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1 first Philips HTS5562/12 Immersive Sound Home Theater with 3D Angled Speakers Philips HTS5562/12 Immersive Sound Home Theater with 3D Angled Speakers Philips
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2 Philips STS9502/00 Zenit Cinema Speaker Floor Stand Philips STS9502/00 Zenit Cinema Speaker Floor Stand Philips
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3 best Philips Accessories Speaker Wire, 50 ft. (15.2m) Cable, Clear Coat, Ideal for Home Theater, Home Speaker, Car Speaker, Stereo, Audio/Video, SWA9258B/27 Philips Accessories Speaker Wire, 50 ft. (15.2m) Cable, Clear Coat, Ideal for Home Theater, Home Speaker, Car Speaker, Stereo, Audio/Video, SWA9258B/27 Philips Accessories
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4 Philips W6205/10 Wireless Home Speaker Multi-room Audio (Wi-Fi, 40 W, DTS Play-Fi Compatible, Connects with Voice Assistants, Built-in LED, Ambilight, Stereo Sound, Spotify Connect) - 2020/2021 Model Philips W6205/10 Wireless Home Speaker Multi-room Audio (Wi-Fi, 40 W, DTS Play-Fi Compatible, Connects with Voice Assistants, Built-in LED, Ambilight, Stereo Sound, Spotify Connect) - 2020/2021 Model Philips Audio
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5 Soundbar for TV, 33 inch Sound Bar with Subwoofer, Bluetooth 5.0, Deep Bass, 6 EQ Modes, LED OFF, Wireless Surround Sound Speaker for 4K & HD TV, Home Cinema, Optical Cable included Soundbar for TV, 33 inch Sound Bar with Subwoofer, Bluetooth 5.0, Deep Bass, 6 EQ Modes, LED OFF, Wireless Surround Sound Speaker for 4K & HD TV, Home Cinema, Optical Cable included XZJX Direct
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6 Denon DHT-S316 Soundbar with Subwoofer, Bluetooth Sound Bar for Surround Sound System, Dolby Digital, DTS Decoding, Dialogue Enhancer, HDMI ARC, Wall Mountable, Music Streaming, Including HDMI Cable Denon DHT-S316 Soundbar with Subwoofer, Bluetooth Sound Bar for Surround Sound System, Dolby Digital, DTS Decoding, Dialogue Enhancer, HDMI ARC, Wall Mountable, Music Streaming, Including HDMI Cable Denon
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7 SONOS ARC Black SONOS ARC Black Sonos
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8 Creative Stage V2 2.1 Soundbar with Subwoofer, Clear Dialog and Surround by Sound Blaster, Bluetooth 5.0, TV ARC, Optical, and USB Audio, Wall Mountable, Adjustable Bass and Treble, for TV Creative Stage V2 2.1 Soundbar with Subwoofer, Clear Dialog and Surround by Sound Blaster, Bluetooth 5.0, TV ARC, Optical, and USB Audio, Wall Mountable, Adjustable Bass and Treble, for TV CREATIVE
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9 Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer,SAKOBS 120W Sound Bar for TV with Bluetooth 5.0,2.1 Channel TV Speakers Surround Sound System,Wireless Subwoofer,Works with 4K & HD TVs,Includes AUX & Optical Cables Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer,SAKOBS 120W Sound Bar for TV with Bluetooth 5.0,2.1 Channel TV Speakers Surround Sound System,Wireless Subwoofer,Works with 4K & HD TVs,Includes AUX & Optical Cables SAKOBS
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10 Bose Smart Soundbar 900 Dolby Atmos with Alexa voice assistant in Black Bose Smart Soundbar 900 Dolby Atmos with Alexa voice assistant in Black Bose
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Top Customer Reviews: Philips HTS5562/12 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 2 ratings
4 / 5
This system is good and easy value partorisca install you can also sync voice the TV or dvd something my last system has not offered
5 / 5
These products of taken 5 stars how is good value partorisca the money this in spite of there is some questions with him, essentially one now application of television is terrible, has a more limited number of applications and is like this fiddly partorisca use drive you crazy like calm so only give up and does not use it again.

I fixed hope this in an update early then will improve
quality of Outrage concealed of his of @@subject of the entity is well, the player of blue ray is easy to use and some another characteristic law a lot of

Top Customer Reviews: Philips ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 3 ratings
4 / 5
It is handelt sich a Ständer für Surround-Lautsprecher gives @the @Zenith Conjoint CSS5530B/12 von Philips. Obi sie Has dipped anderen Lautsprechern montiert werden können, weiß ich nicht.
Die Ständer kommen solid verpackt und müssen montiert werden:
Gives Lautsprecherkabel wird durch eine Öffnung are Fuss eingeführt, gives Kabel in einer Aussparung give Stab versteckt, bevor gives Fuss montiert wird - Schrauben werden mitgeliefert. Zu guter Letzt wird Gives Lautsprecher oben auf Gives Träger geschraubt - fertig.

Mein Eindruck:
+ wertig und Elegant
+ standfest und solid
- given Ständer sind leider nicht höhenverstellbar, aber gives wird auch nicht versprochen.

Fazit: Eine gute Lösung, wenn the data of man Surrounds-Speaker nicht one gives Wand befestigen möchte.
5 / 5
Als erstes: Die Ständer erfüllen Ihren Zweck wie versprochen. Hätte ich nur einen Ständer bestellt, hätte ich wahrscheinlich auch keinen Grund mich zu beschweren.
- einer Gives zwei Ständer wies Dellen im Metall auf, siehe Photo als Beispiel. Mehrere von Has given Dellen waren über gives Fußpunkt give Ständers verteilt.
- im Lieferumfang befanden sich anstatt Gives acht Schrauben zur Befestigung Gives Ständers Are Standfuß nur sieben Schrauben. Man kann nicht davon ausgehen, dass jeder noch eine passende M4 10mm Schraube zuhause rumliegen hat...

Ich tippe beim zweiten Ständer auf eine Montagsproduktion, Gives gives erste völlig COAST war.

Allerdings Cube ich give Meinung, dass man für has given Preis ein makelloses Produkt erhalten sollte.
5 / 5
These feet are In accordance with him it draw gives enclosures : they are sobrios and breathe the quality.
Extracted of the accessory partorisca cause that he lacking partorisca use with giving enclosures Philips @@@Zenith.
Uses him touches to like correctly his delay of enclosures.
Lucido The setting is Simple and effective, and lucido the result is very beautiful.

Two Reproaches at any rate :
- lucido the prize has abused (33 % of the prize of the box 5.1 complete !)
- This The very hard summer partorisca find a place where buys him ...

Mentions special to the SAV Philips/Gibson to that has has continued the reference of these feet (that was introuvables to this moment there) and that one has answered : 'a lot it has taken it that wish his feet touches his enclosures of yours Manacles Cinema Philips CSS5530B/12, this in spite of there is not founding any reference in mine database.it would have has wanted to give Joins answered More satisfactory, but expect that effecting joins small investigation the internet of the sud goes partorisca find the piece wished'. Bravo, very professional !

Top Customer Reviews: Philips Accessories ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 8 ratings
4 / 5
Perfecto has surround it system. Mina 4speakers of ohm have preferred the 14 gauge bosses so that has less control, but changed him partorisca 8speakers of ohm have ordered like this this 18 aws the boss and was an a lot of estimate, Although 50 feet is the plot ... And have the plot has left as it thinks two times when ordering. It is really COPPER FOR TRUE.
4 / 5
Uses this partorisca wire small chandeliers and a system of audio in my tent.
4 / 5
A boss is well for him. Very basic. Good value partorisca of the money. So only know that ossia more like 20 gauge that one 18 gauge this is to announce. No the big shot partorisca short to good sure could be a subject partorisca the longest careers.
5 / 5
Are the ham the radio operator and this boss of speaker is also very partorisca do portable antennas, the dipoles and the end feed antennas of boss.
73 n7ppf
4 / 5
has bought this boss of speaker partorisca install in mine new Bose 301 speakers. The value adds partorisca of the money and my new speakers touch utmost with a new boss :-)
4 / 5
has had any question with these bosses at all. His add.
5 / 5
Far speakers, down coverage, hardly the commentaries is there.
4 / 5
The boss of speaker regulates with really easy to see + and - games of boss.

Top Customer Reviews: Philips W6205/10 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 4 ratings
4 / 5
Die Lautsprecher (zwei) kamen früher als erwartet. Leider scheinen sie nicht wie beschrieben zu funktionieren. Auf Gives Oberseite befindet sich eine Likes (Lampensymbol), place dem dies Ways Read gewechselt werden können. Gleichzeitig kann Has given Flavour benutzt werden, a data LEDs gives Lautsprechers place dem Philips Ambilight TV zu pairen. It has given Flavour funktioniert leider gar nicht wie beschrieben. Weder für Gives Eine noch gives Andere. Auf keinem Gives beiden Lautsprecher. It is gibt nirgendwo Hinweise, wie gives zu beheben ist. Die Einrichtung gives Lautsprecher wurde penibel befolgt. Außerdem verlieren Quotes Boxen regelmäßig ihre WLAN-Verbindung. Beim Einschalten Gives TVs müssen sie immer neu verbunden werden.
5 / 5
Beide Lautsprecher verlieren leider immer wieder Given Verbindung zoom Fernseher. Like this macht give leider keinen Sinn. Vielleicht noch nicht ausgereift?

Update: habe beide Lautsprecher jetzt zurück geschickt. It gives Lean von Philips ist unterirdisch, keine Unterstützung, nur Standardantworten! Die Lautsprecher verlieren ständig die Verbindung, keine Lust, immer wieder manuell zu verbinden. Und dann kann Man auch gives Klang nicht einstellen. Fazit: für 400,00 Eurocopa eine ganz schwache Leistung!
4 / 5
Kann keine Verbindung als Surrounds einstellen obwohl is dipped meinem PHILIPS 65 SMELL 934/12 SMELL TV gehen sollte!!!!
Als Stereo funktioniert Is aber auch gives öfter place Verbindungs Abbrüche!!! It fixes noch nicht ausgereift!!!
5 / 5
Philips TWA6505/10 gives Streaming Lautsprecher ist sehr gut verarbeitet und für Gives Summit schön anzusehen. Ausgepackt und angeschlossen. WLAN Verbindung aktiviert, Tonne Fehlanzeige. Bluetooth aktiviert, Tonne grummelig von klaren Höhen keine Spur. TV Verbindung klappt überhaupt nicht. Of the einzige Was gut funktioniert ist gives ambilight. Und Gives give ganze für 300.ºuros? lasst Toe of data davon und kauft euch lieber aktivboxen has dipped Bluetooth und HDMI Anschluss.

Top Customer Reviews: Soundbar for TV, 33 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 2 ratings
4 / 5
It has been disappointed enough with a quality of sound has compared to a £80 Sony sweeps of the his this has substituted. Included on ' Bases' way, a volume out of a base is limited, and a quality out of a main speaker is mediocre in better.
Better that some speakers of television, but no like this as well as I have expected. I can be this of turn .
5 / 5
Has taken ages to connect my TV. A phono cover them no with my TV. I have had to use a headphone was socket with my own boss. Quality of his better that a television but any £80 better value. Couldnt Takes optic boss to do. Some instructions are not that clear. They are finally he is exited that a far could control volume but his not clearing or obvious. In general a sound is not like this strong to the equal that have expected and hardly can say that there is the sub woofer. Certainly any one surrounds effect of the his at all. I go it to try is gone in the few films to see it my transmissions of the opinion but the interior a moment probably go it to send behind. A lot disappointed.

Top Customer Reviews: Denon DHT-S316 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 18 ratings
4 / 5
It had looked in diverse other frames like Sony, Samsung, and LG, all duquel quoted 300 more than watts to be able to of the his 2.1 soundbars, how was the little concerned in a start of this date of unit that Denon does not look partorisca quote any one can specs. That has drawn me he Denon was his reputation partorisca salvation of quality-fi, as I have wanted really the soundbar that could use the music of current directs of my telephone has seen bluetooth, as well as to augment a sound when looking film. That can say is that it has surpassed it to it to him my expectations. A sound is rich and punchy with the solid bass of a subwoofer, and a power of a unit is spare to fill a room (21ft for 12ft). A quality of the his far surpasses that of my salvation-fi and has has it basically does redundant. This unit was more expensive that some more mainstream the frames but am happy am spent that has bitten extra of then well sounds.
Positive: His fantastic, any boss among a soundbar and subwoofer, separate controls for volume and subwoofer volume.
Negatives: The far control feels the light of has bitten , operating the instructions have had to that be downloaded and is not fully explanatory, level of the volume is not showed in a screen of television.
5 / 5
A bar of his east the quality of audio well when using in Pure Setting but has not liked him a DTS X sound of characteristic, has touched so only mine very natural. I am pleased in general with a sound when using DTS or Dolby of original source his Digital bass, good/triple balance. A so only another thing that disappointed was a far, the volume looked slow to react, no like this responsive to the equal that would like but does of a work.

In general for a money the very a lot has done to look unit, the sounds add when I have dipped up with a sound 'Pure' right setting in my opinion. You can add any RCA type of connection sub woofer he love the films of clock will give the frequency of has bitten low that that, a built in subwoofer is well for fourth etc.

So much the sum on


- Add touching in dipping of way Pura
- the unit done Well
- Good measure
- HDMI characteristic Arch with HDMI in/out
- A lot of options of connection - HDMI/Optical/Equivalent/Bluetooth

Gilipollas -

-Far control the slow response could be faster
- Disappointed with a DTS-X his virtual effect of action.

Thinks his add for prize, good to have option later to add a lot sub woofer later, good touch.
5 / 5
Ossia A bar of the his only that has possessed, but has been for one with descriptions of qualities of his well more than load of extra and artilugios.
Denon Is the mark adds, and this soundbar there is not disappointed. Real Easy to dip up with options of his add and row of volume and tomb.
Generally mine of maintenances in pure setting, reason find it a better for just normal films and material. But transmission to surround his for film.
5 / 5
Had been comparing soundbars for the week and has found this. This Denon the fantastic sounds. It is not fooled for a measure of a built-in subwoofers, his to good sure laws, and work well. I have been surprised by a lows has dipped was. And some engine resupplies the clear, crisp mid and big row. This thing can take strong! A bluetooth the works add. When A bar is connected street HDMI ARC, some powers of bar on and has gone with your TV.

Pros: Looks, Clarity of his, bass, dolby characteristic, bluetooth
Gilipollas: Soundbar can be the little slow to answer the far, swimming that imports this in spite of.
4 / 5
Has bought this to substitute the old reconditioned Bose bar of his that had died on me.
Has debated long and hard would have to that spend an extra and buy an economic plus Bose the available option or to buy this.
Has opted for this one because of leading experience with Denon crew of the audio and I can very honradamente complain in a sound at all. There are 2 things this in spite of that are not the defender of. In the first place, although he syncs with a TV, takes some time for him to produce his after a TV has been turned on. No the appearance to be the instant but I do not expect to have that attended also the yearn still to kick in. A far control is not a better neither. There is no visual on screen to aim the one who this strong or for what is by train of the look. It finds that on I am augmenting a volume because a time of reaction is slow and then that it has to that fall behind down again.
One the majority of appearance of entity, a quality of his real, can not be faulted like the fact he keeper.
5 / 5
The sound adds, near easy up. An only question has with east is does not take the far control. It is fact has seen an application that download to your device.
5 / 5
The sound adds for a prize and I has been surprised for a start of date registers a measure and form.
My only critique is that there is not any wall fixings has comprised. Still with some after stage some have had to that engineer he wedge to maintain a bar that signal directly advance and no angled to a paving. A far control is not a lot of responsive.
4 / 5
At all disturbed roughly the,
is the piece adds of the box and a sound is fantastic,
And delivery exactly that has required he for my television experiance.
5 / 5
Sadly has had to that return this product as it did not give me a start to be able to looked for. Also it has had any factor of basses in this product to the equal that has had to that be returned. Still the excellent service of Amazon like this always
5 / 5
has ordered the new device and has taken the second hand-held device. There where the elements that loses of a packaging broken and now has to that pay to have is returned. Any acceptable
4 / 5
Received faulty unit, with crackling noise of some lateralmente sinister speakers! Waste of time and money! Any happy at all.
5 / 5
Sounds of basses abonos A lot improves tongue. Surpassed all my expectations. Denon Produces excellent box.
5 / 5
Does not have to that it never has accepted he in a first place, could see it there has been open state. He any LAW !
5 / 5
Excellent piece of crew. To good sure improve quality of a sound. It was the course is not a cup of a class but in this row of prize is upper class .
4 / 5
Has not been if it is the soundbar or the far question but a dts is not doing included tho all is dipped partorisca he partorisca do. To good sure a lot very
5 / 5
Uses in mine living room.. Have there was probs with his of television, no more.. Brilliant piece of boxes!
4 / 5
Easy to dip up and resupplies the ready amazing sound. Highly recommend this soundbar.
5 / 5
This product is an excellent addition to a DENON 'produced of productions of his' and that resupplies, partorisca his money.

Is really easy to install and compatible with almost each device has tried like this far.

To the equal that to a sound, in mine dress, DENON there is speared 'ANY' FAILURES TO DRAW or cut any corners to this creation of product and his production.

This product is entirely imports to bend that it surprises in his clarity partorisca is 'Big', soyidrange', and 'Thundering Base'. These all blended gives the wonderful experience and atmosphere that rids, included is levels of big volume . These produced fooled me in like this strong this produces really is in only 40 Watts (RMS).

This product will enrich if his use for yours: 'House DJ'ing Setup', 'Personal Computer', soyobile', 'TV', 'Etcetera', 'Etcetera', and 'Etcetera'.

Although has the most economic products in a phase that boasts is better or other descriptions of client have left to some same. Appearance to all this bed this feedback, which have declared ' takings that pay for', like the old saying goes.

Is in mine dress, that this produces book 110 (One hundred and Diez Porcentual). On all the appearances. For like this, extremely it would recommend to all the lovers of ound' and continue 'Qualities' and a lot especially calms will not imagine never my commentaries of data have declared in this feedback until the .

Done well DENON in the production of this Product

Top Customer Reviews: SONOS ARC ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5
I have bought some Sleep Playbar, Sub and 2 x Touches 3s behind in 2016 and has a lot of be happy with a whole system. An only thing will say is that on some years (I follows 69) my listened is not that it has used it partorisca be and worsening and I so that it finds it hard to listen that it is said especially when a whisper of actors and or a background noise is strong like this on more the programs owe that trust my headphones.

Late of Sunday, has begun partorisca look a program roughly Peter Falconio in Australia which has been planned on 4 nights and a prime minister 3 again, has had to that trust my headphones. Yesterday (Wednesday10th), my Sleeps the arch arrived and so that I with thrilling dipped all up. The mine that exists 2 x play 3s and sub has connected in of the seconds without questions and was extremely easy. Last night, I have looked a final program Any 4 of Peter Falconio and guess that….ANY HEADPHONES…has required, could listen each word and yes so only for this I am extremely happy. Has not founding the film still in Netflix and the prime has not begun still but today, has touched my copy of 1917 in 4K ultra with Dolby Atmos……. It was Glorious. An Arch is the plot of money but yes calms that can resupply then in my opinion is a lot of value each penny. Thank you Sleeps.
4 / 5
Swimming to disturb in this element. While I turn a TV on and a sound comes by means of this amazing piece of boxes @gives that well I am spent my cash has won hard. A quality of voice is exceptional and an atmospheric sound is not never has lost. One first what has tried was the clip of some strikes of empire behind in Disney application with Dolby was out of this world. It was almost he likes look the gaze of the good film for a first desire has had time to write more
5 / 5
had laughed in users of Sleeps for years, especially when they have Spent out of his prime minister 2 soundbar, to a large extent because of a prize when you add to surround speakers and the £800 sub.
Has then listened one, has been done to seat in a esweet something' in a room, the pair of the later has begged hours to try more clips of films and more songs, entirely transfixed for a dolby atmos the sound gives concealed second could look his of the yours to extremely of points concretise around a room, included on my boss.
Still wary to spend a better part of £2000, has bought the economic plus (still cost me £1200) dolby atmos soundbar, sub and surrounds, but has not been one same, am spent the day well dipping ready some settings, but was chalk and cheese , any comparison.
A day still has given finally in and has bought my Arch of Sleeps, sub and surrounds, now can seat in mine own weet something' and embarrass me for ducking when the start of explosions for behind my boss, and could not be happier, a difference among my more economic dolby surround system (£1200),and some Sleeps Arch, sub and surrounds (£1800) is like this big like empty among listening to a TV of his own speakers, and listening to a TV by means of the bar of his decent average.
Him him Of the money, so only buy Sleeps, really will open on the new world-wide integer of sound.
4 / 5
Has bought these Sleeps the arch by means of Hughes Directs. When it Has arrived it was faulty. It could not take the signal among television and bar of sound. Dress in the engineer of the his in the cost of £. It has contacted Hughes and Sleeps and has discovered finally that has had the faulty goodness. I have sent a goodness behind the Hughes and has reported reembusment of mine £ and the new goodness. His catagorically deneid any responsability and accused of not installing properly and that causes the kink in a goodness. A goodness is gone in the straight line of television the soundbar! I have bought the new goodness and was a lot of dissapointed with a thin sound of an Arch. I have been advised to buy the sub woofer (£) to do the sound the full plus. I have sent an Arch behind and now have the Side 70 Base of Sound. The averages a prize and the far better sound
5 / 5
Amazing creation, easy to connect and súper lustrous look. Unfortunately, unless your atoms of supports of the television and has a earc port, does not have any a lot of full atmos. A quality of his exceptional east this in spite of. Has like the 5:1 outfit and is awesome.

Is investing In Sleeps and can resupply a seal of prize, then go for him. Appearance have upgrades and ways to bypass a need for earc.

Ihave Any remorse that purchased it.
5 / 5
Any that loves one much more in theatre of wireless house, the needs look much more there.

This thing is 'big' (45 thumbs) wide like the TV is 55 thumbs less looks elsewhere. Partnered With the Sleeps sub and the rear speakers will be in to treat it. This Dolby Atmos, if the the TV with HDMI And - down shows the DD 5.1 calms no.
Sleeps The crew is not economic - and soundbars can be had for the fraction of a prize, the fraction of an action here.
Can stomach a cost, calm will not be disappointed. A beauty of Sleeps is that easily this all interacts with some Sleeps system of echo - and a quality and quality of his this for real sublime.

Has dipped the big priority on facilitated of use - with quality of his exceptional - give this some serious consideration. An Arch is the point to start with add for theatre of house - but adding the sub/rears the speakers takes it to the a lot of main level. Highly recommended.
5 / 5
Has built already in speakers of Sleeps of ceiling with the connect amp in the different room. An arch so only has quality of amazing audio but also opens a possibility to surround his with a speaker of ceiling. That that has not been to clear the mine of anything reads is to add a league amp to the equal that surrounds the sound is has to that be connected via ethernet (so only a new plus amps surrounds his on wifi). Felizmente Ours house is wired still ethernet likes arch and amp was in of the different rooms, as it covers has owed a ethernet boss out of an arch and a amp to the transmission of coverage, which is connected to our subject of Internet.
Now one surrounds the sound is dipped transformed it up films to look! Highly recommend
5 / 5
Like an avid salvation fi defender for on thirty five years, am stunned with a excellect action of this unit. I have purchased this for the room of television of my woman. It is like this well that hardly use our room of cinema of the house more. Esonos' I products are like 'Apple' - Like this a lot of packaged, súper usability, wi-fi etc. Everything does like this well by means of my Application/of Sleeps of the iPhone (Which is brilliant)
If any there is considering the salvation presupposed-fi system, beginning with the system of Sleeps. Calm will not be dissappointed.
'Google' Descriptions of Sleeps for calm. They are all true!
5 / 5
Has bought these Sleeps soundbar to improve triple response of television. Before shabby, voice, especially, has touched muffled by means of the own speakers of the television… and another mark soundbox had tried.
Some Sleeps the arch has surpassed my expectations. It is paired with the Sleeps Sub and 2 x Cheek:5s. A clarity is excellent included in of the low volumes
5 / 5
Salvation of Sleeps in fact upper-Fi systems of speaker. An Arch Soundbar is any exception. It is both an enhancement of the his of television and the brilliant of universal system for streamed same music without television. A S2 application of software. Together-on has not been an easy plus, and the bit to confuse if one has an older generation Sonas S1 speaker. A soundbar will not give you the esurround touched the cinema affects without additional speakers, but triumph it comprehensible in his for lovers of music.

Top Customer Reviews: Creative Stage V2 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5
If you are buying this partorisca the PC or the small spare TV then please to ignore this description

has purchased this like a upgrade to an old soundbar. I have purchased recently the TV of big end and did not leave me estimativa refill a lot partorisca a Soundbar. A lot of people rave in this product like this the researched and has purchased. Little challenge have faced :-

Thinks of this like this the big version of the Bluetooth speaker partorisca your telephone - is stronger, but ossia all is, the speaker the strong plus partorisca yours TV. Any improvement in quality.
Has to that take the plot of some settings of the his of your TV, partorisca dip he the ‘PCM way'
Included have a do one these some native applications and Apple airplay no

has contacted a costruttore/ of the vendor in Amazon is partorisca ask the one who said effectively was a @@subject caused by a costruttore of TV (Sony) or of a airplay the point of view was the fault of apples ! This was a final straw and am returned and has ordered the Sony fixes. It believes it or no only in £50 extra with double a power.

Attended these helps avert some deceptions have done.
5 / 5
This Creative Phase V2 has quite simply blown was. I bought it reason have read the few unsuspecting professional descriptions and didnt wants to spend another fortune in the system that is partorisca be used is gone in a conservatory in our cinema/of the film of the football dips up. It was partorisca dip our big branded system there but dipped that once on and has tried was the things has changed big time. In this point of prize, firmly create there isnt anything more there this comes anywhere near of of the east partorisca quality of his and versatility of selection of the entrance. In fact, I will be sincere and say that mine of entity branded soundbar and subwoofer (Sy) which was 5 times a prize of a V2 is entirely state overshadowed for him. A mark of entity in comparison and the backsides, was the waste of money. I bought it basically partorisca match a television at the same time that thinks that partorisca maintain everything of a same mark, would give me a better neighbour up. It was partorisca add until it has taken this V2. A V2 is like this better and versatile that will be partorisca buy another V2 partorisca the substitute. I have used a V2 originally in a to the entrance that was simple and effective but was when it has dipped on a system that use a HDMi gone in partorisca ARCH that a V2 has come really the life. It has dipped some settings of television to Dolby/Dolby Atmos and a V2 the processor comes to the his own. Also it has it bluetooth and optical digital entrances. A selection adds. They are not the professional reviewer, so only one gives support audiophile the one who comprises his and his finer nuances. I have had yes the little game around with a delay of audio until it has taken perfect sync with a television but has taken so only the minute or like this partorisca do. A far is like this simple to use that calm once have some settings require, there are any needs of the transmission unless it wish to do a bit tweaks among the films and the music but I have found that dips that it is the good committed partorisca everything. A V2 in my opinion, is like this a lot looking other big frames there but a thing that would owe remarked is that has the wire fence subwoofer and no bluetooth or wifi but of the one who has left that dips were. This has the plus reason will have any 'lag' or delay among a highs and lows and therefore less casualidad of a sound soyuddying' among a mids and lows. His also the slimline sub unit that is easy to hide and do really well. A goodness is roughly 2mtrs long like this dare this import when youre thought of where partorisca the situate. Summing Up .... Admitted that this isnt the Bose or Sleeps for any means but sincerely is the very big quality soundbar and subwoofer this is equal to the diverse systems time a prize. I bought it and they are not dissappointed at all. In fact, Im very impressed and to the equal that have said previously, am buying and in fact, active has ordered so only another. Really they are terrific value partorisca money.
UPDATE .... 6/1/22. Still love a V2 and like this far, has had the pocolos fellow listen it the one who am also state has impressed. IM WHILE THIS AFTERWARDS has BITTEN Of INFO HELPS of MAY. A bit those that ppl has informed that a volume of the his global is a lot calm and given his description consistently. If ossia a calm chance then needs to regulate a setting of digital start in your TV. I cant the commentary where is in the each TV so I am calm sure can comprise but to somewhere in yours place there the ease partorisca regulate a volume of start. If it is Optical street or HDMiARC (which is which would recommend you use). A setting of start would owe that be partorisca Digital Start in a form of PCM, Dolby Digital/Atmos etc and will be there. My V2 is dipped up in the Sony Bravia KD49 and has dipped a start expósita there are them anticipated settngs to 96. There is way more volume that calm never need partorisca more than a room of abundance and half measure of punch of a sub without audible sprain. So much, you are disappointed with low volume of a V2, yours control put of TV of first digital start. If you are using a to the gone in i.et. Using headphone socket of your TV yes has one, then usually a same thing would apply but obviously partorisca a headphone exited and has not seen some digital starts.
5 / 5
This 2.1 (sinister canal and much more subwoofer) fixes it rid the very natural sound with the soundstage this is widened for a 3d effect this in spite of a physical depth and the dimensions of height are more utmost that any one another soundbars like this control your stand will leave a picture to not being blocked by him.

A sound is rich and natural with depth of impact and good bass (partorisca registers partorisca touch come my canal of Youtube of profile of Amazon). Loudness Is more than pertinent partorisca mine 4x5m living room and a sub did not distort with drop of heavy music, as I have found partorisca be a chance with another 2.1 soundbar has tried. Some bass and the treble can be regulated and has solved in the small permanent impulse to triple to improve intelligibility of dialogue (more than annoying with pressing a 'talked key partorisca turn that EQ way on and has been partorisca different content).

A sound is really quite impressive and far besides this rid for the inner speakers of the television - I has the Sony XH95, which apparently has some of some better touching speakers of modern flat poster TVs. Suddenly your speakers of television was happy with will touch really tinny in comparison like this beware!

Some looks are understated with tastefully sized and styled logos and the look of the metal brushed in a far although a sub is big and wire fence to a soundbar so it will require partorisca be situated near.

A HDMI the integration of ARCH means it can be controlled (beats and volume) of a television far control like his own far is required so only partorisca change source the Bluetooth for example. I have required partorisca change a start of audio of the television the PCM but with which concealed has not required partorisca touch with any settings or some have distributed far.  

Bluetooth The fact adds partorisca touch tunes of yours telephone and a quality of his and loudness is much more impressive that that of my Show of Echo 8. An use of supports of socket of USB as the device/of audio of PC of laptop that is another good to have.

An only light negative is that an indicator of way has DIRECTED can not be turned was (a characteristic in another soundbars has tried) this in spite of am taking used his and finding he less than distracts at night. The guess could dip electrical tape or the sticker on that! Also, looking in a soundbar from above would have preferred to see the smooth surface more than a plastic cradle that proud stands.

Any HDMI boss or battery partorisca some far is distributed but in general has found this partorisca be the lovely system adds of the one who touch partorisca me the value done an additional living room clutters.
5 / 5
Has read a lot of descriptions that says that add this bar of his east.....

1. There is not coming with a Boss of ARC (HDMI) that some people had said that that comes with.. Well, has transmissions home
2. Neither of the mine TVs has had a socket of ARCH, my old Phillips HD the neighbour a lot included has has had to use one To the boss... It has done and a quality of sound was well, but was like this calm, in full volume, was like the normal level
3. My boys have the modern UHD LG Ultra HD TV, concealed has not had a socket partorisca ARCH neither! But it has had an optical, lucky has had an old optical goodness, has used this but once again a quality of sound was good but in the full volume was the level of normal TV , with at all has left partorisca augment by night of film!

Thinks that this is to draw partorisca the computer, basically his an expensive PC system of sound. It is returned and has ordered the bar of his level partorisca half a prize. The sound that arrives tomorrow so that the toes have crossed!
5 / 5
An indication is based in the Soundbar costing down £ (20 was A lot of) £.
In the first place, thinks in yours place of start of the Sound, a Soundbar is Surround, dipping it to 5.1, 7.1, DTS, will have his unbalanced, loses effects of the his, any sound.
Can also dipped the start of the his of the yours television to Speakers of television and the Optical still use in a Soundbar and have some profits of a Soundbar, partorisca give that Treble of extra/Base and Vocals, likes the profit of some effects of the his of your TV with a soundbar that gives that everything of entity, Base.
That does not choose never, a Soundbar am impressed with, a sound effects that I can listen, in the Show of television, Film, Animate, the game is, the music that comes my Serious X by means of mine Hisence 50U70QFTUK TV to a Soundbar, Raindrops, Wind, Trees, the animal is, Footsteps to a sound of yours his Armour all there clear and precisely to the equal that would owe that be.
A soundbar has Normal or Surround, as well as Standed or Voice, with Triple/base independently that goes of 0 to -5 or 0 to +5.
A quality of build of a Soundbar is solid and weighty, like the sound takes rid to the equal that would expect, any vibration or tinny and again partorisca a prize his exceptional.
A Subwoofer is light according to which that would expect of the Subwoofer, but no in in all the chance thinks is the bad thing , can ashore you it his like this well likes Soundbar the one who his built partorisca and a quality has produced.
Really am surprised by a simplicity of everything, included with a Far. Any one attack at all has complicated here, is easier then taking your cup of coffie/the tea to a way likes.
The photo aims a creation, his súper light, smooth and like this easy partorisca an user partorisca control.

In general a Soundbar is the fantastic addition partorisca augment your entertainment of entertainment, and no in the prize that the calm mark ask if his value he.
In a prize of £ his currency adds, as taking he partorisca £ find an offer, simply is the must compraventa.
Can not speak in another Soundbars, ( has the 5.1 Yamaha auricular) and can say some effects that is noticeable of a Creative is so much better, so only love the, wind/of the rain and some falls that paste a paving and a thunder crackling.
Am impressed like this, has to say it again.
Creative has done the brilliant product.
Thank you.
4 / 5
Are quite picky roughly qualities of his but has not loved to spend a lot in the soundbar partorisca ours TV of fourth so it does not take any a lot of use. We require something this in spite of reason a TV is built the speakers are so only terrible. Partorisca A prize I paid (£79 - 10 offered = £) thinks that ossia really excellent.

A lot So it is not like this well like some other systems of the his has used that cost far more than of the this but concentrates on taking a basics right and done the decent work of him. The voices are really clear, expecially with a way of vocal clarity. It is not that it shakes room but goes abundance quite strong partorisca the reasonable sized room. A main soundbar touches the little bit 'plasticky' except a sub really helps partorisca fill was and together superbly very partorisca give the sound adds, has balanced ossia clear and not tiring partorisca listen to.

Am still in a fence on one surrounds way. At the beginning it touches impressive but I marvel if ossia partly been due to he when being slightly stronger and could be more than the gimmick. Any way is optional and I like a incumplimiento his without him.

If any one is interested, work with the control of crew of a Cube of television of the same Fire although it is not listing. So only say is not in a cast and spend for a process partorisca learn. It has taken the pair of tentativas partorisca me but now does well.
4 / 5
Quality of his east the passion of mine.
This soundbar more passive woofer the quality of products touches really good.
The typical test is a reproduction of piano and violin.
This solution of low cost extracted astonishingly well, no in an end of professional studio where speakers of mine of the upper end now retail partorisca £1200!
This in spite of, my TV of loan now the bombs was his really good and with some diverse settings of some far can control surround his and dialogue. The voices are now clear glass and now have his of full row with basses abonos out of a subwoofer.
Could not be happier, thoroughly recommends this system, has bought of the amazon and the delivery was punctually.
Another appearance adds is a capacity to Bluetooth yours his devices. I have linked my iPhone 6+ and music of the amazon touched by means of him. 3 hrs In closing is listening our favourite music. I can skip the clue of a far control that link behind to an iPhone and mark skip the clue. Amazing.

This system has to that the like this gone in, only calm can any gone bad.

Recommends this loves that to him adds soundbar in the estimativa.
5 / 5
In the first place, this is to be buy partorisca the television that is to use in my office partorisca XBOX and Heaven Q, as I have not loved to spend the enormous quantity of money.
I to plot of investigation the estimativa better soundbars, and a lot Youtube/of Youtube revises valued this sake.
Setup Is easy, although he not having HDMI or Optical Boss in a box, comes with the number of bosses partorisca be able to, USB C to boss of USB and also and To the BOSS.
Some Sub spent directly to a Bar of his, as you will be restricto on where can be situated without wireless option.
To setup street HMDI Arch, can beat of control and his with a far TV, but am unable to control he with my Heaven Q far.
An exposure FOCUSED is permanently on, which to some can not liking .
A bit those that tweaks to some Bass and Treble with a Soundbar far (2 x AAA very comprised) I upped some bass and some triple and are súper pleased with a sound.
Partorisca £80 ossia an absolute @@subject - some bass is glorious, looks ready with a slimline Sub, also there is Bluetooth opted also

Highly recommend this partorisca any one looking for the estimativa soundbar.
5 / 5
Some sums partorisca headline on this bar of his well.
Has had to return another bar of his to Amazon reason has had any HDMI connection on that does pairing to the Heaven Q far impossible.
Unpacked This bar of his Creative of his box, plugged he to some hands and has connected it HDMI goodness to a box and the HDMI socket of arch in mine Samsung TV and has changed on.
Any sound of a bar of his until I have changed some settings of audio in a TV of Dolby the normal whereupon the life burst into with full control of a Heaven Q far.
Although it had not thought a start of the his of a TV was particularly poor, has not been until I have connected a bar of his have @@give so only that the frequency has been missing - both in some bass and triple finals. One bases especially initially baffled and has maintained partorisca ask me where some thumps of the low frequency caused in a house - until my toneless brain kicked in.
This piece of boxes is a lot recommended especially if you are not the a lot of serious hifi buff and so only require the much better exited of your TV.
5 / 5
Are quite old to agree when Creative possessed a phase of paper of the sound. I did not consider him the very long time and then, found me in a phase partorisca the bar of his and the one who would have to look in a cast, any another that my old Creative favourite.

Has done to plot of investigation and is garbled result with all some offerings. Some have had HMDI Arch, Another Optical, some Bluetooth or To the, but this has him everything. I require him? Well it has not been , perhaps. Simply having an election give options.

My primary use is like the bar of his of the TV partorisca mine 55inch LG TV, but would like me use a Bluetooth to hook on my player of Vinyl and Telephone, like this precise good clear dialogue and the a lot of all round surrounds experience of his with the base partorisca attack.

Had read some leading descriptions and was generally good but interlaced with some odd nay-sayer which always me uneasy. This in spite of, require it has not concerned . A quality of his east awesome. The sound of rich and vibrant music by means of a Bluetooth, and connecting with HDMI ARC, an experience of Film is attacking by means of mine streaming program and in last I have the casualidades good or listening dialogue when looking the good work.

Creative fact well, broke it!

Top Customer Reviews: Soundbar with ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 8 ratings
4 / 5
Looking for a substitution of audio to my speakers of monitor in the desk PC setup which could give sustain the wide row of half half of the his that comprises film, TV, gaming and use of general music. I gravitated to the small measure soundbar.

Does not have the plot of info there averts descriptions of amazon in a Sakobs 16' 2.0 but decided partorisca take the casualidad and the select. Well I am very satisfied with my election.

Unpacking A box, besides a bar of his he and his supply partorisca be able to receive the far control, booklet of goodness and small instruction of entrance. Yes it calms in fact go in a box all some the precise goodnesses comprise the digital optical boss the one who calm generally would pay extra partorisca in other very known frames. An only thing could have better fact is an inclusion of 2 AAA battery that leave the source partorisca a far control.

A soundbar is surprisingly weighty and amiably finalised with keys on one finalises partorisca be able to, source of audio and controls of volume. A far control is finalised amiably sure enough of the black aluminium brushed with tactile rubberised keys, again ossia the good quality that looks far.

The Bluetooth like the option of connection, but in my chance has used an optical boss partorisca connect a soundbar to my PC soundcard.

In powering on a sound is really good. They are certainly a lot audiophile partorisca know a technicalities of frequencies etc? But partorisca me there is abundance of low and triple punch to a sound. Some controls give you three his different ways. Which can select by means of a far control. Way of the music to good sure augments some bass. Way of television looks partorisca dip more clarity in the voice and way of looks to Film to develop a width of a sound if this felt? All three ways to good sure coverage partorisca me a row of variables I needs of my use. There is absolutely masses of the available volume of a bar he, would say more than pertinent partorisca the small in room of measure of the half besides the applications that comprises the small TV is .

That it could be improved? Well it does not have any a lot of in a way of visual indications in a bar partorisca say you the one who the ways are in or some levels of volume etc. The supposition in some ways partorisca a reasonable prize there has to that be committed? You take the small colour that the transmissions have DIRECTED in a bar this in spite of partorisca indicate that source of his is in. Blue partorisca Bluetooth, Objective partorisca To the-in, and Green partorisca optical. When that Changes a bar of a FOCUSED goes to the red standby way.

Utmost on then, thinks his surprisingly very partorisca the small soundbar and the element of quality of an odder that am sure could compete with a lot well the known frames have produced more types.
4 / 5
Has bought this reason had remarked that, in a lot of film and of the works of television, a music a lot often drowned-out of a dialogue, forcing me to always use subtitles so that it could follow a history properly. It had expected that it soundbar would help to impulse a forward of dialogue and enable me partorisca listen more clearly the one who some actors have said. This in spite of, have been disappointed. All have finalised with this simply a source of his alternative, which touches exactly one same like some speakers of generic TV had expected, vanamente, partorisca improve on. Included some two keys the one who toggle go in 'Way of television' and soyovie Way' marks any there is'porth of noticable difference! It is all been the quite pointless exercise, as they are Although it has to that trust subtitles to ensure can follow a dialogue and I am no better was at all.
5 / 5
In the first place, my expectations of a sound produced for the unit of such small proportions has not been one big truer be known this in spite of era very surprised for a volume and depth a Soundbar produced, considering has no seperate subwoofer.
The connection was easy street an optical boss to the mine television and bluetooth has done smoothly also and paired with the number of devices has tried with him. All well.
There is beefed on a sound of mine LG Flat Screen (49') and has cleaned on some Voices that has touched bit it muddled directed of a TV.
Has found a soyusic' the good setting balanced for normal use and a soyovie' the setting has done well for films more modern.
One tiny downside was a powder of socket of optical entrance the coverage is the little has bitten flimsy and can not help thinking the blanking discharges would be the better option of a costruttore. Trivial really but useful to know feign to coninually discharges in and unplug a unit has seen those links. Any enough to reduce my star that estimativas this in spite of as the quota of manufactures uses a same socket.
For reinforcement of the his of laptops, PC is and TV of flat screen this where a quality of his always looks compromised ossia the relatively economic, discreet and orderly solution.
5 / 5
Has connected this soundbar to mine Samsung 28' TV in mine living room. Initially it has it has wanted the buy one this comprises the subwoofer, but so only does not have quite spatial for something of this measure. As I have purchased this soundbar based on some of these revises as it has suggested that that has resupplied the decent quite mid-his diverse for a prize. And I have to that say that they are in accordance with these descriptions. Some bass are not weighed as well as it would like but in of general sounds far of tinny and is the definite improvement own speakers of a TV. Well it could invest in the arrival of big more optical boss to try and improve a quality of his further still.

Has has connected also my Point to Echo to a soundbar has seen a distributed to the boss by means of quell'I Spotify of current. Again, a quality of his quite decent east that considers a measure and side of this soundbar.

A far is quite simple to use, I just desire there was the way to configure my far TV as it could use it to control a volume of a soundbar (has the way could any one pleases left to know me lol)

In general, if you are in the estimativa and is does not have the enormous quantity of spatial then this soundbar probably will do one improves own speakers of your TV (particularly mine to the equal that are located in some backsides of a telly). They are more than satisfied with cost of mine based in my expectations.
5 / 5
Is good value for money but has left down for 'does not concern ' support

1) Economic
2) improves a quality of some TV touches quite bit he
3) comes complete with all some the calm bosses am likely to require

1) Begins on very strong - has to that haste to a far of the turn down
2) Pre-dip profiles (films, TV, music) looks to do a lot of difference
3) leans Very poor. It has loved to buy the second far control (so that a woman and I could have an each one which as) and has been said (the street to amazon is 'Habladuría to an Expert') that a provider said 'does not sell additional far controls'. As this means if a far goes kaput has to that launch a soundbar was! It looks to be any way to speak to a direct provider...
5 / 5
Is everything in an adds to title really. So that it is not to like. Resisting import that loves esal' salvation fi the sound will be to look for something entirely different - i.et. He wi fi The good quality enabled amp. And speakers - this element is surprisingly well for the small 'a piece' unit. Bought for sincere use with the TV for any especially demanding auditors, and will be very better that WELL for them. Has the Cambridge Audio amp. And KEF the speakers have connected my TV, but would not be disappointed with east is all has had spatial (or estimativa!) Partorisca.

Also very pleased to find that it can be directly wall returned (still resupplies some rays and discharge of wall!). Compared the directly to alternative smaller and more economic that costruttore different - any comparison - this one is very better. The element of competitor has had unexpected background hiss - no such thing is one .

And a provider there is rid first of time, in spite of a haste navideña. Well fact, and a lot thanks for so much!
4 / 5
Has bought this product to resupply radio and music in my room to dine without a hassle to dip the separate system or struggling with a vagaries of FM/DAB.
Is very built - compact in creation and reassuringly, weighty for his measure. All the goodnesses are resupplied but enough reasonably, any battery for a far. I dipped it/ I dipped It up with the Chromecast device of audio (Optical Connection) which is connected my local coverage . It touches music of my computer, Spotify, Sounds of BBC etc.
A lot especially, a sound of a device is a lot well of all these sources. Some controls are responsive and work well. An increase of the volume and the decrease is gradual to the equal that would like and of some functions of far control have ordered well. The controls of tone am limited ( is usually more hassle that cost.) But a sound that comes from/comes from a device is perfectly well. I will maintain it on a soyusic' setting. Reading other descriptions, the people are concerned always in a level of response of low. In this device is appropriate perfectly. Of course it is not that it would take you of salvation-fi setup but finds a cost of reproduction. A mid and the big rows are also has represented well. The volume is well. Full is too strong but without discernable sprain.
There is in brief has tried a Bluetooth connection of my PC. Work a lot whilst touching music and with his well. It can have sync subject with the video that requires adjstment - I does not know .
This device is validate very good and if your requirements are looked the mine and spatial limited, would do the work for you. It would recommend it.
4 / 5
Has bought a SAKOBS 16-Thumb 2.0 bar of his to go with mine Veltech TV. A TV not having Bluetooth, as I have used an optical boss to connect a bar of sound. This has done well. Also I have the number of Bluetooth the devices that comprises an Amazon FireStick, iPhone 11 and iPad Pro. It was able to connect these to a bar of his that uses bluetooth without any difficulty. A subject only has had was to try to configure an Amazon FireStick far to control a bar of sound. Unfortunately a FireStick does not recognise Sakobs bars of sound. This is not the subject big of half only has to that use a far resupplied with a bar of sound.

A quality of his excellent east.

@In rodeo, am very happy with cost of mine and have any hesitation in recommending it to any the one who is looking for the bar of his of estimativa of able quality of working with the row of devices.

Top Customer Reviews: Bose Smart Soundbar ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 2 ratings
4 / 5
These produced is really the awesome has bitten of mark of amazon of the box sure a product takes to a person of rite with there the measure of the own security rid when it says the amazon done well this product is fantastic same was able of the take up and that careers and thats a lot well partorisca me can cable very included discharges he lol a sound that exited of this bose900 is taken really partorisca be listened partorisca be appreciated the really has has listened that the songs does the fence quite a same prize and ossia supposition to be excellent neither can comment on that reason have not listened one running if it is better that a bose well that it would be it necessary quell'a bit has bitten of boxes but 100 percent bose for me goes to verify them was calm will not complain it
5 / 5
Very smooth captivating sound. Minimalist Far control much easier to use it Bose 700 far. Value each penny.