.

Now for a gilipollas. In any particular order:

- Consuelo -- I am not sure that time these have been feigned to be used partorisca, but a life of the battery also can be 2-3 hours, reasons ossia what time can spend these without requiring the pause. I have bought these after a cushioning of my leading headphones were fallen off, leaving a unforgiving plastic rim down. THOSE were more comfortable that these things, and think that is mainly down to a frame that presses in in my skull. Infuriatingly Annoying.

- Characteristic -- I appreciates an idea for behind a touch-sensitive interface in a earphone, for control of volume and ANC toggling. That does not appreciate is that slightly brushing any part of a surface will actuate it. A clip of the his resultant interrupts a lot am them listening to, and will continue to interrupt eat me I toggle by means of each way to go back to mine place initial, because time any (or any) has listened the needs rewinding or that excusan to. A clip of the voice looked also touches when a battery is down, which touches each one that 2 minutes. Reason any of these functions could not have been the no intrusive notification the sound is further me. Infuriatingly A lot of-the friendly user.

- His -- Astonishingly, mine £30 in-ear Bluetooth the receiver a lot so only resupply quality of his better, and the strongest volume, but also look to resupply pertinent quite annulment of noise to compete with this product. Perhaps it has one argues to be fact regarding bows 'deceiving' with stronger highs/lows, but a fact remains that my expectations were far, far main thus Phillips PH805.


For those of you the one who have read this remote, thank you and expect that this has been of some yours use. Please read other descriptions and take his experiences the account, as they are so only a person with an opinion. There to good sure exists satisfied clients and a glaring the failures have found with this product can be an anomaly .

For those of you the one who skimmed to a fund to surround it: buy the Sennheiser.
5 / 5
These are utmost touching, comfortable headphones with life of excellent battery. They are light, bends on amiably, and generally is excellent to listen the music in a gone. They look a lot ready, and a mark is not too strong to which likes. A ANC is not like this effective to the equal that of beat him more types there but personally concealed does not annoy me too much.

The connectivity is well, and have the decent row also. There is any application of mate for EQ tuning unfortunately, as if your telephone does not have this built in you can be stuck with a incumplimiento sound. Felizmente Sounds to add and very balanced out of a box.

Like this to the left habladuría on some controls. Another has commented in a spongy rocker transmission, which the agreement could be more tactile but can live with. It does not feel very good but a lot really have the question of first order with him. A swipe on and down for works of volume a lot enough. No really lame reason any hips comprise the swipe left and right for control of clue, but there is. You can also it hoards your hand in one beats right to use the assistant of voice of your telephone. Any something does very thick, but yes calms then happy days.

But one touches to cycle by means of ANC on, ANC was, and the Environmental noise is so only in a worse piece to draw has there is not founding never. Honradamente, has not been that these products have taken to stage with such the impressive implementation of 'controls'.

The would not be like this bad was so only the fast pair of taps to cycle by means of, so that you could learn regarding the use quickly. But the no. Has to that go down your volume of music and the voice computerised with a american the emphasis announces a way. Calm can not change to a next way until an ad is finalised. To be clear, ossia that raisin :

the voice has said: 'A N C on'
the voice has said: 'A N C was'
the voice has said: 'His Environmental'

takes roughly 7 seconds to complete this cycle. So you are trying it goes of 'ANC On' way to 'His Environmental' way, the the probably has lost already the majority of this ad has looked for to listen.

Reason ossia a function has attributed to a tap is so only further me. The one who uses this more than game or pause? Any one the robotic ad of accidentally touching an of the his has beaten? The one who would not prefer the key or the three transmission of way in place of this atrocity?

Philips Clearly has not thought roughly like this to integrate an experience of user with a hardware. Such give it. I am begging that an application is released this leaves users to customise some controls/of keys.
4 / 5
Have use this headphone for a week, and here is the mine has thought:
1. I have tried diverse big-final headphone, but like my ear is like this sensitive, that the eardrum felt sucks. It is feeling very uncomfortable , and bit it painful, when it feels that a headphone amena pressure of ear of yours strong air. I think it that has not spent for all the people, so only that has ears very sensitive. Amazing, that does not seat this question in this Philips, perhaps reason a noise that annuls is not really in strong level.
2. Sounds: it feels well, I am not complaining the now in a quality of sound.
3. Any application that could use to regulate a EQ. So that in favour of applications, then this headphone is only no for you.
4. There is the bit to break sound when I move or regulate a headphone. So much, I think this headphone no for rough time :)
5. It is so only connect to a device the time
6. It connects well with one 3.5 mm jack. A headphone resupplies boss of 2,5 to 3.5 mm.
7. A noice annulling is to good sure any one a better, but the sufficient to protect calm of morning of busy street.

In general, thats my points to date; it will update it again there be anything new. Hope These helps of description.
4 / 5
Has had to send some headphones behind after the week. In home they were utmost, comfy and the good sound, this in spite of, a touchpad earphone has meant to use his with the hood on was impossible... And in my rainy country that bad roughly 10 month of a year! Tried that goes for the walk with my discharge on and hood on and each one any hood of only mine has to that have slightly brushed a earphone - constantly has changed a volume, changing a noise that annuls settings and inaugural Siri on and on and on again in my telephone. And every time he anything a headphone mutate a music youre search to listen to the proudly say you “the maximum volume” “ANC OF” “his Environmental activiated” “ANC ON” or the enormous silence while it ploughs Siri and attended for you to speak.
In the 30 walk of minute thinks that has listened roughly 3 minutes of music.
5 / 5
A row of Pros and Gilipollas for these headphones.

That it is well.

Quite comfortable. Has the big but the good boss that spends paralizaciones almost two hours. It does not take too hot.

Works of his plus with television/of film. Take the rich wide sound. The voices touch clear.

That it is well.

The quota is of commentary of people in a fiddly keys and touching processes. This really dipped have been me buying but no like this bad to the equal that has involved.

The quality of build is well, but a lot of plasticity. It has had estimativa Sennheiser in £45 which alike celery. Good chance.

Bluetooth Connects well where calm actively can select some headphones and.G in your telephone. Much more paste and lose with other sources where calm only confidence on connection of car.


Like the a lot of people have said, the noise that annuls is quite poor.

Socket Petit poor to wire so only the little cms long.

Listening to the row of the music of several sources is... underwhelming. Tried You Tube, sounds of BBC and another. The music of all the sounds of sources bit it muddied if rock, classical, popular, anything. Fight of headphones with the complex music where has a lot of instruments with feeble differentiation. The tomb can touch boomy. Moving out of Bluetooth to the hard wiring does not improve things in spite of flat big Animal in of the boxes. Really disappointed like several professional descriptions his suggested there the quality was very good and this was a main reason has bought. It does not touch like the £159 pair of headphones!


Are happy has not taken these when retailing in £159! A current £100 prize is more realistic although I think still marginally on priced. If any need the noise that annuls (and like this near calms behind is isolated quite), would suggest that you are better looked in estimating sennheiser/the equivalent or auricular likes them on-of ear AKG50BT which are available partorisca around £80.
5 / 5
Does a lot of deception, this right sound adds out of a box. There is any application of mate for tinkering with EQ - although I can download the 3rd celebrates an of course - but has to that way that be a lot has dipped ready is unlikely calms will require one. They rid the rich sound, balanced can listen to still hours. One is bluetooth 5 is to the prize that runs you big king audio, and there is the decent chance has comprised. So much, fundamental boxes ticked - except one: usability. That leaves a side down is an odd election of the key of combination/slider control, used for Game/of Pause, Can On/Was and Prójimo/Leading. It is an opposite of intuitive and extremely fiddly to use. Also, while the quality of global build is well, there is flimsiness to this control that does not inspire confidence, and has been concerned the would not resist until daily use. So much, reluctantly, I am returning these. If you are a deft-fingered audiophile the one who any one the alcohol that has to that take your headphones so many can look before it operate the control, calm then will be very happy with these. If it concealed it is not you, I have had steer clear.
4 / 5
Has purchased these headphones after reading his glowing descriptions. Has the good noise that annuls and feel robust. This in spite of, some controls are fiddly, and irritatingly, a ANC run of ad in if you inadvertently touch a ‘controlled. Perhaps a main disappointment is a quality of his, against expectation of a description. I have listened to diverse gender of music and found these telephones to be missing of triple brightness and has found some bass that loves. An use of a bow of sound has been required to take an acceptable sound - dipping up is quite the faff. Has the together of MPOW auricular wireless as although not alleging the noise adds that it annuls, has his upper down half a prize of a Philips.
Active has TRIED SO ONLY these with the Ready TV and a level of volume is a lot down, included although it is in maximum in a TV. In this base, has reduced a global indication to 2 star and returning a product.
5 / 5
Start with some positive - a quality of his east orders, some of one have experienced more with headphones. But a creation and comfort really to the left this down. Other descriptions mention some the terrible controls and I have to that spent, has found that included a cup of my discharge that rubs against some headphones can send some headphones that goes in and out of ANC / way of his Environmental that are really annoying. Some headphones are weighed and bulky and too tight around a boss - some adjustments so only go down it further down a boss but a space go in is too tight (the does not have the character of big boss in my opinion) - spend glasses these can be very uncomfortable without doing a lot of adjustments and trying different place. A ANC is a lot of (if you are inner ) but gone external with any wind and a whistle of auricular (think his a ANC that tries to compensate) again I really annoying. It has taken these in blacks friday extracted like any too like this to a pocket and the'll probably use them indoors but will be to look for another together of every day auricular.
5 / 5
As these were my premiers never pair of in headphones, changing of pods of air, and is so only partorisca say has been disappointed. In of the terms of qualities of his, these am a lot well, any comparison has compared the AirPods. This in spite of, in of the terms of pros, qualities of his this where paralizaciones. A quality of the build does not look orders, a lot of plasticky. A ANC is not brilliant but ossia partorisca be expected in this point of prize. Some controls are abysmal and a lot of unintuitive. But worse of everything is a consolation . Some cups of ear were in fact quite comfortable, this in spite of, a tape is terrible. With which around 10 minutes of use begin to take bit it uncomfortable, after an hour is beginning to take noticeable uncomfortable and then with which 2-3 hours takes to a point where is unbearable and has to take him was. It is not for a lack to cushion in a tape, is a sheer pressure that cause a subject. Lamentably, like the sound are add, has had to return these, he so that has little point in his add if any one calms that can enjoy.
5 / 5
Has loved to like these headphones like the sound is not bad, but is damn next unusable for two reasons:

Some controls are ridiculous. It is gesture of the touch has based, which in reality mean will have the question that takes it to do the one who calm wants to do it and more problematically will maintain to do things that you does not love it to do has to that never dare dipped your toes the approximations. Ossia Even more of the question has to that need to suddenly go down a volume of something reason podes any only 'controls down' the key, has to maintain that it attacks on and on.

Latency Of audio (the quantity of time among something that raisin and calm in fact listening it on some auricular) the fact unusable for anything another that the music that listens. The principle was television, video, games, etc reasons there have it well for the half the second of lag before you will listen that it is spent and of course that the frames that look the horrible video reasons is entirely out of sync.

In short: quality of his Well, but basically unusable for more than things been due to one on subjects.
4 / 5
Has surprised still in that a lot these are for a money. I use him mostly in a house for Bluetooth connection to the Samsung UHD TV and to use the Processor of Cinema of the House with the Panasonic Plasma.
Has bought a Vention 2.5 to boss in 3 period of metre to connect a headphone jack in a processor has seen the adapter. Some headphones take a jack and work well.
With these headphones can use him passively was when they are turned was, in fact calms once involve a jack turns a tin is gone in some receiver. I have paid £79 in this place for them and I think still would be the subject in two times concealed. Here it is that it thinks of his action;

the bass is full but a lot timed and controlled
Mids is energetic with good selection and again well timed.
Vocals Are adds with the good placing in a global image.
Highs Is sparkly enough without being the brilliant, is the touch has gone was but think that a balance is so only well.

Says that a noise that annuls is not until more expensive BT Auricular
Oh and an environmental noise swithching in a tampon of volume is easy to actuate in error
the life of Battery is good and is good and comfortable and has to that well the prize feels roughly him.
Can imagine could take warm ears the warm day with them.

Had paid £200 for these I still would be happy because of a quality of a sound
listening to Tidal Salvation Fi with a boss resupplied (I thinks that is less than the metre) is a lot well for quality of sound.

Does not think has anything to touch these for action under £200
5 / 5
has taken it punt in these when they have on burst with discount it significant and am happy has done. A quality of his so much better east that concealed resupplied by my ear of telephones buds. They return well in my ears and does not leave me with ache of ear (a subject has with to plot of telephones of boss). They are easy to touch, and after the pocola practical, to use too - a function of the tap in a right ear requires the small taking used to - and a way that bends when spending the chance the easiest that travel with and maintain touching bosses etc in some easy to find something.

Has been using these for several months now. You take to plot of use for load and walking beside the streets of busy city can listen your podcast/of music without interruption. As I have taken to bet and of my perspective that the bet has paid was.
5 / 5
Some headphones are the comfortable access in an ear with cushioned cushions ossia easy to spend. Connecting street Bluetooth was easy and a volume easy control to master with the action unexpectedly in a legislation headphone. The annulment of noise is operated also of a legislation headphone for the tap. Ossia Easy to use, but also easy to accidentally of tap. I found that it has to that spend for some options the pair of time because of a inadvertent tap in a headphone. There is so only 3, and his all does well with annulment of noise like incumplimiento, and then the annulment of noise was and finally a 'environmental sound' that dips that it leave to concentrate in that is said your for another in a room without taking some headphones. He helpfully say you verbally that dipping arrived to change to.

I use these with the Samsung television Loans particularly for the films and is excellent partorisca east.
4 / 5
Has had has paid £300+ would be has bitten he miffed that a noise that annuls has not beaten enough a Bose some have used. On it offers in me so only down £100 although, these are quite excellent, only calm could not demand more without paying two times so much or more.
Whats To like???
Quality of his east well, is reasonably strong but you wouldnt game in full volume A) reason finally would break your listened and B) in full volume another still can listen that it is listening to, swipe a point of headphones. Some materials are well with the big quality feels. A chance is really well too much.
A volume of poster of the touch and control of the way also does well.
Whats Any to like?
A toggle the transmission has used to be able to on and was, or clues of transmission, is quite soft, and is too easy to clash accidentally. A regular key or two would have been better. Thats An only thing. Loads via micro-usb where the majority of the devices now are moving to usb-C, so that it is an extra boss to maintain around (comprised with some headphones) but hardly the tragedy.
5 / 5
Has tried to reduce a number of keys to present the row of characteristics to touch in these. Ossia All very and good except each tiny contact (especially with my hair) was dipped, he turning was the noise that annuls or dipping to an environmental sound “absolutely useless” setting. This would not be like this bad, except a little voice that say that dipping his on announces a transmission in one the majority of your annoying never. I can no to spend them with clothes with collars, my hair down or while it spends to scarf. A lot frustrating!
4 / 5
Has bought for him picky the adolescent and resembles has been the good cost as I have not had to buy me the pair to flood out of sounds to complain.

Listens to the wide variety of music of rock and says these headphones are qualities adds .
Has on resisted enough well during his newspaper commute to do too much.
Took him in the good prize, otherwise could did not buy him. Happy I this in spite of, has been a more is had like this far.
5 / 5
Coming from the £10 pair of Sony in receiver of ear. These are brilliant.

Feels very light in spite of looking quite heavy. A cushioning in a earpieces is hyper soft and does not run over my big ears. Some material celery the malleable solids closings as I am not concerned goes to break. It comes with the chance that is to add it apt and easy to spend around.

A quality of his incredible east compared to that I earth. Really deep and tones of rich bass but does not flood out of some treble, so only of the electrical guitar still touches sum. They can take very strong but the low volumes are a lot also been due to the clarity adds, which an environmental dipping the feasible option. A ANC emits the very calm hiss which is noticeable when you are not touching anything but otherwise is entirely insignificant. A setting annuls out of the plot of noise but a lot so much to the equal that says, which is likes 90 or something in this row.

An environmental way is really fresh, will turn down an audio and in fact filter in street of external noise a microphone. (At least, ossia that to sounds likes him the mine. Reason turning ANC was is not like this effective like Environmental way) like realistically any precise to take these headphones was for a lot at all, once is on concealed is.

A sense to touch in some tampons of ear is a lot of receptive, this means accidentally select options when regulating a headset but is too useful to be the negative. I can change clues, volume and actuate assistant of mine easily, hardly has to that grab my telephone! Changing the volumes can be a lot the time of each swipe is an equivalent of a press of key to the equal that go to be that it attacks like this he madman when you are in and out of conversation but loves a immersive listening experience.

A Microphone surprised. I have not had any intention to use he for calls of telephone, but after the try in the windy cold night, has been the clear glass has listened, probably more than him has used the telephone and has spoken enough quietly. They are now the big defender to speak by means of a headset.

A life of battery is spare. Any with the work of full time and can not use these in work will take the week out of one full load thinks. I use him on my way to and of work and while they are was and is to grieve drained at all.

Any Negatives: A touchpads choose on fingerprints a lot easily, look to exit now but imagine this will not last . A goodness to touch some headphones is incredibly courts, likes 4 short thumbs, and am not sure is touching reason there is no light or the notifications according to which are conscious. Some tampons of the ear also chooses on greasing really easily so that it will be to clean his to plot. Also, it likes me quell'has said before an annulment of the noise is not like this powerful as announced and a hissing is present but he to good sure done a work and am very happy with him still.

There is still to see like his withstand a heat and rainfall reason ossia the big worry for me and declares in some instructions to maintain dry and out of direct sun.

These are incredibly smaller this in spite of and I any factor still the to the compraventa. I go to use these until @@@crumble to the powder and I will love every second. Obviously, I recommend.
5 / 5
These are some the auricular premiers have not bought never in £100 and has to that say am not blown exactly was. They touch well but it has not been that it has expected it. I know six supposition to protect your listened but this in spite of sound very calm. A quality of the build does not fill with confidence is a lot of plastic (economic) the feeling but the time will say. Some controls to touch in a right ear is obnoxious and has the bad thought was, maintains to turn in environmental way any time regulate some headphones. Finally for the headphones is estimate micro-USB to touch them is horrifying. Any subject like sweet I are with them a port will fail like this his all does to leave some headphones unusable. This day and USB of age-C would owe that be regulate.
4 / 5
Some headphones are utmost giving the quality of sound adds and have the life of battery adds. An only thing that take me giving them 5 star is does the tampon partorisca touch in a legislation headphone which changes him among ANC on, was and his environmental. It spent him with the discharge and somehow a hood of a discharge has to that be directed static or something like this when I have turned my boss that does a legislation headphone touch an interior of the mine hood, has changed constantly some headphones among some different ways that bad was impossible to listen to anything with a hood up. Another that that some receiver is utmost.
5 / 5
Auricular utmost. Calm will not improve in this prize.
Some controls of user are all roughly taking use to. Once it reads calm extremely well.
A quality of his this really good. These are better that many beat more expensive.
4 / 5
Downloads of authorship
Certainly, ossia first pair of the headphones has bought in a £50 mark but I has been expecting the little more for a prize.

does not add but no bad neither. They are not one the majority of comfortable has had, in fact to use prolonged my old £30 Samson on-ears with felt the cup was more comfortable, and his door more than days for several hours to the time likes them the difference. So only it could be my ears but when I turn my boss some transmissions of the his so it can feel a navigation of my press of ears against a cup in the different corner. Ossia I last to explain but noticeable and annoying as has there is has not had he with any more economic headphones.

Quality of his
Looks well, but does not have other headphones of qualities to compare to.

The noise that annuls
Ossia WELL. There is the constant hiss whilst is on, perhaps ossia normal, but is a lot noticeable whilst listening. He the good work of blocker out of a noise of street but of the main trucks still can listen (my faces of room to the seeds-issue busy. Included when it has been it creates partorisca focus good around your ears that reduces noise. So only drawback of of the this is calm uses him when in the webcam/to call/streaming/gaming basically that pause whilst using them is odd how is hard to listen calm of course. But as they are not drawn partorisca gaming or these purposes could not be a subject for more.

Short bosses
A jack the boss is very very short. I have had to buy the separated a. An USB uploads is also one the small plus has not seen never, entirely little practise for almost all the situations.

Looks to do well. Any one @subjects there.

Life of battery
has not tried too much like this mostly use them wired in, but looks WELL.

Controls to touch
is too sensitive. A slightest tap of a headphone transmissions of cup among environmental way, the noise that annuls ON and the noise that annuls was, and owe cycle by means of the every time, and no for your audio whilst doing east. I quite annoying when listening to a book of audio.

Subject of sprain
has experienced sprain and crackling noises when it uses him to touch electrical guitar whilst listening the music. So that it is electrical guitar in current to an interface of audio and auricular plugged the interface of audio, whilst listing the music in a computer. Volume to plot of sprain when both game a same time. Now, this could be my neighbour -arrive but has not spent with some economic headphones. Although I can find the something sweet where does not look for the , but has to that be quite calm.
4 / 5
A sound is not strong and crisp. Some cusps of ear are a lot of dodgy. A ANC is too sensitive and difficult to actuate. Absolutely it does not recommend . Precise sth more expensive I are fearful. As it Could Philips hold to sell such bad products? It is a CEO drunk?
4 / 5
Bought these like the present for my woman the one who wireless goodness on-auricular of ear. Absolutely it loves him and it informs that an annulment of noise and quality of his is the upper notch. A control of volume is also good but this has valued the 4/5 reason sometimes one the technology of tap is temperamental or in sensitive. They look lustrous and stylish and the fold was to the breaking little chance. I add compraventa!
5 / 5
Has taken these in almost of half prize after reading description with which informs that it spoke it positively roughly him. Quality of his excellent east with expansionary reproduction of the basses and the loyalty of big final is maintained. Bluetooth Take Quickly and the headphones are easy to connect in any device quickly. If you are buying these headphones for his characteristic of annulment of the noise, would be bent to look elsewhere like difference among ANC was and on is minimum.

The life of battery is sum and when you run out of juice the connector wired hard is distributed (so only the shame Philips does not use the regulate jack in each final of a boss).

In the consolation of ear are adds with foaming by heart partorisca cushion your ears - the only critique is that I find a handband quite tight doing a bit has beaten the pocolos uncomfortable after the pair of use of hours. At all partorisca complain too roughly this in spite of.
5 / 5
Has done to the plot of investigation compares these and another. While they are not an expert in reproduction of his, this work extremely well for me. Prize, quality of build, characteristic and comfort all a lot of very in fact. Calm does not require to spend £300 to take excellent headphones.
4 / 5
- Noise cancelation extracted a lot ( the blockades touches deeper; it likes when you are walking and you can listen footsteps, or in of a car and can listen an engine)
- quality of his east orders for a row of prize

- the basses is not very strong
- the controls to Touch are sensitive; you owe that cycle among 3 ways (the noise that annuls, any-the noise that annuls, and his environmental. If it touch a control has to that do like this another 2 times to reset he)
- the week of look of the hinges. I have not had any question with east, reason have been careful, but could see him breaking has fallen.

Is looking for The pair of estimativa of headphones that annuls noise, spent these. Calm will not complain it .
5 / 5
Any tomb a lot well in max volume, one touching in a side to change the settings can be the tiny has bitten to annoy, the life of battery is surprising, calls of telephone is good quality but in wind another person listens it but still can listen your voice, in general the very good product, so only the few things that could done of the different way but ossia personal preference
5 / 5
loves these so many. I spend the whole day him daily and it is like this comfy. I spent him also for the careers and remain situate well. Quality of the his amazing and the blockades was his, any 100 but I likes him one can listen whats that goes in around like me a lot that attacks in a door etc. But mine potter the wheel is quite strong and blockades out of this sound fantastically. An annoying thing so only is a control to touch in a headphone, when I tilt the mine heads to a legislation and touches my shoulder changes a way of his and when it changes to environmental way his annoying. That is a point of environmental way in all the chance???
5 / 5
Like other descriptions have shared; if anything goes near of your boss, like the headrest, cushion, spent-hood etc.... Will have the heck of the time with a too-sensitive ANC controls.

Has done these unusable partorisca me.

Otherwise A quality of sound looks quite well in Bluetooth the Windows 10 laptop.
4 / 5
His really good headphone but one separates concealed is annoying is ANC (the Active noise that Annuls) key or lack of him. ANC Can be changed ON/Has BEEN to touch right side, but there is not marking, the same way can control the volume and some times transmission ON/Of ANC accidentally while it dips headphones in
4 / 5
+Decent quality of his,
+good bass
+Any annulment of bad active noise
+quality and good fashion
+a lot spending chance

-laughable period of USB that boss of touches (10cm)
-does not use type of USB C to touch
-ANC no well when connected with audio jack
-only 1 guarantee of year
4 / 5
build of Excellent quality, stylish and comfortable also. A deepeth of the sound is excellent with the good clear bass and your offer. Easily connect to devise and a touch the law of sensitive controls to treat it, for a money in this way of punch on his weight. Recommended.
5 / 5
Has bought because of good descriptions, and I like a sound of them. A control the touch is the bit fiddly, and a lot really see a reason because need three ways, ANC was/ on would owe that be quite. Easy to pair with different sources.
4 / 5
A good pair of on-auricular of ear in the reasonable prize. Looking the TV is now the pleasure, and, with a sound of television was, has any noise to disturb another in a same room. Well the value that takes, especially is having the question that listens a TV in of the levels 'normal'
4 / 5
has modified to add - has had to has substituted after a month because of crackling noise in of the pieces of ear. The substitution has died with which 6 month - will not turn on. Evita

the quality of sound Adds, really comfy, but some really to the left controls his down. A touchpad to cycle by means of ANC ON, WAS and his Environmental, ad every time and takes the pair of seconds to do like this. A setting of the his environmental is pointless like this for a time has announced also can has taken him so only was. Also brushing a legislation headphone ways of cycles that is nettling.
5 / 5
Are on until early morning and has bought a Philips auricular wireless to listen to television and music while my sleeps of woman. His very good reproduction, has transformed mine listening to be hardly able to listen some words or music (as that any to disturb the sleep of my woman) to have the full audio has seen bluetooth (like any boss). No too convinced in an active noise that annuls, but some difference on a bit those that occasions when I used it.
5 / 5
Usually, has question with receiver to the equal that has the small boss and generally, level them auricular very returned. These , which is brilliant. Very happy with cost of mine.
4 / 5
These am stylish and have his balanced decent, but some cups of ear to foam by heart is very hard, as any comfortable for use of term along imo.
4 / 5
It has been to him it expects it his very partorisca a prize how were more expensive that mine together of boss of the pioneer,wich is excellent touching.
5 / 5
Build And his excellent quality. AS with another annulment of the noise of the descriptions is like this so many and an environmental sound is of to the very real use likes has to that cycle by means of some settings partorisca the actuate. No of these things would owe that dip six state this in spite of. They touch the battery adds , quality and long life of utmost build. I love mine.
4 / 5
The sound adds. It would recommend you read a description of radar of the technology. But they are by train to you want the a lot of. The annulment of noise could be better, but a quality of audio is extremely big, how is a consolation .
4 / 5
Does not trust in his by means of a boss to connect direct and a sound is sublimate! Shame like this ppl will interest like the sound is good but no those surprised when using Bluetooth.
4 / 5
Annulment of noise and quality of his like this excellent, any question to date with life of battery. First pair returned because of open seam in cushioning but good substitution.
5 / 5
A sound are add, some easy controls to use, a quality of excellent build. But these are one on-creation of the ear and I now damage that my right ear is main that my accident and will not return inside an ear-hoard, doing them extremely uncomfortable to spend, as I have had to that return them and look for an alternative, probably one on-creation of ear, like the substitution.
5 / 5
Auricular Incredible for a money. Has a Sony the equivalent dips which cost more and a Philips is upper in each way.
4 / 5
Has bought these headphones for working of home, take my need to headphones of discharges in and have a boss snaking by means of a keyboard. While an annulment of the noise is not a better has anything noisy that goes in, is auricular robust very that it is easy to spend the whole day himself dipped to a measure of right boss.
5 / 5
Am writing this description a lot afterwards send them behind, unfortunately these headphones are really tight,
taken of the small ears, can return you well, for me was quite on ear that on ear.
In general, quality of his this really good but so only for wireless conection. Without ANC has turned in the sound is terrible.
4 / 5
The product adds. Enough well in the noise that annuls. Sure mark ambience is turned on. Easy to use.

Top Customer Reviews: PowerLocus Active ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5
- Really like a presentation of some headphones in his chance – looks an expensive mark and some headphones are well has protected.
- Some headphones looks well, looks very built, strong and good quality. Looked a lot modern and lustrous creation. They are slightly in a heavy side, which is noticeable when his doors, and quite tight returning, but a lot enough to dip you was.

Quality of his
- quality of his Excellent, a lot clear, his equal to both ears and base and vocals clear and strong.
- The noise that annuls really works, when spending them could a lot really listen anything another that a music has listened too how was brilliant.

To good sure would recommend!
4 / 5
First impressions: When I have opened a box all was inside the compact zippable chance, which has comprised some headphones To the BOSS and the type of USB - C touching boss. Some headphones folds to the compact form, has the comfortable weight to them, the quality of build is that it would expect in the a lot of model priced main and a creation is a lot of understated but stylish. Some instructions were clear and easy to follow and has comprised the paper of guarantee.
First use: after touching pairning the bluetooth was simple. Some headphones are extremely comfortable, there adjustable and swivel for the comfortable returned included after prolonged use. A noise that annuls can be turned was with the simple transmission. Has keys of volume that duplicated on like this controls of clue, all the keys are accessible without taking of some headphones. Has builds him in microphone and answering or annulling the call is like this simple as pressing a key to be able to.
Quality of sound: there is not any complaint roughly quality of his, some grave and the treble are utmost, which are the row of musical fashions, the podcasts and call them of voices have a lot of clarity. A noise that annuls is point and averts and the life of battery is better that anything has used before.
Brilliant piece of boxes and sincerely can him recommend.
5 / 5
When I have opened a box all was inside the compact zippable chance, which has comprised some headphones To the BOSS and the type of USB - C touching boss. Some headphones folds to the manageable measure, has the comfortable weight to them, the quality of build is that it would expect in the a lot of model priced main and a creation is a lot of stylish. Some instructions were clear and easy to follow and has comprised the paper of guarantee.
Has come just at the right moment for the use but I dipped on uploads until full. After touching pairning the bluetooth was simple. Some headphones are extremely comfortable, is adjustable and swivel for the comfortable returned included after prolonged use. A noise that annuls can be turned was with the simple transmission. Has keys of volume that duplicated on like this controls of clue, all the keys are accessible without taking of some headphones. Has builds him in microphone and answering or annulling the call is like this simple as pressing a key to be able to.
Are slightly impaired in an ear and mine, has any quality of his some complaints. Some bass and the treble are utmost, which are the row of musical fashions, the podcasts and call them of voices have a lot of clarity. A noise that annuls is point and averts and the life of battery is better that anything has used.
Has pleased really with them and can recommend him to any one looking for a abordable, comfortable, easily used, well looking pair of headphones.
4 / 5
There is So only so only has taken these, but has the sense has obliged to write the positive critique. They are terrific. Absolutely terrific. I am going in vacacional morning and hate a noise of cabin of a plan. Like this when I have turned these on and paired his to my pill, dipped 'Cabin of Jet of Aeroplane of Sound of White Noise' in TV and by means of my soundbar to the realistic level. I have pressed you grieve a bit ANC (the Active noise that Annuls) key, a sound all but is disappeared. It would say mid 90s in of the terms of NC porcentual.

A quality of music is orders also and a build of these beat him looks big and robust final. That the subject!
4 / 5
Has purchased this model of receiver with which previously trying out of a PowerLocus 'Wireless Bluetooth On-Ear Stereo Foldable Auricular, Wired Headsets the noise that Annuls with Built-in Microphone'. My mamma has required the new pair of headphones has like this of old pair and has looked for something bit it more powerful on its own name.

My main interest in buying these headphones was that I required them to annul out of a noise around me. Alive in the strong neighbourhood with the very noisy flatmate, as I have required really something to give me the bit of peace again, especially while doing of house. These MoonFly the headphones have cured of this question perfectly. I dipped him recently on, everything results calm and all can listen is a music am listening to.

Has the noticeable the difference in the quality of audio has compared to a leading model has bought. It was surprised really for while more cleaned and crisper an audio this. Still although they are on twice a prize has compared to the mine leading some, really chair to like is many , very better this in spite of suitable for any the one who is compraventa in the estimativa.

A creation of some headphones is a lot lustrous, and a quality of some materials is also very better. There is the weight to them that really does him feel likes is seating securely, and when you unfold them does not have any fear that his will snap or break them reason some elements to draw is fat and sturdy. With a hard some felt the bit has scared sometimes to snap open them opened to the place but these am much stronger. A material is very soft in my ears.

Regarding a Bluetooth connection, some auricular connect a lot quickly to some devices I use with retarding very small. This in spite of, prefer any to use Bluetooth or is running down on battery, some auricular come with a boss of audio that can cover directly to your device to the equal that can continue listen.

Now to a downsides. These auricular celery bit it tight in my ears, which is saying something reason there is enough the small boss. After spending for some time seats a need to take them was and leave my rest of ears bit it.

Besides, some offered auricular an Annulment of Active Noise (ANC) transmission to add his additional-proofing to an audio, but in my personal experience this characteristic was bit it shaky. I did not feel it it added it profit very particular, and while I have dipped down in the bed with this option has actuated would take the plot of feedback in my ear. This in spite of, included with ANC turned has found was a noise that annuls appearance to be exceptionally effective and enough to block out of a surrounding noise.

Another appearance has struggled with in both this model and a forward one is that a Bluetooth the connection is result a lot of shaky hardly steps out of my computer. It has not been if this has something to do with a creation of my house to the equal that have remarked this result with both models of headphones, but an audio would cut was and jitter to the equal that have walked around a house. I have not had this question at all while some headphones have been connected to my mobile phone, included to the equal that have moved around with him.

A thing has not directed to try properly is life of battery, simply reason I full time and has not been able to spend them enough to see what hard time , but has touched a lot quickly (so only in an hour) and has not had any same questions after the week of use. Some headphones come with the guarantee of product in all the chance, and a crew of the service of the client is incredibly friendly state in all my interactions with them, so he calm find you having any questions, be ensured that you can achieve was to them and will solve anything the subject calm can have.

Really can not recommend this product enough, and with which two positive experiences with his products, knows to good sure will continue to buy PowerLocus auricular, any only on its own name but also like this present for my friends.
4 / 5
These headphones and I am better fellow result. Honradamente, are surprising! Incredibly comfortable in some ears, the noise adds that it annuls, quickly to dip up and a colour is good-looking! To good sure highly recommend is looking for new wireless headphones. Especially you are the mamma the one who music of touches while cleaning!
5 / 5
Had excited really to take these like a upgrade to the mine that exists on-auricular of ear. I do of house and has thought an annulment of noise would be really advantageous.

This in spite of, has found a quality of his to be a lot of underwhelming. Any bad but underwhelming, especially compared to another (less expensive) auricular.

A noise that annuls the characteristic was also a lot like this impressive to the equal that had expected. It has blocked out of the bit of a background noise around a house, but any one a lot—and has not blocked out of a sound of voice of boy at all while it was working (the main reason has taken some receiver ).

Paving on returning them.
5 / 5
Loves these headphones. They are noise annulling. It spent him in a garden and I so only could listen my music - has not been until I took them was that I have known our neighbours have had round of visitatore noisy. I guess like this with any headphones that sometimes a quality of a sound depends in use it to touch your music on. In my chance I use the portable good quality bluetooth player of CD and my music comes by means of in the clear way really good. I can listen each word, respite or sigh that my favourite singer said or sings. Really happy with them. They are done well and is a lot of comfy to spend. They extend but I do not require him too much. The sound spends the chance is good and strong also. They connect a lot quickly to my player has seen bluetooth.
4 / 5
Together adds of headphones for a money. Fantastically packaged (particularly adds when giving like this present), quality of his this really well, a noise that annuls work the charm (I maintains the base of the busy main street and has has wanted to these for music of meditation as well as general listening and also is one of some the majority of the comfortable receiver has not directed never the source. I do not have any complaint like this far roughly life of battery to the equal that after several sessions of 2hr the uses there is not running never was on me amd I simply recharge after each session to listen.

The utmost headphones highly recommend!
5 / 5
A sound is quite powerful and was very impressed, until I have been in a next room... Any sure he is the failure or no, but a sound has broken immediately on, so need to be in the to same room likes them the source of music. An on was the looks to change to be bit it imprecise also, like this never sure yes is turned was properly. This in spite of, his paired easily with my telephone of android and a quality of his east well. Celery he bit it weighed in my boss this in spite of.

Top Customer Reviews: Tribit Bluetooth ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 45 ratings
5 / 5
These are without the doubt some headphones of estimativa better can buy. A sound is exceptional and shames a lot another costing 2 or 3 times so much. Comfy With the flexible tape and of beat him folding, ideal partorisca launch in chance. These have a late plus Bluetooth 5.0 although in this point of the prize there is any noise that annuls this in spite of block the plot of noise and there is escapes very small. Built-in mike called of half is treated well and the conversation is clear.

Will not win fashionable prizes and will not win in audiophiles but partorisca of the money, has no better cost, in fact, sub £100 I can not think of any better.

Unbelievable Value partorisca money.
4 / 5
Left beginning partorisca say that I really like these headphones.

In fact has looked for a XFree model of Tune, after reading some descriptions add roughly that.
After verifying some descriptions of comparison, has decided to try a model GONE.

Are by train partorisca use it On my telephone of Android and in my PC (bluetooth).
An interesting thing roughly is that they can be paired with two different bluetooth devices.

Has found that has better touched in my telephone, perhaps has not been drawn partorisca be used in the computer.
Like this, has not gone entirely satisfied with a sound when I have looked some video of music of Youtube random in mine portable. Also it could remark the slightly delay of the his and the low fund buzz when it does not have any sound that touches.
Does not have annulment of active noise, but the plot of an external sound is isolated.

Are mostly the boss of metal and has not been happy with a sound of some electrical guitars (the big / tones means), tried to discover a bow to regulate a sound, but an interesting thing has found was that a 'Dolby Atmos for Auricular' the software has done a lot well. A bad thing roughly is a prize (€), the averages a value of some headphones. It controls a picture with my settings if yours has interested, has done perfectly for my 'flavour.'
Now touch better in mine portable that in my telephone.

Has two options of his available when used with Windows 10: Auricular (Tribit XFree Goes Stereo) and Headset (Tribit XFree Goes Hands-Free AG Audio). Utilisation one 1st a for music of his / total and use a 2nd for the applications comunicacionales likes them Zoom.
Tried him with the pair of games, and a sound is well, BUT try converse a same time (sinister is says Discord) can not find the way of the do like this far.

Like the a lot of people have mentioned a micro USB that touches the port was the poor election , but of then am using magnetic bosses, concealed is not the question for me, so only need the connector of USB to the equal that can see in a picture.

Two reasons to choose this model in a 'Tune' was that this model there is Bluetooth 5.0 and is more foldable. But be conscious that ossia the different model with different specifications.

A Bluetooth the row is very good but does not add . I think that that they can be used without interruptions of signal in the row of 15 metres directly and 10 metres with wall.
A battery is sum , has used he for the little around 8 hours in 3 consecutive days.

Conclusion: Some headphones of multipurpose good quality in the good prize.
4 / 5
Ossia The really nifty and abordable headset! It was the bit has concerned at the beginning of then was like this economic but used it daily-on & was- some time those that the days of then shabby, and is a estupefaciente small headset! A quality of his incredible east and an in fact main volume taking that it thought it would be able to go, especially in a prize. I did not possess it long this in spite of, like the real test will be how long last with tear and daily use of normal & wear. I used it to listen the music and TV of clock with mine Bluetooth connection and like this far all the work well. It comes with the short touching boss and another quite short boss, has to choose any for the use wirelessly and loves it use while it remains plugged to the yours telephone etc. A headset can be regulated to start with measured and consolation, an ear muffs fold in to save spatial when storing, and there is also controls in a underside of a earmuff. I have not tried distance of long row but looks to remain start connected a room and walk by means of a house. I am impressed really like this far with him and I to good sure would recommend this headset to any one looking for the quality adds for the together wireless, in a prize abordable!
4 / 5
good creation, a lot comfy
very strong (has to that it jump me in fact with has tried them he for a time of firs 😁)
life of amazing battery
comes with spending chance
comes with directing like this calm still can uses included when the battery has died

touching the port is micro USB when we would owe that be see more devices with type of USB C, but hardly an annoyance

For some reason my expectations of bluetooth the headphones was quite down, but the technology has has changed certainly. I have tried this in my PC with film, youtube and games, that the audio has not gone so only adds but any subject with sync, which has to them that admit has been them concerned roughly.
5 / 5
These are so only utmost, some auricular any utmost only look but feel well in my boss also. Not pinching my boss or squashing my ears, perfect!
A Bluetooth the connection is really easy to dip up and has been recognised by mine hone instantly. I have been once paired on some first time connects instantly every time with which, saving you any endeavour and certainly saving time.
A quality to touch take these is simply brilliant, has no messing around with these, so only some sounds so it has been meant to be listened, of music to video and calls was, an audio is glorious!
Auricular Really good and certainly recommend these, brilliant prize also, very impressed
5 / 5
pode any moan too much in these when I am cost less than £24 and touch like this good. They are almost like this as well as my Sony xb900n set (the gone back precise because of a @@subject).

A quality of build is the little in an economic side and some keys bad celery (when his ).

A main reason has purchased these was to spend in a gymnasium. Listening to the music has not had any @@subject and is reasonably comfortable and clamp my big noggin securely. A subject has had is when connected to the mine television and some keys result unresponsive and am unable to turn them was or change a volume. Plugging A boss of power in of the turns were in this situation, but if he this when they are was and roughly has not been that would do. I have read elsewhere other people having this subject same. I am complaining taking a version Gone and no a version of Tune because of this (has not been if a Tube has a subject same).

Still, sound to surprise for a money and better that a Mpow auricular has had to return because of a breaking of hinge, and almost like this as well as my Sony. His hips come with the chance a lot like mine Sonys no.
5 / 5
Some headphones have arrived promptly, is gone in the really well spends chance that have not expected . A foam felt very comfortable around some ears.

Has regulated really well and was quite directly advances to dip up.

Quality of his good east and the annulment of noise is excellent. It feels very odd when the annulment of noise is on, help to direct in of the tasks more.

A life of battery is expected like this. Any complaint. I have purchased a Sony MX 1000 in Navidad which cost on £200 and these are excellent so that it is cost. For a prize and a quality, recommends highly these.
4 / 5
Has bought a Tribit Maxsound speaker besides look it in fact month after reading amazing descriptions, and I honradamente a lot fully believe them considering a £40 cost of a speaker. The short long history, is INCREDIBLE. I have said to me that buys of mine of the receiver afterwards would be a same mark . It was foreseen the new pair in all the chance, as my main pair there has been some cosmetic subjects for the few months and I have almost has had two years. It was to go in fact for one £90 flagship auricular that Tribit mark, but after reading some descriptions in these, and seeing a prize, has decided to take the casualidad (I also has taken 20 was, like the total cost was £23). Honradamente, Are advances so that it would expect it for curve inclusa this cost. Ossia Easily the £70-80 pair of headphones. They are extremely comfortable, a quality of build is on half, does not add but no bad, is the little plasticky but no in a kinda the way where would think that would break after the month or two. Now, to the left it is taking to one the majority of part of entity - a SOUND. I have not touched with any settings of bow, I so only hooked his until the music of the mine telephone streaming service, and has left his his thing. They take quite strong, some tomb is quite decent, but with the bit to join fiddling can take him to touch very good. They are way at the head of that would expect for a cost, but honradamente that pause, for some audiophiles, will not be pertinent. A Maxsound speaker besides, this product is near to perfect, easily he 9.5/10, and has such big expectations of a mark. These headphones are the solid 8/10, perhaps has been expecting the little more been due to a quality of a speaker, but is looking for the very good pair of low headphones £50, will not find any better that these. Tribit, Take the defender. Well fact, and maintain on a good work.
5 / 5
Has purchased this for a purpose and a purpose so only but there is has used in fact he more than has anticipated.

Has purchased this so that it could look TV in bedding at night without disturbing another in my house. A quality of build is excellent and very durable.

Is easy to pair with my television and I a lot included has to that select of a Bluetooth ready. He automatically run in when I can on and all have to that do is selects still in a together.

Has had these headphones partorisca around months and tend to expect first to revise, so only to do sure.

Is light and comfortable. Usually I have subject with the headphones that prints in my ears but these return a lot amiably. My ears are not compressed likes with another and I really like a measure of cup.

A row of these is excellent also. Having to that create the little time at night and can walk around my whole house without falling a signal.

The life of battery is brilliant, has has had to that so only touch three times a past month and ossia with the very small use of hours every night/of evening. One touching is quickly also, takings the very few hours of the fast load of around 20 mins which is which there is in first do first when I have loved to try them. A week or like this more has left late touch until one has has directed changed of red the blue and has directed around two use of weeks again.

Used him in a garden for Spotify and I can not remark a lot of difference among these and the pair of wire fence £200 headphones I own. Perhaps the pocolos grave deeper in some wire fences but to comfort these are excellent.

Receive the very little spend chance too which is a lot handy and some bosses have required.

Remain undertaken in your boss without compression or that earache feeling a lot of another gives. For this reason used them when in a garden and enough everywhere around a house.

Is not complicated to use neither. Three keys, one to be able to on/was (hardpress to sync to the new device). Volume on and down when being another two.

His fashion is quite good. They do not look economic and intruders. Highly recommended if you are after the economic, durable, very done, and comfortable pair of headphones.

Highly recommend
4 / 5
These have no legislations touching these abonos in this level of prize (although the bit to annoy has fallen a prize the few days with which shabby). I have bought these to go with my iPad new Pro, so that it has bought an adapter, but has loved roughly less fiddly that bosses to exchange all a time.

Have the pair of old Terracing SR60 telephones, which have been mine has beaten of mainstay for years, and the still sound adds. Also I have the pair of AKG K72s, with the different class of his (brilliant plus, but better detailed), both expensive plus that a TriBit Aller but in a same prize like mine trusty Koss PortaPro near, which are also very good.

A TriBit Gone of the falls to somewhere among, giving better bass that a AKGs, but the little more brilliant that some Terracings. In fact it finalises to be the sound has balanced better ossia any of some more expensive headphones, giving the smooth sound and very detailed good quality, with fell it well of the basses when required (Expensive to the emerald was the good test thus), but look to manage all well, of Deep Purple to Saint-Saens.

Any question that connects to both iPad and iPhone. I have not tried a connection of telephone, but to be sincere, am unlikely to use that in all the chance (or Siri coming to this), these have been bought to listen the music or of the video.

Seats a lot of fact, again very better that a prize would suggest, but the only times can say regarding that.

For a prize these are quite unbeatable would think, has based on comparing to some beat possesses already in all the chance.
4 / 5
These headphones are decent partorisca of the money has paid partorisca they. They are low prizes and to to good sure seats likes you to him has paid more partorisca they. One first what there is remarked was that exerts some cushions of ear were. I tried him it was partorisca touch some music on Spotify and leave me partorisca enjoy my favourite artist and I there is not remarked any loss of quality has compared to another earphones has possessed. A hinged parts of a earphones look sturdy, always concern me could break easy, but a lot in this chance. I have it quell'has bought in fact these partorisca the present of anniversary partorisca my younger daughter and I know look and feel quite well the present. A chance is handy also for then chairs to use them.
4 / 5
Has ARRIVED TODAY, and looks quite strong for my fat boss. And it could not listen some touches to shout of our cookery, a 'boss' just amours to shout, CRY. It likes NOISE that annuls really works. I have dipped Young on to try a quality of his and was really really good. My small daughter the one who is in the heart has said that a quality was very too much. As they take the thumbs on both of us. It can try and fly them But will hide him in the sound spends chance. As I can it has to that take another pair for his. I have been accused to be the boy with his toy. It was so only like this very happy to NOT listening some chickens to shout in a cookery, ossia a sound a mark of boss in his own. Everything listens is Young sings mine, and ossia enough, any boss with cleaver in the cookery has required. And I spotted 18 substitution of month although any questions, as I want to you Tribit. I have it that has not tried still a Life of Battery, but imagines will be announced like this that. But a SOUND of SILENCE and has left so only a Game of Music, has left a Music takes on, is such the joy. Has the Tribit the speaker already has to that way that has had to that give these try it, as they are the very happy bunny, and has saved money,as it has taken discount it also. His perfect bliss and any hissing of any boss in of the cookeries
4 / 5
has loved the wireless headset for my office of house. A primary use would call in of the Squads of Microsoft. I have bought a Tribit XFree Gone with a hope that could escape me with not spending to plot of money.
This headset is lighweight and is comfortable in a boss. Playback The sound is well, and for me would be quite pleasant for the random music that listens also. A microphone chosen on my voice a lot enough. Had some echo of room and the alike background noise to the mine portable is built-in mic, acceptable for calls but probably any to video records.
That could not take the past was the one who an on-the-creation of ear muffled my own voice while it has spoken. It is the personal thing but was that annoying for me.
Of the calls would be my primary use , has decided gone back a headset and look for something on-ear and with the boom mic.
Am estimating these three stars because they are well to listen but in my only pertinent opinion to call.
5 / 5
Has bought like the present of anniversary for mine another half. He basically hasnt taken went him. Hes Been using them paralización gaming and to the work equally likes having of the built in mic. It has said a sound quaility are to add and is comfy to spend have them on for several hours the time. It is quite a fidget like this if his didnt returned properly would have any one @subjects to say me roughly that. An annulment of looks of noise to be excellent as when it calls to see master the caffè I frankly ignore me and hes any to turn down the caffè. They were quite easy to pair, the instructions were clear and easy to follow and come with him pouch to maintain them in when not spending .
4 / 5
Has bitten Disappointed that has had to touch hardly took him to them. Early disappeared when I used him. There is the to the boss as I can use him like this wired auricular Without touching.

Has used for roughly 4 hours, blocked out of snoring and was comfortable. Touched at night and then lasted in 4 hours

does not know if ossia good or bad but am pleased with them and suitable my needs
5 / 5
Amazing pair of headphones and in the really good prize.
Sound to surprise and a quality of some bass is glorious.
Seats comfortably in my ears to a point that forgets are by train to spend them.
The fold Was neatly when any into use and returns perfectly in my stock exchange. Of the load of the hour so only takes the total of 24 hours of use but although I forget to touch 10 minutes is enough to give me 4 hours to listen time.
Was like this easy to pair on street Bluetooth when I took them initially and honradamente can say side of the money.
4 / 5
These headphones are done very good and look to plot more expensive that it is. A quality of his excellent east, is easy and quickly to connect to anything and a time to touch is really quickly. It has touched once they have had to that the first long time of precise touches him again. I have bought these after reading the CNET revise the one who are always excellent in his evaluation. Highly it would recommend these headphones to any
4 / 5
has used to plot of headphones in of the different prizes (Some terrible £15 or less auricular, well some takes down so only £50 and mine the majority of expensive some when being £174 has bought at the same time my V-Way M100s which also has the sound adds for a way.)

But also taste has to that decent economic pear to use the time is in a gone or so only reason love a consolation of not using bosses (Mina the majority of expensive pairs is only wire fences) and has loved to substitute my old economic pairs that is beginning to go faulty which is expected probably as I had him for roughly 5 years (which are a Phillips SHB 7000 that was it £50 took him at the same time)

These Tribit is honradamente touches very better that mine old plus Philips and honradamente does not touch any very worse that mine the majority of expensive pairs that considering a prize and a consolation to be wireless, is some absolute flies. Obviously they do not touch like this good. But a difference is nowhere approaches like this big likes has been expecting. Originally I have bought these while something concealed will be quite good whilst excepts up for a Sony WH-1000XM3 auricular but now in fact could maintain these Tribit is much more that has expected. It is so only good to know that when his finally pause, so only can take the new pair to the equal that are utmost for a prize.
4 / 5
Usually am not happy spending auricular - but am very pleased with these. They are very comfortable, qualities of his excellent and does not need that touches that often. Calm also can use the connection wired for elements that does not have bluetooth. In general they are more than happy to recommend these - and are not when be paid to say like this!
4 / 5
These are very good. Of a decent chance the quality of a sound to a comfortable feel when they are on. Everywhere well. The noise that annuls the transmission is well. They are very comfortable to spend and of those who hurt afterwards to to the moment likes him another. The hard battery for the ages and a sound is glorious. Very happy with them. Everything for the good prize also.
4 / 5
Bought these headphones like the presents to me of my daughter. Looked in of the cariche of the descriptions and a technical description have seen recommended these like headphones of good quality in the prize a lot of abordable. Any disappointed and amour partorisca spend them and submerged I in a music/of the film or anything am doing. Any sad chose him.
5 / 5
Excellent quality partorisca a prize. Bluetooth The pairing to my telephone was easy and has there is has not had questions with connection of an initial pairing. A quality of his this very well partorisca me. I use him partorisca listen music while it runs and remain firmly in my boss. In general I am happy with these headphones. Highly recommended
4 / 5
These headphones rid his excellent, consolation, and functionality. Simply I can any rent him highly enough. My row of flavours of classical rock the punk to classical to the headphones are for far some better I ee has not used never. Rid quite promptly and to the equal that has announced.
5 / 5
Excellent quality Bluetooth auricular. Perfect accesses to a boss and of the ears and comfortable.
Comes with spending chances and direct like this calm still can uses even when any battery or any Bluetooth.
100 would recommend.
5 / 5
Any annulment of voice,but for me is value for money in all the chance. I comfort it it is quite good to mention, is like very smooth and not giving any a lot of pressure to my ears like my leading headphones.
4 / 5
Difficult to recommend . A sinister ear has touched horrid , that perhaps reason had the chunk in loser of a fund of a cup of sinister ear ,
4 / 5
This product is better that some frames of name in the better prize a lot of value a compraventa. Quality of his brilliant east.
4 / 5
Glorious, has gone to buy Sony auricular but there is remarked the reviewer has said that are returned and has taken these, verified him was and has thought some descriptions were of sound. Thought goes to give them the casualidad, happy has done. Amur A quality of his, the quality of build feels much more first that a prize.. They are light and comfortable. I can it does not be missing these.
4 / 5
Simply exceptional. You will struggle to find anything concealed can compete with these in his sector of prize. Highly recommended.
4 / 5
Auricular utmost! His add, Excellent value for money, so only the little in a big side, otherwise perfect!
5 / 5
Utmost headphones With his of the big quality and the quality adds has done. The value that buys is not expensive
5 / 5
the delivery was exceptionally quickly, the receiver is the glass clears very impressed with a prize thank you
5 / 5
Partorisca of the money I honradamente say you can not beat these. Quality of his a lot of that comprises grave. Light weight enough for the reasonable period that spends. Found has had some subjects of the latency when connected to mine portable but so only much smaller. When Connected to the mine iPad and iPhone this is disappeared.
5 / 5
The sound adds. Good access and any one the heat in your ears.
4 / 5
Likes, because his a lot of comfortable, a lot soft and light, hardly hears anything of external when it is into use ! It comes with the good chance. So only a thing has to that say in of the this, his one uploads boss the bit has shot also
4 / 5
has used these for the few weeks now and can not complain. A lot reasonably priced and finds a life of excellent battery. Exactly that has looked for.
5 / 5
Is Surprising Bluetooth Auricular for a prize has paid, am Very happy with sound.
4 / 5
For a money absolutely in amazing.

Looks well, is very comfortable, his battery adds , good life.

Bought him for my woman and is in a moon with them.
4 / 5
Shining his fact well the quality is excellent base is very good. Value really a lot of
5 / 5
Very very partorisca of the money. I recommend these wholeheartedly
5 / 5
These are paste well on his weight partorisca a prize
5 / 5
A lot of value of the money dipped alot besides exspensive heaphones to good value...
4 / 5
Conjoint adds of the noise that annuls auricular. It could it does not be missing his
4 / 5
Comfy and the sound adds partorisca a prize has paid. The placing of key is uncomfortable.
5 / 5
Tribit XFree GOES Bluetooth Auricular

partorisca be perfectly sincere, has not gone really while things of sound of the pair of the headphones that cost so only £. These are not some auricular more utmost has had but partorisca a prize partorisca ask these really are the subject. The quality of build is excellent, quality of his east bassy, but can be improved considerably with the little EQ

A lot so only receive some headphones, also take the a lot of a lot of looking seeds-rigid chance partorisca store them in. Also resupplied is the USB that boss of touches together with the stereo boss of audio.

A chance is drawn to any only house some headphones also has the grandchildren pouch partorisca maintain some bosses in. Some headphones cleverly curves until apt neatly in a chance.

Has had to that look two times in this receiver, surely had been sent the most expensive pair for deception? But no, they were some corrects some. A quality of build is upper notch for the headphones that cost less than 30 crux. A boss-the strap has the band of metal has jumped this is to house in hard looking plastic, this has the soft cushioned underside the one who chairs comfortably in a boss. A band has the good quantity of his adjustment. Both earpieces swivel 90° to the equal that will seat in a right bet on some ears. These have the really soft skin the ear has covered cushions that focus in an ear, ossia both comfortable and servants to prevent out of the noises that tug in. These really are amazing quality for a money, really looks far more expensive that which his in fact sides.

Touching is a lot quickly like this house the fast load rechargeable battery. So only 10 load of minutes will resupply 4 use of hours, the plenaries 2 load of now will maintain these that goes for 24 hours. A support of headphones bluetooth 5.0 which looks far more stable that leading versions. I have found the pairing with my telephone was almost instant, has had the rock solid connection without stutters, dropouts or a lot others subjects.

When I have read some words 'Grave Deep' has been expecting to listen the thumping his muddy by means of these, which partorisca be sincere was a chance. But, any to be postponed, has dipped roughly tweaking some frequencies in a bow. For just that reduces a low frequency and pulling on a mids headed to entice the a lot of good crisp sound out of these.

In an end of a day this cost less than 30 crux. For that receive the pair of headphones of big quality that look far more expensive. If it love it bassy his then probably will love these legislations out of a box. If I like him, you disturbed of the tomb has weighed then a sound can be improved considerably with the bit of tweaking. If you are in the estimativa tight then would say that these are well the value that considers.


1 x Auricular
1 x Marie
1 x Boss of Load of the USB
1 x Boss of Audio
1 x Drive of User

Thank you to read my description, expect you found quell'useful.

Top Customer Reviews: Sony WH-CH710N ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 15 ratings
4 / 5
When it Looked on amazon partorisca the new upgraded pair of wireless headphones partorisca substitute my pair slightly older and more economic one first company that has come to my alcohol was Sony. Sony Has the good selection and headphones of headphones more abordables more economic that chair around £40 to one reward of plus of prize of £250. Some auricular esatte that took my eye was a WH-CH710N east. No too expensive neither too economic as they seat around one £130 mark. One first what to that I liked me to it was a lustrous to draw of the how is a upgrade of an older creation of a WH-CH700N east and this, in my opinion, is the characteristic wished so the person like them the bulky headphones that him the uncomfortable look for so that he a character underlines in audience. A second attractive characteristic was an easy connectivity like this active receiver NFC which leave devices partorisca connect almost instantly so only to touch these headphones and these results less be the times are spent to connect your device and more the time that listens the music (or the to anything likes listens to).

When These headphones have arrived a first what that it was paired the with my laptop and been mad about to listen to some music in the device that has thought was bit it more first then my wireless headphones older. And my disappointment, a subject @of prime minister has presented his self. A sinister engine in these headphones was rattling quite bad especially in some grave plus-heavy songs. In my opinion, a quality of build of a internals would owe that be the better plot for the £100+ produced have included my old £40 pair is done in the level of the main quality that this Sony look. Another subject was a real quality of an audio that these produced auricular and know this pair is not announced likes Salvation Rey audio but in my opinion the produced that is sold to the point of the prize of the half would owe that have engine of better quality that some pairs some economic plus.

Like the producer of music are quite critical of quality of audio and was so only unimpressed with this pair. In the first place some bass in these looks to be cranked in some measure where a low plus mids of any song (around 450Hz to around ) resembles shy was that it leaves a song that the heavy and inert sounds. A vocals also touched dulls like the main frequencies look so only has bitten it underwhelming and a reason partorisca east is reason some frequencies of basses are overwhelming that overpower a whole song and a pleasant thing is this receiver is not marketed like category of extra bass of the his Sony has produced. At the beginning, some the extra bass can look good especially the people those who adore EDM but after the moment, some frequencies of basses am so only too and some starts of inner ear to hurt like the engine is constantly booming.

For production of music, partially would recommend this receiver in some terms to use them the reference other songs and mix your song to match he so that has the strong faith that you music that touch well in audio of devices of regular/headphones lower, a song would touch to surprise besides big spec systems. But when producing in this be careful in the basses like this to the pair likes to excite the record bit it too much and this could result in an improper balancing of a low end.

Here is some fast pros and gilipollas:
. Flexible material with suspenders of aluminium for a tape.
. Anti-Annoying looking so the lustrous look and very
. Glorious connectivity
. Power of long battery
. Assisting- of the voice has built
. Fast touching
. The bass exited in
. The economic materials averts of a mainstay of aluminium
. The texture for some cups of ear is uncomfortable
. They do not fold meaning they cant be stowed in the z/in the rucksack easily
. A Sony the application does not sustain this model this in spite of
. It dulls The big frequencies that resulted in loss of vocals
. Calm hard clamping forces

Final Verdict:
is the random auditor and a lot so much to the equal that of a audiophile taste then of these products could be for you (if not to impose you some extra bass). An extra-can of long battery and slightly harder clamping the force would be perfect for enthusiasts of fitness. Perhaps so only it has taken it bit it miserable with my pair as they have come faulty but this in spite of am sure the perfectly working pair is random auditor -friendly. After considering everything of my points would give this pair he 5.9/10.
4 / 5
Like Sony WH-CH710N the Wireless noise that Annuls the headphones has been released in April 2020 near his Ear-buds First, a XB800. Of a mark, if you have been expecting a sound of synonymous extra bass with a Sound XBass stain on, will be disappointed to know is not comprised with a CH710N. This has said, a quality of his this quite fresh with to plot of presence, he tad more weighed in a mid-row of the yours, but swimming concealed ruins a half listening experience.
In a Creation, was so only that has been waiting for the mid-tier headphone - His generally the plastic but any cockroach of build to touch. A word of precaution this in spite of, does not come with spending he-if as it is not tried for the level lying in unattended.
Comes with adaptive the noise that annuls technology, but has found this compared to an annulment of noise that earth of pauses in a XM3 a 710N is any party. This has said, Sony is on to something here. Almost it seats that perhaps they have sacrificed perhaps a NFC the functionality and we have given more ANC in a 710N, then will be in a moon. But, if his that then of course reason any one invests in a XM3.
A CH170N comes with the Battery of 35 Life of Hours ossia that says in a can, but can confirm was still able of the use more afterwards to a mark of 40 hours in the full load. Ossia Impressive!!
In general ossia the compraventa highly recommended thus tier, and rest waiting for seeing more than Sony in this space.
5 / 5
Loves these headphones. The prize was really well , his fantastic and a noise that annuls is fantastic. For a prize these are upper quality . Connecting a bluetooth is the instant and a row is very good. Also a life of battery is orders also
4 / 5
are not a audiophile or anything, but these headphones are quite disappointing. A quality of build is sum, but that it is inner his can not be too good. Listening to Amon Amarth like the test, my Beach of Turtle gaming headset has good clarity on all the instruments and vocals (electrical guitar, the drums etc can all be listened with distinction of level, as if his equalization is all the pair) these £99 Sony auricular in another hand-held sound muted, probably like a Ue has based Sony players of music whose quality of his is trashed for laws of EU in levels of the his and voltage. Some instruments and vocals with these Sony the headphones are not to clear, muddy, as listened to with the thin wall in front of them. They touch noticeably quiter that mine gaming headset, whilst some bass in hardships or rap is overwhelming in comparison. Any well for the £99 pair of headphones, waste of money.
5 / 5
Has bought these to substitute my Sony MDR-XB950BT, which has begun to aim his age.

Has been using a Sony WH-CH710N for almost 3 weeks now, and am very happy with them. They are lighter that a Sony MDR-XB950BT and so that it finds him much more comfortable and am able to spend for the longest periods.

In general, also prefers a sound of these to a Sony MDR-XB950BT as they are not like this geared to some bass, and so that it finds him more suitable for listening to the widest variety of genders of music. A life of battery is also very good same with a function that annuls noise permanently on.

Are like this far very happy with these headphones. All this is to the left is to see the one who durable is. If I run he in any subject will update my description.
4 / 5
A quality of his of these headphones was a lot of as well as you would expect of Sony and a Bluetooth is very good. In a downside some controls in some telephones have not been easy to locate while in the use and I have has had to that repeatedly take some telephones of my boss to look for some correct keys in some telephones for some diverse functions. The good to have the voice to reassure that you say that that is spending when calm finally find a correct key in a headphone, but has found a technology of annulment of the quite disappointing noise, is GOOD and better work with some types of noise that another, but perhaps am expecting too much of the noise that annuls technology, has reduced some noise, but a lot everything.
4 / 5
Quality of a product, in general is brilliant, the annulment of noise is utmost but could use some work, does not block out of bigger pitched sounds a lot well. And still it can listen or noises slightly to the equal that for a prize is quite poor. This in spite of, a quality of some real headphones is quite well as well as a life of battery and consolation.
5 / 5
Has bought these for my adolescent daughter that has loved blocks was all the noise.... Now when tongue to good sure pode no to listen me, as they obviously laws! The quality looks good and a creation is really good. It looks very comfortable.
4 / 5
Loves these headphones. They are light in your boss. A sound are adds. Easy to pair and easy to use. Also it loves that I can ask Siri to touch music although my telephone is in another room. It can not to lacking them.
5 / 5
My better neighbour never

Modify: 3 hours after my description, mine 9 old month, 70 pond Greek Shepard destroys him like this touched .
Loves so that I am ordering another pair.
4 / 5
When Listening the music he any one has included the sound like a music is coming from a headphoned. He so only the sounds like a music is there in a real world.
4 / 5
When I have seen these Sony the telephone of boss has had to come until it revises has jumped in a casualidad as I want to Sony produced partorisca his quality of sound.
One first what partorisca say is that this receiver is stylish and no too bulky. They look utmost on – without being too blingy.
The noise that annuls
that Surprised – I could not listen my boys that mine of pause! After the longitude lockdown and that tries to take the work done of home, has blocked was noise of them that touch that took it, unfairly, nettled stops.

Listening the calm music whilst that traces and blocking out of the distractions is my new Zen .

These headphones have the ready way to control his environmental and selects a right noise that annuls filter. They have analysed correctly that my boys are extremely strong and attributed a hurricane that the blockades that has dipped.
Easy to connect to telephone and another devises and entirely wireless. A boss is resupplied he has required, but personally would not use it . A connection is fantastic.
Has connected some auricular street Bluetooth to my smartphone partorisca touch music whilst has cleaned a whole house and is gone in and was the one cochera and garden whilst leaving my telephone in the room upstairs. I have not had any interruption partorisca touch anything – I was very impressed!
Would beat
the battery a lot the time is that hard. Hard and hard among load and has an official playback time in full load of 35 hours.
touching is quickly and easy invernadero USB uploads boss.

Consuelo & apt
These headphones are returned perfectly and is very comfortable. I have been doing of home, cleaning and gardening – all whilst spending these headphones.
Comfortable to cold whilst lying in a sofa that film of looks, also.
223 grams – hanged light for me also although the woman of slender build.
Built in mic and assistance of voice
This receiver connects your assistance of voice of the telephone and for the free hands that call. There is not disappointed here, neither. I used him for my business calls reasons they the so much clearer and easier that direct in whilst doing of house.
Quality of his
in Amazing. I have been blown went by. For a prize signals that these are auricular of qualities that produced the clear sound. I have listened to artists just across some vocal rows and these headphones was flawless for me.
In general, would recommend these headphones. I have loved a noise that annuls technology and quality of sound.
@In rodeo
. Stylish Creation of light weight
. The noise adds that it annuls technology
. His amazing
. Any loss of connectivity
4 / 5
With sony, expect the product of the big quality and ossia that have taken.

So that it is a negatives? A lot little like raisin. Some two things that founds could be a subject for people is a measure of some cushions around some ears and some said of a device.

If you are in the humour of having big ears, then give this one loses likes the annulment of noise wont work as they owe that surround an ear. These are drawn to be like this minimalist like this possible meaning the only means to need of the small ears applies.

A second @subject is that a ssid in some devices gives absolutely any clue to the equal that to the device is yours that means that there is you alot of bluetooth devices in your row, an user has to that guess which is no easy feat. It boasts sony this for security but to do is an user potentially can connect to a wrong device that also causes another subject of security.

Now ossia of mine @@@cofre, to a good.
Has looked for to go my tent of hardware with them on and could not comprise the one who some personnel of the service of the client has said, control.

A quality of his this very very balanced and in short, awesome.

Is very comfortable in some ears and my bald boss also.

Is a lot of packaged and has drawn.

I always steered out of this type of earphones to the equal that are looked bit it stupid looking this in spite of seat to to the the bit likes that with of these but a quality of his and the annulment is really well, will take on it.

Definatley Currency of the money.
4 / 5
More can say is that they dampen noise, but this headset comes nowhere approaches to annul noise.

The writings of bad instructions plant like this better is on-line for more the friendly user info.

Nowhere in some instructions or Sony on-line info gave can listen to a radio with this headset.

For experimenting has found that connect an iPod with one to the boss but does not turn a headset on, is possible to listen to a radio. A headset will not receive the clear radio signal when it turns on.

Has an environmental sound on/was the noise further of this annuls with insignificant differences among an environmental sound and a noise that annuls.

Could not resupply a pricier together and has learnt still again that takes like stops of pays.
4 / 5
A neighbour adds of headphones. Paired Instantly With my iPhone 8. Quality of his this a lot of well, clear and packs the punch. The only critique is a boss of the load is very very short