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1 first Bosch 06008A6071 Electric Lawnmower ARM 3200 (1200 W, Cutting Width: 32 cm, with Additional Blade Included, in Carton Packaging) – Amazon Edition Bosch 06008A6071 Electric Lawnmower ARM 3200 (1200 W, Cutting Width: 32 cm, with Additional Blade Included, in Carton Packaging) – Amazon Edition Bosch Home and Garden
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2 Cobra HM381 Manual Garden Lawnmower, Hand Cylinder Mower, 38cm (15in) cutting width Cobra HM381 Manual Garden Lawnmower, Hand Cylinder Mower, 38cm (15in) cutting width Cobra
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3 best RASHION Strimmer Head Universal M10 Aluminum Nylon Mower Brush Lawn Yard Cutter 2 Lines Trimmer Grass Weeds (Orange) RASHION Strimmer Head Universal M10 Aluminum Nylon Mower Brush Lawn Yard Cutter 2 Lines Trimmer Grass Weeds (Orange) RASHION
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4 RASHION C26-2 Auto Cut Bump Feed Strimmer Trimmer Head Replacement for STIHL FS55 56 70 90 100 130 130T 460TC-EM RASHION C26-2 Auto Cut Bump Feed Strimmer Trimmer Head Replacement for STIHL FS55 56 70 90 100 130 130T 460TC-EM RASHION
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5 RASHION Strimmer Trimmer 2 Line Universal Spool Mower Head Grass Lawn Cutting For RYOBI EXPAND-IT RASHION Strimmer Trimmer 2 Line Universal Spool Mower Head Grass Lawn Cutting For RYOBI EXPAND-IT RASHION
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6 Mountfield Typhoon 30Li Cordless Hover Lawnmower, 30cm cutting width, Battery-powered, Up to 100m² working area, Includes 2x 20V 4Ah batteries Mountfield Typhoon 30Li Cordless Hover Lawnmower, 30cm cutting width, Battery-powered, Up to 100m² working area, Includes 2x 20V 4Ah batteries Mountfield
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7 LawnMaster 1800W Electric Lawn Mower with 40cm cutting width, ideal for larger lawns, with rear roller and mulching function, 2 year guarantee LawnMaster 1800W Electric Lawn Mower with 40cm cutting width, ideal for larger lawns, with rear roller and mulching function, 2 year guarantee LawnMaster
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8 Mountfield Electress 30Li Cordless Lawnmower, 30cm cutting width, Battery-powered, Up to 150m², Includes 30L grass collector, 20V 4Ah battery and charger included Mountfield Electress 30Li Cordless Lawnmower, 30cm cutting width, Battery-powered, Up to 150m², Includes 30L grass collector, 20V 4Ah battery and charger included Mountfield
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9 RASHION Universal Grass Trimmer Heads Replacement Garden Mower Brush Cutter Head Garden Tools RASHION Universal Grass Trimmer Heads Replacement Garden Mower Brush Cutter Head Garden Tools RASHION
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10 4 Line Bump Trimmer Head Speed ​​Feed String Strimmer for Universal Gasoline Mower Brush Cutter Tools 4 Line Bump Trimmer Head Speed ​​Feed String Strimmer for Universal Gasoline Mower Brush Cutter Tools RASHION
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Top Customer Reviews: Bosch 06008A6071 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5
Rotar Is powerful and short and collect efficiently. The instructions of assembly can be improved and the sure time was quite difficult connecting boss of metal to a plastic unit. As seen in a picture can clear fat long herb.
5 / 5
One adds little mower. Ossia My second a. In the first place one has is lasted years! (2 guarantee of year . 3 it agrees calm he on Bosch on-line) . Light. Quite easy to dip near. Adjustment Of height of the yard for axes of emotional cradle of loaded wheel (easier that touch). He the fine work . Fights the bit if the herb is long and wet. But it would recommend this mower to those with the small to means sized garden.
5 / 5
My garden is small and by means of 3 levels so many was enthusiasts to buy it lawnmower this was small but powerful, and quite light to move around some different levels of my garden. A Bosch Rotak 32R fulfils this brief and has surpassed my expectations.

Arrives for the half the pieces of dozen that took 15 minutes to gather without another help. Another reviewers had commented on some of some parts, like a plastic herb caddy, feeling flimsy has used this in spite of this lawnmower 6+ times now and has not experienced any question with east.

The difference of another mowers has used in a past I hips found that this a short a lot until some flanges of a frame, meaning you clearly can see where will be cutting. Together with a boss along, has found these two elements to be well on a quality another frame has used in a past.

In general ossia the light , durable car and very manufactured that will maintain my grams in shape without any headache.

UPDATE OCT 2020: This lawnmower is still like this well like the day bought it. I used it a lot of time every year and in spite of paste the few stir and laps a brota has on resisted incredibly well. A substitution is economic or a brota can be stressed easily, and is easy to the transmission was. An engine is like this powerful as when have in the first place begun to use the, so that it wins it to a quality of this value adds -for-money lawnmower.
5 / 5
He a work, although no likes them to them the herb too long, like the clock was for blocker a leaf with a long herb. An engine done bit it different noise, how is easy to recognise when raisin.
Usually would give it 4 or 5 stars how is the decent lawnmower for a prize, this in spite of, has some smaller (but annoying) characteristic:
- increasing a boss is for real the nightmare; it is not exactly IKEA drawing! I took more time and sweat to dip a together boss that to mow a gram of half measure! The use needs the brutal force on almost each part to return them joint, although it is the headline of stupid boss this is to suppose to just slide in a boss.
- A basket is really flimsy and sometimes exited while it cut a herb
- folding a boss for storage could be be draw better - I has taken annoyed with inaugural some red parts as it always takes for ever to close them behind, as I do not fold a boss anymore
5 / 5
has had recently 2 bosch appliances of garden, he mower and strimmer, both are uncomfortable in dipping joint of a poor creation. Holes a mower the arms are returned in era like this tight couldnt exited again unless 2 people there is pulled on that. We buy instead flymo simillar creation to this and so much together place easier, returning the spaces were better has drawn has taken 10 mins the cups where struggled with east to the long of the hour later takes it joint. They go it Averts this mower and any bosch for boxes for now there desigers improves a fiddley put of together process
4 / 5
This element is described as follows:
“A mower has the big speed 1200 W Bosch ‘Powerdrive' engine like this enabling you to cut long herb with ease.”
My experience is that an already shortish the gram has been cut the 22 May that uses a half 40setting of cm. Any in fact has extracted adds of impact in a period of a herb. Today, 25th May, has cut a gram another time but has decided initially to use a low plus, 20setting of cm to achieve the most effective yard. A mower a lot so only well; although short herb more the scarce an engine has touched a lot of laboured with a revs trace and down. In fact, I thought it that it could it he burns was and I for this there is prendido to cut. Neither it gave it endures a quantity of herb that clogged on a leaf and a hole to a box to collect.
Am returned to a 40setting of cm and an engine have touched WELL. This in spite of, a real impact in a herb has not been very good and the reason of the cut would have to do a gram each pair of days, which am not poised or able to do.
An action is very disappointing especially with him having a Bosch name.
To the amazon is exited on again to accept this element like the turn.
4 / 5
Run very a lot one my beautiful gram. And very easy to use, are in the wheelchair and can use this a lot easily.
5 / 5
In the bed quell'quite the little of some descriptions of product have bought a mower. Yes, he all said in one has beaten. I took roughly 10 minutes to dip near, halves of this time with a box of herb, fiddly the thing that takes all a lugs to line on properly, that loses a ray, early found one among mine odds and sods has beaten. Plugged In and has in the first place begun cut in 40mm setting, this was far to yearn a gram of general purpose, reset in 20mm, so only perfect, the far better yard that my forward mower. A fault of what only on one can call it that, is that active liked the 30mm frame like my gram of show in a front of a house (any along turfed) would have been ideal. Reading some on have cured the blogs of gram is courses of recommended summer be 30mm. I suppose that I require this there would be has had to purchase the a lot of more beloved model. Extremely pleased this in spite of with cost of mine.
4 / 5
Taken roughly 3 hours to do to to our rear garden likes overheats each one that 2 of minutes. Also a part that herb of funnels to some clogs of boxes on enough the fair has bitten.

Personally would not buy never this again. I have finalised to use a strimmer partorisca to to a garden likes the ailed of while to a damn of what to be usable
5 / 5
Good points:
Very simple to use, light frames for easy use not pulling to manoeuvre a mower, comb lateralmente handy to use against wall of garden etc. An orange wing-dice and rays to coach cleverly drawn to leave loosening without a wing-the since the flies was. It likes-me an orderly boss retainers has attached to a boss another good idea. Marcos for easy mowing of the small gram, does not leave a gram to overgrow and cut the once the week, more has required, likes box of the herb has not caused to a lot of questions.
A lot like this good:
A square blockade in a base of one covers cause a subject does not leave full returning of discharges against a IP65 the waterproof socket as seen in picture, annoying, a mower the still works but is not well, thinks roughly he BOSCH. The herb collects in nooks and crannies in a mower the little thought and this could be drawn was. In emptying some clods of boxes of the herb of mown fallen of the herb was again the subject to draw, outlet is the square was, sees picture, perhaps the thin curve would relieve ossia disturb he more than anything.
instructions of Assembly any existent, at all distributed with mower to explain like an access of part has jointed. I have had to go in-line to find instructions; it sees link - expect these helps for future buyers.
In general:
I like a Bosch Rotak 32 R short well, is easy to use, the light and the sales was amiably for folding some bosses, in general is the decent small electrical mower and good value for money in £

Top Customer Reviews: Cobra HM381 Manual ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 30 ratings
4 / 5
Partorisca A prize .. Ossia The add little car, 4 cutting period different also, my garden is big this in spite of this spent it for faster that mine old electrical a ... There is enjoyed really use the too much .. Like this far like this good.
All a hasle partorisca avert the bosses of long boss has gone also, although the is not returned never a box of herb like this the would not owe that maintain prendiendo ... A lot good and would recommend them buy is, has the width 15 leaf of thumb also.
5 / 5
Imagines the manual mower so only seating gives it the push. Some kicks of mechanism in and that it was the day of clear blue heaven turns the shadow of green this takes darker like the sun takes blotted has spent of long herb cuttings. I have seen a start of the essence mower but this mower is in the class of the his own. Deliberately I Have to take a box of herb because a cuttings has some use mulching in. Toil but exercise a lot well in long herb. It is the doddle partorisca use in short herb like this perfect to maintain a period of gram down. I can not recommend this mower enough!
5 / 5
Brilliant tool, mostly easy to gathered although I have struggled with a final step - objective & black pics in a manual has not gone too useful.
This in spite of mowing a gram is the right breeze . I can cover a gram in the neighbourhood of a time, any fiddling with bosses, short really well.
Are not bowled on for a collector of herb, but I supposition raking is the form of exercise!

10 July - Follow up after the multiple extra sessions:
Still enjoys to use a mower. They are now conscious that some of some main leaves of the herb somehow averts to conquer - bondadoso of 'last leaf that is' phase in spite of running over them in the each possible direction! In spite of this snag remain the 4-star for me.
5 / 5
A tram mower resembled wreck our gram, leaving with herb that looked shredded and frayed. This manual has been the revelation. It was easy to dip up and has four cutting settings. We begin in a dipping a big plus and has done down to a low plus, and now is the work of 20 minutes to whip around a gram once the week without bosses or diesel to concern roughly. A herb is much greener and has not looked never better. It is true that a collector of herb is the bit flimsy, but collects a herb.
4 / 5

1. Good value for money
2. It runs well.
3. Light-hanged.
4. Probably it gives better support with humid herb that the newspaper mower.
5. Help to maintain you contingent!


1. The wheels are adjacent increases to some cutting leaves so that edging is impossible, unless your grams are created.
This in spite of, this means that a weight and side of an additional iron and the train is saved.
Also saves on control (endeavour to press) and wear of train.
2. A stock exchange so only collects roughly 75 of a cuttings.
Is not a lot effective.
The help has been trace the little more afterwards to some cutting leaves.
A result is that a sinister side of a cylinder tends the clog with herb.
A creation of stock exchange of the collecting generally leaves the plot to be wished.
3. It does not give support well with long herb.
Ossia In accordance with more another mowers.
I frames of supposition in wireless mowers whose battery are exhausted quickly cutting (or that tries to cut!) Long herb.

Ossia The well according to mower in the low prize for those of us the one who only wants to do the interim or secondary yard reasonable of a gram without concerning in bosses, the battery that touches or beginning by on the engine of essence.
Can also mow without accidents in a rain!
Does not think substitutes of the normal mower reasons can no very cut to all the flanges of gram.
A big question mark is his longevity .
But an is not doing the enormous investment.
I marvel if some leaves can be stressed; no an easy work for the cylinder mower.
5 / 5
My tram mower has broken and has not loved to spend in surplus of £100. Has the small garden and mowing a herb is resulted to cry it. I know ossia like the herb has been cut done a lot of moons. With only a description but the positive one has decided to take the bet. I have not been disappointed. It is like this easy to use and the like to cut a herb. My gram is not to level and has uneven earth but this mower has directed easily. I also like a fact is not powered for the electricity that the fact adds for a half also.
4 / 5
To be just has not expected to a lot I so that it always has used electrical mowers. Has the very uneven garden in the slope and to be sincere this mower cut much better that an old electrical a. It has cut a herb adds an only down the side was a herb collected in a bit flimsy stock exchange ossia the waste to time the have taken like this was and so only done the bit of raking of a herb. I produce to add and echo friendly shame in a collector of the herb but I can live without him
5 / 5
This mower is surprising!! A cutting is excellent and self the assembly was easy.
Absolutely recommend 🌟
5 / 5
Use a Tone for the gram lateralmente smaller to the equal that saved exiting mine electrical big plus an and has to that say is well! Mark so only sure clears any twigs that has fallen trees regarding a rotation of a leaf. That The collector of herb is quell'has bitten fiddly to start with with but in general the good small mower and good prize! 👍
5 / 5
HAS the small gram in a front of a house and could not be annoyed lugging an enormous essence mower was to order a front. This little gem save to plot of time and endeavour. Included slightly tried mow a big rear herb with him. Obviously the stock exchange of collection of the small herb would not cut a mustard for the main gram but if your happy to leave a clippings fallen behind the gram this would not be the question. A lot precise cutting and leaves the arrival adds. Be careful when attaching a boss to an organism of a mower, some instructions are quell'has bitten imprecise but is some split small ashes a boss attaches to. In general highly recommended.
5 / 5
This arrived in time , usually have the gardeners cut my herb as has two enormous gardens but because of covid 19 the needs of the I , are 62 old and dip a mower together quickly has not added never a basket but could do in some point , but this little red beauty is sum to use more is the exercise adds so it wins wins .
4 / 5
This mower will take the little more force and endeavour that voters counterparts. This in spite of, is easy to press (still on slightly more along moist grams), once some the longest sections were trimmed the breezed together with minima of control.

The assembly has taken the little concentration but was directly advance and logical. (Trying gathers in big-the wind has not been a better decision for my part).

Would recommend this mower for small to spaces of means.
5 / 5
A mower has arrived punctually and was a lot of packaged without harms in traffic. It was easy to gather and cut a herb smoothly with the good action. A course a feebler of this mower was a 'cashier' but has collected the majority of a herb of yard to prevent 'thatch'.
An adjustment to a height of some leaves was easy and four cutting place was possible. In my opinion ossia the good mower for the small garden.
5 / 5
A stock exchange is the nightmare and has destroyed an entertainment- easy assembly- sturdy and hard- adjustment of good height and adds for small gardens but a lot well around a fencing like this too much empty among mower and fence- adjustment of cutting height a lot of- just the shame in a stock exchange like his useless!
5 / 5
A mower has arrived inside the pair of days to order. Easy sleeve to gather, the herb boxes no gathered still like this probably will not use it . Yard a lot well, more cut a gram has had for years and no same hair in the low yard. Any weighed to press, any heavy plus that a forward two basic tram mowers, so much duquel expired after two years. So only very light snag - when prójimo to a flange of a gram some drops of wheel down to a bed of flower and a jam of leaves against a flange of gram like any short legislation until a edging. No really to to the question likes always embroiders of a gram with a shears a lot the time has managed.
5 / 5
Poor directions on like this to gather, still that comes from like this to attach box of herb to manage very disappointing
5 / 5
No for herb on 1hard inch to press if your herb is not the dry bone a lot so only for bowling green permanently shorn grams
5 / 5
has purchased this mower after reading the positive critique in of the World-wide revised Gardeners. It was easy to gather and is like this easy to use that my old tram mower!
4 / 5
Such one improves in mine last manual mower. Like this easy to use and mows my gram in the fraction of a time. It loves it!
5 / 5
Has not expected any a lot of. The bad was. A lot little mower. Very happy.
4 / 5
Calm in fact find that calm does not need the power mower. Amazing discovery.
An only thing is that a box of herb could be the little readier. But calm once have a gram has used his mowing quite quickly is a response to this.
4 / 5
Could not believe the one who easy was to cut 4 herb of thumb, looking better that an old tram mower.
5 / 5
Has pleased really with this mower. Dipping it near was bit it delicate as there was roughly typos in some instructions that confused, but otherwise work really well and careers amiably. A stock exchange of the collection is not weighed as well as thought that would be according to some descriptions.
5 / 5
Excellent little car, cut fantastically and easy to manoeuvre
4 / 5
His free cost to use (until the service required) and calm.
4 / 5
Absolutely brilliant mower like this like this easy to press in dipping of low herb. A better gram mower never.
4 / 5
Adds mower. Had the Bosch previously and ossia far better. Quality of solid build, has faced 2 thumb long herb with ease.
5 / 5
Manuel better mower has was like this easy to press sense partorisca like it has not been recommended.👍🏻
4 / 5
Adds mower, but grassbag so only collected roughly 50 of cuttings
5 / 5
Add little tool - I was able to do both a front & has retreated gardens in small or any time, am happy has not been partorisca elements more expensive (e.g. Voters). Very pleased with a compraventa.

Top Customer Reviews: Mountfield Typhoon ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 5 ratings
4 / 5
I have bought this mower specifically partorisca treat the bank empinado big. His hanged and the manoeuvrability he ideal partorisca this purpose and I has been impressed in credit it has the data endures herb that there has been resulted a lot of overgrown and full of weeds.

Has not expected some batteries to last partorisca a whole work reason has cut enough the big zone, but am expecting that they will last better next time like mower will not owe that do like this hard when a herb is shorter. For me, it is better to have to that recharge that to have that gives to sustain the big plus, heavier mower.

Likes another has said, there is any way to regulate a cutting height of a leaf. A date of the yard is utmost for my bank, which is quite uneven and rough, but love a ultra-short a lot of-manicured gram, ossia probably any one a mower for you.

Cleaning a filter of looks to air to be the fiddly laws. I have it that has not had never the look for mower first, as it can not say like this compares to another to the respect. I do not have it he properly still, as it wins to buy some air compressed.
4 / 5
Quality of utmost build,has thought was on to the winner, until it is coming the cutting herb!…wont Herb of yard down 5/6”,the leaf is the height closely and can not be gone down…not returning for purpose, in my chance in all if…real shame, has a fence trimmer in a same wireless row and is utmost.
5 / 5
HAS potential, but so only master mow herb in 30mm. Any adjustment of yard of the height, so only 3cm long. Any additional spacer has comprised, neither look to be available. The real shame loves the yard slightly shorter.
4 / 5
A schemes that I have found difficult to use no the well approaches probably the haavy to manoeuvre
And need of herb to be guite courts
5 / 5
This lawnmower has been used each Saturday for some last 3 weeks for my husband, and is tried to be the massive jump in quality of the ours old lawnmower.

Is extremely light for the lawnmower and easy to move in all the directions, likes the advance and the approximation / lateralmente rear / around in of the circles.

A life of battery is sum and does not take long to upload against everything. So has the very big zone the mow and a battery is down, will not take you long to touch a battery to the equal that can go back there and it beginning that it cut again.

Looks to move a good herb and does an experience of cutting big zones of herb very easy.

A fact is wireless frames such the difference and no only so easier that manage and use, but so more sure also. No more prpers that it has to that worry in a be of cord of the can has taken up in a leaf and electrocuting calm and constantly that it has to that movement and manipulate a cord to the equal that moves around a herb.

Gives the plot more liberty and for him the herb done so much cuts it simpler, faster and far easier!

Top Customer Reviews: LawnMaster 1800W ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 7 ratings
5 / 5
Usually it uses to 125CC essence Mower which is powerful but also very heavy and heavy partorisca use. I have ordered a Master of Gram partorisca use house and he so that there is far has had to the good results. My low findings

Build: there is the plot of plastic in this mower this in spite of is quite robust to jump for behind punctual more than crack, This has has ensured also that a global weight of some rests of product down.

Engine: In 1400 watts to be able to ossia a Gram to be able to go down master of offer, his more powerful 1600 and 1800 versions of watt have cut the main coverages that one 34 CM takes with one 1400. I have found an engine to be a lot has resupplied apresamientos your time and whose clog a mower with herb. I maintain mine in a setting of the lowest height and cut a herb each fortnight and ossia well.

Ergonomics: A low weight of this product this especially easy to move around a garden, Some wheels are like this more effective that the paving near of type mower and a centralised grab lifting of mark of the boss this in and out of a really easy car. The storage is easy thanks to some fold to bend bosses that flatten well down on a coverage, a stock exchange of the herb also falls to walk when any into use.

Thinks this mower would be adds for the oldest people with small gardens been due to his ease of use, low weight and easy storage.
In general very impressed and happy to recommend.
Please left to know me if my findings were to use yours.
5 / 5
Used it so only once like this far so it has had he less than the week. Any question and certainly easy to gather. Puzzled For a full indicator for a stock exchange of collection but tried the one who useful was when I twigged the one who simple was.
5 / 5
Like this impressed with this mower, easy to use, the yard adds to a gram
5 / 5
has ordered this to substitute the cutter of the smallest herb. This are adds with abundance of power for the mid sized garden. Particularly It likes Me the way the scarce well until the flange of wall. If it was critical would have liked me the power slightly the longest goodness, but one that exists one is still quite long.
Swimming to a lot of question, with big 1800w engine and the width 40leaf of cm the cutting herb breaks it
One adds lawnmower for a prize. It has very Had mowers on some years, essence and electrical, so only to say this the crown everything. Any oil/of essence or sparking plugs the disorder around with. This mower is good and light and any interview. It gives the yard adds. Well for any gram of measure. Has the box of waste of good measure. They are very pleased with cost of mine.
Slips by means of my herb that cuts it a way loves it and like this easy to use. No like this noisy like the majority of lawnmowers and included my neighbours had commented in this mine. It would recommend this to any any one his herb that cut a way loves.
5 / 5
I like Lawnmaster produced, particularly after purchasing the leaf of battery of compact garden blower, which whilst small is quite powerful for everything but some some big plus. This lawnmower in the a lot of ways is quite looked in that is relatively light but is more than able for use in of the grams until 400m sq resupplying you can obtain the supply to be able to.

Ours the new house has two grams, a front that is quite small and a backside roughly 300m sq. We are lucky to the equal that has sources of external power in the each corner of our rear garden to distribute a next yard in our house and of the external supplies further for the garden pond and lighting in the pergola. Ideal number of use of points for of the power with the corded lawnmower using a distributed 10m boss.

Has some obvious drawbacks with using the hands powered lawnmower, especially that ensures that has the supply of electricity, but this can be won one using a goodness of the extension and I compulsory celery RCD discharges. So that it is some positive ? Well it has the little:

+. Constant power, which give form of the battery can not resupply and require recharging. In this Lawnmaster chance, enough to be able to him 1600w engine that ensures a same cut. I have found that a mower the good work and included that cut in a dipping a big plus for the yard of cradle, with a roller, has left amiably a gram there is lined.

+. Prize and specification. Examining a battery of equivalent specification mower, is cost on two times a prize of this element for the model regulates without a roller.

+. They are not the defender of mulching herb, but like a lot of mowers, has this function as well as 6 levels of adjustment of height - that rule a height is simple using a “substantial” crowbar and boss. A 40L capacity cuttings the stock exchange is quite generous and easily able to resist a cuttings of our rear gram.

+. This mower is calm and far calmer that an essence mower is substituting. To the as particularly it likes me is that a mower is relatively of light, for this leaving me to impulse he and spend with relieving on some steps of our yard to a rear gram.

+. The most cleaned and the storage is quite simple although it would recommend thoroughly cleaning an element before storage of the winter and that applies the generous quantity of the lubricador like WD 40 to protect a coverage of metal. Some folds of boss easily leaving a mower to result compact for storage in the small space.

There is always the trade was when comparing some three options for powering the lawnmower, both essence and offer of mobility of battery more order, while corded mowers offered far more for a money, tends to be lighter in weight and is often easier that store.
4 / 5
A Cradle is quickly that approximations and with that comes more time in a garden and in fact mowing a gram. This 1400W electrical mower of LawnMaster is so only a thing to start with sprucing on and maintaining a gram with his 34wide cm that short and 6 cutting depth that marks to relieve to line and manoeuvrability.

Is the strong engine that pursues in the compatible rpm and no labour down some emphases that longer unkempt the herb can present after the few months of growth. A box of folding collection is effective in his function and a cord is of the period adapted for our garden although it would advise to use the breaker of circuit for security. Some wheels ran smoothly and give sustain a undulations and terrain of uneven zones of a gram and is relatively easy to manage so that it is relatively light.

@In rodeo, a LawnMaster is the yard in a lot of mowers in this point of prize and does not disappoint .

Give the graces to take a time to read my description, calms appearances found the gain.

All a better
5 / 5
Because of one continuing the bad times have tried so only out of a mower once in brief as it can not give the full description of a product still. Like this far it looks to be good. A model is very light to spend around and folds on amiably for storage. A characteristic of prize is that a box to collect of the herb also flat fold which is brilliant to store in the shelf or to somewhere out of a way. Also it has to that dip which beds a herb to be able to scatter in a cup of a gram for nourishment. Good period of boss also. Reasonable prize too

Top Customer Reviews: Mountfield ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5
The manufacture of quality adds and very effective. Substituted the essence mower but ossia like this powerful.
4 / 5
Has received so only my Electress 30 bed a small plus of mountfields the wireless row and I have to that say that with which a lot of investigation and worries in his action like the wireless , am blown was. Prpers Having gone of the big plus corded electrical asked yes wireless really could rid on cut , action and period of load. But I can say that the he really done and is absolutely effortless compared to the mine big more older a. It is easy to dip near , took any more concealed 15 mins out of a box ,was already 3/4 has touched like this topped he until plenary in 15 mins. He my first yard today both front and behind ,behind is approx 90sqm, front 60sqm, and that has completed a work there is still be 3 of some 4 bars to touch left , like this in this base calculates will take 3 mows first to require to be touched again , this takes 1 now. You could think like I that 30yard of cm is not quite wide but difference done really very small in timing perhaps and small extra or two in general. To the as really it likes me averts of of an obvious liberty of one any situation in consonance is that it is reall very built , the solid and the yard is excellent with an engine not retarding never included in of the longest bits , so only short this in spite of cleanly and was although it does not have the rear roller still leaves that effect of band in my gram like six trace and behind. It is also incredibly light and very calm , is a calm plus mower there but like the like this light you pode trunks of manoeuvre of tree of the round and other obstacles easily.
Has paid £119 for a 30cm that thinks is a subject absolute like his 34 cm ons is two times that estimativa. Calm also can regulate a height in 3 ways , has had mine on 2 likes 3 is yard a lot down but good to have this flexibility.
Like this wants to move to wireless and have the small to garden of half ,I highly recommended this and is not postponed for some revises to say is the toy or no until a work ..I am not sure that has informed to but can be this mower so it is solid very built and does a work perfectly.
5 / 5
Has bought this for my main mamma to the the one who still likes cut his own gram.
A gram is so only 4m x 7m and a mower cut the lovely and has used so only the neighbourhood of his uploads. I have had to cut a gram two times how was a lot the times have like this be impressed that has used so only the neighbourhood.
Is light still very built for the light created.
The adjustment Of height is the little fiddly for main hands but to be sincere this characteristic will not be used and is necessary I or the neighbour can do it.
Certainly would recommend for a estimativa.
4 / 5
Please does not buy this product. It can very included cut recently mown herb. It does not have any one can and the careers was constantly still in courts mown herb.
This mower is literally like the toy mower.
There is complained to GM mowers the one who has said reason had used could the a lot of anything . Any insurance to the equal that can see something is to return for purpose without the use.
This mower is not to return for purpose in any way. DO ANY BUY.
5 / 5
A contrast with my forward corded lawnmower could not be More adds them. So only mowed my whole, if small gram without the accident of clog only, included although it was a bit shaggy. It has used so only the fraction of a battery. My old lawnmower would have required declogging at least three times and a catcher emptied at least two times.

These things are always the bit of the 3-D jigsaw puzzle when they arrive, but ossia so only 20 minutes of fun for a life of a product. If all more fails, could try inform to a booklet of instruction, but concealed are not adds.
4 / 5
Has had to essence mower of the leading life that was overkill for one 110 metre sq. Gram in our current property, which has begun to touch on, as I have decided to look in the compact plus, self-the option of battery has contained. I pondered taking a prójimo mower up in a Mountfield Emission 100 row, but decided to go for one 'creature' option of a Electress 30 of then was almost £100 more economic and, according to a specs, would have to be more than sufficient for our measure of gram.

The assembly was a lot quickly - roughly 15-20 minutes. Included a box of herb that some there is complained was difficult to the clip near without help, whilst the little delicate to line on some clips and spaces, was relatively easily done less than 5 minutes with the pocola calm and patience.

Some instructions are GOOD and a battery has come with 3 bars out of 4 load, as I thought that it would give moves it. Cutting a gram has taken roughly 10 minutes. A mower hanged less than 10 Kgs, how is easy to choose up and spend using a boss 'lip' for behind a compartment of battery. After a first yard, a battery had lost a bar of load, as I have decided to give the full load so only for the cup was. Two subsequent 10 course of minute has seen so only a bar of key be used, as we go to see what career can exit of the alone load, but like this far, a lot well in of the terms of consolation and time run.

Our gram is quite same, although in the reasonable slope (probably around 30 terracings) and a mower has any question with him at all. An adjustment of height, as mentioned by another, is not an easy plus, that owes toe a mower in his side and then wrestle an iron of wheel of the in front of one of some 3 notch in a front that marries to dip a height. A thing the note is that still in a dipping a low plus (3cms) a yard is not súper-short, but is not really a @@subject - done the very ordered work to order a gram with the compatible yard.

An only another lights downside like remarked for another is that some rays to ensure some two pieces of a bar of sleeve is too short to unscrew some dice of the thumb without that has to that take was altogether, as I can bend a bar of boss down for the impression of the smallest storage. I have solved this to purchase some rays to coach longer (M6 edge with square shoulder under a boss of ray) stops in £. I have bought 65 mm some which is probably the little too long, but estaca out of quite far to unscrew some dice of thumb enough without detaching his altogether, like the bar of boss can be easily bent when any into use and then bent up and enclosed situates again when required.

In general, is ideal for our measure of gram, and having a wireless consolation of the power of battery is the real profit. For a money, is quite robust and solid, but quite light to easily of impulse and spend, and that it is supposition to do quite effectively.
4 / 5
Add little lawnmower. Very easy to use, smooth and calm.
Have two small grams is is perfect to maintain them orderly.
Simple to touch, a liberty of bosses and goodnesses of extension.
An only question is a process of registration .
Has thinks that to do this on-line would be easy, but has not been!
A lot of clunky, difficult, and and way too many questions for him lawnmower registration!
4 / 5
The majority of a herb of the yard finalised in a gram, as have has had to that the choose up. Then mower there is prendido only law with which 2 period of my small gram., In spite of the full battery. I have looked in a Pictionary instructions for help, and has thought would change a height of a mower leaves. These looks to be any 20 in some 'instructions', where apparently has to that press a cup of something down (or is pulls a cup of something up?) And then move something on manually, and then has A B C which relate to some quote to cut available, but any idea the one who some heights are, and then goes a thing has retreated down manually. I have looked in a Q&One for the help but he have spoken roughly that easy was - just use the crowbar in a cutting coverage (I has any idea the one who the cutting coverage is, and can not see the crowbar I on spends 20). Already it had tried support of product when some bits have been missing in a box - present a lot well, but has sent some wrong things. As I have lost one with this product, and am ordering it Bosch electrical mower today, like this at least will be able to finalise mowing a rest of a gram And I do not owe that choose on a mown herb.
5 / 5
Has bought this because of a name. Wine without some rays to attach a boss to a mower. To the amazon was unhelpful have found like this some in a cochera that would do.
Has used it so only in my rear garden that are read mainly of flower. He cutout each one that 2 mins, has left the majority of a cuttings in clods in a gram and a battery has given on before any complete.
Has had my time again would not pay fot this in washers. I will not be using this in my gram forward is a shame
5 / 5
This mower is easy to gather. Very light to use. A hard battery well. This in spite of, now for a down side. A once cut herb is not launched far enough to a box of herb and tends to clog in a start fallen, has to maintain prendiendo to empty a same box although it is nowhere near full. He also fights in any herb that is not already extremely short. Ossia Such the shame . Mountfield Is the good mark and for this reason has been thus mower. My forward aged and economic wireless mower battery conked and was like this old has had any battery of available substitution. Like this old how had been the closing has the treated was this new one for the mile. This mower is simply underpowered. I have had to appeal to mine heavy essence mower and think roughly buying another wireless. Any ideal for any one my pocket or global impression. Such the shame.