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1 first ELEPHAS Projector, GC333 Portable Projector with 4500 Lumens and Full HD 1080p, 180" Display and 50000 Hours Lamp Life LED Video Projector, Compatible with USB/HD/Sd/Av/VGA for Home Theater, White ELEPHAS Projector, GC333 Portable Projector with 4500 Lumens and Full HD 1080p, 180" Display and 50000 Hours Lamp Life LED Video Projector, Compatible with USB/HD/Sd/Av/VGA for Home Theater, White ELEPHAS
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2 Projector APEMAN Portable Mini Projector 4500 Lumens Support 1080P Max 180" Display LCD Home Cinema Projector 50000 Hours LED Life HDMI/VGA/USB/SD/AV Input Chromecast Compatible(White) Projector APEMAN Portable Mini Projector 4500 Lumens Support 1080P Max 180" Display LCD Home Cinema Projector 50000 Hours LED Life HDMI/VGA/USB/SD/AV Input Chromecast Compatible(White) APEMAN
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3 best DR.Q HI-04 Projector with Projection Screen 1080P Full HD and 170'' Display Supported, Upgraded 4500 Lux Video Projector Compatible with TV Stick PS4 HDMI VGA TF AV USB, Home Theater Projector, White DR.Q HI-04 Projector with Projection Screen 1080P Full HD and 170'' Display Supported, Upgraded 4500 Lux Video Projector Compatible with TV Stick PS4 HDMI VGA TF AV USB, Home Theater Projector, White DR.Q
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4 Projector APEMAN Mini Videoprojector Portable 4500 Lumens Built-in Dual Speakers 50000 Hours Home Theater Support HD 1080P HDMI / USB / VGA / AV / Micro SD Including Bag Projector APEMAN Mini Videoprojector Portable 4500 Lumens Built-in Dual Speakers 50000 Hours Home Theater Support HD 1080P HDMI / USB / VGA / AV / Micro SD Including Bag APEMAN
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5 [Wifi Projector] Jinhoo 4500 Lumen Video Projector 1080P Full HD Supported [With Projector Screen] Mini Wireless Projector Compatible with Smartphone, Tablet, TV Stick, Game Player, Home Theater White [Wifi Projector] Jinhoo 4500 Lumen Video Projector 1080P Full HD Supported [With Projector Screen] Mini Wireless Projector Compatible with Smartphone, Tablet, TV Stick, Game Player, Home Theater White Jinhoo
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6 TOPVISION Mini Projector 4500 Lumens Support 1080P Full HD, Max 200" Display and 60000 Hours LED Life Portable Projector, Compatible with PS4/HDMI/VGA/AV/USB for Home Cinema, Party and Games TOPVISION Mini Projector 4500 Lumens Support 1080P Full HD, Max 200" Display and 60000 Hours LED Life Portable Projector, Compatible with PS4/HDMI/VGA/AV/USB for Home Cinema, Party and Games TOPVISION
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7 GooDee  Mini Projector, LED Portable Projector Pocket Pico Projector Great Gift for Kids, HD 1080P Supported HDMI Connect to PC Laptop Xmas Gift for Children GooDee Mini Projector, LED Portable Projector Pocket Pico Projector Great Gift for Kids, HD 1080P Supported HDMI Connect to PC Laptop Xmas Gift for Children GooDee
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8 Mini Projector, Techstick Portable Projector HD DLP Video Projector Wireless WIFI Pocket Projector for Home Theater Cinema, Smartphone Projector Support 1080P HDMI Airplay Miracast, Build-in Battery Mini Projector, Techstick Portable Projector HD DLP Video Projector Wireless WIFI Pocket Projector for Home Theater Cinema, Smartphone Projector Support 1080P HDMI Airplay Miracast, Build-in Battery Techstick
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9 ELEPHAS Mini Portable Projector Wifi DLP HD Pico 3D Video Pocket Projector Supports 1080p HDMI USB Built-In YouTube Koala Apps Rechargeable Battery, Ideal for Home Cinema and Outdoor Entertainment ELEPHAS Mini Portable Projector Wifi DLP HD Pico 3D Video Pocket Projector Supports 1080p HDMI USB Built-In YouTube Koala Apps Rechargeable Battery, Ideal for Home Cinema and Outdoor Entertainment ELEPHAS
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10 QKK Projector 4500 Lumen Video Projector 1080P Full HD Supported [Projection Screen Included] Mini Projector Compatible with TV Stick, PS4, HDMI, VGA, SD, AV and USB, Home Theater Projector, White. QKK Projector 4500 Lumen Video Projector 1080P Full HD Supported [Projection Screen Included] Mini Projector Compatible with TV Stick, PS4, HDMI, VGA, SD, AV and USB, Home Theater Projector, White. QKK
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Top Customer Reviews: ELEPHAS Projector, ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 by Steffanie
The cost verified When I have bought this projector I really has not known to bear expect. It has loved the projector for the moment to have nights of cinemas with some boys in a house and in a garden as it is not wanted to to be spending hundreds of the books but I neither have wanted to buy the poor quality one which would be hard to look.

I bough this one and was the subject reason has the good to apply too much.

A projector arrived and could not expect open the and take creates .
Has a lot of connections in a projector that comprises the HDMI, USB and SD Paper.

First has wanted to try out of a HDMI the connection like this is a main one will be to use.
Has connected a projector to the mine Blueray player, plugged he in and powered his so much on. It was punctual praise with the picture in my wall that was out of house. Using a wheel in a front of a projector a house has been dipped in of the seconds. There is also another wheel to regulate an appearance of a picture in-the chance has a projector has situated lower or big that a picture.

Changing an entrance the HDMI in a paper that use some keys in a projector, or to use a far was like this simple to the equal that can take and early looked my Blue ray in a wall. A picture is very good and whilst on duty need some lights in a room was or at least dim his a picture is quite brilliant.

Has the plot of the settings in a device likes him way of picture, temperature by heart, proportion of appearance, reduction of noise and HDMI way.
Some the majority of the useful settings for me are esduce Measure of Exposure' incase an available only place means a picture is too big for your screen.
Another setting is direction of Projection the one who leaves a picture has projected to be flipped to the rovescio has to that it wants to locate a projector in a ceiling. Also it leaves a mirroring of a picture the one who leaves a projector to be situated for behind a screen of projection.
Amazing quantity of settings and alike of the device the one who only slope this a lot.

A projector also looks stereo speakers and and a sound of them was quite decent to be just, does not go to be never quality of cinema but is more than pertinent and love his calms better always can use different speakers.

A projector is not silent and calm would not expect it to be. A noise produced it caused by a seguace how is required to maintain a fresh projector. It is too noisy? At all. Calm once is looking something and an audio is touching calm no the commentaries .

In rodeo this projector is brilliant. His characteristic is further that would expect you for the projector of this price and a picture is fantastic quality and of the a lot of brightness. There is abundance of the settings and the available adjustments and a sound of a unit are adds for the normal sized room.

Am expecting to use this projector the plot in a future and goes to do mine 2 very happy daughters when they take to look his films in a big screen.
4 / 5 by Gertha
The cost has verified A product has arrived undamaged in the a lot of well, box of map of minimum distraction. A product is very protected with extruded foam. A box contains no unnecessary tat. A product is takes easily and works well out of a box.

A HDMI, a VGA, a USB2 and a regulate-measure SD space of paper.
The personal use has involved HDMI connectivity, which well and is of a lot of-of quality of big picture.
A HDMI the boss is comprised but is very short and mostly impassable.

QUALITY/ of his of the PICTURE
the quality of Picture is well in 2m.
I colours are vibrant in the simple-white wall; I have not tried this with the screen of projector (recommended).
Has no apparent latency.
A built-in the speakers are, calm guessed it, utter rubbish; own yours use (I likes use the Bluetooth broadcaster to mine 5:1 hover-arrive).
Some two black dials give an user reasonable control of a zoom and corner of a picture partorisca ensure optimum quality of picture.

Some bosses have comprised is very short, and will feign partorisca substitute these; they are so only practicable if a projector was ceiling is trace.
A defender is noisy, which is the subject quite significant for me; instead, this in spite of, to to the my partner likes-the this - odd.
While a product is small, would contest that it is still too big to travel with and use in a field; alternatives more pertinent exists.
Is not misled for a technology FOCUSED; ossia so only a light of real projection; a technology of picture is still very OLD LCD technology (the picture is less bad this in spite of).

This product is appropriate more for cinema of house and gaming enthusiastic.
This produces valley a price-seal.
Would recommend this product to the fellow or familiar member.
If it was to break, would repurchase this.
4 / 5 by Temika
The cost has checked totally love this projector - I can do not recommending enough!

Ossia On and besides a better a have tried like this far and a quality of picture is sensational, is like this natural.

This goes to be perfect to project outside also - so much is extremely powerful and much more brilliant that more projectors - viewings like this external will be brilliant in a summer.

For such the small unit, ossia like this powerful with a lot of options of connectivities. It can not to trust it it was in this point there for me. It accompanies the HDMI link, the Audio of 3 link/of ways of Video and links to be able to.

Is extremely easy to use which is the enormous profit . Having a HDMI the boss has comprised was brilliant, as I saved that tries to find one or the appeal was another device and fiddle roughly for behind the wall is trace TVs etc. One 3 adapter of boss is brilliant to connect to a camcorder too like this can them touch an old mini-dv tapes

is all quite a lot of discharges and game - so that it does not tend to read instructions and things to cover so only in and supposition, is the clear winner of this perspective, easily marries and has been dipped up in the subject of the minute.

Some works of far control exceptionally well and his very easy to control with just signalling a controller in a projector - has load more the eases and the characteristics have mentioned in some instructions, but for now more than happy with quell'im using he - games streaming video perfectly and some careers of boxes of free view perfectly by means of him too much. You can common mobile street etc by means of a projector - has not annoyed to do this up to now, and probably any as my box will do this in all the chance.

Usually with these units listen the defender buzzing was noisily east distracts calm - but with east can feel you the air that begin, but virtually any noise.

A sound out of this small unit is brilliant and more than pertinent for day-to-the day that looks; but easily it can be connected to an external system - active plugged he to a karaoke the speaker and is booming!

This unit is economic in price but certainly very economic in quality or characteristic. I have had several projectors for both work, the clients and the house and this wins hands down to be an excellent price and exited of excellent quality.

Is quite economic to locate in of the chambers etc and be yours primary TV in them, can project to the wall of the light colour and there is perfectly clear pictures. Mountain he up in the shelf or on the cupboard and calm easily can take the plus along hdmi the boss yes wishes to connect in this way to the satellite or free-see the box concealed is elsewhere. A lot of possibility; and highly flexible!

4 / 5 by Neva
The cost has verified can not recommend this projector quite - I absolutely loves this!
For such the small product, is his and the quality of picture is fantastic. More importantly, is like this easy to use.

Has forgotten initially buy a HDMI cord. This in spite of, when I have opened this projector has had already one in some boxes that the work adds. It can it does not believe it it was already there for me. It comes with a HDMI boss, the Audio of 3 boss/of ways of Video and boss to be able to.

At the beginning could not regulate a house to a better condition and an image has been blurred, which me a lot of disappointed. When I have tried again, a picture is result very clear and a colour was very brilliant. To turn a focuser is not convenient the just tower but there is the skill for the easiest. And ossia for gripping an upper width and the narrowest course subordinated of a focuser to twist it behind and advance. Calm once has taken this then his second character.
A brightness besides my expectations. They are very excited to look a NBA, a big screen and a quality of clear picture.

Are very surprised that a projector has two infrared headphones have built that they have to that and for behind a projector. This creation is very convenient for my use. Reason has an old projector so only an infrared receiver that has to that that, need to be in front of a projector every time uses a far control.

Some papers are easy cruise it and
has read a manual will find the wealth of tweaks to do a look of image adds. And use very detailed any, connection of mobile phone.

Has two loudspeakers and two cooling to be able the socket. A sound is like this strong that often turns down a volume when I use uses in the relatively empty place, can connect an external speaker.
A defender is like this calm that hardly can relieve his existence.

This unit is quite small in measure, but does not leave his measure fool you. Some possibilities of this device are without finals. To good sure was necessary says will not be disappointed. Highly it recommends this element for all the world-wide this loves that quality of theatre of the Film and measure of a picture without a concession of theatre of price of expensive film. You can look film any time of any day now and enjoy them with all your familiar and friends.
5 / 5 by Annalisa
The cost verified has been while the long time partorisca take the projector and has directed finally partorisca take is one.

Grieves has opened them a container has thought only wow! It is like this fresh. I think that that a look of projector adds,
and also comes with a Hdmi connector , which saved money partorisca buy one.

Has followed some instructions ( which are quite simple to comprise) ,
and has regulated a distance among a projector and a screen,
and has then dipped in the film that has been moment to look for the long time.
One first what that comes to the alcohol is like a quality of picture of look of big definition a lot of
and a technology of 1080P the resolution for a video to look grainy.
A defender is good and does not have any noise. Of a start of a film to an end of some two hours,
the projector has been that careers without any subjects and am very satisfied with him to arrive to this point.

Besides, sustains the variety of devices. Mobile phones, computers, TVs, Ipads, etc. Can be touched,
and a powerful playback this a lot dazzling projector.

In general, this projector is more than suitable for looking film. The night has hid, touching a film
to to that likes in this film of some people the theatre is really terrific!
5 / 5 by Shavon
The cost has checked Amazing quality in such the decent price.

Checks A video & pics taken of this projector will find you

the speaker can be improved but have decent volume. I will connect an external speaker partorisca augment a volume.

In general the very good quality produced partorisca his price .
5 / 5 by Pearle
The cost has checked are the person to the one who likes him take the pictures, specifically interested in all some appearances of a natural world and has included some small details. Always I want to try something new and different to have sucedido in my career.

Is my sleep partorisca travel around a world-wide and snap some good-looking pictures of this world with my tiny and inspired by camera youtube with some Adventures of Law of the appoint Official Canal. Esperanza a day,also can result the you-tuber that can share my pictures of during a world.

When I have fulfilled my last fellow time, uses the projector partorisca touch a film. An experience is a lot realistic and natural. I have interested partorisca purchase a partorisca my hobby, Like help partorisca visualise my pictures. After the plot of investigations in Amazon, has decided to go with this projector because of good descriptions and the description detailed of a product as well as,
he perfectly returned inside my estimativa.

This project is easy to dip up for just that follows a manual of operation. To try a projector,
has tried with some of my recent pictures, and an image was crisp and clear. It was perfect same during time at night.

Although, any one satisfied no like the projector of theatre,
for these stairs of gravel he an excellent work. It outrage that,
is more compact and light that expected and perfectly done with all my devices.
Well value of the money!
5 / 5 by Rogelio
The cost checked has Bought this partorisca use he in a garden partorisca have our own external cinema, while seating in a hot tub. I am surprised the one who clear a picture is and like this easy to use. We use a clave of fire of the amazon with him, can so only covers he in and go, shows anything wants to. For a price is an amazing piece of boxes. Has has built the speakers but I personally would use an external speaker with him. Has abundance of entrances, AVI, SD paper, USB, VGA port and HDMI. Small and light weight, but the very able projector. Defiantly Would recommend!
5 / 5 by Kay
The cost checked As I have been looking partorisca invest in the projector and before I splurged thought that would have to buy it something the estimativa friendly and game around with him. This has been he would have some context... Like this here we are

has the plot of 5 descriptions and am a lot 1 descriptions also, as have has felt clashed but has been still advances with him. Phase of worse chance, gone back he well ???

The installation was easy. Literally it covers he in and turn in a key partorisca be able to. That launched has been was a precise fact takes a lid of security around a bulb. Like this do that.

I plugged in the USB and has tried to look park of the sud. It has been it adds. A measure has been to probably 90 or 100 thumbs and was in fact clear. So only partorisca mention, was daylight and could see a picture clearly.

His wasnt that surprised but all know this, connected it the mine surrounds system and looked. The fact adds.

A test some was at night times like this the the box has expected was war and dark infinity have touched. I have imagined the alive action with the plot of movement would be the good test.

Honradamente, has had the bit of lag in time and seating in the odd corners could do seats the bit woozy but in general was adds.

A far all some basic functions. You can paint correct, skil pause of rewind of the first etc.

A defender is not too strong and calm once volume in a buzz, results no existent.

Would recommend this.
4 / 5 by Roseann
The cost has verified thought quell'initially does not fulfil my requirements as I have bought a bit the most expensive projector in Jan-2019 and has taken disappointed of is returned here.
But A quality of picture of this Elephas that the projector is acute and brilliant. It can be directed according to a distance. I have projected he to a white wall painted (sees semi-detached video and pics)

the picture is a lot clear also quality of his this a lot good. A paper is a lot easy to surplus and cruised. A unit is measure quite small ossia a lot compact I feels. Little it bite noisy but believe me is there for all the projectors. I have not felt to have to that to external speakers likes him to him the quality of his is exceptional and strong which wins a noise of projector.

Comes with all precise - far, coverage of lentil, HDMI boss, boss to be able to, has included the ray for near easy up. Another thing to that likes me is far control. Nizza, superbly built and easy to use.

Like this of has connected now he for HDMI and USB and I have taken answered a lot well, any lag at all. It wants to try this with Clave of television of the Fire.

On all projector is with glorious quality and does not look economic at all to look in price. And honradamente recommends this product that compares my last two compraventa

Top Customer Reviews: Projector APEMAN ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 by Alec
Has has used projectors really expensive before it does partorisca presentations and never comprised why was like this expensive - was so only never well, albeit soyarca' of the names. As that has seen this and reading descriptions, has thought would give comes from he partorisca 60-odd crux - did not expect it partorisca be like this good; but that the harm was I! Simply it is in amazing. It is mid-hanged, feels value I really adds partorisca money, looks good and feels partorisca add - entrances and of the keys all celery big quality etc.
He hooked until my car of game and minutes of interior a wall has been fill with a game in the really clarity really big - was likes look in the sper sized HD TV. Silent and has not taken too hot, slightly animate concealed has been - and tried to be much more that has expected. Some projectors for 100 east of books at all more than of the this. A sound was well of him - but plugged he to surround the sound and has been point and avert - the hips has the highland hole down so that it goes to explore group for him and some way of the house; perfect for a room of games. I go to buy another when it can take them my boss around that would require covers it the firestick his - so much was brilliant in a chamber in place of the horrible TV in a wall - a built in the speakers will be more than pertinent to look something in bedding to the drift was to and like my TV there is broken in a fourth - this could be ideal. As his DIRECTED a light would owe that last for ever which is the mega prime.
Could not be happier.
5 / 5 by Maryam
This mini the projector has quality of video very exceptional viz the viz his measure. Exposed of the colour is simply vivid and Inbuilt start of the his east the addition adds likes some external speakers any precise. Fines-Options of entrance he compatible with each device. It is very easy to install and operate. In general it is value partorisca pair of money Exc
5 / 5 by Vito
This projector is one of a better was on amazon right now. A fact that is down 100 is insane partorisca one yours the container that takes here. Really there is not enough like him on a phase and ossia to good sure future proofed for years to come.

Looks Full HD Resolution with 3300 Lumens of brightness which give you of the best looking image in a phase. No other competitors have fulfilled this industry embroiders main. A lentil has been crafted with % clarity that is quality to produce a better looking image and clearer aswell.

Projects on 150 thumbs easily without losing resolution that is quite impressive to say a less. This are adds to look sport, touching video games, or looking films especially. Really it feels like your in yours own mini cinema to house that it is a better feeling in a world. Calm can not take that in the 65 TV of the thumb but to 150 screen of thumb has projected. It imagines to look your bookmark of crew of favourite football that winning aim, now imagine that feeling augmented for 150, ossia the one who this projector feels likes.

Comes with the row of the accessories that comprises the Europeans and the Boss to Be able to of the United Kingdom with the multifunctional GONE FAR for a projector that reads of any corner and drives of user. Some elements are packaged quite as well as I can see. To good sure at all breaking with which pack was a projector in there. Really a lot cushioned with some pockets to air so it protects.

Some controls are utmost also, in some far and in a standalone projector he. Really simple and easy to use to say a less. There are several ports comprising usb, hdmi, vga, ethernet and many more. It can read material of devices of storage like the Walk of USB and can touch natively inside a projector he. Film, photo and much more. Also it looks a SD space of Paper to touch content went.

HAS one to the in and has gone for audio of touch. This also enables a projector to having connected to devices like the Soundbar or external speaker. This would do for an entertainment of definite house and is really the value of characteristic that the controls was.

Comes with 6W speakers that his I really adds and is stereo touch too which is impressive with the projector in this measure and row of price. I have loved my time is spent to use the. Ossia To good sure a calm more can buy right now.

In general, really brilliant and clear projection with utmost speakers and measure quite portable and easy to dip up and the place was. Calm will not be dissapointed. Ossia A calm more can purchase on amazon right now. Please does not lose was is adds heck of the extracted.
5 / 5 by Sommer
76 it is not very a lot the money especially took something of of the this.

A projector has a HDMI gone in, Composite RCA gone in and the headphone out of port. There is the few controls in a cup partorisca navigating papers, powering on and was, etc., But there is the far comprised also. A cord partorisca be able to comprised is roughly 30cm long, so to good sure will require partorisca choose on another figure-eight cord partorisca be able to want to situate it anywhere another that in the socket partorisca be able to.

Regarding an entrance, a HDMI the works add and some mangos of projector entirely of resolutions without subjects. I use mine mainly with a Kodi box, but there is plugged an iPad, iPhone and mine PS4 to a projector and everything looked utmost. The setting on a projector is an exercise in frustration, but assume concealed is a chance with all the projectors. There is to leg of ray that leave partorisca regulate a corner of a projector for roughly 25-35, but is not really enough, like dondequiera has dipped a projector. The mine seats opposite the spatial white wall big, roughly of an earth in the shelf of wall of Ikea. Of roughly 10ft was, directs to take one 85' image.

3500 lumens is not in plot of light when compared with other models that offered 4,000+ lumens, but in the room has darkened, resulted in enough the brilliant image that does not suffer too poor the black level and is not like this darkness that you pode no out of the decent level of detail. This is not he Samsung 4k UHD TV, but is surprising for 76. I admit, I have had to buy some curtains of blackout for a fourth where a projector is installed. It was necessary for daytime viewing, and really improves prejudice-time to see also, but is the consideration if a room is planning to use for the projection is not quite dark.

Has to that be mentioned, this in spite of, these projectors all require to be used has darkened conditions for an optimum result, as while a question is slightly more urgent with this concrete projector, is present in the each projector.
5 / 5 by Jacalyn
I have bought this like my projector of prime minister as I am looking partorisca dip on the class of mini cinema of house in my chamber. After receiving a product the pair of days after the compraventa and that opens a box has found a manual of instruction, small far, boss partorisca be able to, several bosses of connector of the entrance (comprising HDMI the HDMI) and finally a projector he.

To the inspection has been surprised in as compress a projector are has thought it like this would be quite big and heavy but is the a lot sees the measure and the weight so that I will be to use stops.

As it have not used the projector before it was the frame of has bitten daunted an on this in spite of is really simple, 2 dials (house and keystone) and was was. At present I have a projector in a side of a chamber slightly on a bed and am projecting them probably roughly 10-12 feet were to an opposite wall and I estimate a picture is among 90-110.

Has surprised sincerely with a quality of picture. As with all the products are spent 1000 in the projector of big final a picture would be included better this in spite of stops 90 a quality is surprising. Besides a projector also has numerous papers to change contrast by heart/of the picture, and after touching around with them for the pocolos small a quality of picture has been improved even more. A projector comes with a inbuilt speaker that does a work this in spite of yes are looking for the enormous sound then there is the headphone jack partorisca covers he in an external speaker with ease. In general it say that this projector is exactly that has looked for that it is the quality of decent picture , and for 90 east amazing.
5 / 5 by Marlin
Amazing little car was bit it nervous with which ordered it he like this had law one or two bad descriptions but as all the majority of world-wide has said. It is brilliant speakers really well has attached my own speakers of amp by means of jack discharges and red and the aim of advantage has distributed has bought a male of extension the female jack discharges partorisca situate in different zone of projector. But really any one needs like this of the speakers is awesome on there own. Well very impressed with quality of of the this in the coffins wall. I am spent really so that the time that reads descriptions and has had it buget that has maintained to. Fantastic you will not be disappointed have included connected up without needing look in book but when calm turn he on. Paper of just press in far and select basically the one who port is using the calm work will find it like this simple to use. Fab. The video partorisca stick shortly when it arrives avenges with the good to take 99%of s the tripod has thought fantastic to the equal that have written my description has sent info required and has said yes that would send the code and link. I clicked in the link and the code entered and be taken partorisca 99p subject
5 / 5 by Clarisa
Bought this last week, had expected use the to look DVD is, film of mine telephone and compressed of android. This in spite of there is not any sound of a DVD is when calm touches, with which fiddling partorisca hours and googling partorisca hours, has of any games of the his in any DVD is with having dolby sound. Very disappointing. Also, after verifying on-line my telephone has no MHL function, the type in Curries has said any telephone there is MHL function. As I have bought a MHL function to HDMI adapter to the equal that can look film of my telephone, like this far does not connect . It has done this in spite of with my laptop of daughters and looked the few things on tube. They are quite computers savvy, and anything has not gone usually imagines was with a help of google, but this have entirely perplexed. I do not owe that the films in usb claves or such. How it is ye all looking on like this devices? Any joint would be appreciated. A device was quite impressive when I have taken for the use but can not comment further until volume for the use more. I will update I discover more. UPDATE: Bought chromecast and work perfectly. I connect by means of google application of house in my telephone. Like this at present we are extremely happy with this projector. The still desire could have been able to hook he until dvd player for guests as dipping on chrome mould to visit the guests could be complicated. Final word, the thing has better bought in of the years. House of cinema. It can not to beat it.
5 / 5 by Elke
Have Absolutely wants to this! For such the small product, is his and the quality of picture is fantastic. More importantly, is like this easy to use.

I predominately dipped my laptop and firestick is and once change a source the HDMI, can begin control a screen that uses another devises. There is also option to change a quality of picture, measure and form (lentil) and touch which has surrounds the sound has comprised. You recommend that it use one to the boss to connect to surround it the system speaks has some options like this will do adds in the big room this in spite of not to take me bad - a sound of a projector still will spend very remote! There is also any need of a screen of the projector yes has the clean wall, smooth this in spite of can help to spend colours out of better with a screen ecspecially when light still takes by means of the room.

Would recommend to take the posture the help regulates a viewing and calm to good sure need 2 AAA battery for some far. Otherwise Is good to go hardly is yours rid state!
5 / 5 by Reyes
My fellow recommended this mine. It take one very expensive one of this mark. I do not want to spend like this money in the he so that lame is one . This one does really very especially take an excellent sound . Wine with enough the few different classes of boss like the very easy fact to use. A picture is a lot also. The value adds. Really enjoy it.
2 / 5 by Luann
It does not believe some descriptions, has bought this projector in some hopes substitutes my NEC LT180 which is the 720 P the projector but I was very wrong . Reading everything of some descriptions have been directed partorisca think that this projector surprised this in spite of is far of him: in the first place a far is one same far would use you partorisca a box of android like this every time is using a far partorisca a projector a box of android is has changed also . Secondly A quality is nowhere after 1080P is more like 720 a temperature of the colour and it balance by heart are terrible and comprises does settings partorisca this this in spite of them at all partorisca help . Finally a quality around some flanges is like this blurry is no-watchable and when have in the first place opened a projector there was powder for behind a lentil. Has use this projector partorisca less than an hour and are by train of the turn is better saved your money

Top Customer Reviews: DR.Q HI-04 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
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After loving the projector partorisca some time and that spends the countless hours that revises different some, when being both garbled and postponed for a massive difference in price. I have done finally a decision any partorisca invest 1000s of books in the cup of a model of row and solved partorisca one with good descriptions and is estimate the has not expected very a lot, ' takings which pays for and all concealed'. But all can say them is the era more than impressed with this little fella, was them envisaging seating in the blacked was room, squinting in faint image in a dead person at night. It was bad, calm sure requires some curtains have closed during a day but a quality is good and has taken them included to look a cup of word with him.
Basically to are it adds it small investment, that the more certainly take again.
5 / 5 by
First things in the first place - this is not the plenary HD projector. If calm worry you deeply roughly not seeing a grille of pixel when you are near of a screen, this is not partorisca you. It likes me a animator and filmmaker, as it spends my working life tweaking and the colour that corrects video. My leading projector was the 10 old year projector of hammer with 30 lumens of brightness. An only reason I upgraded the, was reason was difficult to see dark scenes, has included witht some curtains have drawn, in of the sunny days. And that the sometimes has not done when in the current was my iPad . You could think reason any the one who concerns roughly the image dipped up with such the poor spec car. A truth is that I have found to bear nights of film having the big image, coloreado and the sound adds was far more than entity that the true HD image. Friends and familiar tense partorisca rent an image of a bit projector of hammer, like this with a big plus specs of Dr..Q Has not seen any need to spend more.

Initial thoughts - when plugging this projector in, street HDMI, partorisca a first time was has disappointed really. As there is disappointed that attentively it collect to arrive all some bit and dipping them behind in a box partorisca the turn. My main question was that a picture although acute and very brilliant, was charmless - has washed was and in stressed to a point of ugliness.

Like reason 5 stars? Well a next day dipped it on again and is spent an evening that spends for some settings. One has done more with this more liked car the. Has Have the enormous quantity of thought and concern concealed has gone to this projector. In the first place a far is excellent. That is not announced so that in a far is the key partorisca digital zoom, very useful (taste) has of the limited spatial to use this projector in. Secondly I Can tweak virtually everything in an image partorisca adapt your flavour. This transforms a projector to the totally different car.

Besiege - here is some settings have found has given one the majority of filmic image:

way of Picture - Personal dipping
Contrast 46
Brightness 40 - 46 (transmission this second a film, touches the dark film could wants to do a more brilliant image)
Colour. 80
Acuteness 20 - The majority of of entity partorisca change
has maintained 58

Colour Temp settings
Red 51
Green 78
Blue 40

noise of Partidrio - the projectors and the noise of partidrio goes hand manually, bulbs like this brilliant generates heat to the equal that go partorisca have always the defender whirring. This noise of the defender is not the question, I emotion't the commentary when a film has touched.

Sound - run a sound directly of the yours iPad/ of computer. With HDMI - dip a HDMI boss in first, then discharges in an advantage to your speaker directly of your computer. If it covers you in yours first sound then discharges in a HDMI, swipe a sound out of a projector. Touching his of a projector headphone the socket goes down a quality, as it marks spent sure he in your audio directly of an iPad/of computer.

Conclusion - An excellent car. My reason partorisca choose this in the rival projectors looked was that it offers two times a contrast, did not expect it partorisca be he so that it has very thought was. The image is extremely acute, colour and brilliant. A far is the enormous plus and the law adds. Has digital zoom, that has seen so only previously in projectors more expensive. Directing is easy and some advantages return a lot of securely to a unit. All this precise law well, eats. Finally a ray of the tripod in a base is situated perfectly partorisca balance. In general 5 stars.
5 / 5 by
I owe that admit that it was pleasantly surprised in a quality, functions and measure. It weaves it to them of habladuras with Powerpoints, and is fed up to look in of the venues and spending 30 minutes that takes his projector of 20 years partorisca do, like this - I has bought my own, and has to that say, he a work a lot well.
4 / 5 by
I am using he with my Chrome mould and do a lot well!
Can be bit it noisy uses on something solid like the cofre of drawers, but so only add some soft material down, and hardly will listen a noise. A calm more movement he out of a wall/surfaces a worse is a resolution, but sense of frames.

To the equal that listens up:
1 maintains it on the soft surface
2 does not use it too far of a wall
3 game around with some options take and will be able to augment a quality of a video
5 / 5 by
Required the projector partorisca when I travel partorisca look film on wall of hotel. A Dr..Q 1800 Lumens The projector is in a row partorisca price more economic (65-100) as no attended 4K HD. Saying that, a projector does a lot well in my wall of living room enmedio darkness. Partorisca Take one the majority of out an acuteness by heart will require partorisca invest in the screen of projector like those use the regular wall will wash a colour was slightly.
A projector boasts the life of light of 40000 hours, which is enormous in a world of projectors, dwarfing my Epsons way of echo of 30000 life of hours. The time will say the one who accuarate ossia.
A built in the speaker is very strong, has dipped he in 70, which was spare. Partorisca The better calm quality sounds can link a projector until an external speaker has seen one to era.
Using an iPhone to HDMI the boss was able to link my telephone until a projector and Youtube of game and content to film saved easily.
A projector is very small and light (has taken them the photo of him afterwards to the passport for point of reference). It can be transported easily in the chance or stock exchange when travelling. It comes with the far control, the HDMI boss, an advantage to be able to and an audio was boss for any one wishing enlazarprpers for the surround system of sound. Also it has an entrance that leave to link he until the fashionable computers older like the monitor.
Inside a row of price has been satisfied with a quality of picture and global build of a product. If you are looking for the economic present for the boy that loves film of game or games of computers in of the main screens or is the random film watcher would recommend a product. For the people that look to create the room of film or any one looking for the true HD the experience would recommend to look elsewhere and when be prepared to spend the plot more money.
1 / 5 by
Any sure where partorisca begin this. Sincerely baffled for some good descriptions of this projector and has left to question a validity of the plot of them.

There went it the week or 2 maintaining and the abundance has had to that time for the dipped on, test and see improves it/of the adjustments can do street some settings.

To cut the short long history, sincerely has to that question some descriptions of this like this, enough frankly is an element of the worse quality has not purchased never on amazon, in of the terms of his function.

Any subject that the distance has dipped this, any subject that touch of proportion in, any subject like the settings of picture is on, is simply unwatchable. If for casualidad I need to see a subtitles on anything or see a current bookmark in the game, will have the toil to do anything was at all.

Has tried this with papers by heart, flash walks, telephones and 2 laptops the and simply can not take the clear picture at all. Also I will signal it it was that a support to flash the walks and the papers by heart is pathetically bad. Calm will not take any end of 'any device' aiming in a paper like a waste of projector to recognise a majority of types of file and still in a work of odd occasion, 9 times out of 10, will have any sound, to all the cost to say you to you to turn surround was or on.

If possibly it can give the z/the zero for quality of picture, I . In hindsight would owe that it has researched before I have bought this, but Dr. q, Uses a lot of nomination to sell this device. If on-line investigations, will see a estupefaciente roughly of bad descriptions of these, everything with some same subjects has had.

Are quite the technology imported and can 100 percent ensure you, this device in no way can aim 1080p quality. It say that a resolution is more afterwards to the 640x480 proportion. His likes things of look that has been filmed in the late 90s/punctual 2000s prompt camera telephone.

So much the telephones have tried in the, ran in 1080p 60hz the start and a quality of picture was shockingly bad, without clarity or depth to anything. Reading the text was literally impossible. The laptops have tried on was able of 4k exited, with again some same subjects.

Any subject the one who this ad has said, does not think that is able of 1080p is exited. Given a spec in a box, is impossible for a device to do like this. To be sincere I follows quite surprised that the amazon leaves a sale of such the produced like this in no way reflects a truth that in fact is when the be has sold. A vast majority of a specs is blatant lies and misleading to a client.

Saves your money and does not buy this piece of junk. I can not stress enough, like this poor this product is. Spending of longitude the external descriptions of amazon is clear I are not an only person with these subjects, as you have read this, please look elsewhere for better product.
5 / 5 by
I add little projector. My edges loves film to look on that. Utilisation with a Clave of television of Fire of Amazon and is utmost. Subject So only have with this compraventa is that it arrives without a far control, but like me uses a TV of the far fire is not really a subject for me. Still with a far losing has has had to that the give 5 stars simply for an ease of use and quality of action in 2.7 metres that am using he in. I have used this projector in work and likes has bought so much of him for use of house.
4 / 5 by
Well It Was sceptical. I have seen descriptions of technology with which have ordered this projector and has thought then: that has I fact? Well, now I know. I complain it? I have looked the classical Chard Davis in black and white with the bar of the his attached by means of a optic boss by means of my PS4. A result? It is it adds. It feels partorisca like cinema of house partorisca 60 crux. Hard to believe. I need the disorder with some settings partorisca take the good picture. An image is projected to the spandex portable screen partorisca 20 books. So many, with a stand, a whole thing goes in in just on 100. Partorisca Of the money, is the entrance of level of estimativa stunning to cinema of house. I need the dark room and he does not go partorisca stand up in daylight. I have had the look in a Gentleman of some Coverages. Some pictures was of Blue-ray and bit it blurred in some detail but in a very acceptable whole. The colours were a lot. The motion does not blur any subject. I have touched Murderous Odyssey of Create. I add also. No a quality of HD TV but this in spite of partorisca the experience of big screen - 5 ft widescreen on 3 metres of projector to screen - is very enough. I have tried my Amazon firestick directly to a hdmi space and that, also, is well. As my reservations are : I touch it they are not to add, the bar of sound improves things; I need the dark room; probably it was not that it shines in daytime without the curtain has drawn at least. I have had he for the few hours. Tolerance until regular use? The repost has questions for this my bookmark of durability under reason, to arrive to this point, simply does not know . Under a projector is the edge that will take the tripod of camera. A build is that it expect - the minimum functions but I am not that it pays out of hundreds of books. They are pleasantly he surprised it.
5 / 5 by
An add little projector. Although it says no own partorisca pp he the reasonably acceptable work in the small room. Video and stills is very good. An excellent price also. Highly recommend.
4 / 5 by
The projector adds partorisca a price fans no his too noisy is the little tinny but also can be enhanced with a picture of external speaker is very a lot of ( still in the white wall ) deffo recommend this product partorisca nights of films and gaming and his portable the and light to transfer of room the room etc the better results are of the time at night partorisca see

Top Customer Reviews: Projector APEMAN ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 by Mina
This projector is fantastic partorisca days of films. The connectivity is simple and is easy to dip up and run. Clear picture, utmost colours and the macizos 120 picture of thumb in ours wall of room. A unit is calmer in operation that other models and a stylish, access of modern look well in any room. We have linked this to a laptop and box of digital TV but a stand-out of the characteristic is a provision of the port of USB and space of paper of the memory. It is discharge and game with the by heart external sources, with on-of navigation of the paper of the screen has seen a far control has distributed.
Ossia The piece adds of boxes partorisca of the money and his house of days familiarised enhanced really. Film partorisca some girls and sports of big screen partorisca me. Highly recommended.
5 / 5 by Lupita
I have bought initially this partorisca aim the slideshows familiarised in chances like Navidad, partorisci etc. But after touching with him are by train partorisca use it partorisca look film in an evening now every night. It is partorisca add when being able to look trashy 80s the horrors in the cinema likes him half that you would not be able to usually. Another thing that loves this being able to hook my transmission of Nintendo until the with a cradle as I do not have the TV in my house has joined.

A quality of the picture partorisca a prize is súper calm once finds some settings that is very partorisca you. I recommend to find the video on Youtube partorisca help calm he aforas all, ossia that has done.

Comes with the good chance too which am happy of like this I more to good sure pauses out of clumsiness if he so only dipped around.
5 / 5 by Fred
am impressed like this with this projector that has has purchased of the according to a

has looked for the projector partorisca create exposed of window of the hologram partorisca Halloween and Navidad. I have not wanted to pay to plot for the projector for such the use has limited, like this economic and allegro was an order of a day. An election of the projector in the amazon is the minefield. A lot of looks of claim as, for a money, looks ridiculous. But of them all, a Apeman LC350 has stuck was. These looks of projector to be the rebranded generic Chinese model. It is announced as having the lumens (light brightness) figure of 4500, which would have to be quite brilliant. And a life of the quoted light of 50,000 hours would be necessary means it outlast his owner. But at the same time to purchase this provider there has been 20 was ascent, spending a prize down to £55. And if no alive until a hype always could return he for the repayment.

Has been for this particular container to the equal that comprises the stock exchange of soft storage. This was of entity of the mine so much was to seat in the shelf in our cochera that gathers powder among uses. Or enough, this was an idea . Then it arrives...

In unboxing a projector my first impressions were that it is to the smallest plot that has imagined, and is also very easy in an eye. As it do not have to that find the place to hide for him when his into use. It comes packaged with the 2 power of boss of pin with discharges of United Kingdom (the besides big point), HDMI boss, AV boss, and far control. One 2 can partorisca nail the advantage means a transformer to be able to is built in the projector casing, so it needs the defender to take touched of of all this heat generated of a transformer. But also it means there is not any boss of adapter of fragile power.

Connections to show means it comunicacionales is plentiful, and am impressed by a selection in such the down priced device. It comes with the Micro SD space, USB A connection, HDMI entrance, AV entrance and VGA (PC) entrance. I have had the occasion to verify out of both a Micro SD and connections of USB and both does perfectly. His both sustain NTFS formed, like measures to file on will touch. It has been it bit it annoyed to find that it fine-audio of the canal is not sustained, this in spite of mixed-down to stereo. I have thought at the beginning a sound in a projector has not done and rigged to return he for the substitution. But I have then seen some types of lean given format and, with which sourcing to pertinent file, can confirm that it is doing well. A sound is well, brilliant but no too like this, but with basses very small. It would have liked him there is it fines-of mix of canal-down, and start of audio to run to the powered speaker. But in this prize can very really complain.

Quality of picture, in another hand, is very good. Of around 20 feet was and with some lights have turned was, a picture more than full mine 13ft the wide wall. It is brilliant and colour, and touching with a brightness and controls to contrast produced the plus of pertinent black level. It do not go to be never black of the yours this in spite of. And I am not complaining. Like Shots in of the conditions of daylight this in spite of, are not totally has convinced. An adjustment of lentil is purely for house. And when it is it has directed properly a picture is really acute, with to plot of detail of flange. To the acuteness also can be regulated in a paper. Be any launch adjustment here. If you want to reduce or augment a measure of a picture, some needs of projector to be the advance moved or backward consistently. There is also the simple keystone still adjustment when a projector is not quite level with a centre of a screen.

Like this basically, thats the. A Apeman LC350 certainly does not go to turn cinema of house in his boss. There are projectors there like the hell of the plot more, with the hell of the most characteristic plot (3D, 4K, DLP etc), but in the hell of the prize he big plus. But you are looking for something for exposures of window, perhaps have the pocolos fellow on to look the film and create the bit of the experience of cinema, or perhaps partorisca gaming (I any game as I am not sure if this would be pertinent) could do to worse plot, am sure. In general, it is economic. And certainly It Is allegro.
4 / 5 by Horace
They are after state it projector for age, mainly to project Halloween and scenes navideñas ours window forward. Eye by means of the plot of projectors and expósitos that a spec in this one looked to be too god to be true, is not , are in a moon with him. He exactly which want to, has connected he by means of my telephone see the relieve to hdmi camera for a video to aim that has bought it he partorisca, is really really clear, has the built on-parleur (and start of audio) an adjustable house and slant. A video is so only in my wall, has not been to but now that has am buying the white screen and will be to use the to touch film in the 100'' screen that am excited enough roughly. It has been it bit it the concerned would be strong but really is not , or can very included remark it and does not effect viewing. Has far control, comes with all some bosses or needs (hdmi etc) and that it is the good touch, included comes with the ready carrier. They are very impressed and think is excellent value for money, will recommend to any concealed to ask me roughly buying the projector when they see this in Halloween!
5 / 5 by Lavina
Mina bday the daughter is in a moon!!! It take this projector for his present of anniversary, honradamente compared with more professional one or produces more expensive, I m a lot sure like this the projector is doing, but the decent prize has been on sale also, has pleased really!!! We have tried he with sticker of fire of the amazon, and absolutely brilliant!!!! All that want to, of coz especially my daughter! A quality of picture is well for me, some sounds can not say fabulous but acceptable, another good point is a compact measure with the container has packed well stock exchange, really convenient or would like me spend with or vacacional! Material adds, defo recommended for use familiarised. So only a thing but is not to subject big that is a len covers any one a lot matched with him, perhaps in a future, new upgraded the version could think roughly doing it more pertinent, otherwise all is brilliant!! I can not expect order a plus like this Xmas present for this year!
4 / 5 by Casey
That that the projector adds to having added my collection. Utilisation projectors to do Halloween and exposures navideñas house. Ossia A more has taken now and is used for my main exposure. A picture is clear still in daylight. For a prize has paid ossia value for money, has paid more for the lowest quality.
My edges has connected on his game console to the equal that can touch in the big screen and loves it, a quality of his of a projector is a lot enough without requiring any external speakers.
Has added picture and short video to aim quality when into use in mine Halloween exposure, scene of the witch behind are of projector
is able to do adjustments in of the settings to ensure that they take a picture wished and effect. I have had a lot of commentaries in those clear these images were. It surrounds on exposure navideña
5 / 5 by Marva
Master this projector so much. The quality of picture is pristine and is very easy to use.

Inside a box, so only pulls ours one the protective projector has protected of foam and the box with all some accessories. Everything is easy to situate behind in a box when you love tent a projector when any into use.

There is far, HDMI boss, AV boss and boss to be able to have has comprised. All precise begins. I have tried he with mine MacBook and Transmission of Nintendo and league easily. Game and discharges so only and select HDMI of a paper in a side.

The functions are very intuitive and easy to use. I have looked it films, has touch the games have seen my Transmission and is all very smooth. Any lags at all.

HAS abundance of ventilations to leave airflow and hot of emission in a backside and side. I have used this for a whole weekend without any subjects.

Are very impressed with a quality of picture. If it is in a max measured/of distance or situated more afterwards to a wall. It is really the value that takes the projector VS an expensive big sized TV or monitor.

This well an investment.
4 / 5 by Homer
I have moved to my new paving and this time in place of splashing in the new TV has purchased east reward friendly projector. Well, it have to that be one of some decisions more never is. A measure of the screen is much bigger and does not take all a space in a wall. It maintains in alcohol, to achieve calm more paint you will require the brilliant wall. Help for a resolution to remain true.

A projector is relatively calm and does not extract any a lot of noise when operating has listened like this ossia the common question . It was surprised enough with some transfers of qualities. Attaching the picture to aim you this fascinating quality.

Comes with some essential accessories have it like this took setup less than 5 minutes.
5 / 5 by Taryn
First impression very positive to the equal that among the ordered spends chance. Interior the found some bosses to connect this to my computer and the far. I have had some films and of the pictures in mine sd the paper has burst so only he in still pictures. The quality of video adds has to that say, pleasantly surprised with a function of house and really enjoyed some easy controls. I have tried to connect mine iphone for pocolos small but of the the fracasados, im sure has the way around the this. It feels too down in my office like this so much can see does the ray that leave to impulse a front of a projector to the bit likes the picture is main. A measure of him is also a lot compact as you can see, compared with mine iphone xs and his very small this in spite of the strong device. Thus I reward in general I am them very surprised and excited to spend this with me to my presentations of work have bitten to add of technology for a lot little. A lot of packaged and comprises the travesía pouch, instructions and bosses. A unit is very presented and the looks adds. Setup Is easy, is using he with chromecast the common Netflix easily. We are projecting to the white wall with Dulux photoluminescent the product and a quality of picture is awesome and a measure of picture is surprising, could take around to take the screen, will see. Directing and regulating a picture was simple, a lot of spent and game. Of the games familiarised integers to lose still to to film now likes him to him the sound like him mini experience of cinema. Really enjoying it

Top Customer Reviews: [Wifi Projector] ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 by Freddy
The cost verified has wished always partorisca have the projector and partorisca take the mini room of Cinema in my own place!
Somehow, has finalised partorisca look for one and has found this. A price was quite lower that another but some actions looked quite big and his characteristic was very interesting. So many, because any, has given the shots.

Has been using he for a past 7 days and is SURPRISING. Honradamente Master. Of his easy installation to an utmost audio is resupplied. This in spite of, leave habladura in of the details roughly that.

Can connect to a Projector has seen VGA, HDMI (I personally use this), SD Paper (Lovely photoshow!), USB And WiFi (Which are to adds wants to use your telephone! Not to try it still to be sincere).
A projector is very calm while running, situated it behind my sofa and I can enjoy some films without being annoyed by any noise at all!
An Audio is quite amazing, can listen a quality of song in my video, which am a lot baffled stops. I have not been expected such quality.
A quality of video is utmost in my opinion, unfortunately, my photos do not underline a quality... You try to take the photo with a camera and estaca he later reason really want to underline his quality of video!

Besides, a project arrives all well and attentively has packed. It comprises HDMI and VGA bosses! This in spite of, does not comprise some batteries for some far, 2 AAA the battery will have to be purchased for calm.

To the equal that can guess, loves it. This in spite of, will look to the negative point, can signal was that a Keystone the adjustment is optical, for like this, all a precision in some Images' the house will be manual and can lose the bit of accuracy. This in spite of, personally uses luminous images to regulate a first house to touch the film. Help.

Besides, also would advise to take the tripod to better regulate a height of a video without deforming a result.

In general, has based of my account experience, loves that and if any one would ask my joint so only will signal this project was like adding it one.

Hopefully, This description will help calm with your decision.
4 / 5 by Shannon
The cost has checked looked for an economic projector partorisca my edges partorisca use in his room. There is the 32'' TV and had been asking partorisca take something main. I have decided to give this projector the test so that it can have the really big screen. It is exiting quite well for him.

One of some characteristic of this projector is built-in Airplay. Ossia A technology of apple that calm leave you to send your telephone or screen of pill on to a projector. I am not sure if my edges will not use it never like this he so only spent in a HDMI boss of a Playstation. I have loved to touch with east the bit to see yes could look a video in my application of Youtube. Some instructions to dip on a Wifi the part of a projector is quite sincere. You owe that use your telephone to join a Wifi that a projector is dipping was. It was in a screen - the mine was LOLLIPOPXXXXX. After calm that, recognition the discharges of web page he in an information in yours local Wifi. This leaves a projector to be accessed by yours other devices. A setup has taken roughly 5 minutes and then was able to send my screen of the pill to a projector has seen airplay.

Some Good points
- prices
- Attentively packaged
- boss of Audio and HDMI has comprised
- options of Connection: VGA, HDMI, SD Paper, USB, Wifi (airplay & miracast)
- Built-in of the speakers (but probably will use a system of audio)
- Beautiful calm when running
- Beautiful brilliant for an economic projector

A No like this A lot
- Keystone the adjustment is optical (keystone is a slanted image where an upper or the fund is main - an optical adjustment means calm does not have the plot to control on directs
- 2 AAA the batteries are required for some far, but any one has comprised. A far can be useful when dipping arrive
- Built-in the speakers do not touch all these utmost, but go to use probably something more in all the chance

In rodeo
My indication of 5 stars are based in a collection of characteristics and a quality of a unit that considers a price. I have not seen the less expensive projector that sustains Wifi connectivity. This is not the projector to use in your room of means comunicacionales, although it sustains 1080p. Ossia The projector that could dip you up for your boys for gaming or looking his materials or was to project in a side of a house or the discharge for the night of external fun film. In all the chance, need to take the speaker to use for a sound. To good sure consider in that buy it again for some types of uses have described on.
5 / 5 by Florrie
The cost verified has been looking for the projector with wifi, reason my older projector does not have wifi. A projector is sper easy to use. So only pocolos small and I have my house of own cinema. It is very friendly to to the the clients likes him of the one who is not well connect complex bosses. Really enjoy it! It can do with usb or wifi, wifi-the excellent works, the connection is easy and does not take disconnected unless I disconnect the.

Has several ways partorisca you partorisca use, any airplay or by means of HDMI bosses. Especially a airplay way, me sper happy to project my video of mobile phone to a screen.
My living room is essentially the cinema of house and all of the ours my friends enjoys it. My friends and there was the time adds that it looks Game of Thrones of a living room.

Of course, experiences some toneless points in a car. In the first place, a brightness is the little has bitten feeble. Calm better to the use is in entirely of half darkness. Like this never expect this mini the car can sustain your use of office, likes presentation. It is understandable of then is such the tiny car .

Is looking for The no too pricey the projector here is your partorisca find. It was really the good compraventa and I higly recommends it. It is really well without that has to that spend the plot in the cinema of house, is like having the TV of big screen. This projector is to good sure value of the money.
4 / 5 by Pablo
The cost has verified partorisca buy this partorisca take was vacacional in Spagna as we are having the holidays grupal with a lot of boys partorisca maintain entertained.

A projector taken the moment partorisca take the grips with like this tried was all some different ways that could connect my telephone - WiFi, wire fence and finally a Roku has done a better. It can mirror well in an iPhone but Like the plot of people has has had questions in fact touching things of cousins of amazon, now TVs and Netflix of some applications in my telephone. But it does not think that it is partorisca say a subject with this projector, thinks has to that be a streaming put they. You tube it Was slightly diffferent - I could sew of good mirror but look until I have tried expsnd' a screen by means of my telephone and then refuses to mirror. It takes round he for not pressing one develops key and literally turning my telephone 90 terracings and concealed has solved a question. Well it is not the pure screen' and there is the bit of the page that writes on and under a screen but I can live with that!

A better way finds was with the Roku clave. Literally it covers he to a HDMI the empty and looks for the pleasure exactly in your ready TV. Not gagging with mirroring etc.

Is compact, look adds, light, low noise, the price adds and a lot especially - fast and useful client the services when faced with the question (his emailed behind interiors 12 hours).

To good sure would recommend this to any one looking for the small portable projector. It is it adds!
5 / 5 by Toya
Spent the sound has checked the Projector FOCUSED to add and real out of value partorisca money !!
Follows still unbelievable beat has bought the WIFI projector in such low price and now very happy with an action. Surely it would like to recommend the to another !

Has tried almost all the functions of this Projector
- WiFi- A lot of easy the setup in mine Samsung A9 Pro - Android and iPhone 8. Also it calms simply it can attach your cord to touch of port of mobile lightning the USB of Projector and do action of screen of iPhone, law well without wifi.
- Tried HDMI port connecting the laptop HDMI and has done well . Computer C port to Projector HDMI no here but computer HDMI is a lot enough.
- USB directed gives excellent quality of the picture when has video of good quality . Also it resupplies on screen , first of fast/ slow, car after all the functions.
- Walk of USB directed - files of Audio of the game and Photo ..Fact well.

- Measured of the picture for real sustains 1080 and his quite big with the far of just 8' the projector was. Colours of the picture and the adjustment is really good.

- Quality of his and loudness is point further of this projector , with dual speakers and SRS , the audio is quite good and any need for external speaker when using he in-house

- the projector comes with well packing, HDMI boss, boss of video and cord to be able to . Sound the pleasant , a lot compact, see a pic of projector together with Pen beside to compare , hanged very light, easy to manage . Manuel in English included

In general his the real value for money ..So only go for him ..
4 / 5 by Gidget
The cost has verified My husband has bought this projector partorisca use in familiar like the house thrater partorisca an entertainment of our family .
Is a lot easy to dip up. Taken roughly 3 min entirely to turn on, connects the WiFi, and airplay of my telephone.
Some boys were sper excited partorisca use it. Have hooked On his DVD and PC partorisca touch games, and has wanted to touch all the game consoles that use a projector.
Sometimes connect directly the Clave of Fire of the amazon, or Youtube, and use it to project our favourite films.
For nights of films, was able to project a 100 thumb X 50 thumb the image in the screen hangs in ours living room. We have not had the screen still has to that way that be it touching on ours wall of living room. It is surprising for a price because it comes with all some necessary materials to use he with any device have. A far is such the handy tool and a sound is quite well also. These works to project more in the very dark zone ..... Although it was able to still have on some dimmed the environmental light and a picture was still brilliant and a lot of viewable.
Is big quality with the low price. I will recommend this to friends and family.
4 / 5 by Mallory
The cost has verified These works of product perfectly with my costruttore of Pill Miracast software (Samsung).

This means that there is not any need partorisca WIFI, so only connects, he doing perfect partorisca presentations in of the places where has no WIFI (living room of Church and like this advance).

Has bought this projector to the equal that have been asked partorisca spend out of the habladura to the society of the Florist that use these pictures of show of the years.

A Society already has the projector that reads of the Laptop, like shabby reason this?

Some pictures of Show are taken on the camera with the resolution of 5472 3648 pixel, partorisca take all a fine detail. A laptop unless it is screen to the touch has the static exposure.

A 1080p the pill in other hand-held leaves some pictures partorisca be zoomed to in some concrete zones, such that these described like being the judges of the florist can underline some perfect and less than perfect zone of the flower. To a rest of an Audience.

Some cures of Pill of a upscaling, Some rests of the picture have projected home.

This will be an invaluable tool partorisca spend some skills of the judge of Florist, or very other skills of visual inspection partorisca this subject on to the widest audience.
4 / 5 by Barney
The cost verified has loved the projector for my grotto of man, has turned our spare room to the room of games and has looked for the projector with all a conectivity has required.
These pocolos looks of units to do a work.
I havn't dipped it on permanently still, but of some come from all the looks well, a picture can rotate so that that can fix too much a ceiling out of a way.
A a characteristic that finds a lot of usefull is a connectivity to your telephone, has the Android and has had to that download the free application to miracast the too a projector, now anything concealed I game in my telephone (or Pill) will be aimed in a screen.
Is also the very calm unit, has the defender but he is not that strong.
A far is small and easy to use.
Has built in of the speakers, but I proberly uses the bluetooth the system of speaker has connected to a telephone or compressed for the better sound.

Ossia The unit to break for a money, taken more characteristic that some of some more expensive projectors.
5 / 5 by Colby
The cost has verified Ossia any use wants to see anything more than in the black of soiled tone. I have compared to the mine (1500 lumens) 10 year Toshiba which still has and is so only in the like this brilliant third, so that it has measured is 4500 lumens is further me. Unless has the pertinent blackout invidente or the windowless soiled calm will not be able to see anything clearly during daylight.
Could not take a iphone wifi mirroring characteristic to do for more than the minute or two and any of Youtube, Netflix or the amazon would do via a telephone. A house is patchy unless a projector is exactly 180' to a screen and a keystone (squaring arrive) the characteristic will not maintain all a screen in directing the need uses it. This means that a projector has to that be in the to same height likes them to them the centre of a screen to give the clear picture to the equal that will require the shelf, mountain or tripod in level of eye - and unless it is calm behind (in that marry a picture is too dim) will have a projector in your line to see a whole time. Calm can not head to less than roughly 36' measured to see like this smaller, more brilliant, the screens can not be had. A lense is rattly free in his mountain like this home is erratic. It is noisy. A sound is poor. You can a lot of bluetooth to calm speakers so that it require the 3m advantage to connect yours stereo his. They are sure he is good value for any but has thought was near the useless.
5 / 5 by Cathey
The cost has verified Could not expect take this out of a box after a lot of investigation.
Disappoint initially because of a connection of android as it likes to have the access to the mine telephone whilst looking the program.
This in spite of, has connected once my Chromecast was satisfied extremely.
Good points:
1. It is light & small
2. You can regulate the once situated height in the table and one regulate the screen in a wall to straighten & stress
3. Described like this stress the once moved picture advance or behind is excellent
4. It comes with the coverage of lentil and cleaning box
5. It comes with hdmi and other connections (the black/connector red/aim thingy)
6. Still in the quality of the aims of ash of wall adds
7. The screen resupplied is a lot of foldable and portable quality , sum and included resupplied with hooks
8. Well packed
9. The functions in the device is simple and easy to comprise
10. It can regulate brightness & volume so only like the normal TV
Aim Bad:
1. His of the speaker is tinny
2. His of the defender is quite strong but imagine once locates behind out of the ear shot and the film that touches - no too bad

a price, absolutely fantastic! It does not buy a overpriced TV, takes this instead!

Top Customer Reviews: TOPVISION Mini ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 by Antwan
It take this partorisca look film in and is sooo clear, like the screen FOCUSED. It acts more in a dark but is still quite brilliant a day. A sound is good to and can calm no really speakers of needs and he he hardly done the background noise. Also it comes with the far which is handy himself is trace. I have added the pictur of him in a dark and in light. To good sure values he !!
4 / 5 by Rochelle
This projector is fantastic for days of film familiarised. The connectivity is simple and is quickly to dip up and run. Clear picture, utmost colours and the macizos 120 picture of thumb in ours wall of room. A projector resembles 162 thumb but our walls could not accommodate concealed! A unit is calmer in operation that other models and a stylish, access of modern look well in any room. We have linked this to a laptop and box of digital TV but a stand-out of the characteristic is a provision of the port of USB and space of paper of the memory. It is discharge and game with the by heart external sources, with on-of navigation of the paper of the screen has seen a far control has distributed.
Ossia The piece adds of boxes for a money and his house of days familiarised enhanced really. Film for some girls and sports of big screen for me. Highly recommended.
4 / 5 by Jannet
A projector of video has been feigned for theatre of house and the could not have asked more than this product of estimativa. A projector can touch 1080p to video like some images looks acute and stunning. His very easy to dip on ( discharges and game) and HDMI the boss is comprised also in a box. Calms included do well in a half lit but for better result, his well to use he in a darkness. Also it has some integrated speakers that absolutely is that it surprises for a prize! It say that ossia the solution of the theatre of house adds.
4 / 5 by Kiersten
In that saw it this and reading descriptions, has thought would give comes from he - did not expect it to be like this good; but that the harm was I! Simply it is in amazing. It is mid-hanged, feels value I really adds for money, looks good and feels adds. I have been using he for a past 7 days and is SURPRISING. Honradamente Master. Bought the to look video for some boys in a living room. You are fill with a video in the really clarity really big - was likes look in the súper sized HD TV, and tried to be much more that has expected. Really simple and easy to use to say a less.

A colour is quite good. Brightness Are  adds.
A prize was quite lower that another but some actions looked quite big and his characteristic was very interesting. Calm will not be dissapointed. Ossia The compraventa quite good . Please does not lose was is to add heck of the extracted.
4 / 5 by Lesha
Has purchased this projector to the equal that can touch console of mine of games of more than using my TV to the equal that have loved to touch in the screen the big plus.

A projector is easy the setup and is very light and portable, is the perfect clear quality leave to touch felizmente for the hours without that have to that Pull my eyes.
5 / 5 by Jordan
Has bought this projector to look on-line video. The majority of them neither 720p or 1080p. It is also well for Netflix. Three metres of a wall was quite to direct on that. A picture is brilliant same when I 'darkness' gaze films. A sound is not that strong, but enough for my living room. I have not expected very built-in of the speakers. A paper is simple like possible, as I have connected everything without any questions. I have used HDMI the WiFi adapter to connect a projector to my PC of house.

An only thing that was difficult to find - like this to change a tongue of film. As I clicked on all and found a paper has required down 'the'.
5 / 5 by Domonique
Ossia One of some projectors of better video has has not used never.
Has seen projectors of a first same prize, alleges to be 720p, and also have the brightness of almost 3,000 lumen. This in spite of, when I use these projectors to look video in a daytime, although it pulls a curtain, a screen still has obvious whitening, those results in mine poor viewing , I really like this projector of video, thinks that is excellent quality and in the reasonable prize. I recommendthis to any one considering the new projector.
4 / 5 by Edwin
Am spent the little more in this projector that expects it would be more brilliant, clearer and better built that some of these means a prize. Sadly, it Is very disappointing.

Is almost unusable in any one classifies of environmental light. A defender is noisy which is really nettling. You grieve it is plugged in a FOCUSED flash which gives an impression during a night some police is equally external.

A quality of picture is poor pixels , the deaths has begun prompt look inside the month. All some controls maquinales (tilt/house) feels really economic. You owe that regulate a house so only to dip one covers of lentil on meaning every time the calm use has to that refocus.
5 / 5 by Sherry
Really pleased with this product and would recommend the people buy this iv state that loves to buy a partorisca sometime and has resisted was box now and are the happy product that astounds.
4 / 5 by Denna
One of some better projectors have not spent never and has had the pair brightness is brilliant in sounds the quality is really a lot considering is the good small speaker and small compact tried it on my white wall and he looks as well as you can see my video has on dipped like still would look better in the cariche of screen of pertinent projector of functions to spend for to move a screen a big plus and abundance of corners smaller and different of keys in a far control to do all this material in of the cariche of connections can dip by means of him PC Xbox yours television of telephone highly would recommend well value of the money

Top Customer Reviews: GooDee Mini ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 by Mathew
The cost has verified Ossia the add little projector, very small to be operate portable and same powered of the bank partorisca be able to!
The sound adds that has multiple entrances, can dip them a paper by heart of my camera and video of game directly of there that.
Can also spent in my clave of fire and touch some video was there partorisca maintain some calm boys.
Likes reason is small, portable and decent quality partorisca a price.
5 / 5 by Lynell
The cost verified has bought mini the projector a lot the time times done partorisca my woman,but his need on 80book partorisca buy the same projector like this projector although it is not big lumen,but enough for my boys and of the places in his really quite calm and very really disturb my boy my young plus having the nap in a same my boys that goes the granny marries then my woman will dip in his stock exchange is quite small and handy to spend in good for him.
5 / 5 by Portia
The cost checked has Bought this partorisca my grandson partorisca the present navideo, tried it before the wrap and this thing is small and light, very portable and he same works of the bank partorisca be able to. A quality of picture is surprisingly very well partorisca the tiny device has taken. They are sure my grandson will want to this when it open it on day navideo
5 / 5 by Charlette
The cost has verified A projector is like this small that it can be dipped in my pocket. It is also easy to dip up and use with the far controller. The resolution is very partorisca such the small projector and a row of the quality & of the volume is quite enough for the cinema of house :D
5 / 5 by Sabine
The cost has verified This mini the projector is really good to entertain a bit some, a colour is good and the quality of picture is clear. Well he that my daughter loves it
4 / 5 by Terese
The cost has verified Ossia such the add portable mini the projector and a build is like this ergonomic and the chair adds. An aesthetic is like this easygoing with a knob of house like the crowbar that is done out of forest, quite smooth and easy to direct.

A picture is decent same in the far distances and this easily can sustain to 100+screen of thumb this in spite of being clear. A picture is quite that shines to consider is measure and in the dark room this strikes really calm was. The speakers are quite strong also for a factor of portability.

Can touch of the sd Paper, usb walk, hdmi etc. Can also externally the sounds of game how is to adds master something bit it more powerful like the speaker. Works by means of the the connection.

Love the portable and clear projector be sure to choose this on on, a price is quite abordable also, well value of the money.
4 / 5 by Oda
The cost has checked Pleasant and good . Well quayand happy with cost of mine . My pocola niece and the nephews loves it . A lot handy and easy to use.
5 / 5 by Sau
The cost checked like a measure, a lot small and light, easy to spend.
Also comes with multiple entrances usb and hdmi, as it can touch directly of usb clave as well as hdmi interface (raspberry pi in my chance)
HAS an inner speaker that is well, but would suggest partorisca connect the external speakers is possible.

A picture is not that clear ( is 720p only) but that considers a measure and price, quite acceptable.
5 / 5 by Austin
The cost has verified A quality of picture is very good and is the a lot of in compraventa satisfactory.
4 / 5 by Fatimah
The cost has verified More test that the majority of folks has not taken follows it that the format is looking, so only reason something says his HD does not mean (in this chance ) is more to good sure no.

has opened a box and plugged he directly to my PC, in fact an exposure has said 1920x1080, as I flashed on the HD video on tube.. The results were terrible text is unreadable. I have selected all the resolutions down to 800x600 and any one has given the results have been he could clearly read a text.

My conclusion is that this device is VGA in better (640x480) his no HD in any form that like this never.

The projector is very partorisca look video partorisca boys but another that that an image is terrible.

Top Customer Reviews: Mini Projector, ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 by Kristie
That really is?!
Mini Projector Of punctual Android roughly two times a thickness of and half smartphone. To good sure is that it says in one has beaten.

Android YOU - can do all your android of telephone of/ boxes of normal android of television can do.

8gb Storage with empty of the by heart expandable paper.

WIFI 2.4 & 5ghz Ways to connect the súper fast wifi.

Bluetooth Partorisca Connect to anything wants to really - speakers, keyboards, mice.

HDMI In to touch the video games or anything want to propiciadas a projector.

A built in battery that means this projector does not have to that be plugged in still he to do - the literally can do anywhere with roughly 3 projection of time of hours.

Touches the very small device, roughly two times a thickness of a half smartphone. (Less than a fat thumb)

has the mountain for the tripod.

Has built in the giróscopo regulates a corner of a projection depends that it is situated so that a picture always exits 16:9 proportion.

Headphone Jack for you to touch music by means of headphones or the speaker.

Does not have any one a lot of gilipollas to be sincere, this in spite of, are pedantic, these are things that would choose era:

has any method/of key to change among HDMI IN way and Android YOU way - you literally has to that spent out of a HDMI or turn of a HDMI source (i.et Gone back of your playstation for the take sending the signal of exposure to a projector)

A Tripod that comes with a device is bog level, quality very poor.

Is not able to change any settings except a volume when you are in HDMI IN way.

Free you a far, does not have any a lot of way for you to use a projector unless it covers you in the keyboard or the mouse.

Bluetooth Has connected the speakers no in HDMI IN way.

The majority of some characteristics of android of the core no in HDMI way so that it does not have any setting can regulate in this way.

The speakers are sub-regular (any that are to surprise for a measure, I people partorisca doubt buy projectors for a quality of speaker lol)
5 / 5 by Myrna
In the first place to the left mark me clear, has bought so only this he so that it was of the amazon and I have known that when the disappoint could go back any question has asked. Now I will admit it it WAS BAD. Enough that takes a quality of the picture out of such the tiny box is surprising. We use in the room darkened reason like this with all the projectors does not give to sustain the plot of environmental light, but in a darkness rid crisp and vibrant colours. I love a gyro has built in, the characteristic there is not remarked until I dipped it on skewed then has had the brief flicker and hey loans a picture is level . There is the tripod like that can dip any corner, a tripod is quell'has bitten hanged light and to good sure will be substituted late or punctual, but is until a task.

Place it up is slightly fiddly like this of the papers and updates a lot helpfully give instructions but occasionally in Chineses, this in spite of the pair of has educated suppositions and sweats all has ordered. A costruttore could help and the only instructions English for when a schemes is dipped in United Kingdom. No the subject of the entity but I could see the no techy the person that requires a line of help. An only another minor niggle is a lack of the spend chance or coverage to protect it, like these projectors are drawn to the laptops would be it useful, this in spite of me trawl the amazon and will have something am sure.

Like the question is that possess it and has used he for the little moment buy one again, Yes in the heartbeat, his the brilliant piece of the box and ossia the diehard F1 fan the one who can now HEAVEN of clock F1 in France.
4 / 5 by Delora
Has purchased this projector for my fourth to spare like this didnt wants to spend the plot of the money but a time still has has wanted to something thats that goes partorisca show the decent sized image with decent quality.

This ticked these boxes and to be sincere was them pleasantly surprised in credit it in fact is.

A projector is good and small, light and looks a part.

Everything of your connections that comprises HDMI, VGA, USB and SD the space of paper is based in a backside and your defenders and the speaker am situated in any side.
All of your controls are based in a cup of a projector or alternatively theres the far how is comprised in a box.

I plugged a projector in my portable street HDMI and like this the said before it was pleasantly has surprised. I have directed to project the 6-8ft image in a wall that was quite clear.
A picture was brilliant colours , good and in general quite acute for such the small device. Obviously a calm hover more the the a clear more an image will be but will lose measured and vice versa for the longest distance.

Another thing that impressed was a follower that was quite quite compared to other projectors have had in a past.

An only negative would give them is that a built in the speaker is the bit in a quite a lot of side but to take a full experience the planned in hooking on the together of speakers in all the chance like his no a subject for me.

In general ossia the fantastic projector thats more than able to manage his own in the cinema of small house or included used for use/of business office for the good prize.
4 / 5 by Emilio
This projector is impressive considering a prize. Some speakers are not some better but pertinent. A noise is way calmer of my measure fill an east. Has this the majority of next plot to a wall that my plenary sized a. I plan to take the screen of rear projection and seperate speakers later on. This will maintain a same projector further was and less noise.

An only quibble is that perhaps it have to that it has spent bit it more and gone for the 2200 lumens mini-projector (ossia 1800) but is still quite well go for the television sized the most next projection to a wall/of screen. If it love the enormous sized picture for sport or of the films then this probably is not for you. If it love the mark of the full measure sure goes for on 4000 lumens and rig for a noise and all a hassle.

Will not be going back the noisy, projectors of bulky full measure ossia sure. Very better for a normal sized house. If it consider that some of a branded short launch the projectors are in £700 then these some absolute flies.
5 / 5 by Columbus
Excellent projector. Using on 100screen of thumb in approx 2m was. Any mirror directed to the mine iphone still but to be sincere I probably only use he with the hdmi boss to computer/of heaven/Xbox which are everything excellent. Netflix Works. Skygo A lot to the left look anything been due to heaven any one a projector so only uses the longitude hdmi boss and agree to change the audio that dips in settings of heaven so that it is not Dolby more. Easy to regulate screen, calms that can do on far or manually in some settings. House of car but again manually can regulate. Small weight , light, calm. Although the precise external speakers have taken the Bluetooth sweeps of the his that I near in front of the screen and is excellent.

Mina far no except has contacted the vendor and the substitution has been sent immediately 👍🏼 And excellent communication
4 / 5 by Marquetta
Ossia the perfect, little projector. It is tiny therefore really portable and calm. It is not silent but much calmer that some big projectors.unla The quality is a lot enough to look film and touching Playstation (although sometimes reading the small text can be hard). That is adds is that has an operating system built in calm so much can look netflix, youtube, etc without connecting to another device.
Does not direct to connect an iPhone without the sound lag, is that included possible? Early it tries with a telephone of Android, hopefully this will do.
4 / 5 by Sheryl
Does not have television upstairs ,and can not be annoyed partorisca wire boss ,for this this Mini the projector is all master ,can relax me in my fourth while looking programs in big screen of one of a quality of picture and planting flexibility,would say that it is well for me ,value each one which need the complaint, has to suggest that it was necessary comprises the hdmi would recommend it to my friends and suggest them to buy separate HDMI boss.
4 / 5 by Nga
The really does that it says. While I can not take the technical descriptions of a projector, would say that it is an amazing pocola what. After the pocolos adjustments that & takes used to the his quite easy to dip-on inner & of uses 5minutes. Playback The sound is decent although sometimes we use external speakers. A quality of picture a lot well for a prize has paid. In the So many has used far he for video of Amazon, Youtube.
5 / 5 by Teresia
A quality for a paid of money for him. This projector will be quite good to look pictures/of video in the big format this in spite of the image that blurs in some flanges the mark to use for anything with text (like some presentations).
A sound is better that has expected this in spite of.
My subject main is that it says in a description a light lifespan is 50k hrs but in a leaflet of real product is 30k
5 / 5 by Cathi
more than satisfies in this projector!
Looks the installed the cinema in my house!! Simple to install and to connect with my laptop or another device!

Top Customer Reviews: ELEPHAS Mini ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 by John
I have been considering taking the mini projector of pocket for the moment, as really I do not want to have TVs in the each room that like look of any one the film or something likes him Youtube.

Like this has chosen them a ELEPHAS MINI PROJECTOR.

First what that impressed was an image has not expected a quality the to like this pristine. This for real gives the start of video of big definition and that it is more a quality is compatible when a projector is dipped far behind in a room, which have seen another project fails partorisca maintain quality in the distance. Has the simple white wall in mine living room and an epic of looks of quality of picture on that.

A measure of of the this is perfect to take on a gone , be he partorisca business, school or pleasure, has all a makings of the must has device. Thanks to the his built in the calm battery has not taken partorisca concern roughly too many bosses so only simply connect to the his tripod and connect. His connections are not never without finals with such very as hdmi.

A life of looks of battery partorisca live until it is announced. It has look to 2 film of now without him that careers out of being able to the to the equal that thinks is quite impressive. Has the powerbank handy this in spite of in chance perhaps.

Although has the speaker obviously is restricto for a compact character of a projector, my recommendation is to use the pair of Bluetooth auricular or speaker/soundbar to take fully submerged in that is looking.

In spite of some defects have mentioned, are is remained impressed with east , the value adds for money and the really big-piece of technology of boxes. IF you are contemplating the projector of beak, creates this a probably will fill a bill amiably.
5 / 5 by Tera
I have it quell'there has been ELEPHAS PROJECTOR 2200 lumens CONCENTRATED, ELEPHAS upgraded has DIRECTED source 2000 luminous flow and ELEPHAS 2nd GENE, 2500 lumens but can say you this ELEPHAS mini portable projector WIFI DLP HD Hammer 3D pocket the projector has a better picture has not seen never, some colours are vibrant and vivid was better a fact one that has to that 2 battery of now that it can be juiced for the powerbank, is well for me I like this travesías the plot in Africa was electricity is the question, is like this small but like this Powerful, love his very calm then need an external speaker, wait that last for ever.
5 / 5 by Yetta
Spend the plot to time to research to buy the projector, (I is returned in fact one of another mark the pair of days after receiving he) How was quite happy when I have found this projector, this has been an investment has better done the long time.

Here is my cast of reason:

- Resolution: if it love the image of descent, and still to be able to connect your PC or portable, requires at least 1280x800, which is HD in 720p, anything low concealed it is not well, and that together with one 16:10 Proportion of Appearance ( has 16:10, 16:9 and 4:3), it means work quite well with the computer.
- Lumen: 3500, Very brilliant to the equal that will see in some photos, an image where sees a projection was during a day, at night looks inclusa better.
- Contrast: 2000:1, calm does not love anything low master enjoy the good film.
- Or.S.: It has Android 4.4, and do a lot well. It is brilliant to be able to so only the turn on and game Netflix, or Prime of Amazon of a device.
- Bluetooth: This uses the plot, can project an image in my wall of fourth and connect the bluetooth speaker that can situate mine after well, as we can have his add, without wake on boys.

- Does not have the battery, like this calm can do not taking to camp or too much far of a tram outlet, but to be passage, has used to have one and a never lasted battery long enough, as it was always plugging he in in all the chance.
- Is not like this small like other models, as you wont be able to spend he in your pocket of shirt.

in my opinion, ossia a better projector in this row of prize.
5 / 5 by Mozelle
Ossia An Excellent piece of crew, absolutely perfect for Purpose of mobile presentation. To good sure recommend it.
4 / 5 by Larraine
It is fab mini projector. It is beginning by on the time is around 30 second and is a lot directly advances to use. I have used an application of telephone to control it that it was a lot quickly and easy to download and use. A picture and quality of his sound absolutely that shine- I was impressed like this! To good sure recommend this product for any any one the mini projector with characteristic massive.
5 / 5 by Kamilah
It is the brilliant mini projector, has been them surprised when it has opened them a box. It comes with the door of house of good quality. A projector is excellent built and compact measure! Taken roughly 10 dry to begin up and an automatic keystone done an easy projector to direct in a picture, good and clear. A built in youtube the application for me is everything, can look them video or listen to a music everything. I Like him a lot, to value each penny.
5 / 5 by Louella
Of a moment I unboxed a projector, could see that the plot of consideration was gone in to a creation and an experience of global client. A product of upper quality that comes with the far control and tripod all packed in the quality carrycase - more than sold as I add the accessories is the scarce thing these days. And my delight has continued. Powering On a projector for a first time, has been blown has gone by some brilliant and vivid colours, included in the quite soiled lit well against to wall (any one the projector scree). An image is clear and a built-in wifi and the compatibility of iPhone was simple to dip up and rid some utmost results. An inner speaker also, resupplied the good level of the his, although for the film I discharges uses a headphone jack to attach an outside mini bar of his to give endure the strongest sounds. A battery lasted for around two hours and, of course, can also run he of some hands. I have been a client of Amazon in fact a lot of years, but ossia my first description . Congratulations Elephas in the product adds; fantastically packaged and excellent value for money. Well fact!
4 / 5 by Cherie
SURPRISING this little portable has súper creation, picture a lot clear still although you look in a dark value for a recommended!!!
5 / 5 by Shay
This to good sure is projector that value to buy, a quality of picture is just game adds in a wall, like this brilliant and clear, but still better with the screen of projector. It contain the battery in such the pocola measures, as we can touch he without connectiong any boss the one who half can move it the anywhere any place easily. Some points of advantage the find is follows:
1. Quality of good picture to good sure.
2. Portable measure
3. Build In WIFI and battery, there isnt any need of boss
4. Bank to be able to beat distribute a power to touch, he the simple fact.
5. Built in the system has the youtube installed, easy to use.
6. Quality of his good east but with the bose the speaker could have the better experience.
7. Easy to dip up and the use has seen the far control.

HAS for roughly 2 month now, work with cartoon for girls to look and ourself to look films, like this far the so only feel this the projector that value to have and value to reward to 5 star for recommendation.
5 / 5 by Brian
As I have known my neighbour has bought the projector, which has loved always the mini a to try in the first place first to go for a big and more expensive a, as I have found this mini projector. When I have received a container, was small container . Has thinks that has done deceive it, but when I have opened a container, has found all the interior. It was very surprised. After several days of use, was very satisfied with a quality of picture. And I have used iOS to connect AirPlay, which was stable and a lot of sluggish, and a wireless connection was more convenient. If it can connect a wireless speaker or wireless headphones, was very better. The appearance can upgrade a day!

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 by Sheron
The cost has checked Wow before it take this has thought that that it go partorisca be rubbishes, but am like this bad, he that surprises want it, has looked the film last night, and call touched to have to that last night to, his more when some rooms the pocolos darker.... And it has connected it see the system of sound. You recommend this product 100, easy to use and has function of his interior some papers to augment a quality of his to, film, level of sport or user.... Coming with the screen also wow..... It can you do not say that a lot ossia for a price and your thought the buy, calm has to calms will not be disappointed for a price...
5 / 5 by Savannah
The cost has verified has has not purchased never the projector before and has been confused in it partorisca take because of a fact there is like this on sale everything with different claims etc.

has opted for this one because of some positive critiques and a fact avenges with the screen.

The element is a lot of fact and has come packaged well , with all has comprised.

Has on dipped with really of easy the very included require inform to a manual, so only plugged the clave to shoot to a hdmi and usb and this has been , 100 thumbs of entertainment in my wall.

The noise of defender is silent and no too intrusive , any strong plus that my pc defender, and a sound is in fact very bad at all for such the small device, lacking pocola grave but he has good clarity.

The quality of picture is a lot well so that paid , has to them that seat enough after but still looks quite acute with good colour.
There is also the settings can regulate for your own personal preference.

In general im sper happy with a product , for a price there is afterwards to any one has bet.
5 / 5 by Lacy
The cost checked as well as there is enough the few appearances to direct here. Although they do not announce native resolution, for a price has not expected 1080p. My surprised this in spite of, the text is readable in , and remains readable to roughly 3m, because point a measure of screen is massive. The colours are utmost, and has an expansionary paper to paint correct etc, accessible for a far and also a cup of a projector. Keystone The adjustment is good but I do not require it , the law adds of the just few corners.
Has been interested to see like a screen was, reason expected it to them to come as the separate rollup in the heavy container, but in fact is the thing of cast of light bent cloth with loop of metal to hang. It comes with sticky-rear hooks, but has had a half to attach it to my office the one who read wonderfully, and work perfectly. To good sure quite brilliant for daytime the room that looks, but of course is clearer at night, which is when it tends them to look in all the chance.
Avenges with the phono/RCA, and the hdmi boss.
For a price can no odd he, is so only absolutely brilliant!
4 / 5 by Liana
The cost has verified Ossia my second never projector that has bought them and has to them that say am impressed really with a quality of an image that is produced. My first profit was a lot also, but the needs a partorisca my room of the cinema and this projector has done my room of cinema that has surprised. All the the need now is the good surrounds system of the his I then are all has dipped. A project is partorisca come packed really well and with AV boss and HDMI boss also. It feels strong and is very easy to dip up. It comes with the far and manafactures has guaranteeed. Highly you recommend people those who are interested in the economic but projector of good quality partorisca purchase this model as it is surprising partorisca a paid to price compared to the TV.
5 / 5 by Reyna
The cost verified has done deceive it boba! Our church is celebrating 50 years like the parish and when have has asked volunteers partorisca form the committee, I foolishly volunteered. In a first meeting a committee has decided to give the presentation in a date of anniversary - and volunteered me partorisca the resupply. As I have asked around it can take loaned the projector. He - I expsito a. But it has been warned that a ball would cost 300 crux partorisca substitute yes funds. This horrified me, as I have decided to try and take something of Amazon and has found this one which has taken my attention to the equal that has the free screen. Also a price was less than 70 crux! As I have thought roughly the the bit and is then gone back on partorisca buy he - and a price there has been decreased for roughly 15 crux in the flash sale.
Any hesitation. The snapped up.
And is perfect partorisca my needs. Some instructions in a booklet is not a More adds them so it resembles has been translated of Chinese or Korean using the Translator of bad Computer. But there are few keys and is quite easy to imagine out of a workings without a booklet.
With which have tried among the few photos in mine portable and has looked in both a laptop and in a wall. Good colouring, there is stressed to use a wheel of Home, and generally returned for purpose. I have had a projector down down and projecting bit it big in a wall. This result in a picture that is wider in an upper that a fund. But there is another wheel that, when turned, door a picture behind to the place.
Has tried also it clip of the small video and a sound was also adds.
Which more can say. Value each penny and I now look forward to a presentation of Church.
5 / 5 by Alisha
The cost has verified My QKK the projector has arrived has ordered today he two days ago. Very a lot of packaged.
Has ordered this specifically partorisca project to the black and white photos likes them to them the course of the fund closely partorisca the theatrical production and this does a work perfectly. A photo any one the justice. It take an image like big like possible in a limit of my living room. It was able to retain a house partorisca direct a lentil. A lot easy to operate. I have connected simply my clave of USB directly to a projector and there is prendido an image has required. I ask on a noise of a defender in the calm setting, but imagine that looking the film, which is the one who the majority of people will buy this partorisca, concealed for drowned has gone by a volume of a film. An image in a photo has been projected directly to a wall more than a screen of free cloth that comes with him, and was external daylight. An image would be much clearer obviously a room was dark. Partorisca The basic projector in ossia a subject absolute . It give these 5 stars.
5 / 5 by Shirley
The cost verified has bought this like the substitution of mine leading projector as I need a light has substituted that result quite expensive to the equal that have decided to go for the new a. I am spent for multiple other options and finally elected and has taken this one especially.
Has been using he more than the week now and can say that it is a perfect bedside the projector focused. It is very calm and felizmente has management of heats a lot well of dissipation. A built in the speakers are to spare his has not taken bases very deep this in spite of. A quality of picture is excellent and that it is calm more have the screen has resupplied that it is the very scarce extra . Calm also have the available multiple entrances and work with a box of sure android. Calm also can regulate a measure of zone of the projection and tilt has to it that.
Would say that a product is of excellent quality and has described to add for his row of price.
4 / 5 by Suzie
The cost has checked are very happy with a compraventa. It is the very small projector . It has been using it partorisca look film and very good to have these and look projected in a wall - in big screen! They are more than impressed with this little projector. I use it almost every day now. Ossia A lot well sport to look also! I recommend this product.
5 / 5 by Tequila
Easy checked cost partorisca use and simple to dip up.
Has required the projector partorisca some habladuras educational. Plugged To the laptop and the clear images have produced. Coming with a free screen the big difference, also.
Has more slimline, lighter of weight some in a phase with more than bells and whistles but this one takes a work done.
4 / 5 by Harmony
The cost has verified A projector has arrived quickly with First and a packaging was a lot. Some instructions were very clear and there was punctual place on and working. A screen was big that has been expecting and has thought too thin. This in spite of once in a law to wall a lot he like this concerned takes me at all. Some controls were easy to use, although I have not had the handy battery as it can not try a far control. In general I think that that ossia the good value partorisca projector of money partorisca a price and as so only feigns partorisca the nights of weekly film think it will last the long time. It likes that it is of light to the equal that feign partorisca take the vacacional with a box of android. If I have had to that say anything negative would be it that a usb the space is the little tight, but is not an end of a world.
Has paid 64 for him and was bit it gutted when we look like this treated of a day 2 days later, but is the life. In general the happy shopper.