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Ossia The fantastic compilation that calm take you chronologically by means of decades of classical songs and more recent that Records of Disney of Walt. Some first characteristic of CD DATING of the music of a 1930 is like a quite that amuses 'The one who is Fearful of a Big Bad Wolf', and paste some preferred of Disney a lot of films of one 40 is, 50 is and 1960 is while adding songs of @@subject has used for some walks of park of Disney classical likes esound the World-wide Petit', 'I Have (A Life of Pirates for me)', and esinister Grinning Ghosts' of some Lived Spicy.

Some second coverages of CD VERY PREFERRED of 1979 by means of 2006.

A jacket for a CD is very good and comprises an interesting narrative in the each song.

Top Customer Reviews: Blues Dialogues ...

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Rachel Barton The pasador is the champion of music of violin for composers of descent and African origin. Ossia The 'CD of mate' to the his brilliant Cd Concerts of Violin for 18th and 19th century BLACK COMPOSERS. A musicality and touching in this new CD is of a fine plus. Having has had the longitude when being interest in a music of composers of descent and African origin, the number of some works was familiar. A Continuazione for William Grant Still is for now the true representative of fine American violin and music of piano that combines virtuosidad together with the spiritual comprising of a work. This work was originally championed in the definite register for Louis late Kaufman in a 60 east and the action of Rachel almost matches this in a centrical movement (Mother and Chica). This in spite of, was the harm that a cadence that Kaufman added to a start of a last movement 'Gamin'. Ossia The smallest point . An inclusion of a music of Coleridge Taylor Perkinson (Dominic Kidney late deLerma to that this CD is has consecrated presented the Coleridge) and Noel daCosta was the movement that shine has done even better for the definite action of Rachel. It was conscious of Perkinson the works in that has has fulfilled years and had listened some of the his Blues Forms in the recital. One of some works (Louisiana Blues Mainstay) he also showed in a piano during the pause. I have it quell'has had also several contacts with Noel late daCosta and Belize-born Errollyn Wallen on some years and comprise his music. Noel the born Nigerian/Jamaican has roughly written a lot well and individual music. His works, as those for organ and voice really need to be listened and registered and has had a pleasure some years to speak some of his works for organ. A presence of blues the forms is common to all the works in this CD and of course, a violin is perhaps one the majority of-instrument adapted (averts of a voice) to express this adequately. May I emphasise to all feigning buyers that this is not the like this-called 'crossover disk. Like this called 'crossover disks' is often the musical committed, neither a thing or another. This disk is not compromised in any way, is simply the recital of works that all deserve to be in a mainsteam repertiore. They comprise some ask a lot defiant to a violin. This in spite of, Rachel pulls these were to utmost musical in the glorious recital. Down waiting for the volume 2!
4 / 5
Has loved to listen some 'Blues music' but when being the violin and the just piano has not fulfilled my expectations.
5 / 5
Has done of uses a lot imaginative of a capacity of violins to imitate a tonal flexibility of a human voice.
5 / 5
These are wonderful pieces but with each now listen comes recognition and like new. Wonderfully It treated It. They are now the RBP defender.

Top Customer Reviews: Mahler: Das ...

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Janet Bakers done the contributo thrilling to this action partorisca Give Klagende Lied, very registered in a Proms but with some soloists the pocolos too many advances partorisca my flavour. Rozhdestvensky Really opens on a bookmark (or is an acoustic?) And I have been surprised partorisca find his timings has not gone significantly longer that another. In general, it was unable to think that give Klagende Lied is not quell'has bitten long-winded; in fact, I took thinking of Bartok is A Prince Of forest - the history of simple fairy but a where a composer found it necessary to use an orchestra like battering ram. It has to that have the simple plus and more affecting way to present this folk history of fratricide and the bone of flange...

And that, once a Prommers had died down, was where Janacek 15min poem of the yours east gone in. A Fiddler Chico. I have had already the register but has had there is not remarked the never a lot. Rozhdestvensky The action totally is captivating, more ingratiating that a Mahler in this occasion.

So much, partorisca the version of library of a Mahler you hardly could do better, but an absence of the texts and the translations in a booklet is the big letdown. A Janacek, in spite of his brevity, upstages a main piece.
5 / 5
This Klagende Lied Of Gustav Mahler (version in three parties) the summer given to the Proms in 1981.

The premières To him has chosen that feels, is the quality of the apresamiento of edges of this concert, those leaves partorisca the appreciate (remasterisé) in excellent conditions. It touches it joins time, lucidos the edges does not go partorisca lose in does not know where in the caverns of Albert Reale Soiled. And it Touches this time, impossible to write the concert of equation = captation stifled and approximative.

The second has Chosen that the strikes is that lucido the start is orchestralement, of all the beauty. Gennadi Rozhdestvensky, of the that alternated give symphonies of the same composer is not very known in Occident, offered here a Mahler exceptional. The half of the mediaeval history is extraordinairement well give, thanks to the place in the permanent value gives sortilèges orchestraux the pair has conceived Mahler : everything, the interventions give tombs of ropes, the suns give forests, proféticos that is given he writing mahlérienne ulteriora, the exactly the colour that fails. In Lucido postigo Centrical, is for the half give « noises of character » that will find in his Première and Third symphonies. He the symphony of BBC confirms like this the a lot of founded of the reputation gives orchestras londinenses, of pair of big reactivity rapport joined partorisca continue of a boss. The looks of work more than ever rasgada among lucido past (in the third splits, he Mendelssohn of the Night of Première of Walpurgis, Wagner) and the admit.

Mahler and his Russians ? The Opinion, very very done, turn to the sud his bonds of Oskar Fried, he disciple of Mahler, with the USSR, and to the sud the influence of the music of Mahler to the sud his Soviet composers of those who after Rozhdestvensky has had to that do the lawyer of his starts,as he Chostakovitch of the Fourth symphonie.

Choeur Of the flawless and soloist BBC of tall flight : Teresa Cahill, Janet Bakers, Robert Lacrima, Gwynne Howell. Teresa Cahill is radiant and Janet Bakers shows the intimate knowledge that she the one of the universe of the author gives Kindertotenlieder.

All the work is not of the same water, he and the truth give passages that is of the Mahler better -the fin, without any reconciliation, any redemption - like this in the Sixth.

Remorses the absence of the text, of course. But Yes In it does not situate , can find him pair the on-line example of the sud lucido put A Lied, Song of Art and Archive of Choral Texts (with French translation).

In complementing Scarce and lovely, well has taken lucido also, The boy of the violoneux, symphonic poem of Janacek, given to Prague (1979). It says that it is less a lot of that Taras Bulba of the even - yours to judge, but is at any rate joins only music, of the that recognises the author to the surprise of première (that comes a lot quickly ...).

A day, Rozhdestvensky will look perhaps finally like this that is: a give the bosses of orchestra give cent last years that has been for real to the height of his task, that to embrace lucido landscape of the symphonic music in all his wealth and his diversity, gives each composer lucido temple, in éduquant publish him in planting to give so only this those answered and knows already, conserving in the exercise of the work of edges feels of the aventuradas.

Top Customer Reviews: Wagner: Wesendonck ...

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He lacking partorisca listen His Symphonies of Berwald look it focused Sixten Ehrling . He His L game registered Decca ( réedition Bluebell ) and game Bis . In any one a better .
Has to that it also can find his Beethoven and Sibelius , in rodeo , he any and has had to that Karajan to this period .