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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 6 ratings
5 / 5
Prpers Having bought the Epson EH-TW740 partorisca substitute mine 9 old year has wanted to Optoma HD230X which is gone down with the fault of defender, has been expecting the material adds of the newest technology. Any so much... Sent the backside & has taken a Optoma HD145x instead. Like this as well as old a, the optical zoom etc. Has been concerned that the has not had a way of Echo (with noise of the calmest defender), but was quite stunned likes the noise of defender was no stronger, and a picture was more brilliant. Totally happy. If it could find the failure, would be that a far power-in the key has the red coverage, and an out of, the green a. So it has had an old far - mysterious... Modification... Delving Deeper to some papers, has a way of Echo - brightness is the little reduced, but very too much. MAY! A noise of defender is virtually imperceptible included in of the silent scenes! My place the chair are directly under a projector, like this ossia the improvement of entity .
5 / 5
New the projectors and with which weeks of deliberations this was more for us. The picture adds, built in of the speakers cost but the majority will love to stop them external and his speakers a lot of value of the extra money to improve sound... Level of good lovely entrance, very happy. More in of the dark conditions but is quite brilliant to look in any of cinema like some conditions
5 / 5
After 2 months uses very light. There is there is prendido only law without any reason, looks not being any one can. Any light comes up in a bit poster of control. Tried with goodness of the different power has not done neither. Tried to do a registration of on-line guarantee his page no properly , has taken a message of same error tries it later as it could any a registration. It will dip in a cube I supposition.
4 / 5
Has Had a leading model for 5 years.
Brilliant and clear picture
4 / 5
Nach einem Fehlversuch dip einem Billig-Beamer war ich auf give Suche nach einer besseren Lösung: FullHD, LEISE !, und deutlich unter .-€ waren meine Anforderungen.

FĂŒndig wurde ich eben bei diesem Optima HD145X-Beamer.
Sehr Gut finde ich:
+) Echo-Modus: Im dunklen Raum vollkommen ausreichende Helligkeit, dafĂŒr praktisch nicht hörbarer LĂŒfter: Ahh, callĂł gut.
+) Einstellungen (ECHO-Modus, Trapezkorrektur) werden gespeichert, und sind auch nach dem Ab- und wieder Anstecken immer noch prÀsent.
+) Can-USB: it Gives versorgt gives TV of Fire-Clave direkt dipped Strom ĂŒber gives Beamer: Die lĂ€stige zusĂ€tzliche Verkabelung dip dem Extra-NetzgerĂ€t fĂŒr gives television Clave entfĂ€llt.
NICHT Like this gut finde ich:
-) Give Abstand zwischen Can-USB und HDMI are Beamer. Geht sich sehr knapp aus, ohne Give die jeweiligen Stecker kollidieren. 1cm mehr Abstand zwischen HDMI- und USB-Anschluß wĂŒrde wahre Wunder wirken.
!) Auf Give Homepage von Optima gibt Is fĂŒr to the Beamer einen Rechner: Modell + Abstand ->ergibt BildgrĂ¶ĂŸe. Schon Bad vorher eintippen, damit is keine unerwartet zu kleinen oder zu großen Bilder gibt.

Mein Fazit:
FĂŒr mich Gives ideal Filler-HD-EinsteigergerĂ€t in giving ca. 500.-€ Klasse, place ausreichend hellem und dabei ohrenschonenden Echo-Modus.
Can-USB on board zur Stromversorgung ist gut, mehr Abstand zwischen USB und HDMI wÀre besser.
Quotes vielerorts bemĂ€ngelte nicht vorhandene Abdeck-Kappe fĂŒr given Linse gibt zwar einen 1/2 Punkt Abzug, die ĂŒbrigen positiven Punkte ĂŒberwiegen.
5 / 5
Wir sind sehr zufrieden Dipped dem Beamer, The majority of data Bondadosos können selbst alles anschließen und Films schauen, Wii spielen. Die BildqualitĂ€t und LautstĂ€rke sind zu unserer Zufriedenheit.

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5
After possessing this projector partorisca just on two weeks have thinks that would write the description partorisca try and help any one looking in this like this the potential contends partorisca part of his theatre of house setup.

First impressions -

to the prime minister that receives a projector, will remark that it is a lot of packaged to the equal that would expect partorisca any mid device of theatre of house of row. Ploughing a box all was neatly packed with goodness partorisca be able to, far control, battery partorisca a control, the user of fast start drive all basic material, all was is own stock exchange partorisca maintain powder moisture out of a product.

Partorisca me This was a upgrade of a Optoma HD141X had been using daily partorisca 6-7 years that surprised and the part of a reason opts partorisca a Optoma in other frames like Benq, Epson, ViewSonic etc.
Directly out of a box instantly can say a difference among a 1080p and 4k (remarked that a uhd35 is not the native 4k projector at all and uses new technology to achieve a 4k resolution XPR (Xpanded Resolution of Pixel)) and a brightness, oh boy a brightness.. Initially it looked in a UHD38 (3000 lumens) but could not find one in stock on Amazon.
A UHD35 brightness is next level, that comes from/comes from hd141x (3,000 ANSI Lumens) to a UHD35 (2600 lumens) has not expected anything closes to a difference in brightness.

HDR10 Is the forward of big jump in of the terms of a row of colours these exposures of projector. I maintain to go back to a HD141x but ossia a point of the only reference has, a difference of the colour among a two has surprised!

Would say some regular settings out of a box is not a better and will require the tinker with a brightness and contrast, would not go to deep to a setting by heart, unless has the colorimeter and have the leading experience that configures exposures.
Looking on-line can pay you for the service of calibration of professional exposure around ÂŁ300 - ÂŁ400 which can look expensive, but has paid was for the 4k the projector goes to love a quality of picture a more can be and these types have the plot of the experience and the tools the help achieves upper results.

Mainly use a projector to run film by means of the PC with GTX1060 GPU this resembles exited 4k video amiably. I have it quell'has tried also a projector with the PS5 and has expected a SPDIF in a projector is exited DD/DTS 5.1 audio but sadly SPDIF in this device sustains 2.0 stereo so only, has had to buy an audio extractor to take his of PS5 to the mine old AV Auricular as it does not have HDMI.

Requires to upgrade your HDMI the bosses yes are wanting to one the majority of out a projector, previously had sunk me all can/HDMI bosses to some wall of the mine living room, those times have not thought in future proofing HDMI bosses like a some I installed is only HDMI 1.4 that bad that use these bosses will not be able to achieve 4k 60hz

These are things I desire had known before ordering this projector. I expect that this description can help another.

In general would recommend a UHD35 and am happy with cost of mine, is a upgrade the paralizaciĂłn expected when in the first place it looked the upgrading.

Thank - S
4 / 5
Comes from/Comes from gives an experience with videoproiettore Epson with technology 3-LCD, for another positive, and have wanted to try this new product has given Optoma, that technology of uses DLP, and declares a bajĂ­sima latenza in 4K UHD, further that characteristic gaming particularly attractive, in terms has given rapidities has given answered and has given frequency has given update! Without forgetting He full support To the 3d with technology DLP-link... The my evaluation complessiva, obviously has given qualitative type and no instrumental, is based on the visions has given native contents in 4K, has given native contents in 3d, and has given games PS4 in full-HD, his screen 80': here we find surely it has given front announce a product has given fascia means it comunicacionales has given quality for real excellent.
4 / 5
Glorious projector. Quality a lot well of image, with quite lĂșmenes ANSI.

Is A lot OF THE FIXED ENTITY in this data: The lĂșmenes the edges of ANSI have measured to regulate of the quantity of light that it can offer the projector. Hay Another proyectores that indicates that has more lĂșmenes, but ANY ONE is the value standardised (with that that can spend the deception).

Use he in the Outside, and sees perfectly late. Because of the big number of lĂșmenes ANSI any one does fault too much darkness.

Has bought he together with a protective briefcase and a Clave of television of Fire of amazon UHD - further of a screen of 100 thumbs. The perfect combination. I connect the L fire sticks the one of the ports HDMI of the projector, and the fed with the apresamiento USB. Any failure at all more. I can access The contained a lot of of video, in big screen.

With this projector is spent a glorious summer . Home we locate a 'Basic camp' and has amused of the Eurocopa to the complete with several neighbours. The projector has been 'the excuse' to joint and Social life - while we amuse of the football in an enormous screen.
5 / 5
Proiettore 4k vobulato utilizzabile also In stanza any dark thank you was sweated big luminosity. Any sleep attained ancore the settari the coloreé with prefer my this depends also the stanza tiled (stay) that being has dye of clear date does not give simple he settaggio. My used like this With him impostaciones has given factory gives still grown satisfactions. The installation is however simple also that the optical zoom is minimum and a lot here sleep possible optical corrections. Mina... He digital regulations Infinite sleep, vertical horizontals. Zoom And 4 corners surrender possible posizionare he videopriettore in any point without an evident loss of the quality has given image. He imagine In FullHD see a lot very like this avenges clearly percepiscono he differences with him material in 4K. Any one can passage confrontations with the videopriettori has given fascia economic that go for took it in consideration for the obvious limits has given such satisfied has given Optoma, mark that have appreciated always and that now can says, for direct experience, has given to have valued well. The utilisation his screen The missing has given 100' and goes a lot well, my tried also his white wall a lot of himself comport viril, tutt'another.
4 / 5
Comes from/Comes from gives another proiettore Optoma HD300X has given does some year. This is definitely upper, If it sees also with him lights lit more than announces an upper resolution 4K HDR, have found a lot of gain the correction there are four corners. Any sleep attained the understand come actuate the modality ISF.
Regarding him vendor,Partner of Office GmbH_1, sleep more than satisfied: it hands It it is given place with a lot anticipates respect was planned data. Initially I have had it has given questions With the visions 3D owed announce a mine error has given links, had connected he reader/sintoamplificatore gives immersed exit foreseen starts hdmi one was TV the another to the proiettore, being the my TV any 3D any one arrived he signal 3D at least to the proiettore. In a first moment had required he surrendered to the vendor that had accepted without tentennamenti, my afterwards solved he the question there is annullato he surrendered.
Together was He proiettore that he vendor.
5 / 5
SĂșper Bild :)
Hab lange gesucht, gives ich gerne im Heimkino zocke, war mir eine niedrige Latenz wichtig.
Auch Quotes 240Hz sind genial, allerdings werden are PC nur 120Hz erkannt, man muss die 240Hz erst im
GeForce Treiber manuell zufĂŒgen, dann klapp is perfekt.
Beim Gaming Modus werden To the Einstellungen, wie zB. Ecken anpassen deaktiviert, daher ist eine perfekte Anpassung A data Leinwand wichtig, sonst sind im aktivierten Play Modus to the digitalen Anpassung weg.
HDR und 3D sind auch Cup.
Auch kann The man follows PC und Konsole native 4k Auflösung anwĂ€hlen und is sieht auch sĂșper scharf aus, obwohl is kein natives 4k ist.
LautstÀrke ist auch Well, mein transmissions Benq 681TH war deutlich lauter.
Mir persönlich bereitet Gives Beamer viel Freunde, paar kleine MÀngel wie zB. TrÀge Eingabe Gives Fernbedienung sind verkraftbar.
Im großen und ganzen ein gutes Gesamtpaket.
4 / 5
Like this has bought them two Optoma 142x the almost done projectors 5 years, has loved a upgrade. Ossia Far more brilliant with contrasting big far, also an addition of optical audio is the good touch for those of us concealed that has to that surround system of sound. I had it several months now and like this far very happy.
4 / 5
Gives Beamer schaut wertig aus, Kontrast passt, Schwarzwerte passen, schön Hell. Jedoch habe ich leider ein MontagsgerĂ€t erwischt. Keine korrekte Farbwiedergabe! Gelb ist grĂ€ulich grĂŒn. Ich habe Is nicht geschafft, die Farben korrekt darzustellen. Und: Of the VerhĂ€ltnis BildflĂ€che zoom Abstand ist eine Zumutung. Zoom nur 1 1. Of the Bild ist daher viel zu klein!
5 / 5
SĂșper 4k Beamer zu einem sĂșper Preis.
LĂ€sst sich Gut ĂŒber Raster und andere Möglichkeiten einstellen. Wer keine Marie loans oder andere Software Sachen benötigt (man to die ja als external GerĂ€t noch anschließen kann) ist yesterday genau richtig.
Vergleichbare Produkte kosten deutlich mehr.
5 / 5
Fulfils with the specifications, has has had to that so only buy an adapter to be able of the connect, of discharges was European, which any one specifies in the product, and is a point that imports to consider he for the compraventa, especially for the ones of latinoamérica

Top Customer Reviews: Optoma HD144X ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 5 ratings
4 / 5
A picture brightness and the quality was very partorisca we, included without a invidentes down. This in spite of obviously direct the sources read weaken it.

Like another reviewers find a boss partorisca be able to the has bitten free, has cut was when softly attacked, but this is not a worse question in a world.

A defender has fallen in quite prompt and often to maintain a fresh projector, but is not exactly noisy for levels of projector. And one in-the speaker has built is surprisingly WELL. We would not use it long-term, but has done in an interim while we expect for our system of the his to arrive.
4 / 5
Ossia The good projector and certainly quite brilliant.
An only downside, so that it has taken clashes was is some feet that he difficult to dip-arrive level. But in of the terms of the quality of picture is something on for a money.
5 / 5
The quality of picture adds and brightness. A defender is very calm on all but some place plus a lot brilliant. Very happy with him
5 / 5
screen Very good protective workshop a lot well. This in spite of can not look to take a stability corrects like this of the pictures wonky
4 / 5
Well for a prize. I have bought he for 249 pounds when there it was an offer . Thus prize, ossia excellent. Nowhere after Sony projector but that cost 1800 books

Top Customer Reviews: Optoma UHD42 4K UHD ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 3 ratings
4 / 5
Very pleased, adds partorisca gaming.
This in spite of take some flicking on screen (some few canals) and the straight line down half of screen (when touching any 4K film), slightly the different colour shades any side of but changed of cinema the way HDR he or in of means it comunicacionales virgin to minimum level of HD canal when this raisin and disappears. Also it has taken a question of interference although more than a source has connected to the projector is turned in ie like this PS4 and box of Half comunicacionales Virgin, when I have turned of a a has not used this has solved a question. The picture adds when any interference. Fast delivery.
5 / 5
Adds 4k projector in a prize partorisca a half person the one who enjoys film or gaming in the screen the big plus. Beautiful picture.

The speakers are good but uses the system of the his and would advise any partorisca do one although using the projector.

Creates the 100 picture of thumb of me so that it adds partorisca the smallest rooms. Utilisation in way of echo like his really calm and I of the that the commentary when looking something. Obviously stronger when in the full brilliant way but all the projectors have has had to that . The subject only has been he occasionally has the screen partorisca break but this is to be direct with the firmware update. You can also so only king click a hdmi the key and goes era.

In general in a lot of happy with east and enjoys it an experience.
4 / 5
Is the good projector smaller that mine optoma uhd51. Setup Was a lot of easy. Has the zoom a lot so much placing was as well as it was in a backside of my room. It is really brilliant likes more dipped partorisca echo in Dynamic black way. When steaming Although Netflicks or amazon 4k was really good but anything HD there is alot of noise of video in a picture that the really in the east entertained was more if a film was some Clouds partorisca film older and skylines always has some noise of video of the class ossia the real shame as there is ruined a global experience. Looking Bad Boys in Netflicks in Ultra 4k was so only horrible likes the noise of video me so only the stop that looks he 10 mins to a film. His likes to go back 10 years in DLP technology really poor! HDR The setting really no everything is just darkness and can not see that spending the think His perhaps that his more aimed in gamers and any film goers so that it would not recommend this yours the projector more has taken the well has estimated 1080p partorisca much less of money.

Top Customer Reviews: Optoma UHD51 4K DLP ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 14 ratings
4 / 5
After possessing a Optoma UHD550X partorisca to the long of the year and has required something the little smaller partorisca my room of cinema. I have listened so many good descriptions in a Optoma UHD51 and Becuase ive there has been always Optoma projectors the decided to go for one 51. A projector has arrived very packed of Amazon. Slick The black chance with a lentil was put really looked a part ! Connected to the mine uhd player and fiddled with some settings and has taken the gorgeous picture. A Reverent in 4k has looked to the surprise was likes look although the window could them of in fact locates behind although haha. A depth of a film was incredible like this more a LCD and the one who takings for a money simply is that it surprises Optoma really listen the there of clients. Like this happy in this product thanks again Optoma has done Navidad
5 / 5
has Bought this like a upgrade to the mine Benq w1070 projector. The installation was easy there is not had to that move a mountain of projector for this upgrade. A picture is surprising for a prize, if has any the one who is in a fence roughly taking this only calm projector the favour one takes one.
5 / 5
This projector is fab a 4k is sĂșper compared to the 1080 happy projector that purchased it to them a hard only thing to do was to take a 3d working but this was to do with a setting
4 / 5
has purchased this element on 10 Apr 20 in that researched those the on-line alike elements. A quality of a 4k the picture is before class given a relatively low prize thus type of projector. It is a lot directly it advances to dip up using neither a paper has built to a system or an orderly little backlit external remote that comes with him. Has very characteristic interesting that it comprises a capacity the upscale any 4K the contained that it use HDR he characteristic. It can also it touches 3D Blue-contained of ray. This in spite of still enable this will require to purchase compatible DLP links it active shutter glasses for separate. This in spite of is a lot to value likes him the projector really of book in this zone. They are still tinkering with settings to optimise quality of picture for my concrete needs. This in spite of, am pleased really with cost of mine. Ossia A third Optoma the projector has possessed on some last few years but is for far a better to date.
5 / 5
There is had also return this projector reason has arrived without a goodness to be able to corrected and has been missing a filter of powder ,
like this didnt take too much test was
5 / 5
the Brilliant picture detailed. Calm. Any too the heat that starts.
Swimming really.
5 / 5
A projector when remained with a ALR has produced of screen roughly breathtaking images. Has has had to that the still turn reason when I connected it to my PC in full RGB diagram by heart and HDR a screen there has been the strong green has maintained.
Otherwise The very good projector.
4 / 5
Power connection are free and is apparently the question regulates with Optoma. The retailer has not taken any authorship for a @@subject and has blamed a manufacture.
4 / 5
This projector are add, really impressed with quality of picture. I have chosen also this like this Optoma offer a better 3d experience in a phase
4 / 5
Well it has left partorisca begin to say that my Optima UHD51, arrived in a space of time has been announced. The box has been sealed and propiciada by the box of Amazon and then wrapped around for the black of plastic foil. Basically it calms it will not guess in 1000 years that is inner , unless you spoil entirely a container. That ... It will not be a chance. This tip what cured of Amazon in a client A+++already. Then a method partorisca follow of the yours compraventa another+.
Comes with discharges he partorisca country of EU ,and the separate goodness with discharges he of United Kingdom and the far control also , anotherA+.
Now some diagrams is the sleep means a picture is absolutely Insane. Feeling of pure cinema. Now I need some pertinent chairs lol.
In a sound. Well The one who concerns in a sound rid for a projector? My Sony Fixes of Theatre of the House BDV-E4100 the fantastic work . I mean the one who spends money in the projector like this without having the sound of pertinent quality? This will do injustice to the such experience expected of this legislation of car?
A 3D experience can very included describe it. You will owe that see he partorisca calm.
Upper vendor ,will do business again sure. Like the subject has saved in fact a page of vendor . This says everything.
4 / 5
Ossia The really amazing projector . Please the calm mark sure can it situate exactly cantered in your screen so that has no keystone correction. I have struggled initially partorisca take a picture partorisca fill my screen but once was in partorisca treat it. An acuteness, some colours, some black levels: wow.
Looking Tierra of Planet II in 4K is an equivalent of the visual orgasm: it is the thing of beauty.
Highly recommend projector.
5 / 5
I mine of link the harmony partorisca the voice and everything is utmost ossia a uhd51 without alexis. Utilisation google. A projector is awsome is not old lvl reason some blacks are like the abonos 2008 LCD or he 2012 samsung the TV has directed. But the colours are up there with some better. Clave aladin is and wow 2019 aladin produced partorisca surprise. 3d has done the street, has not required the disorder roughly. The disk dipped simply in xbox one and hey ready.
Here is a thing. They are in 100screen of his thumb adds I of the that included has the TV anymore but in 100 thumb I look a difference of digital download and the physical copy. Both are utmost but a 4I physicist is near of any quite looking out of window.
A lot has a lot of negatives. Blue ray 1080p looks adds in this projector is like this well will be to confuse he with 4k lol but the old material has, Dvd likes walked of look of travesĂ­a of terrible old star. Any shows of TV of a 80s averts of these remastered that the look does not add . Of 10 feet was his well but will be spoilt. Always it looks for first resolution to look the film and substituting all mine 720 film with musicmagpies blue Ray lol. The ones of the that remorses a uhd51 for 1 dry. It is the piece of sum of big quality of the box but the filter to air included would have been well but that speaks to Optima his of the that distributes the filter of air, concealed until you. I have loved a remote when being of tower lite like all the descriptions alleged it wasnt but have the harmony and hub for all that like this.... 4 Out of 5 reason would like me the same better blacks although they are good and light flange is very a lot it @@subject but is there. In fact his 5 out of 5 cause all more is fantastic. It has given my TV was lol.
4 / 5
Some descriptions are for the different model and no for Optoma uhd51ALVe. This one has taken 3200 Ansi Lumens.
5 / 5
Although any native 4K will be you hard pressed to say a difference. Claro, crisp, brilliant and vibrant hdr.
A 3d the functionality is like this as well as my forward Optoma hd26, and is the blessing that mine old plus dlp the glasses are compatible.
Was pleasantly surprised to discover that it could run games of PC in 1080P 120hz.

Top Customer Reviews: Optoma UHZ65UST 4K ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 1 ratings
4 / 5
I have had this projector partorisca the week. I have moved house recently, and initially looked in the television upgrade. Already it possesses the Samsung the prize that wins 55 screen of thumb. The mine researches in ‘Whathifi' and ‘'That' and has had my alcohol dipped in the £3k LG 65 screen of thumb. I then listened in this projector. I king-researched in an internet, and bought it. My opinion? It is simply sensational. It seats near of a wall on to the like projects - no of another side of a room - the real plus! Have paired He with the 106 tab of thumb-tensioned screen. A note in this - does not buy the screen the economic plus that is not tab-tensioned; some warps of picture the plot, particularly in screens of paper. It is simply a lot a lot enough for such the cost. I have had to substitute my initial screen and paid £1k for the tab tensioned version. A difference is surprising. A projector is easy to dip up; has correction of software and excellent warp of adjustment. Some applications are poor apparently as they do not project in 4K. Marcos any difference of mine, likes I current my content (Netflix/Prime/Disney+ etc) Heaven of street. A picture is quite brilliant to be still be add in daylight, but REALLY bursts ‘' at night. So much, they are all ‘ take' in £4,300. Interesting he calms that can resupply? HE - FANTASTIC! (The photo is taking has seen to mine iPhone at night likes-in the streamed ‘Hamilton' on Disney+. A picture any one this justice of amazing projector.