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5 / 5
Leopold Stokowski Has not gone so only one of a More adds them managers, was also one of one the majority of controversy. The people neither he want to or abhor. Yes, often lame liberty with a bookmark, doing run or changing details of time, dynamic and orchestration, but was certainly never dull. His always has excited actions and often electrifying in an extreme. He the people listen afresh, and ossia any bad thing. How it has been often remarked, was more certainly the class of wizard or magician the one who could take any orchestra partorisca touch with his only - sound touches.

Stokowski Is been born in 1882, to a world of Brahms and Wagner, and some managers that sees driven in his youth ( was indorsement like the student in a Real University of Music when it was so only thirteen) has comprised Hans adds Richter, and later in life Stokowski says that it was the formative influence . Richter, like Nikisch, von Bulow and another has taken enormous liberties with time and phrasing. Ossia A way was then, and Stokowski never really changed. Continuous in this tradition well to a second half of a twentieth century, doing and that directs until his death in his ninety-sixth year in 1977.

Some registers in this box of ten CDs row of 1926 to 1945 and is mainly with an Orchestra of Philadelphia, whose result of manager in 1912. Any of some actions is less than interesting and many partorisca touch quite stunning. A sound is, of course, the long way that is achieved today. Like this always, an ear early rule, especially when a music that does is like this riviting. In fact, there are a lot of places where some look of years the fall was and one forgets that ossia the register has done seventy or eighty years ago.
Some ten disks are very presented in some appeals and sturdy box with some disks in of the bosses of map. There is not any note, but there is listed of full clue in each boss of CD, together with registering date. In only a pound for disk this neighbour is cost a lot well for money.

Here is the cast that is in a box:
Bach: Stokowski transcriptions.
Beethoven: Symphony Any one.9 (final Sung in English!).
Wagner: Several works (comprising Stokowski synthesis and own arrangements).
Tchaikowsky: Symphony Any one.5, Romeo and Juliet and Nutcracker (excerpts).
Mussorgsky: Pictures (excerpts)& Night in some Coffins Mountain.
Dvorak: Symphony Any one.9.
Sibelius: A Swan of Tuonela & Finland.
Berlioz: Lucido Carnival Romain.
Bizet: Music of Carmen ().
Stravinsky: A Rite of Cradle and A Firebird.
Rachmaninov: Concert of piano Any one.2 (With Rachmaninov).
Works for Saint-Saens, Satie, Liadov, Scriabin, Dukas and Schoenberg.
5 / 5
CD 1
1 Prelude in And-flat minor
rec. 1927

2 Sung 'Christ lag In Todes Banden', BWV 4: Corazón 'Christ lag in Todes Banden'
rec. 1931
3 Touched, Adage und Fugue In C that imports, BWV 564: Adage
rec. 1933

4 Musicalisches Gesangbuch G. C. Schemelli, BWV 439-488: Komm, süßer Tod, BWV 478
rec. 1933

5 Touched For Violin and No. Of Piano 4 in C smaller, BWV 1017: Siciliano
rec. 1933

6 Continuazione English No. 3 In G of entity, BWV 808: Sarabande
rec. 1934

7 Continuazione Orchestral No. 3 In D that imports, BWV 1068: Air in the Series of G
rec. 1936

8 St. Matthew Passione, BWV 244: Or Haupt voll Blut und Wunden
rec. 1936

9 Musicalisches Gesangbuch G. C. Schemelli, BWV 439-488: Mein Jesu! It was für ein Seelenweh, BWV 487
rec. 1936

10 Rape Split No. 1 In B smaller, BWV 1002: Sarabande
rec. 1936

11 St. John Passione, BWV 245: it is ist vollbracht
rec. 1940

All transcripted and fixed for Leopold Stokowski
Leopold Stokowski that directs an Orchestra of Philadelphia

CD 2
No. Of Symphony 9 in D smaller, op. 125
1 Allegro mine any too a bit maestoso
2 Prank: Very vivaz
3 Adage a lot and cantabile
4 Final: early. Allegro my no too

Agnes Davis (soprano), Ruth Cathcart (contralto), Robert Betts (tenor), Eugene Loewenthal (baritone), Corazón of Orchestra of Philadelphia
rec. 30. April 1934

Leopold Stokowski that Directs an Orchestra of Philadelphia

CD 3
RICHARD WAGNER (1813-1883)
1 Rienzi: Opening
rec. 1926/27

2 Prelude to Do I
rec. 1927
3 Prelude to Do III
rec. 1940

4 Inaugural And Venusberg Music
rec. 1937
5 Prelude to Do III (arr. For Stokowski)
rec. 1936

Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg
6 Prelude to Do I
rec. 1936
7 Prelude to Do III
rec. 1931

Leopold Stokowski that Directs an Orchestra of Philadelphia

CD 4
RICHARD WAGNER (1813-1883)
Tristan und Isolde
1 Symphonic Syntheses (arr. For Stokowski)
rec. 1932

2 Data Walküre: Wotans Feuerzauber
rec. 1939

3 Götterdämmerung: Erlösung
rec. 1927

4 Karfreitagszauber
rec. 1936
5 Symphonic Syntheses of Law III (arr. For Stokowski)
rec. 1934

Leopold Stokowski that Directs an Orchestra of Philadelphia

CD 5
No. Of Symphony 5 in And smaller, op. 64
1 that Yerra. Allegro with animate
2 that Yerra cantabile, with some licence
3 Cost: Allegro moderate
4 Final: that Yerra maestoso. Allegro vivaz. Prompt
rec. 11. December 1934

5 Romeo and Juliet: Opening of Fantasy
rec. 11. December 1944

6 Snowa, kak preshde, hate (Again, like this first, so only), op. 73 No. 6
rec. 11. May 1942

Leopold Stokowski that directs an Orchestra of Philadelphia, Orchestra of Symphony of City of New York, Orchestra of Symphony of the NBC

CD 6
Pictures in an Exposure (Excerpts)
1 Walk. A Gnome
2 An Old Castle
3 Bydlo. Walk. Ballet Of a Unhatched Chickens. Samuel Goldenberg and Schmuyle. Catacombs
4 Slime Jaga. A Door Adds of Kiev
rec. 1931/32

5 Chovanchtchina: Intermezzo Of Law IV
rec. 1928

6 Lucido Poem of the fire, op. 60 (Excerpts)
rec. 1931/32

7 studio In C acute minor
rec. 11. December 1944

ANATOLI LIADOV (1855-1914)
Russian Folk Songs
8 Religious Flange
9 Kolyada Meleda (Christmas carol)
10 Plaintive Melody
11 Buzzing and Biting of a Gnat
12 Legend of some Birds
13 Song of Cradle
14 A Dance of Round
15 Dance of Song of Village
rec. 17. March 1934

A Red Poppy (Music of Ballet)
16 Dance of a Russian Marino
rec. 17. March 1934

Caucasian Sketch, No. 4
17 Procession of a Sardar
rec. 11. October 1927
Leopold Stokowski that directs an Orchestra of Philadelphia, Orchestra of Symphony of City of New York

CD 7
ANTONÍN DVO?ÁK (1841-1904)
No. Of Symphony 9 in And smaller, op. 95 'Of a New Mondó
1 Adage. Allegro a lot
2 Longitude
3 Prank: Very vivaz
4 Allegro with fire
rec. 1935

JEAN SIBELIUS (1865-1957)
Lemminkäis-Sarja, op. 22 (Lemminkäinen Continuazione, op. 22)
5. III. Tuonelan Joutsen (A Swan of Tuonela)
rec. 3. May 1929

6 Finland, op. 26
rec. 28. April 1930

Leopold Stokowski that Directs an Orchestra of Philadelphia

CD 8
HECTOR BERLIOZ (1803-1869)
1 Lucido Carnival Romain
rec. 1931

GEORGES BIZET (1838-1875)
Music of Carmen (arr. For Stokowski)
2 Prelude
3 Aragonaise
4 Intermezzo
5 A Dragoons of Alcala
6 Nocturnal
7 Bullfight
8 Habanera
9 changing of a Guard
10 Part of a Smugglers
11 Minuet (of LZ Arlésienne)
12 Farandole (of LZ Arlésienne)
13 Gypsy Dance (of Carmen)
rec. Run & of February 1945

14 Samson & Dalila: Bacchanale
rec. 13. October 1927

15 Dance macabro
rec. 15. January 1936

ERIK SATIE (1866-1925)
Gymnopédies (arr. For Debussy)
16 No. 1
17 No. 3
rec. 12. December 1937

Leopold Stokowski that directs a City of New York & of Orchestra of Orchestra of Philadelphia of Symphony

CD 9
Leopold Stokowski & Fantasy
1 Touched & Fugáis in D smaller, BWV 565 (arr. For Stokowski)
rec. 6. April 1927

A Continuazione of Nutcracker (Excerpts)
2 Dance of a Fairy of Plum of the z/of the Sugar
3 Lucido The
4 The Café
5 Trepak
6 Cost to give Flores
rec. 1939

PAUL DUKAS (1865-1935)
7 The apprentice sorcier (A Sorcerer' Apprentice)
rec. 7. November 1937

Swears of the cradle (A Rite of Cradle)
Leaves I: An Adoration of an Earth
8 Introduction
9 Some Auguras to Jump
Dances of some Adolescents
10 Ritual of Abduction
11 Round to Jump
12 Ritual of some Rival Tribes
13 Procession of a Sage
14 Adoration of an Earth
15 Dance of Tierra

Leaves II: A Sacrifice 1:05
16 Introduction: Pagan Night
17 Mystic Circles of a Young Figlie
18 Glorification of an Elected A
19 Evocation of some Ancestor
20 Ritual Action of some Ancestor
21 Sacrifical Dance (One Chosen A)
rec. 1929/30

22 Night in some Coffins Mountain 8:38
rec. 8. December 1940

Leopold Stokowski that directs an Orchestra of Philadelphia

CD 10
No. Jointly of the Piano 2 in C smaller, op. 18
1 Moderate. Allegro
2 Adage sustained
3 Allegro kidding
Sergej Rachmaninov (piano)
rec. April 1929

A Firebird Continuazione
4 Introduction
5 Dance of a Firebird
6 Dance of Round of some Princesses
7 Infernal Dance of Rey Kastchei
8 Berceuse
9 Final
rec. 1935

10 Gurrelieder: Prelude
rec. 1932

Leopold Stokowski that Directs an Orchestra of Philadelphia

Top Customer Reviews: Chaliapin: A Vocal ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 2 ratings
5 / 5
Ossia The must partorisca Chaliapin enthusiastic. Some register can be old, but an extraordinary skill of Chaliapin resplandores by means of.
5 / 5
Been born A same year like Caruso and attracting a wild to acclaim this used partorisca be accorded to singers of work, Feodor Chaliapin is looked now in a Naxos 'Utmost Singers' serious. A selection of his acoustic registers (1902-1924) occupies a prime minister CD and the selection of his electrical register (1926-1936), and in the load of recovery is Ward Marston.
Like Caruso, Chaliapin has had the enormous voice that this in spite of tried eminently compatible with process of acoustic register. In fact, the collectors require not being deterred for an age of a lot of of these registers. Some of some very better elements, if work or song, fall to an acoustic group. Some 1911 registers of Rubinstein is 'Demon' excerpts, which have listened the little time a lot of years and has not forgotten never, is among a better of everything in this whole selection.
Also likes Caruso, Chaliapin the career of register has has had to that a lot to produce Fred Gaisberg the one who, in his autobiography, allotted the whole chapter to this singer adds. In recent time, eminent critic John Steane has appointed Chaliapin like one of a two or three singer adds actors of a C20th. Gaisberg Was manager to register a Prayer and Died of Boris during a real action of 'Boris Godunov' in Covent Garden in 1928. Perhaps this more indicates Chaliapin to the work likes them the singer and the actor. Another element has achieved here is one 'Lucida beef of or' of 'Faust', which the critic has judged ideal to aim Chaliapin special magnetism.
Some notes resupply an informative studio of Chaliapin exited of register. An error is one attributing roughly of an orchestral support in some registers of a @@@1920s to Londra Philharmonic Orchestra, and orchestra how has been founded for Beecham in 1932.

Top Customer Reviews: Mussorgsky: Boris ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 2 ratings
5 / 5
Partorisca me ossia A better thing prójima after listening a work for ROH recently. It is difficult to find registers of an original bookmark. A the useful appearance of this register is that it is sung in English, time like this after listening in Russian will comprise more than that is going in.
5 / 5
Felizmente, some years, was able to see this action for North of Work in Nottingham. A CD confirms our imemories of the wonderful occasion. A flange for John Tomlinson is glorious and a Work the North heart is brilliant. A wonderful register. It add that Zoverstocks lived until his usual excellent service. It arrives promptly and needless to say, is in excellent condition. Recommendations all the round.

Top Customer Reviews: Christoff Sings ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 4 ratings
5 / 5
A quality of a voice, one registering & a remastering is point and averts.
Was quite lucky to see Boris Christoff once, in 'Gentleman Carlos'; I have not listened never to to the alive flange likes, before or of then.
Any everything of some clues in this CD are like this instantly enjoyable to the equal that inaugurate 'Boris Godunov', in those some utmost bass sings arias of three different characters, but will grow on you.
Sincerely recommends also a CD of Christoff Russian of edge of Bulgarian Orthodox & music, registered to Sofia.
4 / 5
Ossia The glorious register of a voice of Boris Christoff of a Kingsway Londra of Room. Elite Digital United Kingdom has located a register in some the EUA and an order has been received well for advanced of the date of delivery has anticipated.
4 / 5
A box of jewel and cd is has arrived broken. A lot of attention, like this Christoff is my preferred Gudonov and for another Russian
masterpieces. sender The protective better need mailer.
5 / 5
A singer is excellent and much better that it has expected them. Some sounds of orchestra are luzcan and does not flood was Boris Christoff sings beautiful.unla Glorious selection of
Russian music.

Top Customer Reviews: In This Moonlit ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 3 ratings
5 / 5
That the CD adds. A whole CD of the vowel and the piano sometimes can be too but ossia wonderful music .
4 / 5
An exceptional album in every respect. A program is chosen attentively. Differently of Hvorostovsky recent song-album these some builds on two closely-knit cycles: the six Idylls of Tchaikovsky and Mussorgsky Songs and Dances of death. A third blockade contains six songs for Taneyev but these, also, touch some dominant subjects of some cycles: amour and death. Hvorostovsky The voice is in shape perfect, is like this fresco like new, flies until some big regions with eases, his only bell , his darkness to shine is as if a voice was a embodiment of a title. His characteristic deep emotionality comes by means of better in a Tchaikovsky songs, and his song of byline 'Again, like this first, so only' takes the new dimensions likes them neighbouring the piece of a cycle that spends an auditor of remorse and loss (Calm and seat near) by means of dreaming and desire (In this moonlit prejudices) the hymnic heights of amour (A sun has put) , then behind the loneliness and unutterable anguish again in a last song. Then it bite still longer - and a definite surprise comes. A Mussorgsky the cycle is treated usually with orchestration (Hvorostovsky has done registers sooner of him with Gergiev and with Temirkanov) like turnback to a piano-the version was bit it risked, for the dipped a bit. But a result convinces that ossia a right form ! A lot-much more intense that has included a better orchestral version. Ivari Ilja congenial The piano that the conjoint touches a scene perfectly for each song, and the one who Hvorostovsky done is more than fantastic flange. His transmissions of voices with some characters, creates dramatic scenes like this different in some four songs but equally chilling a blood in a omnipresent dances macabro. His Death of flange is tender and fond, sarcastic and triumphant in an end of Serenade one feels almost embarrased for a intimacy of his fond whisper: '......' . In Trepak a ghostly passages of a blizzard career and howl down some toes of Ilja, Hvorostovsky the voice turns deadly playful, the death amuses ...A Taneyev the look of songs to be of the character light plus, a magic voice is fill with heating now and evokes histories of fairy (subjects of Winter) and tender amour. But in Menuet a presaging of the looks of death again. I have listened to an album long, in the first place of a start to an end ,then for separate to some three blockades, then to the each song, again and again. Always it gives new pleasures to an ear and the soul.
Please, remarks a coverage, also - portray it really artistic (operates it of Pavel Antonov).
Warmly Recommends an album by all the world any one the good-looking deep voices and any one songs of art.
4 / 5
But has listened the part of him. It is really the gem... And they are not that it speaks so only in authors of songs, but first of all in the voice, which sings it. Really it is like a good old vine. His expression has the spark, experience, confidence, brillance, force, resplandor, hot, the countless colours ... This all perhaps means so only, quell'master Hvorostovski loves these songs and is singing he for his heart and soul. And like the Russian has the wide soul and his heart is voice in amazing. And it is, reason this CD is so only, extraordinary.
Thank you...

Top Customer Reviews: Pictures at an ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 1 ratings
4 / 5
They are very fond of Mussorgsky Pictures in an exposure and ossia a version has better listened to. Williams dips more life and expression to some pictures that another version that has or has listened to.