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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 3 ratings
4 / 5
Schreker Has written mainly works, but his small orchestral start is wonderful.unla Mixes of lyricism with frames of explosions that alcohols unexpectedly partorisca thrilling crafted music
5 / 5
Excellent!!! One can listen a glorious Schreker sound in all the instruments of an orchestra. Highly recommended and the must partorisca have for each Schreker defender!
5 / 5
Complete Chandos' is studio of a Schreker registered and with some songs,adds variety. Recommended.

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 1 ratings
4 / 5
Still again the amazon comes on triumphs in finding CDs concealed is not available in some tents, and present ideal of the cast of desire of my husband

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 3 ratings
5 / 5
Congratulations to a Netherlands Acts in this emission: the fantastically-touched, well counts sung and superbly has registered that it is probably Schreker the majority of accessible work. It is the harm that there is no English translation of a libretto, but otherwise can not recommend this releases too highly.
Is there a lot of casualidad of the register of DVD of of the one of the east staging?
4 / 5
A lot I bad: the flange adds, adds SACD-registering, the presentation adds: fantastic booklet, pictures of an action, exactly a balance of right register: an orchestra can be listened in everything is glory and does not flood some singers – how is that absolutely bad with a ‘rival' version in a Capriccio-focus – and is almost complete (Capriccio is is not ). There is still business record that emission act complete! Bravo! Dark works was, difficult some, symbolic some, like this one! It is the real harm has not had to time, money, paper? Left for the modern English translation of a libretto………. Arghhhhhhhhhhh, Included like the Dutch, a German Schreker use him is a lot Wagnerian, any easy to comprise, difficult, and this means really have question to comprise that it is going in.
An opinion of Amazon: Please Note: it requires SACD-the compatible hardware is not totally true: If you have dipped these disks to the normal CD-the player takes glorious Stereo results. A SACD spent of these disks can not be reproduced without the SACD-player. One same for some Fines-option of Canal. Secondly it can not comprise reason any one would be to buy this on Mp3. You cost 15 and you can have this in glorious SACD for around 14? Puzzling.
5 / 5
The produced no sealed. I maintain while the simbolic discount

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5 / 5
Interesting music of the composer forgotten. The good action but I do not think is like this atmospheric like the bookmark indicates. Perhaps this start require spatial--too one that follows another. This in spite of, is good to have this available music in the a lot of-has registered CD. Marvel if a SACD would distribute an acoustics has required.
4 / 5
Interesting and 'any listened before' music. Value a cost and time partorisca listen to.

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4 / 5
It is been some time of mine last confession-sad, description! The times and the circumstances have dulled mine excite partorisca revise, particularly of then amazon disbanded a forum of commentaries. Felizmente, converged regularly with a lot of leading participants, more notably Huntley Dent (the famous/infamous SFL) included enjoying the convivial the lunch jointed and by means of him when be presented to the integer of new circle has based around Fanfare in some the EUA, more notably Henry charming and scholarly Fogel, the one who has directed a NYPO and was Manager of a CSO partorisca a lot a Solti/Barenboim to the was and whose ideas are like this amusing they so that it is enlightening. Some links disappeared is prodigious and insightful reviewer Jeremy Robson-those who, if motivated could try my name stewart. crowe And a iCloud suffix.
Has maintained in row of the emissions later and has been tried by such exceptional actions like Dumb/BRSO Green Requiems, a Kirill Petrenko Mahler 7, a Gardner Peter Grimes and like this in the descriptions of estaca, but has had always the distraction or the way dampener!
But I digress….
A register under the description has been released in late November 21, but has has questions of distribution that heads to the difficulties that obtains it and delays in arrival-but well while to.
Some works emanate of a maelstrom of creativity that was partorisca take 19th by means of punctual 20th century until 1938 this was Vienna .
Has some names of obvious entity-Bruckner, Mahler, Schoenberg, Berg, Webern and will comprise Korngold but has the number of smaller-known names whose contributo to the music would not owe that be ignored. These comprise Erwin Stein, Egon Wellesz, Eric Zeisl, von Reznicek, Krenek and especially some two composers have looked in this register.
A late-Romantic composer Alexander von Zemlinsky (the “von” has been added by his father, but has not been titled) was also the renowned manager and the gifted professor whose pupils Erich have comprised Wolfgang Korngold and Alma Schindler, and to the of Mahler of Soul later., To that it went it in brief it involved it. His early works were quite conventional to fulfil with an approval of Brahms, and his early work Is War Einmal … (A To the Time.) It has to that a lot of his colouring and melodic inspiration the music of Wagner, and perhaps even more to Humperdinck. It is the jolly romp with eminently hummable tunes, although his later compositions have to that more to an inspiration of Mahler and Schoenberg ,but although he skirted around some flanges, Zemlinsky is not never be according to which to compose atonally.
His best known and more treaty (or has to that concealed to be has ignored less?) The work is a Lyric Symphony , composed among 1922 and 1923, premiered Prague in 1924 with a composer that directs an Orchestra of German Symphony of Prague, which later relocated and reformed like Bamberg Orchestra of Symphony in some consequences of World-wide War 2 when a bulk of some musicians have escaped by means of a flange to Bavaria to escape the Russian has controlled Czechoslovakia.
Zemlinsky Has informed his editor that a work was modelled Give Lied von give Erde in structure and one first splits of Gurrelieder in both structure and estaca -Tristan compositional way that is reflected in his seven movements that comprises the songs taken of some writings of Rabindranath Tagore.
Vienna Of punctual 20th century was of rigour for the “serious” composition to ooze undertones of an exploitation of a human psyche, psycho-sexuality and an examination of the emotions and the motivations for our actions have based in some modern findings and teachings of any only one has has established favourites of Schopenhauer, Nietzsche and Hegel, but of a new guard in Freud, Kraft-Ebbing and Jung and his defenders.
Am appreciated to Huntley Dent to adapt me of in like this adds an estimate Tagore has been resisted by means of Europe for his poetry, Humanism of sweats and his partner-believe politician in this period when that the Oriental exoticism had found the sure house in Western has thought. Already it had been attributed a Nobel estimativa for Poetry in 1913, and is of his renowned collection A Gardener that some texts of some seven vocal sections have been adapted by a composer.
Sadly, Like this in this chance, Orpheus seldom resupplies texts or libretti-I contacted him once and asked reason and an answered imprecise has suggested that it was to do with a cost of copyright-but a whole collection is in this on-line available chance in any cost!
Some songs explore a soul that looks for the neither enamoured peace or in eternity, a erotic games of appeal, a euphoria and ache of amour and finally a desire to hurt for there to be any be any end that separates- countered by an awareness and uncertainty of an unavoidable end and a hope that the souls will be joined in some eternal bliss of amour-more than dark oblivion.
Is heady material, absloutely redolent of a period and one valuing asks the soprano and it constant baritone for the big orchestra with a lot of of a brass and woodwind bent, 4 Horns in F but with an option to bend and he veritable arsenal of the percussion that comprises xylophone-and quell'harmonium.
This has contributed undoubtedly to paucity of actions that is considered still to be the quite a lot of work of fringe. Zemlinsky-Like this Schrecker whose work follows a Symphony-has been influenced to listen it Gamelan sale in an Exposure of Vienna and a frequency of exotic glissandi in both works reflects this.
Musically, A Lyric Symphony conjures on images of Mahler late and aim Schoenberg like this Zemlinsky suggested, but is laced also with some abstract colours of Scriabin and strays to an Expressionism of Berg. Like the musical experience is almost like this obliging and intense likes Tristan, and leaves an emotionally defied auditor and unsettled.
Some striking inaugural agreements that forms a mote dread that recurs in thin the cook throughout is uncannily resembled this employee for Miklos Rozsa in 1959 for an Inaugural and Titles of a film Ben-Hur -I simply commentary! (Yes, they are the music to film buff/has resisted!)
Some songs, some of his brief, is punctuated and connected for often of the orchestral passages have extended of intense passion or ethereal beauty and a final section-for baritone- can be like this emotional so it Gives Abschied in Mahler Dà Lied von Give Erde.
A Zemlinsky the renaissance in of the recent years has to that a lot to a advocacy of undervalued manager Bernhard Klee, of the that is mad about still and programming of his works in some late 70s sparked the renaissance to interest which has coincided with registering the companies that looks for to find new and interesting music to supplement a regulate fayre at the same time of an introduction of Digital Register and especially CD.
On some last 40 years a Lyric Symphony has been very do fault on disk for the just selection of excellent actions, beginning in 1980 with Lorin Maazel and Berlino Philharmonic in DG, now available in mid- prize that Shines Classics.
Some soloists are a husband -and-crew of woman of Julia Varady and Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau in an exceptional action ,and DG has followed this in 1996 for the version down Giuseppe Sinopoli and Vienna Philharmonic with arguably some better soloists in Deborah Voigt and Bryn Terfel, both in his vocal prime. A disk is no longer available excepts in a phase used or of the Classical Loan DG pressing
. Another remarkable register has come from/Riccardo come from Chailly and a Real Concertgebouw (Decca) and Christoph Eschenbach with an Orchestra of Parigi (Capriccio). Sadly, Klee has not been offered an occasion to register this work.
With such illustrious line-arrive like this competition, this later emission would require to be something special to warrant the upper recommendation and is mainly a direction of Michael Gielen this tip one.
Gielen Has purchased the reputation to be the a bit academic and literal manager, eschewing some gestures of Romantic interpretation that the reputation has has had to that a lot his lifelong championing and treating modern music of the character that requires technical precision in a cost of expression.
This generalisation is distant a lot of a whole history, and he cursory looked in Gielen to the immense discography develops the predominance of some works of one 19th and punctual 20th century of Beethoven by means of Brahms, Bruckner, Mahler, Strauss, Schoenberg, and Bartok, in stylish actions that is imbued with just a right quantity of expression and flexibility of interpretation.
Has not gone always very do fault for an orchestra down the, has preferred of then law with the regional radio orchestras of Germania for which has been attributed a discharge and time to try to treat an astonishingly wide row of works, and with his own SWR Orchestra of Symphony of Baden-Baden and Freiburg has built on the level of Exc technical that has generated exactly a world of his legislation for each gender has faced. Down Gielen an orchestra was in a forefront of German radio orchestras. An incidental profit was a vast legacy of the registers have done any in a studio for emission later or in of the alive concerts.
Besides this alive account of a Lyric Symphony of Vienna in 1989, Gielen has registered the version with his SWR orchestra and decent if any inspired by soloist Dieter Oehms focus of new art in a mid-80s, again at present very available, and which is a lot well if no like this dynamic and very registered likes version down description.
This reading is taking of a ORF register of the alive concert in a Musikverein in 1989, with a glorious RSO Wien and soloists Karan Armstrong and Roland Hermann.
A shattering inaugural agreements that forms a mote subject for a work immediately shows this register and the action are of the different outside to a sooner Gielen, and a profit of one acoustic of a Golden Room adds the depth and the flower to a sound has registered. In a sooner registering an orchestra has not been in a full force demanded for a profligate valuing, but Gielen has turned this to the good effect that adds to the music of fourth likes the quality to some sections plus very calm, especially in some half songs.
With one has added richness of a plenary-force RSO Wien Orchestra these sections purchase the subdued lushness (has such the thing!). Some the orchestral climaxes are feigned to be “orgasmic”-and is in fact so only concealed. Gielen Is sensitive to a work ebb and flow, and has a lot of delicate interpretative touches. It directs a flow with the sensuous and sinuous line, and this elicits touching of some levels some big plus of a RSO Wien. These uses of orchestra some Horns “of Vienna same” like more illustrious VPO, and with a weight of the yours of serious, a trenchant woodwind and lush the series there is at all founds to love in this appearance. An excellent register gives support admirably with a thunderous climax and resupply transparency to detail throughout.
Gielen The early career was in work, like the Manager of Young Personnel in Vienna under Karajan (the one who has has had to that upbraid partorisca inject to a lot of individualistic interpretative gestures in “some actions of routine” repertoire)), and in to Frankfurt likes him the manager of the music has built in a Exc established for Solti and where his tenure has been considered triumph it (although he adoptive “Regie productions” of Theatre below to one likes of Ruth Berghaus and Götz Friedrich- which is hard to forgive!) His reputation like a manager of work was firmly has established.
This fund is evident in registering after registering where the voices are accompanied (this in spite of sadly acts very small the register is available for the manager the one who was renowned for his Cycles of Coverage and Tristan especially-Enescu Oedipe alive of aims of Vienna in his better but in a dark work), and here a lyrical Karan Armstrong (Crown Friedrich) and robust baritone Roland Hermann is the data sustains perfect in this work to register.
Some soloists are more than pertinent, in fact a lot well if any perhaps of the outsides of a Voight/Terfel and especially Goerne/Schaefer the pairings have offered for Sinopoli and Eschenbach.
Karan Armstrong was renowned like an interpreter of Puccini, and lack of a vowel heft of Voight and Varady and his approximation is more resembled a limpid beauty of Schaefer, with a voice any quite like this silverine in his polish. It gives an intelligent, sensitive and that satisfies action underpinned for Gielen masterful support.
Roland Hermann has some the majority of Grave-quality of Baritone of all an available some soloists viriles, with the insurances gruffness spent roughly to good sure for endless Wagner act them to me different D F-D is not overtaxed for a big tessitura of a lot of passages, is like this ardent in to delivery likes any and delvers the for real operatic reading-like this one could expect-which find highly in satisfactory.
Has it nit to be elected, not having enough an immediacy to touch found in some registers much more late, but a king-mastering is excellent and his rich and detailed the quality is not he deterrent to purchase. The for a does not lose a VPO or BPO in this register!!
Has the glorious prize of the 1993 action of Franz Schreker is (Schrecker) “Prelude to the preparation” of the orchestral work drawn of subjects of his highly achieved work Die Gezeichneten-“the Stigmatised” and originally comprised like this of the prizes in Gielen Mahler 4 CD released in 2007.
Of some 2 composers Schreker was for far a more achieved in his lifetime, his works that is so only according to Strauss in frequency of action in a German in country of speaker- until his 1924 work Irrelohe (a work I amour for his daft exceeded) flopped and his compositions are result derided to be too overtly estaca-Romantic in the age maquinal!
Was result feted Berlin especially, collaborating with Eight youngster Klemperer the one who has directed a patient-fated Irrelohe premiere, but his fashion has not developed to take the account one wins to burgeon for an avant-garde, and his work is resulted quickly has thought on call like this old “ ”- and with which one the fault of Irrelohe his compositions have been touched less, and like Zemlinsky his career reverted to the teaching until both his careers was summarily finalised in 1933. Schrecker Sadly Spent out of the shot in 1934 in age 56, Zemlinsky has escaped the quite a lot of obscurity in some the EUA and has lived there until 1941 and his death.
Schreker The works are so only occasionally treated in modern time, this in spite of has had the renaissance in a prompt @@@1970s to Give Zwerg for a Work of City of New York that use some extraordinary talents of tenor Kenneth Riegel, the one who has repeated a function in Hamburg, but a jointly occasional action to the equal that with Irrelohe is on that it can expect it.
Although a work of the like a like this-the prelude has called is derived is the dark to do that arrived tragically, ossia a upbeat swirl of gloriously kitsch estaca exceeded Romantic, so that lush battery of orchestration on even more excess with a next sentence.
Is the fully reconstructed work any feigned to be related to do that it is derived, but stands so only like a jointly orchestral piece. This really is 2 pieces of Sacher Wry, the glass of Tokaj (5 Putonos) and mound of whipped cream.
This has said, concealed this has taken more than a outing that a turgid Rosenkavalier continuazione perpetrated for Rodzinski -or Golden believes a last the one who has declared late in life that has gone his work under Rodzinski name. (I do not concern -I aversion he neither way!)
Gielen Fully comprises that there is not any point trying nullify a paste of heavy sugar that this work rid, and gives full queen to his excesses. It forms a centrical melody with condition-and no the little stolen! – And it characterises a joyful exuberance to perfection.
A sound has registered is punchier and he tad more immediate in a Schrecker like the result mainly of a transmission of venue home jointly of an orchestra, a Konzerthaus, and fact he glorious epilogue. Marginally It Prefers this version to this of Vassily Sinnaisky and a BBC Phil in Chandos, well although ossia and in fact is recommended for a rest Schrecker works in a collection of 2 available disks for separate.
Be in accordance with that suggest that it is often difficult to distinguish a music of Schrecker of that of Korngold, and ossia particularly like this in a chance of this work-but mine that any one is what bad !!
If a Lyric Symphony so only was considered, I reluctantly- give one nods -just-to a Maazel in prize of @@subject how is attacked the glorious and a cost is reasonable now so that it is short measure , with a Sinopoli also recommended yes can find he in the wise prize-but an extra content and an exceptional art of all the mark has concerned this releases the option of upper recommendation, any so only an additional idea to compare with other versions.
Admirers of Gielen will require not calling!
Am not like this fond of a Eschenbach-a manager admires, although some soloists are glorious and does the fine election in full prize. The averages the deduction of star for his registered, but at least 7 stars for art.

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4 / 5
He And L his composers that writes gives œuvres of music, and his composers that writes of the music. Gustav Mahler, that the compound nine symphonies of the that any does not look to the another, was a composer of œuvres. It touches his part, Franz Schreker was a composer of music : the sienne is so it joins rich cloth that continuous deploy of the partition has joined to the another. It is at the same time his force and his weakness : lucido is result, ossia always, no of good-looking whole, but before all gives moments that the rests have registered in the memory, like this lucido the start of the Prelude gives Stigmatisés, and that poden literally frecuentar the auditor, with his mystery, uploads him strong érotique.

This disk gathers several few Pages of career, portray it complete of a musician that hides always. It concludes pair lucido the prelude Touches a glorious work, his last œuvre has finalised, composed to the Portogallo in 1933, that summons an immense orchestra. One listens the oriental bundle situated immediately after the edges begin, says that Schreker would have been able to composer a Salammbô, and evoke like person the défunte Carthage and his mysterious and cruel rites. Twenty-two Minutes of music that is like a vast portique touches a never built temple (the work Memnon), and joins trace of everything that the disappeared to never with the arrival when it can give national-socialists.

The Four small pieces Touch glorious orchestra (1930) is partorisca give « the pieces touches the music of film », after ironic likes Zemlinsky of of the Circle of craie, after envoûtantes, like the première.

Has discovered always, If any première gravure : his two melodies with the sud of orchestra gives translations of poems of Walt Whitman, Of the eternal life ; any admirer of Berg and give Altenberg Lieder, any melomaniac désireux partorisca go to give further usual banalidades of the common repertoire and give platitude of the Rhapsodie Paganini and of the fat symphonic cavalry usuelle will not be able to resist them, the pair has interpreted especially joins the singer also has fulfilled that the Australian Wanda Wilson (testas English-German).

Two another start complete this dips that interprets The orchestra of Renania Palatinado that directs with priest Christopher Ward, joins formation any exceptional in @subject of colours and of chair orchestrale, but in any chipotera .

Not forgetting Lucido disk CPO recent -the complete orchestral works take 1 that inclut the ravissante symphonie op. 1 of the same. In the response joins new gravure of the Symphonie of chamber.

You relirez Lucido text of Orne in Almost a fantasy (Gallimard), the better « tomb » of Schreker. And you will not be missing in Lucida notebook the photograph of Schreker, of his woman Maria and of his girls : I am a lot of beaux all his four. Continuous : it fails- obligatoriamente be punished a day to having had so many donations, of successes and of casualidades ?