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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 13 ratings
4 / 5
Required exact this. It is refurbished. It is expensive partorisca the dvd player. The time of delivery was expected before, far with him. It is well. Packaged Well.
4 / 5
Simple & easy to use, vendor a lot well, would buy again
4 / 5
Almost done 4 years, I reveiewed the much earlier Philips recorder DVD on Amazon. We are now two generations on and this current Philips DVDR aims substantial progress a time, with an exception to yawn - a far control! In general, ossia the a lot of-drawn and reasonably easy-the-piece of use of crew. It contrasts to a forward reviewer, has found a DVD to be the doddle to dip up. For the simple installation, so only follow a distributed 'fast setup drives' and is done less than 5 minutes.

Four stars more than five because of a unhelpful far control and @@subject smaller that technicians with previoous DVD recorders has described down. If ossia your prime minister recorder DVD, some the technical subjects will not apply your, as it ignores him! Resisting import that my prime minister DVD recorder COST GBP250 of Amazon in 2003, a current prize has to that be the subject !

A DVDR comes with all the necessary goodnesses, that comprises the reasonable quality SCART boss and the substantial manual. A far control and some batteries for him are has comprised also. A DVDR is a lot, much less bulky of leading generations. It returns neatly under my Thomson 4212 receiver of satellite, leaving around 4 more spatial thumbs of shelf at the side for more than storage of DVD. Included better, the difference of a retrograde third-generation DVDRs Philips produced, has no the partidário inner that generates background noise. Into use, this DVDR is essentially silent.

Registering the ways and some eases have been streamlined of Philips the earliest models (any 2.5, 3 or 8 now that ways of records), but these are no real hardships as it records the quality is very same until a 4 now for DVD LEVEL. Like this previously, 6 now for DVD WAY is so only really appropriate for 'those movements time' programs of the calm TV will not wish to maintain . The quality of picture is acute and a tuner of integral equivalent is better that half, although this will be irrelevant in the pair of time of years in United Kingdom! That the shame that an integral Freeview the tuner is not comprised...

A manual of operations are improved a lot in forward Philips has produced. Some instructions is much more clearly dips was and there is the comprehensible section on like this to boss a recorder in multiple with to the another contemporary crew likes him the satellite or Freeview boxes, another PLAYER of DVD or included your old VCR. The upper frames for any redrafted some terrible manuals forwards.

Alas, the praise can not be extended to a far control which is in fact less user-friendly that forward Philips models. Leading regular keys (p. p.ej. A key to control to change among television and DVDR) is disappeared to be substituted for less intuitive some and some far still has no of the keys of rewind/ of first of fast. Instead, precise press and resist a skip the prime/ has retreated keys, with an unavoidable result that arrived to jump before five minutes more than yours finding something chosen quickly. Absolutely frustrating!

An another dread can surface for users of forwards Philips DVD recorders, or, for all was, the earliest generations EXTERNAL DVD recorders. He , reason was, not affecting users so that ossia his prime minister recorder DVD. A software in this recorder encodes in such the way that the DVD has registered would owe that touch behind WELL in any one another player of DVD or recorder. Have Certainly not founding any subjects with playback in any PC or standalone PLAYER of DVD. This in spite of, the DVD registered in this car and has behind touched in the first/second generation Philips player (p. p.ej. DVDR70/75/80 serious) can NEVER again be modified or erased in a player sooner. It will be editable/ erasble in a car on that it has been it to it to him registered ( A an I am revising). If these sounds have complicated is! I can live with east, but are having to that to be careful that does not finalise with the series of DVD+RW disks that tin a lot never again be modified in my crew sooner. Philips Really would owe that direct this subject in his manual and/or resupply the software of CD upgrade for DVD OLDER recorders.
4 / 5
Has been using this crew for 3 month now - my first experience of DVD. They are very pleased with this model and likes is orderly appearance . At the beginning it has had the question with the message that says a upgrade has been required. It could register in Philips -RW disks but no in +RW the disks have done in Taiwan. I have contacted Philips the web of place and send me to knots the CD to upgrade my recorder and this question was has ordered punctual. A picture is clear, the colour and the sound are well. I seat taken the long time to upload and registers of the timer dipped, compared to the mine old VCR, but can not compare with other DVDES GIVE FORM! It likes him another, are not enthusiastic in a far and find so only can see some keys when spending my glasses of reading - the bit of the nuisance! This in spite of, generally am happy with this compraventa and has directed included to register good copies of my old video with some legislations scart connections!

Of then writing a description on in May, has had to return my recorder to Philips for reparation. Suddenly, it could not touch or register any disk and a message read 'Type of Unknown Disk'. With which 6 month of means useage an engine of the rotation of the disk has had SHABBY and could not be repaired, like this Philips has substituted a whole car with the new a. So only I know this reason has had the number of the different serial and I row Philips to ask that it had spent. Apparently, the disk would not owe that remain in a tray when any into use - something has not been conscious of - and this has caused probably an engine to fail. Like beware! So only appearance this new recorder hard longer that a prime minister a, likes the guarantee so only covers a year of a date of compraventa original!
5 / 5
Has received this DVDR like the substitution for the forward Philips model DVDR which had clashed after the pair of years with the known software glitch. It was a bit hesitant to treat Philips after this bad experience, especially to the equal that have had to pay approx £80 for a privilege, but does not have any remorse. A new DVDR of this quality would be cost much more and an old a has not been repairable. This uprated DVD is the faultless interpreter, is more user-friendly that his predecessor and can be changed to be region-free in the few easy movements (in any cost and without CDs or download of software). Soooooooooo Simple, would require to has been it moron any to be able of the do. Now I can look the films had expected the averages the lifetime to see reason are so only available for Region 1. I linked it to the freeview box also with his own recordable hard walk and think have a plus combo without selling my soul to Heaven+.
5 / 5
Very first of of the this is my prime minister never recorder DVD, as I have known was in still the curve to learn to read some instructions. I know a fundamentals of DVD authoring, but has had to read some instructions this in spite of. Felizmente Is the writings was like this well, DVD has registered is inside a first day of operation. And it has taken so only the pocola practical continuous in the DVD-RW the fully learn all one the majority of essential of operations.

A good:

- A register to touch. It has said of another way,, press a REC time of diverse key to take it to register for 30, 60, 90, 120 mins... And like this on, it likes opposed to continuous register (When you put to bed you, goes to do etc) which full on a whole DVD. A lot handy look which have not seen never in the VCR before.

- Add (and simple) system and papers of disk. A incumplimiento (and only) the paper of disk is the little bland and bored this in spite of.

- Comes with 1, 2, 4 and 6 now that ways of records. 2 it Is DVD QUALITY and 4 is VHS quality. Utilisation 4 paralización all I copy of videotape and a lot of television aims I records.

- Described to the equal that leaves titles in RW disks. Calm mean can trim a (unwanted) start or bit of finals of registers in these disks.

- Pode Attach registers. The- Records in an end of a title to exist more than record the new title. It can be done in both R and RW disks.

A bad:

- A recorder occasionally hangs. Often this spends when you are disk modifying and choose the picture of new indication. (A thumbnail pic aimed in a disk main paper)

- No described like this rewind/of before quickly while it modifies way. Modification the way has the habit of titles to break, add chapters etc. Ossia more disturb it that the question.

- 'Hiding Chapters' no with another PLAYER of DVD although a manual has said. The- Use a characteristic of chapter of the hide to 'hide' the ads have registered, with a intent does not look during playback. Unfortunately, still they do in another PLAYER of DVD, included although a manual has said otherwise.

- The creation of automatic chapter is dipped SO ONLY to 5 mins, more than being customisable. The- To 21 TV of minute the show would be better with 7 chapters of minute as it would line on closely withy commercial pauses.

- Says that the new recorder software can be downloaded invernadero a Philips put web, but at the same time of this writing of description, can no. Any one such new software exists still.


really loves this recorder in spite of a gilipollas listed here. A pros do to good sure outweight his because of quality more than quantity. A main flu has with this recorder is some functions of chapter. In RW the disks would OWE THAT be able to modify them to take announce more than just hiding them (which any one really laws in all the chance).

And would be good to be able to do that in R disks for virtues to do a escorded ads' to unretrievable space in a R disk of R the disks so only can be writings once in all the chance.

There also exists the need to be able to choose of system and papers of different disk more than a bland incumplimiento a, and be able to dip period of chapter more than solving for 5 minutes so only.
5 / 5
A product that loved it to leave me to register 2 different programs and look the third all a same time. Also I can program the to register while they are out of house and to register the series of programs as well as so only some. A third characteristic useful meeting is that I can take the program if any telephones or comes to a door and he then continuous look when an interruption is on without missing any of a program.
4 / 5
After trying DIVERSE DIFFERENT DVD Recorders has found them finally the one who am looking for them, touches each Divx film has tried them prefectly, has compatibility to write of dual disk ( DVD DVD+, quality of good picture that touches behind using has purchased DVD FILM and is very very easy to use, with fast register and formatting of disks his perfect, had linked that to the mine reciever and skybox any time and his idiot test to use, if it has them anything negative to mention his a far control, reason do phillips spends 100 of a time in a main hardware and any time in a remotes, work perfectly but looks horrible.
5 / 5
Has purchased two of these cars in some last 3 years - both am lasted so only until just after a warrenty expíra, and then a laser goes! Philips Has sent a upgrade disk, which has done so only a worse situation. His eservice of client' the solution now is that I take a car mended street his (£200+) or find the private engineer (£80+), but how is out of warrenty, there is at all more can do. I have read the little more the on-line descriptions, and many say that this car is fundamentally defective - I would adapt. It was quite bobo to believe a first car that the pauses down was so only bad regime, as it has purchased another, will not be taking the third!
4 / 5
Arrived to launch this piece of rubbish by means of a room - the simply does not do and not having never. Coast uploads and taken 10 seconds for a tray to eject a disk. Each key takes too long to do and then randomly to do and waste DVD with which DVD that come from hacerprpers work. Until launchings by means of a room. Complete rubbishes and a worse piece of hardware has has not possessed never. No SHABBY
4 / 5
I have not possessed this recorder DVD partorisca longitude still, but has had any question like this far and found the easy to use. That has has wanted to do is says that in whatlep description (s) the signals was that there is not any key of rewind / of first of fast. This is not strictly true - a sinister and right navigation keys in a function of far control likes rewind of before quickly / whilst the DVD is touching. I am not sure yes it mentions this in some instructions to the equal that have discovered accidentally. Hope These helps!
5 / 5
Has had Recorder DVD our partorisca roughly 5 month now and has to that say, his one the majority of the difficult piece of technology there is not founding NEVER. I owe that admit that they are usualy the bit of the technogeek when it comes the things like this, and have them has imagined is gone in 10 minutes, but this recorder/player me surrendered... And the abhor.. probley Reason his attack me. Still to this day can any taken has on connected as you want it. Followed some instructions down to the T, facts exactley that says with some correct bosses.. This in spite of fails to register with my box of boss.

Has arrived to be fiddling roughly with him this afternoon, and directed for the take to register spongebob squarepants of all the things.. It will not leave me the game has retreated now this in spite of!!

With him connected like a intructions aimed, his fact a quality of picture of my TV of boss slightly misty and in a paper of player of the DVD and when touching the dvd, theres very heavy ghosting that goes in.. This annoying a hell out of me.

Enjoys on estimated, difficult to comprise technology, if no.. I recommend LG, Sony ect.
4 / 5
There is now ditched my second Phillips Recorder DVD shortly after a Guarantee there is expired. A prime minister cost £[...] And lasted for 13 month. A second was £[...] And lasted for the alike period. Has the big house (4000 sq ft) and there is oodles of electronic crew. They are extremely careful with my train and there is has not had never a slightest annoy with another mark. It would owe that mention that an only TV has has not had never annoy with era, calms the the he has guessed, done for Phillips (and at present have 11 TVs into use marries)! I have it quell'has substituted now my faulty Phillips Recorder DVD with the Sony and would call any the one who is considering a compraventa of the Phillips to think attentively -- is easier that use that other frames and yes a picture is well, but the experience taught that a quality of build is the question . If it buy one considers a long guarantee. A much more of regime with any takings. Caveat emptor!

Top Customer Reviews: Philips DVD 755VR ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 3 ratings
4 / 5
Of the Gerät läuft technisch einwandfrei. Jedoch kann ich zur Zeit keine DVD / of video auf meinem Fernseher abspielen, weil dieser gives Signal nicht empfängt. Ich benötige wohl noch einen Conversor / HD/Wandler.
Is wäre besser gewesen, wenn mich Signs of date auch darauf hingewiesen hätte oder has given direkt mitliefert.
5 / 5
Videorecorder passte nicht Has dipped meinen anderen Geräten zusammen, außerdem fehlte Given Fernbedienung. Habe Dan Recorder are wieder zurückgesandt und warte seitdem auf meine Erstattung von 232,95 €. It gives Preis ist für has given 'Altgerät' ziemlich überteuert.
4 / 5
Because it Is of Mark of the TV to the plasma already in my possession
He vendor there is had the cure has given to send me contextualmente the adattatore for the my Italian prey.
Thank you.

Top Customer Reviews: Philips DVDR70 DVD ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 3 ratings
4 / 5
It gives erste Eindruck wahr ein hochwertiges Gerät gekauft zu haben Gives später bei gives ersten Aufnahmen auch überzeugte und keine Probleme verursacht. Die Bedienung ist leicht und quotes Aufnahmen wie erwartet in guter Qualität.
Doch leider The hat gives erste Eindruck nicht lange gehalten gives schon bald (1-2 Monaten) gelang keine Aufnahme mehr. It dies liegt jedoch nicht wie einige Vorredner vermuteten and give verwendeten Rohlingen sondern a dem Gerät selbst. It gives sehr lobenswert War eigentlich gives gives the Recorder place gives verschiedensten Rohlingen kaum Probleme hatte bis quotes ersten Probleme auftauchten gives nach ca. 20Data of min. Aufnahme wegen DiscError abgebrochen wird.
Insgesammt ein sehr gutes Gerät für einen sehr guten Preis jedoch technisch noch ganz und gar nicht ausgereift.
Jetzt warte ich noch darauf Gives gives Recorder repariert zurückkommt und dann hoffentlich keine Probleme mehr auftauchen.
Würde Is funktionieren hätte gives Gerät aber 5 Sterne verdient!
5 / 5
Zunächst Gives folgende Hinweis: Ich Cube ein Technikfreak, immer wieder auf dem neuesten heart of Stand und finde DVD ein ganz feines Half, gerade wegen gives tollen und dauerhaften Bild- und Tonqualität.
Aus diesem Grund hab ich mir vor etwa einem halben Jahr Has given DVD-Rekorder von Philips gekauft und begonnen, meine umfangreiche VHS-Videosammlung auf DVD aufzunehmen.
Given Qualität gives Aufnahmen ist auf jeden gut of Fall. Viel besser als jeder VHS-Rekorder Gives kann, sogar in giving schächsten 6h-Aufnahme ist gives Bild und v.un. It gives Tonne besser als bei Longplay are Videorekorder (VHS)
Die Bedienung ist auch nicht schlecht, wenn man einmal weiß, wo was gemacht wird, kommt man stets schnell zurecht. Auch Die Möglichkeit, ein Indexbild pro Film zu hinterlegen und gives Vorzug, dass gives Rekorder bei einer vom TV aufgenommenen Sendung gives Titel dazuschreibt (auch wenn man manuell einschaltet!)
Aber Given DVD-Technik ist leider noch lange nicht ausgereift, zumindest nicht bei diesem Gerät:
Mängel, die ich bei etwa inzwischen etwa 200 h Aufnahmedauer festgestellt habe:
1.) Bei Give Aufnahme passiert Is gelegentlich, dass sich gives Rekorder aufhängt (to the Exposures dunkel, keine Reaktion mehr auf Tastendruck oder Fernbedienung) - man muss gives Gerät aus gives Steckdose austecken, dann geht wieder. Jedoch ist dann IMMER Gives Rohling Schrott. To the Aufnahmen, Die schon drauf sind, sind für immer verloren. It dies passiert bei etwa 30 give DVD+R Rohlinge und 10 give DVD+RW - Meine verwendeten Rohlinge sind entweder von Sony oder Verbatim gewesen, DVD quotes+RW auch von Verbatim - also recht teure Rohlinge. Die zerstörten Rohlinge kann man dann wegwerfen (auch gives DVD+RW - keine Regime mehr). It dies ist besonders ärgerlich, wenn man vom TV etwas aufgenommen hat. Und wenn Quotes erste Sendung noch Platz auf gives DVD ließ, traue ich mich kaum noch, eine zweite anzuhängen, denn wenn has given 'abstürzt', ist alles weg.
2.) It is kam schon vor, dass sich gives Rekorder wie bei Pkt. 1 aufgehängt Hat, aber während er nach Abschluss einer Aufnahme gives Menü aktualisiert hat.
3.) Given Aufnahmen machen fast immer Probleme, wenn DVD of data auf einem PC kopiert werden sollen. DVD+R lassen sich ganz schwer kopieren, aber auch DVD+RW. Die Kopie ist aber identisch has dipped dem Original, to the Dateien sind gives, DVD of data sind gleich gross. Ich habe Is schon auf verschiedenen PC probiert - überall gives selbe. They are meisten Probleme gibt is wohl, wenn mehrere Sitzungen auf einer DVD sind. Etwa 10 Rohlinge habe ich dadurch schon Gives Sand gesetzt.
5 / 5
Gives ich nicht weiter meine alten VHS Cassetten mühselig auf dem PC überspielen wollte, entschied ich mich, einen Recorder DVD zu
erwerben. Ich wählte Gives Recorder DVD DVDR 70 von Philips, weil
ich in verschiedenen Informationsquellen fast nur positive gehört und gelesen hatte.
Gives Gerät ist sehr Gut verarbeitet und reichlich Zubehör wie Scartkabel, Antennenkabel sind auch has dipped dabei.
Quotes Anleitung ist sehr ausführlich, as of the auch nicht like technisch Begabte damit zurechtkommen.
Nun War ich gespannt auf quotes Aufnahmequalität give Gerätes.
Is Hat sechs verschiedene Aufnahmemodi, angefangen von M1
gives entspricht einer Sehr guten Aufnahmequalität von 1 Stunde.
Nur können Quotes wenigsten damit etwas anfangen. Zur Probe machte ich eine M2 (Aufnahme= 2Stunden) Aufnahme von Premiere. Ich War sehr überrascht wie hervorragend has given Aufnahme gelang, konnte keinen Unterschied zu einer normalen DVD Aufnahme feststellen.
Mich interresierte aber vor allem Quotes Aufnahmequalität meiner
überspielten, alten VHS Cassetten. Im Modus M4 (= 4 Stunden Aufnahme) ist Die Qualität gives Aufnahme sehr gut, einen Unterschied zu gives VHS Aufnahmen war nicht feststellbar.
Fazit: Für Leute, Die ihre Vhs cassetten überspielen wollen aber auch für to the anderen, kann ich has given Gerät nur wärmstens empfehlen. 5 Sterne!!!!!!

Top Customer Reviews: Philips DVDR880 DVD ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 25 ratings
4 / 5
Finally taken one submerges, after held of while to the format of disk Regulates partorisca surface, and has to that say that I am extremely happy with one 880. He all looked for it partorisca do - convert all my VHS to DVD, backup my house digital video (although certainly only street S Video, any one the-Links - could not justify of the extra money partorisca one 890 so only partorisca that) and indication all my video of music. Playback The quality clearly depends in a material original - while yours very while any miracle, calm will not be disappointed.
Takes a far is the litle fiddly partorisca exit, with the plot of functions in the few keys, but after touching around with him partorisca the day, early results 2nd character.
All of a DVD+R and DVD+RW disks that has bought has done without the question, although I have not had the occasion partorisca try them on another DVD PLAYER.
In general, then, very pleased with quell'have for my money.
5 / 5
Philips Has chosen any partorisca go down a street of slender line with this recorder how is quite one that imposes has bitten of boxes but to the equal that has the stylish ilver' expensive his do not owe that concern roughly looking it out of place. Philips Has adopted a +R/+RW formed and to the equal that allege to touch behind on 80 of some players of CURRENT DVD and DVD-ROM the pipe would not owe that create any subjects of compatibilities. Practice have not experienced any questions in touching these.
Sleeve-up is reasonably sincere in spite of a manual any when being a lot particularly logical in his creation.
Can register in an of 5 levels of qualities but like each like this a compresses a data more notes the drop in quality in some settings some low plus. A HQ (60min) the level gives quality like this emission playback, with only a elepé (180min) and EP (240min) levels to start with to aim a drop was.
Registered to you once can spend out of diverse modification. Some of these is dependant in some disks have used, he so that has some restrictions for a +R, as these can not be overwritten. One the majority of gain when being able to insert frames of Chapter like the sections among these can be hid so that I touch behind skips on him. Using this calm ease leave to effectively modify out of some advertisings.
Modifying is spent was street one on-screen overlay the paper that use of the far. Ossia More probably a course a feebler of one 880. A overlay the paper can do it difficult seeing a picture down and ossia worse fact when you hide the chapter to the equal that darkens a picture more. A far is not that the friendly user to modify so that the majority of some functions are spent has gone by so only the few tones and these have the different actions that depend if a picture is prendido or touching. He so that has spatial in a far I really feels Philips could have included has consecrated to modify tones partorisca east. In spite of of the one of the east a real modifying works to separate well with attentive insertion of chapters etc.
Like an entrance the recordable DVD a Philips there is little in a way of competition. The quality of picture is glorious (especially has seen RGB) in some settings some big plus and with a prize that the falls weekly is more and more that the subject.
4 / 5
Has bought this I so that has the Telewest box of Digital Boss and have the habit of pictures of glorious quality - the tape of video is resulted one nettling and there is prendido to register. A player is easy to install and the difference of the recorder recent video has bought has chosen some by force big signals to dip up and has been ready to go in 3 minutes.
Has connected a Digibox scart the scart and in regular setting ( 2 hours) some pictures are bought LEVEL DVD - ie glorious. Has the timer that leaves simple and different programming a lot of video is a RGB unit to start with that the averages that yes use a RGB Scart box of connector your main TV scart ( any all scart sockets in a backside of your TV is RGB - usually so only one and does the enormous dufference) takes the fabulous picture. I have used ONLY DVD+RW like this far and some results are stunning. Of my experience this if that goes to be a format of election, of the '+' the disks are more easily available - gone for him!
4 / 5
Reading by means of some other descriptions here, the desire had done before I have bought mine 880. They are now in mine FOURTH CAR. I made a mistake of NOT buying of Amazon as it has not been able to take the repayment. All can do is gone back a car for software upgrade/ reparation of substitution/of the car... Knowing it will act bad still again in 3 month.
My questions comprise errors of disk, not reading pre-has has registered disks, disks that waste to fix-arrive so it is permanently fraction, and more...
Is fantastic when calm in the first place the take. A novelty of big quality, record of easy access DVD - how is fantastic when it operates - is punctual eclipsed for some intrinsic questions of this car.
I seats have deceived to buy the technology that the no still ready for an audience. Philips Was a lot of unhelpful when I contacted him, informing me behind to a retailer... They are in an endless cycle to return the tent for reparation, use for three month, then behind the tent... Ruining bookmarks/marcadors of expensive disks in a way.
Looking! Reason I any one listens ??
Please no a same deception as me and look in of the models of different/frames.
4 / 5
Has had my recorder DVD now for almost 12 month and in that then would say that I have had roughly 6 weeks without questions!
A main question, as it has described on of another reviewer, is an inability of cars to read prerecorded Dvdes. Everything begins was a lot of but after the week or like this wham an any error of explosions of disk on with which have inserted the dvd. So much transmission was and behind on then hey work. The calm next time has to it the turn was and on two times - takings a picture -this continues in and on until takes to read any disk. So that it took it it has shipped it backed the Philips for reparation and some starts of cycle throughout again.
Ossia A product would avert entirely.
Anne Robinson will be you listens of me.
4 / 5
Philips Has chosen any to go down a street of slender line with this recorder how is quite one that imposes has bitten of boxes but to the equal that has the stylish &8216;money&8217; expensive his calm gentleman&8217;t has to that concern roughly looking it out of place. Philips Has adopted a +R/+RW formed and to the equal that allege to touch behind on 80 of some players of CURRENT DVD and DVD-ROM the pipe would not owe that create any subjects of compatibilities. Practice have not experienced any questions in touching these.
Conjoint-up is reasonably sincere in spite of a manual any when being a lot particularly logical in his creation.
Can register in an of 5 levels of qualities but like each like this a compresses a data more notes the drop in quality in some settings some low plus. A HQ (60min) the level gives quality like this broadcast playback, with only a elepé (180min) and EP (240min) levels to start with to aim a drop was.
Registered to you once can spend out of diverse modification. Some of these is dependant in some disks have used, he so that has some restrictions for a +R, as these can not be overwritten. One the majority of gain when being able to insert frames of Chapter like the sections among these can be hid so that I touch for behind skips on him. Using this calm ease leave to effectively modify out of some advertisings.
Modifying is spent was street one on-screen overlay the paper that use of the far. Ossia More probably a course a feebler of one 880. A overlay the paper can do it difficult seeing a picture down and ossia worse fact when you hide the chapter to the equal that darkens a picture more. A far is not that the friendly user to modify so that the majority of some functions are spent has gone by so only the few tones and these have the different actions that depend if a picture is prendido or touching. He so that has spatial in a far I really feels Philips could have included has consecrated to modify tones partorisca east. In spite of of the one of the east a real modifying works to separate well with attentive insertion of chapters etc.
Like an entrance the recordable DVD a Philips there is little in a way of competition. The quality of picture is glorious (especially has seen RGB) in some settings some big plus and with a prize that fallen weekly he&8217;s more and more that the subject.
4 / 5
Has bought one has mentioned in recorder DVD some 18 months does has treated in that then faultlessly,until the few weeks does has refused touch dvd video. I have contacted Philips centre of cure of the client in Kingston the Támesis, the one who with which the little preliminaries,how was period of external guarantees ,there is agreed to to collect a device of my house, repairs it, and turn he in any mine cost that like this never.
Done like this very Philips, is now behind home doing perfectly.
If so only all the companies were so that it concerns like this Philips.
John Taylor.
5 / 5
There was has wanted the recorder DVD to substitute video in fact a lot of years. To the Tape liked never any audio or of video. A prize of these cars fallen and has taken one submerges. First tentativas has promoted. An ease of use and then quality to register of the TV was better. I have not had any question with DVD recordable means comunicacionales with which have had deciphered a fact that ONLY DVD+R would touch behind in mine another car! It has not had Never any questions with obtaining DVD+R spaces of sources of internets. I have tried several types and everything do. Some cost more and can be the better quality and facilitated of law of game along better. This in spite of prizes of these has fallen and continuous do like this. Usually it uses normal SP for better results like this often the precise material touch registered in my normal player in another room so much, SP using +R has seen that. Has each ease I never had in the tape of recorder good video without a hassle of a tape. A car is simple and basic to use. I find these helps because compatability with other cars is better has maintained. The results are good and is easy to register of another macines to a 880. Never use a recorder video now as it is not required. It can help having the playback schemes which can use DVD+RW is so that anything that love permanently the tent can be registered was that to DVD+R using a 880. Material for the normal use is an excellent car and a record programming is like this as well as any video of the recorder main quality. Probably it uses one same very electronic tried and tried in all the chance. It likes-me a fact that the number of titles can be registered individually and then touched behind like this required with ease. No more ploughing by means of the tape to find that it loves or that looks for to guess the chapter something begins in in a player of DVD. Well it remarks that it wish use this ease of title in another mark of compraventa of car sure one which that can access like any all beat of the oldest models. My car there has been the plot of the use and I would buy another if a need is arisen. Some keys are easy to use and a creation and chance of metal of the very robust diagrams. An only ease that loses is exited for 5.1 amplifiers but, does not import never can not have everything in the prize of has beaten of estimativa!
5 / 5
I street a day I 'punctual-adopted' and has bought this monstrosity for the considerable sum, aiming is gone in the work with programs has registered on DVD. Initially, it has been it adds: very characteristic, happy likes larry, used it roughly like this still likes first reviewer: camcording scrolling and little show of television regulars. Qulaity Adds.
Two years in me am seated here looking in 'Any Disk' message of error and the battery of Xmas Dvd that new likes the day is born and unable to be touched.
In the first place, some program mysteriously has not registered, then DVD for hire is equally choppy/blocky afterwards in an hour to film, and now does not recognise more disks, in spite of all a troubleshooting etc.
Philips, would have to be embarrassed.
5 / 5
There is all some same complaints like this on descriptions. With which nine months has required upgrading, which Philips has done. Now it will not touch any new emission DVD and Philips service of the client there has been a nerve to suggest I upgrade to a next generation of car.
In 420 books two years expects more.
Clashes repeatedly and is one the majority of unreliable the piece of cars has has not possessed never. This comprises my ZX81 with one covers-in 16K band of RAM.
Will not buy never the Philips produced again.
5 / 5
Still after reading has has had questions, has bought one 890 of the retail callejero big. It has done I add partorisca the few weeks, then the odd small things have begun partorisca spend... Then after another week or he so that at all it is spent at all. It has been sent behind the Philips partorisca reparation. Roughly 6 weeks more took it late behind.... It has done well partorisca the few weeks has clashed then again... Behind the Philips. When I took It behind afterwards the little more the weeks has clashed immediately (error of disk.... Any @@subject that use of disk, although they are some has used when it was a lot of).... It took it behind to a retailer, the one who has known as it craps was (the abundance has had other returns), and refunded me.
Thinks +r/rw is a better format (especially partorisca the compatibility augmented).
5 / 5
Has had to that substitute the vcr recently and after reading several descriptions have decided in a Philips.
Connecting he until my system of the cinema of the house was sincere, some connections resembled a vcr has substituted.
Used it initially partorisca back on the programs have registered on Heaven+, comprising a lot of programs of music. I have used a incumplimiento SP way (2 hours) and was very impressed with some results. Some registers look better when touched behind in mine another dvd player, which touches dvd+rw in all the ways of register without any questions.
Has registered of direct of Sky and also signals of regular equivalent and again has a lot of state pleased with some results, included in EP (4 hours). Usually it uses SP or elepé.
Has to that wish to touch DVD+RW disks in some old more dvdes the player then recommends to use Maxell. With these can register you (using SP only) and transmission some pocolos settings to touch in an older car (I has the Toshiba 2109 - 2nd Player of generation).
To do is, opens a drawer, besiege a disk registered in a drawer, press and key of control '2' in some far until a drawer in bylines. This changes some pocolos settings and leaves a DVD+RW disk to touch on more diagram (if '2' doesnt the work tries '3'). He doesnt this in spite of does with TDK disks, has not tried a lot another.
Downsides : Some keys are quell'has bitten fiddly, with some fines-the fast purpose foward/rewind or skip the chapters but you take used to them.
In general can recommend a Philips 880, would not go back never to use vhs tape. When being able to touch DVD+RW in other cars is the profit adds like this DVD+R is writes once like looks the way quite type to register unless you want to maintain something for ever of course.
4 / 5
Anything does not buy one of these cars. So only it accepts it if he isfree. Acutally, any one annoying although it is - and am not joking. I boughtone of these and is lasted 9 months before some places of usual questions in. Thatis, Basically, there is prendido to do with continual any errors of disk any matterwhether a disk was the commercial film or the disk of spatial. Absolute rubbishes! I have insisted a transmission of tent he for the Sony after Philips estoyacabado' he and itcame behind with the PCB floating around inner he. I will not buy NEVER anotherPhilips produced while alive. His products are utter dross! Oh,And his after the sales 'cured' is inclusas worse. Basically when I have informed allthe questions more or said less was lying! Stunning! The wouldhave quotes these 0 stars but some go down can attribute is 1 star .
4 / 5
Does not fall to a cheat has done.

Looked at all these revises on here and other places and has thought in me

'is probably at all - the will not spend mine'.

Maintaining I desire did not buy it never. It fails to recognise disks that is already state registered to, he ALWAYS SAID 'LOOK of DISK' when I try to register, and registering jumps during a place. Also very problematic when that tries to touch tend-has bought Dvd.

Calms the favour and give this a the width berth.

Resupplies at all but frustration, hassle and disappointment.
4 / 5
Has been now using a DVDR880 for six weeks and has pleased and frustrated in equal measure. A quality of some registers is, to good sure, glorious. This in spite of, is also one the majority of unreliable and frustrating piece of AV box that has not possessed never (is included scalier that my old Windows M PC).
For me one the majority of the critical question with this car is that apparantly achieved and register it 'permanent' is lost in a alarmingly basic rule. Basically, calm can not be sure that the DVD+R register of the program of television soyaintain' unless ALL I subsequent REGISTERS in a disk still is achieved and a disk that arrived the process is achieved also. Casualidad That both these things will spend is roughly 90. In the few occasions have registered to the DVD+R disk and has touched then a register in a DVDR880 without questions. I have it quell'has then added another program to a same DVD+R disk, but a register has failed and corrupted a whole disk that comprises a prime minister uccessful' register. An useless disk is now a lot so only to be the coaster. Another time, has finalised a disk and in this point an error ignored has arrived that resulted in a disk that is corrupted and all the registers that is inaccessible facts. If you are by train to ask you because precise arrival DVD+R disks, if calm gentleman&8217;t then can not be touched in of the players of DVD REGULATE. More scarce, but still the fortnightly occurrence, the failures arrive when a car is updating an indication of picture, which corrupted can do a bit or everything of some registers in a disk unplayable.
Although these errors affect so only roughly 10 of my registers, ossia way too big for the product of consumer. To take around this I simultaneously registers all to the mine TiVo also, which can use like the backside until record of. For people without the hard-the disk has based recorder to fall behind on will require to cross your toes whilst any register is fact to the DVD+R. Alternatively, it sticks to DVD+RWs which do not look to suffer so many questions, but is cost two to three times so many like this DVD+Rs.
Consistently can not recommend a DVDR880 to do registers of archive of entity to DVD+Rs how is simply too unreliable. The mine dies each few days when it is doing he absolutely at all (requiring can he-disconnect), is fussy without-philips disks, often flashes coded messages of the error and the transmissions was when that tries to register, and waste to eject disks in the daily base (requiring can he-disconnect). It is obvious that a firmware in this car is software quite then the hardware based - in better that can be described like scaly and slightly sluggish. In worse, Philips does not have to that it never has left approaches an audience.
When it Operates is user -friendly and the produced stuns registers. If it was more than confidence the easily would take five stars.
4 / 5
Has bought this and never used it felizmente,his summer in the cupboard for 11 years :-)
5 / 5
...The DVD R880 turn and dies.
History resembled another reviewers, am fearful to say. After a period of honeymoon to aim of a new piece of gadgetry to some friends/familiarised/any that spends a house, now tries to hide a low thing a VHS recorder!
The quality was reasonable register directly of the Freeview box, but does not add , and this is to go downhill of then; A first disk is lasted roughly 6 month, but subsequent (Philips) the disks have failed with which roughly 3-5 months; 'DISK-ERR' the messages are now clichés, included when a unit looks for having registered something felizmente; and a measure of a unit is titanic for today of levels. Avert this model, and avert DVD+R/DVD+RW in general.
Verdict: it disappoints it
4 / 5
has been wanted with a car for some premiers 9 months BUT then has not given any end of question. It would not register , flagging 'errors of disk' - and my calls to Philips for the assistance has resupplied to fix '' in a estaca that was ineffective. To the amazon regulated a price to purchase to good sure and, with which has installed Heaven+, will take the new recorder of them.
5 / 5
Well has separated with mine £400 not knowing which to expect but has to that admit that it was very happy with some results have taken prevail tentativas. Some instructions are not too hard to comprise and has registered withing 10 mins still unpack, a quality of a register of TV of boss was before class uploads better that has expected, More than the video was the characteristic of prize and was like this easy as never to use, also very impressed for a way he skips advertising.
An only question has are am unable to find any dvd+r the disk is a car accepts, has tried 2 frames but without regime, both were 2 disk of the speed is like this this perhaps an answered, are of to try to find aome one accelerates the disk is now and hope for the sucess.
5 / 5
Has had this recorder/player for approx 3 weeks now and is the step to a future.
Very easy to use and a quality of register is a better has seen them. Much easier to use that tapes, any rewinding and can dip your own chapters and choose a picture to show them.
Has been collecting dvd is for the pair of years now ... It has to that admit has been them concerned that a quality of picture could suffer but my worries were unfounded, a quality of picture is before class .
Has copied now all mine vhs tapes to disk and has taken rid of mine vhs player.
Too many Functions to list in this commentary but everything easy to use.
Highly recommended.
5 / 5
I have bought mine he roughly done 4 weeks and are extremely with a product knows will take even better in a future, but has required a now and think that is the very compraventa . I have not had any question with a car, has read once a book thoroughly he all result easy peasy. Some goodnesses in the video is immense and RW the disks are not excessively priced in £ the books have bought in an internet. No more crappy tapes and an image of some looks of program when you have read a disk more a capacity to appoint the program and delete advertising ( magic). A RW the disks touch on on 90 of players of MODERN DVD so that it would not owe that be the register of question partorisca the fellow neither. Well a Philips!
5 / 5
This dvd the player has done well partorisca 6 month. Then some errors of the questions of disk headed, has failed registers, will not touch pre-has registered Dvd. It has discovered that this was the common question in this model. Philips Need to try harder!
4 / 5
Like other users, has had mine partorisca 6 month, and has begun now partorisca receive all the classes of the questions that writes disks, reading pre-has registered the disks etc. will be partorisca research a phase further before purchsing again.
5 / 5
Has been presented with an on produced and has been aimed he
doing, unfortuneately has lost some instructions and am them unable of the place on properly,if any of your members can help would be them very thankful.
Yours sincerely,
4 / 5
Ossia The type of car that has be while to any quality of picture of the far better tape that any vcr the cars of tape can any never registers also when it touch behind which have registered a lot require you to wind a tape how is so only one same like the cd but with pictures as well as his he a video has a writing in a wall so that it is partorisca say a way foreward copy all your camera of tapes of video partorisca always and also for philips the one who has invented a thing of dam and a cd player in the prize the economic plus now also!