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4 / 5
⚠️ It could contain spoilers⚠️

Perfection! Ossia One first word that comes partorisca import when material in a Monster.

Has there is wanted absolutely each book in Leigh serious of Good-looking Boston, and A Monster was no different! After the long wait and a lot of anticipation, is sure to say that A Monster was all my expectations (that it was it very big).

Has wanted to read in Aisling and learning more in his character during a book. It has found always like the timid and meek, people pleaser. It was basically a term ‘good daughter' personified (concealed that has thought of his). But it was bad, like this very wrong. It is in fact the really strong and fierce woman the one who is the ‘monster ' by means of and by means of, or has to that say Nix? But it concealed it does not mean it is heartless, any calm an opposite. It looks it very contradictory. Reason that can any one is the monster , but also be the bondadoso and loveable character a same time? It has not been , but ossia Aisling Fitzpatrick for you. And it adores!

Has been gunning still Sam of a start. It has taken my attention immediately and loves me know all roughly lucido. And I have known of one taking goes that his history was to be amazing, and era! I have wanted to learn in Sams funds, a concealed has done those who is. One which has done his personality and coldness much more understandable. To good sure felt sad for Sam because of his past, but am also happy is spent. Otherwise, would not be a man is and this book would not be one same!

Finally, loves to say thanks to Leigh. Thank you To write this book and taking me on a rollercoaster ossia A Monster . Have enjoyed each transfer and turn, and each loop that has done mine tummy toe. This book is like this fantastically writing, with characters add, a lot of action and a perfect quantity of spice!

STARS: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
SPICE: 🌶🌶🌶🌶🌶
4 / 5
Sam & Aisling

has wanted to Sam and Aisling pound of the book of the hunter.
Has loved that!

This is not the typical fairytale.
Ossia Two different types of monsters.
An a lot of-to-do heir and an orphan, the edges have adopted of the 'fixer' better of Boston and also spends to be in Aisling to payroll of the father.

Aisling Has been infatuated with Sam of then was 17, an empty of age among them his any one has annoyed. It is tried everything to take his attention, included for the minute was to win he for his, but has not looked for the be annoyed on sound.
These continuous paralizaciones almost ten years.

When Sam begins to look for Aisling was?
He no emotional feelings.
Sure worries in his adoped Mother and Sister, is an exception to the point.
Is the monster , murderous.
Has something in Aisling concealed has all has on fact.
There there is also something Aisling is maintaining of all the world.
Can imagines era?

Really would owe that remain out of his, is to good, innocent partorisca to the likes of of him.
Has something concealed called a two of them to the each one like this another.
Have this cat and game of mouse that goes in.

Comes on hire purchase with a fact that will not be never?

Such adds read. My heart is exited to them.
Well value a wait.
5 / 5
Ossia Rid 3 in the together to be interconnected alones.

Aisling And Sam is complete opposites on paper. It is the doctor and is the boss of mafia . Aisling Has been always enamoured with Sam, while Sam there is always distanced he of the his for numerous reasons.

When finally they begin to give his attractive for each another new information comes to light connecting his families. This leaves Sam hell-has bent on revenge although Aisling could take taken in a crossfire.

Had excited enough roughly Sam and Aisling idyll. For me this in spite of, so only the has not achieved some levels of hot scorching of Hunter and Marino or a harrowing anguish of Killian and Persephone. I enjoyed it, but it did not love it so to the equal that have expected.

Better parts
seeing to Sam Brennans the alcohol and that learns a history that favours to his increase of mafia.
Troia Brennan Like the father
Aisling do work for him.
All a tone has hid, looks and words.
5 / 5
Does not go to deny when being the hardcore dark romance reader, and while L.J. Shen Was my original door in the world of blissful escapism, ossia a heartwarming, witty and undeniably swoon-worthy type of fiction I always falls behind to when I need the pause of ache and destruction.

The one who any only taste but of amour in a Monster and other histories of Good-looking Boston was like this far is a balance of darkness and light, a perfect mix of realism and fairytale. Sam and Aisling has dark and scarred past, but a lot takes to be able to enjoy his history with the sense of promise of the whole plot of goodness.

Whilst Always would beg for more, loves to know more backstory, depth, anything to prolong a joy to read, A Monster deserves my still praise ticking all my boxes to feel he-good idyll without a sickly feeling afterwards.
4 / 5
All can say is wow. I have wanted really a way Aislíng has come to the his own in this book and was like this strong and fierce and as it has stood up to Sam. This was a perfect book for both of them and now can not expect for a final book in some serious and learn all Owe secret.
5 / 5
Has loved this book so much that any included me prpers gives has been finalised until me staredbat some words The END for some time.

Has adored a OG still and his histories, has fallen enamoured with his histories of girls and now am obsessed with these pairs. A world-wide edifice is flawless. Now they are that it dreads a last history in east dips reason will be an end of another era. But already I have my toes have crossed that somehow some boys (and grandkids) will have his own histories a day.
5 / 5
Is not looked forward to Aisling history so as another good-looking how is younger and in some premiers two books finds so it loses perfect and has thought perhaps has bitten bores but the boy has been he has surprised when I have read this. Sam was adds has to that love this monster but Aisling was like this more than has expected. It has to that say although we so only small doses apresamientos of one Fitzpatrick brothers in this book I still amour amour of amour Cillian!
Another adds read and can not expect so that it is in tent for Emmabelle
5 / 5
remained waiting for the book of Sam, troy is always be my preferred of shens characters like this expected that Sam would be like this good. But I have found this book has failed. It has Had his good moments, this prologue there have been bit it teary, but some chapters are resulted bit it repetitive by means of a half and a storyline has been stale. An appearance of mafia could be be look the notch. It has launched in any griipng moments but did not follow him never by means of. It disappointed to be sincere.
4 / 5
Was really that looks forward to this reserves that is liberto and there is not disappointed. It was the little has concerned that Aisling would be the total sapp, with which Sam fond for so many years, but was the total bads and has resisted totally his own against a monster. I have wanted brutal honesty of Sam and his delivery of a liners me howl. A brilliant book in an amazing series
4 / 5
Potential for spoilers so that read in own risk.

Has been moment to this book for the year, was a an I was while to of a series of Good-looking and Boston of mine oh my Queen L.J There is not disappointed.

A man is to die for and a woman has the rear bone. Of then together with amour, sass, treachery, and he HEA and ossia the cocktail done in some deep Basses for me.

5 star read
4 / 5
They are rubbishes in writing the descriptions but I have expected patiently partorisca a book partorisca arrive and I is not has disappointed 😆 Sam has wanted to has loved Ash and some another can not expect the reservation of good-looking box has released
5 / 5
has Loved this book Sam is such the wonderful character such the harrowing infancy the one who has grown until being such the badass and Ashling well surprised certainly go daughter x
4 / 5
is to start with! Aghhhh ... Sam and Ash omg thinks that is my preferred new LJ book! Hooked Of a start to a very well and can not believe his finishing. The must read for all you LJ shen followers like this once again there is outdone she. I do not want to say anything in a storyline as it does not want to give anything was but owe the must has read!
4 / 5
I Monster has wanted 3 Good-looking Boston. Wow! This history in a turbulent 10 report of the year among Sam and Ash has it everything. Treachery, mistrust, lust and eventual amour. Amazing 5 star has read.
4 / 5
Once again totally import soufflé there is wanted absolutely this history, there is wanted to is part of the serious and take to read in leading characters, there is wanted to so only everything roughly that.
A total has to that read (again)
5 / 5
Very read really enjoyed looking Sam falls a hard plus struggles a sweet plus is when his fold. Highly recommend 5 fish of star
4 / 5
there is not enjoyed LJS recent books but this one me the enamoured fall with his books again. One of the his better sure.
5 / 5
I honradamente amour and crave each book for L. J shen, Was patiently while to the east an and read he the day. It is like this obvious an amour that is among these characters this in spite of a hurdles the together maintains his solitary hearts averts. Def Validates a bed
4 / 5
The one who the travesía! It has wanted to reading roughly Ash & Sam, such the sad start to the history of Sam - has has wanted to that has more than fund of Sparrow & of Troia also. All our preferred so only adding to a storyline.
4 / 5
Wow The east was full of wins to win and the plot of WYF moments. Sam and Aisling wins this round
5 / 5
It has wanted to sam and Aisling like this like this good. Never once it has L.J shen Left down with his reservation each one which as the plus that captivates that a next amour his books.
5 / 5
Another amazing book of an author, always are that it looks forward to read his books. It has loved a bit characters and history. Highly it will recommend it. It gives the thank you partorisca leave me read in kindle unlimited byline.
5 / 5
Beautiful. An imperfect pair, perfect partorisca each another…with the little time. Shen Calms he again. Good-looking Is after, can not expect.
5 / 5
5☆ Another amazing book for l.j Shen. I have devoured he in 1 day. Sam is incredibly hot. I want to all good-looking Boston the serious but ossia my preferred new.
4 / 5
Amazing!! This author can do very wrong.
Adictiva! Have pulled one all nighter partorisca finalise this in a seating.
Highly recommend.
4 / 5
An entertainment has read!. Has has wanted to Cillian but Sam is better!! LeGustado Aisling Like the heroine with the backbone. I enjoyed it.
4 / 5
Does not think has been prepared when it is coming to these two, has not expected partorisca want to or be this soufflé has gone by Aisling and Sam to the equal that was! This honradamente is probably one of the mine favourite of a series, has loved A Hunter (and always will be my favourite male to read) but thinks a plot thus book has taken a cake of a series! It has blown entirely A Villain out of a water.

Aisling Has not been that has been expecting at all, was hesitant roughly reading this book because I am gone in with a mindset that Aisling was to be meek and at all strong (another version of Persy honradamente.) This in spite of, Aisling was the force to be calculated with - stood up for his and was to good sure able to maintain up with Sam and maintain on-line. Have has loved that read quell'was like this refreshing.

Sam has not been that has been expecting at all and has loved his report with Marin, Troia and Sparrow - was like this well when being able to see more than Troia and Sparrow again! I love his little family. I have not known that Shen was to do Sam enamora, but wrote it like this well and in character! Both of them were like this witty and trams for an another could has not dipped down!

After this book this in spite of, door FINALLY some steps a next plus to Emmabelle book! I have been moment to the his has been of then presented in a Hunter! I require his book right now, master read in a woman of alpha and the woman the one who knows that it loves and delivery! It is annoying like the majority of characters demean the and see his in the sure way in this series, as I am excited to see like this is of his perspective! Also, his and Have to - I need to know like his history goes!
4 / 5
Has thinks that there was expósito LJ upper alphahole when I have read other books but at all and any one compares to a way Sam is in his book. A way has has wanted to strangle this man and then wants to has been insane. It is the hole , the man without the feelings to any one except a bit those that the people calls familiar.

Does not want to say too much reason do not want to spoil he for any but his history was something unexpected. Hard parts had to read and his paste of calm intensity you hard. The history of Sam and Ash is calm like this twisted leave feeling likes arrived to be windy paste and does not know the one who a fork to do.

An only thing has does not want to was that of the pushover the ash was when he comes his. Any quantity of amour would owe that one is a way is for him. Any sure reason these women in the books recently look to be pushovers when it comes to some men but he feel me all a chair and is nettling like this hell…to the equal that gave some time among chapters to calm I down to the equal that in is the own way so only tip that of the good book am annoyed me in a possible better way. I love the book that seat all some good and bad feelings.

Another that that this in spite of, has loved a book tremendously. The history of Sam and Ash was unexpected and adictiva. I have been eaten by him still when that has to that that dipped down in time, has thought roughly his constantly.

LJ HAS an incredible skill to do is resulted entirely got obsessed with his characters and these two was no different. I have loved A Monster

A Monster is the dark and has twisted the idyll forbidden. A book this'll maintain you on your toes and that ask the one who a heck goes afterwards spending.
5 / 5
Two monsters. A the one who mainstays around strong and proud, whilst some other hides have closed for behind doors.

Could more perfect for each another?!

Another delivery in a boston serious good-looking, and whilst can be read like this standalones, personally thinks is better to read some books for order of emission.

A first book was A hunter , then A villain and now is time for some monsters to does not advance.

In a surface Aisling is a princess of a family, with the cushy life. But his reality is very different.

Is sassy and fiery, determind and sneaky. The so that only did not like on his was that exasperated has found, and that time she mooned in lucido. It has done the pushover, and any to like me concealed.

Sam is a big I follows of Boston. It is fierce, heartless and always takes his way! It is more certainly a lot any one loves cross.

Has to that admit that I have loved the little more grit and darkness of him. The ones of has wanted to more chapters of his point of view.

In general a enjoyable the read concealed is worthy of some four incident are by train of the give.
5 / 5

Never has chosen of then on a first book in some series of Good-looking Boston has been an ardent defender and in the each subsequent book I marvel in as 'familiar' some characters look whilst a plot-the line for each novel is totally new.

A Monster has been gripping read of a first page to a last. It could not expect Sam read and Ainsling history. LJ Shen Creates the characters fall enamoured with and those who remain with knots long with which finalise to read.unla The writing is extraordinary, immersive and obliging.

Ainsling Is the fantastic and complex female character- I amour his determination. I mean Sam is kryptonite … is cruel, darkness and SEXY!!
A Nix and A Monster deserves each one which so another but he can take his HEA?

Has not said anything in a storyline as I do not want to give anything was but suffice for the say was an excellent read and highly recommended.
4 / 5
An anticipation partorisca this book was immense... Especially after Cillian book. I have found at the beginning Aisling partorisca be naive and prissy, no really worthy of Sam.
Sam of course is an epitome of the monster and gives the zeros cure roughly anything, until a history unfolds and that the opinion in fact can be tried bad. Aisling Blows my first description out of a water and surprises all the world-wide to be like this astute like his brother his old plus.
Sam says Aisling does not have any heart and therefore it is unable of amour. In spite of his fierce loyalty for his friendships and family. Aisling Has wanted to Sam of far for years and perhaps is just time to forced his hand.
Can has to that read the again to the equal that seat does any really appreciated these two at all.
Has received this book like an arch and am leaving the voluntary description.
4 / 5
Ossia One 3rd book in these serious and is Sam and Aisling history. These two is both have has lost souls those who are captured by his harrowing pasts, and those who the fate has allocated to be together. A chemistry among these two is fuel and undeniable, and Aisling morphs over time to result a perfect partner for Sam, and constantly defy each one which so another. Ossia The history a lot writing that it is dark, crude, gritty, intense, intriguing, and with mystery, danger, colgante, secrets, anguish, witty banter, emotions, and amour, which all direct the adictiva and all-eating page turner. Down waiting for to read more than this talented author whose work recommends.
4 / 5
So only like all the world-wide more, was insanely excited to finally take the history of Sam and has not been disappointed! Aisling And the history of Sam was like this adictiva and has had like this swoon-worthy moments that could it has not dipped down.
Was adds to see Aisling and the report of Sam develops during this book, as we have seen some characters mature like his report has progressed. Although Aisling the behaviour me cringe the little time, this to good sure improved like the book has been in and has begun to stand up for his. It was this in spite of slightly disappointed for a fact that really has not had a lot of scenes of Marin, Persy, Aisling and Good-looking near, his friendship is one of my favourite parts of these serious like this to the good sure desire more had contained of friendship, especially that considers a series is appointed with which some daughters' group of friendship.
In general, this was a enjoyable romance which had swooning throughout. To good sure my reservation of Good-looking preferred Boston like this far!
5 / 5
Obsessed . Eating. In dominant.

Monster. Monster. Monster.
Exited and game
But the one who will be touched.

Aisling And Sam is the perfectly has left. His history is harrowing and breathe taking too much!

Has expected to plot of this book and oh the boy has Lost Shen rid and more... So more!

A transfer is ready and beautiful!

Has read this book in a goes. The one who require good sleeps?
Damn A Monster will blow you era!
5 / 5
Has think that a book was excellent and has been invested in some characters and line of history. Sam there is pulled in my series of the heart with his fund there is wanted still an interaction with Troia, Sparrow, Marino and Hunter. Ashling Inspired, such the strong woman and an absolute right party for Sam. I do not want to say much more as I do not want to give a lot of spoilers. These builds in of the books 1 & 2 comprising some leading goodnesses to the equal that takes the time was to read this and then rig still Owe & Good-looking!
5 / 5
Wow That an amazing book. Taken to say was while to Sam history, likes Hunter and Cillian is where brilliant storylines. A monster there is not disappointed, has had chemist and action, transfer to some characters and an amazing toe in a storylines. It can be Sam history , but Aisling governed this book, has done this epic of book. It can not expect see Boston more good-looking. It was the wonderful world-wide constructor , in amazing and unpredictable characters. One the serious must has read.
5 / 5
That has read so only? It has not expected that to spend. It has not expected his history to take my heart and soul like this entirely.

Seeing Sam Brennan that he wily boy in Sparrow to this beast of the man in a Monster was a heck of the transformation!

Has adored Aisling. A force and the tenacity of his fact daunts of sound. Sam fond has not been the weakness!!
5 / 5
Are to sucker for unrequited amour and afflicts… ossia reason am seating in my office in 7follows to the look has not slept in 24hours ( reason so only has taken 3 sleep of hours) to the equal that has Had to that finalise this remorse at all prob that it goes to take it takeaway tonight reason does not have any way am cooking LOL am mental exhausted 😎
5 / 5
This book is basically quell'rinse and repeat of the another rid this author has written.
You all look to be blending to a now.
Lose some days of when it has written reservation like Vicious.
4 / 5
Any one writes a angsty idyll to a glorious quality that LJ done. Each only damn time I enamoured fall with some characters and catapult to his world, wishing could remain me there further some last pages. I can it does not recommend enough. Sam and Ash have my whole heart.
5 / 5
I literally jumped partorisca joy when this paste my kindle how had been while a lot impatiently partorisca Sam and Aisling history. Ossia One 3rd book in a series of Good-looking Boston and follows on Hunter and Cillian histories.
Aisling Has fulfilled Sam in a carnival partorisca some first time and this reserve spent in this @@subject and was literally like the roller coaster.un pressing and pulling among one 2 was like the game to win. Sam a mobster and Aisling a doctor could not be more different but somehow Aisling Sam done begins to feel the things had said would not feel never.
Has taken really annoyed with Aisling mother but felizmente has taken has included his and begun to the fines of mark.
Brilliant history with fantastic characters and well value a wait.
4 / 5
Goes to declare a fact that am simply OBSESSED! I love this word that L.J. It has created and they are sure his books have something magic in his reason know that I am not taking on some anytime punctual characters.
“Perhaps has not been never meant for each another. But that prejudices in a carnival, when I aimed that you were, has imagined was the one who have loved to be.”
Aisling Was the surprise. It has Had some streaks that am sure any one will see to come. His personality has taken the 360° turn that saw it like this in a Villain. It has known that has loved, was sure, fierce, sassy and obstinate. It was a party PERFECTA partorisca Sam and I have loved each alone part of his. In fact, I have loved his plus of any one other characters in a book because it was really something more. (I create when I say that his character was UNEXPECTED) has interested to see a Fitzpatrick familiar dynamic of his point of view.
'Does not have any idea that is asking. To to The Men like to of them eat to to the daughters likes them to them calm partorisca desayunar. And no in the pleasurable way. You have taken that?'
And Sam, has thought at the beginning did not go me to like so as Cillian but obviously, was bad. Both and the ash there has been so many propiciadas his characters, captivated me and was deeply engrossed in his history of a moment has fulfilled for a first time. A prologue me feel so many emotions partorisca Sam, was afflictive. It was calculative but impulsive, cruel, complicated and on that the earthy man. But, it was an enigmatic one in that. It has Had a sense of byline of humour and to skill for numbers. I can not explain as but to somewhere to the long of a way, has grown on me reason was all has thinks that would be and more.
' Was enamoured , any the doormat . Had still the light distinction among a two.'
Sam & the together ash was believed, real, explosive and downright immaculate. They return together likes two missing pieces of the puzzle and has balanced each one which so another is personality . The ash has pieces of date of his heart and he have continued to take more. His history dipped by means of the rollercoaster of the emotions and I have not loved a book to finalise. Included now while writing this description, after reading a last page, can not help but master more they.
'A raw sweetness, impossible of his called to to the mine likes them the lighthouse in of black of tone.'
In general, a satisfied book. I will not develop any a lot of another that a fact that the history of Sam & Ash goes to tug in your heartstrings and marks enamoured tombs with them! A development of character, a tension, anguish, the steam and the chemistry was on some upper and a book destroyed absolutely. It has had all a tropes that master and a plot was has executed brilliantly. It likes all the world-wide more, has had my own theories but a book have surpassed all my expectations. (And yes, I have loved some small crumbs in the each character lateralmente so only.) The sparrow & of Troia was in his plus like this usual. Anyways, Was another spectacular bed rid for Shen and recommends to give a book tries it.
4 / 5
Spoiler Alert.
Are the enormous defender but this book? It is so only the atrocity.
Begs and is the doormat for half of a book so only to turn when planning the one who tricks the subterranean boss of Boston to the diagram partorisca take his plan to destroy his father.
His father is the monster for 3 books and now was discretely verifying up in the boy that has not gone included related his while it has sent his own boys was.
Begs for sex for half of a book and then games with him when it is pursuing his cause loves the romantic proposition the real amour and he then finalises to accept to marry with the cause has lost in blackjack..

No. Justo
wants to some other books but this one was the enormous enormous disappointment enormous.
5 / 5
Spanish & English Opinion

ESP ::

Liked the book an and the two has wanted to me, but is… until the work gave the arrival. There have been many win to read the history among Ash and Sam and… has not achieved never connect. I looked that the pair there was chemical zero. Until I Nickname he of the his has has looked forced me.

THANKS TO that connection of zero, all his words hirientes and his bad deals were so only concealed. Any one has perceived that they were attitudes of a person that disguise his amour or attractive (to the equal that in the book of Cillian) but a man literally saying with all the clarity “any one love” and a woman that any one comprised it and has left all the patanerías. But esperanzada has taken still. Or Sea, that?

The fashion to write is well, like this always and there has been included a moment pleasant among them, as when it is ailing and goes to cure, learn the one who does and hay something in common, but in the another, has the sense has forced the dynamics and the end.

ENG ::

Liked a first book, has loved a second an and this a… I has had included the hard time that finalises it. The chemical felt never or connection of any class among Sam and Ash. Included a nickname has the data felt random and has forced.

Because of this lack of connection, all that has said his, (the sentences that has called crass) was in fact quite clear: the type that has loved swimming to do with sound. It has not felt never it was the type disguising his feelings (likes in “A Villain). And it has maintained to expect and in that master.. Reason? It could not comprise. It was very clear!

A fashion to write is a lot like this always, and has shared the good moment, when it is ailing and goes to look for. They speak and ossia a moment so only say that they have connected. Each one another moment… I so only did not buy it.
5 / 5
In the first place has to that say that all L J Shen the main characters have the honour and concealed is comforting. In a last book (A Villian) has said that has lost feminism, any here this in spite of. Sam is not the feminist but Aisling always call them was so that it was better way . A past book really unbalanced, agrees to think: That are struggling for something concealed is has lost already? All this reason L J Shen the books are intense and really seats everything .
A fact that Gerald Fitzpatrick was the constant influence in a past book I supposition he all worse reason is a terrible person . Here it is present but no such one influence.
Could comprehend Sam, because of a start listens his pasts and know his history. With Cillian has not been that way to the equal that would say that Sam is not worse that Cillian. They were both very bad, but his both want to fiercely.
Hated That all the world would do with Aisling, his brothers and parents that tries to maintain Sam was, likes was his election . This was unacceptable for me. Frustrating detail, of a past book knows that, like being poised.
Also precise signal out of a fact that Aisling has not been the monster at all, in fact was any how May. Trying retratarprpers like the monster felt the little bit was and forced, my opinion.
This book is intense like to be careful. But the calm promise also will love it, is brilliant. I have loved each page of him. Totally it recommends.
5 / 5

Wants to begin to say I amour so much of these books of authors. Some so many that has read the multiple time. I can not give this book to 5 star likes them has done for A Villain and Sparrow that is both reserves I amour because although this was probably mine the majority of has anticipated read of a year... He so only to to sense likes him something has been missing. Aisling Surprised but was the disorder to walk of strong to the doormat and Sam has been always an interesting character but still a history has fallen paving bit it. Plot of revenge although we learn is not that looked that really so only does not have has sense, there was so only way too much of his parents, a voice in his boss was bit it odd, and has to such the thing likes a overuse of a Monster of word. And also one my application of him because of some of his elections (in my opinion). Also it has looked for to be rushed in some separates that has imported.

Does not take Me bad has had some utmost moments in this history and I have loved an end has taken but so only has not been the house estada announce me. They are a lot curious in a next book and final of a series.
4 / 5
Was the little fearful of this book because Sam is cruel and Aislyn was such the good and shy daughter!
Was fearful for sound!
And Lose Aislyn was at all but to siren down all this prim and pertinent image. Disinterested And Cruel a same time and intrigued mister Sam!
All his bravado has been to shreds with his dip out of his zone of consolation!
Has touched like this good!!!!! Aim that one the majority of peace of the import of the chess board is a queen!
Was the force of the character and the person have of coming!
You putted included his friends in his place!
That the scene of intervention disappointed me, seeing them his judge without looking in his history with his partners was a low for me! My admiration partorisca Saylor and Persy, has fallen the little, but aimed him that it has not touched of any delivery! Some papers were his of a start and for that, was squealing here!!!

Has been alcohol blowing!!!
4 / 5
The curiosity killed a cat and are a cat that has taken killed reason could not maintain my curiosity roughly like these ends of history, in control. Aversion because I enough of then drool in a MC. It is the crybaby, he 12 old year the one who has the temper tantrum in the another thing and whines too and the narcissist and thinks to the brutality is a response to the each question. Such the contradictory combination of shots. It is like this attractive, has not been that to do with me.😅 Shen, Is like this to create them.
A thing can not imagine was is that that woman would enjoy to read east! Masochists Perhaps?
4 / 5
I amour LJ Shen books. There have it always the tension when reading them and the advance that somehow he all look value he in an end any one @subjects a shenanigans this arrives to our MCs. Somehow the things so only have not landed for me in this book… like a tension has has felt created or predictable to the equal that has lost his grip for the half way by means of. Still to good sure value the bed this in spite of so only in the so many know that it spends with Aisling.
5 / 5
I seriously H A T And in harm of speaker in the book, so only the hate. It detests it. Reason know authors that toil, BUT only tin a lot, I gotta says a truth.
Samuel(MC) is such the complex character, has loved so only,has bitten a hero 🤯
could have been the good-looking history but this time or has lost your magic has wanted L.J.
Any worry there is always a next book and am expecting.
Good regime.

Top Customer Reviews: Tell Me You're ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 42 ratings
4 / 5
A fantastic start to this new series. Damien Lancaster is CEO of a Lancaster international operates it that he and his brother of identical twin Dylan has inherited five years ago after a death of his father ,( has another brother another young plus Leo but does not have any interest in working in a subject familiarised. ) Two years ago something past when Dylan has suffered the sum of personal tragedy, with which Dylan has wanted to disappear and there is wanted at all to do with a subject familiarised so much has done like this has signed all official authorship on to his twin Damien . The transmission Damien payed the enormous some of money to the company so that they could erase all the traces of Dylan that leaves to result the prisoner . The question is Dylan looks to be well in a street the self destruction with destructive behaviour that leaves Damien whenever they try to clean on a disorder that his twin takes in. A fact is that Damien the good work to erase the traces of his people of twin think that is Damien that takes he to these situations that directs the speculation and bad press roughly Damien unhealthy interests . With which some pictures some late plus was splashed during an internet and papers his mother and Damien are now in an end of his tether, both @give that some the serious hard amour is required where Dylan is concerned and now is the career was to the to hide until a scandal dies down . Once again it rests Damien to fly to the to order his twin was and more importantly try and calm things down . Nicole Ashworth has inherited the company of his mother Ashworth Management of Crisis with which is spent was , Nicole is in Londra where expected to sign Lancaster international up for his services of companies and judging reasons is in some informative papers today with Dylan later antics his to good sure in needs of management of crisis . Sadly For his a CEO has not been in a meeting , during his presentation an informative that so only spent interrupts his flow and concentration and some finals to fulfil negatively for his ,now that @gives that is to lose the good occasion is flying house . Little it knows that seating for his is Damien Lancaster and to the left is so only say the things take very interesting for them and concealed is where will finalise my description 😉❤️. As everything of Tejanos the books so only takes the few sentences to draw calm to a history is all very very written and some histories alway flow well . Looking forward to the history of Dylan after and discovering so only that has spent to do want to self destruct so much ,the only negative point is that has the 6 months until June 2021 to discover . 🤨🤗
5 / 5
There is not reading never anything for this first author, which is my loss , reason have loved this book. So much so that there is pre-has ordered a sequela. Damian And Dylan are identical twins , but while Damian is a lot of level-headed, Dylan has gone immediately some drive because of some tragedy in his past. When Nicole fulfils Damian is instantly has attracted his, until his fellow aims the picture of him where is in of the skins and cavorting with stirs it of daughters. Of course it is Dylan in a picture but Damian is protecting his twin and does not say Nicole a truth. You will owe that read the to discover a denouement for calm.
4 / 5
One adds storyline, this history grabbed calm of a start, Nicole meeting Damian in the flight of Londra has retreated in Amsterdam. It has read his texts to his partner in his shoulder and when it has done the commentary has given the saying was, not knowing his last name has taken finally to say roughly his meeting in his Company and to the equal that had failed. An ape, sad, sexy and romantic history, value a bed.
5 / 5
One really way to escape and read roughly two people that fulfils in a to change that you favour to an attractive of instant. Damion The british billionaire is escaping Inghilterra that begins for bad following Amsterdam that announces. Nicole an American escaping Inghilterra, that follows the falls of disastrous recognition to Damion lap. There is obviously romance here, confidence and dishonesty, more a oath has done to the wayward brother that favour to bad announcing. The wealth do not spend fill, but can open doors and goodnesses to some interesting reading. Well it writes like this never, it flows well and unfortunately it has to that attended for the history of Dylan but am sure will be worth it.
4 / 5
Has loved this book so much that when I have seen one links to buy a next book in a series I almost cried as it is not still to box foreseen a new year.
There is excusar have seen like this a lot of books for JS Scott but any prey of attention. Omg Are prendiendo attention now. Calm really can comprise some characters and a storyline is gripping. It is not predictable or boring. I have laughed and cried in some emotions of a history of amour. It surrounds on rid 2 xx
5 / 5
has not been that JS Scott he but another group of characters for enamorar with. I have loved the history of Damien & Nicole, could has not dipped down and has been disturbed when it has finalised. Thank you For another amazing history & can not expect for the history of Dylan like this one left with the questions require to answer. It will be another book to add to my king-the loans have read!!!
4 / 5
Where was a sizzle among them? A history was laboured and unbelievable. A billionaire with some identical twins and any picture in an internet? A book was so only immature and caseous
5 / 5
Another history adds of J S Scott . An only question are now has to that attended for June to spend in a history . It can not expect Dylan read is and the history of Kylie .
5 / 5
Another good book for JS Scott , the only disappointment has been he is result very predictable a lot almost on. It was had to still to that was the good bed
5 / 5
THIS BOOK was exactly to the equal that has expected the to be easy reading enjoyable idyll with the little rollercoaster of the transfer 😅 😉
4 / 5
Like this usual I amour Jans books. They are always able to relate to his characters and during to to a book likes to predict that the characters will take his own book Afterwards . The Hate when his final of histories and are impacientáis partorisca another. Fab Rid X
4 / 5
Loves a book can not expect read a prójimo one all can say hastes on a next book
4 / 5
So there is enjoyed always reading your book nuevo.yo pre ordered it I like this do with all your books. I love a whole series my favourite book is A Billionaire Travis Waste.
4 / 5
Nicole, Damian was so only another stranger in a plan. Kiss and say his history of the life has not been never leaves of a plan. Although it is captivated for his, is reluctant to say the one who really is. Although Damian is rich, powerful and loyal to the failure, his brother of twin has caused the scandal and like this usual has taken a fault. With his reputation in needing reparation, looks in Nicole PR closes to ask his help. With his attractive intense to the each one like this another, is not long before like of business results among them. With some controls of Damian of the secret, his loyalty and the patience will be pressed to break point, but also has destroyed his future wished with Nicole?
Is easy of enamorar with Damian. It is rich, successful, those worries and a lot loyal to this his next plus. It times it will want to hug the, and another when you will want to throttle him. Whilst His history is captivating, is also the good introduction to a British Billionaires the serious and the definite must have read.
5 / 5
There is not any lie that loves each history for bestselling author J.S. Scott but this for me has been the longitude-anticipated listens and was totally value a wait. J.S. Scott is a queen of Billionaire idyll and now she delights with the new take on a British billionaire books. Both Rupert and Elizabeth has surprised and has done an incredible work that spends all some characters the life. 9 hours have been too much quickly, was a enjoyable the the audio and he certainly leave me that it wants to more. I CAN not EXPECT FOR The PRÓJIMO IN SERIES!
Thank you, Jan to give the new series for ever in that he the enamoured fall with believable characters and to write such incredible and unforgettable histories! 5 STARS partorisca Jo&Isalovebooks Blogs.
4 / 5
Has tried but this history was like this boring.
Nicole is in a @@subject to soften the bad companies that announce on and goes to help Damien with his billionaire subject and the big secret😲.
Was besotted😍 and Nicole did not buy it at the beginning but fall partorisca bed finally🙁.
Honradamente Can say has not finalised this history because it was obvious that it was to spend and has had does not operate real or anything exciting to maintain me has interested😞.
5 / 5
Damian Is the strong, loyal, billionaire. Nicole is an intelligent, beautiful businesswoman. When they Fulfil in the flight of Londra in the Angels sparks fly. His both require each one which so another for different reasons. It needs to help repair his reputation and she needs to help grow the subject of his mother. His so much arrived with some much more, with which some swipes in a street of course. It gives any the one who worries roughly partorisca a man is not his title or money. It gives a confidence to believe really is the beautiful woman, successful , strong that all the world more already sees. They are that it remains to expect further of books in this series, if some clues in these books are anything to spend of longitude. Exactly a class of reservation expects of this author.
4 / 5
Are always a prime minister to download the new book for J.S. Scott. You grieve the see the pre order on the a click and was them excited like this to see this Audible original.

Are the complete sucker for his alpha billionaires and some women those who complete him. This book was no different the absolutley has loved that. It was all has expected to take of the J.S Scott rids and more and Rupert and Elizabeth has spent some characters to the perfect life.

Adds listens!
5 / 5
Knows does interior of advances of the question that reads some premiers few paragraphs. Reason the British billionaire speak in English American? Badly American English in that!
7Or% in and has had to that give up. One has to that have a bit self respect.
Asks an editor pleases.
4 / 5
A new billionare serious of J S Scott for enamorar with. East times a house is in British Billionaires. Ossia A history of Damian and Nicole and where his meeting of casualidad in the flight in Amsterdam leaves him. Line of good history and good chemistry among some main characters. Looking forward to an after reserving which is his brothers Dylans histories, but sadly there is enough the wait until this one is liberto.
4 / 5
Ossia The delicious idyll . It is funny in of the places, harrowing in another and when being privy his chair of help of the thoughts Damien and Nicole falling enamoured. I have admired the loyalty of Damien to his familiar and his brother, but there is wanted really do Dylan hurt serious to be like this self has centred. Thoroughly It enjoyed It this book.
Has received an ARC of this book but voluntarily leave this description.
4 / 5
A history that begin of with the comprise bad that it is difficult to win, A heo a lot exactly there was mentido to a hero, so only the lie for omission. An amour develops dulcemente among a pair, but when they confess his amour to an another, a soyisunderstanding' look and causes the next disaster. A delicious history that it is easy to read.
5 / 5
There is wanted absolutely a history but a narrator viril has not been British and has listened that by means of the history but was sexy, otherwise there is wanted absolutely a history and the female narrator was fantastic. Really excited for these serious but really expect an author takes to to the British narrator likes him Shane È would do it so much of better.
4 / 5
I really enjoyed this book. Damien and Nicole have had pharmaceutical of instant and was likeable and has come the life instantly in a book. A storyline was the little obvious but has had still intriguing parts. Has has wanted like the scene has been dipped for the history of Dylan and Kylie has been dipped and can not expect thus book.
5 / 5
JS Scott does again, other serious partorisca look forward to so that the characters develop. This one is based in the british billionare which is different and adds the new dimension to a history of amour. That can say read the and enjoy likes has done and look foward to a series that evolves in of the future histories.
5 / 5
The history could be good but a repetition is annoying. And, like the Brit, a dialogue is not until scratch. It looks he likes any the plot of endeavour has been dipped in, which is the shame , as it could have been the book really a lot of
4 / 5
was excited like this partorisca read the new book for and there is not disappointed when being British has loved a fact was the British Billionaire in this book. I have been sucked to a history immediately. The history of Damian and Nicole will pull calm in and calm will not be able to dip this book down.
5 / 5
Perhaps is so only me but seat an author the work is resulted formulaic. I have read roughly 10 and I have thought even old, same old history. Sad but will not be reading anymore of his books
5 / 5
has loved that. It has wanted to it has been it the place mainly in United Kingdom. The press and the secret familiarised do not mix and when you are maintaining the secret can blow up in your face. It can not expect read a next book
4 / 5
Wow. Fabulous Start to the new series. This an east hot heat hot. Jan has an English tongue to the tee :). Totally recommend.
4 / 5
First reading of time J.S. Scott I really loves this reservation a lot up until a no happy end at all, can does not believe when finalising like this bluntly
5 / 5
there is enjoyed this book.
A lot easy bed.
Can not expect listen the history of Dylan..
Thinks it will be Kylie a lot you?
5 / 5
A history is expected like this. This in spite of an on use of hagging' and 'tosser' has done me so only cringe and go my eyes. They can be British words but the youngest person that 70 uses them! Also an obsession with tea, has done to look like him brits drunk at all but teas. It is such the stereotype of rubbish to follow.
4 / 5
J S Scott free is such the joy to read. When you have read his histories fall enamoured with some characters and ossia exactly the spent with this calm history will not want to dip a book down. I want that this history is in the British billionaire. I can not expect for a next chapter in this series.
4 / 5
This book there have been engrossed of a start. A for real romantic work that well. An end there have been in of the tears!
4 / 5
A start of the new series. Still the billionaire but any one has connected his another popular series. Damian Has been cleaning on his rubbish of brothers of the twin partorisca some last two years but some new one in a page at the head of some papers perhaps saving further. Now when I have read roughly that shouted in mine kindle partorisca he partorisca kick his brother to a kerb. I have gone my eyes something decayed. I mean there it is helping your brother and he then there is pandering his. The ones of the cut was first way of a paper excluyente is start. Nicole is after the company of Damian so that when it can do his PR, unfortunately any one there is @@give the to him was further help when the quite big headline swipes. I have enjoyed really this has read. I can not expect read all roughly Dylan. The boy is that it goes to have his goose cooked with the fellow better of Nicole, Kylie.
4 / 5
Wow Fantastic bed again of J S Scott ❤
Damian Lancaster the hard working billionaire that tries to run the subject in his own and maintaining the promise that could break his and his reputation of company.
Nicole Ashworth there is taken on his undertaken of mother to try and maintain it that goes and loves it take international, fulfils Damian and sparks fly that there is has not felt never first with more. It decides to help that it takes his and the reputation of the his undertaken behind, everything is going a lot the boxes discovers a truth that pauses his heart.
A sweet ardent law concealed to maintain you glued of a start. J S Scott knows like this to write the series adds, are so that it looks forward to to read a next book ❤❤
4 / 5
When the bad presentation there has been Nicole Ashworth behind in the plan in Amsterdam faster that has thought. That had not expected is his mate of flight to be this owner of a company. Damian Lancaster was all he roughly laws and also to protect is familiarised. When The picture in of the skins of his brother of looks of twin in a paper there has been enough. As it has reserved a next flight was to Amsterdam. It sees that fly of sparks in this 12 hrs flight among United Kingdom and EUA. Will Damian Wins this woman. And Nicole takes his Orgasm of Ladies .

Has loved the
5 / 5
could not taking reading a book. A writing is like this a lot that has thought in fact was in the plan. It can not expect for a next book roughly Dylan!
5 / 5
Damien Lancaster is seated after Nicole Ashworth in the flight United States. Damien is flying there to treat his brother of twin, Dylan. The one who once there is pulled more the trick that Damien has to that try to straighten was. Nicole is flying rear house after the disastrous meeting with Lancaster Jointed where tried to try to obtain them like the client in his PR Undertaken. His first meeting is class of hilarious likes Damien is asking his personal questions in of the considerations to the message of text sees of Nicole is. After the few drinks answers all his questions, unknowingly that the company of Damien is Lancaster is. There is to good sure an appeal among them.

Nicole was the corporate lawyer that brotas that behind to run the company of his mother after his death. Once @it gives that he seatmate has been to seat likes has touched his for the fool.

Nicole, he curvy woman, has the hard time that accepts that any man, especially one of Damien caliber, finds his appeal. It is now until Damien to convince that it is by train seriously. It concealed really it is attracted his and that it is for him. It has been also covering for his brother, Dylan a lot so only with a business but in a cost of his own reputation. It is the 'fixer'. If it touches to lose Nicole or Dylan the one who is that it goes to choose.

Ossia The wonderful start to the new series. I can not expect read a next book.
4 / 5
Damian Lancaster is billionaire normal extra. It is workholic with authorship of plot, but no only for his legacy familiarised but also for his wayward brother, whos trick endangered no only his reputation, but also his companies.
Nicole is beautifull curvy woman, with low selfesteem. It does not know , that is beautifull, but knows is ready and intelligent and hardworker. It wants to be successfull business woman in his undertaken of mammas, reasons loves that his continuous legacy grow.
When it Decides to help that Damian recovers his good reputation, knows, that she gaines big client for his bussiness, but can lose his heart.
Another sweet, ardent and beautifull sotry on alpha and strong woman billionaire. His really good and I cant attended for prójimo one in this series. And really I want to dicsussion roughly number 13 (my lucky number also).
5 / 5
Say Your Mine is a first book in the new mark Billionaire Serious for Jan and is going to Inghilterra! At all sexier that the Billionaire with an emphasis. I have enjoyed really this new start!

Damien Lancaster is a boss of a family of his death of the parents done 5 years. Taking a helm of an International Company has not been something felt ready for but Damien has known has had person more the one who would do it, has the twin, Dylan this was to suppose to help but 2 years ago Dylan has suffered the tragedy and fallen out of a spotlight so much to speak. Damien is spent extracted add of the money that Dylan sure has been dried of an internet in his question, now Damien alive to do.

Nicole Ashworth was the corporate lawyer but there is taken on his mothers PR subject when his mother is spent out of cancer. Trying develops a business international takes the meeting with Lancaster International. Unfortunately, his meeting has come a same morning a boss of a company has been photographed in the compromising dipped with more than a woman. The whole presentation of Nicole was sabotaged with this new crisis and turn in California dejected.

Damien is flying in California to face Dylan, seating in patronato, fulfils one the majority of the good-looking woman has not seen never. Damien the fact his mission to take to know and is loved enough to discover this woman does not know the one who is.

Nicole is blown has gone by one a lot good-looking odder seating afterwards to the his in a house of travesía long. These two has chemical of instant and a unconventional history.

Top Customer Reviews: You and Me on ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5
That the good-looking way to squander the day. Seated in a sun. Any place partorisca go. Any person partorisca see. And the practically perfect book partorisca read.

A slow burn is absolutely one of my favourite types of book. So only I want to know some characters are madly enamoured with each another before they do. I seat it likes it to me I am in in a secret.

There is wanted, Amapola has wanted , wanted and Alex. I love his quirky insider jokes, some few sentences repeat to the each one like this another that person more taking but the fallen roughly laughing. So only I love these few things. They are when flight “ has come too much” like my new catchphrase. I love fly Alex and Amapola also and have them like my better friends in the so many can go in the together holidays and laugh all day and have our own insider sentences.

His ape little sentence vacacional adapt me so much of Cundy Conroy holidays of some pasts and some sentence bobas that has has had to that went there stops. Material “stop with this tomfoolery” has followed for “down with this horseplay” could be my absolute favourite sentences never uttered. It is not the vacacionales?

Loves quirky together of clothes of the Poppy and class, that concerns Alex mopping my front when I am ailing. So only I love a pair of them like this hard.

Ossia An absolutely lovely history , lovely of two friends that the enamoured fall with each another without @giving . Two friends having some better of the together time. Two friends that do memories. Two friends that @gives that the engaged is not always the role means that you found your house.
4 / 5
A fashion of this is not the linear timeline; it jumps among leading years' and of the current chances among some two main characters tones. I think it that it could have it done equally very written in the linear base but a plot costs an investment in taking used to a fashion of plot the one who results more familiar to the equal that go.

I really liked a realism of some characters in that a HEA was something has has had to that do still to learn to communicate with each another and also for working in his defects of subjects of character/suitable for taking there- has not had the magic to fix which suddenly has solved his past questions and like this when they have taken there was credible!

Does not take the enormous quantity on some characters lateralmente like this of the houses is on Amapola and Alex but volume quite that comprises his challenges and I internally acclaimed for them when his he.

Some scenes vacacionales was done good and called to import any number of adventures vacacionales of the estimativa and hang the done for a enjoyable has read.

There is wanted a bit HEA moment of real life in an end. A conclusion adds to a slow-burn and value a wait.
5 / 5
Wow Another idyll adds of Emily Henry.

Alex and Amapola are fellow better , or era. They have used to go in the together holidays each summer but in his holidays 2 years ago he all has been wrong and has not seen each one which as another of then.

Has said with the history of present day with flashbacks to his leading holidays, Calm and M in the holidays is the lovely book roughly 2 better friends.

I characters were good wrritten and sense like present whole so much with the complexes want to and needs. Alex and fall of Amapola right in the grumpy/sunnyshine trope and could not take enough.

A lovely read which will leave calm with the blurred feeling and the hangover of book. Filled with some of mine favourite tropes (better friends to lovers and sunnyshine and grummpy), ossia another book adds of Emily Henry. I can not expect read that writes prójimo

Thanks to NetGalley and an editor to resupply this arch instead for a sincere description
5 / 5
has found extracted adds to like in this book. Some friends-to-lovers trope is an old a, doing a when finalising obvious legislation of a start, but was a lot well does here. Alex and Poppy were sweet together, and his banter has been ready and entertainment. They were real three dimensional characters with funds and of the histories that has explained the plot of the that was. It liked a multiple timeline structure, flashing behind and advance to leading summers.
But a predictability of a plot and a repetitiveness of some holidays in of the different places have done that goes slow for me. And it has had the 'big develop' that looked anti-climactic when it has spent finally.
All-in-all the amused allegro read which has not gone enough for me.
With thanks to NetGalley and Penguin for one and-ARCH of this book.
4 / 5
Has loved this book, although a timeline messed with my brain bit it at least until there is @@give that he no really @@subject that a lot agreed it to him or the no. Burns a lot of lens, but in the sweet and deep way, and absolutely fantastically writing.
5 / 5
Very Never of Emily has read bestselling beginning 'the beach Reads' the few months behind, the couldnt expects for an emission of the his second book! A wait has be worth it and will be sincere, included although this a has not been like this perfect like his start, there are them enjoyed each moment of this book!

I Poppy enjoyed really and the history of Alex. A whole mystery was bondadoso of predictable but a flashbacks was very interesting and a history was sweet and loveable. It can not expect see that Emily writes afterwards!
4 / 5
Fab New emission! Really adictiva that law that now have very tired after the late night to read. Another preferred new!
5 / 5
This is not exceptionally well. Poppy And Alex are brilliant characters , really did not love it to finalise, but devoured it.
4 / 5
Like the the probably read fellow-to-lovers and of the enemies-to-good lovers? Well ladies and gentlemen, present left in fellow-to-lovers, the almost unknown, then behind to fellow-to-lovers!😂

The poppy And Alex have fulfilled in fact has joined 12 years, and although has any paste was immediately, prompt results of better friends, and is gone in the together holidays each summer. Until 2 years have not spoken of then.
The poppy Asks Alex to go in a last travesía with his this state. His be able to fix his friendship?

Has adored the beach Read last year, and of any first few pages of you and M in Holidays, has known that it would want to this also. I have tried like this I last any to devour he in a seating! I took certainly in an emotional roller-coaster, and although I am sad his on, is to remain with all a warm, blurred feels!

I bad, that is not to love?
✈Opposites Attracts,
✈reading good-looking descriptions of Poppy and Alex holidaying around a world, whilst in mine pjs during lockdown,
✈Banter and sarcasm,
✈Slow burn with glorious tension,
✈A bed (yep that ol' brown!)

You And M in the holidays was full to yearn, and has done my heart has hurt! It has said of Amapola POV, transmission behind and advances among a present day, and to a past like this gradually see the friendship of the poppy and Alex develop every year. A writing was witty, and full of fun and laugh. A minute would be to smile in something that animates heart, an afterwards would have the tears that goes down my cheeks. Emily Henry me feel as if there it was known Amapola and Alex for years. Sometimes fellow-to-the lovers can fall walk for me, but this book had invested absolutely in his friendship, as it could comprise reason has doubted to risk this friendship! They have had so only such the good report, has known everything in the each one another, and really could him be together!

To the poppy was so much sum ! It could imagine be partner with sound. Fun and hilarious, was full of energy, and was extroverted and adventurer. I have enjoyed to see the sound grows, so professionally, and personally. Poppy has underlined one the majority of reason took so only POV, but also reason was like this relatable. It has not been to perfect, was quite defective, his infancy that impact his decisions of massive adult, but this has only sounds to feel mine more realistic.
Alex, a introverted, has reserved cutie! It could not be more different state to Poppy on paper, but has wanted to how is exited his shell every time was with his! Alex has loved order and routine, like the result of his trauma of infancy. This book underlined for me, an effect that infancy, and how is to spend on, has in our lives of adult and elections. While Amapola stormed his way to conditions of mine, Alex has tugged to my heart with his sweet, genuine, loveable character. I have fallen totally enamoured with them both, with his complex report, and so only has wanted as it has begun to be more vulnerable with each another!

This idyll has not gone too vaporous, but has taken to have the little glimpse! Usually it likes him he bit it more 🔥, but of these times have not concerned me, was so only such the sweet idyll, and his chemistry was quite hot without aiming too much if this felt?

To arrive to this point, would read the cast of compraventa of Emily Henry, but will solve for while to his next book!

Wants sweetness, friendship, anguish, tension, laughs and like this amour, gives this one shot it!
4 / 5
To the poppy and Alex fulfil in the meeting of casualidad in university. They are chalk and cheese and both leave a meeting without any desire to speak again. This in spite of the year later finds in the travesía of street to his state of house of Ohio. For an end of a travesía so much an unlikely friendship and the pact has been done. They decide to go in the holidays of state every year and in a prójimo ten years result inseperable. Ossia, until the travesía in Croazia where something goes wrong and one goes to derives averts for two years. This summer, to the poppy feels lost in his life and asks Alex will go in a travesía of plus of state. To recapturen his friendship and determine his future.

I amour, amour, has loved this book. It is easy in disposal, light hearted and enjoyable. Poppy And Alex are an epitome of opposites attract and has loved his quirky any friendship of sweep of the control and a hide of secret amour of eachother. Any only that, has loved his histories of travesía and travesías of the street and I felt likes was holidays with them.

In any one another book, the chapters dipped in (at least) ten different times the periods would be to confuse and alienating for a reader but Emily Henry totally pulls era. Every time the period adds rich and intriguing detail on that has been like this bad that they are estranged for two years.

Was invested like this in Alex and Amapola. Colgante Romantic? One his/ a lot of they the tension is like Ross and Rachel in steroids! A sexual tension among them is like this intoxicating and writing like this very that has been he has resisted respite of mine long whilst has read. They are like this sad to leave these characters behind have finalised now a book.

Emily Henry is now the author of has to that read for me. If you want to hilarious suspended romantic ossia your book . If you have not travelled of a pandemic and need to fulfil your wanderlust in some books have read, then ossia a book for you. It moves it to a cup of the yours TBR ready right now, will not complain it .
4 / 5
Ossia A second book has read of Emily Henry, a prime minister is the beach of last year Read, which there is enjoyed really.
In the first place and slightly confusingly - has two titles partorisca this book - “Some people fulfil in vacacionales” that is a title of EUA, and “Calm and M in Holidays”, which looks United Kingdom one. Material because they are Emily in Instagram and is partorisca be that it speaks in this book, with a title of EUA, has thought roughly the like this called both titles!

Poppy Is an adult the one who maintains the base of the his own in NYC and has pursues adds like the writer of travesía. Taking paid partorisca go to cool places (or really hot some) and they same pay partorisca his travesía ALSO. His work of sleep. Has good friends and is the success in his life, his left behind small city long Mid-ganadería West at all more than the tiny, dusty point. It excepts Alex better partner, the one who has moved house and has solved there with his on/was again fiancée.

Although they do not see each one which as another a lot, a time partorisca do the Travesía of Summer, every year of university when his automobiles pooled house partorisca a summer. A structure of a narrative is that it goes back partorisca interest in timing the recount each one which as one of his travesías of state of a prime minister to a last - some current one in present day. A pair of the earliest years had had the travesías of summer to the equal that has had bad finishing, something Amapola alluded in some earlier chapters. Usually, this class of ‘and then The past BAD THING' annoy me, but some movements of history to the long of in such the good step there is any time partorisca take nettled.

In a surface, ossia the history that has had a potential to be tired and cliche. In a acknowledgements, Henry speaks roughly when be inspired by When Harry has Fulfilled Sally, which always thinks is the sign of the writer adds - is influenced by some books have read, some films the look and a music listen to - calms to know it or no. So much, although this risk is there, is taken to somewhere new with very developed and likeable characters. Has the genuine neighbour of reasons a lot partorisca be together - a lot of that has spoken and listened of friends and family in real life. Sometimes so only it does not exit , any one imports that you like him or want each one that like this of another.

There is also the arch of character partorisca both of them, which was very partorisca follow joint with. I have finalised a book while they would take me in as the class of third better fellow wheel… That partorisca me is the sign of the book a lot - when calm the finishings that wants to know more in his world-wide and like raisin on, and that asks the one who karaoke travesía-accident would sing near. Probably All Saint , if you were curious.
4 / 5
Has titled:
Roller coaster amour/of friendship
Holidays vibes

there was at all that I do not have enjoyed roughly Emily Henry upcoming emission. A fact that rids in summery read to agree (again) and that it was lucky to read and listen in tandem to this book. Both formats were like this as well as an another.

You And M in the holidays has been said in the number of summers, charting one the majority of lovely friendship; in a main this is to go has not been. Then, oh boy, a fire of chemical prey to some pages, dulcemente.

In all some ways, both Poppy and Alex were opposite in personalities and of the aims. They have done like this well so that the friends and his travesías of summer were fun expeditions and something his both have lived stops. I have enjoyed to see these trips unfurl like the years were recounted. The lliked some people have fulfilled, some places have been but at all was more interesting that THIS SUMMER. I have wanted to go back to this narrative.

Some pages of this book, some minutes of an audio turned so only and was sad to take to an end. Emily Henry knows like this to inject so only the pocola operates and tension with the sum of contemporary history. They are here for the book be afterwards!

Narration-Wise, This was only POV and only narration and was excellent. It has taken all a sense of characterisation and an emotional feels of one listens. It is such the perfect format to absorb a history while in vacacional literal!
4 / 5
Some friends to reserve of lovers? Poppy And Alex have been friends for years, although never romantically involved with each another. It remains in his small hometown also results the professor whilst arrivals in New York like the writer of travesía. Has the tradition to go was in the together holidays once the year, travelling further afield when his magazine begins to pay for these. When Some starts to reserve there has something obviously had spent as they had spoken hardly to the each one like this another for almost two years. A history develops by means of the series of flashbacks to his leading holidays as well as a finally is having in a present. A reason for a breakup is not to clear, but his both have his reasons for a fight that is having.
Has moments of humour, interspersed with notes more serious, more some vaporous scenes. It has felt for both some characters and has shouted a serious question of if the men and the women can be fellow abonos without romance resulting involved, more an effect can have in his other reports.
Has received a copy for advanced of this book of an editor by means of Netgalley, this in spite of this has not influenced my description of a book.
4 / 5
Has loved the book of fiction of adult to start with of Emily Henry the beach Read last year, how has been wanted to when his editors send me to us some advanced Netgalley copy of the his new a! Calm and M in Holidays (or Some People Fulfils in vacacionales in some the USA) is another obliging romance novel, this time dipped in a course of twelve different summer the holidays taken for Poppy and Alex.

A novel is related for Poppy, the one who is an absolute delight of the character, witty, bobo and full of lovely few human insecurities. It fulfils Alex in university and, after the dodgy first meeting, better fellow result . When His prime minister been to joint the holidays is the resounding sucedido, commits to take the travesía together each summer. With which leave university, Poppy skips city like this collected how was possible to do in City of New York like the writer to trip while Alex stays in his hometown in Ohio to do like the professor in his institute. As his start of bolt to start with in of the different directions, his travesías annual result one a compatible occasion has to that reconnect.

Alex is also the quite only character. It is the bit of the slow burn and takes the moment for his personality to come by means of. When This in spite of slope a wait, his backstory arcing was to impact his decisions and actions in of the clear and believable ways. This in spite of felt like the quite brave election for the romance novel where typically a reader loves also yearn after a romantic interest. In the beach Read for example, Gus is described like good-looking of an out of, included although it is unfriendly, as dipping on his attractive for the leading female of both a novel and a reader. Instead, in you and M In Holidays, at all has done Alex underlines mine like the particularly exciting, a lot-adapted or sexy perspective. So that there is has not had to pulsing emotion for me to love a two of them to finalise joint. It is it wins to the writing of Henry that, for an end of a novel, absolutely rooted for a two of them.

A together of friends of term along-on is not he trope I expósito regularly in some romance novels law (I am not sure is the populate trope at all as I do not read tonnes of romance) but was the refreshing shaken on storylines that looks sickly to the sweet fulfils-cutis or instantaneous explosive lust the things seen first of type! In the personal level, my husband and I were acquaintances and then friends in fact a lot of years before we take together, he like this has to that little joy to see has reflected the little bit in the history of amour!

Thinks that can now without accidents say are a defender of Henry of Emily . His writing is list and incisive like his histories of the amour does not result never cloyingly sweet or too predictable. Had an odd thing that has found the small distracts it in this novel, has believes especially that in of the points some characters have begun to create more difficulties for them which have found the small nettling and has taken out of my entertainment. In general although ossia another delicious bed of Henry and I will expect like this patiently like this possible for a prójimo a!
5 / 5
Ossia The a lot of the time drawn out of friends to lovers rom-with of Emily Henry that looks Amapola and Alex, both of a small city of Linfield in Ohio, the one who fulfils for a first time in a University of Chicago, initially not taking each which as another at all. Poppy And Alex are polar opposites when it comes the personalities, with Poppy a outgoing extrovert and Alex, a more reserved introvert. A two finds him becoming friends in spite of his different funds, the friendship cemented every year with his on holiday annual joint to the variety of locations, so only to find his feelings for each another changing, but is value a risk his friendship? In the emotional roller coaster of the history that goes back and advances in time, a pair has not communicated for two years when something obviously big spent among them, to the poppy and Alex go in some last holidays, finally come near? This was one involving law said of the perspective of Poppy, although occasionally uneven, some conversations among Poppy and Alex when being the point has underlined particular, and one which can see appeal to a lot of readers. Many thanks to United Kingdom of Penguin for an ARC.
4 / 5
Well, like this lockdown 2021 was probably any one a better time for me to read this like this holidays like this good-looking has been detailed and could not leave our house but my cast of the cube of the travesía is to good sure more along now that was before a bed. Ossia A prime minister rids has read for Emily Henry and I to good sure will be to maintain an eye was by other books because it has loved that. Poppy And Alex are one the majority of likeable, albeit occasionally frustrating, the characters and was instantly in his corner that acclaims for them to take near. A way an author flipped of a present in his travesías of leading summer have done really well, and I honradamente to to sense likes was there for the plot of of them. It felt like his emotions and a way foolishly have managed his report was realistic and has not been the simple, the boy fulfils final of daughter, was complex to like all the human reports are and has done some characters believable and more likeable. 100 it recommends, and it will be to read more books of Emily.
5 / 5
Ossia My first book for Emily Henry and I will be to read more authors. I have LOVED his storytelling and writing way. Usually I have read thrillers and has loved change it and I am like this happy that has done.

A history follows some main characters Alex and Poppy to the equal that fulfil like this fellow and finally begin to have the report. Ossia A perfect example of attractive opposite, could not be any different. Poppy Is strong, bubbly and Alex is calm and has reserved slightly. For me it felt like this pound would do an amazing film.. Has no @to @give never this gender of book has been missing of my life and are hooked.

I laughed and cried during this book and never does this prevails like this READ these ladies of book and gents, sound the really a lot one and perfect for a upcoming been.

Thank you So much for a copy advanced of this book to Emily Henry and Netgalley. I will be reading Emily Henry is other books grieves is possible.
4 / 5
Has Emily Henry known had written something special when I have found the beach has read he almost done the year. He then resulted to be take like this one of some better idylls of 2020. Now I can say that You and M in Holidays (Or Yours the people Fulfil in vacacional -Title of EUA) probably will have a same success. Ossia Some definite friends to idyll of lovers. But, true his fashion is in plot more than that. There is something special in his writing and like his characters feel like this real.

To the poppy And Alex have fulfilled during week of orientation and is complete opposites. Based in his first conversation would not think never the friendship could flower among them. But, when to the poppy needs the house to walk his hometown and Alex spends to be his walk discovers that all his differences in fact can be the very good thing. With each another, can be the one who for real are, odd and complicated, and no really worry that another thinks.

Like his friendship grows, the pact to spend all the Holidays of together State. Poppy HAS the blog of travesía and is taking big in the half comunicacionales social that writes on all the classes of adventures. Like the years spend of longitude the things take more intense and complicated among them, and finally, to the poppy is assumed to write for the magazine of travesía elegant, elevating his estimativa-travesía friendly to hotel of five stars extravaganzas. The things are changing, but moving on the friendship to idyll can be a scariest one of everything.

The multiple locations do fault like backdrop for his travesías, and some jumps of ready writing of his leading summers while intercalating with some current timeline. Amapola Of Alex and the present day is summering in Cradles of the palmera and a writing is like this immersive practically can feel an arid air and see a rose of neon flamingos that explosions of a page.

Thing that calm You and M in Holidays like this special:
A Mutual Pining is Blissful
Opposites Attracts/ Alone and Grumpy
There. It is. So only. One. Law
Slow Burn
thing to chair fact

Ossia one of these books that will maintain to go back to when I require something beautiful and romantic to read. It is a prime minister chilling feeling to jump in a group the day of hot summer, is a drip to melt ice cream in your toes, while in yours still porch your first fiancé to choose you on, that attacks a paper for your chamber of hotel a first day vacacional, ploughing your prime minister paycheck, sipping champagne for a first time and feeling a tingling feeling of bubbles in a backside of your tongue...

Could go in and on. This to good sure will be to share to a spatial still like some of the mine other idylls preferred like A Game to Hate and Red, Aim, & Real Blue.

Ps: There is the lovely little Easter Egg that calm Points and M in the holidays and I Fish of Beach is part of a same universe and I are concealed.
5 / 5
3.5 there is ROUNDED up.

Ossia The class of Harry has fulfilled Sally but substituting when Poppy has fulfilled Alex. Poppy Wright And Alex Nilsen has been friends for the moment and take the together holidays. Works of poppy for the magazine of travesía and Alex is the professor in his hometown in Ohio. A history is said in vacacional variable timelines in fact twelve years to now.

In the loved that the beach has Read with thrilling has anticipated is one. This in spite of, although it likes, of him any resonate as well as a leading book. Some characters are very different to the each one like this another with to poppy that finds more strongly. It is a lot of likeable, his chair tipsy turvy the emotions during one reserve as it feels true, real and relatable. His report finds well with all a mate ups and downs of the genuine friendship, is defective like the people are. I really like a premise that is heartwarming in that roughly is finding your emotional and real house. A dialogue is well, I like a banter among them and has good use of humour. Of then we are Covid the house has joined one of some better appearances is holidaying vicariously with Poppy and Alex and walking them to the long of a Bridge of Golden Door has behind spent some vacacionales the wonderful memories so that it follows really thankful! It likes-me an end, feels right and take there finally.

This in spite of, ossia the friends of slow burner the situation of lovers and takes the moment to immersed calm in. Although you can visualise Poppy a lot easily is the less clear picture with Alex the one who is not also has developed. It is so only me, or it is the tiny bit in a dulls side? A distance among his friendship that is class of dangled in front of calm in the tantalising the way is the bit of the left down and does not feel to like a lot the big shot. A zipping behind and the forwards in time takes the bit to spend and there is wanted to so only go in with a ‘Now'!

In general, although I have not connected as well as to the beach has Read is still a enjoyable reserve which takes calm out of calm and calm transports to some lovely places for the moment.
4 / 5
You And M in the holidays is the wonderful heartwarming fellow-to-idyll of the lovers and I have adored he of an extreme to the another. Poppy And Alex fulfil his first day of university. You any paste was immediately but after sharing the draws of the poppy of car walk was fun and humorous side of Alex and arrival to form the special friendship. Complete opposites in the personality and that want of the life has done this only and interesting report. Have has wanted the follow his in his fates vacacionales different and some fun and the laugh has had, in spite of sometimes having money very small in the holidays of estimativa. Of a start is clear where is begun, this in spite of era still lovely to follow his travesía that takes there, a highs and lows of his friendship and then looking his feelings grow. It rooted for both of them each step of a way.

A construction of a history is fabulous, has two alternating timelines some summers displaced and one ‘This Estada' narrative as then seamlessly coalesce to an end. It is really very written and a tender and sweet way in those some heavy subjects is has contested spent the piece my throat. One obliging read particularly with a colgante to persist the spent among Alex and Poppy in Croazia, finalising in two silence of year. There is development of excellent character throughout and a perfect pacing and the background history leaves a time of reader to take to know and loves some few characters. A chemistry among Poppy and Alex results to intoxicate and liked that of an author fantastically describes his moments of passion and desire without a need to be explicit.

There is enjoyed both of the books of this author immensely, but certainly exhibits his talent for romance writing is one. It did not love it to finalise and I quite felizmente read the throughout again without hesitation. A uplifting and state written fantastically read with warm and relatable characters. Mina idyll preferred like this far this year and rest waiting for reading more books.
4 / 5
Emily Henry is one of my authors of favourite romantic comedy. It does not fail never partorisca rid. So you are looking for a perfect Staycation read, ossia!

Poppy And Alex fulfil his first day in university and does not locate , but concealed does not import why any summer never each one which as another again, well? Wrong! When The partner of Poppy directs the blag lucido the impulse marries retreated in an end of a year with any the one who bolt in a same city, guess the one who is? Alex. For some time achieves his hometown has developed the friendship of classes and agree to go in the holidays of state with each another.

A bit those that years Alex later is the professor , happy to remain in a city of final died where has grown up. Poppy, This in spite of, can not expect travel a world. A blog written, details it his experiences, results such the success is offered the work in the magazine of travesía famous. Early she and Alex are taking vacacional everywhere a world in the cost of a magazine. Until a summer, she and was of fall of Alex. Partorisca Two years a lot included speak until she accidentally texts the, a favour of text to another, and there is agreed to goes in some last together holidays...

You And M in the holidays takes familiar romantic tropes like enemies-to-fellow and opposites-attract and dips movement he entirely original and modern on him. Some laughs come fat and fast, a banter among some characters is whip -ready, and a sexual tension quite crackles of a page. Poppy Is adorable, has loved his eccentric family, and Alex is the complete sweetheart.

Verdict? Calm and M in the holidays is entirely brilliant, loved it absolutely and am sure calms also! One of my favourite bed this year.

THANKS TO Emily Henry and Penguin for my copy of this book, which have asked of NetGalley and has revised voluntarily.
5 / 5
Takes the travesía by means of a friendship of Poppy and Alex the one who has fulfilled 12 summers to those who any in fact likes each one which as of another at the beginning. This in spite of, the year later spends the travesía car near to the equal that return behind his hometown in Ohio which leaves him to form the friendship and plans for his first holidays. On some years during university and further do sure to plan the holidays of together state.

Some starts of history with the poppy that discovers that it fulfilled it all his professional aims like the writer of travesía and influence, this in spite of, feels like this there is something that loses of his life. His partner Rachel asks to think a last time was for real happy, which instantly ameno the flashback of Alex to his alcohol. This in spite of, some the better friends have not spoken in two years. An accident in his last holidays headed to they giving each another space, to the to the equal that like the time has been in has not gone never easier that achieve was and reconnect. This in spite of, the poppy has decided that it would want to have some holidays of plus of state with Alex - will speak his.

Flitting Among some histories of his together leading summers, in that give you an idea his friendship, some amours and passions in life. With Alex because of answering the pair of his brother his youngster more the plan to spend the pocolas days before for advanced joints that heads to a celebration. Whilst His work of travesía in R&R has said any his contrives vacacional of the estimativa down the poppy goes advances with him that paid and reserving all she the one who any quite go to plan.

After having fellow state for so many years, is able to find a friendship they once had and possibly take to a next level? But his lives are different, is there the way of the work? Laugh out of cloths and of the strong moments in some loans for east a.
5 / 5
You And M In the holidays is a perfect summer read, packed with estupefacientes getaways, exotic fates, and quell'sweet idyll.

Amapola And Alex probably any poden fellow better. It is the place -writer of travesía rear with the serious chance of wanderlust and the cupboard of vibrant vintage. It is a tense professor that loves at all more than being so only with his cat and the good book. They are both intriguing and interesting, this in spite of has a lot of pocolos in common.

This dips a phase for the ' his, a lot they' history that is like this harrowing how is that it animates heart. Of his ape in-of the jokes to the tenderst moments, is clear that these two is perfect for each another. In spite of his differences, looks that sometimes opposites really attracts! A question is, this in spite of, to the poppy and Alex finally find that it was for them?

A book is said by means of the period of twelve years. He flicks among a present summer and past holidays, weaving a history of the friendship of Poppy and Alex - and a start of something more. Comprising city and multiple countries as well as just years, this easily could be confuse, but work extremely well.

Ossia The sweet history fill with envidiables fates of travesía and characters coloreados. Of the luxurious Tuscan villa to the taxi of walk of questionable Canadian water, this book follows Amapola and Alex during a ball. The time when abroad the travesía is not possible, that lives vicariously by means of his adventures to good sure helps partorisca line an itch!

Ossia He gorgeous, the ideal light work to read of state. Challenge any one any partorisca root partorisca Poppy and Alex!
5 / 5
The beach Reads was one of one the majority of hyped rom-coms of 2020, and after the enjoy, has been excited to be sent an invitation to read you and M in Holidays in NetGalley. Really any like him To him a title (lol) but there is enjoyed felizmente a book much more, has included that it remain until a unholy now to binge the. Mina less favourite things roughly the beach Reads was his cheesiness and earnestness, but ossia such the sincerely lovely amour history among two better friends, Amapola and Alex - and is, a earnestness entirely is returning for the pair the one who has known each one which so another for twelve years. Poppy And Alex have has been in the together holidays each summer of then his in the first place fulfilled in university to Chicago, but circumstances - the work of writer of the travesía of Amapola New York, and the desire to live of Alex in his hometown of small Ohio - has meant that it is his time of the joint of only real quality during a year. This in spite of, two years ago, something displaced - and has not seen each one which as another of then.

Like this - download of authorship - mine beans type of rom-with is when they are fellow first (which is odd reason would hate that in real life) like this to good sure catered to the mine favourite tropes. But this goes to be absolutely one of the mine gone-to rom-coms from now on, is like this good and lovely and am sure will be to think on some characters for the long time!! Trace a hype, Calm and M in the holidays is is gone in paperback in the July and I can does not recommend enough is in a way for something fast and romantic!
4 / 5
Like usual in my descriptions I any rehash a reason annoying read a book?!

Has been loved to be invited to read this has loved like this the last novel of Emily Henry, 'the beach Reads'. I expected it it would be like this enjoyable - and has not been disappointed.

Love his fashion - writes characters that feels real, can imagine exactly to the equal that would be in real life (and some of them adapt me to knots the people have fulfilled to the long of a way). A plot is a lot has thought was, with some lives and of the funds of Poppy and Alex (hero and our hero) gradually developed over time. Has-liked me a way a timeline has not been linear, and really enjoyed some vivid descriptions of Poppy and Alex is several travesías (particularly like any prpers can travel this time!)

Has read to PLOT of books every year, this in spite of seldom find a where like some main characters - but have fallen really in grace both Poppy and Alex (chalk and cheese to the equal that are) and found me that worry in the spent to them. There is the mould to sustain add in there also, some resupplying the humorous touch.

Has loved so only mention that it is not all sweetness and light to the long of a street - there is a bit few sad sections in a mix - but ossia so only like the real life is not the?

Could imagine this novel doing like the film...

Of rests waiting for the next book to Emily Henry!

Mina thanks to NetGalley and some editors for an ARC. All the opinions my own.
4 / 5
Alex and Amapola, the one who the pleasant pair.

Is the long times have read of the book, friends to lovers like this pleasant.

Has seen this available in Netgalley to listen the one of way that is that it has done it!

Alex and Amapola have been friends of University, does not know like this or reason has lost contact as they have used to take the annual together holidays.
His days his poor more younger was the holidays of estimativa .

Of some years of way down a Poppy of line there is perks his work and an idea to contact to Alex to see would like to accompany his in the holidays have paid comes to his alcohol. It does not say like this it has purchased it some holidays this in spite of!

In general, regime and his both travel like this fellow.

To poppy me laugh long, has the sense adds of the humour and his answers really is something on.

Alex is the little more serious this in spite of, has the lovely personality. It shines by means of some pages like these two would owe that be an element .

Like This control vacacional for them both?

So only does not assume everything is an easy walk as it is not .

A really good book that control his own in this gender.

A first book has read in fact of this same author-although I possess an another of his books.
4 / 5
Has had big hopes thus book with which really enjoying the novel to begin of Emily Henry and has to that say has not been disappointed. I have loved absolutely this history, which had hooked of any first few pages. I adore his fashion to write and a calm way easily really cured on some characters find inside a history.

Ossia Like this pleasant; daily occurrences the one who resonate in the way familiarised and gave a same feeling as enjoying the comedian stand-on routine the one who pokes entertainment in some situations 'normal' all find. Equally, there are moments where chair your agreement of heart with feeling.

Has loved a history of Poppy and Alex and there easy friendship and like this grows in a course of 12 years. Some descriptions of character were something on and to the chair likes was of these two people. We are treated also to some locations add, thanks to several travesías taken for Poppy and Alex, which is the real to treat this time of coronavirus where all requires the bit of escapism.

Has read this book quickly, finding have thought that was after spending and the enjoyed immensely.

Can not expect see that Emily will come up with for his third book!
5 / 5
To the poppy and Alex gave me so only all I amour of the soft idyll. They are not usually the defender of one my-communication trope, which this book had - or enough would owe that be no-communication he so that it has to that it weaves of has has repressed feelings of both – but really did not import it a bit in this novel for 3 reasons.

1.) It has resupplied some delicious anguish
2.) Some characters have not been stupid or frustrating
3.) It felt mature plot and have of growth of character

Another thing has has wanted to was one slow-burn. There have it so only a way I like idylls of mine, and ossia sloowwwwww. I want to see an initial meeting, a dulcemente taking to know each one that like this-another phase, one taking comfortable around the another phase, and a unconscious build-on the feelings have followed of a realisation of amour. I give like this serotonin.

Has read this book less than 24 hours, and honradamente is spent the majority of a day lying in bedding while reading it. It could not take enough. Seeing the travesía of the poppy and Alex in a 12-ish the years felt like this genuine and pure that has has had to that so only clear my whole day to see them his taking HEA.

In general, thinks that this was for real the brilliant friends-to-idyll of lovers. The decision to alternate of Emily Henry admonishes spent to present fact fantastically and maintained absolutely hooked to start with to finalise. Calm and M in the holidays has 100 results comfort it read for me and I can see I kings-the reading a lot of time some coming years.
4 / 5
Was excited like this to receive this arch!

To the poppy and Alex are partners of university, is complete opposites but also feel comfortable and his while in the each one another is undertaken. Each summer goes to in the together holidays in the new place, this lifelong the tradition has finalised two years ago.

This year while to the poppy tries to agree when it was last happy, knows was when it was with Alex, achieves was his to organise the new holidays. A travesía to agree and save his friendship.

A writing is like this like this good and with the ready sense of humour.

A history is divided in a past and present, in that leave see some transmissions in his lives by means of some years. It has interested to see it, but was invested more in a present narrative.

To the poppy and Alex felt like this real in this book, two characters with to plot of history and deep feelings among them. It could see that it has loved it each one which so another but has not felt a chemistry has expected.

Has received an ARC of an editor and ossia my sincere description.
4 / 5
A blurb Said and M in the holidays is the history of amour for defenders of When Harry has Fulfilled Sally and A Day. Like the massive defender of both I has required more persuasion. I have not been disappointed.

Barring The brief meeting during it prpers in Realm Joined llama “Freshers' Week” in joined, a start of the report of Poppy and Alex is so only likes that of Harry and Sally – that shares the house of walk in an end of an academic year and leaving in a wrong foot. They aim become friends, this in spite of, and his history is said by means of the eyes of Poppy, with an action that change among a present day and 10 years vacacionales annual together.

You each one that like this easily fallen in with another east daft banter and ‘in of the jokes'. They are entirely in some same wave-period – or is? We come to @give to the poppy is enamoured with Alex long before it recognises it, but that can it does? It does not want to dip his friendship in jeopardy and so only does not feel one same, he? He???

Has loved both characters and there is enjoyed each minute are spent in his company.
5 / 5
As I Can two people those who are like this obviously well partorisca each another takes like this long partorisca find each one which so another. Poppy And Alex have fulfilled he on done 12 years. Every year they the together holidays. Often with several humorous chances have launched in that there will be it you in that laughs along with him.
A pair in fact the years have had the travesía disastrous. Now this travesía new is the little there is pulled. Will Poppy And Alex find each one which so another and finally admit one that feels that a law can like this obviously see.
A lot thanks to Netgalley and an editor partorisca an occasion partorisca receive this ARC .
5 / 5
Likes 'Where of the rainbows Finalised' (also known as 'Amur Rosie') for Cecelia Ahern or 'Five Years Of Now' for Paige Toon, am quite sure will love you this book.
I amour reserves this explores friendships that is so only that external person of this friendship for real comprises it and this book (like one 2 another I mentioned) explores the brilliant friendship among Alex and Amapola.
Take on the travesía of 12 years, 12 summers, 12 adventures during these times Alex and the poppy explore his amazing friendship and so only that 'house' means to the each one like this of them.

I really enjoyed this book and finalised it quite quickly.

A thing has loved in an end of this book was the section called 'For behind a Book' that has not seen never in the book before. Emily Henry explains an inspiration for behind a book and that calms want to bear you exit of him, averts of the fantastic history that it is. Perhaps more the authors would owe that do east!
5 / 5
I Beach reads Work for Emily Henry last year and enjoyed it so it was happy to having received this arch. THANKS TO some editors and Netgalley for this copy of reader advanced the transmission for a sincere description .

Me And calm in the holidays follows Amapola years the friendship of Alex on some years and his annual holidays. I have loved this book. It was I complete it five star read for me . It has loved a place out of a plot and as burst year after year and vacacional the vacacional. Alex has loved also and Amapola. Alex is my class of bloke (likes the library - I am sold) and the poppy is so only odd and wonderful . His families give you a chair and is so only the wonderful history ❤️.

Has feel the one of the east rid goes to be the swipe of enormous summer . Perfecto for a beach. It is quickly paced, entertainment, emotional and romantic. I think the friends to lovers can be my preferred new trope. Also I want like this we see that while it operates it of the looks of poppy to surprise and perfect, is not in fact happy and sometimes having all is not that I add.

Entirely would recommend this book. Tongue of mine 😂
4 / 5
gave it to 4 description of star but so only reason a last neighbourhood of a book has saved he to be to 2 star. Poppy Was quite the delicate character to connect with and mostly looked to treat Alex without a lot of cure but also a sexual tension totally has been missing of until we take further to his together final holidays when things for more tended and for like this more interesting.

Is the classical his, a lot they but a first third was the slow burn to be sincere and found me trying the zip by means of a book so only so that it could finalise it but as it said it to good sure redeemed in a last neighbourhood when Alex and Poppy am resulted the most believed plot and vulnerable like some characters.

Is looking for The good summer read then this one to good sure tick that box. Also totally it could see this book that is turned to the film. In fact I have the feeling that the power has been included writing with this hope in alcohol. Something on some scenes and a tongue of final for Poppy that was almost to to the script likes.
4 / 5
Emily Henry does to you again!
I fully thinks that there is a bit like this directed to achieve deep my soul and write exactly that that has not known has required.

You And M in the holidays is the mix of some perspectives displaced and presents of Poppy Wright; those shines-adventurous-dramatic-wanderlust-Poppy, and his holidays of annual summer with Alex better fellow Nilsen; sweet-shy-control-freak-literature-loveing-Alex. Some discharges to reserve some 12 years in his better-fellow-ship of when they have fulfilled in Or-week in university to Cradles of Palmera of present day, in the brothers of Alex weeding. I have loved a transmission among past and present! Taking to know Poppy and Alex now while also taking to know then when have in the first place fulfilled.

A development of his report was lovely and heartwarming and oh-my-goosness-please. Both Poppy and Alex are fantastically defective characters, like this real and broken and amazing. I am daunted of as writing of Henry of Emily of the people that is like this real that can take immediately hooked, likes 100 invested in his lives and can not think roughly anything more. A slow-the burn among Poppy and Alex was like this slow and tortuous and my-heart-tin a lot-give support-with-all-the-emotions-perfect.

Honradamente Does not think to have some words to explain that it has loved it this history and that has invested deeply was, and still are. I can not explain a way my heart has run and my alcohol has been fixed entirely in some words in front of me. I can not recommend this book enough.
5 / 5
You And M in Holidays for Emily Henry the five-star read for enamorar with. Simply dipped this can be a better history I read all the year, certainly will be one that will go back and king-read like this often, slowly on buying a paperback also, as this belongs in my room of fame bookshelf. This history will have your heart pounding in the good way and that asks and wishing and so only during a place, is like this good. You will be to laugh your boss is gone in Amapola and Alex, this history is like all of mine favourite old has gone to a, me smiled so much an old lady in my street asked was enamoured with the new man!! We finalise have the social distanced cat in a book and I have promised to choose his on the copy when I have chosen mine up as it loves a sound of him. In my eyes this will appeal by all the world so that has something for all the world, does not lose this bed like his simply in amazing.
4 / 5
Omg Has adored absolutely this history!
You And M in the holidays follows 2 unlikely friends to the equal that spend his together holidays that directs until present day when they are trying the piece his together friendship has retreated. I have loved a backside and advances on some leading holidays and of the presents has added to a global build on a history. You can feel a chemistry and an edifice of tension and that burns among them untill explodes. Gah Have any word to describe that there is it enjoyed this book.
Has listened to an audio to the long of the side that the read and has adored a narrator has done and amazing work to spend Poppy and Alex the life. I almost spat my drink out of several times whilst listening his so much laughed like this hard. To good sure will be to read more for Emily Henry (I to good sure require read the beach Read) and will be to the look was paralización more the audios have related for Julia Whelan.
4 / 5
Can guess like this the lovely history will finalise? Oh He But love a travesía there in all the chance? Absolutely. This pause of the book by means of the different summer breaks that the pair of strangers those who then results the better friends take on ten years. Any so only take to see his friendship develops in the pleasantly looks real time , there is also one contrasts with some last holidays where a pair is quell'has bitten stilted and trying rekindle his friendship after the hiccup. A hiccup is exposed dulcemente like the continuous book and laugh and cry with Poppy and Alex to the equal that exit if his hard differences mean to have the future like lovers, better friends or so only at all at all.
4 / 5
This house of book in a friendship of Alex and Amapola, both of the small city in Ohio and both very different. It directs in some holidays that takes each summer and to the equal that has grown near and averts. I have read “The beach Read” for an author last year and no really gel with a history or of the characters at all, but has loved this book and could relate his and to some characters, particularly to the equal that has had to come from/come from the city of small Ohio, so that the mine appealed. This has on elected where notes 'the beach Reads' failed.
5 / 5
My heart is like this full and has loved each minute to read this book. Ossia A history of Poppy and Alex and an author draw you entirely his report of one very first chapter. Alternating among his holidays of current summer and some holidays of his spent go in a travesía of these two characters and likes to connect and embrace one odd in the each one another. A whole book is funny, involving, painful, harrowing and achingly beautiful. A for real excellent read.
4 / 5
A glorious When Harry has Fulfilled Sally inspired opposites attract, friends to lovers, slow burn rom-with.

A two MC is was so only like this entertainment partorisca read. Poppy Is unapologetic in the one who is, ready partorisca try (or say the plot of a time) anything. It contrasts a bit it has reserved and of confidence but totally Alex adorable. His chemistry and the idyll of slow burn has been written in the a lot of convincing way that has done his hesitation in taking things further believable.

A star of a history partorisca me for far, was a dialogue. Both witty and sometimes harrowing, has so many lines add that had laughing out of strong and then rasgando arrives (I continuous to look in you Amapola especially with your powerful and intrepid tongue in a bar). This book was full of a dialogue has better read the long time.
4 / 5
Had excited really partorisca try ithis was as it has loved the beach Read last year. I have thought at the beginning that has been bit it too resembled the beach Read but how has been has @to @give was included better that a leading book. Of course with any romcom know of one beginning that some two main characters will take neighbouring in an end; but a ready way in those some discharges of the past of Alex & Poppy is developed dulcemente by means of his holidays displaced and a slow burn of a romance gripped me.

Agreed To him in fact to read Sally Rooney Normal People, where has loved the only cry in a book “takes it near already!!!!”.

To good sure would recommend this book for partidários of the good romance novel, would do a bit the on holiday excellent works if we never are able to leave this cost again!
4 / 5
A blurb there was really interested. A subject integer of 2 people of an opposite sex having the very next friendship and all this comes with him when it comes to them fulfilling future partners etc really intrigues me. It is the light hearted listen in a note but he describe done really on the feelings of the poppy and Alex where there the friendship is concerned. An is not a lot slow and felt likes to spend for some motions for a first half of a book. It has chosen on a step the little then and has been interested in like this was to the touch was but then is resulted the little predictable. Thought could have had the little more than goes in inside a plot. It is not that the did not like me or does not recommend it but is so only any of the different to other books of the subject alike...
5 / 5
Amapola The travesía has established very achieved the journalist is feeling bit it down and that loses the partner that has been hard in touching with fact two years. Now it feels that it has to that try go in touch to fix the holidays with him and to do on that has had to come among them. As it Directs to fulfil again and the one who transpires is a history interposed with accounts of one preceding ten years, one for a vacacional that had shared in the platonic report until when they remain up. Reason, is the mystery that is developed when it is exposed like the complex character uploaded with the phobias and the luggage accrued of his infancy and days escoles. A fantastically writing, a bit frustrating history of an unusual report with the happy end.
5 / 5
The stars have left just allocution an elephant in a room. This is not the beach has Read. While personally I chair to like is the alike premise (changing a tropes of lovers/of enemies to lovers/of friends and a setting of a place to a lot, a BR the magic so only has not gone there for me. I think that that that has something to do with a question still has had with these authors last work. Any have to Him legustado a woman of main character. And of a history is said totally in his POV, the fact bit it hard to root for the pair when you find a half the little has bitten insufferable. I will continue to look quell'has been he for work of this author, but this was so only well for me. Thanks to audio of Penguin, an author and Netgalley for a ALC. I volunteered to leave this unbiased description.
4 / 5
Alex and Amapola have fulfilled 12 summers in university, with small in common, swears to go his separate ways. A year later, when forced to share the house of walk of university near, some forms of unlikely friendship and the promise sworn to have the together holidays every year. His annual holidays are fill with laughing, the tender moments and everything go in. There is effortless talent, some laugh-the moments was strong, but also the simmering amour and tension among a pair that find rooting paralizaciones.

Has said by means of the series of flashbacks to the holidays displaced of longitude, see a history by means of the perspective of Poppy a present day, where whilst doing like the writer of travesía is thinking to his life and happiness. Each flashback filler in the little piece of a jigsaw and builds a foundation of his and the friendship of Alex in the simmering slow burn. There is an excellent dynamic among a pair - Poppy is more adventurous, hyperactive and quickly-witted, while Alex is more bookish, demure and has consecrated. His interactions are perfection , there is the good mix of breast-for-tat where is in a same level and can be his true some selves with an another.

HAS all some better elements of the classical rom-with gone to a - the ones of the enemies to friends/perhaps lovers, the flickering timeline with an accident that shaped his dynamics of whole friendship that so only has not discovered still, and some saccharine pleasant moments (more the scene of sex of the balcony)- to be frank, was a better. Has some iconic tropes comprising 'there there is so only a bed', an incredible quantity of pining, witty banter, SEXUAL TENSION APLENTY, and one wins small-his- no-his moments, all duquel me just tear by means of him so faster.

Ossia The wonderful history , which Emily Henry relates to When Harry has Fulfilled Sally (that sadly that has not seen never, incident) but agreed really of a queen of friends to lovers rom-with aka Amur, Rosie for Cecelia Ahern. It is the masterpiece to manage the report trope of a late 20s-punctual 30s variety, with enough of uncertainty and of anguish to maintain you has interested. It is one of these idylls that does not fall to one goes predictability category when it comes the plot or dynamic of character. There are some definite moments of emotional depth, some good-looking scenic descriptions and two main characters those who could probably read 1000 more pounds roughly. A kiss of enormous boss to Emily Henry of me, can any one) thinks that a book was this good and b) that has taken for the prompt bed.

Will be posting this description in Instagram libraryofchlo also when a paperback is liberto, SUCH the gem!
4 / 5
This book would owe that it has been the 5 stars but my transmission of brain has decided any to connect with a history and some same characters although I have related so much! He no any sense anything but is that it is and I @fare I totally and no a book because some books is SURPRISING!!

Has wanted to Emily Henry is another calm book think will want to this some hips because I loooooovveeed the beach has Read. But in place of enemies to lovers, ossia class of friends that is no longer fellow and is class of estranged the lovers.

-this book have of then IMPORTS wanderlust and has wanted to read roughly all some plant our two characters have been to in vacacionales.
-The friendship among Poppy and Alex feels like this realistic and liked like this is (in of my opinion) the no stereotypical friendship.
-I likes that some characters were defective in the human way, which the feel real.
-I has related to plot to some characters, mainly Amapola.
-I appreciates some decisions sãs that some characters have done in some point in a history, not going to say when this in spite of.

The THINGS SEAT MEH ROUGHLY: (these are so only personal preferences and to be frank am nitpicking here)
-the writing did not blow me was but thinks to the plot of people will find this pleasant book.
-Still although I have related to some characters to plot, for some reason could not connect with them or a history. I am not totally sure reason...
-The history has been of a 'now' to a past, (eg. This summer and then 10 summers the gone), until a past has on taken with a present. So much with east in alcohol, has not felt to like had any development of character for Poppy and Alex. You would think that during the decade, would feel bit it different each summer but they the no. felt likes some same people during a whole history. Any sure if this was on purpose or no.

And finally, I marvel if the amour like this included exists in real life?
4 / 5
Thank you NetGalley, Emily Henry and Penguin General United Kingdom for an ARC of you and M in Holidays. Ossia My personal description .
The poppy And Alex have been friends in fact a lot of years and every year take the together holidays. You the together click and learn more roughly each one which as another every year. Then with which 10 years there were two years that spends of the longitude where has not connected. Then to the poppy decides that it is now of to go back touch with Alex- she teste the and plan another travesía. It is there sill time to repair his friendship?
Ossia A exceptionally read the well. A connection among them grows like this the time goes by and calm so only has to that know like the result of things. Going with them on some the annual holidays are fill with so many emotions.
5 / 5
This pound taken really in a way for the holidays, to the poppy takes to travel because of his work and goes to some amazing places. I have learnt the little on some the different countries has been to whilst reading this book. I have wanted to travel around a world with his and Alex his partner. Material to the long of a way @gives that it could be? Master Alex like the fellow good but could have more? It is the beautiful and pleasant history and extend roughly two friends that the travesía together but is a thing that is both losing more afterwards to his so much that thinks. I have enjoyed really this history and can not expect go in vacacional again. I can imagine read this book around a group, has the a lot of summery spent also.
4 / 5
You And M in Holidays for Emily Henry

to the poppy and Alex have fulfilled 12 years ago and after the rocky start is better fellow result . Every year they go in 'A Travesía of State' hover but this year is different. Flashbacks To a forward 10 travesías of summer develop a history of Poppy and Alex to the equal that follow his ups and downs (reports, families, works) during his 20s.

Ossia The fantastic book with fabulous characters and both poignant and hilarious lines of history. I have wanted to Amapola and Alex, has loved his families and, given some current pandemic, has has wanted to really some places have travelled to! A lot highly recommended - is in to treat it!

THANKS TO NetGalley and Penguin for an ARC of this book.

Top Customer Reviews: Think Outside the ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 29 ratings
5 / 5
It loves it. Really it enjoys everything of Olivia Hayle books. Tristan And Freddie are charming characters and a storyline is lovely. I can have had the tear in my eye when Tristan has taken some sincere and innocent joint of the 9 old year. To good sure value the bed.
5 / 5
There is enjoyed each word. The characters were believable. The history resisted to an end. There it is not reading this author before. Certainly read the other books 📚 if they are the averages like this very like this one, are in still another good bed. Cant Recommends enough.
4 / 5
Another book adds of Olivia ,the history of Freddie and Tristan the one who fulfils with which Freddie takes one invites of a arrendatario leading of his plan to the party of sex . Any spoilers the give the bed the will not disappoint
5 / 5
has read all the world of the books of Olivia like this far and does not disappoint !

You Always know is in still the line of good history. This a ventured to the underlying world-wide and was the classical history of them a lot they.

Excellent read. Highly recommended!
4 / 5
Freddie has taken it casualidad to enter the world has known at all roughly but was intrigued enough the launch precaution to a wind. A decision headed to an intriguing and ardent report that has ensured would have another dulls moment in his life. I love his personality. It is sincere, ambitious and a global amazing woman the one who well in everything does. Tristan Is also an excellent man, intelligent , ardent. It was exactly that has required. They have known as to light each one which as another shoot. A history is fill with wonderful characters. Thoroughly I Have enjoyed each alone page.

Has received a copy of ARCH of this book via bookfunnel and this ie my sincere description.
5 / 5
Has loved absolutely this book. A club of secret sex, total anonymity among some parties, the rigid principles ensures that Tristan does not have to that it never concerns roughly diverting his attention of his grandson has adopted of his sister and his husband had died. Ossia Until it fulfils and spends the vaporous night with the beautiful sassy unknown. It maintains replaying a memory of a good-looking woman in his alcohol, but is sure, as they had maintained his anonymity. Extracted some pressures to be the respected, included has dreaded CEO, until the misdirected earths of email in his inbox. A youngster, incredibly impertinent confine it dared to defy. Yes, you have guessed, a new interior is a lot another that a woman of mystery, likes sign Freddie, stands for Frederica. A thin @@@crumble in Tristan is to solve maintain Freddie to the discharge and strictly in a zone of employee was the pleasure to read , as it has injected the realistic dose of humanity to a otherwise self-the personality of alpha has ensured. His characters were a lot of very developed and described, and a storyline has followed the good step with tension a lot spaced signals. Had so many facets to this novel, that that would be impossible to touch on everything. A that writes a lot of, involving, vaporous idyll that has had all some the literary elements of the novel adds. There is the HEA to the equal that like the reader was happy roughly. Strongly it recommends this book to everything to the one who like him the strong characters.

Has received the free copy of this book via Booksprout and voluntarily am leaving the description.
5 / 5
Was bit it unsure when I have read some first chapters of this book, a Golden Room was the bit out of my zone of consolation, as they are the defender of Olivia Hayle has read on and has not been disappointed.

Frederica (Freddie) Bilson has won the prestigious place like Professional of Youngster in Excileur Consulting to New York, imagine his horror when it discovers that a rich CEO of a company, Tristram Conway, was a man although it had shared an evening of passion with in a Golden Room.

This history follows a blossoming idyll of Freddie and Tristram, his tentativas to maintain his distance of one failing, decisions that could his lives, industrial espionage, an amour that Tristram has for Joshua, the boy of his late sister the one who had adopted and a worry that is the CEO having a subject with the trainee.

Olivia Hayle has written two lovely, likable characters in Freddie and Tristram, the characters that calms can not help but be drawn to. My only small niggle is that taking to know Freddie I am not sure that would be it a type of person to go to a Golden room although it was under dud pretences, averts of this ossia a enjoyable history with the HEA.

Has received the free copy of this book and my description is voluntary.
4 / 5
Freddie And Tristan have fulfilled in a Guilded Soiled (a club of adult) with which Freddie opens an invitation meant for a arrendatario leading, decides to go in his place and concealed is where fulfils Tristan sexy, the capitalist of adventure, although any name is exchanged like state of princes.
First of fast, Freddie is beginning his internship and the one who spends to be a CEO? Calm guessed it, Tristan, can maintain it professional? Or harm to his true feelings?
Has loved this book, is the fantastic history with a lot of likeable characters, included some the secondary characters were amused especially Joshua, can not expect read a next delivery to a series that is Anthony and history of Summers.
Has received an ARC of BookSprout for a sincere description.
5 / 5
There is enjoyed really this book Tristan and Freddie fulfil to somewhere this is to maintain hush hush to some audience of the people sure so only can answer and is drawn to the each one like this another of by means of a room has taken was and of the favours of what to another but remain anonymous but the fate has the way adds to mediate when his streets cross again when it is the trainee in the company to consult so only to discover is a CEO of a company has loved a storyline and some characters have the orders of chemist ossia my sincere description am leaving voluntarily like this has received them an arch of the underlying gems and can not expect read more than this author
4 / 5
has received an ARC.
Triston A CEO had sent one invites to thank all the employees for a work of years has spent during an absorption, Freddie, his first week with a company, the one who has the sense of humour had written the answered, which has thought has been to the pair of new mates, is unfortunately be to a Boss he, his first reaction was to shoot An insolent man but has then changed his alcohol and answered to an email, the transpired will discover you. I have found I have not loved to dip a book down, there is enjoyed a book, utmost characters and recommend he without any hesitation.
4 / 5
Ossia A prime minister rids has read of this author, but I the doubt will be a last.

I thoroughly there be enjoyed to go in the travesía of Tristan and Freddie with them.
A lot of plotline and characters with a lot of humour, misunderstandings, some intrigue,
and hot, abundance of heat.....

Has revised voluntarily this book after receiving the free copy.
4 / 5
Freddie Was a new interior that'd has had the stand at night with his new boss and of course spends on (predictable).
Tristan does not do reports but with Freddie will do an exception.
Has not liked Him Freddie. It was the advances of has bitten partorisca the internal new and in sure.
Can not say this excited and a room has gilded is not returned with a history.
A sex was bland but has taken 4 because I have finalised a whole book🙄.
4 / 5
Having has Read hundreds of books in this thick gender last partorisca find new histories partorisca read concealed is enjoyable and involving, in that downloaded that this book with which reading another for Olivia, so only yesterday, has directed them partorisca the inner bed the few hours a lot perhaps to some early hours,(could has not dipped down. )
Ossia Up there with one of my favourite histories his taken everything. Billionaire Boss, strong hero, the brilliant history without tugging, and so only a right quantity of passion and the small the one who understory that careers throughout. A chemistry and 'banter' among some silts of characters of this history and was them almost bereft when it has finalised. For any the one who enjoys this gender of history and is looking for his after fixing ossia a book for you! I have wanted to it loved/ it That!
4 / 5
This author so only blows me was each alone time! It has numerous bed of his books and the enjoy each only a. It has Received this a pleasure the ARC and the so only could not expect revise this.

Was amused like this to follow Tristan and Freddies history, his class of romance have gripped well of a start. This book is all thats fiancé, his packed with hot, vaporous scenes, laugh and amour. Seriously it could it has not dipped down. A plot is fantastic and some characters are strong. Rid adds! Highly recommend. You wont be disappointed.
4 / 5
Each book I bed of Olivia I think oh this is my preferred an improvement and better. Any a lot of the time drawn out of chapters his books take legislations to a point and they calm grip. If anything loves more than a history I hate when his histories come to an end calm tombs like this enamoured with some characters. I can not expect for a next book to a series xx has received my copy has seen to ARCH
4 / 5
there is enjoyed each one which of Olivia Hayle rid like this far and this a there is not disappointed. Instantly fund sucked to a world of Freddie and Tristan and was totally unable to dip a book down until it has been finalised! They are the sucker for the good HEA and this one has paste me well in a feels. 100 it recommends

has received a copy of ARCH of an editor
4 / 5
This was a enjoyable history, has loved a banter go in Freddie and Tristan. Enjoyable The history and I thoroughly there is enjoyed this book. It would recommend.
4 / 5
Imagines to spend the night of any one of sex with the calm type then discovers is your boss !! Freddie Does so only concealed ! I have loved a book
5 / 5
I Freddie has wanted absolutely and the history of Tristan, love the idyll has heated well. It was the a lot of easy the d gripping read and another 5 book of star of Olivia. It can not expect for a next book. I have received a copy of ARCH of an author.
5 / 5
There is enjoyed really read a book. A very interesting history line.
5 / 5
Another glorious work for Olivia. Ossia One of some reservation that takes the enormous smile in your face of page 1😁. It was giddy with emotion a whole bed and ravening of a start.
Freddie And Tristan tug you serious of heart. His witty intellectual closing banter marks swoon🥰.
Joshua Was like one the majority of adorable and essential part of a history. Also, as it can forget Toby and Quentin the one who some even more fun bed.
Still again, Olivia has written perfectly in the subject delicate like loosing some parents n fond another kids as their own like him in fact done your eyes glassey😢.
Is the fantastically the book writes well with the chapter of prize that mark you crave partorisca even more.
Can not expect for Anthony, the books of Victor and Carter.
An amazing bed and more to good sure king-read.😁
5 / 5
Ossia The new author partorisca me. So only it has expected an easy bed but this book has been concealed and more. Really I enjoyed all some characters and I have found I that rests until reading some last pocolos capitulate. Ossia Exactly as attended partorisca in the new book. Down waiting for a prójimo in these serious and am looking partorisca buy some of his earlier work. I have received voluntarily some copies of arch of this book of HiddenGems and has purchased the copy also
5 / 5
the hats were Olivia .... Like this usual one of one the majority of the thrilling history and he mixes seemlessly around some characters.... While I take the book of Olivia is partorisca read, prays partorisca an extra 24 hours the day and any work until a history is finalised, ossia like maintain the trailer ...... Neither love this book to be on neither has wanted to maintain he out of achieving conclusion of boxes...... Words to describe a narration and a travesía of way smoothly.... I am expecting it takes more books.
4 / 5
A good-looking and like this good history writing. Especially it has loved that there it has not been any concept of the brooding boss that generally is an excuse to be a ahe. Both were mature but human. And a response Joshua has given when asked in the aunts and the uncles had me to us going in a paving. A book is fill with sweetness, humour, emotion, idyll and hot. I can not ask anything more.
4 / 5
Has loved this book. I read it like this it splits of his crew of ARCH. While this book has some common (but utmost) tropes (employee/of boss, spontaneous sex in an elite sexy club) a history is mature, entertaining, and deep.

Has loved some characters. They are both strong character that so only result stronger together. There is not a lot sympathetic bad to frustrate like big question. It is the real report and sã with all some better part of romance. And some heats, heats, HEATS, and fond sex. That more could ask? To good sure that goes in my Room of Afamada.
5 / 5
This book is exciting and one calms will not be able to dip down. It is sexy, daring and hot, hot, hot but with the decidedly sweet HEA. I can not expect read the history of Anthony after, an author to good sure have hooked. But it thinks it it would have to that mention, this one is like this hot, is probably more for these 18+.
Still although I have received a copy of the description advanced of this book, voluntarily am leaving my own unsolicited, voluntary opinion with this description.
4 / 5
I amour anything Olivia Hayle written. Has such the way with the words and his characters always celery like this real. Tristan And Freddie that follows so it explores his new report is an adventure . It is so only one sincere the history of amour of the goodness that calm leave you all warm and blurred. I have hated For him to finalise
4 / 5
Freddie and Tristian are obliging, a storyline maintain turning some pages! Grab He! Member of ARCH :)
5 / 5
has loved this book. Has add it storyline, utmost characters in Tristan and Freddie. So much heart, so only quite a lot of vaporous scenes and the good end. Highly recommended.

Top Customer Reviews: No Gentle Giant: A ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 44 ratings
5 / 5
Alaska has come on board of Hearts with his edges partorisca dip down roots. It has not expected Never these roots would comprise the woman, especially to to one likes him Felicity. Although has an attractive partorisca each another, Felicity is treating a fallout of his late parents' sinned. It Likes him Alaska discovers a danger that surrounds Felicity, all his protective instincts have fallen in. With him maintaining in his corner his amour will grow, but survives some consequences of the actions of his late father? This history is suspenseful, menacing, and there will be you on a flange of a chair.
5 / 5
There is enjoyed this history of a first page and house of sense with some characters of goodnesses immediately. Felicity Has the data endures so many hard swipes and can not enjoy any good regime that comes to his way likes them to them the wait partorisca a shoe partorisca fall. Paxton, there is NICKNAMED Alaska, is a archetypal hero,with the lovely edges Eli the trailer. There is work aplenty, with an amour partorisca unfold history partorisca sweep a reader was.
4 / 5
Has time when the book grabs calm of page 1, ossia one of these books. Has all has required partorisca maintain you enthralled legislation until an end.
5 / 5
Likes everything of some books of flange of the calm heart grieve starts to read draws in and that wants continuous has taken big and lows but that typical of all his books yes are standalones or the series
4 / 5
The one who another fantastic book for Nicole Snow! Felicity there would be any regime if it has not been for bad regime! Still it is that it pays for some crimes of his father long with which has gone and there does not look to be any final in sight. Alaska has moved recently to a city with his edges, and like each one another alone woman in a city finds attractive, this in spite of is not until strikes of disaster in his café that involves a cement troublemaker has appointed Mozart, a cat, that in fact finalises partorisca take to know bit it better. Alaska has been burned before it is reason has been always and his edges, this in spite of know something different with Felicity, included although it can say is hiding something. The regañadientes, Felicity looks for the help of Alaska to the equal that wants to take to a fund of his death of parents, but is not prepared so that it finds. When The question comes partorisca attack in his door, and the edges of Alaska goes partorisca lose Felicity knows has to that order this of a swipe for everything in his own, this in spite of Alaska @gives has fallen enamoured with Felicity and anything partorisca save, but can be too late likes Felicity @gives is in in his boss! Such the gripping storyline has fill with colgante, humour, passion and amour, which more could loves! Honradamente Have not loved to dip this a down! Has has wanted to all some characters and I am like this happy after all so that Felicity and Alaska are spent reasons they both have taken his felizmente never with which.

Has received the free copy of this book via Booksprout and voluntarily am leaving the description.
5 / 5
Of an inaugural page by means of his conclusion Any Sweet Giant you amenos in a travesía of épico. A report among Alaska and his edges Eli was like this sweet, like the Dad all is partorisca ensure a welfare of his edges. It is tired partorisca leave any one come among them. Felicity has lived the long time in Flange of Hearts and has on burst in of the leading books in a series. Initially his series of the bad regime does not look partorisca be when finalising anytime punctual, discovering his Father has been murdered and that paid partorisca his sins of father Felicity heads to finds idyll with a big gorgeous ex Navy Alaska of Focus. Initially the rouge results a lot real but partorisca his partorisca dip some ghosts of some have spent behind has to that treat that they are was partorisca destroy. Nicole Snow thank you so much partorisca give Felicity his own book, was a estupefaciente read.

Has been endowed an ARC of this book, thank you very much was undoubtedly to 5 star has read.
5 / 5
Paxton /Alaska is new in city, and is the growly, focuses leading, the one who is stubborn, protective, with the enormous heart, and the alone dad to his edges of 12 years. Felicity Has on grown in a small city where all the world knows all the world more @@subject, and is an owner of the tent of caffè the one who is directed partorisca do totally the good life partorisca his in spite of some challenges has to that win to the long of a way, and of a moment Alaska has walked his tent there has been his eye in lucido. Felicity has fulfilled his party in Alaska and I near compliment each one which as another perfectly. Ossia The history fantastically writing that it is the idyll of sweet small city, and with emotions, secrets, confidence, mystery, witty banter, and amour, which all direct to the vaporous, those thrill, and all-eating read. Advance of eye tor reading more than this talented author whose work I highly recommend.
4 / 5
Are the partidário big of the work of Nicole - and adores his series of Flange of the Hearts! Any Sweet Giant is a later delivery ...

Felicity Possesses a tent of the caffè local and everything is not he like this looks!! Poor Fliss has question that goes in behind some scenes and damn, this daughter needs the pause!!
Then have Alaska, a sweet giant. Fliss Is not an only woman in city to have run over the on the and good type that it is, does not have the clue! But his obliviousness is reason will not leave women of commentaries, with the edges of 12 years in tow and the messy divorce behind the, so only loves house in his boy.

Needless Partorisca Say, fly of sparks! They are both good people , they both deserve the happy end and they both almost disorder on lol.

An excellent read like this always!
5 / 5
Nicole to the equal that blew absolutely way with this book. So only when I think cant upper that writes that last time. She on and tried bad.
Has has wanted to all in this series/of book and am sad that the so it has arrived to his final.
Is resultant one of my female author absolutely preferred.
A chemistry among one to the main characters was maps .
Felicity asnt Has easy this in spite of her independent strong woman the one who possesses the tent of caffè.
Alaska is the alone/ dad older hot. The one who doesnt have time partorisca date reason is creating his 12 edges of year.
Discovers more then take your copy today creates me wants to be disappointed.
4 / 5
Loves this series and some people in him so much, so only continuous give! Like this usual I strong characters expósitos, strong reports, abundance of emotions, colgante, mystery, an interesting storyline, idyll, family, friends, support, acceptance, comprising and amour. I have begun once read this I couldn&039;t stop until it had finalised.

Has received the free copy of this book has seen Booksprout and voluntarily am leaving the description.
4 / 5
Felicity Runs a tent of caffè of the city, but is in question with some of his old dad associates.
Could a new type in city, Alaska, be his grace partorisca save and the way to finalise career of bad regime.

A history adds, a lot of action and intreage to the long of a way.

Can be read like the standalone.

Has received the free copy of this book via Booksprout and voluntarily am leaving the description.
4 / 5
Did not like Me never of any one the history of this author and ossia one of the his better could them has not dipped down was that well
4 / 5
am not sure if ossia a last Flange of the History of to Hearts the like all some secrets and the colgante resembles has been untangled and all the world has found his HEA. In Alaska of book and his edges of 12 years Eli is resident quite new like Alaska takes the work that does in Holt put of construction. Felicity Is in the majority of some other books, runs a tent of caffè local and always has the bad things spend his. For a past ten years has believed his Dad died of an overdose but learns that it has been mixed up in some subject shady and has murdered. This history has one same mayhem and colgante like all the leading books and involves all some ex-military men of Flange of Hearts. A main man this in spite of is the 7 foot big mountain of the man (and an ex Navy FOCUS) the one who so only has eyes for Felicity lovely. Ossia His history and is awesome. Well read👍
4 / 5
wants to Embroider of Corazón reserves like this full of men of alpha and his ladies. This a does not disappoint . A chair of the your flange has read.
4 / 5
The histories of lady Nieva is always roughly more than pure idyll. We find in this intrigue of book, the mystery and the history of good-looking amour. Pictures of phenomenal word, a dive in Lake of Glass, another was a pair in an end. Oops…spoiler Alert. Hey, has known that would spend. Coming on! In all the chance, could SEE he in the eye of my alcohol. Justo lovely. Throughout it has had the moments has smiled, I gritted my teeth, I swooned and has cried included. Like this Good!
Felicity Randall Is an owner of tent of operator of caffè /local. It is prize the Ember of ANY GOOD DOCTOR, is a rubbish of city-converged alone women graduates spoilt, and finally, is one of some better parts of this little community of heroine. Felicity has had to run over he in a newbie in the city that read for Holt of ANY WHITE KNIGHT of then has in the first place seen a polar bear-sized the man entered for caffè. Any another that Paper “of Alaska” of Paxton. Alaska has moved around some the USA that looks for the place to call house for him and his 12I edges, Eli. It finds in a magic of the flange of the heart, Montana with friendship and an amour of his life. Amur The man the one who adores his woman: “ master -sink me my teeth in, mark, fulfil each barbaric impulse howling in my blood.” Yeah, Amur like this…sigh.
Will have questions: it has Done his really given father of the overdose of drug? Reason is Paisley Lockwood Felicity annoying? Will Felicity And Paxton am exited of this dilemma unscathed? That roughly Eli? They go down to a truth in the work of Flange of this Heart this new plus? Everything will be answered in the good times have read this book. I volunteered to revise an ARC of this book and takes the minimum of 5 plug-tingling, scintillating stars!
4 / 5
Boring. And honradamente can not agree reason have to him legustado this series in a first place based in some reservation some late plus in him, unless a writing has has changed entirely. I am ailing of a flowery, trying-too-the hard-be-way of poetic writing. It has not been if ossia the newest way this author is writing, or if my levels were so only that a lot go down when I have read some first books in a series🤔 so much of these analogies and metaphors and a MC droning thoughts confine that literally at all for a history. It is so only too cringey and caseous for me.

And a hero is soooo feeble also. It knows his dad was to some sketchy material when it was alive and rumours roughly lucidos also affect, and the hates concealed. So that ? Any so only has said a hero roughly the one who some rumours are, in as his first real conversation, but was so out of a blue, and the attention looked honradamente that researches, that he literally any sense. Also, the leading boss of his dad the daughter comes around a hero that takes his money all a time, and like a hero done? Literally it gives all his money, leaves him destroy his tent, and does not say any in this city neither. Still it mentions it does not have any one follows if his dad still has any debt and that they are probably so only taking money out of his still basically any reason, this in spite of any one anything roughly the, included after complaining money require. His city is fill with ex-navys, marine, firewomen, cops, etc... The people speaks to in the daily base, and is same in his family. And in planting to speak to them of his be has aimed, attacked, and flown of, one first person says is a hero the one who literally hardly knows and is new to a city. I am ailing of heroines so only constantly complaining in his lives or his when be pointed, and not doing anything roughly the, but grieve some looks of hero, is all of the sudden say-all, as if they are unable the lie or something, included although I have been doing so only that for years now. So only it does not note , and he a hero looks like this feeble and just simple stupid for his a lot to do anything, or included stand up for his. Ugh.

So much, in general, the disappointing book for Felicity, and this can be my last book for this author if ossia to the equal that goes to continue to write.

Security (until 30)
the heroine has been celibate for years
the hero was (unhappily) married then divorced (ex has died)
the hero has the boy

No the real details in a hero except has had rumours in his

not deceiving
A lot of ow/om work
4 / 5
has revised voluntarily a copy of the reader advanced of this book.

That Felicity need is the Knight in Shining Armour so only to try his that really has good people in this world. The tent of caffè of Felicity A Nest, had been struggling never has taken of then on for his mother, but lately is booming with clients. So only it can not take one wins and bask in him. For Felicity, his only no the easy. In the life of Felicity, the disappointment and the tragedy have touched the big part.
Alaska is the transplant of, . It is working construction with a Silverton crew and quickly takes to look of a beauty that do fault his cold newspaper brew.
After taking to know Felicity, Alaska is drawn to his pleasure the moth to the llama. It is question further of ways that one. Alaska is no odder to the question and Felicity need protects, but also has to that consider his young edges. Alaska is an alone father and taken that authorship seriously. He so only Felicity needs to trust and know that it can cure of everything of them. But in the flange of the heart, when one of the his own is in question, some heroes of the flange of the heart is everything in.
4 / 5
Felicity Of A Nest Finally Takes His HEA. It rigs for Enamorar With Holt Supervisory, Alaska. A Giant Of A Man & the father So only Flies the heart of Felicity When it Gives a no In to Help Start of the sound Of One Looks His Left behind Father. It does not forget to Download A Free Flashes the advance has seen Some links in an End Of A Book!

Some Heroes of the series of the flange of the heart is of tower with the new but hero familiarised and the new mystery in book seven. Paper of Alaska, Holt Silverton construction foreman and recently arrived to the bordos of the heart, takes his very own history to the equal that joins a band of local heroines. East times a history mixes around the death of Morgan Randall ten early years more and a danger his daughter Felicity has inherited. Paisley Lockwood is taking impacienta, and a pressure is trace . Book six of a series, Any White Knight, present Alaska. Felicity Possesses a Nest and has been the local staple. Some of his history is touched the pound six also; it is fellow better with Libby Silverton.


This book is part of some Heroes of the series of Flange of the heart. The flange of the heart is the next small city Missoula, Montana in of the things that odd has the habit to spend. Each book is rich with a history of a city, familiar pursues, and continuing looked in of the favourite characters. Each one which so it is the history of complex amour among well-has has defined characters and of the places in a midst of the new question plaguing a city and his heroes like the history has the way of resurfacing. It runs over the first view develops to the deep amour among danger and colgante. These ready books are fantastically writings and packed with all - the mystery, colgante, danger, the characters broken, and he heartfelt history of amour. Each one which so it can be read perfectly like this stand-only, but knowing some complex histories certainly adds to an entertainment.

To revise, reserves one, Warren Ford and Haley enamoran while battling the corridor of drug. Warren finds closure in a death of his sister, Jenna. It rids two, Doc Grey, a venue vet and more eligible bachelor, taking taken of a phase for his Ember of new assistant. They face to the danger likes Grey of emprendedor leading, Galentron, the company of investigation with the hushed local history, goes back the city and of the games dirty. Book three sees a legend of Nine turn to the local hero that follows years in hiding after killing the man and escaping of prison. New results to be the partner of old infancy of Warren and Blake Leo, . Tiger, and has done with Doc in Galentron done the decade when he all burned down. It is the harrowing history in León wins redemption and his HEA with stray amour along, Clarissa. Book four is Blake Silverton and Peace Rabe history. It has opened in January, and the flange of the heart there was calm state of the history de León in autumn. Blake Is the military veteran , Fire and Boss of Rescue, radio call-in hostess of line, and welder. It likes to maintain busy, although his military pension covers his living costs. Has the limp of the harm of war that sometimes retards down. Andrea of sixteen years of Blake is the handful and like the fights of Blake of alone dad. When Paz of free alcohol Rabe comes by means of city, Blake finally finds amour, but a arsonist has determined to burn a city down threatens his HEA. Book five is shorter and takes place to a large extent external of the flange of the heart, but is a history of entity in the character with the sordid history in the flange of the heart. It reigns of gel Fuchsia the history of Delaney is said finally, and has had his reasons to turn emotions. His history there is parallels to Leo is, which oozes Galentron history. His tearful the history finally takes the hard-happy final won with Oliver that Imports, although it would be lovely down a street to take the big and more intrepid plus HEA for a pair. It rids six, the brother the old plus of Blake Holt Silverton leave New York and a fast route behind for mend some fences and beginning on. Door his undertaken of construction behind the city, helping some locals to reconstruct. Punctual Hellion Libby Potter among a way of the earth extracted too good to be true. The danger abounds, and amour blossoms in his midst.


This book opens in a springtime with which almost the year of relative calm in the flange of the heart.

Paper “of Alaska” of Paxton is the giant of the man. It can look intimidating, but is like this harmless like the teddy bear. It is returned to the bordos of the heart, this time with his edges of twelve years, Eli. It had left Eli with his parents in Fairbanks a first summer, when it has followed his boss Holt Silverton of New York to the bordos of the heart. A small city has the reputation for danger, as it had left Eli behind initially; now it is considering dipping down roots in a city. With a bit of regime, the things will exit.

Alaska had loved the simple life – the familiar and the fence of white picket. The things do not go never his way, this in spite of. His ex-the woman is resulted to be the terror, as there is divorced and has taken guard of his edges. One a time Navy the tentativa subsequent of FOCUS the partorisca take the financially has finalised advances disastrously, and has taken the work where can find he a bit years of then. It is trying to save the egg of nest to ensure the happy life for him and Eli. His whole world is centred on his edges – has not looked in of the women the very long time. A crown of caffè sure in the flange of the heart has taken his attention, but never has considered seriously pursue anything.

Felicity Randall Is very known for some locals of the flange of the heart. It runs A Nest, a caffè local and pastry something heat. It has taken a subject there is taken on parents and has done he to the success. There is something for all the world during a day. A morning and the entrances of late fill for his choose me-ups. One steps of late go in for sweet java and entertainment Paz Silverton frequently touches the together. There is included partnered with Clarissa Regis. Some tents of the Sweetest things now offer Sweeter Grinds, Felicity has sawed-branded caffè. It takes the special pride in his quota there is roasted grain and some varied flavours that perfects for his drunk. The clients gone back for a TLC gives to the each one like this and each drunk and his personality bondadosa and attentive.

In spite of all a toil and sucedido, this in spite of, Felicity grieves to take stops. It is almost to the equal that has the hole in his pocket. The looks of bad regime to follow around, which is reason is reluctant to ask help. Bravely it faces his hardships so only and forward, treating some consequences to the equal that avenge. Some rumours that circulates around city roughly lucida does not help subject, neither. Felicity Knows some bad things roughly of a city folks said, and has taken the swipe in his self-confidence when it comes to men. There is has not had never the promised pertinent. It trusts his promises for companionship – Libby better partner Silverton, Clarissa Regis, and his Ember of Ash of prime minister – but would not consider never turning to them for help of some questions that has inherited when his father has died ten years ago.

Morgan Randall had been question , and an addiction has struggled had destroyed him. He finally overdosed, and included thinking roughly lucido emotionally is trying paralización Felicity. Thanks to him, it faces the bad reputation and endless debt. A Lockwood Syndicate is alive and well. Paisley Lockwood the father had been Morgan emprendedor , and now a sociopathic pixie has his bet seen on Felicity. Paisley periodically drops in with his muscle has assumed, squeezing each last penny of Felicity can in a name of unspecified the debts have owed of his father. For years Felicity has dipped quietly up with some questions and destruction, also leery to involve any in his questions. Lately, this in spite of, Paisley there is upped a pressure. If Felicity can not imagine was like this to satisfy some questions, she and his mother so only could finalise death. Exasperated for the solution to a question, Felicity finally takes the most next look in the death of his father, and a more looks, one east of suspicious plus.

The bad regime of classes looks to follow Alaska and Felicity, and is bad regime that takes him taking the most next look in an another. Eli of twelve years touches his part also. An adorable father-duet of the edges easily flies hearts, and a competition for bachelors in the flange of the heart is fierce. Alaska is new the city, and for like this unaware of the reputation of Felicity. It sees his without prejudice, which is the novelty for Felicity. Neither it is looking for amour. The priority of Alaska is the security of Eli and that it is well, while Felicity attentive maintain all his friends without accidents out of a danger that follows. In spite of, the circumstances launch a two near and spend his wall down. Once Eli taken to Felicity, all the bets are was. It Likes him Alaska begins to help Felicity researches the past of his father, his own past has the way to go back to pursue. A pair finally finds the happy end. It does not forget to download a free flashes the advance has seen some links in an end of a book.

The partidários will appreciate that this book has the light crossover with some Knights of series of Tiled. The mother of Felicity is retreat and of the lives in Heart Of Alene.

Is wonderful to see Felicity finally takes his HEA. Ella and beginning of Alaska out of slow, but his builds of the chemist like his games of wall to lose. It is always like this positive in spite of his adversity, and the business woman has achieved also. His loyalty, independence, and the sense of authorship the perfect party for a worker of alone dad. Alaska comprises some work of long hours – is not the hard fearful work he. It could be quite new the city, but resembles apt legislation in. It is the sweet giant and the fabulous father. His sense of commitment and protectiveness gives Felicity exactly which has required in his life. After being domestic for an unstable father, his calms calm the sound done feels solved. Both are stoic figures, when being big and facing his difficulties without complaint. Both are quickly to sacrifice for one some want to. They have faced also bad regime. His history is quintessential the flange of the heart – danger, idyll, and plot of local history. The subjects of addiction am touched in brief on, also.

A what merit of subjects mentions. In the first place, there is not any age dates for Alaska and Felicity. We can it boasts that with the twelve old year, Alaska is at least in his thirties. Considering Felicity, looks to be bit it older that has joined other heroes of the flange of the heart. His Ember of prime minister is younger, but concealed does not join down his age. Holt, The one who is roughly forty and one here, had looked on his skirt in a gymnasium of jungle when they were boys , as it has to that be around forty, gives or take. Spoiler Besides, has to the signal was that it felt bad for Alaska when Felicity has touched for harm. It was like this a lot Mitch lack. A harm, this in spite of, would have to is totally be the authorship of Felicity. It is the cost to do @@subject, and a consequence of the election of Felicity of exposure further of his police of pet. It was cringing while reading has thought like this of the as it hurts little Eli would have felt. Admitted an accident advances a history, but was hard to read.

The history of Alaska and Felicity is written fantastically of a start to an end. Here, local daughter Felicity of A Nest finally takes his HEA. It rigs for enamorar with Holt foreman, Alaska. A giant of the man and the father so only flies the heart of Felicity when it gives a no in to help start of the sound of one looks his left behind father. A plot is very complex. Some characters are attentively crafted. It is written in first person. A POV alternated among Alaska and Felicity. I estimate this book 4.5 stars.

Has received a copy for advanced of this book and voluntarily am leaving the description.
5 / 5
A passion in the flange of the heart is for to heat up. Felicity has fulfilled his party in a new type in city. A sexy dad, so only the one who also spends to be the mountain of the man. His measure can be intimidating, but his heart is included main. An owner of tent of the caffè local finally will take all of its own HEA.

The paper of Alaska is ready to dip down some roots, with his edges of twelve years, in the flange of the heart. It is it adds it little full city of good people. It wants to build the house with his edges and has any plan to find he the woman. This in spite of, when an accident finds on prójimo and personnel with his preferred barista, so only can change his alcohol.

Felicity has lived in the flange of the heart his whole life. It is the double edged sword because all the world-wide know you, but then again all the world knows all your luggage also. His father has left his with the desires of the legacy there has been no. All tries to do is to live the good life and rid he of some debts he left behind. Each goodness of advances to ten a lot behind. It feels cursed.

Felicity Has the habit to be in his own until the offers of Alaska to help was. His confidence is hard livestock , but finds his way under his wall. It wants to be rid of his luggage, but will not be an easy task reason a past maintains to come for sound. It is now of to solve of a swipe for everything.

This was one of my favourite histories dipped in the flange of the heart. Felicity And Alaska are FIRE ! His connection and desire for an another so only bled of some pages. They have shared the amazing chemistry and he spend some really good-looking moments. I enjoy this series and king-visiting my favourite characters with each new emission. An addition adds to a series.
5 / 5
“Fliss Is the good-looking distraction tailored for my annihilation.”

Fliss Is a nickname of Felicity, a main lady in “Any Sweet Giant”, an addition a late plus to Nicole Snow is interconnected stand-the alone books have centred around residents of Hearts Ridge, Montana. If you have read other books in this series, calm can have fulfilled and a main man, Paxton, the one who all the world knows for Alaska ‘of nickname'.

Felicity Is an owner of a tent of caffè in city, A Nest. Alaska frequents his tent in the caffè is announces a crew of construction with those read. There is remarked always like the quite a lot of woman, but of then no given never has paid that a lot of attention. Then a day an accident spends in a tent and suddenly Alaska of way and look of Felicity in other transmissions. Alaska is the promised of terrific book – thoughtful, considered, strong, able, that master, more is a awesome alone dad. It sees Felicity for the one who is, and ossia really the image of mirror of him, although where has the edges of 12 years has appointed Eli, has the little doggie the shrub has appointed. Felicity Wants to protect Alaska of the variety of subjects that surrounds, varying of jealous trick to a bad psycho intent on hurt. It dreads to take hurt and does not love dipped the or his edges in danger. Alaska has not loved never move his attention out of his edges, but is irresistibly drawn to Felicity. I can not give more specifics in a history because it does not give never spoilers, and part of a magic of book of the snow of Nicole is always a finely crafted plot. I trust this in spite of, is the really good history !

This book is a lot of-writing and is presented on the dot of dual view. An author has the fashion of differential writing that attractive calm to an immediacy of the each moment. You can feel a heat that traces in the slow burn that inevitably the hot passion burst into. If you have read leading books for an author, is amused to see the characters reappear here. A conclusion was excellent, and an epilogue left in sonriente.
5 / 5
The flange of hearts is to good sure a place partorisca be!!! In Felicity so that excited takes his history and his hero all of its own. Felicity Possesses and acts A Nest, the tent of caffè his parents have had. The life is not easy partorisca his with all some rumours that floating around but concealed does not erase a smile of his face or a fact that is there in the heartbeat partorisca help any one. But boy oh boy his smile grows when a bear sized sexy Alaska among each day. Paxton 'Construction of Alaska of works of the Paper partorisca Holt and is the transplant on board of Hearts of Alaska and is the alone father to Eli of twelve years. His starts of friendship during the hang-up of entity with the cat, the dog and the exposure of caffè mugs. When Alaska appears sees some consequences of a tent of caffè in of the his ruins have fallen the protective instincts shoot this good-looking woman. There are things of some pasts is neither able state to take on or forget. Felicity Resist his feelings and wants to protect Alaska and Eli, but Alaska that sees taken any for a response. With trying to find a truth in the death of his father and some rumours that surrounds, some threats to Felicity some threats so only pertain his. It can Alaska risks his edges again for the woman?? That spends when Felicity tries to fix things she?? When you have read the book of Snow of Nicole you volume more than the history... You take the lesson of life and an experience that stays with you far has spent an end!! Some characters are like this real alive in your heart and alcohol. It is amused always to take up with leading characters and Fuscia has included done an appearance. Stop For A Nest for your cup of java and so more. I voluntarily revised asks ARCH of this book and has purchased felizmente the copy for my collection of favourites. I can not expect see that Nicole Snow comes up with prójimo!!
5 / 5
After each disaster in the flange of the heart, some villains and some explosions and a terror, is still one of my absolute favourite places in literary earth. The history of Felicity and Alaska is any less worthy of my amour, mine utter adoration for this city and he is unlikely to sell of hero.
But SAINT VAPOROUS GOODNESS BATMAN! That an adventure! I have been moment to some secrets lurking in the past of Felicity so that it feels like this of the ages, and has not been prepared partorisca east! And Alaska... oh Alaska! Vaporous, alpha, protective, Ex-military dad , so only Alaska, was prepared in no way for some do any mine! I ruin me. Wrecked. So only absolutely destroyed for any or anything more right now. I have laughed, I have cried, I have frozen in terror and fear, and has loved! There is Like this amour!!! Taking to these ladies of knickers, prpers prepares in any calm way think can, but calm will not see this coming. That an absolutely imports to blow panty drenching the heart that takes advantage of history of amour!
5 / 5
Alaska is his nickname and returns this bear of the man. It is also he has taken the edges of 10 years has appointed Eli those who absolutely wants to take pictures. To to Alaska likes to take in in a tent of caffè local that is possessed and run for Felicity the one who spends to have run over the on. Felicity is spending for the hard time of his dad is spent out of an overdose. Unfortunately it has sustained his family for working for some really bad people.

I amour when movements of Alaska Felicity his cabin after any tears averts a tent of caffè and takes his house to protect. The things really take heated among a two of them. You both find one a lot those who has been missing alive of year.
This history is fill with the friendships add and and a lot of hot scenes. It has wanted to reading the history of Alaska. To good sure has wanted to more. Ossia For real has to that the history read for Nicole Snow. It enjoys!
4 / 5
Nicole Nieve he again, that paints the perfect scene in your boss of the flange of a picturesque Heart. This book is packed with everything of one HE preferred:
Some unforgettable characters
the laughs of belly
Spice that will leave your curling toes
And -a lot especially- an amazing history!

Paper “of Alaska” of Paxton is the pipe, mountain of the man the one who is new on board of Hearts. Felicity Randall can not look to shake a faith that is cursed. Well, a literal “swipe up” in his pride and tent of the caffè of the joy dips his legislation in some arms of a highland man have said. But some ghosts of Felicity have spent gone back to find. With a whole city and his highland man in his side, a “curse” is wheel and does for a vaporous, felizmente never with which.

If the not dipping foot in the flange of the heart, calm is that he an extreme injustice!!!
4 / 5
Still again, the idylls of Nicole Snow are different that another has read. A same gender, this in spite of his typical of some way. There is the tonne of romance intertwined with action. A race, is heads to boss, that tries to press to a front and work.

The paper of Alaska is in giant with the soft heart this is to protect peels the hard wall fact of his past. A painful in romance, in familiar, funds. A lot of bad things and of the good concealed is exited of him - Eli, his edges. Obviously, to plot that is hot in this polar bear is his devotion to his boy, an amour and cure, and a connection has. I weakened sure in some knees. And the one who fun me the majority was his blindness to all a female attention. Has has had to that has been has said strong and clear for him to finally of the note has women drooling in one view of him and dreaming to be Alaska of Lady.

Still still before it concealed, a woman taken by means of without even trying. Reason the way to the heart of the man could be by means of his stomach but Alaska is the dad. His edges is a way and Felicity does not have any idea the one who instinctively protecting Eli would head to. Out of goodness of his heart, has not loved to take involved with Alaska or take attached to his edges. His questions were the mountain and has had little hope will not be sotterrata under an avalanche. It has thought the curses with bad regime, a last what has has wanted to was to take two good people with his. His subject, this in spite of achieved, hanged on for the threat owed to the psychopath and a spent his father has done his present.

Weaves to have of tension among them. Has has wanted to something has looked for to refuse because of the pasts hurt, of present questions, of fear. But it was unavoidable, for this the like to read and excitedly the wait until a tension sparked the fire. An action was full-on during a whole book, not knowing yes there'll be victims, that will be stray or the one who the will has hurt due to the fact that it would call aprisa of gold of modern day.

A happy end was different in other histories also. Longer That usual but so only to to a way likes, of that discovers that in fact spent and no only that takes the clue and when being the cut was how was the cliffhanger, any he HEA. Nicole Nieve he well, written the happy, sexy, action-the idyll has packed. They are really happy has known a moment Giant Very Sweet is exited reason I grabbed his and has left done my day.
5 / 5
Is lived in a bruise of bad @@city of then has had 10 years his father has been said to pilot his plan for one the local cartel but he have died of one on dose and left him in debt to them, is here for while of the leaves of time to reconstruct a little city, but is looking for the place can live year around with his edges. It would recommend this book and series for mature readers so only (sexual content) concealed enjoys to read histories that is funny, vaporous, suspenseful, and romantic.
4 / 5
Exceptional!!!! Wow…I follows the big defender of Nicole Snow and has read everything of his books but this a so only could be my preferred a. Felicity And Alaska absolutely are in amazing characters those who both appeal in your heart. Eli is so only roughly one of some characters of the sweetest boy has found. Has has wanted to all in this book of a storyline to a NSFW scenes and a revisiting with old friends of past books. It has LOVED that!!!
4 / 5
This history was perfect. I have loved Felicity of then in the first place fulfils his in Any Good Doctor. We take bits of his history during some serious like this when Nicole has announced has taken the book finally was ecstatic and the boy was an attentive to good sure values he. My heart has broken for his, Alaska and Eli and if any one deserves the happy never with which is this family . More has loved to see all some characters have spent also. 🖤🔥🧡🔥🖤
5 / 5
Amur, amour, amour! The amour that goes back to the bordos of the heart and seeing all the world-wide in action again! There is always something that interests that it goes in there with abundance of intrigue and steam to maintain the things that interest. Looking forward to going back besides.
5 / 5
Another history adds for Nicole Snow
does not disappoint never
This history has action, emotion, some transfers and turns and like this always that the sweet idyll has launched this time in the small city
Some characters were relateable
amour to Find when calm less expected always is exciting and this history there is quite be to excite to maintain you turning some pages
the work Adds Nicole
4 / 5
This book there has been a line of the intriguing history but one first half was like this boring found me skimming by means of some pages that look partorisca go back to a history. The party of continuous harm of Felicity and the bad decisions have taken partorisca annoy quite quickly. Some characters were flat. This could have been the riveting book but a fashion has been written has done just tugs.
4 / 5
This title was marketed like the stand alone novel. I have seen some indications of global description was in 4.7 out of five to the equal that have purchased a book. It would owe that it has read it some descriptions and he then there is @@give me that No the Sweet giant would owe that it has been book 7 in the series of Flange of a Heart. Has not reading books 1 by means of 6 to the equal that felt likes has been missing is gone in that it had spent Felicity for his to ship in his self travesía of harm. Good ache, the half of a book was “oh woe follows” or “ am like this damned” or “ there is person to love me”.

Has lost perhaps the point of Lady Nieve in a book or perhaps had known to read some premiers are first books, could have enjoyed this book more. How it was, there is so only too many unanswered questions for me a lot to complain buying this book.
5 / 5
Another history of the snow of Nicole ADDS! Amur, amour, amour a way writes! A colgante, a history of amour, some characters pull calm to a history and the frames want to KNOW, the frames want to fix the one who a question could be cause LIKE these folks!
Thank you For your time, talent and some histories.
5 / 5
Not having much more can say in this author that has not said before. It is insanely talented one gives my heart the state announces my money.

Strong characters, fantastic storyline, and chemical galore. I want these innerconnected very done.
4 / 5
Felicity finally takes felizmente never with which with Alaska aka Paxton. Amur All a transfer and turns and all some characters in Flange of Hearts. Amur Likes Felicity bonded with the edges of Alaska and like Alaska protects Felicity. His final is good-looking.
4 / 5
Has read and has wanted to all your histories and this one is no different! Just wonderful entertainment! Felicity And Alaska have wanted. Eli of course, has flown my heart! Thank you For another sweet and interesting getaway! It recommends highly!
4 / 5
Loves some few Heroes of the series of Flange of the heart! Paper “of Alaska” of Paxton is the mountain of the man and Felicity Randall moves that mountain like any woman not having never. But Felicity is in danger. It can Alaska protects Felicity and his young edges?
5 / 5
Has not thought could have more than histories of the flange of the heart, but was pleasantly surprised for Alaska is and the history of Felicity. I maintained riveted to the each page. As @it subjects in fact, ossia one of one much more in this series. Calm will not be disappointed. (So only the note to an editor: it is it has run,” not “having has run.”)
4 / 5
Has read this like this splits of some serious or to the equal that is so only ossia the book adds . Alaska, Ely and Felicity has depth of the character and I was invested emotionally in everything of them that have HEA. Amur This reserves
4 / 5
Like this enamoured with this history, did not love it to finalise. Paxton And history of Felicity gave me all a chair, anguish , tears, founding heart and smiled tibiae. History of beautiful amour. 💖📖💖
5 / 5
Ossia The very good history roughly amour and familiar and the look for goldand the young woman that is fact partorisca pay the debts of his father
4 / 5
Utmost writing, good history. It liked Really of this pair and has wanted to Eli. Paisley was the real piece to do ossia sure.
4 / 5
There is enjoyed really this history. Now I will owe that go read all a forward some! Really like some characters and a quirky city
4 / 5
That was a reason downloaded it.
But could not take his. It has not been terrible, or filled with deceptions (facts, grammar, etc) so only did not sink to a history.
Has given to estimate for his Edges, Eli. His character was adds.

Top Customer Reviews: The Bully ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5
I dare any concealed has read a Kingmakers serious any to moment be secretly to the history of Dean. I know has, there was so only something in this bad boy that when it has taken his book has known was partorisca be something special, and Sophie Alondra there is not disappointed. The history of Dean and Cat ticked all some boxes, has had all the ALREADY the idyll of bully would owe that have, gripping storyline, darkness and dangerous and súper the hot chemistry and I bad súper hot, can like you, need the sip or two of water of gel partorisca cool you down. As Sophie Alondra has directed partorisca turn this Bully of any one hated to any one I amour so only goes partorisca aim that it adds his skills partorisca write is.

Has read a last calm book then knows that the cat has the secret that Dean has discovered roughly and is now blackmailing him. Those begin like the revenge is resulting so more. The life of Dean has not been easy, has up propiciado by the boss of Russian mafia the one who is like this bitter and angry has transferred all this hate on to his edges. But a Dean of the plus of time is is gone in school and a time of plus is around his familiar that is to be teach for his father is an enemy , one more that has thinks that has known could not be a truth after all. Dean È all this Cat has not known has required or has wanted and a time of plus is forced partorisca spend with him a more she unpicks spend them partorisca find of the dean that for real is hid down.

But would not be the Kingmakers book without another transfer in a row as we rig partorisca A Spy, the one who is, that is and his fulfil until the, and more importantly the one who will remain partorisca be
4 / 5
has read this in a seating, entirely neglecting family…….. I have laughed, cried (sobbed in fact) has shouted ……and like this quickly like this partorisca rain of the rain was on! Now I am sad and desperate partorisca a next book. Sophie, is besides talented. This series is surprising and are calm like this happy found. Like an aside, your ass of Spotify of kicks of accompanying list! Well never never I stick spoilers or plots, but are by train partorisca say you, if you are not reading this author, @fare out of BIG TIME! This series has all a chair, characters, plots…. Be any downside, any one. It is so only that well.
4 / 5
Wow I had been moment to books of deans of kingsmakers reserves one has been released. Dean Was always portrait like bad type but there was so only something there is wanted roughly more than and am like this happy I finally taken to read his book. It was all and more. This book was the real page Turner I could has not dipped down and was to arrive all prejudices it reading. Ossia The book of mafia with move he of hogwarts that teaches a next gene to a birthright serious. It is surprising and never read something with this transfer on that.
Five stars and are was partorisca reread it again in rest waiting for a spy
4 / 5
has read everything of some books of lark of Sophie and I love these characters. I want to that has a history of his histories of amour of the available parents to read and then kingmakers, like a next generation finds his soulmates. This series is so much better state that have included expected and Sophie does not fail never in an amour, lust and department of work. I have wanted dean of a first book, an heir and this reservation to develop his history and resulting a man has known would be, is glorious . I can not expect until next month to read a spy.
5 / 5
Looked forward to this book that begin and was a lot of value a wait, surprised, everything of Sophies the books are.
To the I Dean liked in of secret in some other books and was routing for him of a start and this reserve certainly a lot disapppoint had it everything, that surprises chemical, steam, enemies to lovers, perfection 👌 of mafia.
Has loved a development of character of Dean and Cat and has wanted to all one mentions other boys of Brutal Birthright and serious of deep Basses, can not expect for more!
An only negative in this book is that it finalised it.
Circle in a Spy 👀
4 / 5
Omg a writing in this series of books has me gripped, that that turning of page, can not expect read 'the spy' & expect some reservation no prenden there, can see like this storyline with a new generation, continuous write SL
5 / 5
Wow! That can say, Sophie Alondra he again.

Have come to this book with totally of mixed feelings roughly Dean and was intrigued to discover like his eslationship' with the cat would develop.

Has like this aversion  of anguish, has has confused feelings and of the very hot scenes among these two, jumps of a page.

A thoroughly has deserved 5 stars
5 / 5
Excellent fleshed was heroines and of the characters so many of preorder the dean blesses our fact .
4 / 5
Has has wanted to which the dean and The Cat have taken neighbours. Dean there has not been the easy life but having the cat for his side has spent really a better out of him. This book is now my preferred. Well fact sophie lark.
5 / 5
Has loved this book! Really the has not thought the d likes Dean but this maintaining my favourite book like this far although I have loved a forward two.

The dean has taken now the place of Leo like my preferred.

Want to all the books of Sophie and can not expect for A Spy.
4 / 5
I really like this book, so as well as the first book An Heir. Also it likes that of an author has continued to adapt of leading character and is looking forward to an after reservation that bet is like this good.
4 / 5
He This was all expected it would be! The character of Dean has loved absolutely of a start and new would be intense. A definite must read in this series!
5 / 5
Is all and more than would expect of Sophie. It has wanted like the report of the dean and The Cat has developed. Each frames of page want to maintain reading more and more. Literally I can not take enough of this series. It can not expect read ‘A Spy'
5 / 5
ohmygoddddd! This book is absolute spice the spice the has not expected the May for far my fav book. It follows entirely enamoured with dean and cat justg wow! It can not expect for a SPY!!! Sophie is an author that the surprise maintains on tbe good work.
5 / 5
This series spends of long force to force, each one which incredibly better book that a last. Sophie Alondra reels in and maintain in our toes with his plots and a force of his characters. Literally it could not dip this book down and read all night.
4 / 5
I just amour the books of Sophie more and more! They are like this got obsessed with these adventures of mafia, Kingmakers is my preferred! The history of Dean and Cat is like this fantastically writing and can not expect for a next book. Sophie, because need to expect like this long?! One of mine favourite of sound!
5 / 5
Will not be disappointed with this book. I think that that it is been a better one in this series. I want like the dean has changed on some 3 books and like characters other books am returned in so many of well to a new series.
4 / 5
Ossia My preferred of a series. It rooted still Dean in book 1 how was really that looks forward to his history. The hates/of amour some teasers for book 4. Now counting down to release day!
5 / 5
A Bully is a third book in a Kingmakers serious and is Dean Yenin and the history of Cat Romero. It is an amazing darkness and has has twisted enemies the history of lovers which could be read like the standalone but the really to comprise that Dean has been by means of calm then need begin in a start with An Heir. Also a secret and a start of his travesía is developed in a Rebel 2. An author has packed this full history of intrigue and mystery beside the unexpected report of this pair.
This book is mainly everything roughly Dean and his redemption. Like this far in this series has been such the brutal torturer and bad character that looked it impossible for him to change. Now a lot so only it has it has directed on Cat but an author cleverly interwinds his street with questions and subjects to involve his familiar and a Mafia of Fly. Originally the mine was so only the young boy that tries to find his way in the life and that does an only thing has known that to do, which has struggled. It has struggled any the one who has been in his way that has wanted so no never has known anything different.
Takes to discover more in his infancy, that has influenced to result an angry young man and some reasons reason is likes is. His mother left when it was ten how there was domestic state for his father the one who was the man of typical cold mafia , likes mine the dean was lost always while it looks for to be some edges his father would be proud of. For some last two years in Kingmakers has toilt and declare very disciplined in every aspect of his life. In an Heir 1 saw battling his obsession with Anna and that plans his on Read revenge. In a Rebel 2 is spent a be of year one of a more hated students but chance during a final of a Quantum Bellum spent in his discovery of a secret.
These starts of book with the dean that use a secret like the weapon against Cat to manipulate and humiliate. Some of of the this is to do reason knows has seen when it was in his feeble plus and aiming his vulnerability. The cat is fascinated for Dean and wants to untangle all some discharges of his personality because it knows deep down that down all his wall is the good type . Anna has had also these feelings roughly the and has known could be thoughtful and considered reasons has aimed sometimes that side of the his his character.
A growth and the transmission in both characters is fascinating, has has wanted like the cat has directed to find a force to give support without Zoe, extracted Lola harassment and like his become friends with his roommate Rakel flourished. It was so the entertainment that sees finally stand up the Dean and give the bit of his own medicine behind. One gives and take among them was utmost to see reason as it has helped the sound grows stronger, has aimed that it was worthy of amour and could find filled out of a darkness had been in. It helped it it has embraced it that side of him and there is enjoyed his sexual kinks. When they Take to locate in his tower has dipped some pages go down and is like this very adapted to the equal that explore that side of his report. But the calm curiosity a Cat?
All say you a lot to like Dean but he so that it finds the way to the heart of the cat, he worm his way to the yours. It felt he has struggled to the plot of a time likes dulcemente changed, has accepted of his amour and some friendships that has been offered.
Some secondary characters spend so much to a history and all some the different groups of students are involved a way or other thorough out of these books. We have known many of some boys of the mafia could not maintain his rivalries familiarised of colegialas but is really heating on now among some of them. Although Sophie does not write books for some of them, am a lot concealed would be to interest enough to know more roughly. I absolutely Kade young has adored Petrov, this in spite of, a a the one who has underlined was Snow of Professor. Calm can have fulfilled in his own book but if not going and control out of this boxer the one who knows exactly like this to treat Dean and joint of offers really well in some emotional and heartfelt scenes that expects that his continuous friendship.
An end absolutely is breaking of heart but obliging so much has to that give sustain it horrendous situation. It is a pertinent end thus pair this in spite of as we discover the one who a person can sacrifice for a one master. This series improves with each book and all some riddles in a Spy are like this ready that I can not expect for a next book reason have loved his two chapters. Totally it recommends no only this book but a series. You will take drawn to the his world-wide and to good sure begin to choose sides but beware, as it thinks that that an author there is far more planned for these characters.
5 / 5
A Bully is a third book of a Kingmakers serious for Sophie Alondra. With a history that is said by means of multiple POVs for Dean and Cat.

Having taken already to know Dean ‘Dmitry' Yenin and Catalina ‘Cat' Resmella Romero during a Kingmakers pieces and serious bits that has been aimed of them. A Bully is here to say his history roughly redemption, growth, transmission and amour, while also when be fill to a brim with anguish and of the emotional feelings.

The history of the dean and The Cat has not gone so only your typical career of a Bully of Romance mill trope history, there was so more his concealed it. And it does not mean due to the fact that it is gone in behind some scenes.
A fact that a start of the report of the cat and That the dean can have has begun like this blackmail, but calm so that still steps time on Sophie tip the slow and thin still the natural turn that comes roughly in that see the feelings that begins to grow among a two, which of course heads to some freakin' EXPLOSIVE, RED-HOT, TANTALISING, VAPOROUS scenes. Some duquel has been fill with his entertainment of EROTIC KINKY moments also.
Honradamente Can say some vaporous scenes of An Heir and One Rebel is at all has compared to Sophie has propiciado a table when it is coming to A Bully. It has gone to good sure on and further with a upping she to create an elder of same bar with all a LUSTFUL and SCENES of RISK among Cat and Dean. Something I to good sure has not expected at all, considering a type of the cat of daughter has been portrait so much during a series. Sure to say has had to that very sure more than has fulfilled an eye when it is coming to Cat.

Has wanted to look a lot so only a growth of his only report, but also a growth in them.
The dean has come to good sure the long way of the one who and how was in an Heir. A fact that was able to take all his torment, anger, jealousies and resentment of his life and turn he to the second casualidad by means of the redemption has aimed his growth and deserved of the HEA. All duquel has been done by means of a help, amour and force of Cat. Exhibiting the cat and that the dean has been meant to be endgame. A test also when being in like this was when near and fact around the each one another. When being able to feel quite sure around an another and in the each one another is presence to extend a lot so only his feelings and emotions. But when being able to trust the each one which as another enough to spill his secrets and his insecurities have had. Never prpers that it has to concern roughly any of them that loss anything concealed has been said or has spoken roughly to another. It was beautiful to look his history of amour develops and has tried that the cat and that the dean has been meant to be his die fiery chemical.
Yes, a way a start of his report has arrived was unconventional. Especially that considers like his sexual desires have touched the big part changes a direction of his report. To all the cost of that, has not taken out of a fact that over time see the form of the deepest connection to the bond among Cat and Dean. Something no longer can deny, in his leader to dulcemente but surely come near. And for an end could see the dean and The Cat were 100 entirely done for each another.

This history has been fill with like this, comprising secret, work, mystery, colgante that has given some narrative a lot of transfers and the turns calms concealed had on your toes that expects in anticipation in guessing that it was ensue. Especially with a surprised sneak peeks of ??? POV Chapters that has been launched in. Duquel Launched to good sure for the loop and there was racking my hard brain with trying to imagine it was and sense of mark that was it has said.
Sophie to good sure pulled was all some stops when it has come to write A Bully and a test is a history so only! I think that that it is possible to say this Cat and that the dean is not so only my favourite pair, but his history is to good sure my preferred of a series!

In general, has wanted to read each minute of A Bully! It was incredible, with the history of good-looking amour among Cat and Dean. Sure to say the dean won officially on! To good sure can not expect for a next book, seeing goes so that be hella that it interest with discovering of the one who the history is and that will arrive.
To good sure recommends to verify out of this book beside a Kingmakers serious NOW!
5 / 5
It was with it is mad about waiting for this book after reading a prime minister 2 in a series, but also felt quite cautious. The bulky idylls are not my preferred and I like to take the bit uneasy with dubious concent scenes sometimes. Felizmente Everything in this book was tastefully fact, like this yes enjoy read these things, will take that you crave,  but at all is too extreme to unsettle the no.

Taking to a book, this is state categorised like the arch of redemption for Dean, but has not expected to feel all some things have done during a book. Time had has loved to shake, hug the, paste and kiss throughout! Finally we take more than an idea to as it is works of alcohols, his motivations and in the take to see comprise those who really is, any one only that feels is expected to be of the his ganadería in a Bratva. It is bad, can be quite hard but all loves the hero tortured the one who has good qualities deep down.
Similarly see transmission of Cat and grown his more, is trying cruise it Kingmakers without his sister Zoe and with Dean blackmailing him. Odd as it looks but with the help of Dean she unlocks his own power and confidence of profits like progresses of book... Comprising the potty atasca has not expected ! It is still sweet little Cat, but stands up for his and to good sure grows some claws.

Has been blown was with a development of character and exactly like this the book has progressed. During each characters' POV looks him questioning his own actions and coming the realisations that helped really connect with them, as they have asked questions that I have had also. This has done his development feels more natural and realistic mine.

Considering the be has expected, all some the vaporous scenes have come with extra steam! Ossia For far a kinkiest book in a series, sustaining slightly to a BDSM side. The this in spite of think this in spite of that can not enjoy these types of scenes of sex, there is the heavy house in some thoughts of a character during him, any one only that physically is spending. Like this HOT to the equal that are, is not so only there for a sake of having the scene of sex, but is described in the way that leaves to assist a development of the report of Cat & of Dean and to the equal that feels the eachother.

Likes with a leading book, some characters lateralmente are like this enjoyable, Rakel has added roughly add snarky relief of comic and Kade the one who is the freshman has added the fun easygoing appearance, resembled the attitude of Leo. It was also he adds to see turn of Snow like the professor and see like this stoic mentor after his book in a Underworkd Seies.Some glimpses of a spy take was such the tease! Has my suspicions that can be and can not expect see like his and soyiss Robin' the history touches our in a next book.

I really loves commend Sophie in this book and a serious like the whole. Some locations in the each book are like this very described, could square there and some characters are like this a lot rounded, has included a some I aversion is still entertainment to read roughly. Each book has been incredible, always bettering a last when I did not think it possible, especially considering these is all when being writing and emission with only 6 weeks among each a. Although I can not expect for a next book, am sad that thinks that that this world is arriving to his final.

Has received the ARCH of this book and voluntarily am leaving the sincere description.
5 / 5
Oh, Sophie Alondra, are an emotional wreck, ossia a third standalone book in an excellent 'Kingmaker' the serious but I would call any reader to read a whole series in sequence to obtain a maximum entertainment.
' Is the one who calm , saw you, will not say but know this, calm possess now'.
Timid, small Cat Ramero has loved his sister Zoe more than life he, when Zoe has been promised in a pair fixed to hurt, sadistic psychopath, Roco Prince, the planned cat and has executed his death whilst in Kingmakers school, person they ?
Dean Yenin Of a Russian Bratva, was that it studies he in Kingmakers together with his enemy sworn reads Rooster, the one who has not flown Anna so only Wilke of him but whose father, Sebastian, has murdered his grandfather and has left his father brutally disfigured and bitter.
Cat Ramero was also the student in Kingmakers, this term there has not been to his sister Zoe likes them to them the company, Zoe had left to marry Miles Tap the one who was also a prime minister de León also of Dean.
To a Russian, Italian, the Spanish and the American mafia was a fight of the power along and all have sent his heirs to some formidable Kingmakers the school where has been taught the lie, cheat, deceives, fight and win money, some principles were hard and dipped in bones, an eye for an eye and the tooth for the tooth, anything a crime.
The dean Was to use his knowledge to humiliate Cat in front of his friends and his enemies, would do the stock to laugh, would do the sound suffers, has had to obey, would enjoy this .....Or he ?
The dean Was a better fighter in a pupil and when Nieve of Professor there is taken on like his tutor of the fight and he has taken under his wing, Dean was to learn the plot more than just struggling.
Sophie Alondra there is moulded these wonderful characters so many although I seat like this know him personally, this book is the real roller coaster of emotions, has cried, has the sense has fill, has felt sadness, has has has felt scared but the majority of all has felt hope. I can not begin to describe a colgante, a tension, an emotion and a sheer animal magnetism. It could a lot of coffins to read a sneak preview of a next book in a series, could not be a colgante and a wait, the well has deserved five more.
Has received the free copy of this book and my description is voluntary.
5 / 5
Dean And Cat, wow! True enemies to history of lovers. Of a start resists something in his to use the his blackmail to do all want to. It has looked for to humiliate his walk the wedge among his and his friends with tongue to be of the Cat has joined against lucida. When it Is tired of the his feed grapes and spending his books asks his for a month of total submission for his liberty. When His crosses of report on to one of the sexual character this in spite of, they both unexpectedly grow more afterwards to the each one like this another in of the ways that they neither expected or has foreseen.
But some chances of his days, his lessons, his interactions constantly are moving and changing them, in that help them grow to age adult with the majority to be of the influential professor of Dean has takes Russian heavyweight Nieve of champion. ( Have not reading some Colours of series of Crime still….Where calm were!?!)
Another absolutely fantastic addition to a Kingmakers serious. Although they can be read like standalone books, profit so much more to know everything of some histories in mandate. (Going even more behind to a Brutal Birthright the series is where the history of the parents of the dean can be found).
In general although a history is excellent, his report that turn and turning to start with to finalise with like this chemical and comprising among them. A Spy begins to dip in an appearance, that directs a way and falling breadcrumbs before some fourth looks of book. Everything around fabulous.
4 / 5
Saint mother of all the hangovers of book!! Ossia Seriously a better book the ees has read this year. For far.

Pro Tip: read this book in home, where has the husband/bf/toy to help you. Calm will require it! You are welcome.

So much, the are not whenever it loves a bully trope, like this was them the bit has scared. A bully easily can result unforgivable for me, or his amour can feel forced. May. Sophie. It has done. He. PERFECTLY!!!

The history of Dean begins in a first book of a Kingmakers serious (but this totally can be read like the standalone!!). We take glimpses of his past in there and take to see his no-like this-good side. That a hell, the hated him! As I create, it comes like the accident that is now my hero of Lark of Sophie of favourite. It is broken like this and like this comprised bad, in planting to try to do fellow, to be better, like this do is the macizo a$ $ hole, doing enemies everywhere. But when it falls HARD!! It is such the soul tortured and see vulnerable in timing so much has broken my heart and there is soothed he a same time, see finally loved, finally happy, finally free of his shitty past.

The appearance of Snow took me happy, has adored them his character in Snow, has adored the history of Sasha and to see Snow like the mentor to Dean was everything!

The cat was adds also. It has scared it it was to be the doormat h, but she more to good sure is not ! My daughter is submissive so only when it is entertainment 😏

Sophie is a queen of growth of character here, both Cat and that the dean grows immensely. The cat has been of meek to sure, brave, strong. Dean È been of angry, egoistic, arrogant, broken the happy, considered, self-sacrificing. And a better part is that the all felt natural: his falling enamoured, his growth, some conflicts.


This book has blown my alcohol and now the can not expect for A Spy!!
5 / 5
“Reason can calms does not comprise calm to want to you! Without limit or reason.”

Well…. No material will be in this book for the long time! It was INCREDIBLE!

My favourite book of Sophie is to date! He hooked me of a start and has been fill to a brim with anguish, steam and dramatics to start with to finalise.

Dean. Calm wants to you…… Yours the jerk but I bloody want to you! It is a definition of a anti-the hero and calm so only can not take enough of him! It is sexy and broody, vicious and fierce and so only can not help but wants to him, whilst also reddening at all some soiled things he , and he to plot!

I Cat has wanted, was shy but fierce, has not been the pushover, has aimed his nervousness but also his confidence, and stood up for his when it has required to, but has known of a start was absolutely in lust with Dean, the half is hard any to be, as any one can blame a poor daughter for crawling in his knees for him, is so only too irresistible!

To good sure he 5 bed, different of any one another has read and think that is one of better compliments can take like an author, has more than the million reserves on-line, but Sophie to still lark is able to write the totally original book, likes at all has read before and she he astonishingly! With class and to whole plot of talent! His history that says is one of the bondadoso and totally recommends this book!

Well will close on now and say you a tropes!

Enemies to lovers
A-hole H
4 / 5
6 Stars. This. It was. Incredible. Full disclosure ossia a prime minister rids has read in this series, but does not seat to like lacking anything. This entirely hooked me in of page an and no the only falls entirely enamoured with Dean but , special Cat , wonderful. A dynamic report had sucked me in as well as some secrets and presionar. I am obsessed roughly that discovers the one who A Spy is, loves to read each little thing this author has has written until it exits and officially has to that new obsession. As it gives the graces for that supposition. I volunteered to read and revise an early copy of of the this. All the opinions are my own.
5 / 5
Emotional, angsty and sexy AF!!

After reading A Freshman I Dean really displeased Yenin. I have tried like this I last to maintain like me the rancher has thinks that was but instead my heart melted and has broken the little for him and during A Bully has fallen so only more and more for him.
A Bully is such the hot history . I have loved Cat and Dean unconventional fixed and a way has fallen enamoured like this of course. Sophie I has given to good sure a heat and pharmaceutical in of the cariche of cube!

Sophie really knows like this to spend the history the life. His world-wide edifice is exceptional and feel me likes are part of a history. A development of character is surprising and particularly enjoys an inclusion of some secondary characters also. Snow was a perfect mentor for Dean and has spent changes in him has not seen coming. It was also he adds to see Dean and bond of Leo and a Rooster welcome Dean to his lives. I have read that admonishes integer with a smile a big plus.

Are entirely captivated for this series, although it has to that admit that A Bully has been my favourite book like this far! Without accidents can say that I am obsessed with Dean and Cat.
A POV of A Spy… my hat of detective was directly in that looks for to imagine out of that is gone in there. I am excited even more thus I rid now!
5 / 5
OMG Could give this book 6 accident . It has like this desperate state to read this book and also scared reason have been concerned I active hyped the on so much in my own alcohol that would be it allocate for disappointment. I mean like this it could you live until mine in anxious expectations. OMG Surpassed him totally big fashion. Dean Sa the big secret of the cat and goes to do has paid of sound for his silence. In a start of a report, that the dean thinks that is a one with all a power and a control but is? This book dipped my emotions by means of a wringer, does not want to read the too quickly. Has has wanted to savour the May have read instead a whole thing in a seating. Sophie Alondra is the phenomenal writer and absolutely love these serious and ossia a better book still. Each book in these serious so only improves and better but honradamente has not been like this goes the upper is one. I have received this book of an Author. Voluntarily I am leaving my sincere description.
4 / 5
Read invernadero KU

This book has taken respite of mine was! I have not thought in to the the character likes him to him the dean could be redeemed, this in spite of Sophie Alondra directed it and more. It is now my preferred out of all a Mafia was-cradle in Kingmakers

the dean and the history of Cats is adictiva reading. A development of his report is a concealed calm to leave you breathless. The sound that the hot smokes, like being prepared to remain ‘hot under a with the'! Ossia Quickly paced, with an amazing soundtrack that really adds something to a he calms to read the tones at the side a history. Development of the deans like the character is ready and realistic, his ARCH of redemption is perfect in my opinion. The cat has gone of small mouse by force in his own legislation. I expect that we listen more these two in a future.

Clues for A Spy, left exasperated for Book 4 of this fantastic series. Sophie Alondra is fast resultant one of my favourite authors!
5 / 5
Ossia One the majority of has anticipated read of a Kingmakers the serious and does not disappoint ! Following on one Rebels, the cat is that it has to that live with some consequences of his actions and with only a person that knows that it had done - Dean. These two could not have begun when being further averts, but spend out of another side to an another that neither could have thought has required, innocence of Cats and Deans he the dark charisma is so only a start. There is like this to say thus read his all and more than has loved! Sophie has the true talent to create characters that grows with his history, transporting you in his world. Some draws of calm history in with colgante, desires and oh these hot scenes!! But some characters remain with his sincere reality and of the emotions that he his real fact. The cat and That the dean has to that be my no. 1 pair for a year! Now attack so only for a Spy!
4 / 5
Ossia One 3rd book in this phenomenal series, and ossia Dean and History of Cat . The cat is sweet and the tad timid, while the dean finds likes peasant and antagonistic, but is redeemable, and is an expert in hiding his softer side, which the cat is privileged to see. The cat is any doormat , and is more than able to resist his own against Dean. A chemistry among these two is fuel and undeniable, and his compliment each one which as another perfectly. Ossia The flawless history very written that it is an emotional roller coaster, which is intense, heartwrenching, and filled with anguish, emotions, intrigue, family, lust, and amour, which all direct to the vaporous and entertaining all-eating page turner. Down waiting for to read more than this talented author whose work I highly recommend.
5 / 5
Sophie has blown was a water again!!! I owe that admit that out of a kingmaker serious this was a an I is looked forward to one the majority of and there is not disappointed!!
Dean And Cat have had like this sizzling pharmaceutical, literally has smoked. Some scenes of sex were intense and vaporous. So only it could not take enough these two and did not love it to finalise!
Has loved really see the character of Deans adapted and the transmission like his amour has grown for Cat and in the turns has answered more positively to era really brilliant to see a push and appeal among them!

Can not expect read a next book in a series, has so many theories and of the suspicions in that is going in and I responses of needs, am so only like this happy that Dean has taken an end has expected paralizaciones!
Has loved the 🖤
5 / 5
Omg a Kingmakers the serious so only improves and better. After fulfilling Dean Yennin in an Heir is not sure state yes to want to or hate especially with which that looks for to kill Leo. To the left say A bully has has surpassed expectations. Dean È such the complex character master and hates in equal measure. His cruel personality Is in big leaves the mechanism to give the support for a hand has been treated. It is not until it fulfils his party in Cat Romero his opposite total that really results the one who has been meant to be. Ossia More roughly that discovers the one who are like this opposed to the history of gender of typical bully. These two have been done for each another to help them grow and discover the one who was meant always to be.
Am loving these serious and can not expect for a final book A Spy….
5 / 5
Maintaining this short and spoiler free.

A lot of ossia 3 for 3. Each book in this series is the knockout. 5 star read each one which so and each one which.

I honradamente think that is to say a book a hot plus Sophie has not written never. Some scenes among Cat and Dean are some of a vaporous plus has read.

The history of the redemption of Dean is thin and believable. It is all some pocolas accionas that change dulcemente over time. The cat is one of mine all time fav heroes now. It is a real embodiment of one 'this in spite of her be but little, is fierce' quote.

Ameno In a Spy! Ossia A serious absolutely fantastic
5 / 5
has few words to describe those that the amour this book, and a Kingmakers serious, the has not thought never would like me to them dean in in all the chance, (has read any 1.os two books in some series know reasons) but cat (and snow) clearly spend in a better in him, and his add to see the cat grows like the person to the equal that obtains the confidence now has to that do his own way and come on hire purchase with his inner confusion more a cherry in a cake SNOW the snow of the amour so much is one of the mine fav characters of lark of Sophie, the to good sure cant attended for spy, wants to go them the kingmakers lol
5 / 5
can not take enough of Kingmakers, means these types and the daughters are so only in the each way, is SOME does not judge the book for his coverage. Dean È so only the bully in the eyes of the cat and now his attention is so only in his he so that it says that that loves of sound. This door all to the game like my emotions was battered a minute and there is soothed a prójimo. That the fantastic history has loved that. I have revised voluntarily this book.
4 / 5
Originally has thought Leo was my fav, then Niles has flown a show but saint damnnn the dean is my favourite book for far. His amour for Cat, a way he betters himselves. Controls his anger, friendships of forms. For real it is that it surprises to read the book and see the bad bully with the good heart result his some self. Amado the
5 / 5
Was really that looks forward to Dean and history of Cats and has not been disappointed!! Characters and brilliant history and cant attended for a next book!!
5 / 5
⚠️Could contain spoilers⚠️

Sophie, again! This book is surprising 😍🔥 has has wanted to all roughly that!!

Am obsessed with a storyline and a concept of Kingmakers. I have not known I have required this troop (university of mafia) until I have read An Heir. And now I can not take enough of him!! Sophie blew was with each of his books, and this one is no different!

Included Although the dean can be the macizo A hole I in fact quite liked him. Where, has despised absolutely in an Heir, there is enjoyed his character in this book. A difference among a two is that the character of Deans has matured and result the really likeable character, in spite of his poor ways and behaviour. It has been it concealed it looks very contradictory, but ossia a chair of way 😂

in all the chance... I LOVE Cat! I think that that his character is surprising! I think that that it is like this fierce! And in spite of his small measure, some daughters have taken claws! We have seen already the glimpse of of the this in a Rebel, but there is at all on like the cat is in a Bully. Really it exits of his shell and flower to a mafioso really is.

I also love a dynamic among Cat and Dean, a whole submission and the thing of domination has goes is adds!! He really shaped a book and his report. Also it thinks this book there has been a perfect quantity of kink and steam to do he to the fab idyll of mafia rid!!

In general, this book is flipping amazing and 💯 would recommend to read the!!

Thank you So that Sophie for an ARC, thoroughly the enjoyed.💗

4 / 5
the dean and The Cat have flown my heart! Dean È classifies it A bully the one who discovers secretly of small Cat and does his be his slave ,in order for him to maintain his dark sure secret. His both go the Kingmakers, the mafia-the pupil situated in a half of an island. His report develops in of the ways have not seen coming and some the hot scenes are on-another-level heat ! If you are looking for to reserve it the one who has :
A+ bully of class
Badass heroine
Hotter smexy scenes
More grovel there is not reading never
Then this book is for you ! Thank you Again,Sophie Alondra to create an amazing world where has lost me in.
4 / 5
That the fabulous has read! It had not expected partorisca feel anything partorisca Dean, but my goodness, Sophie Alondra has drawn the complex soul whose fund, as some other members of Kingmakers, his genealogy and the ganadería spends intensity, threat, arrogance, fear and challenge to the each appearance of his lives. It is the recipe partorisca manipulation, violence, competition and a constant weighing and measuring of the each one another. Some classifiche of some 'houses' says it everything, beside a curriculum.
The cat is such an opener of eye . Like this different and yest has endowed with the plug that the strongest results during a book. Ella and transmission of Dean, reshape and improve each one which so another. It is the dynamic report that it is enthralling partorisca remark.
In a final analysis, ossia such acgood has read that has felt lived together with all some characters. Fantastic! 💖💖💖💖💖
5 / 5
Spanish & English Opinion

ESP ::

Is has been my favourite book of everything! It is difficult to say this reason all the books of Sophie Alondra have wanted to me and more look them.

Kingmakers Is a new Idea, different and special the mysteries, the heirs, the histories that is interwoven the series adictiva and concealed that a lot it has mentioned the chemistry, the connection and the amour that gives among the new pairs ❤️

Dean and edges of Cat a complementary perfect. It is the character that of the book one called the attention and although to to everything likes, is my “underdog” and my spoiled. All his uploads emotional and his feeling of Any one belong conmueve, sin that justifies his actions.

The cat is a strong and different woman . Has a crisis of identity, but with Dean discovers all that that can be and this transition is good-looking. Ella and he there is in common always feel out of the circle, out of the core. His growth L to the long of the history is incredible and the epilogue is the plus conmovedor.


ENG ::

This has been my book of Lark preferred ! And ossia saying something, reason each history and each pair have wanted to me.

Kingmakers Is the different, original and special universe. Seeing some edges and daughters of characters like him in of the leading books is surprising, especially when they find amour in a half of his chaos. This series is adictiva!

Dean And Cat are my preferred ! They complete each one which as another perfectly. It is a underdog that has felt whenever the life has deceived in lucido. It is a daughter that feels is second better. Both of them the port state feeling external of an inner and unworthy circle of everything well, but discover concealed is not true. Also they find each one which so another and find the once-in-a-lifetime the amour and this is inspiring.

An end has done my happy heart reason has the powerful message, and then an epilogue... WOW.
5 / 5
A lot Sophie. It likes.

Is not sure state could root partorisca Dean after the book to read Leo. But it results... SÚPER Has beaten.

This was unexpected. I have not expected this of the book... But DAMN.
Was SUCH the Rollercoaster, in a better possible way.

Is like this last to speak in this book without spoilers. BUT to the left say me this:
- his beginning was unconventional but has has LOVED the
- Snow was a better addition to some characters and really resulted add it fatherly figure to Dean
- Cat realllly there is stuck to his guns and I respect concealed... This be has said Dean grovelled like him damn the champion and I was HERE FOR HIM
- and has LOVED an arch of redemption for Dean and family.... It felt like this right!!!
- Also... A situation of with the. WELL YES. Has has WANTED that trip for knots. As to plot 🥵🥵🥵

And finally.... A spy.... Has A lot of thoughts and of the theories. Excited to see are well!
4 / 5
So that it thinks it can not take any one better, Sophie blows that ceiling out of a water! Some starts of Bully were with the massive bang, like a conclusion of epic of one the majority of awesome build-on done two books. Any one only is to a hot history likes them to them the hell (as well as kinky...) But incredibly it is in satisfactory. For those of knots those who enjoy an epic groveling when forgiveness is required, the one who enjoy to see a type in his knees that begs, launching down his pride to be forgiven by an amour of his life, calm a lot will be to do fault here.
The cat is blossoming first of our eyes. No really changing, more likes discovers, that discovers the one who is like the person, where belonging.
The travesía of Dean is more roughly that spill some toxic discharges of cholera, resentment, and trauma to achieve a core of the one who is. It will break your heart long on during a book because it is like this raw and real.
A two of his neighbours will send you shockwaves and colds! As they Spend out of some better in the each one another is heartwarming albeit sometimes difficult with the pocolos hamper.
Another big plus so that it is a lot familiar with the work of Sophie is a quantity of AWESOME cameos take. It goes full circle! Of Snow (any one the big surprise there is in a FB group) to the little another that will be necessary bed you a book to discover ;) (clue: it comes from/ they come from St-Petersburg).
Another masterpiece of my Queen of favourite Mafia!
4 / 5
Wow Justo wow.
Tin a lot included articulate that I Cat of amour and Dean!
Was all has expected would be and more.
Have known the dean would have the big heart once in fact has left any in. How it was it has had to that to die for his is coming to the east 😍
And the cat is so only 🔥🔥🔥 he freaking tigress disguised like him timid little mouse and person, not even his sister, except the dean could see a wild soul that burns inside his.
Has thought “to possess” would do seats powerful but there is finally @@give having his confidence and the amour is the one who the this of real power.

Can not expect for more than them in a Spy!
The one who for a way are finally sure was the one who is now! Although they are still unsure as and reasons Miss Robin is comes his 👀 am sure will discover punctual this in spite of. Also it is the one who thinks that is then sincerely expect BOTH PARENTS are still alive, otherwise.... REASON!? 😭
4 / 5
Has been expecting something really well for Dean, but Lady Alondra surprised to do the fantastic work with him and Cat. Have has wanted a romance and has has wanted a sparring and like a h was subtly able to break a H armour. And more than everything, has has wanted a HEA with Dean and Chicago
Last, but no a less... Have @@give Really enjoys 3-POV storytelling
4 / 5
Sophie could write the cast of the cost and I would read it. This book was the continuazione of a kingmakers the serious and was brilliant. I have tried for real to draw it was but devoured it a day. I have expected for history of Deans for ever and there is not disappointed, am like this happy has taken his HEA. And I expect that they are well in the which thinks that that a spy is. 5 ⭐️more 100
5 / 5
absolutely loves a bit premiers two books of these serious but calm can say that those also have created a backdrop for the book of Dean a whole time and is all has wanted or even more. It is to good sure a soyiko' of this series, with the side he dark plus that some another viriles, but ossia that marks his redemption even more in satisfactory. The advance of the cat has surprised also and really comes to the his own. And Nieve and Sasha!! That extracted he for his have like such one integral part to a history like his book was also one of mine favourite in some Colours of series of Crime. Finally, some the vaporous scenes were in fact ON FIRE, my mouth has fallen literally read him!!! I can not expect for A Spy but also really sad that will be a last book in this series!!!
4 / 5
Sophie Alondra continuous to outdo she with a spectacular world creates in Kingsmaker. I love an evolution of both Dean and Cat. His amour and devotion to the each one like this another is tried, but at all can ruin an action of bond. This history is a redemption of Dean, like this mature and results the real man that loves fiercely and to the left is to go of his has tortured spent to find amour in familiar and Cat. But my favourite appearance of this book is Professor Snow - flies a show! It was like this good to read in the resulted of Snow and Sasha, his amour and family, and to see the one who the mentor adds is for Dean. I add read!
4 / 5
Perfection. Ossia An only word to describe this history. A way Sophie develops his characters and calm maintain you guessing he he no for enamorar and be sucked to this world of dark mafia. I can not expect for a Spy to come afterwards. This can be my preferred of Sophies the books and I want to all his work.

Top Customer Reviews: Tell Me I'm Yours: ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 41 ratings
4 / 5
Maintaining take to read roughly Dylan, the brother of twin of Damian. A a the one who has dipped his brother by means of the plot partorisca two years Kylie is Nicole fellow better and there is tasked she partorisca fix Dylan and taking to the pair of his brother. We take the rear history partorisca the behaviour of Dylan and also take the rear history with because Kylie is a person is. Has has wanted to both of some characters although I have shouted in my pill in of the sure parts. It was the history adds and was like this happy with a result. I can not expect read roughly Read.
5 / 5
Kylie Earths in the life of Dylan like the whirlwind partorisca maintain out of question previously to the pair of his brother to the fellow better of Kylie. Gradually We Discover a desesperanza dark that his pipe his actions, as well as discovering Kylie has spent heartache. His together chemistry is undeniable and his romance blossoms but Kylie has doubts and of the insecurities. For real captivating right of page one until an end.
4 / 5
The one who the book!!! It could it has not dipped down and to good sure will be the king-read. It did not think it it could love another Lancaster likes Damien but Dylan has to that well sure overtaken my heart. Kylie has wanted and to the equal that has sustained each one which so another. There is enjoyed especially a bit links to a series of obsession and can not expect see the one who JS Scott has in tent for Leo and Macy. This reservation so only improves and better, another cracker.
5 / 5
Following some chances of ay are Mina ', Dylan is to hide licking his wounds and animal-that currency his life. When Kylie Appears in his doorstep has determined to maintain out of the question until his brother to twin this and the pair of his fellow better, master at all to do with sound. Kylie Is at all if any one persistent remain with him.

Has to that Have the mystery that surrounds Dylan and a reason has maintained out of his familiar and has taken the pause of a world. A mystery is developed and is heart breaking to see the strong man, ardent has propiciado his knees for tragedy.

Kylie Is feisty, ardent and loyal and is not fearful to speak his alcohol and stand up so that it believes in. A liberty to do the this has been hard livestock and tip his value and force. By means of the experience shared of tragedy and pause of heart, Kylie is able to resupply Dylan with a sympathetic and force to trust and cure.

This reserves spent out of an integer gamut of emotions in me. A vulnerability has aimed to be Dylan was refreshing and that sees the force of Kylie helps this the man broken was incredible. Dylan has won the special place in my heart.
5 / 5
Ossia One 2nd book in this amazing series and is the history of Dylan and Kylie. Dylan Is charming and the womanizer the one who can cause havoc, and Kylie is hard and list, and like the manager of public reports, is determined to maintain Dylan out of the question and the first free scandal of the pair of his brother partorisca twin to his fellow better. Spending time with Dylan, Kylie can see by means of his façade, and is alcohol of kinship , as both have luggage, and the vulnerability and resplandor of insecurities of Dylan by means of. These two is some perfect compliment for each another, and has wanted like his reports have has evolved lovers / of friends / of the enemies, and a chemistry among them is fuel and undeniable. Ossia The history a lot writing that it is an emotional roller coaster, with insecurities, heartbreak, cure, and amour, which all heads to an entertaining and all-eating adictiva page turner. Down waiting for to read more than this talented author whose work I highly recommend.
5 / 5
WOW Another fantastic bed of J S Scott ❤
With which almost ruins it his report of better friends with his brother of twin Damian my mission has not been to leave anything again to cause questions for them. Kylie Hart takes on a task of babysitting Dylan Lancaster. With only are weeks to a pair Kylie dips the task to do sure at all jepodise Nicole & Damain big day.
Dylan Lancaster has been racked with pain emotional that is spent 2 years ago, can Kylie helps Dylan and find some uses of man to be.
Which Kylie has not counted on is that it likes that it sees is down all an arrogance😍
has Wanted to Kylie & Dylan is and was happy that they both found each one which so another and has helped each one which so another with his pasts, so emotion that has helped each one which as other advances of movement ❤
This book is the must read, the book that calm maintain you reading until an end.
Now ready partorisca Leo 💙
4 / 5
Informs to Say me are Yours : A British Billionaires for J S Scott

Ossia rid 2 in a series, any one precise to read a first book how is the stand so only, but touch the fantastic book and the introduction adds to some characters in this book. Like this highly recommended to read that first.

Ossia A history of Dylan and Kylie. Dylan Is lost that the soul broken and in the street of self destruction. Kylie is trying to take him the his pair of brothers of the twin like the favour to his fellow better, a promise. She this for barging his way to his weeks of first house of a pair and that waste to leave.

I really enjoyed this book, some two main characters are very strong and has had the chemistry adds joint. Well the enemies written , fantastic the history of lovers. Now that looks forward to the history de León in book 3.
5 / 5
Kylie barged His way the Dylans' house and his life. His aim - to do sure clean on his law for his pair of brothers to his better friends. Although it wants fright out of way that can treat his destructive side he, she no budge. Sharing the house Kylie together will help to pull Dylan of a darkness that eats. As his friendship grows, he like this done his attractive for each another. Doing in his passion and the desire is unavoidable, admitting is mates of soul to the each one like this another is not . You be able to find a value and confidence to say each one which as another are yours ? Ossia The brilliant history of forgiveness, cure, according to casualidad and amour. Any one only is emotional, ardent and the heart that arrest, Dylan real Lancaster win swoon!
4 / 5
Say are Your reservation A British Billionaire for J. S. Scott.
Kylie Is the feisty beasts of a hero of Dylan and the leading book is an identical twin of leading book.
Dylan is spending for the crisis of life and struggling to take his law jointed but after his brother takes him fault that there is almost ruined his casualidad for hea there is @@give need to change and Kylie is there to order was.
I amour that both of these characters are hiding the plot of insecurities but both start to develop near and the sparks fly a lot quickly.
There is wanted absolutely this British billionaire serious. So only I expect that a prójimo audiobook is related peels to to the real English person likes them Shane Of this so only would be perfect.
5 / 5
The one who an absolutely fantastic book. The history of Dylan and Kylie simply have surprised. I have begun once it could any one' dipped a book down. I have loved a passion and fire that this pair looked to have, obviously once has taken spent an initial clumsiness. Seeing a friendship develops among this duet was beautiful, has done a transition to the report blown fill so stronger and and his connection was deeper.
To the equal that with everything of these authors does this book will take your heart and has to that it wants to you more. It can not expect still Leo and Macy :-)
5 / 5
Dylan Has been that tries to come on hire purchase with losing the potential family and alienating his brothers and mother when Kylie arrives in his doorstep with his dog the trailer and his own emotional luggage. His fellow better is marrying the brother of the twin of Dylan and Kylie is there partorisca try and persuade Dylan partorisca clean on his law and answer a pair. That neither of them expected is a chemistry among them. Read an ARC for a sincere description.
5 / 5
Pharmaceutical brilliant among some two main characters. Kylie And Dylan have the wonderful history.
A gripping history of emotional amour. Dylan behaves Like the jerk and obnoxious one in that, Kylie is to try and maintain Dylan out of question. A two discovers that both have sides very different, and fight to underlying the .

A two is done for each another

the brilliant bed
5 / 5
master that JS Scott can take to to the the character likes him Dylan of of a first book and me the enamoured fall with him in some premiers 6 chapters.
So much MCs feel broken, fraction and find each one which so another.
Always directs to do me laugh and cry.
Looking forward to Leo and Macey afterwards.
5 / 5
Has not been sure to the equal that would feel in this book after the history to read Damien and a harm Dylan has caused, but was like this fantastically writing.

Was emotional and has loved a history among Dylan and Kylie. It has required, like this a lot like him it has required.

Can not expect for a next book.
4 / 5
Another history in a life of two billionaire twins, in that has enjoyed a first book in some serious I amour a fact that link to a first history, exactly that would expect of an author the really a lot of bed with the HEA.
5 / 5
Has loved absolutely a chemistry among kylie and Dylan to start with to finalise. That begun was like the favour to help his fellow better and stop Dylan that ruins of the courses until his pair of brothers has turned in some beautiful gripping the chemistry like his history of amour comes joint. Dylan Can be my preferred new billionaire
5 / 5
Fabulous has read. Another amazing bed for Jan that is resulting to be some serious incredibly good. Totally recommend.
5 / 5
Say are Yours is a second book in J. S. Scott British Billionaires Serious, seats does quite overlap that these would have to that be read in mandate. The new readers to a series there would be any one has thought that that Kylie has spoken roughly in a ploughing without active read Say me is before Mina.

These centres to reserve around Kylie and Dylan. She storms his life and of the waste to leave until it orders right and taking reconnected with his family. The fellow better of Kylie early will be to marry the twin of Dylan and is taken he his to discover reason Dylan is such the soul has tortured . Of course, Dylan is not in embroider with the plan of Kylie.

This history is a reader can take the scanning is gone in. Has the tragic backstory (for both our main characters) and neither is has had to that to dip his confidence in any one. Gradually they come on hire purchase and help each one which as another cure and learn to open up. It is not all smooth navigation and a sea will be the bit choppy in his travesía. Kylie Is rasgada among living interior a moment and leaving confidences. Perhaps it is the lesson can learn near?

Is the second history of amour of the casualidad beautiful with work, idyll, family, friends and possibly the misunderstanding launched in. The enamoured fall with the history of Dylan and Kylie.

Likes to thank J. S. Scott and his editor to resupply with a copy advanced of this history. I am resupplying the voluntary description, sincere.
5 / 5
An emotional gripping history of amour that there will be you glued!! When Kylie Sees to babysit billionaire Dylan, while his brother Damien and fiancée Nicole are in vacacional, a lot of secrets am exited in both sides!! This pair has both have directed totally different bolt that would have to have at all in common but unfortunately his both have the dark past!! A lot of ups and downs has to that spend first to have his HEA!! Amur revisiting A Lancaster family and has loved this history of good-looking amour!! J. S Scott has the way to write the history of the amour and he calm attractive only you well in!! A lot of emotion, work and alpha strong and strong men willed women that is spent for a lot of tragedies!! To good sure Cups Scott is one of mine gone to authors, likes to please grab yours copy and enamorar with this pair also and enjoy!!
5 / 5
The one who a book to involve. Appeals in some series of heart likes Dylan finds again with a help of the good-looking red boss, Kylie. A raw honesty of Dylan and Kylie when they are together is as it would owe that be with out partners. Kylie Helps Dylan sees that his family does not love any @@subject that and will be there for him. Dipping your bear of the heart is not easy but Kylie helps Dylan sees is all value he in a same end by means of calm does not have to that think so in a start.
5 / 5
J S Scott does again. I have fallen enamoured with Dylan and Kylie of a start. Two turbulent people good-looking those who is coming neighbouring to help each one which as another cure and found each one which so another.
5 / 5
With each one of these histories can not help but enamorar with some characters. Always I want like this some frames of author have included some rich some look down the earth and give of the daily questions that those with the smallest money still has.

When finally I learn the history of Dylan can not help but loves jump to some pages of a book and so only comfort a calm man. So only avert Kylie so only for now. LOL

Always love a character of strong woman that the calm mark want to also. So only like the woman adds always concerned roughly another more than his.

There is wanted to so only a whole book and he is easy to see that it was although Damien and Dylan are twins is like this different.

Until Next Time... Tabi
4 / 5
Like You he? Jan has given another romance concealed is not so only romance but tip the one who some people spend for to take his felizmente never with which. We have learnt it it bit it roughly Dylan in his brother to twin the book of Damien. But no calm really take a full history until east a. It did not like in of a last book but my feelings have changed entirely after discovering that it is spent for and reason has done likes has done for some last two years. Kylie, The fellow better to be Nicole, was a right person to take Dylan behind in a legislation and tightened. I thought that it that it was so only reason has had the better interest of Nicole in heart but there is so more his history. Dylan And Kylie deserve so only some better and am like this happy has found each one which so another.
4 / 5
Kylie Is determined to do sure, the become friends Nicole better, will have perfect pair. And that a wild paper of brother Dylan would not be intervined to another scandall before pair. As it decides to touch his governor. Dylan is not happy, that Kylie is gone in his house to touch babysitter, but like this punctual learns, can reserve, is has had to that to leave his stay.
Dylan Is broken and is struggling to mend his pieces broken together. It accepts help of any, the one who has known, that means the life in darkness?
Another beautifull and heartouching history of a world of briliant J. S. Scott.
4 / 5
Any skip a first book, will complain it!!! Dylan and Kylie are presented, his funds are begun, his reports with other characters are very clear-cut, and a reason discovers this storyline raisin is because of a first book. ( Has calm convinced to go read the closing?!?!?)

Dylan And Kylie enamoran while bond in pasts of traumatic chance that there is shaped his to a difficult, still totally awesome, characters that is.

I amour a teaser for the history of Leo! So only I desire there is not had to that expect so anxiety the bed!!!
4 / 5
While Dylan and Kylie clearly do not begin was like this fellow, his immediate animosity dulcemente resulted the acceptance forged peels each one previously that has suffered by means of some form of trauma; and then finally friendship and finally lovers.

Take Kylie baring his dark secrets before Dylan feels comfortable to explain a guilt and trauma that has driven in the two torsion of year that goes down like affected his twin Damian in detrimental nightmares of public report.

Is the pair adds , seemingly fill some empty in the each one another is personality and that forges the strong and subject @report of amour.

Has loved that and highly recommend it, but calm really would have to that read a first book in a series; while they are both stand alone idylls, the history of Damian and Nicole dips the good foundation as to Kylie that looks on Dylan doorstep.
5 / 5
Some enemies to subject of lovers with the dual POV. Dylan Lancaster was the twin of Damian. It was the grumpalicious has sawed-CEO suffering PTSD. To the long of comes Kylie Hart, he PR that Directs of Crisis, the one who has decided to control Dylan until Damian has married his BFF Nicole. Kylie Has been turned has gone by the character of Dylan and has struggled guilt. They finalise enamorar and curing an another. That The trauma of Dylan has been written well and harrowing. J.S. Scott is an excellent writer and always enjoyed his books.
4 / 5
With which Dylan there is almost has destroyed his fellow better, the report of Nicole to his brother of twin Damien Kylie appears in his doorstep to basically babysit partorisca do sure at all annoying his plans of pair. It does not know already it is doing in his subjects. Dylan And Kylie are perfect for each another. Two has wounded souls those who become friends that it can relate to the each one like this another is spent. Now doing to win his subjects to see that it can develop for his future. A lot, book very good!
5 / 5
Dylan And Damon Lancaster was aristocratic British billionaires. Dylan had been in the bad way for two years. His twin has taken a fault of means comunicacionales for him until him propositioned his fiancé., Nicole

Kylie was Nicole ,s fellow better. It appears on Dylan doorstep has determined to take sure that he any one anything wild the disorder on his pair of twins and hopefully to take to reconcile with his family.
Ossia The a lot of writing, the action has packed, the emotional book that faces two character has required stubborn. You will want to discover his whys and where fires.
4 / 5
Amur, amour, amour this history. Kylie Is the spitfire. Dylan Is the billionaire the one who has done the disorder of his life. Kylie Attacks to the life to maintain of Dylan in a legislation and narrow like his brother of twin can plan his pair to the fellow better of Kylie. His both have past subjects that helps each one which so another with. The history adds!!
5 / 5
Really it adds read! Ossia A second book in these serious and well values while to. Ossia Dylan and history of Kylie . Looking forward to the history of Leo and Macy!
4 / 5
Has loved this book. Ossia A better alpha still. Admitted say it every time but is true. I have loved some interactions of the character and I was really rooting for him.
4 / 5
This book was a lot has wanted as it has taken near and there is wanted each one which as another undertaken first. Some characters are utmost and a book is very written.
5 / 5
Another history adds for J,S, Scott.

Kylie Wants to do sure that Dylan has been done with his way of life and be in the good form for his pair of fellow better with the brother of twin of Dylan.
Has wanted to read roughly him.
Has loved a storyline.
4 / 5
This was the wonderful history . Some characters were a lot of likable and a plot entertained. Down waiting for book 3 in this delicious series .
4 / 5
Want to brits. Dylan Lancasting The one who the wonderful man and the one who the heartache has been thru. It has then fulfilled his red and is enamoured. Help to try to go back see it his mother and his two brothers. That the history of amour.
5 / 5
Loves this book . Amur Like a report among Dylan and Kylie develops. Particularly I want to like Kylie go deep to Dylan feelings and sees his ache and of the cure of Dylan of the helps . Another brilliant book in this series
4 / 5
Another book adds for JS Scott! I am enjoying these serious and I amour like this fluent book and has not had stirs it of work. To good sure recommends this book and I can not expect read a prójimo a.
5 / 5
Another book adds of JS Scott. Dylan And Kylie could not be the better party. It breaks your heart for everything of a darkness his both have had to that spend stops. Amado a history and can not expect for a prójimo a.
5 / 5
To the to The one who no likes him to him the man redeeming he? Add the full half glass gal.... And look a magic spends. Masters the history of amour adds... Crown Scott rids.
5 / 5
They have him-it liked me some 2 books in a series!! It can not expect for a next delivery. Leaving the friends know in your books!! Thx

Top Customer Reviews: The ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 49 ratings
4 / 5
Brittainy The cherry is the author of click partorisca me, as when I have seen has had an occasion partorisca read A Mixtape prompt, has seen the amazon In the first place Reads, there is not doubted the grab that.

There is so much that want in this history, but took some time before it is resulted entirely hooked. I have been once lost in a history, partorisca a lot of a rest has not wanted to dip my kindle down. Absolutely it adores Emery. It is bondadoso, those worries and sympathetic – the good-looking person for inside and for out. It is any the one who would treasure in that has inside my next circle to friends. It aims determination and incredible force, and could not help but loves one much more of everything for sound.

My heart hurt for Oliver in time and has had the moments when have thinks that that an author there is portrayed his ache perfectly. It is such the lovely person . His travesía during a history is both harrowing and that animates heart, and after all that spends for for real deserves to find peace and happiness.

Reese has flown a show in time has to that admit. As it Could any one? I have found hard situations easier that read because of sound. It is like this fond and that worries and weave me to smile - especially when has has said things that in the like this the adults would refrain to say out of strong. A report that the parents of Oliver have is the real-romance objective life. You will comprise calm once fulfil them everything!

One of some things has loved in this book is some links among a title and a storyline has contained. I can find that some titles have more than the connection with a history that another, and for me, this was one of this time.

In general, there is enjoyed really read A Mixtape. It was it has wanted to that has spent was a lot of emotions in me, that loves a laugh out of strong moments so many like this time when I have required the cloth. Ossia The history roughly friendship, amour, loss, force, those cures and finding happinesses. There are some transfers and of the turns in a history that has not seen coming – which am wanted. The , this in spite of, has liked him has assisted like one the particular scene in a history unfolded like this Cam had touched a part of entity in the life of Oliver.

I prize A Mixtape stars.
5 / 5
This was my first June Reads and is not usually a type of reservation would choose but was misled for a preamble when thinking could be the pleasant easy bed.
An author has the fashion of the good writing but I think a plotline was the big letdown with jumps pocolos realistic in a storyline. Some questions that some the main characters have suffered would have required to be treaty in much more of depths in realities but in this storyline his suddenly changed of long when being @@subject to some this could be treaty easily. As any realistic.
Can adapt any much younger that are but to good sure any one an author will choose again.
4 / 5
This rids thou was like this beautiful, emotional and the sense of the heart there is enjoyed really take to know these characters.

This book is of 2 pov - first has Oliver the one who has taken to please his defenders and his fight the air has found he. Reeling Of a death of his brother of twin and bandmate, star of rock Oliver Smith is trying to drink his questions were. Apparently it is not a lot well in him; it follows wherever goes. Also in the hot investigation is a paparazzi , the one who takes Oliver in his lower down.

Then have Emery has has not felt never more so only. Creating His daughter is both his pleasure and his ache likes him fight to take his work like the bartender and maintain the ceiling in his bosses. Without one to help them—any system to sustain—any unexpected cost or the late bill could turn his whole world to the rovescio.

And then when both there the worlds enter each one which so another is so only the good-looking history and animating of heart, has cried and in of the parts have laughed. And in a centre there is emerys little daughter the one who the adorable only sounds.

To good sure recommends to read this 👌

5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

5 / 5
liked a line of history - calm take you thought (if any calm already considers) roughly to the equal that has dipped another in the pedestal (any only famous person, but sometimes so only any the one who has done that it wants to do) this in spite of often can forget is to to humans so only like him to them, those who have doubts. Anxieties and crutches that maintains propped on too much. In general, a book was a enjoyable read, but has felt in timing some conversations were the bit 'cliche' in time, and whilst has covered some deep subjects senses has been glossed on, shrugged was almost. It has been it has left also ask the one who Cam the response was to that has spent near of an end, and to the equal that has given the support....
4 / 5
Ossia The world-wide out of some normal romance books and is all a better for him. That a enjoyable has read. Well done to an author. Nizza To see the history out of an usual. A better thing for me is that has the beautiful blended family and good to see the romance history in people those who am not indigenous to western Europe, but is no different to a rest of us. Amado the and a lot well writes especially like the also written writer of the perspective viril during a history and the depression of points has underlined caused by loss also.
5 / 5
This was like this more than has expected - has given an initial impression of the predictable, frothy, easy romance bed but in fact has treated some subjects really of the entity around to the equal that sees people in societies and where others' preconceptions can annoy people during his life. Some characters were very human in that has had his defects, as all does. I enjoyed it really!
4 / 5
Ossia Prime minister of mine read of this author and without accidents can says will not be my last. Oliver and Emerys the history was so only totally gripping of one taking goes. First book in the while I do not want to dipped down. I gave the whole row of emotions, me sad, angry and smiley and happy one after another. Such the gem of the history. Amado the so much!!
5 / 5
Start out of slow the has not been sure but am pleased has spent them on. Ossia A definite history of amour, sacrifice and some wars each and all the world of expensive inner knots we also fearful to leave was. A beautiful feels a lot of bed that family of the shows are not been born always by means of blood but amour and elections also.
5 / 5
There is wanted absolutely this - I has laughed, smiled, and has cried to plot! In spite of other descriptions that declares had gratuitous bad tongue, begs to differ and the believe was in context with a storyline at the same time.
Felt was good writing, and some characters were strong and inspiring.
5 / 5
There is wanted absolutely this book - I could has not read quickly quite - I in some signal the reread still enjoy more than some subtleties. Some characters involve me to us entirely and that it could have been the predictable idyll was in fact so more. They are the defender of Katie Ford, Trisha Ashley, Lucy Diamond and alike authors and like , of calm then think you will want this
5 / 5
I have taken this like the prime minister read, is the book fantastically writing , the characters are believable, was a lot the with his feeling all some emotions, is one of these histories that chairs with you!
5 / 5
Has loved this book! I took by means of a lot of emotions, the brilliant history that says.. It has loved a bit main characters.. Highly recommended like -you the good history, the tears and the laugh have comprised.
4 / 5
There is wanted to are pound x. I have loved a report among Oliver and Reese, me giggling all a way by means of x. It has had all I amour to read in the book, humour, idyll, conflict x. I have laughed out of strong, has cried out of strong x. Well fact Brittainy Cherry, the gem of the book yes not having never a x.
4 / 5
Lovely history. Has-liked me a way has been said among just two people and I was able to take to know them dulcemente and senses for them.
5 / 5
This was the add read. No like this obvious to an end . They are in hospital but heaven be the good bed vacacional or relaxing in bome
4 / 5
An easy bed, bit it caseous, but there is spilt the tear. Apparently the needs to write nine words more, shame.
5 / 5
Brittainy Cherry, Of a fund of my soul has obliged. This patterned book in my heart and resonated with me a lot the time after a final page had been turned.
4 / 5
Has loved this book of an extreme to the another.
Like this feeling and house really paste in of the places .
Easy to read but have your Kleenex ready!!
5 / 5
This book was also very any to.
To start with to the arrival was hooked, me the laugh and shout it and I could has not dipped down.
Emotional, true the life, has thought to cause and uplifting. I can not agree some last times there is enjoyed the book so much.
4 / 5
Hard to dip down fantastically writing, some characters take you on a travesía of there that the powerful chance has fill alive coloreadas
4 / 5
Ossia The lovely history . I have cried the little time, has smiled the plot, and has included laughed out of strong. It is the history roughly loss and redemption and has such the sweet core. Highly recommend!
5 / 5
Wants to this reserves like this like this, has finalised he a day, could has not dipped down .L laught And was sad also fallido, so the emotions felt while reading it.
5 / 5
The history gone in the good step and I has liked him a bit characters and has been invested in the good result for them
5 / 5
Ossia the add read to start with to finalise, brilliant characters that dread you for throughout. It could it has not dipped down
4 / 5
This was the very easy bed. Any of era believable but ossia WELL the mine for the chick has lit idyll. It would suggest an author steers clears scenes of sex in of the futures. They were terrible and has not added anything to a history. Less it is more sometimes.
5 / 5
Has been the long time of then I on purpose read the romance title and if “A Mixtape” is the representation of the which am result , will be the long time before I try again. My only positive commentary is that author, Brittainy Cherry, has looked for to offer resemble his readers with the page of Note of an Author previously to a start of a book. It mentions resume & verbal abuse, depression and rape like possible subjects that will be problematic for sensitive readers. That has failed partorisca advise is that a tongue is ATROCIOUS - there is quite f bombs to blow on the big library. It is gratuitous and offensive.

Dual POV Is has the habit to say a history and each chapter is begun with the name of a character. Often it has two in the row of a same person that in fact does to give some flow to a history. The flow really is not any a lot of a subject of this whole premise is quite formulaic and predictable.

Is interested in fully @@give and the sexual meetings detailed, fights familiarised with victorious women those who achieve was to has wounded men for resultant his lifeline, then this could be so only that is looking for; complete with a never populate HEA📚
5 / 5
This in spite of, finds this the hard book to estimate and description because some parts were amused, apes and touching while another loves me immediately delete this book of the mine Kindle application. He toes behind and advances among the rubbishes and some gems have hid of moments or characters. There is a lot of truth and relatable the characters mixed to a mostly unbelievable plot.

Like this is typically the 'contemporary idyll' reader and like this gender, and can spend for big or does not concern in a tongue and some scenes of sex, then recommends this book. There is some pocolos splits very good mixed in.

Personally, a type of the history really is not my cup of tea. It has given the gender I usually does not read the casualidad because really I have not had any interest in any of a first Bed of the selections this month. If you prefer your clean books and profanity free then is not for you neither.

Has appreciated likes some two points of view/of narratives a lot of overlap but follow each one which so another in the logical sequence (with only the pair of flashbacks in time). It contributes to the smooth, easy to follow storyline. A writing is decent, and a dialogue and the majority of some realistic characters.

Finally give these 2 stars because it was the little too unbelievable in the places and I feel a tongue and the sure explicit scenes were unnecessary. A profanity looks no only in dialogue but in a narrative of a book he that looks mine gratuitous and unnecessary more than realistic. My indication reflects my own personal preferences that's that to see that I expect will help to like-has has imported readers.

If these things do not annoy you , and calm generally enjoys idyll like the gender then pleases to neglect my point of view and read a book. Emery And Reese is certainly likable characters, will say concealed.
4 / 5
This pound touched emotionally on the so many levels. An advance of the character fantastically is writing. Some characters are very easy to relate to and very real. I have finalised this book downwards 24 hours, ossia like that it was of surprises. Highly I suggest it. Taking by means of a loss of my brother this year, was very easy for me to relate to a character of Oliver and in the way Emery too based in a disconnect has had with his own sister. These cures of pound and could honradamente read the the million times on. Thank you Cherry, for such an incredible present.
5 / 5
'All the world is history of the life is the mixtape, and each clue is the chapter of his life. Some chapters are happy, and another is sad, but is all entangled to create this person mixtape.” That the concept adds. That the fantastic book. It is angsty and romantic. I have loved a vulnerability and depth of both main characters and a house in mental health. This book has left the real impression on me. It is dual POV, with two vaporous scenes short. Many thrill! Spend your outrage and of the cloths. Wow!
5 / 5
This history of amour touched to my core. I have had so only the partner of raisin of mine was and was the twin and his brother has said that his heart is shattered. I give kodos to some main characters mecer especially Lil Reese. It is the light down the dark tunnel. You have done a work that surprised Brittainy the cherry maintains it up am very impressed with a level has written this book. I me have so many emotions that goes thru the.
4 / 5
Has had to that launch my plans for a day out of a window, could has not dipped down has begun once... Some fights of the each one of some characters after the trauma is sincere, harrowing and inspiring; that exhibits fantastically some people of different ways can be effected by the mental health and one force use for the face!
But an amour in a book is that really mark my cries of heart! Of a spark to grow and attractive of some romantic goodnesses, to Oliver supportive defenders and crew, to an amour familiarised of two sisters with the tragic history... Each expression to love big or small tests that all effect each one which so another and the one who @@subject of human connection.
Can not expect add it Playlist to my telephone of all some songs and artist an author suggested and replay a travesía of Oliver and Emery!
5 / 5
Was hooked before Understand 2 when my first tears have begun to fall, ossia such sincere, crude, that surprises history. A lot he so only done an allocution of author some very difficult subjects, also offers guidance on like this to win these parts of the yours soyixtape' that is harder that another. Well fact!
5 / 5
Like this always, Brittainy has at all writing cut of perfection. Ella bleeds his heart and soul to the each alone word writing. Emery And the history of Oliver was both breaking of heart in him the reality and breathes it that they take in his honradamente.
4 / 5
Like this last the emotional subjects have covered in the thoughtful, but good-looking way. A subject of the abuse is not an easy one to cover while still resupplying it believable history.
4 / 5
Has loved a depth of some characters and pleasure some jumps of history of moments in some presents to a past. And some pocolos transfers that it does not see coming.
5 / 5
A gorgeous history, with the characters will grow to love. Fantastically Writing, ready and reflective. A book that will stamp your heart.
5 / 5
Has fallen enamoured with all some characters of a first introduction. The history adds to start with to finalise. Amado this book.
4 / 5
Could not take by means of any first few pages because of a tongue. Deleted the immediately.
4 / 5
My amour partorisca east a snuck on on me. While I have listened good things roughly the work of the cherry, ossia a first book of the his that has read - and has not been convinced that wanted in a start. Our hero was the bit of the hot disorder (with the terrible promise), a tone was weighed, and an idyll was slow-emotional. But that has given quietly way to an emotional, laidback history of amour that has taken lighter and sweeter how has been. This hot disorder of the hero has turned to the type I for real adds, and has flown to to my heart likes mended of the his own. This slow-in of the romance llamas simmered to a class of deep amour that had swooning for an end. It is an emotional - potentially causing - history of the amour ossia thin still strong, and he 100 won on for an end.

That blurb is so only a tip of an iceberg; ossia the HEAVY and emotional bed for a lot a history. There have it also abundance to cause content, comprising loss of has wanted to it one, addiction, mental/physical abuse, trauma - and more. There is so only the pair of vaporous scenes, and a tone is to somewhere among the traditional idyll and the fiction of the women. This in spite of, our pair is in a centre of the each page, doing this feel like the history of true amour.

Essentially, this follows Oliver, the professional musician that extracted a loss of his brother. They are trace to the fame has jointed, and Oliver was always a calm plus, more introverted sibling. Oliver does not know like this to be he without his brother, and is not that it manages his ache or guilt a lot well. When Oliver fulfils Emery, is in his his point low plus. And this in spite of alone mamma Emery has his own subjects, helps a man whose music is wanted for years. Oliver and Emery helps each one which so another when they require it one the majority of, and these two strangers dulcemente develop the friendship that begin to feel to the plot likes the amour.

This calm, angsty read is for some lovers of slow burn there, reason these movements in his own step. I have loved a development of report among Oliver and Emery, which has strengthened with each page. And while Oliver has the promise for the decent quantity of a history, was easy to see that it grasped to the report that has given once consolation. Cherry The work adds navigating that, reason this history of the amour easily could does steered was-run. But I have grown to comprise reason was necessary, and some contrast among a start and the end of this idyll is attacking. Oliver is almost unrecognizable for an end, and a overarching the subject is to good sure one of HOPE. Has the little patience with this history, and will be to reward with one fulfilling read.
5 / 5
Always I am looking for the good rockstar idyll, and this there is rid. There have been a lot of heavy appearances, but a hero and the hero have been ready, consecrated, and class. The daughter of a hero me laugh and resupplied a book roughly a lot-the lightness has required.

Has laughed, has cried, and has has wanted to this. That more could asks?
4 / 5
This beautiful book is roughly ache, and wants to concealed comes after the loss. I have read an average of 75 books the year, and ossia my preferred contemporary like this far! There is some tongue of adult, is sprinkled in organically. As converged modern adults. You can verify out of a sample for clicking an image of coverage, and read a prologue to see if this book is for you. You would owe that know immediately is , as you will not squander any one is time revising the book that has not been written for you.
4 / 5
Have known that this history was in the rockstar idyll, and have had like this my expectations dipped the little lower that for the heavy piece of literature. A description of 5 stars reflects a type of reservation is. It is not that it feigns to be Quijote of Ladies, is the breezy the beach characterises work of book. Thus gender, is excellent.

Is true that there is the plot of swears in this book, but has walked is gone in the public street for more than five minutes, calm listened it everything already. If you flinch and clutch your pearls every time listen the word of curse, this is not a book for you. (But neither it is that the reason to give the book the-description of star, IMO.)

A line of history is sum. No too unbelievable (again, considering is the rockstar idyll), and a development of character was very good. My eyes have taken misty in several points in a book, and an emotion felt genuine, no too manufactured. My only complaint is that there is handful of words that an apparently wanted author to use (smirk, for example), ossia wayyyy overused in a book. It was bondadoso to distract. The desire there has been branched out of the little in his descriptions to avert overuse of some same handful of words. But a history was utmost, some characters have obliged, and has been drawn while I have finalised a book the day, in spite of work and all more. Good work, Cherry of Lady! :)
4 / 5
This was the really fantastic history , but a content was also for me and I has had to that spend in the few parts. Any like him To You the descriptive books and on 80, these taken reallg descriptive. If it concealed it does not annoy you and it likes the romance and of history roughly winning odds, think you will love this book.

Has contained: Rape, alcoholism, abusive parents, and some scenes of descriptive sex
Tongue: A lot f-pump
Religious: This book has both sides of religion extreme control and a good of faith and regular prayer. There is @@subject to learn that it is well for you concealed is quite powerful.

Has has wanted to th winning in this book, but there is has not wanted to any one of some details.

Happy reading!
4 / 5
Usually does not read a Cousin chooses. Oh, I take Him and say me will take to them, but usually is not in the gender I usually read or is not that they are in a way for at the same time. This in spite of, when I have begun to read a sample of this history to see has wanted to choose is one, has found does not want stop.

Some characters felt like this real. Each character of the goodness there has been questions that has had to that treat in a course of a history. It has not had any snaps of some toes and are fixed moment. It has taken counseling and work, he more that finds each one another, to take to the better place. A pair of the characters lateralmente have had also his own fights also. A goodness viril was both vulnerable and strong without being the beast. It has sustained his woman when it required it and has sustained his man when it required it. I have loved some humorous moments with a boy. Those have helped to relieve some moments plus very sad. I also appreciated like a toxic report with the sure people a lot magically fix - something concealed is everything too common with idylls the one who look for a HEA still all the world-wide and a lot so only a pair. Sometimes the people do not change and has to that be bolt of court. Like this sad like this is, is the reality and this history there is concealed. An only feeble part of a history has not seen a result of final that has spent to some antagonists after his moments of reverses.

A romance also developed dulcemente over time in place of llama-to the sex/of lust likes like this the idylls of these days go stops. Had the little short sex scenes. I have not been still to detail add and a lot really have any plot of the entity develops, doing them easily skipped he concealed is not your thing.

A walk was point for a pair was also very a lot of crafted. It has not been one of this lack of things comunicacionales that take bit it old. It felt quite realistic (as realistic like these things can be in of the romance novels). A moment of the big gesture was a lot of and big.

There is enjoyed each part of this book of some characters, his development, and a global history. I have laughed, I teared on, would recommend it to another the one who enjoys contemporary idyll.
5 / 5
That A lot want A Mixtape? To the sinister account some few ways...

1. A writing. I signal it was that emotionally packed and beautiful Brittainy C. The writing of the cherry is with each book of the his has read. I can not take on that this beautiful . I found underlining passages like this different in this book.

2. An idyll was beautiful. Oliver has treated ache. Emery Was the alone mother that struggles every day to resupply for his daughter. These to two appearances the gustanuno the majority of unlikely of interests of amour, but pharmaceutical and amour for each another was like this perfect. Each one which so it has had so much to treat in his own, and has wanted like his connection stimulates helped his up.

3. Behind to some characters. Both of his fights felt real. It felt Emery ache in a past and that it wants to give Reese all has required. Also it felt the ache of Oliver. A loss that felt was his best half devastated and has done my heart has hurt. Both of these characters have done my heart. Also it felt his joys and blessing, this in spite of. Those were a sweeter thing .

4. Reese. This little daughter was adorable. His conversations with Oliver have done my like this happy heart, has done like this his general humour. It was wanted like this.

5. The parents of Oliver. It would read the book in his amour.

6. Oliver and Emery the friends were a part of entity of his history and I have loved a support has given.

7. Cam Because each good history needs the rancher. Ditto For Emery parents.

8.... It could go in and on, but I think that it Has BEEN Mixtape a day and I do not complain any of these minutes is spent with him. It was another swipe of Cherry in my book.
5 / 5
Was like this happy to see this one comes up in a Prime minister Reads selection this month. It is for one of my favourite authors and with which have read a blurb have known has loved the bed and again brittainy C. To the cherry there is not disappointed.
This history roughly is that it loses the part of calm and that tries to live without going entirely crazy. Oliver was spiraling out of control after the death of his brother one at all looked to be help. When Emery has come his life, has seen. It has wanted to help, it has wanted to find the way to do the beginning that bolt again and that sings again.
Results that has required each one which so another to move on a hurt of a past to take a future has deserved. With a help of the little another, so only could takes.
This history is full of ache, heartbreak, entertainment, and is an emotional roller coaster walk. So you are looking for the wonderful history that will tug in your heart, then this one east for you.
Also extracted to to the pocolos triggers likes him to him the death, addiction, verbal abuse, rape, and depression. As be conscious of these sensitive subjects.
4 / 5
Does not have time to read. They are the busy father with too much to do, the one who usually law some premiers few chapters of the book, but then trace with life and forgets to read a rest.

Unfortunately, this book is like this very written and some characters are like this good to take to know, that could has not dipped down. It liked Really of everything roughly that. I see some descriptions complain roughly swearing, which are the little confused really has not been that a lot? And there has been felt when it has been used. But each one which as his own. In all the chance, blames my stray sleep in an author, and now has to that go control out of the his another reservation.
5 / 5
This book is such the beautiful and emotional amour history. Emery And Oliver be there for each another was like this good to read. Familiar secrets, that cure of the ache and the friendship are utmost elements in this history. Reese has resupplied some perfect moments to laugh and sweetness of the young boy. I have loved this book so much. The books of Cherry of the lady does not disappoint never. I
4 / 5
I amour Brittainy C. Cherry And was very excited to take this the prompt month by means of Amazon. This a there is had the start I really adds. I in fact wanted initially beginning with each character and learning roughly the first an idyll has begun. This in spite of; this has been paralizaciones far too long. Really we have not had any romance until around 50 to a history. Still we have had so only the few conversations among a two.
Liked taking to know Emery and teared on when all has spent initially. It was predictable that Oliver was to do, but still has touched.

I Abigail also wanted to but has not required full chapters around therapy. Had too much line of individual history and no quite edifice of chemist. So only it has wanted to more. A pacing was a lot of slow and found me quite bored in a half of of the this and skipped to an end.

Top Customer Reviews: Beneath the Stars: ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5
I want idylls of infancy that tower to second idylls of casualidades. Also it thinks that this book is writing a lot well. This in spite of, a lot likes me I like this has wanted to loves it, so only could no. Chase would owe that it has been my hero broken perfect the one who alleges his perfect soft hero that loves unconditionally, but has lost so only each one which so and each occasion and in a process the one who a reader takes basically is that it knows that a never really take together ages of when it is 11 right upto around when it is almost 30. It is not his prime minister, any included knows for the year with which gives his v paper that is not his prime minister, he no really cures for his slope a brief time is his fiancé (his any one has included he during this time), has not sustained included lucido when it is in the something bad and a lot included try legislation his injustices, does not try to verify in in his street his parents or Jax and not even is having subject of emotionally deceiving in his current promise while it has gone back house in his 30s. In an end ossia the one who the disappointing fact- that the does not feel never likes to love his - is a lot clearly in lust with his this in spite of. Also, taking bit it too long winded and boring to an end - precise the bit to modify. It is very written this in spite of - esp considering this is the novel to begin of an author
4 / 5
has has wanted to this reserves like this 🥺

has been that loves to read this for the moment and is cost a wait. Every second it was like this emotional and has cried, laughed, smiled and has cried some plus. Emily McIntire has taken the simple boy-fulfil-history of daughter and has turned he to the history of ache, first amour, first heartbreak, abuse of substance and finding your way in life. It was the wonderful and like this incredibly good-looking way to face the subjects and I has been blown was.

The Neither has helped that it was súper vaporous and gave all some sexy romance scenes I needs in my life. The one who does not love the hottie likes Persecution?! Or I complete it badass woman like Goldi!?
5 / 5
Reading by means of Down Some Stars, would assume Emily has been writing novels for years. It likes fact that ossia his novel to begin leave me daunted in those some future controls for this author.

Of page a, is launched in a real world. A world where all is not to perfect and the life is not the quite picture. A way Emily builds his characters, connecting you to them is at all courts of perfection. Each character, main or otherwise is relatable. You take his histories and comprise his fights. It feels his emotions and experience his alive at the side him.

Alina And Chase - his press and the idyll of appeal is believed still for me. They fulfil like this the boys and calm so only know is allocated to be together but is not that easy. His travesías will break you, fix you, calm pause again, and fix you again. His development fantastically is writing. Emily extracted some a lot of real and dark subjects in this novel, that comprises that of the mental health of Pursues that it is a real world is taboo and the secret has maintained.

Jax - I could write the pages in a perfect character Emily has created but can not ruin any one is experiences here. To the left so only it has said that a novel for him so only is a lot of value a bed! Each character lateralmente wants to read more roughly, loves to know his backstories as well as his futures. Ossia A beauty that Emily has touched to his characters.

Enjoys anguish and second idylls of casualidades painful then looks no further. Sugarlake Is your place.
5 / 5
This author has been mine recommended when I have asked in a club of on-line book for new authors to read. Any sad has chosen on this recommendation. Sweet city romance clashes with hot and vaporous. I have it quell'has finalised now all three in these serious and a lot that looks forward to a prójimo a.
5 / 5
Has read this reserves the day and the half. Struggled to dip a book down to same of text a lot behind. I can not expect buy a second book already!!!
4 / 5
Am daunted as to that Down Some Stars is Emily novel to start with. It writes like an author the one who has been in a subject for years, spending some pure emotions of the each character out of some pages of his book.

Chase And Alina fulfil when they are young, when Chase and Iris of the youngest sister is adopted next door. Alina Results fast friends , but is his become friends with Pursue this evolves by means of the each phase of his lives, beginning so that the infancy runs over, first to move the lust of adolescent and finally amour. But Chase and Iris have had the difficult start in life, affecting them so much differently, with Pursuing unable to trust easily. Alina Is his evasion ; a does not think merit. As they both enter young adulthood, to to looks like finally could take of his casualidad in amour, but no of fate in, that causes more and more questions for them to face, the resulted in the breakup. They are rasgados averts for years, both main entirely different bolt to one some am wanted, but when no of fate the second time, spending them behind to the each one which another is world-wide, is this his second casualidad in his amour?

Has read the few books that centre around addiction, but thinks Down some Stars takes the only approximation to this subject. Neither a hero neither the hero suffer any form of addiction, instead is one some want to. BTS Underlines the one who the addiction a lot so only affects a suffering of person, but all the world around the his too. Like the boy, Chase has looked his mother suffers, and then later in the life sees a same thing with his sister. This in spite of, Alina has on grown in the sure house, but a-prejudice all the transmission, causes it any one wants to turn to alcohol. Both maintain his feelings have hid, any that wants to upload another with his hardships, which am sure is something more the people spend for when it has wanted the one has an addiction. The entrances of the magazine of Chase was the addition adds and has helped to transmit his emotions perfectly.

Down some Stars is a novel of incredible start of Emily, underlining to to difficult subjects likes him to him the addiction and the loss, but also resists hope. I can not expect for any one is after, highly recommends Down Some Stars!

Has received the copy of this book instead for my sincere description.
5 / 5
Title: Down Some Stars
Author: Emily McIntire
Hero/of Hero: Chase & Alina
Trope: Small City/According to Idyll of Casualidad

The good 😁

My god, this book has known to good sure like this to spend a work. Every time I owe that think that that ‘ossia, ossia a happy end ' an author was that ‘nah, controls my beer'. In timing to sense likes there is had to that take and take the pocolos respites of yogas so only to maintain my pressure of blood down.
When Chase And his movement familiarised to Sugarlake, the good-looking friendship is born among him, our hero Alina and Iris of sister. Of friends to like this more, Chase and experience of Alina some big of first amour and sadly, a lows. It has said in dual POV, has resupplied the still harrowing idea beautiful to the that both Persecution and Alina experience during a history. Comprising the period of on 15 years, this book and these characters really have packed an emotional punch. When I misunderstandings rasgan this good-looking pair averts, takes the good number of years for them the piece his, and each one which so another, for behind near.
Alina, For me, was a character that has done this incredible history. Treating it plethora of to the subjects likes him to him the loss, ache and parental abandonment, has managed this all with force and decorum, when more days all has has wanted to was to give up and cry.

The BAD 🙁


GLOBAL THOUGHTS: A fierce hero, the determinate hero and like this does and steam; if these tick all of your boxes then this book is to good sure for you
LEVEL of STEAM: 🔥🔥🔥🔥
4 / 5
' could go our whole lives without speaking, this in spite of, would know calm in a prójimo a...'

Has devoured this book less than 24 hours and included remained until 4am by train of the arrival! For me it concealed it is the big shot when has two young boys wake of 6am! So only it could not take enough of the history of Chase and Alina and has jumped directly in to reserve 2, Down some Stands, grieves I finsihed this.
The persecution And To Alina fulfils adolescents like this young and quickly result better friends. On some years, his report grows deeper. This in spite of, Chase finds it hard to dip his past behind the and the old wounds his tear averts. But now Chase Adams is of tower in Sugarlake and, in spite of his better endeavours, Alina so only can not look to remain was...

'Can not go back and change a start, but can begin where is and change an end...'

To be very concrete ossia the 'partner of infancy the lovers to enemies to second lovers of casualidades dipped in the small city with a lot of spice' trope 😂 and master a bit idylls of small city! Reading this literally touched book is gone in my boss as it looked it mashup of Virgin River, Hart of Dixie and Alabama of Sweet House - all preferred personal.
Was adds that it sees his report grows on some years of both of his perspectives. The time had has laughed, some cried and so that where was absolutely swooning!
In general, the novel of fantastic start for Emily McIntire! And a better part? It is a prime minister in the serious dipped in Sugarlake!

Is is each star in a heaven...'
5 / 5
This book, has been in decline to read it of then the stumbled by means of Emily in Instagram, when it has seen them was his prime minister rid has wanted to them give goes are like this happy has done them.
Reason the so only found me it new author to stalk cough the halves.. It follows.. For updates..
Certainly for the little while it classifies them taken in fact of nervous of the bed because when it has seen them some other descriptions that goes in freaked was but once the really taken to the history of Chase and Alina has been them stuck. They would not leave me go.
A ups and a downs was likes trace he rollercoaster of emotions but to the left say his history is good-looking. Harrowing But beautiful.
Alina May, the god does not take dipped by means of a ringer? I have wanted to read in his, included that spends for everything still directs to maintain his boss has resisted big.
Chase, there is wanted so much but the times there are them wanted also strangle him. It has required to open his eyes and see that it was so only in front of him but hey has taken there in an end.
And to think that is to say Emilys book to start with would be blown was. It wrote like this good and like this well the together place would think you that ossia his 100th book .
If yours looking for the new author for enamorar with looking any far plus.

4 / 5
After finalising this I could not believe this was Emily McIntire novel to start with. A prose feels likes a lot well has published concealed is been in him for years.⁣

This history follows Chase and Alina of when in the first place they fulfil when Alina in only 11, to them falling enamoured to them finally separating ways in an epic, harrowing way, to them coming neighbours again in his twenties.⁣

Leaves 1 of this book is his his years young plus , his first meeting, his young amour, his fledgling report then a pause of epic up. It has comprised to plot of the years but he have not tugged to like finds roughly according to casualidad, in the first place-the idylls of amour do. It has not directed in of the irrelevant bits, so only giving you all some better juicy Persecution and bit of Alina. ⁣

Leaves 2 shows such growth in both characters and I am enjoyed really his second casualidad. Alina has developed in the such the strong character and pursues really learnt of his deceptions the more he. ⁣

Was the really easy bed and has taken any time at all to devour. It was equal heart -breaking and animating of heart. I can not expect see the one who more Emily McIntire can do.
5 / 5
Hyped.... A word has used in anticipation of BTS of some first time have seen the teaser, augmenting with each teaser, trailer, excerpt, blurb and the coverage has developed. And still I have seated here partorisca a past 2 hours that asks that on earth my skills of the amateur description possibly could write the description that will do justice to the work of Emily. To the left it is partorisca be sincere, can any one 🤷🏼‍♀️, but will give it the gone in all the chance.
BTS Is a second idyll of casualidad emotional filled with anguish and of the subjects that the hard paste. It will tug in your series of heart and join you up in of the knots (probably having you near of, if no in, rasga like this pocolos in 29 in!). Chase And Alina fulfil like this pre-adolescents and quickly resulting fellow better. Chase Is guarded, hiding behind second looks inpenetrable to the wall has built past demons. Alina Is the beacon of light with the acute talent an absolutely any filter. In theory, does not have to that it reads, but see each one which so another, his souls that the call was to the each one like this another. But stubbornness, the circumstances and the interference pull them avert and his both have to that learn like this partorisca live without another. Ironically It Is circumstance and interference that spends them behind to the each one which another is orbit 8 years later.
The writing of Emily is intelligent. BTS Rests to two part - Before and After - and was add partorisca read everything of some signals underlined of his first history of things has fallen averts in a goes, more than having them like this flashbacks during a history, has occasion of date more orders to really knows no only some main characters, but a partorisca sustain some around him; Lily, Becca, Jax and Eli is already in our hearts of this book and I already am that it looks forward to partorisca see where his travesía is partorisca take them (I need Jax history! It is my preferred 😍). Emily also uses the dual POV partorisca leave a reader partorisca see sure situations of Alina & Chase persepctives without doing to seat likes is rehashing all throughout again, so only gives this when it is required, when it gives idea more orders to a scene.
Partly two has the function reversal partorisca Alina & Chase, a past 8 years irrevocably changing each of them. There is the class of symetry his, Chase has on open leaving he to truely feel and work of tower by means of his confusion, while Alina has had to that build some wall around his heart to protect new demons. These transmissions leave to comprise to blossom so that it learns on some changes to a person they once wanted to, and is this sympathetic, together with a undeniable spark which leaves him to see each one which as another again. They know each one which as another better that knows .
'𝓘 𝓬𝓪𝓷'𝓽 𝓴𝓮𝓮𝓹 𝓱𝓸𝓵𝓭𝓲𝓷𝓰 𝓽𝓱𝓮 𝓼𝓲𝓷𝓼 𝓸𝓯 𝓪 𝓫𝓸𝔂 𝓪𝓰𝓪𝓲𝓷𝓼𝓽 𝓽𝓱𝓮 𝓼𝓸𝓾𝓵 𝓸𝓯 𝓽𝓱𝓮 𝓶𝓪𝓷'
Has left is of course not forgetting a steam! 🔥 If you have read my descriptions know to love a steam, but I mostly steam of amour when it is addition to the a lot of storyline, any only there for a sake of him, and guessed him to him, this a paste one something to mark on.
The amour of Chase and Alina is tanscendent; it is the transmission in an air, is a speed of the wrist to run, is a resplandor of a more brilliant star.
But Down Some Stars is that so only him.
Pre-Order a book and stock up in ice cream and cloths, reasons will require him - but in some words of Emily she...
𝗧𝗿𝘂𝘀𝘁 𝗧𝗵𝗲 𝗣𝗿𝗼𝗰𝗲𝘀𝘀
Bravo, Emily.
𝑰 𝒗𝒐𝒍𝒖𝒏𝒕𝒂𝒓𝒊𝒍𝒚 𝒓𝒆𝒗𝒊𝒆𝒘𝒆𝒅 𝒂𝒏 𝒂𝒅𝒗𝒂𝒏𝒄𝒆𝒅 𝒄𝒐𝒎𝒑𝒍𝒊𝒎𝒆𝒏𝒕𝒂𝒓𝒚 𝒄𝒐𝒑𝒚 𝒐𝒇 𝒕𝒉𝒊𝒔 𝒃𝒐𝒐𝒌.
5 / 5
A lot To the left is to speak an elephant in a first room.. Addiction. It is the one who hard is to have any in a be familiarised eaten by him. This rids is not the trigger, thinks it in fact could help that it sees like this to react, as to share.. I think an author the work adds with this subject difficult.
Now a history of amour. Well It Was intense and beautiful. Amiably writing and could feel each emotions that was has described. It is all the world is sleep to included take 10 of to such amour likes one 2 mcs has.
I characters are utmost. Everything of them. It is beautiful to see like this evolves to grow on, like this mature . Chase Results the wonderful man. A perfect man.
The narration was brilliant. I WANT dual narration and was absolutely perfect here
I with excites attended for reservation any one.2 to exit in an audible version, but if any punctual raisin, to good sure will take other books to the equal that want to know that it spends afterwards.
Has received the free copy of this audiobook and voluntarily am leaving the description.
5 / 5
✨ 𝓑𝓮𝓷𝓮𝓪𝓽𝓱 𝓣𝓱𝓮 𝓢𝓽𝓪𝓻𝓼 ✨
Wow!!! Has any word to describe the one who beautiful and emotional this book was,
but here goes!!
Can not believe ossia Emily novel to start with to good sure will be to add his next books to mine TBR. A book comprises several years and extracted to to the sensitive subjects likes him-drugs that to them and the addiction. It was the beautiful, harrowing, and emotional bed this takes a reader in the travesía by means of some tragic lives of Chase and Alina these two has faced so much and there is rasgado averts but when your heart beaten so only for one, any one @subjects the one who some world-wide launches in your way finds it way behind and test that strong the true amour really is.
Has has wanted to all some characters and can not expect read more roughly the all especially Jackson my heart has broken for him.
Ossia To good sure the contend for one of some better books has read this year
5 / 5
Oh my word, the one who the good-looking history. Of a first sentence was entirely captivated for a history of amour of the épico of Chase and Alina. It was totally gripped throughout and in a flange of my chair to the equal that to the that the things would touch was among these two. There are some quite heavy subjects have covered in a book, which Emily bosses with such sensibility. Ossia One first novel of Emily Mcintire and wishes each success for this exceptional start. I am honoured to has been able to read an ARC and can not expect read the one who the things of sound has to that offered in a future. Congratulations in the stunning start, Emily.
4 / 5
Has read to grieve a prologue a history there have been hook, line and sinker. Has has had to that it wants to me more—requiring more! BTS There is not disappointed. To think that is to say Emily novel to start with marvel me that more it can do. An anguish me rasgué avert and cried before paste had 28 mark.

Am struggling to dip in of the words to the equal that has felt to read this book because honradamente, felt all and swears has lived each moment with them.

5 / 5
This history was intense. It was written brilliantly, plotted astonishingly and like this this in spite of causing. Some characters are like this I depths and just jump of a page. It could not dip this book down, neither loves.
5 / 5
Could not read this book quickly enough. It loved it absolutely. Highly recommended this book. I have had to that read a next book directly with which as it could not take enough.
5 / 5
He Love the history of amour, looks no further! This book has a perfect quantity of everything, and drew in of page 1! So that well it could ail dipped the down!
5 / 5
Has found this author thanks to tiktok which is crazy but in 2 days have read both books and I can not expect for more! Shining!
5 / 5
Are quell'has bitten clashed with an indication ... They are to somewhere among 3 and 4 stars with these novel to begin.
And reason is his start , am sure that his skills to write will grow with his upcoming books.

Really Liked Me a fact that she splitted a book in two part, so that we are able to see like this has taken to know each one which so another in a first part and likes to find for behind near in some second breakings.
Is quell'has bitten quickly paced for me and I have been missing some paragraphs of text. This nettled to to a whole time likes them the character was in a now and in a next sentence in a then.

Is really be annoyed with Pursues in one first splits of a book. A heat and cold, reason he no worthy sense for Alina to the equal that has slept around; everything because of his past.
Has given finally to his feelings because out of jealousies but never really open until any one; still to Alina has alleged to want to and stops of cure.
In an end of a first course all is gone down.

In a second separate see that Chase has on grown and finally is seeing the shrink to give sustain his past. It redeemed , imo. It has done one 180 in as enclosed was like the adolescent to as he in fact more open as grown up.
Also, like to see that Alina is not celibate in the to to all this time likes in of other books. It has not gone neither, like reason has to that she!?
But thinks that it has managed a situation with his bad dad. Reason does not say his two friends that is going in? It has explained and that does not love any harm, but think that his friends would be more sympathetic state to the equal that has thought and helped. But this can be a point of plot to aim that Pursues NOW would be there for his.

Am looking forward to Becca is and the book of Eli now.

So much, is looking for
📌 idyll of small city
📌 according to him casualidad romance
📌 fellow-to-enemies-to-fellow-to-lovers
📌 angsty read
this pound can be he for you.
5 / 5
I have enjoyed Down some stars. Alina And Chase have had the history of good amour and has liked him to them a bit characters of support. So only I have not connected with a history or some characters could do them not saying why so only that it is not . This in spite of, all the world-wide the one who thinks that that they could like him to good sure would have to that it gives the gone, is so only my preference like the reader.
5 / 5
One a lot touching, coming of history of age. A lot vaporous and no in the corny way. It has maintained really my attention and I have finalised partorisca read entirely a lot that want to dipped down.
4 / 5
The reservations is good but some pages are falling out of my book
4 / 5
has read he in the few descriptions already but does not think it can be understated: this does not exit like the first book. It is sensational and so that it adds in the each calm way would not guess ossia the novel to begin ! Each word, each page, each one which details like this thoughtfully and wonderfully and lovingly pieced together to say a second casualidad good-looking, idyll of small city of Chase and Alina.

I amour that a history is separated to two parts. Calm really see the growth to Pursue of the messed on adolescent that does not know that for the be loved a man grown full the one who knows messed on and wants to try . Raisin for such the beautiful transistion of boy of thirteen angry years to the strong man the one who does every day on he to be that Alina deserves and need of him.

Second idylls of casualidades is like this utmost to aim development of character and an amour among these two really underlines some emotions of test and young amour that same need of mates of the soul to come joint in a right place and time.

Alina HAS the plot in his shoulders and in some presents so only wants to maintain near and not falling behind in his old ways and take his heart broken again. But faced with a true amour of his life, all grown up and ready to love his legislation, can not resist for longitude.

I desire has had some good-looking words to transmit the one who fantastic this book is but the history of Chase and Alina gripped me and would not leave me go until I have been finalised.
4 / 5
🌟Small city
🌟According to Casualidad
🌟Better Fellow Brothers
“ Has done his fiancée never to take them down. It has not asked reason, but if she , would say is reason light one issues directly his.”
Description: This was my first book for Emily! I have wanted absolutely this reservation written fantastically. It is like this raw and incredibly real! I have been drawn in of a start and I could has not dipped down!
Alina radiates Felicidad and the sweet humour. It is the dancer with sleeps and the heart of gold. It is all this is well in a world.
Chase Is the sad boy , broken . It has been in a system of adoptive cure of his mother abandoned the and his sister. It takes his authorship to concern for his very seriously.
Alina And Chase fulfil when it moves the few houses down of his. Alina Is 11 and Chase is 13. Ossia When the friendship and the young amour begins to flower. Alina secretly loves and is drawn to touch in of the so many ways. Finally harm to his feelings and take near, so only to be rasgado averts. Has both be of the treaties crappy hands in life. Alina Is unable to leave his behind, and Chase is spent of the years that do by means of sound. Chase Is spent behind to Sugarland to help his father with his company and a two am gathered. Alina Loves at all to do with a boy the one who has broken his heart this in spite of. She be able to forgive and give to like this casualidad? An anguish and the chemistry among Alina and Chase has surprised. A two help each one which as another livestock so much. Literally it is that it writes to perfection that has spent real life. You can feel all some characters spend stops. There are so many amazing secondary characters, with Eli and Becca after downwards some Stands! Secretly while Jax is after reason loves!
4 / 5
Down some Stars is when touching, emotional, angsty according to idyll of casualidad fill with to plot of heavy subjects that can cause it a bit readers.

Ossia The ALREADY/IN The the history that follows some lives of Alina and Chase, two souls that has been intertwined of then infancy. BTS Takes place in a course of 16 or like this years, and follows Alina and Pursues a lot of ups and downs in his street to HEA.

In general, there is enjoyed a lot this book. So like this, I have read he in a seating. It was the definite page turner and solid start, with strong writing. Him him Like that weaves to have of of the houses in that addiction can do the family, especially the girls. I also liked likes Chase and Alina were together, without everything of a BS surrounding them. It has interested mine that Chase, gone of his life for years, was an only one the one who could see by means of the façade of Alina.

A zone has struggled with era a lack comunicacional among some main characters. For two people have connected, does not speak on some real and some have weighed many. I have had to that maintain adapting I of his ages while I have taken annoyed by his elections and of the actions. Also, like the woman of 40 years, am a lot in another work/of man of the woman (but concealed is so only me). Desire that some characters and the situations were bit it more fleshed was - specifically Alina is growing become friends with Jax and because person never really verified on Gentleman Carson.

That when be said, a lot are that it looks forward to where this series and the author take afterwards!
5 / 5
Knows that feeling, when you fall deep to the book and has to that claw your way was? Ossia Down some Stars.

Can does not explain, or pinpoint exactly reason, but of a second I has chosen this book on, my already hurt heart.

These characters, and his lines of history, is like this real and harrowing and beautiful, and ossia my favourite class to write .

A bondadoso this rasga in you and grips your interiors, dulcemente tugging you advance and legislations to a history.

A bondadoso ossia like this true, chair some pieces of him concealed relates your soul.

Down some Stars is the beds will agree for the long time.

“ Will be in his rear and stress his spades, while he slays his demons.”



A last quantity of anguish felt goes in is the one who and calm know that? If a next book is not roughly his, could take respite. And calm does not love this class of tragedy in your hands, well?! 🙏🙏🙏

Thank you, Emily McIntire, for a copy to ARCH to read and early description!! It stunned.
4 / 5
“Is not meant to wither is gone in a shadow of more demons. You are meant to shine.”

An anguish. A steam. An amour. A heartbreak. This book has been uploaded with all this does the book ADDS. At all it is been left behind. A plot was fantastic. Some characters were included better. And a fact that has been dipped in my favourite state, there is sealed a shot.

The persecution Resists mine dang heart. I freaking loved his character. I resonated with him so much in an appearance of addiction of him. The be in to the another side likes and of him really pulled in my series of heart. There is something in the boy broken that grows to the strong man. He slayed his same demons by means of his heartache and was, honradamente, like this beautiful.

Alina Was a perfect sweet to the sud gal with all a charm. Following his travesía with Pursue rasgué up. Then, BAM transfer of plot, there goes a rest of my heart! But, it likes him the persecution, has grown until being of the same strong woman with all one craps treated. Have envied to good sure his force!

“ Could go our whole lives without speaking, this in spite of, would know calm in a prójimo a.”

Persecution And Alina where perfectly together writings. His chemistry was maps . And, it felt each emotion . His amour a lot early be forgotten!

This was my first time that reads Emily McIntire the book and was has impressed highly. I can not expect read a rest of this series!!
5 / 5
'𝐖𝐞 𝐜𝐨𝐮𝐥𝐝 𝐠𝐨 𝐨𝐮𝐫 𝐞𝐧𝐭𝐢𝐫𝐞 𝐥𝐢𝐯𝐞𝐬 𝐰𝐢𝐭𝐡𝐨𝐮𝐭 𝐬𝐩𝐞𝐚𝐤𝐢𝐧𝐠, 𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐬𝐭𝐢𝐥𝐥, 𝐈'𝐝 𝐤𝐧𝐨𝐰 𝐲𝐨𝐮 𝐢𝐧 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐧𝐞𝐱𝐭 𝐨𝐧𝐞.'

🔥𝘚𝘭𝘰𝘸 𝘣𝘶𝘳𝘯
❤️𝘚𝘦𝘤𝘰𝘯𝘥 𝘤𝘩𝘢𝘯𝘤𝘦
💋𝘉𝘦𝘴𝘵 𝘧𝘳𝘪𝘦𝘯𝘥𝘴 𝘵𝘰 𝘭𝘰𝘷𝘦𝘳𝘴

𝙲𝚑𝚊𝚜𝚎 𝚊𝚗𝚍 𝙰𝚕𝚒𝚗𝚊 𝚖𝚎𝚎𝚝 𝚠𝚑𝚎𝚗 𝚜𝚑𝚎 𝚒𝚜 11 𝚊𝚗𝚍 𝚑𝚎 𝚒𝚜 13- 𝚏𝚛𝚘𝚖 𝚝𝚑𝚎 𝚋𝚎𝚐𝚒𝚗𝚗𝚒𝚗𝚐 𝚝𝚑𝚎𝚢 𝚔𝚗𝚎𝚠 𝚝𝚑𝚎𝚢 𝚠𝚎𝚛𝚎 𝚝𝚎𝚝𝚑𝚎𝚛𝚎𝚍 𝚝𝚘𝚐𝚎𝚝𝚑𝚎𝚛 𝚋𝚢 𝚜𝚘𝚖𝚎𝚝𝚑𝚒𝚗𝚐 𝚝𝚑𝚎𝚢 𝚌𝚘𝚞𝚕𝚍𝚗'𝚝 𝚎𝚡𝚙𝚕𝚊𝚒𝚗. 𝙲𝚑𝚊𝚜𝚎 𝚠𝚊𝚜 𝚒𝚗𝚜𝚎𝚌𝚞𝚛𝚎 𝚊𝚗𝚍 𝚑𝚊𝚜 𝚊𝚋𝚊𝚗𝚍𝚘𝚗𝚖𝚎𝚗𝚝 𝚒𝚜𝚜𝚞𝚎𝚜, 𝚑𝚎 𝚠𝚊𝚜 𝚊𝚗𝚐𝚛𝚢 𝚊𝚗𝚍 𝚍𝚒𝚍𝚗'𝚝 𝚝𝚛𝚞𝚜𝚝 𝚎𝚊𝚜𝚒𝚕𝚢- 𝙰𝚕𝚒𝚗𝚊 𝚠𝚊𝚜 𝚛𝚎𝚜𝚒𝚕𝚒𝚎𝚗𝚝 𝚊𝚗𝚍 𝚜𝚝𝚛𝚘𝚗𝚐 𝚘𝚗 𝚝𝚑𝚎 𝚜𝚞𝚛𝚏𝚊𝚌𝚎 𝚋𝚎𝚌𝚊𝚞𝚜𝚎 𝚜𝚑𝚎 𝚑𝚊𝚍 𝚝𝚘 𝚋𝚎- 𝚘𝚗 𝚝𝚑𝚎 𝚒𝚗𝚜𝚒𝚍𝚎 𝚠𝚊𝚜 𝚊 𝚍𝚒𝚏𝚏𝚎𝚛𝚎𝚗𝚝 𝚜𝚝𝚘𝚛𝚢.

𝚃𝚑𝚒𝚜 𝚋𝚘𝚘𝚔 𝚐𝚞𝚝𝚝𝚎𝚍 𝚖𝚎- 𝚝𝚘 𝚜𝚊𝚢 𝚒𝚝 𝚠𝚊𝚜 𝚊𝚗 𝚎𝚖𝚘𝚝𝚒𝚘𝚗𝚊𝚕 𝚛𝚘𝚕𝚕𝚎𝚛𝚌𝚘𝚊𝚜𝚝𝚎𝚛 𝚒𝚜 𝚊𝚗 𝚞𝚗𝚍𝚎𝚛𝚜𝚝𝚊𝚝𝚖𝚎𝚗𝚝. 𝙴𝚖𝚒𝚕𝚢 𝚠𝚊𝚛𝚗𝚜 𝚢𝚘𝚞- 𝚒𝚝𝚜 𝚛𝚊𝚠, 𝚒𝚝𝚜 𝚛𝚎𝚊𝚕 𝚊𝚗𝚍 𝚢𝚘𝚞'𝚕𝚕 𝚋𝚎 𝚊𝚗𝚐𝚛𝚢 𝚋𝚞𝚝 𝚢𝚘𝚞 𝚑𝚊𝚗𝚐 𝚘𝚗 𝚊𝚗𝚍 𝚢𝚘𝚞 𝚐𝚎𝚝 𝚝𝚑𝚎𝚛𝚎 𝚒𝚗 𝚝𝚑𝚎 𝚎𝚗𝚍. 𝚃𝚑𝚒𝚜 𝚋𝚘𝚘𝚔 𝚠𝚊𝚜 𝚑𝚎𝚊𝚛𝚝-𝚋𝚛𝚎𝚊𝚔𝚒𝚗𝚐 𝚋𝚞𝚝 𝚒𝚝 𝚠𝚊𝚜 𝚊𝚕𝚜𝚘 𝚑𝚎𝚊𝚛𝚝-𝚠𝚊𝚛𝚖𝚒𝚗𝚐.

𝚆𝚊𝚝𝚌𝚑𝚒𝚗𝚐 𝚝𝚑𝚎𝚜𝚎 𝚌𝚑𝚊𝚛𝚊𝚌𝚝𝚎𝚛𝚜 𝚐𝚛𝚘𝚠 𝚊𝚗𝚍 𝚏𝚎𝚎𝚕𝚒𝚗𝚐 𝚠𝚒𝚝𝚑 𝚝𝚑𝚎𝚖 𝚖𝚊𝚍𝚎 𝚖𝚎 𝚔𝚎𝚎𝚙 𝚝𝚞𝚛𝚗𝚒𝚗𝚐 𝚝𝚑𝚎 𝚙𝚊𝚐𝚎𝚜. 𝙸 𝚌𝚘𝚞𝚕𝚍𝚗'𝚝 𝚙𝚞𝚝 𝚒𝚝 𝚍𝚘𝚠𝚗. 𝚈𝚘𝚞 𝚠𝚒𝚕𝚕 𝚏𝚎𝚎𝚕 𝚊𝚕𝚕 𝚘𝚏 𝚝𝚑𝚎 𝚏𝚎𝚎𝚕𝚜 𝚠𝚒𝚝𝚑 𝚝𝚑𝚒𝚜 𝚘𝚗𝚎 𝚊𝚗𝚍 𝚢𝚘𝚞 𝚠𝚘𝚗'𝚝 𝚋𝚎 𝚍𝚒𝚜𝚊𝚙𝚙𝚘𝚒𝚗𝚝𝚎𝚍 𝚊𝚋𝚘𝚞𝚝 𝚒𝚝. 𝚂𝚎𝚎𝚒𝚗𝚐 𝙲𝚑𝚊𝚜𝚎 𝚊𝚗𝚍 𝙰𝚕𝚒𝚗𝚊 𝚏𝚒𝚗𝚍 𝚝𝚑𝚎𝚒𝚛 𝙷𝙴𝙰 𝚒𝚜 𝚠𝚘𝚛𝚝𝚑 𝚎𝚟𝚎𝚛𝚢 𝚌𝚛𝚊𝚌𝚔 𝚒𝚗 𝚖𝚢 𝚑𝚎𝚊𝚛𝚝 💓
4 / 5
This history is one of a better by means of some histories of years have had a pleasure to read. I want to like Emily is walks by means of a travesía that is Chase and Alina. It is not always enough, but the life is not neither. There are real fights, misunderstandings, characters that is not to perfect. Ossia That marks this an I so that it adds. It is reason I has hated to the walk was to do life when have has had to that. While it goes back to this pair like this quickly to the equal that could. It was some situations of real life this pair has to that face concealed will maintain you turning these pages.

Thank you, Emily to write the book that is not to like all some another there. I can not expect read roughly all some other books Sugarlake has to that offered. Has has done certainly my cast of must-read authors.
5 / 5
4.5 🌟 This was a prime minister rids has read of this author & WOW!! I am blown was. This was such the crude , emotional, angsty has read. It has tugged in the each series of the heart so only has. It felt he takes Alina & Persecution as it has done his way by means of all some test & tribulaciones his lives have spent on him. His history was entirely heartwrenchingly (I knows is not the word, but is partorisca this lol) beautiful.

To the equal that can be ask you reason has estimated he with 4 stars? It averts that it felt partorisca likes it was the smidge the drugs am gone in something sure, an end entirely pissed me was. It felt he taste took him so only where has has wanted to him to us. It is not supposition partorisca be the cliffhanger but certainly has not felt partorisca likes it was on. So only I can expect that they choose on where has to that the left is gone in addition to some main storyline in some next books.
5 / 5
Sigh. I have finalised so only this book, and all can say is 'wow.'

Is hard to believe ossia the author partorisca begin ! A book is so that it writes well and a pacing is fantastic.

McIntire HAS the way to do a reader experiences the deep emotional connection with his characters. The empathized with Alina and my heart expressed partorisca Chase. Have rooted partorisca he partorisca find redemption and peace, and was heartwarming partorisca be part of the his and the travesía of Alina.

Down Some Stars can be fiction but some emotions he wrought of me was real. Any the one who has experienced amour and loss--This reserves resonate with you.

Am thrilled ossia a first book in the series. I can not expect read more!
4 / 5
First of all, like bear partorisca feel me one feels!
Whew! Now that ossia was, have gone to this history any while any one a lot of the this. For real, ossia the a lot of writing and clearly the piece has informed deeply partorisca write that attractive calm in and touches hard with your emotions because it is the dose sã of reality partorisca any concealed there is not wanted never and state impacted by any addiction to suffer. A growth of some characters is spectacular and am like this happy has left this book to pull to his embrace. One of mine favourite, as thank you, Emily. Down waiting for to read more to learn on some characters of support.
4 / 5
These arrivals with so that it loses finals that required to be solved. And it is remained that asks the one who a hell and thought it would choose up in a next book ... Nope Has not spent .. It will not be reading more than this series .. So only a lot he for me
5 / 5
A Spoiler-Free Description
Perspective: First-person, party
Way of writing: Timeline, inner consciousness
An End in 3 words: Soft, Kismet, Triumphant

Down some Stars yearn me a sugar-sweet amour of summers of honeysuckle, institute sweethearts & secret kisses down shooting stars. McIntire Adapt to always look for amour that to burns likes them wildfire.

That it was my favourite appearances of a novel?

Alina: there is almost any way any to fall immediately enamoured with Alina - of a moment fulfil his in 11 years. While Chase can be a comet of his amour never in to call them history, Alina is a glorious constant llama , striving partorisca be more while submerging boss in the first place to his own bad decisions.

His overzealously faith and sincere mouth in some better of the people pulls calm to until you are ready to move mountains to protect. It is a heart of bleeding any one deserves like the fellow or partner. During a novel, is difficult any to be angry with as all the world in his life extracted. Calm fully is rooting for his happy final.

Persecution: Chase Is a man loves hate, and he all possible to do calm loves. It is impressive to experience his transformation to struggle it young boy to a astoundingly complex man. Each man would owe that read the perspective of Chase, reason while it can not be a perfect man, can teach very the one who half to find light by means of calm in darkness of the yours own doing.

The hips help him is one of one the majority of reverent lovers that will have any preening with jealousies. Personally, I have not been Persecution of Crew for the plot of a novel - that the protective instinct that has fallen in - but dips new meaning to a soulmate “of word.”

Jax: Jax Could be a man for me (I I I I'm sorry, hubby). Among this smile and the hair could be a perfect man . It is the fellow to add - with the small (understandable?) Swipes of street to the long of a way. To the left so only said will be to return to Sugarlake for Episode: Jax.

Honourable Mentions: Mamma. You will know that I bad for an end.
5 / 5
Like this happy has done! ❤️ This book is surprising. Like this like this very good.

Literally could not dip this book down. It was hooked. It is vaporous and so only such the really good history. It has fallen absolutely enamoured with some characters especially the sure neighbour has appointed Jax. Ooooo I rumour has listened in fact that rids three is his history ahhhhh, seriously come on April!!!! Alina And Chase were absolutely perfect. Really it enjoyed all thier ups and downs. And believe me has had to that weaves. 😂😉 Excited to take to reserve two punctual.

In general if yours looking for the vaporous idyll goes control this one was!!!!
4 / 5
Wow! I can not believe ossia the author to start with ! Well, like this first of all, it does not leave never of the descriptions. How it is saying something that has REQUIRED leaves the description of this bad boy.

I a lot also enjoys to begin that it takes place in a perspective of girls, but this book has so many good descriptions have decided to give it it casualidad. Honradamente Can say that I am like this happy has done! His prose and colloquialisms was catchy and smooth. I am impressed like this!

A goodness to start with to adds it subplot weaves concealed during a history and leave add it (pair) cliffhanger(s) to go to a next book(s). Some characters are swoony and mesh together like this well. It would want to see the history concealed there is Jax like me MC. And I really need to know that it spends with Eli! This history there has been a perfect quantity of anguish and according to amour of casualidad. I can not expect for Down some Stands!
5 / 5
Are new to this author. Ossia A prime minister rids has read of his and are pleasantly has surprised. His fashion to write has agreed me of some Fields of the his of the author. Has-liked me an anguish and of the emotions was able to feel while reading this book. It is realistic according to which this could spend in real life. And there are some separates that has questions roughly but has imagined is remained likes that on purpose and the hope is directed in some following books. Looking forward to reading a rest of some books in this series.
5 / 5
Ossia A book has BETTER read the long time. I chose it once on, it could it has not dipped down. A plot has very deep and has thought to cause with very real and relatable characters. Each emotion is touched in a history. I have laughed, cried, and I cussed fictional characters. Has dreamy REALISTIC idyll and a perfect quantity of spice! I have finalised you grieve to read ordered that a second book in a series, Down Some Stands.
4 / 5
Like Spending for life having so many things stack against you and never really know when any for real amours and calm accepts empty and everything. I have wanted absolutely a gutter wrenching good-looking history of Alina(Goldi) and Chase. They are gone through so many things in such the young age and has had to that learn to live with his deceptions and win his fears. It can not expect for Eli and Becca!
5 / 5
Where I really beginning? This history is more than just the history. It is the travesía . A real, crude, heart wrenching, all eating the travesía of the as this of true amour. And in time, calm kill. The people are defective. And partorisca have characters so many in-depths and real, that loves cry in them, really say me the one who estupefaciente this author is. An author connected with like this more than calm so only is typical idyll .

This is not the history in the boy and the meeting of daughter and living felizmente never with which. At all. Looking them grow and develop was insane. Really the awe that inspires to say a less.

Is the history will not forget , the travesía I always cherish, and the amour for ever will admire.

The author does well. I can not expect for a prójimo!
5 / 5
When you Say has taken all my force any to read this the day, please believe me. This was SUCH one amazing history . It was the history of amour , full of hurt and happiness and a perfect quantity of steam. Calm can not help but hurt when they the characters hurt and feel happy when they feel happy. I will say that my emotions were equally has left. I have cried, I have laughed and I have loved this book. To good sure am adding Chase and Alina my no that grows never ready of characters I amour. It gives this reserves the read love the history of amour that hurts but also seats oh as well.
5 / 5
Has tried taste Alina aka Law but I so only to any one liked . It felt he likes was egoistic and immature. Has the brother and has not had any interaction among them until a book was almost. Anyways Has the connection among Chase and lucido this in spite of like this do not communicate well . They have left the misunderstanding takes among them when be separated for almost the decade. It leaves his walk of dad throughout saying his bad material and raisin of only leaves never saying anything. I so only expósito the sound that annoying during a book.
5 / 5
One first half of a book was emotional. You know when you were the boy and your emotions look augmented by percentage of thousand? Ossia A kinda feels has taken. An a lot of sweet sad fingering book. But entirely value a bed
5 / 5
Ossia the a lot of one, but has to that really take to a flashbacks. I seat it likes a pacing was adds with a book until an end. His subjects of report have been he was too quickly and all has taken solved like this fast.
4 / 5
Are not a class of person that will read the book more than a swipe but with which have finalised a last page loved it in fact read again! The history of Chase and Alina felt to like it could be be base in true chance and relatable. I know some people think that that Chase was feeble but in all the reality that loves always so only read in a strong willed superhero of the man that all know is overused? Chase Has been portrayed like a daily man and was a lot of refreshing! Emily such the wonderful work! Congratulations to Emily for such the start adds novel.
4 / 5
Wow, The one who the walk.. Ossia awesome, begin when they fulfil like this of the boys and that spend for a travesía to avert amour and enamoured and crushing hearts that fall.. Has all one feels the works & loves of the book..
5 / 5
Has loved this history a whole way by means of. It was the plenary rollercoaster of to the emotions likes them to them Emily McIntire has spent by means of of the travesía of Alina and Chase. This was the very strong beginning the book and I look forward to to read more than his! Very excited to see the one who a second book has in tent.
4 / 5
Has found these books in some authors tiktok and am like this happy has purchased!! They are the nonfiction nerd by means of and by means of but this book is so only that has required to give my alcohol the pause. Apparently I love spicy romance tents.
5 / 5
This was the good bed. Some characters were developed amiably and a history maintained committed and that it wants to maintain reading. I am excited for a next history in a series.

Top Customer Reviews: Echoes of the ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 30 ratings
5 / 5
The ones of the that included know where partorisca begin. Probably that declares that I have LOVED this book would be the good start .

No only is this the brilliant history also underlines some subjects of real life, some main one for me when being the alzheimer is and can affect a lot so only a person with an illness but to the equal that affect familiar and friends also.

Thinks I sobbed a last 10 of a book. Has paste me well in a chair and has not left to go. It could live in risk and Frankies history and never bores
4 / 5
Echoes of a heart is a book a new plus for a awesome L.un. Casey And I LOVED it absolutely. Ossia A rollercoaster history of Risk and Frankie - the history that calm have entirely gripped of one a lot before page and a lot to the left go until a last. L.un. Casey Writes perfectly and breaks your first heart of the place behind joints again. I have loved these characters and has fallen enamoured with Frankie so so it has Risked. I have read constantly and ossia to good sure my favourite book of 2021 like this far. A sure king-read long to come 💕
5 / 5
has laughed and cried together with Frankie and Risk. This was unputdownable.
Has read the little of I the books of Casey and thinks that ossia a plus like this far. Please can have more in some other mates of band and take up with Frankie and Risk by means of them.
5 / 5
Seats my description will not be a More adds them . But it has felt so only frustrated all a way by means of . Almost I actuate on two times but does not like me a lot when finalising of the book. It could not connect with any Risk or Frankie .
5 / 5
Wow Such the good-looking history that shout diverse the only reason has not taken 5 star is reason upset when the jumps of history among pasts and of the presents but ossia so only personal preference
5 / 5
Any quite a lot of tea, reason are not the pages to swear and useless conversation. I found it hard going
5 / 5
has loved a whole of this history, has cried so much concealed is when it has known that would be the book that would maintain and read on and on. Highly it recommends that this reservation too any the one who enjoys the history that can read you and feel the one who some characters are experiencing but marks the calm a lot of cloths insurances.
5 / 5
Thank you For Another good-looking history with him rollercoaster of emotions entwined spending tears and laugh all your characters
4 / 5
Utmost read impossible to dip down so much so that I am writing this description in 0430 in a morning that has finalised it so only.
4 / 5
I add read impossible to dip down so much so that I am writing this description in 0430 in a morning that has finalised it so only.
5 / 5
Echoes of A Heart is a prime minister rids has read of L.un. Casey. Partorisca Some reason thought it would be the romcom and while in some separates this book is funny especially a banter among a Risk and some other members of a group, is like this more. It is the history of first amour and according to casualidad. To do a same right thing although it breaks your heart. Frankie And praise of Risk in Institute. The risk there has been the terrible infancy with abusive adoptive parents while Frankie, in spite of a loss of his father there has been always known amour. They have begun friends but was punctual obvious to all the world-wide that was like this more. They were each one which so another is firsts & if some Of had been them listening would have been each one which so another is so only. Unfortunately the fate there has been other plans for them. So that the career of the music of the risk is for apresamiento was, the chances that involves the mother of Frankie means that it has to that do a sacrifice a big plus of his life and the risk to the left go to follow his sleeps to know will break it his heart. When it Goes back his life 10 years later a chemistry and the amour is still there but a stand spent in his way.

At the beginning look this history could be the bit of the stereotype. First amours of pause to time on and remains prójimo home that bolt so only the averages the life almost to the equal that is Sleeping the beauty that expects in his Prince to wake his with the kiss while a prince has said is living a lifestyle of star of the rock with all a obligatory drunk, drugs and without sense sex on tap. When finally it comes home it blames Beauty for his ray ups. That marks this history so more is an emotion has thought that that an author has directed the imbue to his words. Yes, the risk is the total git for a way extracted Frankie when in the first place they fulfil again but is hurting and @the @@lash was that it tries to do his feel like this bad to the equal that does. It has not comprised that is cost to leave to go. I have cried when I have read the messages of text of Frankie and has begged the risk somehow would direct to see them. They are result invested in these characters and has been exasperated for them to find some way to be together. This could be a prime minister rids has read of this author but is all that well like this one to good sure will not be a last.
4 / 5
Echoes of a Heart, L.un. Casey

Informs of Jeannie Zelos descriptions of books
Gender: Romance fiction , general ( adult)

there is enjoyed a lot this reservation of authors, and of course a star of mecer romance gender and according to material of casualidad always hooks me. I have enjoyed this but no quite so to the equal that has expected.
My heart has broken for Young Risk, and for as Frankie a lot was with him. Then when they were older has comprised the reasons of Frankie to press the risks was, has agreed with him still, this in spite of somehow he irked me. It could not comprise like the risk did not see it, reason was felt like this.
Was all roughly all the world-wide leave, very directed those same years later. Still, the precise walk in any one is shoes to for real comprise his actions. Both Risk and Frankie were still clearly very enamoured.

A big thing that breaks them was something has struggled with, really has not seen reason was such the question . This in spite of of course has to that have something a lot there or would take the a lot of bland idyll, and are everything in a pause on works....

The mamma of Frankie, Michael, and some questions have had with his illness was harrowing. His such the cruel illness, like this last in of the families more so many that a person has affected. Living has bitten Not living , his mamma, his woman this in spite of no those present. Hard and was like this well with sound. Partorisca A lot of his just too much to treat, but has stuck to touch any subject like hard.

Has has wanted a bit other boys in a band, some subjects of band, some questions of drug and a rabid defenders. For me his all belong in the work of pertinent band, and do a book underlines.

Sound the fun read, so only any quite a lot of grip me so as another has read. I have loved a setting, Southwold is roughly 50 miles of and, and the place there is holidayed in a lot of time. It was amused to read likes dipped partorisca idyll of fiction.

Stars: Four, the characters of band have amused setting read , utmost , brilliant!

ARC DISTRIBUTED for Netgalley and editors
5 / 5
Flipping heck! This a packed the punch. I took literally well in a gut. Taken was guard for my emotions throughout. It has treated the subjects have loved my heart and so much to the equal that has required to dip a damn kindle down, could any one, was mesmerised. A second casualidad, rockstar idyll with like this emotion, and a lot surprisingly, how is a chance with me when it comes Casey, was in of the tears more than the pair of time. Emotional work with Risk of star of the rock Keller going back his hometown and facing Frankie Fulton, his only amour, his muse, and a woman the one who has broken his heart. A heartache goes both ways this in spite of, and seeing each another after 9 years amenos behind all some memories, both abonos and bad. A wonderful history, fantastically written with perfectly of imperfect characters that left that I need his happy final, but with so many obstacles to win have not been sure was possible. A wonderful bed. I have received a copy advanced of this book. Ossia My sincere description .
5 / 5
Echoes of a Heart for L.un. Casey The flavoursome five-star read. This one was the difficult a, as I have loved 90 of a history, but has found another 10 to struggle to read. I have been for 5 stars in general to the equal that have enjoyed a majority so much. Frankie Was a main reason there is enjoyed this history, his empathy shone by means of a page, his report with his mother and step a far plus was some of one the majority of the soul heart. The risk was your typical Rockstar, for prejudices the the success is not always the good thing, a rest of a band me smiled, has loved clearly have sucedidos and master that is more for Risk, but that spends when a better thing can not be a right thing for all the world. There is emotion like this raw in this history, will shatter your heart and leave an echoes to touch by means of a night.
5 / 5
Loves the second-idyll of star of rock of casualidad and this a ugh was heartbreakingly beautiful. Any to mention deeply touching and hard to dip down.

And with has has tortured characters, illness, tragedy and a lot flashbacks was entirely enthralled, and like the mine the new author to good sure will be to verify was more books for L.un. Casey.

Felizmente Would recommend.

Had resupplied amiably with an ARC via NetGalley instead for a sincere description
4 / 5
Wow! I mean—WOW!!!

This was all and more, a storyline captivated, drawing calm in with some emotions that was inner. Goddess, has has wanted to all in this book, seriously. Casey is one of my authors of the unicorn and I want to all in his books, everything. All the precise world takes the copy of echoed of a heart, ASAP! So only I can very still with this book, was transmission, was in of the tears, both with sadness and laugh. This seriously has it everything, and deserves more than 5 ⭐️
4 / 5
My heart this book has all a chair, thoroughly there is enjoyed a book. Frankie And Risk my heart has broken for these two , highly recommend love the book that the mark seats all some emotions that the book would owe that do
4 / 5
That far one of a better reading has had them this year. Beautiful writing. My alcohol is still in a book. It can not expect reread the.
5 / 5

Ossia To like this casualidad rockstar idyll.

Frankie And Risk have loved each one which as another of then has had 13 years , has begun like this amour of fellow and progressed to something so more. Unfortunately for our young pair, the life has paste the with some serious obstacles that forced him to be avert, but 9 years the risk the late plus is of tower the house and the things take complicated again.

In the first place, loves to say this book has attacked totally all my feelings and have me included teary eyed the little time. An amour has had for each another was like this strong, builds him on when they were together, but has had also a power to has destroyed the entirely when I have not been. Frankie Was such the strong character , has been rid heartbreak too the time and she so only maintain to go in with his life; it has given on his soulmate to manage a soul crushing illness that has eaten his mother. Risk, has has wanted to really smack is doubt for his childish behaviour, but his history is complicated like this likes Frankie is with some traumatizing the experiences have launched in.

Has felt in timing a push and the appeal was bit it a lot and perhaps so only launched in the stops bit it more work among our pair. You would think two people those who has loved each one which as another that a lot and has suffered that classifies of heartbreak at least would have the decent conversation in a past to avert misunderstandings. Unfortunately, this has not been a chance and a miscommunications concentrated of more suffering among Frankie and Risk, but east times looked to hurt them more. Felizmente, his friends (aka the band of the risk) was able to be there for them and help them.

I active has loved absolutely an epilogue to see as all the world-wide has done and like his lives am resulted especially May, with crazy playboy antics.

So only the opinion, this book extracted drugs, abuses of boy and the illness of the alzheimer.
4 / 5
This history is to like this casualidad in amour.
Risk Keller and Frankie has been in pupil with an another but has not been until they were adolescents become friends and dating partorisca begin. Fast advance the few years and the risks walks Keller again. Frankie Has think that that has behind dipped the ossia until it confesses that really it feels. But Frankie is not sure is ready partorisca this risk, still has authorship behind in his hometown. The risk tries to take Frankie partorisca go with them but the few swipes and behind neighbours has his house partorisca escape. But all has retreated home is not like this as well as it has thought. This be able to on come his past and advance of movement? Will Frankie is not never ready partorisca leave his hometown? These two raisin for him in this book likes to be poised partorisca an amazing emotional rollercoaster. It calms that will want to, knows sure has done.
5 / 5
He Love the history that will break your heart and the piece near have retreated, calms the the expósito. It is achingly beautiful. Risk and Frankie, together with a rest of some characters, is spent the life and halftone near partorisca do the calm history can not dip down. It was partorisca arrive until 6I are by train of the arrival. So only it could be mine 1 book of 2021.
4 / 5
This pound there have gone on the roller coaster with highs and lows. I will say it that I took the little time partorisca enamorar with some main characters but when it was fast and hard. I expect that this book results the series to the equal that would want to know more in a rest of a band. I have laughed I have cried and it has maintained still expect the never final . Amur Of the amour has loved this book.
5 / 5
Ossia The big emotional rollercoaster concealed to have you laughing, cryings, and that loves characters of sobresalto. This was really good and calm maintain you on a flange of your chair and a lot that loves dipped down. Value a bed!
5 / 5
There be enjoyed to read a history of Frankie and Risk. I want to rid THE To HIM of Casey. It would recommend to read the quell'has been the sweet history.
5 / 5
Heartbreakingly Sweet. It could it has not dipped down. Tip: quell'beginning that it reads this history in a weekend like any llama in patient of work.
4 / 5
Wow, fantastic Books!! You laugh,cry, and while to see like the result of things for a two of them. L.un. Casey He again
4 / 5
Ossia L.un. The better history of Casey still.
Some final chapters wrecked me. Toallitas Humid was the tear
5 / 5
A lot has not thought would have anything better that one Slater brothers;) but damm Frankie of & the risk the history really takes one pumping of heart!
4 / 5
Finding that you are more than your trauma of the infancy or your inability is a subject of this history wrapped in the history of amour.
5 / 5
I have wanted absolutely this history! It could not take enough!
Me Laugh. I cry. It was a book has better read the long time. I seat it has had to that finalise, for me but I felt