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1 first OCOOPA Hand Warmers Rechargeable, Long-Lasting Heating 7800mAh Electric USB Hand Warmer, Body Warmer Battery Powered Great for Camping, Warm Gift, Classic Black OCOOPA Hand Warmers Rechargeable, Long-Lasting Heating 7800mAh Electric USB Hand Warmer, Body Warmer Battery Powered Great for Camping, Warm Gift, Classic Black OCOOPA
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2 OCOOPA 7800mAh Hand Warmers Rechargeable, USB Portable Power Bank Pocket Hand Warmer, Reusable Heater for Raynaud's Arthritis Sufferers Pain Relief, Great Gifts for Men & Women in Cold Weather Winter OCOOPA 7800mAh Hand Warmers Rechargeable, USB Portable Power Bank Pocket Hand Warmer, Reusable Heater for Raynaud's Arthritis Sufferers Pain Relief, Great Gifts for Men & Women in Cold Weather Winter OCOOPA
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3 best OCOOPA Hand Warmers Rechargeable, 10000mAh Battery Powered, 3 Levels Heating Electric Hand Warmer, USB Body Warmer Battery Powered Great for Camping, Hunting, Warm Gift OCOOPA Hand Warmers Rechargeable, 10000mAh Battery Powered, 3 Levels Heating Electric Hand Warmer, USB Body Warmer Battery Powered Great for Camping, Hunting, Warm Gift OCOOPA
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4 OCOOPA Quick Charge Hand Warmers, Power Delivery 10000 mAh USB C Electric Hand Warmer Rechargeable Power Bank, 15hrs Long Lasting, 10 Heat Levels, Perfect for Outdoors, Great Gift Women Men OCOOPA Quick Charge Hand Warmers, Power Delivery 10000 mAh USB C Electric Hand Warmer Rechargeable Power Bank, 15hrs Long Lasting, 10 Heat Levels, Perfect for Outdoors, Great Gift Women Men OCOOPA
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5 OCOOPA Hand Warmers Rechargeable, 5200mAh Electric Portable Pocket Hand Warmer/Power Bank, Heat Therapy Great for Raynauds Arthritic Sufferers Pain Relief, Best Winter Gifts for Women, Men (Pink) OCOOPA Hand Warmers Rechargeable, 5200mAh Electric Portable Pocket Hand Warmer/Power Bank, Heat Therapy Great for Raynauds Arthritic Sufferers Pain Relief, Best Winter Gifts for Women, Men (Pink) OCOOPA
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6 OCOOPA Hand Warmer, Rechargeable Hand Warmers 5200mAh Power Bank, Electric Portable Pocket USB Warmer, Heat Therapy Great for Outdoor Sports, Winter for Women, Men (Black) OCOOPA Hand Warmer, Rechargeable Hand Warmers 5200mAh Power Bank, Electric Portable Pocket USB Warmer, Heat Therapy Great for Outdoor Sports, Winter for Women, Men (Black) OCOOPA
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7 HOTHANDS Unisex's 372-3970 Hand Warmers, Clear, 5 Pairs HOTHANDS Unisex's 372-3970 Hand Warmers, Clear, 5 Pairs HotHands
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8 Hand Warmer, Rechargeable 10000mAh Hand Warmers, 3 Levels Heating Electronic Pocket Heater, Portable Power Bank, USB Powered - Ideal Winter Gifts for Women, Men Hand Warmer, Rechargeable 10000mAh Hand Warmers, 3 Levels Heating Electronic Pocket Heater, Portable Power Bank, USB Powered - Ideal Winter Gifts for Women, Men URBZUE
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9 infray Hand Warmer Rechargeable, USB Reusable Hand Warmer 9000mAh Power Bank Fast Heating Electric Portable Hand Heater, 14H Long Lasting Pocket Warmer Winter Gift for Women Men - Black infray Hand Warmer Rechargeable, USB Reusable Hand Warmer 9000mAh Power Bank Fast Heating Electric Portable Hand Heater, 14H Long Lasting Pocket Warmer Winter Gift for Women Men - Black infray
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10 infray Hand Warmers, 1-Pack Rechargeable Hand Warmer, 5200mAh Power Bank USB Electric Reusable Hand Warmer Portable Pocket Hand Heater, Best Winter Gift for Women Men - Black infray Hand Warmers, 1-Pack Rechargeable Hand Warmer, 5200mAh Power Bank USB Electric Reusable Hand Warmer Portable Pocket Hand Heater, Best Winter Gift for Women Men - Black infray
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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5
Very impressed!
In that suffered those cold hands partorisca years and spending gloves constantly in a winter this little artilugio are adds!!
Touches on top of any time and there was on all day like this far this in spite of the full battery.
A heat these pushes of what was is utmost!!
Can be the hand resisted or situated in yours hoody pocket like this when you have dipped your hands in him is toastie!!
This will save me that it has to that constantly gloves of the wear during a winter likes usually do..
Like this, has recommended this, yes 100!!!
4 / 5
Partorisca A light increase in weight , an extra capacity this the feasible source of hot constant partorisca any arrantzale and especially fly fishers where the agility of toe is required all a time . To the sinister down and augmented when I have required will resupply it hot partorisca longer that my energy partorisca fish like this never have cold toes again !
5 / 5
Has ordered two of these partorisca the travesía the krakow like my fellow and wants to a bit recognition to walk. In the So much suffer with Raynaud‘s and this hand warmers was brilliant. Hot on quickly and is lasted all day, on and era. It has said that it was a better present never is has had!!
Takes mine to do now like our office/of factory can be really cold. Some boys in work are really jealous!
Also adds for frosty morning in a car.
To good sure would recommend these for any the one who suffers severe cold hands (also do the fab present).
Will be to take another for mine another pocket!!
5 / 5
Has bought this for my main mother the one who suffers cold hands.
Was able to read and comprise some instructions but tried to touch he with his iPhone uploads.
Thinks that some instructions say you can use an element like the telephone upload so that it has confused his.
Once I plugged in a boss was all has ordered.
Absolutely loves it and do a lot a lot listening on fast.
For some reason has loved a bit paper and the sticker of heart has comprised!
A box and the packaging was quality very big - as the box of jewels. Light downside was too hard for his to open so that the like this stagnate returning.
5 / 5
Has taken this portable battery uploads hand warmer to give my promise because his hands are always cold. While it does not import that it resists his hand for the animated on, sometimes is little practise, like when I am driving, or has another hand is cold. So only he that needs to a lot of well and last long enough for our outings, which is not also law has taken this portable battery uploads the warm hand and my promised reason his hands are always cold. It does not import that it resists his hand for the animated on, sometimes is little practise, like when I am driving, or has another hand is cold. So only he that needs to a lot of well and last long enough for our outings, which is not to like the whole day, but the travesĂ­a to a State Park and such. It enjoys it enough it bit it!
4 / 5
Wants to this rids warmer! This produces absolutely is in amazing. It heats on a lot of fast (in around 30 second) and last for 12 hours in his lower that dips how is still lovely and warm. Calm also can uses to heat on any part of your organism for the maintain on in your pocket. Also it is a lot light and a bank to be able to is ideal for when your telephone is down on uploads. Strongly it would recommend to purchase these products today.
4 / 5
There is Reynards and has used hand warmers for the number of years. This in spite of this warmer pound is an incinerate of the incinerates.

No more than has to that dip the warmest hand to an oven microwave or the saucepan full to boil water for warm hands for the short time.

A OCOOPA the hand-held control warmer his heat for a lot of hours like this giving heat for the long time.

A warmer hand is warm fact for plugging to the port of USB. It does not take too long to touch a handwarmer.

Are not that fussed in a stock exchange that comes with a warmer hand to the equal that has dipped he to an old thermal glove that has adapted to record. This also protects in mine handbag.

Was impressed like this with this warmer hand that has purchased one for my sister for Christmas also.
5 / 5
Ossia The pocket adds or rid warmer and in big heat, taking a lot warm downwards 20 seconds. I have found that in those touches a unit, if you take random flickering lights, requires to upload he with at least he 1 amp exited for the solve and touches that before with the 2 amp version ( I has the 4 amp the variant and this have done any noticable reduction in time to upload on one 2 amp version)

A hard unit much more in a heat a lower that dips compared to hot full and calm also can touch your telephone was the, but concealed has not been the tax of load of big start.

His dense for his measure and a key to shoot it up could be the tad main for when your hands are frozen likes to take the press in bylines to initialise some cycles of heater

is the compraventa well for a prize and of the bands a lot of heat for something like this small.

The update went it once used for the while more along
5 / 5
An excellent present for my partner, the one who suffers Raynaud is and there is permanently cold hands. It is the good measure and form to resist, and a lot tactile - you automatically loves it locate. Although an information has said that it is the Type C USB, a prime minister an east in fact the type B, but a goodness the touch is also Write B so that it is not the question. A second an I bought for another fellow still has a Type B goodness, this in spite of a port is the Type C. I have decided felizmente the fully first touch of the give, as I have discovered an error in timing to substitute the Type C goodness (I maintains the little transmission in chance that). It would have been a lot embarrassing to give the present that was essentially unusable. This issues really need to be the mandate has dipped. Another that that, is an excellent product .
In general, two a lot happy and warm friends!
5 / 5
Has used this for a first time last week that touches golfs. Very pleased was in fact too hot in a third place and has on heated he a lot there is quickly has reduced a setting to two and is remained hot for 18 holes (roughly 4. Hrs). I left it it has changed it on to see how long would remain hot and turned it finally was with which some 6 satisfied hours that would treat like this declared for a costruttore, altogether an excellent hand warmer.
5 / 5
We note down a time of use in the period of the week. A unit has been used six times partorisca perids of go in 30mins and 50 mins in a setting to heat lower, in of the external temperatures of typically 5 to 10 deg centĂ­gradas, inside the gloved hand, with a unit has uploaded fully against a start. Time of first total use to use on all one load was 3.5 hours . Any impressed with east likes blurb been 'Until 12 hours'. Probably He colder some hands and an external temperature, a plus heats a unit has to that distribute and a shorter a time of career. So only I can assume that a 12 figure of now is pssible he when be used in any of conditions too many cold. Another that a quite disappointing time work well.
5 / 5
The need rid to be warm to the equal that am doing the plot in of the observations like a detective. A question with gloves is that I can not operate a crew of technology with them on so many is time eating partorisca take on and era. These can be maintained in my pocket, to maintain coffins the hands animate. It is the idea of character and with USB can touch him in a car in subjects.
5 / 5
Suffers Raynaud is in my toes and the gloves so only do not help . I have bought of this wonderful device can maintain it was. It has taken one 7800 mAh the version and maintains my hands animate all day. No more suffering when seating looking football in a winter. Thoroughly Recommend for Raynaud sufferers.
4 / 5
Hot of instant of the amour! While while to the mine Raynauds medication partorisca kick in that can take a plus of now. One feels of this unit adds to a touch and dual sided helps if your hands to hold with some one. I can buy another and any one use a same time or the have on touch to substitute when one east touching. One load takes the plot long that it has thought them 8 hours for full load. An use is roughly 3 cups of the into use continuous hours go down roughly 2 hours in a dipping a big plus. It cools down real quickly if his the heat which are adds.. Yes the highly would recommend. Any sure the one who port to use for the fastest touch to the equal that has 3 different entrances. There is any adapter to be able to discharges likes to be sure to have your own as so only comes with the discharges of boss he in the the Device to be able to of the USB.
5 / 5
There is bough three of this hand warmers inside a space of the week for me and my family.
My law of mates loved it also and two of them bought after trying mine.
Gives roughly 6 hours on number 3 setting, and roughly 8 hours on number 2 setting.
An only reason gives it 4 start and any 5 is that a section of the on cured information of the battery is difficult to comprise. The suspect there is NiMH battery with a drawback of soyemory effect' and like some on have cured the instructions of battery is a lot of entity.
5 / 5
Has required the warmest hand and the fellow recommended is one. Work a lot very in fact and maintains my warm hand. It is quell'has bitten big to dip inside your glove but directed so that has delivery quite big. Path for the few hours every day and a hard battery for the few days.
Has tried to touch my iPhone 6S with him but this has not been a lot successful and has seen so only the responsible small increase for battery with which in an hour. I am not annoyed really this in spite of as I have loved so only the warmest hand in all the chance.
5 / 5
Initially concerned in a warmer tram vs a chemist or charcoal some have used in a past are 100 sold in this now. The life of battery is sum, 3 settings of heat is a lot of (upper one is quite good and animate for days of winter), mini USB to touch the half can cover he to a wall or PC, and USB and USB C bad is versatile like the bank to touch also. I have not tried a bank to touch the life has turned still but like this far am very happy for a cost. It has bought also another for the christmas present.
5 / 5
I use 2 of this hand warmers for golf. So only I can have in a dipping a low plus for a warmers the last 4 hours in of the cold conditions. A capacity of the battery is not sufficient to use for 4 hours in of the main settings. A warmers is easy to use and recharge and is of confidence
4 / 5
has bought this after falling and breaking the small plus 5200mAh the warmest hand – a main capacity is to good sure noticeable and can be in poster a lot of hours in the alone load (any measured scientifically!).

Uses this in my office to house if my hands are cold and are is gone in of the walks now in a winter / the early cradle and I love it!

Has not used a way of start of the USB still but am sure would do well to touch the mobile.
4 / 5
Lovely looking and well seat this in spite of a time/of the heat of the load is so only any sake. I create some quoted figures for a time of heat is based on temperature of room (I supposes a lot to somewhere loves the warmest hand when some conditions are warm). In freezing temperatures prĂłjimas a battery any last 3 hours in a setting to heat lower. Perhaps it was miserable to have the hand of the warmest rouge. Need less to say element returned and full repayment has received.
5 / 5
Excited partorisca take this product. Bought a measure of the main battery. It can fill only hard 3/3.1/2 hours have not tried period of battery in minimum power hopefully will last longer like to be sure you description of the product read and resist this in alcohol. A heat is excellent only no one uploads of the battery expected for the long way. Although any need the telephone uploads too much a smaller version is very better and returns a hand more comfortably and much lighter. It will verify out of another setting. It takes the few hours the recharge battery too
5 / 5
warm heat/Taking quickly. The last 18 holes of golfs (4-5 hours). Relatively easy to operate, although his too easy to change some settings partorisca heat inadvertently when you resist a device in your pocket, but calm could does not turn on/was accidentally. Importing to take the load of pertinent USB (goodness of USB distributed but any spent) - roughly take the slow time in fully of device of load. Ocoopa Does not recommend Samsung & my Kindle uploads also takes the long time. In spite of far, far better that any hand of fuel-warmer has not used never and consider it good value partorisca money.
5 / 5
Has bought like the present partorisca any regime concealed in a cold regularly - tried it before I gave it to me too - very easy to use and takes lovely and warm - no too hot. Pleasant and compact and of my sister the one who gave it also has said hard a whole turn (used intermittently) and was very happy with him. Very pleasant pale colour also.
4 / 5
Has bought this partorisca the fellow the one who is always cold, and really loves it! It heats on really quickly and it is suprisingly hot in a dipping a big plus. An USB that touches the port is the good characteristic and a capacity of battery is utmost - hard all day. A device is quite big to resist with both hands and is comfortable in both sides, but his also quite small to return in the pocket of jacket and is adds in the maintain warm. One produces adds in general.
4 / 5
Has Bought 2 of these maintaining ...My dad has had surgery in his thumb and has subject with colds and visas like this hes the truck driver .... It has Thought it it would benefit well the music to my ears loves it ... It has taken a a down of of the this to start with then found this life of better battery like this now has 2 x so it can have 1 when 1s on uploads ...
4 / 5
Ideal for me, has bad circulation(finals of white toe) in a he in my pocket of jacket and use as and when required.
So only a slightly the negative point is that he no last while said in a specs of full load. Now I know that I can
test and dip the on touch more often. Really happy with compraventa.
4 / 5
Loves this rids warmer . They are always cold & has bought diverse hand warmers . Taking a lot warm & maintains his heat. Also like like you can go down a heat. It comes with to good container would like of gives like the present. Ossia To good sure a better one for the mile. To good sure would recommend.
4 / 5
The element adds and keenly priced,spent for the suffere of Raynaud is ,as to be able to maintain the warm hands,claims to be able to last all day any one has verified was to full still ,has 3 settings that hot until different time ,also laws like the battery powerpack while the connection is mini usb.
4 / 5
Has ordered a version of main battery to improve 'row' - looks to be that his well. It is a lot of fact and warm is on quickly. Any insurance in a life of ours alleged battery is is used in a big dipping so that it does not expect it to last for 7/8 hours. A thing; I have had the question roughly using an Apple iphone uploads with him, a provider has gone back a lot quickly with the response - for me concealed is the good signal !
5 / 5
That adds it small device! It animates hands on fantastically, softly and no too hot to manage. Like the Therapist of Massage, knows it will be very good to prewarm my hands ready to do, reducing cold incident for clients and ensuring my hands are soul like this like this any to hurt them
4 / 5
I suffer Raynaud is, like this the device is really the godsend!
Now can exit the cold time and my hands remain warm.
Has 3 settings, and finds a second partorisca be appropriate.
Can go the pair of days before I need partorisca the touch.
Partorisca Any one suffering Raynaud is, is indispensable!
4 / 5
Any so only the handwarmer - add partorisca dip in any aches and of the aches in the place of the boat waters heat. Also very partorisca maintain the mobile phone that goes when a battery is taking bit it old. A prime minister one was the present partorisca my woman, but when I have seen that well that one was, has had to that have an I.
4 / 5
Pros: Taking really warm. Comfortable to resist. Any acute flange. Easy to use.

Gilipollas: I am not sure a hard battery while quoted. So only it has taken the few hours out of him another day with minimum use.

Likes and would recommend it.
4 / 5
Ossia Such the device adds . It touches really quickly and hot taking in of the seconds. It is comfortable to resist and access to a palmera of your hand. Easy to store in your pocket for when calm the precise. A fact that read like the bank to be able to also is an absolute prize. It would not doubt to recommend.
4 / 5
This rids warmer is incredible. It heats up in roughly 30 - 60 second and taking very hot and toasty. Access snugly in any pocket and easily attack another hand that animates solutions like microwaveable hand of stock exchange of the grain warmers. Highkly Recommended, especially during these cold months.
4 / 5
Is always cold? It is your telephone always in 5 then take this.
My only irritation is that reason is the light colour and to to the the hule like them to them the looks of of arrival to litter quite quickly but this are to add
5 / 5
Ossia the perfect bit of boxes to take is gone in walked or was to do, the hard battery for age, is skim, light and easy to spend, access in of the pockets or stock exchange of cameras or rucksack. Shining.
4 / 5
Excellent, has surpassed my expectations. Has to poor circulation likes one 81 old year wheelchair user. I take him to a pub and the friends have been impressed with them. They remain warm for hours!W
5 / 5
This product was very useful and to good sure would recommend. My daughter has been having the cold hands and I has bought like this this and she is by train of the master. I think it that it would be it better has bought two to the equal that could dip one in the each pocket. It is also very pleasant
5 / 5
This element are really add suffer with the arthritis in some hands is a lot soothing. Also sĂșper hand warmers when it was the extreme time that takes very hot in big power . The life of battery is quite well too much. Has a small plus an and a big a like this this a better east to touch my telephone.
4 / 5
It is very gone in ‘handy' partorisca a recent time. There is not had to that recharge the closing which is well. 3 settings of hot but tend to use a maximum a. Device very useful!
5 / 5
With which owe disorder around with the Zippo handwarmer for years, this was one absolute respite of fresh air. Like this easy to use and does an absolute extracted. And hard for hours. I use it on two lights, which finds appropriate any time and hard for 7 hours.
Has did not use it never like the bank to be able to but would imagine is quite powerful.
4 / 5
Device a lot handy, now take this in the place of my usual telephone uploads the battery for long days was. Has a profit added to resupply a heat also, perfect.
5 / 5
Has used he for 3 month now and has been I adds. Taking very hot and with the minute at most. Some other settings leave it to be in the lowest heat.
4 / 5
Hard weeks in the full load when used like the warmest hand, the multiple time used for day.
Drains faster when used like the bank to be able to but still resists the decent load
4 / 5
Long-durable when fully touched and augment it incremental well in temperature of some 3 settings of heat. It likes to go for walks of country along and in winter my toes can take painfully numb, has included to spend gloves, as have Reynaud syndrome. Any need for gloves with one of these in my pocket. Highly recommended.
4 / 5
Has used this for my travesĂ­a on the one of the north in some winters and was really good. It touches fast and discharges quickly. I have not estimated a product in the life of battery used it so only once.
5 / 5
Is lasted the full round of golf in a setting of heat of the half. Easy to use & comfortable to resist & leave in your pocket. No too weighed neither.
4 / 5
Glorious handwarmer ,last the long time in one load and load fairley quickly. Has 2 maintaining and when 1 is in the touch am using a a
4 / 5
has Used a disposable some for years, has discovered these. Amazing and hard heat for age. It does not doubt. Transmission to these. Highly recommend.

Top Customer Reviews: OCOOPA 7800mAh Hand ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5
Wow I amour this hand warmers. I have submerged In and it has purchased two of a Hobbitt hand warmers was amazon and although ÂŁ4 more partorisca these them cant recommend these ocoopa hand warmers enough.
A Hobbitt the units have changed is gone in my pockets been due to a key of annoying power in a side that is LIKE THIS LIKE THIS SENSITIVE that so only takes the light touch to turn a unit was. These Ocoopa hand warmers is BRILLIANT !!!! A key to be able to is flush returns like this he doesnt gone back was every time has dipped your hands in your pockets. His hips 7800 military service amp has compared to a Hobbit 6700 military service amp.
Ive Has Had so much my Ocoopa unit on today and is still very hot with which 4 hours that career in a warmer also come with the little stock exchange of cloth with the drawstring around a cup to dip your warmer hand to. These are ÂŁ4 more than a hobbitt hand warmers but these are more powerful , main and whose transmission is gone in your pocket . These also have two touching put you like opposed to a Hobbitt unit that there is so only an I AMUR ÂŁ4 is the money is very displaced . Ive posted Two pics to give you an idea of measure of unit
5 / 5
I cheek golf in a winter and there is explored a lot of hand-held different types warmers, (lighter of fuel, charcoal burners and some chemists disposable hand-held versions).. I have researched on Amazon and some descriptions for these suggested three settings - Warm Heats and Hotter. It was a life of battery that was more than entity of mine as to four round of now of golf in a winter in of the hands of Scozia can take quite cold.

As it has ordered two units touched up and took them was, in a first setting is not really warm but will last the few hours. In a dipping a big plus would say two maximum of the hours were run then. This is to spend two times . It is the bit like a mileage demand for costruttrici car - possible in of the ideal conditions but in a real world does not spend never.

The mine takes is these are not well in some settings some big plus, and is in sport of the actions or the activities of cold times would go for the main batteries or buy an extra unit to the equal that will run out of way of the longest juice that announced in a dipping a big plus (the precise when it is cold)
5 / 5
Like this far like this good. Work like this described and last for enough the long time. I have seen some commentaries to say the doesnt take quite hot. I owe that disagree. This thing takes very hot on 3rd stairs. It remarks that this warmer hand comes with the fleece little stock exchange to spend and protect a device of scratches? If used with a stock exchange on then yes, on 3rd stairs takes quite warm but no very hot.
Also coffins imports taken the pair of minutes to achieve a max temprature of the each stairs.
Usually uses without a stock exchange and on stairs 2 and im more than final.
Expects This help
4 / 5
after buying several disposable hand warmers and the finding is not lasted never has decided that would try the rechargeable a so it suffers raynaud is and this winter has been advised to be external so much to the equal that was possible in my work and I also do the plot to walk a time of winter.

Was a lot of sceptical roughly buying an of these and has not seen as it would do and has not expected any one a lot this in spite of, has arrived yesterday and know that it goes to be an absolute lifesaver for me on some months some cold plus.

Is very easy to use, has like this far used it so only in a lower that dips that has the data still was quite hot for me to cover. As I owe that well sure that when it is it is gone in a minus temperatures that will be in this device.

Among the good box with uploading it and the stock exchange to store a device in. As well as some other accessories that was the good touch.

Has Had some light cosmetic harm (as pointed in picture) but this does not have any impact in an use of a product.

A fact that this also can touch your telephone (something I readied after purchasing) is a prize added.

In general, this product is something that are more than likely in disposal to buy more than and because of a character of my work will be to recommend to some another to buy one he so that it is something that can see be very useful to any only that suffers raynaud is but any the one who will be to spend external time the coldest month. If you are debating if this product is worth it, really is!
5 / 5
Some hand-held looks warmer to be of good quality and is doing bien.un the maximum times have had in a setting to heat lower is roughly three and the half hours that it is down some claims for one is less bad this in spite of to take me by means of the round of golf.
5 / 5
Looked in this product to buy for my mamma the one who is always cold, not importing the one who hot is, when his arrived, has opened he until seeing as and if work, turned it on and was very surprised in just that the heat has been produced so only in a first setting, has chosen to maintain using this product for a day for the try was on its own name, has finalised to maintain a warmer hand on its own name!!! When in a dipping a big plus, can feel achieves 130°, can be too hot to touch with coffins hands, this in spite of, absolutely brilliant to have in a pocket when walking. It was impressed like this with this product has ordered another for my mamma to have, to the as it said it in fact feels warm, and setting 2 is quite warm for sound!!
Has recommended highly this warmer hand to a lot of people. I think that that it is absolutely brilliant!! Load for the 5 hours and hard for 12 hours, according to a setting chooses. That is included better, can have the habit to touch other devices also!
Amazing product. Highly I recommend it. More £ x2 am spent the long time!! Thankyou Never so much!! My life is warmer and happier with this warmer hand in him. 😆
5 / 5
Touches quite quickly and use this when the dog that walks usually in of the settings 1 or 2, probably take roughly 5 hours, but ossia for the half-sessions of now like this using beats to cover yes in a session he probably last longer. I will be in accordance with level of leading descriptions 3 is quell'has bitten too hot to resist and would require to be inner something to avert direct contact.
My woman and the daughter likes them use this I so that it can require take another.
4 / 5
Ossia The really a lot of handwarmer, feels well in a hand, good smooth arrival and because of a main battery, remains warm longer. I suffer cold hands and has been using this indoors; in some rests of half setting in the good same temperature for several hours. Personally it feels he bit it too weighed to dip in the pocket and use alfresco so that has one of some smaller versions to spend external. I find these rechargeable handwarmers the invention adds and hopefully a technology will improve to maintain them going included longer. His still cant match a fluent hand-held lighter warmers for longevity, but is more convenient and the friendly user. A main down side with this one is taken the slow time in recharge, like this more to have the transmission. Totally recommend!
5 / 5
Incredibly handy tool when exiting the cold day. Any so only can soul hands but used it also like the mini bounce hot water and of course the telephone uploads. It does not leave house without him. The majority of level of chance 1 is quite but on particularly cold days lvl 2 is well. I have used so only lvl 3 (max) when I have loved to animate the pocket or animate by means of the fat pair of gloves. I last the long time that uses to heat so only used on and has gone for the majority of the full day and can had has left still.
5 / 5
Has purchased my prime minister an and then has taken the second he so that it could animate both hands. This in spite of, both of them have taken roughly 3-4 first uses of the small patch of a black plastic has begun to melt. Like the result there is prendido using them. Also to the equal that count like this rechargeable battery, am unable to send them behind for the repayment like the real topmast will not leave it . It is gone in to touch with services of client of the amazon to explain and his repayment and ask me to situate they. 5 stars for amazon 1 star for a product

Top Customer Reviews: OCOOPA Hand Warmers ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 45 ratings
4 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. One produces adds partorisca help to maintain warm. It is rechargeable and a boss the recharge is has comprised. Also it has included it is partorisca the spend stock exchange and the strap of wrist of the silicon. A recharge the time is quickly and takings the plot of life of the alone load. A device is the good form and returns well in a hand. It is really easy to use, on/was is achieved partorisca press a key partorisca five seconds, that remains the battery can be dress partorisca press a key two times (blurs lights) and a setting of heat is selected partorisca press a key once (red light). There are three settings of hot and each cycle of press by means of them. It produces the good quantity of hot and in fact maintain you warm. A device also is exited partorisca touch other devices of, touch really useful needs your telephone whilst was and roughly. In general the product adds concealed is easy to use, calm maintain warm and has a prize added partorisca be the portable load. Really happy with him.
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A time has turned and already is feeling! As it has taken a jump on winter this year and has taken this warmer hand. Press and resist a key partorisca turn on and press again partorisca augment a temperature (has 3 settings) . It takes warm in roughly 15 second and is inner HOT 30 seconds. It comes with uploading it boss to recharge battery and spend it loop that can attach you. It has pleased really I have this and I sure am ailing partorisca be even more has appreciated the month or two when a winter really arrives.
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Really happy with this warmer hand, perfect partorisca long walks and in the cold mornings that do a career escole etc!. Has 3 settings partorisca heat like this calm sure to find a level of right heating partorisca you!, they Are quite fat skinned how was abit the spectacle punctually would be quite warm partorisca mine in pleasant! - But it was surprised enough in just like warm this can take (please see my photos of temperature), propiciadas so only a right temperature partorisca my hands but no too hot this felt!. A heating is double sided and no only 1 side!. It comes with the good soft pouch partorisca he partorisca seat in whilst yours using it but is not required prefers any partorisca the use!. There is Micro USB, USB writes A & Type of USB C (Type of USB C boss exited & of the entrance has distributed 5V 2A) & fold up like a band of external battery partorisca can in a gone!.

Can has to that purchase another 1 like my woman there is now knicked the! Lol. Thank you 👍.
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The heater Adds partorisca maintain the hands animate while it was and roughly. Take a dog partorisca the walk of morning in a cold wind and this maintains my good hand and toasty. The subject only are has to that maintain pockets partorisca exchange so it could do with the second.
Hot Up in roughly 15 second and taking almost too hot to touch when in a dipping a big plus. The hard battery roughly 4-5 days partorisca use like this far first to require that they touch again in the 30 or so that the minute walks each morning in the mix of low and dipping of heat of the half.
Also can touch another device to the equal that has socket of USB but any one have tried that. If this is to use then obviously a time of use will fall.
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Ossia My second rechargeable the warmest hand of OCOOPA and am pleased so only with him like this far like this with prime minister of mine, which was the 7500 mAh a, likes hopefully this one in 10,000mAh will resupply the load can faster and/longer. Mainly it uses to to these things likes them to them the hand warmers - of particular use in cold winter warmers while seating in a car and while his to heat up. It is the bit likes to resist the hot cup of tea in your hands! Also well of it has it seat in my pocket of discharge. My boy has maintained partorisca take my last a so that it is reason require another! This one in 10,000mAh feels bit it heavier that a 7500mAh, but can live with that. The improvements is is that it comes with both USB and USB-C put you, and the strap of wrist + straphole.
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Has bought this like this thought it to them could bes advantageous partorisca my mamma to the equal that wants to go in of the walks and in a winter can take bit it nippy in United Kingdom partorisca say a less. A product is slightly bulky and folds up like the bank partorisca be able to, does not require this characteristic but is good to know that it is there in the chance does. A packaging was very good and has not looked economic at all. A heat among three adjustable settings and an only improvement would say is that a level a big plus drains a battery a lot quickly. Very happy with east and partorisca a prize has paid, good value partorisca money.
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The one who the product adds. Like this well it drew it.
Is like this comfortable to resist in your hands or of the places in your pocket.
Has three levels of hot and an upper one is extremely warm.
One first load takes the moment but once this is to complete, a life of battery is point and averts.
Did not use It partorisca touch my telephone still but is surely so only the subject of time.
In general, can see that a costruttore of this warmer hand has dipped an enormous quantity of has thought his.
An ergonomics is glorious.
The work adds!!
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Hot Immediately, and is not that heavy partorisca a technology takes,
imagines one 2 main heat the settings are partorisca when you can be in extra, nippy time.
Otherwise, A first setting is spare or the bit of hot,
(I mainly uses partorisca the hygienic way to apply facial heat partorisca circulation and powerbank).
Hopefully A next model is lighter, there is even more energy and included go down/settings partorisca heat main.
But how is, am still a lot, very happy. 👍👍👍
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Adds partorisca some months of cold winter - take extremely hot in a dipping a big plus. It uses the majority of weekends whilst looking our football of game of the boys in some sidelines. I have it it touched it so only once and still it is going after the hours of use.

There is also has used recently he partorisca patch it hot in mine with which have required hot and cold therapy.

Really like a different setting of warm all a way to extremely hot!
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This a lot so only has a profit partorisca be the fast that touches the warmest hand, but also curve like the Powerbank.

Chairs comfortably in your hand, has the number partorisca heat seatings and comes with the handy strap and chance. It can verify life of battery with the pair of press of the key and discharges in yours telephone he has required!

Highly recommended!
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Lovely little warmer hand. Some three settings of heat are an excellent function , with a just low plus that offered the bit of hot, and a be maximum extremely hot.

My only complaint that partorisca east to take 5 stars is that in some maxima that dipped some looks to heat to be quite variable. Sometimes you grieve can touch it it is like this hot, and another am verifying is in a maximum setting. This looks for to be related to touch level how is always hotter so only after the full load.
This in spite of, included when a start of heat is lower is even more that enough to animate your hands the cold day.
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The one who the element adds. I have bought this on its own name to the equal that am suffering Reynaud syndrome. My hands take cold and numb like this quickly, especially in these conditions of time.
Then Handwarmer has solved my question 😃
Discharges very fast and last the moment. It is small that I can maintain he in a pocket or the handbag.
Is can bank it too which is in prize .
Highly recommended like the winter is coming.
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Ossia The lovely element , after one initial load has the life of long battery, almost 5/6 hours. Has 3 settings of the hot and one 3rd setting is quite warm. It returns well inside a pocket and also has a capacity to be the bank to be able to so that it adds when a telephone require the fast load!! The element adds, would recommend.
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Works as well as it has expected。。。 Bought more than one。 for members familiarised those who suffer with raynauds syndrome。。。 And like this constantly is suffering g with cold and numbing of his hands and Same。 feet in of the situations and time etc you wouldn‘t expect a temperature to affect them so much。。 Takes the good load for the decent quantity of time of use。。。 But the one who any Highly recommended。。 And especially to the equal that there was on read in a lot of descriptions of types and different frames。。。 And 812 recommended this mark and specifically this model。。 2 another recommends this mark but the different model。。 And some prizes have seen otherwise。。 can see reason such inform of the sound has been done
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This are adds for pocket or hand, warmer and in big heat, taking a lot warm in pocolos second. It comes with small stock exchange and in during band. It gives of the heat of plot and to good sure maintains your warm hands, comforting in the cold evening, is quite small to return in the pocket , just need to do sure does not come to contact with any moisture. It is really easy to touch using an USB the a lot of ready and versatile artilugio.
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Is the compact product that does almost well. Alma yours hands properly and has the big battery to touch your artilugios in a gone.

HAS USB micro like this gone in and USB-A & USB-C likes start. Too bad a type C can not be used like an entrance also.

A container has the far better quality that has expected. A quality built of a product is also decent. Also it comes with an USB-A to C boss, strap of wrist and travesĂ­a small pouch
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has tried was when a temperature has fallen recently and was pleasantly surprised with an almost the heat of instant has distributed. It has had I yield my hands covered and the battery would have to last for the reasonable time in 10000mAh. It can be used like the bank of power for telephones etc, so that it is in prize .
5 / 5
Wow Does this thing takes warm! No hanged to plot and easily returned in the pocket. Hot On quickly and in a dipping a big plus, without a bit pouch, would say that it is too hot to resist!
Operation of alone key for on/was and level of heat.
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So only that has required with as the time is lately state. I do until enough late and it has to that travel you in a cold to take house, and is difficult to find hand warmers that in fact animate your hands properly until it has tried them this. It has tried so much but yours one is big quality and a lot warm. Nizza And soft to resist too much! To good sure recommend for this coming winter!
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Really well, bought for a Lady as it always complains the cold hands and this takes lovely and animate a lot quickly!! It was in a moon! Prize added that touches his telephone also!
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This warmer hand is like this small that calms that can spend easily in your pocket. Also it heats on very quickly. Has three train partorisca choose. This warmer hand also can be used like the point partorisca touch to touch your mobile phone.
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Has loved this produced, fast delivery and add to maintain the hands animate slope of the rounds of golfs
5 / 5
Hot on a lot quickly and has the life of good battery. Easy to touch via USB and also can be used like the band to be able to. Gain little device.
4 / 5
Heats on quickly and with a prize added to be able to recharge my mobile phone.
4 / 5
Good element, the lovely delivery  loves it . Highly it will recommend Simple to use, my hands animate all good I think will buy it again for my fellow better, Thank you very much.
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Received it so only, has touched all prejudices it yesterday, in a morning sĂșper hot on level 1 but a lot sure the one who durable will be he during a winter. Need to update my description the little time of month! Good creation, a lot fat and right measure for hands of adult.
4 / 5
Absolutely that has surprised, if you have not taken one and feel a cold, takes one. Calm will not be disappointed. Has a very happy promise .👍👍
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In a winter is a lot warm a lot easy to use and a lot comfortable when it resists in your hand is a lot warm
4 / 5
Works well, unfortunate this heat is lost enough quickly when it has been used and starts to lose cariche.
Characteristic well that I can be used like the portable load.
4 / 5
Hot excellent on a lot quickly really warm has bought covers it my hand warmers in so much have a better of both
4 / 5
in the full load and in the maximum heat has maintained a lot warm for on 6 hours.
4 / 5
Has bought for my Dad the one who has arthritis in his hands, a heat really helps especially in a morning.
4 / 5
Is incredibly warm! A hot given the reception to in some hard temperatures.
4 / 5
Ossia The fact of good product and am happy to say work so that it has feigned. It covers quickly and a life of battery is very impressive. Any tried the like this the telephone uploads, but concealed is not reason has bought the. Like the warmest hand is upper notch . Touched the on done the week and has used he for short periods daily and still is that it goes strong.
4 / 5
Has bought for a woman as it always is complaining his hands are cold, included in a summer! With 3 heating same levels his discharge of hands! I have been thus model because of a fact there has been the big battery that would last, and he 6-7 hours of heat. Having a capacity to recharge his telephone is an absolute gem , 2 in 1 saving of device that has to that spend a band to be able the aswell. His add having fold sided to the equal that can use he in his hoodies, that soul both hands immediately. It is not the big and his relatively light seen how is also the band to be able to. It comes with instructions and usb goodnesses of load. The hand adds warmer and brownie the points have obtained!
4 / 5
There is so only such action adds and feels partorisca feel like this a lot he in your hand. A measure is perfect, he so only the little smaller that mine telephone like him the very comfortable fact. According to a level of hot, a battery is lasted enough the good time for normal use, in to all the chance like him have a heat that dips quite down so only to animate softly. If it suffers the cold hands or that go to be external, these calm give you the little piece of the consolation and he also do like this bank to be able to is the joined. Really happy with him!
5 / 5
Tends to have cold hands easily like this this was perfect for me. It heats on a lot quickly and a soft material in an outside feels good and warm to touch. It can easily returned in your pocket and also fold up like the Bank to be able the
4 / 5
has taken this to camp on winter, covers really amiably and much warmer that disposable hand warmers has used previously, of then taking it took it on the pair of walks and found the good to maintain your toes/rids warm
4 / 5
animating Really good. Going to buy another for each pocket. Really warm and a hard battery the long time.
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Man kann gives Kasten wohl auch als Powerbank verwenden, gives habe ich jedoch nicht getestet. Brauch ich nicht. Mir War jetzt zu Beginn gives kalten Jahreszeit die Heizfunktion wichtig, gives ich schnell raue HĂ€nde bekomme, und die tuts!
Einen Unterschied zwischen Gives drei Heizstufen vermag ich nicht Likes Recht zu vernehmen, was aber a lot of ist, denn like this reicht die niedrigste Stoves und somit erreiche ich quotes lĂ€ngste Laufzeit. Wenn ich Quotes WĂ€rme beschreiben mĂŒsste, wĂŒrde ich is als angenehm soul bis heiß beschreiben, aber nicht then , dass man sich verbrennen wĂŒrde.

Ich habe Gives GerÀt In giving Jackentasche, wodurch has given schön soul bleibt und ich meine HÀnde immer darin aufwÀrmen kann. Wo wir schon beim Question wÀren: Denn HÀnde man of hat ja im Normalfall zwei, ebenso wie Jackentaschen. Somit könnte Is wohl sinnvoll heart, direkt 2 zu bestellen. Denn immer wechseln ergibt auch nicht Like recht Sinn.
Positiv aufgefallen ist mir Quotes Möglichkeit, sowohl place Micro USB als auch USB dipped-C laden zu können.

Drei kleinere Punkte, dessen Man sich bewusst heart muss:
- Give Gewicht ist recht ordentlich und macht sich auch bemerkbar.
- Is gibt keine automatische Abschaltung. Wenn Man vergisst, is auszuschalten, ist are are nÀchsten Seal garantiert has read.
- Aufladen Are besten ĂŒber Nacht, denn 10000mAh dipped 2A zu laden dauert are Weile. Wer zwischendurch Bad nachladen , greift besser zur etwas teureren Version, die PS unterstĂŒtzt.
4 / 5
Gives HandwÀrmer konnte bei Gives jetzt sinkenden Temperaturen nun endlich ausprobiert werden und wir sind ziemlich erstaunt, welch WÀrme likes ein kleines GerÀt entwickeln kann.

Zoom Produkt: it Gives Neue aufladbare HandwÀrmer has dipped 10000 mAh kommt hochwertig verpackt daher. Of the GerÀt Hat eine angenehme Haptik durch know samtige OberflÀche und liegt gut in giving Hand. Of the GerÀt lÀsst sich For USB-c Anschluss, in ca. 3 Stunden aufladen . It is kam bei some positiverweise bereits vorgeladen A.
Is stehen 3 Temperaturstufen for Knopfdruck zur Auswahl.
Nach dem einschalten nimmt Man direkt eine ErwÀrmung wahr. In giving dritten Stoves ist gives GerÀt like this warm, dass is sicherlich selbst bei Minus-Temperaturen einem schöne warme HÀnde beschert. Kann mir sogar vorstellen, Gives is punktuelle bei Nackenschmerzen sehr angenehm ist.
ZusÀtzlicher Vorteil ist, dass the man gives GerÀt auch als Powerbank benutzen kann, gives haben wir aber bisher noch nicht genutzt.
4 / 5
Bracing I for Canadian winters!!
1) Accesses in a palmera of my hands a lot comfortably
2) comes with the strap to avert that has slips out of ur hands
3) the grip adds and looks to be sturdy
4) can be USED LIKE POWERBANK. I have not known in that but im happy has this characteristic
4 / 5
Dies ist ein HandwÀrmer,, gives gleichzeitig auch als Bank to Be able to fungiert.

Ich benutze ihn jedoch ausschließlich als Hand wĂ€rmer, gives ich schon genĂŒgend Banks to be able to im Einsatz habe. Sie wird demnach nur im Notfall Zoom Einsatz kommen.

Gives HandwÀrmer kann -durch Knoofdruck- auf verschiedenen Stufen eingestellt werden und entwickelt auf gives höchsten Stoves eine ganz schöne Hitze, Die sind völlig aber nur, wenn man Hitze auch eintragen kann.

Bereits jetzt habe ich ihn schon immer In meiner Pockets, guten ĂŒberzeugt von give WĂ€rme, die er verströmt.
4 / 5
Habe mir aufgrund dessen Gives ich Handschuhe ĂŒberhaupt nicht mag aber trotzdem immer kalte HĂ€nde habe has given HandwĂ€rmer gekauft.

Er kommt In einer kleinen Verpackung, Pockets like this wie USB C Kabel sind auch dabei. Auch als Powerbank fungiert dieser HandwĂ€rmer, ich konnte mein Handy damit 1,5 aufladen. Die WĂ€rmeleistung ist richtig gut, bei Raumtemperatur reicht date kleinste Stoves, draußen bei like 0-10° die 2 Stoves. Die 3 ist fernab jeglicher gebrauchs Situationen ausser man sitzt in einem Forschungs one gives Pollen. Of the GerĂ€t wird auf Stoves 3 like unglaublich heiß gives man nicht festhalten kann, ich kann is alleine aus paranoier nicht auf dieser Stoves betreiben.

Ich kann mir relativ Gut vorstellen Gives given Akku Leistung yesterday etwas schneller nachlassen wird, Hitze ist nĂ€mlich ĂŒberhaupt nicht gut fĂŒr Akkus. Ich denke zwar Gives Given Hersteller auf einen vielleicht Hitze unempfindlicheren Akku gesetzt haben aber gives kann man natĂŒrlich bei einem handwĂ€rmer auch nicht vermeiden.

Fazit: Ich bereue Gives Kauf absolut nicht und Cube sĂșper zufrieden, werde mir noch einen bestellen fĂŒr dies andere Hand.
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Has bought this warmer hand for photograph of winter. Ossia The big quality takes to heat warmer with the 10000 man 21700 battery that resupplies much more life of battery. It is compact, sturdy and hot on a lot of fast . This rechargeable the warmest hand is groundbreaking. Has 3 different levels to heat as well as the characteristic of control of the battery. A measure is perfect access for my hands. Has grip as well as I can maintain it manually a lot easily. Also it can be used like the laptop uploads / bank of power to touch on diverse electronic. The element adds.

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 49 ratings
4 / 5
Really device very small, the usually buy a disposable hand warmers this among small sachets is not like this hot, does not heat on like this fast or like this environmentally friendly like this this in spite of.

Like this will be them to use this from now on.

There is little characteristic in this concealed deserves to mention has 3 settings of the hot and a hot plus is a lot warm in fact, heats on very fast.

HAS the life of long durable battery and the double tap of some leaves of key is that it would beat has has left.

Resists the good load and can be used like the bank of power to touch other devices.

The time of winter could require the second warmer hand although one for each hand-held / pocket.
5 / 5
Brilliant device for some advance of cold days. When I have turned calm on can feels to cover almost instantly but taken roughly 10 seconds for him to be of the good heat to start with that animates your hands. Usually I use him to animate my hands in plenaries dipping a that goes down down and creature he on a sleeve of my jacket or a pocket of the interior and he calm so only give you that hot that is required.
The walk has 3 that dips how is selected with the fast press of a main and calm key can press and resist a key to change on or era.
A device feels good and solid and well has done that it was of entity of mine when treating heat.
4 / 5
This little artilugio is brilliant. It is sĂșper hot same in a dipping a low plus. Already I have the leading version that it is to add and maintains my lovely hands and animate in winter. Bought this one for a luxury of one in the each pocket. This version has improved new has the main battery and really takes sĂșper hot. It has taken the few hours to touch again but into use, remained warm for a lot of hours, included at night in dipping lower. Recharged Quite quickly with which first use. It is the must has for me. A real pocketful of consolation some days some cold more that walks a dog. Spent one, spent two! Value he.
5 / 5
My woman suffers Reynauds Syndrome that means some of his toes are always white and cold. It is especially problematic in a winter. This was the turn to do present that has the double purpose. It is the mobile phone powerbank and handwarmer also like the very useful device. A handwarmer the function does a lot well. Infact Dipped 3 that can be too hot! No like this hot to the equal that to burn but so only tip the one who this effective . Having the 10,000mAh upload bad can touch his mobile long. Ideal for his handbag.
4 / 5
Like his now taking colder and the winter is coming, ossia a perfect artilugio to have. It is easy to use and hot on quickly. It likes that it comes with a usb touching of boss and spend pouch. It likes that of the his quite compact to dip in your pocket. It touches quickly with a usb c boss. Has 3 settings of hot and one dipping a big plus is a lot warm. Has the indicator of battery and a life of battery is really good. It likes that the hips can be used like this of the bank of power to touch other devices.
4 / 5
This rids warmer was a lot of toasty and good to resist but ossia where my finals of praise.

Some claims in some advertising is which sold and persuaded to spend this has bitten extra on 'fast touching' and '15 life of now'.

Neither of these claims were true, a warmer hand has not spent 6 hours in a setting of hot half and he taken to touch my telephone to plenary of 20.

Is not everything is broken until being, would recommend so only buying some good quality, warm gloves and save you hassle.
5 / 5
Have ache in my hand for month now and has them has felt relieved when it dips them warm compresses in the like this the decided to find the warmest hand ossia rechargeable is coming them to of the this and has been surprised that you can has used the hips like the telephone uploads. I am satisfied like this with purchasing it really help me, a lot handy easy to use a battery takes the long time partorisca drain. I want that it comes with his own pouch like this the that can spend on my stock exchange or my pocket. It produces very lovely.
4 / 5
Add little unit. It feels silky smooth to touch. Has micro and usb-c. In a max the setting is quite hot to touch but yes perfect in a stock exchange. It can take 3 cariche full was for my iPhone 7 More.
4 / 5
The mine is is returned. It has touched fully my warmer hand to the equal that has instructed...... And it has had less then the heat of an hour before he fully downloaded in a setting to heat lower!

Is neither miserable state and has received one with the faulty the battery or some 14 claims of now are way of a mark.
4 / 5
Has fill he with electricity and gave it my daughter the one who was the school . During a winter, the hands of my daughter was frozen always and red, which has affected the duties of my daughter and has affected sweats to eat. He maintaining has no such questions. It is resupplied to the comprehensible sweetness of my daughter. Alive felizmente in this season
5 / 5
Like the time cools and some drops of temperature, my start of hands partorisca freeze all day long, he doing hard partorisca me partorisca do things with quite using it, can give me hot, his heat is a lot durable, a measure of a creation is also correctly, my hands can be full of the discharge
4 / 5
Hot! Max frames are add, too hot to resist for longitude in your coffins hands like this utmost to animate by means of gloves, or wrapped in of the materials to use like the hot water highly portable substitute of boat. Included in max the force resembles last for hours(6/7+).
4 / 5
HAS the life of long battery, which maintains my hands animate for the long time, and does not take long to has a lot thermostatic control, a temperature does not fluctuate on and down, am very satisfied with the compraventa
5 / 5
doing well, gives good durable heat. I have not used it likes him to him the band to be able to still this in spite of.
4 / 5
A measure of a product is in his point, a material is comfortable to touch, and is no-slip. I can choose three classes of temperatures, which can be regulated according to my own needs, and resupplies heat for the long time
4 / 5
A time to touch of this product is short, but can be used for the longitude , was able to touch my iPhone a lot quickly.unla The forms of a product is very drawn and correctly to resist in your hand
4 / 5
has think that a battery had died a warmer hand was touched for 2 hours the still could not being able to him on
4 / 5
the have the questions with my hand and of the feet that always feels cold, has bought of then third hand- warmer I always dipped in my pocket and use my hand resists it, me feel the whole organism soul also the durable long time without touching am pleased really for the have.
4 / 5
Resupplies the pair of hours of heat in full power. It is coming a lot of-presented in the box of present, and use of round of the year with a bank of power of function of big capacity.
5 / 5
Last the long time, production of good heat. Taking uoto 13 hours in a dipping a low plus.
4 / 5
Very happy with this wee the warmest hand. The life of battery adds, heats on really quickly, 3 settings of hot and can touch your telephone also! Has the indicator of handy battery also! It feels solid quality , adds produced .... Door on winter!
4 / 5
Petit And compress returning easily in the pocket. Lovely and animate without being too hot and will be used in the variety of situations.
4 / 5
The lovely hand warmer ossia sĂșper portable. Amur A creation that gives the boss like calm easily can mangos. It takes the pocolos second partorisca he partorisca heat up. It could remain hot partorisca around 6 hours. Truely Amazing. Amur He
4 / 5
Before impression of this product was a lot of good. It is gone in packaging of complete quality with courts partorisca touch boss, strap of wrist, stock exchange of cloth and leaflet of instruction. A leaflet covers the number of slightly of different versions of this product that has the variety of specifications so the number of precise product verifies partorisca find that version applies. Some instructions are mainly wording and a lot simple and easy to follow. A device looks solidly fact with the good easy to surface of grip. There it looks t or the number of options by heart partorisca this device. I guess partorisca different specifications. The mine is objective and black entrance .

A warm plus has three sockets in a flange. One is normal USB partorisca begin to be able to if this is to use like the bank of power to touch other elements. Any another touches it USB 4 and the Micro USB. Ossia The really good touch . Any one can accustom touch he so that it gives a capacity to use whichever touching the boss is available. A small key in a front resupplies all a control. Press and control partorisca the pocolos second partorisca turn on or cycle by means of a three available heating levels. Three small leds objective that the level has been selected. If the boss is plugged to the socket partorisca touch one same leds aim a level of load and when it is has touched fully. Plugging In a boss begins partorisca touch way. There is any start partorisca heat while touching that it felt of frames. In the use like the power banks a start is caused automatically when an element to load is plugged in. I really like a way a device remarks that the socket is used and automatically goes to corrects way without requiring to press keys.

Another good characteristic is that a device can relieve when the big power USB4 the load is used. These turns in the greens focused partorisca indicate that fast touching is taking place.

Now to one of the entity has bitten. It takes warm? Yes he , taking a lot warm a lot quickly. In fact same in a level a low plus has required to dip he in his chance of cloth to the equal that has taken the little too warm for consolation. I do not have timed a life of a battery while heating but is alleged to be until 15 hours. I assume ossia for a start to level lower that it is in fact the very useful level.

Finally am very impressed with this device but I perhaps need another I so that has one for each hand.

Finds my description helps your decision to buy pleases click he. Useful. Tecla like six am not squandering my time. Thank you.
4 / 5
Are very impressed with east. I am affected for peripheral neuropathy like the result of a type of chemotherapy has received some years. One of some consequences of of the this is that I have reduced feeling in my hands and this results inclusos worse in cold time.

This little car is the help adds .
+ HAS three settings of hot and creates the temperature a lot quickly.
+ A creation has been very thought by means of and returns a lot amiably to a hand.
+ Also comes with the strap of useful wrist that can attach you, desire .
+ In a maximum dipping this really generates an impressive quantity of hot, but also achieves this in the sure way, so that it does not have any risk that would be you burned.
+ Also has the clear light exposure, so that you know what load is remaining, or can see like the things are progressing when you are recharging a unit.
+ Comes with the orderly storage pouch also.

If this was so only the warmest hand, would be impressed enough ... But he also works like the bank of portable power - and he the work adds of the too. Some claims of costruttore that will touch it an iPhone 11 to 50 in 30 minutes - I can not comment on that, but used it on my Motorcycle G6, which there is qualified of impressive battery, and has augmented one uploads for 50 (of 10 to 60) in 45 minutes. It was a lot of happy with that and there was still abundance of life of battery in a bank to be able to afterwards.

Is a lot easy to recommend this, so he calms so only is treating or gifting the one of more, am sure an user of final will be very pleased with him.
5 / 5
A lot small artilugio, the warmest hand and the bank to be able to so that it adds to camp. Touching works a min discharges you in boss of USB and fact with my iPhone 7 without any subjects.

A FOCUSED lit blue to the equal that is touching and the red is hot and has 3 settings of heat.
Takes the USB that boss of touches (needs to resupply your own 3 discharges of pin) and the good spends stock exchange of series of the draw.
Was quickly to fully of load, has not tried to see how long a hot hard for hard for 15 hr like the advertising says then well has bitten of boxes.

No easy to animate both hands with this device, so need to decide as rid to want warm.
Has more economic 10000mAh bands of power of the battery in a phase all master is the band to be able to, this has a boss has attached so that the frames that touch your telephone in a gone more practical.

A warmer hand is the good gimmick but a reusable pouches is perfect to camp calm so much can his reset to boil them. Unless it spend the generator with you while it camps this electrical hand warmer is no good for fine-hikes of day. You would require two to maintain both warm delivery, as it would dip this in a gimmick artilugio category.

Fill of good average for any but no practical likes a lot the band of battery or rid warmer.
4 / 5
Lustrous creation, good texture, the little heavier and bulkier that expected but no excessive. Nizza Spends/chance of storage, the strap has comprised, 2 additional options to upload it the boss yes decides any to use a one this distributes .

The initial load has taken roughly 6 hours, the low temperature has achieved that dips interior 15 seconds to turn on.
3 temp Settings, one the low plus is one the majority of comfortable to resist in coffins hands, to to the the bit likes to resist the heat beverage cup.
Has found a half and big time too big for coffins peel as it would be useful is spending gloves and so only require the little impulse of heat.

When being able of the turn on for the pocolos small to cover and the turn was again is fantastic! In comparison of more than delivery 'traditional' warmers that so only have a temperature and need to be king-heated in the microwave or reset in of the hot water, with this only need the bank to be able to or it socket of wall.

Does not have any idea of a life of battery of the full load, there is not using he for long periods of time, but would find it would be the few yes calm days the the so only turned on for the pocolos small as and when required and maintained to some lower temperatures.

Accessory of perfect cold time.
4 / 5
Handy Little artilugio that reads well. Calm here have the warmest hand and telephone it upload bank everything in a. I have taken this was for the walk of cold dog for the try and my edges and his partner have finalised to touch in a park in wet, cold, device of metal. His hands were roses with colds to the equal that have flown was. It is it likes to resist the potato of jacket that is like this warm and oval. Ours a that dips a big plus has not gone too hot to resist but have 3 settings to regulate and the handy pouch to use. Useful to have some 2 extra sockets to use yes has required to touch your telephone to arrive or any one another usb element. Any one weighed to spend. It feels as it stirs it of tones in your pocket. It has taken roughly 3 hrs to touch. Sleeve has bitten it fiddly to attach like this help your grandma yes is the present . Calm can use like he mini boot to water also is seating and the situate in your lap. Ideal to cuddle while in a yard in a school career or for skiing. Ossia So only more expensive that a half hand warmer reason the a bank to touch has comprised.
5 / 5
Ossia He stylish the warmest hand drawn for all the world. His lustrous creation is remained with the row of the available useful functions, any one only effectively soul your hands wherever is, but is also the bank of power of big action that simply can it result lifeline in him that a lot  to situations like to them operates it, school or any cariche external really quickly, initial load last for 3 hours and life of battery last the long time depends that calm used it, both side animates is   has 3 settings, and cover really quickly , there is Raynaud the syndrome and I have used  to dip 2 interior a moment when walking external and ossia effective relieving  to to symptoms likes him to him the ache of palmera and cold toes. This will be an idea of present of excellent winter , both to the friki/ artilugio fanatic partner and the member familiarised or any one know the one who have the freezing hand or for calm.
5 / 5
Massively better that an old fashioned hand warmers to the equal that has required to boil in the casserole to reset.

Like any the one who has poor circulation my hands frequently are freezing cold, painfully so much and is resulted enough an expert in of the gloves, mittens and hand warmers, this one is probably my preferred.
A handwarmer hot on quickly to produce the comfortable heat, no too hot of the uncomfortable control but no like this sweet the heat regarding the useless, the good balance has been achieved.

Like the band of battery is equally well, gives telephones the fast impulse when I require it of prenderte taking stuck without being able to.

A c the goodness of type is comprised but if it do not use this uploads the type for your telephone will require to take your own.
A chance of soft cloth and the strap to hang to spend is has comprised also .
4 / 5
My daughters a lot of activities after pupils, but because of covid restrictions, can not expect in some edifices anymore, enough am seated in a car for hours the time. It is beginning to take chilly after an hour or like this, as it has taken this handwarmer partorisca take my toes that goes blue.

Touches with the boss of USB quickly and efficiently, then is ready to use. I have been surprised in a heat emitted for of the this, certainly does well. It is not malleable, but has a look and feel of the mouse of computer. There are three settings of hot, and a battery has the decent life before need of touch again. As well as a boss to touch, also comes with the strap of wrist and the spend stock exchange, as all is maintained near.

An only complaint has is that the desire is coming like the pair, but in general am very happy.
4 / 5
This description concerns a OCOOPA Hand of Fast Load Warmers Rechargeable, 10000mAh USB C Delivery to Be able to Electrical hand-held Bank to Be able of Warmer, 15hrs Along Durable, 3 Levels of Hot, Perfecto for Alfresco, Men of Women of Creative Presents, 1-Band, prize in revisingÂŁ.

An effective hand warmer that also curve like the Bank of Power for recharging cellular etc. Shaped Enough like the comfortable computes the mice offers roughly 15 hours to use continued with three settings of heat. Hot On a lot quickly and taking a lot, a lot of same heats in a setting to start with lower.

Comprises two put you of start, USB-C and USB-An offering versatile recharging options.

Arrives a lot of packaged in the quality, the box compresses that the fact the present adds.
4 / 5
At the beginning looked, thought that it would be the normal to upload, has not looked in a spec properly. I clicked a normal key and a warmer hand heat taking and there is @@give then was the warmest hand as well as the portable load. It was really value a prize that paid partorisca in ÂŁ and these are some reasons .
- Is sĂșper light and there is wanted that 👍
- a creation looks really good and very easy to resist✋
- a warmer hand instantly soul take, as it covers a lot quickly
- A life of battery is really well, has touched my telephone almost 3 times❀. A lot of gain with this fast load.
In general, is the very good 2 in 1 portable load as well as the warmest hand. To good sure would recommend 👍.
4 / 5
This empty small hand warmer comfortably your hand and feels quite natural there. It is solid but no too heavy. It touches quite quickly to aim 3 blue lights when they have touched fully. One 5 according to control of one in the transmission turns a heater on. A heater has 3 levels each indicated with the red light. One 5 according to the control changes a heater was. A unit also can have the habit of power the telephone or another small mobile. It gives of the same hot pleasant in the low level and a coverage to touch soft adds to an experience of consolation. It arrives amiably packaged and comes with the travesĂ­a orderly pouch and spend manage which is sincere to return. A basic, but pertinent, the manuals of user have comprised also. A warm little luxury.
5 / 5
Ossia The good device has built . It feels he adds in some hands and comes with to to the small velvet likes pouch. Has half sized hands but for any with reserving smaller this can be difficult to the grip in a delivery. This in spite of, has the rubberized feel organism. There are three functions: each one which so one taking hotter. Taken literally as to heat up. Interior of hot full 10-15 seconds. It comes with the usb-c touching boss also, which can be plugged directly to the usb outlet. It would not touch this has seen the laptop to the equal that could speak the moment. Have usb outlets In mine sockets so many cariche on enough quickly. The life of battery is good but suppose to like all the batteries, of the calm more use it, a toneless plus takes every time.
5 / 5
Is the 10000 mAh rechargeable bank of power of the battery and rid warmer. A lot I compress in fact and good for Ladies like his stock exchanges have far too many things that men. We require some artilugios this servants fine purpose.

In of the terms of hot, has three ways of hot, covers a lot quickly, maintain you warm but no too hot. Well for winter :)

Like the bank to be able to, is good to touch both mine telephone and the majority of the mine can of pill in a good. Really he well for me if I havd to exit for the whole day.

An only thing I need to advise a crew to draw is for his consultor to add on some sign gone in on and start. This will be perfect.
5 / 5
This device is brilliant. It touches well and it maintains his uploads. A device takes really warm same in a first setting but is really toasty in a dipping a big plus. It is ideal when that goes in of the walks the tuck to the pouch/pocket and control or when external looking sports. A device is really ergonomic and feels comfortable to resist any in a rid or cupped in two hands. Has the really good quality seat his. If it feels a cold then this little warmer hand is perfect for you.
5 / 5
Rechargeable The warmest hand is brilliant. Taking really warm and loves that has the bank to be able to also. But I have not tried that still. To good sure would recommend. 5.
5 / 5
Is taking cold now in an Or.K. This crisp the early morning that fallen some girls of the pupils or while line to take some compraventa while it is freezing external. The gloves so only do not go to cut he for me.
Am freezing more than Elsa in the freezer
Like this thought would try one of these with an idea to buy the second. One for each pocket.

Wants to be warm, especially my hands. It does not suffer raynards but know the few people that , but stock exchanges of the grain so only gives of such the funk mine.

So that it comes this heater of band/of the power.

15 hrs Of heat. When Trying has taken 13 like any far was!!!!! Impressed :)

was able to touch my iPhone 11 Pro and take 7hrs the on dipped heat 1.

HAS 3 levels of hot, but my hands tend to melt on dipping 2. As guessing will take the data of the longest life does not require it like this hot.

Has impressed further! Seriously. No for the dipped down and there is has bought already the second. (I follows sure some girls quell'will rob was quite punctual!)
4 / 5
Last year has bought alike element but with 2000mAh and this was a main deception . It was small but battery last less than 2 hours. It was metallic and comfo9in hands. This year I have done the perfect present on its own name has bought the decent hand warmer with the bank to be able to 10000 mAh.
HAS the very smooth arrival, drawn for hands. In pocolos according to calm can seats a lot warm. Battery last a lot of hours. I do for 8 hours and is warm for 2 turns . The the key at night to the equal that can do not saying how long exactly is to touch but think that is so only the few hours. It is also he adds like this he powerbank so it can touch your telephone until 100 this in spite of maintains animated for 6-8 hours.
The winter is coming. I can recommend take one if works to like me still and have cold hands.
4 / 5
This little warmer hand is precisely that has looked for. My works of woman in ours study which has to that remain ventilated because of his work, so that it likes them the course of the coldest month in her can take the bit of the cold and has question heating behind on quite fast. Taken the this like the surprise and was in fact chuffed; some heats of what up in of the seconds, has shared the video because it could not think that quickly was!
Fast load, well spends chance, 3 varied levels of heat... The 100 recommends. I imagine it it will be lovely to take is gone in crisp walks of winter also
4 / 5
are the person the one who takes cold a lot easily, is September but am feeling cold already, as I have bought this, is to touch soft , easy to use and can accustom touch like the bank to be able to, very pleased with the mine purchases like this far.
5 / 5
A product has a measure of the pocket and is very convenient to spend. It can resupply heat for the long time after touching a battery, likes I any precise to concern in a loss to heat when I exit for the day, which is exactly that precise
4 / 5
Like the student an arrival of winter is really any one the hands of what good am frozen things of the difficult writing has bought my hand of edges of edges of the good warmer no longer fearful to writes has to that
4 / 5
A quality of a product is a lot well,the organism is small, heats on a lot quickly after being open,the power is well, is very convenient to exit to touch with him, is also a lot quickly to touch a mobile phone and animated some hands.
4 / 5
So only takes the few hours for the touch to a plenary and is very convenient to use. You can dip he in your pocket and animate your hands any time
4 / 5
used it once and then would not touch again. But sad has had to that return:-)
5 / 5
Is gibt like this kleine Artilugios, die entpuppen sich im Betrieb als richtig gute GerĂ€te. Dieser HandwĂ€rmer ist Like ein Teil. Ich War etwas skeptisch was WĂ€rmeleistung und Betriebsdauer betrifft, wurde aber schon nach gives ersten Wanderung ĂŒberzeugt. Of the Laden dauert etwas, ich hatte gives HandwĂ€rmer vor gives ersten Recognition etwa fĂŒnf Stunden durchgeladen. Dann Hat er aber auf Stoves eins von dreien zwei Stunden seinen Dienst has dipped ordenlicher Heizleistung getan, ohne dass given Ladeanzeige auch nur gezuckt hat. Zuhause Given of hat Ladeanzeige dann von zwei auf drei geladen. Of the ist fĂŒr mich schonmal richtig Hoards! Heizstufe zwei und drei habe ich, place bloßer Hand in giving Pockets bei 5-7° Außentemperatur wirklich nicht gebraucht. Of the gute StĂŒck wird wirklich sehr schnell, sehr to animate gut! Of the Gewicht von 165 g geht fĂŒr mich völlig well, zumal gives HandwĂ€rmer eine angenehme, teilgummierte OberflĂ€che hat und sehr gut in giving Hand liegt. In giving Hosentasche ĂŒbrigens auch! It gives Ladezustand kann schnell has dipped einem Doppelklick auf Gives einzigen Taster geprĂŒft werden. Die Powerbank-Funktion klappt einwandfrei, schaltet dann aber given Heizfunktion aus. Of the wirklich stylische Creation, die Funktion und gives Lieferumfang dipped Handschlaufe, SchutzsĂ€ckchen und Ladekabel, nebst sehr guter, deutsche Anleitung sind mir locker 5 Sterne dipped Sternchen wert. Absolute Kaufempfehlung!
5 / 5
Habe Has given HandwÀrmer zufÀllig entdeckt und mir gefiel gives Produkt direkt und Like habe ich is bestellt.

Von dem HandwĂ€rmer Cube ich absolut begeistert. Er lĂ€sst sich wie eine Powerbank ganz einfach aufladen und ĂŒbrigens bei Bedarf auch als Powerbank verwenden, eigentlich ist Is jedoch eine Heizung fĂŒr quotes Pockets.

Gives HandwĂ€rmer passt perfekt In data HandflĂ€che und lĂ€sst sich durch gives Schalter in drei Stufen betreiben. Nach wenigen Sekunden ist Gives GerĂ€t angenehm Animate und lĂ€sst sich like auch ĂŒber viele Stunden betreiben.

Ideal a ihn im Winter in giving Jackentasche mitzufĂŒhren. Of the GerĂ€t lĂ€sst sich viele Stunden betreiben bevor is wieder aufgeladen werden muss.

Ein echt tolles Gimmick fĂŒr Gives Winter zu einem gĂŒnstigen Preis. Absolut Empfehlenswert.

Top Customer Reviews: OCOOPA Hand Warmer, ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5
The desire has has had to that does years!
Like the Raynauds sufferer, I fight with cold toes during the coldest months.
Has has has heated gloves and also hand-held boxes warmers, but these have temperature too down partorisca help, as I have had big hopes partorisca this warm plus.
Chico oh boy, there is disappointed has not been!
Is a lot warm, in being able to fill enough to spend circulation to my white toes a lot quickly.
The hard battery while announced and load quickly.

Can not recommend this enough!
4 / 5
MODIFICATION: this thing takes hot! It used it on a half setting and he was darn hot, borderline too hot to resist, has not tried a big plus as it concealed surely would have been too hot

A lot of some descriptions of this look of the product paid for / the free product has been given. I have paid for mine, the be in the special lightning for ÂŁ16 I thinks era.

That volume, a hand has animated, little velvet feels coverage and usb c to usb c conversor smaller the usb a. A whole usb c the use is the result , has not expected that.

Anyways Regarding an action, this thing takes hot, as for a modification on, perhaps has tried so only he for the pocolos small when I revised it previously. Calm probably wants to be using it directly, no with your gloves on unless your gloves are relatively thin. I bought it to take a flange was when doing photograph in a cold. It does like this which is adds.

The question is my missus has taken possession of him for his commute. It says his well to exchange among pockets of jacket to maintain his hands animate in a walk to a train. Work of must for his too or would have said me to send it behind. You could it loves 2, one for each pocket/of jacket of the hand. ( I have finalised to buy the second)

the life of Battery looks quite well, has not tried timing it but last the good while. In general it was that it has been expecting, to good sure quite hot to be to use like this calm does not seat short has changed. My missus has had enough the pocolos fellow ask me for one links so it has loved an after trying his. Like this gimmicky like this could look, work and is now the staple in his handbag in of the cold days.
5 / 5
Was curious but also suspect roughly all some good descriptions. But I finally found something that ticks all some boxes.

1) With his three power the levels really resupplies quickly the heat adds

2) One feels is very good and smooth to a hand

3) looks a lot of

4) is rechargable easily

Prime : it offers the band of power for my telephone

Which More can ask :)

Highly recommended
4 / 5
has bought this for my woman the one who suffers arthritis quite bad in his toes, particularly in an end of his toes. An ache and the mobility issues these causes is always worse when it is cold. We have tried these few bands that shabby and has to that boil to use again but, to the left is to be sincere, is the real ache to boil and reuse.

This pocola what is fabulous! Calm simply touches for the pair of the hours and resupplies hours and of the hours of the lovely quantity to heat that I help to maintain his warm toes and stave was an ache and immobility. It is really simple to use too much:

1. It controls a key for the pair of seconds to change on.
2. Press a key to choose one of three settings of heat.
3. It controls a key the transmission was when you is done with him.

Simple like peas!
My woman is really happy with east and has helped certainly to relieve an ache suffers. Highly recommended to maintain the warm hands and helping with arthritis. Included it could buy another he so that it can have one in the each hand!
4 / 5
Has been that looks for the warmest hand for the moment of my hands takes very cold in my office and patient of constantly drinking tea.

This little device surprised a lot for his action and a good feeling of just in the resistant. A measure is idea , little smaller that my frames of telephone is holding very comfortable in my hand. It depends in a level of hot, a battery is lasted to spare yearn normal use, more prefer have a heat that dips quite down so only to animate softly.

Suffers the cold hands or that go to be external, these calm give you the little piece of consolation (also do like this bank to be able to is the joined). Now my mates have loved some hips which speak for him an amazing quality and practicality.
4 / 5
Has taken this like the present for my woman to use when it was is touching golf in of the days of cold winter.
Has on touched quickly using an USB C goodness comprised and there is also quell'USB C to the adapter of USB rule has resupplied that it is to use one has touched heatpack like him powerbank to touch your telephone etc, although it has not tried that function still, used it so only like the warmest hand like this far.
A heater resupplies the really good quantity of hot, lasted for on 3 hours after being fully touched and is very comfortable to slip to your pocket to animate your hands up. Also it comes with the small cloth pouch to maintain he in.
My woman is very happy with this practical and useful element.
5 / 5
Well of law and is surprising the one who hot taking... It will maintain your hands do not animate any question. Taken 5 minutes or like this to achieve hot full. I dipped it/ I dipped It on full setting until it has on heated and then turn a setting down to low and he ticks on amiably. Nizza wee Stock exchange to store he in too much. Brilliant fast load with USB C. It has it Qualcomm 3.0 USB C load, has touched really quickly for me. I tried it on it covers it the normal load with a boss has distributed, of the propiciado by iPhone uploads, and this has done well too much... Nifty wee artilugio...
5 / 5
Ossia A better hand warmer. I have taken this in the travesĂ­a recent to Alton Torres Scarefest to the equal that go to be there late nights, has bought 2 of these. His was adds. It is remained warm for 8 more than hours on and era. It touches a lot quickly to and it is a same boss like mine S10 telephones to upload. My daughter also wants to use his in a lower that dips how is more than quite warm.
4 / 5
Is really handy small and sturdy hand warmers. Utilisation to use this liquid hand warmers where has to that tilt this interior of metal to do soul. These have three dipping on him. And these are material to chair well arrive(smooth material). Load a lot quickly also. Helping me already during my travesĂ­a of morning to do this cold time.
5 / 5
Has found this an absolute essential to walk a new woman pooch. Reason could a lot of she be like me and like this of the cats.
A question with gloves is that Harper (the dog) drools so that it takes all yucky. Also gloves and verifying for messages in an iPhone is not really that easy as maintaining an of these in my pocket means that simply I can animate my hands without a need for gloves. It is small and is easy and quickly to touch. A real must for nights of winter.
4 / 5
Amur This element, can not expect have the doing in a winter. A hand heats warmer on very quickly especially when I level 3 is selected and taking to the lovly temp which is extreamly comforting. A device doesbt the stay animates when his turned was but your hand-held looks partorisca remain warm partorisca the long time with which. Very happy with east and will buy another very soon
5 / 5
has not answered some stars of Longevities cos am not sure that it is informs to and he hasn;t be 'used in anger' still outside but in a house is lasted 6 good hours and hot before I have required for the transmission was and was still hot - maintained warm tucked down my with the while it was in a computer all day without a central heating on!! We buy two - a for each of us. It is hotter and works for longer that a chemical powder handwarmers and will be the godsend in all the classes of situations in of the cold days.
4 / 5
Now here is the brilliant little artilugio for a winter. Bought a last year and he have done such the difference to be is gone in a cold. A lovely little consolation for your pocket. Has three settings of hot and has included a low plus is quite warm. The stays animate for hours. Treating I to the second, one in the each pocket. All my friends bought. Very impressed.
4 / 5
This product is lighter that has expected, but works fantastically. If not using this is in touches ready for a next day. Taking a lot warm, no too hot, like this easy to resist. Used in the pocket of discharge would last 3-4 hours in maximum power, but longer in of the lowest settings.
All the world-wide the father that is in a riverbank, looking cattails of youngster, has asked where to take one! Used long in just two month.
5 / 5
Has not been happy roughly that pays ÂŁ20 for the warmest hand but is the totally complains to think that now like his sĂșper easy to use and his extremely well! Like this pleased with my product his amazing. Taking really hot and his the hule lovely knitted that the comfortable fact. reccomend To all the world! So only it bit it garbled with some 3 things that is coming with him: paper/to hail of the Celebration , loveheart in the piece of plastic and another thinks that that they were scratchcards but the streaky and was at all there in both lol
5 / 5
This rechargable the warmest hand are adds.
Any colder hand in a school career, my same daughter loves it.
A thing adds roughly is that it comes with the boss to touch and also an adapter that bad can touch you in a gone using the bank to be able to cut was.
Draws really simple and easy to use.

The nave was really quickly and the communication of vendor was brilliant.
5 / 5
Has bought this like the present as I have used it so only for the try was. I can not comment on life of battery or the longevity but a unit have touched quickly and is the very effective hand warmer. Has three levels of hot and once changed in heats your hands or pockets very fast. The suspect can be buy more these!
5 / 5
Are the happy sound with my OcooPa handwarmer! Certainly there is it so only used it the little time like this far but know goes to having come everywhere with me. I suffer particularly when seated in an office that writes and always use fingerless wrist / of gloves warmers to try to struggle a cold feeling but has the limit to the very that works. Now it bursts my handwarmer inside a glove and work wonderfully to maintain my hand that feels warm.
Feels soft to a touch and has 3 settings of heat. Really it likes that I can use it likes him the battery uploads for my telephone also.
Thank you, of a happy client!
4 / 5
A lot so only he 'all said in one beats', but for an Arthritis sufferer like me resupplies no only the heat to comfort but also that elusive and eternally has wished for solace which is felt when an ache of the arthritis is lessened. Now I have 2 in my pockets almost all day - and my hands, in last, hardly hurt. For the arthritis is the soyust'!
5 / 5
Has has wanted to this at the beginning.. Bought the fact 4 month but he so that there is far there was so only used it two times. Chosen the on the 3rd time yesterday and will not change on - at all to do with one load, as I have tried recharging fully - has died entirely. That the waste of money. A cure of vendor..?
4 / 5
Ossia One 2nd a that has bought, because a prime minister one has thought was really good. This one has bought partorisca the present of anniversary but unfortunately to a moment because of lockdown has not been able of the give too lucido. As I have based my description of one 1st a.
4 / 5
This product is the saver of life , the photographs of fauna and flora and the sound out of long hours the time everything , ossia ideal to dip in the stock exchange or pocket, when a temp the drops so only change on and have heat of instant, better that using hotties, has them 2 of this one for each glove, would recommend them this product to any the one who is is gone in some elements for long periods.
4 / 5
Those who has known these am existed. The a lot of friends have purchased of then. Taking a lot warm, almost too hot out of a stock exchange comes with (like the comfortably warm fact) also able to regulate with 3 settings of heat. It prevails to be the battery of backup uploads. Felizmente Recommends.
4 / 5
Laws really well. Easy to touch and long that last. Used in a last pair of cold days and maintain the hands animate for a moment day. Better then one is soul in a microwave or cookery
4 / 5
Want to this rids warmer. Hot On a lot quickly, easy to use. Has 3 different levels to dip on a heat. Good-looking colour. An only question has with the battery that in fact leaves to use a device for 2 hours. I have bought two of them, for my mamma and I. It recommends for any person with cold hands :)
5 / 5
These produced was to recommend mine for the postal worker. Spending long alfresco in work and also walking of the dog has known has has had to that the give the try.
Laws brilliantly like this far. Hot On top of second interior and 3 different heat levels. You can maintain your eye in that life of rests of battery.
4 / 5
Petit And really handy. Two utmost uses in a product. My woman always has cold hands and always flattens a battery in his telephone. As this solves both and she does not forget never to take he with his so much is the necessary like the pair of gloves.
4 / 5
Has purchased diverse different handwarmers in a past, both have flowed both light plus Zippo some and a rechargeable voters some. Still consolation, action and so only the tactile brilliant feels in a hand, a Ocoopa is so only unbeatable. It loves the when the people ask that it is concealed ...... Then invariably we say that it has to that take one of those. Shining so only.
5 / 5
Has bought when in the treat daily and ideal to walk of cold winter to the equal that maintains the warm pockets, which cover legs and calm then can dip your hands in one maintain warm. Ideal for the Reynaulds sufferer taste. Also ideal to cover to bed like my feet maintain warm at night
4 / 5
Easy to use, fast to cover and resists the good load. Bought for my promise that does not like to spend the gloves and He has maintained his good hands and animate even some days some cold plus. A setting of multiple heat are to add and is the small portable build are adds. One spends the stock exchange is also the touch adds.
4 / 5
Utilisation this partorisca my Psoriatic Arthritis and Oesteo Arthritis.
Is really good and hot on quickly and is like this smooth in some hands and of the knees and behind.
A time remains hot and comfortable is roughly four to five hours. It is add partorisca my rynards also.
4 / 5
Perfecto partorisca my woman partorisca spend around. Compact but powerful. Really it dips it was some heat . Considering is hard small measure the moment. Roughly 45 maximum of minutes. Ossia An only drawback really - ossia the trade out of his measure. It would prefer it concealed partorisca be longer likes the touch taken the moment.

Perfects partorisca short explosions of heat. It will last the management of day on constantly partorisca animate cold hands
4 / 5
Cariche easily and maintains a heat partorisca the long time. There is the election of settings of temperature of very hot to just warm. It is so only a right measure partorisca return in a pocket of adult of half measure. Compraventa Excellent.
5 / 5
Ossia Perfect to relieve an ache of Costocondritis. It is very hot, has included on dipping 1, as be careful. I maintain in a bit pouch partorisca resist against my ribcage. Easy to use and to good sure would recommend to any one.
5 / 5
Uses this, when I go partorisca shoot in a winter. I maintain in my pocket of heart, and yes partorisca warm partorisca 4 hours in maximum heat. Alma my organism and my hands when precise to. A convenient product a lot of
5 / 5
has Purchased partorisca my daughter that read in the cold office, loves it, taking really warm, also can be used discreetly in a stomach for these uncomfortable days also.. im Going to purchase one on its own name pleased
4 / 5
has Bought this for my fellow the one who ALWAYS has cold hands. It takes it everywhere now. Amur An extra characteristic of him when being able to touch his telephone also. Amazing. Thank you
4 / 5
Bought for partner as it feels a cold looking football of game of the daughter.
Does a lot well and maintains the hands and the toes animate.
The shame takes like this long to touch behind to full power
5 / 5
small and compress more buy never for cold nighs waitng 4 train or same bus etc the value that takes 2 a for each hand but has included so only having a one is like this very also handy 4 when seating in computer of office or portable
5 / 5
has Bought for any the one who suffers Raynauds . . It is it gives out of the good force of hot, has included in a second dipping. Good and smooth measure feels . . Resembled the pill of soap!
4 / 5
Works really well, the light extravagance like any particularly necessary but certainly the chair adds these days of cold winter partorisca have the hot brick very partorisca resist to.
5 / 5
A 2nd a the ees has purchased like this first so only died after the few weeks but this bad boy still is going strong..
Uses partorisca golfs and laws partorisca treat it!!!!
5 / 5
Is brilliant to animate hands so only any last very a lot the time yes is in full heat. But a goodness is can touch of the portable load quickly.
4 / 5
Looks a lot ready and pleasant to resist. Life of the battery is not like this as well as it alleges, on quickly, is lasted so only 2.5 hours and any 6.5 hours to the equal that has alleged.
4 / 5
Has bought these like this of then when be diagnosed with subjects of heart and blockers of the beta prescribed and the inhibitors suffers cold hands. You a work
5 / 5
Really ordered little device, has bought he partorisca my edges those who always complains cold hands, hot taking really quickly but that it is also that impresses is that quickly it cools behind down again. It loves it!
4 / 5
Was the present for my mother partorisca christmas. It suffers poor circulation in his toes and loves it, during a period of his travesĂ­a on the north has said his toes am not never state numb like usual when it visits of the zones with such cold. It has said that it was the saver of the life and a better present could have asked.
4 / 5
Has turned in heating lower for hardly 5 minutes and he have begun emitting the smell in of the horrible llamas and smoke. Immediately it has turned it was.
4 / 5
The one who the product adds. I suffer with cold hands and having this devise in my pocket maintain toasty whilst I cheek golf or other external activities. It would recommend to another.
4 / 5
Has bought this the s agift for the partner with fibromyalgia the one who has ache in his hands. It loves it and it uses it regularly. It has said that a hard battery for the long time.

Top Customer Reviews: HOTHANDS Unisex's ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 48 ratings
4 / 5
I buy these every year. They are the professional gardener . When you Take very cold, I slide one in the each glove. Usually they remain warm partorisca at least 5 hours in of the temperatures so only on ice creams.
5 / 5
Travels the plot partorisca work and sometimes when being in the program of train can be frightfully cold. Having these in my pocket is so only perfect - my toes do not stiffen on so many can use my telephone, take my entrance ready ! They are really hot and last partorisca the abonos 9/10 hours that has been impacted in. Perfecto partorisca these days of cold winter
4 / 5
To good sure not animating enough for any suffering Raynaud is.
Has attached a result of the walk of now that it uses them.
5 / 5
Has taken these to the external test the cold windy day to dip to a test. I opened him half way to my walk when my toes were quite cold and this product has begun to do in 1 minute. They were slightly warm. I gave some comfort, but has not animated my whole hand, so only a palmera. Perhaps reason has big hands.
When it has taken home, one of a two warmers was much hotter that another. I am lasted around 10 hours my surprise. Global good product.
4 / 5
Are literally a colder person in a planet and these are some only things that read for me whilst walked of hill. I burst him in my gloves and is my saviour. It could cry with an ache in my toes before I have found these. I have tried other frames and his am not like this well like these. These do in fact last around 10 hours. It gives him the wee shaken to reactivate. Once they are house and has liked him saw in that bursts him in the my socks to heat my feet whilst chillin... Any point that hours to squander to heat these rests in his well?!
5 / 5
This hand warmers is wonderful. I have used these for years and is perfect in days really cold when it was and roughly. Always I maintain some work and in my stock exchange. You can use both warmers or so only a so it is sealed for separate. Calm as soon as you take of a container and expose to an air begins to cover, tends to give them the sobresalto also like these helps. I am warm but no too hot and is pleasant in your hand or pocket of discharge
5 / 5
has some have bought of Hong Kong that would have to it has imported directly of Giappone. Those are way more warmer compared to the east a, which is supposition to be fact in Giappone also(?)... The measure is very small, so only really creation to return the hand to pack so only. To good sure not animating enough for the time of United Kingdom...
5 / 5
These are few do little like this declared in the container is utmost for some external days any import that excepts to swim đŸŠâ€â™€ïž of course 😃
4 / 5
Brilliant hand warmers - ideal for walks of bicycle. Very pleased with these, give them the try.
4 / 5
My works of husband in the warehouse without hands has suffered a cols in spite of different gloves. These pocolos warmers is so only that has required. They are not too big and maintain warm for the long time. It has begun to use them in 6I are and when it has taken home was still warm.
Recommended !!
5 / 5
After reading the descriptions partorisca this produced have decided to purchase, like the dog walker my hands take very cold as it has seen this like the solution. Unfortunately they have not lived until a hype. First time to use has has followed instructions, and expected, and has expected. Finally the light heat emitted of them, this is lasted approx 20-30mins, as it launched him was. 2nd tentativa was no better. A lot disappointed.
5 / 5
Tried him when we take a dog for the walk in 8pm, has done quickly and a lot warm, has thought would see what time his really last like this still hot when there is put to bed around half night, tomorrow next when has despertador up in 7am (11 hrs with which has in the first place actuated was warm, shook them again and has taken hotter, like Coast has not been is gone in a cold for 11 hrs. But they do really well.
4 / 5
Absolutely the subject for a prize! Taken on an hour to achieve heat of summit then to to the stays like that for a business day of integer, which is surprising.

Expected it would take bit it warmer but hey, in this point of prize has no real complaints. It would be interested to know that environmentally friendly is tho, especially to the equal that can take by means of them quickly
4 / 5
am literally always cold to the equal that have bought these very while any one a lot, but is utmost! They take the pocolos small to heat up but once is the good level to heat that I last all day. A durable power is a lot that impresses to consider. More, there is not any need partorisca to microwave!!
My only complaint is that the desire there was more closings in the container. A container has 5 pairs repurchase like this need thicker.
5 / 5
Takes the pocolos small to take going before they begin to hot launcher like this more opened roughly 30 first minutes of calm require them. Easily slipped in your pockets or your gloves to give the pleasant heat when it is chilly external. Also more economic has an ache in yours with the to resist against a skin that self patches of aches & of aches to heat.
5 / 5
This hand warmers are adds for tucking in the pocket of just holding in your hands when it touches golf. They are quite susceptible on foot and of the cold hands do the reasons of health like a warmers maintain my cosy hands while touching winter golf. They are not bulky and last for him abonos 6 hours or more and is still animate further of this.
4 / 5
These are really good last for age .... A tip if any one love heat of waste and save he for later has actuated once... The tent in the stock exchange of focus he of the zip presses an air was animal animated but you wont take extra time so only a time has drawn....
Takes really hot... Shining when those camps
4 / 5
This hand warmers is really well, taking a lot warm & is lovely inside your gloves. My only flu is taken the moment to cover , as if you are already really cold, feels likes is expecting for ever for them to cover. As my tip is to open them on like this collected how was possible and has had to that age so it does not concern roughly resulting them less effective.
4 / 5
Does not operate. Tried three individual any like this far. A has not heated at all. Another two lukewarm in better. Has one with me now has included this has been “active” for three hours and has gone cold.

Hilarious That has the “opinion of burn” in these so many is not “hot” to the equal that as it has announced.

Returns of waste of the amazon in this product. It does not buy these.
4 / 5
That says. It would not buy again like any reusable like any environmentally friendly. Produced looked in a stage which can be animal has used.
4 / 5
They come two sperated in the container and is hard to open like this has to that cut both ends with scissors and if you are not careful has cut a warmer hand also. I will not buy this mark again.
4 / 5
This is to be buy like the present navideño partorisca the golfer as it can not say up to now that effective is this in spite of, has listened relate good for this a reason partorisca me buying them!
5 / 5
These are the Godsend in the Moterbike likes a bit days an ache of a cold can leave calm in of the tears, and still lovely and animate after the turn in acting apt snug in my gloves
5 / 5
has used these partorisca the game of cricket early season. It was quite cold not going the lie. But I have been disappointed that these dint maintain my hands animate for quite long.
5 / 5
Has maintained my hands animate in some recent colds snaps. Like a fact goes in still like this calm is not constantly transmission among hands. Lasted the good while.
4 / 5
Has not expected any a lot of these if I am sincere but is utmost, good and warm and last the day escole full for my boys đŸ‘đŸ»đŸ‘đŸ»
4 / 5
has bought these for these cold days when it was in highland bicycles and to be sincere is the bit of the left down. Any heat taking has - has tried at all 3 bands now as we think it to the knots could be it faulty sale to start with with but all have been some same. They take warm but a lot enough to do anything.
Hopefully A prĂłjimo some use will take hotter.
5 / 5
The product adds! I am doing the external a lot of hours and I have very suffered bad because of the delivery frozen. Now they are in heaven... Strongly recommend!
5 / 5
A bit disappointed after active read some descriptions, has not been like this warm and has had to maintain moving for the maintain reacting to an air.
4 / 5
Suffers with Raynaud illness and a minute my hands take cold a stop of mine of the circulation of hands, spending the gloves do not help but this hands warmers for me is excellent has been saviour of mine .
4 / 5
Work well in of the gloves or in of the pockets partorisca cup partorisca heat up. They take warm this in spite of, hardly hot but good to have in cold time.
4 / 5
Would not be without those in days really cold . It suffers extremely the cold hands and his really heat on especially inside mitts .
5 / 5
My fiancé want to these. Work alfresco so that the hands are always cold. I have suggested to take these and could dip him inner his gloves. It was wary that no . First it marries at night after using them, has sung his praises. They were in fact still animate in an end of the long day. It will take some plus.
4 / 5
Has bought these like the present for the fellow cold this is losing his roots of Caribbean, was very happy to have warm hands.
4 / 5
Does not squander your money that buys these, does not take to the abonos quite temperature!!!! Total waste of money
5 / 5
These do really well. They take abundance quite hot and remain hot for around 8 hours, gradually cooling for 2-3 hours with which concealed. Perfecto to seat in a yard in winter.
5 / 5
Takes an hour to take to hot full but toasty and very appreciated when they take there. Also I last more than 10 hours
4 / 5
These are fantastic. Utilisation these in walks of bicycle of the winter the fend of a misery of cold hands these days when there is lined included the gloves are not enough to save calm of frostbite.

There is also well for any one another external winter activity like skiing, or hiking.
5 / 5
That can say another that that they a work? It uses him every day & it ordered it more.
4 / 5
Has been surprised to find these really the hot rests for 10 hours, like annexes, Previously, had used other frames that looked to cool down after so only 4 or 5 hours.
5 / 5
It was quite sceptical at the beginning but these really do the work and maintain warm for roughly 7-8 hours, the material adds, to good sure will buy again! Well for walks of long bicycle in winter.
4 / 5
These are utmost, take the small to result warm but remain quite toasty for age.
4 / 5
This hand warmers is amazing has to that maintain my daughter and the grandson was has bought like this these, is remained warm fro tomorrow the late evening. Any hesitation in recommending them.
5 / 5
Absolutely glorious still roasting hot with which 10 hrs the better thing is to leave in your gloves when or take them was when you have dipped your gloves behind on roasting glorious heats
4 / 5
Good value for money. It takes the moment to heat up but take quite warm
5 / 5
has bought these reasons the bars are now open for outside seating, and is still cold outside. Now sure port the sale was with me every time. A heat is really compatible and hard for some 10 hours to the equal that has announced.
4 / 5
Maintains the warm hands, sometimes takes the moment to cover.

Has bought like the present.
4 / 5
These are brilliant. They have taken roughly ten mins to cover ( was the properly cold day this in spite of) but with which were like this warm and is lasted a whole walk! Really impressed

Top Customer Reviews: Hand Warmer, ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 27 ratings
4 / 5
This little artilugio is wonderful. Like the days are taking progressively colder and outsides in a phase this has been an absolute blessing . The hot stays partorisca a lot of hours and has three settings of heat. Just need partorisca take another I so that it can have one in the each pocket.
5 / 5
Hot on a lot quickly and is remained warn partorisca partorisca the long time has done easily the round of golf.
4 / 5
Has arrived promptly is easy to operate and a hard heat. A torch and options of band of the can be utmost of sound. It is tactile also loves that.
4 / 5
Uses these in winter and now am ridding around my friends for them to animate his delivery also reason are like this good.
Has 3 levels of hot and his also the torch and bank to be able to.
Last the moment with him when being 10 000 mah
His taken the very crazy feel in your hand and access perfectly in your pocket.
In general am really happy with him and he valey of a prize in my opinion.
4 / 5
Ossia The pocola oval form the warmest hand and can also to law likes rechargeable battery during your travesĂ­a. A warmer hand is very easy to operate, has 3 level of heat in 40C 50C and 60C respectively. Simple press a bit key to change to a temperature like. A warm-up is quite quickly in fact. I find it a lot of gain for winter and so that they always owe that hands of ice creams. One complete load up is around 4 hours and a battery did not drain a lot quickly. A warmer hand is 10000mAh rechargeable the battery where can use you he during your travesĂ­a. It covers your boss in and connect to your device will do well. It is very useful and in good value how is so only ÂŁ. I will give the tick his and recommend.
4 / 5
Rechargeable Hand warmers is a future! Inside a container is a complete warm plus with usb touching boss, wrist lanyard and storage pouch.

A warmer hand has 3 settings of hot and taken under the minute to take to a hot plus that dips how is more than quite warm for closing of hands very cold. There is also the torch focused ordered for when it was in a darkness.
A really ready thing is that the warmest folds up like the bank of power to touch your telephone how is versatility he the fact the really handy piece of boxes.
Is struggling Which to take this person the one who has everything, spent this he like this the valley👍
4 / 5
have raynauds to the equal that suffers bad with a cold, particularly in my hands and of the feet. This perfectly access in my pocket and hot until an upper temperature inside the pocolos small (there there is almost hot of instant when calm turn he on, so only takes time to take the temp). It is light as it does not note in your pocket too much.
HAS the handy and characteristic torch of vibration also.
4 / 5
This element is awesome and can not expect his properly test is gone in a upcoming month of winters! First of, this element arrived in the retail box really well, fresco looked, expensive and a lot sealed to protect. Inside an element is a lot of packaged and comes complete with touching supplies and storage pouch. Really easy to use element, turn on and calm was to go! It covers quite fast and can use a sleeve resupplied takes too warm. It will be he adds to stick in your pockets / of hands in chilly months. The potential adds compraventa for Navidad!
4 / 5
Has ordered this for my husband for his work. This device is like this versatile, covers a lot quickly, has the torch that is very useful, is not too that shines so only enough to see in a darkness for his work. Also, work like the bank to be able to, which is another thing adds and very useful . It is powered USB of peel, which mean you that can touch basically anywhere.
Laws a lot well, the time of battery is sufficient and my husband is happy with this device.
4 / 5
Ossia The good idea partorisca in a winter or if the bad circulation and have cold hands. You can touch he home and then the take was with you and when the cold of calm steps can turn it on. It covers quickly and the stays animate for the moment.
5 / 5
Ossia Well.
Is easy to touch
Access in your pocket
Can touch your telephone
Maintains your hands animate!
The element adds - useful partorisca a party, when it has walked etc
4 / 5
Very done and packaged the warmest hand. Three levels resupplies quite hot and a capacity to use likes a bank of the power of the emergency is the good idea . 4 load of time of now. Recommended
4 / 5
the prisoner was exasperated for an use any own consono, unintentionally have done an interesting test device of the sud.
Say that it Presents a lot well, is often coming a saponetta and is all arrotondato and pleasant gives to hold the hand. It does also A sack has sewing of date, is bank to be able to, luzco has given emergency, vibrates and does the massaggi and obviously sweats negotiates of core is that has given scaldare.
Can select 3 temperature, +40°+50°and +60°C.
Coming accennavo all'start, I have it prisoner for an use any consono, that is to say, have attacked it behind announces a smartphone that controls a some equipment and this to hold the battery to the date of broth that would have left it touch a glacier for 4 has spent the 3400 m besides in shadow (temperature roughly -6°C).
Was Temperature impostata has given +40°C, dopes 4 has spent have found it access and with the battery little under the half. Optimum will say.
No like this in the time what he provision will remain such, mine for 21 euro and a situation saved in extremis, fence now a lot what hanged.
4 / 5
Optimum scaldino A po grossso my good the reading of the calorie the vibration and he luce The concentrated incorporated, he hard heat for real a lot and well
5 / 5
this scaldamani is an interesting instrument a lot of gain to face better he cold days invernali holding it among him hands to heat them.

A level has creation of date any mine does to madden more than another because it is quite tozzo, has a relatively elevated thickness mine he irons riscaldanti any one cover a very thick surface, further of the this the aesthetic level any one is particularly grazioso.
However is quite compact To be able to it transport with holding it in a rucksack, stock exchange or marsupium, have very appreciated the presence has given a small take gives the transport has submerged to be able to it riporre to be sure that the 2 irons any one can graffiare, very good this thing.

Active holding premuto He key has given accensione, gives that it begins suffered the scaldarsi mine occurs to have the patience has given to expect grieve some minute to be able to benefited has given an effect riscaldante effective, confirm that it goes back quite broth and is perfect to heat the hands when cold sleep, sleep remained fully satisfied tiled temperature achieved, the only sbavatura the this provision is that a bit it seats that the iron riscaldante is has given dimensions a filino reduced.

Is possible impostare The his temperature 40, 50 or 60 degrees.

More than Was function has given heating there is also has given a small has Directed has given illumination and has given a modality vibration.
A engalanar mine but dream quite useless of the moment that has directed is for real debolissimo and practically useless, much feebler of has twisted it has given a common smartphone to understand.
Also The modality vibration is not very powerful and was the amendment does not spend any the type has profit of data.

presionando 1 goes back he tastino has given accensione he light the 4 has directed that indicate uploads it residua, function very practical that indicates when it is necessary to dip it in load for any risk has given to find it plea in the moment of the need.

Has an extremely able battery gives well 10 000 mAh, practically is a small bank to be able to and is perfect for ricaricare the smartphone or others the device studies the exited usb.

ricarica Studies one undermine micro usb same In preparation.

In preparation dream inclusos:
- a cavetto micro usb for ricaricarlo
- a laccetto for arrotolarlo surroundings to the wrist
- of the practices take gives transport in stoffa.
5 / 5
Extract has given a scaldamani electrical that, has given fact, is also a powerbank gives mAh.

He the time has given ricarica declared by the producer is a bit roam: it tiles 3 to the 6 has spent. It would have to it Is lasted tiles 5 to the 14 has spent, base them was temperature impostata.

ricarica The studios undermine USB-A - micro USB in endowment is has one spends USB-An of is exited.

Consent three levels has given temperature: 40/50/60°C. If scalda his both sides

The interaction gives place with him so only button/exposure in the following ways:
presione long for at least three seconds to light and turn;
a presione for the temperature has changed;
planned pressures to actuate/desactivar the luce has DIRECTED ;
three pressures to actuate/desactivar the vibration.

This is, The vibration is more fastidiosa for him rumorino that does that another. And it vibrates it has given more he my Smartphone: it is absolutely useless.

All added, My paralizaciones a good help to heat he hands of winter!

Comes €23,99 to the 13 October 2021, a price quite on line with analogous products.
4 / 5
Scaldamani Electrical With ricarica USB for real very comfortable especially for him period invernale find it the practice gives to be used out of wife announce example inserted in the tavern of the simple jackets gives to use in what the he indicator the pallini with 4 maximum for has indicated uploads it residua he lights with the long presione of the sud key and afterwards has imposed the temperature 50-60 or 40 degrees scalda quite quickly does not go May listen mine find for real that inserted all'inner has given gloves have pockets was for real a practical help
4 / 5
The surface is appreciated to the touch. Quite Compact.
Polifacético With his function PowerBank, massage and torch ! Although the power of the lighted up was quite feeble and at any rate pas sufficient Games to light a route in the night !

The Opinion is in English : this is not some pas fresh. Translating (google), discovers his characteristic of this device. His PremiÚre of evident function (to the conference of the name of the device) is of réchauffer his hands. An Only key directs his different ways. It fails like this it comprises Lucida operation of the Only key to humour : click of double click, triple click, click long, etc. Without The opinion, this is not intuitive. Lucida Operation in Battery of Way of the succour is not describes no more. It can forget the existence while this function is practical and useful ! But to A do one to lack to choose ! Has heat to the hands or recharger Smartphones Of edges !

At all has indicated to the sud the Opinion, but simple to guess : the location of the dragonne.
In rodeo :
Torch of Way : it directed it it is not to limit very powerful artilugio
massage of Way : bof. It is quite micro massage, and is bruyant.
Hot of way. I have left to do In Way 40° pendant 4 hours, and does not have has used that 1/4 of the battery. The meeting like this the function PremiÚres very interesting. Pair Against, lucida way 50° and 60° is useless included dangerous. Especially It Touches those that lose the sensibility when his hands are very cold, as me : risk to burn .

With report to the main function, am very satisfied of this product. Lucido I heats of way is appreciated is effective.

Prize : €25
4 / 5
I am satisfied Of these heats hands that favours it to Him partorisca be multifunciones. He Option chaufferette, light, battery and massage. Calm Impress of the premiĂšre is good and finds the device of quality and good finishing.
Well... Lucida Way of the work is not in French, as he lacking débrouiller with his diagrams but comprises quickly the commentary uses it, everything is @@subject of pressure.
Suffices partorisca sustain long to the sud lucido the key and his different functions actuate .

To the equal that has often His cold hands, this device will leave me less suffer in winter when I owe that remain a lot the time was. Sure enough, this heats well, quickly and is thankful. He And The three temperatures : 60°,50° and 40°.
The battery of function is a lot of practice also, touches recharger the telephone edges or use another device.
The light will be able to the example of pair do fault in the Games of winter partorisca find roughly has chosen to fall or then everything simply touches partorisca light a shady place, this can be useful.
The pair Against Games that is of the massage of function, no the exceptional meeting ... Personally I will not use It .

A note that a small Ă©tui in the cloth is games inclusos can order him and protect.
Slips easily in a Sack or joins pocket.

Produced very Corrected, that can avérer diverse useful games things.
Joins the good idea gives partorisca offer to an or joins partner(and) that The always his cold hands !
5 / 5
For scaldare, scalda also too dipped was maximum temperature, while for the capacity, any one here are; I have given 10000mAh declared, with a load dream complete attained the passage roughly 5500 mAh, with some waste has data little more and little less, among trying diverse.

Now No like this he mine was difettoso, my this have received
4 / 5
This Asian product is a pure artilugio, a species partorisca line all that that can do, lampe, recharge of smartphone and one the games of way réchauffer his hands.

I produced is all small, to the point of view of hot (that look the premiÚre of function and place in first) the meeting concealed entirely useless, he and the 3 ways of hot announced, but his temperatures are fantaisistes, example the 60°C fact has announced to combs 32° to the thermal probe.

Ca réchauffe, yes A bit, but to the only condition partorisca have his paste of hands on, and to the equal that produces is small, this is not practical.

Honradamente Does not see any interest to the product, Joins the pair of gloves will be much more effective and more ecological.
4 / 5
✔ Trace In fast temperature
✔ hot sweet and thankful
❌ the quality gives plastic perfectible

hot of Battery-hands, one 3 in 1 quite practical. The increase in temperature is fast Asses, and he and he 3 level of hot (40,50 and 60).
Joins small pochette in the velvet is rid with. The object in him still is quelconque. Him the The objective plastic has not elevated of row, but the one who the imports is the heat that he dégage.
The light little dépanner.
The pendant has used almost 2 hours to 50°, The battery announces always joins maximum load.

Balance : it Joins chaufferette that does taf.
5 / 5
This object is Indispensable result touches the winter. The volume has drunk each morning and have one in the each pocket.
Has had to Give chaufferettes before but these heats-hands rechargeables is even more practical.
Joins load that last along, several temperatures of heats. It heats and I do not have cold to the hands.
Servants also Of battery of succour with his 3 put you, can upload the majority gives telephones and give tablettes.
Is an object ultra practical and indispensable result touch.
5 / 5
This Piece is genial and have haste partorisca declare correctly his next months of winter !
The interior of the piece is a lot of emballé and rid with giving supplies of chargement and joins pochette of rangement. It asks a lot simple to use, light-the and rests ! réchauffe Quite quickly and can use he manchon if it does too hot. This will be genial the paste in your hands or your Pendant of pockets His cold months.
The glorious potential of compraventa Natal games !
4 / 5
These Main small heats is quite a lot bad, a bit weighed this in spite of, if it saves you in the pocket this goes partorisca see . The one who quell'was hot a lot quickly and the pound has joined hot sweet and thankful. Three possible powers. Well my preferred is The most powerful. Correct autonomy, possibility equally partorisca do fault like external battery, will find perfectly his place in a stock exchange to the long of the year.
5 / 5
The harm Touches the opinion : English or Chinese.

Can select the temperature, and three source of click that has fulfilled partorisca vibrate play lucidos massage.
Pair Against, games partorisca upload, is hyper long.
Think that this can do Car of bank of the can he and joins it incursion usb-a.

A small Ă©tui is resupplied Touches transports. And it Joins dragonne Games partorisca have to that the wrist.
5 / 5
A lot very rechau Touches his hands.
Bookmark Of the temperature, and joins lampe clean a lot practical.
Recommend this object that is Indispensable games l winter 👍👍👍

Top Customer Reviews: infray Hand Warmer ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 34 ratings
4 / 5
The desire could give this 20 star is that well. It touches really quickly and resist his uploads partorisca the few days. Easy to slip in pocket, heats on a lot quickly, finds hot taking quickly and have to it that turn down. I am pleased like this has bought 2 more partorisca members familiarised. The delivery was very fast and was packaged firmly. If necessary to good sure will buy again.
4 / 5
Suffers lupus chilblains that has symptoms looked the Reynauds. I really suffered in winter with my toes and the toes that is permanently cold. This is surprising, is like this quickly partorisca heat up and is like an electrical coverage partorisca your hands. I do in the computer all day and changing this on partorisca bit it ameno relief. It will be partorisca add when external. Highly recommend
4 / 5
Wow. The swop hands when quell'using and stuff my hands in my pockets with him. Any need to spend gloves to the equal that can wrap my whole hand around doing it some the integers of hand-held/toes animate like this when a delivery has animated there there is quite ‘warmage' in this hand to take another animate. It is so only like this good!
4 / 5
The produced working adds a value for money. Like this it produces like this it suffers with Raynaud illness an east of the works exactly like this announced
5 / 5
Ossia the combination among the bank to be able to of the USB and the warmest hand. It looks a lot enough, whilst doing the work adds in both his tasks.

Like the battery of USB uploads, is very easy to use. Simply taken the boss of USB of the yours telephone and discharges he to a port of USB. With the capacity of 9000mAh, is looking in him touching your telephone 2-3 times according to a battery. He no fast load in mine iPhone 12, but touches in the very no. quite unworthy telephone touch, will be able to power other devices like the light of coverage or the microphone for vlogging, etc.

Like the handwarmer, has found he the good work. Personally, I have found some premiers two settings the little tame, but a third place there was the noticeable and enjoyable hot in of the cold settings. To move among some calm settings so only touch a bit key to be able to. It takes the moment to heat on, like this for a first pair of the minutes am not sure state he done properly, but my minute 3 was quite warm and by minute 5 was a lot of and toasty. I have used he for the very few hours now and found has resisted is battery really I a lot of - only has has had to that the touch once has arrived of then.

Speaking to touch, ossia always the ache with USB Powerbanks and is no different here. You will owe that the have plugged in still around 8 hours for the touch to plenary. You take the micro boss of USB with a Powerbank, which feels the little dated, but work and is of train of the touch for the prejudices is not also of the annoy. A time when touching is the ache is when calm take it, @gives is low battery and is because of exiting in an hour or so much. Ossia When a plus along that touches the time really results the ache. I have found plugging has beaten to an USB C and USB Some put you in a cup has not touched he - his like this look to be for powering external devices so only.

In of the terms of appearance, thinks that a device looks really enough. Has the good rose and the by heart white diagram and is rounded like the pebble. When being the handwarmer, is very comfortable to resist, well against a skin been due to some crazy and grippy the materials and those have rounded flanges. It is also very light.

In general, thinks that ossia the good device . Has the good capacity that considers his measure and the one who light is, is comfortable to resist and effective like the handwarmer and is priced enough reasonably too much.
4 / 5
Are the big defender of this power banks that double likes hand warmers. They are the really orderly and handy idea in two separate ways when it is was and roughly in a winter. Ossia Also the example adds of one.

Press a key to be able to once to begin to touch the device was the, or resist it down to do a red FOCUSED of tower to aim that it is to heat way- a lot of and clear, and unlikely to be confusing or accidentally take changed on. Once it is heating, especially in an upper level of a three that ways of hot, a process to heat is a lot quickly, nigh-on instant.

An upper way gives poster that is not too hot to touch, but too hot to comfortably leave your hands on, while an inferior way is much sweeter and more resembled resist the good warm mug of hot chocolate in your hands.

I particularly like a fact that for the 9000mAh bank to be able to, is not in fact all this big or heavy. Calm could find the 9000 or 10000mAh the banks to be able to concealed is the little has bitten smaller if you have not loved some elements to heat, but this one is still perfectly portable and pocket-friendly.

For the device that looks probably to take used in cold or wet conditions, a fact that some ports of USB does not come with the built-in the coverage looks the bit of an omission. Other banks to be able to (as solar some could leave external) tends to come with flaps of hule to maintain some sockets have protected, but be any of that here. Instead it has the protective pouch, which probably done an equally effective work but in the slightly less convenient way (in my opinion).

Doubly Useful, opportunely sized, any unreasonably priced in timing to write, am very pleased with this warmer hand and thinks that it could finalise buy one or two partner of paralizaciones like presents navideño.
4 / 5
Has ordered this for our Daughter of 17 years those who arrived to start with university and with taking a bus there and behind home has required really this for some months of winter to come!
Ossia The handy tool really big to possess like any only is the warmest hand but included is can bank it everything in an a bit device, which is sĂșper add so it is hard to maintain can in his mobile whilst the using all day long in university for several purposes.
Like this with this really is the must has device, so only takes less than 30 seconds to heat on fully in a setting to heat main, when being that there is 3 can choose you of.
Comes with his boss to touch, instructions, the bond of wrist so that any calm accidentally fall a device whilst pulling your hands out of your pocket.
Loves a fact that comes with the lovely little cloth pouch for the protect also whilst is taken everywhere with his so that it is not a better in looking his devices but then again the one who adolescent is.
A quality of a device is very very built and looks it has been built to last!
Feels good and soft to resist against some hands and is so only a right measure to resist he in one a hand and have the good grip on he a same time as it is not slippery.
An only thing is unless you are spending the hoody jacket that has a one that joins the pocket in front of calm is that have to that maintain hands of transmission and there is complained of the his another be hand-held that freezings whilst another east toastie warm, but im exchanges the sure rounds is not such the toil for his to do!
A handwarmer has the a lot of his weight but is not weighed too much to be bothersome.
Thinks that ossia such the device adds could do lacking ALOT of same purpose down to medically to the equal that suffer bad of dislocated near of jaw waiting for the substitution of joint of double jaw and are in the daily ache and when it is very bad has to that resist bounce it hot water against my joints of jaw for some relief.
Well This device simply can resists there in place and leave a work of heat by means of my joint so that my boat waters heat .
The only thing would do is so only wrap he in some cloth how is softer in a face but averts of that for real is the device adds and More the certainly recommend this.
5 / 5
This is not partorisca perfect. A an I receipt could have the clip broken like the chance does not feel entirely closes partorisca result in the empty light where a hule has bitten goes around a flange. It averts of those looks quite has done well.

Feels quite good to touch which is that it imports so it will be to touch to the plot when animating your hands. Some stuffs to animate is the class of slippery silicon rubbery feels. It heats on quickly and taking surprisingly heat even down. There are three settings. I think that a start of heat is one same in the each one but he so only transmissions of a heat for longer in some settings some low plus. Has thinks that that one dipping a hot plus was in fact too hot!

There is Micro-USB as well as USB-C to touch a device, then has USB-An and USB-C start for use like the powerbank to touch other devices. In 9000mAH, ossia the quite good capacity , but this is not quite like this compact likes some have consecrated powerbanks. He so only come with the Micro-boss of USB, would have preferred the USB-C boss that you then could use to touch your telephone.

Has come with the turqouise pouch when I have received the black and aim warmer. It would have preferred this to be black and ash that would match a black and aim. I comprise he other colours, as it would be better if a pouch a bit there is matched a colour of a warm plus.

Likes but feel that a fact a chance does not look sealed properly, lack of USB-C boss and wrong pouch colour detract of a global appeal.
4 / 5
Likes Hand warmers go still east a precise be poised, in this I bad mark takes his touched before use, compared to a disposable some or those some boil the recharge that can be ready quickly this taken until 8 hours to touch. It comes with the small velvet pouch, micro usb to usb A boss of load and the hand-held strap of the hule.

Has tried he to verify a temperature and dipping in plenary has begun in 21.8 terracings (c), with which 1 small was 35 deg, 2 minutes 40 deg, 3 minutes 45 deg, 4 minutes 48 deg, 5 minutes 50 deg, and 6 minutes 52. So only it achieved it roughly 54 terracings - all these temperatures had been measured to the left in the table. If it had situated he in my cold hands would have reduced a temperature to surface down. Some settings of temperature go down is a bit irrelevant like whilst 50 deg + can look hot, for a time your hands have absorbed some of a heat and some of a cold scrolling of your hands a temperature will struggle to take that big, especially if this is used external in a cold.

In ÂŁ at the same time of a description (with comprised ÂŁ2 was the good pointed) ossia still expensive, the data can take you 10,000mAh the hand-held battery/warmer for behind ups partorisca a lot down ÂŁ20. Like the backup of battery and warmer this does well, one long load on times to do the use of him half to plan advance and a time of career in a dipping a big plus will be the plot less than a max the time of career has declared.
5 / 5
Loves this little warmer hand! For his measure is brilliant. I suffer with hands very cold and ossia perfect for me to maintain in my pocket or handbag to use when required.
I spent interiors pocolos second, has 3 level of hot frames that gives the compatible heat until calm transmission era. I am impressed that cools down a lot quickly, again inside the little according to the transmission was, as it can be without accidents dips era. The heat is emitted when one the red light is on and increases with a be to dip of maximum heat 3 red lights. When A unit is touching objective blue lights with 3 again when the be has touched fully.
Spends time looking ours our edges young plus that football of touches. This warmer hand is perfect to resist and maintain my hands animate. My husband films the parties of my edges to coach. A cold time his battery of telephone reduces a lot quickly. I can animate my hands while it is touching his telephone and filming!
Takes at night to touch this hand-held street warmer a usb touching boss that comes with him. It has arrived a lot of packaged and has the storage pouch. It comes with the strap of handy wrist.
5 / 5
Ossia Such the very little artilugio. So only the touch on using a boss of USB resupplied and have hours and of the hours of heat. You can resist he in both hands and animate a same time or is really well for ache of period if you tuck he to the yours waistband. There are 3 settings to heat that it is controlled easily and there is showed clearly use a red has DIRECTED lights. A hot plus of these is really quite hot, find a half setting to be more comfortable against coffins skin.

There is also has taken a prize added of him doing like the banks to be able to calm so much can touch your telephone was has to that require to.

Has has touched so only this once, 48 hours ago and still is going strong after being used for hours each day, likes 14 use of now the time is to good sure any one an exaggeration.

Comes with spending it pouch so much can burst he in there and the mark sure has took it always handy. It is really soothing tucked in a small of your backside when ache of the ones of muscle, how is to good sure a lot so only for hands.

A really handy artilugio in the good prize!
5 / 5
Ossia The add little warmer hand. A specification in the amazon is totally attentive. See my image has uploaded, has achieved 57.7°c in 10°c time of October. It has achieved this temperature inside the pocolos small. This was in his dipping his big plus.
Also with considerations to a description of product, a life of battery has suggested is attentive also.

Has attacked clashes was for the pair of trivial reasons that the slightly cut frames of ideals.
🔾A power to / touch facilitated of bank; it touches for Micro USB or USB C. When charing USB C does not touch using my PS the fast load. I owe that use my USB rule uploads.
🔾Does not have the USB C start to touch C to C.
🔾 Has the wrist resupplied join as it is not attached. The returned a loop to some the holes resupplied in a device is impossible. So only it goes inner but any gone back was.
🔾An information of device is printed in a backside of a device. Ossia Already so the turn was fight for the see.

A level of the global build and the quality is big. Has the C and mark of the commit form in a backside of him. It feels sure to use.
5 / 5
Like this now take this with me on my walks of dog in a Lincolnshire Fens in chance that my start of hands to feel cold. To the laws of respect a lot well.

Is, this in spite of, any exactly light, to good sure because of a an or more battery inside a unit that resupply all this power to heat. It is GOOD to take with you, but is weighed too much for the pocket; it is better adapted to the stock exchange of shoulder (together with all a dog poo stock exchanges, water, telephone and material like this).

To the as REALLY it likes me roughly the, this in spite of, is that it agree to take of the boss of small USB with calm in this stock exchange of aforesaid shoulder, will have load of power for your telephone, has to be you down to a last bar of life of battery. This device could, I estimativa, run the telephone regulate for more than the day how is another useful appearance that some costruttrici a lot emphasise enough.

Walks of dog of cold morning with the hand frozen (that resists a goodness, of course) resists any fear for me maintaining!
5 / 5
This unit comes with instructions, the pouch, the micro USB that boss of touches and the lanyard. It heats on really fast and maintains the heat for the very long time - has been using paralizaciones east like this pair of hours each evening and is still on 50 has touched.

A subject only has is with some instructions. They are very poor and a lot fully explain some entrances and starts of a bank to be able to. Randomly Connecting the 9000mAh the battery to supplies to be able to is the bit of an extreme sport but unfortunately was an only way could imagine out of that is gone in. Not being any excuse today for the product any to come with decent instructions.

In general although I am giving to to these five stars likes them to them the work a lot very as well as the warmest hand with a handy extra to be an emergency powerbank has required.
4 / 5
Has found this to be the fantastic product for some months some cold plus especially with next winter. A product feels robust and the sturdy produced, has the creation adds slotting to my hands amiably.

HAS impressive action, heats on really quickly calms so much can take a heat instantly which are to add but a plus along calm leaves it a better I finds. It is packed with the characteristic to the equal that has 3 hot adjustable levels, also packs one impressive 9000 mah battery that mark this product last the very few hours in some settings some low plus and also laws like the powerbank. Also it comes with the strap of wrist, boss of USB, instructions and the spend the stock exchange that he the extremely portable and easy fact to spend around.

The value adds for money.

Expects found my useful description.
5 / 5
Like the warmest hand work a lot well, although it is so only the little elder that an ideal measure for me. It covers quickly and hard a lot of hours in a first hot basic that dips how is all I generally need. It takes a better part of 8 hours to touch of empty which is the bit to disappoint , but is good to have two different connector types for an entrance to touch.

Have a subject with him likes the bank to be able to so no properly, although it suspects to have the faulty unit. I have tried with devices and of the different bosses but a unit have prisoner outputting the load after just little as with which has been connected to something. Expected a prize and the fault to do like the bank to be able to I cant give this the full recommendation.
4 / 5
This warmer hand is very useful so that they suffer when being constantly cold or suffer cold hands during some cold periods of a year. Has 3 intensity of frame to heat that is easy to dip up. This warmer hand can be has touched easily use the bank to be able to or the socket of power with discharges he of USB. A form the warmest delivery is comfortable to resist and a surface feels quite soft in a skin in fact.

Thinks that this rids warmer is really handy for winter. They are constantly cold as having this warm plus will be the lifesaver. Easily I can spend he in my stock exchange (and also spend the bank to be able to am going for the time the plus along). It is light and small which is perfect for travelling.

In general, ossia the lovely product .
4 / 5
Ossia Such the little produced character. I have not been sure that a lot this would be or the one who warm would heat it until, and is like this good! It feels good quality and really comfortable to resist in your hands, and soul like this well. There are 3 settings of temperature and heat on quickly, with the visible light partorisca aim that dipping of the temperature is on. It is surprisingly warm and to good sure would take a cold of your hands in a winter. Perfect measure partorisca maintain in your pocket to cover also. It is listed in ÂŁ25 at the same time partorisca write, and in mine looks of have discount it in checkout, as while it is the pricey farce of meso, would do the perfect present partorisca any the one who always has cold hands!
4 / 5
Honradamente Does not doubt partorisca buy this warmer hand! It is the ergonomic creation as well as I can situate among your cupped hands to animate them simultaneously.
That has to that spend chances, wrist of silicone lanyard and touching boss. A ready thing in this warm plus is also can uses like the bank of power for small touch electricals like your telephone. I add for me like this always it looks to have the low battery at least expects it!
Has three setting of heat for the key of simple press in a side. A warm plus achieves temperature quickly and really soul your hands.
He Knows any the one who is delicate to buy presents for, take them one of these he so that it will be one of some better presents have has not had never. Really impressed
5 / 5
Ossia the really good hand warmer. It touches on easily using the boss of USB and hot on quickly when changed on. It gives of the really good heat, the mine feels likes to resist the hot cup of tea, when can fill. Really soul your hands on amiably. It is easy to maintain in the pocket to cover when in of the walks, but to be sincere I use he more when while external neither to choose my edges on pupils or when look sports of game. It is it adds that it folds up like the power banks like this at least calms does not have to that spend an additional device. In of the terms of tax think that is the good value but depends in how much like you the warm hands.
5 / 5
Was pleasantly surprised by this little artilugio. It covers quickly (2 it is an ideal setting ), and stays in temperature for hours. An initial use partorisca was any 4-5 hours and he have fallen so only 1 blue concentrated of a metre to be able to.
The speed of load will depend in your supply to be able to. There is not one has distributed; but any 5v distributes of USB will do. I have used an old low power a , and has on touched in an evening.
Is distributed in the box / of retail presentation, comprising the pouch and the lanyard; it would do the lovely present. One does also can be used like the bank to be able to is in prize .
4 / 5
This the hand has combined warmer and bank to be able to has the capacity adds in 9000mAh. It heats up in the second and calm can choose three settings of heat. A good touch is having an USB-A port and an USB-C port to touch on devices. A warmer hand is touched saw micro-USB (a boss is comprised in a band). A downside is that a temperature can not be controlled another that choosing an of some three settings. It is the comfortable form and has the versatility more orders that comparable hand warmers.
4 / 5
This little rechargeable the warmest hand are to add stops to to the people likes them of those who has cold hands. Calm touches it using the boss of USB and then when it calms that wants to use so only select a setting to regulate a level of heat. It covers really quickly and a hard battery enough the moment (for the few days at least, according to your use). Among the little stock exchange like calm can spend it around, to good sure will be to use the more and more like the days grow colder.
4 / 5
Ossia Such the idea adds , and much less hassle that those some have to that dipped in boiling first water of the each use!! This resists his uploads brilliantly and can be reused long among load. I have not tried the using like the band of battery still, but touch the good touch and can go in handy a day. They are really that looks forward to properly dipping this by means of his steps in some mornings of the coldest winter when they arrive!
5 / 5
Has not seen never anything like this before, like this was them happy of the try was and can confirm them that really it likes to of me and is a lot handy for these cold mornings etc.

One hard load the long time, has taken two days out of him while using it on and has gone during some mornings when I am taking them a bus to do.

A lot of little produced fresco that the fully can recommend, included in a slightly big prize.
4 / 5
This the good hand warmer, has on touched in prejudices and used it a next day, where last around 8 hours, sometimes on level 1 (warm), level 2 (quite hot), augments 3 (very hot). It has helped my athritus in my toe and has maintained also my hands animate among shots in a golf are.
5 / 5
The one who the perfect little warmer hand perfects for your pocket and will maintain your hands animate one the time some months of cold winter. It is really a lot of fact and of the cariche on very calm quickly take the very small use of hours out of him. For a prize ossia the bit of the @subject @
4 / 5
I have listened roughly it reserves warmers before but has not tried never. Like this I have produced. 3 levels of the hot and he take warm interior 10/15 seconds. Well partorisca buy especially partorisca prĂłjimo 6 month
4 / 5
was very pleased this partorisca do as well as it has done.unla Hands warmer among the really well box a lot resembled a box of iPhone and there is the well spend inner of stock exchange like this also comes with the USB C discharges to touch your telephone when your cariche of career of the telephone on quickly and has the small pouch to maintain like more is can regulate of a temperature .Lovely element and well has done.
4 / 5
Könnte noch einen Ticken kleiner CorazĂłn, ansonsten perfekt. Einmal aufgeladen hĂ€lt Gives Ding gefĂŒhlt any Ewigkeit. Nutze Harm bei SpaziergĂ€ngen In giving KĂ€lte. Wird aber sehr heiss! Aber immer noch besser als Has given knick HandwĂ€rmer.
4 / 5
Gives handwĂ€rmer Hat any gute GrĂ¶ĂŸe und ist sehr angenehm, heizt auch sehr schnell auf. Einziger Nachteil, gives leider sehr doof ist, ist dass gives handwĂ€rmer auch auf wechsel zwischen gives 1. und Gives 2. Stoves nicht Bad 6 Stunden hĂ€lt, was deutlich weniger als versprochene 10, geschweige denn 14 Stunden ist. Dementsprechend nur 3 Sterne, ich hĂ€tte Is umgetauscht, habe aber quotes Verpackung leider nicht mehr.. Abgesehen davon gutes Produkt und wem 6 Stunden reichen, sollte sich has given kaufen.
5 / 5
Gives TaschenwĂ€rmer liefert bereits nach wenigen Sekunden, Likes 10-15 Sekunden, eine wunderbare WĂ€rmeleistung - ich cube sehr zufrieden. Eigentlich brĂ€uchte Man zwei - fĂŒr jede Hand einen... Sehr angenehme, starke WĂ€rme, In Stufen schaltbar - passt.
5 / 5
This rids warmer is essential for any the one who easily takes cold hands. An oval form is long enough to return comfortable in your palmera and be easily gripped with all the toes, resupplying heat to a whole hand. I add to slip the jacket and of the pockets of discharge for external chances, or to maintain handy in the chilly office. Controls the load for the good long time.
4 / 5
This rids warmer is slender and perfect for the smallest hands. A pleasant pink colour is very attractive and one feels of this rubbery and no slippery. The element adds in general!

Thank you To take a time to read my description and photo of this product. The appearance has been useful to resupply calm with more than information.

Top Customer Reviews: infray Hand ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 43 ratings
5 / 5
Without the doubt this was a better hand warmer I actuate has not experienced never. In the full load can use like an excellent warmer partorisca my cold hands partorisca on are hours. It would like to say excellent.
5 / 5
Good form. Hot On fast and the maximum would heat gloves also
5 / 5
This among my daughter blazer pocket partorisca colegiala, has the external pause to the equal that maintains his warm hands and his mates have takes loaned he of him too much!
4 / 5
Am updating my description of 3-4 stars because that have liaised with infrays has answered immediately and is directing a @@subject immediately which are adds. Resisting behind in some 5 stars until the subject is solved!
5 / 5
A product done for the day touched it then on and would not take warm then there is prendido so only come on... Any value he
5 / 5
produced Excellent. Taking a lot warm a lot quickly. Easy to use. SĂșper Happy with these!
5 / 5
Könnte eine Spurs leichter heart aber Gives ist for like this bei Frau ist sehr zufrieden.
5 / 5
Keine SeriositĂ€t - Kein EuropĂ€ischer QualitĂ€tsstandard - Keine zertifizierte ÜberprĂŒfung daher Vorsicht - Amazon und Given Staatsanwaltschaft sind informiert
5 / 5
Macht Was er soll. Allerdings ist dieTemperaturregelung mangelhaft. Auf kleinster Stoves schwankt Is zwischen angenehm Alma und Verbrennungsfefahr.
4 / 5
Quotes Teile sind echt sĂșper. HĂ€lt Date HĂ€nde soul und zur Any man of hat gleich any powerbank wenn give Smartphone Akku bad streikt..
4 / 5
Heizt sehr schnell auf und Akku hÀlt lange 4 - 5 Std. (wie versprochen)
5 / 5
Zuerst etwas ĂŒber Quotes Optik: it Gives HandwĂ€rmer war auf diesem Weg nur in giving Farbe „Rosa“ erhĂ€ltlich. Of the War natĂŒrlich kein Question, nur leider befĂŒrchte ich, dass gives GerĂ€t durch die helle OberflĂ€che irgendwann ziemlich abgegriffen und eventuell auch dreckig wird. Of the sĂ€ubern solcher GegenstĂ€nde ist ja nicht ganz ohne, und wĂŒrde ich wohl auch lieber unterlassen. It gives HandwĂ€rmer liegt Gut In giving Hand, auch in giving Hosentasche ist er nicht zu schwer oder zu dick.
Nun zu Damage technischen Details. Aufgeladen wird er mittels USB-C Anschluss, ein Ladekabel wurde mitgeliefert. ZusĂ€tzlich ist noch ein Adapter fĂŒr einen „normalen“ USB-Anschluss dabei, one gives HandwĂ€rmer als Powerbank nutzen zu können. It has dipped seiner KapazitĂ€t von 5200 mAh ist er dafĂŒr sogar geeignet.
Has been given Heizleistung angeht, cube ich doch etwas ĂŒberrascht. Vorweggesagt, er wird wirklich richtig heiß! Sehr angenehm hingegen ist Quotes schnelle Aufheizung. Bereits nach 20 Sekunden hatte er eine Temperatur von kuscheligen 30 Grad erreicht. Ich habe Quotes Temperaturen gives einzelnen Stufen bad place einem Infrarotthermometer ĂŒberprĂŒft. In Stoves 1 heizte er schon bis auf knapp ĂŒber 50 Grad (siehe Photos) auf, was wohl viel zu heiß fĂŒr date kleinste Stoves ist. In Stoves 2 kam gives GerĂ€t dann schon auf ĂŒber 60 Grad, und in Stoves 3 sogar auf 66 Grad!! NatĂŒrlich waren Dies given Temperaturen ohne WĂ€rmeableitung durch HĂ€nde, aber dennoch, gives ist schon echt richtig heiß. Im Grunde Also immer ca. 10 Grad mehr als In giving Beschreibung angegeben. Die Temperaturen regeln sich dann zoom GlĂŒck wieder etwas herunter, steigen aber im nĂ€chsten Aufheizen wieder a. One Is kurz zu sagen: Stoves 1 reicht völlig aus. DarĂŒber hinaus wĂŒrde ich Gives GerĂ€t nur dips give kleinen Filztasche benutzen, die ja auch noch ein bisschen abschirmt.

Was soll ich sagen, gives HandwĂ€rmer callĂł was er soll, und gives sogar viel zu gut. Klein und handlich, passt in jede Pockets, as soll is ja auch heart. Einen Stern ziehe ich ab, fĂŒr die in meinen Augen zeitweise zu hohen Temperaturen, die eventuell auch bei Kindern ein Question werden könnten.
5 / 5
Ich habe mir Quotes infray HandwĂ€rmer has dipped Powerbank 5200mAh aus dem Vine-Programm the zoom Declares bestellt, gives sie 2 Funktionen gleichzeitig erfĂŒllt. Erstens mir als HandwĂ€rmer dient bei kalten Tagen und zweitens, weil Man gleich yesterday eine Bank partorisca Be able to zur VerfĂŒgung hat. Und Gives meine Frau sowieso immer stĂ€ndig und gives kalten HĂ€nden leidet, kann mir has given GerĂ€t gerade gelegen. Geliefert wurde sehr schnell und Gives HandwĂ€rmer Dipped Powerbank kam yesterday In einer ansprechenden Verpackung a.
Im Lieferumfang befindet:
1 x 5200mAh HandwÀrmer & Powerbank
1 X Typ C-USB-Kabel+ Adapter von Typ C USB auf Typ the USB-Buchse
1 X Stoffbeutel dipped Kordelzug
1 X Bedienungsanleitung In Englisch und Deutsch, sehr lobenswert.
Gives infray HandwĂ€rmer has dipped Powerbank 5200mAh ist schön klein und leistungsstark. Passt SĂșper Was in jede Pockets. Wenn Bad man wieder vergessen hat Handy heart zu laden unterwegs? Praktisch ist auch, dass gleich gives HandwĂ€rmer, Gives man durch dreimalige durch DrĂŒcken gives Likes in
3 Heizstufen von ca. 40 °C bis 60 °C einstellen kann, gives ist schon eine Wohltuende WĂ€rme, the data gives abgegeben wird. Endlich keine kalten HĂ€nde mehr, durch has given großartigen HandwĂ€rmer.
Bank of data selbst wird ĂŒber gives Typ C USB aufgeladen. Ein USB-Typ-C Ladekabel gehört zwar zoom Lieferumfang, allerdings ohne LadegerĂ€t. Hierzu kann aber jedes vom Handy verwendet werden, I grĂ¶ĂŸer dabei Die Leistungsangabe gives LadegerĂ€t ist, umso schneller ist quotes Powerbank aufgeladen. Wir nutzen dazu meistens 165 USB Of Watt-Typ-C LadegerĂ€t, gives beschleunigt give ganze natĂŒrlich ein bisschen. Aber unter normalen UmstĂ€nden kann Is dann schonmal 2-3 Stunden dauern. Die Ausgabe erfolgt ĂŒber einen konventionellen USB-Typ-C. Somit Place ist Man fĂŒr Laden goes möglichen GerĂ€te gewappnet. Beim Laden von externen GerĂ€ten bei normaler Leistungsabgabe Zoom Laden von z.B. Handys. FĂŒr GerĂ€te Has dipped grĂ¶ĂŸerer Leistung wie z.B. ein IPAD oder Tablett usw. ist Gives Powerbank Teil has dipped seiner KapazitĂ€t von 5200 mAh immer noch ausreichend. It was normal data Ladezeit give GerĂ€te, ohne Schnellladung angeht. Eine schnelle Ladung Has dipped dem Bank partorisca Be able to Teil, a meinem S 21 Samsung war mir leider nicht möglich, gives habe ich getestet. It dies ist auch kein und war auch nicht fĂŒr mich pertinent.
Bank partorisca Be able to of the data dipped HandwĂ€rmer selbst, ist in einem stabilen KunststoffgehĂ€use ohne grĂ¶ĂŸeren Schnickschnack gefertigt! Aber optisch In weis-pink ist schon ein schöner Hingucker,note fĂŒr meine Frau.
Quotes verfĂŒgbare Leistung wird in einem 3 CONCENTRATED-Leuten angezeigt, die I nach Funktionen in Blau oder rot leuchten, was ich sehr schön und sehr praktisch finde. Ich konnte mein S 21 Samsung locker damit zu 2-3 give komplett aufladen, bei einer has embezzled KapazitĂ€t von % auf meinem Handy. Ich habe damit noch Diverse andere GerĂ€te geladen, ohne Probleme
+++++ Typ C Anschluss
+++++ gut verarbeitet
+++++ sehr gute warme Leistung gives Handwarmen.
Ich habe In meinem Leben mittlerweile schon einige Powerbanks und Ă€hnliche GerĂ€te getestet. Die ist bad ein sinnvolles KombigerĂ€t, was man sowohl im Winter als HandwĂ€rmer oder zu gives anderen Jahreszeiten als Power Banking einsetzen lĂ€sst. Die Verarbeitung empfinde ich als sehr hoch fertig und von guter QualitĂ€t. Die Ladezeiten von ca.2 bis 4 Stunden Gives GerĂ€tes, empfinde ich als völlig normal. Of the grĂ¶ĂŸte the point has underlined ist aber gives gĂŒnstige Preis.
Yesterday vergeben wir, gern 5 Sterne ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ und eine klare weiter Empfehlung 🛒🛒🛒🛒🛒
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tolle Creates: it gives HandwĂ€rmer passt sĂșper in jede Pockets und kann sleeps Hand of data wĂ€rmen, gives ist sĂșper angenehm und klappt recht gut, schnell ist gives flache leichte Teil von gives linken in data rechte Pockets gewandert, a beide HĂ€nde abwechselnd und auch unauffĂ€llig zu wĂ€rmen.

Gives tolle Extra ist, dass auch als Power Banking nutzbar, as können unterwegs zusÀtzlich elektronische GerÀte nachgeladen werden.

Im BĂŒro angekommen, kann Gives gute Teil dann ganz easy follow PC aufgeladen werden, a auf dem NachHauseWeg wieder bestens bereit zu heart,

gute Knows!

 ich empfehle!
5 / 5
Als HandwĂ€rmer habe ich schon viele Lösungen ausprobiert, aber has given scheint die sauberste Lösung zu heart. Trotz Gives Farbe Rosa, the data gives HandwĂ€rmer, fĂŒr mich, als Hygiene- oder Erotikzubehör aussehen lĂ€sst, habe ich ihn bestellt.
Gives HandwĂ€rmer wurde schnell geliefert. Er kam In einer gut schĂŒtzenden Verpackung, place einer Anleitung in of & in und einem lind-grĂŒnen Beutel, bei mir a. It gives 1. Eindruck ist, ja er liegt gut In giving Hand, aber die Farben sind nicht meine Farben! Laut Anleitung soll Is ihn auch In Blau und Schwarz geben und Blau wĂ€re fĂŒr mich wesentlich neutraler und schöner gewesen. Habe ihn dann erstmal aufgeladen. Die Anleitung und gives Angebotstext beschreiben einige Anwendungen fĂŒr man of data viel Fantasies und Vorstellungskraft benötigt! Z.B.
- Give kompakte und tragbare Draws ermöglicht is Ihnen, sich leicht umzuwickeln!
- Als „Hot band“ fĂŒr FĂŒĂŸe, Magen, Measure und Knie.
Leider ist Quotes erforderliche Binde dafĂŒr nicht dabei und has given Anwendungen sind eher etwas fĂŒr zuhause und gives gibt is eine Heizdecke the data dies sehr viel besser erledigen kann.
Die Laufzeit betrĂ€gt in AbhĂ€ngigkeit give Heizstufe 4 bis 8 Stunden und dann ist wieder Aufladen angesagt. FĂŒr mehrtĂ€gige External-Touren sind fĂŒr mich quotes Lösungen place einem Taschenofen sinnvoller.
Nun zur Anwendung! Nach dem Einschalten ist Quotes WĂ€rme schnell verfĂŒgbar und mein Exemplary wird in Stoves 1 ca. 39-42°C tibia und dies ist fĂŒr mich eine angenehme Temperatur bei gives ich fĂŒr meine HĂ€nde noch keinen Schutz benötige. Wenn The man gives HandwĂ€rmer einschaltet und keine WĂ€rme abnimmt, steigt die OberflĂ€chentemperatur schnell (in ca. 10sek.) ĂŒber Die angegebenen Höchstwerte, wird aber dann von gives TemperaturĂŒberwachung auch schnell wieder abgeregelt (z.B. In giving Stoves 1 bei 44,5°C). Eine Temperaturregelung Hat er aber nicht.
Leider steht davon nichts In giving beigefĂŒgten Anleitung. Meine Empfehlung fĂŒr Quotes Stufen 2 und 3, has given HandwĂ€rmer nicht beim Schlafen ohne einen Schutz (z.B. It gives beigefĂŒgten Beutel) einzusetzen. FĂŒr Tiere und kleine More bondadoso, kann ich has given Produkt nicht empfehlen, gives in Stoves 3 dieser HandwĂ€rmer a data 62,5°C heiß werden kann, dann schaltete mein Exemplary ab. Die Umschaltung zur nĂ€chsten Heizstufe erfolgt nur durch einen kurzen Tastendruck.
Fazit: Toller HandwĂ€rmer, gives auch eine TemperaturĂŒberwachung Hat und gut in giving Hand liegt. Von mir bekommt er 4 Sterne, weil durch Quotes TemperaturĂŒberwachung eine gewisse Sicherheit vorhanden ist, leider gibt is dafĂŒr aber kein unabhĂ€ngiges PrĂŒfzertifikat. Auch ist nicht bekannt, was passiert wenn given TemperaturĂŒberwachung ausfĂ€llt. Leider fehlt auch Gives Kapitel Sicherheit und Warnhinweise komplett In giving Anleitung.
4 / 5
Wegen Raynaud-Syndrom habe ich etliche HandwÀrmer stÀndig bei Gives Hand.
Die Elektrischen place Powerbank-Funktion sind besonders praktisch und nicht nur unterwegs, sondern bieten auch zu Hause, etwa gegen Verspannung oder Bauch-/Regelschmerzen, gute Dienste.

‹‹Infray HandwĂ€rmer Has dipped seiner Report von GrĂ¶ĂŸe und KapazitĂ€t finde ich passend fĂŒr allgemeine AnsprĂŒche. Damit meine ich Zoom Aufladen und WĂ€rmen im Stadtalltag More ab und zu „Wellness-Einsatz“ zu Hause bei Verspannung und Schmerzen.
Unter Gives Artgenossen gehört er zu gives kompaktesten Modellen, auch in Gewicht relativ leicht. Ideal fĂŒr kleine FrauenhĂ€nde und passt auch dies normal große Jackentasche.
FĂŒr More bondadoso ist Vorsicht geboten– dazu nĂ€her spĂ€ter.

Is sieht Gut verarbeitet aus, die OberflÀche greift sich angenehm a und findet einen guten Stops in giving Hand.

‹Betriebsdauer und -leistung eines elektrischen HandwĂ€rmers hĂ€ngen Last von give Außentemperatur ab.
Bei niedrigster WÀrmestufe schafft Infray im Innenraum bzw. Sweeter KÀlte draussen tatsÀchlich 6-8 Std Dauerbetrieb.
Gives wĂ€re etwa eine ideal KapazitĂ€t fĂŒr einen ganzen Seal in giving Stadt, wo man immer wieder irgendwo hinein geht (Öffis, GeschĂ€fte, Café ) und dabei ihn ausschalten kann. Eine Teilladung Gives Handys sollte auch drin heart.
Heuer hatten wir noch keinen Minusgrad, daher konnte ich Is noch nicht bei tiefer KĂ€lte probieren. Meine Models has dipped 4200-4500 mAH können im tiefsten Winter draussen nicht viel WĂ€rme bringen, gives HĂ€nden gehalten gar nicht, in giving Pockets ein wenig. It gives ich öfter has dipped Handy in giving Hand unterwegs cube, z.B. It has dipped Maps auf give Suche nach dem Car2go-Transport, hoffe ich, daß Infray has dipped seiner 5200mAh sich doch gut durchschlagen wird.

Allerdings, bei meinem Exemplary ist Given Temperatur sehr instabil.
Im Innenraum auf niedrigster Stoves schwankt Is zwischen „leicht Alma“ und „eigentlich schon heiß“. It is erinnert mich A Induktionsherd auf kleiner Stoves.
Obi Is A Bauart liegt, oder ein Einzelfall, weiß ich nicht. To the meiner USB-WĂ€rmer haben stable Temperatur.
FĂŒr mich ist Is zwar lĂ€stig, jedoch nicht problematisch, jedoch fĂŒr more Bondadoso wĂŒrde ich ihn jedenfalls nur in giving HĂŒlle the hand of data geben, und unter einer Decke keinesfalls verwenden.

Übrigens, ‹‹fĂŒr einen Wandertag In KĂ€lte wĂŒrde ich allgemein einen Benzin-HandwĂ€rmer empfehlen. Zwar lĂ€ĂŸt er sich nicht ein- und ausschalten, dafĂŒr bietet er meiner Erfahrung ist Quotes WĂ€rmeleistung besser und stabiler als ein elektrischer WĂ€rmer.
4 / 5
Optisch sieht (I nach Farbvorliebe) dieser HandwĂ€rmer rechte dezent aus. It is ist eine ergonomisch abgerundete Powerbank has dipped Heizfunktion. Sie ist tatsĂ€chlich von Gives OberflĂ€che His ein Handschmeichler. Alles wird ĂŒber Quotes eine vorhandene Flavour eingestellt. Die Anleitung ist in deutsch und englisch. Wird ein Smartphone One has given GerĂ€t angeschlossen, wird automatisch quotes Aufladefunktion aufgerufen. Anhand 3x blauer CONCENTRATED sieht given of man noch vorhandene Lade-KapazitĂ€t gives GerĂ€tes. DrĂŒckt Man nun gives kleinen Powerschalter fĂŒr 2 Sekunden, like this verfĂ€rben sich die blauen has DIRECTED in broken has DIRECTED und is wird die Heizfunktion in Stoves 1 ausgefĂŒhrt. DrĂŒckt The man gives Powerschalter nun ein weiteres Bad, wird Heizstufe 2 und noch ein weiteres Bad, wird Heizstufe 3 ausgefĂŒhrt. Die Stufen sind in giving Anleitung angegeben place Temperaturen von ungefĂ€hr 42/48/55 Grad C (I nach Stoves). It gives unser GerĂ€t In Stoves 3 kaum noch angefasst werden kann, habe ich has dipped einem LasermessgerĂ€t die Temperaturen ĂŒberprĂŒft.
Bei Some sind Is In Stoves 1 = 47, Stoves 2=56 und Stoves 3 = 61 Grad C. Stoves 2 und 3 sind schon grenzwertig, How was kann man kaum noch anfassen! Sollte Is aber bad bitterkalt heart, like this ist given Stoves 3 zumindest ein garantierter und ordentlicher 'Einheizer'...
Bei Some reicht Stoves 1 aber völlig aus und Like this soll man bis zu 8 Stunden warme HĂ€nde oder Taschen haben (laut Anleitung 4-8 Stunden I nach Heizmodus). Ich habe Quotes 8 Stunden nicht nachgeprĂŒft, kann aber bestĂ€tigen, dass nach 1 Stunde und declares zwischen Stoves 1-3 immer noch geschĂ€tzt 50-60 gives Ladung auf dem GerĂ€t verfĂŒgbar ist. Of the sieht Man will give, dass von 3 Ladebalken (CONCENTRATED) given 2. CONCENTRATED schon blinkt und quotes 3. CONCENTRATED aus ist, wenn the man gives GerĂ€t auflĂ€dt. Ich vermute somit, dass Is nach ungefĂ€hr 3 Stunden heiztechnisch deutlich „dĂŒnner“ wird... 8 Stunden ist sicher etwas optimistisch 😉 .

Fazit: Schönes GerĂ€t und Is ersetzt unseren stinkenden External-Taschenofen. Schön Gives auch eine Powerbankfunktion dabei ist, aber some ist give GerĂ€t zumindest in Stoves 3 zu heiß. Man sollte is like this zumindest nicht unbeaufsichtigt irgend wo hinlegen...
5 / 5
Ich hatte Quotes Möglichkeit has given HandwÀrmer/Powerbank zu declares.

‱ KapazitĂ€t: mAh
‱ HandwĂ€rmer Has dipped drei einstellbaren Heizmodi (42-55℃)
‱ inkl. USB-C-Kabel

Quotes Powerbank / HandwÀrmer wird in einer kompakten Produktverpackung geliefert. Neben dem HauptgerÀt gehören eine kleine Bedienungsanleitung, ein USB-C-Kabel, ein Beutel und eine Handgelenksschlaufe zoom Lieferumfang dazu.
Die Powerbank war ca. zu 50 geladen. Daher habe ich sie erstmal voll aufgeladen. Klasse finde gleich, dass dieser HandwÀrmer mithilfe eines USB-C-Kabels aufgeladen wird. Aus meiner Sicht Gives heutige Level.
Quotes eigentliche Bedienung gives GerĂ€tes ist sehr leicht. Lediglich ein Tecla ist a dem GerĂ€t verbaut. The nach LĂ€nge Gives DrĂŒckens werden Die einzelnen Funktionen ausgewĂ€hlt.
Weiterhin ist Has given Powerbank / HandwÀrmer, im Vergleich zu Àhnlichen Produkten, eher klein & handlich. Daher lÀsst er sich auch First in giving Brusttasche oder in giving Hosentasche verstauen.
Die WĂ€rmeleistung, welche in drei Stufen von 42 – 55 Grad eingestellt werden kann, ist fĂŒr quotes GrĂ¶ĂŸe gives Handwarmes cup. Of the GerĂ€t wird sehr schnell Alma und spendet eine angenehme WĂ€rme. Die KapazitĂ€t von mAh liegt im unteren Bereich. It is reicht jedoch aus, an are USB-fĂ€higen GerĂ€te ca. einmal aufzuladen.

Aufgrund seiner Kompaktheit In Verbindung dipped gives einfachen Bedienung handelt is sich bei diesem HandwĂ€rmer a ein gutes GerĂ€t. Ich kann Is mir sehr Gut als potential Geschenk fĂŒr die kalten Wintermonate vorstellen. Lediglich Gives etwas chemische Geruch One gives HĂ€nden nach gives Benutzung mindern meine Euphoria. Daher gibt Is einen Punkt Abzug und ich vergebe gute avenges Punkte.
5 / 5
Gives infray HandwĂ€rmer wird Optimum verpackt geliefert, eine verstĂ€ndliche Anleitung In Deutsch und Englisch, ein TransportsĂ€ckchen und ein USB-C Lagekabel sind beigelegt. Die Verarbeitung gives HandwĂ€rmers sieht exzellent aus, Eingeschaltet wird ĂŒber einen Druckknopf has dipped einem lĂ€ngeren Druck landet man in Stoves 1, lt. Produktbeschreibung MĂĄximo 42°. Über weiteren Druck kann Quotes of man Temperatur weiter erhöhen, in Stoves 2 auf maximum 48° und in Stoves 3 auf maximum 55°. Of the ist dann schon sehr Alma und ich empfehle yesterday dann give TransportsĂ€ckchen zu benutzen, damit is one gives HĂ€nden nicht unangenehm wird. FĂŒr mich reicht aktuell Quotes Stoves 1, ich wechsle dann to the paar Minuten Hand of data / Jackentasche und kann dann the gut dipped warmen HĂ€nden die Hunderunde angenehm gewĂ€rmt abschließen.

Gives Stromverbrauch scheint aus meiner Sicht recht hoch, auch bei Stoves 1, Like dass to the zwei Hack bei tĂ€glicher zweimaligen Nutzung gives infray HandwĂ€rmer neu geladen werden muss. It gives aktuelle Energy-Ladestatus wird ĂŒber Quotes blauen LEDs angezeigt, die ansonsten die eingestellte WĂ€rmeleistungsstufe in rot anzeigen. Schließt The man gives USB-C-Stecker a, erkennt the man gives Ladezustand, nach knapp avenges Stunden ist mein infray HandwĂ€rmer wieder has dipped 3 blauen statischen LEDs voll geladen.

Ansonsten ist Gives infray HandwĂ€rmer ein sehr nĂŒtzliches GerĂ€t, a eine angenehme WĂ€rme One gives HĂ€nden zu erzeugen auf SpaziergĂ€ngen oder Hunderunden. Die Akkuladung schafft rund 3-4 Stunden WĂ€rme in Stoves 1, gives finde ich sehr angenehm, dauerhaft ĂŒber einen lĂ€ngeren Zeitraum helfen meiner Ansicht nach aber nur zusĂ€tzliche gute Handschuhe.
4 / 5
Mir wurde Gives infray HandwĂ€rmer als TestgerĂ€t ĂŒberlassen und ich War zunĂ€chst etwas skeptisch - aber mittlerweile cube ich wirklich begeistert vom kleinen Heizkissen. Of the GerĂ€t ist nicht sonderlich groß - 'eine Hand voll', was aber angesichts gives Anwendungszwecks absolut Sinn macht.
Gives Aufladen funktioniert Street beliebigem (oder auch dem beigelegten) USB-C Kabel, Netzteil ist keines dabei. WÀhrend Gives Ladens blinken Die drei LEDs in Rot, wenn voll aufgeladen, leuchten sie in blau. Und dann Gives Einsatz als HandwÀrmer: LÀnger auf Gives Tin-Tecla (I nach Stoves leuchten 1-3 LEDs rot) und schon wird is warm....
... und zwar ordentlich! Schon auf kleiner Stoves heizt Gives kleine WĂ€rmekissen ordentlich auf. In giving höchsten Stoves muss the man is eigentlich schon als 'heiß' bezeichnen, gives kann man sich auch durch die Wollhandschuhe hindurch die Frostfinger wĂ€rmen.
Im Einsatz als Powerbank kann Gives Smartphone (ggf. It has dipped Hilfe Give beigefĂŒgten Adapters) dipped dem Ladekabel gives Wahl geladen werden, dazu kurz auf gives Tin-Knopf drĂŒcken, die LEDs leuchten blau, yesterday sieht man auch gives verbleibenden Ladestand gives Powerbank (1-3 LEDs).
Like this weit likes COAST. Weil Gives ganze In einer netten Box daherkommt und has dipped rund 20 Eurocopa auch nicht die Welt kostet, finde ich quotes kleine Heizmaschine ein echt cleaned Geschenk, is gibt 3 Farben zur Auswahl, gives sollte fĂŒr jeden was dabei heart. Insgesamt (und im wahrsten Sinne Gives Wortes) eine runde Knows....
4 / 5
Gives ich In kÀlteren Jahreszeiten sehr schnell has fried, habe ich gives HandwÀrmer give Marke infray the zoom Declares geordert.

Nachfolgend eine kurze Zusammenfassung:

✅ Hat ein ansprechendes Creation, ist gut verarbeitet und kann intuitiv bedient werden
✅ Akku lĂ€dt schnell, zuverlĂ€ssig und hĂ€lt lang
✅ VerfĂŒgt ĂŒber 3 WĂ€rmestufen; I Stoves leuchtet ein LĂ€mpchen mehr. D. H. bei Stoves (wĂ€rmste Stoves) leuchten to the drei LĂ€mpchen
✅ Wird schnell und erstaunlich Alma
✅ Ist nicht zu schwer
✅ Kann auch als Powerbank verwendet werden

❌ Ist ziemlich klobig und meines Erachtens zu groß, a ihn in data Handschuhe zu packen
🧹 Ist recht teuer
🧹 Is kann immer nur eine Hand gewĂ€rmt werden, sofern the man gives HandwĂ€rmer in giving Jackentasche verwenden möchte
🧹 Wirkt qualitativ nicht sonderlich wertig

Quotes WĂ€rmeleistung und die Geschwindigkeit gives ErwĂ€rmens sind ĂŒberragend. Auch finde ich Is mega, dass gives HandwĂ€rmer als Powerbank genutzt werden kann. Weniger Gut gefĂ€llt mir hingegen gives Preis, Die GrĂ¶ĂŸe und dass man immer nur eine Hand wĂ€rmen kann. Entsprechend wĂŒrde ich Gives HandwĂ€rmer nur bedingt kaufen und weiterempfehlen!
✅ Positiv | ❌ Negativ | 🧹 |💡Hinweis | ❗Wichtig
5 / 5
Wir hatten vor einiger Zeit schonmal eine Powerbank, Die auch als HandwĂ€rmer benutzt werden kann. Leider Hat meine Freundin has given aber auf einem Ausflug irgendwo liegen lassen, von daher musste ein neues Modell his und wir haben some fĂŒr has given entscheiden.

Gives HandwĂ€rmer bzw. Die pwoerbank kommt has dipped einer AkkukapazitĂ€t von mAh und kann als HandwĂ€rmer bis zu 8 Stunden genutzt werden. Of the 'bis zu' liegt will give, dass man ihn auf drei Stufen betreiben kann, in denen er unterschiedlich warm wird. The nachdem Was man benötigt, drĂŒckt man einfach öfter auf gives Knopf are HandwĂ€rmer.

FĂŒr Gives Order, wenn die of man Funktion gives HandwĂ€rmers nicht benötigt (oder auch wenn man sie im Winter nicht braucht), man of hat dann eine praktische und nicht allzu große Powerbank.

Meine Freundin möchte auf jeden Fallen nicht mehr auf quotes 2-in-1 Powerbank dipped HandwĂ€rmer-Funktion verzichten und hat sich ĂŒber has given Modell (besonders weil is auch noch in Rosa-Weiß angeboten wird) sehr gefreut.
4 / 5
Dieser HandwÀrmer ist Gut verarbeitet und macht Gives, was er soll -HÀnde wÀrmen und Handy aufladen.
Unsere Tochter Hat einen langen Schulweg und muss oft auf gives Bus warten, außerdem hĂ€lt gives Akku ihres Smartphone nicht mehr wirklich lange. FĂŒr sie ist Gives Teil yesterday Given perfekte Lösung! Eine Powerbank Hat sie zwar immer dabei, die kann aber eben sonst nix 😅
Gives Creation gefĂ€llt a gut, man kann ihn gut umgreifen und auch quotes Farbe ist klasse (endlich bad was Technisches in ascended 😉).
Sie kann jetzt von 7-8 Uhr Musik hören und HĂ€nde wĂ€rmen, Gives Pausen ebenfalls und auch gives Heimweg ĂŒber. Wenn sie Yesterday ankommt ist Give Handy vollgeladen und ihre HĂ€nde sind keine Eiszapfen (Handschuhe sind nĂ€mlich remarce uncool).
Insgesamt gibt von Some gute avenges Sterne und eine Kaufempfehlung -auch fĂŒr‘S Gassigehen!
4 / 5
Meine Freundin Hat eigentlich immer kalte HĂ€nde, daher ist dieser HandwĂ€rmer fĂŒr sie ein Segen !
Quotes 5200 mAh wĂ€ren auch eine wanted to Ladung ihres Smartphone, was sie allerdings erst einmal dafĂŒr in Anspruch genommen hat. Die restliche Zeit dient gives HandwĂ€rmer auch als solches :-)
Man schaltet ihn ein und hat dann durch mehrmaliges DrĂŒcken gives einzigen Knopfes die Möglichkeit, aus 3 Heizstufen auszuwĂ€hlen. Sie nutzt nur Quotes Stoves 3 und damit werden die HĂ€nde auch in kurzer Zeit warm. Gemessen haben wir Quotes Stoves 3 has dipped 58 Grad, also kommen given Werte soweit hin. It gives Akku hĂ€lt auf dieser Stoves auch knappe 4 Stunden aus. Die Verarbeitung ist gut, die OberflĂ€chen weich und rund gestaltet, sie ist rundum zufrieden und kann gives HandwĂ€rmer nur ' wĂ€rmstens ' empfehlen ! Of the ganze dann fĂŒr a Data 20 € ist ein echt nĂŒtzliches Artilugio fĂŒr KaltblĂŒter und durchgefrorene im Winter ! ;-)
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Dies ist mein erster HandwÀrmer USB dipped Lade Funktion.

Finde ihn einfach Genial! Er ist schön groß und handlich und passt In jede Pockets und in jede Jacke. Er fĂŒhlt sich Toll a und er hat mehrere Einstellmöglichkeiten. It gives werden Hand of data ĂŒber mehrere Stunden und lĂ€sst sich ganz einfach wieder aufladen wenn man zu Hause ist. It was ich mehr? Im The winter has fried ich immer sehr und vor allem meine HĂ€nde und FĂŒĂŸe kĂŒhlen schnell aus. Of the ist sehr unangenehm und vermiest mir oft Quotes Stimmung.

Yesterday haben wir ideal Data Lösung fĂŒr meine HĂ€nde.
Gives the man gives Teil sehr schnell aufladen kann und unendlich oft wieder verwenden kann, ist is sehr sinnvoll eines zu besitzen.

Funktioniert First und ich Cube zufrieden! Absolut empfehlenswert.
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Leider scheint Quotes Ladedauer bei has given Teilen allesamt recht lange zu dauern, the gut gives Ergebnis ist mehr als zufriedenstellend, wenn man bedenkt, dass man eine Powerbank dabeihat und auf WĂ€rmen in drei Stufen schalten kann, obwohl bislang quotes 3. Stoves schon Fast ĂŒbertrieben ist, denn die geht bis auf gut 50° hoch.
Quotes Ă€ußere HĂŒlle fĂŒhlt sich geschmeidig und griffig a, und passt sich auch a grĂ¶ĂŸere MĂ€nnerhĂ€nde a (ja auch date fried 
Was ich mir auch gut vorstellen kann auf gives höchsten Stoves wĂ€re, wenn man Gelenk/Muskelschmerzen hat a denen punktuell beizukommen. Ersetzen callĂł Gives kleine Teil nun kein Kirschkernkissen oder eine WĂ€rmeflasche, aber ist besser und kompakter als nichts

Von mir gute 4 Sterne

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Dieser kleine HandwÀrmer von infray hat ein wirklich schickes Draw und eine tolle Farbe.

Ich ich ihn mir In giving schönen Farbe Rosa bestellt.

Im Lieferumfang enthalten ist:
- Give HandwÀrmer
- ein USB Ladekabel
- eine weiche Pockets
- und Die Bedienungsanleitung

A ihn anzustellen einfach Likes given drĂŒcken und a data Temperatur einzustellen noch m all drĂŒcken. It is gibt 3 Heizstufen:
- 35-42 °C
- 42-48 °C
- 48-55 °C

Gives HandwĂ€rmer wĂ€rmt auf beiden Seiten gleichmĂ€ĂŸig. Er fĂŒhlt sich richtig Gut In giving Hand a, ist leicht und passt in jede Jackentasche. Jetzt kann Gives Winter kommen.

Klare Kaufempfehlung.
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Gives kleine GerÀt kommt has dipped Ladekabel, Pockets und Bedienungsanleitung und is hat einen Doppelnutzen als HandwÀrmer und Powerbank wenn z.B. Calm bad gives Smartphone leerlÀuft.

In 3 Stufen kann die of man WĂ€rme einstellen, Leuchtdioden signalisieren gives Zustand und auch gives Ladezustand. Of the Aufheizen geht recht schnell.

Einige Stunden reicht Gives Akku fĂŒr WĂ€rme, Like this etwa 3-4 Stunden. Of the Laden dauert etwa ebenso lange.

Alles In Allem recht praktisch, gives mAh-Akku begrenzt gives VergnĂŒgen allerdings etwas.

Fazit: von mir Wanted to 4 Sterne 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 und meine uneingeschrĂ€nkte Kaufempfehlung.
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Liegt schön In giving Hand. Temperatur 1 max 2 reicht voll aus. 3 ist mir schon zu warm. Aber 1 ist wunderbar und gives kleine WÀrmer ist schön glatt und rund.
Toll, dass man ihn einfach aufladen kann und er dann lÀnger soul hÀlt als has given klick-wÀrmer man of data dann spÀter kochen muss a sie erneut zu benutzen.

Ich werde Is, jetzt gives is wieder KĂŒhler wird meiner Sucks schenken. Die muss bei jedem place Wetter dem Hund raus und freut sich sicher ĂŒber warme HĂ€nde â˜ș

Schön wÀre, wenn gives kleine SÀckchen was bei ist in giving Farbe give WÀrmers wÀre. Yesterday War er blau aber gives wÀrmer ist ja pink.
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Ich habe mir Gives infray HandwĂ€rmer bestellt, weil er nicht nur wĂ€rmt, sondern auch noch, als wiederaufladbare Power Banking dienst. It has dipped 5200mAh kann Man damit locker zwei Handys aufladen. Die GrĂ¶ĂŸe ist perfekt fĂŒr einen HandwĂ€rmer und er passt sĂșper in jede Pockets. SĂșper ist, dass man ihn aufladen kann und er relativ lange hĂ€lt, sodass man wirklich lange was davon hat, bis ihn man wieder for USB aufladen muss. Cube sehr zufrieden damit und wĂŒrde ihn jederzeit empfehlen.
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Now included is hunting season. My parents have required something partorisca maintain them warm during a night, as I have given this to them partorisca when I have been partorisca hunt and has loved that! They wished it it was main, but his hands tend partorisca take cold first and faster. A hotter temperature is not in fact that hot. It felt exactly one same likes the lowest temperature. This was quite disappointing to them. And no both look of sides to do of the same. One is hotter and another is not even noticeable. After the pocolos use and of the cariche, a life of battery any hard that long anymore. I expect that really it has the guarantee in this warmer hand as it looks to die faster too now. It has not been if it is just mine that concealed or all the world-wide more is one same. I will expect more with a longitude to see how long will last before I owe that contact a vendor. A little stock exchange that comes with this warmer hand is the good addition , but is the little too small, as it has taken time to dip he to a stock exchange. A course of silicone of a warmer hand also takes stuck here and there when dipping he to a stock exchange. A boss of touch could be more long state. There are bosses longer on-line, but then can break a warmer hand of then is not a boss resupplied. A life of battery the light indicator no correctly. Still after the touch, a light is still in a half. No the question, but would have been well has done correctly. This hand drains warmer quite quickly now, as I will not be the using like the portable battery anymore. I used it once and it looked to do well touching my telephone dulcemente, but another that that, the warmest hand is very better. A weight of this warmer hand is heavy, but am able to impulse and spend it around. Inside a box is the boss to touch , manual, stock exchange, the warmest hand, and concealed would be necessary to be it unless I am missing something more than does not know roughly. =P Has obliged.
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Has has used now this for several months of winter. It heats on well, and master it quell'concealed is reusable - no more disposable chemical bands.

On worry, this in spite of - does not have the temperature or time cutoff. Finally it will take too warm, and I need to manually turn it was. For like this I am using this, ossia acceptable, but would not use this with the boy or boy that does not know regarding the turn was or eject it.
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Salvation shoppers! Usually they are not one to write descriptions, has thought this in spite of that these products deserved it. Any only is this rids warmer better and more echo-friendly that a disposable some known to many, this warmer hand has the a lot of characteristics are. One looks particularly taste is of a setting of heat. A lot like the typical chair warmer in of the modern cars, has 3 settings/of ways in a warm plus. A first setting is a low plus and a less hot this in spite of still maintains my hands toasty! A second setting is a half and for me tends to the use is dipping a plus. Finally, a third place and a warmer setting, is quell'has bitten too warm for me but for a lot knows would enjoy this setting! Besides, while I love this product and personally think that is surprising, there is some downsides. In the first place, a big plus downside for me is that an interior is returned no warmer of the typical mitten or glove. This can not be a chance for everything but for me this was my experience . There is not a lot a lot of downsides can think of besides a measure and concealed me ameno to my next point. It was like this happy that a time of touch was so only roughly 1-2hours for the full load. This be has said a time takes for a warm plus to take warm was a lot down has taken the short quantity of the time and I has been surprised at the beginning in that has heated it quickly up. In general, I think that that ossia the product adds and is in good sure values he, especially partorisca to to the people like to of them with bad circulation in a cold.
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I live the Minnesota where is very cold in a winter and I also have the bearded dragon. Some heats of device on quickly. There are 3 different ways. I used it two times partorisca my bearded dragon when we require partorisca transport to a vet during some seasons of the winter of then requires the heat before his organism goes partorisca impact. (I tuck a device under the towel because hot taking and does not love it to burn my lizard.) In general, the hand adds warmer. Easy to use.
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These things are awesome. I have bought one to do reason are a lot I under a ventilation of air, and have circulation of bad blood in my hands. I want it like this far and it is to add has knots in your backside. It is like the rechargeable hot bone. ;)

To That really likes:
loves an option to dip it the different temperatures.
Alma quite quickly also, included in a low setting.
His simple to use and verify a life of remaining battery.
He dosent take long to touch (like an hour in a plus.)
Last the little on 4 hours. (Which are really adds that it considers that small is).

To That that does not like :
Some flanges of hule tend to exit if a device rubs against something. (To clear, am not informing to some points of hule big, so only a thin line that goes around a whole device). But those go back really easily.
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These are fantastic rechargeable hand warmers. It has spent for like this of a disposable some. This feels much more environmentally friendly. It has dipped four stars for “easy to resist” reasons calms would not be able to ski with these. They are fat/sturdy and would not be able to resist to your poles. But inside the mitten when you are walking is perfect!
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Amur That has lights of temperature in a device, also has to that it is touched.
Can use to to this likes to upload the or like the warmest hand. Taking toasty animate a lot quickly. The starts to heat so many sides immediately.
Going to be the sĂșper element to spend with me when it goes to hike in icy the time racked during month of winter.
The instructions add in lights, flashing, of them, and that .
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Has bought many for my husband, some friends and I. Quickly they heat up. You can regulate take too hot. Works more inside the pocket or glove, tucked was. Doesnt Looks to do also external, exposure to an air. It finds it has to that recharge he every time I need for the use, but can heat for 3-4 hours easily. I love it! I have not used it likes to upload the closing.
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This pocola what has changed my life! There is Renault the syndrome and some winters of wicked cold Michigan are legitimately painful to my toes when I walk a dog. When being able to resist this in my hand and feel a heat by means of my gloves is surprising. Warm REAL taking in his dipping his big plus.

Touches quickly and some level them variables of heat is one of my favourite parts!
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These take soul very fast! Less than perhaps 45 seconds. It has not had to use he for more along some pocolos small reasons will animate you on quickly! It has not had to use a bank to be able to this in spite of another that to verify if work. Amur A stock exchange goes in. Easy to use. Access perfectly in of the hands or in your pocket!
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This rids warmer is very easy to use and access further of pockets. It takes the moment to touch in the vehicle but is very convenient for these cold days. I have decided that that has required two likes transmission of legislation to the hand-held pocket/lateralmente to the left/ takes to annoy. I have loaned this to 2 different friends and each one which so it has finalised to buy one for them.
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That was while to?? I have used some bands escoles old to rid warmers before but ossia of the train for the surprise 😍 has on heated I so that it touched it quickly once opened it and after the full load turned it on and a heat was wonderful. Amur Some 3 settings I defiantly be using this in mine prójimo NC travesía.
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Am excited like this to use this! The winter is coming up and that bolt in the state colds this will be fabulous to use. It is quite easy to use and right out of a box has known exactly regarding the use. It heats on quite hot. Everything has not gone never is so only to a second setting. In general I am happy with this compraventa and can not expect begin the using.