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1 first Panasonic SC-HTB490EBK Slim Home Theatre/Cinema Soundbar with Bluetooth, Powerful Bass Performance and wireless subwoofer 320W Panasonic SC-HTB490EBK Slim Home Theatre/Cinema Soundbar with Bluetooth, Powerful Bass Performance and wireless subwoofer 320W Panasonic
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3 best Soundbar TV, Bluetooth Soundbar with Built-in Subwoofer, 37 inch 120 dB TV Speaker, 4 EQ Modes Surround Sound System for Smart TV, Home Cinema, Optical Cable included Soundbar TV, Bluetooth Soundbar with Built-in Subwoofer, 37 inch 120 dB TV Speaker, 4 EQ Modes Surround Sound System for Smart TV, Home Cinema, Optical Cable included XZJX Direct
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4 Remote Control for Panasonic SC-HTE80 SC-HTB680 SU-HTB680 SC-HTB8 Soundbar Home Theater System, N2QAYC000109 N2QAYC000098 N2QAYC000121 Replacement Remote, Subwoofer Speaker Surround Sound System Remote Control for Panasonic SC-HTE80 SC-HTB680 SU-HTB680 SC-HTB8 Soundbar Home Theater System, N2QAYC000109 N2QAYC000098 N2QAYC000121 Replacement Remote, Subwoofer Speaker Surround Sound System YUHUA ELE
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5 Panasonic GN01E Sound Slayer Wearable Immersive Gaming Speaker System, built in Microphone with Echo Cancelling - Black Panasonic GN01E Sound Slayer Wearable Immersive Gaming Speaker System, built in Microphone with Echo Cancelling - Black Panasonic
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6 Sound Bars for TV, Saiyin Wired and Wireless Bluetooth 4.2 TV Stereo Speakers Soundbar 36 Inch Home Theater Surround Sound System Optical/Coaxial/RCA Connection, Wall Mountable Sound Bars for TV, Saiyin Wired and Wireless Bluetooth 4.2 TV Stereo Speakers Soundbar 36 Inch Home Theater Surround Sound System Optical/Coaxial/RCA Connection, Wall Mountable Saiyin
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7 Blue Gray Red Green White Speaker Wire Cords 4.2mm Cable Connectors for Panasonic/Sony/Pioneer Home Theatre Cinema DVD Blu Ray System, 6 Pieces Blue Gray Red Green White Speaker Wire Cords 4.2mm Cable Connectors for Panasonic/Sony/Pioneer Home Theatre Cinema DVD Blu Ray System, 6 Pieces Qzanyee Life
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8 Panasonic SC-HTB400EBK Home Theatre Soundbar with Bluetooth and built-in subwoofer Black Panasonic SC-HTB400EBK Home Theatre Soundbar with Bluetooth and built-in subwoofer Black Panasonic
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9 Panasonic SC-HTB100 Slim Soundbar for Dynamic Sound with Bluetooth, USB, HDMI and AUX- in Connectivity Panasonic SC-HTB100 Slim Soundbar for Dynamic Sound with Bluetooth, USB, HDMI and AUX- in Connectivity Panasonic
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10 Panasonic SC-HTB01 SoundSlayer Gaming Speaker with Built-in Subwoofer (Dolby Atmos and DTS:X, Bluetooth, High-Resolution Audio, HDMI) - Black [Exclusive to Amazon] Panasonic SC-HTB01 SoundSlayer Gaming Speaker with Built-in Subwoofer (Dolby Atmos and DTS:X, Bluetooth, High-Resolution Audio, HDMI) - Black [Exclusive to Amazon] Panasonic UK
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Top Customer Reviews: Panasonic ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5
Wow! So better that my old Sony surround system. His clear adds, excellent and easy base the setup. The utmost sounds with films and a Dolby Atmos is quite a lot considering. After looking in several products that comprises Bose, Sony and Polke this certainly value for money and gives his amazing.
4 / 5
Positive: the quality of build is until an usual big level would expect of Panasonic. Quality of his absolutely is stunning!! It is not 5.1 or 7.1 it surrounds but he operates it to break in a lot of beefing on your experience to see with good and deep selection grumbling tomb. Coupled With my Atmos TV of compatible Corduroy and looking Netflix atmos quell'gladdens really the glorious sounds. Subwoofer So only connects wireless street Bluetooth automatically like this very simple and then the pair of HDMI bosses of SkyQ HDR and then to the mine HDMI socket of Arch in a TV (I upgraded to 2.1 compatible bosses also) to create and that career. The supposition helps that my TV is the Panasonic also so that ‘ it speaks' to the each one which as another easily. It takes time to read a manual to take to to a sound personally likes ( will be worth it). A point matrix exposure by means of a soundbar can be turned on or was if it does not like glaring in of you. A calm manual say to dip a subwoofer in his side horizontally has found this in spite of that for behind a TV is vertically state and signalled to a corner (roughly 8” out of a corner) gives the bass to break answered and far better that has dipped down.
Negatives: A far control is a fashion of small and good paper in better and has to that signal he in exactly a right place (dead centrical) for the take to do - this in spite of as my TV is the Corduroy I now use my far TV to control a soundbar (after doing my adjustments of his personal in some far originals is in the drawer out of a way now) - come in the corduroy can do better that this with a far! Also it would have been well to have an on-the shows of screen as there would be offset a disappointment of a distributed far.

In general it breaking Dolby Atmos soundbar this has taken our experience to see to the different level! If you are considering this element and doubting... So only go for him calm will not be disappointed!!
5 / 5
Where Begins, well the few weeks after dipping this bar of his on beginning to take a message of error U704 ( formed of Video any sustained ) and to cut the short long history and that pays £35 paralizaciones Panasonic to collect and inspect in spite of being in the guarantee has been informed that calms can not connect any 4K UHD devices to a bar of his although it says in a description of product!. And that it was Panasonics solution, does not connect mine 4K player of disk and Apple 4K TV to this bar of his direct May to the mine Panasonic TV and so only connect my Humax Free-his seated box. A reason has purchased this was reason have required extra HDMI gone in that now attack an object and are now behind to square one. Any sure if any one there is remarked more than when you toggle among ways of his there is hardly any difference in his, and one same goes for a like this called dialogue settings of enhancement. It would not recommend this to any one. For a cost there has to that be bars of his better there and suggest to look at all alternative.
5 / 5
Enormous improvement in mine leading Soundbar and is like this as well as my old Onkyo the system expected but without a clutter.

Discharges in and game.

An action of audio is exceptional.

My only critique is a small economic far this is to comprise with such the system of prize. It says that I do not require to be used a lot like the far TV is has used always. Also a system is aforado amiably so that it calms does not need the disorder around too much with some settings in all the chance.

Was skeptical that the Soundbar could touch these sakes, especially after experiencing separates.

An audio really fill a room with immersive, the audio detailed.

Value each penny.
5 / 5
Swimming to do with dolby atmos or dts x. I have tried several settings but of the sounds like the dialogue of the his normal yes,record he but ossia.
Does not squander your money
4 / 5
has tried so many bars of his on some years of All some big frames , the majority has touched terrible all the basses and brilliant treble
there is like this thought that would give this tries it and am happy I
has dipped he in right and sub on level 2 which is a start of better sound of him ,the bass is solid some offered naturalidades a lot well for the music listens the Spotify by means of him to the time
highly recommends this soundbar does not take the economic plus one goes for this
5 / 5
I upgraded to SC-HTB600 of the mine old Panasonic soundbar which had had for roughly 4 years. I thought that it that it was roughly time and directly out of a box this feels like the different beast that is predecessor. A sound is fantastic listening the music. I have it quell'has looked so only a film like this far (does sure has had Dolby Atmos) and blew was.
The only question in general is a 'Optical digital audio' the goodness is in such an uncomfortable space is really hard to insert a boss correctly. The class of the mine to resist in there, but a nudge and will come directly was. It says in a manual to insert a tip correctly but is virtually impossible!
Ossia My only flu this in spite of! And it has arrived 2 early days ! Prize. Thank you Amazon
5 / 5
has bought this like the substitution for one that exists Panasonic soundbar/subwoofer system that tried to be incompatible with the recently upgraded television & Heaven Q box to the equal that has experienced drop out of his, loss of exposure of level of the volume etc. This “expensive” unit was simple to dip on, link directly to the far control only and has restored all a functionality that has been missing. A sound is a lot very & easily & infinitely adjustable to adapt your requirements although, in spite of all some adicións/new additions of Atmos etc. Any discernibly different to an old system but still tinkering with some options. A quality is until Panasonic level usual although this is not reflected in a far control which is in a flimsy the side but will have used it so only seldom once dipped up. A subwoofer is in a big side and a bar of his more adapted east to seat beside the 55” television or main to the equal that checks your dimensions. In general - very pleased.
5 / 5
Ossia The description for SC-HTB900EBK any SC-HTB600EBK

has Thought would update my old Panasonic soundbar to Dolby Atmos & DTS:X and after the plot of investigation has been still SC-HTB900EBK so it has not had any question with my old Panasonic some descriptions were good and was the good prize of Amazon.
In the first place, out of a box ossia the a lot of-the solid piece done of boxes and has been surprised the one who heavy was.
Going down to a nitty gritty and reason buy the soundbar in a first place,
A 3D surrounds was fantastic and a Berliner Philharmonic way of Room that need some new firmware the update fill a room amiably MAY…. And ossia the big But there is not a lot record anything. Ossia Like this disappointing and has tried all can do to improve this. My old Panasonic has had 1-6 down, impulse of basses of the plus, this unit has 1-4 low and concealed is. I have had to dip my hand in a speaker for the verify fact and when it change of calm not even look.
A sound is fantastic like this clear and crisp but likes wants to feel of some explosive moments then this is not a soundbar for you.
Are like this disappointed and a bit has surprised that a 250w subwoofer delivery afterwards to at all record and thus sound that goes back and are behind to square one.
So only gives these 3 stars for a sound because of some bass but a sound averts of of the this is fantastic like alive in the plan and does not love some pocolos together that complains this would be perfect.
5 / 5
Has purchased this to go with mine Panasonic the television smell that has trace behind on in front of speakers (classifies of Atmos) but any all this good. Connected this on paired with a TV and DVD PLAYER, the one who the difference. Abundance of his clear good to base this is not Atmos but more than happy with some results. You can pair any Bluetooth device and audio of game. A far a bit is disappointing although he a work.

Top Customer Reviews: HOME CINEMA ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5
It does not concern if it does not want to use a manual partorisca east, does not have any need in all the chance so only will say this quality is the way of more describe this element 😉
5 / 5
First piece of class of boxes! It can not comprise negative critiques! It could be out of stock in Amazon, but, JLP has partorisca £99!
5 / 5
Has had so only this does the week ..Like this far like this good ..So only quite his for my big cookery .. Tom
5 / 5
This is give premettere that this compattissima soundbar Panasonic is an of the the prime has given a new offer has given parecchie producing husband that the tip was practicidad and to the minimalism, thank you, obviously, to the technological novelties in the technician of the sound, like this then , the narrow transfer, any one will see others that will aim always more the such characteristics, that active the compatibility with other a lot of formats audio of the traces has given films (for the musical video and the music a lot here dream incompatibility has given arisen)
Said this, my opinion go evidenciadas three characteristics that, for him moment and for the one who did not want to spend a capital (of the contrary compratevi the Beam of Sleeps it that it is - almost - he upper), surrender it only in this fascia has given price, any prendiendo in considerations mark Chinese diverse that any sfornano a quantity with little quality:

1 - the HTB200 has the HDMi and for the one who has a TV with apresamiento HDMi ARC is a fundamental characteristic, reason the soundbar will control in the accensione and in the volume of the control to distance of the TV, with orderly practicidad and quality audio netamente better respect the the one who he would have with the connection wireless street bluetooth.
2 - Has an audio any one potentísimo my that certainly, also comparing it the that has TV of date with starts the audio has good data level (have a Samsung 49KS7000 that has 2x20W rms, like this as the maximum improves audio in a TV without peripheral separate of audio that ingombra), confers sure audible depth and like this as main quality (to experience suffices see the first 5 minutes of the has concluded Wars of Estrella)
3 - there are dimensions compattissime that do it be under the any TV with piedini or pedestal only, any one obliging all'attack of the television look it (would be a sin any esaltare the piedini cromati of the Samsung like this comes bases has given other televisions has given fascia big).

Ricapitolando, is A soundbar that for small less has given €100 improvement so that the visual experience especially has given film, thank you all'exaltation of the audio that has bed accompanied
5 / 5
The bar has bought to the vendor "Urgent" (compraventa and sending). It has bought a Saturday take it and the in the morning rid Tuesday the Seur. Any one goes to go in he in of the technical data reason any soya a comprised, that can say is that there is remarked the difference with the speakers of the TV Samsung Smarttv (43") so that it has purchased (20W). The bar has 80W, optical connection, HDMI(ARC) that it is that looked for to manage the sound with the control of the TV and goes perfect. It lights and it turns automatically to the time that the TV, another thing that has looked for. And after the measure for mine this perfect, any one has wanted, neither could dip the typical bar of almost a metre. Different ways of his, bluetooth, source of energy he spends it incrustada and so only connect a boss (typical in shape of 8).
Has said, sinned to be a comprised audiófilo, commentaries and a lot the transmission of the speakers of the TV to this compact fence. And for the prize (€85,22), look a very good report quality-estimativa.
If over time it does not give of the questions (that any one has reason) for me will have been a compraventa big .
To THE EQUAL THAT has GIVEN QUESTIONS. Mars 2020, the fence begins to fail it. I communicate with the vendor 'URGENT' and desentiende of the guarantee, transmitting to the technical service of the mark. The Only that does is to send me copy of the bill in the chance does not have it, for the another, that fixes him to me, the second they any one has more obligation. And the 2 years of guarantee? desentienden.
4 / 5
Good-looking, stilosa, compact. Probably An of the smallest in the the sweat generates. Pure Not being able to compete with models more blasonati, improvement noticeably the surrendered audio of the television.

He preset cinematographic does sweat to have to, superfluo the musical; The impostación level is suitable was elder the course has given contents. Virtualizzazione Surrounds credible enmedio has created, low dignitosi, tall frequencies very afore and May fastidioso, dialogues very intelligibili.

Does not deprive has given defects: initialisation quite slow all'accensione, connected in HDMI can suceder that the audio of the television exclude with some second has given delay and yes believes a heart ridondante has given voices that speak attach. He passage among A preset and the another requires Foreseen second (an eternity), from time to time yes seats the fault of work them clear and nocturnal voice. It has saved a playlist Youtube is a patimento, the fault has given normalisation of the volume obliges the regulate the the audio dopes each videoclip, was pure no for fault of the soundbar. Same Sews to spend gives a canal TV that transmit In Dolby Digital or DTS ad one in quality stereo normal, in absence has given normalisation he device sfonda wall of the stay and yours do a jump of the sud sofa. My also that, No for fault of the soundbar.

He control to distance is small, comfortable And frankly orrendo.

Said this, is easy Gives to install and he ratio quality-price is a lot good, the joint without another.

Attention, sold gives the amazon has arrived in has sweated it original preparation without ulterior packaging nè protection any: for the moment of the order is necessary to specify that it was issued in a box Amazon.
4 / 5
Gives Audiosystem macht aus einem Flachbildschirm, gives im Tonne wie ein Blecheimer klingt,wieder einen Genuß zoom Fernsehen. Of the Gerät läßt sich einfach anschließen, man muss nur auf gives richtige HDMI-Kabel achten, damit die Lautstärkeregelung über die Fernbedienung vom Fernseher funktioniert, ebenfalls ist darauf zu achten, daß gives Fernseher einen HDMI in (ARC) Anschluß hat.
5 / 5
Quotes Panasonic SC-HTB200EGK 2.0 Soundbar ist eine hervorragende Alternative zoom schwachen, dumpfen und blechern klingenden Fernsehlautsprecher. It gives Tonne fürs Sprechen und Musik hören ist angenehm klar und ausgewogen. Die Stimmen sind weder verzerrt noch undeutlich. Die Musik wird akustisch einwandfrei wieder gegeben. Auch Given Bluetooth - Kopplung geht sehr gut. Die wenigen Einstellungen man of hat nach mehrmaligem probieren sehr schnell heraus gefunden. Ein HDMI Anschluss wurde von mir als Optimum Lösung favorisiert. Achtung beim HDMI Kabel nicht Quotes billigsten verwenden. Die Soundbar passt wie angegossen unter gives Panasonic Fernseher, sehr kompakt und unaufdringlich. Man könnte optisch meinen has given Soundbar gehört serienmäßig zoom Fernseher dazu. Alternative Soundbars gibt is ja genügend zur Auswahl, (viele dipped externen Subwoover, gives muss man wollen oder auch nicht). Man muss sich im klaren heart, dass is momentan in dieser sehr kompakten Bauform, keine großen Alternativen gibt. Die Lieferung und Lieferzeit war von Prime of Amazon wie immer Hoards (2 Hack). Alles In allem eine klare Kaufentscheidung dipped satten 4 Sternen.
5 / 5
Mein Mini-Heimkino ist nun endlich komplett. 😎

Heute kam Has dipped to give Soundbar Gives letzte Puzzleteil für mein 'Heimkino' A. Entgegen vieler negativen Kritiken hab ich mich doch für Has given Modell von Panasonic entschieden.

Und ich muss sagen, dass Is für ein Gerät in giving Preisklasse für unter €200 (sogar unter €100), echt gut und vorallem sehr ausgewogen klingt! Die Höhen und Mitten kommen sehr gut rüber und given Bässe sind schön ausbalanciert und alles andere als überladen.

Man muss also nicht alles glauben was in Internetrezensionen steht! 😉

A nun etwas ins Detail zu gehen, given Soundbar kam gut verpackt und vorallem zügig a. Von Bestellung bis Zustellung sind 2 Hack vergangen.

Im Lieferumfang waren zu dem Gerät noch Gives Stromkabel, die Fernbedienung (Battery schon eingelegt!) und eine Bedienungsanleitung.

Installation ging súper leicht, einfach for HDMI Kabel in data HDMI Buchse (HDMI ARC!!!) They are television einstöpseln und im television Menü die Wiedergabe über Soundsystem auswählen und schon läuft quotes Kiste. Lautstärke kann Man direkt über TV of data Fernbedienung regeln. Of the Gerät Hat 3 Soundmodi (Music, Cinema und Neutral), von denen mich gives Music Modus bisher follows besten ü er für mich are ausgewogensten klingt.

EINZIGES MANKO ist Quotes Lautstärkenregelung, gives Gerät selbst ist schon sehr leise... vielleicht Cube ich aber auch dezent schwerhörig. Für einen raumfüllenden Klang (mein Wohnzimmer misst ca. 18m²) musste ich given Lautstärke a dem Gerät schon auf 70 einer Skala bis 100. Dazu Knows aber noch gesagt Gives ich einen preisgünstigen flat TV von Thomson habe und bei mir gives Tonne nur aus gives Soundbar kommt und nicht noch zusätzlich aus gives television Lautsprechern. Wäre Gives anders müsste ich Quotes Soundbar sicher nicht like hoch einstellen.

Gives Gerät schaltet sich automatisch has dipped dem Fernseher ein, gives Bluetooth Modus ist auch zu empfehlen (Kopplung funktioniert ohne Probleme)...Like this dass given of man Soundbar auch zwischendurch als Musikwiedergabe Gerät nutzen kann.

Hauptkaufgrund waren zudem Quotes kompakten Maße, passt place seinen 45cm in giving Breite und seinen 5cm Höhe súper unter meinen TV. Die Soundbar wertet somit jeden Fernseher von 32' - 43' auch optisch súper auf.

Alles In allem macht has given Soundbar was sie soll. Sie wertet Gives Tonne meines TVs mehr als schon erwähnt súper Klang und alles ohne daß sich quotes Nachbarn will give stören, also auch súper für Mietwohnungen.

Faires Gerät Zoom fairen kann Is nur empfehlen. Leute Quotes echten Kinosound wollen, place Bässen die alles vibrieren lassen, sollten sich dann eher im Preissegment ab 300/€400+ umschauen. ;)
4 / 5
Verbunden und getestet wurde Quotes HTB200 Soundbar are Panasonic FXW784 abwechseln has dipped HDMI, Toslink und Bluetooth. Hierbei Hat Bluetooth völlig versagt!

Positiv: It gives His ist minimum besser. Dafür gibt Is einen Punkt und einen zweiten, weil die Soundbar schön zwischen Sockel und television passt.

Negativ: Beim Einschalten Gives Television dauert is mehrere Sekunden bis gives Tonne kommt und given Tonlautstärke ist dann immer sehr leise, obwohl man zuvor auf laut eingestellt hat. Einen Zahlenwert Gives Lautstärke sieht Man im TV ebenfalls nicht. Dafür - 3 Punkte.

Normalerweise sollte ich Null Punkte geben, Gives is ja eine Panasonic Soundbar ist, die eigentlich has dipped dem Panasonic TV harmonisieren sollte - für mich ein absoluter Witz!

Top Customer Reviews: Panasonic GN01E ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 9 ratings
4 / 5
Different another reviewers has has used speakers of with the partorisca gaming before as it has known roughly like partorisca expect.

This in spite of these are worse that a speaker of with the one of the monster that is the averages a prize, portable and has grave. This unit has any of that. Any tomb, is wired partorisca some reason, although I have known that going in. Some speakers are like this poor and my product has the horrible little crackle in a sinister side, as they are taking is returned.

Ossia One 2nd soundslayer the product has had to that Panasonic and some second time have had to that return them for failures.

Those who is doing a testing of quality in your products? Any one? It would expect the failure like this in the 30 unit of books, but any to 160 units of book, there is disappointed extremely!

A unit does not take very strong neither like this he yours with which diving, forgets with these. Waste of money, averts!
5 / 5
Has purchased this to be used in the he rigs in planting that has to have it the speakers dipped up. I have tried the headphones but I have has wanted to something the little less restrictive. These looks to do a work perfectly. It does not expect this partorisca rid a same quantity of low like your headphones, reasons he the no. Touches the very small speaker, much smaller that has anticipated, but still rids his decent. A directional sound also does for the treat.

Positive Is his much smaller that has thought, a lot of comfy and reserve his of good quality so that it is.

Negatives Is some levels of the basses and a fact is not wireless.

In general am very happy with him.
4 / 5
Would not find never anything quite like this 'wearable' system of the his so it was enthusiast for the try .
Unfortunately leave me the little confused and there is disappointed.

A packaging is ready and he the obvious fact a product is aimed in gamers. There is one has bad translates has bitten of text that had double that verifies that it was in fact the Panasonic has produced. The control of better quality is required.

Out of a box this Panasonic the offering hanged a lot one same like my Sony Bluetooth headphones, as having he in slope around the yours with the is not a subject. Some designers have directed to do the quite comfortable to spend for long periods. This in spite of has other elections to draw that looks quite poor.

In the first place because it is this the produced wired? So only I can assume it is for compatibility more utmost or to save having the battery on board? A last date of unlikely look Bluetooth the direct headphones, supposition to drive these speakers requires more can that auricular.
Any way a boss is the bit of the ache. When Connected to the mine PS4 is well and no in a way, this in spite of my PC is located in my legislation lateralmente hand-held and like boss (exiting for a sinister part of a device) owe cross in your organism, legs or otherwise be attentively routed to maintain he out of a way.
Also would owe that be remarked that has found that a side of boss of a Slayer has taken frequently pulled down, and has had to that readjust is put .

A second subject to draw has experienced is a place of some controls. They are quite far behind in any side of a device, and achieving them is at all easy. I have found that a better way was to achieve by means of and operate some lateralmente sinister controls with your right hand and vice versa, but included then felt bad has situated. Also I have hair of shoulder quite long of period and the majority of a time some controls have been sotterrati under my locks!
Mina of looks would be far better to have some controls go down down in of the parts of a device that chair in a cup of the your @@@cofre, or the data has the boss in all the chance, the far in a boss .

The uses there is not founding any subject with dipping a Sound Slayer up. In both PC (Windows 10) and PS4 a device has been recognised and has done immediately. It did not expect it to be like this simple.
The quality of sound was well with the definite surrounds quality of his his, some bass sadly has been missing of this in spite of, but given a small measure of some speakers that is not the surprise adds.
Has tried some diverse ways which can be selected invernadero a key of the his, but really could not listen a lot of difference among them. Again my Sony the headphones are better to the respect as you can change a phase of his street an application in yours telephone to do the noticeable differentiates.

In general then seat this device whilst quite well has no real place in a phase. The majority of gamers will have the reasonable sound setup in all the chance, disturbing another is not the question. Otherwise Probably also possess the pair of headphones, which all this does and more.

Be it wired these days is an issue which can not be ignored. A quality of his east well, but no better that auricular or the reasonable speaker setup. Really I can not see where these accesses to a phase.

Finally has a prize. It is so only the big for something that is less convenient that wireless headphones, and touches worse that the half decent speaker setup.
4 / 5
These are very different.

Would say a Panasonic sc-gn01 is different anything has tried before. There is some definite positive but also some real improvements that could done.

In the first place a box. You can see of a box that these are aimed in gamers. These frames remark like this there is not to plot other phases where would see this working. But gaming has to that be one of a bit those that this sense of mark.

A box looks the little economic with all honesty. Of the mark with a measure and history of Panasonic would have expected something bit it more plush. A box looked bit it weathered and an interior to cushion is so only the economic plastic inserts/inserts like this any one the majority of prize feels. Some speakers in fact celery quality quite decent. Although a fund is plastic as it does not feel like this first like this perhaps the alternative of metal. This be has said one of a pros is that light and comfortable this thing feels when calm he spends it.

A quality of his good east but loses some atmospheric bass that you ideally would love with the fixed surrounds system of sound.
A location that follows when it touch the games is a lot although the looks to touch to be missing in a front. When The thing is calm in front at stake is almost as if some the calm things behind are stronger. I marvel me if this would be better paired with a front to exist that it faces speaker and a GN01 just to add the bit to surround sound.

For far one @subjects one the big plus is a situation of fixed boss . It does to the use is the bit of the ache. Panasonic Said is to reduce any entrance lag still better gaming but thinks that is because battery quite powerful to be able to some speakers would add too much measure and weight for like this sacrificing a whole point of these like this when being the most comfortable option that auricular.

And the interior a moment is. Honradamente Forget your in that spends him the majority of a time because one is more comfortable, so only does sure calm does not trip in a built in usb boss that need to be plugged in the the source to be able to, included when using a to the entrance.

Oh Also a law of USB so only in Playstation, transmission and PC. Like this beware Xbox users. You will require to use one to the boss.

An interesting product that could add but is so only a lot quite there still.
5 / 5
Interesting 'wearable' system of the his so it was enthusiast to try it .

Quite bendy

A box like normal Panasonic looks the product of quality and frames. Appealing to a gamer phase during a box.

Really comfortable to spend for long periods. Although it bit it garbled so that the way is the product wired fixed , surely could have had both options. Still although a boss is quite long, among a way the bit, calm also can quite easily forget calm the the on after an hour or so much. Today dipping in the Bluetooth and rechargeable batt is to regulate.

Has controls in a unit and bit it far behind in a unit, but collected to learn where is, he well the touch would have been to comprise controls in fact to a boss he.

Simple setup in both PC, PS4 has been recognised and has done immediately. It covers and game in his better, his of instant this in spite of like this with more than things if yours the grave friki, are not to add, is well for me, but calm so only feels it could do with bit it more in timing

A bit those that ways of his, the mine differentiates light , but at all imports to blow but is the good touch to have to that way that the people will listen the different things am sure. Again if these have had Bluetooth, then more than likely would have an application, and calm perhaps could fiddle with settings.

Another use has been using an is in projector of mine that has it usb connection, other discharges and game, is utmost partorisca east, this in spite of has projector of mine virtually after mine.

Like this @in rodeo

1. Looks well, Well facts
2. Sounds well, he this in spite of lack of basses
3. Restricted for use because of him when being wired
4. Prize, how is so only wired is quell'has bitten upper heavy

is the concept adds , but falls short like all has moved to wireless or both. I want to be able to create , pause play it, and not having worry roughly breaking it. Thumbs up for a concept,
5 / 5
This was absolutely covers it and element of game. I have had once plugged he my USB –C port in my PC was to arrive and that careers and ready to go. A sound is acute and clear. There is seventeen sound levels this is to regulate to press a sound + and – keys. Calm besides can transmissions out of a sound to adapt a game is touching. There is a RPG way, the first person shooter way, the voice that enhances way to converse the way of music and the way of cinema that enhances can and his spatial. You can transmission a microphone also for cat. Like transmissions ways and dumb, will take the message to say you that the way is in and a mike is muted.
A sound of the speaker and it balance also can be regulated and to the equal that to do is is comprised in some instructions.
A device is light and chairs comfortably in my same shoulders for long periods of time. A mike is an echo that annuls microphone that the frames converse clear and easy. A sound is good and very clear, although the little more the depth in some bass would be good.
Panasonic Says that this is wired to leave for the sound the immediate more the transmission but concealed to leave me that asks the one who a delay would be for the wireless connection? In all the chance, is not that big extracted he for me, reason a boss is certainly long quite and no among my way. One the whole rig is certainly far better that spending my auricular all a time.
In general am very happy with east and with a sound has produced. It is brilliant for gaming in my PC. Also it comes with an auxiliary boss for connection to other devices as it PS4 or X Box.
5 / 5
Can not say I really like this or comprise a need for him on auricular or conventional speakers. All can think is that it could appeal to any the one who has sensory subjects with considerations to spend auricular and require the touch it discreet plus setup. That this does is the fact so that some speakers of the normal TV does not require to be like this strong, ideal for considered the game yes wants to touch late at night and not disturbing people but does not like spending auricular.
These can very really be compared to headphones or pertinent speakers. A quality of his and record if nowhere prójimo the same. And a 3D immersiveness of a gameplay is so only a lot like this very like this auricular. It looks quite lacklustre compared to that I earth.
Although these are like this light doing them ideal for prolonged gameplay, a consolation is annoyed to be wired... Two times. For use in mine xbox is to the to the the boss among these and my television and the cord to be able to of the USB to a console. It is it is the past along wired devices. Bluetooth Is in a phase where does not have any delay.

This arrived in packaging that the looks was of 90s. It has not been that this is coming roughly but the mine so only does not look Panasonics normal level.
A quality of the build of a device is well. A big level that would expect it of Panasonic.
Neither there is entirely has lost a point of these or is so only he gimmick. Unless calm absolutely require in your life for your own reasons.
5 / 5
At the same time of this description this touches slayer gaming headset is £.

Now looks expensive but is worth it.

Was really easy to setup directly out of a box with minimum to any reading of instruction.

The Connected to the PS4 in of the seconds. Any faffing on has connected so only.

Has to that spent in a usb goodness to a Playstation with another end to a then add another boss to a controller of game.

A usb boss that connects to a Playstation is súper long so much of the that concerns roughly there when being an uncomfortable boss dangling by means of a living room.

A tongue is bendy / bouncy in a backside to the equal that seats around the yours with the and in your shoulders súper comfortably. He doesnt annoy you and if he wasnt for a sound you wouldnt know it was there.

A sound of of the this is awesome, if youre spending touch súper clear, if youre any when spending and is so only in another side of a room he isnt that flies.

Can change you a microphone for a simple to use controls in a side.

Yours mic doesnt choose on a sound of a speaker.

I blockades was background noise that is totally awesome and entirely changes your gaming time.

Totally recommend.
5 / 5
Very First of the ge technical I thinks is really of entity to comprise a first human touch to take all techy.
Spending the often hurt auricular my ears after the long period of time and an obvious headphone the hair is the thing of a past with this ergonomic headset and mic concealed does not give any delay of time.
To any gamers ie parents a prize can dip you was but any gamer woul say you these cost of the money, Panasonic the good branded the name can have confidence in.
These speakers are ergonomic in creation and function, comfort it is a lot of entity to gamers the one who can spend of the hours in his gaming zone. The quality of voice is very clear and comes with echo still to annul microphone.
Ossia The very only creation to the equal that will be the leader amonsgt your friends with him is 4 canal surroud the speaker so only goes to improve this.
These speakers have been tried using ps5 and x box an using mulitude of games and every time a quality is remained the clear crystal .
These woud marks the present ideal for any gamer and will appreciate a quality of such the present.

Top Customer Reviews: Sound Bars for TV, ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 9 ratings
4 / 5
Because of pandemic, our familiar spend the time of plot that looks the together films. I have bought this fantastic TV soundbar system for my familiar to enjoy looking film this time. Ours first impression is impressive. Film of clock with east seats like the experience of cinema. Honradamente Can say that this speaker is really in competition with some of some other bands of big name for his products. This soundbar easy to install, and work immediately. A result is fantastic, the looks add and a quality of his excellent east, especially thus prize for the soundbar. A soundbar is sonically very balanced and rounded without spectre of frequency that feels too strong or disproportionate in a mix. It would recommend it.
4 / 5
For such cost it down bar of his he belays is prize . Has the plenary on touch concealed competes with some this cost 3 to 4 times more. Although the would not want to go full volume with him. But now mine backward touching television that there is backward facing the speakers has taken now advances facing the his of good quality with this bar of sound adds,
4 / 5
Model DS6601P - Used with an optical connector to the Panasonic TV, like this television has two legs lateralmente has not been possible to situate walk against a screen and to the equal that have bought one 36.ºn The version would not return to go in. As I will require to do the simple stand to create a TV of a Unit. Also although a Bar has the low profile has covered a sensor GONE to change settings of television/ON/WAS etc.
A low sound has has augmented really a audibility of television which has not been possible previously still with adjustments to some treble of Bass and television & settings of his clear. It has given a television the good tone now.
Using an optical connector has had to that reduce a television PCM level of 0dB to -7dB how was too strong included in of the volumes of bar of his low plus. Some steps of volume are noticeable in some levels of volume.
A Show of Echo is linked also street Bluetooth the Bar easily switchable with a far and a soundbar was recognised easily to pair with him.
A soundbar is the extension adds of a speaker of show of the Echo with abundance of volume for 'Rock of Planet' and of course notification of automation of the house and other sources are presented to go down a volume of music to announce.
A 80W to the seal is probably has bitten it misleading how is always be in an industry, as in this model, has 4 speakers ( says tweeter engine DS6601P so only) in a Bar , Tweeters and Mid/Tomb like this thats 20W each one which so and ossia usually Watts of SUMMIT and a lot of RMS, there are them not founding any reference the Summit or RMS in a docs. .
This device is for the normal television living room and has more than enough can, TV or Music
am pleased with a result but the bit of adjustment go in television PCM levels and some points where some steps of volume are remarked like 4 stars so only for sound.
5 / 5
Ossia The bar of his very and has his add. Has another touches another expensive more the bar and these parties so that I want to. Utilisation for gaming and a first time was hot in' in a game I almost had heart failure in a level of base lol. A fence of his does not have any one bases to regulate but changing a setting in a game he better. You can change a start of the his like this has three settings, film, music and informative and changes a sound slightly every time although it calms does not have any way to know which is which , although this is not of entity like calm so only dipped the to touches it like more.
5 / 5
Has bought a soundbar for a TV. A TV the speakers vibrates with the main volume and is tinny. A soundbar is clear at all volumes and dips some bass, the half and the treble has been would owe that be. Although it does not have individual bass and triple controls, any really requires him in my opinion. It is colour and simple creation he the help to return in with a TV and looks ready.
5 / 5
Only negative is that one locates of volume and down in increments. And it finds that a seeet the something would be among two levels. So many in some situations, is neither too calm or too strong. You do not go in. His very in general for a prize. Lack of sub-low tho has option to add the sub woofer.
5 / 5
A bar of sound was much bigger that has thought. It would be necessary has it has measured. But it does not look that bad in a low table a TV. It would suggest to measure in the first place because it is the very long speaker . There is also bit to mound in a wall.

Was so only 50 crux but immediately can say a quality of some speakers. It does not have to that plastic front that to plot of economic some have. Has a cloth, which a very better sound. I hooked the up with an optical boss (which has been comprised). In my calm TV any precise to regulate any settings, just turn in a speaker.

Are a audiophile and can be little picky when it comes to speakers and auricular. This one has blown me so only has been for a prize. Has the rich and calm sound can regulate to a type of sounds loves (film, music, informative). Listening to a music is a better, thinks. When we have dipped on Spotify or the radio application really can listen a depth and quality. I am listening things in of the songs have not listened never first that!

Has not tried a bluetooth or another To the connections. But also we are that they go to hook on our record player.

An only down side (and did not think it was quite to take the star was) is that it calms can any down all a way down to zero. You owe transmission the reason a first level is place to the is of half. I think that that it is odd, but any enough for me any for the pleasure. But it is so only the thing preferably if any one is dipped against that.

But in general ossia the product adds .
5 / 5
Has not loved the soundbar, but could not find the substitution for mine 5.1 theatre of system to house that there is prendido finally does after roughly 17 years...!! In all the chance, this soundbar is coming up in treating he of lightning, forward revises all has touched well, as I thought that it would give it the gone..!! I'ts the good period and weight, looks really well in front of mine 65' TV, and gives out of the rich sound really good. The ones of the that thinks that a sound to tinkle on turning it on is absolutely necessary, but ossia so only me, in general, ossia the add soundbar, and would recommend it !!
4 / 5
Ossia Genuine (any paid) description, the hope will help.
Soundbar Looks well, Easy to install the TV saws boss ( optical - resupplied) and street Bluetooth to mobile phone. The sound is a lot enough to look television - mostly film and documentary. There is has very improved a quality of his (build of television in of the speakers was tiny and has there was plasticky his), can listen dialogues much more clearly and the bit of low is rumbling in a fund. It is not quality of cinema this in spite of and no quite powerful for music of party but concealed are not has wanted in all the chance. There is three pre-has has programmed settings and no manual adjustments - no the question for me like this maintenances he in a dipping all a time. If you want to more control - look elsewhere. In general very happy with a sound.
Has the little downsides for me: you owe that it has separated far partorisca soundbar as it could not integrate he with the far TV ( looks the common lack of this characteristic for more than bars in this point of prize). I have directed to take used his after while - more an inconvenience that the critical defect. According to downside is that there is no visual representation of an intensity of volume (like the bar or number). Ossia All does for ear. And last an east that there is not enough any of increasing a volume (I thinks is ten, but in reality would use three to four), and some gives some any results in relatively of increase of big volume. Another defect to draw that I need used to. In general for £50 it is the decent touching bar for the television 'normal' those looks, at all sophisticated but done a basic work. Thus prize would buy again.

Top Customer Reviews: Panasonic SC-HTB100 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 6 ratings
4 / 5
It has arrived well , so only the small dint in a packaging. The fence of sound was a lot.

Touches cost. Any value of the cash , thinks is paying partorisca a mark , less than £50 then could be a lot of (£100 any casualidad) . It feels a lot of plastic, the no brilliant bass any partorisca a prize.

Hard control partorisca follow , different colour partorisca each entrance , any number of volume.

Sadly would not recommend
5 / 5
the Good speaker that does tongue easier that listen and generally adding more depth to a sound. Very better that speakers of just TV. Easy to connect . Only light downside is that a Panasonic stand of television is not like this big so much partorisca dip a speaker in front of television blockades a far receiver in television as now I owe that I aim in a ceiling partorisca change canals etc.
4 / 5
Ready looking bar of his
Easy to connect the HD
So only 40w like any deep quite his for us
is Returned 10 days ago but any one the repayment has issued still, please advise when the repayment will be issued
4 / 5
his Excellent. It could a lot of sync with Bluetooth this in spite of as it has had to use to the the boss but a sound is a lot a lot of
5 / 5
Without any waffle arrive front, to the left list me some characteristic and habladuría roughly that versatile the this soundbar east.

Usable income:
USB (control of the clue of the Mp3 has seen the far control distributed)
Optical digital entrance

All these entrances are selectable street some far, or some keys in a side of a bar of sound. Some fines-paint DIRECTED calm say you that the way is using.

Like this right now, has this soundbar connected until my TV has seen an optical entrance (any goodness is comprised with a soundbar), and have a television outputting sound of his own speakers as well as by means of a soundbar. I have tried to dip the up with just a bar of his, with both, with just a television and to be sincere, a quality of his of mine LG 49' the TV is no worse that this bar of his, but a soundbar adds the bit of extra flesh to a sound, as I am happy of the have on for now. If to to my edges like in of his room, honradamente will not lose he of a living room. (Any one surrounds system in our house this time.)

Has then connected on a bar of his to the telephone of my edges, and expósito gives of the good sound, sweet, much more that recompense that a tinny speaker in a telephone. (To the equal that would expect.) You can in fact pair until 8 Bluetooth devices with this soundbar, which is the thoughtful function . If I have loved bung the USB in a backside with some MP3s in the, could, or connect he until the device with the line-was street a line-in, could do that also. It would be able to control clues and volume of a soundbar far control, powered for the only AAA battery, (Resupplied).

Like this initially in that has gone unimpressed with a bar of his like this the substitution for my speakers of television, am coming to appreciate more been due to his versatility. A More thinks them roughly the, a more am bent to leave my edges has this in his chamber, where will give it the load of options for gaming his, and listening to the video/of music have seen his telephone or pill.

That the trace to wall is an option , and there is the highland box (a pair of rays and discharge of wall) has comprised in a box. There is the sturdy feet of hule down to simply the be on yours One/V unit, and an option to attach cords of security (any comprised) to a soundbar for the prevent falling to any vulnerable. A soundbar is the decent measure, but is not heavy and there is an outside 18v supply of hands to be able to resupplied to be able to, any one would beat the internal is used.

The control is simple, and a colour FOCUSED to say you the one who a unit is doing (or would have to that be do). There is drives that question of shoots in a backside of a manual of instruction, but is quite easy to dip up and all have tried before time. Some keys in a side of a soundbar bad that when (any ) my edges loses a far control in his chamber, still can use a soundbar.

My first impressions of this soundbar like a start of his alternative for my TV has not been impressive, but has had the smallest TV, and his more beloved, the think that like more stops of use of television. But factor in a Bluetooth and another versatility of entrance, as well as excellent build-quality, this soundbar has grown on weaves it to me.

This soundbar takes the thumbs-on me partorisca versatility and value.
4 / 5
Can spend a lot of hundreds of £££s in the soundbar, how was well to find this does the very good work for £70. WELL the could not adapt a audiophile, but a sound is quite well for a money, the good deep base especially, which emphasised an improvement on some speakers of regular TV. It is simple to connect (in our chance to the Samsung TV) although you owe that distribute a HDMI boss and yes loves music of the calm current then can use Bluetooth but there there is also USB, Optical in & To the in (has not tried these). In general the good basic soundbar, this will improve in yours television inbuilt sound.

Top Customer Reviews: Panasonic SC-HTB01 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5
So much the originally has used a Logitech THX setup with Sub, his sounds really well, but has them has wanted to more spatial in my office and also down that. Ossia Small his small plus that the keyboard in Period, the wise sound his well, the BASS is nowhere approach my Logitech system, but has had them the consecrated sub, gaming are to add give you the sense of distance and spatial much more that my Logitech. The Optical wise connectivity is there and works well, but partorisca Dolby Atmos has to that use HDMI passtru, which is kinda an annoying thing so only, reason the majority to have ports of exposure now partorisca FreeSync and G SYnc, using HDMI wont take you 144hz with this yours closed in 60. But in general his a lot well, ticked the majority of my Boxes and im happy with 60HZ can say them his no like this acute but at all of entity.
4 / 5
In general, thinks that ossia the add soundbar partorisca explode dolby atmos in the reasonable prize. It is like this near partorisca be add but there is the pair of things that are not the defender of at all:

1 - A bluetooth quality of his this really bad, to a point where has think that has had it faulty unit. Sounds of music crackly and the paving of has bitten. This was whilst connected to the mine portable, with another bluetooth devices in a room (so that it can be the factor ). I have verified once some same songs by means of mine Xbox (street HDMI), a quality of sound was excellent.

2 - In mine Xbox Serious X, will not go through half of 1440p and leave dolby atmos a same time. It uses enough the small monitor like this happy to touch in 1080p and 120hz, but his value that comment for any the one who keys in the screen he big plus.

Another that an on 2 points, love this soundbar and is the enormous upgrade of mine £30 creative speakers. Calm to good sure give you that feels to be 'in a played and is true other descriptions that initiate to listen things that has not gone there before. For me, a bluetooth the subject is not the dealbreaker to the equal that has other speakers, but would have been a lot dissapointed he trusted in the pleasure one all rounder.
5 / 5
Has bought this to substitute our current soundbar ossia only stereo. WOW A sound that comes from/comes from this small bar is exceptional. Has mine XBOX SX that careers by means of a bar via HDMI, dipping was 7.1 surrounds his, and my also connected TV has seen to an optical goodness like all my digital TV can also goes through half of him, as he simply the pushes out of any canal am looking in the particular moment.

XBOX I games touch for real that has surprised, am listening his that I never listened before and with a 3D surrounds characteristic, the balls are flying around a room and in my boss. An engine that roared in Force, flies of Leisure to accelerate past me in some Wars of Estrella. Mina 4k the films have not touched never like this good and during lockdown can now his of quality of cinema of experience in mine living room.

Adds compraventa, well value of the money.
5 / 5
Has found this for casualidad and all can say is,if ossia that Panasonic has on his sleve for gaming audio all can say is more please!! This unit is small punchy and is perfect for all the classes of use, has it on my low office the monitor but he easily can fill the room. The tomb is enough for a place to listen, and a atmos and DTS the law extracted envelops took you the plenary 7.1 system ( I has a).

Forgets all your gaming RGB PC of known mark gaming carp, this thing is unassuming and delivery, happy found that.
5 / 5
So only state using some speakers for the day, but there is hooked he until both my laptop and TV and is quite easy to use and place up with different devices (basically so only covers it to be able to and any HDMI or bluetooth to connect) which is the plus .

A quality of his this really well, with some bass especially when being strong (to which like). Has has had first speakers of this sound well but has had mediocre subwoofers, happy to see is not a chance here. These are quell'has bitten pricey but value he, to be sincere, especially compared to other products another more expensive that is not like this good and way more complicated to dip up.

Also, when you crank one of these, STRONG taking.

In general quite happy with them, any glaring failures so many of still, very compraventa.
5 / 5
Would not recommend for FPS games of headsets is a way to go but the I really adds pc soundbar for mmo/moba games, netflix, and use of music/of general video. His of same quality in of the strongest volumes.

- dolby atmos / Surrounds experience of his
- his plenary
- compact
- a better pc soundbar or pc the speakers have used

- expensive
4 / 5
On priced so that it is the sound adds for the small sound so only in the each decoder has ideal for speaker of PC although having questions with AMD paper of map RX_580 Engine like his east gone through half of HDMI to a quell'speaker via RX 580. It would say that the sound of film to surprise with a dolby atmos the witch of Application is avaliable by means of tent of Microsoft. The music is well the little boomy the games touch well he so that has different settings this in spite of bluerays the upper sound and really resplandor with powerDVD with a atmos application. It did not connect it to q the TV can not comment there in that. If ur that looks for the solution of small speaker this would be ideal no the grave wait weighed like ur not going to take that with east. Bluetooth Among handy as connected quell'on that more than HDMI to the equal that has questions there with mine RX 580 and the any one has recognised windows the May done in bluetooth.
4 / 5
First unit faulty, has taken another gave it to another casualidad. I add soundbar has to that say. Utilisation with the 4K Sony TV and all some main consoles PS5 serious X transmission etc

is the a lot of treating soundbar for a measure, in fact launches balls and any sounds everywhere you, halo the infinite is quite special by means of this soundbar in Atmos. It can launch sounds behind you and in a cup of you, really quite spectacular for his measure.
4 / 5
Leading to this has had any Logitech speakers that has died with which 6 month and sides £50. I have required something new and decided to invest in some good speakers this time. Has has wanted to something concealed: a) could give me his best b) something concealed has on taken less space and was the leaves of plot messy.

Day 1 of having these and am impressed like this. Quality of his east amazing, this bass is not incredibly powerful but is like this powerful as I require it to be. This thing is STRONG - but is also tiny. They are fascinated. Ussually When Something promises digital to surround his, is ussually BS but this really of the the experience to satisfy. It is perfect surrounds sound? Any of course a lot - but for the tiny little singly that the speaker is surprising. Connecting this thing was really easy, has run it hdmi of mine GPU his and has done immediately. Some people there is complained in a far control but I do not take it , has volume on and down keys, calm leave to change ways of his and calms to leave you to augment/decrease some grave - to the equal that calms more master the far to do?

First impression, easily a compraventa has better all the year - entirely has revolutionised my neighbour to arrive and is the complete upgrade on anything has had before. If anything changes will be sure to update this description but for now am very satisfied.
5 / 5
This one of a good election has done takes a lot of bars of sound.
Pro: His well and very small so that you can you he gives. Extracted a coming surrounding sound yours uses 3D sound in one the bar of his that it is a lot of entity. Yes again the sound is well.
With: The controller is like this build of bed and in a bar of his he self has controls very limited like any one your controller of loss. Bluetooth Is good but looking for you the utmost basses please the stay was. This is not for you. Has good bass but any as well as you are weighed down..
In general he well and a lot well for the office uses the one who play of touch on monitor.