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Rating: 5 out of 5 with 1 ratings
5 / 5
If it likes Satie the one of your in partorisca the treat. Has this in my telephone. If l wants to relax l play of just press and have gone.

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 8 ratings
4 / 5
Some luminously beautiful flange of Hannigan but because, oh because, oh because, the company subjects a lot record the register of the international artist of entity, in unusual repertoire, and not comprising some texts of song.??? Reason distribute two pages of biographical information in a composer (easily abordable elsewhere yes require concealed) and not even a word in a be of music peformed? Synopsis Of song of Even would have been acceptable if a cost of the translations and the providers of text has been thought prohibitive. It Likes him the stand of things unless you are the Francófono as well as it touches Hannigan also could have state singing random passages of the directory téléphonique...
5 / 5
Glorious flange and a entrancing action of the piece that had looked dulls in of the leading register.
5 / 5
Coming always the voice has given Barbara Hannigan is exceptional. Individual He Repertoire, godibilissimo (have a CD with an analogous option has given does some years gives the leaves has given Alice, that any one had dates an interpretation cost, also has given impostación diverse and obviously any paragonabile in the vocal appearance).
I relative pieces Socrates dreams states for me an absolute and intriguing novelty.
Gives to listen carefully To appreciate the nuances.
The soprano/manager (listened and dress All'operates it recently the Milano) my trial confirms to come an of the most complete interpreters, original and interesting in the musical panorama act them.
Service Amazon impeccabile Coming always.
5 / 5
The majority of wonderful album, has received in mint condition. There is person the one who can touch a music of Satie more than involves that Reinbert of Leeuw. At least for me. And when Barbara Hannigan begins to sing, touched deeply. This music is very emotional. Last but any less the big compliment for a thin register and mastering of this album!
4 / 5
While fleurissent his homages to the master of Arcueil with occasion of the 150th anniversary of his birth, lucido disk that Barbara rid Hannigan and Reinbert of Leeuw takes a different party : this is not he Satie humoristique that feels here, but he Satie lucido more radical, in the music has joined undressed to the extreme.
In the first place 6 short melodies little known (except the spendide élégie 'has seen to decline like me one dreams') sung in a mutter and with lucido less than the possible affectation. Spent The initial Surprise of these white interpretations, returns little by little in another universe that is bel and well that of Satie that has demanded the colour and to cry that has interpreted his music lucida more sobrement possible.
The short hymn has composed to touch the order of Rosa+Cruz invites to discover the most mystic to give musics of Satie, always with him same tale of votes.

The master piece of the register is a lot obviously to the piano of games of the version and flange of Socrates, master piece of Satie based to the sud give the texts of Plato have adapted pair Victor First. The order of the modality and of the expression has joined all retained is pressed here to extreme edges, games to attain - to touch restart the expression of the composer - joins music 'white' of where is born, the rebours of all the tradition, joins formidable expressiveness.
Barbara Hannigan, in spite of the pronunciation has joined sometimes imprecise, the book gives perfect interpretations, maintaining joins piano and pure line until in his triple his plus ténus. Reinbert Of Leeuw, glorious precentor of the contemporary music the most radical, cheek of the ascèse with perfection in an accompaniment magnifiquement maîtrisé. This Satie, new, surprising and included déroutant, launches A bridge to his American descendants of Satie (Cage in boss of file). Extracted also of a complementary Indispensable to the good-looking integrate them of Erato where has been missing precisely the piano of version of Socrates.
4 / 5
ocrate' Was first treaty in April 1918 in a same form to the equal that has registered here: A voice and piano. Thus premiere a soloist was Jane Bathori, with a composer, Erik Satie in a piano. A work was composed originally on commission, the words have extracted of varied of some Dialogues of Plato in French translation for Victor First. A fashion is dulcemente, soft, and tranquil with small in a way of dramatics, the one who a composer has informed to as 'White Music'

Satie' better known version of of the this asks several female voices and orchestra of fourth (as it says, both versions have been composed a same time). They are familiarised with two other registers of Socrates: One is a oldie of 1952, 4 voice of with only that René Leibowitz and some Bet Philharmonic, with the quality of his like this bad hardly can listen his. My preferred is fijamente comes from/comes from a late @@@1960s and could be found quite economic A Music of Satie. A one of 1972 is the a lot of touching rendition, again with 4 vocalists and Pierre Dervaux / Orchestra of Parigi, at present available in a 10-CD 'All Satie!' Erik conjoint Satie: Some Complete Works (10CD) -- but can not say that it finds an action of any interest adds. Another element which can be mentioned, this in spite of is only Part 3 of a work of 3 parts (but, account concealed for well for the half a complete composition), concealed for Denise Montell, sop., With Manuel Rosenthal / . Satie: Orchestral music -- a lot of touching and very treated, but not completing.

Ossia A better touching and has treated one has listened, and this can be a first register of a work, that some consideration like Satie masterpiece, that really done esocrate' justice. Besides, a disk also contains 7 of Satie the earliest songs in equally of wonderful actions. In everything, a exceptionally good emission. Ossia The new register , done in Feb. 2016.

Ossia Like this well, almost hate the quibble, but with all the justice, has interested the buyers would owe that be conscious of the few things. 1) This disk is so only the little on 50 minutes long, and there is the plot more Satie songs to the equal that could be be comprise -- in fact, a pianist Reinbert of Leeuw has had has registered previously some of his Music of Piano [3 CD/DVD BOX dips], and with Barbara Hannigan has had an excellent soprano to king-do them ( commentary, this in spite of, that this element was released also on vinyl, which poden accounts for some limited touching time). 2) Some inner notes so only have the brief biography of a composer, and really does not say you a lot a lot roughly ocrate' neither any of some songs; of course, some texts of some pieces are not closed -- can you, this in spite of, downloads some words of the website of a focus record, as all is not lost in this consideration ( prefers to have some words with a disk), and also take the biological of Barbara Hannigan, but swimming in a music he, like this do your own investigation. 3) Also, a packaging is odd. A front has the soft-directed b&w prójimo-on Leeuw, the one who looks like this could be smoke the joint , with a soprano in a fund, looking downcast and beaten; a photo in a backside is not a lot very better, calm can not say exactly that any of a principals in a register really looks, and am not sure so only that class of art of album of the image like this is supposition to project (at least, there is the good photo of a composer, in his 'Gentleman of Velvet' garb, while taking soused, how was his to want to).
4 / 5
Satie Few songs are delicate gems , pure and good-looking. It is the godsend to listen them has spent the life with such cure and precision to the equal that take of Barbara Hannigan and Reinbert DeLeeuw. And then it has Socrates, a sublimely static of sung Platonic that a lot consider Satie masterpiece. It has taken so only the years of hundred for him to be touched like this, timelessly poised and perfect. But here it is now. A register adds.
4 / 5
Has had to go internet to obtain translation. First time for me and I enjoyed it really.

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 6 ratings
5 / 5
Tharaud Is the divine pianist and this double album of Satie is still another test of a fact. For far my favourite register of the majority of these pieces, fixed in unconventional but highly intelligent order. One attacks for real remarkable. Calm the favour and buy this!
4 / 5
Soyy The aim was partorisca offer in two disks a possible panorama richer that Satie piano and music of chamber, varying in his whole lifetime'. As it writes Alexandre Tharaud in a sleevenotes.

Tharaud Has done magic here to present Satie in the highly inventive way. While the majority of disks of Satie the music simply presents a Three Gymnopedies, a Six Gnossiennes, and other popular pieces, grouped together as published, a pianist has presented here with the two CD 'marked. A prime minister is the disk of music partorisca piano of only, beginning with a Prime minister Gymnopedie (the others two is ignored), then interweaving diverse Satie gems with a Gnossiennes, which are widespread was during this prime minister CD. One touching is simply exceptional; there is not a lot of penuria of final pianists offering his interpretations of Satie, but know of any one another the one who looks as 'confined a music. Because of some titles bobos, is easy to think of Satie is music like this superficial, but Tharaud feels under a surface, giving a disk to love. I have seated mesmerised of an extreme to the another (all 42 clues).

A second disk, diplomados Duets', comprises pieces for two pianos, a piano/four hands (the second pair of hands Eric the Careful - the name surely redolent of Satie Parigi?), Piano and violin (Isabelle Faust), piano and singer ('Juliette'), and tenor (Jean Delescluse), and trumpet (David Guerriero). Well, a trumpeter only takes a clue, but he certainly done one the majority of him. Juliette touches like this spends the majority of his time in the café of Parigi dense with smoke of cigarette, totally appropriately. The Careful is equal with Tharaud, thoroughly submerged in this strangely good-looking music. And Delescluse is, er, delicious in a slightly earthy song 'Go-and Chochotte' ('Coming on, Chochotte, Chochotte..')Which finalises a second disk. But attended, has the Satie-esqe surprised in an a lot of well..

A presentation is excellent also. Some disks are housed in the duplicates of fold out of plastic tray, the sketch of a composer imprinted in a front. A substantial tri-the lingual booklet is part of a container and also comprises texts in French, with English and German translations. There is included the secret code in a backside of a booklet to obtain access to release download besides far Satie registers for Tharaud (comprising 14 minutes of 'Vexations'). Ossia All exceptional .

Would be likely to write it sizeable booklet I on reason this neighbour is like this wonderful. For the listed of thorough clue, goes to a Harmony Mundi put web. But better still, so only the buy.
5 / 5
His two cd is to give works of Satie. In the cost 'loves six' a lot of of the Satie and does not know when but In mine give words â these songs. The quality gives the interpreters is debatable, this is not the cream... Harm.
5 / 5
Well That this disk has done already the object of numerous commentaries, risk to commit he mien to the risk to overburden the note!
This disk inspire sure enough some observations :
- as all his disks of Alexandre Tharaud, treats of a true artistic project, lucido pianista a lot gladdens it of enfiler his works to the equal that of the perlas but has built a true coherent program and has thought
- as all his disks of Alexandre Tharaud, lucida the election of the instrument is aventajado, he apresamiento of exceptional of edges and likes to touch of the pianista is exceptional this disk tries a pleasure auditif scarce, a true régal touches all interested of piano
- as all his disks of Alexandre Tharaud, lucido publishing the work is cured and here everything particularly the one who time of shows has joined more than this lucida download is joined ineptie when his houses of disk give combs it to do his product
Finally to the equal that underlines an internaut, Tharaud the sound surrounds of artists aventajados play to accompany he in the edges visited (inénarrable Juliette ! ).
This disk constitutes like this to my sense Joins gives better possible Introductions to the singular universe of Erik Satie although, as it underlines another internaut, does not give in at all caduc other approximations and especially that of Aldo glorious Ciccolini.
Finally, guinda Of the sud lucido wry, all the buyer of this coffret sees the offer prevails the possibility to download gratuitamente (!) Of the additional pieces that is not returned in program. That of the happiness !
4 / 5
Ich hatte mir vor Weihnachten 2 Tharaud-Alben place 2 CDs gegönnt, komme aber erst jetzt zoom Anhören. 3 CDs haben Aussetzer, Die 4. ist gar nicht abspielbar. Sehr ärgerlich, Gives ein paar Hack nach Ende gives Rückgabezeitraums festzustellen.
4 / 5
This coffret Comports two cd : I Prevail him poured in Erik SATIE is genial, everything simply. And perfectly it has registered.
The Like this cd reagrupa several artists (French songs) that does not have glorious has chosen to see with the music of SATIE. And there, it does not love at all.
Like 5/5 touches cd1 and 1/5 touches cd2.

Top Customer Reviews: Eric Satie: ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 1 ratings
4 / 5
A register of some songs 'complete' for Erik Satie. This composer there is compiled in fact hundreds of songs, many any originals and more now lost or that exists in just rough sketch. This, and other disks of a Satie repertoire of song, will give you some few songs of complete art, this known like soyélodies', which are his more serious works has feigned partorisca actions jointly. Some subjects come to game with some writings of vocal works for some nightclubs, or some esongs'; these elements, sometime bawdy, often satirical, was many in number but so only the little never published, and of these another which have seen a light of day, some of some papers now are that they lose. This last group represents work a composer has done takes to survive, and felt his writings for one 'Café jointly' to be the task to humiliate -- is too bad felt that way, as the majority of his frames for fun listening. A vocalist of baritone in this register, Holger Falk, certainly takes one the majority of out they. With 41 clues, and on 79 minutes, this CD is one of one has fill more. The music adds of a Gentleman of Velvet!

So much, that is on here, and that is not ? In the first place, an omission -- the odd little 20 second piece of Easter 1893 for his subject of only known amour 'Hailing Biqui' (as short, could be be return to this CD, but, alas is not here). A known commercial register so only am conscious duquel has this element is disk 9 of a big 'All Satie!' Erik conjoint Satie: Some Complete Works (10CD) (this disk is also generously fill up with actions for diverse vocalists that comprises Mady Mesplé, Gabriel Bacquier, and Nicolai Gedda, among another, and more also Aldo characteristic Ciccolini like this pianist). But, this one the short song is an only missing element that knows has been registered by another (also can be listened in an internet).

Has two ongs' in this disk so that the words can any one is not existed never and is touched so only of piano, 'He Picadilly' (an often registered element) and 'Imperial-Oxford' (duquel ossia an only known register am conscious of). Another element that is possibly so only to this disk is a song 'The Shirt' (although it is thought to be incomplete). Two elements, 'His Oiseux' and soyarienbad' is sung here with papers that was thought long to has been lost -- although some words have employed here can represent so only surviving fragments of some originals; the third element 'Rambouillet' which does not have has recovered the papers is whistled. So much, this disk has sucedido in presenting bit it more material that any emission to compete, included with that a missing element.

A pianist in this disk is Steffen Schleiermacher the one who, behind roughly 2001-02 has done 5 CDs of Satie music in this same focus, MDG. This was no where prójimo the complete traversal of a Satie music of piano, included some of some the majority of famous elements has been waste, and many of some works have been treated in a ultra-slow time the one who numerous another modern pianists take with this composer. A present disk, the May done 2015, tip any inclination to tug. A quality of audio is clear as it bell.

Holger Falk Sings these roughly as well as any one has listened and has real to feel for some Songs, although it does not spend Melodies with enough of the same aplomb. So that desire to listen this peel female vocalist, the control was Anne -Sophie Schmidt, included can be expósito Satie: Melodies and Complete Songs , so only slightly less has extended that Falk. A collection for Jane Manning, while treated a lot well, is tad short in a number of songs has offered in only 32 Satie: the Complete piano 9 . If any one would be interested in the upper-notch, although it bit it oddly rendered, that registers as it comprises so only some Melodies, look to Marjanne Kweksilber Music of Piano [3 CD/DVD BOX Dips] (this in spite of, these looks to be this in spite of other exceptional release which generally unavailable). Based on availability, looks some only real elections these times are this a -- and the election adds is -- and that comprised in 10-CD 'All Satie!' The neighbour has linked on. This one is more highly recommended.