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1 first Plustek OpticFilm 8300i SE - 35mm Negative Film Stripe & Slide Scanner with 38% scan speed increase, Bundle SilverFast SE Plus 9 + QuickScan Plus, Support Mac and Windows. Plustek OpticFilm 8300i SE - 35mm Negative Film Stripe & Slide Scanner with 38% scan speed increase, Bundle SilverFast SE Plus 9 + QuickScan Plus, Support Mac and Windows. Plustek
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2 Plustek OpticFilm 135i - Automatic Film & Slide Scanner, Batch converts 35mm Slides & Film Negatives, Support 3rd Party Editing Software Export, Max. 7200 dpi Plustek OpticFilm 135i - Automatic Film & Slide Scanner, Batch converts 35mm Slides & Film Negatives, Support 3rd Party Editing Software Export, Max. 7200 dpi Plustek
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3 best Digital Mobile Film Scanner Wireless Smartphone Preview, Slide Scanner Converts 35mm, 126, 110, Super 8 & 8mm Film Negatives & Slides to JPEG, Large Tilt-Up 3.5" LCD, with Trays, USB & HDMI Cables Digital Mobile Film Scanner Wireless Smartphone Preview, Slide Scanner Converts 35mm, 126, 110, Super 8 & 8mm Film Negatives & Slides to JPEG, Large Tilt-Up 3.5" LCD, with Trays, USB & HDMI Cables Mersoco
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4 8mm & Super 8 Reels to Digital Film Scanner Converter, Film Digitizer with 2.4" Screen, Convert 3” 4” 5” 7” 9” Reels View Frame by Frame into 1080P Digital MP4 Files,Sharing & Saving on 32GB 8mm & Super 8 Reels to Digital Film Scanner Converter, Film Digitizer with 2.4" Screen, Convert 3” 4” 5” 7” 9” Reels View Frame by Frame into 1080P Digital MP4 Files,Sharing & Saving on 32GB Rybozen
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5 Reflecta film scanner super 8/normal 8 Reflecta film scanner super 8/normal 8 Reflecta
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6 DIGITNOW! All-in-One High Resolution 16MP Film Scanner, with 2.4" LCD Screen Converts 35mm/135slides&Negatives Film Scanner Photo, Name Card, Slides and Negatives for Saving Films to Digital Files DIGITNOW! All-in-One High Resolution 16MP Film Scanner, with 2.4" LCD Screen Converts 35mm/135slides&Negatives Film Scanner Photo, Name Card, Slides and Negatives for Saving Films to Digital Files DIGITNOW!
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7 8mm & Super 8 Reels to Digital MovieMaker Film Scanner, Pro Film Digitizer Machine with 2.4" LCD, Black (Convert 3 inch and 5 inch 8mm Super 8 Film reels) with 32 GB SD Card 8mm & Super 8 Reels to Digital MovieMaker Film Scanner, Pro Film Digitizer Machine with 2.4" LCD, Black (Convert 3 inch and 5 inch 8mm Super 8 Film reels) with 32 GB SD Card Mersoco
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8 Digital Film Scanner with 22MP, Converts 35mm, 126, 110, Super 8 Films, Slides, Negatives to JPEG, Tilt-Up 3.5" LCD, Includes Cables, Film Inserts&More, MAC and PC Compatible Digital Film Scanner with 22MP, Converts 35mm, 126, 110, Super 8 Films, Slides, Negatives to JPEG, Tilt-Up 3.5" LCD, Includes Cables, Film Inserts&More, MAC and PC Compatible eyesen
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9 ClearClick Virtuoso 2.0 (Second Generation) 22MP Film & Slide Scanner with Large 5" LCD Screen - Convert 35mm, 110, 126 Slides and Negatives to Digital Photos ClearClick Virtuoso 2.0 (Second Generation) 22MP Film & Slide Scanner with Large 5" LCD Screen - Convert 35mm, 110, 126 Slides and Negatives to Digital Photos ClearClick
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10 KODAK Mini Digital Film & Slide Scanner – Converts 35mm, 126, 110, Super 8 & 8mm Film Negatives & Slides to 22 Megapixel JPEG Images – Includes - 2.4 LCD Screen – Easy Load Film Adapters KODAK Mini Digital Film & Slide Scanner – Converts 35mm, 126, 110, Super 8 & 8mm Film Negatives & Slides to 22 Megapixel JPEG Images – Includes - 2.4 LCD Screen – Easy Load Film Adapters KODAK
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Top Customer Reviews: Digital Mobile Film ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 7 ratings
5 / 5
This scanner is quickly partorisca use and does not require the computer, but some the escáneres resultant are of poor quality. Please see some two photos of sample there is scanned of the 25mm the colour slide taken roughly 1960. One east using my Cannon 9000F with VueScan software of scanning (marked), and another east using this scanner of revised film. Calm leave you partorisca do your own conclusions.
5 / 5
Has dipped this until scanning 35 mm negatives but he so only show and scanner 20 - 25 of an image, that leaves the wide white band down a sinister hand-held side. With which a lot tries to rectify a question, has has had to that the band behind in a box and turn he partorisca the repayment.
5 / 5
Was the little uncertain as it looks and feels quite economic. Forget a connection of Wi-Fi. There is scanned this in spite of slides and several negatives with him with excellent results. Everything well to see on iPad. Some Negatives take the little tweaking in some settings by heart, the red was quite vivid but can be fixed. On everything does a work
4 / 5
the regañadientes am giving this scanner 3, mainly in comparison to a competition, which is included worse. It is distant A lot of to be the mature product.

So much, in a positive side, 35 mm the slides in fact return to this scanner ― yes, sadly this is not the data to the equal that have had to discover with other escáneres of same slide although it would have assumed in mine naivety that a measure of 35 mm the slides was standardised enough.

An interface of user, while far of slick, is reasonably intuitive to use.

One the majority of positive point roughly this in spite of is an optics , with this when being an only scanner has found where a quality of a picture scanned was at least comparable to a quality of a projection on screen, and a main reason reason am giving this scanner 3. All other escáneres that has tried has produced blurry, was-of-scanner of house or has had terrible resolution.

So much, a process of the capture is not a lot of slick, but yes is has had to that to dip a time in, will take reasonable results for regular pictures, says, you holidays familiarised or a barbecue in yours backyard.

Where Takes the most delicate plot is slides that is out of a setting of usual familiarised photo. Like an example, attaches three tentativas to scan a capture at night of a Lanyon Edifice in Belfast. They are in fact in reverse order, as some premiers some shows that is possible has the plot of patience and fiddle with some settings. Some other two pictures aim like him calm takings only use some regular settings. They are particularly puzzled on some errors by heart in a third picture. A third picture was in fact a prime minister an I has taken, and assume that a scanner in fact needs some time to heat on first of working properly, but at all of this class is mentioned in a manual.

Manuel of word key: If you know absolutely at all in computer or of the escáneres or digital images, can have something gain in there for you. If this in spite of attack to take any information out of him that considers like this to treat questions like a an on, will be thoroughly there is disappointed. Well, at least it is written in intelligible English, and a lot so only the Google Translates produced of a Chinese original.

Finally, be warned that all some images are to store so only with the number of serial, i.et. IMG000001, IMG00002, Etc. Ossia well, but change a scanner was and behind on again, begins to renumber all the pictures in 1, i.et. overwriting Yours copy sooner. If transmissions of a scanner, need of copy some pictures in a paper by heart to the yours first first computer to change a scanner on again, or will lose your work.
4 / 5
Using some carriers is uncomfortable and the time that the consumption has finalised so only that resists a neg in a car. A number of the people and I found it impossible to connect to an internet. It thinks some laws of devices like this
is the wireless hub this connects to telephones and other devices but any internet and some other devices can not connect to an internet while wirelessly has connected to a scanner. I have not tried connecting he to wire to see if this does the difference. Material for a big prize of this element the together of the clear instructions is not too much to expect. If thinking to take the neg the scanner would verify out of other frames at least were the little more economic.
4 / 5
My daughter is studying photograph in university and uses both digital and cameras of films of several measures.

Has bought this he so that it can transfer his film to his on-line file and is surprising.

His like this easy to use and can transfer while film in just the pocolos small. Has has had to that previously photograph some photos to film which obviously loses quality. This has done such the difference.

Ask really impressive of crew to add his crew of photograph.
4 / 5
Is well has done a work on on 100 old coulor slides of several types, as it has declared has found the majority of some adapters of useless slide, but while I can take a place of image under a lentil, has achieved the good image further of chance. I have found some controls to be counted intuitive, accustoms ready telephones, but again the little patience is required ( is the fairy primative device).
Some extra settings for coulor the saturation is has left more so only has found ,included goes for a setting of maximum pixel ( some worse images!) It is a type of device you probley use one and place in a cupboard, this in spite of a pleasure is propiciado some the members familiarised older is priceless.

Top Customer Reviews: 8mm & Super 8 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 7 ratings
5 / 5
It has looked the good thing partorisca buy. Thought roughly he partorisca the long time.

Has tried the 50ft súper 8 film partorisca try it was. It looked WELL.
Then the plus along reels of 200 to 300 ft. Looked partorisca treat Well again averts partorisca stick in the joint and then very properly that saves a file has created. It created it but it did not save it properly. 'Error of file'.
Has decided to go through this reels partorisca use my unit of old editor and the horror to horrors has SEEN VERTICAL SCRATCHES in a screen that has not gone there before!!!. A film of 1978 there is RUINED!!!
Has verified a 50film of feet also. SAME RESULT!! STREAKY!!
Has to that spend in a door of projection or a door partorisca scan. I do not go partorisca try for the fix. It is going back with a joint to ALL The WORLD-WIDE to give this element the width berth. It will not be seeing anymore of my lovely films!

A pair other things
Some 3 clips a film has to that go down for the resist down in an exposure and the scanner begin all are suppositions partorisca be white. NO!
A half a white east an outside some are black as no really noticeable.

A reel plans of axial is not some same. And the reel on take-arrive or has to that of the supply can do his way was then and ruin your film. This is not an element partorisca leave unattended and assumes it will be well.

My film reels game by means of my good projector but a neighbour can cause this thing partorisca stick and require the bit partorisca help to win.
A lot disappointed.
Will look elsewhere.
4 / 5
I alive when purchasing some unit comes with all the parts that required , in east a wine with paper by heart and crew of more cleaned of the lentil, weakly good touch.
The unit is very simple and easy to operate, is paper a lot the friendly user.
Better way partorisca invest once and avert that it pays partorisca another partorisca convert my films. Now I can do while I want to and that want. Included that can begin late some extra cash to help another with converting.
In general conversor a lot well that very simple and easy to use, any process has complicated extra. Like this far very happy with quality and picture of dye of conversions.
5 / 5
Has had to that return a first car because it has had the question with him. The amazon was utmost in a turn and has issued the repayment.
Has ordered another and work fantastically (once volume the grips with him). Uploading a film to a door to scanner is has bitten it fiddly but well once take a hangs of him, and to some to the diverse tools likes him to him widths of the frame and the alignment does a lot well.
Besides almost certainly need the film splicer and adhesive old reason near and fraction sprocket the holes can be problematical. These can be found easily second on-line hand. It was very lucky and has taken the really a lot Dixons unit of Pyramid and bounce he of Kodak liquid adhesive.
Be warned, has not left a unit that careers unattended simply because of the possible questions have caused of some films (quite old) they which there was fraction sprocket holes and breakages, this in spite of some complete 7' reels is spent for perfectly.
Some results are pertinent but obviously will not be HD because of some limitations of some films and the cameras have used, but Súper 8mm is a lot to good sure better that Level 8mm.
Also probably wants to modify some resultant files (mp4), like an editor of additional video is the likely requirement .
In general was very impressed with that this relatively the economic unit was able of and have any hesitation in the recommend.
5 / 5
This car takes some taking used to, but is quite he directly advances with which concealed. Threading A low film a 3 lugs in a door is not like this easy to the equal that touches! In poor light, is difficult to see that it is doing, and more often that no, directed to take a film down two of a lugs; then some explosions of films was again, as you master a third lug! You owe that persevere.
Copying the level 8 or súper 8 silent film is not the fast process. A plenary 5' spool of the film takes roughly 80mins partorisca scan - once a film is laced correctly. A quality of an image impounds is reasonably well, considering an age of some of some films - without apparent omething hot' or flaring. Perhaps in the latest phase if an image is blown until the big TV or with an use of the projector, a result can try the trifle that disappoints.
If a SD paper this has taken some images are accused in the film that modifies continuazione any in the PC or MAC, is possible to reduce a speed to run of a film his pertinent speed of 16fps or 18fps.
Was initially has bitten it startled in a reading of contadora of the exposure when in the first place changed on, as it has aimed the reading of 00092 (and any zero). This in spite of, gather of the client bondadoso, that this number is something to do with 'testing of build of the estaca'. Sinister' the hope eats!
The sure sections of a booklet of instruction tends to be ambiguous and opened to misinterpretation - as be careful! A worse example is in king-winding a film after scanning. If it press a key 'very' in a wrong sequence, then a scanner begins to register again (albeit at all at all) and some augments to counter to a next number!! (Although a film king wind, but no a lot quickly)
Of the diagrams is not very heavy, like the cure is required when isolating films, so that has the tendency for a car the tilt advances slightly; but everything is quite stable when scanning.
Certainly recommended, in spite of some aforesaid reservations.
5 / 5
Are 66. Have Around 8 value of the hours of films familiarised has filmed mainly of my dad on 8mm of when it was a lot of youngster until it was the late adolescent . I have tried to project on to the white wall in the room darkened and registering in the upper quality DSLR. Like this-like this more than the results has required cropping that uses the video modifies application to take touched of of blurred flanges. I have looked for to send the reel to the pertinent 8mm film to DVD SPECIALIST of scrolling. Expensive and any very better quality that my escording of a wall' endeavours. I am spent of the years then that asks that more to transfer these films so that it can spend on these to my familiar but at all! I have seen finally this car on Amazon for £360. Any economic, but thought that it would give it the gone. Attentively I have read all some first descriptions to order and felt some positive was better that a negatives. As I have taken one submerges and a car has arrived and has begun transferring film. Some first tests have used some suns 50ft reels to Regulate 8mm shot in 1962. This was a film still that has had both registered for DSLR to project of a wall and that had sent to a professional film to DVD SPECIALIST. A difference was significant! A film transferred in this escanner of Costruttore of Digital Film' was more acute that some other tentativas, correctly planted without soft flanges and perfectly exposed. It takes time this in spite of. 4 minutes of 8mm films (50ft) taken on the averages an hour to transfer - reason each frame is there is scanned individually. Absolutely interesting. I have looked again in some negative critiques in this car and I suspect that the number of those has been due to any fully reading some instructions. Also, subjects with longer (jointed together) reels is probably down to bad jointing originally more than the failure with a creation of this car. Before trying the scrolling, strongly suggests an user manually would owe that verify a film to be transferred for dodgy or joint broken! Ossia That has done an I has not had any subject.

Has said again, better quality that professional scrollings or 'films of a wall' scrollings of house. Slow, but easy to do. Please read some instructions attentively. Any economic, but love hours of scrolling to film then good value for money.
5 / 5
A lot quickly as it can not know. A 2 Door of Tab is an old fashion that has subject, any surmountable. A 3 Door of Tab is the newest update that is spent is way down a canal of model. They are specifically state partorisca to 3 Door of Tab this in spite of like this a unit arrived with to 2 Door of Tab with 3 Door of Tab the instructions have printed in a chance. For this interested, 92 account of file. A unit looked clean and well has packed. Rid quickly but all this is well out of a window to the equal that have has initialises now return it and beginning a game to expect! Prpers Having said all that would recommend a correct product, any fantastic but then some films of me also although the little squirt does not go to win any cinematography Oscars. Possibly Emmy. The vendor is JuShop-EU. They are now doubtful to take the substitution like unsure that will arrive and is looking the two transfer of week-a-net for a repayment. Amazon, really has to that reembolsa has fallen hardly is gone in the pickup point.
This is not to dip writes has taken one. Some signals besides is, the separate engine for a take on upper of spool (at least I hope as). 9' support (any one requires it to me ) and a 3 Door of Tab... Oh, 1080 In 20 fps. A firmware could fall the main frames are sure and could have, that is, 18 and 16 fps selectable. In all the chance, rushes on Amazon and order my repayment as I can take the substitution you ba
1000/1000 ;)
UPDATE. The repayment has completed interior 2 days. This are adds. Turn of the amazon has not been still to soften. The drop is gone in Hermes any need to pack. First drop was could not accept like any coached. Second drop was would not accept so the has not had the stock exchange to pack quite big. It has maintained felizmente a delivery of Amazon boxes which have accepted. In general we are all square. Going for the Wolverine.
5 / 5
Seeing other descriptions with the people that declares that they have received his 8mm & Súper 8 Reels the Digital MovieMaker Film Sanner Conversor, Pro Film Digitizer the car with some escáneres counters big that would expect for the new car there is wanted of course verify mine when it has arrived. First of all I have remarked that a zone of the scanner there has been the load of interior of powder he. Certainly a lot that would expect you for the new car.

When I have dipped all arrive and has verified a number of eslas beat him/transfer' that a car had spent was was around 120! Another reviewer has declared that has had the subject of the guarantee and some vendors have declared that a guarantee was so only valid for the number limited of eslas beat him/transfer'. I have contacted a saying of vendor has been concerned that my car already has aimed 120 scanner and like this would affect my guarantee. They have answered but it would not say me his police in a number of scanner before they have refused any claim of future guarantee. We offer me to us £20 risarcimento.

In the chair of sad way for a vendor in these situations. I am guessing that there is probably the little unscrupulous clients of Amazon those who purchase these cars and then scan his interior of film a 30 turn of window of day that to the amazon acts and then the turn that quotes any reason. These returns are situated then behind in a system like new and then sold again.

Whilst While to a vendor to answer my first message has treated some escáneres to do sure has done. Mina ignored, these are my films of cinemas of late grandfather , a prime minister 3' cinema the film reels has tried has had two joint. When A car has achieved a prime minister a rasgó a the sprocket holes out of a film to the equal that has continued to try to pull a film trapped by means of. A joint would not go through half of a door to scan.

A quality of a scanner that has taken before it has taken stuck in a joint has not been bad. It researches further listen that an expensive plus Wolverine the escáneres are drawn that if a film takes stuck they then paralización, more than breaking a film sprocket holes.

In all the chance, with a sliced subject of film and together with a vendor not answering my surgery successfully and that as it had paid for the new element and has received still a concealed already had spent was 120 scanner are returned.

Looking in a Wolverine scanner now for the substitute.

Top Customer Reviews: Reflecta film ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 24 ratings
4 / 5
This little artilugio enabled me partorisca see and digitise my complete Súper 8 film of his collection (8 hours or 7200ft in of the totals), which had been hoarding partorisca 40 years. This in spite of, in digitising a 7200ft has had to that run the majority reels by means of a scanner at least two times to achieve an acceptable result (duquel further down). My account of final frame (as showed in a Reflecta screen) was 990 000 frames, comparing to 13 750ft – or almost twice a real period to film to be scanned. I have taken delivery of a scanner in February 2019 and has completed a campaign to scan in the period of three month
the questions have found included framing turn (go in consecutive to reel); fluttering (jittering); and turn of home, for order of increasing severity. A prime minister was infrequent and easily corrected in the paper of a scanner, although a question was unfortunately a lot always detectable first of an affected reels of the film already had spent of a scanner. Fluttering Was so only occasionally found and usually limited to so only a course of an affected reels, an after run usually producing an acceptable result: it can not be relieved to look a built-in monitor during a scanner how is generated in a digitisation process. I can not comment in the action of rewind of a scanner to the equal that have used my editor of film for this function.
A subject of home was the real question : self-evident like the light but noticeable and a lot annoy repetitive and quickly flaring in and out of an image, which simultaneously moved in and out of home – and arrives in almost each one which run to at least some discharge in spite of conscientious winding, cleaning and rewinding of a film previously the scanner. Finally I swipe in the solution (unfortunately a lot before that it already have scanned almost all my film). It was with a supply reels altogether and pulled of a complete period of film of a reel in a flange of my office and to the box of supply, that directs a film in a estaca in a side of supply of a scanner. One takes-on the side remained to the equal that has drawn. Result: next flawless scanner every time. As I have dipped almost all my reel by means of the second scanner, this time with a new setup. Of course, it is the fixed has meant that has has had to that constantly control a film to the equal that enter a scanner so as to avert kinks and tangles, but to the equal that are to take (the been recommends like the prerequisite to ship in any campaign of serious scanning) this has not gone too onerous – and felizmente (or unfortunately – see down) the majority of my films is on 50ft reels. A plus along reels has cut to 100ft period or around an hour to scan each one which, which have found to be quite long enough for a session.
Is resulted that some secrets to prevent a question of home that arrives is to maintain a two period of thumb of film among a supply-side deflection estaca and a window of camera like this directly like this possible: this can be difficult to achieve given a regulate setup, particularly with a relatively tight film the date of loop for some inner turns in the 50ft reel this has been wounded in a last for 40 years. Reason there is not any control in a supply reels tends the rotate in to the the random fashion likes them to them the film is pulled to the of long of, alternately that resists for behind a film and then pressing advance to a door of camera, a “push” strokes all too often that causes a film to impulse almost imperceptibly in a door but sufficiently to launch an image in and out of house.
In spite of a subject of home has described on am impressed by a Reflecta scanner. It is generally he thought it well was, obviously a lot-built and unexpectedly durable (to the equal that of has dipped today more than million frames by means of him and is ready for more). They are very happy with a quality of some finally have obtained the results once have broken a question of home – especially of then without this scanner I probably have never around to rediscovering all this along-the memories forgotten otherwise permanently consigned to the dark cupboard. In spite of, in my opinion a question of home constitutes the defect to draw that a costruttore could easily and cost-has averted effectively to impose some class to brake the mechanism in a supply reels iron of stub to maintain the constant of the light tension in a film likes has entered a door of camera.
4 / 5
Has been moment like anxiety a abordable scanner of cinema to film to result available, and now is here!
A quality of this unit is sum. There is scanned in the feet of thousands of súper 8 film like this far and everything is well. There is remarked early on that the pair of my films has suffered the jittering/jumping subject, but the second scanner by means of fijamente this. Have Of then spooled all my films behind and advances the pair of the time that use my editor of old cinema to film the 'loosen' a film the little, which looks for having solved the. A unit is solid, has ventilations in some behind and grieve warm taking during use.
Apresamiento approx. 30 minutes to scan the 50ft (3min) reels of film, scanning in 2 frames the second. It saves a resultant mp4 file to a SD the paper has inserted to a unit that you instantly can touch behind, any by means of a small lcd screen or to the TV/the monitor has connected to a backside of a unit.
Can scan súper 8 and normal 8mm film. The films are saved in mp4 formed in the resolution of 1440x1080 in 30 frames by second. It is not quite 1080p but is very better that some other alike units that produced so only 960x720 files of resolution. Ossia One of some main reasons has chosen a Reflecta in an of some other frames.
Can regulate a quantity of exposure. I have found a incumplimiento '0' to be way too big and entirely washed out of brilliant zones of an image. '-1.5' it Looks to do more for me. Calm also can regulate a zone of frame (left, well, on, down, zoom in, was) which is fantastic meaning you can scan a frame of whole film, has included a sprocket pierce yes desire!
A unit so only the scanner reels until 200ft measured, as him him any 400ft reels (taste ) will require to joint a film of smaller reels. Ossia An only real downside to a unit and is the harm has not added fold out of spool arms.
Some claims of boxes very precise the computer to scan and look your films, which is true to the point but calm will require the yes calm computer loves him look in a correct speed. 30fps Is way too quickly for film of cinema like the majority of house has done súper 8 film is shot in 18fps. Any calm only need to regulate a speed of film, but other settings will require tweaking like brightness, contrast, exposure etc, to take it correctly. I have done so only the small modifying like this far to the equal that am still in a process to scan but still in this early phase some results are stunning!
Taken the stack of film of old cinema and does not love paid out of thousands to have them there is scanned highly recommends this unit. It takes time and patience to take them all , and will require the video that modifies the yes calm software wants the partorisca look correctly, but a resultant quality is fantastic. I can see detail in my films that there is not remarked never look in the projector and when being able to see a whole frame is the big plus likes collected of projectors an image considerably. 5 stars!
5 / 5
Surprisingly calmer in the use that has expected. Has like this far digitised 3 level 8 film and a result has been well. Has not founding still a perfect setting for brightness. My first film was exposed well and has found 1.5 to produce the good result. My others two films were slightly less very exposed and 1.5 was the little too dark. I suppose he person that dips that it is perfect although 0 and 1.5 would owe that be appropriate for more reasonably well exposed films. A paper is very easy to access and owe precise to regulate your settings for each film you digitise then this can be does easily. Obviously a digitised the copies are not like this very like this telecine has produced some, but for a prize some results are surprisingly well. To resupply the telecine the car would owe that sell the kidney. With the Reflecta take an acceptable copy and takings to maintain both of your kidneys.
4 / 5
Very impressed, so that far there is it scanned roughly 1000 ft of Std & Súper 8 film, some results are good considering a film an old plus is 55 years old and for there is so much the turns was. Paralización In the pair of very old near, as I have required to be manually, but again that considers a condition of a film can forgive it.
In 2 frames for dry is the slow work , as I leave chattering is gone in an office while doing other things. A MP4 the files require to be places by means of an editor to retard down a speed of game has retreated.
5 / 5
Reflecta The scanner of film has arrived much more early that has announced to be adds.

Some feedback in a product:

- Works to the equal that has described. Enough an effective little scanner.
- The escáneres are of acceptable quality. After pressing some digital images by means of Seasoning First Pro CC I directed to clean-on a powder and spend for behind a turn by heart of my film of old cinema.

- The look needs a be of the film there is scanned. A reason is that has joins/to joint the tape in a film can cause a scanner the jam and scanning of stop. A way around the this is to the wind sends a film of cinema likes tape of favours (the aim/painted) is besides a dish to scan.

- Some wheels to scan that a cinema the film wraps around is the plastic concealed no rotate. This means your film can (and probably wins) take lined. To avert this I tope the plaster dipped of clave of the skin (sees link of Amazon around some wheels and each side of a dish to scan. Also partorisca rewinding (with a lid of enclosed scanning) has added some tape of skin of the tope in an upper hand-held flange has left of a dish to scanner likes cinema the film scrapes by means of him during a process of rewind.

There is posted the picture to help this has interested one same. A rose has painted the tampons are of a plaster of skin of the tope that has cut to measure. The note for some wheels has cut 11mm x 28mm.
5 / 5
Am copying my films of cinemas of old Dad of 1961 from now on in the so many can look him while we want to. It takes the moment to do 200ft but his a lot of value he. I am using the video that modifies program in mine portable to add the music and some results are very clear and look like this very like this when in the first place it film him. Sadly it is not here to see them but know loves it. It is spending for behind a lot of happy memories for my Mamma, my brother and I, and for my cousins those who are all in some films.

An only negative commentary is that so only resists 200ft reels and the dad has joined all some together films for each each one which so his so that it is around 800ft which mean has to that cut one joins. It is the shame does not take big reels.
5 / 5
Has bought this product after active spent the plot of money having the commercial company digitise some 8mm films and taking terrible quality. I have imagined this could not be worse. Like this far have it chugged sweetly by means of 20 or like this circles of films and produces a lot MP4 files. They are not in the place to judge a quality of a digitising against other methods, but finds it perfectly acceptable for old familiarised films. It is dulcemente, but so only has it act while I am doing something more in a room. There is the little small niggles, like a rewinding when the be bit it delicate, but once the hangs of him, is well. In general, like this far I am happy.
5 / 5
Like this for another description - do well but the harm does not take big reels and has to that cut down main reels. Calm also has to that maintain the control in a measure of frame. BUT there is no alternative to this a bit slow and laborious frame-for-the frames to scanner want to optimise qualities of image of old films.
5 / 5
These escáneres only roughly two frames the second. He no a lot of clues of sound - could register you for separate and the party that use he NLE. There is jitter issues no too severe. Some escáneres are very acute, has been impressed with a detail has developed. A car exposes works well with correctly of exposed film, tends to on expose dark scenes, there is some stop on/down dipping to minimise this. The ones of legustado to see some options considering qualities to scan.
In general, for a prize ossia a scanner of excellent film .
5 / 5
This product is easy to use and is resupplying the good digital copy of the mine old súper 8 film of cinema.
Is the slow process in 2 frames by second but well a time to be able to revisit some old films have shot 40 years ago.
Can take stuck on some joint so much is more to no for the leave so only for long periods. I have found it is advisable to dry a film with lint and control for build of muck up in a scanner previously partorisca scan.
A critique so only has is a small spool has measured to be able to be accommodated.
4 / 5
Whilst Quite easy to the use was initially disappointed with a start. My opinion has been changed when the fellow the one who there is digitised films on much more the expensive crew signalled was that a subject was more probably a quality of an original camera, accusing and storage on last 50 years. You are impressed and has wanted to run some of his film by means of. The expectations are descents has continued slightly and the members familiarised have been thrilled in some subsequent MP4 the files that arrives in his emails. Second disappointment was a fiddly process of rewinding to take reels was and transmission, so only the shame there has not been the key of rewind.
4 / 5
These produced is easy to use and is resupplying the good digital copy of the mine old súper 8 film of cinema.
Is the slow process in 2 frames by second but well a time partorisca be able to revisit some the old films have shot 40 years ago.
Can take stuck on some joint so much is more to no partorisca the leave so only partorisca long periods. I have found it is advisable to dry a film with lint and control partorisca build of muck up in a scanner previously the scanner.
A critique so only has is a small spool has measured to be able to be accommodated.
5 / 5
Does really well. It ignores that it says roughly a lot when being pas able to manage 7 thumb reels of film. With the little bit of ingenuity has beaten.
4 / 5
Adds little scanner partorisca of the money. Some 1960 images was bit it noisy/grainy in mine my Mac to the equal that has modified he with Final Yard Pro X with an Orderly Video Plugin.
Wow ! All a noise and grainyness take and some images 100 better.
5 / 5
Brilliant piece of boxes, directed partorisca save 20 reels of films of cinemas, now can modify in the pc/Mac and add music and text, wonderful.
4 / 5
So only that has required partorisca transfer old 8mm films the digital
5 / 5
When changed on, the light in brief looks on and era. It can not regulate any settings. It can not change tongue (of German). Any that is to suppose to, ossia scanner 8mm film.
A book of instruction (and youtube video) look of simple mark partorisca operate. It is this the faulty batch? Squandered My money
5 / 5
really easy to use and convert film of old cinema - hasnt has chewed my film at all!!
4 / 5
The piece adds of the precise boxes have a upgrade partorisca take 400ft spools - please!
4 / 5
All have expected. Works partorisca treat it that convert old Súper 8 film the digital.
5 / 5
So only the note partorisca say the have the MacBook Pro and my SD the paper has done well behind in a scanner while you close a SD paper when taking he out of a scanner and situating he in yours Mac. Calm then has to that copy one .MP4 Files of a SD paper to the your Mac and then laws with these copies in yours Mac. It does not take a lock of a SD paper when in yours Mac. It has dipped a SDcard behind with which and his (the original .MP4 Is) was still there partorisca see in a scanner and was able to add new .MP4 Files to a SD paper by means of a scanner . While it calms it does not see /partorisca modify some originals in a SDcard in yours Mac with a lock was, will have any hid files dipped in yours SD paper by means of your Mac or a message of error 'Lima' when the the dipped behind in a scanner. Hope This help Mac users. They are in accordance with some leading descriptions and has found a very useful scanner.
4 / 5
Could not resupply to take everything of our old cinema the converted films, like calculation this saved the pair of glorious! It is the doddle partorisca use and after using Film9 free tools partorisca clean up and improve some very old films, has has saved now many treasured memories partorisca some archive familiarised.
4 / 5
Can achieve on 400ft reels that says 3 thumb or 5 thumb mean 200ft and 400ft !
5 / 5
Previously read descriptions of this product and are not disappointed in cost of mine. I have read a manual long partorisca take familiar with some settings, preparation of 'loosening' and cleaning a film of cinema previously partorisca copy essential. It was simple to operate (manual to rid like this helps memoir) and gives the good quality that copies.

Top Customer Reviews: DIGITNOW! ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 14 ratings
4 / 5
That an amazing device. The day where the film is coming to an end of is impulse, negatives is beginning partorisca lose clarity and has printed included the pictures are by train partorisca turn and disappearing year for year. A calm device like this leave partorisca locate a loft, apresamiento was all an old film, negatives and has has printed pictures and courses the by means of a car partorisca create digital images that will last the lifetime.

Has wanted to dipping the film and old pictures of my family by means of this car and taking some memories forgotten. A device is simple and easy to use and the quality of products adds digital images.

This is not the device to be used by a person, can give this the familiar and friends or the seat even near and spend for his pictures to. For £150 can take you the lovely plot for money out of this product and for me is cost personally each penny so only to see these pictures have thought has been lost once again.
5 / 5
My grandfather has used to be an avid photographer and recently is lost the plot of quality of eyesight meant with smaller 10 x 15 impressions really can no to see them. I cam up with an idea of his scanner so that it can blow him up and look to a detail while master, has thousands of images to do, like this the car has come to import. They are able to scan impressions and negatives both like this easily like another. negatives Goes directly to a slide and interior of slips to be scanned. Some impressions of the chair of picture regulates in an upper space and the slide use a frame has comprised also. There is the small 4gb the by heart comprised paper but the taste is doing alot of the escáneres will want to upgrade that enough quickly. Another that that, is prevails it process really right .

Has appreciated my commentaries, please the useful click under
5 / 5
Bought this scanner of film for my present of anniversary of the father. It is 60 years old of slides that has not looked in still years. We spend such the good evenings digitizing old pictures. Work a lot well and a quality of my product finalised (picture/of file) is that has looked for. I have wanted to be able to take the replication that there is rid clear quality. Easily it could connect this scanner of slide directly to my computer. I left to scan my slides and upload to the mine portable and desk. Some files then automatically save in the file, resembled a yours way means comunicacionales saves when you hook your smartphone until your computer by means of the cord of USB. A thrilling part is that once my slides have been converted, can do everything of some things to some old slides that I can do to any digital file in the computer. If there is subject like red-eye or blurry eye in an original image, can be easily fixed. If you want to it collects the person out of a picture, but still save the version where all the world-wide looks, concealed also can be fulfilled. Calm also can apply filters to paint to your pictures, doing them black and aims or brightening concrete details. A lot very mashine
5 / 5
liked a fact that is not attached to the computer and saves to the card by heart
4 / 5
A device is easy to use once one has comprised some basic operations. A book of instructions is quite useful, for some levels of such manuals, but could be clearer in some respects. They are very satisfied with a quality of some digital images has produced of old slides (some of them almost 60 years!).
4 / 5
Likes that ossia the stand -alone element like that can use anywhere and then download to the computer of a SD to to the card so only likes of of my camera. The start was quickly and easy. A main reason to take it was still to scan some very old colour transparencies (1950 east) and has been pleased to find that a headline of the slide of the scanner was able to accommodate some thicknesses of antiquated mountains.
4 / 5
Found some old slides in a dating of ceiling of one 1960 east and decided to see could move him on to my computer, can not believe the one who easy is to do and a quality of some pictures - the car adds
4 / 5
When have in the first place used this element to scan the photographs and the slides have think that that a quality was acceptable. This in spite of have remarked I harvest that quell'scanned any photo with the lustrous arrival (more than the arrival kills), then the reflection of a scanner looked in a copy scanned. I have informed this to a vendor the one who asked to confirm that a device has been configured correctly - that was. I have not been able to advise any remedy to the equal that am returned a thought of element this was the -was. I have ordered another element and sadly a question still has arrived. A reflection is a lot of noticeable and detracts considerably of a photograph scanned. One 2nd element now is when being is returned. I will not purchase of them again.
5 / 5
All my old like the plot of villages, has been lost or fraction of movements of multiple house etc. Felizmente although I have maintained still a negatives in some containers and was untouched have decided like this to purchase this scanner of still handy film revive them. It was really a lot that sees the photo of my family is in fact years that a lot the time had forgotten.

A scanner of film is a lot easy to use with the 2.4'' screen and is able to convert your old 35mm and 135mm negatives to digital format in of the seconds. Negatives Is scanned in 16MP the big and calm resolution included can modify a JPEG pictures in a scanner yes requires. Your pictures can be saved on to the SD the paper and he also can be plugged in the the port of USB of the your laptop of windows or Macbook for now that transfers and viewing. Calm then can fix for them to be printed or has included shared to your half comunicacionales social.

A digital scanner represents excellent value for a big quality and of the priceless memories. It comes complete with full instructions. Fully it recommends this product.

Has found this useful commentary pleases to press a key down. Thank you ツ
5 / 5
Has Bought this product to specifically of impressions of photos of the scanner. A product is easy to use this in spite of a quality of image is a lot poor, there is the one who the so only can describe like this the one who looks the watermark bang of slap in a half of an image.
Needless To say has sent the behind.
4 / 5
Fact very in colour slides.
Has not done in products negatives unless it chooses to convert a colour negatives to black and aim. A conversion of car partorisca paint negatives to the true colour simply has not done and all the images are red brilliant result .
When digitising Photograph from time to time, (in the each sixth photo), a photograph would disappear inside a car and could not be recovered excepts partorisca take a car averts. This has involved partorisca take some feet of hule that is glued in place and then using the Philips screwdriver partorisca take four rays.
5 / 5
Has begun so only use the but the simple instructions and the doddle partorisca use.
Scanner of qualities quite good. Need to touch with settings.
5 / 5
This scanner are adds!!! It has like this state surprised in like this slides of photo and utmost transfers to the ScanDisk.
The photos and the slides converted the digital, then downloaded to the computer strolls hard. The fact adds without questions.
Is also good to be able to do picture ' espares'', i.et. Red eye, when we look in some afterwards have situated photos in a ScanDisk.
Read and follow manual of first instruction to use and while using. Enough the few things of entities to know before starts, A point of note: the unit has two options of resolution - 14 megapixels and 22 megapixels. Calm more probably use a 22M. This in spite of, when the car is powered was, he resets to recommend this to any one. Very easy to use.
5 / 5
Has taken this to convert some slides and pics the digital to the equal that could do the book for my grandpas 90th anniversary and he have done perfectly! I have thought at the beginning that was to be difficult but was in fact really easy to use and Easy to use. A headline of photo could have more options of measure. I have lost the few photos in a car. I took him it was with thin longitude tweezers. Some pictures am resulted fantastically. Like the note lateralmente was amused really to finally see the tiny slides have been looking in of then was the boy be main that a thumb for a thumb. Like this happy has done this compraventa!Much faster that the flatbed scanner

Top Customer Reviews: 8mm & Super 8 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 30 ratings
5 / 5
Active has TRANSFERRED NOW 18 5inch reels of 8mm film to half comunicacionales digital. Uploading partorisca film the little delicate to ensure the film has been involved down some seal of drive of the spectator but result easier with experience. Multiple elections partorisca alignment, sizing, acuteness and exposure that to the sinister partorisca the digital image improved of 50 film of year has degraded slightly. I have transferred my film on to a 32Gb the paper distributed and then copied to computer partorisca adjustment further and authoring partorisca register to DVD partorisca my pleasure of families. The old memories have spent behind the life. It has not tried registering direct to computer still, the boss of USB has distributed, but the data of initial results that use a paper expects this partorisca be an improvement. It was dubious in a first prize to purchase but now very happy with some results. Much more expensive to have the professional scrolling has spent was.
5 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. This piece of boxes is ideal partorisca those of us with old 8mm reels which want to convert to the digital format.

In that converted that the little reels already can say that ossia the big quality rule 8 or súper 8 scanner partorisca film that resupplies excellent quality MPEG-4 files of your old films.

The use is very simple, so only require dipped your old film to a wheel of film, chooses that the type of film is converting, regulate it 8 or the súper 8 (súper 8 is a one with some holes in him), initiate a device and he then will convert a film to the digital file with flawless quality. Whilst A reel is converting to the digital format can look some images in a LCD screen that is incorporated in a main unit.

Of course well say that a quality of a digital file also would depend in the well has preserved it a film is, this in spite of with this said, once converted to the digital format would be possible to use other programs partorisca improve a quality.

That they are adds in this piece of boxes is that it does not require the laptop or computer partorisca use, but once converted you neither can look a video behind by means of a 2.4 thumb LCD screen that is incorporated in a conversor, or scrolling to a SD or USB and clock in your TV, portable or another digital device.

A better thing roughly is a capacity to share old memories with friends and familiar how has been lost in time, now done partorisca be timesless in his digital format.

Incredible, as impressed with him and is side of the money has paid.
5 / 5
Reels The Digital Moviemaker the scanner of Film is the add compraventa !!

This little car has spent such happiness my whole family. I can not say enough in an ease of use and a quality of a grandfather has loved to see his films preserved and after looking in an on-line cost to ship to the company to do the decided to do this 't is more be easy, could not be more happy state with some results.

This car has done also the work adds to convert mine 8mm film to film to digital format for me to modify he for uniformity of action. It was easy to dip up and a quality of a start was regulated easily to produce the product of better quality. He digitizes each frame. A fifty foot reels apresamiento roughly 1/2 now to convert.

Some conversions vary in qualities inside a closing reels, which is had to probably to an age of a film.

In general, any complains at all. Very pleased with him. Highly it would recommend east a !!
5 / 5
The this is cost investing in. It forgets to use the discharge and while a bulb in yours old projector still has the bulb of operation. In a the best in this setup will take the wobbly low quality capture.

Ossia The modern and big definition alternative that will do your exposure of better images that never first. Also bears in importing once is a mp4 to file no longer will be degrading and can be tent in of the multiple places to prevent loss and included can be shared in envoys or half comunicacionales social to friends and family in a cloud.

Some diagrams is simple and powerful. There is the transmission to choose among 8mm and Súper 8. It does not concern yes calm any k ow that the select one wrong a will not feed a reel and can take to press WELL and transmission to another. First to take precise to feed a reel to the long of one drives of solid line then the on once around a second reel. Then go to a paper and choose the frame regulates and move a x and and the iron until a full frame is in a shot to take one the majority of of each frame.

After this simply is choosing 3 thumb or 5 thumb reel after clicking GOOD but ossia so only for a timer to the equal that know the one who far is progressed. The Stops Of car when it achieves an end of a reel but so only will maintain to go until it achieves an end any @@subject that time a reel is. Highly it recommends this car to take a calm more can out of your old memories.
4 / 5
Has purchased this that had bought them the number of really of old súper 8 reels in the car boot has loved them convert to half comunicacionales digital. A process partorisca east is really directly advances like this scanner directly by means of this unit to a SD paper (maintains to import ossia max 32GB but the there is not topped that it was still and is comprised).

You Also can look a film in a built-in LCD screen or that has done them and project your TV of the do the little easier that look / maintain an eye on.

A prize added to do is was that it has had them the number of members familiarised those who is coming on with several formats could convert them ask to pay me to do them, which could do them immediately whilst the wait, as everything in is paid in fact for him easily and the have my conversions. Any only that can maintain them buy an old súper 8 is without any worries roughly a lot when being pas able to see them repeatedly or quebrándoles.

The next step will be to connect he to mine pc for direct scrollings so many the does not have to that maintain take a SD paper, each little bit to time to save helps.
5 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. I have loved to be able to digitise old images for like this long. Has the VCR setup and now have a 8mm/Super8 scanner to film also.

This needs the bit of tweaking to take some better results. It can take the little passthroughs to take a legislation of calibration but once is something on. A film is easy to returned if you are some instructions .

Comes with his own SD paper that good works. Obviously you want to register more the material takes the paper of the main storage .
Can connect to the TV or the monitor have seen the composite boss.
Also can connect to the computer has seen the mini boss of USB also.

Changes a tongue immediately to English if it is not on that already. It is in paper under a ABC icon.
Has 2 different adapters for smaller reels the mark sure is using a legislation a. Especially for rewinding

the value Adds is dipping on the the subject of scrolling like.
4 / 5
Ossia The sturdy compact car that can take it your old images and build a mp4 video. It frames to frame so it does not expect the 1:to 1 term of time likes with conversion of tape of the video. But expect better quality that tape, this uses modern technology to take more than a reels that the is not never possible state. You will finalise with the big definition grab of images+ of 40 years.

A better part is that once it is mp4 has a lot of open source programs that calm leave you to improve, breaking and join some images. For example I have been able to leave the reel in the four files of video and share them by means of storage of cloud to some friends and familiar those who are in some images. It is priceless listening his reactions the memories had forgotten existed until looking some files behind. This really does more than simply of images of attractive I leaves to relive ours has has connected memories again.
4 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. This artilugio is that it shines 👍

Well, this artilugio has been mine estaca purchased in-the laws found the very old tape in a loft zone that resulted to be the pleasantly amazing tape has registered a lot of years behind.

Has loved to convert he in the most digital version of some images and of has purchased here this like this recommended for the partner of mine.

This artilugio smoothly converted 8mm and Súper 8 film to MPEG-4 (MP4) files of digital film in 1080P resolution.

He no required any engine or installation of software or leading experience. Quite pas sincere.

Connecting to the laptop and the scrolling of means comunicacionales the files to the laptop was the smooth walk .

Very pleased and happy has to do fault our purpose. Mina in-the laws have few tapes and would be to use the to convert them also.

Happy with him the d highly recommended 👍
5 / 5
the look of amazing element adds also
the result of the video is a lot enough to satisfy a familiar and probably any but purists and yes is a calm only way will not see never some images familiarised again without enormous cost and potential loss in traffic, then go for him. With perfect geometry, any colour fringing and brilliant aims, beats an old 'capture of video of some technicians of screen of the projector' hands down!
An optical house of my unit is something on (has not had to take coverages, focus of pause and king-regulate!). Like the quality of start, am sure could have had slightly more the available detail without some machineries of compression of intense video. It thinks of JPG the pictures have to compress down to say 50Kb, concealed is in that see like the current of video with aggregated random soyovement' noise. It would say a compression 'noise' is perhaps slightly worse that an original graininess of a version 'projected'. The video compares with MJPEGs taken with 10 year the box de3M pixel' cameras.
Am pleased that has taken one submerges and has bought an after read cynically by means of a lot of useful descriptions last year of a Wolverine the version released in EUA. It can not be perfect but looks an only one in a phase in this level of prize. And you find scarce properties in some archive, so only calms then annoying with professional digitising services
5 / 5
A scanner of film of the manufacturer of the law of film adds. I have had to it weaves successful with converting at least 50 year 8 mm film the digital. They are happy am spent of the extra money in this scanner because it can take big reels. Utilisation the old projector to rewind a film more than turning it around in a scanner because it does not have the rovescio. If there it has been the behind to touch possess it would be very better. I so only simply uploaded some files to mine portable and has copied some files that use Microsof. Now I can use this new file to see in mine television or copy for another to the CD or SD paper. Like this far im very impressed with this reel scanner
4 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. The scanner adds the one who ideal partorisca 3” and 5” 8mm reels. More separate any PC or the extra software have required. Wine with SD space of paper in backside and also 32GB measured SD the paper by heart has distributed.
Can be directly scanned in his.
Also has big 2.4” screen coloreada , which does partorisca see that I am scanning in real time and also helps partorisca choose a paper.
In general unit a lot compact that is not bulky creation. Easy to store , does not take any a lot of space. The global weight is around 2kg.
I old films converted to MP4 formed, formatted can be also seen directly for has connected the TV. Also it can be transferred the windows Pc and MAC program also.
The crew adds global to spend the alive old memories and use it mediate technology and share on-line.
HAS the look to my pictures partorisca see real measure, the hope will be useful to decide yes is suitable partorisca no. or personal needs
5 / 5
Ideal partorisca professional users those who after clean digital transformation.
Taking more and more commanded partorisca transfer old 8mm circles to digital format. Ot The place of work has weighed professional a this in spite of for working of has bitten inconvenience of house done, as it has taken is one. It is light and easy to dip up. It can transfer files directly the sd paper by heart or directly the pc. Works well with windows and Mac program. Directly I can it transfers it it has launched my Mac to storage of cloud of main company.
Converts the mp4 formed in 1080p formed to 30 pictures of frame by second.
HAS 2.4” exposure coloreada digital where possible direct access the paper and see some images.
The element is compact and light , so only on 2weight of kg.
Element of the light professional quality global, suggestion partorisca improvement: it could be advantageous has had to that spend chance as it can be transported around without accidents.
4 / 5
Of then possesses the plot of súper 8 film, has decided to buy the scanner. I am satisfied entirely with a quality has the backlog of súper 8 film that goes back 30 years to the equal that files has wanted to him before I am disappeared.
Am spent the pair of hours experimenting with some neighbours-arrive – several resolutions, formed of file, scrolling of powder, correction by heart. Absolutely wanted with some results, dye excellent, the detail adds and both point underlined and the shadow details retained- looked so only like some slides.
The value of car adds of the money.
5 / 5
Has bought this to scan 45 resupplied 3' and 5' reels of 8mm film of cinema of a @@@1960s and @@@1970s inherited of the mine father-in-law. It was easy to use and worded faultlessly. There is scanned all some film inside the week and now have the scanner of surplus! An only joint would give is to verify a vertical alignment of a scanner, which looks to go to derives a lot slightly in several films. It is calm, emitting so only an acceptable clicking sound. A quality of one there is scanned the films is at least like this as well as original, although they require light modifying so much career quite too fast. Thoroughly It Recommends this to any with old films. He also the easy fact to give copies to friends and of the reports.
4 / 5
Ossia The car adds . To good sure very economic, but of calm probably is that it looks for the way to turn decaying 8mm and Súper 8 film to digital film, this will do a trick a lot well. He essentially click each frame of a film by means of the sensor, takes the digital photograph of him, and then daisy-canals all some photo to the file of digital film. It is slow but attentive - apresamiento roughly a photo the second, as each one that 1 as of Súper 8 images takes roughly 30 seconds to scan.

Neither can save a file of video to see in other devices, has dressed he in the television or the look in a bit screen in a scanner he. Start of good quality, good and brilliant and clear. If you want to save your old films for posterities, will not be disappointed for of the this, included in the quite a lot of prize of prize.
5 / 5
Has bought this to 8mm reels partorisca scan the trove of the films familiarised old and utmost. It is easy to dip up and operate and tents some files to a SD paper to the equal that can quickly files of scrolling to your Pc.unla The unit can touch for behind one has saved files has seen composite the TV was, like the computer is not necessary if any one calm loves him modify with which captures. Im Very impressed with some results, dye excellent. The value of product adds a prize
4 / 5
has Done well almost directly out of a box. It has had to that centre a picture and zoom appropriately but his now munching his way by means of all my súper 8 images. Occasionally he no quite take a film quite stationary in a frame, but that runs a film by means of the second time fix it. An illumination is good and same by means of a frame and some houses and the capture are sum. Highly recommended. All precise time like this does in two frames by second......
5 / 5
Has used this today for a first time! I am using lockdown marks 2 like him casualidad to do sure all my memories are sure!! Has load 8mm film of when it was the girl and has created felizmente the digital copies that use this wonderful artilugio! Easy to use (fiddly tho to first time like them some careers of before tries!)
4 / 5
An English in a manual of instruction is, as there is remarked on, appallingly bad, now add a unit is on -instructions- of screen in Chinese and have a perfect combination to be appreciated for buys it Prime of thorough Amazon. Returned immediately.
4 / 5
Ossia Like this easy to use , has transferred a lot of film, the majority of a time can upload some films and forget until it has finalised. He 3' and 5' with ease, 72 reels no returned.
4 / 5
Works well, easy to use, the intriguing processes have used Pinncle modifying partorisca take picture and quality of optimum speed
5 / 5
No a quality has been expecting them. Perhaps the does not have to that it has annoyed partorisca takes it has Completed two 5 small films really enough on place.
4 / 5
Doing the copy is easy.
A quality of a digital film in a SDcard is not100%.
Also very big filmreals is possible to use, as you owe that cut a film for the half.
An adapter is the british a so it requires one covers extra.
Further is a filmscanner is easy to use.
4 / 5
Likes some there is detailed more instructions roughly regarding the use . Especially like this to connect to my PC and to the equal that to obtain Dvd
5 / 5
Does the good work to transfer our old level 8 and súper 8 film.
5 / 5
Fast delivery, the elements have arrived in perfect condition. Well it pleased it.
4 / 5
This scanner looked WELL at the beginning - the quality of some video is quite well for a prize. This in spite of, a quality of build is atrocious! A prime minister an I there has been has done the odd clunking noise of a start but boss of conference after a first film to the equal that have assumed had done something wrong. After scanning roughly 10 3' reels of film of cinema, a clunking has turned to the terrible graunching touch it and he have maintained to inform questions with a film (purportedly) any when being pas has situated correctly ( was a lot of). A bit the nails of metal as it pulls a sprockets to the long of unable era to move properly still without any film in place and a takeup reels struggled to wind a film.

Is returned the Amazon and has obtained the substitution. Exactly a same history with a second a - has begun WELL, has directed roughly 10-15 film and has given then on a ghost.

Felizmente The process of the returns of the amazon was excellent as never and go to invest now the pair of books of hundred having my remaining collection of cinema the films have copied professionally.

Such the shame!
4 / 5
This produces the Friday has arrived, has done absolutely well for the day and the half ( approx 1200ft of film) has begun then having questions. One takes on reels has developed basically the question like the film has not been taken to a reel consistently, and a “function” of rewind there is prendido to do altogether. I owe that emphasise, concealed for a prime minister ten reels of film, has done well and has done the good work, but there was obviously some class of @@subject of reliability with an engine that drives one takes on reeling, or embrague in a train to walk to one takes on reeling. It was it has had to that to bet is when being the defective product only and receive the substitution, but this offer has been take thus vendor with which initially offering it reason “ have not had any stock, or, visibility of when would have more stock”. Curiously, two days later, these produced is now behind in stock ! Amazon, Is utmost, there is refunded me.
5 / 5
I have it quell'has promised always my dad that would help scrolling some of his elderly old 8mm films to half comunicacionales digital. Mainly it likes to fail he-sure to maintain for a future and also he so that it can send copies to familiar and of the old friends. It has taken the few hours partorisca try to take it partorisca do properly and partorisca me partorisca be satisfied with some results of scrolling but has be worth it in an end. My joint is partorisca dip in regularly like dulcemente take a hangs of him. It is surprising that calm in fact can improve a quality of picture of an original film partorisca do pocolos adjustments to a scrolling. My dad is like this emotional to revisit some old films and a msny memories of entities of his life now that he if in his late seventies. It has been the experience of the bond adds and well opertunity the reminisce in a past especially with which so only the difficult time. I will speak to my brother in law in the possible software that edits once I scrolling to a PC but a step the time! In general, we are very pleased with a product and result. It is the product of niche but is worth it.
4 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. I am still in the moment to mine 8mm reels partorisca convert but first impressions are a lot good. A car is weighed and well build, has few options in a screen to regulate a quality of a reel the digital. The optical looks good qualities also, maquinal smis well and well has done. I will update a description shortly after that first production of estaca but like this far all the looks so only well. It schemes it adds.

Top Customer Reviews: Digital Film ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 25 ratings
4 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. Bought this scanner of film partorisca my present of anniversary of the father. It is 60 years old of slides that has not looked in still years. We spend such the good evenings digitizing old pictures. Work very well and a quality of my product finalised (picture/of file) is that has looked for. I have wanted to be able to take the replication that there is rid clear quality. Easily it could connect this scanner of slide directly to my computer. I left to scan my slides and upload to the mine portable and desk. Some files then automatically save in the file, resembled a way your half comunicacionales saves when you hook your smartphone until your computer by means of the cord of USB. A thrilling part is that once my slides have been converted, can do everything of some things to some old slides that I can do to any digital file in the computer. If there is subject like red-eye or blurry eye in an original image, can be easily fixed. If you want to it collects the person out of a picture, but still save the version where all the world-wide looks, concealed also can be fulfilled. Calm also can apply filters to paint to your pictures, doing them black and aims or brightening concrete details. Very good mashine
4 / 5
Ossia a car that achieves many. You can take all your typical 35mm film, has called also 135, to 22 megapixel digital images that can be blown until be aimed in the enormous HD TV and glass of clear still look. He also 110 and 126 that was it other types of the film has created by means of one 70 east and 80 is and can pull still images of 8mm and súper 8 film reels.

An easy feeds the characteristic is the saver of the enormous time like the film is fed without accidents to the long of a clue that maintains it squared with a zone to take. You can feed each negative by means of in of the seconds like calm does not have to that reload a cartridge for each a.

A rotation, mirror and qualified of the toe means calm does not need any transmissions of capture of estaca simple in the pc which is another saver of time . Ossia A better option for far to transfer your collection the sd paper with a better quality in timing a shorter.
4 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. That the brilliant product, goes in a prize abordable also. Has hundreds of any of thousands of film of slides and old camera that has wanted to convert to the digital format. Certainly a lot everything to cost our time and ossia reason has been hesitant to spend the small fortune that pays a lot to convert them.

Has explored For presents navideños and has found this, after doing the bit to research decided for the give the gone. They are like this happy has done :)

A box is quite self explanatory to use and a profit of having an integrated screen is that it could dip my films of his camera and quickly revise that some has wanted to convert first to go advance and doing so much. This has meant that I have not squandered my time in of the hundreds of unwanted pictures etc.

has decided once that the pictures has wanted to convert I so only dipped a paper by heart in and was has been. The quality of picture is well, a precise agrees some photos have not been taken in HD formed, is the explosion to a past.

Now that some pictures are saved digitally can have bit it more peace of alcohol in of the terms of not losing some memories and is easier that share them with friends and family. Shining, has pleased really.
4 / 5
This Scanner of Digital Film is an impressive piece of invention. His the big quality mark mini car that is extremely easy to operate. Photo of big resolution that is coming so that I begin it and he was easy to transfer with which the conversion has seen a HDMI/bosses of television how is gone in a box . To be very sincere, when it has been rid was has bitten surprised because of his measure like some boxes was compact. But so only after opening a box and near initial-arrive looked exactly like this for specifications.

To good sure a mini attractive scanner. It was impressed extremely with his ease of operation also. The manual instruction that is gone in a box was very easy to follow which have done into use initial. Result of of the this is the thing adds with 22MP picture of pixel. On duty circle and old film to the half comunicacionales digital was to good sure to the entertainment adds has to that say.

3.5'' colour TFT LCD screen is the help adds also partorisca onscreen dressed when dipping up and also seeing some images.

In general adds compraventa and very pleased with him.
4 / 5
Has has expected scanner of the decent quality and I have escáneres of decent quality. I do not expect quite that has. Like this to this end it has to that say that it fulfils expectations.
Is has treated all the formats have used on he without subjects at all,
A spectator is good and useful and comes advances for better viewing.
Has used he endlessly recently and has created something special for my parents have based in his old films and negatives. Fact for some very happy people, the mission has fulfilled.
5 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. I have been looking for the reasonably priced slide scanner for the ages like my mamma has load of old negatives and slides that has wanted to convert and burst a lot the SD paper and finally plant to the album of photo like the present for his 70th anniversary.

Ossia The lovely unit .. Easy to use and enough compress compared to another that has seen in a past.

Really pleased with east.
4 / 5
Has thinks that would go thus scanner to the equal that has expected / hope for the scanner of good quality. Some results are GOOD but no fantastic and there is the focussing subject when the oldest slide is resulted the little bit has bent. A so only has bitten of a box that no;t was a HDMI boss - I has any reason to thinks that no except a boss has distributed is the normal measure HDMI boss but a socket in a scanner is min-HDMI. Time to spend £ in the conversor! It would owe that it has ordered it one of some escáneres plus very economic (roughly £70) and done the first comparison to buy is one.
4 / 5
Really disappointed with this scanner. Bought the in a base to be able to scan 126 negatives. This in spite of, an element is so that has bad built that it is impossible to take the reasonable and worse scanner of everything, has broken some of a negatives, which there is on 40 years and impossible to substitute. If it estimate your lovely negatives and the memories avert this car.
5 / 5
Way really useful to do old 35mm seen of slides-able again. It can upload to the HE paper, which can be insertos to computer, to see the photos a lot the time forgotten.. Like this far, some colours am not a lot of (this in spite of that that could be an age of some slides). The main question is taking individual slides to a right place to scan.
4 / 5
A product was very but has not been adapted to that am trying to do.
4 / 5
My experience with this scanner of digital film was that the has not lived until Any of some positive critiques. Although a scanner has done can on, was unable to access any of some papers. Absolute rubbishes...!!

In the positive. The procedure of the returns of the amazon has done well. Interior three hours of a scanner that arrives, was repacked and in the sound has been of the tower to Amazon has seen the courier. I have had the interior of repayment five days. Thank you Amazon.
5 / 5
Has purchased the new element, but the used according to produced hand-held has been distributed, evidenced partorisca seal broken in boxes of container, harm to a container that opens tab, manual of the instruction rasgada, microSD paper by heart specifically very comprised in car, with any one is photo on.
Beware !
4 / 5
Has thinks that there has been digitise some old 70s Kodac Kodachrome 35mm slides and 35mm negatives has had to that seat around. Unfortunately, this device has not fulfilled my expectations.

Has the few subjects:
1. Adjustment Of poor settings - Only R,G,B and brightness the offsets can be place . There is any adjustment of exposure, meaning some slides are in/underexposed without possible mitigation.

2. In some slides ( would say 10 of them) there are lines of odd interference.
Can say these are related to a device because escáneres multiple took of a same slide, a movement of lines of the interference. It looks to be correlated with the darkest slides. I have contacted a vendor the one who informed there was at all could do in of the this and was so only an intrinsic question with a device.

3. All the photos are affected for an unacceptable level of digital noise.
Am not informing to a grain of a film/of slides, quite some the digital noise presented of a digital camera.

4. A 35mm the negative adapter is bad moulded., A film can not be easily slid by means of a scanner
the film can not be slid by means of a scanner likes described in some photos because a plastic adapter partorisca east is bad moulded. An adapter rubs against a film and the considerable force is required to press a film by means of (to a point was fearful to break a film). To mitigate this has had to that file down a plastic, which is ridiculous.

5. There is any correction/of the hair of the powder likes Cannon or GEL DIGITAL presents of PASSAGE in other escáneres of alike prize, this does to scan frustrating calm so that it will owe that constantly and meticulously clean some slides and glass to scan.

My suggestion would be to instead invest in the flatbed scanner with the film and adapter of slide. The economic options comprise a Epson Perfection V370 (That that can be found for more economic that this scanner!), you want to it has included he better can buy you the scanner that sustains GEL DIGITAL like a Epson Perfection V550/V600/V800 or the PASSAGE of the cannon like a Cannon CanoSCan 9000F.

This scanner could be worth it has cost £30 and calm so only has loved some escáneres fast and easy to share in of the half comunicacionales social, but for the digitising project, a quality is not sufficient.
4 / 5
Has looked for something to digitize the pair of slides of thousand. It is certainly an easy piece of boxes to use, and while yours the slides are brilliant and clear a start is well, THIS In spite of has a lot concealed is included slightly darker, the start with interference like this calm can no to see them properly or lose an interference with modifying software. If a backlight has had more the adjustment probably would be the glorious product. Returned for the planned repayment too quality of start.
5 / 5
Has purchased this product because it could take several 135 negatives immediately and things to ask. But a Negative carrier harm is returned. It has required considerable force to slide he in. You could see that has had the warp in a carrier and has had to that resist he in place.
Also, when you have uploaded some photos, has done the directory for each photo and no prendería . Have has had to that behind has been or would have fill YOURS PC!
Some results were reasonable.
With a cheapness of construction and some failures, am returned so many Or/S. You would expect more it takes in £100.
5 / 5
Prone To noise in a picture - possibly of a supply to be able to. This does not go is gone in an image saved so that one has to that king scanner another time. Any big shot this in spite of.

Bosses the majority of formats excepts, sadly, for old ‘1¼ square' slides. Really it could do with an adapter thus too much for those of knots those who have still slides scan ossia that old (@@@1960s in my chance).

The device comes with several controls to regulate brightness and such but finds these are has left more so only. Any one the adjustment is easier and better in a this computer . CONCENTRATED backlight can be regulated too much but has found a incumplimiento dipping more.

Good spectator that tilts advance him has required .

Loves a way negatives look in a correct colour instantly. A bit delicate feeding them by means of without taking some toes throughout him. This comes with practising this in spite of.

So only 14MP. Claims 22MP but this looks to be for interpolation. It results no bad this in spite of take place it like this maintained to 22MP.

The boss of USB is too short. Need to be at least the averages like this long again.

In general am happy with him. Only real hassle is an electronic noise.
4 / 5
Technically does like this announced but resolution, colour, brightness and the houses are not anything likes like this announced, some the global results are poor. Trying take 35mm negatives converted has had quality and of the better successes so only that takes the photo of a negative seating in the lampshade with my camera of telephone.
4 / 5
Ossia Perfect for all the different measures of films.
Would want to give it the better description but a LCD screen suffers harm so only 2/3 of a do one like this the leaves taken 2/3 copy of some photos I needs of the mine negative so that unfortunately it will owe that returns.
Easy to use spent of first of legislations and game.
5 / 5
When Scanning lustrous photo the looks of the shadow in some means of a scanner rendering an useless scanner. The element is returned.
5 / 5
A lot disappointed like the majority of an image of a lack of the slide of a picture has created. I have used all a adaptadora s and has changed some settings. At all it acts. Ive emailed A company. If any satisfaction will return an element.

Marco 1 is using my telephone full image of slide. Picture (2) is using a scanner and to the equal that can see the plot of a lack of image. A lot disappointed
5 / 5
A main question, which had expected would be easier to the use has taken images of 8mm films.
5 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. Everything of our memories of old times are now in a process partorisca result digitalised!
In a moon and behind!

Has been hard partorisca me partorisca give you my opinion in this scanner of fantastic digital film reason my mamma simply does not leave partorisca go of him! 😂😂😂

✅ Converts film negatives the JEPF Digital files, easily frame for frame
✅ Comes with the adapters have comprised
35mm, súper 8, 110 and 126
✅ That can be connected in any Mac, PC of Windows, smartphones, pill....
Some options are without finals
was You can connect it to your TV (the also comprised boss but of shortish period)
✅ can save You all say to the SD paper
Please remark a max the paper will take is the 128GB
also will require the big adapter of paper likes some use in ours DRSL 📷 camera
✅ is a lot easy to use
✅ the paper of Navigation is directly advances
✅ A screen is movable to the equal that can tilt the like this required partorisca the better view
✅ arrives with RCA boss partorisca Connection of TV and HDMI to micro HDMI the boss has comprised

In general am extremely happy with this compraventa.
Can not expect for mamma partorisca finalise his scanning I so that it can see all my pictures familiarised in the big screen 📺 🥰🥰🥰
goes partorisca be the a lot emotional viewing 😊
4 / 5
has had old circles of films partorisca seat in a loft year a lot of years and has have a temptation in a lot of occasions partorisca launch in a cube, does not have to that way that has known like this a lot have been undeveloped, so only has known no like some and with so many circles has not been the value that sends him all was partorisca take king-developed to the equal that would have been a lot expensive.

This car is surprising. It is really easy the setup and simple to use and can insert a negatives, dressed some pictures and snap digital copies of a negatives any time at all. It is the device really that impresses this has behind spent some really cherished memories that can otherwise has been lost partorisca always.

A compraventa for real fantastic.
4 / 5
Petit, unit a lot compact. The instructions are moderately easy to comprise, and one on-hierarchy of the paper of the screen is intuitive. Calm once take a routine has imagined was goes a lot quickly.
The negative adapters are very built and easy to use.
The quality of picture is expected like this, no like this as well as my flatbed scanner but pertinent partorisca snapshot photo of quality.
While a screen is quell'has bitten small, an also done unit the good spectator partorisca simply looking in of the pictures without his scanner.
Ossia The really good scanner . It is a lot the friendly user and gives escáneres very exceptional. I have not had any subject with any of some formats that there is scanned. Of slides the negatives, these few types have treated perfectly. Highly it would recommend this unit to any one.
5 / 5
A Scanner of the Digital film has not done when it has arrived, for this can not commit.

Top Customer Reviews: KODAK Mini Digital ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 27 ratings
5 / 5
It have done the plot of investigation in of the alike products before I have decided to this device. Some the simple instructions have done this almost covers he-n-device of game. It was to arrive and running inside the minutes and I scanned slides before I knew it. Other descriptions have related to be of entity to clean an inner surface with a powder resupplied swab which is attentive. I choose to clean it with which each one that 30 or like this slides to do sure clear rest of powder. Also, I have chosen to clean each slide with the soft cloth previously to insert them the one who help him maintains down in a powder inside a device. Now that have almost scanned the slides of thousand remain waiting for facing an a lot of thousand negatives this is expecting to be scanned. Highly it recommends this device!
5 / 5
It was almost postponed for some of some some descriptions of star, but, has taken felizmente the casualidad and has not been disappointed! It is the very easy to unsettle device. They are sure he has more expensive and technically scanner of better slide in a phase, but this was perfect for a task has had in alcohol! To good sure recommend it!
5 / 5
That a point that something those collected out of some upper and funds of 35mm picture.
Has had to forget some headlines and so only manoeuvre a picture to frame manually, deciding if to lose a boss or feet like both wont accesses in.

Stupid economic rubbishes.
5 / 5
Easy to dip up and use. Need to maintain the clean glass that quell'was the question with the oldest paper is slides of trace. A paintbrush resupplied has not been very achieved for me, cloth of more cleaned of the lentil has used to take the clean glass. Escáneres Good of slides and negatives. At present that spends for 50 years of photos like the long way to go still. Some grain in some images in pc the screen but I guess concealed is of an emulsion. Happy with quality of picture to the equal that are for record purpose. Any digital scanner has projected still like this to wait to see likes the look. Directed to recover some very old has on duty slides the recognisable for records familiarised to the equal that has has surpassed expectations there.
A bit expensive for the out of exercise but more economic that professional scanning in general.
5 / 5
A bit of the disappointment. The quality that fiancées and easy to use. Easy to see like an external walk on Linux and tug-and-drop of the sincere images.

But quality of the build does not order. A 35mm the tray does not return correctly and locks/of stops to situate too punctual, that causes the vertical bar to look in writing (sees photo circled). This looks for to be caused by a notch under a negative adapter. I have taken the acute knife to a notch and whittled he down and now some slides of tray besides far and a vertical blockade is not a subject.

This in spite of there is cropping. One of some things that the mine appealed roughly that the negative scanner is a possibility to take zones of some negative this is to be lose in a photo, but is obvious same without any one the scrutiny adds that there is cropping around an outside.
5 / 5
I plugged a boss of USB has distributed to a scanner and inner scanned pocolos small.

Scanner of good quality and also very fast - takes the pocolos second for each scanner.

Then can select to connect a scanner to your computer has seen a connector of USB and transfer one there is scanned the images direct if your computer.

Was the little more has wanted to that has loved to pay but would consider it good value for money for a reason on.
5 / 5
So only that has looked for. Inserting a negative was bit it uncomfortable sometimes.
5 / 5
Fantastic, has had roughly 1000 slides has loved to dip in the paper by heart, am not a lot well with technology but found this easy to use & had adds amused that sees slides that was on 40 years, in everything took roughly 6 hours to convert some pictures but this have comprised time reminiscing on some old photos. To good sure recommend this product.
4 / 5
I have had old slides of roughly done 35 years and was adds to take them on a computer and email him them people that was girls in simple to use and the recomend.
4 / 5
It is GOOD but fiddly to use and a spectator is very small. I suppose that a clue was that it calls the soyini' scanner. As has the big number of slides to revise I desire I upgraded to something bit it better.
5 / 5
Was almost postponed for some of some some descriptions of star, but, has taken felizmente the casualidad and has not been disappointed! It is the very easy to unsettle device. They are sure he has more expensive and technically scanner of better slide in a phase, but this was perfect for a task has had in alcohol! To good sure recommend it!
4 / 5
The one who a point that something those collected out of some upper and funds of 35mm picture.
Has had to forget some headlines and so only manoeuvre a picture to frame manually, deciding if to lose a boss or feet like both wont accesses in.

Stupid economic rubbishes.
4 / 5
Is GOOD but fiddly to use and a spectator is very small. I suppose that a clue was that it calls the soyini' scanner. As has the big number of slides to revise I desire I upgraded to something bit it better.
5 / 5
Has had old slides of roughly done 35 years and was adds to take them on a computer and email him them people that was girls in simple to use and the recomend.
5 / 5
A lot of sceptical in this scanner but likes the result has seen slides and negatives concealed has not been seen partorisca on 30 years - an excellent scanner the one who has recommended them to another.
4 / 5
Has not been adds, images a lot quite acute, sent it behind.
5 / 5
Some works of good scanner although it has used it so only like this far for 35mm slides. Calm once take the system in disposal to situate a slide in a headline, scanning it, scanning roughly more take a SD paper and downloading a JPG the files to your computer is quite effective. Pleased with cost of mine and that looks forward to to try a 35mm negatives.
5 / 5
A lot well to to an only thing would like is that it manages 120 Of Circle negatives(which he any).
4 / 5
Orderly bit of the very done box easy to follow quality of scanner of instructions a lot well the bit pricey but global wel has pleased
4 / 5
uses a device to digitise 110 photo negatives. It is the little fiddly to upload some touches of 5 negatives to a headline but once this is to do is quite quickly and effective
5 / 5
On/was the key has not done, as has has had to that the turn. As it can not comment in a quality of image or anything more thus subject!
Repayment and service of excellent returns of Amazon this in spite of.
4 / 5
Has taken 10mins ro which take on an hour to do with my Epson scanner
5 / 5
all require and was 'tourists of internets' can give support!
5 / 5
Ossia Magic. The memories have transformed in the few clicks.
5 / 5
Bought it the digitise around 1200 slides that goes back to 1966.
Like this far some results are well.
Has not experienced any of some subjects created by another.
4 / 5
A product that says in one has beaten. I enabled me partorisca spend a lot treasured 35mm slides to a digital age.
4 / 5
Had impressed really with east, is like this easy to dip up and use, has had a lot a more fat plastic Agfa slides and does not have any question with them returning in. To good sure recommend.