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That a relay to any the one who has has not listened never the note of Nielsen, a sound and form that has to that listen? Tchaikovsky has fulfilled Bruckner? Mahler has fulfilled Brahms? A Danish critic Charles Kjerulf, in his description of Nielsen first symphony, has described he in of the terms of 'a boy that touches with dynamite'. Well, yes to everything of these, but add in also the generous, optimistic, and energetic world-wide-view: once listened, never forgotten! In spite of being resisted in control for the classical tradition, his works have an organic composition, so only like life, so only like evolution: a music grows out of him more than the consciously planned looks. That another first-tax symphonist has such curious titles like ome Four Temperaments', or 'A Inextinguishable'? It ignores that has spent to a cat, and leave your curiosity be satisfied.

Nielsen Has the main trace in a cast of has has respected composers in a last twenty or like this years, and there is more conjoint that his symphonies partorisca choose that never first. This together has looked in 1992-4 with the Russian manager and the Swedish orchestra, and he no the fact to one Drives of Penguin the Classical Music CDs. Agreement that is not a together better, in my opinion, but there is breadth of vision and the beautiful sound, and can be recommended partorisca his prize (except a fourth symphony - see down).

This in spite of Nielsen is one of these pocolos composers where a lot of also that listens the one who other managers and the orchestras owe that say, partorisca can have the surprisingly big divergence in interpretation. Ossia Partly been due to the each symphony having his all of its own it feels, more so much of paralizaciones more other composers: a does not remark never that Nielsen according to the model closely, after all thirty-three years have turned a series. This divergence in interpretation is clear in a lot of zones, any less in of the terms of time, partorisca he compares Rozhdestvensky with, says Blomstedt a forward is longer for four minutes in Nielsen is before symphony, for three minutes in a second, and for seven in a third. (A rest surpasses for only the minute each one that that.)

Of some first bars of a FIRST symphony, is was! Any hesitation, any demure: allegro proud! There is some increase of excellent brass in a third movement, and the trumpets are well to a fore in the fanfare that play on a recapitulation in an end. IN A SECOND symphony, has been disappointed initially for a slow time. Sure, we enter directly to some rough-and-tumble of an allegro collerico (sic), but one tugs factor that Rozhdestvensky adopts somehow does not act. This in spite of, this factor done a slow movement all a clear plus, with his subject second subtly that shines in a woodwind. There is alas, this in spite of, some shaky touching in a third movement.

A third symphony is probably my preferred, a climax of the subject main of an inaugural movement like the waltz has the sure joyous inevitability in him. In this version, some eardrums games the pivotal function during a work. It is one a symphony that can spend the slowest time, and is a one the majority of out any in this together because of that. It is the valid exercise , and with which four has listened treaty which was to regulate, but means a sound of brass laboured when sustaining some series, for example in a prank. One opening of an end, this in spite of, is like the call partorisca come joins a Party of Sol.

Rozhdestvensky Is FOURTH is not without his questions also, mainly in a second the averages. Nielsen Instructs an orchestra to game menacingly, included in of the soft passages. As that can it a conflict be transmitted in a restrained spends that Rozhdestvensky adopts? A response is not a lot at all, which results in some of a music that touch disjointed. A brass especially looks fragile in some slower sections, and an all the wrists are cushioned, leaving with the park like opposed to the forceful heartbeat. It is here more than anywhere more in a whole series that a slower time is more off line, where the run relaxed in the symphony that is supposition partorisca abound in of the advantages of his energy almost coming averts. For example, a laboured inaugural to a final movement no at all.

But a FIFTH is very better, where a fast swirling serious of some inaugural resupply a frame in that a ensuing the narrative is writing, like a plot of the tapestry. A percussion, any only a snare drum, is well to a fore in this version of a symphony, and correctly so much. A music is suitably martial and his wonderfully poignant consequences, whilst in an end Rozhdestvensky transmits a travesía of a devil to serenity brilliantly, a turn of the inaugural end of a movement in the blaze of positive glory.

Partorisca me, of a compositional point of view, an odd symphony was is a SIXTH, partorisca reasons too utmost to go to in this description, sufficed partorisca say experience here some of a tragedy of Mahler sixth in a first movement, and send he-on soyodern' music in a second. A third movement is Shostakovian in way (when Shostakovich so only there has written grieves his first symphony), whilst some last characteristics the band of brass gatecrashing the waltz; has the death comes partorisca attack in a door; and it resists the brief to snatch of Sibelius in a dying last now. All the movements are touched with wonderful clarity, leaving some separate edges of some argue to continuation.

An end niggle: some symphonies are spaced to the equal that follows - CD1, in the first place and chamber; CD2, as and third; and CD3, fifth and sixth. Reason could not be expressed to a CDs chronologically is the mystery; there is certainly spatial to do like this.
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Storgards Is the manager the one who has achieved some thrilling results in some registers that has listened: a complete Sibelius together of symphony, works for Panufnik, and this Nielsen put. In a Sibelius, tip the tendency partorisca underline big gestures , dramatic while occasionally giving cut shrift the most relaxed, expansionary, or ethereal passages. This was coupled with his of Chandos that was a bit less atmospheric and airy that it can be expected partorisca (planned imagines more to a venue partorisca register that any shortcomings for Chandos), although a tympani, serious lower, and the often is surfaced horns powerfully.

One same is some here. There are a lot of moments partorisca be able to and magnitude, but sometimes the feeling, if you are familiarised with Nielsen, that those wonderfully refreshing moments partorisca substitute and these quotas, expansionary visas of character (common to both Sibelius and Nielsen) does not exit quite also. Possibly one the majority of achieved in this cycle is one 5th . His inaugural series figuraciones is managed a bit aggressively or tensely, likes opposed the lovely way some floats of the his or wafts in in some versions, and proceedings sometimes the result bit it metronomic. But a second climax of movement is powerful and effective. Often it can be it defies it partorisca maintain a tension, energy, and moment of before a symphony after this powerful explosion, but Storgards has success a lot well in him, doing his 5th in general the success.

A symphony where Storgards finds the good balance go in work and substitutes is one 1st. It likes Vanska, of the class of slam-attack Nielsen manager that has done surprisingly well in a 1st (which are unusually fond of), Storgards does too much.

One 4th to a large extent has sucedido also. His 3.os and the final movements are quite intense and powerful. A tympani in an end has the presence adds and his rhythms are projected a lot crisply in fact--this in spite of in an or two riada of points out of some series. One 1st movement would be more effective if some horns bray was with a force and magnitude that can listen in some registers, likes Blomstedt is or Karajan is.

One 3rd was quite the disappointment partorisca me. His movement 'centrical', his heart, is partorisca me his 'pastoral' according to movement. Given a movement is title 'pastoral' , and a fact that a symphony is titled 'Expansionary,' so only can feel baffled when I listen almost each haste of manager by means of this movement unfeelingly. So only Rhosdestvensky, looks, has taken a time and question to really think and FEEL the one who this movement is roughly, and partorisca the do like this wonderfully refreshing and expansionary so can be. (Chung On BIS does well also, this in spite of.) Storgards Hastes; a movement does not flow or floating; the rhythms are chunky and disconnected; some singers touch more forced relaxed it; and Nielsen is to the final of lovely sentence is sometimes clipped was gracelessly. Anything other strong points Storgards' 3rd has--and has his usual strong projection of some very energetic moments and dramatic plus-- is hard partorisca me partorisca take spent that according to movement.

One 2nd and 6th is not never be my preferred; perhaps I will comment more thorough in his later, although a direction Storgards taking in this neighbour is quite clear. Certainly it has his moments, and will be partorisca return to this together partorisca see if any of some actions solves in and the versions of result will want to listen in the most permanent base. I am appreciated in an extreme to any the one who record Nielsen, of then wants to see his music has maintained alive and continue find new audiences. But Nielsen is magnitude like the symphonist has a lot partorisca do with his organic way of emotional of moments partorisca be able to add and magnitude to other passages of equally utmost expansiveness and substitute--like this fresh, frescos and sweet like the breeze by means of the grassy mountainside--and is the bit of the shame that Storgard is the readings do not project both of these elements equally well. Still, each manager has his own personality and interpretive stance, and Storgards' is the strong a, and profits Nielsen partorisca aim the one who powerful his music can be.
5 / 5
A recently arrived to Nielsen is the music are increasingly found drawn to this collection. That The packaging Adds also.
4 / 5
Has loved this combination of the players in some complete Sibelius symphonies. This together, if anything is included better. Quality of the his glorious. It prefers this to the mine together usual ( Partidário Saint AS and Blomstedt). It enjoys.
5 / 5
Carl Nielsen&x27;s the symphonies were in fact a lot of years pocolos known out of touching Danimarca of native country, but there is has won today his very deserved place in a repertoire regulates of orchestras of symphony by all the world. This reasonably priced Master near of the boxes more has been taking king-has issued under a Chandos Classics focus them main, with the different illustrations. They are any 'expert', so only the give happy support, but my definite impression of a fresh and authoritative action for Stoccolma PO and Gennadi Rozhdestvensky is that this is not Carl definite Nielsen register, can certainly not being remote end behind. Well the value that shabby!
4 / 5
Ossia The plus to follow worthy to a Sibelius cycle of 2013/14 of some same forces. Dynamic actions in his glorious of MediaCity in Salford. There is detailed extremely notes of David that Followers. A fantastically presented Nielsen cycle. A serious contemporary competition so only is of Sakari Oramo is the cycle has completed recently in BIS which is equally well.

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4 / 5
There have it a lot partorisca admire here, but finally some individual part--an internationally known manager and respected, the fine orchestra, and quality of excellent register-- no quite gel to produce Nielsen the actions in a level would expect stops.

Dausgaard Does well and looks to comprise Nielsen; his times are a lot of-chosen to reflect some ways of a music. A sound of an orchestra is tonally pleasing, and very registered also; a sound is warm, full, bodied, and atmospheric. Etc., Etc. But a question is neither that an orchestra has a lot still declare really successful of world-wide class, or that the manager and the orchestra are not still comprising each another well. A music listens is often simply quite dull, that lacking of an acuteness of response and some nuances of expression that would have to be spent was, any for working in of the sure passages in test, or by means of the most next communication among a podium and some players in action. You look of long pieces to go in and on in a unchanging half-strong, without a ebb and flow, a dynamics to change, or some turn subtiles to sentence that is like this crucial to present all a variety of a music.

This is not bad; the new auditor still could obtain the global sense a lot it Nielsen is roughly, but the already familiar auditor with Nielsen is joined to be a bit there is disappointed. In this sense, this memory a bit of a Nielsen the registers of symphony have done for Theodore Kuchar, although those have the slightly better successes in presenting the more variegated and dynamic experience.

Some better register of one 3rd, for me, beginning with Rhosdestvensky, and also comprise these for Chung and so only the little another. One 4th, this in spite of, has any number to register quite good: Karajan, Blomstedt, Jarvi, Rhosdestvensky, Thomson, Berglund (in spite of breathless time in a final movement), and another.

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 3 ratings
4 / 5
Wonderful music! Nielsen In a height of his powers - contemporary with a fifth symphony. VERY attractive, melodious, imaginative, subtly patriotic (excepts perhaps the god Saves a Queen!) Written like incidental music to the game that celebrates a reunification of Danimarca after WW1. Ossia A first complete register of a bookmark so only published in 2007. I touched it constantly it has arrived it of then! Highly recommended!!
5 / 5
A surprised delicious to discover this underlying piece of Nielsen music, associated with the a lot of character joyful chance in Danish history.
4 / 5
Listening a whole piece partorisca a first time (more than in excerpts) give more adds gravitas to a whole work. Although Nielsen has written two works, has not taken in of the outsides of Danimarca (still although Maskerade is worthy of a lot of popularity more order), this affirms Nielsen was the man of a theatre.

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 5 ratings
5 / 5
Nielsen 2nd Symphony is the bit of the classical 'earworm'. Hake Davis the good work with him. For comparison a esference' Ole Scmidt the sounds of register bit it too fast. Prpers Having answered a concert a 2nd has been recorded in, think that a sound is a lot has taken. One 3rd is is not gone in previously to, but this registers so only could be a a concealed partorisca take me accross an empty. A good compraventa!
5 / 5
Perhaps reason are less knowledgable that a two reviewers the one who precedes east a, have less the grumble roughly. Any sarcasm is feigned here: enough simply they are the lover of music and no any class of music or can. This in spite of, have it has has wanted long a Nielsen the symphonies in that has been presented in the first place to them for the Radio 3 emission of No4 directed by Gentleman John Barbirolli in a Proms in nineteen sixty something. In of the recent years my benchmark has been ... And still it is ... A Decca conjoint for Herbert Blomstedt and an Orchestra of Symphony of San Francisco. To be sincere hardly can allege to having done an exploitation along other registers but those have found on CD program of the description etc has no me never love the pinch was and buy. This is to be change immediately when I have found a prime minister of hese LSO Alive register with Hake of Ladies Davis. A bit flavour-and-try excerpts available on Amazon ... Always irritatingly writing but drives useful this in spite of ... It was enough to have me ordering immediately. I have not been disappointed neither have I state disappointed for a two subsequnt subject. This late plus, looking of Nos2&3 I finds does a lot that satisfies to listen. No3 Is my preferred of a six and perhaps, here and there, Davis is the tad restrained in a final movement but ossia the minor niggle.

In general these symphonies are extremely very extracted here and a sound has registered is excellent. (With considerations my opinion of a sound has registered sincerely would owe that the signal was that my system of the his east hardly upper final salvation-fi: neither, this in spite of, is inferior final !)

For any unfamiliar with a Nielsen the symphonies is, surely, is a point of ideal and calm start could do the worse plot this begins with this cd of Us 2&3. Nielsen World of his only east: dramatic, wistful, emergetic and, very thick, those explosions with a sheer joy of life.

Considering that they are already lovers of Nielsen, chooses one of these registers and the give the gone. A thing is sure, Hake of Ladies and a LSO deserve the wide loan imported of your ears!
4 / 5
With this emission, Hake Davis finalises his series of alive register of a Nielsen Symphonies. That has listened a prompt plus couplings of 1 and 6, 4 and 5 a lot will know that to expect for now.

Frankly, does not think Hake Davis 'taking' Nielsen in a way he clearly - say - Sibelius. Any for now that am comparing some two Scandinavian masters add here! His worlds of sound are, of course, entirely different, and require different approximations to perceive and interpretation.

This whole series that comprises registers these two symphonies of half period, often touches down-characterised in interpretation. A light and the shadow is simply a lot there. In this together, for chance, II of an Expansionary so only does not touch expansionary - find like this hasty and perfunctory. And an end of 'Four Temperaments', in place of surging with energy volcanic, simply touches foursquare and enough dull.

I notes periods looked during some 6 symphonies - for chances, of the charming and rustic half movements (for example in any 4) tends to be dispatched in the quite dispassionate way. Very remote of a naiveté feigned, one feels. So much, in spite of an excellent touching of a LSO throughout, there is clearly some systemic subject of interpretation that concern.

Then coming to a sound. If you have bed any of my leading descriptions, will know my opinion of a archetypal 'LSO Alive'/Barbican his- airless, on-miked, dead and barren is some designates that jump to import. You can very entirely blame a Barbican acoustic, terrible how is - another have far does better here. Included a 'Classical Sound' the responsible crew there is here does better in this venue, for another focus! ( It sees, for example, his excellent Vaughan Symphony of Sea of Williams for Chandos).

In this register, some engineers have added moves it new - look for having tried sweeten a sound and add heat by means of digital trickery. A result is not achieved entirely in planting to add hot, a main impact resembles has been still to thicken texture. In fact, they have created to touch it that unusually it directs to combine thinness and muddiness. Like this always, some eardrums jump in you, like this do other instruments and the groupings when spent up in a mix. Some vocal soloists in II of 'Expansionary' here is clearly too many advances; unfortunately, this included touches clearer a bit shaky action and intonation.

In general, a SACD stereo layer of this register - in spite of his DSD origin, in fact touches quite RBCD-like - and no the CD well, in that!

WELL, but can improve? Felizmente, a response is 'he'. This coupling of the symphonies is also available in SACD/hybrid in the version for a NYPO down Alan Gilbert. In spite of the register of look of way problematic local (the heinous Avery Fisher Room, another dustbowl of an acoustic), DaCapo has directed to achieve the far better sound; besides, Gilbert clearly touches more home in Nielsen half.

On CD, can recommend a much prompter Blomstedt near of a complete Nielsen symphonies in EMI (a subject adds, a lot transfered of glowing equivalent) and a Myung-Whun Chung/Jarvi serious with a Gothenburg Orchestra of Symphony in BIS (quite gritty yield his digital, but wonderful actions).

Likes Davis registers simply does not take the look-in, are fearful. Sad.
4 / 5
The gentleman has wanted,
Answered your description of a Nielsen Symphonies (on) would answer with east:-
Lucy was the student and quite young when it registers this - is the wonderful singer having defeated prize very prestigious in Londra. Calm can any dipped to to the the young student down likes that to say that it has said it roughly him! You would owe that be promote - included although you are there like the critic! Some voices of both singers, in fact, is very excellent. It has done like this hard and because be hurtful with your words? All the world has to that LEARN first. It can be the critic has learnt , but no the person very bondadosa!
5 / 5
This (KNOW)CD sees an end of Hake of Ladies Davis' pinch to a world of Carl August Nielsen - consummate trumpet, horn & fiddle player And, in his capacity of composer, The national icon of 20th century DANISH MUSIC. In a lot of ways this must be characterised like the initiative to dare in a part of the manager well to the his 83rd year at the same time of a first register, and of a start has been very excited to see if Ladies to the legendary hake goring of Nielsen contemporary Sibelius would aim in his treatment of Dane adds. The ones of way that find it far difficult to achieve the clear conclusion, in that found that a lot to rent in some symphonies . 5 And 6, while a fourth (when being slightly overdone) and a prime minister especially, as I see it, has lost a mark a bit. Consistently, Has in my descriptions of both some earlier subjects have found that the cleaving of a disk - although difficult - could be in order, and curiously ossia also a chance with a material manually.

A second symphony, composed in 1901/02 - exactly 10 years after his predecessor - is, while no the work of youth, still a work of the composer that tries for the fashion of the his own. Nielsen Had been looking for the subject pertinent for the symphony for some time, and so that the fate there would be avenges to an inspiration required in an inn in Sjælland (Zealand) where remain with his woman and some friends. In a common room Nielsen has found the soyost amusing the products of picture have divided to four places, in those some temperaments have been described and given some title 'A Choleric', A Blood', esome Melancholic', and a 'A Phlegmatic'. A choleric trace the horse; has the long sword in his hand, and with stabs wildly in an empty space around lucido. His eyes looked near to burst out of his boss, his hair has blown insanely around his type, which was like this distorted with anger and he devilish aversion, that could no to maintain me to laugh. Some other three pictures have been painted to the long of some same lines, and my friends and I was amused sincerely for his naivety, his exaggerated expressivity and his comical serious.' (In-translation of part of Nielsen notes of program (1931) for no. Of symphony 2). Woman Anne of a composer Marie was quickly to remark: 'This could be so only a thing partorisca to symphony' - and less than the year later, the result exactly concealed.

Like Hake of usual Ladies Davis coaxes some first class touching of a LSO - still like this alas, something fails. An interpretation is careful, directly faced, and cleaned, doing very sure any to belabor some points - and ossia precisely where - once again - a point is lost for a illustrious master. May ... whoa Now, control my horses ... It is not that alive in timing where less is more and understatement is a new black? Well, we can be - but Nielsen has not been; it conceal, this in spite of, is not my point, originalism when being the most contested term these days, and correctly so many. My point is that one estriba for a music is caricature , which for his a lot of the character is overstatement and 'exaggerated expressivity' (Nielsen' own words!). Ossia Reason, although calm could escape you with him in some of some other symphonies, a second can not be touched likes Mozart or Schubert ... Or Sibelius. This music has to that be constantly balancing in the flange of the knife, constantly inside sneezing distance of 'also' - and there Hake of Ladies (a lot of pleasure in his quite lacking-luster rendering of a first symphony) is not prepared to go. If I do not have doubted never a truth of of the this, the quickly listen to a sadly neglected to record fact for Ole Schmidt (composer and Danish manager (1928-2010), the one who coincidentally behind in a prompt @@@1970s has resisted some queens of a LSO, and like such facts at the side Hake of Ladies Davis for years) tried well. His Choleric is seething with cholera, his Phlegmatic (still although a movement is unusually fast paced) is absolutely disinterested in all the things, his Melancholic is suicidado positively, and his present of Blood of the shows to the T another type of a condition: shallowness - a dish lateralmente poisonous the happiness perpetuates.

This has said, a reading has his moments - In a first movement in 5'38 where a choleric (in a form of a drum of kettle) after the minute of relative calm attacks a table that shouts 'Now, damn the, likes I dictated, and in an end of a fourth movement in 4'00 where a larder the window is forced for the second very clumsy looks burglar, leaving a personality of blood to take dallying for now - but, of course, that possibly could be wrong. The life is wonderful, well? And on we go - to a decadence. It is better fact for another neglected Nielsen manager (incidentally also the Brit with the very main B) Bryden Thomson, the one who partorisca kick the arrival of mainstay of wonderful peacock ... Out of a question, of course. But still, amiably executed, Hake of Ladies.

A esinfonia Expansionary' is probably for the wide margin one the majority to populate of Nielsen symphonies, and is not difficult to see reason: has everything. There is rural frolicking and alone galore, there is wonderment and serious philosophising, there is daydreaming and contemplation of forms in going to derives clouds - in courts: a better of pre-WWI Danimarca ... Presented in his much more. The version of the hake of ladies is quite near the copy (and the my ears each bit as well as recently a lot publizised register for Alan Gilbert) - this in spite of arguably a lot enough in the pair with some of a house @subject grown - Schønwandt or Schmidt ... Or my personal favourite: an alive register for Yuri Ahronovitch and an Orchestra of Danish Radio Symphony (Unicorn-Kanchana), sadly - and incomprehensibly - available only closing in elepé. Hake of ladies suddenly (and almost equally incomprehensibly) touches 50 young years and a music is positively brimming with sunny joy to live. Some second looks of the movement strangely rushed in of the places (frankly, where is a fire?!), But some two singers, appropriately far, directs his bucolic vocalising quite fantastically.

Like this again: a chance of 'nailed the' and a chance of'or-as'.

Is perhaps any surprise that a two prompt more and more carefree the works would owe that be further of Hake of Ladies Davis' worldview; I mean, all takes the delight in ours comprising of complexity to the equal that grow older, and simple light hearted to the entertainment tends to look so only the suspect of tiny has bitten. If taken the general view of a Nielsen the symphonies there is the depth adds and strong feelings aplenty to be found, and this tends to be where the managers prefer to go when that interprets his music. Any marvel while a last three - written after an implosion of Nielsen nationalism and a birth of his humanism almost pacifist - tend to take one the majority of thorough servicing. In a fourth Gentleman to same hake heads to slightly on-stress some bayonets (if ossia possible; they are not the man milite). In a chance of a no. Of symphony 1, this in spite of, has the definite inclination to Harm Brown-like shoehorning in of tortuous riddles and devious intentions under a mote: it has to that have more to this that fulfils an eye. Sincerely it thinks there is not - and at all in Nielsen daily or voluminous the file of writings and papers suggests mine that has . In a chance of no. Of symphony 2 one often sees that it imagines to be a tentativa to turn this musical cherz' (for lack of the better word) the tall absolute music. It is not , and you are not never! In this Gentleman of the hake of account is blamed likes touched - to be just, together with numerous another. Considering some symphonies . 3-6 I so only can recommend that calm give them the try. The hake of ladies Davis has a lot to give this in spite of more to say; where ossia warranted(!) It deserves the very thorough listening.

Like this in a chance of some two leading disks of symphonies a sound of some registers is well in SACD - although any exactly spectacular - and am said that a sound of CD is a lot also. It has to that one wants to listen that SACD can do when exerted by the experts try a Sibelius symphonies . 2 & 5 - Or a Beethoven symphonies - with Osmo Vänskä and an Orchestra of Minnesota (BIS). Included in two-canal stereo is an awe inspiring experience.

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 3 ratings
4 / 5
This has substituted my leading pairing of these two symphonies, some absolutely wonderful Decca version for Herbert Blomstedt and a Symphony of San Francisco of 1999, he an exceptional register. The new disk of Alan Gilbert with New York Philharmonic is even more vivid, a row of colours and tonalities is wonderful and there is an abundance of musciality and expression. They like him the a lot of people are the late discoverer of Carl Nielsen, having diplomado of Sibelius to the long of a 20th century 'FOLK' symphonic STREET. These are glorious register in the each way. One touching is exceptional. Especially, the American orchestras tend partorisca have more sassy, virtuosic sections of brass that his Europeans peers. Something partorisca do with a tradition of big band, I supposition. Gilbert really creates some lovely together touching of them in these pieces. So only I love this CD.
5 / 5
Like a prime minister reviewer, Ladies Hamilton, am coming his really likes Carl Nielsen Symphonies by means of some registers of Herbert Blomstedt and a Symphony of San Francisco (late 1980 this partorisca Decca). I have not expected any one another manager or orchestra to easily surpass them but now in 2012 in a DACAPO focus Alan Gilbert and New York Philharmonic certainly have in mine dress.

Out of Nielsen the symphonies prefers his earlier some and in this CD has his Symphonies 2 and 3. A 3rd Symphony ' Expansionary Symphony' is my preferred own and partorisca me is his the majority of tuneful and beautiful. I am surprised is not touched alive very compared to the his 4th Symphony. There are two points has underlined main in this Symphony. A prime minister is a second pastoral movement , which Nielsen bookmarks/marcadors partorisca soprano and baritone, and ossia fantastically sung and treaty by both singers and Orchestra. A second point has underlined is a really big tune in a final movement, which is a more does not compose never. Gilbert and New York Philharmonic spend this was with fashion and utmost power, especially in some serious and of the horns. ( Perhaps a lot paced as well as a Blomstedt/register of Symphony of San Francisco of a same Symphony)

Also treated with the force and the utmost power is Nielsen 2nd Symphony ome Four Temperaments', which Gilbert walks with a moment same and again New York Philharmonic give sweat everything.
4 / 5
Nielsen Has been bad to do fault in SACD of late; an only extant the symphonic registers in some means of the big resolution is Hake Davis two couplings (4/5 and 1/6) in LSO Alive. These have been characterised for mixed readings and characteristically dry-like this-a-bone and unnaturally something-lit Barbican registers. Any one good. A harm, reason has some good things here, musically.

A current Gives Boss encourage with a NY Phil and Gilbert is better, but no like this as well as it can have been. A third symphony, although dutifully has touched, is cut noticeably on walk and energy- essential in Nielsen! Pacing Is too relaxed, and consquently a piece seldom takes fire. Felizmente, of some first bars, a second is markedly more animate and fiery. A fine reading, in fact.

Then coming to a sound. It gives Boss sooner Nielsen the registers have offered a lot of fiancée, but are Avery fearful Fisher problematical acoustic looks for having his swipe here. In spite of the salvation-resolution DXD register (fully in a third, partial in a second) and the promising primary Decca Albero mike variety, a sound is - frankly - mediocre. Soft, Inflated and all bit it aimless. He almost to to the sounds like to them has had to appeal the digital reverb (gasp). Needless Partorisca Say, this is not until it Gives Boss usual level, and really require to pull his toe was (sonically) in some registers of clue have promised.

In this Nielsen Year of Anniversary, the BIS the cycle of symphony is promised now, so that the things are hotting arrive - in last!

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 2 ratings
5 / 5
If it wish to know more in this side of Nlelsen read then ossia an excellent CD . Of then some cantatas have been written partorisca special occasions a composer has been limited in that that could achieve, particularly like this given some of some texts. The majority of characteristic of some pieces here here is a Homage the Holberg.

An accompanying booklet is exemplary.
4 / 5
Prime minister I sould warns that like the lover of symphonic music are the Nielsen defender. His symphonies are justly famous and everything are has his own voice without leaving that of a composer; that his fact the fascinating traversal.
But Nielsen was also preocuppied with a nationalistic side of his music. After all, it has lived exactly during a time partorisca be like this, with Grieg in Norvegia, Sibelius in Finland (and like this more throughout Europe). As it has composed a lot of songs, some for real simple, in a way that in the so many boys in of the school would sing, or followers partorisca this subject. Calm does not have to that read his biological to know that greagarious was and like this rooted on and commited partorisca touch to Danimarca beloved.
These cantatas (with also some music partorisca other occasions) is the reflection of this side and this time. They are beautifullly orchestrated but without dissonances neither adventures in harmonic turn. The majority of some words touches dated, but those who cure, treat them like this historical: I am sure his has not been caseous when this is to spend. It has said of another way,, ossia music that, if you were there, would have shaken your emotional edges. With that, involves that it calms would not owe that expect masterpieces (like any). If you, this in spite of, is dipped in a curiosity partorisca listen at the side well of a composer, this can give you like a lot of, especially reason is wonderfully has noted. Unless it was danish in another life (which given my elections partorisca stir, could be!) It calms it does not have to that be a partorisca enjoy this CD.
Kudos, Of course, to a focus DaCapo, that remains true his vision and leaving partorisca listen some unusual repertoire of our favourite composers. It maintains it Up!

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5 / 5
Corazón and good-looking music. Any overtly 'Christmassy' another that one or two recognisable pieces, can listen to this album any time of a year.