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Top Customer Reviews: Primus Unisex's ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 1 ratings
5 / 5
His very light and compact, perfect partorisca at night in disposal of excursion ...

Top Customer Reviews: Primus Stove Mimer ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 1 ratings
4 / 5
It gives Kocher Hat eine gute QualitÀt und kocht sehr schnell gives Wasser (ca. 3 Minuten bei Vollleistung) auf. It is ist Almost von give Leistung wie ein Hausherd, gives man mitnehmen kann.
Deshalb gebe ich fĂŒnf Sterne.

Top Customer Reviews: Odoland 3500W ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 8 ratings
4 / 5
I am giving this product he 1 (would be the 0 could ) because any only is a one has received faulty but a response of the service of client was unacceptable also.

There was clearly the question with a product like another that when it was in the down it dipping produced the yellow llama that like this calm probably knows is not acceptable partorisca this type of product, means that a gas is not when be burned correctly and a supply of the oxygen is not pertinent, more the yellow llama does not produce like this hot like the blue one and leaves sooty frames on cooking the crew that comprises a unit he.

Knows of leading experience with these types of products that this is not well, and like such support of client has contacted, has refused admits had the question with a product and has said simply was normal to have the yellow llama and that the would not be the question!! Ughhh Goes eyes

A lot so only concealed but a way in that has answered it was extremely condescending and patronising, clearly has not known that has spoken roughly, any partorisca mention his sarcastic commentary roughly when being unable to control a supply of oxygen in a half surrounding (any s ffs) which have looked for to blame a yellow llama on, which as it says it would not owe that be doing.

Other products have has used/the visas like this direct any question in producing the intense blue llama on all the settings, in fact in the description of video of this a lot of produced of another calm client clearly can see that in dipping of the big intensity produces the strong blue llama that is that it is supposition partorisca do , albeit with the little flick of yellow here and there (which is normal)

Clearly does not know the one who his own products / the alike products are able of or suppositions partorisca do, has included says no another product is able to produce the intense blue llama except the domestic cookery in sobresaltos of palmera of face/of boss to house

Totally support of useless client, would have been happy to be sent the substitution, this in spite of been due to his question of attitude has been for the repayment instead.

To conclude, would recommend to buy this (or alike) of another provider, as the majority of them that goes the descriptions do so only well, was has sent so only the faulty a together with extremely of experience of service of poor client.
4 / 5
Modification: it has dipped the description of video of this product in my canal of Youtube CJ Wilderness Adventures.

Ossia Brilliant bit of boxes. Has come hardly has dipped a connector on and shot it up with bouncing it canister. It can not expect try went in it a forest.
A dial really leaves to control a quantity of llama and when it is down the still laws really well, any spluttering.
Has has linked so only he until some the economic gas has to that tend of local hardware and is perfect.

Deffo Recommends to any one thinking to buy this fashionable stove
5 / 5
For the very economic cookery, ossia the compraventa glorious . It is very very small in measure, but feels and to to the sounds like to of him could take was like the rocket begins to fly a heat.

Boils The kettle quickly, is prone to the fall if no in the flat surface or kinda has undermined to an earth.

In general, can any gone bad with east.
4 / 5
Ossia An amazing few works of stove well with an adapter for both bounced the gas different kettle boiled to water any time at all access in ideal of rucksacks for backpacking or maintaining in a car for the picnic
5 / 5
Work very like this done a gas boot convertor but be careful when turned a gas on, has had the 4 foot calls yellow when I have tried this in my cookery, as it turns a the @@@knob the millimetro the time!

When you have dipped the pot on is very stable, bought it so only so that it could use different canisters and he that I require it to do.
5 / 5
Has had the model the light plus of this class of stove but was fed up that it has to resist my casserole in the reason the light gust of the wind would blow it era. This one is much more sturdier and main when opened up. Still compress when I have dipped was but is roughly 3 times a weight of a tinier version of this although I love it and any one has involved on that. The wild camp and usually the weight is the big thing but this little stove is so only that need so they are not that changing. It did not fail me still. The brilliant has bitten of boxes x
4 / 5
A lot controllable, right of low burn the ridiculously big. Admirably Stable far better that some burners that attaches to a cup of a gas bounced a lot value an extra measure in your stock exchange.
5 / 5
Has bought this for the travesĂ­a to camp after lockdown. Be in the motorcycle, is limited for measure, has the alone full measure the gas unit and was too big for panniers etc, and have the small canister the burner has based, but was concerned always roughly stability, i.et. If it has fallen on. Ossia Reasonably compact, feels a lot of fact, has the reasonable burner when compared to another 2. It will be the substitution of good/addition to a camping to age box.

Top Customer Reviews: Primus - OmniLite ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 21 ratings
5 / 5
There is enjoyed using but is noisy. Very easy to use and spend.
5 / 5
Ossia The stove adds well the packaging done , adds and is done even more awesome if yours takes a widget partorisca do burns the little calmer.
5 / 5
The stove Adds and price fast nave and the like partorisca buy thank you very much.
5 / 5
Has come with a omnifuel stock exchange of storage in place of omnilite you stock exchange?
Too hassle partorisca rectify,as it checks your contents are that it would have to that be when calm takes it!
4 / 5
Orderly stove and very versatile partorisca when it is was cycling in winter.
4 / 5
the Fantastic stove has bitten noisy but boils water any time .
And burns almost anything.
The only negative thing is a prize .
5 / 5
Absolutely loved with this stove, which is very drawn and of big quality. It is easy to dip up and very stable.

The gas is a fuel a simple plus to use , but preparing the liquid fuels is not that it last with practice. Kerosene (Heating oil) is my preferred like this far; very economic, less volatile that unleaded, and the burns with the fierce heat has prepared once. And have 1000 litres of him in my tank! There is not locating like this well with unleaded; perhaps more the practice has required. I will update to to this description likes the tentativa was more fuels.

Has not done any timed boiling tests so that has too many variables, but a stove has the big start and boils water quickly. I particularly like a second valve of control in a side of a stove; ossia easy to operate and he the mark to turn down a heat for simmering.

Cleansing and changing some jets is quite easy with a tool resupplied, once unscrew a cup of burner. My only flu here is storage of some spare jets - these are tiny and would imagine that it would be everything too easy to lose them when camping. My solution was to do the headline was touch he of soft plastic, drilled with holes, to that I threaded some spare jets. I store some jets, multitool, fat of silicone and the lighter in the small zipped stock exchange of neoprene.

A stock exchange of storage resupplied is of big quality but is quell'has bitten weighed for backpacking, especially yes wants to store a stove inside the pot of small cookery. Some dimensions of a stove when bent is roughly 93mm x 113mm.

Highly recommended.
4 / 5
Has been that uses this stove now,for some time.
Is paying for him.
Been in the current in unleaded.
Burns Better in an economic plus unleaded n everything.
Costing me swimming to run.
I sure mark, clean a jet among uses.
Is compactable,hard,contollable.
Wants to see he into use.
Goes the kilburnicus in utube.
Sees there.
Havn'T Be Annoying,with a tagging and which there is already.
Like this,would not imagine it would burst up in the investigation.
Low profile,this are.
Ossia Where is in.
5 / 5
Master - looks the product of quality a lot (has did not use it in fact still) - a star deducted because of a big prize
5 / 5
Vielleicht habe ich ein MontagsgerĂ€t erwischt. Trotz Betrieb Has dipped Reinbenzin und Verwendung gives dafĂŒr vorgesehenen DĂŒse setzt sich Quotes DĂŒse stĂ€ndig zu. Manchmal waren drei, avenges AnlĂ€ufe nötig, one Gives Wasser in giving Espresseomaschine ausreichend zu erhitzen. Of the War of question immer give gleiche: Die kleine DĂŒse, durch the data gives vergaste Benzin austreten sollte, war zugesetzt. It has dipped Fahrzeugbenzin, fĂŒr Gives er laut Werbung eigentlich auch geeignet heart sollte, dĂŒrfte is noch mehr Probleme geben. Sollte The man gives Werkzeug zoom Reinigen gives DĂŒse unterwegs verlieren oder kaputtgehen, kann the man gives Kocher wegwerfen - man bekommt ihn dann nicht mehr Sale.

Von dem beschriebenen Question abgesehen wĂ€re is ein sehr guter und leistungsstarker Kocher has dipped Ă€ußerst kleinem Packmaß.

Mein Fazit: Einen Benzinkocher nimmt Man in giving Regel gerade deshalb, weil is Sprit fast ĂŒberall auf gives Welt - wenn auch in sehr unterschiedlichen QualitĂ€ten - gibt. Dann sollte Gives Kocher aber auch eine entsprechende Robustheit beim Umgang has dipped dem Kraftstoff ausweisen. Beim Omnilite YOU ist Give definitiv nicht give Fallen. Deshalb besser nach einem anderen GerĂ€t Ausschau halten.

Nebenbei: Of the ist give fĂŒnfte Benzinkocher In ĂŒber 30 Jahren, gives ich gekauft habe. Schlechter War in meinen Augen nur gives DDR-Optimus-Nachbau. Die anderen haben vielleicht etwas mehr gerußt als gives Primus, waren im Gebrauch aber nicht annĂ€hernd like this widerspenstig.
4 / 5
Habe Gives Kocher erhalten und sofort has dipped Reinbenzin ausprobiert.
Nach kurzem Vorheizen funktionierte er hervorragend.
Habe ihn dann abkĂŒhlen lassen, Die entsprechende DĂŒse eingesetzt und ihn has dipped Gas betrieben.
Auch Gives funktionierte einwandfrei.
Habe dann Gives Ventil Are Kocher geschlossen und Calls given ging wie erwartet aus, jedoch war weiterhin ein leises Zischen zu hören.
Nachdem ich Gives Zischen nicht genau lokalisieren konnte habe ich gives Kocher In einen Topf Wasser getaucht und feststellen mĂŒssen, dass one gives Lötstelle zwischen Brenner und dem angelöteten Rörchen, Gasblasen aufsteigen.
Wie gesagt,bei geschlossenem 'unterem Ventil'.
Ich vermute einen Haarriss One gives Lötstelle, place bloßem war of Summit nichts zu erkennen.

Likes ein Leck ist ou.ou. LebensgefÀhrlich z.B. wenn Gives Kocher In einem Zelt bzw. Vorzelt betrieben wird.
Im besten Fallen ist einfach dies Kartusche read, was auch zu Problemen auf Tour fĂŒhren kann.

Habe Gives Kocher sofort wieder eingepackt und zurĂŒckgeschickt und ĂŒberlege ob ich Primus noch direkt anschreibe.
Sowas sollte In giving QualitÀtskontrolle auffallen!
5 / 5
Kurze Pro+Kontra Geschichte:
-SĂșper schön
-SĂșper leicht
-sehr fein dosierbar
-sehr kompakt (klein)
-ĂŒberraschend effektiv(koche auf snowpeak @TitĂĄn geschirr)

-sehr teuer fĂŒr Gives bisschen Material (Mir the wars give wert aber ganz ehrlich?! Ein Kocher fĂŒr Gives halben Preis hĂ€tte is eigentlich auch getan)
-wahnsinnig laut (gives silencer zoom leiser machen kann Man fĂŒr knapp €50 nachkaufen... wieso ist How was nicht sofort dabei!?-.-)

Fazit: Wer Gives Kleingeld ĂŒber Hat, hat yesterday einen wirklich tollen outdoorkocher has dipped dem is wirklich Spaß macht zu kochen. Wer CorazĂłn Geld MĂĄximo effizient einsetzen möchte, bekommt seinen Tee, Kaffe oder einfache Gerichte auch has dipped weniger Geld gekocht...

Ich wĂŒrde mir Dan Omnilite You trotzdem wieder kaufen!
Danke A Alloutdoor fĂŒr give schnellen Versand!
4 / 5
Warum fĂŒnf Sterne?
Nun, beginnt Man bei gives Verarbeitung give Kochers gibt is will give nichts zu bemĂ€ngeln. Wirklich hochwertig, Was sich natĂŒrlich durch gives @TitĂĄn auf gives Gewicht positiv auswirkt.
Bleiben wir beim Gewicht, As gibt is durchaus noch leichtere Kocher, vor allem wenn has given NUR fĂŒr gives Gasbetrieb vorgesehen sind -ist gives Omnilite ja nicht. Almost ein Alleskönner. Und trotzdem sehr sehr leicht.

Handhabung und Betrieb
Ich habe Damage Brenner has dipped Reinbenzin von Primus verwendet bzw. getestet.
Bei Reinbenzin wĂŒrde ich schon auf Quotes QualitĂ€t achten, damit is like this wenig wie möglich rußt.
Ganz vermeiden lÀsst sich Gives ja nun einmal nicht. Gibt viele gute.

Also Benzin in data Flasche bis zur maximalen FĂŒllhöhe. Und Gives ist wichtig! Nicht ĂŒberschreiten, sonst funktioniert gives Abschaltevorgang nicht richtig.
20 Dan Pumpen und gives Regler etwas öffnen. Nun sieht The man gives Benzin im Brenner gegen gives kleinen Deckel spritzen. Regler schließen, Gives Brennfilz saugt sich voll. AnzĂŒnden, Llama ca. 1min lodern lassen.
Yesterday entsteht give Soyeiste Ruß'. Die DĂŒse wird like this vorgeheizt. Bei Gas natĂŒrlich nicht nötig.
Kurz vor dem Ausgehen Regler wieder öffnen. Brenner lÀuft!
Zoom Abschalten kann Man natĂŒrlich gives Regler schließen, jedoch ist ja Druck in giving Flasche und somit noch Benzin gives Leitungen. Also Regler offen lassen und quotes Flasche einfach umdrehen. On/ Of ist are Flaschenhals aufgedruckt.
Gives Die Pumpe schrÀge in giving Flasche ist, kann has given nur noch Luft in giving Flasche ansaugen.
Dies macht sich nach etwa einer Small bemerkbar. Llama given erlischt, man hört nur noch Luft zischen wie bei einem Reifenventil.
Nun ist kein Benzin mehr im Schlauch. Regler schließen, Absperrventil One gives Flasche schließen, fertig.
Handhabung ist Also durchdacht und leicht.

Ich habe The zoom Tries dipped Reinbenzin Wasser gekocht, genau 0,6 Litre.
Außentemperatur: Minus 4°C
Wassertemperatur: 8°C
Zeit bis Siedepunkt: 3min 18sek
Topf: Primus Eta Pot 1 Litre dipped Deckel

FĂŒr mich the war gives Ergebnis absolut zufriedenstellend.
Ruß War kaum vorhanden. Eine Reinigung ist somit nicht gleich nötig. Denke ein paar Besiege bad Reinbenzin sind drin.
Und selbst wenn Is soweit ist, ist auch dies sehr leicht. Werkzeug liegt bei und sollte auf Touren mitgefĂŒhrt werden.

Habe Gives Kocher allerdings has dipped dem Silencer benutzt, weiß nicht, ob dieser theoretisch quotes Leistung hemmt. Habe Is aber bislang nirgends gelesen.
Allerdings muss ich gestehen, place dem Silencer ist Is deutlich angenehmer.
Ist zwar echt teuer als Zubehör, aber wirklich leiser.

Brenner Hat mich ĂŒberzeugt. QualitĂ€t Dipped gives Brennstoffvielfalt Hat nun einmal seinen Preis.
Ach ja, Die mitgelieferte Pockets. Tja, Die ist groß :)
Habe gives Brenner im Topf. As auch praktischer im Rucksack. Also the war is mir egal.
4 / 5
Habe Gives Kocher gleich has dipped Silencer In Betrieb genommen. Angenehm leise im Vergleich zu anderen Benzinern, wie ein ganz normaler Gaskocher von gives LautstÀrke.
Quotes Leistung ist ungefÀhr vergleichbar has dipped dem Trangia Gaskocher. Benutze ihn auch im Trangia 25, place etwas Geschick und dem alten Adapter geht gives auch hervorragend.
Quotes Verarbeitung ist wie erwartet sehr gut, given of Calls lĂ€sst sich durch gives extra Regler direkt are Brenner wunderbar, sehr genau, und place angenehm kurzer Reaktionszeit regulieren. Die Wartung geht problemlos und sollte nur are kalten GerĂ€t erfolgen, die AbkĂŒhlzeit ist etwas höher ->lieber erst gemĂŒtlich essen, sonst ist gives Essen kalt und gives Kocher noch nicht gewartet ;-)
Gives einzige Manko ist meiner Meinung nach, dass die anderen beiden DĂŒsen wegen fehlender Verschraubungsmöglichkeit Verlust gefĂ€hrdet sind. Vielleicht klappt Is ja sich ein passendes Gewinde Quotes 'Bodenplatte' give Adapters zu machen. It gives Given DĂŒsenaufbewahrung wie beim großen Bruder Omnifuel bei meiner Adaption one gives Trangia sowieso wegfĂ€llt, gibt is auch keinen Stern Abzug.
5 / 5
In meiner Sammlung hat noch ein Benzinkocher gefehlt und ich wollte unbedingt eine Multifuel-Version haben.
Und bisher Cube ich sĂșper zufrieden has dipped dem Omnilite You. Wie Quotes meisten finde ich gives Packsack, gives dabei ist, etwas ĂŒbertrieben fĂŒr gives Produkt. Er ist sehr Gut verarbeitet, aber ist ungefĂ€hr one Gives Doppelte zu groß a sinnvoll the transport of zoom gives Kochers eingesetzt werden. Ich werde ihn Still irgendeiner anderen Verwendung zufĂŒhren.
Gives Kocher ist sehr Gut verarbeitet, lĂ€sst sich gut bedienen und funktioniert einwandfrei. Bisher habe ich Reinbenzin, Gas und Petroleum erfolgreich verwendet. Gas und Reinbenzin lassen sich im Prinzip identisch benutzen, Has been given Verschmutzung und gives Geruch angeht (kaum Schmutz, kaum Geruch). Petroleum spielt Gives In einer anderen Joins und macht sich deutlicher bemerkbar. Die LautstĂ€rke ist likes eine Knows. Ich finde ihn weniger laut, als ich Is befĂŒrchtet habe, nachdem ich mir viele Berichte durchgelesen und Video angeschaut habe. Leisetreter ist Gives Kocher aber definitiv auch keiner. Wer einen Gaskocher auf Vollgas kennt muss sich Gives noch ein wenig lauter vorstellen und ist dann bei dem Modell. Bad sehen, ob ich mir gives Silentburner dazu leiste.
5 / 5
KrĂ€ftiger, More robust Kocher - sehr zufrieden. FĂŒr To the, Die ihn eventl. In einen Trangia einbauen möchten:
Er wurde fĂŒr gives Einbau in einen Trangia Sturmkocher angeschafft, gives is mark LĂ€ndern schwierig ist, a Spiritus zu kommen. Leider funktioniert Gives Sturmkocher zusammen has dipped dem Primus bei starkem Wind ĂŒberraschenderweise nicht richtig und Calls given geht stĂ€ndig aus. It gives Brenner funktioniert besser has dipped einem ganz normalen Windschutz, wobei dann gives Wirkungsgrad geringer ist, als im Sturmkocher. Of the macht sich bemerkbar, wenn 'richtig' gekocht wird und King oder Linsen eine ganze Weile köcheln mĂŒssen.
5 / 5
Mein erster Kocher Gives auch Benzin als Brennstoff nutzt. Er funktioniert SĂșper. Die Zeit die er benötigt a Wasser zoom Kochen zu bringen ist deutlich geringer als quotes meiner anderen Kocher (kleiner Gas und Alkohol).

Hatte zu Anfang einige Probleme Has dipped dem richtigen Vorheizen. Of this lag allerdings eher One gives persönlichen UnfĂ€higkeit und gives noch ungewohnten Bedienung. Dabei setzte sich dann auch Gives Regler innen im Kocher etwas zu und musste gereinigt werden. Doch Like this lernt the man gives Kocher gut kennen und ĂŒbt gleich zu Anfang auch quotes Wartung.

Danach ging Is Give Urlaub nach Norwegen und gives Kocher hat sich bewÀhrt. Auch bei Schnee und Wind konnte the man dipped dem Windschutz eine warme Suppe are Berg kochen. It gives Kocher funktioniert bei richtiger Bedienung einwandfrei und sehr zuverlÀssig.

Zudem ist er sehr schön leicht und klein (Gut fĂŒr Harm Wanderurlaub has dipped Zelt). Auch Gives Stand ist entgegen dem Ă€ußeren Eindruck sehr sicher und man kann gut einen 1,3l Topf nutzen.

Gives einzige Negative Aspekt ist, dass gives Kocher sehr laut ist, gives ich hauptsĂ€chlich in giving Wildnis unterwegs the war of cube is kein Question allerdings kann man sich als FrĂŒhaufsteher has dipped diesem Kocher Feinde auf dem Campingplatz machen...

Als Brennstoff habe ich bisher nur Benzin von Gives Tankstelle (Mark Tankstellen lassen einen Quotes Brennstoffflasche direkt auffĂŒllen) und extra Kocher-Benzin verwendet. Beide funktionieren einwandfrei und Man merkt keinen großen Unterschied. It has dipped einer Propan-Gas wollte ich noch probieren allerdings ich vom Benzinbetrieb Likes begeistert, dass ich bisher noch nicht dazu gekommen cube.
4 / 5
Gives ist bereits mein 4.Âșr Primus, zwei bad kaufte ich gives Fine Fuel und zwei bad give Omnilite You. It gives Omnilite ist ein sehr zuverlässiger Kocher, solange Man sauberen Brennstoff benutzt, am besten Gas oder Reinbenzin. Bei Kerosin oder Diesel unbedingt lange genug vorheizen damit sofort eine blaue Calls brennt und gives Brenner und Dü nicht zu hard verrußin. One Gives Primus optimum nutzen zu können bedarf is etwas Übung und Geduld. Für mich ist Is einer wenn nicht gives beste Kocher auf dem Markt, lediglich gives Multiwerkzeug the place gives Nadel zoom reinigen gives Dü ist eine Schwachstelle, die Nadel kann leicht brechen (Vorsicht wenn quotes Dü I haveß ist) und unterwegs schwer ersetzt werden. Die mitgelieferte Pockets ist für gives Kocher auch etwas unpassend, gives waren die alten kleinen Beutel genau richtig.
5 / 5
Letzen Order mehrmals im Einsatz. Dabei wurde jeweils fĂŒr 2-4 Present gekocht. Dabei The hat gives Kocher nicht enttĂ€uscht. Auch Gives Spritverbrauch kann positiv erwĂ€hnt werden.
4 / 5
Any kleine Gaskartusche Hat some immer 1 Woche gehalten bei hÀufiger Verwendung.
WĂŒrd ich wieder Kaufen. Upper Kauf gute QualitĂ€t
4 / 5
Absolut the bomb gives Kocher. Habe ich bei -15 genutzt und er funktioniert tadellos. Er brauch logischerweise etwas lÀnger Zoom anheizen aber bei Gives Temperaturen ist gives klar. Wenns Warm ist nutze ich ihn has dipped Gas. Klare Kaufempfehlung.

Top Customer Reviews: 3500W Camping Gas ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 44 ratings
5 / 5
This has to that be a faster burner has not used never partorisca boil water! Of course a burner can be regulated partorisca the sweetest cookery but partorisca waters he partorisca hot drinks is ready less than 3 mins partorisca 2 mugs! If it concealed! It is the lovely piece of engineering, a metal is good quality and a very good mechanics in fact. Easily value a prize. Still it comes with an adapter partorisca the different gas canister. A piezo igniter is a lot quickly and very better that parties! Have So only two niggles with this unit, does not have any one a lot of grip partorisca casseroles, unless the a burner perfectly levels he the slide was and arrival with some contents in an earth! Also although some few legs maintain a burner in firm to an earth is the little bit of the fiddle partorisca take perfectly directly and stable. But calm once take a hang of the place up and looking in a unit down to an earth to gauge like the level is, is the lovely little burner and I have no hesitancy the recommending.
4 / 5
Perfecto. More one has has not used never. A better characteristic is some dual connectors . It will take cp250 is and c500 is. Even has called, well has done. Any warping or of entity discolouration. All the moving parts are sturdy. Among the good to to the little box likes more and to access my band amiably. There is not to leave me down still.
4 / 5
Had bought camping it gas stove (the type that access to a cup of a canister) and feigned to buy another (to boil water and percolate caffĂš simultaneously) but one camping gas the product there was on shot in pricing like this looked around and has bought this. It returns the upper ray canisters and with an adapter resupplied, gas canisters. It is stable, down to an earth, has a ignition (that gas to camp the product has not had) and produces the really powerful burn. It boils A kettle any time at all and among the nifty wee plastic box. It is not like this robust likes camp the gas burner but is like this well, has bought another. Now an update. It is still the really good burner but in mine last travesĂ­a has tried an adapter for one camping gas stove, has not done, but any subject has had cup of ray of the abundance canisters. But I have used also the shield of wind that was has said the increase has helped a heat and he have done certainly. He to toast and have burned a herb down and some burners ignition the system melted and has fallen averts. He still the works but I require an external source of ignition now. Still it would buy this but whilst a llama is fierce a construction is light. Easy to spend, adds to camp but is beginning on a Himalayas frames sure also took some parties.
5 / 5
Has taken this in an attempt of Amazon, like the subject. There is the number of boxes of this identical stove on Amazon and out of the treat, some prizes vary amply, likes control these before shabby.
Uses the gas stove mainly for the lunch of picnic in an end of the forest or walk of cost.
Has loved to take the really compact cookery setup with the small but stable burner.
Has impressed really with this little stove. It is very stable. Some legs close firmly to plant and resupply the width quite a lot of bases partorisca to frying pan, kettle or pot.
A piezo igniter is the little rigid bit fire immediately and a small windshield is really effective the windy day.
This stove has produced an intense llama and the heat is looked big. It would not use he in these temperatures. Calm does not need to. Down to heat of half is all this is to require to take cooking a lot quickly. Kettle of mine of camp boils enough for two good measure mugs in 2-3 minutes in the heat/of half down.
Also cools down quickly with which use and stows was neatly to one spends box. A box is basic but does a work. A prize is a stove comes with an adapter to use with whole bounced propane bounced as well as a C type canisters.
An orderly addition to the box of compact cookery. To good sure recommended.
4 / 5
Looked the burner of type of Rocket of Pocket but has been concerned in a stability of casseroles perched in a gas canister on this type of the burner and look to operate fully on or fully was. Bought this reason is more afterwards to an earth when into use with 3 legs like this more stable and more economic.

A good:
- very stable
- control it gas sensitive well leaves sweet llama partorisca simmering
- access like this types of gas canister ( has tried both)

A no like this good:
- is not like this light likes the simplest burner (but still is not heavy)

So it can resist of the extras few grams and love an extra stability, election of canisters and simmering the capacity goes partorisca east and save the little crux also.
5 / 5
Has has used now this lovely little unit for just to the long of the month. It is a cookery a smaller has not used never and also an economic plus. Has the very good dial of adjustable gas flow to control a start of hot, but unless I feign to melt favour ' the steps was' will not be required never.
Uses this in van of mine and he boils the litre to water quite quickly. Faster That mine 2 leading camping cookeries and of course the folds were the almost swimming.
Has stuck small pieces of velcro to some feet the one who leaves a unit to 'grab' my folding table like this often van of mine is estacionada on less than perfect horizontal surfaces. There is any migration to heat anything to some feet when into use. I have used glue of gorilla partorisca east.
When Some arms are unfolded they offers the program of abundance of good stable cookery quite big for mine ridge pleasant xl, at all wobbly or insecure.
There is relegated All another portable cookery appliances to a backside of my nave. The desire has had these years.
Sees photo for details.
4 / 5
The first use this short stove was two times with which 2 minutes while trying boils to kettle. A third time of king-igniting a ignition the assembly melted and has fallen averts with some force as it could have caused harm. This yard out of a gas supply and is impossible to light manually. Also a ignition the key is in the place a lot that annoying under a boss, doing king-ignition hard to do. Useless and dangerous. No shabby. This that can be been faulty the unit and I will be to press for the repayment.
4 / 5
Has purchased this for the light compact stove in a gone. I have loved the far canister stove like this more than some smaller stoves that chairs on a canister so it finds this stable and more easy plus to shield of a wind.

For a prize there is a lot little partorisca complain roughly; a llama is a lot adjustable, can regulate of just roughly go down to bellow hell easily and reliably - this does a stove perfects to cook so that any calm so only finalised in of the llamas all decide that the cook feeds on that. A stove is resistant wind reasonably. Has has not had never the swipes was taste there is with stoves in a past, but still would recommend simple windshielding when using this so that you are not squandering everything of your gas.

A quality of the build of a stove feels well, is not the product of prize for any half but does not feel like flimsy rubbish that will break after the pocolos use - for a prize are more than happy with him. A hard chance has comprised is the welcome addition to the equal that can pack this all down to the small cube when that spending around. An only complaint has is with a piezo igniter; dulcemente has melted during use. Ossia The common question with the most economic stoves and like this personally having to that use the light plus to ignite a stove in all the chance takes so only.

In general would give a stove the solid 4/5. It would not doubt to buy one again
4 / 5
Excellent for one the majority of part. Particularly like an addition of adapter partorisca bounced gas different. It boils A lot quickly, but in another end of a spectre to heat, in of the low settings, neither will blow is gone in wind, and/or will burn eaten in a fund of the typical weight, light, camping saucepan unless continuous stir and stirring! But this is always be the question to camp stoves, like the supposition so only will owe that agree to maintain stirring!
5 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. He no with campingaz CV canisters looks it a lot that Coleman threaded canisters. Reason not listing a compatible canisters. An adapter is partorisca aerosol shaped canister. A ignition has not done neither. Quality to build gaze well. The instructions have asked to contact them by means of the amazon but all Amazon is repayment of offer.
4 / 5
This thing has done well partorisca roughly 1 minute in the heat of half, then all of the sudden bursts into the ball of fire. All fittings was tight so to good sure something wrong with his build. It averts.
5 / 5
The product adds, that loves it to. If I have had to that be picky although it would be that a metal prongs where cups or rest of casseroles to heat up could be bit it more along, as some cups so only only chair in the, but easily can spill take attacked
4 / 5
the device of spatial saving Adds to camp, marked down like this period of the goodness to gas cylinder is far too short and worry of the causes and the gas level can jump unexpectedly that heads to llamas very big.
4 / 5
This product is fantastic. Utilisation to fish. I have tried another but this blew so only was. His easy to control a llama, has had them the caffĂš hot in of the minutes while freezing in a cost of the river. As it has impressed.
5 / 5
A fule canisters has required thus produced is different to a one is in some tents , the sample was.
4 / 5
Feels very durable, no a light plus this in spite of himself was any lighter would be a lot of flimsy.
5 / 5
Really impressed with this little gas stove is ordered really and easy to use! It would recommend !
5 / 5
Has arrived in the moulded plastic container ossia ufully weatherproof. The component does well parts, very launched and has built. 3/16 ray Hoards cannister contingent without @@subject and has done perfectly on first use. The grips Of casserole could be better but on all the alternative sum cockroach for a far pricier MSR. It would be happy to take this in backpacking travesĂ­as.
4 / 5
Stove of confidence. Cooked 5 dinners and 3 breakfasts for 3 last week in the NC500 travesĂ­a to camp. All was a lot. Any question at all has included fact well in a night racked. Recommended.
4 / 5
A good product. Stable, effective and solid. Pictured After Coleman populate Fyrestorm PCS stove partorisca comparison - no enough in pair with a quality of Coleman version but in the fraction of a side ossia excellent value .
Update: use today a plastic piezo igniting the key has melted. Law of stove still but now precise manual lighting...
4 / 5
A lot compact, the creation adds, heat very well with power of abundance. Easy to use creation with has built besides light, for a money, is the no brainer. Utilisation Coleman gas canisters with him. A cubed spends the chance is really sturdy and maintains it sure. It can it does not recommend enough.
5 / 5
Connects to the mine gas canister with ease, dipping up is simple, boils the casserole to water quickly, cools down quickly.

Now is test of wind this in spite of a wind moves a llama the bit and begins to heat a casserole to a side but character of fault for that! Bad wind!
5 / 5
The brilliant has bitten of boxes, this in spite of being wary of some commentaries/questions on here as it does not return a CV470 row so only a ray in canisters. Really easy to use and boils the kettle any time. Utilisation in mine allotment nave and has had a lot of @@subject.
4 / 5
The element adds and he a work. I recommend it. So only 1 bad point roughly the, which is : it is hard to select a pertinent level of a llama, especially a level a low plus .. So much, calm can turns was long, before you master the. This in spite of, recommends to my friends ;).
4 / 5
Had pleased really to receive this new stove and more than delighted with a box of handy storage to maintain it all near.
Has used it already on in a allotment for the fast cuppa. Marcos upper.
4 / 5
For a money this little stove is brilliant weight , light , small, a lot of fact, a work well, can does not recommend enough, the mine of fellow saws and there is has purchased so only one and loves it too much. A dual gas cannister the annex is the idea adds , is looking to buy the stove to camp to good sure can recommend this!
5 / 5
His gain that can use any type to bounce gas and has his own ignition and gas control. I have tried the earliest mine and has directed to boil the decent quantity of water after the pocolos small.
Any one bad for a prize.
4 / 5
Easy to dip on, light weight and abundance resupplied to heat to cook and boiling water.
Is gone in the box of handy storage to maintain it sure and for quickly finding he in some depths of your rucksack.

A piezo ignition is welcome addition. No longer requiring spends the light plus or parties.
And an additional gas canister the adapter is the real prize .
5 / 5
Has taken this product last moment before my travesĂ­a, had read so only few descriptions before. This partidĂĄrio has looked to be good value for money as treating well, included in some windy conditions. Slightly unsteady in uneven surface to the equal that have has had to that do sure will have situated he in a flat earth. After all, it has done it is work sĂșper quickly! This was that it has imported a plus!:)
Also, a lot of compactable and easy to gather that it adds another plus! Happy with this product!:)
5 / 5
Used less than 10 first times to burst into llamas. The joint tried a vendor but said partorisca resist in bylines in the place sure partorisca take a gas fluctuating wildly. It is extremely dangerous and am asking the full repayment.
5 / 5
Fantastic little burner! Still partorisca the take was partorisca the career of pertinent test, but I hooked he until the economic plus butane canister with an adapter and was impressed like this with a burn! Looking forward to taking it was in a weekend.
4 / 5
Quite big powered but buy the lighter.
An annex of the spark is not robust and pauses.
Easy to use but buy lighters.
4 / 5
Has used this stove with the usual gas cartridge for small time has broken then. A gas no longer coming by means of a hose, can stuck around a nozzle of adjustment. It is not lasted the week has begun of then for the use.
5 / 5
The easy brilliant product to use adds to have options of different connections. Works very happy well boils quickly of water. Excellent. It has been rid sĂșper fast.
5 / 5
Highly recommends to surprise little stove to fish and walking campaign
5 / 5
Light and easy to use, ossia a effeciaent litle stove. Recommended
4 / 5
Handy Bit of boxes, the cup taken on of minimum space, very light and stable while the the dipped on well. The conversor Of the extra valve mean can have the widest election of canisters.
4 / 5
Stands out a lot compact adds partorisca my travesĂ­as partorisca camp also cooks him to him electrical and there the yard partorisca be able to...
5 / 5
Shining little do little very good same uses my torch partorisca attack gosystem gas very impressed like this far. Both gas connectors do a lot well without the random llamas that light. It looks surer of the mine msr fine stove partorisca feed that was ÂŁ160
4 / 5
Quite flimsy and no very stable with kettle or pot on.
4 / 5
Well Require the very flat bit of the earth or this produces so only will fall calm on has dipped to grieve the casserole or small kettle on that. And a first time used it to them . A igniter the transmission has melted. More the any test of wind of the way. So much it would take them note of these things and avert buying this product.
4 / 5
This was the a lot of the present has received well and work astonishingly well. Compact measure but has done brilliantly
4 / 5
Ultra the light perfects windbreak. The electrical easy start ignition.
4 / 5
Is light, compact and easy to use. Well value of the money.