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1 first HUAWEI Display 23.8 Inch FHD Monitor, IPS, Ultra-slim Bezels, 90% Screen to Body Ratio, Low Blue Light, Black (1920 x 1080, HDMI/VGA) HUAWEI Display 23.8 Inch FHD Monitor, IPS, Ultra-slim Bezels, 90% Screen to Body Ratio, Low Blue Light, Black (1920 x 1080, HDMI/VGA) HUAWEI
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2 Rotor Riot MFI Certified Gamepad Controller for iPhone - Wired with L3 + R3 Compatibility, Power Pass Through Charging, Improved 8 Way D-Pad, and redesigned ZeroG Mobile Device (Renewed) Rotor Riot MFI Certified Gamepad Controller for iPhone - Wired with L3 + R3 Compatibility, Power Pass Through Charging, Improved 8 Way D-Pad, and redesigned ZeroG Mobile Device (Renewed) Rotor Riot
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3 best Xbox Elite Series 2 Wireless Controller - Black Xbox Elite Series 2 Wireless Controller - Black Xbox
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4 4 Packs 1500mAh Controller Battery Pack for Xbox One Series X S Rachargeable Batteries Pack,Play and Charge Kit Accessories for Xbox Series X/Xbox Series S/Xbox One X/Xbox One Wireless Controller 4 Packs 1500mAh Controller Battery Pack for Xbox One Series X S Rachargeable Batteries Pack,Play and Charge Kit Accessories for Xbox Series X/Xbox Series S/Xbox One X/Xbox One Wireless Controller DR.VIVA
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5 PowerA Spectra Infinity Enhanced Wired Controller For Xbox Series X|S, Gamepad, Wired Video Game Controller, Gaming Controller, Xbox One, Officially Licensed (Xbox Series X) PowerA Spectra Infinity Enhanced Wired Controller For Xbox Series X|S, Gamepad, Wired Video Game Controller, Gaming Controller, Xbox One, Officially Licensed (Xbox Series X) PowerA
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6 Sony PlayStation DualShock 4 Controller - Black Sony PlayStation DualShock 4 Controller - Black Sony
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7 SteelSeries Arctis 1 Wired Gaming Headset – Detachable ClearCast Microphone – Lightweight Steel-Reinforced Headband – For PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Mobile – Bla SteelSeries Arctis 1 Wired Gaming Headset – Detachable ClearCast Microphone – Lightweight Steel-Reinforced Headband – For PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Mobile – Bla SteelSeries
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8 REYTID Replacement Xbox One/S Play and Charge USB Cable - Replacement Charging Micro Power Cable for Microsoft XB1 Controllers S Battery Pad Lead REYTID Replacement Xbox One/S Play and Charge USB Cable - Replacement Charging Micro Power Cable for Microsoft XB1 Controllers S Battery Pad Lead REYTID
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9 Wireless Controller for Nintendo Switch Sendowtek Gamepad for Switch Lite Joy Con Controller with Turbo Function Dual Vibration Compatible with All Games of Switch Wireless Controller for Nintendo Switch Sendowtek Gamepad for Switch Lite Joy Con Controller with Turbo Function Dual Vibration Compatible with All Games of Switch Sendowtek
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10 PowerA FUSION Pro 2 Wired Controller for Xbox Series X|S, gamepad, wired video game controller, gaming controller, works with Xbox One PowerA FUSION Pro 2 Wired Controller for Xbox Series X|S, gamepad, wired video game controller, gaming controller, works with Xbox One Xbox
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Top Customer Reviews: HUAWEI Display 23.8 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 18 ratings
5 / 5
A monitor is WELL, but a stand does not have the adjustment of height (which does not import reason I any one need a stand. Some instructions are rubbishes and does not mention a VESA holes (which are not obvious). Still partorisca the economic model would expect that they could run to four M4 rays and spacers a right period partorisca VESA mountain. A VESA the threaded holes have very deep and recessed partorisca have to that way that has had to that find long rays and some 12mm plastic spacers partorisca leave for a curve in a rear surface. My VESA the highland dish covers a VGA connector, but felizmente, no a HDMI socket. Partorisca Be sincere a bit supply partorisca be able to is better drawn that a backside of a monitor. A hassle partorisca use a VESA the holes have attacked two stars of my indication.
5 / 5
Huawei Generally do good hardware and a quality of build of these looks to control to be quite good. A screen is clear, a bezels is small, and a backlight is same. Any built in the speakers but they am usually crap in all the chance, and comes with a HDMI boss in a box the difference of the plot of these. I have bought it likes him the device of office of the house as it can not comment in gaming or the film that looks.

Huawei Is doing £50 cashback in this interior of the device a moment so much is a lot competitively priced (while not to impose you giving a Chinese government your details of bank) and to the equal that has taken £30 more is gone in the lightning extracted concealed the fact the subject.
4 / 5
For a prize, this has quality of good picture. A brightness is good and has decent acuteness and good value for money.

Does not add for gaming. It is so only he 60hz exposure. Has 2 connections, the VGA and HDMI which is the decent port selection . Mainly it uses this like the secondary exposure to have Discord or other things on.

A stand are not to add, can tilt but ossia roughly that. Any a lot of movement at all. Stuck in a height. If you are trace a monitor this is not any a lot of a subject.

An odd point, a monitor is black but a boss to be able to is white which have found quite odd that has had to mention.

Also efficiency to be able to is not to order, as if you are conscious to use to be able to take this the account.

According to a point of prize and the one who the offers are available at the same time invernadero Amazon and Huawei Cashback this can be treats it well , but in the full prize would say this is not good value for the money and the better monitors can be found.
4 / 5
Has bought this for office uses like this after cashback was to treat very good . I add for use of general office and looking film - has the very still for behind light. Well for random gamees, but competitive gamers is likely to require 120hz like the minimum. A bezel is súper thin, like this thin that the webcam will eat in the spatial of screen. I have had to solve this with the stand of webcam has separated.

Comes with a hdmi boss and dipping a joint is intuitive and requires no additional tools. In general, very happy.
4 / 5
Thinks that underlines one the majority of in this monitor is one thinks bezels, when being like this thin done a screen feels more main that in fact is. Pocolos Monitors in a point of prize offers the lustrous creation has taken.

Dipping it up is easy like any ray is required a base and clip to control to plant and has a HDMI the boss has comprised in a box.

For the office that/read/to use to house highly would recommend.
4 / 5
Has been using he for 3 days that maintains (mainly for work), totally value a prize and a cashback offered. Quality of utmost build, feels very first. It thinks no another monitor with such thin bezels is available in this point of prize. A setup was very cleaned and easy, a mountain and the stand are very stable.

An only with still me is there is not any audio out of port, really would help had one to connect my external speakers to
5 / 5
has Bought this monitor when it was on raises. It is a lot of-ish. Well built, but any adjustment of height, any start of audio. For a sake of a prize has paid, any complains of me.
4 / 5
1st monitor is to come fraction, service of the client of the amazon was easy to do with, an original has been sent behind and the new one arrives interior 2 days and of the works perfectly. It is slender and light and installed quell'on an arm of adjustable monitor.
4 / 5
There is mention a fact does not have any audio is gone in a description as I do not squander my money. Reason on the earth does not have one. Very annoyed!
5 / 5
Very easy to dip up and the good if any spectacular monitor. Quite attractive, minimalist styling. Very shabby and works so only well.
4 / 5
I colours and the quality of image is resembled a Macbook Pro, does not see any difference.
5 / 5
Ossia A third monitor the never use. I do not want to say more in a quality of screen likes action more than has expected.
A main reason the give some 5 stars is the one who looks, and the one who easy to control.
5 / 5
Has had my MateView for the pair of weeks now and am like this lucky I stumbled by means of him just moments before ordering the BenQ model. It had forgotten that my Surface Pro the laptop also has the 3:2 exposure like MateView feels 'normal' - in fact when I have seated in our main PC so only now (like my woman there is taken on still his office of house) has been impacted in like this squashed arrives to the look was a two 23' the monitors have attached his. These are conventional 16:9 and I have used to be entirely happy with them but no more - to modify the photos and the video can not compare to a Huawei 3:2 - I so only has not known that has been missing.

Would call any the one who uses Premiere Pro, Lightroom or any alike screen intense applications to give one 3:2 formed goes he - you will not go back never to 16:9, guaranteed !
4 / 5
Bought by means of Huawei tend Amazon directed , sad! Monitor brilliant partorisca of the money, can not complain at all. Looks Like this modern and frescos with almost zero bezels and cleaned, seemless stand of office. And....£50 cashback of the haste!
4 / 5
Adds for gaming 144hz depends in marks it of touch of the sure game to change he in an exposure that dips all the commentaries thus it is not thus 1
5 / 5
are like this dissapointed like this the product has arrived today - I has been impressed that this has LOOKED the stylish the monitor with the 10 has bitten poster that could use them to paint sensitive work.


10 bit no in 4k 60hz reason an elderly displayport 1.2 a monitor has does not sustain a bandwidth has required. You can use 10 it has bitten in 30 hz, or better still, so only does not use a monitor at all. Reason they all 1 billions of colours, if I can not use he in full resolution, or in of the full frames? I seat tricked; Reason could do not adding displayport 1.4, hdmi 2.1 or same ray 3 like this would not be a subject? How it is, a monitor is pointless and already outdated. They would owe that it has written it I download it of authorship concealed a lot all some characteristics can be used immediately.

To add insult to hurt, can not change any settings while HDR is turned on in your paper of settings of the PC; calm can not go down a brightness or spatial by heart of the transmission. I suppose Huawei expect you to go to some settings and constantly change HDR of while it loves decrease a brightness or in fact use him for any sensitive colour.


In a upside, a quality of build is well... As if these subjects when a real product is subpar.
4 / 5
Never seen such the good monitor drawn before. A reproduction by heart is quite good.
5 / 5
OMG, loves that like this!!! A creation is absolute prize !!!!
Has fallen so only enamoured with him when you look in him for a part!

Top Customer Reviews: Rotor Riot MFI ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 9 ratings
4 / 5
Controller Really well, down and same latency when a telephone is connected his is not weighed too much. It feels the little economic and does not have the rear key but felizmente more the games do not use of this key. A support partorisca L3 and R3 is of entity of mine also reason love Isolation of touch of Alien that mark good use of these keys.Without I doubt I will be partorisca spend this in a plan.
5 / 5
Ossia The controller adds partorisca my iPhone (FYI no with androids)
This in spite of has a thing that would have to be improvement and caused partorisca the esteem 4 stars. You are forced partorisca resist a controller in the corner sure was, tilted advance, this could be fixed by a clip in groups having the hinge has built to to some groups likes him the screen can be tilted behind or advance. It is annoying a corner I need partorisca use but sure can take used his
4 / 5
Used with my iPhone and works perfectly, very happy
4 / 5
has produced Adds. It had been using the Crazy Catz CTRLi Bluetooth controller, but has died entirely. Wireless is the toneless point in third controllers of party to the equal that changes protocols and iOS will take partorisca update, possibly rendering a controller worthless. Wire fence / MFI would have to that longevity of guarantee, which are adds like this the thing is really very built - and the law adds. By means of touching works well with a bank partorisca be able to have, like this totally mobile gaming on iPhone 12 Pro solid. Also tried with an Air of iPad and laws partorisca the treat.

Has recommended. Any lag, produced of quality.
4 / 5
Has read to somewhere this was compatible with more than games but like this far of the calls of only decent application partorisca have to. He no with any one another system is hard corded with boss of lightning, any Bluetooth. You control them celery bit it bulky but answered well. The headline up is the little rickety but works with my IPHONE 2020 well. A chance is quell'has bitten bulky as so only grieves access. Downloads an application for him to do and announces games for you to have the good idea duquel some these works of controllers well with
4 / 5
uses He in iphone 7 and works well in codm that was that it has wanted, any one compatible with iphone6.
Any one has likes to upload taking the battery of the yours telephone for the boss. Resistant material and of big quality. In general a lot so only the detail of the load is the q to to any one likes
5 / 5
r3 of the key does not do and is remained grasped to the mine iPhone no shabby
4 / 5
has purchased this element based of a claim of R3/L3 functionality and planned for the use in Fortnite among others games. The controller felt and looked adds during a unboxing and place on process. I have ensured once a controller was updated, has shot on Fortnite and mapped some keys to a controller in some settings, but a R3/L3 the keys no . Thought this was the fluke, has decided to give the another shot and order the controller of substitution. A controller of substitution has failed like this miserably likes first. It likes me quell'has said, a controller feels and looks well, but some falsely announced R3/L3 the functionality prevent to recommend this product to any one.
4 / 5
Has Seen a lot of descriptions in this saying of the controller has not done, or that has not arrived never. Another has said that that has done perfectly. In my opinion, ossia the controller really adds . Has the headline of telephone and when your battery is down, can spent in yours upload in a controller to touch and touch your telephone a same time. It is really fresh, but does not have a iphone headphone entrance, as it would owe that buy the splitter for separate. But all some controls law well and would give them this he 10/10. Highly it would recommend this to the partner !

Top Customer Reviews: Xbox Elite Series 2 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 58 ratings
5 / 5
It would like to begin this description that says that it calms wants to treat you assuming has of the money, goes for him.

In the first place of this controller is a one has to take you. An advantage can take against another in on-line gaming is quite noticeable (that considers that I know that it is doing).

In of the terms of the quality of build looks it has been improved to the plot has compared to a first gene. This series of Elite 2 is different way and sturdy has compared to a prime minister a.

These rubberized grips during an organism done the most comfortable plot. A paddles has been shortened and an access to them when you resist a tampon is well. An inner battery and a type of USB C port the fact a definite version of a Xbox A controller. Calm can utilisations both in Xbox An and Windows 10 PC.

Adds up: it is an absolute gem of the tampon and he could be expensive, but is to the on-line only games is one one calms does not want to lose . Only downside is a prize, another that ossia glorious.
4 / 5
Incredible built quality, has improved clicky feel in a paddles, more customizable that before, a thumbstick stifness adjusmtent is in fact handier that is to his like, well value 180.ºur
4 / 5
This controller has the quality of the chair and the solid build adds and responsive. One is a better in controller of class for Xbox and PC. It feels solider that an original and looks very better and there is even more characteristic. Also it alleges to have to that 40 battery of now the one who can say them is looking adds like this far as I have not touched he in some 6 days have possessed this. I am giving to to these 5 stars for now likes them to them the sound the new product and the common defects are not to know still. Patient probably update this description in roughly 6 times of month to give the true verdict to see included resists up.
4 / 5
Amur This controller to good sure better that serious 1
5 / 5
there Went it of then Saturday and so only bit it disappointed regarding an a lot of replaceable battery. A device feels prevails a life of battery is excellent and a tension in some claves of joy is a lot well so that the stops do a lot well in a dipping a big plus with has has shot guns etc that the no with a battery of old elite is even more that half way after the few days of the use and this have used my razer headset with him the majority of a time. An only thing am them concerned roughly is when a battery dies will be them necessary has it plugged in all a time. I think that that ossia deceive it and would be concerned roughly swelling of battery when finally it pursue out of juice. With which attentively looking in a controller the see any option to service he. I guess it will owe them attended for a ifixit video. The sum he on would say them for the take has of the money. Battery to update still that goes strong and is now Wednesday!
5 / 5
If there is not coming from a OG the elite perhaps takes some times to regulate but can so only really feedback change positive of a leading model. A clickable paddles is the improvement adds and a cradle the touch is lovely and far more practical. An only negative would say is in fact a zone in that the majority of users shares that it likes, and of east is a new grippy surface. For me (and @I give has the odd feeling with touching sure textures in time) feels horrible to touch every time I start gaming. Almost it feels like my palmeras are sweaty, which are not . Curiously this does not annoy me once has resisted a controller for the moment.

Finally, games to lose to cost and is a new V2 value of controller of the elite of the money? Well it say that it is, but some improvements subtiles could not justify upgrading of some originals especially if your current controller still is going strong. If this in spite of calm does not have a OG elite and wants to develop your gaming has described then perhaps has to that self induldge and treat to the very good product.
5 / 5
Bought for my edges like the present of anniversary .... It is very happy
5 / 5
In the first place, to besiege it to 1 description to star to receive the faulty tampon for one having the faulty D Tampon... Take a controller has substituted free of load of Amazon in place of the stupid description and also another description in iOS not doing with a controller... Ossia The pro gaming controller for Xbox and Windows 10, ossia his first work , any fact to be used to touch bobo iOS games that comes according to character.

Now in a controller..... AMAZING. Quality of build, feels, answered, load of battery and characteristic, has sold my SCUF controller because it is that well.

Him him Of the money and is competitive in on-line gaming, this tampon is wonderful.
5 / 5
A controller when it operates is fantastic but he occasionally disconnects mid touches & a one key sometimes claves. I am not sure if these are teething questions because it is new but if these questions persist will be to return an element for the repayment.
5 / 5
I go to take a negatives out of a first way

A prize: it is more than a real console, concealed is not to say is not to value he but is expensive.

Has built in battery: has-liked me an old option of interchangeable battery. You can see other controllers has built the batteries are a future of an industry but I would like an option to out my own in.

To some positive

A creation: it is not that far out of a first elite that in my eyes still looks incredible; but this model so only looks lustrous. I want to one wraps around the grips gives it the good sillouette, a black kills D-the tampon is in fact lovely. One of some better things is like a controller connects to a magnetic cradle, is one of a more than satisfies the things can do, calm grieves volume a controller tries it, calm will not be disappointed.

Quality of build: I have it there was so only the short time obviously but a controller feels like the product of prize. All some keys etc.. Work well. As any user of elite knows has has questions with control of quality in a past like a More uses them this will maintain an up to date description with my thoughts

One feels: manually some accesses of controllers well, no too big but no too small, has his decent weight also. Some the new grips celery really good. One imagines has added to this is regulating a tension of some claves. Really well for different applications.

Usability: a small customisations can do (claves, tension, triggers of hair, d tampon, paddles, software etc..) Easily do this one the majority of accessible controller in a phase, has used the plot of the different controllers and the swimming approaches to this. Calm once take your settings well, touching the games so only feels the breeze. This round to time there is an election of extra profiles and that really helps. Especially it has different settings for different games.

In general, has to say ossia a better controller has not had never. A prize can dip you was right now but would suggest in some point is l to good sure value upgrading.
5 / 5
Ordered this in black Friday, is coming with the faulty A key, seats odd to press then with which 2 days partorisca use it, begins partorisca stick and not bursting behind on,

has Asked the substitution a, this is to arrive today, has taken was a box and low and behold, has another faulty A key....

Amazon to row to order it has been said will not send the turn again has had to them that take the repayment and the order again in full prize, asked to speak to the manager and has fixed the turn with them.

Now have 2 controllers broken the needs to return and expect the 3rd to arrive, if this one is broken patient never be ordering another of these, ailing take my repayment and go elsewhere.
For the controller of prize of the prize youd expects manufacture of prize.

Modification: 3rd controller arrives, the good key! It takes house... The right clave that drifts

of the that spent this controller
4 / 5
has thinks that would give this controller a profit of a doubt, considering roughly of some poor descriptions. First controller has received has has had subjects with both a a & B keys, when being that they were intermittently unresponsive (the semi-detached video) - Like this more than asking the repayment immediately, has asked a transmission.. When A second controller has arrived has found some same subjects esatti, although no like this bad to the equal that in the first place was still intermittent any less. A lot disappointed, and to look to look for be recognised like the common question during a xbox/microsoft community. I can not see this controller in any tents (Curries, Argos, GAME etc) and am beginning to think that the tents no longer sell given some known subjects - I could be wrong and concealed can be the coincidence but will resist out of purchasing another. Those of you the one who does not find of the subjects, prpers considers lucky like some subjects averts this could be the good piece of boxes.
5 / 5
Has used quite all a controller is there and ossia my preferred .

A short actuating the triggers are quite well, especially with an amazing quantity of software customisation available, but reasons it taste to him these is a backside paddles. It take the moment to take used to them but now easily can use both claves and accesses 8 keys immediately. It is hard to imagine touching some games (especially games of souls) without this now am used his.

My subject only is that some the compulsory options are Some pocolos have limited on PC. Like the bow all the keys to the only entrances but am stuck mapping to joypad entrances. This generally means that one 4 for behind paddles is so only convenient ways to achieve other keys and no new keys they.
4 / 5
Love an idea of some controllers of Elite and is so that it result habituado to a paddles to to that does not like to use of regular controllers to arrive to this point. Which is reason ossia like this frustrating.

Am spent for six of a v1 controllers of Elite, returning five of them partorisca substitutions until that take a sixth (which also failed) with a v2. Everything of that because of peeling grips inside the term to time to vary of four month to eight month.

So much, was comes an Elite v2, those fiancées to fix all some subjects of a v1. No more grips of hule, awesome. Better creation for some keys of shoulder that has broken takes a lot of people (has not used never some keys of shoulder, always a paddles, as it has not had this @@subject).

Sadly, Are roughly to return my second v2 Elite inside the little the month after launcher of a controller. Both of one some have had suffered with a same failure.

A one key intermittently failure to register that has been he has pressed. Occasionally it decides to register that I pressed it two times, when it was pressed so only once.

This causes subject in of the games when a key fails to register when be pressed, those causes has has lost actions. Or skipping sew reason thinks that that I pressed it two times.

£160 For the experience of supposed Elite, which has like this far failed to fulfil.

Is the shame , reason almost all more in a controller are to add (averts of a visual creation, are personally any one the defender).

If you are quite lucky to avert some Some subjects of key, calm then will have the controller adds. But ossia the risk will require to decide on taking.
4 / 5
Controllers Of elite of the amour, and will not go back never to use some regular controllers. A weight is good to resist and feels very solid in your hands. There have it so only to to a thing does not like on a version 2 model and ossia a grip. Although it is the hule feeling my hands any grip he enough like a last version, resembles slide roughly, but so only the small quantity. Ossia Reason could do not giving a plenary 5 stars. All more is perfect and love an idea of a built in rechargeable battery. Highly you recommend, so only the shame in a grip, but concealed so only can me be.

Modification, there there is now the question with a one key sometimes does not register that I pressed it. Googled A question and looks the very common failure with this controller. Microsoft Is conscious of this so it does not know yes for the send behind to Amazon or attended and see if an update to fix a subject will arrive punctual.

Modification, Microsoft has admitted sound the question of hardware and no the software, like this unfortunately the mine is returned for the full repayment.

Will expect bit it more with a longitude to buy again in the wait will receive the any faulty a. Miss He already this in spite of.
4 / 5
Has bought this controller to second time likes the substitution to prime minister a.
In the first place a there is had questions looked like this of the keys not answering correctly and accidents thumstick drift too
2nd a rest thumstick drift again and the b x and keys sometimes not answering or doing work of different keys without mapping of key.
Some profiles of mapping of the Key that disappears registered nomination to profile 1-2-3 so much the have any idea that profile so that game. It is simply a lot possible to save your settings of controllers for long.
4 / 5
The quality of build is surprising, has some his pertinent weight. A chance among him feels really a lot of fact and still has the port to the equal that can touch a controller while it is in there, AirPod way.
Comes with the USB a lot along C boss (the controller now takes USB C) and the selection to alternate claves of thumb, although in some chances comes with one if the insurances ?

Has found prefers to use a controller without a paddles, which marvels me if ossia the waste of money for me? I love a quality and all some other bits that comprises to customise a stiffness of some claves of thumb, but can not help but feel likes would have to that spend out of the Lite version with a quality of same build but any to to the extra bits likes him to him to them the claves of Thumb, paddles etc. In the prize has reduced.

A grip feels to be really a lot textured all the round but does not solve sweaty palmera slippage subject.

In general would say that it is in plot of money, but calm easily can justify he for the use in the regular base.
One of some engines of the also done vibration the noise I really annoying, any sure he is the failure with mine or reason a internals is now metal.
4 / 5
Has loved a series of Elite 1 and has not had any subject with him until a lot recently some claves of equivalents is free result, has decided to go for the serious 2 controllers.
My controller of prime minister was in full working mandate but one of a metal paddles that comes with him simply very returned, feels bad complaining in such the small failure but I expect it to be perfect for a prize. I have had the controller of substitution but while a paddles is well is one, a one key takes stuck in and a hule wraps the free chair, as any last long. It has stuck with my controller of prime minister and is returned in fact a substitution. Appearance the third would have the subject different in this tax.
Averts subject, a controller is the no on an original and some characteristic additional is in fact a lot welcome for me. Shame roughly the when being the bit of the lottery taken the a lot of one or no
5 / 5
has bought 2 of these, one for my Edges and me. One was perfect, answered of the key and the quality of build was excellent. I dipped it/ I dipped It it go for Christmas of Edges. Another although I have had to that return. A 'A the key was spongey and unresponsive. One of a paddles in a backside to any click likes some another. Look have been done in the different factory to a perfect a.
Has bought previously 2 Elite some controllers and the history is to a large extent alike - took the 'well of the' calm then is orderly partorisca to to years likes him to him the quality to build after generally remains one same (with an exception of some bumpers in an Elite 1 that prpers fijamente after 2 years or like this - otherwise was excellent). It does not know that it is going in in a factory of Microsoft to produce such the lottery of quality of build. The shabby good regime .... You will be it has wanted to this in spite of taken the a lot of one.

Update -- With which less then 3 weeks to use one 2nd controller of Elite has gone also faulty. It develops the sticky unreliable 'B' key this time. Totally unacceptable for such an expensive controller. It is the shame because you can see a quality of build around a rest of a device. It has to that have question of production of the factory with a controller, too many forums and subs is mentioning this and other questions. I am returning this for one 2nd time.
Also, I the majority of mine gaming likes keyboard / of mouse (PC) for this any uses inclusos a controller that a lot and develops this failure in roughly 3 weeks of minimum use.
5 / 5
A controller feels and looks the controller of prize. It is comfortable, weighty, and feels natural to resist.

A customisation the options are thorough and an interface tweaking some settings relatively directly advances.

Unfortunately, has been one of a miserable some those who recieved the produced defective on two occasions. A prime minister (any of Amazon) there has been unresponsive keys of face and a legislation of analog clave of east a (experience of Amazon) looks to be that they take sloghtly looser that of the left after the few hours of use.

Ii Highly would recommend this same controller if you are not the 'pro' gamer the one who so only key shooters. So only it is not need surprised takes it has substituted once or two times until you take the fully doing a.
4 / 5
I will be very sincere, has been moment partorisca buy a controller of elite of a launch of a prime minister a.
But reason was like this expensive and like this difficult to try is gone in the tent (except a tent of Microsoft to Londra there is not founding anywhere where could you physically control and shows a controller) has decided to expect. Then a serious 2 is exited and has expected also. He a bit those that the weeks have decided to take that one submerges and bought it. First impressions are I like a rubberized grip, a textured the triggers and a quality of build is glorious.
This in spite of, there is not remarked that some different place of a thumbstick the hardness has to done fact a lot noticeable difference, and desire some triggers have had some class partorisca hold variable also (partorisca run play).
A real verdict is yes, is the good controller , yes is a lot handy and well has built.
In that said the one who, is not £159-well. It is not 3 times also the well of regular controller. And I think that that it has to be mentioned. Unless one rear paddles is something you really use of must, does not seat as if ossia really value all of the money.
There is remarked some dropouts sometimes was when using a wireless adapter, but the suspect could has to that do with Steam / Xbox Partorisca the compatibility of Windows issues as I still am trying imagines era.
Different some clients, will not return it so only partorisca spite, there is agreed to partorisca pay the cost and has to that live with a consequence, I people of aversion the one who produced of turn so only reason do not fulfil his big levels: a controller extracted and that dips was partorisca do and never there was mentido in a functionality.
But does not expect this controller partorisca be an end-all of levels of controllers, and partorisca £159, would have expected that he a bit of that. Knowing this, this controller can be the good experience , so only has to that be has had to that squander more the money that the sensibility would leave.
5 / 5
A lot of rasgado in this control I amour one looks a weight and one feels of him But so to the equal that wants to maintain to take envoy faulty some a first control has spent has had the question with a the key that is a lot sticky and a sinister clave was slightly out of place like your character would move in his own!! Felizmente To the amazon sent the substitution all this in spite of this was no better a x the key was sometimes unresponsive and has the costruttore lacking with a grip, as I can see photo a no diverse grip how is a lot annoy for such an expensive control, master like this controls so much but is hard when I maintain to take has sent uselessness
4 / 5
has possessed the generation 1 elite for a better part of 2-3 years now. You are an only controller would touch with. My chance of the use does not involve an use of stops to cause/paddles/long claves. Simply so only a barebones controller.

A gene 1 elite has not presented any subjects of mine so much has not had any need to upgrade to an elite 2. This in spite of to do I so that it can suggest some of some profits:

1) A grip forward is very useful. Any exactly resists your palmeras firmly in a controller, but resupplies the small but noticeable grip.

2) Some stops to cause now have 3 levels. It finds a last level to be excellent while quickscoping on call to owe.

3) A battery is now inner. Ossia scary To the equal that fails a controller is redundant fact . But for now they are that it enjoys a life of long battery.

4) A global aesthetic are adds. It looks stealthy in all black.

In general would suggest to buy this controller.

NB: My subject only is with delivery of the amazon and this does not reflect an element in in all the chance. My container has been launched by means of my window in the 1m quotes to my paving of basin. Ossia The £150+ element and are them now wary is fully functional after surviving this fall. To the amazon has done the risarcimento small but I am still very pleased with some actions of an engine.
4 / 5
My gone to controller the uses for mine all comfort it with dongles some rear triggers go in gains for transmissions of weapon and reloading.
A L1 & R1 would have to that have grips and .. All some cause R1 R2 L1 L2 would owe that be fact of of some light metal in place of plastic. One joins what partorisca paddles would be well the big paddle for L & R paddles to the equal that was 2 paddles working. Also where a usb the port in a controller is would have to that be sunk in so much wobbles bit it the square box he empty to but is quite big by other advantages but to wobble .

Averts of that is a better controller never fact and ive been gaming of joystick and 8bit nes the days feels like this good and the movement is like this quickly and the helps touch better as you can run while looking around and reload all a same time without taking your thumb of a sinister clave.

Validates each penny and the uses for a lot of divides it mine goto controller.
5 / 5
Have two Serious 1 Controllers of Elite and was excited really to take my hands in some Serious 2. Unfortunately after taking my hands on was really there is disappointed. I find a S2 much more that slips to resist that a S1 and really there is not enjoyed in the resistant. I have preferred also a weight of a S1 so it takes battery and any the rechargeable bandage (which can not see the way to take faulty). To the as it likes me is some adjustments of extras in a S1 and one in the chance that touches. Could have it maintained, this in spite of the mine was faulty out of a box as it does not offer a noise in of the games have sent it like this behind. If you have not used a S1 think that you will be good with a S2. But personal am buying another S1 whilst is around to last me.
5 / 5
A lot Then , has possessed them the serious 1 controllers of elite for the year and in spite of all some bad descriptions of him braking down easily the mine has been running well with at all has changed in the and in the watchdog according to that not touching with greasy toes and in that give it to dry from time to time

With serious 2 this is coming with the prize light big plus some first impressions are a lot well, like this calm of has thought is quell'has bitten better build and more in firm thatnks to build in battery of long life his class of the piece of controller with fact to commission mods on he

avenges with the same chance has done perhaps bit it better and with this lovely magnetic be as your space of tampon in instantly when being chatged in chance neither zipped on prójimo or oppened and still able to be used while it has touched of course

Together with extra of elegant claves and all bondadoso of amiably “blacked” out of

Global am giving them this 4/5 and any 5/5 is reason took it to them so only today and like this with everything, calm does not know never like memory in 2-3 month to update
5 / 5
has used some Serious 1 for years and of the Serious 2 is the any on that in of the terms of qualities of build and feel. Or it is until, scant hours for the use, develops the failure: when a sinister clave is in 11 on the dot place, a L3 the key does not act, any click, swimming but so only in this place - do well in any one another place.

In that spent it for 3 Serious 1 controllers, really expect that this failure is not a common one like a Serious 2 experiences.

External of this failure, a controller really the chair adds. A paddle the keys are more tactile, some 3 profiles are utmost and some tensions of modifiable clave is also well.
5 / 5
Has to that say that it was skeptical to the equal that to that a lot this would be. There are so many manufacturers in a phase and in of the so many different prizes. I still opted to take to my cash and attended partorisca east and am not disappointed. It feels he adds in some hands, no too weighed neither too light. All some Keys celery reward and incl some triggers. To be sincere has no really used an additional paddles still reason Im touching more Fifa now. But this one feels likes goes to last. A normal xbox the controllers usually uses so only last the little month. The only thing am not blown has gone by east a grip. After the prolonged use some looks of the controller to slip was in all the chance. Perhaps I game too
5 / 5
Well has had this of his & emissions the product of solid quality. Any question at all, the chair adds to resist, has an incredible battery. (Of the that Worry in an inner battery last for AGE!) Some options to regulate the tension of analog clave is like this good. I havent has required the key of the tower but you can add a now. Seldom I same uses an extra behind paddle tbh, but is useful to have, especially in of the games Like A Distribution 2 where has to that do to plot of looting while if tones FPS the games where can jump you & shoot without leaving goes of right clave.

A Xbox the application of accessories is súper to the intuitive & jam packed with the adjustments can do the quite all the appearances of a controller. You can regulate some cause deadzones or regulate curves of sensibilities of some analog claves. Profiles of mark for transmission of his & individual games in a fly. Calm also can do a bit causes more courts, has not thought never the one who useful this would be. For Shooter the games feels so more responsive to have the short trigger.

Yeah His expensive, but yes love a better then buy with confidence. Microsoft has created an extremely there is well does & the controller has drawn here.
5 / 5
Has purchased the new mark xbox elite 2 controller in November 2019. I have it quell'utilisations grieve. On in the first place using it there is remarked a clave of right thumb any click. This failure has extended now so that a clave of right thumb is pressing of ghost during gaming doing an useless controller. Like this expensive and he so that it has done bad. A lot disappointed with a hype around this controller.
4 / 5
In the first place, to I besiege it to 1 description partorisca star partorisca receive the faulty tampon partorisca one having the faulty D Tampon... Take a controller has substituted free of load of Amazon in place of the stupid description and also another description in iOS not doing with a controller... Ossia The pro gaming controller partorisca Xbox and Windows 10, ossia his first work , any fact partorisca be used partorisca touch bobo iOS games that comes according to character.

Now in a controller..... AMAZING. Quality of build, feels, answered, load of battery and characteristic, has sold my SCUF controller because it is that well.

Him him Of the money and is competitive in on-line gaming, this tampon is wonderful.
4 / 5
There went it of then Saturday and so only bit it disappointed regarding an a lot of replaceable battery. A device feels prevails a life of battery is excellent and a tension in some claves of joy is a lot well so that the stops do a lot well in a dipping a big plus with has has shot guns etc that the no with a battery of old elite is even more that half way after the few days of the use and this have used my razer headset with him the majority of a time. An only thing am them concerned roughly is when a battery dies will be them necessary has it plugged in all a time. I think that that ossia deceive it and would be concerned roughly swelling of battery when finally it pursue out of juice. With which attentively looking in a controller the see any option to service he. I guess it will owe them attended partorisca a ifixit video. The sum he on would say them partorisca the take has of the money. Battery partorisca update still that goes strong and is now Wednesday!
4 / 5
So only has taken this today and a level of customisation is surprising. Calm now can add the eshift key' meaning you can add the secondary mapping to the each one so only another key that applies when the turn is resisted. This absolutely is that it surprises and he so only the fact are add, in of the terms of potentials. Built in the battery is class of annoying be partorisca break. It can contest it is the good characteristic .

Unfortunately the mine has come with the faulty the key where is really soft and feels the averages have pressed in all a time. He the fact bondadoso of hard to press in time, and impossible to press like this quickly like podes with the no faulty key. Ossia In fact he really dipped and annoying even although it is the very small thing . It can try and take the substitution but still annoying because of a hassle. More a fact literally avenges defective in a first place.
4 / 5
In that had it the pair of elite 1 east (not going to derives for me, but one has a grip that begin, common question) was quite underwhelmed for of the this.

In a late plus firmware and he still randomly disconnects of Bluetooth in my PC - something my bluetooth the headphones direct any to do, or in fact any one another bluetooth gamepad I use.

The hips slips around in my palmeras - quite odd that considers a coverage of a 'grips'.

Still top it was a QC has gone awry in a one has received, as you can see of a picture, a legislation of the hand-held grip has not been moulded to a underside properly leaving this flange that feels quite acute.

Mina to send retreated the fearful sound, persevere with an old elite for a moment and hopefully Microsoft will order these subjects am gone in a next batch.
4 / 5
WOW That the no on an Elite Series1.
This controller is very very built and has the gun look smoked really well of metal to all the parts of metal, a padles, d-the tampon is, triggers, LB RB keys and some claves..
A small tool to change a tension of clave is simple to use and has the positive click a lot when calm changes them.... Has the abonos feel of the each one of some three tensions can have also.
A paddles has been reworked the small and with all four in a together tampon really can feel which are using..... More the stray key presses for me.
Any used in angering up to now while the battlefront 2xXP the Wednesday to really try this new bad boy of Microsoft.
Like this far very impressed in a first version I at present use for 1st person shooters.

Light update to an on, could not expect until tonight to try this tampon was has dipped like this in battlefieldV and has had the explosion last this tampon is beautiful to use. Some settings of new trigger are súper dooper.
Has used settings regulated in main controller, with short convex clave in a left with tension of half, and big xbox a fashionable clave in a legislation with max tension..... A so only other transmissions were two paddles for One and B actions of key and cause dipped to min travesía (does a work of triggers like LB and RB)
And is gone in to battle.
Has tried the first sniper like precise of the small movements and yep all was well, shooting and scoping like this easy and quickly with min the trigger that dips on.
Are not a better player there but east cushions really felt easy to use with just the few transmissions for my part.
Tin tinker the plot more options in a controller that use a microsoft application but so only to quickly try this new one with small change all can do without an application has thumbs on took me far...
Cant Expects for tonight now a force will be no partorisca has does.
5 / 5
Likes to begin this description that says that it calms loves you treat assuming has of the money, goes for him.

In the first place of this controller is a one has to take you. An advantage can take against another in on-line gaming is quite noticeable (that considers that I know that it is doing).

In of the terms of the quality of build looks it has been improved to the plot has compared to a first gene. This series of Elite 2 is different way and sturdy has compared to a prime minister a.

These rubberized grips during an organism done the most comfortable plot. A paddles has been shortened and an access to them when you resist a tampon is well. An inner battery and a type of USB C port the fact a definite version of a Xbox A controller. Calm can utilisations both in Xbox One and Windows 10 PC.

Adds up: it is an absolute gem of the tampon and he could be expensive, but is to the on-line only games is one one calms does not want to lose . So only downside is a prize, another that ossia glorious.
4 / 5
There is not coming from a OG the elite perhaps takes some times to regulate but can so only really feedback positive transmissions of a leading model. A clickable paddles is the improvement adds and a cradle the touch is lovely and far more practical. An only negative would say is in fact a zone in that the majority of users shares that it likes, and of east is a new grippy surface. For me (and @I give has the odd feeling with touching sure textures in time) feels horrible to touch every time I start gaming. Almost it feels like my palmeras are sweaty, which are not . Curiously this does not annoy me once has resisted a controller for the moment.

Finally, games to lose to cost and is a new V2 value of controller of the elite of the money? Well it say that it is, but some improvements subtiles could not justify upgrading of some originals especially if your current controller still is going strong. If this in spite of calm does not have a OG elite and wants to develop your gaming has described then perhaps has to that self induldge and treat to the very good product.
5 / 5
To the equal that have finalised trying 3 separate Elite 2 Controllers and his all have some same to desert which am not sure has been remarked for very other people. Has thinks that that I can comes to be miserable with a controller of prime minister to the equal that take the substitution of Amazon, unfortunately a substitution there has been a same defect and I am returned that some hips. I have taken the punt the few weeks later in the third and has included again... Same defect. So only partorisca reference, has possessed a first elite of then free which have used in both xbox and pc and there is not running never to the respect.

A question... A question with everything of some controllers has tried has been related to a LB and RB keys. Where 50 of a time you pressed (once) any LB or RB a controller would send an entrance two times. To try has found one '2nd' the entrance is sent when calm emissions a key the one who do to think touch the question of hardware and any software. Now, this could not be like this noticeable on some games but on another can do him unplayable. I have tried some controllers in both Xbox and PC each one that like this with the different games and all have had a subject same. I am not sure if the amazon so only has taken the bad batch or if ossia widespread more.

This defect is odd reason resembles gradually worsen, when lame mine 2nd and 3.os controllers a subject was non-existent a first day. Still for day 2 and 3 a subject has begun to take the worse plot. My supposition would be this subject is extended enough, the people so only do not have it remarked. The one who knows
5 / 5
Absolutely stunning piece of boxes and a perfect addition my setup. Like this happy with cost of mine. Of a weight of a tampon to a texture of prize and feel. Amazing
4 / 5
I have purchased the new mark xbox elite 2 controller in November 2019. I have it quell'utilisations grieve. On in the first place using it there is remarked a clave of right thumb any click. This failure has extended now so that a clave of right thumb is pressing of ghost during gaming doing an useless controller. Like this expensive and he so that it has done bad. A lot disappointed with a hype around this controller.
5 / 5
As for video, B the key is terribly unreliable unless thoroughly hulk has broken; the key is depressed clearly until flush with the unit and the click is sense, this in spite of the entrance is registered hardly and can be fallen/on and was repeatedly unless calm absolutely runs over in.

This was of batch 1950 (2019, week 50) and the punctual orderly leaves, 2020.
4 / 5
First things in the first place - in spite of some subjects will mention shortly, ossia hands -down a better controller there is never has used. If reviews a controller has received according to timing around, this would be the description of five stars without qualms anything.

A chair of controller adds in some hands, with the real prize heft his without being too heavy and tiring some delivery that hangs the longest sessions. An adjustable thumbsticks are add, and he really done the difference. When being able to quickly hotswap thumbstick toppers and/or paddles in a backside is handy, and has to that thanks to a magnetic creation cast - any one concerns roughly feeling them free or that the explosions were during the heavy game can be neglected - return snugly quite that has to that deliberately take, but no like this stagnate that is pulling to a point where is concerned roughly harm.
A four paddles in a backside is situated amiably (although I find occasionally taking an upper paddle when causing a plus down one, ossia probably further down to my long toes that poor creation), and can be joined in any key in a controller. Calm also can designate a pleasure the eshift' yours, opening on the whole world of options with a paddles (or has included some keys yes are really taking creative).

This in spite of, as those that have done his investigation (and is spending this class of money in the controller, would have to be do your investigation !) It know, there is once again some subjects of qualities with some Serious 2, although felizmente these subjects tend to be noticeable quite immediately, and therefore can be managed faster. A first device has taken (of plot 1945) looked well at the beginning, and has connected quickly quite (one of some subjects created with some Serious 2). Some keys to face looked to be answering so only well, although it seats for the pleasure occasionally would lose the press in a one key touched it to him particularly faintly or too much far approximation some flanges - this in spite of, has not gone enough for me for the consider a esubject'.

This in spite of, a subject has had was with a sinister trigger - when fully depressed with the reasonable terracing by force (probably slightly harder that usually could press, but in no way foolishly hard), a trigger estick' for the breaking like this first returning. It was so only the fraction of the second, and probably would not impact the majority of chance of use, but is noticeable, and frankly yes am paying £150 for the controller, expects perfection - am returned like this a controller.

A second a has arrived now (also weaves 1945), and looks like this far to be doing perfectly.

Again, ossia the fantastic controller that it would be necessary to be it has considered seriously for any the one who is serious in his gaming and looking for the controller ossia the notch (or three) on some levels of official devices. This in spite of, so only be prepared that has he casualidad that it can owe you jump by means of the little hoops yes is quite miserable to take one of a wonky some.
5 / 5
Has had this controller of then November 2019... In the first place it is the very good controller that can say you Xbox has dipped the plot to time to draw. Secondly I have had it issues with a grip lateralmente hand-held the legislation is a lot of result slippy and feel sticky any @subject that use the wipe the clean a lot @@subject which write can not take touched of of east. Thirdly Has use this controller the majority of days and when touching another day some transmissions of tension for a LT and RT snapped was when using my indication of toe to change he with minimum pressure have been impacted for of the this.... Microsoft of contact and spike to them partorisca in an hour and half that tries to take my controller substituted to the equal that was faulty has refused and has said there was at all could do.. As I have decided to contact plug of Amazon to them for 5 minutes and my new controller have arrived a day after your Amazon an amazing company.. Microsoft -5 stars.
5 / 5
A lot well has had two now both weaves 9035 has had so much the bad A no active key everytime has pressed he
4 / 5
looking for the controller of prize has purchased a Xbox A Controller of Elite Seriáis 2 around when he in the first place type. At the beginning it love a controller but I dulcemente begun to remark the question with each of some keys (A, B, X, And). It say roughly 30 of a time when I have pressed a ‘One key and around 10 for a rest, does not register the press. This could be won to press each key with an excessive quantity of the force but I do not enjoy bashing each key when I love it to do properly. Fallido With a question has ordered the substitution that has arrived the few hours does so only to be fulfilled with some same subjects like leading controller and more. Now a lot so only some keys do not register when I press him but also have the tendency to stick down. If these subjects are directed in some futures and a controller was to do properly, could do not recommending more but for now I only clave with an original Xbox A controller how is the real dealbreaker.
5 / 5
Incredible built quality, has improved clicky feel in a paddles, more customizable that before, a thumbstick stifness adjusmtent is in fact handier that is to his like, well value 180.ºur

Update: it is produced really beautiful , a turn of the clave can not spend anymore like CPU constantly is looking for a joystick drift of centre and recalibrates, and all a material are to add BUT teh 4 subordinated paddles is so only too rigid and no comfortable with which few weeks for the use, has had to go back to a white elite 1
-small has bitten better talent hthe elite 1 paddles but no a better
5 / 5
has taken this for my partners 22nd anniversary and is sure to say absolutely loves that.

A chance to touch is súper useful partorisca in a gone .

Comes with interchangeable directional tampons, claves of thumb and two insiemi of paddles, is súper easy to change out of some compartments and find a combination that reads for you and your type of game.

Works with type of USB C
4 / 5
Already falling averts after 5 month with hardly any use.
Some keys of stop of the trigger in a behind having the coating/of hule plastic that is exited to leave the point of acute metal. It has tried to dip behind on but so only it comes directly behind it go. It has thought that it would have improved quality of build after the questions with controllers of prime ministers of elite...
Update... You cause Left now is unresponsive,save your money will complain to buy this
5 / 5
It feels awesome partorisca resist in pertinent years of regular controller.

Pair Of niggles this in spite of...

A A;B;X;And the keys are some same economic touching craps like this original. It has not expected that bad clickety clackety irritation.

Some claves of thumb have a same tampon like originals. Question of same grip when the pocolos tugs of sweat in. Rubberised The hard plastic is the terrible material partorisca use still east. He his fact grippier in a cost of longevity and substitutions of economic mark...
4 / 5
This was the bit of the compraventa of luxury . So only the random gamer ,but has loved the better controller.
Has taken to say this thing is sum . It take the moment to take used to a paddles in a backside and solve on as has has wanted to configured him .
After the few weeks to touch , is natural mine now and I fight to touch without a paddles now .
I only game FPS to to the games likes him-him the COD and has improved to good sure like touch .
Some stops of causes to do the enormous difference . When being able to jump , crouch , slide and reload without taking toes of a thumbsticks are adds .
A selection of the claves of thumb is well.

A quality of build is a lot well according to which can say and a Xbox the application of accessories is the doddle to use and place up .

Saving the different preferences in the the different spaces is also utmost and a press of the transmissions of key among empty (still at stake )

A chance is very sure and when being able to touch in a chance is a lot handy
4 / 5
When the in the first place has taken a controller, the really like a creation, a customization and a weight. This in spite of afterwards use he for the little mins there are them remarked 1 of a backside paddles has not gone always registering and was audibly different. I have spoken the amazon and has fixed the substitution.

Has taken a substitution today and these paddles has done well! Time a sinister trigger looked sticky....

Has seen the few on-line descriptions also on some same subjects... They are now in a process to send this backside for one 3rd time.
5 / 5
Has Had a Controller of Elite 1 like surprised for the like this run year out of guaranteeing this in spite of Microsoft has directed some known subjects with a leading model and the aims is one, a lot of sturdier and built in battery and upload in the chance adds the improvements as well as Bluetooth. All has comprised that precise and one of some characteristic better has not expected is a capacity to change a force of a thumbsticks, which gives an user quite dipping ready and gives more accuracy. It is expensive this in spite of all the descriptions adapt that it is a better there and still for the user regulates cost the, any precise to be the pro to take a better of this controller
5 / 5
Exceptionally there is disappointed. I have had two of these maintaining and both faulty. A prime minister a there is had the faulty A key where the only intermittently register an entrance.. I have then had the substitution that has had a same failure but also in a B key.

After the quickly google has discovered ossia shockingly common With some serious 2 and the known failure that Microsoft has recognised.

Looks to be the swipe of has bitten and lose taken a concealed there is properly keys to face the advance that does, but decide work that some data please to take a bit consultor of this description..
When Calm In the first place dipped the on and do an update of controller goes to a Xbox application of accesorias and go to a way of Test. It spends 10 minutes or like this verifying each key to do sure record 100 of a time Consistently.

Could try again the years time like this I really like my serious 1 and has loved a very little upgrades that coming with some serious 2.. Hopefully Microsoft Of fijamente this @@subject for then.
4 / 5
A controller is incredible, to the left take me that out of a way first of all.
A customisation and the creation is among a better never developed in the controller. This in spite of, my controller of prime minister that I emission locates the day there has been the defective A key. So only it registers around 70 of a time to the equal that has taken a lot frustrating pending of the games of Modern Warfare. The amazon has then ordered the substitution for me and I have had the quota one in just 2 days that has surprised. A substitution has received has had a subject same exact with a one key and east time a Xbox key of Drives. I have seen long discussion in these on-line subjects and looks my experience is no different state. I have it quell'has asked so only my second substitution that again the amazon has promised to have with me in 2 days. They say 3rd time a like this sinister charm hope that the true coverages when I receive it the Friday.

UPDATE: A third controller there has been the And key that so only registers around 75 of a time and a one key around 80 of a time. They are now while to the mine fourth controller to arrive. I am stunned for as bad these are and for some reason maintains that it wants to try one this acts
4 / 5
Impressive and the better way that alternative more economic. Expensive but value he all a way. A backside paddles is necessary and of quality. A global controller feels robust and is a lot of responsive. A lot of customisations possible to returned your way of game. It can access a Xbox application of accessory automatically when plugging a controller and then all some changes desire.
Using control freak and Xtreme expensive in a picture.
5 / 5
Will begin with some subjects Like this recently has taken a Xbox serious of elite 2 controller and one And and Some keys were less responsive and resembles not registering all a time, sent it behind and has taken the substitution and so only has taken this a rid and is some same subjects esatti .
(Could be the bad batch)

I any which to really ask another substitution if ossia that goes to spend all a time like this £160 past in the peace of boxes concealed is not 100, reading on-line there is the plot of subjects known like this for now will say the control on has bought one.

In another side I for real loves this look of controller adds and feels to surprise and could be so only me but like the chair touches better with him (when one And and Some works of key) and all some do any with key and of the different profiles the mapping is awesome.

This for real has a potential to be a better controller in a world, if it was 100

Sad the rant on but expect this has helped. :)
4 / 5
This controller has all some characteristics of an old model upgraded and the iron another characteristic like an old one has has not had. A controller feels big quality with an amazing arrival. A cradle is magnetised and sticks to a controller for easy touching.

Has had also an update to an application that leaves for the function of tower that leaves more customizations and to to the new functions like to his records the clips by means of the mapped key.

The controller Adds global like this far and am sure was last a lot another controller of Microsoft.
4 / 5
Highly would recommend this product. Still of just that opens a box can say how much Microsoft of endeavour has dipped to create this controller. It looks astonishingly built, feels sturdy and durable.

This for far triumphs comparable controllers like a SCUF controllers of Prestige and SCUF controllers of Elite.

To the keys of map use an application in a console, compared to manually doing this with tools in other controllers.
A paddles feels much more durable that SCUF is (in a space of the week or two has had them already snapped a paddles in mine SCUF controller to touch). Still after a calm use can say a difference among a durability of a paddles.
Some discharge of trigger is like this easy to use. My leading controllers has them has had to that manually ray to regulate them, with this calm controller so only flick the buttoon.
There is also 3 settings of mapping can dip up. This does to change among games the easiest plot.
Like this manys settings in a xbox application is them still be to explore.

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 4 ratings
5 / 5
This law of battery of sound xso the never exits that they lose in gaming the time that expects in other batteries that touch
5 / 5
Looks good and the life of battery is recommends.
4 / 5
Partorisca Days my edges that annoy roughly that buys this band of battery of the controller then took him to them in last . A fact is that they are Christmas of the boxes takes my edges will not ask me partorisca something more. It does not touch of the games then know little in this particular mark of band of battery, but my boy sees is happy and said that last more along also. Thank you
4 / 5
The ideal so that there is wanted. Nizza And compress like any apresamiento too much room up. 4 bands of battery and upload, leaves the pair of battery to be that they touch while we touch with another 2. Good product. It would recommend this element.

Top Customer Reviews: PowerA Spectra ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5
Better that a forward Xbox Some controllers partorisca Be able to A. This feels sturdier, heavier, more reactive, and a connection is fantastic. Partorisca A prize is really well, but appearance the difference of a Xbox Some controllers have had ossia longer durable and will not break after the months of pair.
am deceived. It can One. Calm left down again. A creation is absolutely good-looking, but weeks of interior a dift begins and that that he so only empire. To any one considering the controller long term. It does not buy these. I have had two, and both suffered with the heaven that gazes inside the month or the pair partorisca use
5 / 5
liked initially of this controller but has begun grieves to the touch knew it no partorisca me. His was two main subjects, a prime minister was some triggers was strangely noisy. Every time I have pressed one has done down the plasticky noise of click and in a gam I game has to that it change among RT and RB quickly and has done like this noise. A second @subject was when I has connected my headset to Jack spend has done the noise of odd interference although some speakers. I thought that it that it was a headset but grieve I discharges a headset to the different controller a noise there is prendido. How it is to Jack sure good port in a controller. It could have miserable state and has taken the faulty a. It has not had a lot of lag and otherwise has done well.
4 / 5
A prize of the controller has classifies of has exploded recently, but a quality looks for having trace consistently. I do not want to paid for an official joypad, as I have paid for one of these instead. Also I have one of a leading Power Some controllers to compare these new one to. A new one feels lighter in spite of having the better keys, claves and trigger. An integer joypad so only feels better. Also it has an extra coverage in a joystick holes that prevents these coverages of bad wear in a clave of a joystick. Finally, like the action the secret with you that will do your joypads last much more in a fight against drift of clave. It is the possible only secret with the joypad with extra bindable keys. Bow a joystick keys to some extra keys, and use these instead. It is pressing a joystick keys repeatedly that drift of clave of the causes, or at least spends it on more collected. My leading Power A controller has any drift of clave and is coming on 2yrs old. If you are serious gamer then taking 2 drift of clave years release out of the joypad is not bad in disposal. In all the chance, I like this controller a lot, and among the variety of diagrams to paint to adapt more people. Recommended.
5 / 5
A controller is perfect in the each way. Has the a lot of his hanged, no too heavy and no too light. The perfect rear keys situate which are very easy to map. Stops Of laws to cause well and is adds to shoot games. A boss has abundance of period and is braided with the fast emission has added in his. Some colours are lovely with the plot of combinations to choose of. It takes the thumbs on me.
5 / 5
Pros: Potentially an only pink controller available for some Serious X, responsive keys of controllers, the very long connection boss and good packaging.

Gilipollas: The response of poor clave has compared to an official Series X controller, the claves/of economic light feeling have compared to one the official Series X controller, the light in a centre of a controller now quite regularly flashes white for the little according to that do a controller entirely unresponsive during this time.

Initially experience an acceptable action for a prize but with a recent appearance of questions of response, a controller is now unenjoyable to use and is in a process to be is returned. It has given to 1 description partorisca star foreseen this failure but active otherwise die 3 stars.
4 / 5
Has bought this like the present, has been connected to a xbox a, fact partorisca in an hour has died then.

Will not turn on now, can not try an alternative boss because of a creation, has tried a boss with another controller and doing a lot of - for this a real controller is a subject .

Has to that be neither quality very poor or faulty. A substitution will be requried to try.


Modification: controller of looks of Substitution to be a lot working. It will be necessary controls it.
5 / 5
Likes more the people annoy me a structure partorisca price use of Microsoft for his peripherals, and simply can not justify spending £50+ in the controller. In a past has bought 1.os controllers of party and after -6 month of light use has had subjects with a response of entrance, touching port connectivity, etc. And so that it has not been enthusiast on buying another, when more economic, very revised alternate the options are in a phase.

To the equal that will admit, has expected this to be the economic the wipe was' mark and has anticipated the one of low quality, unreliable has produced.

In fact, was pleasantly has surprised that this controller has done brilliantly, felt sturdy and light, was responsive and some first few weeks - oddly enough, so only has spent a window of turn!

Does not take partorisca yearn one the majority of immense, unusable, drift of blatant clave to take control. It begins small, will remark a clave occasionally appeals for up when that rule a horizontal place, and easily could deceive he for your own lazy entry, but finally results the constant . Any movement is fulfilled with an entrance that tugs for up, and any class of precision gameplay the impossible results.

Economic cost, spent two times - I unfortunately to seats likes him he does not have any election but partorisca fork out of £50/60 for a LADY official controller, and would advise any one considering buying this, the rethink his decision - a saving is not to value a hassle and unreliability of such the poor product.
4 / 5
Sees to title.

Fabulous Third party cabled controller, really good and taste uploads, cabled the connection is always be a better method.

Fuming With Amazon this in spite of, the prize has fallen £9 just 3 days with which have purchased this and I do not have the money the only launch was, this is to spend several times with the things have bought like this always am feeling likes there is overpaid.

Annulling first affiliation..... Fed up With him now does not benefit me quite anymore.

The controller is excellent any complaint in a product at all.
4 / 5
My edges has possessed the Power A controller before lasted around the year before some controls has begun to do his own sweet thing (comparable to some genuine controllers that is coming with his Xbox, like this quite reasonable).

Has taken the substitution that has begun that drifts so only the month with which shabby. We are two days the window of turn of the external amazon that sucks, how is waiting for the response of Power An after fill out of the form of turn in his web of place.

Until a @@subject to the drift has been thrilled with him, “ is the controller really a lot of - I hope will repair it.”
5 / 5
The controller Adds when he to the equal that for me has not gone long unfortunately.
A right clave has begun to go to derives with which 2 weeks and before a lot the time was permanent. I have contacted you Can One and was happy to send me the new controller, can does not be missing a service of client.
This in spite of, a substitution arrived in the pair of weeks and interior 3 weeks a sinister clave has begun to go to derive uncontrollably and firmly worsened until it was entirely unusable.
Is perhaps miserable state but will not buy another Power A controller like this is so only unacceptable for the company the one who has like this confidence in his product

Top Customer Reviews: Sony PlayStation ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
4 / 5
Colour: the Black steel MI CONTROLLER Is A FAKE !


Sending this legislation behind the Amazon.

The inaugural a container I not having never give that this was the fake , but so only when I have tried to connect my PS4 controller to the mine PS4 to the equal that has taken the longitude while the sync on (in the first place red flag) there is then give that some functions of key have been retarded slightly and a function of the vibration inside a controller was Much feebler in comparison to a forward Dualshock 4 V2 the controller has.

Some Images of the additional Red flags Semi-detached):

To the equal that has ordered the Steel Black controller... And the mine Looks the Black Steel a but an in fact said packaging the BLACK JET!

Even am seeing all some differences read in where a text in a controller does not match up with where is in an original ps4 the controller has. So much, for example, where have a headphone jack port, an image that represents a jack the port is in fact misaligned.

And some outlines of a Place, Triangle, Circle, X is everything slightly fatter then an original also.

Some heights of some keys is also more sunken to a controller has compared to mine another Dualshock controller also.
4 / 5
Colour: produced partorisca feign Target has suspected. Clear differences among the genuine one and this controller, logos, stickers, packaging, feels and any C mark in a controller. It follows claves of the equivalen when it does not use to do touching difficult
4 / 5
Colour: Black Arrived in the new looking box with a sealant the sticker that looks slightly dubious. I opened it up and instantly impressions of the greasy toe remarked in a underside of a controller and some frames of light scratch by means of a tampon partorisca touch. Then there are them remarked has not had any one peel of protective coverages on some keys or a D-tampon and also that there looked partorisca be the light gloss around a D-cushion that it spends with all PS4 controllers that has been used.
Has thought the d gives it the gone to all the cost as mine another controller has had working prisoner, but he a lot of pair with console of mine any subject the one who has done them. I have tried several bosses and the multiple resets but he so only would not connect . Partorisca Arrive to this point there is deduced has to that be the element has used that is to sell like the new element and is returned.

I really has not expected partorisca be sold has has used sakes that new, but now is spent the'll be the most tired plot partorisca buy of Amazon more than some official providers. Sometimes some the small savings are so only any value a hassle and risk.
5 / 5
Colour: Blue BE CONSCIOUS, DOES not ORDER Of HERE I oredered without verifying some descriptions, and was the ENORMOUS deception . It arrives quickly, but it has not done correctly. One of some main keys have not done, and a headphone the connection was terrible, because of him very constantly resupplying sound. Very other people have revised similarly, and the desire would read these commentaries before ordering.
5 / 5
Colour: Black has had my controller of prime minister that is coming with a PS4 partorisca the few months before one of some keys there is prendido partorisca actuate. Bought this one of Amazon instead. Two month afterwards purchases some starts of clave of the thumb partorisca aim questions ( movement of record when I am not a lot, included when a controller is not when the be has resisted.

Am not heavy rid, state using a controller of PC STILL partorisca years, and although I have gone still would imagine that Sony could do controllers that lasted more than few months.
In spite of as comfortable is partorisca resist, if they can not be the pair of month of use, calm has to ask you like this is has done.

Has bought the 3rd controller of party instead, this feels sturdier, the plot sturdier.
5 / 5
Colour: Aim A dualshock 4 is the controller that, in a swift has shot, deftly fixed virtually everything of some traditional questions I (and another) has had with leading generations of Playstation controllers. Whilst Has there is enjoyed always a Playstation program, a consolation of him is controller was always the subject big partorisca me, especially after an original XBOX has been released with a brilliant S Controller. He using again a Dualshock after using a Controller S was the accident, me give so only that uncomfortable is partorisca use for some games.

Is the relief while partorisca this new generation a Dualshock the controller is resulted perhaps one the majority of ergonomically pleasing and the comfortable controllers has has not used never. Each subject has had, of some triggers, the proportions and the grip have all state fixed and perfected in this controller. It is that well.

Has two downsides this in spite of. A prime minister is a touchpad, is the gimmick and uncomfortable to use. Felizmente Is the use is not compulsory in the majority of some games has touched. Another? A lightbar. Still although the updates of software left you the dim a brightness is still too brilliant and frequently is visible reflecting of the mine T.V. When The dark image is showed, for this ruining diving. Hopefully These subjects will be solved with a Dualshock 5 when a Playstation 5 is liberto.

In general, ossia the wonderful controller this has put Playstation on a mountain partorisca ergonomics of controller of the console and usability.
5 / 5
Colour: Green Camo has bought this controller partorisca my gaming PC (entrance mapper).
With which roughly 4-5 month of seldom using it, the connection of boss is has taken broken:
When leagues PS4 controllers to PC, your PC relieve and install gamepad engine, and soundcard engine (gamepad microphone etc).
Today when I am looking for to use a controller has to resist it still, or when I move a boss SO ONLY a relieved soundcard has taken disconnected/has connected 10times by second doing whe SLOW WHOLE PC down/freezing, disconnecting calms of a game has touched, then that connects again, then again dc... And like this on.

Can be so only the bad regime tho.

Is now too late partorisca the send behind. You loved so only do ware wary of a subject before the purchase.
4 / 5
Colour: the Black steel after debating yes partorisca take another Glacier White controller partorisca match my PS4 Pro, I finally solved in this colour of Ash of new Steel.

A controller is, likes the quality has expected , sum. It feels robust and is extremely has balanced well; no too big, no too small, no too heavy and no too light.

Has done so only a movement of PS3 the pair of month behind and ossia the vast improvement in a DualShock 3 controller.

A thing there is remarked also, is that this feels a lot slightly different in of the terms of textures of the mine Glacier White controller. They are both a newer version of a Dualshock 4 (with a light of triangle among a L1/2 and R1/2 keys) but for some reason this one feels less smooth and has bit it more grip.

Ossia Now my incumplimiento controller that use all a time and am them very happy with this compraventa - highly recommended!
4 / 5
Colour: Black The difference of the little another has taken a newer version likes announced, this in spite of a tampon the touch looks for partorisca be covered in the powdery crazy black paint which lines included for accidentally taking the nail on that.
An empty in a tampon that a light now resplandores by means of looks partorisca have plastic edges partorisca manufacture in there which result very obvious with the blue light illuminating his backside. A quality partorisca build in general also looks poor compared to some earlier tampons.
Has declared partorisca think the state had has sent the fake but with the plot of the investigation so only looks that the build and the control of quality is poor in these.
The desire so only chosen on the refurbished the tampon sooner.
5 / 5
Colour: Black of the steel has read some descriptions and has taken still a bet while it can take 'lucky'. . .



Has ordered a steel / the black version and he have arrived Wrongly packaged in the box of fake with totally a wrong colour declared in a sinister corner subordinated of a box.
The inspection further, has had small signs that a controller had been tampered with and priced averts partorisca any reason and small discreet scuff frames around a cup of a poster partorisca touch.
I dread partorisca think the one who some look of inner components.

Please to be warned . . . . . . . .
5 / 5
Arrived in the new looking box with a sealant the sticker that looks slightly dubious. I opened it up and instantly impressions of the greasy toe remarked in a underside of a controller and some frames of light scratch by means of a tampon partorisca touch. Then there are them remarked has not had any one peel of protective coverages on some keys or a D-tampon and also that there looked partorisca be the light gloss around a D-cushion that it spends with all PS4 controllers that has been used.
Has thought the d gives it the gone to all the cost as mine another controller has had working prisoner, but he a lot of pair with console of mine any @@subject the one who has done them. I have tried several bosses and the multiple resets but he so only would not connect . Partorisca Arrive to this point there is deduced has to that be the element has used that is to sell like the new element and is returned.

I really has not expected partorisca be sold has has used sakes that new, but now is spent the'll be the most tired plot partorisca buy of Amazon more than some official providers. Sometimes some the small savings are so only any value a hassle and risk.
4 / 5
Has Had my controller of prime minister that is coming with a PS4 partorisca the few months before one of some keys there is prendido partorisca actuate. Bought this one of Amazon instead. Two month afterwards purchases some starts of clave of the thumb partorisca aim questions ( movement of record when I am not a lot, included when a controller is not when the be has resisted.

Am not heavy rid, state using a controller of PC STILL partorisca years, and although I have gone still would imagine that Sony could do controllers that lasted more than few months.
In spite of as comfortable is partorisca resist, if they can not be the pair of month of use, calm has to ask you like this is has done.

Has bought the 3rd controller of party instead, this feels sturdier, the plot sturdier.
5 / 5
The difference of the little another has taken a newer version likes announced, this in spite of a tampon the touch looks for partorisca be covered in the powdery crazy the black paints which lines included for accidentally taking the nail on that.
An empty in a tampon that a light now resplandores by means of looks partorisca have plastic edges partorisca manufacture in there which result very obvious with the blue light illuminating his backside. A quality partorisca build in general also looks poor compared to some earlier tampons.
Has declared partorisca think the state had has sent the fake but with the plot of the investigation so only looks that the build and the control of quality is poor in these.
The desire so only chosen on the refurbished the tampon sooner.
4 / 5
WHOSE ANNOYING updated of original description....
A product has taken the long time partorisca arrive, does not declare the ording that has catered /come from Italy, has had he the would not have ordered. Nether A less when it arrives was the container in the box sealed, like the new mark would expect you but like this with other controls have had very there is of the plastics on some tampons of thump neither a big key meso.

4 / 5
In him, an element has received work like this has to that and have any complains.

Are not a heavy gamer and extracted my good train. A subject only is that, in my personal option, a quality of a joysticks' the electronic is not pertinent.

Has purchased this like the substitution partorisca an original PS4 controller. I did not require it but it has had to that buy. Some potentiometers that agrees a place of a joystick there is prendido to do after the moment. I have verified some potentiometers in an old controller and his conductive clues were spent. They were potentiometers no suitable for the controller of console.

Expect that a subject has been allocution in new controllers - last but much less, for environmental reasons. It likes to think that Sony has not chosen economic potentiometers to force users to maintain that they buy controllers.
4 / 5
My PS4 is wanted to more mine that anything, doing any easy for my boys and woman that control the lowest row in a created pecking order. Like this when something spends my PS4 the life familiarised that takes interrupted. And something is to spend; some the young girls have taken fallidas with his games of boys bobos and has managed one of some too rough controllers.

This has caused a controller to have some separate free small interiors that at random has affected his functionality. Soft And hard resets have not helped. Quite a lot of attention. Still although another controller helped to maintain my routine of daily video game. This in spite of the game of game of the joint of some girls has taken has interrupted also a lot well for life familiarised. And his fellow stray interest to visit them! So many with which 5 years of daily service the new Sony the controller has had to that be orderly, dipping other costs familiarised on control. A more economic version was any option assuming these less able closing to withstand some girls gaming anger.

To the arrival was pleased enough with a new PS4 controller. Already I considder a PS4 controller like this more in class; hanged right and excellent grip. A new controller has darker-ash in colour that some original of black controllers that is coming with a console. And his rubbery the grip feels even better. But otherwise does not have noticeable differences. As I am pleased quite how is a youngster gamers in a family (and his friends).

The question solved - and hopefulled our rests of train in good good condition until day-1 of a PS5 launch.
4 / 5
Has taken a controller today and has been pleased to find that it was a version with a light in a tampon to touch, a box that a controller is gone in looked was has decided like this to open a controller to find no an only Playstation Logo anywhere in a main together controller as well as some looks of the key of the triangle was at all like an original.

A battery in a controller does not contain any markings or markings partorisca match the original Sony controller a main joint does not look any of some versions can find on-line neither.

A controller is sold like legit version of a Playstation the the controller still spends no markings to declare that it is another that a Playstation key of house of the logo.
4 / 5
Like any gamer recognise the fake! In the first place you suffer harm in a sinister hand-held side,that the audio there has been sprain of entity then mine PS4 has not recognised likes an official PS4 the controller avenges up like the generic wireless device. Has has had to that the turn. Bought one of an official place, any question that like this never. Recognised the immediately like an official device. It has not thought to the amazon will be to sell is some first time have bought it gaming device of amazon. More always prpers takes official places. So only I try well. Enough it pays more then be taken for the mug. A lot disappointed with amazon.
5 / 5
Has tried two of this just to do sure that you are not he faulty one. Utilisation.. Or try use this in my PC to the equal that need to be connected invernadero USB cabel and ive has tried three different bosses, two controllers. A thing maintains disconnecting unless maintenances he in is sweetspot, which is virtually impossible when tones of the games. These bosses have any @subject anything in any one another device of USB the own and possesses them a lot of. Ossia A more frustrating experience with the controller ive has not had never. If it was not it was this issues a controller would be near to perfect, but this the like this useless fact quell'buries alive.
5 / 5
When it Take a controller has frames on that. Well I have thought, perhaps it is so only scuffing of a factory. In all the chance, breaks the few weeks after buying. Entirely busted. I touch perhaps like 1-2 hours for the day and I have did not fall it never or has launched the. After reading commentaries here to to looks like is selling REFURBISHED of controllers that the fall averts inside weeks. It looks I have fallen for the fraud that is run for amazon and sony. And there is sweet at all can do roughly that. To any one reading east: not to buy it , is not to value he.
4 / 5
Looked partorisca do well partorisca the month or like this then begun partorisca gone bad. Occasionally some freezings of tampon, disconnects he of a PS4, the other has lit on but does not take the load and is unresponsive, can not be changed was.

Left it at night until a light is start and a battery there is exhausted . To perceive a next day all looked well, with which roughly 30 game of small-touch the same raisin of thing again. Also, sometimes when connecting one uploads this somehow directs to change a tampon was.

A vendor has listed is Sony but does not have any way to verify the amazon in fact takes this directed of Sony, everything knows is does a lot revises to allege is selling counterfeit rubbish of Chinese origin. Hard to clear reason according to which am conscious Sony PS4 the products are done in fact in Cina. In all the chance, in 50 crux the pop more can believe the confidence has been lost and will be to buy my next tampon directs of a source I.
4 / 5
Arrives with small scratches in a touchpad. He no any a lot of the difference but I would expect the new controller to be new. Neither it comes with the usb boss to touch. I think that that it is quite economic of Sony any to launch one in.
4 / 5
Like other people have mentioned this controller is not 100 like original my chance a controller maintains disconnecting of PS4 in spite of a fact that the battery was to time a controller “frozen” with a light on and the only way was the reset of a rear key... It is slightly lighter that original a (30g)...Probably it is for this that is more economic... Returned with which 3 weeks...
5 / 5
Ossia Well, was 25 years ago when Sony has presented this form of controller of game in a world-wide to expect (together with the little console of games has called a Playstation, can have listened of him). Often copied but never bettered, in my humble opinion, this controller has evolved like the games have grown and there is anticipated.

A current reduction in pricing to £ aimed to buy the new Sony DualShock 4 like my controller of main games, and this an arrived in perfect condition and commanded working. I think that that I will touch something retro first to break he in, first to move on to something multiplayer.

Handy tip: for people having questions with his controllers after the few weeks of use, has on-line video that explains like this to clean them properly to maintain them doing in action of summit.
4 / 5
To the equal that will know has the Bravia TV, so only an original (ZT1) the Dual accident would do; well of a Oreo update this model (ZT2) also - well, at least one same likes ZT1, 'cos another thing a Oreo the update was the entirely smeg on some keys, like the key Squared now done a work a 'X' the key has used to do, an upper sinister turn now manages a 'Triangle' has to that and like this on. You go to die basically A lot discovering that the key now controls your missiles, disturb, jump etc. But will take used his - a main point is both versions of a controller now behave in exactly one same (odd) way that is to to the good thing likes ZT1 the controllers are scarce to the equal that of of the teeth of hens with second prizes to mortgage to match, so that it is the relief . 👍
5 / 5
The controller Does well, good creation. A noise is a lot good. Works a lot on Steam

NOTE: When I look you he up with Bluetooth in the PC to add the device can require to right click an icon and select 'held', then tick a box that says 'keyboard, etc.' BEFORE you clique 'next'. Mina Pair but break the pocolos second later until me this. Also disable any one connections of USB in the manager of Device has connected to the to controller like him to him these has has caused questions for me, when this is to do an orange of glows of the light bar when key.
5 / 5
Has bought this during some sales.

There is already has taken the controller. I am not a lot different. But, now I owe that consider one.

In the first place is not like this comfortable like Xbox controller. It is it feels forced. I do not have a Xbox, has used to when I have had a last generation.

Has chosen Playstation reason have loved to take one. But that speaks of the perspective of controller prefers Xbox is.

Some the analog claves are the big on and feel uncomfortable when quell'using. This is not to say you can do not using comfortably so only a Xbox one feels more natural.

A build is sum . It feels solid and calm know you has bought expensive technology. Because of the controller could move to Xbox in a next generation.
5 / 5
Assuming takes an official controller that I , and no the fake (commanded of has trusted of the vendors to be sure), SO ONLY WILL TAKE The CONTROLLER And AT ALL MORE.

Perhaps was my failure suitable for not reading some description more attentively, but has bought the new controller largly reason some starts of boss to slip out of a PS4 and PC like this disconnecting a controller all a time. So much, I am stuck with the new controller and any boss of new USB. His I really annoying!!! I prefer to touch the games with the controller have connected has seen boss and a lot of wirelessly, more can not use he without the boss on PC (to a better of my knowledge) that... They are a lot of fallido.

Otherwise... I guess his well. Sound a newer version and is quite solid etc. But very annoyed in a lack of USB.
5 / 5
Has not been that these other people have recieved cause a one has been sent is genuine, the sensibility is a lot a tampon has his weight so only like a one this is coming with him, touch to shoot play alot so that it is a difference . If you are buying compraventa a black and the calm mark sure of the that shabby used or of the 3rd vendor of simple party eats.
5 / 5
Has bought this controller for game in PS NOW on PC. Majority of some games there can touch with mine Xbox A controller but some require DS4 for the touch. (Uncharted 4, Zero of Horizon down, Until Dawns etc.)
The question is that although I have purchased wireless DS4 does not act wirelessly with Sony PS NOW!

Law wirelessly (street Bluetooth) with Steam, Origin, Uplay, Launcher of Épico, GOG but no with Sony own applications!!
That is more bizzare mine Xbox Some works of controllers perfectly and wirelessly With Sony PS Now.

SONY Is asking to purchase it dongle for game wirelessly the one who cost more than DS4. Simple money grab.

DS4 Laws wirelessly with Apple iMacs but no with PC.

The controller is coming with diverse scratches and has not had any protective foil on he at all. Basic box , generic so only with controller in him. Substitute he sure.

Does not come with the boss to touch.

A lot fully sustain Sony own applications!

Do via the boss but beats a purpose of here reason two stars any one.
5 / 5
This controller is MILES at the head of the mine old a! I have had previously one first generation ps4 controller and unfortunately inner 2 weeks a hule in some claves of equivalents was exited, the inaugural this a this in spite of (the v2) there is remarked immediately the big difference. Some keys celery quality very better, he like this done some claves of equivalents and I also enough like an extra light in a touchpad! Hopefully This a does not break inside the month, but like this far is looking well!
5 / 5
Has ordered this controller like my forward one has lost his battery a lot quickly when into use. The product is to come looked immaculate was very excited to begin to use the and wreck some boys in fortnite. Touched my first game, has found the player has had the hand-held gun and when I have begun to shoot has to that' sees there is pulled a right trigger roughly 10 times in a second and for some odd reason there is was so only roughly 2 shots have shot, has thought wtf? Then I take flown in a face for the shotgun, dead. As I am then be to another game and deliberately found the pistol to the equal that can try out of this trigger and behold! God still damn the thing spends again! For some reason a trigger a lot always chooses on that there is pulled a trigger, and no only raisin in fortnite spends on all my games! I have purchased this mark of what new past in £40 or something in the and is bloddy faulty! As you can imagine I am annoyed enough that have coughed arrive all this money and an element is not same in full working mandate.
4 / 5
Very good and comfortable PS controller. They are by train to use it to touch struggling games and platformers in my PC (to explode a support of controller of Steam).

Reason for minus a star: a course of the centre of a controller is the one of low quality touchpad with low quality physics clicking mechanism (compared to other parts of big quality of a controller). Less bad of leaves of a controller is not required by any of my games and I enough would have the indicator of pertinent battery in place of a tampon to touch and a shiny colour leds.
5 / 5
Likes with everything PS4 the controllers so much the mine has failed. A one with a PS4 the tiny plastic part inside these controls R3 has broken therefore rendering an inoperable controller for COD. As I have bought 2 of Amazon (one in camo). An Amazon looks for to be grasped to the some place and constantly rolls. A camo continuous to do except still what time. 66 of mine PS4 the controllers are has broken. In fact 50 of the mine ps3 the controllers are has broken (the camo a lot Sony do still!). Upper clue. Economic cost some.
4 / 5
Reason the description partorisca east is required is bonkers. It is the controller for Playstation. This has said, use one of these for FIFA in yours peril. Or in fact, it have to that say, leave your edges of 14 years those who has bellows subjects very odd for the use to touch FIFA in yours peril.

Need to be quite robust to sustain impact with offices, wall, pavings and TVs. Sadly A TV has not gone quite robust to take an impact of controller has said.

The controller is well. Controller 1 television busted.
5 / 5
Has tried grieves to use a controller a right clave already touched up and that drifts to some left without entrance of me. Had also the hair found inside a box the inaugural which direct me to believe a controller was any pre possessed or tampered with. Disappointing.
5 / 5
Well, which attended?! It is of SONY; and like the result, brilliantly drawn, durable and comfortable to use. Some adicións/the smallest additions to a dualshock 4, has improved include further, especially with considerations to some tampons in a joysticks, which seat likes some focus of hule old, but will not spend was and @@@crumble like this focus them of the old model has done.
5 / 5
Has loved the controller to the equal that could hook until the Windows 10 computer for the bit of gaming. Prpers Have been the PS1/PS2 defender behind a day, has not liked him the Xbox A controller, as it has decided the plump for something more familiar. This controller feels ergonomic for my half sized hands, all some keys celery sturdy with the good action, there is relatively calm click and looks a course also.

In of the terms of connectivities, has not had any question hooking he until Steam (which has sustained he out of boxes), PCSX2 emulator (2 minutes to dip on) and Origin (using DS4 free software, again easy setup). My PC has had Bluetooth like regulating like any separate dongle has been required - again, this has taken 2 minutes the setup in of the Windows 10 and works perfectly wireless street. Any still remotely technology-savvy would have to that have any @@subject here and takings stuck, then there there is always Youtube. You will require to buy the separate boss to touch if, taste, of any calm already the the PS4 - I has taken an economic muck also was the amazon and he have perfectly done too much.

An only light negative is that some games, whilst fully sustaining it, still use a Xbox A,B,X,And icons in place of Cross, Triangle, Place, Circle. But ossia the subject smaller that any detract of a global functionality.

Happy with cost of mine - would recommend.
5 / 5
This product is very built and effective.
This in spite of has a complaint.
Any boss of load of the USB, will have to purchase one for separate.
Otherwise A Dualshock 4 is an excellent controller for a PS4.

Reason a boss of USB has not been resupplied for Sony,
can not attribute this product 5 stars.
5 / 5
These am clearly very built to last, any PS the controller am informing to, his all look to break today while an old PS2 some continue to do like this new

This is to be buy like the present for my brother and he thoroughly enjoyed it he so that it was black and ash with the light in a cup of this square tampon in a centre of a controller, work very this in spite of an external box has suffered harm (Any because of vendor) this in spite of the vendor has rectified amiably a situation.

Remarce: Any boss or substitution earpiece is distributed with east.
5 / 5
It was under an impression for a prize has listed that the paid for the new unit.

This in spite of a unit has received them the severe signs have aimed of use and abuse, has had frames to line throughout some sides of a controller and a sticker in one is behind state has peeled was almost entirely.

So only taking a controller out of a box could it to them say has had state used strongly because of these signs, to the mine suprise turn on. This in spite of when it has tried them try the there are them remarked the question of first order beside an obvious condition of a unit and this was a fact for some mine of reason in of the controls of game was moved without me still touching any keys.

Like any so only was a controller has sent mine in terrible condition cosmetically, also is defective.

Terrible experience and will be them to ask the repayment.

Buyer beware.
4 / 5
Using he with the PC with Windows 10 I am satisfied.
Can not be asked the scout for 'ergonomics' or alternative controllers and xbox the controllers no for me.
For fun tried it on my device of Android, operates it but any a lot of games sustain the controller.
Would be perfect if the microphone and the audio would do on PC, but hopefully the update of software will solve a question
5 / 5
Was a lot of packaged and has sent was quickly but I a lot really classifies to to this likes him the condition 'Of Well' a controller was tacky and has felt to disgust but at all the good net couldnt fix, the claves of joy feel a lot tacky asif has been melted in some point has compared especially to the new controller and the chip in a side of a casing next to a sinister arrow in a D-the tampon would direct me to say that ossia in well condition but definatly a lot well, a lot of muck and grime everywhere but thats to be expected of the controller has used. Battery complelty dead but thats a lot of @@subject and looks to do well of a fast testing gave it.
4 / 5
Has imagined a Dualshock 4 V2 would be the controller adds after 4 years to possess an original, that has to that substitute reason R2 has begun to affect the readings of a sinister clave.

Was bad.

A d-the tampon is easily a worse has not used never (almost always takes stuck in diagonal when I transition for a part to another), some claves of equivalent jitter constantly (which is especially bad when that tries to look around in some in common games), and a right clave now affects the readings of a sinister clave.

Has had this controller for four month, and spends the majority of this time seated in my office. This is in garacon a Xbox Some controllers for some waste some big plus of time and money.
4 / 5
Is the solid and robust controller in general. This in spite of have not had to repair some claves of equivalents because of them not doing properly. Felizmente Have some drive on-line but require to stick the piece to foam to a controller. For some any one like this technical or resourceful, would finalise to have purchase the new a. So to good sure the failure to draw in a part of Sony which is disappointing.
5 / 5
Touching is a subject. A boss of USB has to that be situated in the very particular way for a controller to change. It has tried load of bosses, and has verified they all no any question with other devices. Once it is touched work well, but is the ache in some burned finding a fiddly something sweet and then doing sure a calm no free he during touching.
4 / 5
Controller Really good. Sensitive cradles , robust , well in some triggers and the clave that centre. Any something dead. In general the good controller. My only subjects are that they are weighed in some batteries and needs daily touching, and some claves tend to spend was after the year, a hule so only goes, raisin was etc. is not too hard to substitute them but is the weak spot . Otherwise A controller has better used in any system.
4 / 5
Has used takes daily gaming mainly with FPS and action RPGs.

Ossia The he the newest version big a dual accident PS4 controller and is an improvement in a joysticks and also light bar. Compared to an original controller that I still opened is the very better has produced.

Still would prefer better and stronger joysticks of those still will spend was over time.
5 / 5
The genuine only use ps4 the controllers and these were on partorisca around £30 which have thought was very economic. Calm does not take a boss (does not think you never that it is quell'has bitten poor) but have fine it upload like any required in all the chance. No the calm plot more can say really. Arrived punctually, in good condition and to the equal that has expected.
4 / 5
This controller was so only that has required.

My old controller (this has taken with my ps4 in 2013) no properly. A clave of sinister joy would take stuck or movement in his own and a hule in some claves of joy have fallen off.

These looks of new controller and feels has done better. A material in some claves of joy feels harder. This the like this yours the thumbs in fact do not slip of a joy sticks like this easy, and less probably for this material to the chime was.

Has the bad thing in this product, is that a controller has not gone to ensure fully in a box. It was not resisted to a plastic discharge with boss, as he tilt advance and behind. But he any hurt to a controller as it is not to treat it big.
4 / 5
The controller is so only down 2 month and now has subject of dead zone as well as a sinister clave any does not achieve never all a forward of way in controller readouts. Utilisation this controller partorisca game of competitive game and is now the brick how is subjects negatively affect gameplay. It have expected the product of good quality of an official controller but is now unusable partorisca me.
4 / 5
The controller Adds partorisca a prize, my boy spends for controllers quite often, typical adolescent the one who attack n drops and moans when his game is not that it goes his way like this finding the controller (original) thats the value for money is key. It looks happy with him like this in general am happy with a compraventa.
4 / 5
Gone in Sony, like this tight has to that be to not comprising the usb boss. For an element ossia £45 ossia one the majority of miserly anti-the thing of consumer can pull. For the big company that so only would be roughly 20p each one that that. Another that that a controller is well. And the no of annoyed with the description and has given so only 5 stars if so only for the usb boss smh.
5 / 5
This product has working prisoner and a a before that has purchased there is prendido also like any one I am a lot Unhappy ossia £88 books a does not touch and another no properly, is both down 1 year That can do?
5 / 5
Adds, never controller of review. It feels better that my old some, and looks with these some claves of equivalents is harder spending, this in spite of the only time will say. It can say that it is newer to the equal that has the small band of light the one who objective of a light bar by means of a tampon to touch! A genuine quality, good product!
5 / 5
Does not know to take the out of or something but the mine have refused to connect majority of a time, included when connected by the boss. Also a tampon has the different arrival on he other controllers have seen different has painted the keys and the foreigner finalise no the shiny a
4 / 5
does not act! A lot he so only done a controller creates white noise when listening to audio the boss (the boss is not some laws of question on all more possess), but he also disconnected once or two times the day for only two days before that afterwards was entirely. Now it does not turn on at all. Some conditions of the storage is not the question neither. It does not risk the taking. He no at all.
5 / 5
Has bought these to substitute my increasingly buggy PS3 controllers (yes, can use PS4 controllers in the he). Like this far it likes him the sleep. Included my edges of four years can use him when we have touched League Harry Potter. To good sure recommend.
5 / 5
Has required the controller of substitution and has bought this charming princess.
Any plus the press my thumbstick in to run so only to finalise to do the hop,skip and the jump then the leaves have left. I can now run with confidence.
Felt like this the controller was different to the mine another then there are them remarked a lustrous light in a tampon of mouse.
Thinks that this controller is an up to date ps4 controller.
5 / 5
Well the commentary is buying of one to Europe/of United Kingdom that a version has shipped is some them EUA/Universal version with number of model CUH-ZCT2U, and no a European Version with number of model CUH-ZCT2E this is to sell in some tents.

Does not have any a lot of difference, although a quality of a plastic of one Or the version is a bit subordinated with the roughest flanges. A difference of only entity is that a speaker in an Or the version is extremely strong. It is stronger in this lower that dips that one And the version in him is dipping main. I have had to turn a speaker was reason is so only too strong.

Top Customer Reviews: SteelSeries Arctis ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 20 ratings
4 / 5
These headphones have a lot of pros:
I particularly like a volume/of Cat of the Game rocker concealed to leave me partorisca regulate a volume of 100 game 0 cat, 100/100 or 0/100 and everything goes in. This 2019 edition now has the small swipe to easily find and stay in a half.
The built is really well, well a lot shiny/lustrous plastic, band of metal and an elastic sale the fact really really comfortable. The tampons of one 2019 is also fatter that an old plus some which means is a lot comfy everywhere.
A microphone is half/bad likes majority/all wireless headsets, work, his quite strong and a reduction of noise is well, but so only touches a lot of nasally. His well that a mic retracts, but the d loves it to me automatically moved once retracted in place of having the separate key.

Now to a sound of way. Hate to be hard, but these are easily some worse touching headset the esees has not experienced never. In pair with the £20-25 wired headset.
A software distributed and his '7.1' the option the same work in fact.
There is Absolutely a lot grave and while the wasnt looking for 'the grave weighed' headsets, appreciates a headset that can produce a full row and will give me some oomph the on a lows in a bow (these cant boss he).
A EQ this comes his, his absolutely terrible, all touch a lot muddy in a lows and highs.

While it appreciates the flat signal (has them speakers of studio like my main speakers) these headsets is not to value that it has paid them for them (£142).

Decides to have the gone in the, can be tweaked to do 'decently' with joining APO or Razer' own surrounds software. I direct to take them to touch quite rich with this like this otherwise, so only would return him.

Like this TLDR: If you want to something concealed wow calm out of a box, this isnt the, but with tweaking on 3rd software of party can do him well of the his, but any 'wow'. Probably more for gaming so only to the equal that will be able to say footsteps and like this on averts much easier without distracting to the grave extremes like him some another can give you (hyperx/razer)
has bought these to substitute the G930 this was having subject of severe connection. A G930 has touched much better/bassy/rich, but at least these never disconnected on me.

Has finalised to decide on maintaining to the mine likes the tweaked of him enough for mine in pleasant and a consolation and volume/of cat of the game rocker was characteristic that has loved absolutely.

steelseries Has fixed a software and sound of decent mark with his own software, Goes in upper of my indication to 4 stars.
5 / 5
This goes to be the long description , if you are impacienta please skip to a fund for the TL:Dr. But read a whole thing for some details.

Has bought recently these headphones to the equal that was conjoint died on taking wireless headphones that has left two entrances. These headphones concealed but by means of the line in in a transceiver more than for bluetooth like a Arctis Pro Wireless. It likes I my investigation, spend the days that looks for some better headset for my estimativa that was compatible with PS4 and PC and basically all has signalled to a Arctis Wireless Pro. It goes it to buy until they have decided to inflate a prize to almost £300, so that it was no longer an option. As I have been for these, a Arctis 7 2019 edition.

Had interested enough, looked almost identical to a Arctis Wireless Pro and a specs was basically one same, as I have expected has not taken quality.
That has taken was the good headset. Some speakers were quite flat, has had to use a EQ on PC to take them to touch anywhere approximation that considers well but in PS4 is the stray cause , quite bad.

A microphone touches terrible, listens to my friends mics and is all well and clear, then listens to the mine and the sounds likes one of this old Sherlock Holmes the radio shows of one 1950 east, has expected at least qualities of audio WELL of the headset of this row of prize. For a way does not have annulment of noise, has this terrible excuse for annulment of noise that to to the sounds like... An only way can describe is knows that noise the frames of speaker when you cover he in? Cela, in brilliant noise? It touches like this so only calmer, like this every time do to to the the noise likes to sniff or of cough the short was in an end with the noise of odd fart.

TL:Dr. These headphones suck. A quality of audio is abysmal and to some sounds of microphone likes him is of 1950 of of the east. It does not have annulment of noise in spite of them saying he , is rubbishes , maintains to look, but a lot still considers to buy these. I am disappointed a lot.
4 / 5
Has bought these they so that it was a recommended big more wireless gaming headset in a phase, unfortunately, a SteelSeries the software no with a headset and has caused only errors when trying so many. I have contacted SteelSeries support in of the this but was unable to solve a @@subject and there is advised to buy the neighbour directly of them ( any he!!) I have been he advances and has bought the second set of SS but unfortunately these neither would do and has taken a luxury to pay to return them (£30 with sure as they do not have the location in United Kingdom).

This will be prime minister of mine and last SteelSeries compraventa.
4 / 5
Some headphones are incredibly comfy, loves them some few levels of consolation and a life of battery is surprising the ones of the one who has a lot of qualms there neither.

My subject main this in spite of is with a quality of his, has been using the razer headset for the few years but I had listened fantastic things in of the this, after purchasing felt a sound was the bit 'tinny' this in spite of afterwards do a bit undermining on-line can solve you this to download external programs to solve this and improve in a quality.

To the equal that result totally wants to him, but im using a razer surrounds the software like this gives a more surround and quality of his, for this I has marked was a star as if a software resupplied for SteelSeries was better then to plot of the people that comprises does not have to that revert to this method. I have taken so only 1 star was this in spite of like this ossia the relatively simple process , there is also another program that the cant agrees but his on all some forums/reddit.

A better commentary can do them in these is that, is that comfortable that calm sometimes forget calm the the on there and thus only I totally want these
5 / 5
a DTS Headphone:X v2.0 it Surrounds it is useless... His 'decent' looking the film, but find it disturbing in of the games.
As it does not help with directionality besides FPS.
The engine can touch acceptable with plans EQ but hardly touches around with him can listen all the class of sprains and buzzing/resonances especially augmenting some bases have included bit it.
I absolute amour a dial in a headphone ound/cat' where can them finely rule with him flick of the wheel voip volume or game/of volume of audio.
Also love a characteristic that sends an audio to the transmission of start some headphones was (or start of row). Shame a start is so only he stereo jack and can not connect yours surround his system. Be conscious a casing around one will prevent more stereo jack to enter entirely... I have had to use the eslim' boss to return in a transmitter.
Loves so only to listen music in the receiver of the wireless quality and you expect to find 'audiophile' qualities, this is not a product for you.
He Love the game and calm listens to some tunes without looking for a 'audiophile' the quality then will be satisfied.
4 / 5
Has taken these in a prize reduced of £44 and has to that say in my opinion that is a subject exceptional.

Has required the a lot of all-round gaming headset suitable for travelling and these return a bill perfectly.

In the first place a quality of his east well, crisp and clear. Has the pair to Star A40 east and although they do not have to a same punch likes that a quality of his east to good sure in pair. I hooked one 3 east until a mixamp TR and one surrounds done perfectly.

Consuelo afterwards. They are one the majority of comfortable pair of the headphones have not spent never. A sale of sport is the touch of character and some cups of the ear returned around my ears like the glove.

There is has not had casualidad to use a microphone still but when I will update a description immediately.

Another good touch is that they are compatible sonic windows . These am a lot when connected to PS4 but was better when connected to Xbox and pc.

In general could not recommend these enough. Although I took him in a prize has reduced would owe that say that they are in good sure value a rrp.
4 / 5
Has update this description like leading question with an audio randomly changing was has been solved with him firmware update. They are now happy to give them the solid five stars.

Is súper comfortable and a system of transmission/of the load of battery is adds. Utilisation to Blue Turtle mic so that it can not speak in a quality of cat of these but an audio are adds. I really like a way that can mix you some touches / of game of the cat. I am using this with PC and PS4 Pro and has had any question averts of a yard was.
5 / 5
Are a lot of fussy in mine together of audio-arrive to like I current, game, amour to look film, creates music, and the video modifies. This in spite of, have it that has not bought so only another £400 pair of headphones, as my description is based in a quality for value.

BAD: (Reason is not that bad)
These ARE not in fact 7.1 (which have known) but has simulated. This in spite of, at least in of the windows, so only look like him 2 device of canal, which means some software downmix an audio to some headphones, in losing detail. I am expecting ossia fixable in future software.

Can not be sure if ossia reason one surrounds is not like this as well as another DTS auricular that aim like this fine-canal but thus prize and that I are by train to use them paralización (gaming, some music, some Netflix) has an acceptable difference with has simulated DTS on.

A microphone suffers the small to be bit it too happy to choose on the big frequency is sounds , whch is adapted of the majority of the noise that annuls mics has tried. It was not if ossia tunable in a software but yes is, fiancée to try and agree to update this description.

A software is not really useful for place-on, perhaps has the manual there to somewhere but some tooltips would be good!

Sinister start with a EQ presets. It would be necessary hates him but going back paralizaciones to price, and that EQ is hard (for some) a 'out of a box' software EQ the settings are really quite good! A EQ is fully adjustable, included of the preset, well can dip ready.

A game/of voice of the cat mixer is also fantastic in some laws of way. In an operating system, calm in fact takes two devices, one for some windows of video/of/sound of real game and the pleasant device that can dip you discord/teamspeak/mumble/skype (etc) to use. With which conceal, a dial in a headset is fader that can you then dipped a sprain of game fill the full voice comms.

A microphone is a lot flexible and gives the good row to plant and a noise that annuls really looks well. That is also fantastic is a transmission of microphone is the pertinent on/was to write pushbutton, more than the press to toggle.

An extra band that suspends a frame is elastic and a lot comfortable, does not seat a weight of these headphones in a cup of my boss that a lot at all. Also, a foam of some tampons of the ear is not too hard, as I do not seat pressure in my ears (and has not taken small ears, and also glasses of the wear and I am not feeling my ears have pressed to some glasses but the external sound is takes amiably)

has the 'alive preview' the available characteristic in a software he, which is useful to dip on levels, more than that has to that this in an operating system. This in spite of, these leaves is the one who your operating system listens, there is the small quantity of latency. He so that has the 'trick of party' in a software. A characteristic has called soyic Sidetone' @subject a directly inner microphone some headphones, with 4 levels of out the big, meaning you can try, or always take to listen you, without requiring to dip this in a YOU)

in a subject of controls, can regulate a power of car dipped of a software of 5, 10, 30, 60, or 90 minutes and, of course, disable this function)

A fast final note, a software leave to save multiple configurations, which calm mean well can dip ready your half of audio for different use (video/of video/of the games conferencing) and take these settings quickly, more than requiring to find the 'a setting for all' or that it has to tweak some settings every time!

ADDS, but like sound?
Well, does not touch like the £400 near of the headphones and have any legislation to in this prize! This in spite of, included without all an extra utility and gaming characteristic, a sound is better that some playback auricular so only has bought in this prize and until one £200 mark. If you are happy (and able) to touch around with a EQ the settings prpers believe will find the sound that returns that loves it, certainly have and in the quite short space of time. I have done already some gaming, behind game of the film (Episode of Wars of the Star 2 has touched really well after the pair of the minutes that creates the profile of film) and has done my lights of brain with some Prodigy, Disturbed, and Beethoven (yes, are that nerd!)

Final notes:
A paper of his of the USB is a lot cleaned, am not seeing any noise that comes by means of that the would not owe that be there. A boss of USB partorisca east is roughly how is long enough for anywhere I the precise, without that has too boss to concern roughly. Also it has the quite effective anti-coverage of hule of the slip in a base. There is line in and line out of ports, which there is still to try, as any idea if these just games to/of some headphones, or if this sound goes in out of an operating system also.

Take a good boss of load of USB of period, which is so only long enough for me I so that has my PC close my chair but need something more along, goes to buy the good longitude Anker boss for him. Calm also take it esmart telephone' (him it him still has taken the telephone with the ) this connects stereo and mic to the usb gone in in some headphones, meaning you can go equivalen needs to (but again, has not tried this like this I no really need to)

Well, when my woman finally gives up in his Logitech esal DTS' headset, is has said already love the pair of these and while felizmente left his pays more, or buy something more expensive I, thinks that will be to possess the second pair of these in a no future too far, like this yes, am a lot happy with them!
4 / 5
To summarise:

+ Adds headset for gamers in the estimativa
+ Comfortable (after initial pause in - showed in video)
+ phase of his global Orders
+ Drawn with gaming import
+ Big quality mic
+ ass to build Even another Arctis lineup
+ Estimativas

- Could do with the deepest basses
- Requires propitiatory boss to connect (comprised)
- Takes the moment the 'pause in' yours form of boss (well do in my chance)

Ossia for my brief description - will update if any one subjects arrive in a moment.

To good sure will recommend a Arctis 3
4 / 5
...Of the headphones will not buy never! Sad, knows, but an emission of essident Bad 2' in a 25/01/19 aimed to buy these and I dipped recently on (easy to do). Incredibly crisp sound and to the equal that am able to look Blue Rays in mine PS4, am able to listen things that previously had listened any, this in does this value of has beaten each penny!
Solid construction, remote, far better that has consecrated Sony auricular for a PS4 ( was in mine second pair after a tape in both pairs has broken by means of @@tiredness more than having fallen). As it does not plan on buying any one auricular further, these are the significant quantity of money but is fantastic and am so only too pleased that has taken one submerges and purchased him!
4 / 5
Simply a better wireless gaming headset has has not used never.

A tape and a creation to cushion this one of, if any some the majority of comfortable receiver has tried on. A headphone is light and extremely comfortable. A connection is solid of rock , can spend for two doors and there there is not even the light hiccup in a connection. I have been also he has said that a microphone is extremely crisp (I use a thing partorisca foam that comes with a headset and covers a mic).

After fiddling around with a EQ and surround his, a sound is brilliant. This in spite of, have had some subjects partorisca dip on a headset. After dipping is on, tried it and could does not create, a sound was terrible. Has has had to that do my own investigation partorisca discover that it was bad. It looks that some auricular automatically use a 'Arctis pro wireless cat' device partorisca a playback incumplimiento. That has to that do, is partorisca go to sounds (Windows 10 : right click an icon of volume in an inferior legislation of a taskbar, then click ounds'), then right click a 'Arctis pro wireless cheek' the device and the click dipped like incumplimiento device.

A steelseries the software is mediocre to be sincere. I can very in fact see any option partorisca change a level of microphone in there. You can take for with him, but it is so only well.

Has taken this headset partorisca £170, and considers that excellent value partorisca money. It is full retail estimate of £299 I are not totally side sure he. It is a better wireless gaming headset can buy, as if the money is any option , and love a better, then go for him. But you are looking for value partorisca money, then would expect partorisca east to go on sale.
5 / 5
Has had this headset for the moment and has used he partorisca listen the music, looking film and a lot especially on-line gaming in the PC where has used a microphone at length. I have broken my description was the different sections he so that it is easier that read.


Out of a box has been impressed with one looks and feel of a headset, some cups of ear celery very comfortable and appreciate that they are cloth covered and any skin of imitation that has found tends partorisca disintegrate quite quickly.

A short adjustable has done sum for me, was able to find a perfect level of consolation with only the minor adjustment out of a box. It maintains a measure has dipped a headset in perfectly so that it do not require to maintain the changing.

A Microphone that is retractable and also adjustable in any place around a sinister side of the yours expensive is really the good characteristic and a Microphone comprises the light visible in your peripheral vision the one who resplandores so only when has a Mic muted (using a tactile key in a backside of a cup of sinister ear) ossia the good touch .

A headset feels quite light considering contains two big engine, battery and to good insurances to plot of electronics. SteelSeries Has done well to choose material of construction and methods that is light so that has some estimativa of the weight has left on for these electronic components heavier.

With these good appearances out of a way there is the little downsides the some physical parts of a headset which I now ready.

1. It does not have the USB-C touching port and instead opts for Micro USB.
2. There are so many keys and dials in some cups of ear (both sides!) That you almost always click the key or move the dial inadvertently when dipping a headset on or era. This is annoying especially yes calm dipped the behind in only to have a now dipped volume much bigger that before.

So much with that out of the leaves of way to take to a flesh and of the potatoes. As they Touch, that is a life of to the battery likes and that well is of a wireless action.

QUALITY of his of the START:

In the first place his, out of a box to this sound likes the rubbishes. And I am not mincing words here, sound a lot of tinny and everything listens to the to to sounds like is coming by means of a FM irradiates. They are no audiophile and so only possesses an another pair of headphones that is feigned strictly for music but included can say that these touch very poor out of a box.

But is mostly fixable. Shooting on an application like EqualizerAPO (Free and Open source) and looking for on-line for a profile of pertinent Bow (or dialling one in calm is feeling adventurous) changes a quality of his in these immensely. It is like the night and day differentiates. Really they go to touch bad to touch add. Any excellent or perfect, but add.


A microphone is a main reason that has required such the headset to start with with, to be competitive in of the precise on-line games be able to converse with your mates of crew. I touch my games in enough the noisy room and like the Microphone in firm my mouth with some class of the noise that annuls was paramount.

To the respect a headset there is rid exactly that has loved. I registered that pause and mine to touch the clear crystal. He of course pickup noise of wind him him the defender that swipes directly in your face but ossia to be expected. In general it give a quality of audio of the Microphone the solid 8 out of 10 and a noise that annuls is more than pertinent.

Something to remark here is to install a SteelSeries 3 software can dip it so that a headset will broadcast that it listens in your Microphone directly to a headset to the equal that can listen you in speaker. Ossia The must -have characteristic for the closed behind on-ear headset like this one which will assist calm to speak in the level of the his normal to your mates of crew. I have found this fact without any class of discernible delay, is faultless implementation.

A last what to mention in a Microphone is that a headset has the dial in a cup of right ear that leave to regulate a mix among some sounds/of game of the system and a chatter of your mates of crew. These characteristic confidences a game or the software are using when being able to send audio/of software of the game to a source of audio and an audio of cat to another.

For some games I game uses the discord converged how is able to send a cat of voice to a canal of cat of a headset and then any game am touching can aim a canal of game. These canals of audio am defined clearly in all an use of the calm software once installs a SteelSeries 3 software and ossia the characteristic cast for quickly regulating your balance of the audio without that has to that minimise the game to change settings of audio and the too many works faultlessly.


A headset boasts 24 life of now of the wireless battery and I have found that to be the entirely attentive statement. A life of battery is sum and a headset spends to run out of being able to you can simply covers he in with a boss comprised and maintain the using while it touches.

A headset does not take noticeably animate even while when be used during touching like an only inconvenience to the touch while touching is a boss dangling down your sinister side.


While purchasing the wireless anything (Keyboard, Smile, Headset etc) is often be a chance that some row of the costruttrici and the action have declared the estimativas is wildly optimistic. It looks more it creates companies to try figure to situate a product in an open field without another wireless transmitting devices or perhaps any one locates of civilisation at all.

So that it avenges likes any one impacts to say that a declared 12 metres is likely so only possible with the direct line of view among a headset and his unit/of receiver of the transmitter. I have found by means of obstacles (a paving or the alone wall) a row is roughly 3 to 4 metres.

But will say is to coach to remain you on-line of view of a receiver/of the transmitter or you are inside these 3 to 4 metres a quality of his (when regulated like this remarked on) is perfect. It does not suffer any drop-outs or degradation of quality. Ossia A bitrate big rests and a latency down.

So that it does not have any worry in a wireless action of a headset for any of his phases to use declared (PC or Gaming Consoles). If you are in a same room like your gaming the diagrams would not owe that have any questions at all.


I like this headset to plot when taking his cost the consideration and while his out of a quality of his of the box is poor after the little tweaks to your bow of the sound of audio adds. I think a prize in £ (to the equal that of description) is in legislation for this headset. So only maintain import you so only can be able to regulate your settings of bow in the computer. Calm can not have this capacity in the console of to games likes him a XBOX or Playstation.

Now yes was to spend that same quantity of money in the wired headset to good sure will improve quality of his (especially out of a box) but a consolation that a wireless characteristic resupplies is mine at least, value a sacrifice of quality of the sound.

Had to an addition would like to see in a container was some class to spend chance. So only he drawstring stock exchange of cloth to store a headset in when not using to maintain he to take dusty would be the good lovely addition in my opinion.

+ Good value for the wireless headset with Mic
+ Adds to touch microphone
+ Tactile keys that is easy to feel for
+ Quite light and feels comfortable for sessions of game along
+ Utmost of wireless action
+ the life of battery Adds

- Out of a quality of start of the his some boxes is very poor
- the dial to Plant of the volume can head to unintended adjustments
- Any USB-C port in a headset to touch
5 / 5
Update 12/02/2020, So only to leave you all know, This headset has no faultered in any way bought them of then and has have the few updates to a software, A fact that pode stairs and do the caffè this in spite of listen him and also a switchable the battery has been the god sends mine: Im like this happy has been for them.

Update: '25/11/2019' it Take one The majority of Of Some Settings of Bow:
has be experimenting with dipping of bow and a headset will be for incumplimiento conjoint to walk, the profile done of commission in a box of control he and dip the to +3,+2,-1 or 0,+1,+3 start of accident to legislation. I think that that it find the world of difference.

To start with, a reason for a title was to grab yours attention as I am not sure state to buy these or no because of a seal of the prize and I has had to buy the together wireless to all the cost and can resist to read a full description and is not meant To Shill a Steelseries headset but to be a sincere and just description and am using a headset with Windows 10.

In the first place, Out of the boxes of experience is sum, a Box he, a Packaging, a Box of Control, a Headset Hanged, some Accessories, is Prize and upper quality of just cries “ossia all based in my opinion”.
Secondly, An ease of setup is well. You can take a headset on and running fast but take the bit to time to take some settings a way loves has seen a box of control or a software, like being prepared for that.

Thirdly, So only a sheer calm never run out of Power of battery “this was a main reason reason has been for this version”. A first and according to battery will die faster like this so only depends in that time has seated roughly in the zone of type of the warehouse that expects to be purchased. This in spite of this is not a chance when they take the good load , like this also be poised partorisca east.
Fourthly, A Record, Now in that says that, each one some begin will be different. When you Look in them on a web of place, so only is not sure state in a type of tape headset but alas when spending for the hours the times can inform is very comfortable “again say in my chance”. A clamping the force is in legislation based in a half sized to to the boss likes him the mine but so only my sinister ear hurt it tad for some reason.
No: 5, A Row, can go down two pavings and by means of 4 wall before I listen any yard was but pavings/of the pavings/of the houses will be different. As this will vary according to where alive.
No: 6, Another concealed is a lot of entity of mine, the Enclosed car-was, These car creatures shutoff if they do not listen any sound that comes from/comes from some speakers and calm can dip this in a box of control or a software, calm so only has to that dipped gliela yours preference of the time and this saves power of battery. This are to add like this, forgets to turn them was, will do that they.
No: 7, A Mic Quality, “in my opinion” A mic is really well for the wireless headset and all the world concealed I habladuría with in an internet has said that it is really clear and his of the good quality and always ask that I am using. Now ossia everything according to your settings inside windows 10. Petit tweaks Here and there can help. Varied other programs also will do touch worse or better depends that they are i.et. Teamspeak, Skype & Discord.
A lot of people say that they are the quite in max volume, has to go to a box of control or software and turn a limiter of volume to ANY SO MUCH is dipped to yes for incumplimiento and this will do a volume like strong to the equal that likes.

Now folks, please the imports of bear have been looking for the together of good headphones for the long time and read @@@100s of descriptions of different headsets and his all is coming up with 4 stars and I have not seen the together with all 5 stars so many is hard to know the spouse to go for but that can say you, am impressed with these, is expensive, Yes, can take like this good and included near better for a money, Probably Yes but in an end of a day, His all down yours a buyer, if you are happy, maintain them, if any to send them behind, this was my logic in choosing this pair in all the chance and interior a moment ”23/11/2019” I am happy bought him included although a prize is the tad big but bought him for some characteristic and is utmost.
In this chance am doing an early description reason want to see is any transmissions in a headset i.et. Failures of a headset he or a box of control or defects in a software to the equal that sees descriptions of some people, has had the bad experience.
I really could go in and on in this headset but this would arrive in the short novel but I will say you this. My fellow so only arrived this morning and listens to them and possesses the together of Sennheisers tethered headset and was impressed really especially like these were wireless. So that it has to that be saying something and his has not been economic.
Will be sure to update this description yes goes downhill of here.
With which having your tea and yes has taken to an end of this description so only takes the look on Youtube and have the look in some insiemi different of headphones and then read some descriptions on Amazon so good and bad and promise you, will be during a place but take my joint, chooses one some concealed adapted your needs and row of prize and stick to them. These some are good and adapt me to knots but ossia so only me.
Good regime...............
4 / 5
These headphones are decent for a prize, his to plot of things well, but have some drawbacks which that can be dealbreaker for some. I will spend him for down.

Comfort it/Record:

These use the class of band of ski that wraps around a cup of your boss. It is not cushioned, but instead, because of a lack of pressure of materials in your boss, just laws like the point to rest, like this probably does not require like this cushioning like this normal headsets. This in spite of, these could have had comfort it wonderful there was so only the little bit of foam or something around the, so that there is still the big quantity of the pressure exerted of them. Any he dealbraker this in spite of. Some cups are decently soft, but again, does not create there enough is cushioning, like your ears tend to touch some engine of some headphones, and my ears are quite small. I create a real record of some headphones is basically some same for each measure of boss because of a mechanism of band, as it takes the positive for consistency I supposition. They are quite breathable this in spite of, which is quite well for longitude gaming sessions. In general a consolation of these headphones is quite half, is not uncomfortable, neither is comfortable. 5/10

Quality of Sound:

Now ossia where these surprised me. To all the cost of a profile of the his, create a loyalty of his real as well as soundstage is a lot a lot takes gaming auricular. Easily a better that razer, logitech and Hyper X. (Bear in importing this can not be one same for a arctis 7s, but can be for a arctis 3s, because of the wireless technology that compresses audio). A profile of the his east also quite balanced, this in spite of, this can be bore for some, but can be changed with a software that is the plus.

Also have access to DTS virtual surrounds his street a software, which create to be better that all other virtual
surround bar of technologies Dolby Atmos. This in spite of, this does not mean is well. You take to plot of reverb and spaciousness to some sounds (almost to to the echo likes), and there is of the considerable drop in loyalty of sound. Personally you do not recommend never virtual to surround for music or competitive gaming, but the games of the films and the player only am probably a lot of stops. In general, a stereo the sound is excellent for a prize, and a virtual surrounds is a lot enough. 8/10


Now here is where these begin to go properly sour. These are announced as having the clearcast mic, certified for discord, but if my friends are to be believed, a mic quality in these was terrible, with to plot of annoying background noise. I have thought personally they have touched well in of the windows, but my friends could literally not resisting listening mine. A mic is gooseneck and can be pressed behind to a earcup, this in spite of, this mechanism is not a lot of fact, as my units mic begun to produce it rattling noise in a left earcup of a mic title, which extremely the mine annoyed and has directed of him. Very disappointing. In general a mic looked to have quality of poor audio on discord (not presenting in leading mics), and quality of build, with an only good thing that it is that it is easily tucked was. 2/10

Characteristic :

A software for these headphones is quite good. There is sidetone to be able to listen calm tongue that hangs big volumes, leave you to EQ and profiles of together and is very drawn and easy to read. Any complaint. A cat that mixes the dial is the bit of the ache to dip on that it is the bit to annoy . Some headphones would owe that come to like on two devices (game/of cat), and has to that dip a start in yours VOIP to converse and your desk incumplimiento to game, then a dial would owe that it reads. It is quite useful in fact, to good sure the good characteristic and neither takes on upper of the plot of spatial. In general, a software is very very drawn, and a dial of the mix of the cat is quite useful, if no the ache to dip up. 8/10


In general, some auricular look quite stylish but too gamery to be able to take external, because of a mark and ski goggle mechanism of tape. But, as it has said previously, a mic be able to be tucked is the good touch. Then it has a RGB in some headphones, which looks fresh for some premiers 5 minutes, calm then begins to see his pointlessness. I seat like this it was dipped so only in to justify this hike of prize of the headphones in a arctis 3. In general, some it decent auricular look, but no low profile enough for gone external with. To be sincere this would not owe that be that first calm look in in the headphone, especially one for gaming. 7/10


These headphones are quite frankly any one the value that buys in an economic plus arctis 3. A arctis 3s have essentially all a same hardware, without a software and dial of cat. Virtual surrounds, RGB, etc. Is everything really gimmicks concealed is not really the value that finds much more money on at all. A dial of the mix of the cat is well, but can not justify spending £20-30 more so only for this characteristic.

Included then this in spite of, would not recommend the steelseries headset. Highly you recommend it headset of Hyper X or a mh751/2 of master Fresher if really it loves value for money, especially in this row of prize, as his general quality and action, especially with considerations to comfort, is ridiculously better that a lot arctis headset.


Comfort it/Apt- 6/10
Quality of the his-8/10

Global- 31/50 (Half )
5 / 5
Final Conclusion after returning first headset for substitution... Any one annoying . According to headset worse that a prime minister. SteelSeries The support is very polite but law as if you are one first person to never have the question.

Substitution headset has random disconnects of Xbox and sometimes the turns was entirely. Using a SteelSeries the software was able to take Bluetooth turning on with headset can on that class of fijamente a no mic subject.

Is horrifying.

Produced of the prize would not owe that have these questions. £35 it would dip You To it up with him; £150... Taking f........

Pros -

Well of sound. Especially like a ‘House' EQ setting to really take this sense of diving in a half of game.
So only headset has tried with Red Died that with the accuracy informs direction of animal sounds, fire of gun.
Simple connection without falling outs.
Mic Is well. It does not choose on environmental sounds, burps... Or the noises dare movement in your chair.

Gilipollas -

Has used whilst touching the constant hum is audible to other players but a lot you.
My ears take heats after an hour or so much.
Utilisations with other devices (iPad, telephone, PC, etc,) turning some headphones on also turns Xbox on.

Modify - Day three...

Has an annoying static blip as if the connection is lost in brief and has restored each 15-20 seconds.

Sometimes a mic does not act. Turning headset was and on again fixed ‘' he but these are the product of prize... It do not have to that spend .

A game/of cat mixer the dial is moved easily to dip headset down. It takes stop for hire, entrance and marvel because the person is speaking yours anymore 😂

These annoyances would not owe that exist in the first headset especially now a prize looks for having shot on £20.

Modify - .....

Having to that turn a headset on two times every time for a mic to the work is taking tedious.
4 / 5
Has ordered to to these headphones like them some has feigned upgrade to an old pair of original Hyper-X headphones of Cloud that has had for the number of years. Looking in these so many to 'prevailed offering, has decided to take one submerges.

Could not be disappointed more with these with all honesty and loved really like but so only could do not to take them setup to the equal that has loved and crucially to the same together level to till to the east of mine of old Cloud.

Has tried several available settings that use some regular tools (in a DAC or in SteelSeries engine) and has there is appealed included to use 3rd party EQ to to the tools likes him-him the bow APO. I have looked for example setups of the that the others the people have to them legustado the places like Reddit/Youtube but to be sincere at all has helped.

There only looks to be the complete lack of basses/of depths or something missing and to be sincere although it have paid £50 for these I would be to send his backside.

Am not sure that a @@subject really is, if it is my ear is not having the habit of the 'prime minister' produced of audio or if some headphones are faulty, but to be sincere does not want to squander another weekend that tries ponerprpers up.

( Tried the also head to mine Soundblaster paper, he thinking could be a DAC, but is a same experience ). In fact it smile when I have gone back to mine Hyper-X headset!
4 / 5
Has bought this headset for my adolescent edges like a upgrade for his Beach of Wry 600. It say that it was very better. The question is has begun having the subjects that touch like the port of USB is coming free with which 6 use of month. It has been in a web of place to access substitution of reparation/of the guarantee. It is the minefield. There is no telephone number to call which is well is directly advances to find a contact of email. No like this simple. You owe that it registers the question of entrance and receive the link to fill was. Calm in the first place has to that destroy one that exists headset according to instructions esatte. Then take 4 photos of diverse some photos and rid. Calm then try rid and at all. Spend for a whole process again. 3 times. Send diverse emails. Still while to the response. It looks deliberately do a process excruciatingly painful so that taken fed up and finally give up. The anniversary of the mine others the edges is coming on top of the time of the weeks and he have asked of the same headset. Any way am buying another maintaining. Good product but service of terrible client!
5 / 5
Tries my best to use wireless headphones and headsets when it can, simply to avert an inconvenience of bosses and give more liberties. Some main questions with headphones more wireless/headsets is latency and quality of poor audio. This mandate dipped so many questions. A unit of transmitter has load of entrances and starts, doing Hess incredibly versatile. I also really like an inclusion of two battery and a fact that a transmitter is able to touch one of some batteries whilst is using another, minimising down time. This sound adds, work really well, has very characteristic is(comprising Bluetooth for connectivity of telephone and look understated, still incredibly attractive. These are the wonderful container and now have two of these for two of mine setups, master him.
5 / 5
Has been looking for the new wireless headset for age with some options that play to lose to a Corsair Void Pro (I follows the defender of corsair), some Stars and this pair. Steelseries At the beginning there is not coming to import because of a massive cost but when factoring in this I has loved the wireless headset with life of good battery, any latency and quality of his very an election early takes narrowed down.

Ossia For far the upper headset for competitive gaming and controls on well to listen the strong music. Some cups / of the cloth of the foam is comfy apt and once an elastic tape is regulated correctly is comfortable for the little wear of hours (although it is a lot of the take out of time in when to relieve some pressure). Regarding gaming, a transmission of key in a backside of a cup is order how is a built in wheel of control of the volume. That The boom Of retractable microphone is the plus to hide a mic when so only are listening.

The quality of sound has been something on to touch CSGO competitive. For ever listening reloads and footsteps when my crew is oblivious his so it recommends for gaming so only. Then pair in a SMELL of the quota received and the battery uploads (Oh yeah, battery of hot transmission! I can go the few days in the alone battery but when being able to exchange he when it is down is another easy 10/10 reason to save your money in that taken the most economic pair and so only buy this piece of quality that will last calm).
5 / 5
First of all - I follows part of the very small minority, which has done the finding and that chooses the new main end headset very difficult. Has the Hifi amplifier in my office, which is connected to the DAC which has the connection of USB to my PC. Sound the modest setup but still cost the significant quantity to dip up. For this anything in my PC has related the needs of audio to use a crew to exist ( jack) or has squandered my money.

So that principles out of wireless entirely and also governed out of headsets that so only can be wired invernadero USB.

My economic (but very able) Logitech G230, with individual jacks for headphone and mic, is lasted 3 years of heavy use before one of some ears there is prendido to do, as I have chosen to go prize with a substitution. I have chosen a Arctis Pro in his own (without GameDAC) like DAC would be the waste in my chance. Also based in a fact is announced like compatible.

First of all - he of any one the ones of way the resemblance setup mine: Please be conscious a compatibility is so only mediates true. These comprise the suns have combined jack for headphone & mic like this precise buy the separate splitter has separated headphone & mic income in your PC. I think that that ossia to resupply compatibility of console but considering a low cost of the splitter has been well for Steelseries to comprise it splitter in a box. Also to the equal that would expect, an aesthetic lighting in some headphones no unless you are using USB and obviously a volume of Game/of Voice of USB mixer touches any part has seen jack.

So much was the little disappointed when I have him in the first place receipts and was a lot of neighbour to return them.

But - I tried him on and fully installed saw him USB and was pleasantly has surprised. They are snug but very comfortable. Has the very big boss and an adjustment of flexible strap was quite perfect out of a box. A record is snug enough to resupply isolation of the his very but does not have any signals of pressure use like this extended will not be a subject. It say that the weight is half of a band. Much more weights that my plastic Logitech G230s but his that I called 'hanged of rewarded - quite weighed to feel decent but any one would comment in a weight especially.

Invernadero USB a sound is surprisingly powerful, detailed and pleasently bassy. Using street of mine DAC (to try esalvation king' audio) a difference is noticeable. The sound is fixed very better and open that has seen the economic soundcard. This has said his no like this enormous the difference like this originally has anticipated. In general I am very impressed with a quality of some headphones and certainly rid in a promise to be able to manage salvation king contained.

In spite of connections a lot when being any quite that anticipated have @@give that a sound is more than acceptable invernadero USB in all the chance. As I so only USB to need when it wants to use a mic (and therefore it will be to converse at stake and not directing specifically on quality of his), has decided so only can change to mine DAC when touching so only or listening to content of audio of the main quality. If I have had a lot of DAC would have paid an extra to take a Artics GameDAC so much is far more economic that buy a container. For these unsure, would advise to take a GameDAC and buying some salvation-king files of audio to really see the one who these headphones are able of! I have ordered it splitter to see can go fully without compromising quality of sound.

This says - I like a system of connection. There is the proprietary boss that connects to some headphones. To an end of this calm boss neither can connect to a cat of USB mixer, or an adapter. A connection looks the little like this he mini connection of USB and his easy the connections of transmission, if no the little rigid. A connection has combined calm mean can use these beat in the mobile device and maintain an use of a Mic. Any something would do excepts he certainly his versatile fact.

In a real headset has a rectractable mic. A quality of voice is clear and there is rounded well. They are not the defender of a physical thing this in spite of. It is flexible like calm can regulate it the small but resembles dulcemente the curve behind to plant. Like six quite stuck with a navigation. Felizmente A lot too obtrusive and a incumplimiento the place is very situated. It have preferred the no-retractable mic that impulses on but then concealed would do him less suitable for mobile use.

Averts those some headphones are fantastically simple and functional. There are 2 functions - the wheel of volume and he mic transmission of key. Unfortunately both economic and bad celery. A wheel has the class of gritty feel more than the movement cushioned smooth. A transmission of key feels rough and wobbly. A hastens of the key almost goes under a surface that the unpleasant fact to use and does the sound of the horrible economic cradle when actuated. Both do both perfectly well but a cheapness does detract the little of a prize feels.

A earcups is robust and has to that easily apt included a big plus of ears without any crushing. They are cloth and feels in a softer side (foam very soft) but a fact can buy the substitutions dips my alcohol in relieving he so that there is at all worse that that it has to discard the neighbour perfectly well of has beaten when a earcups begin to perish. The cloth resembles last far better that it rubbery material of the skin of the fake has used in a lot of other examples, as these would have to that last well.

Based in descriptions, a system of the adjustment of the measure is clearly divisive. Personally the unbalanced. More than a band of boss retracting behind some cups of ear like this usually find, a main solid band is fixed instead in place. There is a elasticated ki goggle' band that chairs under a main band. You regulate the one who tight or free ossia street he velcro connection in a sinister side. This the very comfortable. It feels it likes a headset is in the colgante floaty state in your boss. This in spite of for me he the difficult to quickly precisely regulate. A sale there is enough give for you to pull them down the small but calm really need a perfectly regulated strap to leave some headphones to remain perfectly in place in your boss without drooping or moving up. All this has said, calm once is regulated tends to not touching around with his a lot supposes. So only respecto that if some elastic starts to perish or release too much in future the engaged a snug apt.

Ossia Quite waffle. I love a measure and form, love a quality of his (same street a lot of-DAC USB) and a mic is perfectly acceptable. As it has mentioned before if any calm already the the DAC, to good sure pay an extra to take a GameDAC so much is FAR more ECONOMIC that buy likes the container. Then it try these were with some salvation-king files of audio to see that really it can do. Based on quality of audio and comfort these are to 5 star all day long. Unfortunately some economic keys, poor mic adjustment of place and lack of splitter in a box, in mine opnion, detracts of a global container.

Top Customer Reviews: REYTID Replacement ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 5 ratings
4 / 5
Xbox A boss of controller there is prendido partorisca do suddenly and has bought this like the substitution. Good period partorisca use in my pc and works, which more could ask. It looks like this strong like original but so only had partorisca the short time.
5 / 5
Has said that it was partorisca a Xbox a , but any way is , a lot disappointed
5 / 5
A product is not described like this! Any record Xbox a
5 / 5
aweful!! It says in description xbox a s but does not return my xbox a s controller!! Too big
4 / 5
has sent the no compatible boss that no with my Xbox a controller.

Top Customer Reviews: Wireless Controller ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 9 ratings
4 / 5
It goes to controllers of pairing with current controller .. Tecla of house of the control down until all 1234 starts quickly flashing ... Automatically it would owe that connect .. Then disconnect first controller and you will be player 1 ..

Controller A lot in general
5 / 5
A controller is comfy and easy to use. The pairing was abit annoying and has the sweet delay but at all too much of entity. It is still usable on more games but no in of the games that requires control of precision!

Update: I have changed mine 5 stars to 3 because of a delay. I have bought this controller for the fellow and has said a delay has not gone too bad but after the use in the first place hand, can say you the second whole delay ! Ossia Touch to change.
5 / 5
A controller is near the useless. Less than two weeks after taking it and he now looses connection each minute or so much. One is drift in both claves that is lasted until 10 seconds. It is angering the yours only look career of character was the distance without control.
5 / 5
Controller Well, I just desire there was the way to know that dipping a disturb the frame of way is on, says does 3 levels to a disturb way, but there is not any way to say the level is on, owe the blind supposition.
The instructions am not a lot neither some of some instructions are makeshift English.
A quality of controller is GOOD but a Disturb way, not knowing that the level is on, etc, he the ruin, especially to the equal that has bought specifically a controller for this characteristic, am disappointed.
Sometimes a disturb resets of work he, as I owe that go place on a disturb throughout again in some settings, which can be anger .

To good sure will be to look around for another controller with the best Disturb function of way. 100

recommends this controller? No, unless it calms it does not import messing around slope/before split to dip Disturb Way on AGAIN, yes.
4 / 5
Does well with transmission of Nintendo. It has taken the little while to pair up but well of then. Any drop outs. Orderly two and one was faulty but a process of turn was easy of here so only a star downgraded.
Update: 2nd controller has developed the failure with ZL and ZR keys with which 6 months of use but excellent service of vendor in sending substitution.
4 / 5
Has taken this for mine 3 old year to touch in a transmission when it is docked in a TV thought it would be too big for the toddlers the hands but is not ! It is wanting to touching Mario and Mario kart and learning some controls, any subject with connecting and any latency the charm!
5 / 5
Controller Quite decent.

-Look Well, no too brilliant in some colours but has good emphases
-the triggers and the keys robust celery and could take some punishment
-utmost ergonomics, returns real comfortable in some delivery
-upload really quickly

-small has bitten too light for mine in pleasant although ossia personal preference
-life of short battery, could do with being bit it more along, perhaps 4-5 hours out of him

In general yes had dipped the main battery in that heavier and last more along then attacks on, 10/10
4 / 5
has had this for 4 days and used for around 3 hours.
The controller is a lot comfortable and adult of the access and the boys rids really well.
Is responsive, has a lot the battery and the linear response looks really good. Coupled With the USB-C connection, is the winner .

Really happy.

Will update this description with report of term along afterwards the few months.
4 / 5
Has bought two for the transmission of my edges (3 days ago), of the neighbours in rodeo on instructions in a container has not been to clear enough for me but found the 1 Youtube of minute the on-line video and some controllers were wirelessly paired less than 2 mins and has been enjoying the free question multiplayer gaming. It has not had really long enough to value life of battery but on day three with the 9 old year for the half designates this in spite of doing was before uploads. Happy.

Top Customer Reviews: PowerA FUSION Pro 2 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 9 ratings
5 / 5
Surprising partorisca a prize. Easily like this as well as serious of elite 2, but with an extra profit of the key of action, transmission of key of the volume and a capacity to map a paddles in a fly without inaugural an application or using software.
Only downside is that it is wired like this Xbox does not leave wireless of third controllers of party. This in spite of any prpers that has to concern it roughly transmission or touching the batteries is quite refreshing. Some say there is not any entrance lag and the fastest response of wired the controllers but I can not see a difference to be so only.
In that used quell'both of the elite and series of elite of Microsoft 2 controllers and having them both pause so only after his 3 guarantee of month, are the massive defender of a 2 guarantee of year in this product.
4 / 5
No the enormous improvement in a leading Power A Fusion Pro. This in spite of, is to good sure the feasible controller if I can not resupply an Elite 2 controller. A question with this controller in Warzone is that has a trigger to plant to use a minimum press to shoot the weapon will not be able to drive the vehicle in him is maximum speed. A controller feels well manually this in spite of. A backside paddles work well but no quite like this as well as serious of Elite 2.
5 / 5
Has a first version of this controller and to the equal that loves an older version I a lot prefer a new one with a usbc port and light better grips, is a lot one same how is predecessor with the light improvement to that likes me a lot. My only flu with this controller is, use some triggers of bumper so that it eats to do in my games, finally will snap was and that bleep bleeps the mine was so much, ossia a subject with a Xbox one draws in general spends him everything, could say that it is so only me but a lot another informs failures looked with Xbox tampons. Like this here it is while PowerA listen to this maintain this fantastic creation forgets mc connectivity and strengthen some keys of rear bumpers and will break it was a park of ball. The controller Adds global my description has been based besides old PowerA controllers that has failed finally but this model this new plus has 3 month on he without questions to inform. It recommends, and it is like this comfortable to use for long sessions that it is reason love a creation. Good work PowerA ✅
4 / 5
has had an Elite of LADY 1 & 2, which are utmost. This in spite of, all have broken, triggers, functions after the 8,9 months. I add when they do. This, imo, is far more robust, alike functionality and is equally like this effective at stake. It adds in, the averages a prize of an Elite, 2 guarantee of year is the no brainer....
4 / 5
Has think that the triggers were utmost and fast on shooting games but a paddles where the fiddling for me and I could do not to use them . Sound the fantastic controller 👌 but sadly any for me , but more the gaming gives goes it would be surprised. More a prize is that it shines sadly could not take ust to a tampon of joy .
4 / 5
This controller is like this bad likes 1st fussion scuf ( has bought them 2 1.as editions),is lasted not even 2 month and low and behold a microphone jack is has broken and a anolog the claves are going,saves ur money and take the pertinent scuf or look elsewhere, this company obviously of the one who has cured in a client to the equal that has done at all to fix some subjects of 1st fussion,sound some same old jack and analog claves
5 / 5
State using this for 6 month and I like, also possesses of an elite 2 controller but some claves of thumb in this feel so more responsive have aim very better with this controller. So only down the sides is a paddles take the little warn and free and some partorisca to cause when on so only give you 20 hastens some games my gun to shoot so it can not use some stops and when I have contacted there sustains has not been helpfull at all and has taken 2 weeks to answer to an email. In general although it touches the good controller for a money ossia sure
5 / 5
Ossia the value adds for money
But in the value adds comes comprises
the seat bit it economic but sturdy and some claves of thumb are a lot loose to the equal that recommends some aim of foam has taken coverages.
Another that it controllers wired adds
4 / 5
This controller has done well when I received it and now his has prendido entirely the law has sent it like this behind and has taken another controller has sent was and again a controller no at all in a xbox a work when it covers the laptop but any mine xbox anymore his east there another reason because this is spending??