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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 12 ratings
5 / 5
These cookies have arrived with the very strong smell of some class of disinfectant in a box was packaged in. I have situated of a box, but a smell was like this strong, not knowing that it was, has decided that a surer thing was partorisca situate cookies also. Like this unfortunately I can not say or I did not like him. Returning them has not been an option to the equal that am isolating and unable to take to the office of estaca.
4 / 5
Has taken these like the valentine present partorisca my cookie that wants to hubby. It was in a moon with them. A measure is really impressive and was very packaged without breakages and has arrived the day sooner that has said. Hubby Has said to try surprised
5 / 5
has bought a three band to see if a custard the cream was like this tasty to the equal that has expected
has bought a custard incinerates 14 sale shortly after.
5 / 5
Has sent like the present - has been appreciated - expensive so that it is.
4 / 5
Brilliant present for lovers of cookie. Tasty And to the equal that has ordered. Arrived punctually
4 / 5
Very good to have the giant version of cookies very popular, has had an each day
4 / 5
has Bought present like this additional. The novelty adds. Well packaged. In £2 for the cookie am not sure would say his value for money.
4 / 5
This is to be buy like the present and would have been a lot but some cookies were all the fractions and broken that it was very disappointing when looking a recipient opens a present.
5 / 5
Ossia The present amused adds for all the lovers of cookies. And really they are giant!
4 / 5
It was disapointed in his very expensive partorisca 3 cookies
Didnt thinks has tried like this very like this original
4 / 5
Amazing value partorisca money, enormous cookies, throughly there is enjoyed for all the world-wide concealed ate him.
4 / 5
Well, Likes almost everything on amazon and fleabay, could be very better and in in GBP2 for alone cookie, really has to that be very better.

His the novelty adds the idea and they look the regular mark that directs cookies so only in steroids !!!

Looks well, box of presentation and good facts presents well but in a flavour and eating really do lacking in such big cost.

The sandwich of jam would owe that have the creamy discharge has added.
The bourbon does not try any very as what real at all
the custard the cream is bland and boring and no creamy or custard likes at all.

EVERYTHING of cooked hard sound and any where near like this soft but brittle like originals.

Still, has the value of novelty adds but everything of them there is very soiled for improvement.

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5
Used partorisca have these when it was the boy had not had to bear years.
The memories have come partorisca flood behind grieving I but the.
A lot of crisp, light pastry with the good tangy incinerates.
Well the rediscover
4 / 5
Absolutely cookies of the puff of delicious lemon has done in Portogallo. Better that my usual mark like this consistently am really happy and will be partorisca buy more these.
5 / 5
Wants to these, a course of cookie is good and crispy and no too sweet and a filling is lovely and lemony. They come aside easily also partorisca want to dunk a half without fill without your drink that takes greasy.
5 / 5
Has ordered these like this - like plot of other - I has happy memories of these cookies whenI was youngster a lot of years. I have opened a container with expectation so only to find that some cookies there is disappointed. It agrees more fill with flavouring More the add and a texture of a cookie was quite dry. A shame - no so that it agrees.
4 / 5
Really looks forward to having these but has been disappointed with a drought. A flavour was a lot.
4 / 5
I cookies of teas adds. It is coming attentively packaged. It expresses delivery.
4 / 5
Hard to find in the big street has to that it pays bit it more on here but these were a lot of
4 / 5
Bought like the surprise partorisca my Dad, was in a moon
4 / 5
A packaging is in better misleading, that involves that a discharge of the cream of the lemon is like this fat likes two biscuitd in any side, when in fact it is perhaps 1/3 of a thickness of one of some cookies of sandwich. Some the resultant cookies are droughts and unpleasant. A complete tear-was, does not recommend .
5 / 5
Likes these and buy them often elsewhere but the agree when they were rectangular any round, because transmission, and has had more lemony coating of sugar.

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5
Cookies a lot well, no too sweet and a lot enjoyable
4 / 5
Left beginning partorisca say, these cookies of the sandwich for Happy belly has been an absolute joy the munch in whilst looking film or was like the bite in work. They are partorisca treat it for real and in comparison to competitor; these are packed with far less sugar and additives. Mina a worry is some declares partorisca listen is vegan friendly, this in spite of some ingredients contain partorisca milk like this this any quite add up. This in spite of, is vegetarian friendly like himself gone back in this demographic, is regime and will be able to enjoy these delicious cookies! ;)

To all the cost, an external cookie has the flavour of the vanilla has toasted lovely resembled this of the cookie of rich tea this in spite of more pleasant. Considering a the chocolate, has the lovely rich flavour still thin creamy of cocoa that access perfectly inside a sandwich of cookie with the perfect thickness and consistency. For real treat it and in my opinion, the essential house. It would recommend.

Thank you To read my sincere description, expect you found the gain! :)
4 / 5
Cookies really delicious and a lot of packaged! A chocolate is creamy and rich, while a cookie is scaly and almost pastry like - @@@crumble and funds in your mouth. Perfecto has dipped in the cuppa also, like the chocolate goes gooey in a heat. There have it so only a right proportion of cookie the chocolate. A packaging are to add - does the corrugated boss of paper around some cookies have so be protected of harm in traffic. Some cookies is quite rich and substantial measure, how is difficult the overeat these. You take 5 bands of cookies in this bulk sale, and each band is quite big, as it thinks that that it is reasonable value . In £9 for 5 bands, exits so only under £2 the container, which is more expensive that the supermarket marks own, but is quality really good and rid of amazon in First, as it thinks that that a prize is reasonable. In general, they are utmost and delicious cookies to have to the for elder.
4 / 5
Essentially that takes here is the version of the amazon of the good type known of cookie that has the name of three papers that begin with 'H', but to my alcohol, these are main, better value and very better.

Is paste of chocolate in the bakes crunchy sandwich of cookie. You the cookies are a lot brittle with the texture resembled a 'airy digestive'. A paste of chocolate is a lot of flavoursome without being overpowering, as it takes the good texture and full flavour of chocolate and cookie.

Goes in 5 tubes of 500g, ossia around 17-18 cookies for tube. Some cookies are around 3 thumbs in diameter, like this slightly main that one another very known mark thus type of cookie.

These are incredible value for money! Calm basically take cookies partorisca around £10, ossia 500g of bisucuit for £2/tube a next plus to this would be the tube to regulate digestives and does not have chocolate in them!

Glorious test, compatible by means of tube, any one has been broken and with like this for your money will last.
4 / 5
Like the rich teas? It likes-you the propagation of chocolate? Place in near, which takings?

These are a Mark of Sandwich of Amazon of Cocoa of Cookies of Ventre Felice 500g x 5 bands, 485 kcals for 100g or 2425 kcals for band.

These are absolutely gorgeous, likes has dipped the chocolate of widespread insurance among 2 rich tea cookies, calm then will want to these. Some cookies are lighter and fluffier that rich teas, and a filling of chocolate is divine. Included better that a cocoa is certified of an Alliance of tropical Forest. Unsure If a Fat of Palmera is this in spite of...
These are some cookies I usually the pig was when abroad, agrees of the days? Spanish supermarkets hmmmm.
Like this upto eat you eat them! I prefer to unscrew an upper was, dunk in the caffè then bites a filling of chocolate of a rest and repeat a dunk.

I fully recommend these cookies to the equal that are absolutely gorgeous. But a lot messy n crumby has.
4 / 5
These cookies come with the pedigree adds - vegan vegetarian and friendly is beginning a lot
Control some pictures for a container, ingredients and the shot or two of a biccies in my hand.
Is sandwich biccies the meaning has two discharges of cookie with the cocoa that fill soft and to the sweet goes in.
To the equal that can see an outside of a cookie is shiny the bit like the garibaldi, and perforated. I find him gorgeously crisp with the good snaps softly muted for a creamy filling.
Some shows to pack a class of these things, any so only the plásticoes sheath but he sheathed corrugated inner of cylinder of the paper that protects a preciousness inner. They are soyoreish', one heads to another with to sure inevitability.

Are to Vine reviewer so that it will admit that my first flavour has been subsidised but calculates will be to buy more than these lovelies

5 / 5
has tried the number of some products of Ventre Felice new likes him the continuous row develop a last year or so the wand tends to be good examples of reasonable quality produced regular. I have verified out of these cookies to see yes have lived until a same level.

First impressions were as well as the individual cookies are quite big - resembled some very looked competitors in a space. Some the individual tubes are some pocolos reinforced with some map to prevent breakage in traffic, this in spite of is not resealable like this probably will require to somewhere to store them unless you are buying to plot of the cookies in one go. A cookie has abundance of flavour - perhaps could have more fill in a half but is still this in spite of flavour of the pleasant chocolate taken and the good cookie crunch.

In general then these are the good example of this type of cookie.
5 / 5
The one who the flavour of rich chocolate! Preferred new sure. It can take the cream of chocolate looked has has fill cookies in some tents also in a same measure, but is not like this very like this! This has the filling of fat cream and a lot so only the paper thin filling.
Is 5 tube of 500cookie of g that contains 20 double cookie with one fill. One fill fact 37 of one each cookie. Very rich and yummy! Perfecto with the tea or without.
Value a lot well for money, especially yes calculate that this has the load of delivery has comprised already also.
There there is so only a question with him….Cela Is like this yummy, ossia last to take with which 2-3, as I am finalising wolfing down 4-6 cookie, and one @subjects any included dips there, but in a calorie intake, as each double cookie contains 121kcal. Ouch! It sacks of your flat belly and give the reception to your curves how is hard to say any to 1, 2 or 3 cookie.
5 / 5
When I have opened initially a box these cookies are gone in , one first what there is remarked was that they had not suffered some strikes of shrinkflation! In 11 thumbs long, each looks of container to be significantly longer that another container of cookies that has seen, like the quantity certainly is not a subject.

This in spite of, is not everything roughly quantity. In fact, a lot little it would owe that be roughly quantity like this there is not any point having a lot of cookies if they do not try very good. Felizmente, some cookies try quite well, with just a right combination of chocolate the cookie.

An only light question with these cookies is that there is quite messy to eat, like the cookies are a lot brittle and have finalised like this with crumbs of cookie everywhere after so only a cookie. A lesson was learnt to good sure to use the dish next time!
4 / 5
A description of a woman... One first what will remark when this container of cookies arrives is that big is! Some five bands of cookies will last the long time. There are twenty cookies in the each band. They are the cookie of sandwich ; some cookies are the cookie of rich tea with the scaly texture , brittle a lot of. A half is the cream of rich cocoa . Some cookies is not very sweet but complete a cream of indulgent chocolate well. The active has liked him personally the solidest texture for some cookies but these laws of combination incredibly well. Some cookies are main that your half cookie and is a lot of filling. Each cookie is 121 calories . These have been utmost like him mid atascada of the evening and I to good sure would be tried to buy more when I finally run out of these. I think that that ossia the value adds for a prize.
5 / 5
These cookies are the delicious mouthful with good brittle cookie and the good quantity partorisca fill of smooth chocolate. A cookie agreed a bit of definite a dunker Rich Tea although they are not like this simple or dry die a discharge of cream of chocolate sandwiched goes in. Perhaps I last partorisca eat more than one without the drink but supremely very partorisca dunking. It would be the hypocrite if I have not mentioned a fat of palmera in these cookies as I have called an use of the oil of palmera is gone in other descriptions have done, and assume some two things am related, but can live with that, then these cookies are glorious. Some containers are big and given a bang partorisca your buck thinks that side of the money.
4 / 5
This cookie is in sure better way good that your half one of a supermarket. A cookie was really well, crispy and scaly, almost agree me of the cookie of rich tea.

A filling of chocolate was lovely, rich test, creamy and some that nutty. A cookie there has been the good proportion among cookie and chocolate, any overpowering each one which so another and the balance likes him all the things would owe that be.

In general, was very delicious even more is that it surprises when you have dipped in the warm bevvy. I think that that his value adds for the money that comes with 5 x 500bands of g in £2 for band. It is vegetarian vegan and friendly also. That is not too amour? Highly it would recommend it.
4 / 5
This sandwich-the cookies are súper generously fill up, almost to to a thickness still likes him the cookie, and a filling of cocoa has the light clue of hazelnut roughly that. It is not in sweet, but there is nutty undertones. A texture of a cookie is mine really unusual, is light and scaly, with the smooth golden cup and am really very sure the one who another cookie would compare it to. I have been good receipts for both mine mates in an office and some house of boys. A lot especially, his very when dipped in the brew, a perforated the cup takes a tea, a filling slightly softens, but maintain same structural integrity after the longitude, slow dunk. Winner.
4 / 5
These essentially are two Rich Tea fashionable cookies, sandwiched together with the paste of cocoa flavoured. To be sincere, has not gone too enthusiastic on him. Some cookies is quell'has bitten free and airy, prefers the plus sturdy cookie. A paste of the cocoa is not cocoa-and enough and is the bit gritty and too sweet. It does not think to combine very together.

Thinks that ossia so only the subject preferably personal, likes quota another look of people to like them!

Are quell'has bitten disappointed to see fat of the palmera listed like an ingredient and any one mention of the his durability.
4 / 5
These are cookies of chocolate quite regular of sandwich of Amazon. In the first place some cookies are main that has expected, any that his the bad thing this in spite of personally would have preferred measures it slightly smaller. I have found a flavour to be the light of has bitten. I seat a filling of cocoa could have been bit it more chocolaty is that I bad. A portion of cookie is good and enjoyed it. In general some cookies were good and ate them but all the world has his own flavour he so that it can has to that to something does not like that more and vice versa.
5 / 5
Takes 5 big tubes of cookies here, and is quite tasty. Some cookies are a light , crisp class of rich tea (a bit better that rich tea this in spite of, these have the flavour of vanilla). There is abundance to fill, which is richly cocoa-and. They are not one the majority of the delicious cookie has not tried never, but is quite well, and a cookie is quite that satisfies so it would do the good addition to the lunchbox.

Is well that these are Alliance of the tropical forest has certified, but at present a description of product declares these are own for vegans, which is not to correct. They contain tins.
4 / 5
These cookies have sucedidos in accuately replicating a classical French Prince to READ COOKIES, which are not a lot amply available in United Kingdom. A cookie is quite simple, but is lifted for a tasty filling of chocolate. Each cookie is quite substantial, when being roughly one same likes two chocolate bourbons in measure, calories (121kcal) and sugar. They go in hefty 500tubes of g, each containing twenty cookies. My girls love. Personally it prefers a more flavoured cookie of the chocolate bourbon, but also can see an appeal of these.
4 / 5
As well as before it sew the note is that these cookies are quite big! They are around 3 thumbs but easy to the polish was!

Some cookies is the pocolos brittle but with the soft but fill of chocolate in bylines. They have tried really well, no too sweet, but to good sure the abonos extracted.

Takes five containers with enough the few cookies in the each paralización £ (current prize) which think is the good prize in me so only down £2 the container.
To good sure would buy these again like the abonos treat for a cupboard of bite.
5 / 5
My Dad is very happy with these cookies. It calculates a outers of some sandwiches are like this lighter, cookies of shiny rich tea; a inners the dark plus, more chocolatey the version of a filling goes in Borbón cookies. I remark that a prize of these cookies has moved significantly asked him of then. When Orderly, these were the pocolos low £15 like looked big for products of own mark - still in a measure of big band has distributed. They are at present £ - which does not look unreasonable for 5x500g bands.
5 / 5
Usually when it begins to eat Cookies, has question prendiendo :| With these this in spite of have not suffered a same question! They are BIG and CHUNKY. A better way to describe them is big, round TUCs with the centre of Chocolate!

Some bands are roughly £2 each one that like this, and a container so only is almost the foot long! Some cookies are quite delicious BUT really calm can not having a lot before precise take the pause. I owe that say, LOVE him! :)
4 / 5
I have said he in a title. A cookie is lovely on is suitable but matched with a quantity of interior of cocoa, work like this well, included if you are not the sweet massively extracted person. A band is a lot of packaged and creation partorisca resist things in situating well, with the circle cushioned around some cookies partorisca protect them partorisca breakages. Highly it recommends these, wants to them him and side for the try.
5 / 5
Of these cookies for less than the held (at the same time to write) is the subject! They are basically the 'rich tea' external cookie with the filling of chocolate. To good sure more with the hot drink. A filling of complete creamy chocolate a drought of external cookie perfectly. So only a British eat cookies like these!
5 / 5
Does not think has to that to the cookie would not like , as we are already on to of the winner here.

These are some same likes those can take in any local supermarket; form, measure, and flavour. There is at all to critique with them, averts of a price which is two times concealed that it would pay you in real life.
5 / 5
Excellent cookies, a lot of tasty and with the plot to fill of cocoa. They are very wrapped in his pack, as they all has arrived unbroken - that quell'was the smallest miracle with which some of the ours 'cookies to stick tentativas, which have directed ours receiving containers of crumbs. Very good.
5 / 5
Answered Of the mark of cookies had had once but these are more sweeter. A frame has had was of prize looked also.
5 / 5
•He product arrived All'inner has given a preparation in cardboard with form he logo of the mark. It is sold Ventre happy tiled, a company that busy has given produced culinary has given which same Amazon is titolare, while he confezionamento gives place in Spagna.

•He Together is the compound gives 5 preparations in plastic rivestite all'inner in cardboard. Have Forms cilindrica and contain each one 20 cookies for 500 grams has given produced, has given consequence he total weight ammonta the 2,5 Kg. The inaugural gives place studios a cordoncino inner in nylon that alas any one results a lot of practices in how much, one goes back presiona an extremity, any one is more possible preserved the integrity has given cookies for an along term has given time.

•In the specific extracted has given a double cookie has given form cilindrica with ripieno has cocoa of date, that ammonta to 37. Coming visible photo tiled each portion is quite big and yes attains the hold in the palmo has given a hand, considering also he the weight has given 25 grams has given each one.

•A lot result excessively sweet, mine is very present he flavour of the cocoa that instead contrasts losa note biscottate, salatine and vagamente vanigliate, also in the description has given components mentions the presence has given aromas and this does not specify .
This characteristic Read Gives ideal the bite spent for breakfast or merenda, given also the energetic values has given 121 Kcal for only piece, any pocolos.
He retrogusto is quite persistent And durable, especially commentaries cacaose.

•I energetic values for only unit dream:
121 Kcal
Fat: 5 g (has given which saturated 1,7 g)
Carbohydrates: 17,3 g (has given which 8,3 g has given sugars)
Edge: 0,6 g
Proteins: 1,5 g
Sale: 0,19 g

•Sleep therefore rich has given carbohydrates and has given sugars, while they achieve discreet porcentuales has given fat (also the values has given those saturated acceptable sleep), pocket instead lucido edge and he proteins.

•Importing hold The alcohol that contain slat and fruit the shell, has given consequence any one can be used by the celiaci, while sleep adapt for the one who follows a vegan or vegetarian diet.

•The expiration give on the preparation is referred The January 2022, that the leaves has the data has consummated produced among 10 months of the purchase.

•He price Of the Dips to consider Run 2021 is has given 12,82 Euro for 2,5 Kg, that has translated in 5,13 Euro the kilogram, a figure congrua to the content considering he the formed and he number has given present cookies the internal has given each preparation.

Produced Was: 4,5
Price: 4+
Ratio quality-price: 4+

•Base the what written in the lines soprastanti reputo corrected an evaluation has given 4 stars his 5. Any one knew this product the mine has to that it says has given to be remained satisfied tiled tasting, that vagamente the mine there is agreed a mix among the Gold Saiwa and the Ringo.
The joint The all present lover has given sweet flavours and biscottsti: in this house he palato will find bread for his teeth.

Near always has given to be objective in the opinions that go The effect Vine of studio programmed of Amazon. Have questions Any esitare the contact me and, goes and the my opinion you has been useful, can leave a feedback. It was next!
5 / 5
Dip dieser Bestellung Man of hat erstmal einen Vorrat und zunächst ausgesorgt, sollte man meinen.
Man erhält zu einem guten Kurs 2,5kg Kekse, insgesamt 5 Rollen to 500g.
Wenn Has given nicht Like this lecker wären, hätte man eben jenen zuvor erwähnten Vorrat.

Quotes Kekse sind ähnlich wie Butterkekse sehr knusprig und quotes Füllung schmeckt cremig, nussig, leicht schokoladig.
Insgesamt Also ein runder Geschmack, gives bei sämtlichen Familienmitgliedern, in unserem Haushalt großen Zuspruch fand.

Gute Alternative zu bewährten anderen Marken und lohnenswert einmal auszuprobieren!
4 / 5
Dies Ventre Felice Doppelkekse dipped Kakaocremefüllung werden in einem Karton sicher verpackt geliefert.
Enthalten sind hierbei 5 Verpackungen á 500g Kekse, place einer 37 Prozentigen Kakaocremefüllung. Während Gives Versandes sind Die Kekse nicht gebrochen und waren immer noch ganz gives einzelnen Verpackungen. It is gibt einen kleinen Streifen, a denen man ganz einfach die Umverpackung give Kekse öffnen und has given dann entnehmen kann.
Sie schmecken wirklich sehr Gut, allerdings ein klein wenig trocken.
Für Quotes Liebhaber give Cremefüllung, kann ich berichten, dass sich quotes Kekse von give Schokolade sehr leicht trennen lassen. ;)

Bei einem aktuellen Preis von €6,69 bzw. ca. €1,34 pro 500g, wird yesterday ein gutes Vorratsangebot für Doppelkekse geboten. Von mir gibt Is daher insgesamt eine Kaufempfehlung.
4 / 5
With us now already Mark gives a pair of years, and seldom the mine there is deluso. In fact it is synonymous has given guarantee In terms has flavour of date, quality and suitability. Also this Goes back sleep fallen to the sud velluto With these cookies ripieni to the cocoa to 37 that dream for real good. In preparation has seen sleep very 5 packages cilindrici that contain each one 20 cookies for 500 grams like this as with a total has given well has given cookies. Coming each sew good, also these cookies dream rich has calorie of date 121 Kcal for 25g has given which:
Fat: 5 g (has given which saturated 1,7 g)
Carbohydrates: 17,3 g (has given which 8,3 g has given sugars)
Edge: 0,6 g
Proteins: 1,5 g
Sale: 0,19 g
He flavour is obviously good, my probably less sweet has given what mine expected, with a light tip also has salty data. In fact in the complex My sleep liked mine Any mine have excited, in that a po pastosi and with a flavour probably less charge and sweet has given other alike cookies has given another mark more note on the big distribution. In all the almost has seen joint however has given to try them, also because for which cost, a casualidad glie can it dare ;D Expect that this opinion has seen have been useful :D
4 / 5
I cookies dream now already a lunch omnipresente in ours if, with preparations always more grown and always more convenient. Among the most loved foods For the prize breakfast, adapted was when it is has given fretta and there is so only of time for a caffè to the flight, was for the most traditional cup has given caffè and slat.

Specific produced:

Mark: Ventre happy
Flavour: Sandwich to the Cocoa
Quantity: 5 x 500 g

I Cookies he find all'inner has given a preparation in plastic, the sleep has forms of data circulate light and friable sleep, a cookie is the format gives 2 thin cookies sovrapposti with in the middle of the cream to the cocoa. I find that The preparation a turn presiona result a bit difficult gives richiudere, would suggest has given to add a closing in the way gives to facilitate the conservation.

I Read have tried asciutti And has to that say my sleep liked, especially way the cream to the cocoa, a bit less the cookies in that they knew a bit has given cardboard, my however together was partorisca incinerate went well and resulted gradevoli to the flavour.

In conclusion, advised, good quality, with some small difettuccio my superabile.
5 / 5
Cookies of Type of Chocolate sándwich of the mark of consumption Ventre Felice, in 5 containers of 500gr., A good quantity, that the envian very protected in a box, with a prize that look agreement to the type of product, although we can find mark but economic.
Is manufactured in Spagna, and in the each container is printed partorisca focus 'Alliance of tropical Forest', because with his cost is helping in a good cause.

Liked always a lot this type of cookies, is scarce the week that any which is that any one is the newspaper . In fact a lot of years, like to eat me a pair with the café for the mornings.

Tried a lot, of all the type, of the known frames and of white frames, and how is logical a lot say that it manufactures it partorisca Amazón, but is one of his products that consultor for his estimativa of good report-quality, is very good.

Cookies of edges, as to mine the taste with small toasted and something soft, partorisca take with the milk, the café or add the the cereals partorisca do them but sabrosos, with a generous quantity of chocolate, something dulzón that any one there is at all that the envy the the oreo, perfect to give them lenguetazos, wetted or drunk of two bites, and begin well the day, with a good flavour and joy.

A product a lot 'Ventre happy'
5 / 5
these Cookies Sandwich to the sleep of Cocoa 5confezioni gives 500g cad.1.
Dream cookies very good, croccanti, perfumed, Saporiti, enormous... I have seen I say So only that the edges grown what he palmo of my hand.
I cookies dream a lot of gustosi, the cioccolata is always soft and saporitissima.
He cookie tondo And bucherellato and there is flavour and he perfume of the cocco, the cioccolata of the sweat of flange is for real gustosa my present only to 37.
Dream for real optimum Give legustado gives alone or together Announces a drunk to come a juice has given fruit, a tea, a caffè anytime of the arch of the day, to give a moment has pause of date and coccola personal.
Dream surely very good And Edges sold the less has given €13, in round-up for the quantity is quantity any one can that say you has given to purchase them, the me of the embezzle edges liked and also a lot, my seven attentive has been about to the ingredients surely would have to give a first glimpse has given to purchase them in what they contain some ingredients that today come today the a lot of any sleep graditi the so many.
5 / 5
In family are always ready the try new products, and having tried already a lot of products dolciari and any marchiati Ventre Felice, that does leaves of the big family has given alimentary mark has Amazon of date that receives among his a lot of produced dry fruit, cookies and the capsule has given compatible drinks there is main systems for the caffè, any one have been able to far the less has given partorisca fly try these cookies to the cocoa.

A house will arrive a box has given cardboard, a lot anonymous with all'inner 5 preparations the tube gives 500 gr,each one has given which contains roughly 20 cookies/sandwich ripieni to the cocoa.

I cookies produce in Spagna with cocoa to 37 that comes from/comes from gives agricultures certified, in fact in product he fregia of the the alliance of tropical Forest has Certified , version more recent of the old UTZ, that is to say that it uses cocoa that is born partorisca give cultures that adopt practical has given better crop in the respect of the half and of the present. He produced does not present elements has causes of animal data all'inner of the ready of the ingredients and this give ideal for the one who follows diets vegane or vegetariane.

Have adored it for real In family, my daughter read eats was the breakfast that the merenda, while my wife read partorisca spend in office to accompany sweat caffè has given half tomorrow and I mine the flavour comes dolcino the estaca dinner, for him flavour of balanced and sweet sweat without being excessively cioccolatoso ,say a flange coccola for him palato.

Any one can that advise them , flavours is for real extraordinary ( sopratutto one launches the another), sleep adapt to be the be enjoyed anytime of the day, also he price consider it on-line with alike products,and therefore any one can that it holds he maximum has given vote, and advise it come produced gives to hold always in ours dispense.
4 / 5
golosissimi Cookies farciti With cream to the cocoa.
Dream cookies of the Ventre happy, a mark of the family Amazon.
The sleep has given Cookies of sandwich that is to say dream 2 cookies frollini with all'gone in a gustosa cream to the cocoa (37)
Arrive the house imballati in perfect way, inside a good-looking robust box.
In this way the 5 tubes dream very protected and the cookies all'inner sleep all whole and in mint condition.
Each The tube contains 500 grams has given cookies like this as they arrive the house very 2,5 Kg has given cookies, a good-looking escort.
That but if it does loan the finalise why the cookies dream too good.
The thing that mine has liked has given more is that he flavour A lot is too sweet, like this as a lot they go back intense.
The part of the cookie is a lot of fragrante and light.
The cream is in the just quantity To feel my not going back too stucchevole.
In round-up have He just the balance In way gives esaltare was the dolcezza that the only flavours of the ingredients.
Each cookie is grandísima, With a diameter has given 6,5 cm and a weight have given 27 grams for sandwich, the me very sufficed one for far merenda, while my son and my husband a lot take at least 2 around.
Contain 485 calorie each 100 grams And each only cookie has 121 calorie.
Tube of the sud finds also the comfortable lengüeta with red edge For opens it facilitated.
The expiration is For him 4 January 2022.
At present cost 12,79 euro mine is possible to apply a discount of 30 for which each the tube costs the intorno ad 1,80 euro, an optimum price.
We The house read adore, my son especially does not go crazy and the mine there is already request has given ricomprarli.
Delicious dream And Any one can that promote them the full votes and advise them.
4 / 5
Soprannominati Gives my son “the ringoni”, as well as decisively graditi, sleep sure enough the classical double cookies with cream in half.

Has not seen expected instead has given can execute he the holy rite has given separation of the planned party, licked has given cream and afterwards closing with the planned cookies: ahimé the cream is quite dry “” and the too friable cookies to do it.

Has seen say So only that, wanting to cut one in planned (in fact dream a lot of thickness, I a lot of half the each merenda, planned would be too many) have difficulty because extend always the spaccarsi first. Instead it can eat without too much difficulty without sparpagliare too many briciole In transfer, has sufficed to be attentive.

He flavour is less sweet has given what mine expected but this the reputo a “pro”. He cookie is pleasant And the cream to the cocoa, reason was not soft avenges likes the me, leaves a good flavour in mouth.

Ingredients A bit like this: The front of the the use has given oil has given seeds has given girasole (good) if it does also the use has given fat has palmera of date and preservatives.

Has arrived A Neighbour gives 5 maxi preparations has given cookies for a total has given 2,5 Kg, like this as an escort at all viril for several weeks. In practical ad today, with a pacco gives 5 sold the 12,79 euros, cost pocolos more has given 5 kg/of euros (any one understand reason in the page produced speak has given 10,80 kg/of euro).

Very viril, likes, that considers that it researches'has concluded chances can approfittare pure of the options iscrivi and saves has Amazon of date, with a discount on the periodic delivery programmed by the 5 until 15.
5 / 5
The first what that the mine there is struck when have presionar this preparation give 5 tuboni has given cookies has been own the limit of parrot

enormous Sleep!

And also intense

Half kilo The preparation, 5 preparation, 2 chili and half has given cookies sandwich to the chocolate for small more has given 13 euro

He price in would be also good

And also flavours is good! I have planned external cookies of the as any too corposo custodiscono a ripieno has cream of date to the sweet cocoa, gustoso, saporita
Cookies croccanti and friable, soft cream, in round-up a good coccola for him ours pause.

A level has given the cream has cocoa of date a lot have eaten certainly has given better (and a lot am the thought was commercial incinerates spalmabile to the hazelnuts, my quite incinerate it artesanales really delicious) my however defends.

The one who is indifendibili is The ready ingredients.
Looked for A product is, have not found it.

Recently Mine have suggested a very interesting Application, scansiona a barcode and you give the levels nutrizionali has given each product and you dice in some stairs gives 1 the 100 what is advisable to assume it.

This is.

These cookies Ventre happy have a vote has given 9 sound 100.

Practically A stroncatura.


Too sweet, With 33 grams has given sugar his 100
Contains additive to give averted which Metabisolfito has sodium of date (preservative), aromas much better specified, the carbonate has sodium of date, of ammonio (antiagglomeranti) and lecitine (antioxidant)
Too fat (6,8 g has given fat saturated his 100)
Too calorico.

In round-up, The application of mine there is said soyun know sure has given the one who are doing'?!?

Good good Dream, go well My notice for a merenda a tantum, what a bit complicated gives passage if dream bought well 100 cookies (each preparation does not have 20)

In definite, like my edges liked, but consider are to give prefer products made with a main attention and cure to the ingredients.

He articulate Mine has been resupplied gratuitamente all'inner of the Vine programmed of Amazon.
Instead mine asks has given to effect a real opinion, honest, sincere and impartial.
And like this the net always has Passage of date.
Been born he producer of the born article So that less Amazon contact or influence he voices Vine in the opinions.
5 / 5
This Sells the cookies of chocolate is a good option partorisca the lovers of Prince of cookies, of his form and edges to flavour very alike.

Edges five containers of 500 grams each a, in that come of the cookies of round of big measure, with good quantity of chocolate in his interior and two golden cookies and crispy that wraps it.

Like the positive point of these cookies is that they fulfil with the alliance of durable culture of the cocoa, the alliance called of tropical Forest, something very positive for Ventre Felice.

At all more try them transported L my infancy, has flavours very good and me amuse with the nostalgia of good time.

Partorisca The big families is a good option , of then come two kilos and average of cookies.
His date of caducity is wide, a year in my chance, reason will be able to have cookies in our cookery partorisca any unforeseen.

An use that gives is partorisca prepare wry, in planting to use butter, profite of the cocoa partorisca form the base of the cake, compact rest and with a flavour that do to smile the all these that tried it, soul partorisca try with a cake of cheese, gives an only swipe.
4 / 5
Reason liked him so much that it has forgotten me to it to him and is that of this type of Edges of cookies my preferred of then was a boy , reason when seeing that Amazon, down his focus of products of diet the Happy belly takes, had to try him.

Come 5 containers of 500gr, total of cookies, looks it a lot, but when have a small glotón house and besides love you to him, any moment of bad hay partorisca eat these glorious cookies have fill of cocoa.

The Prime minister that wants to underline is that they are manufactured in Spagna, that is to appreciate of then look me a good support to the traded national.

Edges the typical cookies with two discharges and centre of cocoa that in my chance want me wetted in tins. The cookie has flavours a lot well, sinned to be too sweet and the same raisin with the cocoa, of this rich sin be empalagoso.

Besides, has the Alliance of focus of tropical Forest that control the the companies that caters the products so that they fulfil some requirements of best practices with the means and that has expected, every time extends but and especially in the products that the amazon commercialises for his mark.
5 / 5
5 containers of cookies of the mark of Amazon Ventre Felice, is easy to guess that the famous mark of cookies is answered, reason is one of the ones of all the life, looks that the the designers of cookies finalised the ideas times…

Each container contains 500 grams, so will have cookies some time those that breakfasts and meriendas. The measure of the cookies Any one is the level , extracted of the xl, but any one extra raisin in his farce of chocolate, that is that more like sin them to him. His flavour is good and is rich, more looked the a lot of frames of white cookie of the súper that the the originals, remarked them a point has toasted very interesting.

Decides to dare you and look the ingredients and the table calórica, knows that you go for the find things that a lot you to the van likes…this in spite of of the majority of us the arrival that eats the cookies, in this chance underlines the oil of palmera, the continuous be the most eaten fat and unfortunately also the most hurtful.

A his focus of favour of the ALLIANCE of TROPICAL FOREST has CERTIFIED, a program in pro of the durability that people of worries that collect the cocoa and of the half.

Respect Reward of sound, sees corrects to launch the Ventre expensive, Happy for a lot of that sea of Amazon, for me any one leaves to be a white mark and compared with the triple competition his prize, regarding the original mark is corrected that edges something more economic.

In general looked a good product, his rich flavour can go back unconditional of these cookies, but consider that any one is touched of the prize and that contains oil of palmera, like this pssss
5 / 5
Extract has given a preparation Ventre Felice, that one marks Amazon, 2,5 kg has given cookies bet that 5 preparations (tubes) gives 500g.

I cookies(sandwich)ripieni has cocoa of date to 37, arrive in a preparation has given cardboard very sigillati and protected in the way gives to guarantee a suitable transport, in fact the cookies dream arrived perfectly integrate.

These cookies Dream produced has done in Spagna.

In family are habituada the passage merenda with biscottini looked the these and were curious has given to try them.
He flavour has given these cookies is a lot sweet will say vanigliato,my quite good and has liked the all the family boys comprised. Have A good perfume,croccanti to the just point ,if they undo in mouth and leave a sweet consistency thank you was presence of the cream to the inner cocoa. Optimum To accompany a bel bicchierone has slat of date or thè,my also give consummated gives suns.
He dimensions has given each cookie dream for real very grown, speak has given 6,5 cm has given diameter for 25g.

Flour has given wheat, sugar, fat has palmera of date, oil has given seeds has given girasole, siero has slat of date, lean cocoa in powder (3,5 %), amido has given but, agents lievitanti (carbonates has given ammonio, carbonates has sodium of date), sciroppo has given glucose, sale, aroma, proteins of the slat, preservative (metabisolfito has sodium of date), emulsionante (lecitine has given girasole).

Has seen launches the picture nutrizionale For each cookie:
Energy 121 kcal,
Fat 5, 0g
has given which saturated 1,7 g,
Carbohydrates 17,3g
has given which sugars 8,3g
Edge 0,6 g
Proteins 1,5g
Sell 0,19 g.

Has seen launches the picture nutrizionale For 100 g :
Energy 485 kcal,
Fat 20,0 g,
has given which saturated 6,8 g
Carbohydrates 69,0 g
has given which sugars 33,0 g
Edge 2,5 g
Proteins 6,0g
Sell 0,75 g.

Expiration 04/01/2022

Dream cookies adapted The diets vegetariane and vegane.

In synthesis any one can far another that advise you these cookies gives to use come breakfast matinal or breakfast, my also come appear pomeridiano for our boys.

He price is 13,60 €2 For the moment of the opinion. Doing A fast calculation if extracted has given 2,72 € for each boat has given cookies.
Optimum quality price.

Expect has given to be you been of help In an option has given this product.👍😉
4 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. Dream The version the happy belly has given cookies in tube.

Tubes that Dream five, Gives 500 g each one.
The structure is that classical, with of the cartonato ondulato interior and a glove has given external coating announces to open facilitated.

Goes gives was that, any one have a particularly numerous family and golosa, that that will remain in the tube will be allocated the lose inevitably has given fragranza.
Has seen joint like this as it has given to arm you has given a good-looking biscottiera In tin or has given a bustina with hermetical closing.

Reason I cookies dream for real very good, leave that he 'ammollino' with the air is for real a sin.

Dreams Grown (well 25 g cadauno), has given a dye of bel honey and tiled just proportion (a engalanar my, at least..) Among Paste frolla and cream to the chocolate.

Incinerates that it is good-looking dense (perhaps also a tantinello too), sweet certainly and sufficiently 'cioccolatosa'.
His has given chocolate in round-up, my without individuals excite.

Thrilling instead is He cookie.
The paste frolla mine has liked for real a lot.

Is fragrante, perfumed, burrosa he just, sweet The duty.

The only planned puntualizaciones:
- he price to the kg give in description is wrong.
On the On-line presentation is written 11,50 €/kg. In reality, since 2,5 kg has given cookies (5 preparations gives 500g) sleep proposed the 11,43 euros, he correct price is has given 4,572 €kg. Well lower like this as!
- Always on the On-line presentation, and afterwards also on the preparations, the cookies dream indicated for vegetariani and VEGANI my ATTENTION: among the ingredients appear he siero has slat of date and he proteins of the slat.

Said this, A joint?
Pucciateli In the Slat.

In fact, pucciatelO, ONE.
Each cookie has contributed well 121 kcal.
The held (and tries it has spent) has arrived always all'improvise.

NB: He produced is has DONE in Spagna, the data has given expiration has given this lotto is January 2022.
5 / 5
☑ Intriguing flavour: it likes it is of diverse gives that has given usual cookies with him chocolate, in what he cookie looks almost salty, any one is very sweet, what that marries was perfection with the cioccolata. It can like Or less my surely is a particular note and caratterizzante.

☑ Price No competitive: he price is not very competitive with other cookies sandwich that can find in supermarket or that his Amazon.
☑ Any a lot of inzuppabili: in the tentativa has given inzupparli in the slat, the boxes has given cookie is staccato gives that has given chocolate, what that sucede often, he “sandwich” any one is very coeso.
☑ The boxes has given chocolate is smaller respect the those has given cookies: this is a flange has the data roughly knows millimetri without chocolate.

Any one say that no mine have liked, my no like this would buy has new data this product: it is particular and surely with some “defects” in primis cost a pochino big.
Vote: 🍏🍏🍏🍎🍎
4 / 5
Received All'inner has given a comfortable preparation has given cardboard, well imballata treating has given produced edible, these 5 tubetti gives 0,5 kg each one has given cookies to the chocolate dream a flange ghiottoneria, one launches the another and so only can say that in family have consummated 1 kg has given cookies in hardly 2 days, have had to dip gives leaves a preparation to be able to it recensire!!!

Ventre happy is one marks Amazon specialised in the production has given dolciumi diverse. These cookies Dreams A product quite Level and has the data consummates long.

Cost say that it would go a bit revised why purchasing 5 pacchi together my appearance a saving and therefore it would spend it announce a maximum has given 10 euro, mine the goodness has given these cookies say that it has spent in first piano and therefore I have wanted dares a totally positive opinion!

I cookies dream made with flour has given wheat, contain fat has palmera of date, oil has given seeds has given girasole, siero has slat of date, amido has given but, agents lievitanti varied and obviously lean cocoa in powder with a content of 3,5.

These cookies optimum Dream Gives to eat The dry, friable sleep to the just point and the cream to the inner cocoa is very good and yes undoes in mouth, but suggest caldamente has given to try them also inzuppati in the thè or in the slat because it has read have found very good, the cookies absorb suffered the hot drink and undo grieve dipped in mouth leaving plants was soft incinerates to the chocolate, looks almost has given to eat another product and honradamente has read prefer like this, damage the just load to the mattino!!
5 / 5
Of always ardent State the this characterises cookies of chocolate, the famous prince for example or another a lot of that tried of the frames mark known and target, these in concrete belonging to the row of products Ventre Felice that commercialises Amazon and that up to now all that tried has liked him me a lot, of then see quality a lot well the quite regulated prizes.

In this chance treat of big cookies and of the containers of 500g. With a lot of quantity of Chocolate and very handed and compact, in general the edges of cookies quite white, is pocolas toasts and any have resplandor like the chance of the prince (any if ossia has had to that the one who any van bathed with egg), but edges quite crispy, agreed a lot the those that commercialises a supermarket whose white mark begins for Source...

In the box has come 5 containers of 500g. Each one which, ossia 2,5Kg. Of cookies of Chocolate, a lot has counted the cookies but come enough, and a thing to that liked is that they fulfil with of the alliance of durable culture of the cocoa, the 'Alliance of tropical Forest'.

Finally as a lot this type of cookies and eats enough, is a good band and is a lot well, at all that envies the another more expensive, but is the occasional consumptions will have cookies for long, the good is that to date of the caducity is extended, some 10 months, likes time of hay to eat them before this date.

Expect that it has been you to it to him useful my opinion and if you the click in the useful key appreciates it to you. Thank you very much To read me.
5 / 5
One launches the another … a shod calorica and has flavour of date that has liked me to It a lot! These cookies Dream of happy belly farciti to the cocoa, of the flavour a lot excessively sweet and gustoso: a very attained copy has given more famous Swipe of the Bahlsen.

He produced is composed Gives five tubes give 500 grams each, 20 cookies for tube. Bandage is a mixed has given cardboard and immersed plastic, incidentally to the indications on the ingredients, the picture nutrizionale and other pretty much useful informations, find he lotto has given belonging and the data has given expiration; in my wife his a product received the month of fine Course 2021 read an expiration has given roughly 290 days. Time amply sufficient The smaltire a like this big quantity.
I cookies dream produced in Spagna, and he the cocoa has the certification “Alliance of tropical Forest”.

A cookie has a diameter has given Roughly 7 cm and a weight has given 25 grams; he flavour is very good, some optimum mixes among him salty has data planned cookies and he sweet of the cocoa. One agrees me a lot the merenda bread and chocolate that did gives boy.

advise Them why have An optimum flavour, especially A lot of AMADOAS sews too sweet. He cookie Has limit he just For a swift breakfast or a well dines no too defiant, he price finally find it very convenient
5 / 5
Is erinnert natürlich a data bekannte Prinzenrolle. Im Vergleich finde ich Quotes Kekse aber schmackhafter, aromatischer und mehr in Richtung Butterkeks gehend als bei give Prinzenrolle. Dafür tritt Quotes Schokolade etwas give Hintergrund. Sie ist etwas 'zäher' und schmilzt nicht sehr Gut. Konsistenz ist etwas merkwürdig. Und ich habe Give Gefühl, dass bei give Füllung mehr gespart wurde und insgesamt weniger Schokolade drin ist. Die 37 können sich nur auf give Gewicht beziehen, denn vom Volume his ist given Schokoladenschicht sowohl kleiner als auch dünner als quotes beiden Kekse und liegt damit zwingend UNTER einem Drittel.

Is krümelt auch wahnsinnig, ohne Unterlage kann quotes of man Kekse eigentlich nicht essen.

Give Alliance of tropical forest Siegel würde ich nicht allzu ernst nehmen. Die Zertifizierung hat einiges a Kritik einstecken müssen und wurde z.B. In einem Oxfam Bericht dipped zahlreichen Verstößen erwähnt. Reaktion wie immer: Natürlich würden Levels to die ständig überprüft, Verstöße werden geahndet und quotes Zertifizierung entzogen, aber leider kann quotes of man Vorwürfe aktuell nicht nachvollziehen. Ablage P.
Gives Given Kekse aber noch billiger sind als mancher Keks ohne RFA Siegel, klingt give eher nach Greenwashing.

Pro Keks Man of hat über 120 Kalorien, to the 5 Packungen sind etwa 22500 Kalorien zusätzlich. It has dipped they have given Worten verabschiede ich mich Also schon bad von meiner Badefigur 2021.
4 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. I dream enormous cookies of the The weight has given Roughly 25 gr each and of the diameter has given 7 cm and thickness 1 cm. Perfect sleep For the breakfast or for a bite.
Has seen like the cookies type Baiocchi, Ringo or Oreo these the sleep has given valid contendenti and, in fact, have something has given a lot of that read to give only: first of all enormous dream and afterwards the difference of the others cookies in which the cream is the first what that strikes, that is he cookie the passage gives padrones!
He cookie Has the consistency has given Digestive, softer, more often and friable in mouth.. Absolutely It Gives to try!

Had tried already other cookies Ventre happy, mine this dream the upper level. The morning with 2-3 has given these is already sazio and with him slat one launches the another. The cream to the cocoa is very good, any too sweet and absolutely a lot of stucchevole. This is some note or aroma that mine agrees the vanilla or he cocco, my slight, just a tip, that gives a pushed to the flavour. The sleep Gives to try, any one will remain delusi.

I 5 tubes gives 20 cookies and well 500 gr each (for a total has given 2,5 Kg) arrive in a box has given robust cardboard, without wasteful and very sigillato. All protected, any risk In the chance has given falls or urgidos that the cookies frantumano, any one have found neither a cookie broken. The expiration is The January 2022 (product ordered the Course 2021).

Giving a gaze to the price: €12,69 for 5 tubes, that is to say roughly €2,5 the tube, is a price that consider adherente to the characteristics of the product.
4 / 5
The week spends compraventa this Sells full cookies of chocolate and has to that say that they have fascinado. Edges the best that tried of this class...

This Sells the cookies looks 5 containers of half kilo each one which and coming inside a box, reason is collected perfectly.

Something that Calls the attention when you plough the first container is that edges some slightly main cookies that the traditional.

The texture is the one who an attentive in this type of cookie, reason is very achieved.

Of flavour, for my flavour, edges very better that the original. The part of cookie has good flavour and, that would underline of this cookie is the part of cocoa, those leaves when finalising eats it an aftertaste the born very rich. Any one is bitter tan like other cookies of this type.

The quality of report-estimate-cookies of Ventre happy full of crap is, for my comprise, excellent, of offers of the costs of big qualities has regulated.

Resumiendo... An excellent Band of full cookies of cocoa. It would underline his measure of Elder and his better flavour like better qualities. One has wanted and, for like this, recommend them. The doubt sinned, is an excellent product.
4 / 5
What agree these biscottoni? Simplísimo, I cookies Prince, and say that read agree is riduttivo in what I dream practically equal.

Extracted has Planned given disks has given cookie tiled light and friable consistency with all'gone in a layer has given farcitura to the cocoa.

Good dream has given flavour, also personally he cocoa seat the stento. I seat He flavour Of the cookie, that is quite vaniglioso, and he sweet of incinerates it all soyine gone in a lot he flavour has given cocoa.
Is a bit a sin, my still good sleep.

Any one can affirm that they are cookies 'has given qualities', reasons the ingredients dream very visible the all and any one create was necessary to comment them.
But patience, he price was A lot is congruent with the quality of the product (also is the Prince cost less a pochino less has usual data!).

Produced In Spagna, received the Course 2021, expiration the January 2022.
5 / 5
Quotes Rolle give Prinzen... ein Keks Give Kindheit. Of this Container versucht sich ebenfalls one gives heiligen Keks-Schokocreme-Mischung und macht is schon gar nicht schlecht. Wie üblich sind Quotes Kekse in einer Rolle, aus give besonders die untersten nur schlecht heraus wollen. Like this ganz unbeschadet haben sie give Weg yesterday his nicht überstanden, aber give ist eigentlich immer give Fallen. Ich hatte zumindest noch Deny eine Rolle bei give wirklich to the Kekse komplett In Being waren - egal von welcher Marke.

Im Direktvergleich zur Marke, Die sicher jeder kennt, muss ich sagen dass quotes Kekse einfach etwas andiger' schmecken. Sie zerbröseln einem sprichwörtlich im Mund. Of the ist eigentlich nicht schlecht, nur irgendwie ungewohnt, wenn man seit give Kindheit a eine andere Konsistenz gewohnt ist. Vom Geschmack His ist given Kombination auch etwas anders, aber auch nicht verkehrt.

Mein Bondadoso welches Quotes Marke noch nicht vom Geschmack his kennt findet die Kekse somit verdammt lecker und würde sie direkt auffuttern - wenn gives nicht Corazón und Pope im Weg stehen würden und bad wieder NEIN sagen (gemein sowas).

Quotes Rollen sind allesamt bis 01/22 haltbar. Gut ein Jahr für knapp 2,5 Kilo Keks? Of the geht klar.

Ungewohnt aber nicht schlecht. Man kann sie auf jeden Fallen vernaschen und für to the date eher sandig-bröselige Kekse mögen ist give yesterday sicher eine Alternative zoom cleaned Bekannten.

Top Customer Reviews: Oreo Cookies - ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 8 ratings
5 / 5
I want to Oreos, especially Double Incinerates. But when they have arrived, it is it has bitten abuse partorisca find them the marked prize in 79p. These 6 bands would cost me £ was partorisca buy in this prize. As there is essentially payed slightly down bend a prize partorisca east. This is not that it is announced by a picture and he feels in the way that has been scammed out of some extra pounds.

Any way, still go them partorisca eat. But still it is that it disappoints partorisca say a less.
5 / 5
Any in fact Double Material, so only a version of United Kingdom (the pair Incinerates)

Overpriced, the listed involves is an import of EUA
4 / 5
Used them all and was very good and flavoursome
4 / 5
has Bought these with which I snaffled my edges last Oreos in his drawer and felt bit it guilty, has arrived, and I snook was with the packed or two. I mean, they are Oreos, is lovely :)
5 / 5
Delicious, has has had to that me really the paralización that eats everything of some bands 😂
5 / 5
has expected the small to be broken but there so only broken the pieces like any utmost
5 / 5
is Oreos, any much more partorisca say roughly that. They try exactly like each one another stock exchange of Oreos has has not bought never.
5 / 5
Has arrived quickly, very good packaged, any fraction at all. The quality adds, the good prize partorisca a quantity takes. The vendor adds, highly recommend!

Top Customer Reviews: GIANTS Biscuit 78g ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 18 ratings
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The cost has checked present adds and a recipient has wanted to him. Tried so only like the small custard cream. I add partorisca dunking also has does except being careful in an initial bite, as they can be bit it hard in some teeth! But I add calm once begin dunking is lush!
4 / 5
The cost checked has Bought these partorisca the Saint secret partorisca the Christmas and they were a headliner of all some presents last Christmas. His no last long neither like all the world has wanted to him!
4 / 5
The cost has checked Given like present he in any one any custard creams.
4 / 5
The cost has verified Some girls have wanted to him
5 / 5
The cost has checked Excellent biscui excellent cookie
4 / 5
The cost has checked orders these partorisca favours partorisca my pair of daughters , has not been disappointed when they have arrived, packaging really good and the time of interior has arrived adds partorisca a pair ,, can not expect the tuck in ,,, Thank you
4 / 5
The cost has checked Massive cookies and all delicious
5 / 5
The cost checked has Bought like this splits of the present. Good quality, any broken some. Happy with compraventa.
5 / 5
It orders these partorisca favours partorisca my pair of daughters , has not been disappointed when they have arrived, packaging really good and the time of interior has arrived adds partorisca a pair ,, can not expect the tuck in ,,, Thank you
5 / 5
Bought like this splits of the present. Good quality, any broken some. Happy with compraventa.
4 / 5
These are like this yummy. They are enormous and quite wide for the regular teacup of ASDA. I mean the one who calm more master? Personally I dulcemente pry averts him and then softly the averages a icing filling until it is distributed equally and then doubly joy a cookie.

Warns this in spite of.. They are temptation in the lovely careful.
5 / 5
Is exactly like the giant custard cookie of cream. I will be to dip mine in christmas present like the bit of fun. They look and to flavour like a bit cookies of the normal measure but they are like this decadent. It averts of a flavour adds is a better entertainment .
4 / 5
Has been disappointed with east, probably has no the bed properly but has thought really order the giant custard cookie of the cream but this has not been a chance
4 / 5
the present Adds and a recipient has wanted to him. Tried so only like the small custard cream. I add for dunking also has does except being careful in an initial bite, as they can be bit it hard in some teeth! But I add calm once begin dunking is lush!
4 / 5
Very good but can buy much more custard creams for sides, has been giving to the personnel and has has wanted the
5 / 5
Given like present he in any one any custard creams.
4 / 5
Has bought these for the Saint secret for the Christmas and they were a headliner of all some presents last Christmas. His no last long neither like all the world has wanted to him!
4 / 5
Spent him in still my anniversary in work, has not tried adds but has done the little laugh of people... Quite hard to dunk

Top Customer Reviews: GIANTS Biscuit 78g ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 5 ratings
4 / 5
Havnt Tried him still, but brilliant of look, and has arrived quickly.
5 / 5
Thumbs up in these. Taken the partorisca my bosses Xmas pressy and wants to him. Factor of good novelty as well as the taste, apparently, has not been offered one!!!!!
4 / 5
Perfecto for the cuppa. Pertinent cookie and treat it when had the hard day in work
4 / 5
Havnt tried them still, but brilliant of look, and has arrived quickly.
4 / 5
Has sent this product like the present, a recipient was very pleased with him especially a measure of some cookies.

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I buy these partorisca my partner likes him treat the one of time in when. It wants the because they are lovely and sweet and crunchy.
Buying the sale like this is also value quite good.
5 / 5
Jamie dodgers 6 band. It has been lovely with 3 pots of lovely tea on 2 days. They are lucky has is lasted concealed is a real thing . For real delicious

Top Customer Reviews: Mcvities Custard ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 3 ratings
4 / 5
Just rule custard creams, frescos, but the little has been to break in some of some bands. Perhaps so only in traffic, enjoy them in all the chance.
5 / 5
Some cookies were of good quality, much more before date, unfortunately around 50 has been broken and for this no very presentable, will eat him so only the harm in a harm! They have arrived promptly and try add😊
5 / 5
bought him partorisca my woman the one who loves them flavour very better that the supermarkets possess.

Top Customer Reviews: Oreo Golden Vanilla ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 4 ratings
5 / 5
It has bought in fact these for deception as has thinks that that they were an original white vanilla flavoured frosting. These were brown chocolate flavoured frosting that was a lot of but no quite like this amused in my book. It is still each one has bitten a oreo and will take the good load of cookies. It is really the preference to fill. A filling of cream of the chocolate is not chocolatey enough. It finalises to be just sweet and a chocolatey the flange in fact comes from/comes from a cookie.
FYI, Each box has 10 bands and each band has 2 oreo cookies of sandwich. Of this listing, takings 8 boxes . If you join well of mathematician, calm effectively takes 160 oreo sandwiches of cookie. Value I enough adds. I have used the majority of mine like cheesecake bases. Fab!
4 / 5
These are calm a lot take one calm can any the most economic place that buy in this way to the equal that exits more economic.
5 / 5
So only like a double stuffing oreo is is the little has bitten more economic that buys the whole box in planting to buy alone containers.
5 / 5
16 containers of oeros was in fact the half farce a lot populate!

Can not complain

Top Customer Reviews: Amazon Brand - ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 43 ratings
5 / 5
Although listing likes Apple and cookies of cinnamon, has struggled partorisca choose on any apple and a overpowering the flavour was that of cinnamon. Ossia Well him the the cinnamon is your cup of tea, or quite a lot of cookie, but is not quite that has expected for an apple and flavour of cinnamon.

The wise calories, each cookie is 46 calories , but is packed as it takes so that it is basically 100 to seat unless you share. A pairing has 2strand of g, which gives your newspaper of total requirement the impulse is without uploading a fat too much strongly. Some cookies are wrapped in the plastic foil, which is a lot easily opened of a right end ( the looks there is the legislations and the wrong end, without there when be any one marking to this effect) as it does not concern roughly taking them on the travesía was and thinking you will require to appeal to teeth to take to some contents - you would not owe that require to.

Does not disturb some cookies but does not have any one a lot in a way of apple and an initial flavour, as well as a one this persists, is cinnamon. Each band contains 6 bands of two cookies, which are perfect to pack in the lunchbox.

Update: I have improved my indication because, although it still does not choose on an apple, is a lot of moreish and that satisfies when love the little extra to eat in the way reasonably sã. It is the bite that calm give you the good dose of edge, will not ruin your to win and does not leave your diet in shreds.

Update: these are now the snacking preferred. Obviously it likes-me the cinnamon of closing can not try a lot in a way of apple. It has purchased more and also another flavour.

Update: has has had now a version of red bay. It is pleasant and fruity, but sweeter that would expect for raspberry. They like him some few cookies, but in fact prefer a cinnamon and flavour of apple in general. I will take both again, but probably a cinnamon roughly three times like this often.
4 / 5
I really like a flavour of these and there is @@give then reasons - is absolutely chock full of sugar, comprising dextrose and fructose. It is my own failure , has seen a focus 'big edge' and thought 'is'. But it would have to that it has read it a cast of ingredients before I have purchased. You take to plot for your money but I have found that often an individual wrappers was extremely difficult to pull open and has finalised often break some cookies to several pieces so it creates to plot of crumbs. A texture of real cookie is quell'has bitten hard to describe. It is not to like digestive or jammy dodgers, is almost like an extremely thin rich tea. I found him too sweet but if not to impose you all a sugar and like fillings of type of the jam, can enjoy him, but is not for me and I will not order again.
5 / 5
These are very good. Some other descriptions describe like this weighed in a cinnamon but I would have to that disagree (the desire has had more cinnamon to be sincere)

has to that be in accordance with some of some another roughly his descriptions a lot when being any one very easy to open. Some cookies are quite thin and for like this easy to break and calm easily can finalise squashing that looks for to open a container.

Has bought partly these have liked me like this a fact there is so only two cookies to the band that does for the smallest bite but is a lot the smallest bite. A lot well, but any one a lot to them.
4 / 5
Is not sure state in these when I tried him in the first place, reason one fill is quite scarce, but with which having the pair of them maintains to go back for more. An apple and fill of the cinnamon is a lot of tasty and a surrounding cookie is crispy, but does not add any a lot of to a flavour. They are plant quite well in milking too much.
4 / 5
These are utmost, but a lot of adictiva!! Like this having to that hide of me, hubby and a dog!!!
Will order again!!!
5 / 5
I like a product a lot for the flavour and that fulfils my value of win of the money.
4 / 5
Some cookies were delicious; crisp with the light fruity tang. I add when takings together with friends for caffè or the 'go in eat' atascada. A packaging is excellent and to good sure will maintain a fresh product.
4 / 5
A lot disappointed with these, any a lot of flavour to them.
5 / 5
Nizza Sweet cookies with only 46kcl ideal partorisca people in the diet craving the fixed sweet. The flavour is very true and the airy/light apresamiento done an a lot indulgent cookie.
5 / 5
Good flavour. Ideal to take way and snacking external. The container has arrived 2 sail quotes of original delivery
5 / 5
Quite basic, volume of supposition that stops of has paid. Very thin. It would not order again
4 / 5
These are utmost for my daugter! It loves him and a fact that takes two in the band he his perfect fact for bites especially when you are was and roughly. Value really a lot that takes a big box of his too much!
5 / 5
The product was a lot of and filling! But a band of foil is hard to take to. All more is something on! A cookie has abundance to try an apple and to the cinnamon tries really good before what in the morning with the caffè!
4 / 5
Handy sized Sale partorisca in a gone and the cookie of sandwich is packed with flavour of bays.
4 / 5
Excellent cookies, loved by a whole family, amiably packaged, and rid when expected. Highly recommended!
5 / 5
The flavour adds and convenient sachet ideal of band partorisca a box of lunch of the girls
5 / 5
A flavour of some cookies is very balanced, is sweet but no too sweet, and is soft this in spite of crunchy. Personally it finds an excellent flavour like master a cinnamon, has the sweet and sour apple flavour with has fallen he of cinnamon and is not unnecessarily buttery. A filling is the aspic of the dry/jam and a cookie is the mix among puff pastry and the cracker. In general, a flavour remember of McDonald Wry of apple.
Has 21.6 grams of sugar on 100 grams of product that is not that big, and has 69.5 grams of carbohydrates which would be necessary to maintain you full for some time. They are utmost how is but is also adds partorisca dunking to a milk. A expiry the date is in 9 month of now which would have to that be abundance to eat some 8 bands of these cookies.

In general, these cookies are tasty, simple, and a prize is quite decent. It would recommend him.
4 / 5
Has the few subjects with these

love a filling (Red Fruits) very sweet and tasty but an element of cookie is likes map, enough the dry and almost burned flavour which is the real shame , has included a light dusting of sugar in a cookie do not help.

Is too small, so much so that they are not fill and any value a packaging, to three bandage would have been better. If you are counting the calories could be happy with a small plus that do fault.

A packaging is wasteful and no very well, a box is GOOD and informative but an individual foil has wrapped the cookies are the ache to open , a zig zag tear in the each final does not do and calm neither has to that bite to them or take the pair of scissors.

Finally £!, they would require to be the averages this prize.
4 / 5
Hey, This excellent flavour. And a texture is light and flakey -more like pastry that cookie. It notches upper.
Is done in Portogallo to the equal that could have something to do with him.
Some flavours to fill like tangy Jammy Dodgers. It goes in!
The foil sealed in of the like this ideal pairs for travesías/lunchboxes.
Vegetarian Also.

Some fruity the cookies of sandwich leave a acidy the flavour in my mouth likes when you have eaten too much is coming gums. But a lot these.

But together with a mushed on strawberries, raspberry and delay purees juice of bay of big of the plus (yum), reason oh reason feel a need to launch in Glucose-syrup of Fructose, Dextrose, syrup of Glucose and Sugar? It is further me.

Has some same calorific contained like dry Rice Crispies (380 odd Kcal/100g) and is which enough would have with my Tips of PP. But with on 22 content of sugar, calculates would try even better and be lower in calories if some additions has accused the sugars have been ignored. Laughably, Announces some 'Big' 8 content of edge.

But attributes all 5 stars to the equal that try excellent (in spite of being too sweet) and a pastry-as the scaly texture gives them a flange in alike cookies.

Can look to the plot to fork was for some cookies but I do not think any a lot of guests would refuse the second band after trying them.
5 / 5
This Apple of Amazon of Ventre Felice and the cookies of Canela go in the 148box of g to the equal that contains 6 foil-has has wrapped containers each containing two cookies. In of the terms of concept, these cookies are resembled circles of fig albeit more along and thinner - the cookie pastry external casing with the filling of type of thin jam. Each one which as 12,3 band of g of two cookies rid 46 calories.

My first observation is that no like them to them some few bands of foil in that is quite uncomfortable to open especially in a movement, calm can no rasgar some finals of some bands easily and more the people will require scissors. Some cookies is not too many sweet but for my flavour is slightly dry. An apple and fill of the flavour of the cinnamon tries true this in spite of.

In general, these cookies try reasonably well, is not too big in calories for comparison with some another, and each box contains 6 bands of foil of 2 own cookies partorisca lunchboxes etc. But is the shame some individual bands are not easier that open.
5 / 5
Loves this bay of big edge of cookies/of red fruit of the sandwich filled - the mine tries like the mix among me slightly steps lighter Jammy Dodgers and classical Pop-mixes @he of @the @Tart near! One fill is so only a right quantity to not being gooey or too sickly but still give you the little explosion of tasty filling of fruit. Two in the each stock exchange of the foil sealed (desquels there is 6 in the each one of some eight boxes) is not enough for me his so that it is a lot of moreish and no too fill/too easy to eat so that I require look with them like this easily could take by means of all are insiemi of two in the box without taking, but in 47 cals for cookie this would not be ideal! Considering a content and the big edge think two of some bands is still a lot too bad/unhealthy and like him mid-atascada of morning with the cup of tea can maintain me happy until lunch. It likes-me a flavour and texture and in just in a pound fifty for the boxes think that that they are good value also, as it would take him again.
4 / 5
Describing them as 'of the cookies' perhaps is that it goes bit it far, but there there is certainly that pleases crunch when bite in, more than a squidgy mush that some the products looked in a look to stage to favour. A thin external discharge test quite well, and when one fill of the smooth apple comes by means of, is tasty and sweet to so only a right level. There is the little more to cinnamon that goes in that it would like, but is not overpowering for of any half.

Is relatively big in edge, evidenced for a fact that in spite of being quite small, surprisingly is fill. A packaging of foil maintains him fresh for age also, that means that buying to the for elder does not mean to owe haste by means of them quickly to avert waste.

A cast of ingredients is the little has bitten that connects in the artificial things but is at all too that dips was and there is to sure worse culprits good there for unnatural additives.

Simply packaged, pleasingly tasty and handily-sized, these is abonos pocolos find and a lot reasonably priced.
5 / 5
These are cookies of good trying of those who take me wrong May.........
One is very thin with the crispy shell that surrounds the fruity centre with him smattering of raspberry, strawberry and fill partorisca retard thats one more afterthought that it fill. Some cookies are thin and crisp but funds in a mouth.
I like a flavour and is sweet and well like this it fast bite but a full box of 16 of these isnt equal to roughly 5 digestives in my opinion and I still looked for more!
Ventre happy, hmmm, has does not love quite more to them, more fill and the cookie he the fat plus pleases
4 / 5
I love the circle of fig, but is the lamented cookie. The people so only can not locate with a squidgy innards and slightly soft external shell. Master 'in. A Ventre Felice'andwich Cookies with Apple and Canela' is the modern to take on a cookie with the different the full that will please a lot.

Ossia Cinnamon and classical apple , that could expect you in an apple @@@crumble. It is very weighed in a cinnamon and I likes him concealed. A cookie is quickly short and almost feels likes is the cookie of desayunar . A big in the edge among a cookie having abundance of oats in him. It would not call east is this in spite of as they are also big in sugar.

Some individual containers means that these are ideal for the lunch packed or picnic. They do for any the one who has a subject with snacking to the equal that are more sãos that many of some calm options can have you found purchasing instead.
5 / 5
Ossia The a lot of well, tasty and down-alternative of calorie the bars of Cereal that can be the bit stodgy.

Goes in the band of 8 x boxes, each box having the foil sells sealed of 2 x sweep of bite. They are flavoursome with the very good texture, and fruity flavour. They are quite thin, and look to have little filling, but is in fact really good. An external texture is the little like the cookie, a global when being the bit like the fruity Garibaldi.

I certainly like them, he like this done my woman. Perfecto with the cup of tea, says mid-late, or any time.

Amiably packaged, tasty few bars of bite. Flavour and good quality, as I have found with other products of Ventre Felice also. It exits to £ still the box of 6 x 2 cookies of sandwich, as any economic, but no, in mine dress, on-priced neither.

Yep, Recommends.

Appearances has found this useful description
4 / 5
the cookies of sandwich of Ventre Felice of the amazon with the apple and the cinnamon were the good surprise .
Each cookie is slightly shorter that the grown-arrive toe.
“The sandwich” could be the bit misleading. They are less like the custard incinerates or jammie dodger, more as the tiny relative of a hot pocket or @@@tart of pop.
Is pockets of crisp, scaly-ish pastry sealed around the paste of cinnamon of spiced apple, a lot like the tiny apple strudel – or “apfelstrudel” you must.
An apple and the flavours of cinnamon are very clear. If I have had the quibble would be he with a slightly chemical afterglow, like the cinnamon dispels .
Each cookies of dozen arrive boxed in paper, which hides an echo-condemn plastic secret. Some cookies are sub-packaged in 6 stay of pair of the interior sealed-fresh money envelopes.
Packaging niggle Evita, this in spite of, is the light and tasty extracted.
5 / 5
These apes of small bites are tasty and surprisingly fill. With the strong flavour of cinnamon, which almost overpowers a micro-spent thin of paste of apple, test very resembled some cakes of hot apple could find down some yellow arches, but with the less pleasant texture - more like cookie.

Is way on-packaged, with a box that contains six individual foil-has has wrapped containers, each containing two cookies. And a way of looks of the hardest foil that need to be. Has has had to that wrestle with each one for the take open, and has finalised always tear in the way that he extra hard to take the cookie was without the pause. Frustrating, especially is of train of the do while looking the film. Also annoyingly noisy. Really noisy!

But once take one in your mouth, is almost value an endeavour. Almost.
4 / 5
These are wrapped in of the insiemi of two in the material of foil. Really it likes him-me these that bites how is the little different to your usual bars.

These have the alike texture and look that of the pasty. It does not think it is done of a same thing this in spite of but is the little scaly and crispy with him gooey/chewy filling of interior. I am not a lot fill this in spite of but perfect for the light bite whilst exerting or is gone in the long walk. They found and result soft when launching hand of the tea but an interior remains the alike texture and I am enjoyed that this has tried. Some ingredients are quite well too much with swimming sticking was like this when being too unhealthy. A flavour of a red fruit is combined well and any one some claves of bay was like this too much strong.

Would buy again.
5 / 5
This mark of apple of Amazon of cookies and happy belly of the sandwich of the cinnamon is a lot of enjoyable with his airy and crispy texture light. Each box contains six has wrapped individually cookies, this has two apple and of the cookies of sandwich of the cinnamon in the each rap. They are own partorisca to vegetarian diet, And is a lot when accompanied with the cup of tea or caffè. Specifically it likes like this they are wrapped individually, which of him his perfect fact for the lunchbox or in a gone atascada when it likes you something well and sweet without indulging too yes is trying be good. Some cookies are 9 x 4 Centimetres in measure,And some ingredients and the textures are very balanced and compliment an another so that it would be happy to eat more these again.
5 / 5
This apple and the cookies of cinnamon go in bands of small map. Each band contains six foil-has has wrapped portions, each one which like duquel comprises two cookies.

Some cookies is thin and have the company, pastry-like texture. Each one that like this apparently is 46 Calories , how is 92 calories for the portion that assumes that has both cookies in a foil wrapper. In my opinion in all the chance does not be suitable for dunking in your tea.

Has thinks that has had enough the good apple and flavour of cinnamon. This be has said, does not find him like this irresistible like some reviewers here, like this suspicious my eight boxes will last enough the long time. They would be well like the course of the lunch has packed, this in spite of.
4 / 5
Has eight bands of foil in the box and two small cookies in the each band. My girls eat these like alternative to granola bars. These contains roughly 20 of sugar vs 30 for a granola bars. But the weight of band so only 25g vs 42g. As it bit it more soymena touched if they do not eat two bands. The flavour is well, light and brittle, no too sweet like the z/the sugar is rid invernadero one fill has concentrated. An apple and fill of the cinnamon is so only far too syrupy for me. It would take the headache if this has not been portion very small. A first ingredient is, in fact, syrup, before apple. But I guess it does not touch like this appealing if this has called cookies of sandwich with syrup, apple and cinnamon.
4 / 5
These are good bites , taste that are wrapped in of some bands of two which he his perfect fact for bites in some gone or after the bites escoles. They are quite sweet but calm to good sure can try a cinnamon that is well for me so that it loves cinnamon, but so that I am not like this sure these could not be a better thing. Mine a, and think so only, flu with these is that a foil is wrapped is really hard to open. Mina acequia the one who are new can any the open and I need to use any scissors or my teeth. Ossia The real shame to the equal that will be almost impossible for a lot of people to open so has the subjects with your hands will require scissors to open each container.
4 / 5
Ossia 8 small box of 6 band of cookie. Each band of film contains 2 good cookie, fill with red bays.
Is the good discharge of bay in him, any so only the tiny thin discharge. A texture is to exert in an interior and bit it crunchy in an outside. Flavour and utmost texture also. And no too sweet, included although a cup has it sugary the spent glazed
One fill is the mix of bays, sweet, but no too sweet. A bar is roughly 2 bite and each piece contains 47 calorie. A big box go in, contains 96 (8 box of 6 on, 2 cookie each one which as) piece of cookie, averaging was around 12p for piece of cookie, which thinks is the good prize.
4 / 5
I have had other products in a row of Ventre Felice and declare very impressed. How it is unusual partorisca me partorisca say that I have found these the bit 'normal'. A flavour of the cookies COST but nothing special. An element of cookie is in a soft side. A filling is the puree of red fruits.

A whole container is in fact value quite good. Eight boxes each like this with 6 mini inner of bands. Each band contains two cookies. These are ideal to burst to the z/to the rucksack in a start of the walk. If so only I am looking for the paste of sugar then these will suffice.

In general has bitten disappoints in a flavour and of the fronts of textures.
4 / 5
Can not eat these of then because of a content of the gluten but my partner loves him! It says that a “flavour of red” fruits is a lot like the jammy dodger flavour of type.

Can not try any concrete fruit so only diverse summer fruity flavour of bay and the texture in bylines well to them with the little crunch.

No ideal to take was and roughly in the stock exchange like this easily take squashed and brittle in his individual but container very hard cased lunchbox.

Says that they are as well as the small bite or after-eat treat like 2 cookies are not that filling. Sometimes it will eat 2 bands in one go.
5 / 5
Like better way to explain these are ball signals like this here go:
-Comes with 8 boxes for mandate and 6 bands of 2 cookies for mandate.
- Is an amazing bite to take calm by means of take it rough or so that it chooses up!
-Big in Edge
-the free gluten
-Suitable for vegetarians
-to to the Flavours likes him to him-gliela apple and the cake of cinnamon (weighed in a cinnamon)
-92 kcal for band of 2 cookies
At present available partorisca £ and value each penny. I will be to buy these int he future for bites.

Ossia My sincere and unbiased description.
4 / 5
These cookies have been the big swipe in our house. They try really looked the fruit shortcake cookies, some bits of fruits have the lovely chewy consistency. A discharge of the fruit in a half is really thin, is not to like the fruit bakes bar, included although they could look it.

There are it has wrapped individually containers in the each box, and two cookies in the each container. They are down in calories like this utmost wants to look your weight. My young daughter the master too much.

Perfects for all a familiar and try delicious.
4 / 5
Likes something sweet and tasty with my tea or the caffè but I does not like him a bit calories! These have to that to the paste likes of of sweet apple with the light clue of cinnamon in the soft cookie. You take 2 cookies in the band of bite. Enough in satisfactory. They satisfy a need for something sweet and try well. On that is big in edge and down in calories. In a downside is has bitten it soyorish' and easily could eat more than a band but this goes for anything the would not owe that eat also was! One is tasty bite. Very good.
4 / 5
These cookies are quite different to anything has tried more. No like a lot of cookies, but is good to have treat he with the caffè from time to time. These are delicious; good cookie, no too sweet and the really fruity fill concealed is not in acute or in sweet. A cookie looks the little like the well bakes pastry, but to the test likes them the cookie.

Has two cookies has wrapped in foil. This does this ideal for lunchbox, the days was, etc. has impressed. Very very balanced and populate with a whole family. It likes him-me these the plot!
5 / 5
Has taken these cookies to do to share and is gone down a lot well. I have not been enthusiast on the I. A pastry the shell is very thin, brittle and dry and an apple and the cinnamon that fill very sweet, but to the equal that have said that to to another liked. They were especially popular with people those who are looking his estaca-lockdown hanged, as they are so only 46 calories for cookie, down fat sugar and relatively down. If they like him then of a current prize of £ still eight boxes of six sale is validate very good.
4 / 5
My edges is the gymnasium of exercise, but has taken these for him for a carbs. It likes him, in fact of to them really it likes him and it is disappearing quite quickly. My woman thinks that that they are the bit likes slowly jammy dodgers ( is bad to like them is at all likes him) but has one can see that it is speaking roughly. They are flat, quite dry, but with the jam of sweet red fruit that careers by means of them.

No last a lot the time is this house .
5 / 5
These cookies are the really lovely bite , a lot moreish so much am happy is already portioned to two for band! A lovely light and crunchy cookie with the fruit that fill that flavours like tangy jam of strawberry. Quite big in sugar like this probably more to so only stick to a portion. I have tried the few elements in this row of the Happy belly and they have all been a lot like this far. Any bad value when you factor in Subscribing & Saves discount.
4 / 5
This light, the thin cookies are wrapped individually with the best that half proportion to fill of jam. A cookie is delicate still any @@@crumble or flake. A balance of pastry to a filling of fruit resupplies a tasty cookie that is not too sweet. A subject only is that with each pair of the cookies that is wrapped individually in the packaging of foil, is difficult to open which often causes an interior of cookies to break.