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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5
Goodreads Description. Modification. Mina 'not estimating he ' bad does not have me has concerned enough to leave I , as I have changed my alcohol. Certainly it will not be that it takes these serious much more there, thank you very much!! ☹

Has spent really 😕, and so only he roughly to 50. I have to it the signal was that The and A Understatement of a Year is 2 of mine all-time beans read for Sarina BUT after all a hype and build-on, ossia in fact so only the history in the bisexual virgin, it plus of 'professor' ready, load of sex, too much money, little credible storyline and some particularly stupid and enough frankly ridiculous and ignorant ideas in a game of ⚽️ football ⚽️ of 2 clueless American authors 🙄.

Has had So many bad things with that has been writing on Asher St First Joins of James stint and his fund like the whole [Swiss boarding ?? 🤣🤣 The majority of the ours PL the players still comes from/to come from funds of working/class of with the blue, and is taken to an academy of promise of aim of the clubs, has aged sometimes 10 or less still. Yes, ossia 'fictional' work, but PLEASE verify your facts!!] And oh he, are 💯% in consonance 🤨 that the bull 🦬 could run to a tone during the party of football against circle of ENORMOUS eye, And that the player would be brave/foolhardy enough to be was and proud in ours caveman-join of the football driven. I can have signalled this was before in of the descriptions for another ⚽️ football ⚽️-has has related histories, but an abuse of some of a morons in some terraces [and some other players owe that very sure] would spoil, like reasons think the so only is exited players with which have takes ?? They owe that comprise some risks when they take on football like the career.

Has sent an audio behind to Audible [some separates done me cringe, sad Teddy and Jacob, but some of your pronunciations were WAAY was], and a book has gone back to Amazon. Absolutely I can comprise reason has not reading never Lauren Blakely probably a lot never again. Very disappointing.
5 / 5
“Is this in yours spreadsheet?”
“Asking me to be your fiancé?”

Possible spoilers for some

Like this in a start has Asher the one who is to want to he with the touch of arrogance and Mark the one who is controlled, tended and has sent some drunk texts that leaves his sister knows like this feels in his hasty, in his opinion, the pair and his husband to be is fellow better that is Asher . Now, both are asked to be some better men in this pair.

Has tension, but would not consider this like the true enemies to lovers. Perhaps more frenemies kinda what?

Ossia The very written history , a pacing are to add and a fashion to write mark for an easy enjoyable read. I have read more than Sarina Bowen that Lauren Blakely but he still sense likes the sound that writes really the together points and has seen Sarina mentions that both have written all the characters more than one each class of the what and I think that comes by means of. There are sweet intimate moments utmost as well as a vaporous some. There have it flirty and pleasant levity to a book, has no big in an upper work. There is the amour for spreadsheets and the pleasant days am gone in a beach and of the buses of texts and leaving sees with an another. All a good material. It is the a lot of likable the book and I imagine a lot go to want to this and More the ones of likely be in a minority here.

But Mark. Bloody hell. I give patience. Asher Is supposition to be a one with arrogance, well Marks the control has said my beer. For me it could not see to to Mark likes him to him anything but a overgrown boy of man.
[ Bridget Ex his (Also once I clocked this nomination could not help but think of Mark Darcy and Bridget Jones lol) is painted like an absentee mother the one who has the glass of wine in his hands at all times and is manipulative of Mark like the father and ungrateful of all this Mark has done for his and his boy. It was soooo chivalrous and married the when it has taken his pregnant. For real it loves this in spite of? Meh. It is that it goes to be bitter this in spite of when it falls enamoured with any and asks the divorce? Yeah. Volume that leaves, . But basically a whole book is taking the swipe in his while possible, included in some the majority of ways more subtiles, Asher included then goes in is. In a signal all looks to boil down to this that Mark has not taken with any one once he and his breaking of the ex woman and he was frustrated sexually and blames his ex for each damn what. It is scaly? Sure it looks to be when it comes at random and of the games and such for his daughter Rosie. But a lot in fact see an impact of that & is there, is not to like so only comes for the anniversaries and the Christmas then goes was again. Included when they are in Florida for some looks of pair to be a a the one who is mostly with his daughter. For me it was too convenient, looked to be just constant swipes in sound. There is the conversation that spent among Mark and Bridget regarding flanges and if the things has been explored more likes that then perhaps would not be annoyed like this but so only has not been sold authentically mine. He a lot of sense like a woman of convenient villain in a MM same history if it has not been a OTT class. If it has had so only more the depth or Mark still has been and in fact said to Bridget that both of them required to be sharing some same authorships owe his daughter then takes active perhaps felt differently.

Then has the toe is, a fiancé in a pair, parents. I am not sure I have been suppositions to be the schitts brook kinda the thing and he do not have translates well or has been supposition to be like reality of these eccentric characters. Any way, his hated. They are earthy and obnoxious and apparently reasons are rich and wacky the person stands up to them but instead smiled just and nods to the long of. Like this happy was so only in the chapter or two.

Also that a scene with a test of cake and all a sexual innuendos has been done in the cringey way. There is the way to do this class of the things but this has not been the. Asher And Mark has had basically the sign of big neon high, has gone my eyes big time.

Was the also annoyed way for the book that is in fact mostly light hearted. It liked in fact that when the conflict is present with of an occasion that arises for Asher that some authors have not taken some easy was and Asher has not had his moment of Conrad of Lauren lol. Seriously this in spite of, appreciated it concealed and to the equal that have to head to to that like him to him two people that loves near. I think that that this book has the feeling adds roughly the May honradamente when it is touched to lose his has not liked Mark me to him. It is difficult to love the book when ossia a chance . Some authors write brilliantly together but unfortunately this has not been he for me.

Are curious this in spite of, This looks for to be marked like this rid 1, has not been if there it has it more to come or if ossia the deception . If there is more to come is Brett that takes the book? Ossia An only character can think that possibly could take one of this book. This a has not been he for me but I still would verify was more for these authors.
5 / 5
And this goes directly to a Shelf of Favourites!

Knows sometimes calms so only wants to read the book that entertains calm without him when being full of angsty work or unnecessary complications so only to drive on a “point of horror” of the accident?

Well, Ossia that pound. It is just entertainment . Of a ridiculous drunken leaves of Mark of messages of text in a cat grupal for the pair of his sister, to the irrepressible character of Asher, is so only joyous.

Has some tension, of course there is otherwise would be to remark he - emotional experience, but is all valid and come on like this splits of a narrative in an organic fashion that felt of the frames has based on all have seen some two men.

To the looks of mark likes him is of the boring banker (although it will be quickly to the signal was is the trader , the man the one who takes risks every day!) But it is any how May. There is the fire in him concealed is been while the reigned free with which there has finalised stuck in the pair that occured reason his university promise has taken pregnant.

Asher Finds like this all surface so only, is the rich, successful leading footballer (the right version with a ball of round) and now has the career like the sought-after sports and photographer of leisure. And included here the things were “easy”.

The difference of a real world, Asher has not had any question when being the man of gay that touches in a Prime minister League.

Has to that say, am not sure the one who any author really knows in British Football or European to the equal that looked to mix on a two I eat when being a same thing – the upper clubs of Inghilterra = of Prime ministers League – not touching in Europe unless it is the competition of cup so he Asher has touched in Barcellona any time, has not touched for an English club outside of the tournament.

Still, he no detract of a global history and is more than the what launched in of any for his fund. It is not touched for the moment when a book begins.

So much, as I have said, to to looks like is of the bit of the flyaway but is hiding to plot of hurt. His last fiancé has left basically a day was to ask to move in and the sense of Asher really broken lovely.

Of the his less-of first ideal meeting – which is available free in a prequel Súper Hot Wingman – by means of the beginning of the his HEA, both men grow more after and force of profit of another.

A book is like this equally swoony and fond how is scorching hot, with insane intimacy and pharmaceutical that bounces of a page. Some scenes of sex in this one is on shoot when Mark finally leaves to go and Asher takes to bathe in all his nerdy house.

With the strong setting and some utmost secondary characters, this book rid in all the orders.
4 / 5
The Resemblance like such the concept adds for the history. But unfortunately it was the book that I simply taken by means of, more than is enjoyed particularly. I love Paradise of Goodbye and Salvation For ever. I want to Understatement of a Year, The, , and Roommate. So only I have not taken.

Inferior line, was quite tedious, with the few extra bits that particularly did not like me:

- I has not animated at all to Mark, the one who founds quite dislikeable. It has been characterised suddenly on like one of these people those who is 'earthy to boys', which is not never excusable any subject like rich or successful is. A way has spoken to a diverse sub-contractors the one who has been involved in a pair has not been pleasant, or ready, or distinguished the one who an amazing person was with finances. It was so only earthy. It is not the start adds when any the like 50 of your heroes.

- A history so only a lot really have quite storyline. The sex is well, but precise of the wrap around some history that in fact grips a reader. So only I have not been interested in that is gone in.

- Spreadsheets? I think that that this has been supposition to be some class of light relief, but was so only tedious and not amusing in a slightest.

- Trevor & Oliver? Only no quite detail for readers to concern . It is resulted an unnecessary irrelevance.

- I really has not liked him that Asher has gone back of Europe half way by means of his agreement. It was his occasion to aim that the has not been scaly, and could see the work by means of felizmente so that it could carve out of the successful career. But instead he so only abandoned the (apparently without thought or consequence) and all so only reason has lost Mark and could not live without him by other 6 months. Any exactly respect him. Funnily Enough, that directs a book on to the equal that has directed to do his work of report of long distance in spite of some obstacles (and doing some lovely French tourism hover) could have given a book more storyline to do with. Instead Asher so only abandoned France. The occasion has lost.

In a side besides, Rosie (the daughter of Mark) was quite the good character.
4 / 5
Has known this would be incredible has seen grieves was written for two of my favourite authors, and this in fact surpassed all my expectations and more. Mark and Asher are complete opposites, and his compatible snark was like this endearing that it could not help but to to laugh likes poked and prodded in the each one of another. Highly it recommends to read one novel uper Hot Wingman' first reading this reason will do sooo much more remark to reason Mark is beginning to his pair of sisters with his row among his legs, and reasons Asher is relishing on that.
This was the book does not love dipped down, has taken to 2AM when I have had to force he out of my hands he so that it could take four measly sleep of hours but was so much value he.
The appeal of the mark and Asher was scorching, his chemistry was insane and I never look in spreadsheets a closing again. An end there have been rasgando on, has has wanted to him both to take a felizmente never with which his like this deserved, and Lauren & Sarina there is rid spectacularly.
Some Better Men is a complete container , banter, snark, attractive 'forbidden', insaneeee levels of lust, steam and the long a lot naughty spreadsheet.
Marcos unwavering the amour for his daughter was beautiful also!

5 billions of launchings!
4 / 5
Gah! This there has been so potential and he then has taken so only the accident and has not recovered never. It could see Sarina during a prequel and Lauren during a main history. I almost to to sense likes could say of the one who has written that. Have DNFd On Lauren before reason seats likes writes MM histories as it MF idyll. I have been boring. Once they have taken together grieves could maintain read and has maintained to take sidetracked. I have not taken an integer Troliver sew 🥺 annoyed and unnecessary farce. I have not felt as his was a real history. Then reason was Mark ex the sanitised egoistic b this in spite of his sister has wanted to him ?? Done any sense that considers was besties…would not leave any extracted mine beasts likes that… then a sister and the toe am missing so only. This history is the disorder was to give… in fact 3 stars but I have changed my alcohol stars 🌟 Gutted to do that reason was really that looks forward to this law 😰
5 / 5
Sarina Bowen and Lauren Blakely instruments up for a first time to rid the sexy and banter fill opposites attracts m m idyll among the nerdy alone dad and one arrogant ex-footballer.

And was hooked. Thanks to acute, likable, involving characters and included tongue more acute and with abundance of nerdiness, sexiness and arrogance ossia a perfect blend of both of these authors and he swoon worthy still animate hearted the history will not want to lose was on.
5 / 5
This book is pure dynamite . When I have listened two of my favourite authors collaborated has known so only has been to be magic.
The mark is a buttoned on again twins so only of a promise. It is also the alone father the one who there is bisexual. Asher Is a fellow better of a fiancé. These two is some better men and is perfect near. This history has abundance of laughs, amour and of course sex. They try any to fall for each another but do and totally balance another era.
5 / 5
These two he again! First time have written the together book and whilst singly there is in amazing authors, together is the force of character.
The mark and Asher are polar opposites; tense boring banker vs sexy likes sinned chilled ex pro footballer now photographer.
Whilst His attractive was instant , his friendship has not been. I have loved a build of strangers to lovers in a book and a report among Asher with the daughter of the animate frames of just heart.
Amado this book and would want to see some ladies write neighbours again!
4 / 5
Held with an old MM routines that follows the staid storyline and writings for women that any in fact comprise MM sexual activities. This book is any of that.

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5
They are not usually the defender of MM books but yes finds more written a way Sarina has written this so only could result one! Roderick Returns home when his pauses of report down. His parents have not agreed never of him when being the gay and the turn was. Having any place partorisca remain arrivals partorisca sleep in his car. His transmissions of regime when it goes to the tent of caffè and arrivals with the work like the baker. His the ameno partorisca contact with Kieran Shipley the one who is also gay but still is learning roughly he and is not on the dot partorisca the admit. When Kieran Discovers Roderick has slept in his car, houses to come and gives a spare room. This book is one of growth, growth in learning in yours some self and growth in finding your place in life. A history is not all simple navigation and before some types find his HEA raisin for some hardships that help his travesía. An add read this has blown my alcohol was with just that perfectly imperfect some characters are!
5 / 5
“ Has used the daydream that would find the write the one who looks in me a way is looking in me right now.”
“How is concealed?”
“Likes is everything in, any @@subject that raisin.”

Roderick unhealthy The report has broken down and evasions behind the Vermont, his turns of parents was, so need to take the work and to somewhere partorisca live quickly. It is the baker adds and felizmente lands the work in to a place still likes him Kieran Shipley the one who looks less than enthusiast.
Roddy Is was and proud and Kieran is not . It is uncomfortable with Roddy around reason while any one knows an interior of war of Kieran, Roddy has taken the glimpse of him the few years behind. Early, although they result roommates and there is not denying an appeal among them both.

Kieran Is the man of few words but is not the grumpy alphahole. It is introverted and private. But also it dips his own needs to a side to do the one who his family reports of him still although it is grating in lucido more and more. Roddy Is more extroverted but also the people pleaser in his own way, excepts reason is quell'has had rough in life, on compensates in time, in of the people of the hopes will not press era.

Ossia The character rids driven, is a bit of the slow burn but in the take a development of both Roddy & Kieran and also his report. Has his fears and of the insecurities and everything of this material but communicate. They are like this sweet together. There it is cooking the lessons and that look his beans the together shows and cuddling and undeniable hot. It liked that Roddy has @to give of the account has not been happy with something and stood up for him and that has loved and has liked him equally that Kieran has been his earth until it has been ready or has decided that it was more for him. I think that a conflict a big plus comes from/comes from both of them imagining out of that master and as to move advances.

Like this is the character rids driven, can feel like at all a lot is spending. Perhaps ossia also a small city vibe. Honradamente Did not import it mostly. Another that that feels stagnant the time or two has loved that. This in spite of, because of the this pacing, reason is the history of slow edifice , for a last neighbourhood of a book, feels likes absolutely all raisin immediately. Perhaps one or two things could have any past. The family of Kieran has his sure subjects. For me personally there it is revelation concealed does not have crazy sense, has had the feeling but perhaps an execution has not been a better, together with an arch of redemption of the dad of Kieran. It was an adult in a situation. It has not bought his redemption. And perhaps ossia a point , perhaps one of the entity that underlines of stigma around the men that speaks in his torsions of feelings to a lot of subjects. It felt like a start to cure for this family.

While I whiplash taken almost with which the things is spent immediately in this book, enjoyed it so much. Material Roddy & Kieran does like this very together, has given each one which as another the spatial to be vulnerable and has slipped like this easily his same report although it was to build until this point. To good sure create his HEA.

Are curious this in spite of himself Sarina has other books planned for the characters are to present the here. Any necessarily near but looks Brian possibly could have his redemption and perhaps Jared is taking the book also. I imagine Kyle Shipley is taking the book also, although where another two could be MM, would assume the book of Kyle will be part of Bowen serious North True and would be a MF.
5 / 5
There is at all easier like the reader that falling enamoured with Sarina Bowen has read. A vulnerability of his characters, deep rooted senses of community and unshakeable master no only to reinforce my followers for romance books, but me the deepest fall enamoured with him.

Kieran Joins to one likes of Jude, DJ, Wes & Josh the one who are all tucked up without accidents in his corners of my heart. Yes, ossia horrendously caseous, but each one which so it has had a estupefaciente resilience but has commanded any empathy of only mine but respect.

The reading is an evasion more like this now that never and Roommate was the bed this was sweet, heartwarming and the wonderful way to lose oneself for the few hours.
4 / 5
“𝘓𝘶𝘴𝘵 𝘮𝘢𝘥𝘦 𝘮𝘦 𝘤𝘰𝘯𝘧𝘪𝘥𝘦𝘯𝘵. 𝘏𝘦𝘢𝘵 𝘮𝘢𝘥𝘦 𝘮𝘦 𝘦𝘢𝘴𝘺. 𝘐'𝘷𝘦 𝘯𝘦𝘷𝘦𝘳 𝘬𝘪𝘴𝘴𝘦𝘥 𝘢𝘯𝘺𝘰𝘯𝘦 𝘴𝘰 𝘥𝘦𝘦𝘱𝘭𝘺 𝘵𝘩𝘢𝘵 𝘵𝘩𝘦 𝘵𝘢𝘴𝘵𝘦 𝘰𝘧 𝘩𝘪𝘮 𝘣𝘦𝘤𝘢𝘮𝘦 𝘱𝘢𝘳𝘵 𝘰𝘧 𝘮𝘦. 𝘐 𝘸𝘢𝘯𝘵𝘦𝘥 𝘪𝘵 𝘵𝘰 𝘭𝘢𝘴𝘵 𝘧𝘰𝘳𝘦𝘷𝘦𝘳.” ⁣

Can calm said you that has has wanted to Roddy and Kieran? SO MUCH!! ⁣
Gah!! Simply it adores Sarina Bowen writing and has begun grieve 𝐑𝐎𝐎𝐌𝐌𝐀𝐓𝐄 have known so only never loved it to finalise. A storyline was sweet, has been funny and oh boy, has been vaporous; these two types were to like you chalk and cheese, but together was perfect. To good sure wants to go and read a 𝐓𝐑𝐔𝐄 𝐍𝐎𝐑𝐓𝐇 serious now reason want to discover more in these Shipleys.⁣
Go to be adding is one my cast of favourite MM novels - prójimos to 𝐓𝐎𝐏 𝐒𝐄𝐂𝐑𝐄𝐓 & 𝐇𝐈𝐌⁣
4 / 5
This LGBTQ the book details a report among two same sex characters those who come together and find solace and amour in the another undertaken. Roderick Waites and Kieran Shipley has experienced difficulties familiarised his adolescent years but now so the adults want to have more control in his lives. And be they.

Still, refuse and has resisted long the secrets does to live difficult. Hiding your feelings and that try to please the families and the partners also can take is toll . But that differentiates having the real and trusting mark of report? Well read this history and discover...
5 / 5
Ossia Such the lovely history . It has it that admits taken the moment to take around the his because it was sure could not approach his, but honradamente Roddy and Kieran is like this adorable likes Jamie and Wes was.

The romance builds have joined fantastically, a writing is orders like this never, and some characters have a little real depth to them. There is some the serious subjects have directed in a book and the little bit of anguish here and there, but in general a history is really heartwarming.

Highly recommend for any to to which likes the good contemporary MM idyll.
4 / 5
3.5 stars of me. It could very really connect with a MC is [in fact did not like me that a lot neither 🙁], like this probably so only one of these soye any bed, of sad. So only a good bed partorisca is far state too spoilt for Wesmie 💕💕 and Rikker/Graham 💕💕 the one who remain, to this day, two of mine the majority of beans stop never. I have bed any of another Wine and Veritas histories?? Any sure still...
4 / 5
Kieran Is a definite private person the one who has has not had never the report but that all changed when Roderick goes back the city. These two arrivals to live near and begin the report without a more knowing until the subjects familiarised force everything to an open. This rids seriously is that it surprises and can does not recommend highly enough to all the world.
5 / 5
Has loved to read in a Shipleys again and this there has been to add it storyline this was easy to empathise with, also some characters interested and a dialogue has been ready and witty. That more could loves in the book. The in good sure order he in mine favourite and enjoy that they read it again.
5 / 5
I always asked roughly Kieran in some another north reservation some & are like this happy has taken to read his history. He and Roddy me laugh and I a lot of have me almost has spent the tears also. It can not ask much more that that in the book & Sarina always hands.....

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5
This book was freaking awesome,loves them the MM read and these two authors there is rid this just book was the enemies the history of lovers that was hilarious and the sexy entertainment has read.

Begins with Keaton the rich populate jock the one who bolt in Alpha Delt whose fiancée wants spice up there life of sex with the threesome for his 21st urgent anniversary,likes question Keaton to look to take another male to join them on his special is new for his so much so that it joins the application has called kinky still hookups, this opens his eyes in the totally new world where fulfils SinnerThree.

Luke Is in the stock exchange to Derbi university the one who does not come from/comes from the rich fund he like this has to that toil to resupply his hire and lunch of the month to slowly is to win a race for a president of Alpha Delt a frat manacles where is living like the winner takes free hire for a has not confused roughly the one who is and that likes so that it is bi as they like him both men and of the women like this uses a hookup ap kinky with his be of name of the user SinnerThree.

Keaton Uses a name LobsterShorts for his hookup name to find the third for his promise and up there and coming threesome, and starts messaging SinnerThree pocolos that knows the one who is so that it does not use there real indentities ,ossia where takes pleasant with all a backside and main sexting like them both begin to like another type and begins to take more and more sexy a more his sexting each one which as really wants to take to a plot will owe that it fishes he for calm.

The travesía of Luke and Keaton is complicated and does not run smoothly at all, there is not deceiving in this history, has thought only would dip them this there was will take to see the start of connection to form among this pair and calm any to plant them beside the principle but has loved them this pair when they have taken there do near,and some hot and vaporous scenes among them has been alcohol blowing

This history was full of anguish,heat and hilarious sexting but also with a lot of work,An end was so only swoon worthy has loved them that,the amour always wins in an amour these Stars of Enormous Lobster.
4 / 5
“A lot helping of a goodness of his heart is entirely inconceivable his, and the himself concealed the curses is not one of some things some sad plus has there is not founding never.”

Has been in the odd reading funk lately, and looks an able only thing partorisca pull me was is some delicious idyll.

This is not your typical boy fulfils the boy and they fall hard class of history, and has has wanted to that.

Keaton And Luke so that has the luggage and I have loved like his report looked the embolden the both to do some transmissions have has wanted to do in his lives so only.

A history is not so only in an unlikely report but roughly two people with funds very different. The history of Keaton tries that the money can buy the plot of things, but the happiness and the acceptance are not to separate of a container. The history of Luke tries that I do not require to give anything instead for amour, so only he, which is not easy for him.

Quell'Has been also to territory of friendship, this true friendship this acceptance , any quantity of bro the code can do the things cost when your friends can not accept those who are.

Gosh Has tugged in mine heartstrings.

I really enjoyed this. It has been recommended by the partner, and to good sure look to some other books written for Sarina and You.
5 / 5
A lot totally terrible but nowhere approaches like this very like this LUCIDO and EUA or Sarina included is another MM books .

Was quite cliched and formulaic of gay of prime minister of time in university, frats and rich boy of overbearing family vs. misunderstandings and poor Boy bobos that that pause would have solved. Any have to Him legustado a way the plot of things looked to spend was page and I really struggled to connect to both of a MCs.

A first pair of chapters was a lot of but of there that is really be downhill and classifies some of some things that is spent like this deceiving. If on-line or in person.

Does not think will be to maintain these authors like the click anymore.
5 / 5
Luke Bailey has won the stock exchange to Darby Universities, is the venue but his family is toxic as it rushed fraternity of Delta of the Alpha to take house. It is doing two works (bar and stripper) so only to resupply a hire in a smaller room in a frat marries and living was sandwiches of cheese. Has the plan, a President takes free joint in a frat marries so it goes to be for President against preppy, graduate jock Keaton Hayward.

Keaton Hayward III is third generation Apha Delta, his father (the CEO of the bif pharmaceutical company) and the grandfather was both Presidents of a fraternity and is aiming to do one same. When His sweet, but fiancée of the institute of the vanilla has said that loves the three-way for his twenty-the present prime minister of anniversary Keaton is surprised but happy to go. He his sign on (anonymously) to the hook-on the place has called Kink and starts vetting potential parties for his gf big surprise.

When Keaton And beginning of Luke messaging in an application like LobsterShorts and SinnerThree start of things of business-like with Luke testing Keaton is really happy with some ramifications of his gf elections, but Keaton punctual is sharing his geeky done roughly jointing in an animal realm and a two of them is developing the report.

That it can say it, two of my favourite authors. There is remarked the subject in his university novels that tends to start with was really raunchy and factor 100 in a phoar climbing but result sweeter like the characters develop his report. Ossia To good sure the idyll of rich/type of poor type, roughly is that it takes the one who calm really master and that stands up for calm and that it is well. It is 100 Sarina Bowen and sweet of Kennedy of the his, sexy, articulates, romantic amour , the ape conquers everything.

4 / 5
4.5 stars of me. At all really it can compare his which suppose is the shame for some authors, but liked KHIII and has loved smack Luke very expected of his terrible family and a fact that was like this poor like the mouse of church, supposes that I can comprise that he a lot exactly be of the character of confidence when any that'd never be with the type before it is coming has then continued that it wants to has called 😉. Oh, And btw has HATED !!

The abundance has had to that sexy time in this history, Keat has discovered has had the submissive kink also and Luke?? Well, it has discovered that has loved to listen the Keat twittering on in sexy facts of character and his travesía proposed in Cile to find a undiscovered , if so only can find a real URL where can download an epilogue for this history, will be the really happy bunny...😁 [ The epilogue is available to sign until the web of place of Sarina/You].
5 / 5
Has read this book dulcemente reason could not be rushed.
There is portrayed an intense report among two males of different partner-economic funds; inside the setting of education. They have hated Each one which as another at the beginning and has had obvious animosity. But his anonymous on-line communications have launched on surprises and finally sparked llamas that could not dip was. Have has had to that very fellow insurances those who accept, people those who have refused his report and familiar the one who was paralización and against him.

His history has moments of doubts, anguish, secrets and revelations. But it is there the happy end? It is the hearts and the sleeps have fulfilled? Calm a lot will owe that take this book and discover for calm.
4 / 5
Was absolutely ecstatic to listen one of mine the favourite duets was once again teaming until bestow another gem of the bed ours. A success of a LUCIDO and WAGS the series has meant was concerned less in a blurb, and more concerned roughly when it could take my greedy little mitts on that.

Keaton Hayworth III or “Gentleman Jockface” report Luke Bailey, is an a lot of liked, very domestic jock ossia his serious to contend in a vote in favour frat president. They are opposites in almost each way. Keaton Is been born with the spoon of money in his mouth and enough literally has all do fault in the platter his. In the eyes of Luke all resembles comes way too easy, and his race partorisca frat the presidency has created the little rivalry among them.

There is of course a subject small, unbeknownst the both of them, of a rendezvous is fixing in a hookup application, Kink. Luke Is self ensured in his sexuality but partorisca Keaton is one wake of classes.

Keaton Is under any illusion live it charmed life. His father is CEO of the pharmaceutical company and has the while his work with which graduates. Although it does not have to that you struggle him financial, is coming to the crossroads in a fight in his identity. A life has the place is gone in the front of him takes the turn Luke Bailey enters it. That has taken for hostility to Luke admiration of early results when Luke is forced to ask for help.

Some messages in Kink the humour has spent, intimacy, and stoked a simmering passion among them, but is not until they discover those who another really is that we are to treat to a marvel and vulnerability of his budding report.

Sarina & You Always can be counted on when it comes to a “unputdownable” factor, and anything this secret can be, the UPPER SECRET to good sure there is oodles of him.
5 / 5
Omg These authors separate is surprising but when calm add them near you always take something special and this a there is not disappointed me a bit at all...
Absolutely derrumbó this history a lot that wants to dip a book down at all when reading... It was hooked... It was enamoured.. It was invested like this in this history has loved to ignore life and bed without emotional!
To the equal that have LobsterShorts.. Or Keaton the one who is loveable frat boy... Living life a way his dad loves too much.. Scared to say a truth in that really loves for his future...
Then have SinnerThree.. ie Luke.
The one who is like this loveable.. Hard to struggle to live a day to a prójimo but not giving never up.... hes The swimming comes from/come from and loves a world.
One complete opposites.. In fact they do not locate in the real life but that spends when his accidentally left in an application??
Give hilarity.. Fond worthy moments and pages of heartache and the heart that warns words!
Wants to all these authors give!
4 / 5
Oh damn. They are 61 of a way by means of this book and I can not expect any more with a longitude to say you that it loves it. I do not love it to finalise, clearly refuses the arrival, will read in three explosions of minute for a foreseeable.
Seriously although it touches the book adds, some emotions are believable; heartfelt but no in a cup. This is not one of these books that is hard emotional work to read. Some scenes of sex are hot, some emotions are inner healthy the levels and some characters are fleshed was (snort) and relatable.
There is enjoyed a first m/m reserves these authors have together writing - but ossia only joy of pure book. I can not taking grinning to the equal that am reading.
(All this is, of course, dependant in of the things not taking the odd and bleak tower in a final 39 of a book.. I will inform behind)
5 / 5
Ah pure gold.

Frat The boy with spoiled promise third investigation partorisca line itch of sweats.

The only life is not simple. It takes an application, two types and calm takes to whole plot of heat.

Mixed signals, has has crossed bosses, confessions- this book has it everything.

Possesses a ebook, a paperback and an audible!

This book is all - read the. It is so only too damn well.

Audible Listens 2020 - the little time because it is awesome

Top Customer Reviews: ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5
So much, it has been missing Wes & Jamie - OMG, these types!!!
There is not reading book 1 (The) still, as before reading this description.

In that has taken on that a hurdles partorisca enter his gorgeous report, that comprises Jamie that the expensive is bisexual... This wonderful pair is living near in Toronto. So only, they are that they have to that maintain that calm like Wes tries to achieve an end of his rookie year. But the life has the way to launch !

This history is even more delicious that a prime minister. More the stars of needs!!
Seriously. Writing like this good. So only enough it afflicts for the do the real page-turner, but with sweetness like this fond among these sturdy types that would found a gel skates on.

Has the host of characters, and is all fab.

Justo awesomeness!
5 / 5
Although some signals around the one who this sequela has been anchored was very easy to see coming - a outing, a fright of health (which, so only reading this now in 2022, took on a altogether different importance!), A proposition - his still done for a enjoyable clue, written with a same fashion and passion like original for Sarina Bowen and You Kennedy. Once again I love him to go, ahem, everything in with some scenes of sex and doing them like this integral - and sincere - the part of a history and to to some characters the like all more. I am looking forward to a promising (if disappointingly writing) novel this complete a trilogy, and also has tried the launch hand of Stay and Chico Well to see like Wes and Jamie nuptials to the casserole was.
4 / 5
4.5 stars

was really wary that goes to the east a. I have ADORED ABSOLUTELY and some descriptions for EUA is mixed to say a less.

Wes Is Wes! It is like this adorable how was in a first book. Jamie has bitten to Annoy to be sincere. Volume that was fed up that it has to that hide the one who Wes mean his, volume that has loved to be open and sincere roughly the one who is, but dammit has known that has taken to! His both there is agreed to to maintain things in some basses down for a first season like this when Jamie has begun to launch his toys out of his pram has has had to that compassion done very small for him.

Considering Blake, is nettling yes but has the heart of pure gold.
There is obsessed also with sheep. Yes really.

There is enjoyed really take up with Wes and Jamie, adores him and adore his history. He was all the , created, stereotypical, predictable and .
Of this decree me enjoying it, love these boys and I adore neighbouring.
Is to remain with the stupid grin in my face and the massive chance of a warm fuzzies.

An ONLY reason has estimated this 4.5 in the place of 5 star is reason have ADORED 'this' a lot.
4 / 5
After finalising, any necessarily thinks Wes and the travesía of Jamie has required more, but am happy has been reason owe that fact enjoys more.

And ossia down to an extra conflict and work that maintaining his report in some causes of cupboard, and realistically so much. My heart hurt for both these men; for Jamie those who still is that they accept his bisexuality, treating the new work in the new city out of his family, and for Wes the one who is doing all has beaten to sustain. Whilst All his both want to is to be able to do the one who other enamoured pairs do every day.

' Has chosen the happiness in other people is skewed opinions and cruel tests. I have chosen Wes.'

Love these types and in spite of his history that tugs in some old emotions, left with the enormous smile in my face and happy heart. And absolutely I can not expect Blake read and Jess' book, reason eats to nettle he so that it was at the beginning, has grown on me and was bloody hilarious with his overexcited puppy-like this antics.

To the equal that Goes in?'
Soyade I the tone.'

Has read so much these authors independently, and certainly, whilst both have been swipes with some odd loses, I near is attacking he out of a park.
5 / 5
Finally! My recession to read has been cured for Sarina wonderful Bowen and You Kennedy.

Is not sure state at the beginning, could one continuazione of Wes and the history of amour of Jamie, that spends with which take together, be like this wonderful like his long-simmering idyll? Hell, yes!

Wes And Jamie is living near in Toronto, Wes is the rookie NHL the player and Jamie is teaching hockey to schoolboys (each way writes that it touches skeevy which is totally ANY ONE which feign). They are maintaining his report in a DL, at least until Wes has his season of fist under his tape. But that beats to time concealed last when one of Wes' crew-of the mates, Blake - the man with absolutely any concept of flanges or personal spatial - movements in the same edifice?

Ossia That spends when two movement of together lovers, especially two those who are trying to hide his report, and one of them spends to plot to time out of house. Wes And Jamie has to that give support some of some subjects that all the pairs give support: one of calm is messy; exiting of house; the mates that force to exit drinking; and mates with the bad attitude, adds to this his report. This class of felt more real, less fairytale life more daily (although of course with some differences!) That a first book.

Think each description has read Blake has mentioned - suffice to say deserve his own book - cheezus!

Has loved that, like this happy that this there is lifted mine funk and me enjoy that it reads again.
5 / 5
A fab his sequela! They are really be that looks forward to that it reads a continuazione of Wes and the history of Jamie has been of then announced and there is not disappointed. Although honradamente, was the little apprehensive how was one of my favourite books of 2015.

A history was hot, entertainment, the little emotional and a lot of believable, like both Wes and Jamie struggles to maintain his sexuality and report the secret, and spend uninterrupted the together time. Which is dipped to good sure the test when fellow and teammate Blake movements to his edifice and then looks in one the majority of question of time. On this like this the rookie Wes is struggling with a quantity of trip he, has to do and Jamie is struggling with the mate of work, lack of the money and that spends a majority of his time so only, in the very different climate in California.

In general the history really adds that it is to good sure value the bed, and the toes have crossed will take another history when Wes and Jamie joins a knot.
5 / 5
Any help. Has a mother of all the hangovers of book. I do. Really I do.

Have read the things bit it askance that has begun with Chico Well that it is one transfers of series. Then law 'The' and now '' - I am spent like this the week with Jamie, Wes and a Canning family. A lot it likes him Blake, does not want to leave ......

This book chooses on 6 month on where Arrive and Wes and Jamie am near that builds the life in Toronto. Looking these two falls more enamoráis happy things to my heart. Looking them fight with some things and some people almost have broken the heart has said.

In spite of some sad parts, there looked to be more humour in this book, to a large extent because of Blake the one who is hilarious.
A chemistry among Wes and Jamie is intense and HOT. All a sexy material fantastically is writing but at all does not overwhelm never a history of stunning amour that Cups Kennedy and Crown Bowen has created.

Has read this series. Well your time, money and emotion.
Dual POV
HEA? Yes
deceiving? Any
5 / 5
Ossia a third time has read both novels Him & for Sarina Bowen & You Kennedy.
First time was the experience adds , characters very different of those who was the lives has involved, and evolved, in of the variable situations that has done an essential history to read, agrees & fully appreciate. The subsequent readings have meant enjoying and that appreciates a humour even more.
Highly recommended
4 / 5
Ossia the lovely to follow until THE, and takes place no the long to the his new-ish HEA, and was realistic in this both directs' the works have meant that they could not be together a lot, and that still could not be open and sincere in his report. Unfortunately, this has meant also that some goodnesses are spent a lot of pocolas time together, like the history has not had so much of a hot and heavy material as expected, although some types have directed to be inventive. It was sweet in that has hid neither his feelings or his frustration, and that an introduction of an initially (really, OTT) the annoying character is resulted to be the disguised blessing for them when the things have been to pear of has bitten-shaped.

His outing was believable and both types have has managed things quite well, and has has wanted a glimpses of one 'in sickness, in health' the thing has taken, although no a part of real illness. And, perhaps nettling-type-concealed-calm-grow he-the amour could finalise take it MF history of the his own - the one who knows?

Some finals of history brilliantly, because of a outing and everything felt totally natural and believable. And, of nosing in some authors' info using some links of invitation in an end of a book, looks that the readers will be in still the history of prize in a series, this in spite of has no timescale die, because of some authors' time to write.
4 / 5
Was excited like this when I have listened my boys am returned with another book, USA. It could not expect dive very behind in with Wes & the travesía of Jamie to HEA.
Turn very long after an end of him, with some fights to maintain the secret report with a pressure added when Wes teammate a Hilarious Blake (I sheep of hate) Riley movements to an edifice, has loved a dynamics among them & when Jess is coming to a mix aswell, can not expect see where this could direct.
Included Although some fights are there, there there is never any doubt that Wes & Jamie Loves each one which as another same when that communicates that to the each one like this another is a question .
A turn of the family of Jamie in this book was lovely like tip Wes like the family extracted has wanted to some, that accepts a report & Wes to a familiar any question. I have found a bond among a familiar to be beautiful especially likes Cindy extracted Wes. Wes The family in another hand could quite frankly take the jump to run! It felt to like this angry Wes father!!!

This book gave all has been expecting & more, Amur, Humour, Confidence, Compassion & A Whole Plot Of Sexiness! It could it has not dipped down & more to good sure recommend this book. I expect that we take more than Wes, Jamie, Blake & Jess.

Top Customer Reviews: Goodbye ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5
I have bought this look it in fact years. I have loved each book has read for Sarina Bowen comprising his recent Upper Secret. I me go back and king-read this again. It is the lovely history roughly like this things that goes in. Yes, it is the history of amour of two young men. But it is also in that spends when you enter a society of alien because when Josh and start of Caleb of the cult that exactly that has faced with value, determination and real sweetness that is not never state sugary. It would have been easy for Lady Bowen to do Caleb a type in the load but creates the report of equals this door different facets and equally of entities to a travesía and report. It is the book that the mark wants to be the person more bondadosa . Crown done a lot of Bowen and thinking you of reading this does not doubt you will not complain it.
5 / 5
Has read all the books of Sarina. I have loved each only one and I have read the majority of them more than a swipe. I maintain while to a book of Sarina is does not like . It means you can not liking well? It has been it has not been this one. Certainly the has not been this one. Paradise of goodbye is in his join typical of beauty.

Josh And Caleb leave behind some impossible to believe lifestyle with some of a worse class of people. Caleb Has been looking was partorisca Josh his whole life. It was thrilled so when they have escaped finally a place has called house for twenty years there were the people have prepared to the look was for both of them! Josh And Caleb have fulfilled some absolute better people in his travesía in this book was honradamente some of my favourite characters.

Has cried happy tears so the time that reads this book. These types have required really some pauses. I can not agree a last book that shout happy tears like this time. This book is full of feels. So only when it has thought Josh and Caleb really have it a lot now Sarina has launched it whopping dollop of anguish to a mix. After dipping mine kindle down for now and leaving soothe chose it behind on and spent in legislation where has to that the left was. I have finalised to finalise a book a day still has begun. Sarina Leading M/M books have been really quite special and this one was no different. I can not expect for prójimo standalone book, Salvation For ever.
5 / 5
Ossia Such the sweet and vaporous idyll and easy to read. It is the Friends to lovers M & M idyll.
Josh And Caleb are a pleasant plus his compliment each one which as another well and enjoyed like a history has developed. .
Finds 2 enamoured boys in spite of there living conditions against his, there is enjoyed like a development of character has been written and likes Josh and Caleb have come on hire purchase to be openly gay when there the whole life has been the sin and wrong.
Has not been like this religious to the equal that has thinks that was to be which have not imported. .
There is not reading this book, highly recommends
4 / 5
The one who another fab book for Sarina Bowen!
There was absolutely hooked inside minutes to start with to read so only like each like this and never another some is writings!
Caleb And Josh have been spent up in the cult with the a lot of principles and a lot of opinions have launched to them... So that it spends when they begin to feel the things owe no?
The life is not easy ossia sure.
After the travesía that a lot would not survive by means of and the few swipes in a street these types me so only the enamoured fall with them like this like this of a start to an arrival.
Would recommend this book by all the world.
4 / 5
All in this history is like this a lot of crafted and a lot of paced. A chemistry among a two MCs , one reconstructing of his lives, some challenges of real life. It is not a too complex history but is so that it has very said. Such the beautiful enjoyable has read. Some the long times have cried of then in an end of the book. I have loved a history to go in these papers to Washington were the really special touch. I have wanted to so only a hell out of this book!
5 / 5
Paradise of goodbye was such the history written good-looking has has loved the

have fallen like this enamoured with calab and josh has flown my heart of a moment has opened there travels

My emotions were everywhere I has laughed and cried and has fallen enamoured with them

My heart has broken the time has bitten also dipped the joints of rear

sense like the era there with them that spends for there ups and downs with them

Each word of an extreme to the another was like this powerful and meaning full too

Thank you sarina Bowen for this history fantastically writing
5 / 5
Previously released under a name of Nealy Wagner in 2016, but now modified and now king-released in Sarina Bowen proper name

Goodreads July of description 2016 I has liked him a history, has done really. This has said, is the self-pubbed the history and am deducting at least 1/2 star for a typos and a fact that a timeline of a history was during a freaking place, things that an editor or at least the reader of test has or would have to that it has on elected on. It is not never on it is book 2 in a mini serious.
5 / 5
Good-looking characters in the sweet, history to expect filled that it could very easily has been bitter and angsty, still results gorgeous and fond. A shame, travesty/ tragedy that like this bigoted, tiny-brained , hate and poison spewing, for real hide of groups of the harm under a coverage of like this-has called esligion'-a focus the convenient uselessness does not change a destructive core, vile :some trillion light years have take of the real Creator of amour and light. Lovely, deserving of the his HEA ,
4 / 5
That can say it, another absolutely amazing history of Sarina honradamente this author can do very bad his books invite me in of one a lot before word and does not leave to go until an end an only thing that mark this better book was that I have listened to an audio !
5 / 5
A sweet history roughly Josh and Caleb and likes to grow near like the pair. His both have the subjects owe that treat, that comes from/comes from a fund of fundamentalist that evasion of, but the friends and his new family help on his way. A lovely history, positive and a lot that satisfies to read.