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Good material, takes the moment partorisca dry, but quite flexible when has. Used to seal a backside of the mine connector of battery in a ebike with which was shorting because of rain ingress. The only thing would say is to be conscious is not particularly viscous as it will filter easily by means of any calm holes do not block up.
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This professional/commercial note material companies on like this declared in some instructions, in the 48 now (he two day) period. Ossia Well, but the mark sure is conscious of him. A resultant material is the a lot lustrous black , but still conclusive. It is to good sure a lot anything like the silicone has composed based, which is well. Calm to good sure can see this in spite of that is softer that the typical two part epoxy potting has composed.

Some material mixes in the 1:1 proportion. You owe that mix each part for separate first to combine so that has selection. Some instructions spell this was. Before it dips up it is very thin, almost to waters it to to him likes him the consistency. This would not be pertinent like the satisfied coating because of these properties, but the work adds like the potting compound (which is that it is announced as). So only be sure a device a circuit is potting is embedded to wins does not filter a material was in 48 priest of time of now.

Comes with three 25cc mixing cups as well as has has printed instructions and opinions. A smoke of this material previously to the priest is toxic, the repirator is required to be past.
4 / 5
Material simple. It mixes it pertinent, give it 15 minutes to air was and game he in.

The directions say to mix 1:1 volume fluent proportion. Then give the measure of maximum batch in weight and his that-to the video does not mention using the stairs. It would be very they could give the reference of volume has flowed to weight...

So much for those without the stairs 100g is roughly 100ml. I mix 50:50 and take the good cure.

For any that asks , mixes 200ml(-200g) the time some flanges does not cure never. Learnt a hard way...