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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5
Babymoov Nutribaby A 4-in-1 Processor Feeds A001133_United Kingdom

Update: there is prendido partorisca do after less than 2 month.

Here is my opinion like the mamma of the 6-me the old the one who is beginning the wean.

Can not say these products is more convenient that use that my Tommee Tippee steam and blend. Given the election, still would choose and spend on partorisca use my blender of current/steamer reason give a consolation partorisca dip an alimentary to automatically of steam and blend in his own, without a hassle of manually that touches a cooked lunch to a blender, so only like this has produced.

Prefers to save that little do little another material as when being the mamma is the plenary and hectic work.

Besides, this product is a lot of-has done. It looks exactly how it is in his details of product, bit it big that has imagined, which means has the good capacity to do the good batch of lunch of creature, but bit it bulky, and occupies more spatial.

Is sincere to use and cleaned.

Some removable parts, like liquid collectors, bowl, coverage of steamer, etc., Can be hand-washed or situated in an upper rack of a dishwasher. Often I a last so except time. Some leaves can be detached and has cleaned for separate. After using it almost every day for more than the week, am happy that some tanks of the steamer has not built on the imposiciones of stairs.

This product comprises two bosses to be able to, one with 3-pin, suitable for use of United Kingdom, and one with 2-pin. Both bosses to be able to measure roughly 30-31'', which find too short.

A fund of a unit has no-slip pegs, in the now in bylines in the flat surface. It does not move when he blends a lunch.

So much a steamer and work of blender mor or less like this to as it would owe that be. It could be better been a steamer there has been the function of timer for different classes of alimentary, the difference of the his 5 in 1 version.

Has has not used never a reheating and defrosting functions as they are not applicable in mine practical when that feeds my creature.

That it is well is comes with the lifetime has guaranteeed once register a product.

In general, can not say that it would recommend it to my friends of mamma for his prize of seal. If has the processor feeds basic and steamer, work exactly one same.
5 / 5
Has been steaming raw lunches and blending takes him weaning for almost two decades now.
Has a lot of profits of health on feeding creatures the wholesome, nutritious and has balanced the lunch has prepared home, was each component of a puree is known.
Has the ingredients have hid any and can be responsible for exactly that loves our little a to try.
Like this, dipping them up for the lifetime of well eating habits without being drawn to the sweet flavours which are all too many common in the tent has bought purees.

This was my principle behind home steaming. But, I have learnt now it concealed any all the creatures are like this easy like our prime minister a. It was opened to try any new flavours prepped for him.

This little device is revolutionary compared to as it has begun - when steaming has not had such the enormous in following.
All these years done, has begun was with the big spec adult alimentary steamer, which has has had recently the big upgrade and 'Delia' cheat' Kenwood Mini Chopper - which for a way, is still exceptionally well for a prize. It was the good setup, but has gone the time that eats and difficult to cleanup afterwards. It has had to eat to the for elder like the unit has not been able with treating such small creature sized portions. It was so only too much the time that eats has prepared small lunches.

This one east one all-in-a unit that cooks of steam, defrosts, reheats (all with steam), and blends to the consistently good texture for a start of weaning.

▪︎ As To:

Rib your ingredients to the pertinent measure for a basket or place of container in an of two containers - any big plus under a, or a basket of steam that chairs in a plus down one. Bear in importing that some contents of basket of the steam drip flowed down he - these will flavour anything steaming down he (ossia, chooses to steam multiple elements a same time).

A Tip:

Sometimes having these flavours of slime absorb to a lower container is the good idea . If for example, you want to something concealed looks to the salmon risotto, could have laughed in a lower container with the touch of garlic and oil of olive and tomato; and situate it fillet of salmon in an upper section with the bit of fat and some parsley.
Leave it to steam for following some directions in a booklet comprised and that adds a quantity has dictated to water depend that you are steaming and is quantity .

Press a big B key in a side and steam for a quantity required of time.

Once done, so to that it would like me to you servants your lunch:
A lot empty some contents in him is entirety to a chopper that adds container with him, some of some juices of cookery that has collected in a steam drip flat - this door for behind a moisture and add the touch of flavour more than just adding water.
Or, portion of the your steamed eaten and blend in manageable chunks.

Press a big key in a cup of a chopper and puree to a consistency has required.

To arrive to this point, I portion of mine puree on purpose cube of gel of flat bought silicone of Amazon, and freeze a puree. Once frozen, I empty to the stock exchange of freezer has labelled. As my tray of cube is ready to freeze a next batch.

Then use these cubes to do the lunch:
For example, I apples of steam with butter and powder of cinnamon. Then it uses one of these cubes frozen when the mornings to mark porridge some time one: doing on a porridge with my milk of election, defrost one or two gel of cube of apple in a defrosting/steaming container of this unit, or could situate he in a refrigerator some prejudices before. Then it adds he to an animate porridge.
Sometime mixes it up and add the cube of apple and the cube of banana. Has the full freezer of the batch has done house steamed the lunch has taken.

like me maintain some steamed flesh pureed and frozen in his own also - in this way can add the cube to the cube of lentils, or cauliflower, or steamed potato, or steamed sweded, or butternut squash.
Maintaining his totally versatile and dynamic diet.
Presenting our small one the alimentary elections sãs of the young age.

One very a lot of all unit inclusa that the frames that wash and preparing lunches, easier faster and especially, with less washing on afterwards.

5 stars
5 / 5
car A lot compact in general and does not take on a lot of space in the cupboard or in the worktop. Much smaller that that uses to separate steamer and blender to do lunch of creature.

Some instructions are quite brief but some two functions are súper easy to use. So only add a thing is cooking to a compartment of main steamer or the basket of the steamer then adds a right quantity to water to a good steamer and also an extra a lot in the is cooking starchy eaten likes paste or laughed. Calm then press a key to turn a steamer on and the transmissions was automatically once a level of water has gone down enough he so that pode never dry course. A well under a jug of main steamer collects the liquid of a cookery accuses calm so that it can add it behind to a cooked lunch for blending to the puree and avert that it loses nutrients of vegetables.

Some two part of a car in fact has the decent capacity like calm to good sure could do the just little lunch for your small some with east. Easily I can cook enough paste in a steamer to feed mine 4 old year, 2 year and 6 month.

Some parts are very easy to clean although it does not think is sure dishwasher, but concealed is not a subject for me like this I always clean things like this manually in all the chance.

Likes that it can use you a same blender when a steamer is cooking is doing the batch to eat to freeze or to something likes concealed.

Is a yours cookery of expensive addition but is like this simple and easy to use that material in general is the good investment if your time is in the prize, how is with more than parents, so only reasons podes material of estaca to cook in a steamer and the leave on without concerning roughly that. Although so only the utilisation to do the paste or that the rice for some boys is the godsend so it is essentially like him mini cookery of rice that takes on upper of the plot less space of cookery.

A lifetime the guarantee is the good signal of a quality of build of a car and he would do an amazing present to any new parents thinks.
4 / 5
Have Never find anything like this before, but is the very useful element to have, especially is the mamma with the small creature. You can do your own creature feeds that they are add, and in this chance, knows exactly that yours the creature is eating and that is going his tummies.

First of all, has been rid quickly and in packaging of good quality. It is the really good weight and measure, and does not take on too much room that are adds. A cord is quite short that it could be the question but averts of that, is everything well.

Is easy to use and a creation is good and easy to comprise. All have to that do is to take the quickly read of some instructions and calm will comprise that it is doing.

Can use all the types of alimentary with him, if it is vegetal , fruits, flesh and fish etc...

A side blends an alimentary and the quite soft fact, and taste been due to of a fact can take while you like calm so that it can do it like this crunchy or like this smooth like your creature prefers.

Some other cooks lateralmente, which finds really useful reason calms does not have to that move a lunch of creature to the whole new casserole or anything likes them that, calm so only can move he to a next section.

In general, eaten of the creature adds, is the element of quality adds and really easy to use. Highly recommended and good value for money so that he
5 / 5
has thought at the beginning that this was the very good marketed the processor feeds that it has been possibly the little has bitten too expensive but with which now trying it was can see so only that good-fact and thought out of this product is. Hey Generally give a creature Elers produced of cookery that promised all organic and big-ingredients of qualities but has tried to present different lunches that cook beside just to vary on flavours and expectations. Ciao This can have the habit of reheat that exists to feed or cook and steam and then blend to the equal that has required. I particularly like a fact that a water recovered of a steam can be added to a blender when a lunch is done yes calm am likely blending the to maintain so much of the goodness like possible in a lunch. Absolutely each part of this box is dishwasher sure averts of a main electrical canal that is quite obvious.

He allowers to try enough the few different things and has meant also that when we prepare eaten in the then could cook several portions and store the little in a freezer or a refrigerator to be used some following days. It is obviously to plot more than satisfies that it knows that it is feeding your creature has been prepared for calm in some better possible ingredients and in a possible way more sã.

In of the terms of qualities and feel is the very well has thought was produced, And incredibly easy to use you really any one has to give it the second has thought. Ciao To the equal that with everything nails urban of the products of additional cookery can be the question in a cookery worktop the zones but ossia enough is compact as it could be while still when being able to produce a lot of servings.
4 / 5
This babymoov nutribaby one is adds feeds prep car that can be used for weaning creatures. I have used a lot of different things to do lunches of creature on some years and this comes up there like one of a better.
One of my favourite things in this product is is described- is big and can do the big batch the time- is Described is 2 litres : 1 x 1,300 ml unit of cookery and 1 x 700 ml blending unit. Which is much easier that one tiny little tommee tippee to the blender has has had years.
Is the 4 -in-1 fines-creature of purpose alimentary processor: the cooks of steam / Blends / Reheats & Defrosts and is easy to use, has a key to cook and another key for blending. My bear of the only bug in this product is that some jugs are separated to cook and blending, as I owe that touch one to another which adds time and washing, although some jugs are sure dishwasher .
Is the way adds to cook he so that it retains some nutrients and the looks have ordered in a side, unless you are in a know you a lot really look in him and think is the products of creature have related.
That will say this in spite of, is that there are other blenders etc in a phase that do the very alike thing.
4 / 5
Wow This car he all, can steam and blend yours eat of creature perfectly, also can have the habit of reheat or defrost eaten also but so only is using to cook so only now. We choose this up for my granddaughter the one who there is so only there is headed weaning. Always we prefer to do our own lunches and has has wanted to do one same for a creature. I have been using this to do on batches of alimentary to freeze for his and is far better bounced it to feed of some tents. I love a fact that with which steaming a veg some juices are collected down and can have the habit to add in a blender to maintain a goodness and flavour. There are two keys in a car to maintain all simple a key for some functions of cookery and one for a blending. Anything is cooking, adds to a pot, add a correct quantity of water (as for instructions) and press a key. You can cook paste or laughed for steaming a same time to the equal that are cooking like this same easier that use so only add to a basket on a veggies. Once a lunch is transmission bakes on to a blender and press a blend key. There is is the few bits and bobs to clean once is finalising but is an easy net on and does not take long, included better can launch you the majority of some parts in a dishwasher also.

Has thought at the beginning that ossia the processor feeds very expensive but after the try now and seeing exactly all can do this will save the fortune to buy lunch of creature on one next year and with a prize added knows exactly that it is in his lunches. A prize is a lot of value he.
4 / 5
I usually give mine 10 old month the mix of lunch of the creature bought or will boil some and blend the up.
A blender has had was for smoothies as it has not been one the majority of pertinent and sometimes would have pieces.
Was abit confused at the beginning with some instructions but then found the quite simple.
In some instructions say you what precise water according to the eaten is going to steam.
Touch a water to a fund of a steamer ( can measure a right quantity with a jug of blender and game)
Then situate a liquid catcher arrive ( also can use any left in liquid to add to a lunch of creature to mix and will add some flavour also)
Then situate a jug with a lunch is going to steam on he with or without a basket and the neighbour securely has closed.
Then press a b key to start with a steaming.
Cooked you once one transfers to eat to a blender with any spare liquid loves and press a key on on the one hand of blender to blend.
In general am really happy with east the easiest fact to cook my creature a lot homemade veggies and lunch, simple to use and is everything in enough is alot less fuss.
The prize is exspensive but can save you money in a long career in planting to buy lunch of creature.
4 / 5
Like the new grandparents that worry for our first grandson this cookery artilugio has tried an invaluable tool. Calm leave you to easily prepare feed knowing all this has gone his, in that he the the sure way to avert unwanted additive, and allergens, and a cost of pre has prepared lunch. Figure of two devises in a base. In an accident is in steamer, situate until 300ml of water in a base, and situate your diced vegetal and protein to a clear plastic container, or an upper basket. Once steamed and fully cooked, is transferred to a right container that has to that blender in a base, concealed calm leave you to blend your steamed eaten to the equal that has required. A leaflet of the information in a box gives (limited) directions in a process, but to be sincere, to a large extent calms so only press a big green key, and attended for a cookery to complete then scrolling and blend to a consistency has wished.
Tried it to be fact well, easy to use, and easy to clean, with all some car of removable parts washable. An addition of cookery adds for parents (or grandparents) those who want to more the control in his creature feeds prep. Adapted of weaning to perhaps 12 month.
5 / 5
Like my little one takes old more, so only drinking the formula of creature can on more along resupplying quite a lot of nutrition. I need some complementary lunch and now take this alimentary processor to help . I know load of loans to eat creature eaten complement in some phases, but think that the fresh lunch is always a better. As I have decided to do mine the complementary lunch of small one for me and this 4 in a the processor feeds has saved really my life. I have been using this one for roughly the month, and am impressed. It is like this easy and convenient to use. This alimentary processor combines steaming, cookery, blending, and heating four together functions, leave you to do a complementary lunch with only a car. A wattage is small but a capacity is big, two unit can be used a same time. A next key a lid of calm blender leave to regulate a texture of a lunch, if you the creature is quite old, can cook an alimentary fatter. Some baskets of steamer are removeable, how is easy to clean. An only question is that it is quell'has bitten noisy during a step.

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 9 ratings
5 / 5
Arrived today and thinks them is absolutely brilliant partorisca weaning his quite small but easily does around 3 or 4 lunch for your little a.
Comes with book of recipe and calm say you exactly that time to steam your veggies ect.
A puree key automatically blends your mix in the the perfect blend for the phase 1 weaning creature.
4 / 5
A product looked to be refurbished and does not have any cup to measure inclusa although it would owe that be comprised and is listing like this splits of a product in a description of Amazon and in a box and in some instructions. It would be he adds to take first chance to return ?
5 / 5
Good product, easy to use, the saver of real time to prepare lunches sãs for your creature
4 / 5
Really easy to use and cleaned, life so easier, highly recommended 🙂
4 / 5
Fatal , door little a month with his and is exited oxide inside the hunting where prepares the papilla , goes that any server to swim, a disappointment 😣
5 / 5
He tactile 'of this product is very good. It touches lucido the moment is not that of the carrotte give green Hebrew and give sweet potatoes and the cuisson steam as well as he hachoir the perfect summer. Master a lot He Purée so that arrete he hachoir some second games that his piece recae and dips leaves so only. Lucido Noise of the device and Correct his embezzle a broyeur in can no the ask to be silent.
Glielo Games of small noise signal the fin of a program and of volume of cube neither too strong neither no quite
5 / 5
Work works well, mine is exactly small that attain prepared it the hardly planned pappe … too expensive for dimensions
4 / 5
Really is 2 in 1 any
half Measure
Has to that triturar 2/3 times the chicken yes loves final to begin
5 / 5
Give Paket kam sehr schnell und gut verpackt bei of the one. Im Lieferumfang ist ausserdem noch eine ausführliche Anleitung, ein kleines Kochbuch auf englisch, ein 120ml Messbecher, eine Ersatzklinge, zwei Ersatzklingensilicon, eine Ersatzklingenschraube und ein Scharber one Gives Brei gut aus dem Behälter zu bekommen.

Vor dem ersten Gebrauch sollten keine Lebensmittel hinein, sondern mindestens zweimal 15 min dämpfen one Gives Gerät zu desodorieren, sozusagen schlechte Gerüche zu beseitigen.

Quotes Handhabung ist kinderleicht eigentlich selbsterklärend, Die verschiedenen Funktionen lassen sich am Exposed to Touch wunderbar einstellen, dazu nimmt is wenig Platz in giving Küche ein und sieht mega aus, ein echter Hingucker. Die Garzeit beträgt quickly für to the Arten von Lebensmittel 15 Minuten. It is lassen sich sowohl einzelne Portionen als auch größere Mengen vorbereiten.

Auch Gives Zerkleinern geht súper. Of the Messer ist ordentlich scharf, deshalb muss man beim wechseln give Klinge vorsichtig heart. Aufpassen muss Man auch beim Anheben bzw. Öffnen Gives Behälters, gives einem ein heißer Dampf entgegen kommt.

Gives Teil steht dank give Siliconfüße sicher auf give Arbeitsplatte ohne zu verrutschen. Durch Quotes Selbstreinigung bleiben auch keine Rückstände are Messer hängen. Alles kann komplett auseinander genommen werden und ist für Quotes Spülmaschine geeignet.

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 8 ratings
4 / 5
State using he partorisca the month now and his really well like this far. A measure of the tank of the calm water of the the also calm minutes so many can touch thrle water in just based in that time yoy wants to sonething the stops of steam. He steams fantastically and a blended works really well, also. Easy to clean after the majority of things (except plums) - all need to do is rinse. A lid can take discoloured quickly as the vegetal /of the fruit is doing with but this is to expect aa with another car. Like this far a lot happy with him.
5 / 5
Found it on priced so that volume. A steamer is a lot small. We return element directly with which unboxing the.
4 / 5
Terrible! The only steam directs roughly once and then there is prendido entirely law. The blender there is prendido then law after the week!
4 / 5
A product arrived in two days. The amazon is a lot of confidence. I installed it and it used it several times. I think that that it is easy to use, a lot well, thank you.
5 / 5
Ossia The product of brilliant element has better spent of the amazon highly can recommends to any
4 / 5
👍🏻 a lot handy, easy and sure to use. Has the characteristic of control of the security where the no blend when a coverage of the lid is not closed fully properly. Steaming The property is a lot handy and easy to use also.

👎🏻 Leaves of steam: so only when you use an additional part has load of elements to be steamed or particularly yes is steaming two different fruits/vegs, a coverage goes in would slip and drop to a main steamer some the upper elements are already quite soft. It would not mix tho coz a coverage still would be there so only is annoying to see when raisin.
Breakings of blender: you can a lot of blend to to the small quantities likes them to them the plan do so only partorisca of a lunch, some leaves would not be able to achieve and blend he well. You would owe that blend in of the quantities of batch.

A cup of steamer has turned yellowish this in spite of still with which so only the use of month. I guess his all one same with all other steamers? No too bad this in spite of so only does not look aesthetically a lot lol
4 / 5
has taken this for my sister, has said 5 in 1 which is a lot true, is a lot of gain for creature, can do to the a lot of what likes steaming, accusing of lunch, sterilise bounced and maintain an alimentary warm. Easy to use and sturdy has done.
4 / 5
A lot usually write the descriptions but I think the people would owe that know in of the this. There is chemical/smell strong plastic when steaming. We have done apple and sauce of pear when we receive it and has not tried of anything except plastic/chemicals. Both me and my husband tried it And was like this bad. The same fruits have been cooked earlier a week with the car of the different mark and a sauce was delicious. It has had to return that one because of the plastic particles found in a lunch. We are now while our 3rd creature alimentary manufacturer. Examine an alimentary and try it in the first place when using these cars. It can not believe a 5 indication of star. I think that that a smell is coming from a tank to water when boiling a water.

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 39 ratings
5 / 5
Packing Is really good. A quality of element is well has done. Easy to use and partorisca wash also. Now, I am not struggling partorisca do the lunch of my daughter, and very too partorisca wash. Because this one is already all-in. Really value partorisca give this tries it. A lot recommended this to that is looking for something has taken.
4 / 5
I desire has bought partorisca my first edges also! A product has saved my life to the equal that does partorisca prepare feed the process the fast and more simple plus. Everything in a car and calm can control a texture. Then once a creature grows up is still perfect to the steam cooks all the vegetable partorisca feed in chunks. I estimated it 4 stars more than 5 reasons has still room partorisca improvement in a creation. A plastic jug is too feeble. It has dipped he in a dish washer partorisca be wash but with which 3 washes breaks looked in some subordinated like this some filter of liquids bit it. Then it is a lot difficult to read a level of water gauge. But it averts this, would buy a product again!
4 / 5
Brilliant product, the life done so easier partorisca weaning. A three different steaming the baskets mean you can cook plots a same time.
4 / 5
Has broken after the little use. It has Had it exchanges down guaranteeed and a second a has broken also.
To good sure any one the good product. I have bought of the mark the big and has had any question with him in some last few months
4 / 5
does not squander your money. Bought this full prize and imagine my disappointment when I have opened a box and @@give thst already had been used. Covered in the orange lunch and any one have cleaned well at all.
4 / 5
Has arrived incredibly quickly, has week at the head of the date of delivery has estimated, so that knots awesome! The law adds, can do all a lunch of creature with this car, soups, purees, steamed vegetal, desserts of fresh fruit, as I am happy.
5 / 5
Adds partorisca weaning and doing prep quickly and easily! Much better that some alternatives!
5 / 5
Such the easy good product partorisca use . I use it every day partorisca prepare my little creature the pure and is really the saver of life. So only it can recommend
5 / 5
The take 2 days ago, and want it. Steaming And mashing a lot good and all easier then before. Thank you
4 / 5
Has Used so only once unfortunately like the leaf there is prendido to do. Really we like him still fine pot of of pressure and good crew. I am not buying one same.
4 / 5
Amazing. It schemes a lot of gain as it has not used the prime! , you think partorisca buy the steamer partorisca yours creature ossia excellent, compraventa with out thinking!
Thank you very much Partorisca This good-looking car ❤️
4 / 5
Amazing service! Somethin Injustice with a prime minister an I has taken, this in spite of, resupply 'hassle turn released - I any precise to stick an element behind, so only send the new a mine. I will see to like some second some works. I have used a prime minister a pair of time, really does partorisca do the alimentary creature easier!
5 / 5
This product is a saver of absolute time ! I want to that has everything of this work everything in a like this I any precise to use stirs it of pots and appliances is also the spatial saver also.
Has used he partorisca a first time to steam and puree potatoes partorisca mine 7 old month and has done adds. I want that I am able to see each ingredient that goes my lunch of creatures and is everything natural is more partorisca use some the natural juices of any one is steaming partorisca add to the yours purees is just awesome. Wine with the plastic smell but after drenching in soap and water a smell is immediately be he was and has had no unpleasant flavour in a lunch. Material each father this wants to do his lunch of own creature quickly and easy and knows that it is going to an alimentary and does not have the whole plot of time in his hands to good sure would have to that invest in this car are same adds for future as it is not so only another creature artilugio to use for the few months and ossia. A prize is surprising well and value each nave of penny was súper quickly too much.
4 / 5
Is powerful and easy to use, help with doing lunch of creature, he the good work. It is it excepts really the mine really recommends it. The same uses it the blend ginger ( does not say my woman).
4 / 5
These works of costruttore feed wonderfully. We use it to us a lot it times the day has it questions of zeros with him. Once we begin transitioning our daughter out of a boot the majority of his lunch has been done with this blender/of steamer. A steaming the characteristic is particularly useful likes help partorisca soften on the plot of some vegetables that eats now that we are transitioning to the solidest lunches. If puree is more than the thing of your creature, calm quickly can turn your steamed vegetal the creature mush. An assembly of the cup of the blender is quite easy to disassemble and cleaned. My fiancé has directed to lose one of a blender fasteners. Felizmente For him, some personnel of support in Bubos was able to send a part of substitution of the local warehouse 😊
5 / 5
I have used this product partorisca prepare purées partorisca mine 6 old month. I want it like this far. Some instructions are easy to follow, useful, and informative. I want to one 5-in-1 functionalities. A so only think very particularly taste is that of calm can not go directly of steam the blend, but ossia well. I live this processor feeds so already 😍
5 / 5
has loved that. Easy to use. Baby Loves a puree'd lunch. The favourite part is a 3 tier option partorisca steaming, easy to mix lunch. The nave was a lot quickly too much.
5 / 5
Some needs of the part of the bowl to be bit it main but his no too bad.
My lid there is broken, a piece that goes to a car to the equal that can blend. The company contacted for lid of substitution, any response..
5 / 5
Loves this alimentary processor. We begin to use the once ours turned it 6 month and could not be happier. Súper Easy to use, calm and simple.
Recommends to everything of some new parents there.
5 / 5
He mixage and the cuisson is perfect.
Recommends The cost. It is very Simple to use. The possibility to add gives the forms leaves diverse preparation.
4 / 5
All is perfect, a subject only is that a plastic knife that it would be necessary has come it with a product is not in a box. I expect that a vendor sees my description and the send mine. Thank you
5 / 5
The one who likes them to this product is that his súper easy to use, and less time in preparing for my creature feeds all has to them that do is to dip a timer and can do them control to house cry while while his to be is well for the mamma the one who is to have the súper clingy to to the creature likes..
5 / 5
I ideal games to prepare the lunch of the creature without adicións/additions of isolation
5 / 5
It is quite the bit of pieces to clean. But it likes that it is 1 of car for the all and any 6 things in my counter. It has been shipped fast and all attended partorisca. Amur A steaming setting.
5 / 5
Has bought this to do homemade eaten of creature, never is easy to use. Interior of steams 20 min, then blends. No more using multiple appliances to take a work done!
5 / 5
A key/of game of the pause does not operate. Returning produced and thinking roughly taking another once the repayment is received. A concept are add, there is disappointed so only that the has not done.
4 / 5
Games to do is purée of drink , does not have still use but are súper satisfied of qualiter of the product
4 / 5
absolutely love this creature/of steamer of the blender costruttore feed.
5 / 5
Produced excellent. Everything says that it does and is easy to use.
4 / 5
Uses so only some time touches lucido moment but is truth very practical and quickly the washed ! I recommend that it Touches lucido prize!
4 / 5
Absolutely that loves my creature alimentary manufacturer. It is to perfect 🤩 each option is doing really well. Any remorse ❤️
5 / 5
Like this value a compraventa. Better product for me and my creature, and very easy to use. It loves it!!
5 / 5
It is the good product ,the fact that the steams and blends is the must has partorisca the mother is with creatures.
4 / 5
Recommends a product. Very easy to use and creature the look feed add and My creature loves it.
5 / 5
Surprising like this far! So only recently we purchase a costruttore feed and has done asks with steaming and blending. We pureed the pocolos vegetal different and our little one loves it.
4 / 5
A lifesaver!!! Súper Easy and a perfect creature costruttore feed.
4 / 5
Want like this far. The law adds and is very easy to clean.
4 / 5
is the very good help to do lunch of girl. I love it!
4 / 5
Smaller that has expected! It has looked for something main.