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5 / 5
When being the defender of anything Nerdy with the amour of books & of comic of the nostalgia, has ordered these socks & could not be more happier !!!😊

Agrees Knows is soyighty Morphin Power Rangers' childrens show of TV of a 90s and these white boots a rangers has spent each one that like this with a character is has painted normalised of diamond ?

There is not wanted Never spend Billy Cranston bounces of blue order thus look of fantasy ?

A lot now can all a Rangers, well, except an order of aim. If elegant dress, comic with, kids no uniform days or was daily. The socks are very realistic looking to some real boots, accesses easily and comfortably on some knees, piece and bounce for behind punctual once taken was.

Be Tommy or Zach any day now or rain of chance or resplandor, these socks are utmost is going the parties or of the agreements and does not want to splash is gone in dress or of the cloths of expensive boots has related especially if yours that goes for just an odd day.

The only worry is socks feels tight has bent on to to a piece a lot likes him the rugby or the socks of of football , be careful when using.

Autistic to be, possesses a together complete of all 6 socks of order and spend each one regarding the random \ daily use and they litter like another average, has schemes it has washed & tumble has dried my socks without questions watsoever like the socks are done of materials very durable like this yes, can be spent like this of the normal socks in yours chance that asks .

Suitable for both Genders.
5 / 5
Some socks was quite long but is perfect for me

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 1 ratings
4 / 5
It has taken the little more with a longitude partorisca arrive this in spite of like this described