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1 first Panasonic Blu-Ray Player and HDD Recorder with Freeview Play - (DMR-PWT550EB) (Renewed) Panasonic Blu-Ray Player and HDD Recorder with Freeview Play - (DMR-PWT550EB) (Renewed) Panasonic
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2 Panasonic DMR-PWT550EB Blu-Ray Player and HDD Recorder with Freeview Play, Black Panasonic DMR-PWT550EB Blu-Ray Player and HDD Recorder with Freeview Play, Black Panasonic
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3 best Panasonic DMR-BWT850 (Multiregion DVD player) Smart Network 3D Blu-ray DiscTM Recorder with Twin HD Recorder - 4K Upscaling & Recording etc. Panasonic DMR-BWT850 (Multiregion DVD player) Smart Network 3D Blu-ray DiscTM Recorder with Twin HD Recorder - 4K Upscaling & Recording etc. Panasonic
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4 N2QAYB001046 Replacement Remote for Panasonic Blu-ray Disc Player HDD Recorder DMR-PWT550 DMR-BWT720 DMR-BST720 DMR-BST721 DMR-BWT735 DMR-BWT750 DMR-BWT750GL DMR-BST820 N2QAYB001046 Replacement Remote for Panasonic Blu-ray Disc Player HDD Recorder DMR-PWT550 DMR-BWT720 DMR-BST720 DMR-BST721 DMR-BWT735 DMR-BWT750 DMR-BWT750GL DMR-BST820 VINABTY
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5 AC Power Lead Cord Cable for Panasonic Blu-Ray DVD Player/Recorder AC Power Lead Cord Cable for Panasonic Blu-Ray DVD Player/Recorder DHERIGTECH
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6 BluRay Remote Control Replace for Panasonic DVD Player Applicable DMR-XW380 N2QAYB000475 DMR-BW880 DMR-BW780 DMR-XW480 recorders for Meeting with Video with Playback USB Instrument blu-ray disc ir6 BluRay Remote Control Replace for Panasonic DVD Player Applicable DMR-XW380 N2QAYB000475 DMR-BW880 DMR-BW780 DMR-XW480 recorders for Meeting with Video with Playback USB Instrument blu-ray disc ir6 BANAN
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7 Remote Control for Panasonic DMRPWT655EB Smart 3D Blu-ray Player with HDD Recorder Remote Control for Panasonic DMRPWT655EB Smart 3D Blu-ray Player with HDD Recorder Panasonic
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8 Remote Control for Panasonic DMR-HWT150EB Smart 3D Blu-ray Player with HDD Recorder Remote Control for Panasonic DMR-HWT150EB Smart 3D Blu-ray Player with HDD Recorder Panasonic
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9 VINABTY N2QAYB001058 Remote for Panasonic Blu-ray Disc Player HDD Recorder DMR-BWT850 DMR-PWT655 DMR-PWT550 DMR-HWT250 DMR-HWT150 VINABTY N2QAYB001058 Remote for Panasonic Blu-ray Disc Player HDD Recorder DMR-BWT850 DMR-PWT655 DMR-PWT550 DMR-HWT250 DMR-HWT150 VINABTY
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10 AULCMEET N2QAYB001058 Replacement Remote Control Compatible with Panasonic BLU-RAY Player 4K HDD DVD Recorder DMR-PWT550EB DMR-PWT655EB DMR-HWT150EB DMR-HWT250EB DMR-BWT850EB AULCMEET N2QAYB001058 Replacement Remote Control Compatible with Panasonic BLU-RAY Player 4K HDD DVD Recorder DMR-PWT550EB DMR-PWT655EB DMR-HWT150EB DMR-HWT250EB DMR-BWT850EB AULCMEET
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Top Customer Reviews: Panasonic Blu-Ray ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 3 ratings
5 / 5
After spending almost £300 in the Freesat recorder which extremely disappointed, has given finally on and has gone back the Freeview. This element that combines the BluRay the player of disk is glorious, quality of picture and facilitated of the use and the together simple up is fantastic, well each penny and do a lot well with my new Panasonic Ready TV.
Always will look for the amazon has has renewed elements again, this element was in his original box, has had still all his protect plastic in the, unopened and unused bosses, far and battery and instructions, and everything in meso a new prize. With an Amazon 12 guarantee of month is the no brainier. Client very happy.
5 / 5
Currency a lot well for the money and a quality of picture is exceptional.
5 / 5
So only the fast description to the equal that has so only has received so only a car but do really well and has been rid quickly.

Top Customer Reviews: Panasonic ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 39 ratings
4 / 5
Amado A DEVICE that could TV, play DVD/BDs and has been ready all a same time. It could look ape, but a main reason especially other considerations was to reduce a number of far controls has had in my table of caffè. Any joke!
There looked to be election very small to be sincere - a lot of ready TVs, ready Blue-players of ray, ready Hard Disk recorders, but any one a lot all-in-some. It has considered to take the mini PC and that builds my own solution, but in an end this looked less hassle and has thought the purpose-build of half comunicacionales of the centre would be better in doing is good work. As I have discovered, this both was, and has not been, true.

In general am happy with him, and now has used to everything is quirks am pleased enough with him, but there is enough the plot of quirks, the majority of that I thinks could be be avert.

Left calm cast some pros and gilipollas:

+ all in a solution
+ the quality of picture adds
+ good looks and quite compact
+ of confidence
+ the fast start arrive (of a unit, the services of coverage take the little moment)
+ built in WiFi
+ flexible register - record 2 things immediately whilst looking the third
+ application of android that register of leaves of schedule of your telephone (although you go GILIPOLLAS down)
+ has consecrated on-key of question and consecrated netflix key (well him them netflix, but the programmable key more generic would be more use for Amazon first etc. Clients)
+ the far control can be programmed to the control can of television, entrance, canal and volume, meaning FINALLY are that you live a sleep and so only have a far! The only function that loses is the transmission of audio.
+ For alive TV. It did not think it it would use this characteristic half as much as do! It is it adds to be able to take the cup of tea, take the call of telephone etc and so only choose on where has to that the left was!
+ Included Better that take the alive TV is a capacity to look a start of the register whilst a rest of closing is registered when be - calm does not require to expect until it has finalised register. For example, if you have dipped the film to register reason calms does not go to be in still a half prime minister an hour, can go to a paper of video when you take house and beginning to look of a start, included although it is still in a half of the record. Then, can quickly it advances by means of some advertisings and calm enough has taken punctual until where is "alive"!

- The main thing for me is one drives of television is SOOO delay cruise it. There is at least the second half delay when moving up or down some canals. These looks to be because it insists on uploading a logo of canal and detailed "touching now" info for each canal to the equal that move up or down, included if you do not want to know the particular canal. Ossia Totally unnecessary and REALLY impacts an experience of user. The people want to use one drives to quickly cruised among canals, but is so only impossible. A grace of only saving is that it press an on/down key 6-7 times quickly, he skip to a next page quite quickly, as I can skim read a cast of canal. Neither they require to do a process a fast plus or have the way to turn some logos of canal info of
- disjointed interface. It feels he likes Panasonic actuate so only bolted joint the few interfaces to exist had left in other products (drives of recorder/TV, DVD PLAYER, Ready player) partorisca east a product. In fact, I am sure ossia EXACTLY WHICH have done! There is the a lot of noticeable differentiates among some different zones, and included some the characteristic different casts have different looks - a "characteristic of coverage" looks very dated, whilst some new Freeview game and has consecrated in the paper of question is much more modern.
- The ready functions are slow - lens uploading paralización netflix and in canals of question, slow navigation in canal 4 and applications of BBC, although netflix is not too bad.
- Gone in of ready rubbish. It has not expected the plenary QWERTY keyboard in a far, but when I have treated a together initial on, has discovered was possible to write using some tones of number (likes text messaging some old days! There is!). He really helped when writing in a wifi details of connection. Has thinks that that this was the solution adds of Panasonic, and looked forward to to write in this way when looking for in netflix/BBC/C4 etc. But no. In a built in of the calm applications so only can use some tones of arrow to select papers of the grille. A lot slow and frustrating. This was the simple and effective occasion Panasonic has lost, big time.
- Browser of web of the rubbishes. Ossia Splits of an a lot of dated looking paper of characteristics of the coverage and is terrible. So only a lot annoying .
- Application of slow Android. It is it adds that there is release it Panasonic application of Centre of the Mean comunicacionales that the leaves time your recorder of your telephone, but is RIDICULOUSLY slow. I think that that it is reason he relays all an information has seen the server in Giappone. An application is also very basic-looking. All this can be forgiven this in spite of, reason when being able to dip the recorder mine of a bus or when vacacional are adds!
- Miracast Is clunky and temperamental. A goodness adds to loan TVs is a capacity to launch to them of your telephone, purportedly a lot easily and natively. It is possible to do this with a Panasonic, but an option to actuate Miracast is hid is gone in some papers. I need active, and when calm , he disconnects a wifi connection. In another TVs has been able to connect smartphone of mine in the subject of second, but on this takes age to change connection and actuate miracast. Also, 50 of a time only waste to connect, or is not visible to my telephone.

So much, a lot niggles, but in the balance are happy with to him likes the consecrated and self has contained device. That annoying is that the majority of a gilipollas in fact could be fixed a lot easily Panasonic has had the alcohol to - a disjointed interface, browser of web of the rubbishes and entrance of the bad text for example so only requires the programmer to seat and the soften all was. Other things like the slow application that uploads, clunky miracast changing and included one drives of slow TV would be likely to be fixed with better components or more powerful. It feels he likes there is skimped on quality of component the bit, which is the shame because it is not that economic, and is an only company that offers one all-in-a solution, like reason any for the do a more can be ?

Echo other descriptions on here: probably a better all-in-an at present available solution, but still does not add for any half.
4 / 5
Likes of maintains a clutters under your television to the minimum then this has combined Blue-player of Ray, the recorder Hard disk, with taking up and popular video in services of question, so only can be that it is looking for!

A fast tip, ensures control for any updates of new software have finalised to grieve a neighbour-arrive process. This will ensure to have a Freeview functionality of Player.

Setup, With which have done one has has required connections of Aerial, HDMI and can, is quite he directly advances. It ensures I all the settings, to select 'He' to all a setup elements to ensure that they take a full functionality out of this unit. Wi-Fi setup Is simple, while yours issue supports WPS (the new majority some have these characteristic). All setup the elements have done first time for me and I was punctual able to explore all some characteristics in offers.

After an update of the software required has been installed a basics looks quite easy to operate. Some exposures are cleaned and simple to use, as it can be seen in some pictures have added to this description. Pressing a key to Drive ameno on an usual grille that objective some programs of television and comprise the alive inset of a current program. Like selections the different program in a grille takes the picture of a program (if available) and to short synopsis. Pressing WELL in a far ameno on more details and calm leaves to any clock a program, for simply pressing WELL again, or an option for the record or see information of serious (if available). All very easy and intuitive to operate.

Another fast tip, to move up or down the whole page in one drives precise resists down in any one a canal on/down keys or a cursor on/down keys. These requests to move by means of all some casts of the canal more than multiple key presses to move of a canal the time.

To use a Freeview the game takes to do you on simply go to an accident, moving behind in time, to see a catchup the available programs for a canal have selected. Emotional a curser down or on leaves some materials other canals to be seen and selected of a grille (sees semi-detached photo). Like this again very easy to operate.

All some papers look quickly and one drives populate inside the second or two in a plus. For mine of comparison 5-the old year Panasonic is demon of speed !

One looks a lot amply mentioned is a capacity to be able to dip the program or see the register of the your Android or Apple iOS device, of anywhere have a connection of internet. I have uploaded an Application to mine iPad and was able to dip the program of television to register directly without that has to that turn a television on or take the far. Now a process is not quickly, like your Panasonic the box is accessed of servers in Giappone, but work. When I in the first place setup an Application in mine iPad I has received a message of error, which could not take past. This in spite of, I simply uninstalled an Application and then king-installed the and all was a lot.

A popular video in the services of question have limited at present to Netflix, Youtube and instant of video of Amazon. For a lot of these will cover his requirements without a need for the separate box. 4K The video maintains , where available. It would have been a lot they have comprised also NowTV, like this ossia quite popular. A unit can also law like him DLNA server or client, meaning you can see the contained stored in a hard disk interior of another device or content to see tent in another device that uses this to surrender (show) a content.

A Panasonic also sustains the control has seen a HDMI boss like this your television sustains this calm function then can control a lot of appearances of your far TV. Mina LG 49UF850V games a lot amiably with east and can treat all has used frequently the functions have seen a far TV, comprising dipping the program of one drives and touching behind some walks of disk. He same turns a Panasonic on and was (equally turning a Panasonic on will turn a television on).

Surrounds him to him the the system of sound has connected your TV has seen HDMI (with support of ARC) then a canal of turn of the audio (ARC) acts well and sustains 5.1 Dolby surround sound. In a chance of mine LG the TV finds a panasonic, has connected directly to a second HDMI gone in in my TV, has not spent so only Dolby Digital but also DTS the mine surrounds system of sound. This mitigates a digital start disappeared of this model but how is comprised in a PWT655 and BWT850.

At present (December 2015) an only fly in an ointment is a lack of Canal 5 catchup, which hopefully will arrive shortly. In general although I am very happy with cost of mine and has simplified my life and more importantly has pleased my woman, the one who now can operate all a technology simply and with reduced clutters!
4 / 5
Has bought this for mother-in-law of mine because has has wanted to Freeview the game and his DVD was of a steam powered variety.
The installation was the doddle and take arrive and running was literally small.
A lot easily the bad navigable papers and father-in-law of mine the one who are in 80 east and 90 is is using this without question.
This has been to use now for almost 5 month and has had any question with him all, included considering insists on turning it is gone in one covers each evening.
A lot looking unit with the a lot of place out of far this feels good quality .
Is looking for The good Freeview option of Game ossia to good sure a model to go for
5 / 5
Ossia my first experience of Ready TV / HDD Recorder. With which dulcemente that learns regarding the use in a last week am them impressed relatively like this far. Some the only things am remarked is, one drives of television / the Ready functions are linked obviously to an internet that resulted in him when being quite slow in showing the papers etc. boasts this can be reduced with the broadband speeds faster like this am them thinking to purchase the broadband extends so it was my wireless signal is quite poor where this is to locate. Secondly I Have the Pansonic soundbase linked to my TV. Has this place to go to standby together with my TV. There is remarked that this spends mine soundbase has not gone back on when it has turned them a TV behind on like the sound was routed has seen of the speakers of TV. I have solved this to take a soundbase in disposal to standby way, so that there is easily has solved.
4 / 5
Has had east maintaining for the pair of month and is very pleased with a quality of picture, decent colours, treble, so only like a picture of the ours 4K TV. This applies to some programs have registered and dipping the Blue disk of Ray in. Easy to operate, is exited once a record and playback use of system.
A pair of small things could be better, but at all the one who warrants take one of some stars. Some look of far keys to have has situated in any particular order and tweeks partorisca show the adjustments are difficult to exit. I can not look to be able to match a volume to be one same likes TV, like this has to that arrive the when into use. There is, like another reviewers has mentioned, the little lag create programs to register, but swimming of consequence.
Certainly to be recommended.
4 / 5
The device adds. I have required the substitution for aging of mine (&62;10years) Topfield 5800 Freeview recorder. I have wanted also he Blueray player, as this looked the good election . I have had he for the week or like this now and has done all want to of the Freeview recorder. There is the few smaller irritations, for example one drives to program sometimes takes the moment to show (so only the little as). Ossia The bit to annoy when that tries to register the programs of the week for advanced. Also, when restarting the program registered with which take has the delay of the pocolos second. As I have said, the smallest subjects like this still to 5 indication of star.
4 / 5
Very easy to dip-on, autoscan just works, simple.

Games he Blue-disk of ray as well as an usual DVD commercial films, can not register these of course, Hollywood does not leave it .

This in spite of a record of television and the access to the films of internet is glorious, leaves all some applications of entities to be installed and has take on television also.

Comes with a HDMI boss and has sawed-axial aerial by means of spending M-F boss also.
Manuel comprehensible

Note: although there is wi-fi, yes can cover the wired ethernet in, goes 10x fast - wired ethernet always is faster that any wi-fi.
5 / 5
Is Panasonic the car does a lot well. It leaves a register of two programs a same time while calm also is looking (playback) another register. It is Internet enabled (street WiFi or wire fence) to the equal that can look BBC iPlayer, Netflix etc. An on-the interface of screen is reasonably intuitive and initial setup was very easy. Has the saver of screen to prevent burn of screen when prendiendo playback. The Blue games-ray and DVD DISKS but does not leave registering to removable disks. It connects to a TV via HDMI boss (distributed). My TV is connected to a system of the his (amplifier) street the boss of Optical Digital Audio and in this phase all playback audio (HDD and disk of Blue ray) can be routed has seen an amplifier. This Panasonic the player has not separated jack sockets to connect to the system of sound.
5 / 5
This Panasonic blue player of recorder / Ray any last along ( 2 weeks ) like the smell in of the llamas begun in a backside of a player and also has done mine Samsung 4K TV to freak was and gone Black without his or picture as I can not recommend this model also a player is gone in is own box for everything to see that it was but was service of turn and hands well with repayment for Amazon .
4 / 5
A quality of picture is brilliant, and some characteristic to Take On the TV is brilliant also. In a main is very easy to dip up and use.
I desire could reorder some canals but you can delete a some calm does not look to look in one Drives. Registering the programs is easy but pressing very GOOD, then turn! A 'Delete' key for has looked the programs is very small and in some means other keys so many is easy to presss one wrong a.
5 / 5
I am taking used his, mostly for test and error: a Manual distributed is little or any help. I will persist, but I seat an element is has complicated on. A Quality of resultant final this in spite of, is excellent. They are happy bought it. The packaging and the delivery were like this speedy like this usual.
4 / 5
Regretfully Does not have an election of well Freeview PVR the boxes once have had, but partorisca which do not wish partorisca pay for Sky+, Virgin etc ossia one has found more in recent time. A system of paper is nowhere approaches like this good or quickly like this SkyHD but is usable. Like the PVR box it the value that takes even if you do not have any intention partorisca use a Blue-Ray playback facilitated.
5 / 5
Am wanted with this Panasonic recorder that will touch blue the disks of ray there is enhanced to 4K in a pertinent TV. I am using the internet wired to link which has update a firmware quickly and gives the good election of places that to film of current and to take on upper of canals of TV. All begin of the video is before class and HD the registers are crisp and treble. 500GB The storage was that it suffices for my needs of a TV the neighbour also can accept entrance of the freesatplus recorder ; it thinks roughly 1 TB the storage yes wishes to retain big quantities of HD material.
4 / 5
Ossia The wonderful piece of boxes. Extremely easy to dip on - still for an old duffer, taste. I directed the - superficially - explore everything of is characteristic, of then has arrived yesterday. Now, I can seat in my leisure and have the good game. Appearance a hard/Recorder Player the long time, without glitches.

A, never like this slightly, sour note - Amazon is the little naughty in his 'Frequently Bought Near' the section consulting. There is, absolutely, any need to buy the separate HDMI Boss.

An element distributes with :

Some Hands Boss to Be able to.

One has Sawed-Axial Boss


A Panasonic HDMI Boss.

Buying another HDMI the boss would be superfluous.
5 / 5
Has ordered to substitute the humax recorder which has not lived until recommendations to the equal that are always state pleased with Panasonic the products have ordered this model after reading descriptions. The arrival was quickly, was dipped easily on and a quality of a picture, the sound and the appearance is in fact a lot well, like this far, like this good.
5 / 5
- In the bed quell'a bit descriptions of of the this and the earliest models that critics a booklet of instruction, fully is in accordance with forward reviewers, in those some instructions are not very easy to follow. I have had to that spend some time to transcribe his in my own words to take a full entertainment of a car.

Averts of that, a recorder/player is glorious.
5 / 5
Has bought this like this warehouse how was the treat well . Together initial on first of legislation. Still to take a hangs varied formats to register the USB or disk.
Quality of HD Freeview first tax of canals this in spite of without the optical start can not take these in surrounding his where available.
5 / 5
Loves this car, has had he for the moment and still learning like this to take one the majority of out he. It is linked to take -arrive so that has the signals register very small anything maintaining-of the-days.
5 / 5
The far control is tedious to use and a paper is terrible. Another that that, operates it properly excepts it has disturbed my BT screenbar & woofer and will not stick to a selected HDMI port.
Tecla BlueRay the disks COST but at all remarkable.
4 / 5
Has purchased like an update to an old plus Panasonic that has had has developed questions of sound. A lot, very better so the desire had substituted ages does! I have linked it has seen the coverage wired likes volume all a Freeview material of Game, also - adds! It is ready for use after the pair of the seconds and some papers are really clear and attentive. Thoroughly Recommended.
5 / 5
Fantastic piece of boxes. Freeview HD Recorder With integrated blue-record of ray, tonnes of built in of the applications and, a icing in a cake, was able to access (after the bit of setup) video and files of audio in mine IN The.
4 / 5
Ossia For far a worse Panasonic has bitten of the boxes have purchased, valves of discharge of the fastest cathode!! Listing of television refresh and the scrolling certainly would not break any record to accelerate neither.
5 / 5
Easy to dip up. Once updated with new software a Freeview works of key well to quickly of access itv hub etc. Downside Yes are picky is any 24hr key of jump in one drives of TV and register two programs some times included owe that look one, my deception totally partorisca any that gives this leading cost.
5 / 5
Excellent picture,panasonic that shines partorisca sustain certainly reccomend has had a lot panasonic elements
4 / 5
A product adds, this in spite of a response among a far and a box could be more acute.
4 / 5
Produced excellent, near easy up. I need read a manual of instruction spends to any then any question. Quality of picture like this upper that SKY which there is rid of the big cost been due to for small service.
4 / 5
L. The fantastic work never like this easy to dip on the value and the fantastic service add for money thank you
4 / 5
Found this Player adds. Really it has purchased so only like the Player of DVD and like the substitution for my recorder old player. He much more and has done my Now Box of television very pleased with time of delivery and service.
5 / 5
Has spent this to substitute to to the old version likes them the picture and the quality to touch bad result, wow I am like this happy I , he far exceedes my experience to record and looking film.
Are very happy.
5 / 5
The quality of excellent picture there is still to try disk of the blue ray can not take on which light a player is.
4 / 5
The basic function is well, the unit does a lot well, and excels in Netflix and prime of amazon. Another also. The quality of picture is excellent, so only light niggle is a tax in that that can you cruised one drives is the little slow. In general east . Very good.
4 / 5
This car was the add to buy for me. Adapted my needs and everything says in a can. I can it does not be missing he.
4 / 5
An excellent Freeview pvr + BlueRay dvd player. An only negative point is that there is no fast way the skip for behind & advances the day the time by means of a epg. This averts, a box looks very built, produces a picture of excellent quality. They are very happy with this compraventa.
4 / 5
Does a lot well and can do anything the Box of Heaven can do and more. I have had the byline of Heaven and I have not looked never any of his canals and has rented already films other providers, in short I has all have had before without that has to that pay £44 for month.
5 / 5
Is the quite good car and Freeview the game so only is in amazing. It comes with the far control well, which is easy to use.

I any active Netflix as it can not comment on that, but has has had to that fiddle with some settings in mine DLNA server of means comunicacionales to improve a title that explores speed.
5 / 5
We have had plugged in and places on this box less than five minutes. Any included require read some instructions like his really sincere to use. We he was with our player of DVD and box of television of the Apple and has substituted he with east. Revolutionary!
4 / 5
Swimming partorisca disturb has used this partorisca personal use and my hobby.
5 / 5
Very simple to operate,and abundance of storage more spatial can register 2 programs in some same utmost aswell.
5 / 5
Any subject real but a far is the little difficult to take used to.

Top Customer Reviews: Panasonic ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 20 ratings
4 / 5
An alone box that everything!
Quality of glorious picture.
Can register HD canals.
Can transfer anything has registered in a hard walk to the DVD or Blue-disk of ray.
A far is an absolute pleasure partorisca use, when being place a lot very was, with distinctively-different keys partorisca different functions. Much clearer that other costruttrici (the worst is Virgin far!).
Takes up.
Calm operation, zero noise.
Comprises applications partorisca Youtube and other services of internets.
Amazon first Video (is subscribed), that comprises A Glorious Recognition!
An only light disappointment is an investigation of canal , which is quell'has bitten slow.
5 / 5
Has decided to buy this recorder how is resembled a an I has and there is @@give concealed is taking difficult to take recorder DVD. This one is quite one same like my present Panasonic but with more characteristic like any region, prize HDD walk, 7 day takes up and more, fold a prize of the mine old one but am happy bought it. The delivery was excellent.
5 / 5
That says in one beats' but is at all likes like this impressive like leading models looked of panasonic. An interface of user is spoilt, much clumsier that in of the oldest models and one take on the TV would be vastly better had comprised the bluetooth interface for keyboards like a an am using them. Finally these some only starts street HDMI, he doing much less flexible of the mine BTW720 which also there is SCART and RCA.
4 / 5
Has bought this element of soyagicdiscounts'. The delivery was a lot quickly, and an element is a lot good.

The characteristic remarkable is a multiregion qualified of DVD, which is taking scarce to purchase, and works perfectly with my no-european Dvd. Also, an operative noise of a car is near-silent, which is the blessing after my leading spend the aspirador-like 2012 panasonic car.
4 / 5
A new Panasonic recorder was expected like this giving excellent results. The delivery was punctual, and any question that installs this element. I need to enter your broadband hub settings to connect to an internet to take on upper of TV, then register for each canal in his place of web of the internet to connect to the each one like this of these.
5 / 5
Has had the 3 old year Sony HDD Box that has tried unreliable to change on for register together with a screen suddenly in active space while looking programs. Our television so only has 2 HDMI signals like this both uses to require requiring to exchange a HDMI is to look of a Player of Blue ray.

A Panasonic DMR-BWT850 inner has arrived 2 days to order and so many has tried far to be of confidence with registering and looking playback of then receiving it. It is it has solved also a question to require to exchange a HDMI spent to look Blue-ray with him that contains the player of Blue ray.
4 / 5
More in a phase. Beware This in spite of checks is going for a Freeview model of game,any optical connection to surround his or DTS ,strangely that loses
4 / 5
Excellent options of register of dual canal more blue-ray. Also it registers the panosonic RAM.
5 / 5
Adds recorder. Versatile with fast response and action of confidence. Far better that my forward, temperamental Samsung 3D device. Record to DVD and Blue-disks of ray. Rasga self-Has registered Dvd to convert the Blue-rays, in qualities of your election. So only that has loved!
5 / 5
Follows really pleased with my new blue ray/ dvd recorder is packed with characteristic , and has connected to an internet immediately is one everything in a system of the good entertainment done Panasonic fantastic !
5 / 5
I produce partorisca add you wants to files your registers. The provider was very well solve the subject small. To good sure would recommend a product and provider.
4 / 5
The unit has arrived interior 24 hours to order in spite of choosing level 2 delivery of day. The unit was easy to dip up and ticks all some boxes that has required, like this far all excellent!
4 / 5
At the beginning could not connect to an internet but to add the bt wifi hotspot the box is perfect
4 / 5
All looked well with this car until I have tried to copy to the Blue-disk of ray. The ones of way that far has tried it BD-R disks for TDK, Acu-disk and Infomedia but all have been refused as 'incompatible'. Some manual offers any help that indicates that all the frames of BD-R and BD-ANIMATED the disks maintain . I expect explanation of Panasonic expert, but like this far has not been that useful. Until they are fearful has to that mark this down strongly like this registering to Blue-the ray is a reason of entity for the mine that buys it. In an end can has to that be returned under a legislation of Legislations of the Consumer.
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Ossia The description for a pictured model - a late plus (c2015) Panasonic DMR-BWT850 READY 3D 1TB HDD/Blue-scrape Recorder DVD with Freeview Game.

Has said that of then, at the same time to write, Amazon they (and another) sells this unit in another page BUT some details for a product are a bit lacking - has there is has not declared even a number of model in a title ! This in spite of, can see/confirm a product in a 'the produced detail' section or to look/zooming in some photos of product likes him the number of model is in a facia of a car.

[Ossia Also of to the entity like them to them some of some descriptions in this page are clearly for the different car, like the critiques of him am wrong and, although valid, some observations clearly inform to the different model....]

Here is some links the page where the amazon sells this element (although it is not DVD multiregion) :

Panasonic Blue-Ray Recorder with Freeview Game and 4K Ultra HD On-Scaling

already possess the BWT700 and BWT740 which are 'iterations' earlier of this Panasonic gender and have the alike row of characteristics, but with each new model (often A lot SIGNIFICANT !) The characteristic is added but usually the characteristic or 2 is to take - and (of course !) It is usually something has found gain !!!

Test and stick to Panasonic unit to the equal that uses Panasonic camera/camcorders, so playback his street SD the papers is easy and these Blue-units of ray, for example, sustains a fantastic quality '50p Progressive' AVCHD the images of video the poden take on.

One good 'principle of thumb' partorisca Panasonic HDD/Blue-the units of rays is 'BDT' is the player SO ONLY, 'PWT' is the player and HDD recorder but does not register to Blue-ray DVD disk and 'BWT' is one 'biggie' unit the one who record/of game to the majority of means comunicacionales (with differing/occasional limitations eg any support for DVD-RAM, record to HDD requires the disk esgistration' the limit a capacity to touch registers elsewhere).

Is of entity to esolla' these differences like this sometimes a description of product can comprise some designate HD/Blue-ray and then escorder'/'player' without being 100 clear which of east has beaten of means comunicacionales or can not be registered to...

So much, to verify a specification of unit looks/'desirability' the stops is essential to download/peruse one Drives of User - that the way can confirm, for example, some connections has, which means it comunicacionales sustains and if some functions are all requires/attended.

A basics of the as this (surprisingly small/light) the unit will do is :

1. Blue game-ray and Dvd - comprising 3D Blue-ray. '4K Ultra HD On-Scaling' is built-in.
2. Freeview HD And record (2 canals simultaneously).
3. It shows the program or the alive TV have registered whilst register (if 2 canals simultaneously registering you so only can see one of some canals that is registered).
4. Rewind/to stop alive TV (but a lot he record - you of course can achieve a same capacity to touch for behind a register).
5. The copy has registered program to Blue-ray or DVD (and another half comunicacionales, a specifics beginning to take complicated so that the reference to one drives of user can be required).
6. It means comunicacionales of the seen invernadero USB/SD paper of pertinent built-in port.
7. Ready house Networking (DLNA), as I can (for example) accesses some main characteristic units of the different Panasonic Ready TV in a coverage of house.

Some big characteristics have added with this model is :

1. Freeview Game (ossia the characteristic new , previously one the more has had was a BBC iPlayer).
2. 'Television Anywhere', this comprises a Panasonic esmote Record' facilitated of (for example) a BWT740 but now, has seen to pill SO ONLY, can use a Panasonic application of Half comunicacionales partorisca access a unit has seen an Internet/your coverage of house and use everything of some characteristic main as if your pill was a TV has connected to a unit.

[A intricacies of 'television Anywhere' is a lot bad explained in one drives of user, outlines really so only some main capacities]

has tried immediately this is gone in pill of mine of Android and with a transmission of small setting (changed an application playback dipping of soyoda 2' to soyoda 1') all fact to the equal that has announced ! So much, it was able to look the alive television emission of a unit And has registered program in a HDD of a unit.

Has added any screenshots of pill of mine that use an application partorisca aim some eases/of presentation...

This in spite of, grieves calm 'leave a house' a capacity to clock has registered program/the alive TV has not been possible partorisca me because of restrictions of broadcaster.

SO MANY, partorisca me this characteristic is effectively 'TV nowhere' and is the capacities is VERY LIMITED...

3. An A lot of USEFUL lip of Function of Time of the far control fact return it ( has been takes of 720 to 740 models) - hurray !

This in spite of, gone is a row 'usual' of connections/of start of the entrance in some backsides (eg exited of optical audio, SCART) of leading models. Essentially it is 'HDMI only' BUT, unusually, has the coaxial digital audio was socket in contrast to an optical Panasonic usually is returned....

A esstrictions' a bit can have the habit of leading models is absentee, for example CAN access 'Freeview Played, disks of game or game (included modify !) It has registered program whilst registering another program; these were (wrong) critical has seen in other descriptions.....

Has not researched still all another 'access' permutations, but mine BWT850 leave me partorisca register 2 Freeview HD programs And also access a content of video (but ANY PHOTO) in a SD paper while access to some contents of the USB flash the walk is totally unavailable.

Touching the Blue/DVD-ray then 'Freeview Played is accessible BUT partorisca disk playback - you then trust a specification of disk partorisca offer the (for example) essume playback of last aimed facilitated when soiled 'Freeview Played.

Sufficed partorisca say, some games of programs/of records of the unit with excellent quality and like this far all more is one same likes earth with the earliest models.

Sadly, This also means a very able video/excellent 'Playlist' look which there is in a lot of some DVDES recorder units is other absentee times in this model - calm so much can any one, for example, modify registers partorisca take advertisings without one 'transition' go in one has created again chapters that cause some ugly 3s or as 'pause', or combine a content of multiple registered content - drunk !

Can confirm that Blue-the rays have registered in mine BWT700 game in this BWT850.

Partorisca me, am quite lucky to have ossia an extension ' unit partorisca the TV without Freeview Game (the main unit is the BWT700, as has one Slips of the time/of optical start has connected to the Panasonic Punctual 3D with Freeview Game), which because of some capacities of coverage mean still can look the one who record (if any fact in mine 700 for example), to uses likes him the esdesgarró' of unit been due to a macizo HD capacity and also access/record television saw Anywhere (likes 700 does not have this characteristic). This also means can use one 850 partorisca copy content without hampering soyain' viewing, likes 700 is 'released.

Year of movements of the technology on year, and like this do a bit characteristic and qualified of Panasonic produced - like this usual partorisca they, the characteristic new is addition and some old is take, often to a detriment of knots to those who like him these characteristic and use them to plot. This in spite of, looks Panasonic listen the feedback as (for example) a eslabio of Time' the characteristic is restored in this model this late plus BUT some external connections (for example) has limited more.

Felizmente, some characteristic of rests/of global capacities together with these characteristic excellent informative (eg Freeview Game and television Anywhere) then , partorisca the majority of knots these offers of units to plot of useful characteristics partorisca complete a glorious register/playback the quality is able of.

To the equal that has mentioned near of a start of this description, like transmission sew and with of the like this qualified/of characteristic with such the device highly the calm technician download really precise/peruse one Drives of User (or perhaps take the tent demo) partorisca verify a unit is very partorisca you.
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Ossia A upgrade of leading models of a same type. Has some there is enhanced characteristic, likes podes now common in a grandson whilst shows of records of television (those give leading form could any one ). But generally it contains a creation of same interface, any one the majority partorisca appeal compared to some another DVRs, but a fact ossia he Panasonic quality a lot well the car compensates partorisca east. Mina BWT 720 in fact 5 continuous years do well.

But a main disappointment with this model is that have take a characteristic of type of program of transmission. Reason?! It was vital when registering of the DVD to a HDD, as it could allocate your register in a HDD the gender. Now your register is lost in the sea of registers. Neither it looks partorisca agree a point for take in the DVD when you move among a HDD paper and a player of DVD. This has not been a chance in my model of mine old plus. A EPG is a lot of sluggish and often does not update easily. Calm finally need have a sound on quite big to listen it. The majority of these appearances have been commented on by other users, as they are not so only is. I do not comprise reason would take the good characteristic. Therefore have deducted the star.
5 / 5
A picture adds, but there is no searchable EPG with a capacity to look for upcoming programs and films - that would have been the breaker of extracted partorisca me and has had has researched this better car, probably would not have purchased it. He all look partorisca be roughly taking on on previously broadcast programs. It has been spoilt decayed for a venerable TiVo Serious 1 with his fantastic EPG, which is effectively no longer sustained unless you are well with programming of computer (I are not ), and is unable to receive Virgin TiVo. A Panasonic EPG also extreeeemely slow to refresh.
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Also complicated and
jumbled results. The indications are that it is the product rushed to a phase without very thought partorisca comfort it of an user. Any value to anything likes is cost.
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Ossia The second of these recorders has had and has paid an extra east times so that it can touch Zone 1 dvd is.
A quality of register is glorious how is a capacity of storage partorisca material in a HD .
Has found that I can register 6 or 7 film in the solos BD-R recordable dvdes and a quality is level of blue ray , also is possible to record film behind to a hard walk, which the mark partorisca build the library of alike films to the equal that appear in television.
Is a handier piece of boxes I own.
Highly recommend.
4 / 5
Has purchased this player of DVD partorisca go with my new 4k television All was a lot of until I have purchased my prime minister 4K DVD. Popcorn And the ready seated drink partorisca look my first film in UHD , the disk would not touch like this contacted Panasonic partorisca see if this was possibly the failure with my new car. It thinks it likes felt when it has been said does not touch 4K Dvd so only on stairs to 4K of blue ray. Well Be warned to love the player of DVD partorisca touch your 4K Dvd no for this car. Has 4K plastered in a box among his so only the with

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Ossia The cheepo version of a real thing - ie ANY Panasonic, but the copy. Partorisca All that the mostly does well; some keys are slightly of the different way drawn but they a work, except a main 'big round' fine key that is not quite like this positive. This in spite of, if you are there was so only to pay the third of a cost of a genuine piece, will take so only concealed; that has paid arrests.
Ossia A third time has had to look for the far substitution for my BluRay recorder; it is a 'PLAYED key that always fails so that it is used a plus . Next time although I will bite a ball, pays full prize, take a real thing and avert Any disappointment.

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Experience partorisca substitute the connector partorisca be able to stray partorisca the dvd player very pleased with a product and a service!