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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 34 ratings
5 / 5
Ossia Brilliant. Perfecto to hike wants to maintain a weight down. Llama really fierce. It boils it waters Really quickly and works well in wind.
4 / 5
Still have my rocket of old Pocket and is going well but aiming the little wear here and there. Also I have a micro rocket, but ironically is weighed more than a rocket of pocket when both are in his chances. This PR2 this in spite of looks to have some better elements of both earlier versions and retains his quality of robust build while resupplying support for the widest row of pots of cook, and shaving several grams of a weight. Some accesses to draw of new chances easily of more mugs and the pots uses alfresco. A llama is incredibly powerful, and a burner enough the noise, but is a lot adjustable to leave down simmers etc. Excellent Quality for a prize.
5 / 5
Shining little stove. A lot compact and very light. There is abundance of the Chinese the most available copy economic in Ebay but enough would pay the little extra crux for MSR reliability and action. Folds down to prójimos to at all and calm can return a stove, the BIC lighter and the pair of teabags or Oxo cubes to a little box that comes with him.

Is exited of good heat and very fast. It tries it to them with 500ml of water and the fresh gas canister, boiled in roughly 90s (indoors without wind). Perhaps it would add the economic folding windshield like this obviously a llama is quell'has bitten more vulnerable alfresco. And any piezo ignition which is the big plus ! His always pause after the few calm months like this precise spend the lighter of backup in all the chance. Some lights of stove with just a spark of the BIC.

Has bought likes the most economic alternative to the Jetboil and very happy with him. I have combined he with Stanley pot. I can return a stove, the cup, gas and the little brew doing supplies in a whole thing. Wine to roughly 50 crux so the averages a prize of the Jetboil.

Some critique so only has is that it is very strong but concealed so only could be because I have been using Trangias for a last pair of years. Imagining was that it arrest to bend/unfold is the bit of the puzzle also but ossia smaller. In general, the bit adds of boxes and value really as well as MSR is the decent mark.
5 / 5
This boils the fastest water that the fast thing! I have bought this for my walk outs in my motorcycle, these accesses in Stanley cookset and with the canister of gas, my Nalgene canteen, the cup taken on of any spatial at all, and bad can have the brew anywhere, in place of always prendiendo in the cafés takes to seat in some better scenic locations.
Has lost buys it again?..... You have bet I !
5 / 5
This thing packs the punch! It can burn porridge downwards 2 minutes.
To regulate it to less than in flames porridge the temperature is quite the challenge, has to in of the small taps to dread to turn a gas was entirely but once take used to this his well.
Has bought this reason returns amiably in mine GSI soloist pot with the gas cannister. Fold On good and small, the bit fiddly to bend and unfold but no stiffness with which uses.
Sounds like the rocket! If utilisations this in the people to camp be.
Likes. Sturdy peice Of boxes. Easy to edge on and of the canister without gas wastage.
5 / 5
The quality and the action are of sound, as it would expect of MSR.
Has lighter of stoves in a phase but is not like this durable and the test of wind.
A new creation, this in spite of, folds in two places. It is it adds for a product packability but yes pot of movement lateralmente when cooking a foldable stove of the part in that a pot is situated on can move lateralmente(sometimes, if a yes full pot), like when it is bent.
Still would have bought it has known this but I have to that be the little more conscious when they are by train for the use.
4 / 5
Has bought this with which recommendation of thetrailhunter to the equal that trusts all his recommendations. It is two times a prize of economic one and has no piezo ignition but with the things like this do not want to something too economic like piezo would break in all the chance, so only take the striker of flint with you instead! It is súper powerful, there was so only in the low burn, in then2 on the dot dipped in a dial) and has boiled 500ml slower in 5 minutes this in spite of have used so only 1g for the minute like my mathematical has said that with the 240g bounces the gas could take 4 hours of time of burn! If you want to boil faster then turns until the roar (tho perhaps a lot while all the world is asleep) then turns to the rovescio and the zoom of look to a spatial season :)
5 / 5
Very fast! Taken going it, has turned around for the min and has listened then a lid of my pot clanking roughly like the water boiled like crazy.

Classifies of delicate to unfold some supports of pot but no really hard. All some hinges are solid. No like this noisy likes some youtube the video suggest. Some accesses of the plastic box distributed inside the 95mm cup, but is the big waste of spatial, wraps in the cloth and then dipped he in :)

Just shows was that precise open a valve the small to bend a boss thingy around and will require to close the forward screwing he on.
4 / 5
Big quality, which is to be expected of MSR, light stove and is that it interests it upgrade of a Rocket of original Pocket but does not have any goodness in a Micro Rocket unless you would prefer a king-the supports of the casserole have drawn, offering the zone to contact main with cookware. Value a lot very also.
5 / 5
Am spent the week backpacking in a desert with one of these. It was of confidence, súper light, and boils water quickly. He in fact his like this the rocket when into use. If it goes to be there any wind where is going, calm probably will love the windscreen, there is remarked of then in the windy evening a llama has maintained to blow lateralmente and has taken much more to boils.
5 / 5
This thing is a better! Súper Luz, súper small, and súper powerful. Alive until east appoints well. Originally I have bought the tiny economic more vango stove that has done a work and I has liked him, but I upgraded to this - and loves the
5 / 5
5 description of star for the 5product of the folds of star was small is easy to use and feels solid and a speed that the heats on the water is brilliant
4 / 5
This tiny stove with the fold out of arms produces very hot and will boil the casserole to water quickly.
Comes with the small chance that has interior of room for the lighter.
4 / 5
Has required something small for my bikepacking travel it and ossia one of mine the majority of crucial elements. His tiny and easy to pack, durable, and works like the charm. A hard fuel of the weeks so that it is not wasteful.
5 / 5
Is really small and compact, boils 1/2 litre of water in roughly 5 minutes in of the calm conditions. Among the small plastic box which is really good and access amiably to my casserole of small stainless steel.
4 / 5
My gone the light stove. Utilisation the stove of low profile for stability when the weight is any subject . But I have to spend on top of mountains, ossia that I taking every time.
4 / 5
Fantastically has done. The quality adds. Works really well. I have bought other frames but this one east for far a better.
4 / 5
The brilliant has bitten of boxes. It boils 500ml Of water in absolutely any time at all. Hanged really light and small to spend if the weight of boxes is a subject. Simple to use too much and the brilliant prize.
5 / 5
Wants to this. Any subject like this far hanged light easy use/setup. It adds little chance of travesía. Each wild camp requires a
5 / 5
Absolutely brilliant! It takes súper hot really quickly. Perfecto!!
5 / 5
Fast delivery, lovely little stove that bands easily his container, very light, did not use it still, but that remain waiting for the a lot of heats cuppa after the wild swimming....
4 / 5
Uses this stove partorisca light hiking. Notcthe Lighter but returns in 750ml mug with small gas canister easily!
5 / 5
Incredibly small and powerful ideal stove partorisca the brew box when it was partorisca walks of day etc
5 / 5
Any engreído is better that a alpkit brukit. It is Tony
4 / 5
sounds like the engine of rocket that goes is gone in full power 😍
4 / 5
produced Excellent and súper fast delivery.

An ONLY negative is that a prize resembles has been stabbed for £10 hours with which I !
4 / 5
Has gathered all some goodness of competitors. Ossia A better MINIburner in a phase today.
5 / 5
A sum of compact stove that so that it has treated far a lot still in of the windy conditions. It was able to boil of water in three and the half minutes. To good sure would recommend to use in any travesía in some hills
5 / 5
that Surprised, well has thought was, boils the fast water, ideal partorisca light wild camping.
5 / 5
Quickly boil and very orderly and compact quality , excellent and easy to use , highly recommend
5 / 5
the hands produced and Excellent is exactly to the equal that would owe that be.
4 / 5
More has bitten partorisca camp the crew has bought some time
5 / 5
Very a bit an economic plus of boxes but very done and súper partorisca use ,
5 / 5
Very convenient when light of travesía precise. We use it to us two times the day partorisca two weeks while camping in Islanda and he have done well.

Top Customer Reviews: MSR PocketRocket ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 3 ratings
4 / 5
Easy to use and a perfect measure partorisca the pair or the pair with the young boy.
5 / 5
2nd shabby. It has had to that share (give) a prime minister one with my daughters.
4 / 5
Absolutely love our new MSR train, packs down small and light! Awesome Shabby.

Top Customer Reviews: Msr Expedition ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 44 ratings
5 / 5
A MSR Whisperlite the box of Service Contains all what precise maintains is upgrade' you MSR Whisperlite (all the models - new and old) It comprises valve partorisca air newer (recommended substitution), also Comprises filter of fuel of the substitution. The full instructions have comprised partorisca both general and annual interview servicing. Instructional The video is is also available in a MSR put web. I have had the Whisperlite international partorisca years and has used regularly (sees video on lighting instructions) - calm so much can see very used but still doing well. A very good investment, returns neatly to a MSR stock exchange together with a cookery.
5 / 5
Has bought this box because my burner has had working prisoner and could not see that it was bad with him. Inside a box was an instruction partorisca substitute a valve of control comes that it can (I assumes an original one was of the defective creation). The , has given a burner the once on and now laws.
4 / 5
A yours band of necessary addition. It could be the saver of real life in a chance of an emergency. It will leave you partorisca repair virtually any question with your stove
4 / 5
He, was exactly that has loved service my stove. Very pleased with a service of . Good prize and punctual delivery. Recommended !
5 / 5
Zur umfangreichen Wartung und für Reparaturen Gives Whisperlite und give Pumpe, und für ein gutes Gefühl, wenn man unterwegs ist. Normalerweise reicht Is nämlich give Kocher zoom Reinigen während gives Recognition nur zu schütteln.

Im Gegensatz Zoom oft nur unwesentlich günstigeren und sehr knapp ausgestatteten MSR Box of annual Interview - Jahreswartungskit enthält gives Box of the service of the Expedition has Dipped neben dem notwendigen Werkzeug, Dichtungen, Düsenreiniger und Pumpenöl auch spezifische Ersatzteile für gives Whisperlite wie Ersatzdüsen, Pumpenteile, Vorheizdocht und Filter. Nutzt The man gives Kocher oft und ist auf ihn angewiesen und vor allem, wenn man nicht nur Gas oder Reinbenzin zur Verfügung hat und deswegen gives Kocher öfters reinigen und auch warten muss, empfiehlt sich auf jeden Fallen gives Box of Service of the Expedition.

Gives has Dipped enthält Düsen und Pumpenventil gives aktuellen und gives Vorgängermodelle - data nicht erforderlichen Teile kann man zur Gewichtsersparnis herausnehmen. So that brauche ich für meinen Universal nur given UC (Gas), UG (Benzin) und United Kingdom (Petroleum) Düse. G of data Düse ist dann für gives Ur-Whisperlite. Die Gewinde gives Ersatzdüsem Dips habe ich gleich has dipped Kupferpaste (Auspuffett) eingeschmiert und in einer eigenen Tüte gelagert - like this fressen sich die Düsen später nicht fest. Wenn The man gives vergessen hat, hilft aber auch ein Tropfen gives beigefügten Pumpenöls a nach kurzer Einwirkzeit given Düse zu lösen.

Bild: Whisperlite Universal und Dragonfly
4 / 5
Vorsicht, Is passt nur zoom Teil für die ersten Whisperlite, bei denen noch keine Schüttelnadel verbaut wurde - data beiliegenden Düsen lassen sich nicht verwenden!
4 / 5
Ich habe Gives Reparaturset für unseren Kocher gekauft. Leider konnte Gives Question auch has dipped dem has Dipped nicht behoben werden. It is kommt immer nur flüssiges Benzin aus gives Zufuhr, und is entsteht keine Vergasung.
4 / 5
A lot good. The utilisation to fix my stove. It comprises everything for my annual interview.
4 / 5
Am returned this element how is resulted that it was paralización MSR Simmerlite and any Whisperlite which is the one who my stove is.
4 / 5
Súper Ergänzung für Gives Kocher yesterday ist alles drin Was are Kocher kaputt gehen enthalten noch etwas handwerkliches Geschick und einer warmen Mahlzeit steht nichts im Wege
5 / 5
Súper schnelle Lieferung, leider hatte dies Düsennadel die Fetttube beschädigt.
5 / 5
Eine Súper Ergänzung Zoom Whisperlite Kocher. Die Ersatzteile sorgen dafür dass man unbesorgt reisen kann. Alles In gewohnter MSR Qualität.
4 / 5
Good delivery punctually. Perfect band. A must you rucksack with the wisperlite partorisca servicing the forward partorisca go to montains
4 / 5
4 / 5



因みにMSR ドラゴンフライのレビューも書いていますのでよろしければ合わせてご覧下さい。

4 / 5
...Die Pumpe pumpt nicht, kein heißes Wasser, kein geht nicht. Well, Pumpe zerlegt, Anleitung (laminiert) fehlt Pumpenöl, gives war eingetrocknet.

In the ja, Olivenöl funktioniert auch. aber dann kam Gives Gedanke, vlt Bad Ersatzteile ordern.

Box of data ist klein, komplett und gut sortiert. Jetzt kann ich wieder ganz beruhigt Corazón.

Ach ja, ein Leatherman oder sowas ist hilfreich beim Zerlegen.
5 / 5

5 / 5
5 / 5
Cleaned Ersatzteilset nur etwas überteuert, €20 hätten für Die 5 Teile auch gereicht. Gut und kompakt verpackt, findet überall noch einen Platz.
4 / 5
4 / 5
4 / 5
AS it has expected. . . . . . . . . . . , , . , Servants his purpose , 😊
5 / 5
4 / 5
5 / 5
His the box adds partorisca take your fly of dragon that goes again.

Has been the ages has paste of a trail (roughly 6 years in fact) and my fly of dragon has been in a cupboard partorisca this longitude.

Like this when it has tried first train of the travesía and of course could not take this partorisca begin, has ordered a box of interview. It comes with all precise , minus the new judge of cloth is exited. (Which unless you are covering feeds every time go for the begin.. You owe no really need of the thick substitute)

An only reason are by train of the give 4 stars in place of 5 is that some filters of the fuel of the substitution is too big the snugly still easily returned in a line of fuel. I have had to that shave the little of a filter to be able to included begin to force he in. That was any question marries seated of then BUT was in a trail... There it would be to be he with out the filter of fuel.. Reason would have lost both of them to launch them by means of a soiled multiple time while it tries to take he in a hole or the shave down.
4 / 5
This box has all some parts have required to maintain a Dragonfly that goes for decades. Has all some parts have required to repair and maintain a stove. The accidents spend and all focus them of the hule finally results brittle. I maintain this box in the box of a Dragonfly I tent in the cupboard. Probably it will be 3 years before I require to begin to look substitutes roughly of some focus. It would owe that look in a box of annual interview of MSR to the equal that can substitute so only some focus and not using some focus of this box; which considers more than the reparation that box of interview. I go to inspect some seals annually, but I doubt will require to be substituted every year.
4 / 5
Has bought MSR stove of the on done dragonfly 15 years because it has been resisted was like the test of bombs, fine-stove to feed that would last it lifetime has maintained properly. In my experience, these claims are some . But that roughly interview? Enter a Box of Service of the Expedition.

MSR Sells two boxes of interview for a Dragonfly: a Box of Annual Service and a box of service of the expedition. I have purchased a Box of Service of the Expedition because it is the complete boxes for each user-run serviceable in a Dragonfly and a new fashionable bomb. It contains substitutions for each Or-coverage, discharges he of focus of new bomb, burner of substitution spreader, shaker needle, two fuel of jet of substitution, lines of new fuel, valves of control, and much more.

Further of a Box he, the together comprehensible of instructions are comprised with question and of the concrete diagrams-shooting tips. Finally, everything comes packaged in the light, still sturdy, plastic container.

Has invested in the MSR stove of Dragonfly, spend the few extra dollars for a Box of Service of the Expedition. It is a lot of-value an insignificant cost to know you can entirely refurbish your stove and bomb in a field yes has required.
4 / 5
Ossia A box of comprehensible reparation for your MSR stove of Dragonfly and his bomb of fuel. You will find each one which or-coverage and seal you can require for both bomb and stove, has included a with the to seal that accesses a bomb to an organism of reparation. Still it has two jet of substitution for your stove (one for white gas, and alike, and one for the heaviest fuels). Included also it is tools to disassemble your stove and bomb, and has included the spare llama spreader. All this among the small plastic box that the enclosed clips and maintains the things have organised.

Always tentativa band like this minimalist to the equal that can but ossia something I always comprise. MSR Marks the train adds and has had so much a Whisperlite and stoves of Dragonfly and have a lot of be of confidence. Still, the failed or-coverage or another question with your stove or the bombs am gone in a wild can be the real bummer. This box of reparation maintains has covered. It is in a measure of the small eyeglass chance and hanged the pocolas ounces. It would say to maintain this with your stove of Dragonfly at all times except a shorter of backpacking travesías where he faulty stove a lot totally things of ruin.

The hips comes with the together full of instructions with has exploded seen of both stove and bomb, as well as one or-coverage sizing map. The instructions are in English, Japanese, French, and Germans.

Always would like me yes MSR the products have come more than economic, and this box is another example . It is pro-material of note, this in spite of, likes more the things do. This box is any exception and recommend it. A box also will look to fly calms it does not require it never dozens of miles of nowhere, when you are cold, tired, and hungry and when this small or-the coverage in an anchored of the fuel decides to snap.
4 / 5
MSR Box of Service of Expedition of dragonfly partorisca Stove of Liquid Fuel
has bought this box partorisca do an interview in my stove of Dragonfly. All apt likes has to that, has known does not have to that worry in a quality when I took it, has come from/come from of then some people that do this awesome stove. I'v has had to that stove for 14 yeqrs now, maintains humming to the long of like this new now.Probably I do not owe that say any which well this stove is, but I in all the chance - Is AWESOME. Yeah His strong, but hot up like crazy. When you Are in the travesía to camp, need to maintain one of these handy boxes, does not know never when you can require the quota Or the coverage or some explosions of filter out of a pickup tube in a darkness.
5 / 5
This box is a lot complete, which is reason is expensive as compared to buy the entirely new stove. My Whisper Lite International is at least 20 years. Some plastic ears that control a bomb of old fuel to an organism of bomb has broken out of age. The parts are no longer available for this creation of bomb, more, calm can not purchase individual parts. Any election but to buy the unit of complete new bomb. In an interest to maintain a stove that goes by other 20 years, this box has been purchased this resupplies wide parts to repair a stove he or a bomb of new fuel while it leaves of the reparation is available. Now, he desglosáis while in the travesía will be the no-the chance and a stove was would be necessary hard! A box of annual of review is more economic, but has not had all some parts have required as it could not find any place to buy individual parts.
4 / 5
The essential product yes uses a MSR together of cook. The box contains all some transmissions and of the parts for travesía International. I have purchased this box to clean and substitute some shabby parts. Any question.
4 / 5
Has ordered this box to fix my old Whisperlite but after substituting an Or coverages he still leaks. I am going back the canister stoves to the equal that are much simpler to operate.
4 / 5
Has not been sure the one who some differences were, as I have bought both. This one has all precise . A box of annual interview is looked, but lacks some elements keys, as I spend this one instead.
5 / 5
Have a stove of the oldest dragonfly. I cant say exactly, but has to have it has purchased mid to late 1990 east. It was used seldom at the same time, now that has spent was for some use, filter bad fuel.

In planting to purchase the new stove, has purchased this box of service. It is a lot it has thought it to it was, thorough, and amiably packaged. It looks to have each pocolos ran can require fix almost anything with a stove of Dragonfly.

My question is, apparently some bombs of fuel have changed of my version (perhaps my questions to filter were common?). One or-the coverages and the parts have required to repair the mine has not been one same likes some in this box. Included a diagram of a bomb in some instructions there have been some differences to draw. I understatnd his not costing effective to comprised each small or-coverage, cradle, and clip for each version of a stove has produced, but would have been well has done the saying of note '20XX or the newest models' or something to the long of these lines (as when change of past model).

In general, his the box adds and each user of Dragonfly the one who confidences his stove would owe that spend one. So only be sure yours bomb is a newer version in the first place, or will be to buy the new bomb also. At least now I have the new bomb And the box of service!
5 / 5
I really like MSR. I embarrassingly said are even the fanboy, and would choose his version of any one I am looking for. For the small example, has had already add it Katadyn Hiker Pro, but grabbed (and use) a MiniWorks EX when it is exited. It does not use Primus bounced or other alternatives to save, neither.

When it Comes the boxes of accessory, MSR seriously require 2 things: 1) it falls a prize, and 2) sure all some parts are there.

This box has been missing an oil of cup of the bomb and an assembly of valve of the control. It has dipped on the substitution, and so only now ploughing, the see also is missing an oil of cup of the bomb. I will maintain it, anything.

He, could grab minéral and oil of silicon and use some bounced of squeeze with his stoves and filters to transfer, but yes is announced to come with him (especially if a cost of boxes $ 10-15 in of the parts, max), would have to be there.

Also, a chance is not required. Only fall some parts to the yours ziplock stock exchange that comes with a stove and shave of a weight (if backpacking/mountaineering). Included goes for all his annual/expedition boxes for any MSR has produced. It is some obvious things that spends for big sometimes.

And his discharge of the new boy of resistant fuel is crap, but ossia another box of soap rant and am tired to be is one.
4 / 5
Good spare parts sure for my msr. A bit on priced tho.
4 / 5
Perfect box - quite all could require. Only quibble is that there it does not look to be the way to substitute individual elements like calm uses him. In my chance, has required to substitute a cup of bomb. There have it so only one in a box, as if this fails again a box will be any help .
5 / 5
Pro- Do really well, refurbished the dragonfly perfectly. With - This quite expensive for the pair of or-coverages that is easily available as maximum tents of industrial supply.
5 / 5
The box has all that you need to fix or substitute or reparation, your MSR stove in a field
5 / 5
has bought this to have manually for my older whisper light stove. It looks the quite complete parts box.
5 / 5
Has been using MSR Whisperlite stoves for years. I have had finally a pause -- any pressure to take to a burner. This box fixed that question in of the only minutes. A photo is deceiving. This box is very small, very light, and the soyust has' has extended in travesías of camp.
5 / 5
This literally comprises all precise to substitute virtually does not leave never in your dragonfly. Felizmente Never required for the use, but wont be taken in a backcountry without him. It comprises the manual of instruction adds on like this to service of stove of yours field.
5 / 5
Had been looking to buy MSR Box of Service of Field of Expedition for the moment but was while to the subject. Ossia Only vendor the one who has offered one. I am pleased.
4 / 5
Useful box to maintain and having spare part for your stove. Maintain your stove of dragonfly touches the upper form and he will reward calm with a lot of years of use of free question in a field.

Top Customer Reviews: MSR XGK Multifuel ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 37 ratings
5 / 5
Ossia The terrific little stove. It will pack Down very small in the stock exchange of material that spends hard resupplied for MSR. Because this stove is fine-feeds is incredibly versatile, will burn essence, diesel, white gas, kerosene and another. A XGK will boil the litre of water less than 2.5 minutes in my own experience. Some descriptions have mentioned that reasons a fuel-the bomb has the plastic bomb-the weapon feels quite feeble, excepts is incredibly strong in reality and maintains a weight down. There are three measures of boat to feed that knows of, everything of his ideals for different period of expedition. This stove is not so that they are looking for eaten of camp of the gourmet but is the intention is to resupply the rugged, after indestructible, any stove of altitude, he simmer feed but has to that be he very there is closely looked. I ought to add that these sounds of stove like an after-burner of the jet in fact, very strong in fact but the glorious bit of boxes. Buy a box to interview feigns to travel the most hostile regions, this calm way will not go never bad. A lot highly recommended.
5 / 5
Ossia The terrific little stove. It will pack Down very small in the stock exchange of material that spends hard resupplied for MSR. Reason this stove is fine-feeds is incredibly versatile, will burn essence, diesel, white gas, kerosene and another. A XGK will boil the litre of water less than 2.5 minutes in my own experience. Some descriptions have mentioned that reasons a fuel-the bomb has the plastic bomb-the weapon feels quite feeble, excepts is incredibly strong in reality and maintains a weight down. There are three measures of boat to feed that knows of, everything of his ideals for different period of expedition. This stove is not so that they are looking for eaten of camp of the gourmet but is the intention is to resupply the rugged, after indestructible, any stove of altitude, he simmer feed but has to that be he very there is closely looked. I ought to add that these sounds of stove like an after-burner of the jet in fact, very strong in fact but the glorious bit of boxes. Buy a box to interview feigns to travel the most hostile regions, this calm way will not go never bad. A lot highly recommended.
5 / 5
Full description here [...]

An extremely solidly the stove has built.
Does not burn canister gas
Simmer quality slightly less than omnifuel
Take arm in the boat of fuel takes the small taking used the
Extracted a lot
quality of build to try to Bomb
Innovative shaker the jet maintains the clean stove
will run was almost anything
5 / 5
Simple and effective. As well as utilisations diesel or essence some casseroles take the smoke of has bitten blackened but the early washes was. Totally of confidence, easy to games of field and boils waters a lot quickly. No an economic plus in a phase but love the cookery of confidence that will not leave you down a lot @@subject that one conditions ossia a creature to go stops.
4 / 5
Awesome Little stove. Calm does not have the plot of control of llama and, for the legislations would owe that come with the boat of fuel, that has to that purchase separate is quell'has bitten ridiculous. This in spite of, have not seen never the stove that can burn so many different types of fuel. Ossia That really sells this stove, very very fresh. It packs Down to the small measure really well also. I am impressed enough.
4 / 5
Dipped etwas gemischten Gefühlen hatte ich mir Gives Multifuel Brenner besorgt, weil ich ihn auch a Orten einsetze wo ich keine Unterschiedlichen Brennstoffe für jedes Gerät mitführen . Soweit habe ich Gives Ding place Autobenzin und Diesel eingesetzt. Fazit: Beim Rütteln nicht sparen, damit Die Düse auch wirklich frei ist (wenn er bad a ist, geht gives put dem Rütteln nicht mehr). Llama regeln, geht Fast gar nicht, ausser viellecht zwischen wanted to und fast wanted to Hitze; die träge Reaktion führt beim runter regeln leicht zoom Erlischen gives Llama (zumindest bei genannten Brennstoffen); nichts für Leute Afflicts dipped vor Feuer oder zwei linken Händen.
Kaufempfehlung: Für wirklichen expeditionsartigen Einsatz ja, für Gives External Gourmet Koch oder Familiencamping, eher nein
4 / 5
A lacking thing is qualified to regulate measure of llama to retard that it cooks process down. A valve in a bomb does not leave for final adjustments (at least could does not imagine was). We spend for 30oz of Coleman fuel in around 2 days with 3 lunches cooked daily like the seats could be extended easily could limit measure of llama.

In general is the good stove . Very very built, portable, easy to use.
4 / 5
Tried In escursione for 32 gg , 2 goes back x gg .
Resisting to the urgidos comfortable gives riporre For him dimensions reduced , light and swift gives trace h2o in ebullición with paravento in the pot gives foreseen pax less has given three minutes , compatible with other bottles has given aluminium for fuel .
Deserves 5 stars.
4 / 5
Hitze wie ein ,5 ltr H2O kochen In ca 4 min, Nachteil... bis Vergasung eintritt dauert eine lautes Betriebsgerä üllt Know Aufgabe gnadenlos......
5 / 5
Greeting, has bought this product Touches a travesía of street in Australia of 1 month. To the Prime minister allumage, the bomb has presented partorisca give odd signs in term of compression of the interior of air of the boat ( that is not rid with!!!! My big Surprise...) Afterwards to the boss of 3 weeks, the bomb one laché! I go partorisca go back this product that expects that lucido vendor (that to eyes of the month does not have manager of my misfortune) that will be me reembolsado.
Thank you
5 / 5
The mine there is followed Fin of the start of the order and there is answered of haste to the email of crumb.
Besides The mine there is advised on the better bottle gives to associate All'atricolo.
10 And lode
4 / 5
キング オブ シングルストーブ。他の追随を許さない。まさにこれ一台で十分。
4 / 5
In the first place was. The tent adds.

A XGK is a king in fact of stoves of confidence.

Is the ancestor is one a lot before stove that use the system partorisca bomb that goes to a boat of storage of the fuel, leaving a boat partorisca feed to do a work of a tank, which turn left the compact plus and packable system of global stove.

In some 40 years of an original, a stove has come the long way , and has included this current incarnation, a XGK EX, has several years in service.

Does not have any one a lot in a stove concealed is not already state has said the time of hundred on in of the descriptions throughout some world-wide and in the each tongue.

- Is considered among some the majority of stoves of confidence there, running all the classes of soiled fuels without failure, and minimum interview.
- Is considered to be The stove in of the extreme conditions, the be remote of the freezing basses, or big up in some main mountains.
- In of the far parts of a world, where often an available only fuel is soiled essence , a XGK has tried of confidence where other faults of rugged stoves
- In of the parts of a world where kerosene is a level in fact, a XGK continuous trucking.
- Is one of a bit those that stoves that can run soiled diesel in long periods (more than just in of the emergencies)
- A line of fuel, while súper thickness and grieve flexible, is not the with, as it leaves to a uber reliability of a stove.
- A stove can spend pots very heavy has fill with the pair of chevrons of water without issuing

A remarkable gilipollas is really so only 3....
- A bomb, ubiquitous by means of all MSR stoves of liquid fuel, has been known to have @@subject, like this neither spending the lighter of interview of the transmission, or having the box of the reparation of full expedition is wise.
- A stove a lot simmer well. Some say no simmer at all. There is the for separate sold simmer flat, but still then, a stove burns very hot.
- A stove is considered neither light or compress for today of levels of liquid fuel.

Is to coach to direct-you to or is in the country that has the access adds to feed, this XGK will be to add, but there are other stoves would choose for better simmering capacity. But you are to coach to direct-split that to you far of a world where an only available fuel are likely dirty kerosene, dirty unleaded essence, or soiled diesel, a XGK is a stove that will require a less quantity of interview (except a bomb, of course. A bomb is quite unreliable compared to so only roughly all other bombs have done of all other costruttrici there).

Some notes in this reliability.

The stoves Of liquid fuel require to prepare to heat any one the coil of generator (p. p.ej. XGK, Whisperlite, Muka, Edlerid Hexon, Etc.) Or the concentrator of hot (p. p.ej. New, New+, Omnifuel, Polaris Optifuel, Omnilite, Dragonfly, Etc). Reason? Reason some needs of liquid fuel to be vaporised BEFORE regime of a nozzle to be burned.
That the vaporisation is in fact a process to cook a fuel, turning he to the gas, and this means that any part of a liquid concealed does not burn inside a concentrator of hot or inner some turns of coil of the generator to carbon. Often black, sooty, sticky carbon. It Likes him to him the cholesterol clogging on arteries, of this carbon of the edifice increasingly tighten a fuel pathway over time.

That half that Each NEED of stove of interview of liquid fuel the variable terracings. A frequency depends on two things: an engineering for behind a fuel pathway, and the one who soiled a fuel is.

Stoves That has two throttles, one in an end of bomb of the fuel and one in an end of stove, clog on more easily. It has said of another way,, gives on some reliability of long term to achieve big levels of simmering capacities.
Stove Cela active so only a throttle in an end of bomb of the fuel and use the coil of the generator typically has less interview. A coil of the generator typically has the wide plus pathway that a rest of a line of fuel, carbon like this sticky those imposiciones taking longer that build up and fuel of blockade throughput.

Some costruttrici require to change a coil of generator with which X number of litres of fuel. Some costruttrici offer the boss of more cleaned to go through half of a coil of generator.

Any chance, a point is, a XGK is the only throttle stove, and the one who mark a XGK (and also Soto Muka), enough so only is that a stove dips was like this hot, that like vaporising (or 'cooks' could say) a fuel in a coil of generator, the plot more than some additives takes burned, he so that there is less imposición has left in a coil of generator. All this to say, having the only throttle take precision simmering, but substitutes with the stove much more of confidence that reads and just works, with significantly less interview.

Yep, If that goes to places really far where the fuels litter only are likely to be available, a XGK is undoubtedly a stove would take (together with the bomb of substitution and box of extra expedition)....
Yeah, This adds some weight, but a bomb is plastic very light (compared to the heavy stove), and when you are is gone in a half of nowhere, a last what loves is a unusable stove.

In that said that all concealed, is been 23 years of the mine last travesía to extremely of far locations, like this for me, a XGK is overkill. Still, never to the left it goes.
4 / 5






2011/08/05 追記

5 / 5
The Utmost stove but is hard to simmer elements. It buys the diffuser of heat in the amazon and this has solved a question. Element very that has been using in this MSR XGK stove of gas camp P.ej. This MSR the stove is the real roarer and this simmer the dish left the simmer some to extend out of a llama and heat among a pot and stove. Work like the charm to leave me to take the smooth in bylines simmer when doing percolator caffè. All have to that do is to take a pot of caffè, besiege a dish in a stove, returns a pot to a stove and go down a llama in a MSR stove. No longer I owe that boil overs of a pot of caffè because of excessive heat. I have purchased this element of scratch of Amazon and sale of dent and has improved my cookery. Thank you! @@Subject Next to solve is a noise that this stove dips will be to look to the silencer discharges for this stove. Very hot and a lot of noise but the utmost stove and I would buy again and highly recommend this stove for conditions and of the extreme situations.
5 / 5
Yes, this stove is noisy and yes, fault of a capacity to simmer; this in spite of, have required to boil water in altitude in all the conditions and these hands of stove like the field in 11,000 feet (the big plus can go in my county of house); boiling freezing of the cold water in just the pocolos small! I am looking forward to founding snow with him the few weeks.

Has the curve of the fast learning and little mockery for runs it well that discovers, but ossia the legislation of solid stove out of a stock exchange. The same plans on using my stove like the heat source for travesías of street now that COVID marks the risky human contact; so only boil on some water in the stop of rest and enjoy hot drip caffè and the variety of rehydrated lunch.
4 / 5
Has lost mine and has bought another. I use mine the majority of weeks so only to boil water. And for the god boils water. It is the little intimidating at the beginning. It is very strong but concealed does not annoy me . Utilisation a recommended gas for the longevity but he will use the enormous variety of fuels in an emergency. It is not a better to feed unless your lunch requires to boil waters in this chance is a better. Utilisation the mini iron of mussel and so only the take was a heat when it takes too hot but that the method is involved enough.
4 / 5
A workhorse. Hot, quickly, economic, strong, of confidence, burns damn after anything clears, at most any altitude that still contains the few molecules of oxygen. He all precise , and at all that you no. The one who could not love the stove like right-advance and effective like this MSR?
4 / 5
Well packaged, small impression, and no hanged any one a lot with a box of service inside a stock exchange. It comes with everything needs to begin minus a boot and fuel. Measure packaged near is so only slightly main that he 450g of a isobutane canister.
Besides, also returns a diffuser/simmer plan of a version milite which can be found on-line.
4 / 5
Well has thought was.
Has to that it has weighed
Fine fuel
has Built partorisca last.
Takes a
4 / 5
This stove is the phenomenal cost . If you want to boil water or rations of hot, ossia a a . You can burn a lot it feeds he so that has any need to look for out of special fuels and spend the plot. It takes that it is in a cochera and go.
5 / 5
Ossia The heat source adds partorisca boil water, but requires more finesse the simmer. It looks partorisca go a bit go down to reduce pressure of tank. I have run this in both Kerosene, and Coleman fuel. Lights of fuel of Coleman and burns cleanly, but Kerosene done the plot of soot on lighting; Kerosene looks partorisca burn cleanly has prepared once. MSR The work adds that it builds this stove, and is a lot of sturdy.
4 / 5
No partorisca a faint of heart. He the plot of noise, takes the moment partorisca the take that goes, but will burn heat. 5 minutes partorisca boil 1 chamber of water without the shield of wind in the in bylines 5 mph wind of cross. Cleaned kerosene works well, although I blow soot until a catalyzing hot to tube up.
5 / 5
Very versatile can use almost any fuel, very light, the bands was amiably, taking hot very hot faster that another stove has has not used never. No like this precise likes dragonfly but is lighter, more compact, taking hotter, and is more compact. I can recommend this to any on another stove there
4 / 5
Requires this loves cook for 6-8 people in camp without spending your full measure BBQ grill of house (100 lbs.)
5 / 5
Súper awesome, very noisy. It has had to buy with which phase muffler Dawg to be to listen his. Now it is perfect.
4 / 5
Well boil time. Little noisy, has expected.
There is disappointed partorisca see any MSR focus/ of mark/ of the logo in a stove.
The boat of fuel could any one the source/compraventa on-line.
4 / 5
Loves this stove. I have had the Dragonfly for the long time and he still does utmost. I spent it on to my edges my old plus when I have bought an Expedition. Orders of stove
5 / 5
Like this announced. Rid as it has promised. The works add!
5 / 5
I alive to Alaska this stove no any subject like cold taking. Tried has been in -40 works every time
4 / 5
good stove, I like a fact can burn almost Any fuel there!
5 / 5
Some better fines-the stove of fuel can take! Súper Compact. It is the engine of jet of the miniature !
5 / 5
There is rid a lot quickly, works to the equal that has announced. The service adds, the product adds. Thank you.
4 / 5
Partorisca $160 his didnt included comprise a tank of liquid fuel??? Absolutely ridiculous.
4 / 5
WELL, to a past reviewers, is true... It touches like the jet is going was but no the strong. This stove is small and can return in mine MSR Pot so only well and room partorisca more than things also. It burns anything calm give it!!!! I took it it averts in a field that is soooooo easy and simple. Some work partorisca bomb so only well, as another says that it is plastic and to seat likes goes partorisca break - nope any subject with me.
4 / 5
Excellent stove,strong fire,easy interview, taste so much
5 / 5
camping A lot well of stove.
The action adds.
Easy to use

Top Customer Reviews: Msr WhisperLite ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 4 ratings
4 / 5
Excellent fine stove of fuel, bought to supplement my original, which is 31 years old this in spite of in strong disposal.
5 / 5
Has used this partorisca the gel that fish partorisca heat on a tent. A stove remains outside in minus 40 C. Like this far, starts without the question and very calm. Also have a XGK release it really does not see any value in paying more partorisca the noisiest stove.
4 / 5
Has purchased this product after trying the variety of stoves on some years. This probably will be my last stove how is fact very well , can be used anywhere in a world with the variety of sources of fuel. When The bicycle that visit, commentary the plot of has has experienced riders, (the foreign riders comprised) that use this mark and model, wins it his durability.
5 / 5
A llama in this stove is not powerful at all. Precise use a windbreaker partorisca take enough heat focused in a fund of a pot.

Top Customer Reviews: MSR WindBurner ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 11 ratings
4 / 5
I have added this to the mine MSR Windburner Combo system of cookery, a burner and fuel canister returns neatly inside a pot as it would expect. This adds a convience of also having the system of the cook of only light likes part of a modulate MSR system of cook of the group. Highly recommended.
5 / 5
The addition adds mine 1l Windburner the box yes needs more the water boiled or sooner to cool the lunch in the stock exchange touches the tight access in 1l pot.
4 / 5
The element is coming without burner and inferior cup doesnt row with boss ossia around upper of cup
4 / 5
I amour and hate this pot a same time. A course of amour is obvious, but really want look to some eyes of some idiots those who has conceived a stupid plastic bowl thingy this attaches to a fund of this pot. It is almost IMPOSSIBLE of the take was, has taken once snapped on to a pot bit it deeper that an idiot designer there is envisioned. These produced is the perfect example of a yin and yang - an unavoidable balance of the celestial goodness and an ugly harm.
5 / 5
Amiably fact and much bigger that his smaller prime minister. With two people, boils quite a lot of waters for caffè and oatmeal. Fact well in wind. In a negative side, both plastic lids are problematic. A subordinated an east I too free. It is trace up in a pot he while in the transport and he have taken too many people to pry some two pieces averts. Any harm but could have the most definite connection. An upper lid is too tight. Hard to snap on and almost impossible to take after boiling water. You grieve you pry opens so only the tad volume scolded for steam. I also found that insulation has not been sufficient to comfortably grab a pot with coffins hands after boiling something in him for the moment. Fact a lot calms so only required to spend water when boiling but was too hot has maintained a boil going for the moment. Too bad you can not light a thing with a pot in a stove or see a llama for simmer adjustments.
5 / 5
Has used the plot to do the caffè of cost last state. I add for glamping. Nests well with fuel and stove. It does not heat like this quickly like this announced and the caffè takes cold faster that would like me. If you do not maintain a stove down takes the first hot cup of caffè, the warm second, and then the fresh third. We sustain to immediately transfer all a caffè to the term.
4 / 5
Assembly of good complete pot for a Windburner, like to spend two pots when backpacking with my promise. We use a pot to cook the lunch dehydrated and one for caffè. Works perfectly and adds versatility to a box of regular Cook.
5 / 5
Saves the plot of fuel and is glorious in wind. It waters it it has boiled yesterday in cold wind in of the minutes of pair. Highly recommend this for two or more people and also a smaller version if so only or two people.. The value that spends a weight in any difficult conditions.
5 / 5
The substitution adds for your MSR Windburner stove. I accidentally dipped my pot in a llama and has forgotten to dip water in him. A pot and the lid have melted quickly. It was happy that purchasing this substituted all some parts have required to have the complete functional stove. Even Cones with the stand for a fuel.
5 / 5
I add partorisca camp grupal 3+ people. MSR Attacks now a lot again!
5 / 5
Excellent device. Accessory of the light weight of big technology adds.

Top Customer Reviews: Msr PocketRocket 2 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 4 ratings
4 / 5
Fantastic stove, the hard and hard gas and hard. Couldnt Recommends this stove enough :)
4 / 5
Amazing piece of crew, exceptionally good fact and has thought was. Really compact in the clean stock exchange and with clear instructions.
5 / 5
The brilliant has bitten of boxes that the law likes expected and is good and light
5 / 5
In spite of a photo of photo and produced lovely of packaging, this does not comprise the gas cannister! It does not take half way on the mountain before you discover this. A bit of misadvertising, but a real product are add, calm once adds a gas!

Top Customer Reviews: Msr Dragonfly Stove ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 48 ratings
4 / 5
It has taken this stove in a Pennine way this year and will be partorisca take the to do the piece of one IN in the pair of weeks. I have chosen to use essence like my fuel as it will be easily available, easy to achieve and quite calorific.
An admirable work, is quite compact and a lot easy to use. It is that never really noisy, took the bit for amazing to be sincere.
To good sure the interesting cost of you is looking in of the liquid fuels.
Although alot of a MSR the gas stoves are more compact and highly estimated, the election of compraventa is quite situational and felt that this was one the majority of convenient stove for me.
4 / 5
Is probably one of some better stoves. Used he for on 3 years when travelling a world in my motorcycle. I almost the essence has used always; yes, odora in a start but after the minute or so much is well. The big plus was that it can simmer. Minus: It is laud.
4 / 5
The small light weight the test of wind and insanely powerful. Easy the simmer. Only light downside is touches the bit like the engine of the jet when can fill resembled.
4 / 5
The prize adds and produces really good. Swift Rid and there is boxed on well
4 / 5
A thing more the orders have not bought never on Amazon! I love the camp but this stove is one the majority of entertainment contraption, find me doing my caffè of morning before it does with him!
5 / 5
This element looked first of date foreseen a lot packaged Element so that the vendor describes has had the msr stove before & they are utmost one thinks more on stage to price Utmost stove
4 / 5
the ees has had the dragonfly for around 20 years now... So only last weekend the small piece of the plastic flange snapped out of a bomb, although the does not think this will effect it... When being that old, is a model to bomb older that a current...

According to which a stove sees... It has bitten Of the engine of rocket... Very powerful and very noisy when in full grain... Esees Has Favoured to use ‘powerfuel' that the found in cotswold external... Works a lot well with a dragonfly and burns fiercely without smell.

Perfects for backpacking, but if no, the d goes for something bit it simpler and less faffy hanged no a subject.
4 / 5
Left counts some ways I amour thee MSR dragonfly.
1) will feed anywhere
2) will begin anywhere ( any tried in to extreme altitude likes to take with the pinch of rooms)
3) adjustable llama like any need to incinerate your lunch.

Has been the constant mate by means of Europe and in a District of Lake. It would buy again.

Used and abused for the decade this in spite of that goes.
5 / 5
Has Had this stove for roughly 10 years and he are not never left down. A simmer works of good ease and resupply control a lot he like this done a windscreen of foil of reflector and has beaten resupplied of heat. Yes it is compared strong the gas stoves.... But to my alcohol that is the more reassuring his particularly is wild camping in winter. It loves it.
5 / 5
Likes a lot the stove, the mark is better MSR is synonymous of quality, already had is stove of November of the 2018, and taste give Description of the product when really already used, side me $ 2,777, is an expensive prize, calm usually finds he in $ 3,000 hanged, for this have to that control the prizes constantly reasons he down some weights, that differentiates other stoves MSR or of another mark is the control of the flama, in this stove can regulate or assume a lot well the measure of the flama for him precise cook something the slow fire, that is caractristica star of this stove, the bad is the noise that generates when it is lit, for some can be a question because it listens a lot, as it can see in the video has bought the silenciador QuietStove and the noise diminishes, buys it here in Amazon and has done a Description tambien.
In that The operation any one can complain, but when dipping in operation the stove takes a bit, cebarla for the lit can be complicated the first time, of then takes to heat the pipe so that the form of start of the fuel of gas, this first flama can take turn the blue when it improves the combustion, my brother has it coleman the dual fuel in that the body is the tank of Essence and everything is joined like the bomb and it burner and the lit is faster, and is more effective of then boils in the first place a litre of water (attaches photo of the stove Coleman), also is complicated less conjoint, but for practise it of the transport is is more compact, but to to any one likes to have all averts. Already it spends long he using and Any one has failed neither an alone time, uses white essence of the like encuetras in any Tlapaleria or in Comex directly.
Recommends the product.
4 / 5
Ich habe viele Kocher im Laufe Gives Zeit ausprobiert. Und vom Dragonfly hab ich mehrere auf verschiedene Biwaks verteilt. It is gab dips has given Kochern noch denies ein Question. Ich führe Is auf give the system dipped give Schüttel-Düse, oder wie immer the man gives nennen mag zurück. It gives Brennstoff wird nicht wie meist üblich über ein Röhrchen durch Quotes Flammen geleitet und sleeps vorgewärmt sondern kommt von has extended in einen kleinen Metallklotz. It sleeps wird er erwärmt und danach von has extended durch Die Düse gedrückt. In dem Klotz befindet sich ein kleines Gewicht has dipped einer Nadel die beim Schütteln die Düse reinigt. Bei anderen Kochern, bei denen gives Sprit durch ein Röhrchen durch Quotes Flammen geleitet wird, verstopft has given Röhrchen gelegentlich. Beim System von Dragonfly passiert give nicht. Man muss aber nach Gebrauch gives Sprit aus gives Zuleitung ausbrennen lassen. Also one gives Flasche abdrehen und nicht are Kocher selbst. Einziger Nachteil Gives Unverwüstlichen ... er ist laut. Aber besser laut und Alma als leise und kalt :-)
4 / 5
has given ist mein zweiter 'Drachenflug'. It gives Erste hielt 9 Jahre intensiver Nutzung place Reinbenzin klaglos aus. Yesterday und Gives bad eine Dichtung oder gives Pumpenleder gewechselt, immer grob quotes Düse gereinigt. Of the The war is.
Anfangs War meine Skepsis groß ob gives Pumpe aus Kunststoff. Metall wäre Yesterday mein Werkstoff gives Wahl gewesen. It gives kann ich jedoch entwarnen. Die Pumpe blieb jahrelang in giving gefüllten Brennstoffflasche und the hat denies Schaden genommen. Leider ist Gives Kocher unabsichtlich In Schweden geblieben und hat nun wohl ein neues Herrchen. Habe bedenkenlos einen Neuen geordert ohne mich Has dipped anderen, vergleichbaren Produkten zu beschäftigen.
4 / 5
Has thought with all some descriptions add in this MSR stove, would be happy, but mine 20 yr old butane the highland stove does more efficiently that this MSR Dragonfly. Quite disappointed with report to my turn on investment. Sound the a lot of looking stove this in spite of....
4 / 5
Excellent. A lot precise good-looking and of confidence. Of easy interview and besides a lot light
5 / 5
utmost Stove.
Taking a bomb out of a boat is the little delicate.
This can improve with more than use.
5 / 5
The better stove that has bought my favourite heats to marvel recommend it a lot practical
4 / 5
mark and produced Excellent. Of a lot of good. Quality one hundred percent recommended. It remains very satisfied with cost of mine. And arrival very fast!
5 / 5


5 / 5
4 / 5
4 / 5
4 / 5

5 / 5
5 / 5
5 / 5
4 / 5
5 / 5

野宿人は腹が減ってるので飯がすぐ用意できるのは本当に助かります。 バイクで旅にでようと考えてる方に自身持ってオススメできます
5 / 5
5 / 5
4 / 5


4 / 5








4 / 5
4 / 5
Has possessed a MSR Stove of Dragonfly partorisca roughly five years now. If it likes-you the stove that does not have to that fiddle/tinker with this fuel of sips and leaves the decent control on exited partorisca heat ossia yours stove . A stove has did not fail me never and first lights time every time. It is quite compact and tents in a handy pouch ossia has comprised.
Likes another there is remarked, is noisy. So much so that some of the mine campmates has said that touch the breaker of extracted. Ossia Well, can maintain complain/fiddling with his stoves. I so only the look in him likes his to be of able to! Seriously, I can be annoying, but a dependability of this stove outweighs an inconvenience of a noise.
Finally, when being liquid fuel this stove does not import cold time. It will light and work so only well when your propane/butane stoves of no. to mix Ossia typically so only under hiela.
4 / 5
Has had the MSR Whisperlite of then 1987 and he still works. But an old Whisperlites has not regulated temperature well, and some early models, that lacking of a bit shaker/cleansing in a jet, has not been a class of stove could send was with members of a family without serious instruction in troubleshooting and cleaning an orifice in a jet. But like this light, effective stoves , bulletproof, was unsurpassed.

In spite of, with which years of obstinately sticking with a Whisperlite, I finally succumbed to a decoy of the new MSR Dragonfly. And I am happy has done for some following reasons:

1) Fast. It boils Really quickly using white gas.
2) Effective. You bounced of gas last and last.
3) Solid. Well- it built it. Sturdier Like the program that a Whisperlite for the long margin.
4) Fines-Fuel. If it burns in the vehicle, can use he--of unleaded gas to feed of diesel to feed of jet, and of course, white gas.
5) Adjustable Llama. Of simmer to hot raging.

A a negative would specify to arrive to this point is that one reflecting of hot, likes with a Whisperlite, is basically little more than the discharge of bent, it foil of aluminium to have that has weighed. Although another complains in this stove that is noisy, several weeks of use in a BWCA and camping for Michigan of Lake, the find at all bothersome.

Butane-Camp Fed , has closed the stoves are to touch to boil water. But you love cook and access to need feed in of the places where cartridges of the fuel can not be available, ossia a stove for you.
4 / 5
4 / 5
is not a light or more compact plus. If you are looking in this yours the stove that does more than boiling water and probably going arrest more than 1 person. This stove is that it is supposition to be , he workhorse take the material done, he all the stove. It is a small plus , lighter, the calmest stove? The no. Is the one of confidence, simmer to boil, cooked, fries, he all the stove, YES. Against another fuel writes ossia cockroach of muck and so only is has beaten of fires of forests. It burns almost any source of fuel and is to add it prepper SHTF system. I can bake muffins with ease and fry trout at night. Ossia He mans stove. Any ultralight, any súper tiny. It is packable tool that EVERYTHING. I think that that a sound is well, know your cookery, any dead silence. GILIPOLLAS= Wishes a hose was bit it more flexible, that roughly that. Also, smaller cookpots pode any one is returned. EG Stanley cookset. I have bought a boat to feed main to the equal that has the few people usually camping with us. We have used walmart fuel of camp and his fact so only well. A boat of small fuel would suffice.
5 / 5
Absolutely love this stove! Bought the new one to substitute mine that has been to lose. It is old fashioned can of liquid fuel. Any ultralight canister way partorisca to ounce that count trekkers, but neither is the clunker. Hanged in in 2 oz more than a whisperlite box with dish of base, guard of wind and fuel, but is light years at the head of a whisperlite. A versatility added and to the simplicity cost each gram. Cooking the base is big and sturdy enough for enormous closing stockpots, but folds on good and compact. A simmer the control is a transmission of absolute game for cookery of camp, taking calm to a realm of lunch of trail of true gourmet. A creation of stove is brilliantly simple and bombproof. Any sure because need the different bomb that another MSR stoves of liquid fuel, but the work adds, and has has not had never the question with the mine some a lot of years used it. It finds that my fuel stash hard much more because of a capacity to turn a stove on and down like this required, more than a boil or swimming of the models. Felizmente Burns any liquid fuel can find. Any finicky, and easy to light. I consider this stove essential train for any travesía of widespread adventure.
4 / 5
Fences in a lot of - ossia my preferred backpacking stove. He - Rockets of Pocket and one like the smallest band, but a cast of goodnesses is enormous, but here is one the big plus here is one of the focuses concealed a shot for me -- stable program, screen of wind and qualified to cook, any so only boil. It tries to cook the grilled cheese the windy day with the rocket of pocket.

A rest of some goodnesses is very known - so much will be brief: it Leaves Any one locates, flexibility of fuel, cost of low fuel, efficiency of fuel, facilitated of interview, action of cold time, etc, etc, etc.
5 / 5
Fantastic stove partorisca alpine hiking, hiking of winter, or for has extended trips. I have used a stove when a wind was howling (probably gusting to around 30 to 40mph) and a time was around -6F. A Dragonfly has very shot up and has not looked for the be annoyed too much for a wind. Usually in of the conditions of big wind will create the small wall out of snow or other materials, but in this chance really has not had too available. I have used the pair of rocks partorisca ensure a windshield, but otherwise a stove has taken a quickly of a wind.

A control of temperature is easy to use and this really helps partorisca heat on lunches in a correct temperature. I have it quell'has used so only a MSR SuperFuel like this far and has done really well with a stove. A fuel burns clean and remains hot until you run out of fuel. I have on read in several stoves of camp and partorisca the rugged stove with control of temperature - a MSR the dragonfly is hard to beat. In fact, the laboratory of External Train has chosen this stove like his Upper Choose and can find his on-line description.

With an easy to use simmer can cook the variety of the lunches and I highly recommend to verify out of one a lot the gourmet stuff you can create while camping. Because the cook eaten boring when you are burning like this calories?

Like this with the gas stoves whiter, has the pair of any to follow to light a stove correctly. MSR posted The copy of some instructions in his web of place in format of PDF, as I have copied the file partorisca my Smartphone and Kindle Fire HD. It does not have to that never look for some instructions again.

In general, a MSR the dragonfly is the rugged stove and excels cook the variety of lunch. Highly recommend and after the year of hard use there is still partorisca use any of some parts of reparation MSR was quite bondadoso to comprise with a stove. I am looking forward to that it uses this stove for the long time.
4 / 5
Loves a stove of Dragonfly for one the majority of part. A stove is gone in the good stock exchange with all some necessary part as well as I ran for interview. An only downside was that it has to that purchase some tanks to feed for separate. I can comprise reason this in spite of, he so that has 3 measures. I have purchased two 30 once tanks with a stove and the career regulate unleaded the gas like white gas is outrageously expensive.

He, has the question of soot when essence in of the llamas. Any one bad calm once takes use to light a stove. More to open a valve of tank fully then a lot attentively open a valve in a stove that use the party or lighter of type of the stove. A lot IT USES the butane lighter like the Bic or Scripto lighter of cigarette. If utilisations a late plus, your hand is too close up and yes accidentally has turned a valve of stove opens too calm quickly risk in of the calm llamas.

An another element of entity. MSR Packs A windscreen has bent up and although it is has beaten of big quality , finally will spend was bent yes as they have it. I have learnt today the better way of stowing he behind in a stock exchange. As you surround a stove to cook, in place of refolding a circle of windscreen he to the circle the small plus to return a stock exchange a stove is entrance . You can still dipped a stove was inside a circled windscreen. In this way it calms included it can maintain one covers for your tank of the fuel in a stock exchange likes any for the lose.

Some the better things in this stove is is light durable construction, unmatched stability ( can manage an eight fourth stockpot with ease), use of multiple fuel and last but much less, does not have to that fill the landfill with used butane tanks. Have Still to travel with this stove but early will be that it takes recognition of bicycle with him. There is lighter of stoves for MSR and another. This in spite of, MSR has done a better stove in a Dragonfly. It does not think calm will find a stable plus that this one in any prize.
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Will update like this required that. So only it has taken this and am dipping he by means of him is a lot before I use in a field. This marks the new stove has had start a lot down. I tried it three times with a same result to do sure has not had the pressure or subject of focus with a boat. He rasgó Down and cleaned it, has had a lot of gunk, has not looked previously used, a jet was cleaned, a needle was to clean a adjuster the chamber was cleaned and clear. I king gathered and has done perfectly. An only odd thing there is remarked was that a Jet has been frozen on, has thought that was in torqued but whe has taken was and looke in a chamber that marries a shaker, corrosion had in him. IDK Was in torqued or as, perhaps some of a corrosion was clogging a jet, but do a lot now. I seat to like it would not owe that require to the service marks it the informative stove, perhaps is the refurb, the one who knows.

He, sounds like the jet that takes era.
5 / 5
Has taken this for a multifuel characteristic, and also a simmering characteristic. I have tried a stove with white gas ( coleman ), kerosene, and regulate unleaded.
Although a level of the big noise of a stove is informed amply, does not see the plot of commentaries regarding a threaded end of a valve to control that results clogged because of buildup. I have experienced a buildup in a valve of threaded control when using kerosene. Using 1-K kerosene stops in an hour, a buildup was quite to affect a control of llama, and a whole valve more is probably be clogged had continued further, without cleaning a valve. I have contacted MSR in of the this and has confirmed that some cycles of cleaners would owe that be shortened when using kerosene. Also, a valve of the control is not the user-replaceable part; a unit has to that be envoy and a line of whole fuel will be substituted ( has quoted $ 25 ). This was really the breaker of extracted for me and I have dipped roughly looking for alternative and solutions.
Has found the video in or-tube where any one had drilled out of a kerosene jet to run isopropyl alcohol and And-85 unleaded gas. I have tried this and he have done add with And-85!!! Any so only concealed; a valve of control is by train to remain clean! This are adds informative for 'tinkerers', but for a rest, sincerely expect that MSR or to 3rd party will offer a isopropyl/jet of ethanol. It was able to boild 2 cups of water in 2.5 minutes with this modification and using an And-85!! And-85 it is around $ 3/chevron here, like an additional profit is some savings of prizes in other fuels.

Controls These links of me that uses a stove with And-85:

Would require to compare a time of burn of white gas against And-85 to know sure if some savings are there, but maintaining a valve of clean control is more than entity of mine.
A system still has the controls of good llama go so that continuous that uses a Dragonfly in this configuration to see has a lot of downside. Like this far, it is doing well.

MSR Can win a subject of more cleaned of valve of control for kerosene, will give a unit 5-stars. I owe that swipe of the star been due to some subjects of cleaners when using kerosene.
5 / 5
The control of Llama adds. His well to have the stove in of the liquid llamas where can dip you some few eggs in the, turn down a heat and any to concern roughly blackening a fund of your casserole.

A bit those that complained in this stove is that it is strong. It does not find this to be a chance. It is no stronger that my propane stove of jet in of the llamas.

Igniting this is easy. So only follow some directions and calms that can have poised and going in less than 30 seconds.

Really that looks forward to to do is my new goes to while camping!
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4 / 5
has loved a MSR the dragonfly of then was the boy scout. When I have bought finally one in 2018 I has not been disapointed. MSR I products are almost legendary. This be has said that I have to that give the just description. Has no really dipped the to a test or has used a kerosene jet, as it can not testify to the global action of him. But MSR has the good reputation, as I recommend it that they require the stove of solid of liquid fuel.
5 / 5
In Short, the stove of good camping partorisca to to that like him have the options.

Are the camp of novice, as all you pros there: I give some slack. This was my stove of prime minister to camp compraventa, and am spent enough the bit to time to research my options. The, likes a lot you, has not loved to trust bounce so only propane, and although the stoves of Alcohols are very attractive in a department of weight, has loved finally the sum of moderate option. I narrowed My investigation down to this model (to Dragonfly), a Light of Whisper and the model of another costruttore. They are finally be with a Dragonfly for one reasons: a simmer control. They are the one who another campers has called the 'Backpacker of Gourmet' - I does not like to sustain of stirs it of 'So only Add Water' eaten - I likes to have the cup of caffè while doing toasted for desayunar. A Dragonfly all this is to announce. A stove has produced extracted adds to heat a lot quickly - I can boil 4 cups to water a lot cold for caffè of morning downwards four minutes if a pot is coverage . Have Also grilled bread, cooked pancakes and has fried burgers - all the things that requires different mountains of hot - without complications.

This has said, now will offer my critique:
- Some supports of pot, although second looks more sturdy that those in a WhisperLight or more canister-upper stoves, is quite feeble. You owe that be very careful to situate you stove in the flat surface, and if you are not heating to pot of water, be sure to rotate yours sleeve-heavy casserole in such the way that a heavy part of a casserole or to the pot is in an of some supports - I has touched to light casserole on more than a swipe - no amused to see your half-appear baked in a muck. A chamber sustain of pot has there is remedied easily this question for almost any weight.
- A screen of wind has comprised is done of the piece of aluminium to have that has weighed sheeting that is supposition to bend -up like the towel among uses. I owe that it feels that this thing finally tear or kink in way that surrendered the useless. I have chosen on the Coghlan Windscreen for roughly 7 bucks - his too big for a stove, but still done the good work in light wind. Like another reviewers mentioned, would not look for to operate this stove without a windscreen, of then has included the pocola breeze will dissipate a start of heat.
- Is noisy, as each one another reviewer has mentioned, but would not call disturbs it to another campers.
- Although my stove has treated admirably, an interview described in a manual of looks of user to daunt. Have disassembled a whole thing to see the one who difficult would be it. There is to plot of Or-coverages and tiny-tubes that to to looks like could be of the authorship in a hike of long trail. Also, a stove dips up for essence or of the white gases was-of-the-cashiers; if it plan to use diesel or kerosene, has to the transmission was some parts (comprised in a box).

In general, am satisfied with cost of mine (still although it has sold to like $ 30 less roughly 10 days with which have bought he - where is a prize-Amazon of guarantee of the party??). It does not think this stove is ideal for the familiar the one who camps out of his car, and unless it is hiker to to which likes them to them the election simmered lunch, probably any ideal for backpacking, but is the best-of-both-stove of type of the worlds that probably will see several years of use.
4 / 5
Big quality
Relatively easy to use
there is simmer control

A bit heavy/Clunky to use (but quite sincere for him a lot to be too detracting)
A hose of metal that connects to a boat of fuel is the little too short and rigid for mine in pleasant.
Very strong. ( You are camping In the place that has calm hours, can wants to consider when finalising on your cookery before a curfew)

In general, am very pleased with this stove, and can spend for big a lot a gilipollas, how is profits outweigh him. It maintains to import that this uses the bomb of different fuel that literally all another MSR stoves there, so he precise the substitution, will have to find one specifically for a dragonfly. They are curious to see yes concealed in fact imports this in spite of, and if the regular bomb could be used in the pinch.
4 / 5
Has used MSR Stoves of Dragonfly long in a lot of different expeditions. In rain, snow, and wind, these creatures will take waters it that it boils any time. Usually it uses these stoves in fines-day backpacking the travesías that stoves of use of light aluminium. Included using the big 8 fourth pot of aluminium (10' diameter) cooking the stews in these stoves were any question at all. They felt quite stable, and not having so only the bad sense that leaves some pots in a stove without the hand on him.

When I have decided to purchase my together typical of MSR Stoves of Dragonfly, my first use for them was in fact to heat on tamales in the fundraiser manacles that my club dipped on. Originally We Use one of Coleman older propane stoves of double burner, but has run by means of 2 of this small green canisters inner 4 hours. Without feeding to the left, has run and grabbed my two MSR Stoves of Dragonfly, fill on mine 20 oz bounced of fuel with Coleman white gas, and place on a stove to heat on pots of enormous steam that was 14' in diameter and was at least 14' big full of cold tamales.

Has been concerned that this light backpacking the stoves could not manage a weight of something this macizo, and has had to maintain my eyes in the while it was in a stove. But surprisingly, they have on resisted reasonably well under a weight and measure of our massive pots. They were able to take an interior to water that boils and steaming less than small, and has maintained he steaming a whole time. The question has had to done that maintains the down boil sometimes, but was surprised so only that has done well under these extreme chances.

Now, would not suggest you launching the dutch oven on these beasts read, but of súper light backpacking pots and casseroles, to pots of enormous steam, these stoves can manage anything. It likes him to him all the world says, these stoves take really strong when they are going quickly. But with you cover him calm that goes in in $ 80 the piece, easily could it buy MSR WhisperLite with this class of money.

Is looking for A estupefaciente backpacking or that stove of camps that will survive until your future grandkids goes to camp, looks no further!