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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 15 ratings
5 / 5
A prime minister Proms Concert I never answered, in fact, can be been a first classical music the concert has not been never to era to 3rd Symphony of Mahler with Bernard Haitink and a Concertgebouw Orchestra – and was memorable, has included now the words can no any justice to a revelation partorisca listen this Symphony partorisca a first time.
Agrees a first Movement that awake something in me - as the intention of Mahler was partorisca wake up and listen the call of the casserole to Character. Of an inaugural fanfare a majestic the tone is place and pervades a whole of Haitink interpretation, this in spite of, some series to shine is like this faint and prolonged as if almost, has said almost, to lose a continuity of an inaugural movement. There is also pauses in the Haitink comes perilously afterwards to take a flow. A thing results apparent like the movement unfolds is a clarity of some three sections of an orchestra; some series is light, subtiles and menacing when required. A game of section of the wind with the full sound with an impact of these fanfares and then with a bundle-like this of the pieces that adapted of the character that comes the life in all his appearances. For me, this in spite of, is some eardrums the one who fly with some glorious touching in some drums that, had not appreciated fully is down so much of a whole work. It Likes him the progress of the inaugural movement there is the true bundle-like ‘changed his this gathers moment to the thrillingly strong and reckless conclusion.
When Have in the first place listened this work in Albert Real Room, a diverse ‘after bambalinas' the parts were magic to listen and in this register, some engineers of sound have directed the remarkable ‘distance' in the soldato of fashionable drum heralding, which is matched in a last movement for true of the solitary trumpet was, in a far ether of sound.
Of a call of inaugural clarinet, is in big leaves a section of wind the one who dominates a second movement and he is a bird-like this of the songs that play with some serious down – this reflects almost bundle he of character that in the almost could sing to the long of to.
As maintaining movement to a third movement, has the increasing moment with a bundle-as the rhythm that goes of light to dark but always the step that is one almost the fashion of celebration celebrates full glories of character that Mahler has illustrated by means of a whole symphony. In timing Haitink also ameno the thin sense of threat too which, of course, ameno the fulfilment in a next movement. Again an acoustics of Albert the Real room is matched for a far horn that interrupts a flow with such eloquent so only. A last interjection of this horn is where, for me, the deeply emotional plaintive the call touched and still can take like my eyes are result quite dewy and my almost burst heart by means of my @@@cofre with beating like this emphatically.
Always will have age-calm it querellas old in the manager touches truer to the intentions of a composer and ossia an only movement where prefers other interpretations; Lucretia West with the Orchestra of the Academy has given Santo Cecilia, as used in ‘Dead persons in Venice' or Jessye Norman with Vienna Philharmonic under Abbado. Both soloists have the deep sound, guttural to his voices that looks to echo a line of Zarathustra, “ has wake of the deep sleep”.
A joy of a fifth movement and a flange of heart ‘bimm-bamm!' It is like this near the bells with a heart angelic song to the equal that could wish stops.
Was this in spite of afterwards this long advance by means of Character and some a lot of llama that Mahler achieves deep to the heart and animates it of an auditor and wrings out of each emotion possibly can. Again the interpretations will vary slightly and like this with a first chair of movement Haitink the controls for perilously also long. ( I have to that confess my preference is to a Abbado register.)
Again, returning to this first experience of Mahler, like this the extraordinary symphony has arrived to his final has had rasga streaming down my face, likes a lot another, and was necessary silence that any one has loved to break first of an audience has erupted the clapping and acclaims. Haitink The interpretation is a register of entity to have , but for me rows so only the millimetro low Abbado is.
5 / 5
The third Symphony of Mahler is the @Titán symphonic: the vast cloth of incredibly vibrant sonic colour and rich in cryptic clues that once 'decoded' for some have initiated unlock spends it metaphorical to some deep depths, darknesses of human psychology - Or Mensch! Gib acht! - The psychology of Mahler. A symphony has to that be as world-wide - has to embrace it all, Mahler has said. And in fact Haitink and a BRSO present Mahler vison of some world-wide warts and everything... A world in everything of his beauty to terrify and in fact ugliness sublimate... Mahler was the master of irony!. A register very end - glorious sonics - of Master Haitink and an Orchestra of Radio Symphony glorious Bavarian.
4 / 5
A fine account of this work adds. As one the one who has touched for Haitink, a reading is strangely 'Teutonic' (for him)...The LSO Proms the action was the subject leaner . I do not think that it dislodges his sooner Concertgebouw register in spite of beautiful touching of some Bavarians. I have it quell'has purchased so only the very utmost action and registering for Ivan Fischer and wholeheartedly would recommend it.
5 / 5
One adds, and enjoyable, action - a has listened more. Ossia Better that Kubelik, Abbado, Inbal etc. does not confuse with a register of horrible Chicago!
4 / 5
The interpretation has registered fantastically of one of Mahler greats
5 / 5
A very different reading to other registers has, but riveting all one same and fantastically has registered.
4 / 5
Bernard Haitink is one of some last survivors of the was add -with a death of Pretre and Skrowaczewski suffering the shot that the half is unlikely to enjoy his musicianship again in a room jointly, Haitink and Blomstedt is some 2 @Titán Add that it remain of the was glorious.
Haitink Is an artist the one who has both measures fallidas and has loved the same on quite well 50 years. A frustration is with so much register that is exquisitely touched under his direction-but ossia unutterably dull like this of the actions! A frustration is deepened for these actions that delight, frequently in unlikely repertoire (and.G Bartok, Stravinsky, Berg, Shostakovich).

Haitink Has been conscious of his tendency to be of confidence but dull, how has been known to ask friends and mates after the action “has not gone too Dutch has been?”

Haitink Was one of a prime minister to some casts in registering the estaca of Cycle of the Mahler Bernstein, although it has not loved to register an Eighth but was contractually thanks to, those results in his piece “A Tyranny of a Complete Cycle”.

His @@@1960s RCO the neighbour is has judged still one of an available final plus in a lot of neighbourhoods, and one 3rd to be the point underlined of a together.
Haitink According to the incomplete cycle was in general careful, beautiful –but dull in spite of a participation of a BPO. An exception was a Third , which is a lot remarked, animate and still rows like the decent election in this titanic work.

His register of alive Chicago was considered highly in some neighbourhoods-I found the heavy, brash, raucous and in fact vulgar in a lot of passages, certainly that lacking of any charm and in the heavy bass that records that has been missing he of any subtlety.

This new register is taken alive concerts in 2016 of a Philharmonie Gasteig this has preceded a LSO Prom of a same work that a lot of readers (assuming has Any one!) It will have experienced. This concert was beautiful but walk been missing of, and was marred for some technical fluffs in a brass.
Are happy to advise that this register is so much better on like this accounts, this in spite of still requiring precaution. One touching is extraordinary-any version is better touched, with radiant series, rich sonorous brass, thunderous percussion and glistening woodwind and all has taken in those records that is like this as well as it can be imagined.

A beauty is heart rending of a choral of inaugural brass to some ends of exultant agreements of an end.
THIS In spite of-him the the patience is the virtue then an auditor will require to be a lot of virtuous when that approaches this register.
Is not THAT slow-in just on 100 minutes is so only 4 long minutes that a Jansons/BRSO subject of Byline, and 3 long minutes that a Sinopoli SWR that registers that loves like this! Maazel VPO The register is on 104 minutes, but has press he in bylines, the monumental walk that a Haitink lacks of action.

Has the feeling of attentively unfolding a work without intervention that in a surface can be the good thing -leaving the inspiration of a composer tongue for him is the perfectly valid
approximation (in fact can think A lot of REGISTER where more than that it would be it welcome)!

In this chance this in spite of fact an inaugural movement looks the little that the flaccid meanders to the long of more than surging to the equal that would owe that -he in the slow or the step the fast plus.
Is better that was a chance in Londra- is the tad more energised and some explosions add to be able to is tremendously impressive and if a music is touched like this fantastically like this here can not fail to be enjoyable to the terracing, but is all bit it “ anonymous.”
A first movement Is sectional-and mine to look that Haitink attentively is driving an orchestra by means of each section, then moving on to a prójimo that ensures that it goes well, and like this on… to an effect that does not take the sense of a global architecture.

A music is inherently beautiful, as this can not fail to engender the big terracing to listen like, but to the equal that have given already lack of clues of the mine of a necessary backbone, as to speak.

Haitink Law of the far better approximation in a second Splits-and a second movement is the bucolic delight with a sheer marvels of one touching that it wins any one reservations roughly the time there could be.

A third movement also does better, for an apex of a symphony. It is so only the tad too literal in of the places the rave roughly the, but a offstage duet of horn of the estaca with some horns will spend the tear to an eye and the piece to a throat. It takes a way of nostalgic anxiety to perfection.

I action Ralph the irritation of Moore that to the singers likes him to him Kathleen Ferrier is described like half-sopranos today-the contralto of of the term looks for to have fallen out of use.
Was unaware of Gerhild Romberger until this disk, but Is the contralto and his rich deep tone ameno the magic and forces his participation. I can a lot of lacking Haitink in this prójimo 2 movements and some Boys is and the hearts of the women are exemplary and registered in the perfect balance.
Some Final looks to find Haitink giving an a lot of behind and revelling in a sublime and glorious inspiration that touches of an orchestra, and unfolds of course and unhurriedly but without dawdling and is the well an exposure of this life that affirms to composition likes any one.

Is easy to take the past was with a sheer magnificence of one touching and a sound registered- is to like pure so only the wallow in him-but intellectually has the light dissatisfaction with quell'I listens like the lack of structure and push in an inaugural movement.
Is Haitink Maher 9 with a BRSO in a same series will know that I bad, and if it does not share my reservations in this action (quite one same as here!) Then this could be a register for you.
The Well can be a one in all the chance, reason in a last analysis a sheer beauty and power of the inspiration of Mahler and one touching and registering to a large extent override any one reservations!
This in spite of, the reservations there are and could would attribute 4.5 Stars!
The alternatives vary according to your own conception of a work. If you prefer the plus propulsive account then one Goes VPO the version is glorious.
If some technicians to register later that comprises SACD is of yours entity, I commend an absolutely glorious register for Manfred Honeck and a Pittsburgh Orchestra of Symphony that has the stunning register and the really insightful interpretation.

Bernstein According to NYPO the register is the any one controls to read of sweep, but your of the series leaves the plot be wished and an alive register is dry and boxy same in his remastering- and of a past Kubelik alive BRSO Controls of the register is excellent, how is a underrated Heinz Rögner on Berlino Classics-both in mid-prizes.
Abbado VPO The account is one of one the majority of joyous and one touching of a VPO is taken superbly and a quality of his east enhanced in his Original OIBM mastering-although has a subject of a missing heavy percussion in an end (has not gone there!), But still it gives one of some stronger recommendations, and the esteem in his BPO remake.
Are an absolute devotee of a Jansons/BRSO version, but is the Subject of Byline and only available like the import of the specialist how is a Sinopoli/SWR version in Weitblick and both are a lot expensive compared the alternatives and although value he in mine dress, no like a “version of entrance.”
Lovers of this symphony and Haitink devotees will love this @@subject-and will be happy has it and will return his like this often time like this to the left, likes I. 4 Stars under a system of amazon, a lot almost 5 in a Real World! Stewart Crowe.
4 / 5
Are not especially the Mahler defender but I have bought this in a force of a Magazine of Music of the BBC 2018 Prize. The my ears some sounds of presentation bland and plodded. A register similarly looks far. I have lost interest half way by means of. I have compared this register to Mahler - Symphony Any one.4, Ivan Fischer & Orchestra of the festival of Budapest has bought two month ago (although @I give is two different works) and straightaway note more committed
5 / 5
I pity Any the one who arrives in Mahler 3rd, the virgin, and chooses this register like his in the first place listen. I have it quell'has finalised so only listen the Haitink Beethoven cycle with a LSO, which is wonderful - full of emotion, fire and ferocity. I ask like this it registers possibly it can be for a same person. A quality of register is excellent, and an orchestra touches his best, but Haitink done one 3rd feels as if it is plodding to the long of. There is not any fire, ferocity or emotion in this a lot of dulls interpretation. It averts. To all the cost. If you are looking for the recommendation: I have listened to a lot 3rds on some last few years - could be it my symphony of Mahler of the favourite - and HIGHLY recommends Chailly register with a Real Concertgebouw Orchestra (coupled with the Mahler fantastic orchestration of the Bach continuazione).
4 / 5
Haitink Has done serveral a lot of Mahlerrecordings on some years. It is always a lot I last to know it partorisca expect of him. His prompt register of America and Berlino was often a lot well but registers of recent time with a Bavarian RSO and the symphony of Chicago has been just routine and dull. Frankly, this version of a third is not that it impresses at all. Enough the subject cold that the good sounds but without any tentativa to resupply passion or an interesting subtext. Like this always, this Orchestra rids a lot of touching and BR Klassik resupplies his registered well. Neverhteless, Spend east a.
5 / 5
Bernard Haitink und gives Orchester give Bayerischen Rundfunk spielten has given Meisterwerk give Romantik dipped einer immensen Präzision und eleganten Ruhe wie the man is selten hörte. It gives Direct Haitink führte Has enormous data Menge A Musiker durch has given Werk place einer zenmäßigen Ruhe, wie ich dipped eigenen Augen und Ohren vor Ort im Gasteig erleben durfte. Gerhild Romberger und Quotes beiden Chöre meisterten ihre Gesangparts dipped Bravour. Jedem Mahlerfreund kann ich Has given CD YEARS Herz legen.
5 / 5
Sure enough, In any lacking version of 3ème symphonie of Mahler interprétéand pair Bernard Haitink.

Lucido Boss néerlandais The always had joins condition particulièking touches this symphonie river, of the one who found until l&worsen; 6 versions (!) In his discographie (two with Orchestra of Edges of the Concertgebouw, joins he in 1966 -car very known that breakings of forms of the intégrale official Philips and fine-réé it has saidéand-, the another in concert in 1983, more fragile that an instrumental point of view but of a commitment émotionnel strong; two with him Philharmonique of Berlino of décembre 1990, joins he in studio - marmoréenne and impressive-, the another in concert -more vivante; it joins with his Wiener Philharmoniker in concert également in 1995, little diffuséand; and finally it joins of 2006 in concert with him Symphony of Chicago, tranchante but that is missing a bit émotion and in that his discharge of the propiciado by orchestra of glory).

In rodeo, saves &Worsens; be haitinkolâtre, in pode no the truth says that it felt a vital need &worsens; it sees the look has joined 7èI look me of version lucida boss néerlandais.

Of another side this coffret of two cds sold to the strong prize and without complé it mentions to program strong risk to be goé & it worsens; it joins strong little envidiable cartsèking announce, but well après all these edges of looks éditeur BR that é you say his concerts of the orchestra marries (the radio Bavaroise)....

Adds &Worsens; it concealed that Haitink was 87 years during this concert donné & it worsens; his Munich 15-17 June 2016, that is an age to the as his physical force and the endurance the pair has required this symphonie of près of 100 minutes are places &worsens; très earthy é it could like this the dread has joined interprétation dilatéand or absentee of nerve like this sometimes Haitink in the donné these dernièanimal anné it is.

Then, Joins 3ème of too much ?

AprèS There is écouté & it worsens; several recoveries this coffret, creates can affirm that all the mélomane mahléroman have surely véculo a moment exceptional assisting &worsens; this concert.

The orchestra is somptueux, &worsens; the ductile time (the texture gives the ropes &worsens; the entréand of the end, incredible !), saturé Of colours (sees his transmissions of dyed gives difféhires épisodes with only of trombone of the first movement), dense without being écrasant (his percussions, of joined invraisemblable row of nuances). Everywhere His soloists ré they have treated & it worsens; the Perfection &worsens; the beaten yes flexible of the boss.

And Pair-on everything, Haitink obtains the instrumentalists have joined capacité of écoute mutual that créand it conditions him of a véritable dialogue among his diffégroups of hires notarises them : the example lucido more than mark -among 100- is the ahurissant the passage &worsens; it counts 4 minutes of the Mysterious (before lucida turn of the half) that last like his cors, violins and look of forests to invent an audible universe fantasmagorique, &worsens; similar point that believes projecté in the Abschied of the Flange of the voice less !

The A lot of time (under other wands) first movement déploie with naturalidad, in déhole of the contrast of the his différent épisodes, with nobility and véhémence &worsens; the time (écoutez his attacks give tombs of ropes or his répliques give percussions !), but without free Violence. Seldom On it will have so much touché of the toe the dimension romanesque and chaotic of this music, véritable cosmogonie.

He Menuetto is joué with irony and ambiguité, a quite fluent time (10 '06) that reinforces caractèunstable king included bipôlaire.

He Commodo gives surely less in him bestiaire fantastic inquiéso much and if those movements of the Version of 1966. And sure enough, in his épisodes alive of this movement the beaten of Haitink will be able to look be missing superficiellement of motricité. But the one who éMotion in him deuxième so only of Horn of Estaca (très carnal !), and His dernièking the minutes of the plough of movement a gouffre psychological complètement inésaid in the discographie of the boss.

The Three last movements enchaînent with the admirable force has joined, in giving the tonnes &worsen; the shady time and limpides, that imposes of glorious gradations émotionnelles (and is très very bordosés, especially pair Sra Romberger, to the véritables colours of big)...

In is not près to forget the attack of the end, or still he rayonnement of the orchestra in his 5 dernièsmall king, véritable ascensión déchirante to the lumiè of the feeble of some versions martelé it is unexpectedly of timbales and of cymbales !

Everywhere Haitink the paintbrush Joins fresh to the colours give produced of the Caravage.

Likes Mahler is glorious when it is joué with so much of hot and of naturalidad, with also pocola affectation (the end finds &worsens; ears of month a just time : 23 '40) !

And The all is magnifié the pair joins taken of glorious Edges of présence (a little cough in him final).

Truth, and the games joins time, that has been surely an exceptional concert gives a très, très glorious disk.

Text Of présentation in English and in German.
5 / 5
Gustav Mahler: No. Of Symphony 3 directed for Haitink is one of some better actions of this symphony.
4 / 5
Mahler wonderful 3 for Bernard Haitink has has estimated cups for Music of BBC and I totally have spent! Wonderful register with adding digital to flower and detail. This register moves my another preferred. It has to that freshness that is hard to resist.
4 / 5
While Haitink has been reinvorgorating he in a past 15 years with the collection of remarkable alive register with a Concertgebouw, Bavarian State Orchestra, and Symphony of Chicago (and included New York Philharmonic), this Mahler 3 lacks an intensity and the magnitude had propiciado like this of his other alive actions. Still it has to that individual, and generally that directs in the upper level to a vast majority of some managers plus very young. But this Mahler 3 is not that, unfortunately.

Top Customer Reviews: Debussy: Pelléas ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 5 ratings
5 / 5
Debussy adds Pelleas and Melisande is not really the music-does, much less a work, in any sense familiarised. It is more the book sung more than bed. A text is prose - prose quite simple in that - and like this far as it knows is lifted directly of Maeterlinck game. A music is like this continuous like Wagner without trusting Wagner special device of Leitmotiv, sc musical sentences with concrete associations. A vocal idiom is the class of constant recitative, and is innocent of anything we usually melody to call to start with to finalise. Cela, in mine dress of a work, is that it has to that be - when singing the tunes of the text of the prose would be out of place. Again, I can think of any work or music- that mark his effect like this entirely touches so only, in fact concealed is like preferring it. It can not have any one dips ready, but has 'atmosphere' infinite to this music. He not even 'illustrate' his text, funds with him to form the alone indivisible unit. It is toweringly the music adds in my opinion, but does not have any existence averts of a narrative duquel resulted it the part.

Maeterlinck Belonging in a school of the French writers usually called ymbolist', and in fact has symbolism enough in his history to maintain an industry of literary critique that goes for centuries. A history has taken an attention other utmost composers also. It has drawn of Sibelius some appeal but light incidental music, and Schoenberg has been moved, alas, to describe he in the tone-poem of excruciating period and turgidity. Debussy is born, looks, to give this deep and disturbing history his true and worthy musical representation. It is the depthlessly sad history, but in some levels is the very realistic a. A behaviour of Golaud and Pelleas is a lot recognisable in fact, and if an old king Arkel is like this the class of Greek heart in his commentaries like the class of Nestor, a boy Yniold is the very familiar type of French boy. Melisande Is a figure of mystery and contradictions. Never in the same discover where has come from/come from - has been expósitos cryings in the to to the forest likes Coleridge Geraldine, of a victim apparently of unspecified the injustices done for unnamed wrongdoers. It is not to to the the witch likes them to them Geraldine, but precipitates of a tragedy and she is the liar. There was mentido to Pelleas in a behaviour of Golaud when it has found ( was a flawless gentleman), there was mentido to Golaud in a loss of his pair-coverage, and when it says Pelleas that so only there was mentido the Golaud concealed is the lie. This in spite of any only Golaud but Arkel also think of the his like this childlike, and in fact a developing passion in his report with Pelleas looks to come mainly of his side. His death can be been a result to give birth, although the person suggests that, more than the tragic chance like a death of Desdemona. This is not the Shakespearean tragedy in any way, neither included to Greek-fashion a. Some the frequent references to fate are something more totally here - ossia so only that it can spend it the people in of the sure situations.

Such is a power of a music that prefers it everything without action of phase. Debussy creates the world of the his own, and some interpreters here locate his superbly. Some surely have touched trumpets in another side for Abbado and Vienna Philharmonic for his glorious realisation of this wonderful bookmark, steering clear of hyperbole but without artificial coldness or has obliged neither. Some mine of look of the singers without the excellent exception. They are not me it singer in any significant sense of a word, but would guess that in the vocal writing of technical terms Debussy is much less difficult that Wagner is to say at all of Greens is. Be that as you can, asks art and sensibility of an exceptional order, and attended does not have to that never revise my early impression that it is all something next flawless. A register, of 1991, is in his point to my ears also, and has included a liner the notes are outstandingly well. Maeterlinck French is very simple, and I so only looked in a translation from time to time. Like this far as there is remarked, was generally well, except this I spotted a howler - 'lucido bridge' in the ship is not a bridge but a coverage. The navigation-the ship has the bridge in all the chance? I thought it also enough they give it to downgrade Maeterlinck vivid and memorable 'breathe he of the death' to one dulls and conventional 'the shadow of death'.

The one who general appeal this work adds to have never is something does not have any half to know. I have tried not even in the short description to touch in a subject of a symbolism that there was mentido in his heart. If you are new his, everything would say is that to have any hope of sympathetic has to follow it a text with undeviating attention, and is in no way difficult to follow. It is not the thing to tug in your heart-serious in a normal sense, but is like this deep likes source in a park or some groups in a grotto, and after listening an account like this very like this one is would be necessary to take you some time to result a person was before, if in fact calm any never.
4 / 5
In listens it reason the partition of Debussy is terrific, but coin quickly that this is not the register of the century... . At all it is not frankly well, not even The apresamiento of edges. He any And That to compare with his another existent register and feels quickly his differences to all his levels. It touches my part the version of Karajan embezzles the mine has preferred followed of that of Dutoit play different reasons.
5 / 5
4 / 5
In general, so much cds was free of skips and scratches. Any libretto was included which is WELL. I appreciate partorisca receive these 3 earlier days that has expected. Way of the amazon gone. You are surprising!
5 / 5
IMMENSE. I want to the one who Abbado builds a way around some singers. Wonderful sonics that the calm frames fully appreciate some textures woven of Debussy masterpiece. Gorgeous Container. One of one the majority of conjoint good-looking music!

Top Customer Reviews: ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 30 ratings
4 / 5
Material Sarah Brightman has some good ideas, and like an election of songs here and in a whole, like some musical arrangements that so any one has said more is very big and lustrous. But that am struggling with east a breathy quality of the voice of Sarah these days. His sounds of the voices of pops go down well, and his voice, for me at least, is always sweet, but is some main notes , which have the strangely toneless, far, and thin quality , metallic, almost likes is artificially state created in the studio, although some songs touch better that another. This has said, there is more positive here that negatives, for this some four stars. I enjoyed it.
5 / 5
Tops Brightman returns to our ears with another resounding sucedido in HYMN, once again with his collaborator along, Frank Petersen.

Full of his mix of classics sung in Italian tunes and more modern, has one or two interesting guests in this album, comprising Eric Whitacre Singers those who help on 'Fly To Paradise' and a Japanese musician, Yoshiki, whose piano that touches in soyiracle' is perfect.

One Opening of the HYMN in a start is the very inaugural to a clue of title, the song written for John of Harvest of James of Barclay Legge (I agrees this of one 70 east) and there is the lovely version of a song that knows like this called ' is Corazón ' wished sung in Italian. This in spite of, a better is saves to last. As if his duet with Gentleman Bocelli has not been to perfect enough, registers the new version with self-penned English papers of 'Time to Sack' that is included better.

All a lot fantastically sung (of course) for Sarah, with an Orchestra of Symphony of Londra, a Crouch Corazón of Festival of the Fine and an Alcohol of David Cuore (of Gardena, USA) resupplying brilliant backing.

Ossia The bit of the triumph. Long it can continuous.
5 / 5
Ossia The strong album . The voice of Sarah is touching better that has in some last few albums and an election of song is well. No they liked Him To Him some too religious songs but another like the heaven and The Sand and You am fantastic. They are a lot really belong here, his plus of the sound of Harem. A thing adds roughly the albums of Sarah is that they are always different. I recommend.
4 / 5
There be enjoyed to listen to this album although suitable that Sarah has struggled with some of some main notes. This in spite of, has had some lovely ballads. I have seen his concert in Arts of Heaven and a visual appearance have done a more special music
4 / 5
A mix of the classical pieces in one vetoes of his ‘Timeless ‘' albums and classical crossover/clues of pops. It is spent the long time that chooses these clues and he aims. It does not sing full out of soprano a lot in this album but concealed can be the creative election to the equal that has the heart to back in the plot if clues. Hymn, heaven and sand and better is a day is uplifting songs, full of joy. Fly to the paradise and The Miracle would not touch out of place afterwards to Flower of the harm in an album of the symphony how is powerful and moody pieces respectively. It is it is also he standout clue with the tropical flavour which is can be the harem ‘of bit' in feeling. In general the lovely collection that feels like the turn his fashion of traditional production with sounds to do with Franco Peterson again. If it likes-you Sarah is other albums would recommend this.
4 / 5
Although, my preferred of the albums of Sarah remain Symphony, the also want this masterpiece. Comparing a two Symphony is more 'darker' while the hymn is more roughly that finds the light. My favourite clues are Hymn , Dreams, Flange for us, Fly to paradise, Heaven and sand, Your that.... That The booklet is done perfectly and Simon Fowler photographs no dissapoint. It is a lot the very well listens... Congratulations Sarah!
4 / 5
After being disappointed with a Dreamchaser CD has begun for the ask Sarah had decided to take register. Felizmente A lot like this the album is glorious and are by train of the want to more every time I the tone. Comparable to a CD of Symphony in a lot of ways
really is on duty in forms. Has a lot hesitation buy east.
4 / 5
Amazing album to start with to finalise. Well recamened for any to listen to.
4 / 5
Ossia He masterpiece. It buys it. Any included think or doubt. Wonderful - I loves it. So only it improves and better with each listen and results totally adictiva. Congratulations Sarah.
5 / 5
Absolutely divine, love a mix of different fashions and some classical crossover.
5 / 5
Excellent album of an Excellent Singer, now can not expect see his in November in Albert Reale Soiled.
4 / 5
Amazing album for Sarah. Costs a wait partorisca take this. I love an integer but Calm album so only grabs me and give me goosebumps. A bit of each way done is. Well it validates he!!
5 / 5
The singer adds but no still before
My opinion like the normal person she the better song

I still like his fashion
5 / 5
Brilliant! CD & IN CONCERT. HIS ASTOUNDING IN A good Salvation-Fi..
5 / 5
Beautiful spiritualy uplifting music and fantastically sung.
5 / 5
The selection adds songs with the vocal and fixed sums. You will enjoy you are the defender .
5 / 5
Has bought this like the present for my woman, still is touching now, am happy.
5 / 5
Sarah is well. It do not dip this among his best but is certainly value the listen.
5 / 5
I love each clue. Ossia The beautiful soothing album. A pleasure partorisca listen to...
5 / 5
Special album so that they love classical with move he of modern music.
4 / 5
At all bad with a flange. So only memory of B clues of old 45s. At all riveting.
5 / 5
Unfortunately at all new of this Superstar and his producer Frank Peterson.
Some perhaps the new songs but a fashion is Sarah Classical Brightman. Those some defenders will want. But in reality it is Sarah ONLY CD!
4 / 5
Sarah does not disappoint never. Another glorious action and selection of the song remained with his ethereal voice this the stunning album.
5 / 5
I have been partorisca see this concert. A music is good-looking. Sarah Brightman Is the a lot of talented singer that does not disappoint never.
4 / 5
Beautiful album! Sarah HAS one the majority of delicately good-looking voice also!
5 / 5
Partorisca My dad in Navidad one of the his favourite cds touched it any stop.
4 / 5
This round of time Sarah offers mostly bursts partorisca offer , production a lot lustrous and in his voice partorisca pop sum of the lowest sounds and in the control but I still can not take use to some the main notes there is the metalic tinny quality to his notes of operatic voices now that the odd only sounds some songs touch better that another am guessing maintains his voice in shape with the bus but when it listen behind to old register really the totally different sounds with much more of control and of the better respite knows the age has the enormous impact on voice , perhaps the songs of pops would owe that be explored more like this orders to touch here ,
the Alive action has partorisca the years declares mostly playback miming and is always easy to say like the main notes are in his old his clear more toned voices.
Interesting upbeat album this in spite of this in spite of enjoying he in spite of transmissions of voices!
I points have underlined partorisca me is,
Sky and sand
Time partorisca sack.
5 / 5
After a disappointing muddle this was Symphony and a insipidness (with which follows 3) of Dreamchaser, the hymn is Brightman better album of then Harem - although he no quite fulfil some big levels of that. It is the really good mix to burst vs. operatic, And a whole album has an epic and majestic his gloss. Tinytim Is of description he on well: his voice to pop the lowest sounds glorious. Still in some operatic songs/more classical some looks of the less forced voice and on has articulated that of late, which results in the plus relaxed to listen experience, and this eyebrow that has shouted moments when it expresses the big note was is a lot little.
For me, some the strongest songs are Fly the Paradise, Heaven and Sand, Follow me and Calm. Even Dreams, which could be quite cringeworthy, so only directs the teeter in a right side of a line. This in spite of, find it difficult to listen to follow 2 – Hymn – as the blatant religious message is far too strong and overdone for me and find skipping a clue after the pair of minutes – how is the shame like the melody is well.
An art of coverage is beautiful, as the majority of his coverages of albums is. Some photos of the inner booklet is not like this attacking albums like this leading. She still looks (and sounds) a lot well for 58, and good for his that some photos of the booklet has not been photoshopped the slender lucido down.
Which we really the need is the lustrous book of all his shoots of photos on some years as they deserve it.
In all chance – rear to an album. I touched it 4 times consecutively a first day received it, which have not done never with Symphony and Dreamchaser. It is been a lot of value a wait.
4 / 5
For me the hymn is the turn to form for Sarah. Ignore a reviewer this has said that it touch like the strangled cat in some big notes reasons she certainly no. In fact some songs in the hymn there is topped was with his soprano vocals is the tailor done for Sarah. After a disappointment of dreamchaser, this really is the quota of new sound for Sarah together with Sarah knows and amour.
5 / 5
Ossia The terrific album , which a lot sees the turn to his earlier works, the defenders of his classical side will appreciate, as well as it enjoys it the plus upbeat way. Sky And Sand is the fabulous clues, his sounds of voices like good-looking as never. Thank you Sarah.

Top Customer Reviews: Bartók - ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 6 ratings
5 / 5
Wonderful register - some vocal goodnesses John Tomlinson and Anne-Sofie to nourished of the van is enormous form , and a production of his east richly there is detailed. It is amused to listen a late Hungarian Actor Sandor You doing some narrative pieces and spoken also. Glorious everywhere
4 / 5
This a, for me, is one of an exceptional Bluebard Castle, both Von Nourished and Tomlinson is in shape better. Of an orchestral point of view, BPO is a better.
Ossia The CD partorisca treasure .
4 / 5
An idea, any unattractive, that the true plus (truer? Justo true!) Action of the art of the composer will come from his fellow countryfolk, is an idea that is the past sound sells for-date. Or at least he ought partorisca be. Some Finns are no better in interpreting the Sibelius symphony that those other nations, and sometimes enough bit it worse. Any metropolitan orchestra can do Holst is Some Planets sing fantastically. And when it comes the work the foreign emphasis often done a low medicine to the easiest plot.

Two of some better register of Bluebeard the castle has no Hungarian singers. A classical Kertesz (Hungarian manager, he) has been done to Londra and stars married crew Ludwig & Berry, both native German speakers. This in spite of like this his rendition of a Hungarian is hypnotic, how is a contributo of a LSO. Another is this action jointly of the multinational . A Berliners. English bass Tomlinson. Swedish half Von Nourished. And that directs a work, Dutch master, a recently departed Bernard Haitink ().

Haitink Has done fewer registers of work that perhaps he ought to having done. His alive Jenufa of Covent perfection of approximations of the Garden in his final law (trust, was there). This fulsome action of Bluebeard is another wins well to the art of a Dutch, and one of some better register of the courts but shattering acts partorisca just two voice. A difficult work partorisca stage - all these doors and that had mentido further the - is the better option is, if any action jointly, then stagings ossia purely abstract, lights and colours, likes has done in some new Bayreuth in a @@@1950s and @@@1960s.

Tomlinson Is the wintry plus, gravelly Bluebeard that an emotional, mellifluous Bay partorisca Kertesz. Like this, Von to nourished is the freshest client that Judith ardent of Christa Ludwig. But one contrasts among some English and Scandinavian works excellently partorisca the history that is all the suspicion and strangeness. Ossia He DDD audio and with Berlino Philharmonic a sound has enormous oomph, a lot mroee so much that one equivalen LSO version. A garden is like this glorious to the equal that dominate these surfaces with a ploughing of a fifth door.

One returning compraventa monument partorisca adapt you of an art and row of an a lot of beloved, self-effacing Dutch, the one who was so much he fixture in English musical life.
5 / 5
Has given Oper erschließt sich erst nach mehrmaligem Hören, aber I öfter man sie hört, desto ergreifender ist give Eindruck. Die Musikkritik the hat has given Aufnahme auf Platz 1 gestellt. Ich werde selbst auch noch andere Aufnahmen erwerben, a vergleichen zu können. Ich glaube, dass Dies eine give größten Opern ist, quotes I geschrieben wurden dipped einer Aussage, die sich kaum ausloten lässt.

Unbedingt empfehlenswert.
4 / 5
When A Decca register of 'Bluebeard' Castle' first has looked was in a midst partorisca discover so much of Bartok music to the equal that could. It had listened a Juilliard the quartet touches all some quartets of series in mine university and has begun partorisca locate, street some bookmarks/marcadors partorisca those, an evolution of Bartok felt of rhythmical work and melodic individualism. Of course soyusic partorisca Percussion of Serious and Celestial' was the real stunner to mine unjaded alcohol. 'Bluebeard', With some actions of Walter Berry and Christa Ludwig as well as Kertesz is directing, there is sealed a shot according to which was then has concerned. I thought it a work of century MORE xX orders.

While I still want to listen his for the while roughly once the year, am a lot the time gone in of then contact with such marvels as 'Wozzeck' and more importantly 'Lulu' both for Alban Berg. I in the first place listened 'Wozzeck' in a backside of Metropolitan Work in a 70s and 'Lulu' been still in a prompt 80s. Still it takes this afternoon like this clearly. They are curiously be a next day in 12:00 PM partorisca see a Parsifal emission. I did not think it never it could touch that Dittersdorf, but compared to Berg big work, he , although this would be Dittersdorf like this of the characters!

Write this long introduction to my thoughts in this register because 'Bluebeard' no longer resists a exalted put among my favourite works. I saw it three times in action, once in English in a Praise with Verrett in a 70s. I have after seen he with Kubelik and a NYPO with Trojan and Nimsgern; this was a lot in satisfactory. I saw it finally under a baton of Levine with Norman and Ramey. Quell'Concealed that has not done partorisca to plot of reasons. Each alive action has developed, little by little, some holes in a work as well as a music. This has not been a Bartok of one of some orchestral works later and was is tired result of some works trunkated elements as well as a predictability in an orchestral writing.

With this said, felt suddenly invigorated for Haitink reading of a piece. Some singers are wonderful, but Haitink done one a work of law a sparkling the gem has take of the longitude done. I possess 6 registers of 'Bluebeard' and I recently listened to a Decca and EMI in a seating. While I still amour Ludwig and Bay, von to nourished is simply a young daughter that thinks of when I contemplate Judith. It likes more in Berlioz, but is probably like this well Judith as we will not listen never. These women have listened in any one was all also 'vocally weighed' and officially to to singers like Obratsova of pocolos partorisca do a tragic, gready his of naïve daughter. Tomlinson Is always be the grave favourites of mine, and with Haitink in a helm of Berlino, well, a LSO down Kertesz was simply never like this polished neither is low Chicago Goes.

Seldom is the piece of music esnata' street of mine the new action. As Gardiner Beethoven Sinfonie, this EMI the neighbour is that ray of alone that careers by means of some clouds of clichés and develops all the classes of complexities have hid I any listened before.
5 / 5
Bluebeard The castle is not exactly one of Bartok the works sweat better, and is even more scarce of the sees has treated in person. I have had an honour of the see so only recently, and was like this entranced for a dark history that has had to take a register also. Ossia An excellent action of one a work of law. A work is short, and a lot compact, and has one of a tight plus, bookmarks/marcadors more intense that any work knows. A history is very dark, to good sure any partorisca a faint of heart, and is more reminiscent of a gothic histories of Edgar Allen Poe. I recommend it to any the one who is the defender of Bartok, as it represents some of his the majority of sophisticated and rich music. It is more melodic, thinks, that some of his materials his late plus, although no like this accessible likes concert partorisca Orchestra. Still, this version the justice, and really enjoy listen his!

Top Customer Reviews: Puccini - La ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 8 ratings
5 / 5
Ossia The gorgeous less very known Puccini work. A composer has looked for to escape of 'big tunes'. I have thought - at the beginning - that has taken rid of tunes altogether. I took touching it several times, then was entirely hooked and now the want better that all some another and I look partorisca learn something new roughly he every time I the tone.
4 / 5
With which fifty years partorisca listen the music and taking partorisca know Puccini big four The Boheme, Tosca, Madama Butterfly and Turandot somehow had lost The Rondine. A radio emission of a last law with Alagna and Gheorghiu there was drying my eyes. No quite know reason has to that effect, is so only a beauty of a music and some voices of some interpreters of star.
5 / 5
There is so only so only find this work,(in spite of being the defender of Puccini ) looked in other descriptions of villages and indications on Amazon and decided to go thus register as it had listened Angela Gheorghiu the voice is not the very now like this when it was younger.
Has not been disappointed ossia the glorious register and is a whole work 2 CD is and a libretto.
4 / 5
In that saw it Gheorgiu extracted this in a House of Real Work was the compraventa well . Door for behind happy memories with each listening.
5 / 5
Ossia The must has dipped for lovers of work but also Puccini followers the one who can not know this does a lot well. It has been quite lucky to see a Covent Garden and Operates North Productions in of the recent years. It is the mystery of mine because the people are still like this sniffy roughly that. In these disks so many in a theatre Angela Gheorghiu is Magda glorious and in this occasion his increases of husband to a challenge to sing with his woman. This together with Him Trittico is one of Pappano sucedido more utmost on disk, the buy and calm will not be disappointed.
5 / 5
Ossia The special register of a underated laws. It is the little more commercial that Tosca, said, but is stunningly melodic and is any a lot of marvel has been used for a film of Ivory of the Trader 'Rooom with the View'. A register simply is stunning. Ossia uplifting Music and the @@subject
4 / 5
has ordered this disk by means of my venue Exeter trafficante 'have opposite' that has seen an action in a HD link of Cinema of a Praise,New York in Feb this year.
After expecting 6 month EMI still failed to annoy to take his together law of the resupply to one patient tent,has left so only I. It Service is this ? As you Can it tends it it survives with such providers? Tentativa To sustain local providers.
The Arrived of Amazon inside a week. Well fact.
An action Fulfilled in Feb was glorious in spite of Gheorghiu taking on the infection of throat at the same time. Gheorghiu And Alagna has a lot of fact to revive this work how is seldom state has treated.
A Disk, registered in 1997,is not registered apparently in the public action and is clear acute and very sympathetic, with a two that develops his lyrical game finely.
Has't listened other registers but can not imagine there to be the most ardent interpretation. Gheorghiu Is quite simply glorious.
5 / 5
Difficult to note this compraventa: for a part, desire to dip 5 games this work ignored of Puccini in the version has joined idéalement the pair interpreted pair Alagna-Gheorghiu. Pair Against, extremely disappointed to having received this CD with lucida notebook of accompaniment so only in ENGLISH....!! (That that has not been signalled in the presentation...). Delay Of delivery well in deçà of the delay has announced, like this at all to reproach east this side there. As a whole it satisfies this in spite of, in spite of him fat bémol of the tongue.

Top Customer Reviews: Secret ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 2 ratings
4 / 5
Of the works of Fauré very interpreted in his seldom registered pair of Versions of excellent artists.
4 / 5
This Cd offers An interesting election of works of Fauré, of his contemporary and students of those who some is known little was partorisca give specialists. Few people know that Fauré had has trusted the Orchestration of Péléas and Mélisande the student of edges Charles Koechlin. This The equally has done the orchestration of games of work Debussy.

Top Customer Reviews: Fromental Halevy: ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 1 ratings
4 / 5
Register really excellent. A flange is wonderful with Veronique People and Cyrille Dubois, but an orchestral writing and his interpretation for Hervé Niquet is simply spectacular. Halevy Has known really like this partorisca write for some low series and a virtuoso accompaniment of a flange for an Orchestra of the chamber of Parigi is praise further. It is not difficult to see what Halevy has influenced a Green youngster. A word of precaution: Haley his rich east and that satisfies, but takes time and several listenings partorisca absorb a cloth of a work. Calm ensure you, this in spite of, is a lot of value a time!