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5 / 5
Parallels That is to announce... Windows of career in yours Mac. But my anti-partorisca program of to the virus does not like Parallels of activity. Included when Parallels is not that it runs in my car, is busy trying servers of contact... Perhaps one can comprise do this when an active a program, but it doing all a time? And it is not the tentativa singular partorisca access other servers -- is no-stop. Each one that 10 minutes or like this, there goes again. Ossia Suspicious, and would have to that be a subject partorisca any one buying this product. And I look for so only leave connection of internet by means of a MacOS -- reason suddenly requires Windows partorisca the access too much. The part of a subject is that Parallels wants to avert piracy, but also wants to invalidate an use of a program when there it is of the I change . It has Changed? This half has to that upgrade, etc.

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5 / 5
Having has bought so only the new iMac after a lot of years partorisca use PC of Windows has based was in need of something partorisca run some progs ossia so only available like some applications of Windows.

The All some descriptions that looks partorisca touch to lose quite strongly in favour of VMware the fusion but I have bought this version of Parallels 3 reason was economic, any that gives that it was and old version this has been superseded for version 4.

Was the disaster . I have had two tentativas in installing it and when I headed to, course a lot there is dulcemente has clashed several times and refused to close down. You try him he impossible to install my two Epson printers, the messages of error would look during a process of installation and then was unable to delete them and beginning again.

Has finalised to try the reinstalling Parallels no less than three times and when it conceal has not done has on data and has downloaded the version of test of VM Fusion.

This installed without questions and has done brilliantly never of then.

Has read some descriptions of Parallels will see that for some people has done well. It is certainly an elegant program with some lovely map.

But first to spend the money would suggest that it download a version of test of both progs and see which more for you and your system.

For me, this in spite of, Parallels 3 has not done and was the complete waste of the money but VM Fusion has been brilliant.
5 / 5
Now have the PC and Mac in a car. They are the recent nomad to mac and now @give that included an upper-final VAIOs cant matches a Imac. By means of parallels can use my programs of favourite windows, as it season premiere, the hostess of statistical containers, microsoft accesses, excel, word powerpoint and explore an internet with Mac firefox At the same time! And they do a lot better that in my PC, certainly 4 years.
With Parallels, was easy to instal windows xp with sp3 ( has bought a band of ). There is the curve to learn but finally was able to the iron was all some questions. I can now snych my laptop of PC with windows by means of parallels. Parallels Leave the coverage and of the files of use in mac. An only complaint is a lack of firewire the engine but this was to solve partly to do my outside firewire walk like the file shared for windows. Still the has not been able to take video of camcorder in of the windows by means of parallels this in spite of.
But would recommend this program to all the users of PC the one who are thinking to emigrate to mac.
4 / 5
Wonderful product! Unfortunately an inability to use firewire the devices of audio limits his utility of mine. Firewire Volumes, this in spite of (hard disks etc) can be accessed by means of an action with OSX far so that his capacity to run another YOU in him virtualised the half goes his wonderful, far easier that use that VMware etc. so only agree that there is some hand offs to a native YOU (likes control of hardware of a firewire bus)and will be well. Still it prefers this to a clunky rebooting the procedure required for Camp of Boot.

In general 4 stars for real tarpaulin, (one has been takes for lack of control of hardware of a firewire in a vuirtual half) but thoroughly recommended,any one less.
5 / 5
That says - calm leave you to run windows in a Intel Mac.

The software there was previously Windows, then PowerPC.

Was able to so only import one that exists PowerPC image to Parallels.

5 / 5
The element has described,there is rid punctually,any question,thank you
5 / 5
almost could live without having the PC of Windows, but have the few applications that is Windows so only, that could any one really do without. As finding and reading in Parallels Desk, decided it would be a better way that could have both the Mac and the PC has to that require one from time to time.

The installation was a lot of simple, and the majority of simple plot that thought it would be. But that blew really was was that quickly it can have the Windows COMPATIBLE PC on and running when I the precise. Roughly 10 seconds is all apresamiento to start with Windows XP, this has to that be some class of record, have never know any computer to start with the operating system of Windows like this quickly. Calm will not believe this, but closes down included faster, mine he in roughly 5 paving of second, tries to beat that with the real PC.

Have it iMac with 2GB of ram, and to be sincere thought that it would have to that dipped up with the pocola slowness of some applications of Windows that surrounds, but each one which has installed runs like this quickly or included faster that mine last PC has had.

Finds to run some Windows XP operating system in the full screen much more preferable to some other options, as in the Window (any pun feigned). I have tried a way of the coherence but I think more to to the people like probably would find that of the little that dips was, especially to the equal that finalise with some ugly Windows taskbar spoils it a beauty of a Mac YOU. You recommend to use a characteristic of Spaces in Mac YOU 10.4 and in the partition some Windows You it a space, whilst leaving some other spaces for your Mac applications etc. That will resupply in my opinion the a lot of simpler way to change of Mac to PC, and behind again.

Have a capacity to create mapped walks to your usual Mac dossiers in some Windows YOU, so that I can maintain all your Windows have created documents in your structure of normal file, more than saving them on some Virtual cars hard walk.

A thing has to that agree is that some of some symbols in a keyboard (as ) is in of the different places in some Windows YOU, and am not too sure has the way to solve the question, but the calm punctual volume has used to this has used the keyboard of PC before.

Has done a transmission to the Mac (that calm took like this long, lol) but still loses to use roughly applications of PC, then to good sure can recommend this like what better prójima to buy another PC. Calm will save you to plot of money, and to plot to time squandered while the YOU in the real PC to kick. And while has the copy of the yours YOU of election to rid, the be Windows M, XP or the view is laughing all a way to a tent of software.

If in another hand still is using the PC, but has been tried another side, goes for him, calm will not be disappointed. Calm will not owe that lose all your lovely programs and files, so only install to a Virtual and calm car will have a better of both worlds. Apple and Microsoft working in perfect harmony, the one who'd has thought was possible.
4 / 5
Has taken this to see was more economic that the new laptop - I finds a Mac too quirky and expensive in of the programs. A program that says in a box but there is the pity of serious speed - as a 'old'(2 years) the laptop is better was without. Side to try he for a prize of the good boat of wine, but a wine would be fun more. Perhaps a new version there would be a pity of speed. It looks he is 'bite one bundle' the time and the laptop of Windows is in a cast navideña.
5 / 5
Parallels Was easy to dip on, and he doddle to install windows to.
Can not think that has expected to buy the thought 'so only that goes to be the hassle and no fully in all the chance'.

Space of USB in a Mac laws in a PC: Character! Has the pair of products the one who backward providers of thought does not have mac compatible (Eg. It GPS, software of Map, the sample etc.) And they all does well on that.
Easy to share files among etc. Etc.

Only Question (reason has dipped 4) when being that it looks bit it dulcemente in my car (1Gb RAM so only, Imac) and has clashed two times already (really is so only like the full PC!!!)

Master: you do not buy never the PC for home uses again.
4 / 5
Has had has used previously a version of test in MacBook Pro. I am using Windows XP Professional in way of coherence and find that he seamlesly. An only bugbear is unable to use Mirosoft to the webcam eats Mac will not release he for use under windows. This in spite of, can use a inbuilt webcam. This calm program enable you to have a better of both worlds - the Mac but still have a capacity to run programs of windows
5 / 5
has bought Parallels on done the year to the equal that have required to be able to run groove for some of my work. This in spite of, have found that a speed of mine mac was ruduced so when paralles has operated that almost I did not use it never and there is has bought now the laptop of SMALL ECONOMIC PC to use for a work that requires Surca and uninstall Parallels and use my Mac exclusively for Mac compatible software.
5 / 5
The software adds that I took out of the hole partorisca leave me partorisca install Windows 2000 in the Mac Pro so that it can run the application of vital legacy that pursues so only in of the Windows 2000 (one YOU along discarded). A law of software so only, which is exactly the one who precise. Like this never, read a manual to take one the majority of out he -- especially when it comes partorisca configure coverage and of the settings of exposure.

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 35 ratings
5 / 5
Exceptional. Works as well as calm secretly expect it . Have DropBox In mine Mac, but can use he with windows. Have OneDrive In a PC and can read and modify Onedrive dossiers of a mac. I can copy and paste go in clipboard. I can back on my whole windows in one file, and can move to the new mac in the very short period of time. All whilst that bolt in a security of the TimeMachine backup. The test was installs in the copy, maintain your working PC setup without risks. Use iMovie and another creative software that a PC simply can not compete with. Utilisation Windows full time, but still appreciate an utility of FaceTime without that has to that use a tampon. Excellent software , excellent. But more in the most modern unit, any one older some. My laptop of Windows in the mac now hard to the longest plot on battery also. Brilliant transmission for me. Any subject like this far.
5 / 5
Has sold for ToysElite and rid for Amazon. Fast shipment for Amazon, like this usual. It is not remarked in a description, but calm so only will receive an empty box with a tone of limit in the piece of paper. Any physical software on CD or DVD! For me personally you are any question , was so only in need for the new tone. But if any one is planning the first installation without having access of internet to download a program-file ist would be the bad experience.
5 / 5
Has loved to install the Windows in my prompt January 2015 MBPr and has been doubted at the beginning this work of version on mine. It was among Parallel and BootCamp but has been that loves so much and in an use of need of Windows of same time for some reasons. Of a prize wasnt that pricey comparisons to another around, has thought so only would owe that give the gone. Has any space of disk in mine macbook and like the majority of you users of MB, this would be the disadvantage when it comes to install street DVD CD. It concerns no! A vendor has packed a whole and calm CD simply can install Windows on-line, there is sufficient information in a band, and in general, I so only couldnt say that it has been it that loves Parallel in mine Macbook and this has been a decision has better fact in my life. Thank you!
4 / 5
This produces that I require it to. I have changed to the Mac, 4 years ago reason ail and tired that it has to reconstruct my cars of Windows - has had the little my time. This in spite of, are the .Clean programmer, as I still required to use Visual Studio. Work well! An only thing to to that did not like was that it has to that buy of these products again east times around. It have bought an earlier version when in the first place it take my Mac. This in spite of, is rendered useless when it take the free update! As I give it 4 stars because I think that the economic plus upgrade could be be offer to exist users.
5 / 5
Has been forced to buy this because of an Apple 'upgrade' that would not operate mine old plus (6.0) version of -Parallels. Tried one on-line download, but has had to buy a full version. Sense a bit 'conned' to the equal that has had ANY DISK of the backup distributed in a box - simply a 'code of limit' in the paper, which has left full download of an Internet.
In that said the one who, he all does well, and am continuing to run Windows inside my Apple Mac.
5 / 5
Uses this in mine Hackintosh more than doing the system of dual boot for 2 reasons:
1. The any needs to kick of Windows in this car to the equal that has the car of Windows in another room.
2. So only I need some fast applications to run in of the windows and having an option to exchange among one 2 is is far more convenient. It saves having both cars powered up.

In general, work really well for my needs. Easy to configure.
Will require to try Linux in some point so only to see that it is likes.

Be conscious calm so only is buying a Tone of Limit, precise download Parallels 9 of his web of place.
4 / 5
Has used this product to the equal that love a creation and any approximation of atrocity of Apple to resupply sakes that read and is easy to cruised around, but has required the program of Windows for program of Payroll of the Sage that so only acts in the PC.
Easy to install and transmission of Mac way to PC and all looks to do he like this has to that, early days to the equal that has has had so only he for the few weeks but any one subject of compatibilities at all.
5 / 5
arrival to pay for each upgrade once Apple or Microsoft upgrade his own containers. I had it it has paid it enough it bite it more for the byline partorisca time longer or so only £20 every year. A time will come when you can run two YOU on a car natively and concealed does not go to take long.
5 / 5
Fast delivery and correct licence partorisca v9. Box so only: it contains serial and licence to download software (any CD).
Version 10 has launched interior 3 weeks but the editor says no diplomados to release upgrade (does not blame of the vendor).
Recommends vendor this in spite of.
5 / 5
It can it do not take partorisca run in satisfactory way. Continuous give I messages that say his has not gone quite a lot of memory when I have verified the system there was wide. Another has used he WELL but no for me.
4 / 5
Wow That an amazing bit of boxes!! It was gone in the the macbook a lot the time has known in this program! He certainly done a painless transition and entertainment. To to Sound likes that it has to that of laptops in one!
5 / 5
There is prendido doing in mine MAC, and one fijamente is complicated like this there is prendido trying utilizarprpers. A costruttore maintains to try to sell updates.
4 / 5
Looks to do well enough. If there is the way to convert a Mac keyboard temporarily to do like the Windows a, can do not finding [ starts as ']. I have had I release it 3rd Norton download which was able to use in mine Windows 7 partition. I seat more comfortable with that in place. I do not create a history that Macs is immune the malware.
4 / 5
Excellent quality answered fast, highly recommended
4 / 5
For any Mac the owner that precise Windows, ossia to good sure a way to go. Parallels 9 Windows Of careers seamlessly and without fuss. Highly recommended
5 / 5
A really handy bit of the software but the annual update question a value for money - after all, is not exactly economic?
4 / 5
Can not look to break this - bosses of the neighbours on perfectly - I really like like this is possible to choose 'look the PC' and then later change my alcohol for the do more seamlessly Office of the CUPS of the look is running natively in mine MacBook session of Nonconformists. If more economic upgrades for new emissions of Mac was available would take it 5 stars
4 / 5
Windows of careers in the mac in parallel with Mac YOU and he well. (Surprised of surprise)
take 5 was more economic.

5 / 5
Shining. My mac book pro runs the better windows that any another portable of windows has has not had never.
4 / 5
No like this simple to use the have thought like this would be. The instructions do not clear ro me and has did not take it still properly installed.
5 / 5
Very partorisca use, easy to install, but the bit dulcemente in of the occasions.
4 / 5
Did not use It still but has seen a working brilliant , so only. They are sure he will save me the plot of time.
4 / 5
A Parallels the installed software like the sleep in mine Mac and an ours software of the capacity of Windows is that I am looking for.

Like this far am wanted.
4 / 5
Any question, running windows 8.1 in mine MacBook. Very easy to install both Parallels and Windows. Extracted well with Nonconformist. Be conscious any disk is comprised, so only a code of licence.
4 / 5
Easy to install and use, but hangs for the pocolos second occasionally. This in spite of, can live with that.
4 / 5
Ossia Really the product tried and of confidence. It recommends it to my friends without any restrictions or provisors.
4 / 5
To to the easy fact likes him hell to run any program of windows in mine Mac could do not estimating very main!!!
4 / 5
It was very partorisca have CD partorisca yours own averts of that is absolutely well! The highly recommended element!
5 / 5
At all easy to install using microsoft XP which has done perfectly before with Paralles 8. Coherence still not doing properly.
5 / 5
Good product with automatic upgrade to parallels 10!
4 / 5
Has converted recently to the Macbook of the car of Windows could have the just number of programs that would like me maintain to use. There are two ways partorisca go in of the this.
In the first place create the dual boot hard walk, partition a hard walk and install Windows in a second partition. A downside to ossia that every time want to go of OSX to the windows will owe that reboot your Macbook.

Parallels Deja partorisca access a partition of Windows like the virtual walk inside OSX, no more rebooting but brotas still calm with an option partorisca kick the Windows partorisca more than programming by heart intense.

Has some smaller disadvantages to this, some programs will run the little more lens because has more uses by heart, as it do not recommend touching games by means of Parallels.
Is also easy to transfer files among both operating systems.

Parallels Is renown like better program partorisca east, but is version 9 really that very better that version 7 and 8? If you are on version 7 then yes probably would recommend a upgrade, but is not significantly faster or better that version 8 in the normal use that use Win7. I know version 8 also alleged to do with Windows 8 but would assume that this new version is the little better optimised for him, but is not something really can comment on.

Personally, have steered clear of Win8.

Are one of these people to to those who likes them to them the use one the majority of up to date software, are the sucker for him really, but this are. This in spite of, there is really any characteristic of murderous real that mark this product the must buys in a leading version. I do not think that you it see any increases of obvious speed that would remark you.

Is the little more refined, but if version of the 8 and Win7 would expect until a next update.
Still he no detract of a fact that ossia the product adds .
5 / 5
After a lot of prevarication I finally changed of PC to the Mac. A shot clincher was Parallels Desk v9. Has installed Windows 7 and he so only works and enabled me to transfer my Office of continuazione of Microsoft and another any Mac software like Proshow Producing on to the mine iMac. Has some program that reads like the window in Mac YOU v10.9 More than an option of separate boot. Some do any like this well if not to bite it better in a iMac. I have it quell'has adopted this in spite of the police of not going in an internet although Windows 7. Finally a Parallels the application of Access is order as you enable you to run your Mac and programs of PC in your iPad. @In rodeo I desire I had 'converted' more collected!
5 / 5
Has taken this I so that has the new mac Air 13 and has moved to 365 in our office and I has loved to be able to use all some characteristics are of Office 2013 (Mac for Office 2011 fails the plot of some really utmost bits).
Anyway headed out of good but was slowly the day to use to the day. Do my Mac pursue sluggish and has had the real difference run win7 and office 2013 compared to a bog level £300 HP portable has. As I have augmented my ram to 4gb for windows (of a 8gb available) this has done some difference and speed-and things on has bitten it. This in spite of accident in the regular base and I would have to that reboot roughly once the day because of some subject, is like the works have struggled Doors in my car and his so only a lot really the trace has tolerated so only each one which so another.

But I cant takes A-drive Pro to do and I cant take any help with east of LADY or parallels to solve this subject. A mine sustain cocked on some settings and Win7 now only careers in his own window and wont transmission behind in sight of coherence, again parallels was unhelpful (I is still in 30 support of days to arrive to this point). The update in this I has imagined was like this to change for behind his quite simple but unless you know that he parallels the bit or he fiddle.

For a money is past would have been better just installing win7 saws camp partorisca kick that uses that it DOES and IOS in home like this prpers him having to that stick to that way while there.

Everything in life is the committed and love a Mac YOU (been the user of windows of then 1990) but in acting was the bit of the ache and retarded me down, more all another bar of users 1 was in PCs and begins on the like this found the difficult to sustain and his consultor. I have seen parallels like the way to do this but now feel his so only an expensive and the time that eats adds in east eats resorted and more than doing my simpler pleasure has it to him so only does more complicated.

So only would recommend to take this if precise transmission among a two YOU but has to that say with 99 of a real world in of the windows think that camp of shoe offers the real and calm alternative can change behind has seen the king-boot.

May of update 2014 parallels retarded me down too and to the equal that have has wanted to all an experience of Office 2013 I decided to install Win 7 on camp of boot and game a parallels experience. This has been very better for me in my situation of work, has taken the Mac reason Ive been the defender of Apple for roughly 10 years of mine 1st iPod and I love his products. A Mac is súper fast and light and the joy to use but to have parallels was to to the the bit likes to take your car of sport of the sleep with a lovely touching V12 then retro returning an electrical engine to the equal that can avert load of congestion.

A way sees it there is pros and gilipollas to this.

My Mac is to the fastest plot in Win7 that Win7 street parallels
can still Nonconformist of use I just need to reboot
For me using 365 work I now have Office 2013
Waste 2013 is better that waste partorisca Mac 2011
Win7 is the I add for work and in my office ossia that all the world more uses (could not be one same where works)for me he all I need to do. More so much that Nonconformists in these means.
Doing in this way around there is at all can any one my work day to the day that use Win7 and 365.

The nonconformists is like this good to use lose it
have the windows Mac the one who the looks bit it bad, any sure reason?
Sometimes a reboot does not leave my car to sleep I like this has to that last reboot. It is this in spite of more stable that parallels and has to that reboot less.

Parallels Can adapt and your half but like this world-wide of the work is almost 90 PC could find like me his simple plus to use boot-camp and win7 all day long. Like this in general I think that that I have squandered my money in parallels as I did not require it, does not complain that as it has loved to try it but like the description said does not believe a hype, would not owe that have . They are lucky I has another Mac marries I so that it can use a wonderful iOS interface there or could so only reboot my car of work. You do not recommend buying Parallels of my experience.
5 / 5
Seamless And certainly all have required of him. My accounts and PC have FAVOURED still the applications do although any better in the Mac - those who would have believed it.
4 / 5
Could not be more desappointed of a software there is ruined entirely my laptop 😭

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Rating: 5 out of 5 with 2 ratings
5 / 5
I have been the Parallels user in a Mac partorisca around four or five years that maintains (of some a lot early days). Each version has added figure in a last, but equally each version there has been his action of initial teething questions, and a v6 upgrade is no different. I have had initially that imports instability, corrupted VM images (felizmente was quite wise the backup in the first place) and several serious questions that effectively rendered Windows 7 Pro 64-but in mine iMac i7 quad core a-usable.

Has has had to that revert behind to a prompt v6 build, like this there looked to be questions with builds more recent, and whilst has had the little niggles at least was stable.

In a pair spent of the weeks have released the revised build that (forest to touch) looks for having fixed a instability and so that it follows while v6 now will have a stability that v5 offered, jointly with some improvements of the action promised and some whistles of new & bells (any that is of the mine enormous interest).

So much, for this reason am giving Parallels the described 3 out of 5 stars, based in my mixed experiences of v6 like this far and a time and the endeavour have squandered to try to take some defective builds earlier to do. This has said, has based my bookmark a week has spent so only would be to look in four stars and continuous extracted he like this looks to be that his ( Stable and fast) would do those five stars. Sad to be bit it imprecise in of the this but will comprise my stance :)
5 / 5
I upgraded of Desk 5 and there is at all but questions never of then. A view of the coherence does not operate, in fact an option is greyed was. A lot frustrating to say a less.

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 4 ratings
4 / 5
I have used previously the earliest versions of this software in mine iMac so that has does not have to that a lot it surprises on installing and that runs this version. This in spite of, one a difference of entity that there is remarked is a speed in that this program will upload an operating system of guest - that when being the windows Seen in my chance and a global speed one do one inside a half of Windows. There is still the bit of the wait, roughly a minute of inaugural Parallels Desk the logging in dressing it to him with my configuration of hardware (27' i3 iMac), but ossia nowhere approaches like this dulcemente versions like this leading. Other improvements comprise partorisca be able to use Spotlight partorisca look for programs of Windows, the fastest maps rendering and the smoothest transition of a Mac YOU The Windows YOU. So only it uses a software in 'of the windows' way and has configured probably a lot he partorisca optimum use taste very precise to run software of Windows that many. I have tried another virtualisation software, any duquel was anywhere approaches like this easy to use or like this quickly like this Parallels.
5 / 5
Has some software of windows that need to use. Installing this software leave partorisca do this and have a better of both worlds.

Has installed windows xp in place of windows 7 reasons finds partorisca Adapt my better purpose.
5 / 5
Has bought this product like the member of academy.

That says in one has beaten. An annoying thing so only supposes is that I need to take yours possess you that adds cost.

Very easy to use and leaves partorisca stable virtualisation in the Mac partorisca these pocolos niggling PC program can still loves run in yours Mac.

Has read a lot of comparisons with VM Ware and this Parallels looks partorisca be as a whole informed partorisca be slightly better. But also more expensive.
4 / 5
Has required the Windows XP Application in mine iMac partorisca access work cctv. The camp Of boot was partorisca add when I used it in the first place, but the bit of the fiddle, closing down and rebooting. Parallels Fixed all concealed. It has been once installed has taken controls of Camp of Boot and some Applications of Windows in a partitioned the walk is available directly of a cradle. Nizza One!