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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 4 ratings
4 / 5
Although a rotation of leaves of the mountain and like this on like this for a spec, that is not partorisca clear until you unpack is that a creation is not almost like this flexible likes I - and suspect another - need. An only way can see to take some monitors like prĂłjimos to a wall how is to have them too far averts (I has 2 x 21' monitors). Flexibility very small in a creation. It looks very very built, this in spite of.
5 / 5
There is hanged a TV Samsung of 55' and can with his transmission.

The So only Inform is that it comes with two measures of rays to join the support in him that that TV and, in my chance, the holes of down was deeper that the ones of up and the long rays any one has arrived the roscar.
Has solved to buy two long rays more in an ironmongery (less than €1).
5 / 5
Good product, good prize, good provider..... .... .... ... ... ... ..... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... .. . ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... . ..
4 / 5
Any one leaves to be a support to wall any hay más but that can say is that it iséticamente the rests plant very good and ademas give me the sensación to be robust.
There is hanged a TV of 47 thumbs and sin ningún question.
For my flavour is a good compraventa , well, beautiful and economic.

Top Customer Reviews: Newstar FPMA-D800 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5
Coating of quality very poor in a stand with defects of multiple surface.
5 / 5
No very stable partorisca ours screen of apple, but if it do not touch it will remain whole.
5 / 5
Like this the thing has 4 star is way further me. Sure, it looks a lot of - as the version slightly more economic and worse of a iMac basic, but perfectly a lot enough. A question is a wobble. Oh My god a wobble!!! Ossia The thin dish of the metal that resists the big heavy monitor on the office, and a slightest the swipe or the swipe in an office dips this thing that change behind and advance like crazy. When you are trying to do in a computer, all can see all day a lot the time is your screen softly moving around. This is not the-was defect, ossia exceptionally creation of poor product, and would advise any to remain out of this product.
4 / 5
Gives Standfuß fĂŒgt sich Gut ins Gesamtbild has dipped meinem iMac ein. Nach Likes einem Teil habe ich gesucht. Er ist zwar eher Degree als silber und eher Lustrous statt Calm, aber gives geht schon in Ordnung, zumal ich ich Internet nichts adĂ€quateres finden konnte.

Allerdings hatte ich Probleme Has dipped dem Kugelgelenk, Gives fĂŒr die Kippfunktion zustĂ€ndig ist. Die beiliegenden Schrauben konnten nicht fĂŒr genug Anpressdruck sorgen, was dazu fĂŒhrte, dass gives Monitor nach vorne weg kippte. It gives ich keine Lust hatte gives Teil zurĂŒckzuschicken, habe ich einfach einen Kronkorken zwischen Kugelkopf und Lagerungselement platziert (siehe Photo). Of the verringert Given Distanz in ausreichendem Maße und quotes Schrauben können gives benötigten Anpressdruck herstellen. Dieser kleine Hack sorgt auch dafĂŒr, dass gives Monitor nicht wackelt und dauerhaft in giving gewĂŒnschten Place verbleibt. Wer keine Hat of lust, a dem Kugelmechanismus rum zu pfuschen, sollte gives Standfuß lieber wieder zurĂŒckschicken, denn fĂŒr quotes gebotene QualitĂ€t ist gives Produkt leider etwas zu teuer. DarĂŒber hinaus befindet sich auf meinem Standfuß leider auch Gives Ă€usserst billig wirkende NewStar-Logo, gives zoom GlĂŒck durch meinen Monitor weitestgehend verdeckt wird. Keine Ahnung Was to give Hersteller gives geritten hat. Die Produktfotos vom Hersteller sind somit irrefĂŒhrend, gives given ungĂŒnstige Logo-Platzierung dem KĂ€ufer vorenthalten wird. Bei dem montierten Monitor handelt is sich a einen LG 27“ GL850, Gewicht: 4,2 kg.
4 / 5
Coming can see photo of tile have purchased this pedestal for a project give you. It looked for A good pedestal For the monitor gives can use to convert the screen of the mine old portable PC in an external monitor and use it comes according to monitor. Thus cercacvo something has given for real economic. I have found this lean Warehouse of the sud to the modico price has given €.
In spite of Era 'used' He lean does not present any question/graffio and were present all his components. Had So only he cardboard has given packaging a bit rovinato. A true subject In practices.

He support is everything In metal verniciato has given a fantastio grey, is for real has had the habit of and can be used for screens also quite grown (30'). I Here have mounted A Monitor gives 17.3'.
Controls fixed to travĂ©s attack it vesa sud present retro of the sĂșper big majority has given monitor, he lean he adapted the 2 diverse rule vesa: vesa 100x100 and vesa 200x200. In the preparation present dream also He suitable bolts to the fissaggio of the monitor, my I (for him my particular utilisation) have had to buy other and fix controls with has given bulloni in how much obviously controls of the laptop does not have the attack vesa.
He suppporto is regolabile In height and the snodo the present leaves has regular data controls in the justest position.
One goes back chosen the position the controls have embezzled stable and a lot he moves.

Dreams for real Happy of my purchase. He full price perhaps is A bit Big respect announce other produced, he support is for real optimum. To the price paid has been a true subject!
4 / 5
Was A po titubante has seen some of the recensini and instead very happy dream of the product. My servive For reggere he my iMac gives 21' of the weight has given roughly 5,5 kg. The vertical regulation is optimum and there is benissimo and that horizontal and side equally. A this the point thinks that the one who there is had questions cin he regulations have not tightened the registers with him brugole in endowment the cause of the abysmal leaf has given instructions. It is also true that An any person with a minimum has given manualitĂ  and experience attains Ad ovviare the lacking history without questions. Optimum amazon Coming always. Advised
5 / 5
This support For monitor, the difference has given what looks, is a lot has had the habit of and stable, sweated it basic flat, afterwards, leaves the desk emissions.
Only Remarce Is that the regulation has given height and tilt lateral and horizontal is quite macchinosa, and servants a key the brucola. For me a lot it is a question, since one turns regulated any mine do lacking to move it, my this is an operation that allocate often perhaps any one is he support that does for you.
5 / 5
Wirkt billig und definitiv viel zu dĂŒnn. Wenn The man follows Schreibtisch ankommt wackelt gives Bildschirm direkt munter vor sich hin.
5 / 5
He product arrived has not been corresponded was photo published,creation and finitura has given scarce quality. Besides The plate has given fissaggio has been made on the contrary with the forums has given fissaggio filettati tiled run opposite that any one prevented the installation. That says product postponed backwards immediately,my Amazon embezzles always numbers one for him support estaca Sale, cotinuate like this.
5 / 5
Has Simple data setting, my present some defect one turns fixed controls. Alas it is A dondolo continuous since it bases it a lot is a lot stable “”

Top Customer Reviews: Newstar ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 36 ratings
4 / 5
Received this stand today and the one who the load of rubbish is. In the first place and this really annoyed me.... Some pictures aim the black stand entirely simple this in spite of a logo of companies in fact looks in a stand (sees picture). This is not feigned any of some pictures and I think is complete it my-sale, would want to him partorisca explain why is not feigned any of some photos. It is tacky and apresamiento was the one who would have to be the very elegant looking stand. I have decided to press on with one installs has expected that like this partorisca go down a quite calm monitor would not see a logo..... According to @subject when I have attached a monitor to a group could very in fact resist a weight and a monitor drooped down.... My monitor is so only and this is to announce like this when being able to resist 10kg. In all the chance absolutely stand of rubbish and will be to return for the repayment. Also it will be to inform the Amazon like the pictures do not represent a correct product.
4 / 5
Newstar FPMA-D850BLACK Stylish Tilt/Tour/Rotate Stand of Office for 10-27' Monitor Screen

To the equal that can see, a main organism is fact of the alone dish of steel. Simple and elegant creation solution. It likes that there is of the simple flat foot to a stand on that it can it you to him peripheral of tent.

Arrives in odd shaped box with the container of components for some parts of annex. These bits could look the bit to daunt and thinks some instructions of assembly, while so only in sufficient, can be the bit frustrates for a impacientĂĄis or a short sighted (small impression - I required to use the magnifier). I have taken my time and joint of plant he in roughly 20 minutes and there be enjoyed to do like this.

All the parts were in a box that comprises a necessary allen tones but no the screwdriver of boss of the cross that will require to distribute. This is to require for bolting a VESA backplate to a monitor. Note that two measures of ray am resupplied partorisca east, anticipating variac. In sizing in a monitor he.

Has taken this to resist a LG 27' 4K control which hanged 6kg. 27' it Is described like max for this stand. It would say that he well. A mechanics of the annex of a stand resists a weight well without slippage. An only beef could be that when a monitor is located in full height, ie in an upper fixing point of a stand, has the light to wobble in a screen if my office is jogged. Ossia Undoubtedly because of a construction when being the alone dish of slightly of flexible steel (more my office is in the paving of forest colgante). This is not the question for me, and in all the chance am using he in something likes 'half clave' where there is no noticeable movement.

In general the good creation that rids exactly that precise. It has taken mine of deals of Warehouse of the Amazon where has remarked stirs it whole of these has reduced amiably prizes. Dunno Reason like this – perhaps folks does not like an assembly required or something, but the casualidad good to snap an up for less than a prize of cast!
4 / 5
Has loved the stand of low profile for the 32' monitor, and this returns a bill perfectly. Although main that a description of stand, a monitor was inside a maximum weight and returns amiably.

Easy to gather, certainly plus very hard that any one another stand of monitor. Stable and solid when in an office, although has a monitor is trace a lot down like the base forms the triangle with a base of a stand.
4 / 5
This product is comically bad in time. One first what will remark is when you plough a box and @gives can very in fact take one underlines reason a box is in the odd form (tightened in an upper) that it has to that open he of a subordinated of the take was. Ossia Creation of container of level of interior . A boss resupplied orderly is is the joke to the equal that are too wide for 2-3 bosses and trying the juggle all some rays and washers that dipped this together thing is the nightmare .

Finds that your highland class of tanks and can not sustain a weight of the your monitor, some instructions do not mention this but calm has to that use Allen yours resupplied for presionar some rays around a ball of metal. It could very included find this product in a web of place of company like any support there neither.

Has not directed the rotate this thing 90deg still like this to turn in around 10deg, and to be sincere, now have some rays have presionado scare to touch this stand never again.

Takes 3 reason after an hour to dip this thing jointed and that tries presionar some rays like this integers of rests, in fact looks quite well in my office.
5 / 5
There is at all bad to say in this product.

1) Looks a lot of stylish (in my opinion at least)

2) is A lot of sturdy, once a monitor is presionado to one of calm loves that, be any one gives: If calm accidentally attack it arent that goes for the press anywhere.

3) Very very balanced

4) material of Good quality (A main stand is done out of steel), The impossible to break by means of normal use.

To good sure would recommend this stand to control to any more.
5 / 5
Stand Of good monitor with the small impression in an office. It requires some assembly, but nowhere approaches like this complex likes some reviewers is suggesting.
4 / 5
A lot of sturdy (all the metal) but with the smallest defects (any one very easy tilt conclude) - once dipped on laws a lot - has used he for the 24' and 27' the monitor and he returns a lot well in both - bought it reason does not require clamping.
5 / 5
Shining. Very better then a regulate mound resupplied with my LG monitor.
4 / 5
While ossia the stylish-looking produced, with the good arrival, has a defect to draw smaller (and any instruction in a box that considers like this to treat he). A swivel the mountain is not even quite rigid to sustain his own weight, has left so only that of the monitor. Any purpose of apt fir.
4 / 5
Has this product of several months and does really well a work !
I use he with a Asus VE278Q and I a setup was easy.
Of a picture does not see it but calm also can change a corner of your screen. Has three rays that leaves a control of a pĂ­vot / of rotation but calm requires partorisca use the small allen yours (resupplied) but when a monitor is setup is the little has bitten complicated (that depends your weight of screen and measure) but no impossible.

Has related to mine setup (in the trolley office) a monitor swings the little bit when I move an office but then quickly stop. It is better that the totally rigid monitor stand that can break.

Otherwise Is the product adds and really recommend it if your stand of monitor is too small !
Can has modified easily a height of my screen (more than 10 cm). Have Also a possibly partorisca do some management of boss to does not see some bosses !

Modification: has has has added pictures partorisca aim like look some small rays that leaves a rotation, the zoom in a plastic that resists some bosses (resupply) and like my setup looks.
5 / 5
Ich habe mir Has given StĂ€nder ausgesucht, weil er dem iMac Ă€hnelt, gives ich auf gives Arbeit habe und ich mir dachte: 'Hey, vielleicht passt is sĂșper zoom MacBook und ist eine gute Alternative zu Eizo-Stanfuß'. Denn eine Alternative habe ich gesucht.

Dies Bestellung Amazon of war-typisch schnell gives und ich habe mein Paket freudig ausgepackt.
Siehe Gives Vorderseite Gives Fußes prangt ein riesiges 'NewStar'-Logo in weiß...warum?!
Auf dem Amazon-Bild ist keines zu sehen und hÀtte ich Is vorher gewusst, wÀre mir gives Ding nicht gives Warenkorb gekommen.
Gives einzige FĂŒnkchen GlĂŒck In dem Zusammenhang: it Gives Monitor ĂŒberdeckt gives Logo, wenn ich direkt davor sitze.

Was auch sehr nervig ist, gives Monitor wackelt tatsĂ€chlich etwas, wenn man in dying Tastatur tall. Ich tippe auch nicht sehr ist Is In giving Tat etwas traurig. Mein GlĂŒck: Ich habe Damage Monitor direkt unter einer DachschrĂ€ge, given of data Schwingungen wohl etwas abfĂ€ngt, gives give Monitor dagegen steht.

Alles In to the ist is echt zu viel Geld fĂŒr gives, was partorisca give kommt (vor allem put diesem unsagbar hĂ€sslichen Logo).

Kaufempfehlung sieht anders aus, wer aber einen Apple-Ă€hnlichen Standfuß haben . Er winkt dem Apple draw einfach etwas zu, wĂ€hrend er a ihm vorbeigeht, aber ich habe zur Zeit noch keine gute Alternative gefunden.
5 / 5
Reading He other opinions dreaded could Any be a product has given quality mine my sleep had to ricredere. It is robust and looks a lot that resists, the snodo for the rotation and inclination of the monitor is very done (is possible has augmented the brush tightening he bolts with the brucola small in endowment), he setting no too complicated. I have had hamper The fix the course that he attacks to the monitor with that of the backrest, looked that the forums for him bolts any combaciassero, instead dream only very precise (needs incastrare well the planned pieces). He price is not modico my very satisfied sleep.
4 / 5
Is that it imports partorisca have a good placing of Monitor, is like this that decided the buy this support, of then among other things was regulable in height, what that has required.

The support is formed for a peana metallic of the good quality by heart black, but my test hanged too much little and is too flexible, this that when you write and move the table the monitor has one some vibration.

The quality of the tornillerĂ­a is Half comunicacionales/down, has to have very cured to the hour for presionar the rays of then quickly mark the bosses of the same.

The peana comes with all the necessary to be able of the trace successfully except the screwdriver with boss philips, but always have one of those for house.

The rotation of the screen is Total and can bend , but the support is something endeble and has to that presionar a lot the rays when you direct him so that any one falls and move the screen goes back the release and calm has to go back them the presionar.

Is a good compraventa, the acceptable prize (30 euro) but with the small retouchings would be an excellent product , a pity.
4 / 5
Has used Games to substitute lucido foot of a Benq xl2411Z.
Was Of good quality but has taken too much to Plant in depth to the sud my agency.

Ossia Less deep (has has finalised even the pair suppressed titles he in bricolant a bit, touches that he no that some cm of dense).
All His elements are in metal, looks solid and of good quality, foot, has seen, titles etc.

The rotation of the screen, is simple (failure when I use his two fat molettes games to locate the screen).
Pair Against the movements of screen also in inclinaison, high, down, as in a regular use, are no of the sud that this was practical.
Has servants too faiblement his three has seen of the title, the screen will move too much and inversamente also has sawed, more at all does not move.

The +
+ The quality of the material
+ Draws

His -
- Lucido prize, although the quality is the.
- The possibility to use it easily without titling (Games less than thickness) and not saving that he réglage in height.
4 / 5
Times that has one of these with a Monitor of 19' and any one is able of the sustain, has to dipped the something down to the monitor so that any win
5 / 5
Sehr eleganter Ersatzfuß fĂŒr Monitor.
Gerade sehr geeignet bei wenig Platz, Gives given Tastatur direkt auf gives Fuß gelegt werden kann.
Sehr gute Alternative zur Wandbefestigung
4 / 5
Sehr stable AusfĂŒhrung (ich habe einen Philips-24-Zoll-Fernseher will give gehĂ€ngt). Setting etwas kniffelig, aber machbar. Wenn Man weiß, daß give Kugelkopf durch Anziehen give 3 Inbus-Schrauben festgeklemmt werden kann, ist man im Vorteil :-)

Ich habe gives Teil im ĂŒbrigen weiß angestrichen, damit is besser zu meinem TV paßt. Dann verschwindet auch Give Reklame-Aufdruck, gives mich aber vorher nicht gestört Hat, weil er hinter dem davor hĂ€ngenden Fernseher verschwandt.
5 / 5
The Support the rĂČtula of inclinacions with the weight of the screen Any one resists enderezada for a lot of that presiona the rays frankly a disappointment looked of better quality
5 / 5
Are a lot of felizmente satisfied : the conception and the realisation are irréprochables.
Lucido The foot is solid, very stable, joins good-looking metallic leaf ployée to the corners rounded, creation.
The title is amply mine of sufficient Game 21'.
In tall Place, the axe to title is to 36cm.
To the déballage, has had so only A bit touches to the sud the fixation of the title : it suffices of dévisser alive golden, and the paste slightly to the sud the rondelle the méplat (that is a lot regulate, she) touches that adentra well and come very plaquer to the sud the ferrure black. Revisser Strongly afterwards.
5 / 5
Ich nutze Damage Monitor in meinem Musikstudio in Verbindung place dem Keyboard. Die Originalhalterung war zu niedrig, jetzt kann ich gives Monitor bequem in giving Höhe und Neigung verstellen. Toll!
4 / 5
Terrible, unstable, impossible to regulate well. One at all that calm touches sins loves movements and descoloca. The Base has painted some papers that sees and remains fatal.
5 / 5
Gives give Gelenk niemals 10KG in einer bestimmten Place behalten kann kippt is bei give leichtesten BerĂŒhrung gives Bildschirmes nach propagation ein.
5 / 5
Habe mir 2 Halter zugelegt, Die ich nun eine Weile schon has dipped 2 22'ern in Betrieb habe - einen im Querformat und gives 2. im Hochformat und Cube sehr zu frieden! HĂ€lt Was is verspricht und hat eine edle Optik und wirkt keinesfalls billig.
4 / 5
Are trace to the sud a Asus pg279q (referred to 6kg without him bras resupplied) : lucido foot not arriving to defender lucido hanged of the losa that curve immediately to the forward.

The 10kg of load max has announced is like this simply dud. If you possess a screen of this Type, it on duty verse gives solutions more robust and of better quality.
4 / 5
Is an easy support to install. It thought that it that it would leave me have the screen something taller but Weigh he of of the east is well.
5 / 5
Honradamente One expensive peel (less joins star) but matos solid!
Leaves to dip a Big screen in height (conference of docs).
Rotation 90° possible also.
Dipping quite Simple, stable of installation.
A lot
4 / 5
A product that maintains well my screen. It leaves to orient this like this In desires.
If you are to the investigation of a screen of Games of elegant foot, ossia games !
5 / 5
These Supports join me left partorisca dip one of screens of month to the vertical. Very Simple of installation, any question has relieved. I recommend
4 / 5
Lucido foot L the solid air, and visualmente give quite good.
The screen is réglable in height but so only in dévissant/revissant (without tool) the fixation to the two.
More uncomfortable, the screen is orientable the street joins titles, and is not simple to obtain joins nominal place : vertical screen, type to him.
4 / 5
Have purchased this support For has alternated the position seated the that erigida in my work of office like this as uses he to pose controls LCD when work in feet (leaning keyboard and smiles of the sud upporto tavolino pieghevole Lavolta').
The height is sufficient for lucida crumb requirements while the angulaciĂłn whose can fold controls vertically (extracted the big) is limited like this have catered the fold a bit the staffa and ad add some thickness among the quickly inferior of the support of the monitor and the staffa same like this give can have he my gaze a bit more perpendicular to the screen.
5 / 5
Has looked for Of the Games of foot to dip my screen 22' in vertical (is my second screen). And this foot Corresponds nickel. (The screen included could be even more glorious). It fails to do Attention to well presionar saw them games rigidifier the tall rotation-low. It can turn One can easily of accident to right, but this is not uncomfortable. Reasonable prize.
4 / 5
Is simple and elegant, perfect for his well sayñor, prize and because it occupies little space in the table. A lot fáeyelash to install. For contrary, is little appropriate for unstable tables because the support is too flexible and movements más of the normal.
4 / 5
Easy to locate, but little stable, the monitor is by train to move constantly and ladeĂĄndose of the anchorage bases it to him is done with a rolling. If it comes any one The tone besieges and has to that move the monitor, ladea and is a martyrdom goes back put in his house of field.
4 / 5
Ignored The opinion In English that since any one can hold the screen oriented come want to and that goes always giu. Here sleep of the bolts behind him piece that Goes to the sud retro of Monitor that you can tighten what want, and fixed controls in the position that want to senze that it move piu or tightened just a po can changed the corner piu evening.

Ignores a description that calm say you can not dip a screen to be directly and always falls. There are some rays in a backside of a piece that attaches to a backside of a monitor that can you presionar all want to and block a monitor in a place wished or presionarles so only the bit and the give a little liberty to be able to change an orientation after
4 / 5
Gives StĂ€nder ist Stabil, keine Frage. Hat of man stets gives GefĂŒhl give auch ein 24 Zoll Monitor sehr gut, ABER...

Give Große Nachteil Dies aber die Halterung hat sind die starken Schwingungen. Bereits bei einer Monitor höhe (also ca. 13 cm ĂŒber dem Schreibtisch) fĂ€ngt give Monitor beim normalen schreiben auf give Tastatur (nein give Tisch ist massiv) a zu schwingen, gives Bild wippt leicht einige Sekunden lang vor sich hin, auch wenn quotes Tastatur nicht mehr benutzt wird...

Bewegt Man sich nun are Tisch wird has given Schwingung doch sehr hard und alles wirkt sehr instabil.
Wird Give Monitor noch weiter nach oben gestellt, wird give Effekt dipped jedem cm schlimmer und ist in meinen Augen nicht mehr nutzbar und sicher nicht mehr ganz Augenfreundlich.

Is ist eigentlich aber auch logisch, gives given Halterung aus einem dĂŒnnen StĂŒck gebogenem Stahl gefertigt/geformt. I höher Give Gewicht (gives Monitor) a like this mehr zieht give Gewicht nach vorn und wird wackliger.

Auch negativ ist, dass give StĂ€nder hat auf give nach vorn zeigenden Seite einen gut 10 cm breiten 'Newstar Produced' AUFDRUCK in weiß. Die Abbildung yesterday bei amazon zeigt has given nicht! Leider wird Quotes schöne Optik give Halterung durch einen like this großen Aufdruck in meinen Augen Kaputt gemacht. ANY GONE! Of the Produkt ist somit nicht wie abgebildet und schrapt gerade Like einer 2 Sterne Bewertung vorbei!
5 / 5
Transmission entirely looks of my screen 28' (the description of the product indicates 27' maximum but confirmation that he any and any question touches one 28). It draws it is on and it approximates truth of that of a iMac. Produced Of heavy good quality that leaves to the screen of not moving.

In Pair of rodeo has conquered this product !

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 1 ratings
4 / 5
Zeer degelijke Arm of monitor. Ik heb er drie 24.5 thumb schermen aan hangen (Asus VG259Q). Bij zware schermen zouden ze aan Of zijkant wel iets kunnen verzakken, said gebeurt bij mij niet. Monitoren zijn Averts in hoogte verstelbaar, maar niet meer gives enkele centimetres in verhouding tot of hoogte van het scherm in het midden. Ook zijn ze eenvoudig kantel- In draaibaar.

Het staal voelt Is massief in degelijk. Er zitten Avenges verschillende Kills schroeven In front of van twaalf zodat I niet tekort komt.

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 6 ratings
4 / 5
He any LAW he like this press some controls advances too far of a mountain of wall. Any mountain of wall has bought can manage a scrolling of weight like this far advances like this his all block down. A point of fulcrum means all a weight has moved advances partorisca dip too much pressure in an iron of mountains of the wall. These goodnesses to some controls that blockade to a fund of some mountains of wall swivel. Included on presionando a ray of adjustment in a mountain of wall fails partorisca do. It has tried three main mark mountains partorisca wall partorisca attach to this, each taking increasingly uploads heavier. A highland fence and my two hanged of monitors in in sub 14kg. Included Mur trace partorisca take three times this weight fails like this the sweep of the dual mountain presses some advances of weight.

You can not see some controls properly to the equal that are signalling down.

Seriously disappointed to the equal that have been trying different options partorisca the week without success.

FRANKLY, if the any weight in yours monitors do not buy .
4 / 5
Has Decided to buy this mountain of wall in the mountain that clamps to an office partorisca save in spatial of office, and leave an office partorisca be pressed against a wall. They are trace two 25' control which usually would project advances quite far with the mountain of office. A capacity to fix this directly to a wall was the far better solution for me. It had surprised felizmente of an arrival of this group of wall and his quite easy to the piece has jointed. Some monitors can slide freely horizontally to the long of a group and swivel with ease. An only light downside to this group is does any vertical tilt motion. But the supposition if you tilted his downwards then would have the empty among a fund of some screens.
Global am them very pleased with this product.
5 / 5
Is trace directly to wall, looks adds. A with the one of oval plastic arm was freer in an of some arms and could not presionar anymore. Wedged The toothpick of forest so that a control any tilt advance. Happy with result. Anything less than 2 x 23” measure of monitor will require to add the 10mm spacer among wall and highland dish. Has two 24” monitors and this slide together with any empty in meso, is trace directly to wall without spacer.
4 / 5
This product is good quality and is very simple to dip on, This in spite of does not have any ray has comprised to attach a groups to a wall.
4 / 5
Corresponding product to good sure to the month Attended : Fixation mural and little d&39;spatial 'lost' among l&39;screen and lucido wall.
Solid of look and is Simple to locate.
Attention, the game gives screens of shopping centre' measure (j&39;has gives 21' and c&39; it is limit ), it coulisser his lean VESA, these touches against lucido wall to the risk of l&39; it spoils.
5 / 5
Is of the solid ! His Tube is dense, very finalised and give fat quickly, quite simple to are trace, create them the game spends in @@folding screen of one the screen of simple support !

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 6 ratings
4 / 5
Like another reviewer has said, is very built and of the good works. To regulate a monitor has to that be able of the movement a height discovers up and down because of a mechanism to close employs. There is any weight of the counter or anything calm so much can very so only grab the and to to movement likes him the stand of of regular monitor. Work very this in spite of. Neither it could find any another produced that does like this this does for less than ÂŁ000s

that IMPORTS state but lost it perhaps or has comprised bad: ossia so only an adapter. It has expected to locate this to my wall and monitor. A dish that attached to a monitor and a dish of the wall does not separate . As such you can not take some rays in both a same time. Instead this a lot of be used jointly with another VESA device for a real mountain. This effectively adds vertical adjustment to a monitor - does not substitute a need for the mountain of wall, stand or anything more. I have combined this with the a lot narrow wall the mountain has bought to have @@give once this.
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Pricey, But of then ossia an only thing in a whole internet for adjustment of simple height... It is worth it. Also it is it builds quality very big
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Does exactly that it required it to do, as my mountain to exist of the fixed wall there has been my monitor in the slightly plant too down, and does not love king pierce of hammer in my wall. As it has mentioned on, I need the mountain to wall already to use this, which was conscious of, how was any question . Works and produced add well.
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Very solid and well thinks. Quality a lot well Of manufacture, dense and resistant metal. Adapted without question to the sud the screen HP (Fixation 10cm) and sustains mural 'Newstar FPMA-W25 Leans Mural Money'
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Perfecto touches réglage in height of 2 duet-screens of 17 and 19 thumbs like this was marks type even but a lot likewise serious of where joins difference of the height in the implantation gives VESA.
Emballage Perfecto.
An election gives the colour would be of the Glorious + games the aesthetics ;-)
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Ossia the saver of life for people those who are OCD in diff measured to control that is to vary perfectly in of the terms of height.