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The A bit deceptive title, that extracted touches the essential of music of the 17.ºt s.. Of a lot of Moments of beaux, especially the Passacalha gives sad gone, that does partorisca think in of the Horses or of Luigi Red mâtinés of saudade. The good program has conceived, with the passages notarises them entremêlant to the vocal pieces with soloists, the pair has interpreted a together dynamic, and aguerrido to this [scarce] repertoire. Notebook In German, English and Portuguese ; the words have translated in English.

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Voice of Sefarad Is a Hebrew word partorisca Spagna, in homage to a Spanish Jews the one who has emigrated the oriental earths, in homage to a traditional music of Spagna, and a baroque music of Juan Hildalgo of Polanco and Jose Martin two of his illustrious exponents.Some songs are Secular like opposed to religious some.

This CD has explored a travesía cultural is that a Sephardic Jews has experienced in his has has forced migrations the Constantinopla and a cultural transmission that is resulted. Some questions have asked is,Like these melodies touch accompanied by some musical instruments would have found in Turchia: a ney, a percussion, a tanbur, a ud? And like his of Iberian secular songs in of the Oriental instruments. Ossia The one who this CD is roughly. A travesía musical is enriched for instrument interludes has treated of musicians those who touch oriental instruments. They touch the improvisations in Turkish melody writes that more closely approximate some scales and the tonalities of some pieces select partorisca a project.

A Sephardim-Jews caused of Spagna or Portogallo and has been expelled of Spagna in 1492 and Portogallo in 1506-there is retained so many appearances of his civilisation of Spanish Half ages and culture. They have been launched out of Spagna for decree of King Ferdinand and Isabelle. It was the real exodus : 160,000 Sephardim has chosen to leave his country quite then give on his religion. So only 50,000 accepted to result Christians. Less then the third of some exiles have chosen to remain in Europe. A majority has chosen to remain in some neighbours of Mediterranean countries, especially a Ottoman Imperio. A small group has been in Africa North, especially Morocco. A handful has been second that Galilea Big.

Alonso Mudarra. (1510-1580) Sad was the ry David. Jose martin (1619-1699) That ileva the souls. Ney Taksim. Marin Tortolilla, if any one is for amour. Kemence taksim. Marin sings, jiguerillo. Martin That dulcemente sounds. Tanbur, Taksim. Marine eyes,as me desdenais. Ud Taksim. Juan Hildalgo of Polanco ( 1614-1685) So only is to love. Afterwards. (arr Mesirca) Cries my eyes. Tanbur Taksim. Trad. Sephardic The king of muncho madruga. Kanun Taksim. Idyll Of the earl nino. Tanbur Taksim. Trad. Sephardic nani nani. Frederico Garcia Lorca.(1898-1936) Nana Of sevilla. Gercia Lorca. The morillas of Jaen. Kanun Taksim. Joaquin Rodrigo: (1901-1999) Adela. Mompou (1893-1987) Cancion And bundle Any 10. Of Fracasado (1876-1946) Astur. Failure Nana. Failure. Polo.

'Nani nani' Is the lulllaby of Turchia with a subject narrative same like traditional song soye marry my mother' 'The king of muncho madruga' is the Hispanic idyll, desquels there are other versions. This tune has been collected in bat Yam, Israele, as sung by an old woman the one who had emigrated of Turchia and published in a Sephardic book of song.' Idyll Of the earl nino' is not truely the Sephardic song but the Hispanic idyll. In spite of it has survived partly big thanks to oral transmission inside a Sephardic community. It was a chance with a lot of traditional melodies that, an original version would disappear, leaving for behind the number of variants with the alike or identical text, but plant the new melodies according to where some finally have solved communities and a resultant influence of this local tradition. An electrical guitar although it has linked the Andalusian culture, has had his cradle in Catalonia, house of a 19th century EXPOSITOR Of ENTITY of an art of a Spanish electrical guitar, Sor. As it is not that it surprises that the Catalan masters have occupied some upper tier go in to to Spanish composers likes him to him Frederic Mompou, his Cancion and bundle Any 10, which employs of subjects for Alfonso X of Castle a wise'

Romina Under Half soprano , the half, been born in Italy, has answered master classes with Peter Maag and Reina Resnick, and specialises in Baroque and Rossini. Extracted regularly throughout Europe. Alberto Mesirca touch Classical electrical guitars and baroque. Together turkish/ Fahrettin Yarkin artistic manager. The texts sung available in . An imaginative, very sung and has touched CD which would be appreciated so that it loves Oriental music, a ud and a Classical electrical guitar.

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Good box, good register and of authors very known partorisca of the audiences generalista
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A lot well the container and the box is fantastic.
Any one disappointed me. Very happy with the cost.
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Nuria Rial sings is so only wonderful, have almost all his cd is and is my properties .

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The element is described like this in a cd. The good-looking music and I want to listen his. It would purchase it again.
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Always am looking for music navideña unusual, and Iberian Christmas does not disappoint . Still although Near Corund is the Swiss group, would swear is Spanish. A whole album is the delight of a first note.