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Rating: 5 out of 5 with 2 ratings
5 / 5
Ossia The fascinating the program of works has selected of a Dow Partbooks, in that a Elizabethan scholarly and collector Robert Dow has gathered, among 1581 and 1588, the meticulously copied selection of the contemporary pieces that reflects his own eminently a lot-cut of musical flavours. A title of a disk, those causes of some Old , is quoted also in a partbooks. A resultant collection forms the rich source of final, and in a lot of chance otherwise unknown, music; it comprises the chapel act vowels, so only consort songs and pieces partorisca viol consort, has fixed here in an appeal and sequence very diverse.

Has some lovely works in this enterprising disk, a lot the very available in any one another register. The composers comprise to the eminent figures like Byrd, Tallis, Of Aims and Parsons; but in a whole is some smaller -known pieces that passage more than everything, like a soprano consort Ghost of the song Come , Santo' or a beautiful the chapel 'Of a transisset Sabbatum' (clue 12 and 15), both for Ladies Afterwards. One same applies to some works for an almost-like this-Nicholas unknown Strogers (clue 2, 3 and 17) - a prime minister duquel, a consort song 'A doleful deadly pang', is sung fantastically for countertenor Rory McCleery. All a viol consort the pieces are fine works , has touched to perfection for Rosa Consort.

This in spite of, has the question with this CD, and ossia a sound and balance of some voices. Marian Consort looks of seven voice, duquel four is big: two sopranos, two countertenors, and an each one that like this of tenor, baritone and tomb. These results in the poor balance with an unusually big, upper-heavy texture, and in fact has has had to that obviously transpose some of some work partorisca until adapting his combination of voice. A resultant sound, for me, robs a vocal music of some of his gravity and contemplative has beaten. Robert ParsonsPájaroMaria 'glorious'' (clues 21) suffers especially to the respect - you easily can listen a difference to compare it, for example, with renditions of this splendid piece for Magnificat Where Take some the Sweet birds have Sung (SACD - Games on all CD player) or A Cardinall Musick Parsons: Saint Music . A same composer is estribue siervo yours' (11) suffers the alike fate. One instruments to register perhaps could have found some way to mitigate an effect, but obviously they the no. is the shame , reason there are some fine voices in there, comprising two lovely sopranos that have to him legustado especially some pure, almost vibrated-yours free of Emma Walshe; some the lowest voices probably would be a lot also calms so only could him listen properly, and there has to that well sure that some singers spend way, alcohol and commitment his work.

This, then, is in essence the fine program and adventurer and, for this interested in a repertoire, surely deserves attention. But it would suggest that, if podes, could wants to listen the first bit to buy; calm a lot could find can live with a sound and vocal or calm balance more can, likes I , find them tiring in of the places. In some rests of end with a memory of an element of enclosed, this tinsel-textured 'Bird Maria'. A light disappointment to the respect, then, but significantly compensated for a very big quality of a music, and for an attractive and coherence very judged of a program.
5 / 5
Thanks to Stephen Midgley is detailed description I any precise to try (and fail) any one such I but,... Speaking like the simple music-enthusiast he all touches wonderful mine. They are particularly fond of voice + viol that asks spent me to the east cd emission in a first place. Ossia Dressed ' more probably finalises to touch more like the 'commented in Description of H.M. aforesaid.

Has not been conscious of any upper-heaviness the some voices and I have not taken around the comparisons (I follows sure has to that have some pieces in of the alternative register to somewhere roughly me) but in any case, with report to some sopranos, methinks these are two good-looking voices that is resulted a house of my attention in all the chance, if the be neither a singly, or both neighbour. Like this it finds a countertenors very pleasant.

A fact is that there is the a lot of register countertenors has found generally of the that the voice directs to nettle a hell out of me (was-hand, can appoint Michael Regime and James Bowman like this countertenor voice that enjoys), and the very few vocal groups whose sopranos leave me cold to want to that it has it for real good-looking voices... So many, this here when being a together whose sopranos is very lovely in fact, and whose countertenors is a lot to to that likes (and of a rest jolly pleasing also) are like this engrossed in a pure entertainment that it would be necessary that the a lot of endeavour to insist to me that is too upper-heavy.

Has lost my copy certainly would go and the buy again - absolutely wins 5 stars of me.

Top Customer Reviews: Mendelssohn: Elijah ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 7 ratings
4 / 5
I have loved this music for the years and this register is well until levels.

Well Until regulating..
5 / 5
Absolutely beautiful register- really excellent highly.
5 / 5
Ossia Wonderful and is learning Elijah for our action of next heart in November. Nizza To listen Willard White in his prime minister as it was the fantastic bass then. It is the vey emotional and fantastically has treated.
4 / 5
The excellent delivery. Register and excellent action. Excellent.
4 / 5
One of the mine favourite oratorios which have sung long in a heart, with these utmost Bass Willard White in a function of title.
5 / 5
I have substituted recently an old vinyl with this quite new cd and am very pleased with a result.
5 / 5
Has substituted recently an old vinyl with this quite new cd and am very pleased with a result.

Top Customer Reviews: Where Late the ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 6 ratings
5 / 5
Ossia Another fantastic disk of Philip Grotto and Magnificat. His Tallis the disk was Thomas quite exceptional Tallis: Spem in alium and ossia like this good. It is an imaginative program of Tudor acts good-looking for Byrd, Parsons and Aim; some are very known, another less so much but all of them are of a main quality and aim a depth to compose talent in that was that it has extended far besides Tallis and Byrd.

Philip Grotto has gathered the group of some of some singers some plus end of this repertoire and his skill and beauty of the tone remained with the grotto is deeply thoughtful and empathetic the approximation means that each piece here resplandores with the lambent beauty. A blend and the balance is exceptionally good and a Exc technical of some singers leaves an apparently effortless engaged with a text. A global effect is stunning and, in spite of having registers of these works for some of the most utmost hearts of a world, these are some lovelier interpretations and deeper has listened.

Linn Is registered the sound is, like this always, excellent and some notes are interesting and readable. In general, ossia an absolutely exceptional disk and recommended in some warmer terms.
4 / 5
Is quite scarce to find the saint choral music registered in SACD, and this was one of some main draws for me to choose on this disk, and am happy has done. A quality of his in SACD is point and averts. But a cost of disk 5 stars for more than just a technical quality - as another reviewers has said, ossia the good-looking action , intimate of some quality tudor music - the majority of a repertoire was new mine and am happy has taken one submerges to explore a gender further. Highly recommended
5 / 5
to dip it simply, this disk is the sublime action of English choral music of a golden age of Elizabeth I. A quality of register is surprising. An absolute must for any one interested in of music of this period. It is an album concealed moved me the tears as well as helped to spend peaces when my alcohol is turbulent, and my heart is hurting..
4 / 5
Has has not shared always excite he of a critic for Magnificat. His actions can be reverential and has characterised insufficiently. This register is splendid, and a magnitude of Byrd, especially, finds compellingly/
4 / 5
This thoughtfully the selection programmed of music of the Latin church of Tudor Inghilterra has an elegant symmetry roughly he - so it can be seen of a listing of clue, as well as when be listened in a disk. It illustrates an adhesion to continue of the brilliant generation of Elizabethan-composers of ages, after a confusion of a Reformation and Henry VIII DISSOLUTION of some monasteries, to a tradition of music of church in Latin. A title, taken loaned of a autumnal Shakespeare sonnet in a start of old age and an approximation of darkness ('...Coffins Has Ruined hearts, where take some the sweet birds have sung') is rich in nostalgia, in historical and devotional associations. And he so that it is with an election of music here.

William Byrd inaugural homophonic hymn 'Christe that lux this and dated is one of the pair of settings in a disk, another is Robert White is which is situated in an end. Byrd The hymn is followed for one of several more substantial works, White 5-separate Wails - the deeply contemplative work, able of immersing auditors in the world-wide to captivate of his own. Afterwards it comes the series of four motets, each one which so one the masterpiece, that forms the glorious centrical section of music for Byrd and his tragically short-Robert contemporary has lived Parsons. Parsons' 'Bird Maria' will require any introduction for partidários a lot of of this repertoire, and here touches fabulous of some a lot of first notes in this extraordinary action. Magnificat, Embroiders two voice for part, produces the fantastically balanced vocal blend and sonority, pure and clean in yours and, that is more, with the one of truth devotional alcohol; Parsons' miraculous sequence of the agreements in a 'Love' near is inexpressibly beautiful. This is to follow for Byrd 9-separated ' Dominate, has loved habitabit', an absolutely remarkable work rich in dissonances and down-voiced sonority. Parsons' Setting of 6 voice of part of a same text (clues 5) is another gorgeous laws, a lot different of Byrd is, here touching wonderful of an a lot of start - the good piece the sample is in the haste. And last in this centrical group of motets is sublimate it masterpiece for Byrd, one 8-separated 'Quomodo cantabimus', written in the response to the work has sent his for Philippe Flemish fellow highland, one 8-separate uper flumina Babylonis'; Byrd' motet (clues 6) would do another extract of excellent sampling together with one preceding Parsons asks.

Byrd Is 'Of Lamentatione' epitomises a deeply expressive sincerity of Tudor saint music, and a final clue in a disk ameno Blanca is 'Christe that lux this and dated setting, his soaring descant lines more fantastically sung, and a poised flange, dignified of the his last to that spends a program to the peacefully contemplative afterwards. It is the conclusion that left marvelling once again in a richness and profundity of some composers of a Elizabethan age - all fantastically showed here in a spiritual quality, as well as a texture and vocal balance, of Magnificat flange under an inspired direction and deeply considered of Philip Grotto. To complete a picture Linn is registered the sound is quite exceptional, and some notes of booklet for Sally Dunkley is extremely useful both in historical-found musical and in some individual works.

This, then, is the disk of fabulous music, superbly has treated. But now I owe that admit to the touch of sprain: some interpreters and registering the crew was quite bondadoso to leave me to seat in in his sessions of register in Cambridge - I need has said, he fascinating and incredibly informative experience which will not get obsessed with here. So much, unbiased reader, if the calm far east a lot can choose any to take my word for any of an on. It would suggest, then, that neglects which have written, and instead shows some of some clues for calm and mark on your own alcohol.
5 / 5
War of CD quotes wie in giving Anzeige beschrieben, is ist meditative Musik given in ihren Bann zieht, vor allem weil sie like this wunderschön gesungen ist.

Top Customer Reviews: The Golden Age of ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 5 ratings
4 / 5
This gives an idea to that light music has used partorisca be - melodic and tuneful. A good album
4 / 5
has been that tries to find a music of original source partorisca @@@Canguro of Show of Captain partorisca years (of then was the little boy ). In this album is clues 13 and is cost a long wait.
5 / 5
There is roughly eight of these serious and is everything reasonably enjoyable and has done the quite good work to clean on sources, which are not of tapes, but vinyl, both vinyl of elepé and 78 vinyl. Some selections are well, there are some wonderful and scarce pieces in the each volume, and some of a music is for real delicious, and there is enough the pocolos wonderful composers have represented.
5 / 5
I stumbled to a music of Guild collects 'will read by means of a web of place of Amazon. I have purchased so only 3 different CD is. Some collections are the difference of any another. I am breathtaking and good-looking orchestrations. For more information in this music, goes to a web of place of Guild. A lot this music looks unpublished in of the recent years. Well value each penny! It will give like this of the presents to enjoy it notarises them and orchestra. Calm take you was to the wonderful place to the equal that listen.
5 / 5
Some of an a bit captivating subject in this cd will be eerily familiar the creature boomers the one who has on grown with television in a 50s & 60s reason the canal of local TV used them to open & prójimo kiddie shows, anthologies of old film, informative programs, etc. The people the and/the Young plus can be mystified for music that is meant to be bland & innocuous -- but this in spite of, also can be richly melodic, involving & therapeutic. In short, this collection is the sweet and nostalgic joy.

Top Customer Reviews: Favourite Handel ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 2 ratings
4 / 5
I have purchased this CD partorisca substitute a cassette of old audio of a title although there has been shabby result, and can now
once again listen to a fine tenor vocals of Robert Bianco an American tenor and bus of voice of a Juilliard
School in City of New York.
Unable to find the mark copies new of a CD, has directed partorisca find the Used - copy A lot Well of A Polar bear a
vendor, here on Amazon.
Robert White can not be also known likes some of a Work more rule the singers but was very known in
the phase jointly, and has done a lot of record on some years, of Irish songs to this, my favourite album of
Handel Arias.
Has 16 clues in this CD, those that underline is ' Frondi hold - Shadow May was', 'Where before Careers'.
'The amour touches an alarm', ' Leave ch'I cries', ' obtain a creature extends' all of Handel' Golden
Age. Robert Bianco vocals have the richness and his only sweetness and is a lot pleasing partorisca listen to.
The White gentleman is accompanied here for a City of Baroque of Londra Symphony under a baton of Ivor Bolton.
Likes Handel then of this album is a lot the value that spent, before quickly it results the rarity.

Issued for Virgo Classics 1991.
70 minutes to listen.
4 / 5
CD adds. I add Handel singer. Included better that David of Australia Hobson ! Has in the first place found singing some songs of John McCormack and also Gracia of Princess.