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4 / 5
These are utmost!
There has been previously RGB the colour that change the bulbs but I have continued to lose some far like this has been them stuck with any aim or red, these are like this better an Application is the little clunky partorisca take used too much but any with half the brain can imagine it was.
Some bulbs can be group or has controlled easily, in fact taking them connected is also easy with a manual of instruction has comprised.

A bulb easily would be enough to light the small room, use so much to light my Studio flat abundance quite brilliant!
Goes to be buying more than these to substitute any traditional any RGB the bulbs have left in my house.

Hard to say the photos but a light is quite the warm aim, there is also any flicker or hum of some bulbs.

In the side a lot seeting these too many red an hour before you put to bed you will help the fall has slept.

5 / 5
Requirement: Wifi (2.4 Ghz) and the mobile phone or pill (to configure a brightness and colour)
Name of Mobile Application: esmart Life' of a iOS or Tent of Application of the Android
Installation: the Simple pair of has not outlined in a booklet of instruction has resupplied
Brightness: it Can be dipped to a brightness equivalent of 60 Watts
Colour: A wide spectre of the by heart available options of a mobile application(the video resupplied, but looks very better upfront)
Packaging: To the very big level (the photos resupplied)
time of Delivery: the amazon Rid of Next Day Primo (does not improve that it concealed)
Alexa: street of Easy control Alexa

NOTES: Of an Application to access some options by heart inform to a 5th photo - double click a zone has underlined to open a window to select a colour and brightness options
5 / 5
is very easy to use and can use this ready bulb with my Amazon Alexa to control. It comes with the fast setup drives. It has used my iPhone to download the esmartlife' application and place on him for a first time. I can use an application to control a bulb remotely like this On/ Was, Transmissions some colours and regulate a brightness level. It has included I can do a same thing with Alexa voice on. Can plan it to turn On/Was street an application. Has the good election of options by heart and brightness level. Value for money.
5 / 5
Was the little sceptic roughly purchasing this because of a prize but has loved a rgb light for a room of daughters that was compatible with Alexa, as decided to give them the try.

Has arrived a lot quickly and very packed, with the book of small instruction.

First things in the first place, the mark sure has read this like this precise scanner calms a qr code to take an application, but also need to reset a first light bulb to dip he the way of pairing.

Once one has been on fact, has taken around 30 seconds for an application to find some light bulbs and the little more second to link an application and bulb Alexa.

Some bulbs have the decent brightness when in level of white way and easily can be changed of his application or street Alexa ( both brightness and colour ).

An application has scenes” also, where for a bulb different sewing like the way to read, the way of party etc and these are good touches that some look of boys to enjoy.

In general, for a prize and considering comprises the bulbs is is a lot of value your money.

- Easy setup
- several ways
- good prize
- works with Alexa

- a dullest the setting is the little more brilliant that would have liked me when in of regular way but no an end of a world-wide
4 / 5
Orderly two of these bulbs and has arrived punctual. Like this impressed with them have ordered another two in and has been rid a next morning before midday. Now OSSIA good and fast service . I will be to order more in a prójimo few weeks of this vendor. The only light question has had to install was a one in a bath was bit it delicate to connect to a Point of Echo. Any one anything wrong with a bulb but a way our house is built. We have moved our to issue to the better place and everything is well. It has received also the very good email of a vendor that thank to purchase some bulbs of them (Ploughed-EU) which have thought was the good touch and something any calm often take these days. It would recommend these bulbs And a vendor. Thank you Quell'Ploughed-Ue.
4 / 5
Very pleased with these multicolour has directed WiFi ready bulbs. Easy to connect the WiFi. Mark sure dipped you to , are with virgin to the equal that has used details down issuing to dip this. It follows instructions attentively for way of pairing. I have found a very useful application also. Once connected has Alexa smartlife the skills have actuated, automatically will announce that the new light has added. It can see a sequence by heart in a video that is recorded in the mobile phone without flicker! I have had to return bulbs in a past because of flicker frames to take photos but these any flicker. Some other pictures aim that among a box. I have forgotten to add drives of the user and the paper of guarantee is comprised also. To good sure would buy again
4 / 5
I recently decided to box my house was with 5 house of devices of Google, propiciada point and ready bulbs. I stumbled to these ready bulbs and I have decided to purchase some they so that it was very economic.

Unsurprisingly These ready bulbs connect street to to an application still likes them everything of mine other ready telephone devices economic (ready life). This the very easy to install. Connecting an application your coverage of the house of the Google is extremely easy.

Unfortunately these bulbs are not a brilliant plus there, this in spite of this is not a subject for me like this mainly use them at night. Ossia Acceptable for a prize. To good sure would recommend these ready bulbs.
5 / 5
My woman and I so much read the first moment to sleep. Like this the one who would owe that be a a leaving a bed to change of a light has been always the question. Now to with some ready bulbs, can do this easily in a bed! Happy woman, happy life.

Recommends a manual setup ('AP way') is using Virgo wifi like any easily has defined a wifi half. I took the moment to imagine was like this to dip them on, but once ossia fact , controlling some light bulbs is very easy in a telephone. We do not have Alexa or system of house of the Google; as the majority of a control is by means of applications of telephone (house of Google and/or Ready life). Although his no with Apple Homekit, finds surprisingly that you still can control some light bulbs that use Siri!
4 / 5
Has bought these bulbs like the alternative mine more economic another smartlife bulbs.

Little was that still although they connect to a smartlife program, some 3.as the integrations of party are optional to a costruttore of bulb. This means this whilst his all does in smartlife Application, does not mean that all some another sound, as any IFTTT and am guessing them some wont there is alexa.

So much in spite of a his fact declared in a that ready that does with IFTTT, A lot they no that his fact pointless the mine has to that the way that has wanted to automate.

Of rear the Amazon like the turn, almost grieve the taken he out of a box.
5 / 5
These come really a lot of packaged and a quality of some bulbs is lovely and strong. I love him for a fact that can dip time so it is in or out of some lights come on like normal and can dim some bulbs everything by means of my telephone. My boys want him like this manually can change a colour and also have preset scenes for the different things that comprises one those change by means of all some colours.
4 / 5
That the brilliant idea. It has not been sure when I have ordered.
Oh wow. That the idea adds.
I usually timers of use and has to that maintain changing an on and of time partorisca my living room lights.
Was delicate dipping them up. Patience Is required.
Has downloaded a ap to my telephone. As I neither can ask Alexa or use my telephone.
He Are the holidays can turn my lights on and era.
Has transmissions partorisca paint also. Those some Grandchildren think are that it uses my magic hand.
Has had the entertainment adds, of two light bulbs.
Validate of the money in value of entertainment.
4 / 5
Has taken these bulbs partorisca my rooms of daughters so many can have the little colour in bedtime. This in spite of one of some bulbs looks partorisca be entirely defective and not being able to on out of a box, another has done well partorisca a last week or so much and some girls have loved the but that the bulb there is also there is prendido now does entirely, has had to that dip behind some boos the white bulbs have had. Very disappointing - obviously any quality adds so it would not recommend these.
4 / 5
When I have purchased Alexa was in a cookery, as I have found has bitten annoying that shouts to turn lights and took it awhile to agree any to use a light transmission like any control of the voice does not do or he sometimes resets. Now I have Alexa for a living room and is like this better and has amused so only that says that that calms master to do with some lights - on/was, dim/brilliant colours , different or using roughly of a preset scenes. Material probably will move them elsewhere like the girls still look to prefer using a light transmission.
4 / 5
Are still Alexa quite new and his skills and I have found Alexa lights and all can say is WOW. They are like this happy spent him. His brighten on a room so much. They are by train to use them In mine Hallway and Chamber . I love a touch of an application , is easy the setup, organises and rename, but also some additional colours to choose of and that can you dim some lights or select the scene, wait that update an application and add more scenes like this there there is so only the small but has not bought he for that , if anything concealed is in prize . It is the add to say Alexa to turn in a light with the cement another, and certainly yes useful when mine another meso if in a chamber and does not turn the light was can ask too lazy 😉 perhaps but takes a message by means of his haha. Really it recommends to buy this so much an additional touch in your house and Alexa 2 light bulbs partorisca £ was the good shot.

Modification.. 2nd description, has has done so only the second compraventa reason love him that many. You the addition adds in any room.
4 / 5
These are the must has in the each house!

Hands some bulbs were quite easy to install and place up in an application and also Alexa.

A quantity of the options by heart is incredible and master a bit the options of calm different scene give you.

Has dipped one in a living room and one in a chamber and both are like this handy. Using some lights the music has done well too and our little one has loved that.

Compraventa Global and excellent will be to buy more in a future.
4 / 5
These were like this easy to dip on, so only follow some instructions and awap does not go any question. It was easier for me to use AP way because it can not change my @subject to so only, but AP the way has not done any question.

Some lights are really brilliant and is like this easy the controk that use an application, a House of Google (or Alexa) application and to use your voice.

Looking take some plus for a rest of a house!
5 / 5
One of some two bulbs there is rid faulty - rattles and does not operate.

Has joined other works but any dim less than 10 doing it very own for nighttime use.

Turning Of lights the pair of time accidently dips a light behind the way of pairing that extremely is annoying.

Application very poor and terrible preset settings.

Would not recommend .. It goes with the known mark.
5 / 5
The product has arrived quickly. It has been expecting to have the bit of faff taking it installed, this in spite of a setup was really simple. It has taken roughly 30 seconds to take both bulbs on and that career. Simple to use and Alexa integration was the click and the login. To accelerate things to the long to agree to register with an APPLICATION before I initiate one installs, otherwise will have you the flashing light while it tries to sign up.
4 / 5
There has been hampers to install these he like this had tried to install a room to seat first main light. And it was having real questions. Have @@give With which could not install with the dimmer transmission. Once it had dipped he to the different socket was easy to install and has been integrated fantastically the allexa.
4 / 5
The product adds in of the terms of point of prize that compares it to to one likes of Philips bulbs of Boos and work well with Alexa.

Bit of the hurt him the dual WiFi subject. Precise turn of one 5 GHz and so only have one 2.4 that careers to be able to install and then turn both back on once installed.
4 / 5
Wow 👏 That the bulb are mark very impressed my normal soiled girls the ready room.
I recently moved home new. The room of girls there is so only of the discharges partorisca bulb any dimmable.
Has looked for 2 in 1 solution and found this socket of bulb tin inclusa dimmable the colour that change and quite brilliant.
Downloads an easy application the setup does in in the first place go
Seats anywhere the house and the light of control has loved the
go to order another 2
4 / 5
has purchased Alexa compatible light bulbs. Point of same prize. And this light bulb is noticeably quality lower. There is remarked during place-on a light bulb has taken extremely hot, which isnt that it goes for the do a lot well in longevity. And a backside he (plastic black) in fact result sticky, almost to the equal that has begun to melt. - Other frames have the dish of metal in a base. The ones of the that thinks that that this light bulb goes to last long. In general satisfied. You take that paid partorisca, he a work. But likelihood isnt that goes to last long, and noticeably the one of low quality that produced of prizes looked in a phase. It would suggest to avert this mark personally.
5 / 5
Are rubbishes in anything technical but these bulbs were fantastic. I plugged turned join him light transmission on and was 3 times until the bulb blinked and has linked a lot so only with an application but Alexa a same time. It was impressed like this grieves I some two bulbs took on-line and has ordered two more for some stairs. It loves him!
4 / 5
Has used these bulbs in some lights of living room. A white light is the lovely warm colour anf calm to of to the one who likes to him a row of colpurs can use with a calm application mean can choose any tone loves! Easy to dip up and use and works well with my point of amazon (alexa) will be more than the element of novelty more than the centrical party (although has the sequence thus) but works perfectly as well as it has described.
4 / 5
I amour of Amur loves this product. It can do with or without Alexa. Just needs wifi and your mobiles or the works of pill likes them control. The colour adds the figure comprises fresh and warm tones, the colour that the transmissions that dipped and it timer for on/was control. Fast day , next product to quality in a prize abordable. This would be the addition adds in any room especially yes young some are the pocolos scared of a darkness. I mention that I love this product? 💜💜
4 / 5
The vendor has photo in an ad that says it can sync with music. I do not have any option partorisca east. For me, it was the big selling the point like my daughter would have loved it. I think a bulb only and a 2 band would owe that be any one some bulbs was and characteristic was or be has listed separated like main selling the point was a sync the music! It does not take stung.
4 / 5
Amazing product, has read instructions properly before installing and sure mark to leave ready life as to skill in Alexa application. It ignores the bad descriptions are surprising the bulbs have throughout a house now boasts some the bad descriptions are just people struggling to dip them arrive- error of user. Dipping some bulbs on way to do done a very brilliant light and one the majority of natural looking light compared to mine old bulbs that has been very yellow looking. It could not be happier with cost of mine! Just need to buy some light some maintaining :)
5 / 5
Do a work well, has taken the little tries to connect, but think was flicking a transmission on and was too fast. Slightly annoying that it has to that turn 5GHz WiFi was (my subject will not leave me has left a two) but a WiFi the looks to accelerate to be one same.
4 / 5
Has the bt hub 6 and took 2 days to dip them up. If has one same hub to the equal that require to go to bt gone back of manager of a 5ghz internet And a together ready on, the mark sure is in some slowly flash put up and then will do. With which have done brilliant.
5 / 5
Ossia The brilliant product for a tax which leaves your telephone or Alexa to Dim or change a colour instantly. Originally It Looked to change a light transmission he but this has saved like this question for just returning in as regulate it lightbuld.
4 / 5
It has taken a terrible plot of fiddling around partorisca exit like this to pair these with my wifi. Have has had to that the turn was band of duel and transmission to . Reconnect My mobile to a hub with my mobile data and 5g have changed was, and use a bulb like the hotspot, before he finally pair.

Nizza Quite when installed and working. The majority of work of functions with Alexa, but a lot everything.
5 / 5
Is quell'has bitten difficult to dip up but has taken there finally. The pairing with Alexa was quite easy. The precise place arrives him in a room with one issues like this the mark sure has your telephone or compressed in a same room also.
4 / 5
A quality of him is excellent
. It has arrived perfectly punctually like my normal one has run out of quell'I has had to use the far physicist to do change this in spite of is an I can use a telephone to connect instead . It was hard for me begins so that there is not reading one drives where has said to do on was the reset
5 / 5
has used previously the alone colour ready light, but that never happy with a 'hot' of a light. It has taken this light to the equal that could regulate one feels of a room instantly, and this light is brilliant for him. The installation and the place up was simple, has taken 2 minutes at most. A light is quite spend - one same like any one another light - and some colours are very vibrant. He to good sure the helps change a way of a room instantly.

Will be to take another punctual band to add in other rooms. To good sure recommend 👍🏻
5 / 5
are in 60,s and any a lot of the technology has imported he so that it has taken my grandson to dip on these bulbs has taken 15 minutes less and is brilliant I now asks Alexa to turn them on or was or use an application that has dipped in my telephone . The,m in disposal to take more for other rooms in my house
5 / 5
very easy to dip up .Works with my point of echo of Alexa ,has downloaded an application ready life to my able telephone to turn light on when they are out of home, which is brilliant,I like a characteristic can change the colour of a bulb does exactly that says perfect
5 / 5
Totally defective. Tried to connect using normal method (quickly blink) any regime to the equal that has tried use AP method (slow blink) any regime neither. Changed all WiFi settings the lax like this possible this in spite of any regime. After an hour has given up and returning. ALSO A lot IFTTT COMPATIBILITY
5 / 5
Like the bulb has done perfect but unfortunately for me ours WiFi would not connect to them, not lacking of bulbs but our WiFi touching up has included my printer has prisoner connecting to a wifi
5 / 5
An only reason has not given 5 star was reason one of them disconnect for him several times, before it has decided that it was the light bulb and precise know concealed ;).
Does better on 2G wifi but can connect on 2G and then operate in 5G.
He Controls with Alexa then does perfectly
4 / 5
Adds a warm aim is easily enough to light the room and some colours are lovely for emphasis I use for behind some monitors of computers. The application is compatible with alexa which is in prize .
4 / 5
The product is glorious the election of brightness and colour partorisca adapt your way. The product has been situated by means of the missing poster in a rear door for employee of amazon more than walk less than a minute my door advances that dips in of flight.
4 / 5
Loves these lights! His ray in and a neighbour on indictment to use an application is mostly sincere. I have been concerned that would have subject because a wifi in my house is a bit unreliable but always turns on really quickly that uses an application! I produce it adds for such reward it low.
5 / 5
Really easy to use, an application is intuitive and quickly to configure. Some colours are really intense and is utmost to create the way that lights. Really highly recommended. I will be to order more these.
5 / 5
So only dipped this on and is awesome. So only I can say Google the colour wants to and a brightness and he he immediately. You can also dipped to plan so that it goes is gone in the sure to time which is well for time of bed. It is like this easy to dip until. I thought it that it would be it complicate but an application drives your entirely that. I took so only roughly 3 minutes for the dipped up.
4 / 5
Fire hazard! These products would not connect to a Wi-Fi of an out of, both defective bulbs. With which so only when being on for the short periods that tries pair with WIFI so much the bulbs have has had to that to the glue likes him the substance oozing of a base and was extremely hot! If it estimate the life of your familiar and your property does not buy these, find it hard to think that these are the sincerely has agreed. It does not take a risk to save some touch you to can it to you complain for ever.
5 / 5
The installation was the little swipe and lose but perfect once installed.

Are new the alexa and a novelty of these things has spent to good sure any of 😂
4 / 5
A bulb is not easy to install and maintains disconnecting of my telephone.
The Neither changes colours. The mine has been stuck in has lived bought that of then.
4 / 5
Was little sceptic roughly buying this but is totally the fantastic product. A brightness, a colour, one feels is of súper quality. A UI of an application is very intuitive and a light responsive. A neighbour up is easy. Besides, work seamlessly with Alexa.
5 / 5
A together initial up was difficult and has had the plot of avenues to spend for to connect some lights by means of your telephone and to use speak the option but he costs it.

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4 / 5
I have bought this product and a buld is a lot streaky and bit inside a buld that you can not exit. A lot disappointed in this product

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5 / 5
Very discreet you hardly commentaries in a eves in 8 ft height.
Súper Easy to install.
Works without failure.

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5 / 5
The article has arrived without battery, in the description of the article any one is indicated gives any run that it issues without battery and, arriving tiled cina and does not give Amazon, see it difficult solve... May piu

Update: Received he riborso of the vendor, remains he fact that have to buttare The article because any utilizzabile