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4 / 5
Partorisca Defenders of a band that more could want to in vocals but to have any only Andi Deris, but Kai Hansen and Michael Kiske also!
Some first starts of disk were with the storming seven more than hymn of minute of mecer that enough dips a model for a hard mecer fast-paced album like the whole.
Any defender of a band will not be disappointed with that find here, as it likes of you Helloween then buy this.
Touching the time is so only on 65 mins.

An only downside to this offering is a fact there is so only two songs of prize in a second disk amounting to the meagre eight minutes! That is a point ! The one who goes to annoy touching such the short CD after a prime minister listens? Ossia The shame to the equal that are two a lot well follows as easily it could be be return to a prime minister. Patently This is to do to do thinks that that you are taking good value for money, when in fact it is so only one nettling. I am tried deduct the star been due to this atrocity, but I no like the music in general is like this good.
4 / 5
Likes all the world-wide more, has been moment to the east of then was first announced, fill a time to look repeats of a Wacken action, some Squashes have Joined DVD, and more recently listening the Skyfall on repeat. An album does not disappoint - Ă©pico Helloween, the new sound has compared to a more recent work, and a lot that would call the turn to an old sound likes some the early descriptions has suggested, but ossia in no way the bad thing. Ossia The new Helloween for one has been Joined. Massive songs, there is rid fantastically for this collection of a lot of talented musicians. Any those who has been the defender of a 80s like me, will want to this. I can not expect see parts of these touch you alive!
5 / 5
Each clue is the winner .
Amazing production, the gender that defines actions with glorious vocals and work of stunning electrical guitar. An amazing collection of songs. Ossia Without the doubt Helloween in his much more and does not have any cost saved in a presentation of this booklet of photo of illustrations and devinci-esque drawings, papers, and included an amazing puzzle to solve to win entrances to see them alive and fulfil a band. Everything of these frames that possesses an album adds again - forget mp3 this cd is the joy to have in your hands.
5 / 5
Does not take Me bad, an album is GOOD and a production is flawless, but the majority of some songs is a lot half of a street and would be the farce considered in another Helloween album.

Almost each song is fast and melodic but incredibly generic. Finally they finalise to go to the each one which another and forget that song is that .

I points have underlined is was for a glory, fear of a fallen, contamination of mass and Skyfall which is a standout clues in an album for the mile of country.

In general the solid album but any of Helloween better once take spent an element of nostalgia that has it Kiske and Hansen behind in a mix.
5 / 5
Likes like this another, has expected impatiently for this emission. On receiving it positively salivated to take he out of a wrapper and a digibook first to burst he to the mine cd player. Once an opener, 'Was For A Glory' taking to go, listening Kiske mainstay his majestic material in pair-bass drums and frantic guitaring, I sincerely tingled when be transported instantly behind 30 years to a halcyon days. Oh That the start! To start with to finalise, ossia a real clue to a Keepers' album and with Kiske and Hansen animal-has joined ossia real Keeper of some Seven Tones: A Legacy. It does not take the Helloween or album of Gamma ray that has such that surprises dual-electrical guitar soloing, throughout. I will not give the swipe-for-account unexpectedly of the each song, so only will say that ossia a Metal of better pure Power of a far!

The can not be like this breaking of earth like his illustrious predecessors - Keepers 1 & 2 - which has redefined the heavy metal that creates is adapted sub-gender, but is equal in quality.

Favourite songs - Was - For A Glory (probably a song of better metal to exit of Germania in 20 years), Fear of a Time Fallen, Better, Cyanide, Down in some Dumps (pure Keepers 1 & 2) and Skyfall.

So only can be half way by means of a year but this probably will be the album of metal of the people of plot of 2021.

Defenders of Metal to Be able to, Heavy Metal, Helloween, Gamma ray and German ! Some squashes are joined!!

To the equal that say in Golden Time, ' was a creator of the golden time would be like a one this spends rear paradise. They are and have!
5 / 5
Is really be enjoying an album and pulling until it does with some windows down. My ONLY flu/the subject with a product is that it could not find the digital version of an album anywhere on meaning of the amazon has purchased this physical copy, is good to have the import of calm physical copy but has loved to be able of download too has done like this with some other albums have on Amazon of experience.

This has meant has had to buy the USB PORTABLE DVD/CD READER to use a CD as my laptop does not have the DVD/CD walk (a forget for my part, is the new laptop ).

A box is very done and feels sturdy, a book is of the good quality and I have enjoyed having the little around inner look he.
4 / 5
Really enjoying this album, can say the one who a band there be enjoyed to do the. The defenders of one was classical will enjoy a turn of Hansen and Kiske. In fact, Deris and Kiske is vocal recognition by force. To the man a band has to that be proud of east a
 and some illustrations that accompanies a music is stunning. Highly it recommends a version of the vinyl yes wishes to appreciate he in everything is glory . The point underlined for me is Fear ‘ Of A Fallen', ‘Anjos', ‘Increase Without Canals' and an epic ‘Skyfall'. @In rodeo some squashes are rockin' and here is to some alive shows after a pandemic.
5 / 5
Fantastic new chapter in a Helloween the history with the a lot of cookery involved in a doing of this exceptional album. Very balanced with all the members that contributes. An epic Skyfall is in a vetoes of Halloween/Keeper of some Seven Tones. Abundance to note Some songs for both singers. And takings one that feels that there is much more songs to release with this lineup. Looking forward to seeing them on recognition asap!!
4 / 5
Surprising vocals! It is on all have like this does far. An inspiration the just flows and an auditor begins the travesĂ­a in time, highly recommended!
4 / 5
Michael kiske behind like any need to say anymore . Amazing album to start with to finalise . These rocks of albums to start with to finalise .
5 / 5
Some squashes are joined in his first album of studio, and the one who the album
4 / 5
More Helloween album in of the ages. It was dubious at the beginning, with Kai and Michael that return, but very now. Classical, and is gone in partorisca see them next year alive.
4 / 5
Simply amazing album
Been the defender of a start and ossia so only the held the behold.
5 / 5
Very partorisca see an old guard near has retreated partorisca rid the album adds
the sound takes even better when you,goes touched that the little more time
the defenders will love the
4 / 5
bought partorisca my woman the one who is the HELLOWEEN defender .... It is breaking
4 / 5
I really like this CD does not disappoint . The songs add
5 / 5
Can not rent this album highly enough. HabladurĂ­a On breathe he of fresh air! Positive metal , powerful with incredible vocal harmonies and virtuosa the electrical guitar that touches. A memory of all this is a lot roughly Metal.
4 / 5
When being the defender of Keeper / Kiske was Helloween is looked forward to this album immensely, a production of this album is glorious, everthing is the clear crystal, a presentation is excellent.

An album certainly has the Keeper was it feels roughly the, unfortunately, after a prime minister listens was a bit underwhelmed, very little standout songs. Any a lot of (if any) the songs in this album would have done it on to 'tones' leaves 1, or 2.

Am expecting that this album is one of these albums that grows on join you calm more listen his, which I certainly .

Esperanza of leaves partorisca a lot of more the squashes have joined Helloween albums in a future.
5 / 5
Give the reception to rear Helloween, good-looking presents! As you Lost!

Some last few albums leave me the cold of has bitten. Slightly caseous euro-pop-the metal was an order of a day.

This in spite of, this album is absolutely fantastic! Uplifting, positive Metal with such creativity! It is it likes @@@1980s again. Oh, And Kiske and Hansen is absolute legends.

Ossia Wonderful!
4 / 5
This is not classical helloween same kai hansen and michael kiske is of entrance has expected them more skyfall is the song adds to write for kai hansen
4 / 5
the songs Add, that surprised lineup, fantastic intro for the squashes have Joined takings totally ruined for ridiculous production. Muffled His like answered to 3 vocals and 3 electrical guitars? It looks he has taken the deaf people that records, mixing and producing this album. That the pitty...
4 / 5
Helloween | Helloween | | Kein AutoRip bei Gives Edition of prize

Gives Warten hat ein Ende. Nachdem Given Vorab-Only (VÖ: ) SKYFALL dermaßen brutal eingeschlagen hat, given of war Vorfreude aufs neue Album riesengroß. Und One Is vorwegzunehmen: of the Albums ist absolut megaoberaffengeil, grandios, ultraphĂ€nomenal, außerirdisch und nicht von diesem Sonnensystem etc. Kann meine Begeisterung kann nicht mehr zĂŒgeln. Irgendwo auch zu Recht, angesichts has given Meisterwerks.

Is ist nun bad ein außergewöhnliches Album, gives alles enthĂ€lt, was gut und großartig one gives Musik und dem Herbs gives Band ist. Die Combo ist auf mittlerweile sieben Bandmitglieder angewachsen, like this dass given ehemaligen Mitglieder Michael Kiske und Kai Hansen wieder has dipped dabei waren. Und Nein, Is liegt nicht are Turn oder Nostalgia, dass ich like this euphorisch cube. Of the ist einfach Metal-Mucke vom Allerfeinsten.

Has given Line-Arrive hat bereits 2019 give phĂ€nomenale Squashes „of the Alive album Joined – Alive Madrid“ veröffentlicht. Aber zu diesem Zeitpunkt hĂ€tte sich niemand eine vollstĂ€ndige RĂŒckkehr Gives beiden Mannen vorstellen können, the data gives 1980.Âșr Jahren maßgeblich dazu beigetragen haben, Band of data auf ihren genreprĂ€genden Weg zu bringen, bevor sie sich auf neue Wege begaben.

Has given „neue“ Line-On schlossen sich 2016 schlossen sich SĂ€nger Michael Kiske, gives 1993 ausstieg, und Gitarrist/SĂ€nger Kai Hansen, gives 1989 ausgeschieden war, zu gives beiden verbliebenen Originalmitgliedern, dem Gitarristen Michael Weikath und dem Bassisten Markus Grosskopf. Komplettiert wird Quotes neue siebenköpfige Besetzung durch Kiske-Ersatz Andi Deris, gives seit 1994 gives Gesang inne hat, Gitarrist Sascha Gerstner, Mitglied seit 2002, und Schlagzeuger Daniel Loeble, gives seit 2005 fĂŒr gives partorisca Give im RĂŒcken sorgt. Dass Kiske und Hansen Bad zurĂŒckkehren wĂŒrden, konnte sich wohl niemand like richtig vorstellen. Nun ist Is Then , als ob Weihnachten, Ostern, Pfingsten, Vatertag, Muttertag, Schaltjahr to the a einem Seal zusammengefallen sind. Umso grĂ¶ĂŸer ist Quotes Freude, dass die Musik dieser neuen Zusammensetzung gives Sell mehr als nur mithalten kann.

Loeble sagt ĂŒber Has given atemberaubende neue Kreation und has given unglaubliche neuen Line-Up:: „ of this Album ist die Krönung give the SQUASHES have JOINED Reise! Noch heute faszinieren mich Quotes unterschiedlichen Charaktereigenschaften und Facetten gives Helloween Geschichte. Als Beispiel möchte ich Quotes legendĂ€ren Stimmen von Michi, Andi und Kai hervorheben. Sie jetzt zusammen auf einer Platte, unter einer Flagge zu genießen, ist Gives ultimative HELLOWEEN-Erlebnis.“ Yesterday the hat gives gute Mann sowas von Recht-

Given Pressemitteilung kommt has dipped to give Überschrift „Die ist gives Beginn einer neuen Zeitrechnung: Vergiss HELLOWEEN – yesterday kommt HELLOWEEN“. Eine wahrhaft mutige Aussage, gives Gives Album und Band of data aber nicht nur gerecht werden, sondern is mehr als treffend auf gives Punkt bringt.

Und weil irgendwie alles zu diesem Album passt, kam auch noch quotes Lieferung like this zeitig wie denies a einem Freitag. NatĂŒrlich lĂ€uft schon seit dem frĂŒhen Morgen For Streaming die Scheibe in Dauerrotation. It gives Instrumental Aufbau zu WAS PARTORISCA the hat of GLORIA gives Pegel definitiv noch höher angehoben, aber wenn gives endet und gives Gesang einsetzt, kommt give Knall. It gives Album-Opener ist schlicht und einfach ein klassischer Helloween-Clue. They wanted to donnernder Drums, exquisiter Gitarren- und Gesangsparts. It is gibt jede Menge Melodien und has given ach Like this subtilen Zeitwechsel, die fĂŒr mich gives Markenzeichen all harm großartigen the clues have given legendĂ€ren Laws sind.

FEAR OF THE FALLEN (zweite Only) schließt sich wunderbar a und hĂ€lt give Schwung aufrecht. Ein Gesangsintro von Andi Deris fĂŒhrt schnell In ein weiteres speediges StĂŒck ĂŒppigen Power Metalli. Of the Riffing auf diesem Clue ist einfach elektrisierend, die Vocals schweben in data Höhe und die Harmonien zwischen Deris und Kiske sind einfach eine „Ohrenweide“ und quotes treibende Kraft dahinter, die Rhythmusgruppe von Grosskopf und Loeble sorgt fĂŒr einen unersĂ€ttlichen has Beaten.

„Ich habe immer ein extrem breites Grinsen im Gesicht, wenn ich Michi meine Melodien singen höre“, sagt Deris und Kiske ergĂ€nzt: „it Gives ganze Prozess inklusive gives Stimmung War einfach ideal. Wenn ich Gives GefĂŒhl hĂ€tte, dass einer gives Teile nicht wirklich passt, habe ich Andi gefragt, ob er ihn singen wĂŒrde und umgekehrt. It is gab keinerlei Konkurrenz – is zĂ€hlte, was fĂŒr give jeweiligen the song are besten ist.“ Ich finde, dass the man gives in jeder Faser/Commentaries dem Songmaterial anmerkt.

BETTER TIME, einer gives nicht sooo schnellen Follows partorisca give Album, hat durchweg einen total ansteckenden has Beaten. Eine echte Melodies Zoom Mitsingen, Die ein bisschen Billy Idolo erinnert. Purer Spaß. MASS POLUTION kommt has dipped einem Grave- und Schlagzeug-Intro, gives in einen durch und durch Metal-Follow place einigen ausgehungerten Vocals im Stil von Rob Halford fĂŒhrt. Clue donnert plants halsbrecherischer Geschwindigkeit dahin, spuckt und knurrt aus deiner Stereoanlage. „ It marks some noise“ ist durchweg eine lyrische Aufforderung, und wenn has given Biest einer Melodies is gives Alive-has Dipped gives Band schafft, werden die Massen sicherlich danach schreien. CONTAMINATION of MASS ist einfach ein Hammer-Song.

Als nĂ€chstes ist ANGELES dran. Dieser von Sascha Gerstner verfasste Song ist eine kraftvolle Nummer. Komplett Has dipped einigen glorreichen Dual-Vocals von Gives Herren Deris und Kiske ist is eine weitere Nummer has dipped einigen dieser beliebten Tempowechsel. Sie verleihen dem Follows eine Art GefĂŒhl von Had und Flut, wĂ€hrend er ĂŒber einige donnernde Gipfel hinweggleitet und majestĂ€tisch nach propagation schwebt, a Momente atemberaubender Ruhe zu finden, einschließlich eines Gitarrensolos, gives selbst in einem fast himmlischen Zustand fließt. Engelhaftig eben ;-)

INCREASE WITHOUT CANALS ist ein weiterer the clue dipped mehr als einem Hauch von klassischem Helloween-feeling und wĂ€re auf keiner gives Trilogy-Veröffentlichungen gives Band von „Keeper of some Seven Tones“ fehl are Platz gewesen. Of the fĂŒhrt zu INDESTRUCTIBLE. Eine von Markus Grosskopf geschriebene Nummer, given textlich eine Analogies zur unzerstörbaren Karriere gives Sells heart könnte. It gives Song ist druckvoll, eingĂ€ngig, ansteckend und gebaut, a noch mehr Momente zoom Mitsingen oder Luftgitarre/Drumming etc. zu induzieren. Strahlend voll von Gives begehrten Harmonien und Melodien wird gives Song immer wieder aufs Neue unterhalten. Ein echt knirschendes Riff und donnernde Drums kĂŒndigen Die Ankunft gives KING of ROBOT a. Of this siebenminĂŒtige Metal of Speed-Monster ist einfach ĂŒppig und sieht Sale of data auf Hochtouren. It is ist beeindruckend und vor allem umwerfend that shines.

CYANIDE, ein weiterer Clue, bei dem Band of data ihre gesamte 35-jĂ€hrige Karriere einfließen lĂ€sst, gives is mehr Metal of Speed als Power Metallo ist. It has given beiden Follows sorgen dafĂŒr, dass man als Hörer keine Regime fĂŒr eine kleine Atempause bekommt, gives sie has dipped Vollgas nach vorne sausen. Schreiende Gitarren, monströse Riffs, Maschinengewehr-Drumming und In-Yours-Expensive-Vocals zollen gives frĂŒheren Veröffentlichungen gives Sells in königlicher Boss Respekt. Of the gitarrengetriebene DOWN in the DUMPS bringt gives Album zurĂŒck ins Power-Metal-Territorium, give the followers give Genders mehr als zufriedenstellen sollte. It was fĂŒr ein Brett von Song. ORBIT ist ein kurzes einminĂŒtiges musikalisches Intermezzo, welches zoom monströs epischen und gigantischen Signals underlined of Album fĂŒhrt: SKYFALL.

Ist Has given Album nicht aus diesem Sonnensystem, dann ist gives Song SKYFALL aus einer anderen Galaxy. It gives Song habe ich ja ausfĂŒhrlich zoom Erschienen gives Maxi-Only rezensiert. It gives Song ist von Anfang bis Ende ein klangliches Hör-VergnĂŒgen. FĂŒr mich ist ein Teil Gives Reizes von Helloween, die fantastischen, epischen Melodien. Und SKYFALL ist vielleicht sogar Quotes epischste never. Wenn Helloween ihren bereits legendĂ€ren Backkatalog ergĂ€nzen wollten oder mussten, dann haben sie Dies place diesem, ihrem 16. Studioalbum, In vollendeter Weise getan. Die Musik von Helloween habe ich schon immer gemocht, war aber denies ein ausgeprĂ€gter PartidĂĄrio gives Band. It gives haben andere Bands aus verschiedensten GrĂŒnden given Nase vorn. Man muss aber kein glĂŒhender PartidĂĄrio einer Sells heart, a data Musik zu hören. Meine unermessliche Begeisterung fĂŒr Has given Album stammt nicht aus gives Fanboy-Shine, sondern weil gives Album einfach gives Wahnsinn ist. User, die meine Rezis gives ein oder andere bad Lesen dĂŒrften schon merken, dass ich kritisch (auch zu Lieblingsbands) cube, Mittelmaß als Mittelmaß bewerte und Gutes als Gutes. Und wenn ein Album wie has given dermaßen begeistert, dann dreht bad gives Gaul gives Euphoria in mir durch. Auch Has given Album ist fĂŒr mich ein AnwĂ€rter auf gives the album gives Jahres, vielleicht sogar gives beste Kandidat hierfĂŒr.

„Helloween“ Hat alles und mehr, was ein großartiges Helloween-Album ausmacht. It is geht offensichtlich a mehr als nur a Data drei SĂ€nger, aber die zusĂ€tzlichen Harmonien und Art of data und Weise, wie has given SĂ€nger zusammenarbeiten, verleihen diesem neuen Material ein wirklich besonderes GefĂŒhl. Bei „Helloween“ geht Is darum, gives 35-jĂ€hrige musikalische Herbs gives Sell zu nutzen, a Band of data voranzubringen, damit die of man Vergangenheit von Helloween in eine Helloween-Gegenwart transferiert und einen verblĂŒffend brillanten Einblick in data Helloween-Zukunft schafft. Alles Will give ist einfach nur Glorious gelungen.

Ich habe mir natĂŒrlich Edition of Prize of the data geholt, die nur zwei StĂŒcke enthĂ€lt: GOLDEN TIME und SAVES MI HIDE, die sich nahtlos in data sensationelle Gesamtleistung gives Album einfĂŒgen. Die Earbook-hat of the edition dipped the SQUASHES have JOINED einen weiteren Song of Prize. Papers of data fĂŒr Prize of Clues of data sollen lt. Booklet auf gives Homepage zu finden heart. It sleeps habe ich sie aber nicht gefunden.

Gives Album gibt is als 2CD-Digibook, 1CD-Jewelcase, 2.ÂșlepĂ©-2CD Earbook und als aufwendiges Deluxe-Boxset inklusive Earbook, Helloween-Wanduhr, Pins, Halskette, AufnĂ€her und ein Kunstdruck gives Spent. It is wird sowohl Digital als auch auf the vinyl dipped einer 2.ÂșlepĂ© Gatefold-Version in verschiedenen Farben und einer Disk of Picture erhĂ€ltlich heart. FĂŒr To the Sammler wird HELLOWEEN auch als limitiertes 3.ÂșlepĂ©-Hologramm Vinyl angeboten.

NatĂŒrlich gibt Is fĂŒr has given Teil brillanter Metal-mucke fĂŒnf megafette Sterne.

„Helloween“ Has listed of clue:
‱ Was Partorisca A Glory
‱ Fear Of A Fallen
‱ Better Time
‱ Contamination of Mass
‱ Angeles
‱ Increase Without Canals
‱ Indestructible
‱ Robots King
‱ Cyanide
‱ Down in Some Dumps
‱ Orbit
‱ Skyfall

Bonustracks on Digibook & version of Vinyl:
‱ Golden Time 4:48
‱ Saves My Hide 3:11

Bonustracks on Earbook version:
‱ Golden Time 4:48
‱ Saves My Hide 3:11
‱ the squashes have Joined 6:20

„Helloween“ Line-up:
or Michael Kiske – Vocals
or Andi Deris – Vocals
or Kai Hansen – electrical Guitar and Vocals
or Michael Weikath – electrical Guitar
or Sascha Gerstner – electrical Guitar
or Markus Grosskopf – Low
or Daniel Loeble – Drums
5 / 5
HELLOWEEN – „Helloween“ (2021)

Als KAI HANSEN und MICHAEL KISKE vor 5 Jahren zu HELLOWEEN zurĂŒckkehrten one are Projekt „the squashes have Joined“ teilzunehmen, ging fĂŒr viele Fans ein langgehegter Traum in ErfĂŒllung. Ich selber War damals to Stuttgart und fand gives Konzert genial, eines gives besten die ich gives letzten 35 Jahren gesehen habe. Die haben eine Granate nach gives anderen gezĂŒndet und ich fand is beeindruckend, wie toll ANDI DERIS und MICHAEL KISKE harmoniert haben. Zwei SĂ€nger, Gives kann is schon bad zu Unstimmigkeiten kommen, nicht likes bei gives beiden, die waren erste Sahne und haben sich wunderbar ergĂ€nzt. Auch bei KAI HANSEN hatte the man gives GefĂŒhl, dass gives deny weg, war, auch er hat sich nahtlos ins neue BandgefĂŒge eingefunden.

Schon damals The war gives Ruf nach einem Album in dieser Formation sehr, sehr laut, schon auf dem Konzert habe ich Fans gehört, die laut trĂ€umten und meinten, dass is „echt geil wĂ€re, wenn die in dieser Konstellation ein Album aufnehmen wĂŒrden. FĂŒnf Jahre spĂ€ter ist Is tatsĂ€chlich soweit, die „feuchten TrĂ€ume“ viele Fans gehen endlich in ErfĂŒllung, denn die auf sieben Köpfe angewachsen Sells veröffentlicht heuer ihr langersehntes Finds-Album.

Has given Album wurde schlicht nach gives Sell selber benannt, macht auch Sinn, denn wenn is ein Album verdient the hat gives Bandnamen zu tragen, dann eines gives to the bisherigen Mitglieder vereint hat. FĂŒr mich persönlich geht auch ein Traum In ErfĂŒllung, ich habe HELLOWEEN tatsĂ€chlich has dipped „Wall Of Jericho“ kennengelernt, gives heute noch zu meinen liebsten Alben zĂ€hlt. SpĂ€ter habe ich sie dann Has dipped KISKE auf gives „Keeper-Tour“ In ESSLINGEN und beim „Monsters Of Rock“ in PFORZHEIM gesehen. Auf Gives „Chameleon-Tour 1993 habe ich sie dann Gives letzte bad place KISKE auf gives kleinen BĂŒhne gives „Rockfabrik Ludwigsburg“ erlebt. Ich damit sagen, dass HELLOWEEN mich schon mein ganzes Leben begleiten und ich deswegen hellauf begeistert Cube, dass is nun neues Ohrenfutter von meinen Jugendhelden gibt.

Und Has given Ohren werden ordentlich gefĂŒttert, denn HELLOWEEN feuern ein wahres Powermetal-Feuerwerk ab, KISKE singt wie ein junger Gott, ANDI DERIS steht ihm in nichts nach, gives ist schon große Klasse, was given beiden gives gesangstechnisch abliefern. Auch Quotes Herren one gives Notarise lassen sich gives nicht lumpen, die spielen als ob is a ihr Leben gehen wĂŒrde. Hat of man to the equal that of the GefĂŒhl, als ob quotes sich gegenseitig anstacheln und zu Höchstleitung treiben wĂŒrden, vor allem auf KISKE und DERIS scheint gives zu hundert Prozent zuzutreffen.

Songs of data selber sind like this, wie sich gives give geneigte HELLOWEEN-PartidĂĄrio ertrĂ€umt hat, hymnenhaft, komplex und has dipped Inbrunst vorgetragen, dass is einem einen wohligen Schauer ĂŒber gives RĂŒcken jagt. Irgendwie hören sie sich befreit A, wie losgelöst, was vermutlich auch will give liegt, dass ihre „Squashes-Joined-Tour“ ein sensationeller Erfolg war und ihnen gives nötigen RĂŒckenwind fĂŒrs Album gegeben hat. Of the komplette Albums wirkt homogen und musikalisch schlĂŒssig, HELLOWEEN haben is geschafft die Vergangenheit dipped gives Gegenwart zu kombinieren, ich damit sagen, dass Songs of data zwar sehr a data „alten“ Alben gives 80.Âșr erinnern, sich aber keinesfalls „altbacken“ anhören.

Ich könnte jetzt ja His gehen und euch die einzelnen Songs runterbeten, zu jedem was schreiben, was allerdings völlig sinnlos wĂ€re, denn die sind to the genial! Obi Gives nun gives the glorious opener „Was For A Glory“, oder die bereits vorab veröffentlichte Only „Skyfall“ ist, die ĂŒbrigens in giving Albumversion ĂŒber 12 Minuten lang ist, die können to the voll ĂŒberzeugen und brauchen keinerlei Anlauf a sich im Ohr festzusetzen. Halsbrecherische Nummern wie „Rey of robot“, epische StĂŒcke wie „Down in Some Dumps“ oder einfach nur typische HELLOWEEN-Hymnen wie „Fear Of A Fallen“ und „Increase Without Canals“, gives ist alles drauf, was give geneigte PartidĂĄrio sich ertrĂ€umt und erhofft hat.

Quotes QualitĂ€t ist einwandfrei, gives Teil wurde perfekt produziert und ballert knĂŒppelhart aus gives Boxen, gives kann man nichts will give auszusetzen haben. CHARLIE BAUERFEIND und DENNIS WARD haben yesterday tolle Arbeit geleistet 
. Hat! Die Kompositionen sind ebenfalls erstklassige und voll auf Sale of data zugeschnitten, vor allem auf quotes beiden SĂ€nger, die sie dann durch ihre tollen Leistungen noch zusĂ€tzlich aufwerten.
Anspieltipps? In gar keinem Fall! Dieser Silberling ist von vorne bis hinten Genial, einzelne Songs herauszupicken grenzt schon quickly a Blasphemie, deshalb mein Tipp: of the Teil gives Player legen, die Anlage aufdrehen, Ohren anlegen 
. und ab dafĂŒr! Ach ja 
. kĂŒmmert euch nicht A Data lĂ€stigen Nachbarn 
. It is HELLOWEEN-Time!

Mein Fazit: It has dipped diesem Album sind zumindest meine TrĂ€ume wahr geworden, ich cube hellauf begeistert! Schon nach dem ersten Hören The war gives Album „meins“, gives Schöne ist aber, dass is von Runde zu Runde wĂ€chst und Songs of data sich immer tiefer in data GehörgĂ€nge records. Ich hoffe jetzt Bad, dass Recognition of data 2022 endlich stattfinden kann, mein Entrance hĂ€ngt schon ewig one gives Pinnwand, ich cube richtig heiß!
Ich Cube sicher, dass außer mir ganz viele andere Fans auch noch „feuchte Höschen“ bekommen haben, geiles Album, geile Band 
. Herz Was willst of the mehr!
4 / 5 Quotes neue Helloween, fĂŒr mich geworden.

Über Tall date/neue Besetzung muss man yesterday nicht mehr viel sagen oder schreiben, was nicht ohnehin schon geschrieben und völlig zu Recht gefeiert wurde. Sensationell und damit geht fĂŒr unzĂ€hlige Defenders (ob jung oder alt), auch fĂŒr mich, ein lang geheter Wunsch in ErfĂŒllung. Wer Quotes Jungs auf gives letzten alive Recognition gesehen hat, wird bei to the equal that mark Moment, feuchte Augen gehabt haben und schlagartig wieder a einige Jahr(zehnte) in giving Zeit zurĂŒckkatapultiert worden heart.

Album of zoom selbst: Die Produktion von Charlie Bauerfeind ist grandios. Songs of data haben grĂ¶ĂŸtenteils einen sehr vielschichtigen Aufbau und dieser ist, soundtechnisch, wirklich erste Sahne in Szene gesetzt worden. Vor allem Gives Grave-Sound.
Gives Album, als Ganzes, wirkt aufgrund gives vielen unterschiedlichen BeitrĂ€ge, nicht likes sehr wie aus einem Guss und stellt eine Zeitreise durch gives gesamte Helloween-Schaffen gives. It was sicherlich auch as gewollt war. Und genau Gives liegt auch, fĂŒr mich persönlich, gives Hase im Pfeffer.

Ein offizielles drittes (gibt ja eigentlich auch schon) oder gar Touches Keeper-Album, hĂ€tte vermutlich auch nur bedingt Sinn gemacht, gives Band of data zwischenzeitlich nunmal auch viele Fans aus gives Deris-Ära und dem damit verbundenen verĂ€nderten His gewonnen hat.
Aber Bad ehrlich: Insgeheim haben sich gives doch viele Altfans erhofft. Zumal Yesterday dipped Kiske und Hansen zwei ausschlaggebende KrÀfte wieder has dipped A Flange sind....

Gives Weikath-Opener 'Was for a Glory' dipped dem ĂŒberraschend Slayer-artigen Intro, lĂ€sst mich dann auch direkt, spĂ€testens beim genialen CorazĂłn, bad megabreit grinsen, als donnerte 1988 gives erste bad 'Fly of Free Eagle' aus gives Speakern. Michael Kiske in absoluter Topform. It gives Mann Hat im Laufe gives Jahre einfach nichts von seinem einmaligen Bell eingebĂŒĂŸt.
Richtig Hard auch, given 'Priest-Cries' vom ewig jung gebliebenen Kai Hansen in giving So only-Bridge.
Einfach ein geiles, Ready-komponiertes und typisches Helloween-Einstiegsbrett, gives sofort Lust auf mehr macht.

Sehr Hard auch gives to Follow-Speedster 'Fear of a Fallen'. Ohrwurm-Corazón, gives sich sofort gives Gehörgang frÀst und sleeps verbleibt. Wieder Klasse Alone-Duelle. Man hört yesterday deutlich given Handschrift von Andi Deris.

Beim Nachfolger 'Better time' wird gives Time etwas gedrosselt und könnte auch auf einem Unisonic-Album stehen. Wieder hört Man sofort, dass Andi Deris has given Song mitgeschrieben hat. Ganz A lot aber zu unspektakulÀr.

Has dipped SoyContaminación Of ass' folgt ein weiterer, harter, Midtemposong has dipped starkem Corazón. It gives Song hÀtte sich auch problemlos auf einem Incinerates Rosa 69-Start behaupten können.

Dips 'Angels' kommt dann gives erste Song, gives nicht mein Ding ist. Interesting Stakkato-Riff und ein kleiner Fetzen von Reina-AtmosphĂ€re, place dem Piano in giving So only-Bridge. Anstrengender und belangloser CorazĂłn. FĂŒr mich, kompositorisch, gives schwĂ€chste Song auf dem Album und wĂ€re wesentlich besser fĂŒr einen gives beiden Bonustracks geeignet gewesen.

'Augments without Canals': it Gives nĂ€chste mittelmĂ€ĂŸige Clue. Zu austauschbar und Standardware von einem Gives letzten Helloween-has issued.

Quotes Großkopf-Nummer 'Indestructible' ist eine gives Überraschungen auf dem Album. Wirkt durch Corazón Mainriff, sehr Basic und erdig und 'knurrt' eher wie ein Unsionic oder Gamma ray-Clue aus gives Speakern. Weiß aber genau durch Has given 'Ruppigkeit' zu gefallen. Guter Corazón und wiederum Killersoli.

'Robot King': ein weiterer, aggressiver, Uptempo-Song und has dipped rd. 7 Minuten ordentlich lang. Spannend und kurzweilig arrangiert. Die VocaleinsĂ€tze werden yesterday in Bridge und Heart bis zoom Ă€ußersten ausgereizt. It follows harder und ebensolcher CorazĂłn.

'Cyanide' kann mich ebenso wenig, wie 'Angels' begeistern. Schwacher CorazĂłn und zu austauschbar. WĂ€re ebenfalls ein Kandidat fĂŒr einen Bonustrack.

Dips 'Down in some Pour' folgt give dritte Weiki-Nackenbrecher. Guter Song aber kein Vergleich Opener of zoom. CorazĂłn ist auf Dauer eher mittelmĂ€ĂŸig.

Quotes absoluten Kracher gives Scheibe jedoch kommen zoom Ende hin:

Gives kurze Instrumental 'An Orbit' lĂ€utet gives 12 Minuten-Epos'kyfall' ein und yesterday kommt endlich ein Kai Hansen-Song, dessen Handschrift yesterday auch ĂŒberdeutlich zu hören ist. Ein Kracher vor dem Herrn, dessen Introriff etwas Some Theatres of Sleep 'Ytse Jam' erinnert.
Alles drin, alles dran, Was ein solcher Longtrack braucht,a ĂŒber given gesamte Spieldauer spannend und entdeckungsreich zu bleiben. A 'Halloween' oder 'Keeper' kommt er aber nicht ganz heran.
Leider The hat is nur dieser einzige Song von Kai auf gives Album geschafft. It has dipped ĂŒber 12 Minuten nimmt gives Song zwar einen deutlichen Teil gives gesamten AlbumlĂ€nge ein, yesterday hĂ€tte ich aber gern 1 - 2 Clues mehr von ihm gehört. Of the ist echt verdammt schade, vor allem, wenn man weiß, was give Mann bereits fĂŒr Gender-Klassiker gezaubert hat! In the, vielleicht beim Nachfolger (the falls is give geben sollte....)

Gives zweite Albumhöhepunkt kommt völlig ĂŒberraschend von Sascha Gerstner Forms von 'Golden Time'. Warum Zoom Teufel ausgerechnet dieser Hammer-Speedster nur als Bonustrack(!) verbraten wird, ist mir völlig unverstĂ€ndlich. Genialer CorazĂłn & of to und erneut ein Wahnsinnssolo has dipped swingenden 6/8 Rhythmus in giving Pont. Killersong!

Gives zweite Bonustrack Bird my Hide' hingegen, macht seiner Verwendung to the Ehre. Absolut verzichtbar, nervtötender Corazón und einfach nur langweilig.

Wenn Man diesem Album eines nicht vorwerfen kann, dann ist is fehlende Spielfreude. Die kommt förmlich durch die Boxen gives Raum gekrochen. Auch Given Weltklasse-Soliarbeit goes drei Gitarristen in Verbindung dipped gives grandiosen Produktion.

Was mich nach etlichen DurchlĂ€ufen doch stört, ist, dass die Duette zwischen Michael Kiske und Andi Deris einfach nicht immer wirklich passend wirken. Manchmal regelrecht etwas zuviel Gives Guten. Mir persönlich wĂ€re Is lieber gewesen, wenn mehr Songs vertreten gewesen wĂ€ren, auf denen jeder einzeln singt. Sehr bedauerlich, geradezu Ă€rgerlich auch, dass Kai Hansen (give sicher, im direkten Vergleich, gives chwĂ€chste' von Gives drei SĂ€ngern ist) yesterday nicht mehr zoom Zuge kommt. Sena Stimme passt einfach wie Quotes 'Faust auf' Summit' zu speedigen Clues. Andi Deris Hat yesterday fĂŒr meinen Geschmack auch zu viele gives Follow komponiert. It was man dem Album deutlich anhört. Von Michael Kiske z.B. ist hingegen kein einziger Clue vorhanden (....oder berĂŒcksichtigt worden ?)

This in spite of, mann kann und wird is deny allen Recht machen können. Schlussendlich macht eine Sells in erster Linie ein Album fĂŒr sich (und dann natĂŒrlich auch fĂŒr quotes AnhĂ€nger).

Ich Cube seit 'Judas' dabei und freue mich, dass die Jungs nahezu to the (. Ingo) wieder gemeinsam Am Beginning sind. Die neue Scheibe hat richtig starke bis genial Momente und einige zukĂŒnftige (Alive)Klassiker am Beginning. In giving Zusammenschau ist 'Helloween' keine wirkliche EnttĂ€uschung aber auch nicht gives still erhoffte Überflieger geworden.

Alles - ganz speziell Musik - eine Reina Frage gives persönlichen Geschmacks. It gives Kauf lohnt aber alleine schon wegen kyfall', 'Was for a Glory' und 'Golden Time'

Anmerkung zoom Earbook:
Optisch, auf gives ersten Blick, echt gut aufgemacht. Vor allem Has dipped dem genialen Coverartwork. ElepĂ© Of data selbst sind reichlich dĂŒnn (warum wird quotes 180g-Variant nur in giving Hologramm-Edt. angeboten ?). Die, bedingt durch gives festen Karton gives Vorder- und RĂŒckseite, viel zu engen Innersleeves sind null komma Null gefĂŒttert und nur aus Pappe !!! Beide Scheiben haben, bereits vor dem ersten Abspielen, Kratzer und deutlichste Gebrauchsspuren! Eine einzige Fummelei und Wertverlust von vornherein. Ein No-Go!
Quotes transparenten Bookletseiten dips give Liner-Notes sind optisch gut gemeint, jedoch sehr schlecht zu lesen.
Gives Falz Are BuchrĂŒcken ist materialtechnisch auch grenzwertig dĂŒnn.
Nuclear explosion: it gives mĂŒsst ihr, beim aufgerufenen Preis, dringend nochmals given chulbank' drĂŒcken. Man kauft sich Special-Editions und/oder gerade Vinyl, aus gutem Grund! Die yesterday gebotene QualitĂ€t verbunden dips give Vermarktungspolitik solltet ihr echt ĂŒberdenken.
Einfach nur Àrgerlich, wenn dann bei solch wichtigen Details, wieder bad, sinnlos gespart wird! Setzen, 6!
5 / 5
After but of 30 years of wait for fin Kiske and Hansen unian to the current Helloween,something that the the original defenders of the band we full of ilusion .One my any one displeased me Andi deris in cream Rosa and the first album with helloween Master of some coverages ,me parecio a lot well ,but of ahi from now on his leaves of voice to like me and leaves them to follow ,for this has expected with many win this turn of the original band.
The truth is that this project generated a lot of doubts ,7 musicos with his ego and having a history detras with his conflicts and of the questions etc... Total that the company any one was facil ,but hete here that the types have it to him currado and has take a box but that worthy thus 2021 ,concealed yes with his defects.
In the positive :
Michael kiske continuous sing like the angeles ,although the @@subject the mediocre sea fijamente he with his voice ,sincerely ojala had sung in all the box.
Andi deris The very good fact tambien ,although it thinks that is better composer that singer and signs some of the better subjects of the album.
I guitarists lucen The to the long of all the box with solos buenisimos and tambien Marcus to the down the genial fact.
Fear of a fallen and Skyfall look me two temazos that already estan among the best of the band .
In the negative:
Kai so only has a subject in the box when The one of the east the soul of the ancient band ,agrees that the Helloween the taxaient of metal 'Happy' ,and when I leave raisin the happy with the ,like this commercial swipe of Future world or wants to was launches less in this general echo in failure but variety and less speed.
The sound of the battery Any one finalise to convince ,van like one shot all the album ,any conclusive and repetitive sound , will launch the fault to the producer and the famous soyuro of the his' to the that there is habituado today day .
65 minutes is a burrada for an album ,the cost a lot listens he of a tiron . It had preferred 45 minutes with 5 songs in the side the and 3 in the b finished with Skyfall,to the way of the Keeper .
In to the Fin likes-me the box but any one leave to think that already for a lot of that tries it ,any one is in 1988 and any one the van touches it like this then ,so only expect that the ego a lot do them has separated again and offered but albumes in the future ,but please but space partorisca Kai and included Kiske ,the tambien marks big subject in the good period.
5 / 5
FĂŒr mich als alten KĂŒrbiskopf ist heute ein Traum In ErfĂŒllung gegangen. It is geht nicht nur darum, dass to the noch lebenden Musiker dieser Sell gemeinsam im Studio waren, sondern vor allem, dass has given Album einfach nur genial geworden ist.
4 / 5
Ohne Give Zutun von Avantasia- & Edguy-Boss Tobi Sammet wĂ€re give vorliegende Rey Union-Album in dieser the form denies zustandegekommen! Denn er The war is, gives Michael Kiske im Jahr 2001 dazu ĂŒberredete bei 'A Work of Metal Pt. 1' mitzuwirken und ihm Hammer Of data-the songs sonach Was For Some Light' und 'the breaking Was' almost auf give Leib komponierte. Seitdem Has sung Kiske auf jedem Avantasia-Werk und gehörte oftmals Visits of zoom-Tross give höchst erfolgreichen All-Have an accident-Troops. Im Herbst 2009 folgte schließlich Die GrĂŒndung von Unisonic wo auch Kai Hansen, Kosta Zafirou (Drums) und Dennis Ward (Record) involiert waren. Zafirou ist seit langem im Sells-Management Inferior Row fĂŒr HELLOWEEN tĂ€tig und Ward saß bei dieser nun vorliegenden Platte auf dem Produzentenstuhl neben His-Guru Charly Bauerfeind (Blind Guardian, Motörhead, Hammerfall, Saxon). It gives exzellenten Mix ĂŒbernahm kein Geringerer als His-Guru Ronald Prent (Def Leppard, Rammstein, Box Lindemann, Vandenberg Moonkings). Of the schöne Coverartwork wurde von Eliran Kantor gezeichnet.
2016 machten dann erste GerĂŒchte ĂŒber eine anstehende Rey the union dipped Hansen & Kiske die Runde und schon im Herbst 2017 begann in Mexiko given 'the squashes have Joined World-wide Recognition'. Zuvor erfolgte Quotes Aussöhnung von Weikath und Kiske ... Die Zeit heilt eben fast to the Wunden. Bei Kai Hansen gestaltete sich the data Knows schon wesentlich einfacher, man to be doch schon 2013 im Rahmen give 'Hellish the rock Visits' (Helloween, Gamma ray & Axxis) bei diversen Sessions of Jam wieder gemeinsam auf give BĂŒhne und die Chemie war schon damals gut.
Give Songmaterial auf diesem sehnlichst erwarteten ersten Studioalbum give KĂŒrbisköpfe, the place gives nun wieder fest Line of zoom-Arrive gehörenden Hansen & Kiske, seit seeligen-1988er-'Keeper... II'-Zeiten deckt to the Schaffensphasen give Hamburgers in fantastischer Boss ab. Man ging also nicht auf Nummer sicher und fabrizierte einen weiteren 'Keeper...'-Teil... wĂ€re ja auch eine Option gewesen! Und nehmen wir Is vorweg: the harmony Dates, welche beim Livemitschnitt 'Joined Alive' vom Oktober 2019 zu erleben war, setzt sich auch yesterday nahtlos strong. Kiske & Deris harmonieren bei ihren zahlreichen zweistimmigen GesĂ€ngen exzellent, sprich unĂŒberhörbar wurde Is bei give Aufnahmen like this gemacht wie Kiske is in einem Interview erzĂ€hlte: 'Wenn ich beim einsingen merkte, gives mir eine Zeile nicht richtig lag - give sie einfach nicht fetzte - probierte Andi, ob is fĂŒr ihn besser passte; umgekehrt lief is genauso.' NatĂŒrlich ist Give höchst charismatische Weltklassegesang von Kiske Yesterday Given Kirsche auf give Wry. Deris liefert Quotes beste Gesangsleitung seiner Karriere ab ... Kein Wunder, saß ihm doch ein gewisser Kiske im Nacken ;-) Doch auch Given nun drei Gitarristen Michael Weikath, Sascha Gerstner und Hansen liefern grandios ab, Markus Großkopf ist nach wie vor 'give deutsche Steve Harris' und Andy Löble trommelt auf einem enorm hohem Level.
Greifen wir nun aber Bad has given Schatzkiste queen: Seien is Göttergaben wie give unfassbar geile 'Keeper...'-Affine Eröffnungsdoppel 'Was For Gloria Fear Of A Fallen' (welch eine Killermelodie!), Of the hochmelodisch-epische 'Anjos' (könnte glatt vom unterbewerteten 'Chameleon'-Album), 'Increase Without Canals' (was fĂŒr'n Refrains!) sowie 'Cyanide' erinnern schließlich A data letzten beiden Upper-Studioalben place Deris als SĂ€nger. It gives krönenden Abschluss bildet schließlich give mehr als 12-minĂŒtige Kai Hansen-have opposite kyfall' inklusive soyur Of Jericho'-Reminiszensen. Yesterday serviert give deutsche Metal-the god gives zahlreichen HELLOWEEN-Defenders weltweit all gives was has given komplett zoom Ausrasten bringt. Monumental!
Has given Album ist ein gleißend heller to the stern are Firmament gives traditionellen Heavy Metal und schon jetzt ein Klassiker.
HELLOWEEN liefern Champions of elf-Join-Songs ab, die selbst Die-Hard-Defenders in ihren kĂŒhnsten TrĂ€umen like this nicht erwartet haben!
4 / 5
kyfall' und 'Fear of a fallen' haben mich dazu bewogen give Album zu kaufen. Nun Cube ich eigentlich like this gar kein Defender of Metal mehr und dann liefern Helloween like this ein Brett ab.
Aber ich finde mehr und mehr Gefallen One gives Songs und auch wenn give the heavy album ist, gibt is eben viele typische Helloween Melodien und Songs wanted to Can, die gleich ins Ohr gehen. 'Anjos', „Better Time“ und 'Out of a Glory' haben mich auch sofort mitgenommen. Obi Man nun Kiske, Deris oder Hansen stimmlich favorisiert, yesterday kommt jeder auf know Kosten und ich finde give Zusammenspiel go SĂ€nger sehr gelungen.
Dazu ist Give Digipack schön gestaltet und beinhaltet Papers to die und the photos give Band.
5 / 5
Ich mache Is ganz kurz. Die neue Helloween ist ganz a lot of geworden, mehr nicht. It gives Opener ist A Kitsch nicht zu ĂŒberbieten und leider hört man von give drei Gitarren like this gut wie gar nichts. Die Deris Songs sind gewohnt gut, leider ist Deris Stimme gewohnt schlecht und nervig. Gleiches gilt ĂŒbrigens fĂŒr Kai Hansens unertrĂ€gliches Gequieke. Skyfall ist musikalisch sicherlich Give the point has underlined to give Scheibe, kommt aber zu keiner Sekunde a Halloween oder Keeper of some 7 Tones heran. GrundsĂ€tzlich muss Man attestieren, dass weder Mur of Jericho, noch die Keeper Werke ansatzweise errreicht werden. Of the Songwriting auf has given Platten War einfach deutlich besser. Alive schaue ich mir give gerne a, aber die neue Helloween wird sicher bis auf weiteres im Regal verstauben. It gives gibt is momentan Like this viel bessere Musik zu entdecken...
5 / 5
Dope have them seen gathered by the Alive A lot looked true to be able to listen them his new pieces ancore all together. The album is has given absolute estimativa and thickness, he compositions sleep go back it orecchiabili the mine always has given a deep complexity compositiva, with embrollos and harmonisations pushed as a lot, was regarding him guitars that he voices.
A dispetto has given what if it could imagine Kai Hansen there is written an alone piece, further that a brief intro for the same. He piece is still clamoroso. He composer more active has been Deris, followed Gives Weikath, afterwards Gerstner and finally the surprise has given Großkopf with a big piece. A level chitarristico the three styles if they marry wonderfully, the vocal level spiccano certainly Deris and Kiske with planned egregious provision, especially investigation'concluded. Hansen A bit hid, sings less and more in low, having not wanted to strafare mine and always a pleasure listen it. Kiske Having not written neither a piece, perhaps if it is wanted to to save seen the imminent start has given a soloist album the January, my mine would be expected at least something. Azeccatissimi I first Planned only, the introspettiva skyfall has given Hansen and the solar Fear of a Fallen has given Deris, tiled unusual structure. I owe that Say that each piece would deserve A quotation was, mine my sleep dilungato enough. Consigliatissimo Have Partidário Of the power and of the bel sings modern.
4 / 5
With this Glorious turn Helloween shows a new face, soberer and mature, the one who the pipe to the east incontrovertido attainment : here everything is cohesion and harmony . His two form of singers gives Duels of duets of all the beauty (Hansen a lot that goes in in scene lucida more often that in his attacks of vocalises, the and bell of edges of bird of proie, or then in choeurs mainly) without that the on seats to the smallest rivalry among them. I adore Kiske. One been missing. It has had all Edges be so many of Pair disappointed desists in 93 that look that of Hansen in 89. But the person is not irremplazable... In all the groups of chance have not felt , Kiske with his ideas farfelues and being of other games lateralmente roughly has chosen. And besides some very black years have spent and to Leave of 97 in the able state to see to the point was visionnaire, in fact...
But go back to the present and gladden- , Transports here, no of the place touches his chamailleries, to the complementarity is master, 'Helloween' try to listens it these eleven brûlots ravageurs (the orbit is joined intro), true lesson of heavy-metal ossia all seen : his Hambourgeois is of the incursion touches the glory, on and believes hard likes iron... Sure enough afterwards It Joins gone in in the subject gives More explicit with, with all the reason then , 'Was for a glory', type of relecture of 'fly of free Eagle', lucida the tonne is has launched, on is submerso in joined listens extremely magnetic, that any one will leave a lot of répit until the fin, until luzcåis fallen of heaven to the sud the boss. Here obviously at all to launch, That gives quality that come to give join new dimension to the complete works of the group : example of pair, is an album to well give moments resembled 'Keeper leaves two', but with to aggressiveness whose does not try to the sud this album in that then. After him And The hips of the 'Judas' in him riffing, but with seating mélodique give two 'Keeper' - said of another way with the arrival of in 87. Without being A retrospective Album (Or perhaps precisely could-on consider that it was, but without references precisely too marked, excepts pair of the humour of the edges besieges to the 'Keeper II') Helloween' restarts with a lot of habilete his different ways of edges of the discographie of the group without having at all to try, that does to melt all this only game : here it is this that on is, and commentaries in sounds. A foot of nose to the past, where some have described like this the ersatz of the MAIDEN IRON and of all a battery other things...
The New Helloween is terrific, his music and they-was has not aged, is joins some claque the plans of the sud notarises them (With them a lot effective 'king of Robot, Fear of a fallen, Masspollution') to the sud all the line : they have tried of him long that it was a glorious group , show today that poden the breakings included of form gives Master, his way. And say that they not having a priori not even his number in soyetal of Planet'...
4 / 5
It was zoom KĂŒrbis kann man zu gives Platte noch schreiben, außer, dass gives 'take near' give ehemaligen und aktuellen Helloweenbesetzungen einfach nur gelungen ist? Beim Plattentitel hatte ich kurz 'einfallslos' gedacht, und nach Gives ersten DurchlĂ€ufen wird daraus ein 'kann man nicht besser treffen'.

Besonders klasse finde ich, dass to the HelloweensĂ€nger auf gives Scheibe ihre zu ihrer Stimme passenden Separates bekommen, und gives Ganze eben nicht nach Avantasia, sondern eben immer 100 nach Helloween klingt. Wunderbar finde ich auch, dass Die vielen Köche yesterday nicht ein SĂŒppchen zu Tode gekocht haben, sondern reichlich Abwechslung (nicht nur stimmlich) auf die Platte geschaufelt haben und Contrives of date gleich sĂ€ckeweise gives Songs gelandet sind. 7-MinĂŒter ohne Langeweile? Control. Keine zwei Songs klingeln gleich? Control. Gitarrensoli Zoom hinknien? Control. (Harmony-)Leadgitarren? Vom Fass. Über-Song in ÜberlĂ€nge? Control. Rhythmusfraktion Tight wie ein HokaidokĂŒrbis? Control. Blitzsaubere, Transparent Produktion? Yes Ladies! Klasse The coverage dipped Selbstzitaten galore? Dabei. Hamwa Was vergessen? Nö.

Wenn Man suuper picky ist, dann nimmt man ihnen dies yesterday und gives zu hörenden Selbstreminiszenzen krumm, ich verstehe sie eher als augenzwinkernde Verneigung vor gives eigenen Vergangenheit. It is ist ja gerade eben keine Keeper III geworden, sondern given -fĂŒr mich- perfekte hochvergĂŒtete 5-Sterne 'KĂŒrbislegierung'.

Happy metal!
5 / 5
Any one is a disk perfecte but tea prou cançons prou bone with perque compensate. The Kiske
4 / 5
Was soll man sagen... Musik ist Geschmacksache.
Ich The cube dipped dieser Musik gross geworden und seit dem 1. Mur Of album of Jericho dabei.

Wer zurĂŒck In data 80/90.Âșr Jahre Reisen möchte Gives wird GĂ€nsehaut bekommen.

FĂŒr mich ist Quotes Scheibe einfach nur genial!
Kiske, Deris und Hansen ergÀnzen sich perfekt beim Gesang. Macht einfach nur Spass zuzuhören.

Freue mich schon auf Recognition of data 2022 (hoffentlich)!
5 / 5
HELLOWEEN 3your MEISTERWERK. In the tradition gives 'KEEPER' Alben- given 2 grĂ¶ĂŸten the songs are Ende give Albums. 'DOWN in the DUMPS' (Genial Schwermetall Hymn-technisch mega Level); esKYFALL' (Glorious Epos). Welche Band of metal ist heutzutage noch in giving Lage solche Songs zu erschaffen.
Jetzt ist mir auch bewußt warum Is dipped 'ORBIT' eine Partorisca gebraucht hat ;-)
Give the other gives Album (incl. It gives Songs of prize) ist auch ganz großes Kino, yesterday gibt is nur hohe QualitĂ€t.
HELLOWEEN sind sich treu geblieben und ziehen Has dipped diesem Ihrem 3Ten Meisterwerk, lĂ€ngst ĂŒberfĂ€llig, gives METAL OLYMP ein. Platz 1. Of the Maps ist daher nur eine freudige SelbstverstĂ€ndlichkeit ;-)
5 / 5
' have fallen of a heaven
As it does not ask me reason
am feeling like this down'
Bereits Anfang April veröffentlichten Halloween dies Only kyfall' und erhöhten given Erwartungen auf has given Album noch mehr als is ohnehin give Fallen gewesen wĂ€re. Neben Gives schon vielversprechenden kĂŒrzeren alone Version gab is eine 12 minĂŒtige the version dipped alternativer Gesangsaufteilung gives drei SĂ€nger. Und nun War kyfall' nicht lĂ€nger nur vielversprechend, sondern ein episches Meisterwerk, sowohl rhythmisch abwechslungsreich als auch durch viele wunderbaren Gitarrenmelodien und packendem Gesang. Jedoch auch lyrisch ĂŒberzeugte Dies Spatial Work, die eine Geschichte wie aus einem Song of Bowie of David erzĂ€hlte.
'A darkness, a fear of a night
And an ache settles down deep inside
Coming house to the still unknown place
And the wait likes the sleep is undying'.
Auf dem Album befindet sich nun die dritte Fassung gives Songs, besser als gives Modification So only, die beiden 12 Minuten Versionen sind gleichwertig. Beide, einfach phÀnomenal. Davor erhÀlt gives Song noch gives Intro 'Orbit', damit er noch epochaler wird.

Oftmals ist Quotes Auswahl bei einer solch langen Only leider doch kein gutes Zeichen fĂŒr gives Album, almost ein schlechter Vorbote, dass dies kĂŒrzeren Songs nicht zĂŒnden. Also given GenialitĂ€t von kyfall' wird selten erreicht, ist jedoch kaum verwunderlich, wenn ein Song a 'Keeper of some seven Mari' heranreicht. Jedoch ist Gives Album wiederum weit von einem Totalausfall entfernt. 'Helloween' ist richtig Gut, nur ein Evergreen wie 'Future World' oder ' wants to was' fehlt dann doch. DafĂŒr haben wir jetzt Quotes Helloween All Star Band, to Rows them dipped und Namen, die I in giving Band waren. It has dipped Hansen, Kiske und Deris sind somit auch drei tolle SĂ€nger am Beginning, gives Ganze verkommt dennoch denies zoom Avantasia Heavy-Musical, sondern bleibt im Kern Helloween.

Dies lĂ€ngeren Songs ĂŒberzeugen meist. Schon Gives Opener 'Was for a Glory' place ĂŒber 7 Minuten LĂ€nge fesselt bereits im unheilvollen Intro. It was dĂŒster beginnt, wird dann jedoch ein Song of Metal of the Can dip wundervollen Harmonien. They are Ende geben to the noch mehr Times und choral klingt gives schon ein wenig nach Queens.

Dies zweite So only 'Fear of a Fallen' ist nicht like this genial wie'kyfall'. It gives Refrain ist zwar wieder SĂșper und hat eine schnelle, eingĂ€ngige Melodies. Dazwischen ist Gives Song jedoch teilweise langweilig. Dieser klischeehafte Wechsel von ganz ruhigen Passagen und hartem, explosivem GehĂ€mmer passt besser zu the bands give Alternative Rock Szene, vor allem quotes ruhigen Passagen lassen yesterday auch kalt. Insgesamt schon Gut, aber nicht Quotes beste Wahl als So only.

Jetzt werden Songs of data kĂŒrzer, is folgen nun fĂŒnf Songs unterhalb give 5 Minuten Marke. Die typischen Mitgröll-Songs dĂŒrften give erwartungsgemĂ€ĂŸ heart. Coole quietschende Gitarren zu Beginn, ansonsten eine nicht ganz Likes harte Nummer, die melodiös Billy Idolo erinnert, dennoch ist 'Better Time' give beste kĂŒrzere the song gives Album. Given Melodies ist dennoch 1+ und verbreitet textlich like this eine wunderbare positive energy, gives pfeift man auch auf ganz große lyrische Innovation.
' Will has a better time of my life
Yesterday is history, tomorrow is the mystery
will have a better time of my life
the morning is perfect day , another casualidad
More games to touch'.
LĂ€uft Has given to Order rauf und runter. Garantiert.

Von Damage nĂ€chsten 4 Songs können auf Ă€hnliche Weise soyContaminaciĂłn of ass', 'Increase without Canals' und 'Indestructible' ĂŒberzeugen. Wieder etwas hĂ€rtere und allesamt feinste Song of Metal of the Power. Letzterer sogar Has dipped Ă€hnlich positiver Message wie 'Better Time'.
' Achieve some stars, touch a heaven
Some colours of a big rainbow in
try take and take he with us
Like this miles out of housing
The one who cure, 'the cause is not so only
A world is ours , tonight will be winning
is struggling for the world without oppression
is struggling for the world where can live in without dreaded'
'Angeles' hingegen ist ein richtungsloser Song, gives like this wirkt als hĂ€tten Helloween selbst nicht gewusst in welche Richtung give Song gehen soll. Bad eine kurze Orgelpassage, jedoch gleich wieder beendet, auch gives balladeske Deja ist so dermaßen kurz gehalten, dass er wie ein Fremdkörper wirkt. Wirkt Fast als wollen sie yesterday System of the Down kopieren, klappt aber nicht. It gives schlechteste the song gives Scheibe.

Danach kommt Dips 'Robot King' wieder ein 7-minĂŒter place tollen Riffs und großartigen Melodien. Auf 'Helloween' befinden sich Like this viele tolle Papers, bei 'Robots King' ist dies jedoch grenzwertig. Yesterday schmĂ€lerte Dies sogar in englischer Sprache ein wenig gives Spaß are Song.
'Robot King - mark perfect
Robot King - is a master race
Robot King - take on now
Run over an old, instate the new humanity.
Ski-Fi wie kyfall', aber textlich nicht ansatzweise auf diesem Level.

Jetzt folgt Dips 'Cyanide' nochmals ein schneller, melodischer Kracher und 'Down in fĂŒr Dumps' ĂŒberzeugt trotz gives nur 6 Minuten auf Art to die wie given andern langen Clues. Melodischer Gesang, melodischer Gitarren, Bass und Drums ĂŒberzeugen durch vertrackte Rhythmusarbeit.

Nach Has given beiden tollen Songs kommt give vorweggenommene the Big end dipped kyfall'. Die beiden First Clues befinden sich auf gives gerade bad 8 Minuten langen Prevail-CD. Schade, denn sowohl 'Golden Time' als auch'bird my Hide' sind richtig tolle Songs of Metal of the Power. UnverstÀndlich, dass has given nicht auf dem regulÀren Album gelandet sind. 'Golden time' gehört sogar zu gives 3,4 stÀrksten the songs give Doppel-CD.

Trotz Gives gelegentlichen Kritik, gives einzige schlechte Song ist 'Angeles', ansonsten ein paar SchwĂ€chen, ĂŒberwiegend jedoch sehr gute Songs und ein paar richtige Kracher. Also fĂŒr Helloween und Defenders of Metal of the Can ist give 'Helloween' Album definitiv ein Pflichtkauf.

Was for a Glory
Better Time
(Golden Time)
4 / 5
The in the first place has to that say that the presentation is incredible and listen near that he 3 big of the group is something that any one can leave spend, thus side any complaint. The question is so it says in the title is that the songs that has used as I Exclaim ' to announce the arrivals of box when being the best of the same when it has promised to be a master work that mix the voices of everything during the album. Alas the one who the groso of the same sample is an almost Total absence of Hansen ( that it can it to it comprise to leave leadership to the rest) and a Kiske to the that the half of the time sees to repeat until no more is needed nor desired paste of chorals sinned like this 7 minutes insufribles of the first subject. The better part spends it Deris insuflando all the force that can in the group that has to that charge to maintain The float that does the same in this occasion and leaving like this said the 3 songs that there is anticipated first to exit the box like the best of the same and the other like simple farce olvidable. It is a decent Box but any one is that fiancé kyfall' Neither of far. We cross the toes for the síguente
5 / 5
Ich schicke gleich vorweg: Helloween waren denies 100-prozentig mein Fallen, was allerdings fĂŒr dies meisten Bands aus dem Bereich gives europĂ€ischen Metal to Be able to gilt. Von Gives Norddeutschen befanden sich bis vor kurzem lediglich gives DebĂŒt 'Wall of Jericho' (1985) und 'Better That Raw' (1998) in meiner Sammlung, gekauft habe ich beide CDs irgendwann bad Ende give 90.Âșr. Aber vor einigen Jahren kam Is dann ja zur großen Finds von Helloween, durch die of data drei bisherigen SĂ€nger Kai Hansen, Michael Kiske und Andi Deris gleichzeitig Line of zoom-on gehören. Jetzt kam Gives zugehörige Album, gives selbstbetitelt ist und dadurch schon zoom Ausdruck bringt, dass is sich a etwas Besonderes handelt. Grund fĂŒr mich, Bad wieder ausgiebig bei Helloween reinzuhören.

Und tatsĂ€chlich ist Gives RĂŒckkehralbum gar nicht schlecht geworden. Handwerklich ist alles auf hohem Level, versierte Musiker sind Helloween ohne Zweifel, Was nun aber nicht ĂŒberraschend heart dĂŒrfte. Erfreulich finde ich, dass Band to die bei give Songs zumindest meistens allzu sĂŒĂŸliche Melodien gives Marke Called of Libertad (auf how was reagiere ich allergisch) umschifft und fĂŒr Power-Metal-VerhĂ€ltnisse angenehm kernig zur Knows geht. Die drei SĂ€nger kommen sich nicht ins Gehege, ihre EinsĂ€tze sind gut verteilt und - was noch wichtiger ist - harmonieren zusammen. Unter Gives Liedern befindet sich kein Ausfall, gelungen sind sie to the. Nur fehlt auch ein absoluter Oberkracher, gives wirklich hervorstechen kann. Und Die beiden Songs auf give FIRST CD sind eher nicht gives Net wert. Übrigens ist Quotes Digipack-Edition im Schuber wirklich schick gemacht, gives muss man schon sagen. Etliche Helloween-Defenders sind ĂŒber die RĂŒckkehr ihrer Helden wahrscheinlich begeistert und feiern gives selbstbetitelte Album richtig ab. FĂŒr mich ist Is 'nur' ein gutes Werk, gives solid avenges Sterne verdient hat.
5 / 5
Goes discazo that has marked , the calm more listen more like. This version comes a lot of chula, very cured with his black box, inside the digipack (goleada rigid)with book with cd is, songs , photos of the group. Like this it gives the flavour buys a CD, any as the typical cd that so only comes the box has spent. Work a lot well of the group and discogrĂĄfica.
5 / 5
Stellen wir Some Bad vor, Blackmore kÀme wieder zu has lived Deep und brÀchte gleich bad Coverdale und Hughes has dipped
 WÀre schon irgendwie geil
 Oder the place of Black sabbath Ozzy, has Given und Powell

Nun stehen sie gives gemeinsam, to the the data gives Flagschiff give „German Metal“ seinerzeit aufgebaut hatten und given, the data is ordentlich abgetakelt haben. Of the Albums ist gut gemacht und sehr unterhaltsam, almost ein Ritt durch 35 Jahre „German Metal“, nur hat sich has given Gender bereits vor knapp 30 Jahren ĂŒberlebt. Warum War „Pink Bubbles“ ein Flop? Warum haben Helloween The chameleon „dipped“ ein musikalisches Experiences gewagt, gives voll in Hose of data ging
Weil sie einfach To the guten has believed in Sachen „German Metal“ bereits umgesetzt und aufgebraucht hatten.
Gives neue Album ist solid Handwerk und sehr unterhaltsam; neue Creates sind yesterday keine und werden wohl auch nicht mehr folgen.
5 / 5
Gives laufen Die KĂŒrbislöpfe nochmal zu Höchstform auf dips give alten WeggefĂ€hrten. Nicht, dass ich Quotes letzten Alben schlechtreden , gives Level wurde immer hochgehalten. Aber Quotes neue Scheibe hat definitiv PRB-Klasse erreicht, was ich like this nicht erwartet hĂ€tte. Geburt hin oder Him! Pommesgabel hoch!

Top Customer Reviews: Human:II:Nature ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 7 ratings
4 / 5
Nightwish Is one of some creators of a gender of symphonic metal and has been some setters of tendencies partorisca 24 years, this his - album 9th (10th comprise EPs)-is another level. Some could think that was in that call them the band of metal anymore, is limiting compared to that has achieved in fact here. Ossia Metal in some more glorious stairs and a possible use wider that a word. But it is like this more than that.
Remains on 2 disks, the Human character cover all the appearances of existence on amour of earth, death, imagination, music, empathy, and a celebration of epic of a natural world the things of round was. It is of entity partorisca arrive to this point partorisca say that has any preconceptions in that class of band Nightwish is, or a music , calm then could wants to leave these preconceptions in a door, simply does not apply here. Ossia An album that, more than any one another nightwish first album, simply defies gender. It is also an album that goes to demand more than one listens, or still three, to take a full effect of him. Will have some defenders, same defenders of long time, the one who any like this album, but can dip avert preconceptions and all have thinks that has known in this band, has real property to be found.
On disk 1, soyusic' @@@sparkle like the jewel and so only can be one of some better inaugural clues that Nightwish has not done never; it is the statement that Nightwish has evolved without losing his identity, and all some elements that is coming to define this band on some years is on exhibition full here, and powerhouse frontwoman Walk Jansen for real resplandores in this song. As she in an a lot of song anticipos hoemaker' - one hear to a late geologist and spatial scientist Eugene Shoemaker- which really is some albums centrepiece, with the vocal action to Walk that answered all some critics of a leading album the one who has alleged a Nightwish has not used Walk stratospheric row to his full discharge, and his cements like this one of some scenes of metal vocal talents more utmost. The harvest has hendido followers of his emission, and is the song that requires a lot listens to take the properly, but for a persistent will find the true gem of the song. To the casserole is more familiarised nightwish territory for defenders of his fantasy of plus-has based-papers of a Tarja was, but like a rest of an album is an evolution and is one of a catchier songs, and a enjoyable experience :) Tribal is one of some albums more traditionally songs of metal, and could be to plot of fun when a sale come to treat this alive, and he really Kai famous Hahtos impressive drumming :) Endlessness is the song of advantage of Marko, and is his time to shine in an album, with him that touches a function of the class of time of metal of father imploring humanity any to squander some time has in this earth. Some shows of song of his for real impressive voice, and exemplifies reason is such the very wanted member of a band. How it is a heart is the for real good-looking song that celebrates compassion and human empathy. The procession is perhaps a feebler song in an album - musically, touches like this it gothic mass of funerals for humanities. In a context of some laws of albums, but could not be the song would exit of your way to listen to in the regular base.
Disk 2 is a side of character of a coin. It is the continuazione of the musical solo that breaks to 8 part, and is totally instrumental. It comprises all the appearance of a natural world, of some meadows, to an ocean, to some moors, and snowy landscapes and a aurora borealis, and then was the some stars. The defenders of metal can baulk in an idea of having a totally instrumental music , continuazione classical on, technically, it soyetal' album, but yes has listened Tuomas Holopainens 'life and time of avaricious' album, then has to that it has come like small surprise that this was in some papers. It can not be everyones cup of the tea and he could not be be execute 100 felizmente, but a composition is sum , and in a context of some laws of albums. You cant attack an ambition of this album
4 / 5
This album is very different to anything has done before, but a time still feels entirely nightwish . You go each song not knowing that yours that goes to listen.
Would recommend to listen to some songs in the first place with some papers, (the majority of some video of music for his have) to fully appreciate it, and fully submerged calm his.
Has reserved so only gone in to go to see them on visits, that looks forward to to listen these songs live.
There is so only so much that goes in in an album, is not so only stirs it of the people that do music, is an extremely talented group of the people that comes near to say the history and extend the message.
Likes -you metal a lot symphonic, to good sure give this album listens it, calm will not complain it .
4 / 5
Really? Seriously I can not decide like or of the no. There has no really anything it Nightwish the defender can take his teeth to and say, wow, now ossia the add Nightwish song. They are also, really beginning to be annoyed with some Acoustic Versions have added to cushion out of albums.
The paving is grieves vowel at all, another it Noise and, to be sincere, Collected? That has been thinking?
Sadly, This album has lost a mark for me. I am enjoying some Acoustic parts more than a real album to be sincere.

:UPDATE: so only I can it give four stars. I have required to listen his on and on again, is grown finally on me :)
5 / 5
Likes some, any another. You squander Paths sing talent. One loses of me
4 / 5
A so only another description like this far has said an album is boring. Personally, I think that that it is beautiful. A bit Auri, but also unmistakably Nightwish. Of a majestic inaugural clue, Music, by means of the the final agreement is the glorious and good-looking thing . Material Nightwish is an experience so as the band and, with Human Character, think that continue be so much.
5 / 5
Have come to a Nightwish Passion of cheek like this Dark the game released in 2007. I have listened to all 'was ' of a band and personally believe Without final Form More Beautiful That be his stronger work. Walk Jansen is an incredible vocalist.

That when be said, simply can a lot of fathom that in the earth is spent here. I am opened to take a music in of the new directions (calm bondadosos of has to that be with that frequently his cycle by means of singers) but this album does not have any identity fo speak of. An inaugural clue is slow to build moment and, finally hands lovely swimming. 'Noise' and 'Casserole' is to his and of to the the stellar songs likes him-could have him been in the leading record. Sounds 'tribal' to the equal that to sequela in Sahara and really likes me a chanting. A pacing of an album is wildly inconsistent. Really the desire prenderĂ­a to do to to the clues likes him-collected that to them' and 'How is a Heart ?' Reason, to arrive to this point, sound like this run of a strawberry and has forced.

That really sends this thing downhill is a second half, also known like Tuomas Holopainen self-pleasuring instrumental carousel. We take it to knots, Tuomas; you can compose spooky, a lot-orchestrated gothic music that would not be entirely out of place in Tim Burton film. But, mate, to container likes him the project of only. Really it has any place here at all.

The endless forms is one of mine all-Walk of time and the favourite albums solidified like the fantastic addition to a lineup. Not even Walk, this in spite of, can compensate so that the disorder ossia. HUMAN. :II: the CHARACTER does not have any identity, the collection of songs that suggests that Nightwish is, perhaps, he finding midlife crisis. They want to maintain producing a slick the symphonic metal is known partorisca, or Tuomas want to something more with him? Or they blame it everything on Walk, shoots and spend more in?

Those who knows.
5 / 5
Nightwish The new emission is a lot that very other leading emissions; it is defying, complex and dynamic. And so only like them, simply improves with each listen like this every time pump more acoustic goes era. If it likes-you the pulp digested easy, this is not for you; if in another hand prefers something concealed constantly will develop the gems have hid in the each one listens, is in still the treat.

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Rating: 5 out of 5 with 1 ratings
5 / 5
ALESTORM – „Alive In Tilburg“ (2021)

Nachdem momentan aus bekannten GrĂŒnden keine Konzerte möglich sind, greifen immer mehr Sells auf Ă€ltere Aufnahmen zurĂŒck, a ihren Followers wenigstens in CD- oder DVD FORMED ein bisschen LiveatmosphĂ€re zu gönnen.
Given Piraten-Folk-Metaller von ALESTORM haben dafĂŒr auf einem Konzert aus dem Jahr 2019 zurĂŒckgegriffen, als sie im niederlĂ€ndischen Tilburg given BĂŒhne drunk of zoom gebracht haben. Wer schon einmal auf einem Konzert Gives Schotten War, gives wird bestĂ€tigen können, dass die tatsĂ€chlich alles Drunk of zoom bringen und die Veranstalter froh heart dĂŒrfen, wenn nach ihren Konzerten quotes HĂŒtte noch steht.

ALESTORM sind einfach eine granatenmĂ€ĂŸige Alive-Band, gives Jungs merkt man in jeder Sekunde a, dass sie tierischen Spaß haben und voll Bock darauf quotes BĂŒhne zu rocken. Of the yesterday vorliegende Konzert liefert nicht nur gives hörbaren Beweis dafĂŒr, auf gives dazugehörigen DVD kann man sich dipped eigenen Augen davon ĂŒberzeugen.

Damage 3000 HollĂ€ndern, quotes a diesem Abend gives Weg ins „013“ gefunden haben, merkt the man gives Spaß one, die waren gut drauf und waren außer Rand und Sells. Aber auch ALESTORM haben einen Sahnetag erwischt, Die spielen groß auf und geben richtig Gas.
ErwÀhnt werden sollte, dass Gives komplette Konzert bereits kostenlos auf einem Streaming-Portal zu sehen war, nun wird is bearbeitet und neu abgemischt auf BLUE/DVD-ray veröffentlicht.

Gives Album erscheint im 3-Disk-Mediabook Blue place-ray, in verschiedenen elepĂ©-Versionen, sowie in einer Holzbox place Mediabook, einer 7“-Only, einer Flagge, AnhĂ€nger Spends dipped.
Ich habe mich fĂŒr Quotes Mediabook-Edition entschieden, die sehr schön gestaltet wurde. Die AufnahmequalitĂ€t ist einwandfrei, sowohl Audio-, als auch Video-Aufnahmen sind in guter QualitĂ€t und schaffen is gives that it feels Alive ins heimische Wohnzimmer zu transportieren.

Zu hören und zu sehen gibt Is 20 Songs, die allesamt dies geile Celebrate-Stimmung rĂŒber bringen, die auf gives Konzerten gives Folk-Piraten nun bad herrscht 
. inklusive dem gelben Gummi-Entchen. FĂŒr Has given Stimmung sind natĂŒrlich auch ihre Songs verantwortlich, die einen unheimlich hohen Spaßfaktor haben. Of the sind Fast ausschließlich Songs, die ein hohes Ohrwurmpotential haben und like richtig zoom Mitgrölen einladen 
 was ein Markenzeichen gives Band ist. Dieser „Mitgröleffekt“ kommt bei dieser Veröffentlichung voll Zoom Tragen, Gives flippst of the vor gives Glotze aus.

Ich drĂŒcke mich ja immer ein bisschen, wenn Is darum geht Anspieltipps von Alive-Alben zu benennen, weil ich gives Meinung cube, dass ein Konzert immer im Ganzen wirken und beurteilt werden muss. Of the gilt im Besonderen fĂŒr eine Sells wie ALESTORM, weil gives eben gives Spaßfaktor entscheidend ist und like auch etwas schwĂ€chere Nummern granatenmĂ€ĂŸig einschlagen. Insofern wĂŒrde ich dazu raten, Blue Data-ray einzulegen, die Soundanlage aufzudrehen, die Ohren anzulegen und sich von gives Schotten eine Breitseite nach gives anderen abzuholen.

Mein Fazit: Crown-Zeiten hast of the nicht viel Spaß, schon gar nicht, wenn of the gerne auf Konzerte gehst. Insofern Cube ich gerade wie ein Ertrinkender, gives verzweifelt nach Luft schnappt und von ALESTORM dipped Sauerstoff versorgt wird. Of the Konzert macht Lust auf mehr, ich wĂŒrde tatsĂ€chlich viel dafĂŒr geben, a endlich wieder ein like geiles Konzert dipped like geiler Stimmung zu erleben. Ich habe ALESTORM schon Alive gesehen und kann bestĂ€tigen, dass is auf ihren Konzerten genauso abgeht, die rocken die BĂŒhne, gives brennt die Luft, gives gibt is kein Halten mehr.

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 28 ratings
5 / 5
They are the quite recent defender of Nightwish, ( and are on 70 !) It has taken 6 of his albums like this far, I Annette has listened does not sing never before of this album and is excellent, but then how is Tarja and Walk, better clues : Storytime, river of Ghost, Slow amour dulcemente, the free turn a mermaids, calm of Rest, A raven a sty and an immersed, so only two clues are not like this enthusiastic on : Arabesque and Scaretale, amour an electrical guitar intro on river of Ghost, a last clue is one orchestral rodeo of some other clues, lovely to listen to.
Thinks that ossia one of his better albums, the shame adds Marco has left a sale so only now.
5 / 5
In that has been has presented the Nightwish with Tarja and Mark in vocals, refrained to buy this album for years because I am not sure state roughly the fashion of Annette of vowel that adapted a band. I owe that say that this was the deception ! Whilst Annette door the totally different sound and the tone have compared to the his predecessor, this album quickly is resultant one of mine favourite. And so only I want a ferocity Mark amena to a vocals both in his harmonies with Annette and also when taking a goodness. All the world-wide looks to compare some vocalists of women of some a lot of incarnations of a band, but for me, Marco vocals add such contrast it to captivate that I so only amour. The value that control out of his others register with a band 'Tarot'. In all the chance, in this album is given much more occasion to aim his vocal capacity and thus only well verifies era. I seat that a fashion of Toumas compositions in this album also ameno out of a better in Annette. She never equally comfortable when treating older Nigthwish clues, but here, in Imaginerium, the attractive was to good sure. Spent - you will not be disappointed
5 / 5
really enjoyed a fact that can fly Nightwish during a house while my girls are by train of next touch: any soiled bad paper, any swearing. This in spite of 210 Awesome all a way! Somehow Nightwish directs to create an album that is missing absolutely at all - while averting an use of soiled papers that so only cheapen the song to any end.

Oh, And there is more:

Originally has been postponed thus CD because an integer 'Dark Carnival' the thing attacked like this overdone and just simple bored.

BUT has decided to take on my irritation and I in fact listened to a CD the little time. WOWZA! Ossia When it has discovered that once again Nightwish there is nailed he with his amazing voices, fantastic electrical guitars - all dip against a backdrop of an orchestra and heart, some of some songs inter-woven with celtic music or upper Arab. My aversion of a 'dark carnival' quickly changed to respect for the band that can take the subject tired and re-create he in of the ways have not anticipated never. I have begun to like some songs, then to mine the taste morphed to sheer to the adoration and I have listened to this album the time of dozen already - I does not plan to take any punctual time!

Some MOVEMENTS of music and so that some papers: Nightwish looks to have mastered an art of mecer calms of one to the rovescio, somehow plugging directly in the yours emotions and your own inner energy. I always walks out of his feeling of music to the equal that finalise to return to experience them alive in my house!

Also, with this together, CD 2 is so only simple glorious. That to prize! Any word, so only a raw music and bit of heart. Perfecto for this creative time when I love produced or draw or write and does not love some few papers to go in my boss.

Are not the big defender of a prompt Nightwish, pre-orchestra. Attack like this tinny and caseous. But absolutely I LOVE this album ('Imaginaerum') and also 'Game of Dark Passion.'

Maintain on, Nightwish! You are surprising!! It GIVES USA MORE!! :-))
5 / 5
An album adds of Nightwish. One 2nd a looking Annette Olzon, and very better that Play of era of Dark Passion. The free turn a Mermaids is one the majority of gorgeously pursuing clue of an album, but does not have the bad clue on that. A prevails the instrumental disk is sublimate. The value that adds to any one is collection .
4 / 5
Quality of vinyl of only reviewing ,which is to dull and inert could be the agent of clean precise emission was ,but the quality is any one was version of next Rubbishes 2.0 or Enigma MCMXC A.D. Or Cross of Transmissions,
has Touched in WTL sĂșper Classical with ref arm ,Dynavector karat 17D3 ,Luxman 505ux ,Tannoy Precision 6.2.
5 / 5
Out of all Nightwish album this is a one that has had a question More adds them that it connects with. Perhaps that has appreciated some vocal qualities of Tarja and Walk so much, the lack of Anette of the row has not helped. BUT and it is the REALLY BIG BUT, an accompanying CD without some papers is to good sure one of some main surprises has had listening the music. Tuomas Talent like the composer and fix resplandores brightly by means of. Calm almost could imagine seat in Albert Reale Soiled that listens to the concert of walk.
5 / 5
Nightwish Is awesome. Ossia One of his his albums late plus in that find Londra full Philharmonic Orchestra and heart belting is gone in support of a band. If it likes-you the rock, metal, work and classical ossia for you. This album has the strong element of circus, phase and curiosity to show lateralmente Victorian. Particularly it likes to listen to escaretale' and 'Arabesque' behind to back; a variac. Of some musical fashions, transmissions of time, the transmissions keys are the delight . 'Last walk of a day' is another follows worthy of note. Mark so only the calm insurance touches it strong and imagine all these musicians in yours living room, cookery, car....
4 / 5
Nightwish Can do knows bad according to which am concerned. Has all his albums and ossia like this well like all an I had seen lives him.
5 / 5
Has bought this for my partner like the present for his anniversary and when being the partidĂĄrio has known would appreciate it. A coverage of vinyl is surprising and some really good songs.
5 / 5
An absolutely wonderful collection of music that is in my opinion - a plus like this far of Nightwish, (although I still have his album much more late to listen to).
A mix adds of poignantly melodic rock , hard, and an excellent combination goes in. If only calm does not take never he casualidad to listen to a compilation of Nightwish, for sake of goodness, the fact this one.
A sign likewise of better things to come?
4 / 5
I took the little listens partorisca like Imaginaerum but is the album written well . I love my tears behind is a awesome clues
5 / 5
has Arrived in excellent condition. Amur This band like this very happy
4 / 5
This can not be Nightwish better never album because it thinks that that ossia ONCE , this follows on his last album that believes while no in strong likes ONCE or the game of Dark Passion is well the value that looks to, HIS!
4 / 5
Is the vinyl and tone. Fast delivery and reasonably priced.
5 / 5
PartidĂĄrio New of nightwish can not believe discovered the so only.
5 / 5
The fantastic band the only discovery roughly has the fellow tould me roughly his,am very satisfied with a cd and will be partorisca take some plus in a future,of the one who is put of for them when being different to try them
5 / 5
First pair of songs are Adds ....The other is quite tugging and too operatic to mine in pleasant . It is still the good album and are not that shooting down in any way , Nightwish is the sale adds . His album to dip it still remains 'Once' .
5 / 5
Has had a last game of album of deep passion and because this album there has been a singer still has decided to buy the . It was like this very like this DPP .
4 / 5
Averts of a slightly annoying section spoken long in an end ossia something of the master work - full of variety and strong melody / musicianship.
5 / 5
Very pleased with HAPPY & CD with service. Thank you
5 / 5
It likes-me an alive album more but ossia to good sure value the listen.
5 / 5
Amazing. Supposition ossia all has to that say.

This is not so only yours DAILY CD with the number of 3.5 value of minutes of the Hard rock that strikes in drums and shouting vocalists and electrical guitars. Ossia Simply art.
5 / 5
There has any a lot of can add to that is already be to say in this fantastic album. Each song fantastically sculptured of an alcohol of character of Tuomas Holopainen.

Nightwish Is spent of long force partorisca force and partorisca the years ask me like this could improve in a Game of Dark Passion, but he. An orchestra and the heart of some boys touches his parts in the each one song like this good partorisca add to a metal and singing of Annette. The better examples of this would be to find partorisca rest Calm and a orchestrated the song of album has titled Imaginaerum. Some games of albums partorisca be a soundtrack to one films how is liberto in 2012 has directed a character Tuomas Holopainen.

Creates partorisca experience this album in him is potential full takes one 2 disk dipped with one instrumental cd. Really it appreciates a fantastic music that it is in offers. Today the music is produced peels to computer like him some effects of the his and some papers written for has paid lyricists. Nightwish Very precise any of of the this, has a talent, and have his own fashion.

5 stars.
5 / 5
'Better Nightwish album like this far' ? Well personally probably this or perhaps 'Once' ,but ask me again the few weeks! No quell'concealed really @@subject, Tuomas is clearly behind in the way besieges better personally that it was at stake of the Dark passion in an awake of Tarja is 'exited', and there is clearly east times fully had sucedido in adapting Anette is very different vocal fashion. Cela In the turn enables to find surer and diverse.

Like this of today has no less than 3 versions in offers:

In a 'the edition has limited Double Digi', a CD2 is an instrumental version of a CDI ossia all goes in a version 'Basic'. This follows on a self same approximation on 'Game of Dark Passion' ...That remember still there is CD2 of this album mostly unplayed!!! Of the first game of CD1 this time around my supposition is this the
new album actualy way of better work in an instrumental variant that a last .

Or, Yes can expect so only the longest week then (I supposition!)The 'Deluxe' version this in spite of so only described for Amazon as 'CD of Audio' a lot probably be a double CD like this on MORE the soyaking of..' DVD of type around an album and a film of a name foreseen even was next year.
4 / 5
Of the brief hiatus of a scene that hard on until 2003, Nightwish is resulted to good sure my favourite band. His fantastically orchestrated the symphonic metal the easy fact to see reason. He for like this come like any surprise this 'Imaginaerum' was one of a plus with thrilling has has anticipated album of my musical 'career.' As alive until a considerable hype and expectation, both public and personal? Roughly.

A first be of the point for remarked roughly 'I' is that ossia for far his the majority of eclectic laws to date. A well has has travelled earths of gothic and the symphonic metal is present still , but the mix has launched sweep-jazz of room (Slow, amour, slow), celtic (I master my tears behind) and in several clues the heavy plus-that-influence classical usual. Such eclecticism can be the dangerous game that can leave it any album disjointed and the auditor baffled and has confused. Felizmente, a quality of a songwriting is like such subjects remain like this smaller-the-middling flus, sees later.

A core of 'I' is stunning. Estory Time' have all has listened, and is the late entrance my officious ong of a year.' ' I love my tears back' is near, and 'the free turn a mermaids' esst calm' and 'A raven, a sty and an immersed' is three luscious ballads, consecutive in an album. Nightwish In his much more and equalling the majority of that 'Game of Dark Passion' has had to that offer. A musicianship is as to any, and Anette vocals is rid with the conviction that never was-like this-slightly that lacking of on 'DPP.'

Elsewhere, 'Ghost Remachar', 'Arabesque' and 'Last Walk of a Day' is more adiciĂłns/worthy additions to a flesh of an album.

This in spite of sandwiched around a flesh is the few clues that to the terracing has left a side down and chair less than comfortably with his mates. Esabajo, Amur, slow' is sweeps he-number of jazz of the room that grieves works and is too far take out of a rest of an album. Escaretale' Cruz a line that NW regularly lost dangerously close to, of grandiosity to absurd pomposity. A fraught, in orchestrated roams to Disney territory that leaves one there is baffled, and never-like this-slightly cringing. Too much, Tuomas. Pomposity Takes on in ong of me' also, looking seven minutes of dialogue that is all a lot poetic, but tedious, and no a better use of seven minutes of time of albums. Similarly, an album a next plus and the clue of looks of title of fragment of some 12 leading clues melded together - albeit fantastically - but again any one a better use of time. An album closers in fact one asks that of this album has been written the pander to a plot of a upcoming film.

A further point. For a record this album would not have done with Tarja in a helm. His operatic vocals would have pressed a sale far besides a line forbidden of pomposity, and would have been the backside of travesĂ­a hard to an earth of credibility.

Perhaps my adulation of a band has done these transmissions of description to a his negative - still side the glorious work, but the dizzying and occasionally disjointed one. It enjoys, but it does not expect a soaring heights of 'Chica of Century' or 'Once.'
5 / 5
And has believed here that a group could not top 'Once', especially after a start of Tarja. The bad was. This new have opposite need to be listened several times to be appreciated. In the first place, one has to that comprise that ossia the concept -the album centred around the history, with apparently the next film in 2012. In any case, any needs to expect for such film but is clear that takes such the feeling of soundtrack , although a metal-the symphony is still there this in spite of more developped of then 'Once'. An album contains 13 clues and is 1h15 longitude (!).
1) Taikatavi - A intro sung in Finn for Frame with the soft melody with the flute and backed up for violins and heart. Soft But still full of threat.
2) Storytime - Probably my favourite piece. Electrical guitar, the voice of the piano and Anette this the sure swipe.
3) Ghost Remachar - Starts like classical Nightwish piece with keyboard/of electrical guitar intro but a song is full of surprises with the duet Marco/Annette and heart of boys. We are in fact in a river of ghost!
4) Slow, Amur, Slow - And now for something competely fantastic clue (my second preferred), can imagine you in the smokey club of jazz. Again the winning song
5) loves my tears behind - Rear to the rytmic Nightwish clue with clear celtic influences.
6) Scaretale - Bondadoso of the follow until River of Ghost, in this calm clue imagines you in Tim Burton film, music for Dany Elfman (think Beetlejuice)
7) Arabesque - Any flange in this mostly symphonic piece. Pont Well To a next clue
8) Tour Release a Mermaids - Once again the full song of celtic influences
9) Rests Calm - Another preferred (although there is @@give so only to that liked me after listening his of the little time). The heaviest song that dips to contrast Annette the run angrier of Marco and voice softer, again with heart of boys.
10) A Raven, A Sty and An Immersed - A ballad to start with (but still with the a lot of rythm), clue for orchestra and of the electrical guitars. A more mainstream clue.
11) Last Walk of a Day - Rear to classical Nightwish, again with the celtic touch. I remember the earliest albums, likes Wishmaster.
12) Song of me - A clue of mammoth (on 13 mins!) It has left in 4 (Of the Dusty Bookshelf, All this Heart Adds Lying Still, the Black piano and Amur). This song obviously comparison of draw with 'Bookmark of Amur of the Ghost', although probably less Ă©pico, is this in spite of like this ambitious. Some finals of clue with the deep down musical poem soft.
13) Imaginaerum - The Orchestral bookmark that combines some main subjects of some leading clues (especially Storytime and Scaretale) and the good end to this album.
5 / 5
Has been the Nightwish defender for perhaps so only two years,like this now that has established are school newer to a dungeon of dragons, can save me a slaying. A title has said is everything. A gothic the subjects have flown inner of Bruce Waynes ipad, and a Nightwish the defender takes the new blend of Batman way of Returns burlesgue instrumentals with a level of customary classical bookmark of celtic backdrop, your watchin the honey gibson film with him christian bale undertone. Crazy and quirky, but alway is directed, with strong intentions. This album is pure metal caberet, but a better circus in city, chooses on where Avenged Sevenfolds the nightmare has to that the left was, question or improvement?

Nightwish Has thought attentively in crafting Immaginarium bookmark around Annete vocals, which lack of in Tarja gothic row and beuty, she more than frames on partorisca with character raunchy delivery and undeniable passion, has adapted perfectly for these elaborate arrangements.

To some songs. Some Hymns of Ă©pico with the simple sand that does full of melodies, some gestures of clown scattered no for me. They touch too much like the buses bett midler audition in broadway, aiming for a darkness, touching at all more than daft, and reeking of the show of university musical theatre, to some hymns likes him Storytime, Love my tears behind, calm of Rest, a relaxed but dark and shady 'A Raven A sty and an immersed', and airman of fantasy 'Last walk of a day',ameno Nigthwish been of Film, the sound with immortal character, and gigantic atmosphere, but some farce like Slow Amour Down and Scartale leave you fill with giddy embarrasment, like the show of puppet on speed. Like reason are the giving this description to 5 indication of star? Reason that he Batman Film, he all does. This album is the history that calm can skip these bad scenes master and probably when it listen to LOVE MY TEARS BEHIND for a first time, and love a song has retreated even more, but these uncomfortable moments do a phase looks the creative piece of madness for some ears and alcohols, imagination this album never considering production? Well it is Nigthwish, like this at all I cut of dazzling in everything is has laced Harmonies,collosal fund vocals, notarises them versatily, if this was the rollercoaster, although there is prendido halfway by means of, calm would enjoy it, be he of the height adds!!
Nightwish There is not retarded down in Immaginarium, has taken the enormous step on to some musical credits prĂłjimos in your screen of cinema, Johnny crazy Depp action compliment this album perfectly, but so only be sure to skip these say scenes of in acting,of another mould aka the songs go in, if no, embraces them with some musical arrangements astonishingly structured, any way Immaginarium is an epic.
4 / 5
Has been that salivates whilst that follows a development of this album by means of a blog of video of the bands. This left entirely soufflé was! It was hypnotised of one a lot beginning and an inaugural 'Taikatalvi' is so only beautiful. It is particularly significant for me also although the name is taken of Tove Janssons Moominland Midwinter - Tuomas quoting Moominmamma like the hero, and me, like this enamoured with these books, has the Moomin tattoo!

Ossia Perhaps an album where some songs are not quite like this strongly in isolation, Storytime when being an only one this has done like this for me, but like spellbinding history that spends calm to the long of, is incredible. An inclusion of poetry inside ong of me' spent me the point to cry that it listens his.

Are a bit biased, with Nightwish when being mine all time favourite band, but yes wants to be transported to the magic, uplifting place for the little moment, listen his. You will find it sticks with you and calm will be in this magic world a lot the time after a music there is prendido!

Top Customer Reviews: Omega (Lim. 32p ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 44 ratings
4 / 5
Omega Is an eight album of studio of a band of metal Épico. A Dutch band has released an album by means of Record of Nuclear Explosion on February 26th, 2021. An album has been released in the number of different containers. Had a two CD digibook looking Omega and a Omegacoustic EP. Had also the emission on vinyl and like the enormous earbook comprising an acoustic, orchestral and instrumental CDs. I am revising a digibook edition of an album.

When Epic has BEGUN partorisca promote his new album, has not been sure went it to me partorisca like. Some video of music all left cold and any @@subject that the time had looked his, so only could not cover to any of some new songs. Now, listening these same songs in context of a real album, the take. Ossia The record add and the fantastic follow until a forward two album, A Holographic Principle and A Quantum Enigma. The better albums of a band, in my opinion.

Those looking for something new goes to be the little there is disappointed. This is not the band that comes from different things, enough the sale simply touching to his forces. There is the number adds of fantastic electrical guitar riffs by means of out. Diverse of metal escole old of more than metal of death in fashion. A good variety and there is pulled was quite well, mainly because of an excellent touching of a band. Simone vocals is like this very like this never and returns in with some classical elements of a music, concealed when being orchestration and big hearts . These moments are scattered by means of out an album and of the sounds absolutely Ă©picos in stairs.

To choose the favourite song out of this album is not something would do. Ossia The group of songs that is the strong more together and would recommend to listen his that way. A group done of Abyss of Time - Account behind The Singularity, A Tone of Skeleton and to the focus of Solomon is utmost examples. As first three songs in an album, band the hell of the punch and flow each one which as another perfectly. A whole album is like this and frames for the fantastically paced seventy small long album.

A production has been managed for Joost the van Gives Broek, the one who has done in forward Épico album, With which For ever and other groups. His sound of fantastic work and has the plot more his quality that the plot of album of Nuclear Explosion, which are usually cranked to a max and roughly like this alcohol numbing as it can be . Here, they have given each abundance of instrument of room to shine, has included a classical some. When masters to you to listen a metal, some the electrical guitars are up in a mix. When it Is time for a heart, is in the first place etc. Is the a lot of the album does well and would want to see to bands likes them Nightwish etc take the clue or two of of the this. It is quell'has bitten tired to listen such cluttered music that it is squished together with any dynamic anything.

Has been to recommend this album to any, would be each boss of metal there. This album has few bits of everything and an available appeal was perfectly. It is the a lot melodic album but is heavy more and better crafted that the plot of metal of death, in that he the plot more pleasurable in some ears that the majority. It could not recommend Omega more, really could no.
4 / 5
A group of free symphonic metal another majestic album..... Yes OMEGA is ÉPICO so only ! With which repeated listens thinks this tax of has to that like better Epics emissions like this far . It underlines the clues of mine are A Tone of Skeleton, Rivers, Dusk Reverie, Code of Life, Gaia and Abyss of Time, Focus of Solomon but these albums the main force is that so only flows fantastically of an Alpha of opener to a clue of title Omega and is not never boring. Simone is on absolutely upper form with vocals aiming was all his skills and like pode the cycling concealed spoken quietly good type Mark Jansen sounds like this light and the shadow is brilliant! Some arrangements and lodge of strong melodies in your boss ...His entirely must for defenders of Epic and music of symphonic metal in a casualidad to see them extracted this alive material in United Kingdom in 2022!!
5 / 5
Another inspired emission of an aptly-has appointed Epic. If it likes-you your melodramatic and melodic metal, Omega will not disappoint . It is the perfect mix of sophisticated songwriting, unparalleled musicianship, the production adds, brutal riffs, pummelling drums, and of course a stunning voice of Simone Simons. There are Arab influences interwoven throughout, and some wonderful unexpected harmonies. The rivers is the point has underlined , and some launches acoustic records some delicious curveballs - The Codigo Vital is brilliant so only !
5 / 5
A fantastic album, perfection.
Well The value that adds your collection.
A disk of prize is the interesting addition .
This could be the point of decent start to start with in yours Epic travesĂ­a.
4 / 5
Fantastic album, adds follows on holographic principle and quantom enigma.
Epic - Calm never read these things, please gone back the Bristol calm grieves can!
4 / 5
A better Épico album for years, is simply glorious.
4 / 5
This album is a prime minister Ă©pico the album has spent. I did not expect it to be like this as well as it was . It is the brilliant album .... Well done epic 9/10
4 / 5
Epic sind zurĂŒck!

Ich muss zugeben, nach Meisterwerken wie Draws Your Universe oder A Quantum Enigma war ich sehr verwöhnt.
Ich War von A Holographic Principle oder teilweise von Requiem for an Indifferent nicht like this begeistert.
Is fehlten mir Die berĂŒckenden Melodien or.G. Geniestreiche und irgendwie fehlte auch Quotes Hingabe.

Doch Epic haben mich Dipped diesem Album noch bad voll und ganz ĂŒberzeugt!
Quotes Melodien sind wieder klasse, gives, was given Hymnen dieser Ausnahmeband unbedingt brauchen.
Quotes Produktion ist die beste, die ich bisher von Epic gehört habe.
Die Stimme give begnadeten SÀngerin ist sehr prÀsent und Sale of data klingt wie aus einem Guss.

Als kleine Kritik muss ich loswerden, dass give Leadgitarrist sicherlich sehr gut ist, mir aber etwas Wildheit, Unberechenbarkeit fehlt. It gives it Is doch hauptsÀchlich Pentatonik...
Auch Give genial Drummer spielt nicht mehr ganz Like entfesselt wie frĂŒher.

Gives Ă€ndert aber nichts One gives QualitĂ€t give Kompositionen, die Chöre sind diesmal ganz organisch eingefĂŒgt und is gibt has given besonderen HĂ€kchen und Ösen, the data gives ganze wĂŒrzen und interessant halten.
Auch Gives to Feel fĂŒr genau gives richtige Time eines Songs und has given HĂ€ndchen fĂŒr interesting Sound und neue Zutaten zoom bewĂ€hrten Epic-His machen has given have opposite sehr ansprechend!
Insgesamt eines Give drei besten Alben give Sells. GlĂŒckwunsch, Epic!
4 / 5
...und Put ihm Given Epic Songmaschine.
Wer Epic hört, gives weiß Was man zu erwarten hat. War of the band of the data denies groß auf Innovationskurs oder wanted Experience.
Auch auf dem neuesten Album OMEGA machen sie gives, was sie are besten können: Epischen Symphonic Metal in Höchstform.
Wer Date moderneren Epic Alben ab The one who Enigma mag, gives kann yesterday bedenkenlos zugreifen.
Omega ist einen mehr als wĂŒrdiger Nachfolger fĂŒr A Holographic Principle und ein weiteres makelloses Werk in Epicas Diskographie.

Zu Harm Underlines zÀhlen REALM OF PART of HEAVEN III, gives melancholische RIVERS und LIBERTIES.

5 / 5
Give ist Epic wie man sie kennt. Ein unvergleichlicher Sounds von Drums und Gitarre, und natĂŒrlich given unverwechselbare Stimme von Simone Simons. Nach Spend Jansen eindeutig die Nummer zwei fĂŒr mich im Metal Bereich.

Gives Joost the van gives Broek als Produzent wirkt ist kaum zu ĂŒberhören. Als rechte Hand von Arjen Lucassen ist er natĂŒrlich GIVE Mann fĂŒr Symphonic- oder ProgMetal gives Niederlanden.

Gives Mitwirken von Jeroen Goossens und Ben Mathot macht has given Album perfekt.

Speziell auf Give zweiten CD macht sich give Einfluss von Herrn Lucassen bemerkbar. Aber Gives ist ĂŒberhaupt nicht schlimm. It is rundet give lang ersehnte Album ab und ich hoffe is dauert nicht wieder fĂŒnf Jahre bis zoom nĂ€chsten...

Danke Epic
4 / 5
Ich bewerte Bad give - meiner Meinung nach - ziemlich interesting Booklet.
Über Quotes Musik brauche ich nicht viel zu schreiben. Man kann sich (und kann dies völlig bedenkenlos tun) given gesamten CDs sowieso bei Youtube und Ă€hnlichen Streaminganbietern anhören. Ich hĂ€tte mir Given CD nicht gekauft, wenn sie mir nicht gefallen wĂŒrde. Wie auch Gives Booklet ist die Musik sowieso Geschmackssache. Aber ... It is ist ja nicht Die erste Epic-CD(s), the data gives Weg in meinen CD-Schrank gefunden hat. Ich denke sowieso, dass Die meisten KĂ€ufer sowieso 'WiederholungstĂ€ter' sind.

Also auf Booklet of zoom:
Dabei handelt is sich a ein Buch in einer HĂŒlle (in CD-GrĂ¶ĂŸe - logischerweise etwas dicker wie eine einfache CD). Beides ist aus 'Pappe' - Man könnte jetzt streiten, dass is ein wenig 'wertiger' hĂ€tte ausfallen können, aber ... hey ... ich hab' ja auch bloß Eurocopa dafĂŒr ausgegeben. Dennoch macht Gives alles einen noblen und wertigen Eindruck. It gives Hat sich jemand was dabei gedacht, als er dies alles hat 'drawn'. Die beiden CDs 'umrahmen' dabei gives eigentliche Buch. Dabei handelt Is sich einmal a Data bekannte, eigentliche CD. Die zweite CD nennt sich 'Omegacoustik' und ist - böse gesagt - Version partorisca die fĂŒr given 'Eltern', die nicht unbedingt like this auf Metal of death und Schwergitarren stehen. Nein nein, Spaß beiseite, Gives ist durchaus sehr hörenswert, was Epic gives abliefert. Aber auch Gives können sie, wie sie ja schon oft genug bewiesen haben.

Innerhalb Gives Booklets findet man vor allem die Songtexte, wofĂŒr ich (als Author) ziemlich dankbar cube. Denn ich höre nicht bloß Musik (kann Man natĂŒrlich auch), sondern versuche auch zu verstehen, was mir give Interpreter damit sagen möchte. Nun - bei Simone habe ich weniger Probleme, alles korrekt zu verstehen, aber bei gives partorisca Growl (Mark) cube ich froh, is noch einmal nachlesen zu können. Date of text sind auch yesterday nicht einfach nur lieblos abgedruckt. Auch Yesterday wurde Give Creation ein wenig Zeit investiert. Ein wiederum kleinerer Kritikpunkt ist Quotes 'GrĂ¶ĂŸe' give abgedruckten Texts. Aber ... ich möchte nicht Epic fĂŒr meine fortschreitende Presbyopy (Altersweitsichtigkeit) verantwortlich machen - eine CD ist von gives Form his nun einmal nicht gives grĂ¶ĂŸte Half. Gerade bei Gives Danksagungen und Nennungen gives diversen Gastmusiker ist gives ziemlich viel Text auf sehr engem Raum. Ich finde Is Klasse, dass auch given Namen give ChorsĂ€nger, gives Orchestermusiker und sogar gives more Bondadoso im Kinderchor genannt werden. Of the ist doch spĂ€ter bad etwas, was man seinen Kindern zeigen kann (wenn the man sleeps mitgewirkt hat) und letztendlich gilt yesterday auch give tall Leitspruch: Ehre wem Ehre gebĂŒhrt.

Abgeschlossen wird Gives (kleine) Buch von gives Danksagungen jedes einzelnen Bandmitglieds (und gives Sell als solches).

Gerade In giving heutigen Zeit finde ich is bemerkenswert, dass ein solches Booklet gestaltet wird und nicht einfach eine lieblose CD durch die Welt geschickt wird (the data dipped einigem Aufwand entstanden ist - nachzuhören in diversen Histories z. B. bei Youtube).

Danke dafĂŒr!
5 / 5
Spends it that it follows of his starts and the box after boxes surprised. Reason Any one me repetitive, reason his always surprised with something new. Any song of farce. The Only that has launched something more than has been less vocal part with less than lyric voices.
4 / 5
Being A passionate of the musical group, have purchased he produced without indugi. Optimum The box come in the tradition Epic. Exact packaging. Advised.
4 / 5
Epic Bonificar With lucido time. This Album tries. Aside 2-3 pieces that I n have any truth has appreciated, some locate quickly lucido level and spend crimps of. That this was Yours of skeleton and his different cƓurs, or abyss to take that it is of lucido beginning that bus. Without counted Gaïa and especially Rivers, that is everything in sweetness and edges chƓur of boys
sure Value
5 / 5
Big album with the chicca of the second acoustic CD. Imperdibile For the one who amours the Epic and in general he metal sinfonico.
5 / 5
Was go in east to undermine iBook and a book of ear and has taken a prime minister and has not complained. Earbook Looks too big to store. Any word , perfect container , booklet of big lovely coverage and everything. And a music ? It is EPIC in his better likes always. â­ïžđŸŒ™
5 / 5
Wie immer einfach großartig einfach wunderbar Gives fĂŒr I followers have given Gender sehr zoom empfehlen ist. Gute Musik sehr guter Klang.
5 / 5
Place diesem Hat of album ÉPICO sich selbst ĂŒbertroffen. It gives symphonisch-epische His kommt neben altbewĂ€hrten KlĂ€ngen nicht zu kurz. Zahlreiche GĂ€nsehaut-Momente sorgen fĂŒr einen musikalischen Genuss Gives besonderen Art. Of this Album ist definitiv zu empfehlen!!
4 / 5
Quotes musikalische Aufbereitung ist einfach gut gelungen. Ganz Like this, wie the man gives von has given Vollblutmusikern give Formation Epic einfach erwartet. Ich empfehle, sich Quotes of Text zu ĂŒbersetzen.
4 / 5
Arrives with a small rasguño in the rear part the CD, but of here was all a lot of
5 / 5
SĂșper The album gives Epic
in the continuity gives album of precedents but in better 3:)
4 / 5
Arrives sĂșper fast and in of the perfect conditions!
Fantastic album!
4 / 5
To Product Likes edition expected , special, with good report among or price and or that offered.
4 / 5
A very good Box and his box in of the perfect conditions
4 / 5
Has arrived with this small strappettino.
Any one depends of the has run since the preparation was to integrate
5 / 5
Is one of the better boxes of Epic, has arrived sĂșper fast and in excellent state, 100 recommended
4 / 5
Pochette has cured with a beautiful notebook ,
Afterwards joins the premiĂšre listens has to that say that I have been conquered ! The DNA of the group is present well in this last have opposite !!!!
5 / 5
Epic Is always the same, and is concealed that it is genial. Of the tall level. With some Oriental sonorities a lot gratas
4 / 5
In the surname gives other Albums. Finally, when On in the listened one, on glielo all has listened.
Embezzles the Sublime voice of Simone.
4 / 5
Épico Hat sich wieder bad selbst ĂŒbertroffen. Einfach Genial!!
4 / 5
Piece in exellent state cetait some presents like any knowledge of this cd the good vendor sends fast
5 / 5
Is my wine, excellent. The delivery and all embezzle Them
4 / 5
am giving is a first transfer. Of a start am taking “A What Enigma” vibes.
Again, the mine in the first place listens by means of. Always with Épico album, takes the little listens partorisca take all this is going in.
Are by train of the want to Like this far. A musicianship stays in Épicos levels. Simone some vocalizing ossia different that is to aim is before and are in the pleasant. Has the darkest voice full that wants to listen. We a lot always required full classical soprano embroiders fashionable.

Are on “code of life” now and this calm take you on the travesía the festive plus that perhaps perhaps “dancing in the hurricane”... A lot half oriental vibes here.

I really would owe that finalise an album 2-3 times before I revise. There have it so only so much for the take. There is Mur of the his and the glorious harmonies that goes in.

Ossia That has expected partorisca!
4 / 5
Has listened to Omega eight times now. To arrive to this point am ready to say that Omega is joined for 2nd place when it comes to the mine favourite Épico album. For me, 1 it is A Divine Conspiracy . It situates this album in my cast of 'album of better symphonic metal never'. Joined for 2 is Creation Your Universe and Omega. Joined for 3 is A Quantum Enigma and A Holographic Principle. Now, for me to say Omega is joined with Drawing Your Universe for my second preferred Epic the album is really saying something reason absolutely WANT TO Draw Your Universe. Epic The really, work really that has surprised on Omega.

Unfortunately, is in accordance with another reviewers in a mixing this in spite of: the my ears, Omega does not touch for likes it has been mixed as well as some of some another. It would say that it touches too slowly tonally. Usually it listens the music with EQ was and is that 'walk' (EQ was) is supposed to the his likes. Well the mixed albums would not owe that require EQ use with headphones or good speakers (unless any can not listen all the frequencies a lot). I am expecting a legislation EQ the adjustments will do Omega his also like another. It does not leave east deters calm to buy Omega. Ossia The small flu . Omega Is A lot the value that shabby, he like this-east.

A final thing: a song 'Code of Life' would be absolutely that surprised in the Circus of Alone production.
5 / 5
I have listened to Omega 3-4 times now in a past 3 days that expects it would grow on me, but my opinion is although each alone song in Holographic the principle is better that a better song on Omega. This album really looks the step backward. A mix touches soft, a growled vocals be missing of any character, Simone is still good but is mixed bad, with other sounds often flood was. The flange of a heart is impossible to discern, agree me of Two At all Of Hell, where so only is doing sounds of atrocities in planting to sing words, but different Two At all Of the hell does not think his intentional. To good sure has the heaviest-the metal feels and less symphonic, the majority of a time, but times when he wildly swings another way. Lyrically, Look partorisca be roughly at all. Epic The songs have has had always so only superficial depth, launching near some terms of science later and that does the roughly his song, but these looks to time particularly bad. And this after an unprecedented time in the human history when it is there be like this partorisca the band of metal partorisca sing roughly (for example Divide and Conquer in Holographic), to the chairs like would have to that it has done the better plot here.

Now admitted, this album has been mixed/mastered/whatevered during Covid, and his very probably that virtual meetings and a lack of in-very colaborativas the occasions are partorisca blame here. A lot I expect that a title 'Omega' does not involve ossia an end , Epic absolutely need do another Holographic or Requiem. But this has said, this album could be excusable partorisca the first endeavour of a band, but no a veteran band experienced like Epic. It would like to see his the king--in a whole thing and release the esmastered' version of this album with which a covid the disorder is on.

Finally, one 'Omegacoustic' 2nd CD disappointed also. Rivers (A Capella) was well, but some other three songs are... Any one which listens to Epic stops.
4 / 5
edicion Of two cds, a fresh sound, new rhythms, so only 2 or 3 edges of the a bit repetitive songs when east finalising the album, that the booklet is of big quality a lot of imagenes of art,the second cd, special swimming, is an acoustic so it came it doing of both albumes leading, the difference that comprises a Spanish version, ššhe codigo vitalšš that any one is the big thing , but in if both cds has a creation of quality of coleccion, recommends this edicion cd partorisca the collector, if so only import the music, recommends spent he edicion normal that comprises autorip (version free mp3)
4 / 5
Ossia the start adds to 2021, this in spite of is not catchy albums like this leading. And when some glorious final swipes, is likes attended... As it is not the twelve song of minute? But ossia reason there is to twelve clue of minute for advanced. It times when listening forget some transmission of same songs, but one some appreciate come on. It is it likes then prpers give the one who next (if near) partorisca be fact with an album. Epic Done of the utmost albums, but this one felt better that to to the material likes them the creation Your Universe, and like this forces.
4 / 5
Ossia Another amazing emission for a band. Has his whole discography. They do not disappoint never. Ossia definately The strong , mecer album. Mina standout the clues are some amazing and more ballad has not done never Rivers. Another two standouts is Your of Skeleton, and a Realm of Ă©pico of Heaven 3. Ossia Has to that has!!!!
4 / 5
Is clear is that it registers that this group of musicians have mastered his work. A lot it can be said of the band that the estaca together partorisca years this in spite of when being able to do in level of summit and talent. Omega Tip the sense adds of the refinement and maturity of Epic his, fully developed and presented like the masterpiece. It is wonderful to listen to.
5 / 5
Is hard to think that the humans could leaves other humans, comprising boys, by means of the gas chamber and the his deaths. I have not gone there, but I guess it is spent. It is equally like this I last to think that the defender of a gender has not thought this album has been alcohol blowing. Not saying has the equivalent morals there, but perhaps has.
4 / 5
This was the good solid Épico album. I think that partorisca have all his material. All his albums kinda touch a mine inclusa. But this one is to good sure like this well if any better that a rest.
5 / 5
Takes the small listening before it results for real adictiva. Probably still one of a three symphonic metal better sales there (Nightwish and Delain is a two another if any one asks ).
5 / 5
Boss and shoulders especially another this another masterpiece of some masters.
4 / 5
Love this band and ossia a better emission has had to that date

Top Customer Reviews: ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 20 ratings
5 / 5
Formed: Vinyl Like this, some reviewers swipe down a number of stars' because an album has been retarded because of subjects of the production or his downloads have not done! I call old fashioned', but the'ees has based my indication in a music.

If you are the defender of WT, would have to be rejoicing that has to that to the new music likes them to them the band has considered for the call he day after Hydra. That has given, to my ears, is still unmistakably WT. There it is electrical guitars of behaviours , keyboards, series and hearts, all there is topped has gone by a beautiful and unmistakable the voice of Sharon gives Adel. Yes, some songs are different that have written twenty years ago, is more commercial and more produced, but for me, ossia the good thing , any chamber of point in a past. Some songs is writing a lot well , a lot catchy' and well has treated. For me, it is all the murderous and any one filler.

In rodeo, is the album adds of the tunes are that it have to that listened to and there is enjoyed. Here it is to a prjimo twenty years
5 / 5
Formed: Audio CD When have in the first place listened some of some clues previewed in of the places of half comunicacionales social, was the little disappointed and has considered not buying an album at all. But without temptation, has bought an album so only the pocolas days before is emission and has to that say, am pleased with him. 20 second monsters in of the half comunicacionales social so only any one the justice.

Takes for has admitted that all the world has his favourite clues. Race Your Poster is now one of mine, clue for Endless War that begins with the simple piano intro and results the orchestral piece and full choral of a level usually would expect of Inside Tempation frames of symphonic metal. Another is Supernova but I personally Mirror of Mercy of the favour. In fact it go like this far like this partorisca say is a better clue in an album.

A singer, Sharon Gives Adel is, like this always in the fine voice but does not spend to to an album so only like him to him two clues look other vocalists.

So many, to good sure would recommend to RESIST like the good album.
4 / 5
Formed: CD of Audio is been 5 years of the his last album Hydra has been released and in one the time was unsure if another album would come.

Whilst Sharon gives Adel refound his rhythm partorisca write and cured with an also awesome the side projects My Indigo (also recommended), informative surfaced that WT in fact turn.

And the one who the turn is. Slick collabs With heavyweights likes Jacoby Shaddix of Pope Roach and Anders Friden of In some llamas give an album some real fire.

Has another pursuing duet with Firelight which has been considered too dark partorisca Sharon is My project of the indigo returns this good collection.

Does not have the bad clue in this album. And still although has some pop overtones and more electro his that his forward maintain you listening to an end.

Emotion of silts of Mirror of mercy so that it maintains the base of a recent recognition and some finals of albums with a Hunter of heavy Trophy.

Shabby and enjoy it! This band deserves your support!
5 / 5
Formed: CD of Audio is unmistakably WT but has turned to some class of Euro-synth-band of pop reminiscent of the his Q album of Sessions. I know the sale owes the progress and I has been pleased, generally, with a direction in that has moved it. The black symphony partorisca me was his summit, which is coming with which has been moving in the pop of more orientated direction. It likes-me Sharon gives Ardel voices, is as that am concerned one of some better female vocalists around but are not enthusiastic on where is going with this later emission.
4 / 5
Formed: Audio CD I had listened the little of some clues live in Londra last November and liked him so it was that it animates partorisca of this album.
Has listened his the little time now and is a lot although it bite of the start of his leading endeavours.
Personally never enthusiastic in some vocalists of guest viril, always the sound bit it too rap orientated partorisca me.
To good sure the value that buys although I have been surprised in a astronomically big price of 17 crux partorisca the alone CD.

This seats third in mine all the favourites to time WT albums for behind A Heart Of Everything and A Unforgiving.
Very better that Hydra although I will mark it down the star partorisca having a sound of same muddy production.
Any enthusiast in his engineer of the his, is Martin Birch
5 / 5
Formed: Audio CD This is not the memorable the album and am choosing on thematic repetition, is tired and has to that disband so the chairs has used on better ideas the while behind. My indigo for Sharon is better that this and concealed partorisca say me something, is ready to peel was. In the each one WT the album there would be at least two or three clues that grab you and demand your attention but in a last little this has not spent and look the class of 'blend' how is now of 'go your own way'.
4 / 5
Formed: Audio CD Awesome, WT has broke it absolutely in east a!!. Im The old and new material and ossia the real step up. Time partorisca a recognition of sand!!!
5 / 5
Formed: CD of Audio has had to that row Inside the albums of the temptation a cup three would be:

1: A Heart Of All
2: Unforgiving
3: A Silent Force

Resists goes to be probably so only low Silent Force and so only on Tierra of Mother.
Suffers a same question like Silent force in the way. Some songs are good but at all is an absolute accident . Some points have underlined early is Endless War , Piedad and Mirror of Tierra Santa. With essist' here, there required to be the variac. More orders in both fashion and time to some songs because, interior a moment, is all the bit samey. A pair in fact weeks Sharon has treated the most acoustic version of Supernova in the show of Michael Turns on Irradiates of BBC Two. This version was excellent. A full version here, while well, is not like this effective. Mainly reason, I chair, a vocal action is sotterrata slightly I down some electrical guitars. And ossia the question with the plot of some songs. We know that Sharon has an incredible voice but some reason on here is when be resisted behind when it have to that remain to touch.

So much, in general, is quite good but any Temptation of Interior to notch upper.
5 / 5
Formed: Vinyl This is to arrive yesterday that has expected of then before Navidad as it was the present partorisca my husband, likes partorisca date of the emission has been changed.
Is the enormous defender of Inside Tempation, and could not expect have the on one has loved the absolutely!
This in spite of when you try download to his iPod was informed this code has been redeemed felizmente has had 2 in a record sleeve, but this has come also up with this code has been redeemed also. The majority of disappointing, any that would expect you! It looks a drop to 3 stars!
5 / 5
Formed: Audio CD Another album adds of WT.
There has been misgivings on one or two clues have based on listening to them on-line but these have gone now, in that has listened to a music of a CD.
4 / 5
So much, some reviewers swipe down a number of ‘stars' because an album has been retarded because of subjects of the production or his downloads have not done! I call ‘old fashioned', but the'ees has based my indication in a music.

If you are the defender of WT, would have to be rejoicing that has to that to the new music likes them to them the band has considered for the call he day after Hydra. That has given, to my ears, is still unmistakably WT. There it is electrical guitars of behaviours , keyboards, series and hearts, all there is topped has gone by a beautiful and unmistakable the voice of Sharon gives Adel. Yes, some songs are different that have written twenty years ago, is more commercial and more produced, but for me, ossia the good thing , any chamber of point in a past. Some songs is writing a lot well , a lot ‘catchy' and well has treated. For me, it is all the murderous and any one filler.

@In rodeo, is the album adds of the tunes are that it have to that listened to and there is enjoyed. Here it is to a prĂłjimo twenty years
5 / 5
When have in the first place listened some of some clues previewed in of the places of half comunicacionales social, was the little disappointed and has considered not buying an album at all. But without temptation, has bought an album so only the pocolas days before is emission and has to that say, am pleased with him. 20 second monsters in of the half comunicacionales social so only any one the justice.

Takes for has admitted that all the world has his favourite clues. Race Your Poster is now one of mine, clue for Endless War that begins with the simple piano intro and results the orchestral piece and full choral of a level usually would expect of Inside Tempation frames of symphonic metal. Another is Supernova but I personally Mirror of Mercy of the favour. In fact it go like this far like this to say is a better clue in an album.

A singer, Sharon Gives Adel is, like this always in the voice refinada but does not spend to to an album so only like him to him two clues look other vocalists.

So many, to good sure would recommend to RESIST like the good album.
4 / 5
Has been 5 years of the his last album Hydra has been released and in one the time was unsure if another album would come.

Whilst Sharon gives Adel refound his rhythm to write and cured with an also awesome the Indigo of Mine of projects lateralmente (also recommended), informative surfaced that WT in fact turn.

And the one who the turn is. Slick collabs With heavyweights like you Jacoby Shaddix of Pope Roach and Anders Friden of In some llamas give an album some real fire.

Has another pursuing duet with Firelight which has been considered too dark for Sharon is My project of the indigo returns this good collection.

Does not have the bad clue in this album. And still although has some pop overtones and more electro his that his forward maintain you listening to an end.

Emotion of silts of Mirror of mercy so that it maintains the base of a recent recognition and some finals of albums with a Hunter of heavy Trophy.

Compraventa And enjoy it! This band deserves your support!
4 / 5
Had listened the little of some clues live in Londra last November and liked him so it was that it animates partorisca of this album.
Has listened his the little time now and is a lot although it bite of the start of his leading endeavours.
Personally never enthusiastic in some vocalists of guest viril, always the sound bit it too rap orientated for me.
To good sure the value that buys although I have been surprised in a astronomically big prize of 17 crux for the alone CD.

This seats third in mine all the favourites to time WT albums for behind A Heart Of Everything and A Unforgiving.
Very better that Hydra although I will mark it down the star for having a sound of same muddy production.
Any enthusiast in his engineer of the his, is Martin Birch
5 / 5
is unmistakably WT but has turned to some class of Euro-synth-band of pop reminiscent of the his Q album of Sessions. I know the sale owes the progress and I has been pleased, generally, with a direction in that has moved it. To the black symphony for me was his summit, which is coming with which has been moving in the pop of more orientated direction. It likes-me Sharon gives Ardel voices, is as that am concerned one of some better female vocalists around but are not enthusiastic on where is going with this later emission.
5 / 5
Has had to that row Inside the albums of the temptation a cup three would be:

1: A Heart Of All
2: Unforgiving
3: A Silent Force

Resists goes to be probably so only low Silent Force and so only on Tierra of Mother.
Suffers a same question like Silent force in the way. Some songs are good but at all is an absolute accident . Some points have underlined early is Endless War , Piedad and Mirror of Tierra Santa. With essist' here, there required to be the variac. More orders in both fashion and time to some songs because, interior a moment, is all the bit samey. A pair in fact weeks Sharon has treated the most acoustic version of Supernova in the show of Michael Turns on Irradiates of BBC Two. This version was excellent. A full version here, while well, is not like this effective. Mainly reason, I chair, a vocal action is sotterrata slightly I down some electrical guitars. And ossia the question with to plot of some songs. We know that Sharon has an incredible voice but some reason on here is when be resisted behind when it have to that remain to touch.

So much, in general, is quite good but any Temptation of Interior to notch upper.
4 / 5
This is not the memorable the album and am choosing on thematic repetition, is tired and has to that disband so the chairs has used on better ideas the while behind. Indigo of mine for Sharon is better that this and concealed to say me something, is ready to peel was. In the each one WT the album there would be at least two or three clues that grab you and demand your attention but in a last little this has not spent and look the class of 'blend' how is now of 'go your own way'.
4 / 5
Goes to be always difficult to live until Hydra. WT Is gone down the different street and more weighed here, trusting downtuned electrical guitars and has has sustained agreements more than recognisable riffs. A result is far more than a piece of atmosphere (with more than effects in a production) that a melodic pounding rock and big hearts of some forwards two albums, Both of those is classics for me, like this ossia the bit of the letdown IMHO. Fault anything of a catchiness besides Fast or Paradise, or a sheer the beauty of A Whole World is Looking. The crazy world is a prĂłjimo more this album takes his.
All this says, still is that it interests and Sharon still taken the voice adds.
4 / 5
Awesome, WT Has broke it absolutely in east a!!. Im The old and new material and ossia the real step up. Time for a recognition of sand!!!
5 / 5
This is to arrive yesterday that has expected of then before Navidad to the equal that was the present for my husband, likes to date of the emission has been changed.
Is the enormous defender of Inside Tempation, and could not expect have the on one has loved the absolutely!
This in spite of when you try download to his iPod was informed this code “ has been redeemed” felizmente has had 2 in a record sleeve, but this has come also up with “this code has been redeemed” also. The majority of disappointing, any that would expect you! It looks a drop to 3 stars!

Top Customer Reviews: ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 36 ratings
5 / 5
If you are the defender of melodic metal , the stop that waste your life and buy this album. It is absolutely glorious.

Are the latecomer to this band in this I conscious result only of them look it in fact years with his Apex of the leading album and he were already state has been partorisca the year thus point.

The apex was the phenomenal album that, after exploring his unremarkable (imo) the material looks earlier to having exited of nowhere. It has been it likes night and day compared to that is coming before. Felizmente This continuous album in east vetoes and is perhaps still better.

This album is the little less aggressive of Apex and has the soft plus seats his been due to an use of synths partorisca soften a sound and the give that spacey ski fi feels that a history ( is the record of concept ) requires.

Brittney Hayes (Or Slayes how is known sometimes) is, in my opinion, a singer of metal More adds them alive today viril or woman. It can sing literally anything of the beautiful folky melody to stratospheric cries and enormous power. I have dipped all your prejudices to a side in female singer in metal, is insanely talented vocally and the composer adds. A crazy history said in two Apex of album/the abyss is his .

Is not everything in a vocals this in spite of, his bandmates is all the incredible players also. Some phenomenal riffs and catchy so only of hell.

Ossia His the majority of diverse album to date with almost AOR moments in By means of Stars and Spend A Llama, classical metal in a clue of title, Ă©pico Maidenesque moments in a Wind That Form An Earth and fill on metal of the power in a likes besides Quickly That Light.

Album of a year like this far for me. I sustain the music of metal adds and buy this especially sales like this smaller like this can not visit interior a moment.
5 / 5
If you are the defender of metal to be able to in general, the be Épico/Nightwish or Stratovarius/Touched Artica, then Unleash some paste of Archers all some right keys. The abyss is not like this fleshier like his forward outing, 'Apex', but damn he compliment the no only in history but feel and your also. This album has taken the little listens to really take the boss on, so only reason the apex is such the mammoth to compete with.
4 / 5
Fantastic collection of songs. Brittney And a band continue to create a bar.
4 / 5
Mine looks a good Box, very touched, very produced, valid... The mine has given job. A lot far It Tiled quality Of the songwriting has given The planned album that comes: Stand to Time Still and Apex.
One leaves the inzio has given By means of Stars copiatissimo without ritegno gives the metropolis has Theatre of date of Sleep (this has not been own need?) Any one east is at all that any one go in this album.. A lot he against has given to exit with a box 'normal' dope any mine very planned disks has very tall data level.
4 / 5
A einen Song aus dem Album zu zitieren, die Abwicklung /Lieferung erfolgte 'faster that will read, welches ĂŒbrigens einer meiner Lieblings Songs ist.
Wobei Give Embezzled to give Album dem in Nichts nachsteht. Ein Song besser als give Andere.
More modern Powermetal the place Growls, '80' Riffs' und einem wahnsinnig tollen, technisch ausgereiften songwriting. Jeder Give Sell ist ein Spitzen Musiker.
Wer Quotes SĂ€ngerin Britney Slayes kennt, weiß gives sie has given Beinamen zurecht trĂ€gt. Ihr Ausnahmetalent bedarf keines Kommentars, sie ist In a cup.
In giving Tat kann man a diesem, fĂŒr mich persönlich (GIVE) Album 2021 nichts bemĂ€ngeln. Ein Silberling, A dem niemand vorbei kommt.
4 / 5
Nicht schlecht ,hatte deutlich mehr erwartet.
Die Frau hat eine Megastimme aber gives Funke wie bei gives Letzten Platte einfach nicht ĂŒber springen.
Dazu fehlt nach meiner Ansicht auch Gives Lied Passage of noreste.
Aber Given Liederung war wie immer ohne fehl und Tadel.
4 / 5
Is a good Box of this excellent band. So only that of my point of view has changed already a bit, has lost already breakings of his swipe. Already Any one has the songs bronzed rudas or swift like this in the past boxes.
4 / 5
Among I better disks Metal to be able to heavy has given this 2020, 'Abyss' of the Unleash some Archers, that surpasses already optimum 'Apex'. Strepitosa Action of the the band has given Brittney Slayes, able has given to mix classical heavy elements with synth no invasivos and influences more extreme. Advised.
4 / 5
Zoom GlĂŒck habe ich Die durchwachsenen Bewertungen gives sogenannten Fachzeitschriften nicht beachtet. Die Entwicklung give Sell ist zu hören und gives Album mehr als gelungen. Musik ist Geschmacksache und muss nicht dem entsprechenden Was mark erwarten. Ich kann Is mehr als empfehlen, gives alles drin steckt, was ein abwechslungsreiches Album ausmacht.
5 / 5
It joins disclosure a lot good-looking touch has not known this group.
The music is haletante to desire, extracted neither more neither less than of heavy speed mélodique but with the fearsome efficiency has joined.
This agrees a bit lucida Scandinavian Way with east and there some grunts that coming partorisca complete a feminine flange aventajado that alĂ­a tin and emotions like this seldom has felt in this gender of metal.
In rodeo partorisca listen Of urgency ! !
5 / 5
SĂșper Platte. Unleash Some Archers sind meine neue Lieblingsband. Of the Albums rockt. Mega.
5 / 5
The excellent product arrives in time and in of the excellent conditions follow like this
4 / 5
One adds partorisca follow until Apex. A sale has has exploded really his fashion and of the skills.
4 / 5
No like this a lot so much Apex, but still the band adds and the album adds.
5 / 5
Ossia The very complex album that takes multiple listens to really injest that it is in offers here. His sound has taken a jump a big plus partorisca date with both electrical guitars now using seven series, which he so only done the thickness of sonic sound. Also, an inclusion of some very situated synths so only add to an atmosphere. Brittney Slayes vocals Is like this very like this never here and some drums are the very when finalising never rain. This continuous album a Matrich history of the his last Apex of album, as it would like of takes a calm complete concept then precise listens to first Apex. The archers is resulted one of my cup three bands. They are the modern version partorisca Spend Maiden with the female vocalist. The people call this Metal partorisca Be able to, which has the stigma partorisca some reason, but the archers is not really Metal partorisca Be able to is metal more classical and harken has retreated one 80 east and some primes of such artists like Maiden, Judas Priest, Ozzy, etc. The archers feels likes the one who these bands would be partorisca like today in a prime of his careers. It listens and enjoy like these albums do not come to the long of often. The labour archers adds.
4 / 5
With a sound of the thousand that horses of thunders, Unleash some Archers unshackles Abyss partorisca dip waste.

Starts of description on Paragraph 3

the general of a Dark Army was my introduction to Unleash some Archers are years does. Really it likes to of me, but a sound was the bit campy. It has taken this in spite of my attention enough to buy Stands to Time Still, his 2015 focuses begin record. Unleash Some Archers are always be a lot of talented, creating almost comically enormous songs. Undoubtedly metal of inspired by Power of one 80 east, likes to Spend Maiden, has Given and has included Megadeath, Brittney Slayes 'Ohhhhh is' echoed in a lot of his early songs and while an obvious exaggeration for 'epicness', his vibrated and the voice was insanely strong. The line of a band up had been in flow, but looked to solidify around Stands to Time Still, although his bassist is still look to go in and era.

This in spite of, in spite of Stands to Time Still when being his third full period album, is predecessor , Apex, is when Unleash some Archers have begun to paste his true stride in my opinion. Brittney Is start and has developed an album was the history , his first full concept album. A history of an Immortal the one who is spent advance of his mountain, his Apex, to do a biding of a Matriarch, this mid worlds to hurt to the sinister witch likes the ruler. A history is very a lot of fleshed was likes progress of album and in general a music is absolutely fantastic, the no on any work before mine. It can help a line of electrical guitar on finally solidified and his crafter an album like the stable band. To all the cost, an album is one of mine favourite to listen to and has like this soaring and awesome clues.

Starts of description Here

Brittney had said would have the sequela to a history in shape of album, but was always the worry that would finalise it, reason so that the continuous time in, sometimes the ideas are abandoned and with three years that spends had begun to take concerned perhaps a next album would not be a sequela. Well, the abyss has arrived and is a sequela a lot the time has expected the Apex. This round, the things are even more intense like Immortal awake in the world of floating edifices and travesĂ­a spatial.

A history is even more a lot of crafted and Slayes has grown clearly like the writer of history that papers of uses, but sinister start with a music. A music is an incredible step on, infusing his fashion of metal of the Power with progressive metal, some electrical guitars, manned for Andrew Kingsley and Admits Truesdell, often is ridding work of flourishing toe and blistering the this so only. Also they rid some behind adds and advances and heavy riffing. Some the electrical guitars are absolutely blistering in this album and can go of chugging heavy metal, duel of metal of the can guitaring and progressive riffs and blistering work of toe in a song. It is not never boring and each song almost looks the different fashion. Andrew also roughly yours add and synth work to add the bit of this ski-fi feels to an album.

Scott Buchanan the drums are during a place, that goes of beaten of explosion, to bounce during his toms, to rid almost punk has fallen of double time, snare and work of big hat. It is quite dynamic and maintains on an energy with some electrical guitars, which are blistering. Also it adds in some well, but thin, flat flicking does. Benjamin Arscott mans electrical guitar of basses for an album, am not sure if they will form part of an official band, but he the good work to maintain up with Scott and some boys in of the electrical guitars, but any I really listens anything concealed has underlined on is adapted. I suppose to maintain up with everything is praiseworthy enough, but always enjoyed when the claves of bassist out of has bitten it more.

How is behind to a history and to the equal that have said, Brittney has grown the plot in touching that it writes a history by means of papers. While I have loved the apex and he is history, the abyss was like the book could not dip down. I have read some papers like the songs touched and a power of a music, mixed with Slayes unstoppable vocals and the writing constantly gave goosebumps. No material has it that has not had never an album that. Grant also resupplies cries, which look to portray a Matriarch and other establishments of harm in an album. Some very sinister cries and returns a lot well.

Andrew resupplies a clean male and has to that signal underlined, on Apex, to his inclusion like them to them fourth edges in earth and Ashes was notarises them in spending that song on another level. A tension of a song, the ache of Brittney has fill wailing in that An Immortal has has had to that that does not want to has been propiciado the point to break for Andrews clean vibrated the voice that speaks of self sacrifice. Honradamente A song amena the tear to my eye. He an appearance again in Spending a Llama and a subject of a song the fact another emotional moment. Desire would have used perhaps more.

Clue of rests, sad, Slayes is the monster in this album! It sings in a lot of different fashions this album, flexing his vocal muscle, his dramatic delivery of a history has written to spend all near. Slayes Was already an incredibly strong vocalist, but his use of different deliveries in the abyss really elevates that it can do, especially in the album of concept. A unstoppable vibrated is still there, a Ohhhhhh is is still there, but his flange is varied much more of song the song. I think that that the abyss solidifies Brittney that a lot so only the singer of Metal of fantastic Power, but one of some better singers in a subject. One a critic is that there it looks to be has bitten he of past of estaca extra in his voice, touches well, but the think muffles his voice so only bit it.

An album is the travesĂ­a , highly consulting to read some papers together with some songs. The legacy is an absolute standout song, together with A Wind That Form An Earth, which describes The CONFRONTATION of epic among a Matriarch and An Immortal. Spend a Llama is essential to a history and the song adds. Afterlife In bylines out of an album, with a hymn of the paste of epic has weighed, see another entrance in a Immortals history. The time will say.

To the equal that can see have the plot to say in an album, but will maintain it here. The abyss is an absolute must of an album. A music is absolutely material of next level, Brittney is an incredible singer and a history said with a music and some papers is a value that experiences. COMPRAVENTA! HE!
4 / 5
UTA His and storytelling the capacity showed in the apex was already clearly remarkable. The continuous abyss all concealed the apex adds: one involving lyrical narrative, driving music, and stunning vocals, while still adding and developing. How it has been remarked in of the interviews, has added synth and flute (of all the things), which was surprised pleasant . Down waiting for partorisca touch this on repeats, and can not expect for any histories say afterwards.

A lot usually touches 'electrical guitar of air' or 'drums of air' except these attractive that level of legislation of disparate excited out of me.
4 / 5
Likes to WAKE Of A SLEEP the beautiful intro take of an ABYSS and By means of the STARS. A band is leaving the LEGACY that knows will RETURN Mina and leave me SPELLBOUND. His music can be FASTER THAT LIGHT and a lot melodic a same time. So only like The WIND THAT FORM The EARTH his music will blow your alcohol with sonic tapestries. Unleash Some Archers SPEND The LLAMA partorisca Metal of melodic Power now and well to a AFTERLIFE. The album adds. A must buys partorisca any defender of Metal of melodic Power!
5 / 5
Has been excited partorisca a upcoming album, and there is not disappointed. A light transmission of there that of leading albums. It looks it it has found the new sound. Quality of the his smooth supreme. It will be partorisca listen his for years partorisca come.
5 / 5
Awesome Album for Unleash some Archers! His better album like this far improving to the his last Apex of album that was really well also. Any farce here, as any need the skip in any songs. I can listen to a whole album of upper thorough. Britney vocals is surprising like this always and a musicianship resplandores also. One of some better albums or a year! Sadly Have it absolutely any ascent or exposed partorisca these bands at all. Highly recommended partorisca the defenders of bands like the Maiden iron, Judas Priest and the newest sales like Dragonforce, Kobra and a Lotus, Huntress and Santos Grail.
5 / 5
Ossia The fantastic album . They are not the big defender of some of his earlier work, but the apex has surprised, and the abyss maintains on a tendency. I am not totally sure to the equal that has caused a turn, but expect that it maintains up. Like the commentaries lateralmente some sound of archers partorisca surprise alive. I have been to his concert in legislation of first San Francisco of a whole 'Crown Lockdown' with Visions of Atlantis, Emission some Archers, and Dragonforce. It was a concert of Ă©pico and sadly an only alive concert of 2020.

Maintains on Archers! It can not expect listen that it is afterwards.
4 / 5
A bit of background info, has an underlying history go in Unleash Some Archers' 'Apex' and 'Albums of Abyss, concealed when being a history of an Immortal. An Immortal is second looks a timeless warrior there is cursed to do fault any awake , but this time is different, he so that has more than just the dynamic/master created in disposal in here. It is too Ă©pico of the history partorisca spoil, as I can not describe more than that, but is a awesome album to listen by means of.
5 / 5
No really the bad song in this album... They are the quite new defender of UTA, but he 30+ partidĂĄrio of year of hard rock, heavy metal, and thrash, and this album is fantastic. Britney Slayes HAS an incredibly powerful voice and the musicians of a band are a lot talented players, a lot 'technical' touching metal. It loves it and it would recommend in any hard rock or defender of metal.
5 / 5
Goes to buy all of the his cd is. With Amazon & ebay this will not be the question. A daughter is an exceptional vocalist . It does not think it it could do these material lives with the electrical guitar-low-formed of drums. They would require the plot of rear-on musicians to re-create this. If it likes you to him he adds medolic the format of rock spent everything of unleash some records of archers.
5 / 5
Has there is enjoyed really this album. It is more.. Polished: it Is an only word can find quell'access. It is melodic in some right places, while when being that they the hard paste where feels well. I think that that a band is aiming his experience and has built wisely in his past successes. This touches more pretentious that I bad, May: there it is. Inferior line, the album adds! It loves it.
4 / 5
Often will purchase the CD for one or two songs. Ossia A chance thus CD. It was a lot pleasantly surprised to find that there was much more songs in a CD that has been very good. I frequently dipped this in my car player and has left the course by means of an integer playlist.
4 / 5
One of my bands of favourite metal never, but this album has been missing of the little bit of a UTA level that has expected. It does not take Me bad, still the very solid and fantastic album on is suitable, as I will give it 4 stars, but probably mine less favourite of his 5 albums like this far. There are some extremely good songs in this CD to the equal that am excited to have a new album any way!! The addition adds my UTA collection of music!!
5 / 5
Another album adds for the album adds. Awesome Songs and actions.
5 / 5
Is looking for Some ass of has fallen fast heavy metal with Spending Maiden level vocals control out of this band. This album is the masterpiece!
4 / 5
Are adds to see a continuous band explores different sounds and continue grow like this of the artists. This album has been in my regular rotation for weeks, and am impressed constantly with this album in general.
4 / 5
No like this strong likes Apex but he still cranks some lines of basses arent like this pounding but still has to that weighed feels 8 out of 10!!!
4 / 5
A music has surprised. A chance is gone in, was moderately busted. It could have been rough managing during shipping, could be be sell that way. Any way to know. The real disk has maintained in of the perfect conditions.
5 / 5
Every time hears to this album, taste even more! This band improves and better with each album!
4 / 5
Purchasing a vinyl for this album was a better decision I fact when it is coming to Unleash A music of Archers. It would do it again.
5 / 5
Packaged In perfect condition to the equal that has expected. This album is masterful and emotional.
5 / 5
The band adds the album adds but the amazon has sent this in the stock exchange without protecting.

Top Customer Reviews: Primo ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 30 ratings
4 / 5
They are new the Sabaton [my first album is his late plus have opposite, Carolus Rex] but has been dulcemente taking his rear catalogue. Ossia My third Sabaton Album. And it is another belter, rammed with walling partorisca wall tunes.

Can say ossia an album sooner , is distinctivly heavier that to to album likes him to him the propiciado by Arms and Carolus Rex. There is an almost Thrash the metal feels the songs like Counterstrike and Reign of Terror. There have it also of the clues of whats to come with some adiciĂłns/additions of chorals vocals and the classical instruments in of to to the songs Like Before Victoria and Stalingrado. Some songs a lot quite have a sheen of some albums some late plus, and some songs are missing real to sing-to the long of hearts of some albums some late plus, but ossia clearly an album where a sale begun in a street to a magnitude.

This King-the addition Armed also has 6 clues of Prize, comprising some alive tunes, and the coverage of wry sister. It is value adds for money. I recommend it highly for any defenders of metal of the power, and am looking forward to seeing them alive in Nov.
4 / 5
I really like this sale, listened them in the first place on Irradiate of Rock of the Crew and has had to buy an album. They are not to like a majority of a music that would listen to. Having to that step in a more weighed direction of metal/of mecer that these types are.
But is so only good entertainment, and really really a lot of 'entertainment'. It classifies to like Scarecrow of Bad. Obviously any in a gender of music but in this foolishly brilliant fashion and very done.

At all like the bit of metal to battle to take shot up for work in a morning!
4 / 5
Salvation! They are the 50 something mamma, the one who has on grown, listening to to one like him to him the bones, Hendrix, Nizza, the flavour etc. has bought this for my adolescent edges, but master- especially a clue of title. Really it takes an adrenaline that goes! It thinks that that it is very too much. Looking forward to seeing them alive.
4 / 5
Awesome album I thoroughly the recommend love music of rock.
5 / 5
album of metal of Excellent battle - estada awake until east for a past three weeks in a cd shows of alarm. A lot he duff clue in my opinion.
The clue of title is preferred probably
5 / 5
Perfecto for my collection. To the condition adds. Arrived to the equal that has Expected.
4 / 5
Awesome Album I thoroughly recommend loves music of rock.
5 / 5
Still a better album like this far and with extra clues, ossia a a to take if your new the Sabaton
4 / 5
second emission Adds for a band! Solid songs and touching! Highly recommend! Seeing again them this November! It can not expect! J Counsell.
5 / 5
Brill Can not take enough of this band that looks forward to to see live them 6th December (present of daughter)
4 / 5
Finally the band that combines my amour of metal and history!
Any Metal fans the one who loves to listen something different ossia for you
5 / 5
has the pair of slightly of unusual songs in here (according to your flavour in music), but in general, would say that ossia the quite damn good album.
5 / 5
When The Black sabbath has takes , has had the hole in my soul. Then my edges said me roughly his edges fav band ( is 13). WOW!!! The cant believes has not listened his first. It had gone quell'has been music when BS has takes , but now are reborn - no bad partorisca almost 72!! It maintains to go boys, is really adds. Perhaps they have not done never Recognition of United Kingdom, at least very seen for me?
5 / 5
Sabaton Is one of an add (relatively) undiscovered bands of metal to surface in of the recent years. They are breathe he of the fresh air and this album especially is exceptional. It contains some of one the majority of rousing and emotional the actions/of songs have listened the very long time. If it likes-you anything that approaches rock or music of the then calm metal the favour takes it this album - take any of his albums, but especially these GLORIOUS.
5 / 5
Has dipped simply First Victoria is fantastic. Of a moment it listen some first agreements of a clue of headline knows your in to treat it. Of then in an album maintains his big level; sabatons fashion to use significant still highly listenable the music means that there isnt the bad clue in an album.

The personal favourite clues am Before Victoria and Wolfpack, looks them on on Youtube and concealed will give you the quite good idea of the like this album is roughly.

For defenders to Spend Maiden, Saxon, and metal/of power of the battle.
5 / 5
jst awsome
If or lik the strong and heavy and bad or lik this
has included my hippy the brother loves this registers
BUT his for any metalheads and doubts with the heart to armour plate
touch has bitten it pricy but his value he cos or can listen his on and on and in
mine fav the clue is in fact everything of stalingrad has he reli the only adds and the heart has lived has he reli the emotion adds too that.
It cd The chance is surprising too much .His well to look by means of and read a lirics and extreme to note some songs.
I dnt Gives 10 outta 10 for record very often but this a desrves he
4 / 5
has seen these types live in Nottingham Cities of Mecer so it has sustained Edguy and DragonForce in some Inhuman Rampage recognition and has surprised. They have opened a show with incredible fashion, and was in fact better further of people&x27;s opinions that DragonForce tonight.
One First Victoria of song is surprising, based in a fall of a Nazi diet in some hands of some British. A heart:
By means of some doors of hell
like knots our way to heaven by means of some nazi lines
Prime ministers Victoria
So only in amazing! Take this album!!!
4 / 5
Has seen these types in Glasgow the few months behind(2010), was the alive upper notch and all his CD is is brill also, maintains on a good work
5 / 5
heavy taste, metal to be able to and the war buys this album. Each clue is roughly war, of World-wide War 2 to Iraq etc. Saw Him in Glasgow ploughing paralizaciĂłn Dragonforce and Edguy and was hooked.
Buys this cd, will love it.
4 / 5
Has seen these types with Edguy and a &x27;Force in Glasgow, and was awsome! An album is also the bit adds of work. Each song feels likes belonging there.
In the note lateralmente, some types are also utmost folk. We clash to them with which an action, and in the join on a hunting to feed. . .
Like this, support starving musicians. BUY THIS ALBUM!!!
4 / 5
Fantastic album; I have bought an Art of War in the first place and this continues a @@subject but with the most diverse row of the subjects written on.
4 / 5
Ich hatte To the Sabaton-Alben bis auf has given. Of the wollte ich nachholen und hab mir Quotes Rey-Army of Version zugelegt.
Ich konnte jedem Album bisher 5-Sterne bescheinigen, ich cube extrem begeistert von gives Sale, gives Songthemen und auch gives Alive-Shows. Vorallem Gives 2020.Âșr Show.

Gives First Album Victoria sollte ein Treffer werden, dachte ich mir. TrÀgt doch Damage Namen gives Liedes, weswegen ich Sabaton-Partidårio vor einigen Jahren wurde.

Kurzes Fazit: Victoria hört sich in dieser Version nicht like one, wie ich is von anderen Auskopplungen gewöhnt war. Ich weiß nicht, woran Give liegt. Trotzdem ist Is natĂŒrlich noch gives beste Lied auf gives Platte. Daneben konnte ich mich nur noch etwas Has dipped 1-2 anderen Liedern anfreunden, aber Like this richtig nicht.
Aber eigentlich ist Is doch klar: it is ist give erste the album gives Band, man merkt einfach noch die AnfÀnge und nicht die Sicherheit gives darauf folgenden Alben. Trotzdem kann ich nur 2-3 Sterne geben.

Kurzum, mir the hat gives Album gar nicht gefallen, ich werde is auch nicht oft anhören und nur gives VollstÀndigkeit wegen, im Regal haben.
4 / 5
Gehen wir Bad davon aus, dass Band of data SABATON dem geneigten User grundsÀtzlich schon bekannt ist (falls nicht, gibt is eine Menge Rezensionen anderer Kunden, the data gives Album im Detail besprechen), gives jetzt yesterday nachliest und sich nur ein Bild machen möchte, ob man auch 'Prime minister Victoria' aus dem Backkatalog gives schwedischen Power Metaller als eventueller Novize unbedingt noch in seiner Sammlung haben sollte.

Meine subjektive Antwort lautet: wenn Man KEIN Hardcore-the seguace gives partorisca Sell ist, gives auf VollstÀndigkeit Wert legt (und gives Album daher wahrscheinlich sowieso schon hat), oder the tomb gives note of Eurocopa nicht allzu locker sitzen sollte, dann nicht unbedingt, gives is Alternativen gÀbe.

Damit Yesterday keine MißverstĂ€ndnisse auftauchen: it Is handelt sich bei 'Before Victoria' keinesfalls a einen irgendwie schwĂ€cheren Is exited aus dem Jahre 2011, denn to the Frames, fĂŒr die Sabaton inzwischen weithin geschĂ€tzt werden (oder eben auch bei einigen auf Ablehnung stossen), sind auch auf diesem Album vorhanden. Also große Melodien, bombastische Riffs, stampfende Rhythmen - Victoria rockt definitiv amtlich und macht Spaß!

ABER: von Alive harm-Konzert-Klassikern sind yesterday eigentlich nur meine drei persönlichen Anspieltipps in shape give Titeltracks sowie 'To A Fire' und 'Panzer Batallion' vertreten, wohingegen auf wirklich unverzichtbaren Alben wie z.B. 'An Art Of War' sich eine Alive-Hymn a data andere reiht ('Distribution of Ghost', '40:1', 'Reefs of Gallipoli', 'Prizes Of A Mile' etc...). Wenn Is Also fĂŒr NEUE the follower damage to Sell a data Frage gehen sollte, sich die wichtigsten Alben nachzukaufen, dann wĂ€ren eher auf 'An Art Of War' are StĂŒck fast nur Songs vertreten, die dem Sabaton-Neuling auch heute noch auf jedem Konzert a data Ohren gehauen werden und gives selbigen kleben bleiben.

Insofern kann ich zwar eine klare Kaufempfehlung fĂŒr 'Before Victoria' a jeden aussprechen, gives stilistisch dipped hochklassigem Metal partorisca Be able to etwas anfangen kann, wĂŒrde aber allen Sabaton-Novizen zunĂ€chst doch eher quotes beiden Studioalben 'An Art Of War' sowie give gigantische 'Carolus Rex' years Herz legen, weil auf has given beiden Teilen given 'Hymnen-Dichte' meiner subjektiven Meinung nach noch etwas höher ist, als auf 'Before Victoria'.

Oder als generelle Alternative statt give gesamten Studio-Backkataloges: eswedish the Alive empire' - denn auf diesem gelungenen und aktuellen Alive-Mitschnitt sind fast to the Swipes vertreten, die Sabaton like this ĂŒber given Jahre vom Stapel gelassen haben - wobei ich yesterday allerdings dringend zur Luxus-Edition inkl. mehreren Dvd bzw. gleich als Blue-Ray raten wĂŒrde.

Ansonsten: einfach In data drei Anspieltipps 'Before Victoria', 'To A Fire' und 'Panzer Batallion' reinhören und selbst entscheiden...
4 / 5
Today Sabaton is a unchallenged governing of Metal of War, intelligent thundering subject, the utmost hearts that teste of stir. First Victoria. Fast-paced classics like Panzer Battalion and Wolfpack aim a row of his musical talent. First Victoria this in spite of is a jewel , all stirring strong and rocky in that has come you partorisca expect of a Swedes. Still some songs bit it too repetitive/ alike. But still a lot a lot well value a compraventa partorisca any to to which likes his stirring heavy fashion.
4 / 5
Before box published of the sabaton for me to the same level has given Attero , the mark also the Prime minister Victoria that qualcosina that afterwards they have found in Art Of War , mine certainly a box gives to listen
5 / 5
The victory belongs the parrot of mine especially the we, the true beneficiarios of the parrot musics and texts. Any himself can ask chissĂ  the thing there is Sabaton, parrot offer simple heavy metal and linear, stilemi more than rodati, mine this wish dye that has read follow gives time.
4 / 5
Ich hab mir Gives Album geholt, gives ich give Lied 'First Victoria' als Coverversion von to the van Sings kenne und is einfach sĂșper fand.
Nachdem ich In data weiteren Lieder von to the van Sings herein gehört hatte habe ich mich entschieden has given Album zu kaufen.

Ich habe Is nicht bereut. Treibende Sounds of metal welche sich has dipped unterschiedlichen Kriegsthemen beschä dazu noch sechs welchen aber nur Shotgun und Increase of Bad wirklich nötig gewesen wären.

Alles In allem ein SĂșper Album!
5 / 5
AufnahmequalitĂ€t lĂ€sst keine WĂŒnsche offen. Auch Die Liveaufnahmen sind upper eingespielt.
Allerdings wurde etwas geschlampt beim Album. Text von Counterstrike und Corazón purple sind jeweils falsch abgedruckt. Ebenso sucht Clues of Prize of the man Nummer 6, Died Soliders Walz vergebens. Nach Lied 5, A Beast, ist die Platte zu Ende. Kleine Fehler, Die einem allerdings nicht gives Spaß nehmen. AAbsolut Empfehlenswertes Album.
4 / 5
sehr Gut werde mir auch Dan subtracts von sabaton kaufen
5 / 5
Ganz ehrlich?

ElepĂ© Of data sind jeden Cent wert! Die QualitĂ€t gives Audiospur ist absolut zufriedenstellend, Coverage of data sind sĂșper gestaltet und quotes Musik:


Unbedingt kaufen - Given MP3s von Sabaton bei Amazon sind dagegen ein schlechter Scherz ... Und Die sind, gives von Sabaton, schon perfekt.

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