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1 first Upgraded Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Earbuds, Bluetooth Headphones with 35 Hour Playtime Deep Bass HiFi 3D Stereo Sound, Built-in Mic Earphones with Portable Charging Case for Smartphones and Laptops - W16 Upgraded Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Earbuds, Bluetooth Headphones with 35 Hour Playtime Deep Bass HiFi 3D Stereo Sound, Built-in Mic Earphones with Portable Charging Case for Smartphones and Laptops - W16 Setse
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2 Latest Upgrade Bluetooth 5.0 True Wireless Earbuds with Charging Case Waterproof Earbuds 40 Hours Playtime TWS Stereo Headphones Built-in Mic Earbuds Premium Sound with Deep Bass for Sport,Running Latest Upgrade Bluetooth 5.0 True Wireless Earbuds with Charging Case Waterproof Earbuds 40 Hours Playtime TWS Stereo Headphones Built-in Mic Earbuds Premium Sound with Deep Bass for Sport,Running Kangzheik
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3 best Mpow H7 Wireless Headphones Bluetooth, [18Hrs Playtime] Over Ear Wireless Headphones, Hi-Fi Stereo Sound, Soft Memory-Protein Earmuff, CVC6.0 Mic, Bluetooth Headset for Cellphone PC Laptop Travel Work Mpow H7 Wireless Headphones Bluetooth, [18Hrs Playtime] Over Ear Wireless Headphones, Hi-Fi Stereo Sound, Soft Memory-Protein Earmuff, CVC6.0 Mic, Bluetooth Headset for Cellphone PC Laptop Travel Work Mpow
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4 Roland RH-5 Headphones Roland RH-5 Headphones Roland
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5 Active Noise Cancelling Headphones, TaoTronics [BH047 Upgrade] Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Over Ear with 24 Hrs playtime Foldable Soft Protein Ear Pads Design for Travel Work TV PC Cellphone Active Noise Cancelling Headphones, TaoTronics [BH047 Upgrade] Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Over Ear with 24 Hrs playtime Foldable Soft Protein Ear Pads Design for Travel Work TV PC Cellphone TaoTronics
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6 Upgraded Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Earbuds, Bluetooth Headphones with 35 Hour Playtime Deep Bass HiFi 3D Stereo Sound, Built-in Mic Earphones with Portable Charging Case for Smartphones and Laptops - W12 Upgraded Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Earbuds, Bluetooth Headphones with 35 Hour Playtime Deep Bass HiFi 3D Stereo Sound, Built-in Mic Earphones with Portable Charging Case for Smartphones and Laptops - W12 Setse
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7 Audio-Technica ATH-M20X Professional Headphones - Black Audio-Technica ATH-M20X Professional Headphones - Black Audio-Technica
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8 AKG K52 High Performance Closed-Back Monitoring Headphones AKG K52 High Performance Closed-Back Monitoring Headphones AKG
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9 Upgraded Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Earbuds, Bluetooth Headphones with 35 Hour Playtime Deep Bass HiFi 3D Stereo Sound, Built-in Mic Earphones with Portable Charging Case for Smartphones and Laptops - W11 Upgraded Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Earbuds, Bluetooth Headphones with 35 Hour Playtime Deep Bass HiFi 3D Stereo Sound, Built-in Mic Earphones with Portable Charging Case for Smartphones and Laptops - W11 Setse
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Top Customer Reviews: Latest Upgrade Bluetooth 5.0 True Wireless Earbuds with Charging Case ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 1 ratings
5 / 5 by Bea
I love his well! One the majority of the impressive characteristic of this product is for far some bass. Where More earbuds the short fall, this butt of has fallen..... Especially in this row of prize :D

Top Customer Reviews: Mpow H7 Wireless Headphones Bluetooth, [18Hrs Playtime] Over Ear ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 by Nichelle
Colour: Black Ossia my first description here on amazon, so only has taken this produces today partorisca my anniversary like present he in me and wow blow my alcohol. Headset Is the really big thing partorisca me cos love the music and I have looked for an internet partorisca the whole month that looks for the good headset in the just price. These produced is fantastic, a sound is like this clear and crisp same in his volume his big plus there is any sprain and a call is like this clear. It is like this value each penny and more.
5 / 5 by Lashawn
Colour: Black has had these out of a box, paired with my telephone and listened to the mine audiobook before a type of delivery had left a street, and are an idiot with all the technology.
A lot sincere.
Has compared to mine in-wireless auricular ear these is wonderfully comfortable. A foam is soft, some auricular is snug in my ears, without being tight, and a whole unit is light. A slightly cushioned tape is a lot also.
Some auricular robust celery and, while a creation is simple, does not feel economic.
A quality of his better east that earth and well until my levels.
Extremely happy with them. The value adds for money.
5 / 5 by Adam
Colour: Black after looking in the plot of these types of headpohones has decided to take the punt and try these. I have thought in this price because any one?. They are brilliant. Simple. Nizza Has balanced his (can take very strong!), Life of excellent battery (does not have him has had to that touch has - still state using partorisca an hour or two the majority of nights partorisca a past month and the battery is so only in meso full). Very easy to connect and the row is a lot very still by means of wall and of the pavings. The quality of build is GOOD and yes looked would owe that last. The only flu is that a volume on/down the keys are some same partorisca skipping clues and sometimes when it try to change a volume you skip clues for deception. I find it easier that change volume in a device of source (my telephone).
4 / 5 by Betty
Colour: Black Partorisca a price, this wireless Bluetooth the headphones are absolutely incredible value partorisca money. The pairing to our devices of Apple was easy and an audio spoken of some headphones is clear and sincere.

A quality of the audio a lot surpasses expectations and is balanced surprisingly in of the terms of triple and tomb. One says-history Bluetooth hiss never is-present, but is insignificant with spoken and inaudible word with music.

A quality of build is also excellent and there is withstood use for our 4 old year house and vacacional. A distributed pouch is also the welcome inclusion that, again, would not have expected in this point of price.

I for real believe you would have to that spend the heck of the plot of money partorisca buy upper Bluetooth auricular that these. Unbelievable Value. Highly recommend of me.
4 / 5 by Trang
Colour: Black has been so only using them many times a past week, but here is mine surround current...

The reason has chosen this model has been based in some descriptions, and, prices. A functionality was probably a factor partorisca decide alcohol, cos originally has wanted to Wired so only Tall telephones - like this sub 20 Panasonic & Philips has bought partorisca other members familiarised in of the past - but a profit added of Bluetooth there is sealed a shot.

Pairing The street Bluetooth with both my PC and Surface Pro was quite simple because of them running Win10. This in spite of, require to look in my PC Bluetooth frame cos does not resemble automatically pair when I change him on - unless this is due to a quality of a the Telephone??

Using them street Bluetooth, has has had questions of zeros with alcohols of sound. That, am pleased roughly reason my forward Bluetooth receiver where a variety of sport of another mark, and has had 1-2dry lag with them. These this in spite of, does not look to have any lag, like this far.

Life of battery? I have it the utilisations so only like this far for around 3hrs entirely as it can not comment, reason still in initial load.

Controls? For a price, is that it expect - hard & clicky keys more than hule soft etc. The volume when connected to mine looks of PC to have the bit of lag into use, for this I bad I press or the press & resist and does not take any feedback for the pocolos second. Be he in his or that sees a bar of volume that goes down on screen.

Is comfortable? The tampons of ear are good and soft, and, like this usually spends with these can take you the little sweaty with which 30mins+ use. At all that imports this in spite of.
An only thing has found at present with them this in spite of sound looks the little tight in my boss. If ossia to do with me spending the any one has had & glasses the habit to spend tall headphones or any this in spite of chronometer to try & of supposition another in of the tents will say.

So many, as I am likely to say - as an a lot of other descriptions - I recommends these. For a price this in spite of, is hard a lot also.
4 / 5 by Enid
Colour: the packaging and the Black delivery was a lot. It does not use a microphone as I can not comment in that. Utilisation some auricular paired to the desk PC of Windows has linked to the TV of big screen that use partorisca video, radio, books of audio and television streaming. Bluetooth The pairing was a lot of easy and a headset is comfortable. Quality of his east very partorisca my precise which is mostly a word spoken and also the music is quite well my ear. There is an intrinsic question with Bluetooth in this sound and the video can exit of sync if some movements of receiver around the static transmitter i.et. Walking around with headphones on with a static PC but these headphones are no worse to the respect that another in a lot of side More adds them. Of then I have paid under 20 I has found a Mpow H7 to be excellent value for money.
4 / 5 by Danita
Colour: his Excellent Black and easily links the Bluetooth devices with clear English instructions.
The life of battery is described like this giving the use of good days.
Looks the sync to multiple devices easily.
Dispite Big measure this does not compare to weight, these have a half weight and chair comfortably in a boss.
5 / 5 by Wilford
Colour: telephones of the Excellent boss Black and the quality of price / adds,,,,this in spite of has spent them so the time that uses them has obtained them the bit of weight :(
4 / 5 by Earlene
Colour: Black I of the that usually writes descriptions(my bad)
Unless his really gd or really bad
This has said these earphonnes r awesome.
You r really comfortable was partorisca use along that it can it often b a question with them
A sound is a lot gd also especially partorisca a price
I definately recommends him
4 / 5 by Jenny
Colour: Black has-liked me an ease partorisca take them connected and of course a sound.

Not founding any aversions one first week on possessing them.
Need to take your helps of listened like appearances.

Top Customer Reviews: Roland RH-5 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 by
The cost checked has Purchased these partorisca substitute some regular headphones in the Gear4music WHD-517 electronic drum box. And the one who the quality of offer of the headphones of his glorious. A regulate a bit where the little distorty in an upper end of some stairs of volume (especially when listening with the street of background clue To the-IN), but these Rolands is cleaned and clear. You a sound of boxes of the much more professional drum that is. Highly recommend, and partorisca 25 - a subject absolute.
4 / 5 by
The cost has checked well, as I have been mmm'ing and rrr'ing in that auricular to take for the abonos while after my old telephones have packed in. And I have decided if I have not been happy I had not spent an arm and the leg in these so it can not go the far injustice.

A lot Like this declared quell'I a title, has arrived a very next day after ordering wich is always to to the price likes him the hate while the things I needs. And regarding a sound, for real is flat! Exactly which need like this music of product in my studio of house. Quality of his brilliant and in touch a compraventa amazing .

When first I plant his in my boss has thinks that that they felt quite loose, but is in fact perfect like this his so only hug your boss enough to any hurt after the moment of use.

Also an only thing can say like this far like this ive had them so only for the day, is a boss is very long, to spare yearn more than studios, unless yours in the big room or another side of the field of football.

Anything more can think of him will add like this and when, but the hands down 5 stars of me he like this paralizaciones.
5 / 5 by
The cost has verified These do a work perfectly. They touch utmost, the trace of volume very besides this has required partorisca flood out of some noises the touch will take of your electrical box. When Touching music by means of his hips, sound really good.

A boss is quite long like this calm give you enough the bit of manoeuvrability. I have used the orderly boss of the shorten to do sure does not take taken on this in spite of.

Feels sturdy enough to so only live after your box, although it avert to give his too much abuse (likes launch his around in the z/in the rucksack all a time).
5 / 5 by
The cost has checked Roland has the name adds, but these are bad drawn and has done. I am lasted six months less. Some group that control some speakers rotate in hollowed-out of pins that is roughly 5mm by means of. Some pins in both sides of my telephones have broken has meant some telephones are now useless. They are very surprised and disappointed for of the this. Attentive more than Roland.
4 / 5 by
The cost has verified Some receiver is answered very flat and drawn partorisca control, ossia of entity partorisca remark so that the majority of headphones has 'painted' touch which artificially augments grave and treble. If has the habit of the receiver has drawn partorisca entertainment, these will touch feeble but is partorisca accuracy and they a work.
4 / 5 by
The cost checked has Bought these partorisca use with Roland box of electronic drum. It have tried a lot of different headphones but struggled partorisca take some with the snug quite access around some ears to do sure could listen some drums properly and with the advantage long quite any to interfere with my claves of drum! They were in the price reduced and some descriptions have suggested could not be brilliant quality but in that has been to impress with a box, was has had to that to take it casualidad in headphones of a same company. They are a lot clearly quality very professional, but as they are not the professional does not import concealed. An access around some ears is well, and a quality of his east orders for me. Very happy with them all the round, particularly in the price has reduced!
5 / 5 by
The cost verified has been using these partorisca the weeks of pair now and am very pleased with this compraventa:

- Consuelo: Very comfortable. Some tampons of ear are big like this easily returns comfortably around an ear and a lot on that.

- Weigh: they are quite light. They are the teeny tiny has bitten heavier that my old Senheisser HD201s and that my JVC HARX500 - but so only the tiny has bitten.

- Quality of build: The initial impressions, a quality of build looks big quality. A tape is cushioned everywhere and one in general has to that feel he of the different good quality some headphones that feels the little economic and plasticy - this celery the little more sturdy. They are conscious that a headphone the surface of tampons is done of a material of same coverage esatta that my old Senheisser HD201s is done of, and of my experience this class of material starts to break and crumble with which roughly 2-3 years of use. Hopefully These will resist on better - will see!

- A boss: Some starts of boss of a headphone (the accident a) and no another (the difference of a Senheisser HD201s where the starts of boss of both sides). A boss is quite often compared to some other headphones I own, which a boss the tiny has bitten more weighed also glielo those that remain in your organism. But in another hand, the boss he the fat plus so only can be the sign of better quality. Mina Senheisser HD201 the thin boss has finalised to leave with which 2 years of use - perhaps these will resist on better? We will see!

- Quality of sound: I am very happy with a quality of sound. Each headphone has the slightly different balance to touch his, and is hard for me to say you which is 'better' except this sound a lot of mine! I use him to look video, film, listening the music, podcasts and more - and do really well for all my needs.

- Global: very pleased with these like this far. My number 1 factor that concern roughly is comfort it and these are to good comfortable insurance to spend for period along, which is perfect for me. The toes have crossed will last the abonos long while!
4 / 5 by
The cost has checked Roland is famous partorisca his cars of drum. They are certainly very famous partorisca auricular! I have read some a lot of descriptions in that is a better headphone and there is almost has tried everything of some never suggested auricular and simply hate everything of them. A classical Sony MDR-7506 is probably a better out of stirs it bad and I have. Roland auricular give me more information in an end a lower that a Sony. If calm so only can resupply a pair of headphones now, so only take Roland are there under 30. After trying your clues in yours iPads, iPhones and earbuds reason ossia mostly of the means to listen of today.
5 / 5 by
The cost has checked Bought partorisca use in electrical guitar amp comes with Jack covers big partorisca amp more a returned smaller a partorisca another crew.... Comfortable to spend and the good sound that comes by means of them ... Look And feel a lot of fact but the time so only will say
4 / 5 by
The cost has checked was unsure in this receiver that spends of longitude some descriptions. This in spite of, have loved auricular that has given the flat sound for when I touch electrical guitar, as it can listen a sound of electrical guitar without the booming his of basses.
These headphones are utmost to control whilst register as you will listen reproduction of his clear plus.
If in another hand requires auricular that is the heavy bass , then recommend you the look in other headphones has drawn with that in alcohols

Top Customer Reviews: Active Noise Cancelling Headphones, TaoTronics [BH047 Upgrade] ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 by Bridgett
Colour: Black Usually in this point of calm price expects it to a lot of that says in one has beaten. But like this far like this well I am very happy with this compraventa.

Here is my thoughts:

A packaging was very at all prevails roughly the, calm of the that takes the spend chance or pouch partorisca the take was and roughly.

in a box takes the boss with period roughly 120cm, has a angled advances some arrivals of a boss that are adds partorisca use of smartphone. Calm also take the micro Usb boss partorisca touch a Headphone.

Headphone Quality of build:
A headphone is WELL, in this calm price signals would not take anything another that the hard plastic which is entirely GOOD and very good. There is cushioned cups of ear (Probably Synthetic Skin) which feels comfortable mine . Also it has the a lot of cushioning in an upper arch partorisca avert ache of longitude hrs use, wished it has had more cushioning in an upper reason are bald and require all a consolation can take but has the hair that this is not one subjects at all.

A headphone folds up in the form amiably compresses to easily spend it around, but some cups of ear whose swivel the round has loved the plan dipped in yours cofre, again thus price signals this is not too bad. Some headphones resupply to focus really well around an ear to blockade was noise of half.
In of the big Volumes can take any losses of audio so any calm approximation can listen your music, this in spite of a focuses of some cups of ear is quite well like this calm will not require to look a too strong volume in all the chance.

Characteristic and functionality:
Bluetooth 4.2 connectivity is sum , enough regulate now, the bond of signal is well, any pauses of signal of having your telephone in your pocket or in the stock exchange.
He partorisci so only to a device the time, I kinda wished it paired to 2 devices immediately ( has an easy hack to do this), this in spite of a provision of the connection of boss is given always the reception to calm so much can quickly transmission among several devices with connection of boss.

A good thing a headphone is the automatically disconnect a Bluetooth connection and can was once relieves the boss plugged in, of then does not require to be powered ON to do using a boss, this in spite of the battery has to have juice for one to the boss to do .
Automatically agrees last device connected and pair on once be able to you ON.
An audio sync has been closed on, likes lip sync in the films and The Youtube was utmost.

ANC Acts like this has to that, blockades out of noise of the low frequency when changed on. Of the that Attended 100 his complete isolation, ANC is used so only to block noise of Low frequency, likes noise of car engine of an interior, or noise of Aircraft inside a cabin, and this does quite well. Some headphones in 250 will annul out of just this has bitten more noise that another, and this has treated decently in a reduction of Noise, but any so that it adds like Sony 1000XM3.

Quality of sound:
A headphone extracted quite good. I have required so only the estimativa daily commuter headphone this touches good and this really surprised me. Some bass are augmented slightly and a mid the row is very clear like this vocals really underline and has listened clearly.
The big frequency is very balanced quite crispy and shimmering but any ear fatiguing.
Has included in of the big volumes a sound does not distort, as I can comfortably music of game in a max volume this in spite of enjoy it, be careful tho still when I need to listen your half.

Used that to look the film and a sound was a lot of immersive because of a focuses of cups of the ear, to the chairs like was more than prjimo to an action and same tho looked in my telephone has has felt involved with a film.

Now of course that spends bit it more the money for the product of price could take you that little it bite extra that can import to an enthusiast, but Yes calms so only is looking for the good headphone with decent ANC, life of long battery, surprisingly quality of his astounding for music and netflix, and of any one spends the tonne of money then these are utmost especially for a point of low price. Like this far like this well, it loves it and it can recommend this.

Expects these helps!
5 / 5 by Kathleen
Colour: Black has Bought two pairs of headphones partorisca see which would be better, these and another pair with alike statistician. To the left it is partorisca spend for a pros and gilipollas , as I have had the few people try these on and listen to a difference among these and the pair of Bose QC35. I mean it is not the just comparison, Bose is a leader of industry for the noise that Annuls auricular. But ossia that has discovered. I have had the pocolos fellow in an office listen to a same music in both, a same time, changing with which 30 seconds, an initial reaction was Bose is better until they have listened these are . They have discovered once a price, has been surprised that some auricular has treated like this well.

- ANC Is well, does not add , but short out of the plot of a noise of low frequency, any as much as Bose, but is still to plot
- A sound is excellent, the reproduction of his this very good. It is cleaned and clear, but this depends in a quality of an audio is listening to. Listening to something in 128kbps (incumplimiento partorisca iTunes) will be well, but the compare to 320kbps and will listen a difference, was clearer. It is everything to do with a compression.
- Comfort it are add, has used to possess the pair of headphones to estimate like this, for another company, and after an hour these would hurt my ears and a cup of my boss would begin to hurt also. These are utmost, any ache, and this has to that do with a measure of a cushioning his on him. A measure of the interior is for a cup of ear. Which is quite good.
- The looks of battery to last for ever. WELL, it is meant to be 24 hours that use so only a ANC with a boss has attached, and is 20 hours that use a ANC with a Bluetooth connection. So only to compare, a Sony WH-CH700N has resupplied 35 use of hours with a ANC, on bending a cost.
- The functionality is well. Calm can connect him on easily a key to be able to wins turns to a key/of pause of the game when listening the music. A volume on and down the keys have the habit of skip before and skip has retreated clues he respectively.

- Dipped some headphones in a table, and according to a side dipped him on, calm neither paste your key of power to touch or music of pause or you skip the clue. This can take the little annoying, so that now it situates some headphones in the stand of headphones. They do not touch never an office.
- Some treble when management of a ANC is not like this acute, is almost likes is muffled the little. So only the very small quantity, and has asked the pocolos fellow of industry that DJ, and has said to be probably a way a ANC had been integrated in, and is something concealed affect more models of estimativa. But it is not so much that will complain roughly the, but when listening the music in HD, the will remark.
- A cup of a tape would owe that have more cushioning. The desire had stuck some foam by heart here also, and ossia something concealed does not affect my woman. My boss has the little his point in a cup, and ossia exactly where some rests of tape. So after the few hours to listen the music, will find to take the little plague . I have spoken with the people of dozen in an office and I look to be an only one with this pointy bit in a cup of my boss. They are not the conehead or anything!
- Him him Of the big ears (taste) of calm then will find that although some headphones return amiably and his no hurt because of a skin of soft protein and a foam by heart, will seat in yours lobules of ear. That spend the earrings can be the small frustrating. But so only a subject has big ears. A measure of interior of east cup: roughly 5big cm and 4wide cm.

Reason deserve 5 stars? Well, if you have compared these to a Bose QC35, would have to be 1/6th also like Bose, and in my opinion, thinks that is. I think that that they are 1/4 like good. Which is big praise in fact. A bookmark is based in the takings and a paid of price for him. I am side of the sure money.
4 / 5 by Eusebio
Colour: the Pertinent Active noise Black annulling auricular partorisca 40?!

Has thought nah the can not be - but these, these are a real shot . A fact that this class of intracate the technology is now so only 40 is crazy in my sincere opinion. In fact it does a lot very too much.

Some auricular celery a lot of comfy and very light - almost too Light as now they feel economic and flimsy with some materials plsticoes.

A quality of his east brilliant - especially for this row of price. This in spite of there is roughly clipping in max volume. This clipping can not be listened in 90 volume.

A noise that annuls is crazy a lot of - turns down background noise to around 95!!

Sometimes his door without touching music so only to annul out of a majority of external background noise. They do not annul out of sounds like the automobiles beeping in you or any yelling in you, but annul out of constant background noise like AC unit, Engines, wind and general background sounds.

Bluetooth The connection is generally well, this in spite of has subject when a telephone is in my sinister pocket for some reason Lool perhaps a fat of the mine thigh is blocking a signal to the equal that has absolute any question that the rests have connected to my telephone when I leave in my fourth and are by means of a house with some headphones.

Theae Is rediculously well for 40! So only you leave down for his plastic and flimsy feels.

The voice is good - I can listen ppl adds, but has been said a quality if my voice is mediocre.
4 / 5 by Harris
Colour: Black I technology of description partorisca my work and has seen still countless of headphones of estimativa. One first what partorisca say in this receiver is that they are excellent value partorisca money, does not have any a lot of headphones there offering qualities of audio also like this partorisca a price. In an end of this description will leave to surround it quickly of a pros/gilipollas calms quite skip down to this.

A byline of his this quite neutral and slowly but really has balanced well. Typically, the headphones in this category there is on-emphasised tomb to try to accommodate for quality of his poor. Ossia To good sure any one a chance here. Some full bass bodied but without booming or on-powering some other frequencies - the done for the warm and relaxing byline of sound. Vocals And mids is smooth and pleasant, but so only like a highs is being missing of in a detail would find in flagship auricular. Equally a soundstage is being missing of, again would not expect to really listen this in this point to price this in spite of. For a price these are some of some better that touch it auricular that has tried - a claim of 'audiophile-his of note' to good sure is not attentive this in spite of.

MODIFY: A life of battery has alleged is 24 hours, but of 50 volume tries some headphones obliterated this claim and has produced 37 hours. I am not kidding, and has verified this multiple time (included has achieved was the Taotronics for chance). Seriously impressive!
Was well to see the 3.5 mm the boss has comprised in a box also, but once these courses out of battery, calm can not maintain listening to them, sadly. Of course, calm does not have any options of fast load here but taken around 3 hours for the full load for micro USB - beautiful level, but wish this USB has used C. The connectivity is also a lot well, particularly by means of obstructions (likes wall in my house) with some headphones easily surpassing 30 ft, as any complaint here. In a line of the test of view has surpassed well this this in spite of with the crazy 385 ft! Surprisingly, these also offered fine-pairing of device (2 devices) - the same characteristic a lot of flagships does not have . So that they want to use some headphones to take calls, a microphone has the half sensibility and my voice have touched the little muffled but calls of telephone was possible (be conscious that these pickup the just quantity of background noise also).

The quality of build is quite regular, which is to say quite good. A mechanism of folding hinge is done a lot well, can say this will not break any punctual time. Some the plastic material elections are quite economic-feeling but also quite durable (but is enormous fingerprint fond). Otherwise, A creation is quite attractive, simple and no too bulky in a boss. A leatherette the cushions offer quite decent cushioning in a has there was emphasise that ossia 'on' some ears. Announcing these like this on-the ear is quite misleading, is not so only the chance to be addicted on measured of ear. These are clearly on-auricular of ear and so only will be 'on-ear' in an absolute tinier of ears. A consequence of of the this is that a hastens of headphones against a cartilage of ear, meaning conjoint of tiredness of the ear in the plot more collects that with on-auricular of ear. After listening for the pair of hours there is remarked my ears that sore of result and is the relief to finally take these were. A clamping the force is not 'particularly' bad, ossia so only the common consequence of one on-way of ear. I also liked to having seen bit it more cushioning in a tape of these is not particularly light and will cause the little bit of soreness in a cup of a boss after the few hours to listen.

A placing of key for some controls of music is also quite unusual. Some keys of volume are differential and very located in a backside of a cup of ear, as you instinctively go to situate your thumb here to change volume. Some keys are tactile and offer the good click, differential when some needs of key of the power to be here too much. A key to be able to and ANC the transmission is located in an opposite side in a front, which is quite unnatural to achieve. A key to be able the folds up for skipping clues, as I have required to achieve until press this quite often. Perhaps locating everything of some keys in a cup of right ear was the deception, enough would have seen all the controls in some backsides but extended by means of both cups of ear instead. A ANC the transmission is not particularly tactile neither, would have preferred the key to the transmission here. But this I me ameno to ANC...

Is not exactly soyisleading' to call this ANC, but ossia very remote of a ANC offered in flagship auricular. You go to take far more the noise has blocked out of an isolation of passive noise (the headphones that the blockade was noise simply to cover your ears) that with a ANC characteristic. For me, some auricular fault a part 'active' of ANC, reason simply produce the white noise to blockade was his - no adapted to an external noise at all and a force of an annulment is quite down (calm included could struggle to remark the difference). They block it was slightly more the noise with a characteristic has turned on, but for a sake of the life of battery has opted to leave it was the difference had to then very small here. It have to that remark that the would be perfectly reasonable to so only not having a ANC characteristic at all, and require raisin partorisca on 150-200 for decent ANC.

In general, has such the enormous phase for people that does not want to pay flagship 200-300+ prices and those who are not that fussed roughly having an absolute better audio, ANC, figure etc. A TaoTronics TT-BH047 returned amiably to this category and is one of some available better headphones in this point of price.

- Fantastic value, is very reasonable
- Neutral audio , has balanced
- life of Amazing battery
- the connectivity Adds
- latency Quite down (quite good to look film)

- On-ear, any 'on-ear' to the equal that has alleged
- ANC is very feeble
- Ear soreness sets in with which 2-3 hours been due to on-of creation of ear
- the Odd key that plant
- Characteristic-light (any application of mate or fact to commission EQ)
4 / 5 by Lola
Colour: Black Fast description:
Comfortable, on-ear any in the ear like him some is complaining was, the good noise that annuls and quality of his in around 70 volume, perhaps to somewhere with to to the strong background music likes him the gymnasium would require partorisca have the plus of strong to annul an annoying music questions of that fly!
So only arrived today as it can not comment on life of battery still, which is why I has given 3 star for now until I can give the most thorough test.
Has possessed TaoTronic auricular before and always be impressed with his trade/of the price of the quality was. Highly recommend these.

UPDATES ON has SEEN of BATTERY - in the word, glorious, his summer 4 days of regular use, commuting, walking of dog, gymnasium and did not touch them once! Commute Typically takes 1.5 hours each way. In general it say that I have listened partorisca 12-15 hours and has not required the load. Very impressed.

There is detailed description:
I finally decided partorisca order some in headphones of ear like inner ear buds gave the ache of boss after prolonged use.

Downloads of authorship in my description, are not a audiophile and earphone nerd, wants to listen the music and looking Youtube/Netflix in mine commute by means of Londra but does not go to be never a bondadoso to complain that triple is better in this mark of headphone or the base is better in this mark of headphone!

The quality is excellent, am surprised so only that they can do and distribute these in such the low price. My recently spent brother in 200 on some Sony XM3 earphones and honradamente I of the that knows reason any one would spend this quantity, when these are in pair for quality of build, albeit a Sony the sound is incredible.
Is foldable to do it easier that store in stock exchange when any required, but does not come with any spend or chance of travesa, again for a price am not surprised that Taotronics is not launching in a lot of extra.

Quality of his east really, really well, seating in mine living room with 3 year that shouts and the lady that TV of looks and so only some background noise was audible, listening in Samsung S9+ with volume in around 70-75.

Some another reviewers complains it that these are on-ear and a lot on-ear, this in spite of these are to good sure on-ear, and am not blessed with some smaller ears there!

In general am happy with product and would recommend, but will have to that it informs of the update after the few weeks uses world-wide real to the equal that can give life of battery evaluadora sincere and consolation of use of long time.
5 / 5 by Becki
Colour: Black Like my sister asked partorisca recommend some the Active noise that Annuls auricular partorisca my brother in anniversary of laws. I have mentioned the little this in spite of a price unfortunately was so only too big partorisca sound. I have been said has has wanted to something well but without a fear partorisca lose the pair of books of hundred if his where partorisca go missing. No an easy task! Have Then expsito Taotronics. I never listened of his first like this verified the pair of his descriptions and they were all a lot, very good! Some prices where again looking more than the row of price until I have found this model has released recently that it was quite economic!

An external creation has to that admit has the very smooth look. It is difficult to explain but basically a global colour is the good spatial ash with the picture of view of the side of a piece of ear of the receiver. Has an expensive look also- almost slightly has dulled was that it think would look bad but in fact adds an air of quality of his price. Inner some headphones are resisted in place with some plastic packaging basic black but does not concern reason he well and for real maintains him good and sure.
Considering some contents take:
Some headphones, micros usb touching boss, jack boss and of course a booklet of instruction.

A global look and feel of some headphones is extremely ready. It is the very simple look but do very a lot of - stylish and modern. A thing there is remarked immediately is a build feels tremendously solid. Apparently they are facts of the resilient ties of the z/of the zinc and I have to that admit really feel very strong hanged light still! I add! It has included they can be bent until the whopping 180 terracings without breaking like this in of the terms of peaces of alcohols for easily to break the any need to concern ! In the each side of some headphones is a Taotronics the logo looked in the calm money draws that access in amiably to a global black and diagram by heart of the money. Now considering like feeling it really is the very comfortable experience . I have thought at the beginning that they were too small but is taste with of the big boss then does not concern reason these headphones are in fact extendable.
Has not arrived with any one uploads as I have decided to try them first of all has used a distributed time very extra jack. To start with with there is remarked that well seat when it is on. I am not too tight but no too open and really chairs a lot well in your ears. Some cushions in the each piece of the ear does not feel that incredible is to feel he with your hands but when calm in fact his doors will be surprised for some durable, still extremely soft character that resupplies. It is like this very in fact it has had to verify up and see that it is done that resulted to be some class of soft protein. And incredible celery!
All some controls and the auxiliary entrances are housed in a so only earpiece that in fact it prefers to consider me personally on more other headphones that has had on some years some keys can be scattered around during a place that the quite weighed fact to use but with these is good and simple like the goodbye is some days in trying to find a right key to perhaps look a volume or answer the call.
But regarding one the majority of what of entity that is of course which well is a quality of his and after giving them the fast load to try out of a ANC left me say calm is incredible. They are in fact jealous that has not taken the pair of these on its own name! Although it is quell'has bitten difficult to describe in of the words a quality of his this basically fantastic, in fact is better that that, His soft, clear and in general so only the very good experience! But one a thing that blew really was is which well an active noise that annuls the technology is reason any only law extremely well! Basically a lot background or the environmental noise is cut entirely was and remain with the smooth quality , big silky listening experience that is so only unbelievable. It imagines to listen the music in your own personal recording studio ossia that this good ! One a thing that has to that here it is a beauty to receive the call of telephone by means of these headphones. I owe that say compared to other headphones have had in a past is The BEST in of the terms of qualities of sound. My woman has been surprised with the very and clear am coming by means of too much reason in my personal headphones that use every day and side almost 100 has the bit of an effect of echo but with these is so only his flawless in his main quality!

In general:
honradamente has not taken the bad thing to say in this receiver. For a price that these is is a subject incredible. All the sound and careers smoothly; they are comfortable weight , light and look very sophisticated as well as stylish. HIGHLY RECOMMEND and when being sincere I goes to finalise probably that takes the pair I!
5 / 5 by Olinda
Colour: To the left beginning Black with a good:
A quality of sound was very better that has expected partorisca a price.
Is comfortable to spend.
The noise that annuls looks partorisca do well.
A row looks quite good.
Life of the battery so much has been far like this expected.

Now a bad:
has a turn signal crackle, am like this sure if ossia some headphones or a Bluetooth ( raisin on all the devices).
Does not have any chance to the equal that would have been well.
A location of some keys means yes calm dipped the down will turn was, skip clue or disorder with a volume.
Has the economic to feel but is economic.

If a crackling worsens will return but in general a lot bad.
5 / 5 by Jacquelyn
Colour: Black any I still is reason the rests have included in a phase with such low quality products. The sound is a lot crap, not clearing, no quite strong, some tampons are small and constantly pressing in the cartilage of an ear. A registration for his guarantee does not act. Calm so only will owe that buy expensive and serious frames love qualities of some classes. Anything less than 150 - 200 has to that be crap
5 / 5 by Fidela
Colour: his add Black, easy to pair. The reduction of noise is utmost. A creation resupplies reduction of passive noise well, and, when turned on, an annulment of active noise has done a sound of better same music. A hard battery like this fiance. They are very happy has decided to try these! Any remorse!

I work of house and often manage without them sound partorisca help cut out of a noise of my family. It likes him the charm! I am surprised in the well in this point of price. Having to that take annoyed for on-auricular of ear because door of the glasses and have the main boss that the majority. I have been able to spend these partorisca several hours the time without subjects.

A final profit partorisca me- rule down partorisca return my small boss!! A lot auricular is too big, but these are perfect!!
5 / 5 by Neville
Colour: Black I highly estimate ANC in my headphones partorisca music and podcasts while a quality of his does not suffer with ANC on.

Without accidents can say a quality of his does not suffer when ANC is turned on.

These headphones resupply qualities of his excellent. Has the quite good bass answered, is in fact easy the overshoot with EQ. Some headphones take boomy he also augmented in of the big volumes. Using my incumplimiento EQ in player of means comunicacionales, with just the clue of impulse of low, and a sound are adds for me by means of the variety of genders of music, podcasts, radio, film, etc.

A ANC works, deletes to to the things likes them-him the noise of partidrio - other annoying sounds, although any voice, is appropriately has dulled. Absolutely it loves that these headphones can be used in both wireless way and wire fence. In a chance that a battery is downloaded, calm still can use some headphones by means of the connection wired - more wireless headphone the companies would owe that offer this basic functionality

Among the good hard shell that spends chance, has the pleasant and sturdy feels manually. Some focuses left and well was stitched to a cloth of grill of the speaker - ossia the good touch .

Top Customer Reviews: Audio-Technica ATH-M20X Professional Headphones - ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 by Alysha
The cost has checked 1- Consuelo
2- His

1. Taking stuffy after the moment of use, p. p.ej. Sessions of long music, hours of pair gaming, and possibly to an end of film. The reccomend spent velour tampons of ear down a street (4+ month) like any one only is more comfortable but a eskin' in these has begun partorisca leave with which roughly 6 month so that I reccomend transmission you in era roughly 4 month in.
2. Glorious low-end, slightly distorted highs. Any subject a chance these are surprising for a price and is suitable for all the classes of consumption of means comunicacionales: it surrounds fashion of his experience with film/gaming with the crisp & bassy sound; video of Youtube etc, so only utmost; the music is orders also, especially when listening to the sound to the deep plus likes some following genders: Jazz, Rock, Weighed-metal, psychedelic rock, rock of mathematician, rock of pop, dubstep (in spite of my personal flavour against dubstep, my partner said is adds for him). This gender is where some headphones shine more, but is adds for the wide variety of the gender that comprises the-fi hip-hop, hip-hop in general, r&b and rap. So only be wary with rap and hip-hop likes to like it has said before a big-the end can take distorted.

Is the product adds for just 35 when I bought him 2 years ago. 9.5/10
4 / 5 by Roselyn
The cost has verified Yes could, would give it the 4.5/5.
Am spent enough the long time that looks around for headphones, and has chosen these like this of the earliest versions of a M50x which is a price but considered likes one of a better in his pricepoint, and the descriptions thus produced were quite well by means of a joint.

QUALITY of SOUND: Enough it adds!
Is better that other headphones have tried concealed was around, or slightly under this point of price - the genuine and easily identifiable improvement. Has the crisp and enough his well rounded that looks to fill an air. A thing will remark is that an arisen tomb of final under/sub-the basses is hard to explode - can you a lot for real take some bass of bomb of the bone out of these, any one imports that tests. This in spite of, with the bit of EQ to augment an end a lower, certainly can take bit it more out of his that a baseline, and would advise to try that first to refuse some bass in these like this any when being a lot enough. In general, really it enjoys a sound of way, and spend them everywhere now.

QUALITY of BUILD: it looks he adds.
The product does not feel tacky or economic and also feels quite flexible.
A boss is big quality , and exceptionally long in fact, to good sure looked to have use of monitor in alcohol, but means is the little walking more than annoying around city with them on, as I owe that stash a rest of a boss to somewhere. But any I particularly called that it drawback - having the more long and big quality the boss is well for use in home sure.

You no clamp hard, chair amiably around my ears - comfortable immediately.
Some cups on are that it classifies of shiny leathery material, which can do him the bit sweaty using them for long periods. I am tried in fact to buy and install some different tampons, but is not it dealbreaker for any half.

EVASIONS of SOUND: Surprisingly well.
Has received these headphones while work, tried them on, dipped in the bassy clues, has turned a volume on the little... Any batted a eyelid. I have maintained to dip his on, taking them was, on, has gone... It was surprised really in just that a lot these have maintained an interior of the his when some cup is joint or in your boss. They are to good sure any one the noise that annuls auricular, as you still will listen an external noise while travelling for example, but is to good sure a lot prevent evasions of sound.

Like this - is looking for mid-auricular of final in the low-ish point of price - these look the election adds. As it says, an only thing that would try me upgrade would be to improve that final of the lowest basses, but can see me not feeling likes need to explore that for the moment to come, now that has these.

MODIFICATION: 2 years later - is like this comfortable likes day 1, and there is still not founding auricular that matches them. Yes, one the low end could use the tiny nudge but is really any one the data subject like a sound is balanced. It can no to recommend them more.
5 / 5 by Inger
The cost verified has bought these purely in of the recommendations here partorisca substitute a pair aged of Sony has beaten. Oh That the deception has done. First of a connection twixt spent and amp is the very big and lose subject, sometimes two canals, often so only one.

Then has a sound, that uses the big end Marantz SACD player like my source and the big end Yamaha amp partorisca his, these beat, when doing in both canals (which has not gone often), was so only like this tinny with virtually very grave at all.

On that, an advantage was way has meant too much cut could not seat behind in my sofa partorisca enjoy my tunes. So only seating sustaining the advances achieves, any very partorisca me with severe spinal subjects.

Will be partorisca return and looking elsewhere partorisca something that in fact works. Probably partorisca cost more but quality of his and comfort it side partorisca pay stops.
4 / 5 by Regine
The cost has checked has taken an Audio -technical ATH-M20X auricular to substitute mine 10 old year Sennheiser. It was impressed like this with as ATH-M20X looked and felt. Well cushioning in some ears and boss and comfy also. Very especially that to to a sound likes .... I owe that say he adds, has the neutral sound and I feel some bass touches more acute and cleaner. You can choose out of some instruments that the touch and I rally thinks there the big improvement. Partorisca A calm price think would be hard pressed partorisca find the best touching dipped of headphones. Also find I his key down roughly 20 where a Sennheiser was on around 35.su very small the leak and I now find I cant listens a bell of door so that an only question has had....
4 / 5 by Dexter
The cost has verified Absolutely that it surprised them auricular! These headphones Cost twice if any triple a price is on sale stops. A clarity of them is unbelievable. I use mine partorisca production of music and the general music that listens. You can listen each applause, hat and shaker in the song or has beaten. Has the very good frequency response of 15 - 20,000 Hz. This calm mean can listen all the tones of basses in the song until one the majority of big pitched hats and shakers.

A quality of build is also exceptional. Celery and look the a lot of final pair elder of headphones. A tape is adjustable in the each side that the easy fact partorisca take them that the returns adds partorisca any one. A tape and the cups of ear are both a lot cushioned partorisca do for the comfortable access partorisca long use. I have seen another complains cups of ear that is very uncomfortable but would have to that disagree with east has spent him like this partorisca the long period is with zero discomfort.

A boss on is also abundance long in 3M. Comprised with some headphones also take to 1/4 thumb jack adapter. This calm give you an option partorisca connect in any device of audio like mixers and DJ controllers that so only can has to that 1/4 thumb connection.

In general can not recommend these headphones enough. Be he for production of music or general listening. Some headphones are of a lot of qualities, fly he for a price.
5 / 5 by Salvador
The cost has checked looked for a better pair of headphones could take partorisca around 50 and has researched at length in both Amazon and an internet a wide plus and these were one some have maintained partorisca go back to.

Has the small to begin which often can be a subject with auricular as often they fall off look on or down. It has had no such subject here returns perfectly and has not required any of a room of extra boss has offered. It say that these are quite fantastic for the person with the smallest boss but his hips accomodate the big boss because of a long room.

A build looks his for a point of price and (forest to touch) has not had any subject with them like this of closings. A sound blew in fact was when I tried him in the first place - for a small price simply calms can any gone bad with these. I will say that it purchase these to listen the music indoors and would not take them never was like this unattachable the boss is very long. So much, you can it wants to consider that you are intention is to spend alfresco.

In general, am very happy with these and the hard hope to us the decent quantity of time. It gives him try it, can not see like this can be disappointed.
5 / 5 by Avery
The cost has verified a lot disappointed. They are not a audiophile like this perhaps so only does not appreciate him . I tried him on my pill, telephone and TV and - although I do not have listening questions, can no partorisca take them quite strong for my personal preference and feel the bit thins down. I have had to appeal to a eg on all my devices but still tin a lot really the take that it loves.
His one the majority of the never paid for the headphones and is looked forward to that enjoys my music. I have gone back to mine sub-held JVC light on-auricular of ear. I can take more level out of his and the richest bass and the find them more comfortable.
Any usually returns anything unless his broken but 39 is the plot to write was like this the'll probably send them behind. To be just will give him a plus tries with a source of his of the main quality has but like the'll mainly using them on my pill I probably would not use him again.
4 / 5 by Evie
The cost has checked Perfect robust and simple headphone partorisca podcasting. Vocals Is clear and rich and the music touches attentive to register.

Thinks that will be able to use these partorisca some prjimos 10 years without any subjects.

The period of boss is utmost partorisca me and is obviously like this longer that regular headphones.

The materials have used is simple but rugged. The isolation of noise is a lot so only of some tampons of ear so only.

Very happy
4 / 5 by Katie
The cost verified has not had any intention partorisca buy another pair of corded auricular but after weighing on a pro is and with east to go Bluetooth and after looking in a lot , a lot revises the era the little dubious roughly going wireless, a possibility of lag and degradation of a quality of audio as it could arrive and like this the decided partorisca go for the new pair of corded auricular to use joint my HD205 is which do fault very partorisca the few years

the M20X has arrived a next day in the big box with abundance partorisca protect returned partorisca ensure to remain sure during traffic, a the telephone is very very built and there are them to good sure that will last while one 205 east, when being all black gives him a understated professional appearance and so only partorisca look in them take an impression that goes partorisca touch well

and his a lot of they , the plugged his to mine Yamaha Av Auricular and has on shot Me and Bobby McGee for a Thankful Death, this clue has touched always like this well with a Sennheisers and the very really expect a lot of difference with a M20 is but was the never surprised,using some headphones entirely feed like adding is no equalisation at all has been them impacted in like this different and the one who better a clue has touched, some the electrical guitars were now totally separate and character in place of a general sound of some mixed electrical guitars, can listen them each one which as like this an individual instrument so only like the alive band, one same with some bass, is there but is cleaned and crisp,in place of the sound of the basses in a fund is now the electrical guitar of basses that listens

partorisca a price has paid these are auricular glorious rids it far on his point of price, an only downside is that as they touch like this of the good the so only know that in some point will give them in the temptation and buy one 50 is,

if you are able to feed these with the signal of average of decent audio of a amp or smartphone etc then am them calm sure like this impressed like this are them with his quality
4 / 5 by Lavette
The cost has verified These are quite the revelation! My last near of the headphones was Klipsch Image II which are extremely heavy bass. It is taking the moment to take used to a crisp, his clear. I can listen things with an Audio Technica is that I have not listened never in of the clues before. A response of basses is well, but any overpowering and a mids and highs is so only breathtakingly attentive. They are comfortable was with glasses and have the really long boss as you could cover these to a television to look the film and chair in a couch without difficulty!

Top Customer Reviews: AKG K52 High Performance Closed-Back Monitoring ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 by Lilia
Way: K52 has taken these AKG K52 headphones today.. Very well like this far. You use him partorisca the few hours and sound well. Any really believe an idea on that it has to that burn auricular in. I think that that it is the bit of the myth. This right sound adds out of a box.
The sound is very balanced and a stereo image quite wide. It take these like the substitution for some AKG 44s reason an elastic in a self that rule the band has come free but liked really a self regulating of system in these some and these some have some same a. It was unfortunate with that that spends in mine other headphones, with which roughly 4 use of month, considered, so only the bit if bad regime, hopefully these some will not suffer a subject same.

Has seen some revises elsewhere, there is not a lot a lot of, in to the this time like them to them these is quite new in a phase. One has said that that has had the response of the feeble bass or that have touched boxy does not know that it is speaking roughly.. I have not found that at all.

A row of frequency of these telephones according to a AKG place, is 18hz - 20,000khz Like Adult the human ear so only can listen 20 hz to around 18,000 hz that gradually reduces calm so that it age . For reference. An inferior note in the full sized 88 piano of note is 27.5 hz an upper note is 4,186 Hz.
These cover the perfectly pertinent spectre. I think a stereo the image touches the widest shadow that a K44s has done and is even more comfortable to spend
the Upper row is not too brilliant or hard. Mid The row is has represented clearly. The tomb is rich and detailed, without being in emphasised so only like a K44s was. An upper band in these K52s is done of metal in place of plastic like a K 44s and there is replaceable earpads, which a model sooner has has not had. Although any instruction among a box to say you like this to do like this but a fact that has him, gives an impression, expect these headphones to last the just while. It has to that look on Youtube to find for the video on regarding the , need to.
A boss is 2.5 metres or 8ft 2 thumbs long and quality of build, very reasonable in this low prize £30.
Has tried several types of music by means of them, comprising roughly of mine own and. All a detail has been represented. As I have touched each instrument in these clues, would have remarked if the sounds were muffled or disappeared.
These have bought to use in mine Nexus 10 pill and is quite strong. I owe that do sure any to have a volume on all a way.
Has compared these to my old Audio Technica ATH M30 auricular like use in my computer upstairs, a AKG52s have answered much more of basses that those do and probably slightly less acute, this impression is been born roughly when I have verified a response of quoted frequency for each of them a K52s quoting 18hz - 20,000khz and a M30s quoting 20hz - 20,000khz. A difference of basses, is a lot of noticeable among these two, some triple touching smoother and less hard in a K52s, although both are quoting a same figure for this row of upper frequency. Isolation of the his a lot well very better that a ATH M30s, this in spite of stops to be just, is the trace bit it...
In general very pleased with them in this prize of estimativa.. So only expect a self regulating controls of band on this time.

Sees my AKG K44 description for this history... A AKG52s has similarities to those but I in fact think to the sound bit it better, look the build of better quality also, the time has left to expect try me correct.
5 / 5 by Breann
Way: K92 has Required some headphones that was more incere' when it mix down clues in a studio of project. My estimativa has been limited at the same time and has seen some really good descriptions of a K92s. I can say I have not been disappointed. Thus point of prize, is fantastic. Utilisation the pair of Sennheisers laws to mix the cost 5 times so much and honradamente can say, prefers to use a AKGs. So only celery well in an ear. A Sennheisers give begin fairy of @@tiredness quickly, but a AKGs can spend for hours the time, without a feeling of having your boss squashed in the addiction and having a eyeball the pop was all while Joe Fish is shouting in you.

Of a aural honradamente point of view, certainly is that we leave me listen that it is going in in a mix and a lot especially, at least for me, is does not add a lot of esparkle' to a highs. No longer do a estaca-mix big-to the his of to the hats likes him to him any paste the wet pillow with the spatula.


beat him Add for a money. You recommend to any studio of project in the estimativa.
4 / 5 by Dustin
Way: K52 These headphones are such value that has surprised .
Does not love his likes are bragging, but have tonnes of headphones, some dips that has is almost 5 times a quantity of this together, like this here is my sincere description of a AKG 52 east.


Draws wise, a AKG is is at all particularly special. A creation is no offensive and generally thin. It likes like this of one 'The and 'R' the indicators are located in some cups of ear, and is good and big like calm always know that way around a neighbour goes.
A boss is good and thickness, roughly 2 metres in period.
HAS the self-adjustable tape that was originally sceptical roughly, but in reality is the really good idea . A neighbour so only relaxes to the good place.
Please note: A neighbour no fold, or transfer, as it can not be an ideal election for DJ is or people those who require something more compact.
A earcups is quite big and am sure will return in the majority of measures of ear.
A quality of build is of the big level.


These headphones are good and light. Because of a self-adjustable tape, a headset a lot really require any cushioning. You could spend this together for the hours and he would not be never the question.
Would consider these to be more for use of audio of the house that in a movement, and would not recommend him for use of gymnasium. So only they would maintain to slip your boss.


I honradamente struggle to find to to anything does not like on this together. A sound is balanced amiably, the bass are orderly and we driven, but is not that it overwhelms or muddy. A mids and highs and crisp and easy to identify although a music is grave -heavy. The music by means of some headphones is exciting and cleaned.
Has LIKE THIS SPATIAL. I can not underline that spacial this sound of headphones. ( You are thinking 'That a heck is this type on roughly' am sure has a audiophile glossary that can that spatial is in report to headphones).
These are in fact mine goes you-to dip for music.

Regarding a gilipollas, is quite minimum. If you like really energetic bassy hardship-the fashionable music and you likes him be thumped in a boss for some bass, probably would advise to go elsewhere. (Usually you recommend Sony for this class of music). A AKG produced more than the warm sound, natural.
If anything a neighbour can be the little too warm touching in time, which are to add is listening the acoustic music, classical, jazz or smooth . I listen to the plot of Heavy Metal, and although they are more than happy to listen to metal by means of these headphones, to the chairs like them some headsets can rid of the bit of the better experience, but in honesty, are nit-choosing.
For £30 they the stellar work. I seat as if this neighbour would owe that be priced around one £50-£60 row, as £30 is the subject.
4 / 5 by Holley
Way: K92 These are so only perfect for me!
Seats solid and is súper comfortable. Ossia That enjoys one the majority of in this receiver - any discomfort anything still after having them on for 5-6 hours the day in work. Still doing perfectly with which 6 same month although they fall of my office the little time the day.
Quality of his east orders, although it do not require to try a lot last for something a difference among these and of the models of main finals.
This in spite of, to good sure value each penny of one £42 I has paid.
Is not the noise that annuls (any announced to be neither) but is enclosed and effective filter out of noise of environmental office.
Could not be happier with this compraventa.
5 / 5 by Benjamin
Way: K92 would give the 4.5 to these headphones. The experience done 3 month so much abundance to time to try them. They are comfortable, can spend him 3 hours or like this without a need to take them was to rest, does not cook your ears and an elastic tape perfect work ( was fearful when I saw them in the first place so that it does not look quality a lot very).
- Buy this to look film with headphones or listening to burst/his Indian/light/rock// classical, detailed, has balanced. The dialogues are surprising.
- Does not buy this tomb to look for, any way. It does not buy this for comuting, does not have reduction of external noise at all and have a 3m boss. Some propiciado by ear is massive, as has the escentro announced the boss any still test.

In general, adds for down 40 crux, but bear in importing that this would have to that be for use/of studio of the house so only, likes isolation of the noise is not there.
4 / 5 by Al
Way: K52 With which a lot of investigation and reading of the descriptions have decided to spend of longitude a recommendation of WhatHiFi and has bought a AKG K52 headphones.
After the a lot of hours of use have found that a self-regulating the tape and the light creation this extremely comfortable receiver to spend.
A sound resupplied for a 40mm the engine is excellent with the very good bass answered and clarity.
All the frequencies are managed well and resupply the definition and the excellent row have balanced.
(NB. Strangely, A quality of his when it has used initially disappoint and worthy of only to 3 indication of star, in better, but a more some headphones have been used a more an action has improved to this expected and after the concealed 'those careers in' the continuous period treat like this required that.)
Uses these headphones mainly with my iPad to listen my library of music of the iTunes, a distributed 6mm jack the adapter this in spite of leave covers it a bit auricular to mine HiFi amplifier, which is in prize .

For some purposes of my requirements these headphones represent excellent value for money.
5 / 5 by Virgina
Way: K92 using these headphones to control my electrical guitar by means of fine it unit of effects. The headphones are a lot read and comfortable. A response of his is not biased to low or treble like this ideal to take a sincere representation.
4 / 5 by Ferdinand
Way: K92 am using these to control my street of electrical Guitar an Interface of external audio - is very light and calm can spend him for the hours without any one subjects or taking too hot.

Has to that be conscious that has three things that can dip the people was:

3M Boss - If the failures, some auricular is rendered useless (any really a @@subject)

Walk EQ - has any 'extra bass' or sure classes of EQ that some people have the habit of - I play heavy metal and this 'lack' tomb, but a clarity of everything is is brilliant.

Yours the ears will touch an interior of a point - These am a lot treamlined' auricular, as it feels odd, but does not impact an action or consolation of some headphones a lot.
4 / 5 by Jeanette
Way: K72 has behind Enclosed? It has been it concealed it is that it says, so here one in a AKG place, but has so many evasions of his sound more liike OPEN behind!
At present have 6 different pairs of headphones, that comprises both economic and moderately the rear headphones priced shut (Sennheiser HD202 II, Beyerdynamic Habit A Pro, and the external pair).
Which his all active in common is blockades out of the plot of an environmental sound.
These things are some complete opposite! I can listen ALL that goes in, included I that tries to write quietly now still while spending them, each one keystroke is almost like this strong as if not spending at all.
Also possesses the pair of Samson opens rear headphones, and is EXACTLY like these in this I can listen everywhere me (annoying when a AKG the place boasts 'Closed-rear creation
maximizas isolation').

There is also the one who touch like the small ray that goes arounf in a cup of Right ear, which is bloody annoying!

Quality of the his wise, is expected like this. Quite neutral, but with the response of frequency adds and clarity. The tomb has very deep and punchy, but no overpowering and boomy. Mids And highs is good and crisp, but never like this slightly tinny.

Some tampons of foam are the little in a side in bylines, adding to a lack of isolation of the his so it does not form around a side of your boss very a lot of (this has not been an only cause of a lack of isolation this in spite of, as pressing a earcups firmly to my boss has done little difference).

Would have loved these headphones, if no for a lack of isolation and a free part inside a right cup.
He Love the pair of has beaten that blockade out of the decent quantity of environmental sounds, these are not some beat for you.
5 / 5 by Genaro
Way: K92 has had these for the few months and are really enjoying them. A quality of his better east that any one other headphones or earphones has has not had never, and belies a seal of prize. A balance is well, and a sound is clear and without sprain. I have read other descriptions that says a phase of his is not like this expansionary or-clear-cut so that with headphones more expensive. Quell'Conceals can be true, but certainly does not have any complaints.

Is really comfy, thanks to this band of wide skin in a cup. Quite light, at least for a measure, and a weight is a lot of-distributed so that it does not feel weighed in your boss. A gold trim is that it takes eye but no flashy. They are the little paving in shape, which means that your ears well can touch an interior of some receiver (but does not annoy me ). A boss is very long, which are adds to use while seated, but he sometimes among a way the little when it was and roughly. Utilisation these for music to plot, but also for gaming. I add for both.