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Top Customer Reviews: The Film Music of ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 3 ratings
5 / 5
W .ALWYN The a lot of compound throws lucido cinema (roughly 200 film), . Of all his Genders ,but that where looks like a maitre unknown,
this is films him of you adventures...
This Volume 4 in the excellent collection CHANDOS FILM, is a model of the gender.
In the first place The Secret give Try Black music , excellent throws this film of war; He Vagabond give Sea of Stevenson throws ,
or has Flown So only, a Biopic or one the polar fortune is the Woman with and , so much of musical colours,
that his continuazioni of this cd gather so that it shines and colorée.
Glorious and always Joins Direction musculosa throws .
Only (small) bémol, His notebooks no longer are in 3 tongues... But so only In English.... And His scarce Images!
4 / 5
Packaged Has arrived in the condition adds. Amur An album. Amour British Composer (in fact all the nationalities, both classical and bookmarks/marcadors of films). It maintains on top of a good work. Thank you Ladies Dunn... And thank you Amazon.
4 / 5
Well, Is Alwyn like the must-have and a music is wonderful. Shrimp of ladies has improved on some years, which is more than can say for a Chandos engineers - I really does not enjoy his esound' for one the majority of part, sad. But a music is a thing , so only buy it.

Top Customer Reviews: The Film Music Of ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 3 ratings
4 / 5
GERARD SCHURMANN composer of musics quite contemporary (genial the concert throws Orchestra),
orchestrateur famous (throws Lawrence of Arabia , Musics of Exodus oscarisées-, His Vikings, Cruz of Iron ect…),
and composer of BO , that directs in the aventajada collection CHANDOS FILM, joins compilation
partly unpublished (the compilation of precedent was looked in NEW CLOUD he and the 25 years)
Further of his famous the partitions throw Konga and the crimes to the Museums give Horrors, The Ceremony of ,
he and the here two continuazioni of entity: Dr. SYN ALIAS A SCARECROW , film of the little known adventures of in
with in starring GOHAN (before lucido Prisoner and Columbo), and The Player according to
DOSTOIEVSKI, very appreciated throws fusion of edges and his a lot good-looking music…
elegant and dramatic Musics and like this always in this collection, a notebook of big quality
(although it no longer was translated in French!!)…
5 / 5
While I do not expect music to film to touch like music of film, this disk can be recommended. A music is wonderful - surprisingly tuneful, of then Gentleman Schurmann can sustain to a atonal, especially in his classical music. A Dr. Syn The music is so only terrific, and some other selections are all a lot good musically. An only real failure here is Horrors of a Black Museum - does not have any horror in this interpretation neither is there any one his bite - a music in a film is incredibly visceral - no so much here. Rumon The shrimp is not Never be the preferred of mine - is taken has bitten it better on some years, and save for the horrors is a lot here. A BBC Philharmonic does the fine work of him.
4 / 5
There is enjoyed all th music in this disk and has thought Gumba has directed it all a lot of good.

Top Customer Reviews: Gregson: Music Of ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 1 ratings
4 / 5















Top Customer Reviews: Rozsa: Film Music ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 9 ratings
5 / 5
Budapest-born Miklos Rozsa was one of Europeans of diverse 20th century of CLASSICAL COMPOSERS that, falling in lean time, there is forged the new and to good sure yielding the career that composes bookmarks/marcadors partorisca films of Hollywood, in Rozsa chances partorisca any less than ninety-five. Before then, this in spite of, has valued several British films have produced of his Hungarian friends, Gentleman Alexander Korda. One of these, A Thief of Baghdad (1939/40), is looked in this disk and the very attractive bookmark is, particularly in some sections have titled An Amour of a Princess, A Sultan Toys and One flying Horse Gallop. Almost equally appealing is Rozsa bookmark for A Book of Jungle (1942), of the like a disk has the Continuazione substantial that last for the half-one-now. Continuazione The scarce of Sahara (1943) is a bit less interesting but profits of an arrangement and orchestration for Christopher Palmer late, whose knowledge of the music of film was unparalleled. A final element is the Continuazione of Ben Hur (1960), which has obtained for Rozsa one of the his three Oscars. Although it is like this expertly valued like other works a fashion is a bit portentous, quotes his religious element. In general, this in spite of has a lot of colour and full-blooded music here, to the like a BBC Philharmonic down Rumon Shrimp, specialists in of the registers of music of the film, gives full reign. A venue of register is a new MediaCity United Kingdom, Salford and although a quality of his this perfectly acceptable to perhaps lack of some of a brilliance that is found in another Chandos registers, like these facts in a natural acoustics of All the Saint ' Church, Tooting.
4 / 5
Miklos Rozsa Is perhaps a lot that very known in a classical repertoire, albeit that a lot register of his music has been released in a Naxos to focus that comprises the Rhapsody for Cello & Orchestra, 3 Hungarian Sketch, Rapes it Concert, the Concert of Violin the Hungarian Serenade etc, but is known more for his bookmarks/marcadors of wonderful film. Here it is glorious register for a BBC Philharmonic under a baton of Rumon Shrimp of 4 continuazioni of some bookmarks/marcadors of some films, A Thief of Baghdad, Book of Jungle, Sahara and Ben Hur. Glorious music that dipped a scene for these epics of screen. Ossia Wonderful orchestral music that for real can be enjoyed seperated of to the some films likes him to him the music adds. The quality of register adds help this mark to shine.
4 / 5
This would have been the compilation adds , Rumon Shrimp and a BBC Phil give his very considerable better to some splendid music, but is remained down by a quality has registered. It would go much more there that a forward reviewer the one who has said that a sound could have more brilliance, thinks that touch positively murky. A general effect is a homogeneous quite distanced sound. Where it is some violins, is like this recessed that loses a sumptuous quality like this of entity in this music, a lack of brass of a necessary brilliant flange and a woodwind is sotterrato inside a picture of his global. A bass drum done an impressive thump but does not touch very realistic and a timps to his likes is rattling is gone in of the cupboard. A so only has to that touch the few bars of Rozsa register of Ben Hur, at present available in the Decca subject of Australian Eloquence coupled with the enormous account of a music of Quo Vadis, to be attacked lateralmente for a sound has registered glorious, registered in 70 east and equivalent to kick. This is not that attentive of the Chandos register it but I am remarked that many his subjects in of the recent years, particularly of Manchester, all share the qualities resembled those have described. Memory Chandos his early days have produced some of some registers some much more that goes, matching hot and brilliance in of the ideal proportions. A subject disappointing then, thinks Chandos would owe that go back to an office to mix with east an and try produced that record that bolt until his big levels forwards.
5 / 5
So only can be in accordance with mr. Boss. To compare listen the Rózsa register typical of Ben-Hur in Rhinoceros R272197and take a rowing of some Slaves of Galley (clues 33) like an example. A Chandos starts of clue with some eardrums dread - NO Rózsa - and plods by means of a music so only doing some strong sounds. But a rasping of some trumpets and trombones, an incisive rhythm, a growling of some basses, a laden the atmosphere is ALL ausenta. That to waist of time and money.
5 / 5
Sehr schöne Auswahl. Of the Orchester unter give Leitung von Rumon Shrimp spielt wie immer routiniert und inspiriert. Die Neueinspielung give 'Thief Of Baghdad' Filmmusik gefällt mir persönlich unter Römer Bernstein Leitung besser. In dieser offiziellen von Rozsa persönlich angefertigten Continuazione fehlt give Main Title.
Follows interessantesten gelungen ist given Neueinspielung give 'Book of zoom of Continuazione of Jungle gleichnamigen Technicolor-Film von 1942 place Sabu in giving Hauptrolle.
Give Booklet ist wie bei Chandos üblich, sehr informativ.
Sehr schöne Einspielung.
5 / 5
Has known his continuazioni have registered his years 50-60 in Germania of the Book of the Jungle and of the Thief of Baghdad
(versions in somptueuses pair of dye produced with SABU), but to the edges metalique and any trés coverage.
Restarting here The 2 continuazioni, R. SHRIMP and press his mark, as they testify his games of numerous register
He luxuriance Give Edges, to the elegance gives melodies, to the freshness gives source to dread that this history gives 1001 Nights and his
Adventures of Mowgly, resists to the time, in individuals thanks to the colours and especially to the music of ¨RÖZSÄ,
'that will not arrive never more to capture of the way has joined also perfects' (extracted of the notebook).
All here is poetry, magic, légereté and @@@suntuosidad.
The marvels have joined to register.
In complementing the scarce SAHARA, a film with and joins trés the continuazione good-looking gives subject of BEN-HUR,
prodigieusement has registered. (A Cd goloso of 80' !)
Probably Gives It summits of the Year.
5 / 5
Simon Rattle spielte Einiges in giving Waldbüähne open air.
Benhur ohne M Roslza ist einfach nicht zhu denken und like this ist has given eine sdchöne Erinnerung one gives Dieb von Baghdad und a hörenswert
5 / 5
Two continuazioni damage the premiers films fantastic of Rozsa whose that of the Thief of Baghdad rich in of the tall sections in colours and brilliantly has directed the continuazione of Ben-Hur,more known,gives too much,to my sense,the goodness to the pieces flamboyantes of the sud those more lyric,that desequilibra a bit the together.
5 / 5
Are baffled for some negative critiques here on Amazon regarding this CD. I have found this disk extremely very registered (but admit that has a system of the his of excellent big final). Also, some selections here do not feign to be complete soundtracks, is very organised and that continuazioni of interests. And do a lot of deception, is touched gloriously and superbly has registered. This disk Rozsa justice in the each way and fill the need for modern register of this wonderful music, a lot duquel is scarce to find elsewhere in any cookery. Rumon Shrimp And Chandos continue a service of entity to all the lovers of music of film with still like this another fantastic emission - glorious music, resplendently registered in full-bodied, rich and dynamic orchestral majesty. Have enjoyed this releases each one has bitten like this like this some another in this series. Unless you are some class of completist/purist, has a lot of to enjoy here. It does not doubt to buy this and chair behind and enjoy you for 80 minutes.

Top Customer Reviews: British Tone Poems ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 5 ratings
4 / 5
I have enjoyed this even more that Volume 1. A discovery adds partorisca me was soyla ore Bondadoso Scout' (1923) for Patrick Hadley. Hard only seven minutes but I found it deeply affecting. I agreed the bit of Holst is 'Egdon Heath' and Sibelius is 'A Swan of Tuonela'. If you do not know any work for Patrick Hadley listens the esome Trees like this Big' (any resemblances in this CD), which is, in my opinion, an absolute masterpiece and would have to that appeal in any admirer of, his partner, Vaughan Williams. Speaking that, this CD looks a poem of prompt tone take 'Harnham Down' (1904-7), which agreed more than Delius, although it has had similarities to 'In a Fen Country' and a same section momentarily agreed of one of some sections some calm plus in Benard Herrmann bookmark partorisca 'Jason and a Argonauts'! John Fould' marvellously inspiriting 'April' opens a disk. Erik Fogg' tender and eloquent soyerok' is another atmospheric work. I have had a good fortune partorisca listen Dorothy Howell is involving and memorable 'Lamia' in a Proms the week or like this fact and thoroughly enjoyed it. A work for Cowen was perhaps bit it conventional partorisca me but Eugene Goossens is 'For Tarn', familiar of a register an old plus, is another atmospheric work. A CD concludes with soyelee wayward' for Bliss like me so only recently discovered by means of the oldest register in Lyrita and Naxos. I think that that it is one of a composer the majority of enjoyable works. Rumon The shrimp Sometimes looks partorisca opt for the fastest speeds that some other managers but I have thinks that some actions were excellent. The useful booklet that looks the photos of all a composer is another that VW and Hadley. Images that this disk will resupply the pleasure adds to the auditors has attracted to this class of repertoire. It does not doubt although has some of some compositions in of the register sooner. It have to that be in any collection of 20th century tonal BRITISH MUSIC. Well having partorisca the, otherwise unavailable, soyla ore Bondadoso Scout' so only.
5 / 5
Auditors the one who there is enjoyed Chandos emission of Poems of yours British, flight. 1, it Is in partorisca treat he with this second helping. There are eight works the savour (any all 'poems of the yours', that pause strictly) for composers like diverse likes John Foulds, Eric Fogg, Dorothy Howell and Gentleman Arthur Bliss, but is all connected by a tonal idiom in that write and an immediate appeal of a music in offers. Foulds Is 'April - Inghilterra', partorisca chance, is entirely redolent of a freshness and burgeoning of the typical English cradle, and if this piece can does not stimulate a human alcohol at all can.

Eric Fogg poem of the yours soyerok' is the brooding, reflective piece and wonderfully atmospheric. According to an informative liner notes, Merok is the village lying in a boss of the Norwegian fjord, and there looks partorisca be something quite 'north' in a music. There are some remarkable orchestral effects in this piece, any less a resplandor almost inaudible in some series to an end.

Eugene Goossens, Better agreed like the manager, is represented by his populate 'For Tarn' (1916) which I we volume like this far out of one to Europe of 1916 how is possible to be (Goossens has been considered medically unfit for service milite). A softly undulating the series perfectly evokes a lapping of a wavelets to the equal that break in a cost. Following this piece is Vaughan Williams is 'Harnham Down' that has begun to life likes one of his punctual 'Orchestral Impressions' (1904-07), a prime minister duquel, 'A Solent', characteristic in of the Poems of yours British, flight.1. One of some subjects in this work resurfaces on forty years later in a composer Oxford Elegy. Harnham Down, incidentally, raisin for big a city of Salisbury.

Another piece of the landscape in a program is Patrick Hadley is soyla ore Bondadoso Scout' (a register of prime minister). A name informs to the far, crowd-cover upland plateau on a village of Edale in Derbyshire and today resupplies a first leg of a Pennine challenge of Way. ( It was intrigued for this work for personal reasons, as I have walked besides Bondadoso Scout long). In life later, Hadley there is enjoyed to to the comfortable existence likes them the professor of Music in Cambridge University, but his parents have come from/come from a Whaley zone of Bridge, so only the short distance besides Bondadoso Scout. Some looks of music to take a way of solitary isolation, evident same the fine day, the alone colour English flange sorrowfully in the soft bed of series. A climax of the swelling in brief has described a magnitude of one adds buttress, but early a leading way is restored.

One the majority of the substantial work in a program is Dorothy Howell symphonic poem 'Lamia' (1918), written in a tender age of nineteen. You are treated for Henry Bevuto in the concerts of walk of the Room of a Queen in 1919, doing his composer to celebrity at the same time. A title informs to Keats the poem because a work has been inspired.

An earlier piece here is Frederic Hymen Cowen is esverie' (1903), a eminently the writing of attractive work for the talented composer whose start, comprising six symphonies, is now all too seldom listened in a room jointly. A dreamy, lyrical character of esverie' fully justifies a title. For you contrast, an end, Bliss Melee Wayward (1921), is the balletic-bookmark to write characterised by music that then would have been considered like quell'belonging to a before saves - the full work of walk and angular rhythms.

In this register, is to offer the cornucopia of musical delights that develops a rich variety of the music 'English' that is written during some first three decades of a twentieth century for composers to differ technicians and temperaments. Although generally in rodeo, these works possess force of character and fully deserve the place in a repertoire. They are excellently has treated here of a BBC Philharmonic, directed by a British manager Rumon Shrimp.
5 / 5
Having has PURCHASED PREVIOUSLY a first volume of Poems of yours British - and found the partorisca be the interesting cost - was logical to also Volume of compraventa Two. After the pocolos play certainly can say this Volume Two is an upper of some two disks, that consists like this done of the collection that diverse width of minor of known British music - a lot of duquel was familiarised with stops advanced. The particular favourites are Vaughan Williams' 'Harnham Down', 'April Inghilterra ', soyerok' and soyla ore Bondadoso Scout', although it does not have any clue that I skip and avert listened. In general, for any the one who already has Volume One in his collection, adding this his would be the step of the his , like this ossia the disk that would not complain 'investing' in.
4 / 5
Was very pleased to take the CD of music that is a lot seldom treated in audience. Especially a piece for John Foulds, a better of one stirs. Listened his cello cocerto in Radio 3 recently. Reason is not the best known?
5 / 5
The excellent register of some music has listened little

Top Customer Reviews: D'Indy:Orchestral ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 2 ratings
4 / 5
As one 5 that precedes volumes, excellent touching and register. Any wait of Indy partorisca be comparison with Brahms etc, but his better works have like this partorisca offer like this p. p.ej. Some of Richard Strauss' symphonic poems. Here it has a work of entity, colour but no deep, and some miscellaneous pieces partorisca finalise a series in glorious big resolution SACD sound. The work adds CHANDOS.
( Has the serious besides old EMI France CDs with a same repertoire and of the French and a lot good orchestras French managers but an audio this in spite of that satisfies is not in Chandos' class.)
4 / 5
In spite of this volume to be are, these works are all for some youngsters of Indy (1851-1931). Vincent, count it much less him the the memory do fault, is likes camembert or the Burgundy has come, requires time to mature to be enjoyed properly. Felizmente, of Indy has lived long enough to ripen and to give his 2nd symphony, which is wonderful. Some works in this disk (composed among 1879 and 1886) is everything quite without importance (the Lied for cello and orchestra), meandering (Wallenstein; a work is like this itinerant likes the man was, and finally so it goes) or too educated to be comprised included in a insipid programming of André Rieu (Continuazione, and Sérenade and Cost). Not To Take me bad, there is to good tune to be enjoyed here and there, has included the grave amazing-only of tuba, there is fireworks a-abundance, brassy crescendos with a lot of timpany and the dish that clash, but a real spark of the inspiration to a large extent is losing, is all like this well, like this unsurprising, like this unadventurous. That can have been a highpoint of a disk, The Death of Wallenstein, left entirely cold. Some notes of long booklet have described a final scene as 'the effect that resembles something of some final pages of 'Götterdämmerung'. I will try to feign has does not read it concealed. Any one once seats up in surprised, gripped for a turn to take of sentence, the particularly imaginative piece of orchestration or some unbearable tension (except Fervaal). Well touched (although I do not have any comparison; one wants to annoy to discover?) And registered, this typically can be for completists, but no for this interested in enough of music more adventurous. For the glimpse of a vastly more than interests the composer the late plus there is a prelude to do III of a work Fervaal, completed in 1895. If you want to listen more than a mature of Indy, better turn to a delicious recent Naxos subject of a 2nd symphony and the pair other works another later for a RSNO down Jean-Luc Tingaud. It can be all one of Indy you never need.

Top Customer Reviews: British Tone Poems ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 6 ratings
5 / 5
Following on his series of British Start populate, Chandos now is shipping in the series of sister of Poems of yours British, using some same forces - a BBC National Orchestra of Country of Galles, directed for Rumon Shrimp. A program of this first volume comprises an interesting mix of works, duquel only Bantock is 'A Witch of Atlas' can allege to be reasonably a lot-known. This piece is labelled in fact 'poem of the yours' for a composer he, and is based in the poem of Shelley, excerpts desquels is printed in a bookmark.

Frederic Austin (1872-1952) was the singer of final baritone as well as the composer of merit. His Cradle 'rhapsody' is the comparatively early work (1907), full of a heat and exuberance of this seasom, and fully that it could be it expected of the reasonably a lot-to-do, has achieved thirty-odd year-old composer of a relatively untroubled Edwardian was. Certainly, there is little in this piece partorisca suggest a side a dark plus of life.

William Alwyn (1905-85) was something of the musical protected the one who has entered a RAM in a tender age of fifteen, and was one of his professors of composition so only are years later. It was this time that writes one of his orchestral works earlier, 'Blackdown', described as 'a poem of the yours of a Surrey Hills'. A title is self-explanatory, and one there is so only partorisca close one east of the eyes and imagine a view of a hill in question. Although a does not know it , a calm music take there.

Ivor Gurney Gloucestershire The rhapsody was premiered in 2010, on seventy years after the death of a composer in a City of Londra the Mental hospital where has been incarcerated partorisca some last fifteen years of his life. A bookmark was remained in some disarray, but was lovingly has spent the action for Philip Lancaster and Ian Venables. In his form has restored a beauty of Gurney evocation of his beloved Gloucestershire is fully evident.

Henry rich Balfour-Gardiner (1977-1950) is known-more partorisca his patronage of British music some early years of a twentieth century, and his generosity in funding concerts of the new music for the youngsters of British composers has given many of them his first casualidad of recognition. But Balfour-Gardiner was the composer in his own legislation, and is represented in this disk for his delicious Berkshire Rhapsody.

Of a prohibition in of the actions of Vaughan the early music of Williams was lifted some fifty years after his death, an audience has had the occasion partorisca value the first flowering of a composer. Pieces like a Serenade (1888) and a Heroic Elegy and Triumphal Epilogue (1902) has tried the revelation, and one wonderfully evocative 'orchestral impression', A Solent, has registered here (already his third register) certainly presages the maturity of a composer. A subject inaugural, in fact, pursues his start during his life, of his first symphony to the his ninth.

All a music in this register is worth it, breathing English air and conjuring on a British landscape. Well fact, Chandos. Circle in a next volume!
5 / 5
Quality of his excellent. The majority of this music will be new to the auditors but I celery the majority will find it a lot of accessable
5 / 5
Glorious music - roughly of him for composers whose work had spent me for until now - and fantastically treated for one of our British orchestras is.
4 / 5
A fantastically touched disk and has registered. A Bantock the piece is a point has underlined , animated and diverse. The majority of some other pieces is quite pastoral in yours, but individual and very listened lovely. Recommended.
5 / 5
Well partorisca have these pieces in my collection of music - in rest waiting for a prjimo one in a series.
4 / 5
Very partorisca have these pieces in my collection of music - in rest waiting for a prójimo one in a series.